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Thursday, July 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/08 - The Prescription for Economic Health with Jordan Rosenblatt

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/08 - The Prescription for Economic Health with Jordan Rosenblatt


2021/07/08 - The Prescription for Economic Health with Jordan Rosenblatt

[NEW EPISODE] The Prescription for Economic Health with Jordan Rosenblatt

This week we re-play the episode with Mr. Jordan Rosenblatt from Marks Marine Pharmacy in Vancouver Canada. We will have a one on one conversation with Dain Krisulevicz about a lot of the economic, International, Regulatory issues surrounding getting medications from outside of the United States.

Jordan and Rob Rosenblatt are both involved with Marks Marine Pharmacy in Vancouver Canada and they have shown the value of obtaining both traditional and alternative treatment for illnesses over the border in Canada.

With Economic difficulties in Healthcare faced in the United States, Marks Marine Pharmacy has become a resource to meet the needs of chronically ill patients with more cost-effective options.

Dain Krisulevicz discusses many of the economic issues with Jordan and Rob and in a "Frank" discussion they explore the many other opportunities that exist including holistic medicine and more cost effective prescriptions for people with debilitating illness like Epilepsy, Diabetes, Mental Health, Cardiac problems and others.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank introduces a rerun episode all about treatment, where he speaks with representatives from Marks Marine Pharmacy, a resource meant to help meet the needs of chronically ill patients. The American healthcare industry is the 6th largest economy in the world, and despite it being the closest to our every-day lives, healthcare is still something people struggle to afford. Marks Marine Pharmacy attempts to show viewers that alternative and holistic medicine can be accessible if one looks in the right places.

Segment 2

Dain, Jordan, and Rob elaborate on how Marks Marine Pharmacy has grown in the U.S in the last ten years due to Americans seeking alternative methods to afford medical treatment. Marks Marine provides holistic and natural vitamins, and the growth in popularity of these natural medicines has resulted in complicated differences of quality between manufacturing companies. They are here to educate customers on all of their health needs, not just to sell medecine.

Segment 3

Jordan and Rob talk about the integral differences between canadian and american healthcare, and give some reasons healthcare is so much more inexpensive in canada than it is in the states. It should be said that the price differences between Canadian and American medicine can often be stark between the exact same drugs, often produced by the same manufacturers. Though Marks Marine does not provide specific health services, like acupuncture, they are able to provide referrals for those looking for alternative medicine specialists due to their connections throughout Canada and the states.

Segment 4

Marks Marine products are shipped and sold over the internet, and are delivered with clear and elaborative instructions. Frank wraps up by mentioning all the different areas of healthcare that Marks Marine provides services for. Listeners can access marks marine products at

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