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Thursday, July 1, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/01 - Frank About Narcissism with Danielle Swanson

Facebook Live Video from 2021/07/01 - Frank About Narcissism with Danielle Swanson


2021/07/01 - Frank About Narcissism with Danielle Swanson

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Narcissism with Danielle Swanson

The 5th episode of Frank About Health will focus on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Danielle Swanson returns as a special guest to provide insight into Narcissism and its pervasiveness with relationships and how it is a clinical illness that can fester into one's professional and personal life. Frank will discuss treatment modalities and provide insight into where to seek knowledge about the disorder and to identify cues within oneself or others to aid in support to keep appropriate distance between those who are COVERT or OVERT.

Topics include Gaslighting, Triangulation, Self Esteem and ways of coping. It is a leading cause of disruption in otherwise functional livelihoods and lifestyles and there may be a special guest representing what it's like to be both a victim and survivor.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank introduces his returning guest, Danielle Swanson, and introduces the conversation topic; Narcissism. He also gives a disclaimer that he is not a licensed professional, but seeks to still shed light on the disorder through personal experiences. Frank describes Narcissists as self-aggrandizing, unempathetic, and excessively concerned with status. He mentions it being difficult to get treatment because many narcissists don’t think there is anything wrong with them. He explains the difference between Overt and Covert narcissism. Danielle and Frank stress that anyone, regardless of class, profession, or gender.

Segment 2

Danielle introduces another guest, Janet, who has overcome the damage that Narcissism has caused in her life. Her experience with it comes with a charming man in her life, who didn't seem initially like anyone to be wary of. She mentions that the narcissistic man in her life was very cunning, and very manipulative. After she moved in with him, his behavior changed drastically to be cruel and demeaning. After bringing it up with him, Janet found that things got worse for her. Eventually, Janet was arrested for domestic violence for slapping her husband, despite having done so out of self defense.

Segment 3

Frank teaches the listeners about different resources they might have access to if they are being victimised by narcissistic abuse. Frank talks about the psychological and developmental reasons why people become narcissists, so as to better understand Narcissistic behavior, and figure out ways to move on and heal from it.

Segment 4

Frank and Dani get into detail about the resources available for victims of narcissistic abuse. Janet warns listeners about red flags about romantic relationships with Narcissists. She emphasises the importance of counseling in her own life, with escaping physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

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