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Thursday, July 15, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/15 - From Overwhelm to Action

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/15 - From Overwhelm to Action


2021/07/15 - From Overwhelm to Action

[NEW EPISODE] From Overwhelm to Action

The idea of dismantling racism can be overwhelming and complicated. The sudden attention to the topic in 2020 stopped some people in their tracks. Fear, doubt, shame, and guilt were just a few of the emotions that surfaced, especially for people who already believed that they “treated all people the same.” How do we move people from overwhelm to action? We answer some of this question and more in our next episode of Dismantle Racism.

Join Rev. Dr. TLC as she talks with Jeannie Spiro, Business Coach and Strategist, about the steps she’s taken to engage in the work of dismantling racism. Jeannie will share how she became more intentional in her actions both personally and professionally. Listen in as she describes the emotions, insights, and self-reflections that have helped her to become more racially conscious and how her transformation changed her thinking and actions.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

The first segment opens with Rev Dr Terrlyn reintroducing the show and today's guest. On today's show we welcome Jeannie Spiro, business coach and strategist, as she talks about the steps she's taken to engage in the work of dismantling racism. Jeannie will share how she became more intentional in her actions both personally and professionally. Listen in as she describes the emotions, insights, and self-reflections that have helped her to become more racially conscious and how her transformation changed her thinking and actions. Jeannie and Rev Dr Terrlyn discuss their very connected past in the work of dismantling racism. Rev Dr Terrlyn says in order to manifest our greatness we need to become connected to the sacred. Whatever that may be for you. Jeannie affirms Rev Dr Terrlyn’s findings and says that was the biggest obstacle for her to overcome when trying to empower herself to do more in the work of dismantling racism.

Segment 2

The second segment starts with the show coming back up from break. Rev Dr Terrlyn brings the conversation to Jeannie’s initial response to the riots and muder of George Floyd last summer. Jeannie says she took a break from social media to reflect on her own personal role in activism. Jeannie explains that the first step was examining her own inclusivity in her life and business. She then went to Rev Dr Terrlyn for guidance and advice on what she could be doing in her life to apply her skills in business to become a true activist. Rev Dr Terrlyn says it all begins with a conversation. Asking yourself what we could be doing in our business and communities.

Segment 3

The third segment starts with the show coming back up from break. The conversation gets picked up with Jeannie discussing the time she took to self reflect. She brings questions up like who are you hanging out with?, what people do you talk to?, are you truly being inclusive?. Rev Dr Terrlyn says that we have to understand that dismantling racism isn't about going out and marching the streets everyday. Sometimes it's just a conversation. A conversation with your peers, forcing the uncomfortable to become comfortable. Making the normal topic of conversation being held about race and understanding the other.

Segment 4

The final segment starts with a conversation about what Jeannie has learned in her efforts to dismantle racism. Jeannie says that one of the things she has learned is to become connected and aware of women of color business owners. Jeannie says that this unconscious bias was a big obstacle to get over, but once she did it allowed her to grow the deepest business relationships she ever had. The conversation wraps up with Rev Dr Terrlyn saying you should really take a look around you and think how you could effect change in dismantling racism.


00:00:33.570 --> 00:00:52.800 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: hello, and welcome to dismantle racism, where our goal is to uncover dismantle and eradicate racism and to create a world where racial equity is the norm i'm your host the Reverend Dr tlc and today we are going to be talking about from overwhelm to action.

00:00:53.820 --> 00:00:59.370 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We were going to start the day, as always, by inviting us just to take a deep breath.

00:01:00.660 --> 00:01:03.630 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And just to breathe in.

00:01:05.010 --> 00:01:06.210 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: awareness.

00:01:08.580 --> 00:01:10.410 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: to breathe out confusion.

00:01:12.420 --> 00:01:15.510 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: to breathe in awakening.

00:01:16.920 --> 00:01:25.590 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Where the blinders are removed that keep us locked into our feelings, enable us to go beyond.

00:01:27.240 --> 00:01:38.670 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: what's happening in the world to experiencing life in our hearts and actions in our body, so that we can move forward.

00:01:40.170 --> 00:01:51.630 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so we want to breathe in light light that will uncover the dark recesses of our mind that will allow us to see another perspective.

00:01:52.860 --> 00:02:04.200 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So we would have breathe in again clarity and remove any clutter that would prevent us from understanding the other.

00:02:06.780 --> 00:02:17.160 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: One invite you just to release any anxiety that you may be feeling right now in the overwhelm that you may be experiencing.

00:02:19.560 --> 00:02:22.500 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And just let out a deep deep breath.

00:02:24.150 --> 00:02:30.510 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and get ready for an exciting talk on from overwhelm to action.

00:02:32.130 --> 00:02:43.800 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I am really, really excited today to talk with you all about this topic, because I know that the idea of dismantling racism can really be overwhelming.

00:02:44.160 --> 00:02:58.320 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: To a lot of folks and last year when we had this surge and the conversation about racism, it was really interesting to watch the dynamics of folks on social media everybody had an opinion.

00:02:58.650 --> 00:03:16.080 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And there were people out there who really wanted to get involved with what was going on but didn't know what to do, because really the idea of racism and white supremacy when you think about dismantling that it could just seem like it's too big, of a task, so what.

00:03:17.220 --> 00:03:21.450 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Are we called to do what should we do in the process.

00:03:22.860 --> 00:03:34.230 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so often, we need help, trying to figure that out because we're looking at social media and we're thinking, am I supposed to do with those people are doing that's not my personality.

00:03:35.160 --> 00:03:53.580 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: What can I do, that represents, who I am and where I am in the journey so i'm delighted today to have jeannie spiral, as my guest because jeannie spiral is a business coach and strategist and jeannie actually.

00:03:54.060 --> 00:04:05.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: In this truth transparency was my coach at one point and we did a lot of work together around my work that I do on.

00:04:06.090 --> 00:04:17.580 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: sacred intelligence wounds of religion and dismantling racism and she was one of the people that I had a lot of conversations with during that time, because she was revamping.

00:04:18.240 --> 00:04:28.260 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Her business as well, to try to figure out how do I address this issue of racism, and I know that a lot of entrepreneurs did at that time.

00:04:29.340 --> 00:04:39.210 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And what I found was that many entrepreneurs would just change their mission statement, but they weren't not doing the work.

00:04:39.570 --> 00:04:50.910 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: With Jamie spiral is very different in that vein and jeannie will share with us how she became more intentional in her actions, both personally and professionally.

00:04:51.180 --> 00:04:57.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so we'll talk a little bit about what her experience was like i'm just so delighted again to have her here.

00:04:57.930 --> 00:05:12.660 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: jeannie also is the host of the midlife CEO podcast, and so I would invite you to listen in on that when you get a chance because we're at this stage as entrepreneurs that we're it we're midlife now as much as we don't.

00:05:13.140 --> 00:05:21.450 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Like to admit it sometimes and so jeannie really specializes in helping entrepreneurs who are in.

00:05:22.260 --> 00:05:29.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: In their mid life and and she helps them really to build their programs to six and seven figure businesses.

00:05:29.520 --> 00:05:35.970 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So she's taking multiple businesses to that level within the last 12 months and.

00:05:36.270 --> 00:05:47.640 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: One of the things that I want to say and i'll let you talk a little bit about herself, but one of the things that I want to say is that jeannie is committed to doing this work, but she's also committed to.

00:05:47.940 --> 00:05:57.840 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: aging and a positive powerful and purposeful way so jeannie spiral, welcome to the show i'm so happy that you're joining me today.

00:05:58.650 --> 00:06:02.820 Jeannie Spiro: carolyn i'm truly honored to be here enjoying everyone, thank you for having me.

00:06:04.200 --> 00:06:11.640 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So jeannie one of the things that you know this because of the work that we did with this sacred intelligence.

00:06:12.180 --> 00:06:21.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: One of the things that's really important to me is for people to understand their relationship with sacred, so I believe that we have.

00:06:21.750 --> 00:06:35.460 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: This internal part that we need to connect with in order to manifest our greatness, and then we have this selfish piece that I call where we need to transform ourselves, and then we have a shared piece.

00:06:36.480 --> 00:06:51.360 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So I always invite my guests, what are some of the things that you do to tap into who you are as a sacred being so, whether it be a practice a ritual, what do you do to tap in.

00:06:52.650 --> 00:07:04.200 Jeannie Spiro: So this was something that was a struggle for me and we've had many conversations about it over the years, I felt that I wasn't completely awakened I didn't wasn't connected to a religion or.

00:07:04.530 --> 00:07:18.990 Jeannie Spiro: spiritual practices until I started my own business, and then I realized I needed to look further than what was my current reality and I realized that there was something missing.

00:07:19.650 --> 00:07:26.220 Jeannie Spiro: And so I started developing a variety of different practices, but I want to go back to last year last year for me.

00:07:26.700 --> 00:07:37.410 Jeannie Spiro: I started to feel a little unnerved a little unsure I started to feel a little anxious in what was going on in in the world and online.

00:07:37.890 --> 00:07:45.870 Jeannie Spiro: And I was having a hard time sleeping and shutting my mind down and focusing on my business and so someone had recommended that.

00:07:46.320 --> 00:07:52.770 Jeannie Spiro: I start to tune things out but that when i'm in i'm in, but when I need to rest I develop a practice.

00:07:53.250 --> 00:07:59.040 Jeannie Spiro: And this simple little practice has changed so much and it's me it's empowered me to do more, and feel better.

00:07:59.580 --> 00:08:09.630 Jeannie Spiro: I very simply, I bought myself an eye mask and I put it on every single night at the end of the day and I close out the world.

00:08:10.020 --> 00:08:24.150 Jeannie Spiro: And I rest I close my eyes, I sort of go into a little bit of a trance and and I meditate and I think about my day and it allows me to read to sleep and feel feel good and.

00:08:25.230 --> 00:08:31.710 Jeannie Spiro: it's my practice now I love it I don't know what I would do if I lost my mask though I probably have to get another one.

00:08:33.840 --> 00:08:34.830 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: batch of you, you.

00:08:34.860 --> 00:08:39.570 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: kind of go in, where you learn to just kind of go in without by best.

00:08:39.840 --> 00:08:50.250 Jeannie Spiro: I might I might but I love having this physical barrier that sort of closes me out from the world and allows me to go internally, which you talk about the selfish.

00:08:50.700 --> 00:09:03.750 Jeannie Spiro: And I needed to go into the selfish to move away from the external to be able to get in tune with myself and my own guidance and the guidance that I couldn't hear.

00:09:04.440 --> 00:09:07.350 Jeannie Spiro: And now I can I can hear you clearly.

00:09:07.980 --> 00:09:15.810 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know what you think I think that's so perfect and having known you for years i've seen a bit of that that transformation, because for me.

00:09:16.200 --> 00:09:21.480 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The going inward I love that you said to your guidance because it's divine wisdom when we.

00:09:21.900 --> 00:09:34.530 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: tap into the greatest part of ourselves that that divine part of us that helps us to make the choices that are really good for us and so i'm glad to see that you have that practice and.

00:09:35.280 --> 00:09:50.340 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The thing about rest is is we're resting to me in that spirit self in that higher self and it gives us the fortitude to be able to go on and do this work, and I know from my conversations with you.

00:09:50.910 --> 00:10:02.400 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: That it really was overwhelming for you last year, when all of this talk about dismantling racism came up, and I know for you.

00:10:03.510 --> 00:10:13.140 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You were already in a point where I think that you are more engaging with people of color than many entrepreneurs, I see.

00:10:14.400 --> 00:10:24.870 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I know that there was an understanding that you had when you worked with entrepreneurs of color that sometimes when I worked with other folks I did not see.

00:10:25.320 --> 00:10:44.520 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so talk a little bit about what was your initial response because, given that you already have this history of you know, working with people of color what was kind of your initial response when everything kind of erupt it last summer.

00:10:45.330 --> 00:10:53.100 Jeannie Spiro: So i'm going to go back slightly before that period because I just want to explain i'm i'm a pretty in tune person i'm a little bit.

00:10:54.060 --> 00:11:00.270 Jeannie Spiro: call me an empath or maybe sensitive i'm sensitive to energy and i'm sensitive to emotions and things and.

00:11:00.840 --> 00:11:08.730 Jeannie Spiro: And not that that's a bad thing in any way it's just that i've really realized how i'm wired and, at the end of 2019 I started to realize.

00:11:09.420 --> 00:11:21.450 Jeannie Spiro: My business wasn't exactly the way that I wanted it to be, I was exhausted, I was drained and wasn't feeling really good and then the pandemic happened and again, you know when you're already kind of working at a high vibration and you're.

00:11:22.530 --> 00:11:35.610 Jeannie Spiro: sensing everything, then you know you add something to it, so we add that pandemic and what was going on and the uncertainty to that, and so it was sort of already vibrating really, really high.

00:11:36.330 --> 00:11:42.210 Jeannie Spiro: And then and i'm thinking what's my place what am I doing what am I doing with my my business.

00:11:42.570 --> 00:11:54.930 Jeannie Spiro: And what ended up happening was I was going through my own evolution and starting to realize, I think I need to pull back a little bit on social media I am questioning myself what am I doing what are they putting out into the world.

00:11:55.560 --> 00:12:06.510 Jeannie Spiro: And then, as everything began to unfold when the murder of George floyd happened in May i've I was already starting to question.

00:12:06.870 --> 00:12:27.150 Jeannie Spiro: What what am I doing here what is my role what Should I be saying in my business what is relevant anymore, and I know that there's a lot that we can impact on that, but I was in a questioning period darlin like what am I supposed to be saying at this time in this important part of history.

00:12:27.630 --> 00:12:29.340 Jeannie Spiro: that's where I really was.

00:12:29.880 --> 00:12:35.250 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: yeah so Jimmy I love that because I think for many folks.

00:12:36.450 --> 00:12:51.420 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: There was there was a lot going on before coven and a lot going on before the murder of George floyd and so all of that compounded that so we're going to need to take a really quick break and when we come back from the break I really want to hear more about.

00:12:52.500 --> 00:13:02.280 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: This that some of the actions that you took in response to what was going on and and one being that you took a step back, as you say, from social media.

00:13:02.490 --> 00:13:14.880 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But like to hear if there were other things that you began to do as well, we will be right back with dismantle racism with your host the Reverend Dr tlc and my guest today Jimmy spiral we'll be right back.

00:15:31.530 --> 00:15:44.940 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We are back with dismantle racism my guest today is jeannie spiral jeannie before the break, we were talking about what some of your initial responses were around the conversation about.

00:15:45.690 --> 00:15:57.990 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Racism, or the protest and one of the things that you mentioned, was that you took a break from social media are there any other things that happened for you during that initial period.

00:15:58.680 --> 00:16:07.920 Jeannie Spiro: Absolutely, there were several things so again, it goes back to the question about going inward and so I started coming back to myself to ask myself.

00:16:08.340 --> 00:16:21.270 Jeannie Spiro: Questions about what where was I in this what were my what were my thoughts what what were my beliefs what were my actions and the first thing that I thought was you know i've always.

00:16:22.380 --> 00:16:38.370 Jeannie Spiro: I always thought that I was inclusive and and It made me wonder, am I am I as inclusive as I, as I say that I am and what needs to change, and so the very first thing that I did was I did take a course.

00:16:38.670 --> 00:16:48.030 Jeannie Spiro: On diversity inclusion, it was designed for people for business owners and it was a it was a small, it was an interactive it was just a couple of lessons and I thought.

00:16:48.660 --> 00:17:00.180 Jeannie Spiro: This isn't enough there's more because i'm still uncertain what Should I be doing for my marketing what Should I be doing because i've always thought that I was inclusive and.

00:17:01.140 --> 00:17:09.150 Jeannie Spiro: And it was not just simply about creating a diverse and inclusive environment, it was what is my actual.

00:17:09.690 --> 00:17:20.250 Jeannie Spiro: role in activism and that's when I came to you and I thought i'm not really planning to march this isn't necessarily something that I.

00:17:20.700 --> 00:17:32.820 Jeannie Spiro: feel called to do, but I start having conversations with you and other women like I know I want to take action, but you don't know how I I don't know I love to people, please I.

00:17:33.780 --> 00:17:40.770 Jeannie Spiro: I don't know and that's when we started entering conversations and you offered your program at that time.

00:17:41.220 --> 00:17:51.690 Jeannie Spiro: And I thought this is exactly what I need I need to be involved in conversation with other women and and I trust you so completely.

00:17:52.530 --> 00:17:58.200 Jeannie Spiro: in so many ways and leadership in the conversation about racism that to me it was.

00:17:58.860 --> 00:18:06.930 Jeannie Spiro: It was easy to come to you and talk to you about this and say I don't know what I should and shouldn't be saying I don't know what I shouldn't shouldn't be doing in my business.

00:18:07.290 --> 00:18:15.750 Jeannie Spiro: i'm uncomfortable and it was just that conversation with you about i'm uncomfortable I don't know what to do, and you were just amazing to me.

00:18:17.970 --> 00:18:23.040 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Thank you for that genie and and here's The thing that I want our listeners to hear.

00:18:23.970 --> 00:18:32.850 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: This is tough stuff and you're going to be uncomfortable with doing it and even when you came to me, even though we've known each other for years.

00:18:33.270 --> 00:18:47.010 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: i'm sure you were not comfortable like having the conversation there was there was the trust factor, and it was easy to talk to me, but at the same time, I think folks need to hear you gotta step out of your comfort zone and.

00:18:47.400 --> 00:18:59.700 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And I i'm thinking back on the program now and the group of folks who were involved and I know that there were days it was uncomfortable in that program because of the way that i've set the program up.

00:19:00.300 --> 00:19:09.360 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But you kept coming back and all the participants keep coming back to it because it's like you've got to learn how to have the conversation.

00:19:09.780 --> 00:19:26.940 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Yes, and I think that was important in the work that we did together was learning Okay, what steps can I take me because I know that not everybody is going to be out in the streets marching but what can we do in our businesses, what can we do in our communities.

00:19:28.200 --> 00:19:34.080 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But talk a little bit about maybe some of the revelations that you've had.

00:19:34.620 --> 00:19:41.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: About yourself through this process because I believe it's all about the self transformation and.

00:19:41.520 --> 00:19:50.730 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: i've heard so many people throughout my life white people, in particular, who will say but i'm a good person or i'm not a racist or I didn't own slaves.

00:19:51.600 --> 00:20:05.820 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: it's not about any of those things it's about much more and so talk about what are some of the things that that you became more aware of, or your own transformation in the process.

00:20:06.210 --> 00:20:14.820 Jeannie Spiro: There were so much, and you know in at the same time that I was in your program and I was trying to look at my business and what I was doing.

00:20:15.270 --> 00:20:27.870 Jeannie Spiro: You and I have had conversations before about little things that I could be doing in my business that make a significant difference of, for example, my sales pages and you were always kind to tell me.

00:20:28.470 --> 00:20:38.340 Jeannie Spiro: And it was so helpful to say you are, you have always had women, women of color and black women in particular who've been in your programs.

00:20:38.760 --> 00:20:47.280 Jeannie Spiro: But you also need to make sure that in your marketing materials they are seeing that they see themselves that they're in your photographs and so.

00:20:47.880 --> 00:20:59.790 Jeannie Spiro: I thought that I was doing some of the work already, and if we put quotes around good person good business person good person I thought that I was doing some of it already.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:10.890 Jeannie Spiro: I didn't realize how much more there was or how much more that I what I wasn't aware of, and so, in what one of the things that I started to do was look at.

00:21:11.790 --> 00:21:28.050 Jeannie Spiro: How are things different from from you, for you versus me as a business owner how our experiences different for you versus me in everyday life in parenting in choices in investing in business growth and everything and I.

00:21:28.530 --> 00:21:44.820 Jeannie Spiro: I didn't look at it from my viewpoint anymore, I began to look at it from Let me turn this around for a minute and see what does this look like as a black woman business owner or black woman raising children like.

00:21:45.360 --> 00:21:57.240 Jeannie Spiro: The parallel lives right like we're talking about mid life I started looking at it from other perspectives beside my lived experience and.

00:21:57.900 --> 00:22:10.230 Jeannie Spiro: I begin, so that was one big thing for me was looking at it differently, looking at how am I having conversations difficult conversations in my business.

00:22:10.740 --> 00:22:24.840 Jeannie Spiro: What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of, and I just started asking questions and began engaging in conversation as often as much as I could as a very basic for staff.

00:22:26.700 --> 00:22:38.910 Jeannie Spiro: recognizing that I don't that i'm not a black woman and I don't know exactly what life is like for you, but wanting to understand and.

00:22:40.680 --> 00:22:44.010 Jeannie Spiro: That was that was helpful just to have a conversation.

00:22:44.580 --> 00:22:49.530 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know what I find really powerful about what you're saying jeannie is that.

00:22:50.730 --> 00:23:02.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: A lot of coaches, in particular in business strategists is that they think that there's a one size fit all sort of model and I appreciate you asking the question.

00:23:02.910 --> 00:23:14.790 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: What would be different for terrell and as a woman of color that may not be the same as what I experienced, and that is really critical and I can't.

00:23:15.420 --> 00:23:23.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I can't stress this enough for companies that I work with or individuals that I work with you know we may have.

00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:36.210 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The same we may be the same age we may have the same education we may have the same other things, but, but my life may be different in some other ways and it's important for you to understand, who I am culturally.

00:23:37.320 --> 00:23:45.180 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And how the world responds to me versus how I respond to the world as well.

00:23:45.540 --> 00:23:55.890 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And all of that is important when you're coaching folks because you have to know what the lived experiences of a person, otherwise you can't get into their psyche.

00:23:56.250 --> 00:24:06.360 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: To be able to help them, so I really appreciate you saying I took a step back and started asking the questions so for my listeners, I really.

00:24:06.990 --> 00:24:20.430 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: want folks to understand that if you want to know more about people of color and dismantling racism ask the questions just ask and don't be afraid to ask the questions.

00:24:20.820 --> 00:24:29.820 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Now it's important to have a relationship, because the reason why I could call genius a genius i'm looking at your sales page and you don't have a person of color on here.

00:24:30.180 --> 00:24:46.050 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know, was because of our relationship, but I also was not telling her to have it on there just to have it on there I explain to her why it was important for me, as a person of color to look at a sales page.

00:24:47.520 --> 00:24:57.570 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: A real sales page where they're real people like these were photos from genies event or people that you know I like to say you have people of color.

00:24:58.050 --> 00:25:05.520 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Who are at your events to please show them I don't mean the stock photos because a lot of people ran to do that right, but.

00:25:06.480 --> 00:25:19.590 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I also knew from talking to jeannie I knew her character and I knew her heart and I knew from conversations that we had had in our coaching programs, as a group.

00:25:19.950 --> 00:25:24.960 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: How freely, we talked about race, but that wasn't showing up and.

00:25:25.650 --> 00:25:33.630 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know her her marketing so again it's not like, I would just give anybody this advice would say this is what you need to do without first.

00:25:33.870 --> 00:25:51.750 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: walking through a process i'm really delighted jeannie that you're asking the questions and you're asking the questions, even if they make you uncomfortable to hear the answers to but it's the awareness as well i'm curious though um.

00:25:53.160 --> 00:25:57.300 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know what have you seen in terms of.

00:25:58.650 --> 00:26:06.270 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The personal interactions without sort of talking about it from a business level yeah what are you noticing, on a personal level.

00:26:07.050 --> 00:26:13.350 Jeannie Spiro: i'm going to add two things to that what you just asked so I want to say one thing first about.

00:26:14.850 --> 00:26:26.670 Jeannie Spiro: There were a lot of people checking boxes right in their businesses and I just want to say that that I felt like there seemed to be a lot of that happening before and maybe i'm wrong and that but I felt like it was like.

00:26:27.420 --> 00:26:39.270 Jeannie Spiro: You know, did you attend to class did have you updated your information, and I think that there's a level beyond that it's what are you doing in your business and then what are you also, what do you, what are your personal beliefs as well.

00:26:39.720 --> 00:26:51.150 Jeannie Spiro: And so that does tie to the conversations that we're having at our table at home, like okay so i'm doing this in my business to say where Am I am I.

00:26:51.900 --> 00:27:08.220 Jeannie Spiro: Am I am I, making the changes, am I in conversation we need to do this at the dinner table as well, this is not something that we just show up on paper and checkboxes right so that's when I really started to look at how am I having conversation, whom I hang out with.

00:27:09.270 --> 00:27:28.050 Jeannie Spiro: Where are the women that have the color that I, are they in my life and why aren't they and that's when I started looking at do I have friends like what how what is my life like, if I am saying one thing and it's not matching.

00:27:28.230 --> 00:27:29.700 Jeannie Spiro: So I really started looking at the.

00:27:29.880 --> 00:27:31.320 Jeannie Spiro: entire picture.

00:27:32.580 --> 00:27:35.820 Jeannie Spiro: And having all conversations business and personal um.

00:27:36.540 --> 00:27:47.610 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I love that I love that it went from the classroom to the personal to really community, and I know, one of the the exercises that I often do with folks in the class is really.

00:27:47.820 --> 00:28:01.320 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: have them to start taking a look at what is the tapestry, that is around you, you know because we don't know what we don't know we tend to think that what we see is the norm and we don't think beyond that so.

00:28:01.710 --> 00:28:11.160 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: i'm happy to really hear that and I think it's important for our listeners because there might be folks out there who are saying well i'm not an entrepreneur i'm not a business owner.

00:28:11.550 --> 00:28:16.140 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We start where we are and you start to have the conversations.

00:28:16.800 --> 00:28:27.870 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: With Community folks with church folks with your school folks just take note of what's going on in your environment and know that the world is different for people.

00:28:28.140 --> 00:28:43.170 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Based on a lot of things, but race being one important thing we're going to have to take another break and we'll be back with my guest jeannie spiral, who will talk to us a little bit more about some of the transformational work that she's done.

00:28:44.010 --> 00:28:52.710 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: With herself in and her business on dismantling racism we'll be right back or dismantle racism show will be right back.

00:31:24.390 --> 00:31:39.450 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I am back with my guest today Jamie spiral genie before the break, we were talking about yourself transformation and some of the things that you have noticed is there anything else, that you would like to add that we didn't catch.

00:31:40.560 --> 00:31:50.160 Jeannie Spiro: yeah so a couple things actually so the The thing that I was noticing for myself was where Am I hanging out what am I doing where what.

00:31:51.030 --> 00:32:06.360 Jeannie Spiro: Why am I not Why do I not have as many women of color and black women, in particular in my programs, as I used to and I I started asking questions like what am I doing differently than i've done before.

00:32:06.810 --> 00:32:12.480 Jeannie Spiro: Because before it, I wasn't thinking about it, I wasn't necessarily intentional like.

00:32:13.290 --> 00:32:24.000 Jeannie Spiro: i'm inclusive I just thought I was inclusive right and yet women were coming to me, and then I realized Oh, and it was through conversation with you, I realized.

00:32:24.990 --> 00:32:35.940 Jeannie Spiro: I might not be speaking in all of the environments that are diverse I might not be speaking to women who need to know about my work and.

00:32:36.870 --> 00:32:43.050 Jeannie Spiro: And I just started looking at my friendships I started looking at where I hang out.

00:32:43.620 --> 00:32:52.620 Jeannie Spiro: The conversations that i'm having as difficult as it and i'm not a confrontational person, and then the people pleaser so I always like to say things right.

00:32:52.980 --> 00:32:56.400 Jeannie Spiro: And I thought all right i'm going to have to get over that like.

00:32:57.030 --> 00:33:05.790 Jeannie Spiro: I may say things wrong and you've actually told me that, like you're not always going to say the right things, but the fact that i'm willing to try and.

00:33:06.270 --> 00:33:17.430 Jeannie Spiro: And I want to it that's what i've been committed to is continue to be in conversation and and and open up my world more my eyes and my world, even more so.

00:33:18.510 --> 00:33:19.500 Jeannie Spiro: that's how I continue.

00:33:19.770 --> 00:33:26.430 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know I didn't I just want to tell you what what I really so appreciate is.

00:33:27.030 --> 00:33:33.600 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Is acknowledgement that you know i'm a people pleaser and I don't like to be confrontational because, again I think folks need to know.

00:33:33.960 --> 00:33:44.130 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: That given, whatever your personality is there still a way to dismantle racism and what was interesting is I came to you, by way of a friend.

00:33:44.520 --> 00:33:56.100 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Yes, recommended you in the front happens to be a white woman, but I trusted her judgment about you know what I needed for my next stage in my business blah blah, but it was in the working with you.

00:33:56.610 --> 00:34:03.540 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: That I could also tell the type of person that you were, and I think it's important for business owners.

00:34:04.140 --> 00:34:17.400 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: To understand that for people of color somewhere, we want to see in conversations with you that you get it that you get me and that you get what's happening in the world, and so.

00:34:17.700 --> 00:34:33.780 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I will never forget and we've made reference to this and other places we've been there was one intensive that we were doing with you, and while I liked you as a person I love to who you were in terms of just the things that you taught.

00:34:34.830 --> 00:34:43.890 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: For the business, we were just I don't know you had this intensive really planned out for us and we got into a conversation on race.

00:34:44.490 --> 00:34:52.800 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And you did not back down it wasn't a confrontational one we were just talking about what happens, and I remember.

00:34:53.220 --> 00:35:04.500 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We must have spent at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes talking about this and that told me a lot, because in that moment what you said was.

00:35:04.860 --> 00:35:19.050 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I have this whole day planned out for the way, I think it should go, but the fact that there were at least two to three women of color in that room and we got on a conversation and every person who was in your Program.

00:35:19.770 --> 00:35:29.940 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: got involved in that conversation, no one was like oh no can we move on and and that told me a lot, and what I want people to understand.

00:35:30.660 --> 00:35:44.160 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: The people who are doing this work is that dismantling racism isn't always about going out and doing something doing doing doing doing it is the everyday practices.

00:35:44.490 --> 00:35:58.590 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And so it is interesting to talk about your transformation even since the murder of George floyd because you were doing some of the dismantling racism, even in that moment.

00:35:59.070 --> 00:36:16.650 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: But I think the difference is based on what you're saying and based on what I know from our work together is you've become more intentional about it so i'm very curious What would you say has been some of the biggest challenges for you in doing this work.

00:36:17.400 --> 00:36:24.810 Jeannie Spiro: I love this question and i'm just going to touch back to that because that intensive happened years ago many years back.

00:36:25.170 --> 00:36:34.830 Jeannie Spiro: And it was one of those conversations that I remember thinking okay yeah I have all this training plan, and I want to talk about all these things and you're here to learn and grow your business.

00:36:35.190 --> 00:36:44.790 Jeannie Spiro: But then I realized, it was like there are women who are leaning into what you and the other women were the other black women, I think there were three black women for that intensive out of 20.

00:36:45.330 --> 00:36:51.210 Jeannie Spiro: And it was everyone was leaning in and wanting to hear and you all had the platform.

00:36:51.750 --> 00:37:03.600 Jeannie Spiro: And, and we all wanted to hear what you had to say and that we could understand your perspective as well, it was so helpful, one of the things that i've learned is.

00:37:04.440 --> 00:37:12.720 Jeannie Spiro: That i'm I don't need to ask you all the questions i'm learning through you being who you are.

00:37:13.110 --> 00:37:26.670 Jeannie Spiro: And there's times when you're teaching me because i've been in a course with you or program with you there's other times that we have conversation because we're friends right we have other conversations, but I don't lean on you to say.

00:37:27.660 --> 00:37:39.600 Jeannie Spiro: carolyn is this appropriate should I do this i'm not you know i'm not calling you to be like you're my token black friend and i'm saying, can you do this, or is this appropriate is this right.

00:37:40.200 --> 00:37:52.740 Jeannie Spiro: i'm really understanding there's so many sides of us as people right there's so many sides of all of what we do in our work in the world.

00:37:53.160 --> 00:38:05.730 Jeannie Spiro: And there's sometimes it's not appropriate for me to ask you, questions and i'm learning that so what i've done is really step back, like i'm i'm really reading.

00:38:07.980 --> 00:38:21.510 Jeannie Spiro: What is what feels appropriate what's not what when I should ask a question, and when I shouldn't and i'm also intentionally building stronger relationships with my women friends of color.

00:38:22.320 --> 00:38:32.820 Jeannie Spiro: Not because, not because it's i'm i'm going to have an i'm putting an air quotes a token black friend it's not that at all I I always have loved.

00:38:33.420 --> 00:38:52.320 Jeannie Spiro: Really deep relationships, and this is a piece that I enjoy going into deep conversation, and this is, this is a lot of work for all of us to do together, and so we need to be engaged with conversations and people who are willing to do the work.

00:38:53.100 --> 00:38:54.330 Jeannie Spiro: You know color.

00:38:54.960 --> 00:39:09.210 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I want to before you answer the question about the challenge piece you just reminded me there was a point in your life, where you would see a woman of color and you'd want to be friends, but didn't know whether you should approach.

00:39:09.450 --> 00:39:18.090 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: yeah person or not, and the beauty of it through through just conversations that we've had is just like you would be friends with anybody else.

00:39:18.780 --> 00:39:27.330 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: there's no need to feel uncomfortable even with that so it's important you're saying so many things that are so important for our listeners.

00:39:27.660 --> 00:39:41.190 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Today, about just form the relationships and friendships it's not about saying oh one of my best friends is black or person of color but it's really just taken an interest in the person and i've seen you.

00:39:41.700 --> 00:39:51.780 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I saw you do that before but i've seen you, you know, like you said during your transformation just reach out more and more, but, but what are some of the challenges.

00:39:52.110 --> 00:39:59.430 Jeannie Spiro: Exactly, so the challenges became I realized of my environment like where I live, right where.

00:40:00.000 --> 00:40:10.320 Jeannie Spiro: How who i've spent time with, and so, as I started to look at well who were the women in my programs, why were there more white women for the last couple of.

00:40:10.710 --> 00:40:24.420 Jeannie Spiro: I would say last year and a half in my programs then women of color or even more in particular black women Why was there a shift, and so I realized, I was not going to places that.

00:40:25.860 --> 00:40:33.270 Jeannie Spiro: I really wasn't speaking like I was saying this before I wasn't doing some of that so I was feeling a little challenge in my own backyard like.

00:40:33.690 --> 00:40:46.200 Jeannie Spiro: Where am I going my environment is i'm just gonna say it's a more white environment, and so I started to feel challenged in well where, am I going to go and also was during the pandemic like what.

00:40:46.920 --> 00:40:51.510 Jeannie Spiro: Where is okay to go what Should I be doing so environment was one.

00:40:51.840 --> 00:41:05.490 Jeannie Spiro: The other challenge is I just wasn't sure where to start and what to do, and so one of the this ties back to you and your program and taking your program and feeling like I could I could learn from you in that.

00:41:06.030 --> 00:41:12.630 Jeannie Spiro: In that instance that helped me tremendously, because then I I didn't have to question where I started.

00:41:13.170 --> 00:41:23.430 Jeannie Spiro: But the other part of the challenge also and still continues to be a challenge for me, is, I never want it to look like.

00:41:23.970 --> 00:41:37.290 Jeannie Spiro: i'm simply just putting up a post on social media i'm checking a box i'm continuing continuously looking to say how do I keep having conversation being conversation.

00:41:38.130 --> 00:41:42.030 Jeannie Spiro: So where do I need to keep doing that, how do I need to keep doing that.

00:41:42.390 --> 00:41:52.440 Jeannie Spiro: And with a pandemic it's where do you physically go to do that and be in conversation with with others on this, not just in business, but in life.

00:41:52.800 --> 00:42:08.520 Jeannie Spiro: So I like that we can have a conversation today on the show but i'm i'm still challenged environmentally at this time and recognizing I need to do more, I want to do more so.

00:42:09.030 --> 00:42:20.280 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So the beautiful thing is is because you're in relationship with people of color now, even if you aren't speaking, you can ask those people do you have any referrals.

00:42:20.700 --> 00:42:28.800 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And and that's really important, because if you're not connected with anybody you don't even know to say you have any referrals for people who might.

00:42:29.910 --> 00:42:39.810 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: benefit from making six to seven figures because that's what you do and you do it really well with teaching people about how to grow their businesses so.

00:42:40.080 --> 00:42:51.300 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: jeannie we are going to take another quick break and I am just really sitting here thinking I bet you couldn't have imagined you'd be having this conversation, a year ago.

00:42:52.080 --> 00:43:10.380 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Really on radio for everybody to be able to hear this, but I do thank you for being willing to be vulnerable and to share your experiences, but we're going to be right back after the break to continue to hear from jeanie spiral on some of the ways in which she's transformed her own.

00:43:11.580 --> 00:43:21.330 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: personal life as it relates to dismantle racism, but also our business we'll be right back with dismantle racism i'm your host Reverend Dr tlc.

00:45:59.550 --> 00:46:10.140 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We are back with dismantle racism, with the Reverend Dr tlc genie in our last segment the time goes by, really fast.

00:46:10.530 --> 00:46:24.240 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I really want to just ask you you've talked about some of your challenges you've talked about some of your self transformation that you've done and a little bit about your business and some ways in which you.

00:46:25.320 --> 00:46:35.010 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: have thought about your business, but what are some things that you know now that you didn't know back in 2020, for instance, when this all began.

00:46:36.720 --> 00:46:37.590 Jeannie Spiro: Oh, many.

00:46:39.570 --> 00:46:54.030 Jeannie Spiro: So I didn't realize that in business wise i'll say this first I didn't realize that I was not necessarily when I was looking at individuals to hire I wasn't necessarily thinking.

00:46:54.600 --> 00:47:06.690 Jeannie Spiro: About you know I really should be looking at as many applicants as possible, and the question I didn't ask myself, was why don't I have any women of color that i'm interviewing.

00:47:07.140 --> 00:47:15.840 Jeannie Spiro: And I realized I didn't know that many women of color that could support my business, and so one of the things that's changed for me is.

00:47:16.740 --> 00:47:21.240 Jeannie Spiro: I intentionally started looking for other women business owners.

00:47:21.900 --> 00:47:32.790 Jeannie Spiro: That I could support in in helping them with their business growth, not just as their mentor but also in them supporting my business as well.

00:47:33.120 --> 00:47:42.450 Jeannie Spiro: And so, I feel, one of the things that's happened is i'm so much more aware of black women business owners than i've ever been before.

00:47:42.840 --> 00:47:53.760 Jeannie Spiro: And i'm thrilled that i'm connected to them not only to interview, not only to cross refer business to another, not only so that we can.

00:47:54.360 --> 00:48:13.110 Jeannie Spiro: They can support me or I can support them like here's a referral type of thing right it's it's awareness and to me I don't think that I was even aware that I didn't even realize that it was almost like I just didn't even see that.

00:48:13.170 --> 00:48:15.450 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: to know, and yes, I do because.

00:48:15.480 --> 00:48:18.180 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We refer to that really as an unconscious bias.

00:48:18.210 --> 00:48:27.480 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Right that's a part of what it means to be unconsciously bias, because we're looking at the people who look like us and who appear, like us, and similar to us.

00:48:27.720 --> 00:48:40.320 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: We don't even recognize that there's a whole group of people that were leaving out, so I really appreciate that that's a new way that you're looking into your business so for you.

00:48:41.640 --> 00:48:47.550 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: It kind of draws into that next sort of question when I say, what do you know now that you know didn't know, then.

00:48:48.450 --> 00:49:01.500 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: I it goes into that next question of what are you noticing in your marketing strategy and I guess that means that you're intentionally now when you market you're trying to be more inclusive in the ways in which your marketing.

00:49:02.550 --> 00:49:07.650 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Do you, for instance in your marketing strategy have you.

00:49:08.880 --> 00:49:16.980 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: reached out to say what are the organizations of color that I should look at and market to those organization.

00:49:17.520 --> 00:49:26.010 Jeannie Spiro: yeah so there's there's two parts to this, so the first going back to that question and that point was I was already working with women business owners.

00:49:26.910 --> 00:49:45.600 Jeannie Spiro: I had a photographer at one time, that was a black woman business owner, I had a virtual assistant as well and, and yet I realized wow I just don't know that many more so that opportunity to expand my awareness and connections was great.

00:49:48.060 --> 00:49:51.330 Jeannie Spiro: remind me of the question again because I want to make sure I tie back to that so.

00:49:51.420 --> 00:49:57.630 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: So I was really just talking about the marketing strategies that to engage more women of color.

00:49:58.050 --> 00:50:08.490 Jeannie Spiro: So two parts of it, one is I am I have my team purposely supporting me with finding speaking opportunities what conferences.

00:50:08.790 --> 00:50:23.850 Jeannie Spiro: Are are available for me to speak at what podcasts kind of a speaking on how can I be reaching all audiences and we are intentional about that now versus before I wasn't thinking about.

00:50:24.360 --> 00:50:32.430 Jeannie Spiro: Where Am I speaking I was just looking at, I want to reach an audience now i'm like is this broad, am I talking to as many.

00:50:32.790 --> 00:50:51.030 Jeannie Spiro: And I focus on working with women as many business women as I possibly can, that need to know about my work because i'd love to support women and their growth and their financial growth and well being so how can I make sure i'm reaching more audiences so we're intentional.

00:50:51.660 --> 00:51:04.860 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: And, and what I think that that business owners should really think about is that you're also missing out on a lot of business when you don't go to places where there are many women of color who are present.

00:51:05.370 --> 00:51:11.190 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: um you know I just think about this, and just think about what would have happened if you and I had not.

00:51:12.300 --> 00:51:17.220 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Connected with each other, Francis we've i've grown from you you've grown for me and.

00:51:17.550 --> 00:51:33.180 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know, thankfully, someone introduced me to you or I may not have heard of you or may not have come to you know to work with you, and so I think it's really, really important for for business owners and.

00:51:33.870 --> 00:51:49.530 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: You know just for people in general to just reach beyond the color line and figure out ways in which we can all know more about each other, learn more about each other what I really.

00:51:50.280 --> 00:52:01.470 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: valued about our time together in the course that the program that you did with me is that I have an action plan for people to do, and so I get people to start thinking about.

00:52:01.860 --> 00:52:07.950 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: It and it's just the beginning of it and that, because the program is only six weeks so there's only so much you could do, but it's like.

00:52:08.220 --> 00:52:21.960 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: What are you going to do think outside of the box and then we can talk and we can generate some ideas, and so I really want to just say to the listening audience start where you are.

00:52:22.440 --> 00:52:41.940 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: start where you are personally and then move in to the profession jeannie we are quickly running out of time here so is there any thing else that you would add that you think is really important for those who are listening that we haven't covered today.

00:52:42.330 --> 00:52:50.940 Jeannie Spiro: Absolutely so yesterday, one of my clients reach out to me, she was she's a mom a military mom mom of three.

00:52:51.360 --> 00:53:00.600 Jeannie Spiro: And she's a black woman she and submitted a request to be on a panel actually she's a speaker at a national conference and we work together many years ago.

00:53:01.140 --> 00:53:07.350 Jeannie Spiro: And she posted about it, and all I kept thinking was fabulous I helped at some point.

00:53:08.130 --> 00:53:25.170 Jeannie Spiro: I because I teach that as a strategy I want more more women to get on stages and be able to speak and I know that I empowered her to be able to submit an application to be able to get on stage that she's going to be a dynamic speaker and I just thought.

00:53:26.220 --> 00:53:33.600 Jeannie Spiro: Every woman, I want to be able to feel comfortable stepping on stage and speaking and I I.

00:53:34.140 --> 00:53:53.670 Jeannie Spiro: I just want to see every woman feel that this is their time to do it, and nothing should help them hold them back so yeah I just i'm excited that I get to see more diversity and and that's happening even more now than ever before.

00:53:54.780 --> 00:54:03.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: What what are some next steps for you in terms of dismantling racism anything in mind that you haven't already talked about.

00:54:03.900 --> 00:54:18.480 Jeannie Spiro: yeah The next thing is, I am internally working through policies in my business and i'm looking at every single aspect of what I have going on i'm looking at my hiring practices i'm looking at my.

00:54:20.160 --> 00:54:29.370 Jeannie Spiro: By diversity inclusion i'd like every single element of my business i'm i'm wanting to make sure that it's not just written words that.

00:54:29.790 --> 00:54:42.270 Jeannie Spiro: As I hired my team they're educated as well and that we have it understanding our entire business, this is how we operate, and these are our core beliefs so i'm working through that now.

00:54:43.650 --> 00:54:50.430 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: With jeannie it has been a pleasure pleasure pleasure, having you on the show today I am just.

00:54:50.880 --> 00:55:03.060 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Just thrilled so tell our listening audience how they can get in touch with you, if they want to to work with you because you will help them to grow their business and about your podcast as well.

00:55:03.360 --> 00:55:11.940 Jeannie Spiro: Absolutely so everyone can learn more about me at jeannie spiral calm and my podcast is the midlife CEO podcast.

00:55:12.480 --> 00:55:19.410 Jeannie Spiro: And I have a group that I started it's a Facebook group and it's called the midlife CEO Facebook group that's on.

00:55:19.800 --> 00:55:26.850 Jeannie Spiro: Obviously, on Facebook and you could go to jeannie spiral calm forward slash CEO and the final thing is for those of.

00:55:27.420 --> 00:55:42.780 Jeannie Spiro: Everyone who I want more people to be out speaking so I started a I created a guide and it says speaking guide that helps people get started with finding places to speak to generate leads and get their message out and it's jeannie spiral COM forward slash guide and.

00:55:42.840 --> 00:55:44.100 Jeannie Spiro: They can grab that for free.

00:55:44.670 --> 00:55:54.240 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Oh great Thank you jeannie Thank you so much for being on the show i'd like to thank my listening audience today, if you would like to know more about the programs that I offer.

00:55:54.540 --> 00:56:02.940 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: Please visit sacred intelligence calm, I have a list of dismantling racism programs on there I would love for you to come.

00:56:03.270 --> 00:56:17.520 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: and be a part of those programs, and before we end today I just really want to invite you to get out and to take action, take action where you are you don't have to march in the streets, but.

00:56:18.120 --> 00:56:34.440 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: With your personality, you can do the action that's suitable to where you are right now just do it just do something to dismantle racism, please stay tuned for the conscious consultant hour with Sam leibowitz.

00:56:34.950 --> 00:56:48.990 Rev. Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery: As he walked he walks with you and his guests through life's journey, so please stay tuned for that, and I will see you next week on dismantle racism with me your host the Reverend Dr tlc.

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