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Thursday, July 22, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/22 - Frank About Soul Trainer with Len Glassman

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/22 - Frank About Soul Trainer with Len Glassman


2021/07/22 - Frank About Soul Trainer with Len Glassman

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Soul Trainer with Len Glassman

Len Glassman is a Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist and former Lawyer who has discovered a winning formula of using physical training to serve as a form of therapy to both help with metabolism and "Find Fitness" as a way to survive and live life to the fullest.

His Book Soul Trainer has been on Amazon's Best Seller List and continues to move people towards living a better life as we all have been recovering from the Psychological and Physical Effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic and his growing list of patients all inspired him to write a comprehensive manual which is a must have and can be given to anybody looking to have an awakening after suffering from trauma.

During the show I will refer to other books that are must reads to enhance your recovery.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank introduces his guest, his book, and the idea of “Soul Healing”. Len Glassman is a nutritionist and “Recovering Lawyer”, and he works predominantly with people who are struggling with chronic or ongoing illness and injury. He felt like he was being crushed by his job as an attorney, so he left in order to make a positive change in other peoples’ lives by personal training. His book, Soul Trainer, talks about his decision to make this career change, as well as his philosophy around fitness.

Segment 2

Len talks further about his book, his reason for including three fictionalised patients despite none of them having anything to do with his own identity. He wants to push the idea that fitness isn’t just about movement, but also about change in their lives and others around them. It was his desire to start a movement with his book, and inspire readers to change their own lives. Soul Trainer is looking to build a community that is welcoming to everyone.

Segment 3

Len talks about the resources he provides, in learning how to eat according to your personality, and ways to make your fitness journey fit your life. He demonstrates some moves you can do at home with just a wall, and some ways to kickstart your day in a healthier way.

Segment 4

You can find information about Len on his website, and call him at (908)-789-3337 about any issues going on in your own lives that you feel his services may alleviate. Frank wraps up by thanking his guest, and producer Sam Liebowitz, as well as sharing information about next week’s show, and teasing some of the conversations he will be having then.


00:00:42.270 --> 00:00:49.440 Frank Harrison: hey everybody, welcome to episode eight of frank about health, this is the first on Facebook live.

00:00:49.860 --> 00:01:00.030 Frank Harrison: So bear with me as i'm getting with all the technical difficulties and technical challenges that I have to make sure this is as valuable program as the other seven have been.

00:01:00.690 --> 00:01:16.590 Frank Harrison: Today is a special day and talk radio and yc I found myself listening this morning to Dr Reverend tlc about dismantling racism and she talked about so healing from the way our society has had to deal with a lot of the racial issues.

00:01:17.730 --> 00:01:27.120 Frank Harrison: That have overcome my city or time coven but today on my episode of frank about health i'm going to be talking about soul training.

00:01:27.660 --> 00:01:39.510 Frank Harrison: Today i'm being frank about the soul trainer Mr Len glassman who I have met through Castle Connolly partners, which is the organization that I have my nutritionist with.

00:01:39.840 --> 00:01:46.680 Frank Harrison: That I have my internal medicine doctor with and all of them have been affiliated with various doctors that i've had on my show in the past.

00:01:47.010 --> 00:01:53.130 Frank Harrison: Or that I intend to have going forward the reason why Len is very critical at this point, while the show is evolving.

00:01:53.460 --> 00:02:02.340 Frank Harrison: Is because not only is he matching the network's agenda of discussing the soul and the importance of our being in touch with it, especially as we are.

00:02:02.610 --> 00:02:10.110 Frank Harrison: Continuing to recover continuing to realign ourselves and continuing to live a better quality of life.

00:02:10.710 --> 00:02:23.550 Frank Harrison: He is the best person, I think, after having conversations with him in the past few weeks, that will talk about his book and his methodology, as he continues to work with various patients in the areas of physical training and nutrition.

00:02:24.240 --> 00:02:34.050 Frank Harrison: When I first met him we were introduced by my nutritionist and he introduced himself also as a recovering lawyer, so I definitely want him to share that story a little bit a few.

00:02:34.590 --> 00:02:41.790 Frank Harrison: But with no no other comments I just can't help but introduce Lynn, thank you for being on this episode of frank about health.

00:02:42.240 --> 00:02:44.160 Len Glassman: just want you to share your background and.

00:02:44.340 --> 00:02:58.050 Len Glassman: I are having me, I appreciate the opportunity I think it's great man are presenting a forum like this for people to be able to listen, learn and hopefully be able to apply some of the.

00:02:59.220 --> 00:03:22.050 Len Glassman: tools and techniques that you offer through your guess, so my name is loud and I am based in New Jersey, but I people all over the country and actually venturing killing people in other parts of the world, so I consider myself to be a fitness professional.

00:03:23.220 --> 00:03:27.870 Len Glassman: Professional and what I mean by that is that I have.

00:03:30.240 --> 00:03:30.570 Len Glassman: Nice.

00:03:30.600 --> 00:03:33.570 Len Glassman: Saying needs are designed to.

00:03:33.750 --> 00:03:34.050 know.

00:03:36.240 --> 00:03:39.750 Len Glassman: And patients to become more physically active.

00:03:40.920 --> 00:03:41.520 Len Glassman: So.

00:03:42.570 --> 00:03:44.130 Len Glassman: I don't necessarily.

00:03:44.190 --> 00:03:47.310 Len Glassman: Work with the general population in terms of.

00:03:48.720 --> 00:04:00.360 Len Glassman: People looking to lose weight or to get in shape, but I work predominantly with people that have some type of a injury some type of a health.

00:04:01.140 --> 00:04:03.030 Len Glassman: Center illness.

00:04:04.680 --> 00:04:10.260 Len Glassman: Some in some way, shape or form are struggling with a chronic or ongoing.

00:04:11.640 --> 00:04:31.020 Len Glassman: Soft tissue injury like neck back shoulder knee or are experiencing some type of a chronic health issue like hypertension, diabetes, heart condition or have just undergone a replacement and joint replacement hip shoulder neck me in.

00:04:32.430 --> 00:04:41.490 Len Glassman: any type of joint replacement so like when I tend to do is, I am the next step in I assess.

00:04:42.810 --> 00:04:43.020 Frank Harrison: them.

00:04:43.320 --> 00:04:46.800 Len Glassman: When they are being discharged and or.

00:04:47.670 --> 00:04:48.870 Frank Harrison: In or.

00:04:49.320 --> 00:04:51.930 Len Glassman: Fishing with their.

00:04:52.290 --> 00:04:53.970 Medical provider or.

00:04:55.680 --> 00:04:56.970 Len Glassman: I will see you.

00:04:59.850 --> 00:05:13.590 Frank Harrison: Know gonna say so you started first in new in the area of nutrition and and just overall health care and then became a trainer or was that your your impetus when you've dealt with those patients coming to you.

00:05:14.040 --> 00:05:21.390 Len Glassman: yeah well what I found was that I didn't really like this, the general conditioning aspect of training, where people would come in and.

00:05:22.020 --> 00:05:41.550 Len Glassman: be interested in just getting fit meaning getting fit was not enough at either to have that need to be a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning deeper understanding and a yearning desire for them to want the reasoning behind why they wanted to become more.

00:05:43.050 --> 00:05:46.170 Len Glassman: was more interesting to me that actually interesting.

00:05:46.350 --> 00:05:49.320 Len Glassman: The idea of making them physically active.

00:05:49.470 --> 00:05:50.670 Len Glassman: In a certain period of time.

00:05:51.990 --> 00:05:52.560 Len Glassman: You know.

00:05:52.740 --> 00:05:53.880 Len Glassman: Take your amount and.

00:05:54.420 --> 00:05:54.750 Then.

00:05:56.220 --> 00:06:16.590 Len Glassman: I was interested in really delving deep into the underlying health condition surrounding, why was that they are no longer able to be physically active and that's what kind of brought me into the world of this sort of medical training aspect or men are.

00:06:16.800 --> 00:06:17.790 Frank Harrison: or my own.

00:06:18.480 --> 00:06:30.000 Len Glassman: User training as a healing component and so there's a term that is being floated around for quite a while exercises medicine.

00:06:30.660 --> 00:06:35.040 Len Glassman: And I do believe that to be the case so.

00:06:36.360 --> 00:06:54.480 Len Glassman: My background, if you wanted me to go into that I am I am a recovering attorney so I started off in the practicing law for 12 years and I felt like I was calling out of my skin practically.

00:06:55.980 --> 00:07:04.710 Len Glassman: entire period of time I it just wasn't me I I really felt like a like a fake in some ways, because I didn't believe in what I was doing.

00:07:05.220 --> 00:07:18.090 Len Glassman: I didn't believe in the work I just did not you know the type of law, I didn't matter it just I just wasn't suited for that type of work i'm more of a nurturer healer.

00:07:18.480 --> 00:07:18.900 Frank Harrison: I have.

00:07:18.960 --> 00:07:31.950 Len Glassman: An empath, but I also have sort of that that compelling desire to make changes in people's lives and I did not feel that practicing law.

00:07:32.310 --> 00:07:42.180 Len Glassman: was really designed for that purpose, so an opportunity came up for me to be able to back in 2000 to transition into.

00:07:42.630 --> 00:07:59.640 Len Glassman: The health and fitness world and and I haven't looked back since then I owned my own facility for a period of time, I worked with 15 trainers I you know i've done all different types of training and ultimately.

00:08:00.690 --> 00:08:05.010 Len Glassman: The idea of working with individuals that have challenging.

00:08:05.880 --> 00:08:06.990 health issues.

00:08:08.130 --> 00:08:19.380 Len Glassman: On right like medical issues is really where i'm at right now, and I have transitioned into doing a lot of virtual training, because that particular.

00:08:19.980 --> 00:08:28.980 Len Glassman: Patient population lends itself to virtual training, because obviously they have mobility issues a lot of them, sometimes they can't get.

00:08:29.670 --> 00:08:49.110 Len Glassman: It can't get to me, so this forum of using web webinar and or recordings and or zooms and or you know Internet is it such a valuable tool and i'm so glad that it has come from late, and unfortunately.

00:08:49.140 --> 00:09:04.830 Len Glassman: You know, it came in for negative reason, but it has opened up the door for a lot of individuals who have limiting physical Cape of capacities to be able to work with me remotely.

00:09:07.200 --> 00:09:17.460 Frank Harrison: So, would you say that your previous lifestyle as an attorney with soul crushing so you just knew you really in order to reinvigorate yourself.

00:09:17.730 --> 00:09:32.820 Frank Harrison: had to put your skill set as a trainer a personal trainer to really do something, by helping others rehabilitate their own lives and get in touch with their own soul and heal what was going through them was kind of.

00:09:33.480 --> 00:09:41.730 Frank Harrison: An empathic exchange between you and your patient that it just created that that that sense that you were doing the right thing for the right reason.

00:09:41.970 --> 00:09:45.330 Len Glassman: And to the right people yeah that's well said, you know I.

00:09:46.350 --> 00:10:01.140 Len Glassman: I all I did I be you know I didn't write soul train or from my heart so trainer was a journey that I had to take, and it started off, you know.

00:10:02.190 --> 00:10:21.510 Len Glassman: With the notion that I have had physical challenges in my own life i've had, as everyone has we have all these inner demons and you know conflicting issues and challenges and and and certain circumstances in our lives and I.

00:10:22.530 --> 00:10:39.000 Len Glassman: I personally have relied upon health and fitness as a way to pull myself out of some of those challenges and i've used it to nurture my soul to be able to cleanse almost.

00:10:39.360 --> 00:10:39.960 My.

00:10:41.280 --> 00:10:51.960 Len Glassman: brain and my emotion and use it as a way to to heal and support my mental health, and this is 20 years ago, mind you, when there really wasn't a whole lot.

00:10:52.500 --> 00:11:14.250 Len Glassman: being talked about or said about mental health or the benefits of physical activity as it relates to improving the quality of your mental health and bread, but I knew in my heart, I knew in my soul that that when I was in my 20s and 30s and battling some of these challenges, I was overweight.

00:11:15.480 --> 00:11:23.130 Len Glassman: Typically, Director of overweight kid I have shorts I will share my stature I had a lot of.

00:11:27.510 --> 00:11:29.370 Len Glassman: Self confidence issues.

00:11:31.410 --> 00:11:32.400 Len Glassman: I was.

00:11:33.660 --> 00:11:35.730 Len Glassman: I was, I was down awesome.

00:11:44.700 --> 00:11:46.740 Frank Harrison: really use social media and the Internet.

00:11:47.760 --> 00:11:48.930 Frank Harrison: know you.

00:11:48.960 --> 00:11:55.890 Frank Harrison: You were pretty much on target if you were just going to leave me to my next question, which is that a predominant amount of patience today.

00:11:56.400 --> 00:12:07.860 Frank Harrison: Would you say, are more in the realm of mental health care post traumatic stress disorder type of issues or would you say it's like a 5050 split between people.

00:12:07.860 --> 00:12:09.270 Len Glassman: I would say bad.

00:12:09.660 --> 00:12:12.270 Len Glassman: yeah i'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you, but.

00:12:12.480 --> 00:12:23.040 Len Glassman: I will say with that those are more secondary tertiary issues like, in other words the predominant issue is their physical capacity.

00:12:23.970 --> 00:12:38.130 Len Glassman: But you know there they can't walk they can't they can't carry the they can't support themselves physically there you know they they feel weak and there they don't.

00:12:39.060 --> 00:12:51.600 Len Glassman: They don't feel like they're in in in touch with their body they don't have a positive relationship with their body, but by the secondary and tertiary, as you said, there's all these.

00:12:52.890 --> 00:13:15.300 Len Glassman: anxiety and stress and and and anger and issues that that surface from your body not functioning and performing the way that it used to so i'm sure there's a lot of underlying issues, along the lines of what you've said but I don't personally mess those issues.

00:13:16.230 --> 00:13:23.850 Frank Harrison: Well, no we're about to hit a break, but I gotta tell you you're just doing the perfect segue to what your book is about know want the listeners out there.

00:13:24.120 --> 00:13:30.330 Frank Harrison: Especially those on Facebook, to make comments about what they hear in the coming section of our episode today but.

00:13:30.870 --> 00:13:37.140 Frank Harrison: It sounds like to me that when we get into your book it's actually a spin off of your own experience, so I definitely will look forward to.

00:13:37.470 --> 00:13:49.380 Frank Harrison: Talking about that in a few, ladies and gentlemen, you're here with frank are Harrison on frank about health we're being frank with the sole trader Dr Len wiseman and we will be back right here in a few right here on talk radio nyc.

00:16:05.040 --> 00:16:12.510 Frank Harrison: hey everybody, this is section two of this episode of frank about the soul trainer with Dr Len glassman.

00:16:13.020 --> 00:16:24.000 Frank Harrison: his book is a very interesting, I would call allegory correct me if i'm wrong but it takes place with respect to three characters that were in lens.

00:16:24.660 --> 00:16:37.620 Frank Harrison: imagination, but are individuals that are one a Cuban refugee to an ex con and third an individual female with image, a body problems.

00:16:38.010 --> 00:16:43.470 Frank Harrison: In each of those they kind of reminisce for me about people suffering from ptsd.

00:16:44.100 --> 00:16:55.110 Frank Harrison: Probably having issues with narcissism probably even having issues with whatever other neurological illness, they may have, if that is a recollection For those of you out there who's heard.

00:16:55.440 --> 00:17:02.250 Frank Harrison: My last several episodes of this show, so what I did notice, however, any does describe in detail in the book.

00:17:02.640 --> 00:17:10.590 Frank Harrison: That it is an A and a an example of the types of people that are going to be looking for the sole trader so.

00:17:11.220 --> 00:17:19.080 Frank Harrison: I want to let you have the moment Len and just described the book in detail explain how these characters came to your mind where they actual patients.

00:17:19.500 --> 00:17:35.580 Frank Harrison: Where they aspects of your own personality, or maybe something else that I haven't thought of yet so you know, by the way, everyone this book is available to bestseller on Amazon COM, so if you win one when you hear what Lynn has to say about the book hopefully you'll go out and buy it.

00:17:36.330 --> 00:17:45.180 Len Glassman: Thank you, frank so yeah I think you you put it succinctly soul trainer is a journey it's a journey of self self exploration.

00:17:45.690 --> 00:18:04.260 Len Glassman: And it's it's it's something that anyone can pick up and there's some component to it that that will be really relatable to their own lives, you know granted, you know, I was not an ex con for the record that so and refugees as far as I know.

00:18:05.250 --> 00:18:09.660 Len Glassman: And i'm not an overweight woman with self image and body shaming issues.

00:18:10.170 --> 00:18:11.220 Len Glassman: So yeah.

00:18:11.400 --> 00:18:23.040 Len Glassman: Well, a bit of a stretch there, but I, I chose those individuals, because there are some aspects about about those characters that.

00:18:23.970 --> 00:18:40.680 Len Glassman: are appealing to me and also there were aspects of those characters that there were people in my life that worked either with individuals that were incarcerated or you know came from Cuba.

00:18:40.830 --> 00:18:42.240 Len Glassman: And or lived there.

00:18:42.840 --> 00:18:55.950 Len Glassman: My grandfather actually the incarcerate on the incarceration side, my father was a police officer and, ultimately, a detective a homicide detective and excuse me, I.

00:18:56.610 --> 00:19:05.880 Len Glassman: On the old let's say the overweight female and I do tend to work with a lot of women who have body shaming and self image and.

00:19:06.630 --> 00:19:24.690 Len Glassman: Just overall sort of negativity associated with their bodies that does tend to then correlate with things along the lines of stress and anxiety and, as you say, maybe ptsd and other personality disorders let's say.

00:19:25.800 --> 00:19:33.840 Len Glassman: You know, but you know that's that's not something I deal with personally, but I do like to say just as a caveat is I.

00:19:34.440 --> 00:19:45.600 Len Glassman: I tend to help help people change their lives from the outside, in, and so, although I don't work directly to address those underlying mental health, health issues.

00:19:46.140 --> 00:19:56.160 Len Glassman: Through my work and by working together we do sort of tackle these issues sort of indirectly and by improving your physical outlook on life.

00:19:56.670 --> 00:20:07.110 Len Glassman: It improves your mental outlook on one stone that right soul trainer to me, is an embodiment of my own personal struggles.

00:20:07.650 --> 00:20:17.970 Len Glassman: Some of the friendships and family people that I wanted to just bring to light and honor and then to just draw attention to this idea.

00:20:18.330 --> 00:20:29.100 Len Glassman: That physical activity doesn't necessarily just have to deal with movement and exercise, but that it can actually bring about change.

00:20:29.580 --> 00:20:46.590 Len Glassman: And in your in your life and in other's lives, so these characters are just you know are just living troubled lives and then you know, just like the bottom of the battle in terms of their own lives and then somehow through someone.

00:20:47.160 --> 00:21:05.370 Len Glassman: Applying fitness as a way to change not only their life but they use that as a vehicle to then change others others by the lives of others who they once were so the convict you know he goes out and.

00:21:05.400 --> 00:21:08.430 Len Glassman: becomes a personal trainer and ultimately starts changing.

00:21:09.630 --> 00:21:22.080 Len Glassman: convicts in other gels right, you know the the overweight female she starts a movement and the movement is called do I look fat, which is you know that's a blog she uses and she's.

00:21:22.290 --> 00:21:23.460 Len Glassman: she's worked to.

00:21:24.120 --> 00:21:25.170 Len Glassman: travel the world.

00:21:25.200 --> 00:21:27.000 Len Glassman: and have a way to.

00:21:28.230 --> 00:21:41.130 Len Glassman: With women in all different cultures, so I I felt like this was a great way for me to start a movement, so I am which I have I call it the soul trainer movement.

00:21:41.550 --> 00:21:51.450 Len Glassman: And what I do is anybody who reads a book, I offer them the opportunity for me to interview them about how the book has impacted them.

00:21:52.140 --> 00:22:01.020 Len Glassman: What aspects of the book have had they used as a way to influence their own lives, or what what things have they had.

00:22:01.620 --> 00:22:08.190 Len Glassman: You know insurmountable obstacles and challenges in their own life that they have been able to.

00:22:08.880 --> 00:22:22.140 Len Glassman: Hold themselves through by way of some type of physical activity, whether it be yoga or week training or what have you and, believe it or not, there's a lot of people out there that fall within that category.

00:22:22.650 --> 00:22:43.590 Len Glassman: You know right, so that you know that embodies soul trainer for me, and you know I I think it's an interesting approach to learning about fitness because I do we been aspects of physical training and different types of exercise, but I do it in a storybook.

00:22:43.890 --> 00:22:47.730 Len Glassman: format it's interesting people want to read about.

00:22:47.910 --> 00:22:52.170 Len Glassman: You know our story I call it like a fictional fitness.

00:22:52.260 --> 00:22:52.890 So.

00:22:54.270 --> 00:22:57.840 Len Glassman: So it's like a story about fitness right, so that no.

00:22:57.900 --> 00:22:58.200 it's not.

00:23:01.380 --> 00:23:02.010 Frank Harrison: interesting.

00:23:03.720 --> 00:23:10.500 Frank Harrison: Right oh yeah I figure for anyone like even myself, I was referred to you, as you know, by my nutritionist because, due to co VID I.

00:23:10.740 --> 00:23:15.570 Frank Harrison: had gained a significant amount of weight and I was told that the best way, especially when we're all quarantining together.

00:23:15.840 --> 00:23:27.360 Frank Harrison: is to go ahead and just do exercise, but I didn't know exactly how I would do that in my limited surroundings, but yet after reading your book and after speaking with you, I started to feel like well if I become a.

00:23:28.050 --> 00:23:35.820 Frank Harrison: let's say a partner with you in this journey then i'm finding the motivation to do the physical fitness that I need to be doing, not only to.

00:23:36.660 --> 00:23:44.400 Frank Harrison: make my my my body fat go down, in addition to help with my breathing or even my own stress related illnesses, I might have.

00:23:44.790 --> 00:23:54.870 Frank Harrison: But there's just gonna be like i'm part of some story, who knows, maybe i'm part of your your your your secret family that you're developing So if you feel like you're interacting almost like being in a play.

00:23:55.380 --> 00:24:01.680 Frank Harrison: You know and and I think that in itself can serve as an inspiring motivator for a lot of people who are just being lazy.

00:24:02.040 --> 00:24:10.950 Frank Harrison: and trying to take care of their health and fitness, especially when it comes to weight gain or probably just not wanting to leave the House or for whatever other reason correct.

00:24:11.250 --> 00:24:18.720 Len Glassman: Well, I think, being part of a community is very important, more so than ever, these days, and it doesn't have to be a big community but.

00:24:19.200 --> 00:24:34.830 Len Glassman: there's a lot of issues surrounding mental health with isolation and I feel is that if you know books in general they have book clubs right book meetings and book fairs books can bring people together.

00:24:35.310 --> 00:24:36.450 Frank Harrison: And there's a.

00:24:36.450 --> 00:24:41.520 Len Glassman: common denominator, you could have somebody who doesn't exercise at all, and you know, is just.

00:24:41.850 --> 00:24:54.720 Len Glassman: enjoys reading and then you could have the avid athlete you know exerciser and they can both be talking about that book and different aspects of the book and have some way of bringing them together so.

00:24:54.840 --> 00:25:03.480 Len Glassman: Right that's right that's what I think the power is of having a book like that is that it's relatable to.

00:25:04.830 --> 00:25:15.990 Len Glassman: That lots of different types of people and then obviously there's an underlying interest about fitness, but it could it could be coming from different perspectives.

00:25:17.520 --> 00:25:24.540 Frank Harrison: Right right, so I mean the soul trainer is really looking to build a Community while helping people get their fitness back.

00:25:24.630 --> 00:25:26.310 Frank Harrison: yeah and their mental health related.

00:25:26.910 --> 00:25:34.680 Len Glassman: that's that's what that's what we're trying to do and we're trying to do it in a way that.

00:25:35.700 --> 00:25:38.160 Len Glassman: is, how can I say.

00:25:39.480 --> 00:25:47.190 Len Glassman: In this day and age is welcoming to all different cultures and different.

00:25:48.270 --> 00:25:48.780 Len Glassman: Different.

00:25:49.860 --> 00:25:50.640 Len Glassman: denominations.

00:25:51.120 --> 00:25:51.600 Frank Harrison: race.

00:25:51.660 --> 00:26:03.870 Len Glassman: On a it's not just you know, be limited to just individuals that have the means to be able to afford you know, working with the professional, I want to open up the gates.

00:26:05.070 --> 00:26:17.670 Len Glassman: To introduce this concept of salt training and soul trainer movement to individuals that just have never had that opportunity to experience working with you know someone like me before.

00:26:19.350 --> 00:26:26.730 Frank Harrison: Right right well, I mean you already have me as a future patient which i've already informed you have, but I could say that.

00:26:27.000 --> 00:26:33.300 Frank Harrison: Your whole philosophy, especially the character you brought into this book, I mean the characters that you've brought into the book.

00:26:33.630 --> 00:26:45.990 Frank Harrison: I just felt that if i'm going to do any other kind of treatment as I, as I do, with my internal medicine doctor, as I do, with my nutritionist I definitely want to have something that's going to be more interactive and more lifestyle enhancing.

00:26:46.440 --> 00:26:53.580 Frank Harrison: So that's why I definitely recommend to all the listeners and viewers out there to get this book experience the journey that he described.

00:26:54.090 --> 00:27:01.680 Frank Harrison: And, and also see if you fit into possible resolution to your own journey, it looks as though we're almost ready for another break but.

00:27:02.460 --> 00:27:12.150 Frank Harrison: I did want to ask you a question about your whole sense of your journey between being a lawyer becoming a nutritionist ending up as a physical trainer.

00:27:12.510 --> 00:27:17.280 Frank Harrison: And now becoming an author and speaker of this whole philosophy that you will apply.

00:27:17.820 --> 00:27:25.980 Frank Harrison: Is this something that you find to be not just a career choice, but it's more of something that is continuing to alter your sense.

00:27:26.370 --> 00:27:40.200 Frank Harrison: of how you fit in the world, or how you're trying to still go through resolutions in your own life, do you find yourself applying your work towards a form of rehabilitation for yourself or is are they separate situations for you.

00:27:40.200 --> 00:27:50.940 Len Glassman: But that's a great question frank and I think the answer is, is an absolute resounding yes, I use fitness as a way to help myself.

00:27:51.600 --> 00:28:05.250 Len Glassman: In my own journey and then by my own experiences and my own trials and practices and experiments on my self and i've been able to really come up with formulas that.

00:28:05.700 --> 00:28:23.370 Len Glassman: Are that are that work with others that are facing some of the challenges that I face, you know i'm you know just for example I i'm an all or nothing type of guy so I eat like that, so I developed this idea of eating based on your personality.

00:28:24.150 --> 00:28:24.990 Len Glassman: Right and.

00:28:25.020 --> 00:28:29.670 Frank Harrison: What about 10 for that break and then we're going to learn about your technique in the next.

00:28:29.970 --> 00:28:38.820 Frank Harrison: Section So, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned right here, frank about health where i'm being frank with soul trainer Len glassman stay tuned right here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:31:08.580 --> 00:31:25.440 Frank Harrison: Welcome to Section three of blank about health, as you probably noticed with the way technology works, things are happening on the scenes during breaks and one of the things I just did was switch to a cover of a chart that Glenn had given to me that describes his process.

00:31:30.690 --> 00:31:39.030 Frank Harrison: But basically land i'm just kind of curious to know if you if you see it on your site and you could talk about it exactly from the perspective of.

00:31:39.990 --> 00:31:54.000 Len Glassman: Sure sure, yes, I can see it, and what it what that exemplifies this it's it's the cover the homepage of my website so if people wanted to find out more about.

00:31:54.960 --> 00:32:11.280 Len Glassman: My services and some also some resources that they can use to start doing some movement based activity on their own, they can go to my website, which is simply my name it's www dot.

00:32:12.390 --> 00:32:20.790 Len Glassman: glassman calm gla SS ma n lend last comma, and when you first.

00:32:21.840 --> 00:32:29.850 Len Glassman: come to the page you'll see this screen right here, I have a newsletter that I send out every week, it has one fitness tip one nutrition.

00:32:30.300 --> 00:32:41.640 Len Glassman: tip and some product offerings I don't sell anything I don't market you anything I I really feel like physical activity and movement.

00:32:42.510 --> 00:33:00.510 Len Glassman: You should learn about it first before you invest in it so that's what I do I I provide you with training resources that I developed personally, one of which is the mindful movement at home guide, which you'll see in the Center of the screen.

00:33:02.040 --> 00:33:02.460 Frank Harrison: Now.

00:33:02.550 --> 00:33:15.990 Len Glassman: They download for free and you'll it what will what you'll receive is a pretty comprehensive guide that looks like this and it.

00:33:16.890 --> 00:33:36.450 Len Glassman: contains very specific exercises and stretches that you could do at home, using simply a chair and a wall, so you know i'm a minimalist by nature, I don't feel as though there's a lot, you need to move your body basically all you need is your body and.

00:33:37.560 --> 00:33:44.250 Len Glassman: The rest of it, you know makes just designed out of interest into the makeup look sexy and fancy.

00:33:44.520 --> 00:33:55.440 Len Glassman: But really at the end of the day, all you need really is your body and maybe a wall and a few accessories that you can see behind me, and maybe a ball band, and so on, just to keep it interesting.

00:33:56.040 --> 00:34:09.630 Len Glassman: So yeah I encourage anyone to go on to the site download these guides and start there and i'll be happy to show a few of the movements that are contained in the guide.

00:34:09.960 --> 00:34:11.130 Len Glassman: I don't know if you want to.

00:34:11.160 --> 00:34:14.490 Len Glassman: Go back to the issue about nutrition and.

00:34:15.570 --> 00:34:21.990 Len Glassman: Eating based on your personality, I don't know if that's something that you want to cover frank, if not we can kind of move on from here.

00:34:24.360 --> 00:34:29.280 Frank Harrison: From, from my perspective, I could just say that I found myself.

00:34:30.360 --> 00:34:40.860 Frank Harrison: Especially under quarantine and with all of the pent up anxiety not being able to leave the House not being able to go to a movie not being able to travel and I.

00:34:41.310 --> 00:34:44.070 Frank Harrison: People who know me know I love to travel, I mean I used to.

00:34:44.790 --> 00:34:56.070 Frank Harrison: Travel 15 times out of the year, where there was to Italy, which was an annual event for me, or whether it was to California, where I would attend the Oscar ceremony, or if I was going to go to.

00:34:56.850 --> 00:35:06.450 Frank Harrison: See family in New Jersey or or in Boston I have friends there, and I mean the bottom line is I found myself living in New York living in New York traveling to New York being in New York.

00:35:06.750 --> 00:35:16.380 Frank Harrison: and eating in New York through instacart and grub hub and uber eats and before you know it, I found myself with what my doctor said is coded weight so.

00:35:17.100 --> 00:35:26.400 Frank Harrison: You know the thing is, is that I call that eating out of pent up stress out of some stress related traumas that I have been through recently that.

00:35:27.090 --> 00:35:41.880 Frank Harrison: I just use food is the escape and me and past it was always music, you know, having been in the music industry or having promoted clubs, when I was a DJ in my 20s The thing is, is that I had no access to that either nobody did so.

00:35:42.330 --> 00:35:51.690 Frank Harrison: I think, for me it just became an overall lifestyle change and the way your approach has been written about in your book, as well as the way you talked about it with me.

00:35:52.140 --> 00:36:02.370 Frank Harrison: I just thought that this is something that's going to be ongoing with my other therapeutic regimens I have currently and it'll just be part of my overall quality of life management going towards the end of the year.

00:36:02.700 --> 00:36:10.530 Len Glassman: Absolutely yeah I agree with that and that's kind of you can leave it at that I could just i'll just throw in the idea that.

00:36:11.250 --> 00:36:29.880 Len Glassman: When you think about how you eat and why you eat when you eat Okay, and what do we it's predominantly if not exclusively based on your personality, so your personality and bring dictate all those factors right, so you don't it's not so much you know.

00:36:31.140 --> 00:36:32.640 Len Glassman: reason behind it.

00:36:32.760 --> 00:36:33.720 Len Glassman: Is a lot different.

00:36:34.800 --> 00:36:46.740 Len Glassman: than then just eating too much yeah you know there's a lot that goes into it and I can tell you that I have gone through every aspect of.

00:36:47.190 --> 00:37:00.810 Len Glassman: You know overeating and obsessive eating, and you know eating late bingeing all that stuff and you know I have come out with a big better understanding of.

00:37:01.620 --> 00:37:02.550 Len Glassman: How Tommy.

00:37:02.820 --> 00:37:04.290 Len Glassman: they're the type of personality that.

00:37:04.320 --> 00:37:08.640 Len Glassman: I had so we can leave it at that and move on.

00:37:09.090 --> 00:37:10.740 Frank Harrison: Guy invite.

00:37:11.250 --> 00:37:12.000 Frank Harrison: You guys.

00:37:13.650 --> 00:37:13.980 Frank Harrison: What.

00:37:14.010 --> 00:37:21.060 Len Glassman: Which is one of the guys the other one is the sole trainer active mindset guide so there's a movement guide in a mindset.

00:37:21.060 --> 00:37:21.390 Frank Harrison: Guy.

00:37:22.080 --> 00:37:36.990 Len Glassman: Because you need to need to have the right mindset and you need to the right movement those two go hand in hand, so I would encourage you to download both of those.

00:37:38.760 --> 00:37:39.300 Frank Harrison: and say.

00:37:39.690 --> 00:37:43.350 Len Glassman: One of the i'll show you just a few very basic.

00:37:44.700 --> 00:37:53.490 Len Glassman: exercises and stretches that you can do at home and just as a way to get started.

00:37:54.030 --> 00:37:54.720 So.

00:37:56.910 --> 00:38:03.210 Len Glassman: So this should I should I knew myself or, should I should I continue with my.

00:38:04.110 --> 00:38:05.880 Frank Harrison: No, no continue.

00:38:07.170 --> 00:38:27.150 Len Glassman: Okay, all right well so i'm gonna i'm going to just stand up and one of the very simple basic thing that you can do when you first wake up in the morning, all right is what's your back up against the wall, so what we want to do is you want to Can you see me.

00:38:27.480 --> 00:38:28.770 Frank Harrison: Okay, yes.

00:38:29.130 --> 00:38:44.010 Len Glassman: Okay, so my palms are best so my fingernails are touching the wall my heels are touching the wall my blue okay is touching the wall and then the back of my head and POPs in my shoulder.

00:38:44.640 --> 00:38:53.310 Len Glassman: And when I first get up in the morning, this is what I do and I hold this position, like this for at least 30 seconds.

00:38:53.640 --> 00:39:05.400 Len Glassman: The reason why I do it, yes it realigned your posture when you first wake up right it basically puts you in a optimal postural alignment.

00:39:06.180 --> 00:39:24.810 Len Glassman: Okay, and I like to start off people's day with the understanding that this is how they were designed to be standing Okay, as opposed to forward til okay we're back you know next slouched down.

00:39:25.500 --> 00:39:38.640 Len Glassman: You know, which is tend to wind up at the end of the day I this does is it it resets your posture it's very simple, it also alleviates back pain and neck pain.

00:39:39.180 --> 00:39:49.020 Len Glassman: Okay, just holding this position, like this, so when you start to feel that pain back pain, the tea find the wall it's so simple I mean really.

00:39:50.310 --> 00:39:54.300 Len Glassman: You know I can make it easy to this right so.

00:39:54.330 --> 00:39:55.200 Frank Harrison: find the wall.

00:39:58.770 --> 00:40:02.040 Len Glassman: For like at least 30 seconds okay that's.

00:40:02.100 --> 00:40:14.970 Len Glassman: that's a very simple way to improve your health right off the BAT when you first wake up in the morning okay there Okay, which is shown in my guy you can do very simple.

00:40:16.050 --> 00:40:29.550 Len Glassman: Holding positions so here my elbows are pressed into the wall okay i'm on one leg my these rays, and my pores and gay so by doing this.

00:40:29.670 --> 00:40:30.330 Okay.

00:40:32.460 --> 00:40:53.370 Len Glassman: A full body exercise is really is indeed you know almost every muscle in my body pushing your elbows into the wall engages my chest okay standing on one leg again just my glutes in my hamstrings and quads raising the knee engages my court right so so great.

00:40:58.860 --> 00:41:16.560 Frank Harrison: Most people when most people don't realize is that just taking on simple movements, like the ones you've just shown, or even a way of twisting your stomach area while you're in the morning waking up trying to boost your metabolism That in itself is already doing some.

00:41:18.180 --> 00:41:18.570 Frank Harrison: Of.

00:41:22.320 --> 00:41:29.280 Frank Harrison: The intake of the food you're going to take if you're already on a diet, to begin with, so I see your approach it as more.

00:41:30.420 --> 00:41:32.820 Frank Harrison: Mind body relationship approaches to.

00:41:34.260 --> 00:41:37.560 Len Glassman: Incidentally, I do a series of.

00:41:38.640 --> 00:41:41.670 Len Glassman: exercises first one in the morning first thing in the morning.

00:41:42.270 --> 00:41:55.260 Len Glassman: To stop by the capitalism so then you're exactly right i'm setting myself up for success by doing very simple mindful movements during the day so um so.

00:41:55.740 --> 00:42:05.610 Len Glassman: You know there's lots of different variations to this so again using the wall, it keeps you bounce really forces you to not have to worry about.

00:42:05.610 --> 00:42:06.210 falling.

00:42:07.710 --> 00:42:17.250 Len Glassman: Very simple movements like straight leg kick backs or marching marching in place right or kicking out.

00:42:18.750 --> 00:42:22.620 Len Glassman: Okay, all these very simple things, then you can do.

00:42:23.910 --> 00:42:36.030 Len Glassman: That are all in the in the handbook or just even working your upper body by pressing your palms into the wall and just holding that late night engages your triceps so.

00:42:36.300 --> 00:42:37.920 Len Glassman: It doesn't have to be on.

00:42:38.100 --> 00:42:39.390 It doesn't have to be.

00:42:42.450 --> 00:42:43.950 Frank Harrison: complex and.

00:42:43.980 --> 00:42:44.790 time consuming.

00:42:55.980 --> 00:42:59.970 Frank Harrison: Take another break, but I just wanted to conclude by let you what you're saying I noticed myself.

00:43:00.210 --> 00:43:08.280 Frank Harrison: Just by walking to go down and get the mail sometimes gives me that same adrenaline rush just to get out of my bedroom and what you're saying.

00:43:08.520 --> 00:43:15.990 Frank Harrison: is something that already been doing, but this at least has more of a discipline to it, and something that I know i'm going to want to work with you closely on really learning.

00:43:16.230 --> 00:43:22.980 Frank Harrison: Especially as we're going into the fair rather than not knowing it is very it is going to make all of us going to quarantine again I hope not.

00:43:23.430 --> 00:43:32.610 Frank Harrison: But the thing is, is that I just want to be able to have the best methodology that you just demonstrated okay everybody we're about to go to a closing section after these messages.

00:43:33.000 --> 00:43:41.760 Frank Harrison: Thanks for staying tuned to frank about health be frank about the so Chandra lead glassman will be back right here on talk radio city, and if you.

00:46:13.980 --> 00:46:21.240 Frank Harrison: Thanks for staying tuned in the last 45 minutes to blame glassman had a lot of introspective information to provide through his book.

00:46:21.630 --> 00:46:29.190 Frank Harrison: soul trainer available on through his practice which he just demonstrated some key exercises that can help you engage.

00:46:29.460 --> 00:46:39.300 Frank Harrison: In your own nutritional training, while reaching to yourself towards your soul for enlightenment and for some help and rest in peace and towards living a better quality of life.

00:46:40.410 --> 00:46:52.920 Frank Harrison: There is a lot that we talked about today in terms of your work, but can you share with the audience and viewers out there all the various ways they can find out more about you, your practice how they can reach you if they have any questions.

00:46:54.450 --> 00:46:58.680 Frank Harrison: Just sharing exactly what you want to in the next five minutes.

00:46:58.950 --> 00:47:15.690 Len Glassman: Sure, thank you, I appreciate that, so the best way to get in touch with me is through my website, as I mentioned it's my name and last one I do offer a complimentary consultation it's a 30 minute in depth consultation, where we just explore.

00:47:16.980 --> 00:47:22.230 Len Glassman: Perhaps where you're at currently with your health and fitness perhaps what your interests are.

00:47:23.460 --> 00:47:34.350 Len Glassman: You know I give a little bit more in depth in terms of the training protocol, and so on, so it's a good way for us to interview each other, because it has to work for both of us it's a two way street.

00:47:35.040 --> 00:47:42.720 Len Glassman: Right now, I do I do also do on Facebook and instagram and all those places but i'm a phone guy.

00:47:43.080 --> 00:47:54.930 Len Glassman: You know, so if you want to talk to me pick up the phone, you know that my phone number is on the website i'm gladly give it here as well, it's 908-789-3337.

00:47:55.260 --> 00:48:08.640 Len Glassman: But i'm an old school type of guy and you know i'm happy to have a conversation about what's going on in your life from a health and fitness standpoint, and you know if I can help you chances are I can find somebody that can so.

00:48:09.300 --> 00:48:21.720 Len Glassman: You know it's it's something that I believe so wholeheartedly in that I don't feel like a marketing or selling at any given point in time, and nor do I might that type of person.

00:48:22.800 --> 00:48:24.090 Len Glassman: You know if you see.

00:48:24.660 --> 00:48:41.850 Len Glassman: You seek me out for you, not for me, so I you know I am honored to work with the people that i've been working with some of whom i've been working with for over 20 years, so you know that is in the testing it's my work, I don't know.

00:48:48.420 --> 00:48:53.520 Frank Harrison: About you do they need to come with a referral from a nutritionist or doctor in they just.

00:48:54.450 --> 00:49:11.940 Len Glassman: know they can call me directly, but I do tend to work in conjunction with their physical therapist or their doctor or nutritionist, so I am very comfortable working with medical professionals, because I do believe there does.

00:49:11.940 --> 00:49:12.450 Frank Harrison: need to be.

00:49:12.750 --> 00:49:18.840 Len Glassman: collaborative approach when you're working with somebody who does have challenging medical and health issues.

00:49:21.600 --> 00:49:26.880 Frank Harrison: Right, based on the kind of ways to use do you mind saying.

00:49:28.980 --> 00:49:33.060 Frank Harrison: Say therapists like he has been necessary a live stream.

00:49:34.350 --> 00:49:53.280 Len Glassman: know you know actually that's interesting because i'm starting to branch off into networking and offering the services of individuals and other health specialties including lcs w's life coach health coach is because i'm realizing.

00:49:53.280 --> 00:50:12.690 Len Glassman: Then I am only scratching the surface, with people when it comes to their physical health and that there are underlying right, it was that sometimes will get in the way barriers that get in the way to me being able to break through them on a physical from a physical standpoint.

00:50:13.860 --> 00:50:15.360 Frank Harrison: So I am kind of venturing and.

00:50:15.420 --> 00:50:17.400 Frank Harrison: You heard it right here, everybody.

00:50:18.540 --> 00:50:28.290 Frank Harrison: Have you heard it right here, everybody lenders are free, and not just to be your personal trainer he's looking to be a life coach and basically it's part of the whole integrative approach.

00:50:28.680 --> 00:50:38.580 Frank Harrison: To not just nutrition and not just feeling better quality of life and re energizing your lifestyle that's why, when I heard the show this morning about soul healing.

00:50:38.880 --> 00:50:46.890 Frank Harrison: I think anybody who's going through some form of so treatment definitely needs so trainer so remember everybody.

00:50:47.340 --> 00:50:57.090 Frank Harrison: soul trainer available on and for those people who listened to the show i've gotten a lot of positive feedback over my last show right did, then yes Watson.

00:50:57.480 --> 00:51:02.010 Frank Harrison: and her case study of Janet a survivor of narcissistic personality disorder.

00:51:02.430 --> 00:51:15.570 Frank Harrison: I had quoted a book, where she had read it, and I had also done a lot of my research it's called the covert passive aggressive narcissist written by debbie Mirza who's also a personal trainer slash life coach.

00:51:16.020 --> 00:51:23.370 Frank Harrison: But what she does is she was with her driver groups other kinds of people that have also been a target of narcissistic use.

00:51:23.910 --> 00:51:30.420 Frank Harrison: And then there is no way that I would have even been able to develop a show, unless I had worked with.

00:51:31.110 --> 00:51:38.820 Frank Harrison: Our producer, sadly, but with so i'm giving a shout out to his book every day awakenings I know, on his show the conscious consultant our.

00:51:39.060 --> 00:51:49.770 Frank Harrison: he's talked about it at length, there are many quotes that I could drive from it, but the one that actually brought me back to the network was the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask.

00:51:50.130 --> 00:51:59.220 Frank Harrison: And that's what I hope i've done with you this first 45 minutes or so and, and I am definitely going to be a patient of yours, about a few weeks so.

00:51:59.700 --> 00:52:10.860 Frank Harrison: i'm looking forward to talk more with you about that, and for those of you who are now looking at me on Facebook right, the one thing that's going to happen next week is a special show live from Las Vegas.

00:52:11.340 --> 00:52:21.060 Frank Harrison: And as of yet i'm not sure what the platform is going to be that one aspect i'm thinking is I don't know, then, if you're available Maybe you can come in for 15 minutes or so.

00:52:21.420 --> 00:52:30.930 Frank Harrison: And then i'm probably going to ask my friend, Dan yeah and some other people that have been on the show are ready to appear and just talking about quality of life in another State postcard with.

00:52:31.890 --> 00:52:42.300 Frank Harrison: Although I am very mindful of the importance of various treatments today we've talked about the integrative approach to physical training i'm going to be potentially in the future, talking about.

00:52:43.200 --> 00:52:51.420 Frank Harrison: other kinds of illnesses like cancer and other kinds of concerns that we all have especially post coated with new variants being developed.

00:52:51.720 --> 00:52:59.310 Frank Harrison: If those come to light it's in my in my vein that'll be the focus of next week's show but that's to be determined.

00:52:59.670 --> 00:53:06.630 Frank Harrison: I just want everybody out there to be aware of these three books that I have just quoted they're all available on

00:53:06.930 --> 00:53:15.150 Frank Harrison: And they are all very life rewarding pieces of information for each of you, depending upon what your journeys about and what you're trying to recover from.

00:53:15.690 --> 00:53:24.330 Frank Harrison: you've heard all about lens contact information I would highly recommend that you give him a call look at his website look at the training manuals that he described.

00:53:24.600 --> 00:53:31.680 Frank Harrison: Obviously, that the broke, and if you find that will be more integrative towards yourself he's more working with in the near future.

00:53:32.850 --> 00:53:39.840 Frank Harrison: I know that sooner or later we're also going to be talking about something that's going to enhance quality of life, especially in the medical.

00:53:40.200 --> 00:53:47.460 Frank Harrison: profession and that's going to be credit popular with our host Johnny tsunami, right here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:53:48.300 --> 00:53:55.980 Frank Harrison: In terms of questions that you may have, I gather, some of you out there might be giving comments and questions on Facebook live.

00:53:56.280 --> 00:54:03.870 Frank Harrison: which I wouldn't have access to at the moment that it will be the show will be archived so you can watch it again if you choose to ask the questions there.

00:54:04.110 --> 00:54:09.390 Frank Harrison: And i'll be interactive with all of you out there to try to add some better questions I can.

00:54:09.780 --> 00:54:20.850 Frank Harrison: That there is my email address frank about have one or that I will get back to you within 10 minutes if you send me your question is.

00:54:21.150 --> 00:54:29.880 Frank Harrison: If you have questions for land is all you I gather, you can contact him through his phone number or you can contact me and i'll forward the question, not to him.

00:54:30.240 --> 00:54:39.780 Frank Harrison: But we want to make this a launchpad of overall treatment, especially in the area physical training or, more importantly, so training.

00:54:41.400 --> 00:54:41.970 Frank Harrison: So.

00:54:43.380 --> 00:54:52.710 Frank Harrison: we're just about to end in a couple minutes, but without spending too soon Glenn do you have any other comments or questions that you want to bring out.

00:54:54.390 --> 00:54:55.770 Len Glassman: Their information like to share.

00:54:56.070 --> 00:55:05.070 Len Glassman: Yes or no, I just wanted to thank you, you know, for the opportunity to present health health thing and medical and other.

00:55:06.300 --> 00:55:09.630 Len Glassman: You know let's say non traditional types of.

00:55:10.890 --> 00:55:15.120 Len Glassman: therapies and treatments, I think it's important.

00:55:16.020 --> 00:55:27.090 Len Glassman: For people to yes research come to their own conclusions, and you know when it comes to physical training, I do it on on their terms not like terms.

00:55:27.150 --> 00:55:27.930 You know so.

00:55:29.910 --> 00:55:30.630 Len Glassman: glad you know.

00:55:31.830 --> 00:55:40.110 Len Glassman: The it's a two way street, what you put into this program is what you can get out of it and, and I think that's very moving in life.

00:55:40.560 --> 00:55:55.110 Len Glassman: You know, again as a whole, so um yeah I think this is a great opportunity for people to jumpstart their health and to be get more involved in their community and to feel alive again, you know and to.

00:55:55.380 --> 00:55:57.060 Len Glassman: come forward and.

00:55:58.740 --> 00:56:02.400 Len Glassman: Have a positive relationship with your body and your mind.

00:56:04.110 --> 00:56:15.660 Frank Harrison: Well, ladies and gentlemen, again, that said, in a nutshell thanks again for tuning into today's episode of frank about health, with the sole trader I think i'm gonna go listen to my soul train jukebox when I get home later that.

00:56:19.050 --> 00:56:29.610 Frank Harrison: night here on talk radio nyc just make sure you stay tuned right now for planet popular with Johnny tsunami and i'll be back next week thanks again for tuning in everybody.

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