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Thursday, July 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/08 - Break the Burnout Cycle

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/08 - Break the Burnout Cycle


2021/07/08 - Break the Burnout Cycle

[NEW EPISODE] Break the Burnout Cycle

How a dying orphan showed me Burnout isn’t a life sentence!

Burnt Out and Stressed in the corporate world, Sarah Ross decided on her 37th birthday, that she wouldn’t see her 38th. At rock bottom, she chose the date her life would end. Whilst volunteering in Vietnam, one of her bucket list items, a dying orphan showed her that she had more to give, more to live for!

Sarah found her “Reason to Breathe” and now speaks globally, coaching and mentoring others on burnout prevention, stress management and mental health. She is on a mission to make sure anyone feeling as low as she did, can ask for help and reset their lives with purpose.

Tune in for this mature conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat starts off the show with news in the media focusing on menopause. Pat mentions a survey by Dr. Lewis Neuson saying women wait for up to a year for menopause diagnosis. A lot of women who show symptoms of menopause, but regular periods lead to misdiagnosis. Doctors mistake the symptoms for thyroid issues or depression, which is why Pat advocates for women to keep visiting their doctor and be open about what is going on with their body. Pat goes on to talk about male menopause. She mentions how the term is meant to describe a decrease in testosterone levels, lowered sex drive, and experiences of hot flashes. After covering current events, Pat introduces her guest Sarah Ross. Sarah goes on to talk about her experience living alone during lockdown. She talks about how she started off optimistic because she is socially an introvert. However, she quickly realized how she needed a change of energy to uplift her declining mood. Before the break, Pat and Sarah talk about how they met at a conference in India.

Segment 2

After the break, Pat formally introduces her guest, Sarah Ross. At 37, Sarah was overstressed and overworked in the corporate world. At rock bottom, she decided to mark a day to end her life by 38 years old. While volunteering in Vietnam, completing part of her bucket list, a dying orphan showed Sarah her 'Reason To Breathe.’ Sarah goes into more detail how her career drained her mentally and emotionally. She got her dream job at thirty-three and soon started to realize her body was not coping well with her hectic lifestyle. She noticed some of the 1st symptoms were migraines, but pushed it off and figured it was lack of sleep or dehydration. Sarah began to realize she was having trouble with her teeth. Within two to three years she had most of her teeth crowned and implanted. It wasn’t until the pain medication for her migraines stopped working that Sarah thought to end her life. In an attempt to mask the pain from her family and friends, Sarah created blogs, reels, and other creative projects. Three months before Sarah’s planned suicide, she volunteered in Northern Vietnam with disabled children. This experience led to an intense and lasting encounter with a sick orphan. Sarah watched the sick child struggle to breath and fight for her life which brought her to the realization she didn’t want to end her life.

Segment 3

After the break Sarah continues her discussion on her experience with burnout. She defines burnout as exhaustion that pushes you to depression and negative habits. This stress and exhaustion leads to a negative impact on an individual's work output. Sarah explains that the human body utilizes the same materials to produce serotonin and other positive or “happy” hormones as stress control and adrenaline, and as a result the body can only produce one or the other at any given time. This system keeps people in their stressed state unable to produce the necessary hormones to reverse the effect due to the resources already being utilized She further explains that this cycle of negative thinking is often self-perpetuated, while also being nearly impossible to manage on one’s own.

Segment 4

Back from the break, Pat and Sarah discuss Sarah’s recovery with burnout. They segway into Top Tips for dealing with burnout. Sarah shares the most helpful thing is to do activities that make you happy. Write a list of things that make you happy and plan to do them at your own pace. Pat interjects and mentions to listen to your body and prioritize your self care. Sarah says the best way to reach her is through her website or her facebook page under the same name.


00:00:33.870 --> 00:00:41.070 Pat Duckworth: Good morning, if you're in America good afternoon if you're in the UK, good evening if you're in India.

00:00:41.640 --> 00:00:57.750 Pat Duckworth: or Singapore somewhere else in the world, anyway, welcome to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause yes we dare to talk about menopause and, all things around that subject we're breaking that to boot.

00:00:58.320 --> 00:01:05.010 Pat Duckworth: And today, I have a guest with me in the virtual studio Sarah Ross welcome Sarah.

00:01:06.840 --> 00:01:08.190 Sarah Ross: hi pat thanks for having me.

00:01:10.140 --> 00:01:19.260 Pat Duckworth: And we're going to be talking about breaking the burnout cycle and how a dying often showed me burnout isn't a life sentence.

00:01:19.560 --> 00:01:28.080 Pat Duckworth: it's going to be a really powerful chat today and there's going to be some great information about avoiding burnout so please stay tuned.

00:01:29.040 --> 00:01:34.470 Pat Duckworth: In the meantime we're going to be talking about what's in the media, this week about men reports.

00:01:35.370 --> 00:01:40.770 Pat Duckworth: And, last week I shared with you great news about eating chocolate I don't have that sort of great news this week.

00:01:41.400 --> 00:01:51.270 Pat Duckworth: But there's a survey by Dr Louise newson who worked on the recent Channel four documentary that a lot of people here in the UK saw with davina McCall.

00:01:51.690 --> 00:01:59.250 Pat Duckworth: And she says that women in the UK are waiting up for a year for a menopause pause diagnosis.

00:01:59.910 --> 00:02:18.510 Pat Duckworth: So that's not treatment that's it just being recognized that what they're experiencing is men nepal's 79% of the women Dr newsome polled had visited their doctor multiple times during that period, including 7% who saw their doctor 10 times.

00:02:19.680 --> 00:02:33.210 Pat Duckworth: Before they were diagnosed and 27% who consulted more than three doctors or hospitals, following a referral shockingly 15% of those questions said they waited more than six months or sorry.

00:02:33.960 --> 00:02:40.230 Pat Duckworth: it's worse it's more shocking that it more than six years to receive a diagnosis from a doctor.

00:02:41.070 --> 00:02:49.200 Pat Duckworth: And sort of not shocked because i've spoken to so many women about their experience and how they kept going back and they were told that.

00:02:49.590 --> 00:03:00.000 Pat Duckworth: They were depressed or they got a thyroid issue or fibromyalgia or a whole bunch of things actually they had they were going through menopause.

00:03:00.780 --> 00:03:13.410 Pat Duckworth: She recently told read magazine, because you have symptoms but regular periods doctors can sometimes miss diagnose depression, anxiety unexplained fatigue and, as I just said fibromyalgia.

00:03:13.920 --> 00:03:30.120 Pat Duckworth: So, if your experience symptoms The moral of this story is keep going back and advocating for what you want, I know it's hard because you're tired and you've got symptoms and you just want somebody to help you sometimes you just have to keep going back.

00:03:31.500 --> 00:03:38.100 Pat Duckworth: on to the next one, the Mayo clinic is asking male menopause myth or reality.

00:03:39.210 --> 00:03:52.260 Pat Duckworth: The term male menopause has been used to describe decreasing testosterone levels related to aging some signs and symptoms suggestive of low testosterone include reduce sexual desire and activity.

00:03:53.010 --> 00:04:00.150 Pat Duckworth: decrease spontaneous interactions or erectile dysfunction see i'm even going they're not just touching all women monopolising.

00:04:01.050 --> 00:04:10.590 Pat Duckworth: Breast discomfort or swelling infertility height loss low trauma fracture or low bone mineral density hot flashes or sweats.

00:04:10.860 --> 00:04:22.650 Pat Duckworth: So these are things that we associate with female menopause but men we'd love to us testosterone levels can experience it as well, in fact, I was on a radio show BBC Radio Cambridge.

00:04:23.280 --> 00:04:37.530 Pat Duckworth: And I mentioned men having a male menopause and having hot sweats and a lorry driver rang him to say thank you know beat ever mentioned it, and that was something he was experiencing and he had no idea why so it can happen.

00:04:38.100 --> 00:04:46.830 Pat Duckworth: Experts recommend only testing older men for low testosterone if they have signs or symptoms so whereas with women, you know you're going to go through.

00:04:47.400 --> 00:05:01.200 Pat Duckworth: menopause 75% of women have symptoms 25% have frequent or intense symptoms with men it's it's not the same, but you can experience something similar.

00:05:03.450 --> 00:05:15.480 Pat Duckworth: Okay, with staying in a particular area, so the sun newspaper in the UK, says the warning signs affecting your privates that mean, you should go and see your doctor now.

00:05:16.590 --> 00:05:29.670 Pat Duckworth: I don't know if in in America you use the term privates it sounds like something from the army, but it's actually your private area there being a bit coin, which is very unusual for the sun newspaper.

00:05:30.870 --> 00:05:39.600 Pat Duckworth: They say some symptoms, such as in the vagina abdominal pelvic area should never be ignored because they could be something similar sinister.

00:05:39.930 --> 00:05:50.070 Pat Duckworth: Like endometriosis polycystic ovary syndrome urinary incontinence whole bunch of things are the signs that you're looking out for include.

00:05:50.640 --> 00:06:02.820 Pat Duckworth: menstrual bleeding pelvic pain problems urinating bloating unexplained lumps fatigue and nausea so if you're in the UK and you get a call up to go for your cervical smear test.

00:06:03.660 --> 00:06:11.760 Pat Duckworth: Go and have your cervical smear test or if you're experiencing unusual symptoms get yourself to the doctor and find out what's going on.

00:06:14.010 --> 00:06:21.600 Pat Duckworth: Moving on now in Germany, the I magazine is talking about why is egg freezing so popular now.

00:06:22.710 --> 00:06:31.770 Pat Duckworth: better education on reproductive rights and overall female health has made a lot of women consider freezing freezing their eggs frozen eggs only.

00:06:33.150 --> 00:06:36.330 Pat Duckworth: what's going on with my language today my tongue is getting calls up.

00:06:36.840 --> 00:06:47.670 Pat Duckworth: Okay, so try again frozen eggs allow not only to conceive a child virus surrogate carrier, but can also delay the pregnancy, of the donor and those reasons include.

00:06:48.060 --> 00:06:55.140 Pat Duckworth: You know if you're going through a medical treatment or there's some reason why you want to delay pregnancy, but you still want to have a child.

00:06:55.560 --> 00:07:11.460 Pat Duckworth: Then, that can be a simple wish to delay parenthood without losing the quality of the X, it could also be gender reassignment procedure and storing eggs in case the person wants to become a parent to their own biological child in the future.

00:07:12.870 --> 00:07:16.950 Pat Duckworth: So interesting there and something else I just noticed this morning was.

00:07:17.580 --> 00:07:23.970 Pat Duckworth: A report in a Scottish newspaper of a teacher who teaches foreign languages.

00:07:24.300 --> 00:07:40.020 Pat Duckworth: Who was saying at lockdown had been really good for her menopausal symptoms, because she'd been able to work from home and teaching online and she actually wasn't looking forward to being back in the classroom because it was much more difficult to handle her symptoms.

00:07:41.100 --> 00:07:45.480 Pat Duckworth: it's interesting the whole lockdown situation, because for some women.

00:07:46.020 --> 00:08:00.210 Pat Duckworth: It has helped them menopausal symptoms i've had the opportunity to work more flexibly to get up later in the morning to manage the temperature in their room to take breaks when they need to for other women it's actually been quite stressful.

00:08:01.290 --> 00:08:02.430 Pat Duckworth: You know, because.

00:08:03.450 --> 00:08:15.180 Pat Duckworth: let's face it, a lot of the household duties have fallen on the women at home during lockdown and maybe they've been having to teach their children or supervised their home learning.

00:08:15.600 --> 00:08:23.700 Pat Duckworth: or they're dealing with older parents who've got health issues they're trying to manage their own career perhaps they're working later into the evening so.

00:08:24.540 --> 00:08:39.120 Pat Duckworth: It hasn't all been a good thing for women being at home, but for some women it's worked brilliantly and we're now kind of waiting to see what will happen with employers with they will allow for more flexible working patterns.

00:08:39.840 --> 00:08:49.860 Pat Duckworth: or whether they will want see people back in the office there's quite a big debate going on here in the UK, I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world, but I assume.

00:08:50.160 --> 00:08:57.450 Pat Duckworth: In all these countries where people have been working from home they've kind of seen the benefits of not commuting for hours every day.

00:08:57.750 --> 00:09:14.790 Pat Duckworth: and being able to sort out their own working hours, as some employers, I think, were initially concerned that they didn't have so much control over their employees and they're starting feeble people do work just as hard, and you can monitor the output, rather than monitoring the hours.

00:09:16.410 --> 00:09:31.860 Pat Duckworth: That is all my news from the media this week so i'm gonna bring siri now How has it been for you working because your home on your own slept in a good thing, or how have you dealt with it.

00:09:33.390 --> 00:09:38.010 Sarah Ross: i'll say that when they announced locked down here, and it was everyone stay at home.

00:09:38.970 --> 00:09:50.370 Sarah Ross: You know I associate with being an introvert anyway, so I was like Well, this is going to be easy, you know, on my own i'm not allowed to go outside it's not even that I can't or won't or don't want to i'm not allowed.

00:09:51.540 --> 00:09:54.240 Sarah Ross: And I truly believe that it would be really, really easy.

00:09:56.070 --> 00:10:07.590 Sarah Ross: But after a few weeks, you suddenly noticed that the only person in the House is you, and if you had day the energy in the House is as bad as the mood that you woke up in.

00:10:08.940 --> 00:10:17.640 Sarah Ross: Age because nobody else comes in, to change it, and for the first I think month I just had my groceries delivered at home, I didn't go to the shops.

00:10:18.360 --> 00:10:27.990 Sarah Ross: And after that time was that you know at least once a week I need to go out and be amongst people, albeit to meet at least two meters, apart from them.

00:10:28.320 --> 00:10:39.660 Sarah Ross: And so, actually standing in the shopping queue to go into one supermarket once a week actually gave me that change and energy that was lacking from being at home isolated, on my own.

00:10:40.560 --> 00:10:43.980 Pat Duckworth: it's surprising have going to the supermarket ended up as a treat.

00:10:47.580 --> 00:10:52.380 Sarah Ross: When else, which is to choose to that 45 minutes in a car park waiting to get in the door.

00:10:53.880 --> 00:11:07.020 Pat Duckworth: I mean it's such a change because you know after the break we'll be talking about how you used to travel the world, but you and I met in Delhi in India, when we were both speaking at the women Economic Forum and.

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:21.180 Pat Duckworth: That was such an amazing experience i'd never been to India before and going to this conference in a big hotel, there were about 1200 women from about 200 different countries.

00:11:21.810 --> 00:11:31.800 Pat Duckworth: If you could imagine that and they were wearing some more wearing kind of national costumes there were lots of Indian women in amazing saris.

00:11:32.400 --> 00:11:44.610 Pat Duckworth: That chatter was extraordinary I thought it was like a tropical bird avery because they're all these amazing colors, and all this noise what what's your biggest memory of being in Derby.

00:11:46.980 --> 00:11:58.470 Sarah Ross: I been to some pretty hot places in my travels around the world, but never to the point of you know feeling like you're literally we're bringing in fire.

00:11:59.280 --> 00:12:05.790 Sarah Ross: But when we were there that first time Delhi was actually under heatwave warning and the temperatures were 50 degrees plus.

00:12:06.600 --> 00:12:23.610 Sarah Ross: And so yeah we spent the whole week in a air conditioned hotel and even just a short, you know excursion outside at lunchtime, you know, maybe 30 seconds a minute was was too much, it was really just two months to be outside.

00:12:24.390 --> 00:12:27.990 Pat Duckworth: I mean, there was a lovely swimming pool that was up on a roof terrace.

00:12:29.280 --> 00:12:33.030 Pat Duckworth: I couldn't even bear to walk across the river swimming pool was it.

00:12:35.130 --> 00:12:39.690 Sarah Ross: yeah that's true and you're ready to go for a swim at like nine or 10 o'clock at night.

00:12:40.830 --> 00:12:51.990 Pat Duckworth: It was so ridiculously hot, but that experience of being with so many women have so many different cultures, it was an incredible experience.

00:12:52.560 --> 00:13:06.300 Pat Duckworth: And, by the end of the because it was about five days long and so many more women were wearing saris by the end of it, they some of them and brave going out in the heat to buy saris and it just looks amazing.

00:13:08.340 --> 00:13:09.330 Pat Duckworth: I thought, did you buy one.

00:13:10.020 --> 00:13:15.540 Sarah Ross: I did not buy one because I didn't want to reveal a certain part of my tummy.

00:13:17.340 --> 00:13:23.550 Sarah Ross: reveal exactly said area of it, for the following year that we went back have.

00:13:24.690 --> 00:13:26.190 Sarah Ross: an Indian tunic made.

00:13:27.390 --> 00:13:36.060 Sarah Ross: With so I felt the part but I didn't have to go into the whole safety putting myself into you know 1020 meters of fabric and.

00:13:37.200 --> 00:13:43.200 Pat Duckworth: And while I was there I was actually invited to go and speak venue called Zorba, the Buddha.

00:13:44.520 --> 00:13:55.110 Pat Duckworth: which was on the outskirts of Delhi absolutely beautiful place but I actually ran a men couples workshop there and I was really interested as to who would come.

00:13:55.530 --> 00:14:03.300 Pat Duckworth: And what they would want to know about menopause and there are some things that a universal which I kind of talked about last week.

00:14:03.600 --> 00:14:11.700 Pat Duckworth: Which is that women go into this phase of life with very limited knowledge of what to expect and certainly in.

00:14:12.210 --> 00:14:22.920 Pat Duckworth: India there's not much talk about menstrual periods it's one of those subjects you don't talk about although people trying to change that at the moment, if you're not talking about that you're not talking about menopause.

00:14:23.670 --> 00:14:31.800 Pat Duckworth: So it was really interesting to listen to these women's experiences and give them more information and share some.

00:14:32.160 --> 00:14:41.700 Pat Duckworth: techniques with them for how to deal with their menopause and in fact I was invited back to speak a couple of years later, so it must have been okay.

00:14:42.360 --> 00:14:51.960 Pat Duckworth: So we're heading for the break now Sarah and after will be talking about your amazingly powerful story of how burnout affected you.

00:14:52.470 --> 00:15:04.920 Pat Duckworth: And the changes that you made in your life so to all the listeners stay on because you're going to want to hear this story and how to recover from burnout we'll see you after the break.

00:17:20.970 --> 00:17:26.550 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at men couples.

00:17:27.030 --> 00:17:40.860 Pat Duckworth: And today we're talking about burnout which is sort of ironic and i'm really not making light of the subject, but my husband was just out mowing the lawn with our neighbors lawn mower and he has burned out the motor.

00:17:41.280 --> 00:17:46.770 Pat Duckworth: And there is no coming back from that we are going to have to go out and buy a new norma but anyway.

00:17:48.750 --> 00:17:54.600 Pat Duckworth: We have broken it to our neighbor so she's she's cool with it anyway straight face on now.

00:17:55.050 --> 00:18:06.540 Pat Duckworth: In more formally introducing my guest Sarah Ross burnt out and stressed in the corporate world Sarah Ross decided on her 37th birthday that she wouldn't see her 38th.

00:18:07.500 --> 00:18:20.310 Pat Duckworth: at rock bottom she chose a date her life would end while volunteering and Viet Nam one of her bucket list items a dying often showed her, she had more to give morton live for.

00:18:20.730 --> 00:18:31.170 Pat Duckworth: Sarah found her reason to breathe and now speaks globally coaching and mentoring others on burnout prevention stress management and mental health.

00:18:31.470 --> 00:18:41.880 Pat Duckworth: With a mission to make sure anyone feeling as low as she did can ask for help and reset their lives with purpose, take a breath everybody take.

00:18:42.510 --> 00:18:56.670 Pat Duckworth: brave go through things a powerful story so Sarah you've built up in your 30s in your 20s and 30s you've built up a really great career you're traveling the world how many countries have you visited.

00:18:58.230 --> 00:19:05.010 Sarah Ross: Oh, that point, it was you know, is at least 8590 them i'm up to 103 now.

00:19:06.720 --> 00:19:17.550 Sarah Ross: But yeah I was, I was on a plane more than I was in my house, I spent 85% of the time traveling and looking after countries across 14 different time zones.

00:19:18.750 --> 00:19:21.030 Sarah Ross: In Asia, that was probably somewhere in South America.

00:19:21.690 --> 00:19:27.570 Pat Duckworth: yeah so it's a very hectic lifestyle, but you are enjoying your book.

00:19:27.870 --> 00:19:35.130 Sarah Ross: Up to a point yeah yeah I was, I was having time my life I was you know when I took that job I was 33.

00:19:36.750 --> 00:19:47.460 Sarah Ross: I clearly quickly attained status with British Airways right up to their you know secret guest list level, but my body was giving me the signs from sort of what.

00:19:47.730 --> 00:20:08.580 Sarah Ross: 12 to 18 months into that that it wasn't coping very well with the stresses that I was putting my body and in the you know, I was in a plane, most of the time, hotels, so not my own bed not my own food choices limited to wherever I was whatever I was doing and.

00:20:09.600 --> 00:20:14.970 Sarah Ross: In bit because I had my dream job, and you know I had that instagram life that you look at and go oh.

00:20:15.690 --> 00:20:33.330 Sarah Ross: glass of champagne in another business class seat, nobody would have gets anything was wrong, and I think part of me was also like they can't be anything wrong, I have this amazing job and making a lot of money, you know it's just what you put up with in order to have this sort of job.

00:20:34.110 --> 00:20:43.920 Pat Duckworth: And even those instagram pictures, you know when you been on those business trips you don't see a lot of the country, you see a lot of hotel room yeah.

00:20:45.090 --> 00:21:02.580 Sarah Ross: it's hotels office, maybe a restaurant or two and the airport, you know I I remember one trip to Guatemala, I had literally seen the office in the hotel and with the project we're working on got to the airport and realize that Guatemala was filled with volcanoes and temples.

00:21:03.630 --> 00:21:11.130 Sarah Ross: seen a sign of either have to those two things from what I had been seeing out of windows, for me, I was just in another big city.

00:21:11.490 --> 00:21:27.840 Sarah Ross: And so yeah these glamorous lifestyles are not always what you would imagine a vacation to be in the working while still there, so it's not beaches and pools, and you know excursions you know you are there with a laptop, just as you would be at home.

00:21:28.560 --> 00:21:33.210 Pat Duckworth: So what were the first signs that started to give you a clue that something wasn't right.

00:21:34.770 --> 00:21:47.460 Sarah Ross: So I had suffered from migraines for a while they would go from you know one or two a year to one or two, a month and by the height of my burnout it was 25 days.

00:21:48.510 --> 00:21:49.260 wow.

00:21:50.310 --> 00:21:58.920 Sarah Ross: yeah and it was I just at the beginning, I just didn't listen to it my triggers are generally I hadn't drink enough water or I was I didn't hadn't slept properly.

00:21:59.520 --> 00:22:14.730 Sarah Ross: And so you just say well i'll just get lost i'll catch up with my sleep this weekend, or when i'm on vacation I won't do anything for the first week i'll just sleep and capture and be i'll be really quiet because that's you never seen that.

00:22:15.810 --> 00:22:19.620 Sarah Ross: is why you know many people will experience you go on vacation and you're ill.

00:22:20.670 --> 00:22:32.910 Sarah Ross: or just before you go on vacation you catch a cold, which then first few days of your vacation is still there, which is you know it's not a great start, but it is actually a body saying, should have been on vacation weeks ago.

00:22:33.720 --> 00:22:39.030 Pat Duckworth: So what led you to that really low point, how did it accelerate to that point.

00:22:40.380 --> 00:22:51.600 Sarah Ross: So you know, I was putting my body under a lot of stress and, and so my body was producing cortisol most of the time running between planes, I was in different time zones.

00:22:52.080 --> 00:23:00.930 Sarah Ross: But then, you know things happen in your life, which you know the emotional impact of my partner cheating and then leaving me.

00:23:02.130 --> 00:23:09.780 Sarah Ross: My health then deteriorating so i'm grieving the end of a relationship, then I started having trouble with my teeth.

00:23:10.530 --> 00:23:28.950 Sarah Ross: And over the space of a year or two three years, I actually had most of my teeth crowned and dental implants for him now when your body won't accept the dental implants will not accept them, they are foreign bodies and reject them every time that is your body saying you are in trouble.

00:23:30.600 --> 00:23:41.940 Sarah Ross: yeah we just went right well take them out we'll wait six months we'll try again, but nothing made me think my lifestyle needs to change, until it got to the point where.

00:23:43.410 --> 00:23:58.470 Sarah Ross: I was you know I wasn't allowed painkillers anymore, because I had taken so many to control the migraines that literally I was just reading the pain to stop, which is when it leads you to thoughts of well the way to really make it stop is just to stop.

00:24:00.030 --> 00:24:05.760 Pat Duckworth: For you made that decision and you actually set a date for yourself, or when you would enjoy life.

00:24:06.390 --> 00:24:15.900 Sarah Ross: I did yeah I did I had had enough the pain was just too much, there were people friends family that I wanted to go and see now.

00:24:16.740 --> 00:24:27.780 Sarah Ross: I was there to say goodbye to them, but they had no idea that's what was going on, you know as far as they were concerned, you know I had because I ended up taking a severance package redundancy from my job.

00:24:28.560 --> 00:24:40.680 Sarah Ross: And it was like you know what with the this money that i've got in this package i'm going to go and see all these people do the things on my bucket list that i've always wanted to do, and then on this date i'm chasing that.

00:24:42.480 --> 00:24:58.050 Pat Duckworth: So yeah just everybody take a breath at that moment, is a huge decision for a woman needs just in our late 30s and so you started working through your bucket list and part of that was to go and work at an orphanage and.

00:24:59.130 --> 00:25:02.700 Pat Duckworth: Vietnam wasn't your perfect your first choice you.

00:25:03.480 --> 00:25:19.800 Sarah Ross: know so I went I went through my bucket list and i'll be i'll be quite honest, I was also creating things so that nobody would guess what I was planning to do so, I went speaker workshop I started to build a website for my blog about traveling.

00:25:21.360 --> 00:25:34.560 Sarah Ross: You know I had a speaker real made for those of you that you know our speakers and went through that whole process and video talks and cutting and everything so that nobody would guess that my thoughts were really in a much darker place.

00:25:35.790 --> 00:25:40.680 Sarah Ross: and actually yes, when it came to where was I going to volunteer I wanted to build a school in the fall.

00:25:41.940 --> 00:25:50.040 Sarah Ross: But the timeframe that this was going to happen in Nepal has Mon scenes and they just don't allow volunteer projects in.

00:25:50.820 --> 00:25:57.690 Sarah Ross: So that was couldn't go to Nepal, but Vietnam had been one of the country's looked after in my job.

00:25:57.990 --> 00:26:09.150 Sarah Ross: So I had seen a lot of it from the cities and from somebody from the visits that we had done, I was like no they have projects where I can go and help I can go and help disabled children.

00:26:10.020 --> 00:26:26.850 Sarah Ross: I can give them hugs and love and toys and play all those things, I felt I could still do, whereas write a report that was way beyond me point and so yeah so I ended up in northern Vietnam in a little village room for life.

00:26:27.870 --> 00:26:31.830 Pat Duckworth: And this was with 15 December what yeah.

00:26:33.480 --> 00:26:33.840 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:26:34.710 --> 00:26:40.980 Sarah Ross: So I had planned to be there for three months, this was going to be the end of my life and and.

00:26:42.060 --> 00:26:47.370 Sarah Ross: You know, really from a I don't want to be at home for my last Christmas.

00:26:48.660 --> 00:27:02.670 Sarah Ross: it's like no I will be over in Vietnam, but knowing that this was going to be it, I decided Santa Claus you know, in a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas and doesn't matter Santa Claus is good choice good choice.

00:27:03.870 --> 00:27:14.820 Sarah Ross: But I spent the day you know I found a Santa suit that fitted me and yeah that day led to that moment with the dying often that changed my life.

00:27:16.380 --> 00:27:16.890 Pat Duckworth: For the.

00:27:17.220 --> 00:27:18.510 Sarah Ross: foundation of everything.

00:27:19.140 --> 00:27:23.340 Pat Duckworth: yeah so you found this Santa Claus elsewhere and then.

00:27:24.750 --> 00:27:33.060 Sarah Ross: I didn't think Santa did so I gave hunks a lollipop sago chocolate, I had my beard pulled I had my hat stolen.

00:27:33.600 --> 00:27:39.240 Sarah Ross: And I said, most of the day, happy and I think that was a catalyst for this change.

00:27:39.750 --> 00:27:45.720 Sarah Ross: And at the end of the day, they had told us this little girl was not going to make it through the night, and if we wanted to say goodbye.

00:27:46.110 --> 00:27:53.640 Sarah Ross: We should go down to one now i've never been in Room one and I didn't know the little girl, but there was a poll to go and say see her.

00:27:54.330 --> 00:28:11.970 Sarah Ross: And I learned over that crib still dressed as Father Christmas and she put her hand in my beard and I watched a brief and there's that realization that she is a couple of hours away from death and she is fighting for every single breath.

00:28:13.080 --> 00:28:23.070 Sarah Ross: And I have in comparison to her everything a life should have family health education opportunities and I wanted to give up.

00:28:24.300 --> 00:28:26.370 Sarah Ross: And just being with her.

00:28:27.540 --> 00:28:34.320 Sarah Ross: made me see that there was a reason to bring there was a reason I was going through all this stuff I didn't know at that time, what I would end up using it for.

00:28:35.010 --> 00:28:45.750 Sarah Ross: But it was that moment of Do you really want to follow that path that you've chosen, or is there something else, and my reason to bring was that there was something else i'm supposed to do.

00:28:47.670 --> 00:29:02.640 Pat Duckworth: Ah, I can breathe everybody listening, because this is such a powerful story and just getting that perspective of how much we take for granted in our lives, even our lowest eps.

00:29:04.200 --> 00:29:12.600 Pat Duckworth: You know, there is, there are people fighting to stay alive and to build a life it's just a huge perspective on it all.

00:29:13.620 --> 00:29:26.400 Pat Duckworth: So we're going to break now give you all a chance to like let that settle while we find out what Sarah did in order to recover because burnout is a serious medical.

00:29:26.820 --> 00:29:38.700 Pat Duckworth: issue and it's not just something that you have a few nights sleep and you get over so we'll be talking to her about how she recovered and how she helps others now come back and join us after the break.

00:32:09.570 --> 00:32:20.490 Pat Duckworth: So welcome back to the hot women rock radio show and powering women leaders at medicals and before the break, we were hearing about sarah's experience of burnout.

00:32:21.810 --> 00:32:25.050 Pat Duckworth: What did you do when you got back tell us about your roots recovery.

00:32:26.940 --> 00:32:32.640 Sarah Ross: Well, my recovery started that very night and I went back to the guest house that we stayed in.

00:32:33.600 --> 00:32:50.400 Sarah Ross: And if you know now we've all used computers and we've all wanted to delete a file right and you go to delete a file and it gives you that little box that says, are you sure, yes, no, and that was pretty much that evening for me because I realized that.

00:32:51.900 --> 00:32:56.970 Sarah Ross: In this period leading up to making that decision and now wanting to change it.

00:32:58.080 --> 00:33:08.880 Sarah Ross: I had been the one making all those choices, the inner chatter all the sort of beliefs that were flying around in my head and I knew that I couldn't change it, on my own.

00:33:09.990 --> 00:33:17.880 Sarah Ross: So I needed to reach out for help, but of course I don't want to talk to my family and friends, because that means admitting that I was claimed standing my life and I don't want to hurt them.

00:33:18.420 --> 00:33:37.530 Sarah Ross: or disappoint them or have to admit that I was struggling, so I go back to my room and I had met to a coach about four months previously and i'll be completely honest pat hated this man with a passion that he did anything, maybe of broccoli in my for.

00:33:38.760 --> 00:33:48.360 Sarah Ross: Never you know when he handed me his business card in his book signed it, for me it was like, of whatever never going to speak to him again never you know.

00:33:48.840 --> 00:34:05.550 Sarah Ross: That day with him was quite enough for me and yet that evening when I got back to my room, the only business card in my wallet was his and the only book I had in my room was his and the book was called stop acting and start living.

00:34:07.890 --> 00:34:21.870 Sarah Ross: And so I actually sent him an email and I didn't tell him everything that just happened that day or even while I was in Vietnam, I just asked him if he could make me a more authentic speaker on stage.

00:34:23.310 --> 00:34:32.250 Sarah Ross: that's what we had talked about when we met and, and this was me challenging that are you sure question if he came back and said yes.

00:34:33.120 --> 00:34:42.630 Sarah Ross: I would you know coach he would coach me and I will see where we go if he said no, then it was Okay, because I still had a plan for five weeks later, everything was going to happen.

00:34:43.650 --> 00:34:44.910 Sarah Ross: And he came back with yes.

00:34:46.140 --> 00:34:46.920 Sarah Ross: And so.

00:34:48.180 --> 00:34:49.650 Pat Duckworth: yeah, but that was.

00:34:50.580 --> 00:34:55.200 Sarah Ross: That was the start, and that was the start of an 18 month journey which was.

00:34:56.400 --> 00:35:04.200 Sarah Ross: So completely extreme to what I had experienced in the corporate world because I started to take acting classes.

00:35:07.980 --> 00:35:13.530 Sarah Ross: I surrounded myself with people who drink on a daily basis.

00:35:15.000 --> 00:35:21.030 Sarah Ross: There are very few people in the corporate world who are following a dream.

00:35:22.710 --> 00:35:33.240 Sarah Ross: The following a ladder the following the career paths, or you know what they think they should do in order to be you know CEO of apple but it's not dream.

00:35:34.500 --> 00:35:39.030 Sarah Ross: yeah we found yourself by people whose dream is to pick up an Oscar.

00:35:40.590 --> 00:35:52.620 Sarah Ross: and win an Oscar and this and the statistics of that happening are sown a you know small, but they are doing everything they can to make that happen suddenly life takes on a very different.

00:35:54.090 --> 00:36:00.000 Sarah Ross: way of being and that's what he did to break the old cycles of burnout.

00:36:01.500 --> 00:36:03.120 Sarah Ross: and put me on a different path.

00:36:04.680 --> 00:36:11.550 Pat Duckworth: So women listening, you might be thinking, why are you talking about this on a menopausal show because.

00:36:12.030 --> 00:36:14.520 Pat Duckworth: It was only 37 and.

00:36:15.420 --> 00:36:17.760 Pat Duckworth: she's obviously still way too young.

00:36:19.020 --> 00:36:27.960 Pat Duckworth: But thing is that, when we get to this stage of life, there is a lot going on there's a lot going on hormonally there's a lot going on.

00:36:28.410 --> 00:36:47.790 Pat Duckworth: at work there's a lot going on in our homes and many women get to this stage of life and start to experience burnout and burnout isn't just feeling a little bit tired i'm going to hand back to pharaoh to say what's burnout and why what is it that women are experiencing.

00:36:49.170 --> 00:37:01.740 Sarah Ross: So let's go full on World Health Organization definition right at the start burnout is a chronic workplace stress that hasn't been successfully managed slack of.

00:37:03.180 --> 00:37:14.400 Sarah Ross: Its that increased mental distance from your job negative cynicism and is reduction your own professional advocacy so big words in there, but basically.

00:37:14.760 --> 00:37:27.090 Sarah Ross: you're not you're you're exhausted so you're not working as hard work that you do is not to the same standard as it used to do it, and most of the time you don't want to be there because it's not a nice place or you just tired of everything that's going on.

00:37:29.820 --> 00:37:33.420 Sarah Ross: And all of those bits are stressing your body out.

00:37:34.500 --> 00:37:53.670 Sarah Ross: If you're not happy, then you're stressed, you know, and it seems it seems like quite a simple way of looking at it, but if you go into your body's hormones, how they are created, how they balance, how they work you'll find the everything that you need to make happy hormones.

00:37:54.690 --> 00:38:09.360 Sarah Ross: oxytocin dopamine serotonin and endorphins use exactly the same building blocks, or, as I like to call ingredients, as you make adrenaline cortisol and the and and sort of anti stress hormones in the body.

00:38:10.860 --> 00:38:12.960 Sarah Ross: Therefore, you can only make one or the other.

00:38:15.300 --> 00:38:23.490 Sarah Ross: We don't have an overarching you know amount of these that are just unlimited that you can be happy one minute stressed another minute.

00:38:24.000 --> 00:38:34.170 Sarah Ross: Your body is making one or the other, and you know you'll have heard of adrenal fatigue, that is constant battle between happy and stressed.

00:38:34.590 --> 00:38:50.190 Sarah Ross: going in the direction of stressed, so your body's always stressed, now I was tested for adrenal fatigue, about a year after I started healing and actually found that my body wasn't actually producing any sex hormones at the time.

00:38:51.690 --> 00:39:02.100 Sarah Ross: Which is exactly the same feelings and symptoms that you all will experience with metaphors yeah and it's the balancing of these hormones.

00:39:02.820 --> 00:39:13.980 Sarah Ross: To give you the relief from the symptoms, whether it's burnout that's causing them or it's that the body is changing, to the point when you're at many balls and those stages.

00:39:15.420 --> 00:39:24.450 Pat Duckworth: This is so important, what you're saying is so important farrah because there's something that's called progesterone steel, because our.

00:39:24.900 --> 00:39:32.460 Pat Duckworth: adrenal glands are also creating progesterone, which is one of our reproductive hormones it's going into.

00:39:32.820 --> 00:39:42.150 Pat Duckworth: decline as you head into your mid to late 30s into your 40s it's going into decline anyway, the amount you're producing is reducing.

00:39:43.050 --> 00:39:51.450 Pat Duckworth: And then, if you're constantly stressing your body out the ingredients that make the progesterone get stolen, to make the cortisone adrenaline.

00:39:52.230 --> 00:39:58.770 Pat Duckworth: And then you haven't got as much progesterone as you needed in the first place and you're stressing your system as well.

00:39:59.130 --> 00:40:11.280 Pat Duckworth: So this is really important, and even more important at this stage of life, which is why we're talking about it, not just because we think fairness is such an amazing story carry on fair.

00:40:13.980 --> 00:40:14.250 Sarah Ross: So.

00:40:15.270 --> 00:40:20.640 Sarah Ross: One of the year, when it was explained to me that my body could do one or the other.

00:40:21.060 --> 00:40:35.850 Sarah Ross: The body cannot do both at the same time, you know, so if you go in in the kitchen and you're choosing which cake, to make we're either going to make a happy day, and by that I mean how people gnomes we're not adding anything else to it, oh we're making a stress cake.

00:40:37.230 --> 00:40:42.360 Sarah Ross: And that has been our way of being since we lived in caves.

00:40:44.490 --> 00:40:51.990 Sarah Ross: Our fight or flight response, which is the response of stress and you know when we suddenly get chased by a saber tooth tiger.

00:40:53.460 --> 00:41:04.320 Sarah Ross: That is when we produce cortisol and adrenaline kicks in, and we need to get safe our brains primary function is to get a safe and keep us safe.

00:41:05.610 --> 00:41:12.030 Sarah Ross: And so, when we get stressed our body our brain feels that we are not safe in some respect.

00:41:13.320 --> 00:41:18.990 Sarah Ross: So in the equivalent in the caves that lasted for about five minutes, without the tiger.

00:41:20.250 --> 00:41:24.990 Sarah Ross: done rest will find because the body, then replenish because we weren't being chased and more.

00:41:26.220 --> 00:41:37.230 Sarah Ross: What we've got to now, and this is where you know that definition that says chronic stress is that we are trying to run a marathon on functions in our bodies that were designed for springs.

00:41:38.250 --> 00:41:46.020 Sarah Ross: No five minute run away from the tiger rest reset ready to go next time not let's run for 24 hours.

00:41:46.470 --> 00:41:52.680 Sarah Ross: And just keep going and keep going and keep going the bodies weren't designed to do that and eventually the body will stop.

00:41:53.670 --> 00:42:10.260 Sarah Ross: So my body was giving me those migraine signals, please stop Sarah and say you're being sick, it needs to be dark please stop and be like oh just give me some tablets i'll be fine you know, but my body's gonna know, we need a little bit more rest than that.

00:42:11.400 --> 00:42:32.430 Pat Duckworth: yeah so some of the symptoms of burnout might not be migraines and headaches, it was in Ferris case but it's it's such a deep fatigue and an inability to sleep that sounds like a contradiction, but feeling so tired that you can't sleep because sleep sleep relies on hormones as well.

00:42:32.820 --> 00:42:34.020 Sarah Ross: yeah so you know.

00:42:35.430 --> 00:42:44.490 Sarah Ross: The same thing, for your melatonin if you are wired and stress the body is going to be producing melatonin which means your body will not go into the rest state.

00:42:44.910 --> 00:42:52.740 Sarah Ross: And you can you know, and this is this is even stress related this happens if you eat too late at night yeah.

00:42:53.250 --> 00:43:05.220 Sarah Ross: Because the body has to make a choice men, the same as it does fight or flight you arrest or digest if he be in late at night, the body will digest the thing which means you will not be resting.

00:43:06.360 --> 00:43:19.500 Pat Duckworth: yeah and I was so some of those symptoms will be behavioral symptoms as well, because you may try and handle it by eating too much smoking drinking alcohol.

00:43:20.880 --> 00:43:25.560 Pat Duckworth: Other habits that you've got you might even try exercising your way out of.

00:43:26.340 --> 00:43:42.540 Pat Duckworth: You know, whatever your go to is your behavior might try and change what you're experiencing rather than dealing with the burnout, so this is really important it's, not just those physical things it's behavioral changes emotional changes.

00:43:43.740 --> 00:43:58.620 Pat Duckworth: it's a whole cocktail and that's why this can take a while to get over Sarah will be coming back after the break for your top tips for what women can be doing about this and yeah we want to leave them with some positive messages.

00:43:59.910 --> 00:44:08.910 Pat Duckworth: Positive that you're still with us and that you've recovered and you look so great so join us after the break for top tips on breaking that burnout cycle.

00:45:13.470 --> 00:45:13.980 Most of the.

00:46:39.630 --> 00:46:49.200 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to the hot women radio show empowering women leaders at medical was Sarah listening to all these show trailers and how one goes to New York and.

00:46:51.600 --> 00:47:02.130 Pat Duckworth: we're rocking away here but back to burnout and how long, would you say your recovery was or are you still recovering.

00:47:05.760 --> 00:47:06.870 Sarah Ross: I think I.

00:47:08.280 --> 00:47:16.020 Sarah Ross: felt back to myself when we met in Delhi, which would have been about two years.

00:47:17.340 --> 00:47:25.590 Sarah Ross: And I definitely had period, you know periods during that two years where I felt, you know, like myself, but I would relapse.

00:47:25.950 --> 00:47:38.760 Sarah Ross: or something would happen and knocked me off course again and you realize, then, that the tools that you've learned you still need to practice and you still need to find a way of coping with certain environments or situations.

00:47:39.600 --> 00:47:49.200 Sarah Ross: That weren't still weren't quite embedded but yeah by the time we met in Delhi, and I would say, always probably back to myself yeah.

00:47:49.680 --> 00:47:59.700 Pat Duckworth: So what's your top tip for women who are concerned that they might be heading towards burnout what what can they be doing for themselves.

00:48:00.870 --> 00:48:11.130 Sarah Ross: So, the one thing that my coach had me do, and it really kind of helped me sort of just reset was trying to do something every day that brings you joy.

00:48:12.510 --> 00:48:17.370 Sarah Ross: And now, here, you can kind of say that to people and they go well what am I supposed to do with that you know.

00:48:17.790 --> 00:48:28.980 Sarah Ross: But actually if you write a list of 10 to 12 things that make you happy when you do them bring you joy and then actually plan to do at least one a day now.

00:48:29.940 --> 00:48:41.490 Sarah Ross: My three you know I wrote that list I got stuck up for could only think of four things that made me happy that's how bad it was, and he encouraged me to think about things that I had done as a child.

00:48:42.750 --> 00:48:48.960 Sarah Ross: do anything for as a child in order to be able to in my case, read a book.

00:48:50.250 --> 00:48:54.900 Sarah Ross: Just have some reading time get a new book those rules things that just lit me up as a child.

00:48:55.650 --> 00:49:07.800 Sarah Ross: And I realized that you know for the child that lived in a bedroom that had bookcases on every shelves and you had books surround her for most of my life I hadn't in that period of burnout read a book for about three years.

00:49:08.910 --> 00:49:22.230 Sarah Ross: Not even on vacation when I promised myself I would read the full books by my bad or anything and the very first weekend after he, like said to me, he start reading again works into a bookshop walked out with seven books.

00:49:24.030 --> 00:49:33.330 Sarah Ross: But I struggled to read, more than a page, because my body was just like, why are we reading are we allowed to read you know questioning whether this was a good thing for us.

00:49:33.750 --> 00:49:44.940 Sarah Ross: And so start small you know you are not going from in and doing nothing, you know take running, for instance, you are not going to go from sitting on the couch every night to running a marathon in a week.

00:49:46.650 --> 00:49:53.040 Sarah Ross: it's planet and make it and make incremental so write a list of things that make you happy and then put them on your calendar.

00:49:53.910 --> 00:50:13.950 Sarah Ross: You know, for me, reading became non negotiable, it became read a page read a chapter read for five minutes to 30 minutes and I know even now, you know it was 44 and couple of weeks ago, I know that when I don't read it, I can already tell the difference in my body.

00:50:15.570 --> 00:50:21.450 Sarah Ross: Because my body is already triggered that we not safe enough to just have a little read.

00:50:22.770 --> 00:50:28.470 Sarah Ross: And that's a trigger to go yeah kind of stuff put this put it down to my laptop off going to go and.

00:50:28.890 --> 00:50:44.100 Sarah Ross: Have a drink water, you know all the other parts of it and models that I use with my clients all the different things that working on the very first thing is to break that cycle, which is the stress and the easiest way to do that is to smile.

00:50:45.990 --> 00:50:53.130 Pat Duckworth: And this is so, two things that come up for me straight away from what you said, one is tuning into your body.

00:50:54.360 --> 00:51:09.750 Pat Duckworth: Like churning through it it's trying to tell you what's happening it's giving you signals and it's so important to get used to those signals and listen to them and act on them, the next one is about prioritizing your self care.

00:51:11.220 --> 00:51:20.640 Pat Duckworth: I know it's an old saying about you know you can't pour for from an empty job but it's true as women, we tend to be giving a lot to other people.

00:51:21.330 --> 00:51:29.940 Pat Duckworth: When there's nothing left there's nothing to give you have to prioritize yourself care and do those things so.

00:51:30.570 --> 00:51:39.990 Pat Duckworth: K Newton who was on my show two weeks ago, if you haven't listened go back and listen to that recording she talks about being sensibly selfish and I love that phrase.

00:51:40.620 --> 00:51:47.970 Pat Duckworth: You know, being selfish is sometimes just about the self care sensibly looking after yourself.

00:51:48.600 --> 00:52:01.020 Pat Duckworth: So just from that one thing that Sarah said, you know finding your finding things that bring you joy and doing well, but, listening to your body and prioritizing The self care and doing the joy thing.

00:52:02.280 --> 00:52:05.520 Pat Duckworth: Anything else that you have any other pearls of wisdom, you want to throw to us.

00:52:06.630 --> 00:52:10.890 Sarah Ross: Well, I would say this, if you most of us at home will have a first aid kit.

00:52:11.910 --> 00:52:15.720 Sarah Ross: And we have anything like me and a trip to the kitchen and a knife.

00:52:16.740 --> 00:52:25.980 Sarah Ross: A first aid kit some description and the best first aid kit is one that is pretty prepared in advance so it's already got clusters and antiseptic wipes in it, and everything you need.

00:52:26.520 --> 00:52:36.090 Sarah Ross: Now we all have a phone and because of how fabulous those phones have got to you can actually carry a self care kit on your phone.

00:52:36.570 --> 00:52:48.060 Sarah Ross: That will break the burnout cycle in the matter of seconds minutes and it's as simple as having a playlist of music that raises your energy make sure to sing.

00:52:49.080 --> 00:53:03.570 Sarah Ross: A YouTube playlist or you know video playlist of comedians or funny things that make you laugh and i'm talking about that sort of laughing that doesn't stop until your cheeks her or his side splitting.

00:53:04.890 --> 00:53:13.710 Sarah Ross: A furniture playlist or folder people and places that make you, you know your heart sing.

00:53:14.070 --> 00:53:30.690 Sarah Ross: Your you want to go and revisit and provide you with those amazing memories so maybe there's one in there of your wedding day maybe there's one there if your first grandchild and you know all these things that just like you up make sure that you can easily access them, no matter where.

00:53:32.040 --> 00:53:41.640 Sarah Ross: You know you have a really, really meeting and you walk out feeling worthless, the world is about to crash around well, I personally wouldn't go and sit in the toilet do it.

00:53:42.600 --> 00:53:58.110 Sarah Ross: and go to the restroom but get outside open your phone to a couple of minutes of your favorite comedian or flicking through your family photos will change your mind and, more importantly, will stop the body producing cortisol.

00:53:59.310 --> 00:54:01.320 Sarah Ross: adrenaline yes reaction.

00:54:01.740 --> 00:54:12.780 Sarah Ross: you'll be start to produce the happy hormones, which means that even when you go back into that meeting, if you have to you will be in a much stronger place to deal with what's coming at you.

00:54:13.680 --> 00:54:16.200 Pat Duckworth: Even just breathing like.

00:54:16.260 --> 00:54:17.010 Sarah Ross: Even just a deep.

00:54:18.810 --> 00:54:21.480 Pat Duckworth: breathing breathing out for longer than you leap.

00:54:21.540 --> 00:54:37.470 Pat Duckworth: breathe in it just triggers your parasympathetic system, just a few long easy out breaths can be the difference Sarah Thank you so much for sharing your story it's still I still get tense when I hear it still i'm still worried about you.

00:54:38.910 --> 00:54:46.470 Pat Duckworth: So for people listening and or they're watching us on Facebook, how can they get in contact with you tell us.

00:54:47.310 --> 00:54:54.870 Sarah Ross: So, for those of you that think Oh, am I burning out actually have a quiz on my website called are you burning out it's.

00:54:55.530 --> 00:55:13.410 Sarah Ross: Your reason to forward slash quiz at split like a Cosmo quiz yes, no answers and it'll give you an indicator of where you are and what you might want to look at and easiest way to find me is your reason to bring Facebook page or the Sarah Ross on linkedin.

00:55:14.640 --> 00:55:28.110 Pat Duckworth: Fantastic so do go if you are concerned that you think you might be starting to experience burnout go and take that questionnaire and connect with Sarah and yeah because she has got so much to offer you.

00:55:28.860 --> 00:55:40.080 Pat Duckworth: If you're experiencing menopausal symptoms and you would like some more help with that at my book hot women call solutions is on Amazon and.

00:55:40.920 --> 00:55:54.690 Pat Duckworth: I have a hot women call website, and if you go to that there are lots of free gifts that you can download this and visualizations that will help you to sleep, you know that sleep is so crucial isn't it Sarah and Roger.

00:55:57.240 --> 00:55:58.110 Sarah Ross: Baby say that.

00:55:59.400 --> 00:56:05.490 Pat Duckworth: sleep, you know it can be the first victim of menopause so many women tell me they can't sleep properly.

00:56:06.120 --> 00:56:13.560 Pat Duckworth: i've done some visualizations of free gifts and there's lots of bonus products but hot women core solutions.

00:56:14.310 --> 00:56:17.970 Pat Duckworth: you're not in metaphors you're a hot woman that's what we like to think about.

00:56:18.720 --> 00:56:30.900 Pat Duckworth: yeah go there and pick up those resources next week on hot women rock radio show i'm going to be talking to Leslie fetish who's going to be talking to us about her experience of early menopause.

00:56:31.470 --> 00:56:40.830 Pat Duckworth: How that affected her in her personal life in her work life, and it has a happy ending to we like the stories were happy endings, but we want to know what happened first.

00:56:41.190 --> 00:56:52.200 Pat Duckworth: Stay listening now to talk radio nyc because the amazing Reverend Dr Tara Lynn will be on shortly talking to Dr Michelle dunlap about.

00:56:52.500 --> 00:57:06.960 Pat Duckworth: shopping while black and Brown and retail racism so really important conversation there, we look forward to seeing you next week Thank you again Sarah just an amazing story, and thank you for your top tips.

00:57:07.470 --> 00:57:18.090 Pat Duckworth: and looking forward to next week and talking to Leslie fetish on hot women what radio empowering women leaders at medicals have a great week see you next week.

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