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Thursday, June 24, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/24 - Menopause, Body Burden & The Dirty Dozen

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/24 - Menopause, Body Burden & The Dirty Dozen


2021/06/24 - Menopause, Body Burden & The Dirty Dozen

[PREMIERE] Menopause, Body Burden & The Dirty Dozen

Kay Newton is an award-winning International Speaker, enthusiastic author and Midlife Strategist, whose hundreds of clients love her straight-talking and no-nonsense practical and simple holistic steps in dealing with the next stage of life.

Originally from Yorkshire, UK, in her early 20’s she jumped on board a boat leaving for sunnier shores in Spain. She refused to swim back!

Kay has two passions (apart from her husband!). She is passionate about living without regrets and protecting the environment. She recently took part on a virtual sailing expedition, eXXpedition Virtual Voyage SA, with an all female crew.

Tune in as we talk about 'Is your menopause muffin top really caused by diet?' Discover how your environment is affecting your hormones and your weight.

Tune in for this mature conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Pat Duckworth starts off the podcast welcoming and greeting her audience, live from the UK. She introduces the topics that are going to be covered on the show weekly. She mentions that she plans to talk about what’s being discussed in the media about menopause.In the UK there’s a lot of discussion about menopause in the workplace and slowly being talked about more in America and other countries around the world. Pat also talks about how women of all ages should be informed on what menopause is. Women can go through menopause in their 20’s and 30’s. Women need to know that they have support from their employer during these bewildering times. Before the break, Pat introduces her first ever guest, Kay Newton!

Segment 2

After the break, Pat talks in more detail about Kay’s life and professional career. Kay and her husband decided to toss away 20 years worth of stuff and leave their family home in the UK. They downsized to a suitcase that weighed about 40 pounds and backpacked around Spain. During that time she had the chance to write her books. Kay’s new minimalistic lifestyle was a huge eye opener. She realized how much unnecessary stuff we accumulate over time. Kay talks about how she became aware how harmful various products can be to our body. Before the break Pat and Kay touched on the progression in the workplace when it comes to employers being supportive and patient with female health related issues.

Segment 3

After the break, Pat continues to talk about the effects of environmental issues on female hormones. She explains that as the female body ages, her estrogen and progesterone begins to reduce. When you use products with unknown ingredients the hormones can disrupt the natural process. Kay begins to talk about her book Menopause Body Burden and The Dirty Dozen. Kay uses “Body Burden” as a way of describing the overload of not knowing what's going on with your body. She says it can be genetics, age, gender, nutritional habits, even interactions with other chemicals.  

Segment 4

After the break Kay gives her “top tips”. She says to look at the ingredients in your products and find a system that works for you. Listen to your body and get tested to see if you have a chemical imbalance. Pat then gives her top tip. She says to not microwave plastic. Kay explains her step by step processes that she takes to decrease her plastic usage. She also mentions that the media need to talk more about chemicals because there are more and more being added to our food and products.


00:00:33.450 --> 00:00:43.620 Pat Duckworth: Well, follow that good afternoon if you're here in the UK good morning if you're in the states, good evening if you're in India, and heaven knows what time it is in Australia.

00:00:43.890 --> 00:00:59.430 Pat Duckworth: So, welcome to the first ever hot women rock radio show empowering women leaders at menopause yes, we are going there we are going to be talking openly about all things menopause and I don't just mean hot flashes.

00:01:00.210 --> 00:01:09.450 Pat Duckworth: or flashes if you're in America so every week i'm going to be interviewing some amazing women and a few men.

00:01:09.840 --> 00:01:18.930 Pat Duckworth: About what's going on in the world of midlife and medicals and we'll be covering all sorts of subjects, if you want to suggest some subjects.

00:01:19.290 --> 00:01:27.570 Pat Duckworth: You can always connect with me on hw our radio on Facebook and you can put your comments there.

00:01:28.170 --> 00:01:40.860 Pat Duckworth: So every week i'm going to start with what's in the news the what the papers say section about what's going on in the media about menopause and it might come as a surprise to you that there is so much in the media.

00:01:42.360 --> 00:01:53.490 Pat Duckworth: And there always has been, but there seems to be a lot at the moment, following the Channel four documentary with davina McCall a few weeks ago, it seems to have stirred things up a lot.

00:01:54.150 --> 00:01:58.470 Pat Duckworth: Here in the UK there's a lot going on around menopause in the workplace.

00:01:59.010 --> 00:02:07.470 Pat Duckworth: That is becoming an issue more in the States it's certainly something that's being talked about in other parts of the world as well in Australia.

00:02:08.130 --> 00:02:22.860 Pat Duckworth: In Singapore so something that happened last week Bloomberg put out a quite a big long article actually called millions of women exit workforce for a little talk about reason.

00:02:23.730 --> 00:02:36.870 Pat Duckworth: Now if you've heard me talking about menopause in the workplace, you know what that reason is that 25% of women consider leaving their jobs during medical pause because of the symptoms that they're experiencing.

00:02:37.590 --> 00:02:50.610 Pat Duckworth: So there were some things in that article that I kind of wanted to correct because they were talking about menopause symptoms starting around ages 45 to 55.

00:02:51.330 --> 00:03:04.050 Pat Duckworth: They didn't mention perimenopause, which is that stage of LIFE before your periods actually stop when you start to experience symptoms, because of the adjustments to your hormones.

00:03:04.410 --> 00:03:12.150 Pat Duckworth: So I think women can get a bit confused that term menopause is often used for all of that time when things are changing.

00:03:13.140 --> 00:03:20.010 Pat Duckworth: Technically it's perimenopause which goes either side of menopause when you could be experiencing symptoms.

00:03:20.490 --> 00:03:26.760 Pat Duckworth: But there was a lot of good awareness raising in that article, so I recommend having a look at it.

00:03:27.270 --> 00:03:38.880 Pat Duckworth: Just to see what they're saying and they've really pulled a lot of information from what's going on here in the UK, because we've been working on this menopause in the workplace issue.

00:03:39.480 --> 00:03:50.100 Pat Duckworth: For a lot more years I gave my first talk about it in a big government department back in 2015 so it's not a new subject.

00:03:51.240 --> 00:04:01.290 Pat Duckworth: So Oh yes, and they're talking about the impact on the C suite all of those chiefs of departments those really experienced knowledgeable women.

00:04:01.620 --> 00:04:11.970 Pat Duckworth: who may melt away from organizations, without really saying anything about their reasons for going, because often women don't feel comfortable about talking about it.

00:04:12.480 --> 00:04:20.640 Pat Duckworth: So really important to think about that also here in the UK last week carolyn Harris, the shadow minister.

00:04:21.000 --> 00:04:31.200 Pat Duckworth: For women and the qualities announced the establishment of an old party parliamentary group or menopause so yeah this issue is being raised in Parliament.

00:04:31.590 --> 00:04:39.570 Pat Duckworth: Around how women can be supported, better and she said, despite affecting more than half of the world's population.

00:04:39.900 --> 00:04:49.590 Pat Duckworth: menopause remains one of the last great to booze badly funded and rarely discussed in public, I think we'd agree with that so poorly understood.

00:04:49.980 --> 00:04:59.220 Pat Duckworth: In the workplace in society at large and far too often even in the doctors surgery, that is a good acknowledgement of the fact that when.

00:04:59.610 --> 00:05:16.410 Pat Duckworth: Women go to see their medical professionals, they don't always get the support and understanding that they need, in fact, one woman told me recently that when she went to see her daughter her daughter said to her there's only one symptom of menopause your periods stop.

00:05:18.360 --> 00:05:18.720 Pat Duckworth: I.

00:05:19.860 --> 00:05:32.400 Pat Duckworth: What can we say anyway, she went on say menopause inquiry will take in workplace policy excellent Medical School training, thank you very much public health messaging.

00:05:32.850 --> 00:05:46.020 Pat Duckworth: and school curriculums now as far as I understand it, they're going to start talking about menopause was in senior schools in the autumn, so as part of reproductive health.

00:05:46.770 --> 00:05:59.850 Pat Duckworth: I think this is so important because it raises with girls, not just that issue of what happens when periods start and having sex and contraception and all of that.

00:06:00.480 --> 00:06:08.880 Pat Duckworth: That fundamental knowledge that, at some stage, your reproductive system will start to go into decline.

00:06:09.300 --> 00:06:28.260 Pat Duckworth: Because some women put off having children, thinking it will be okay it'll be okay, and then suddenly it's not Okay, and I think we need to tell goals that as much as we need to tell them about this early stage of their reproductive life as well, so that all sounds like really good news.

00:06:29.370 --> 00:06:40.980 Pat Duckworth: There was an article in the Guardian last Saturday about a 30 year old 31 year old woman a newlywed started having menopause symptoms, while she was on a honeymoon.

00:06:42.510 --> 00:06:44.670 Pat Duckworth: that's not that's not a good look on your honeymoon.

00:06:45.360 --> 00:06:55.380 Pat Duckworth: And then, it talks about her journey through treatment to having a baby, because you know she's been with a partner short while they got married and suddenly she's in multiples.

00:06:55.920 --> 00:07:08.160 Pat Duckworth: And wanting to have a family and negotiating that way through artificial means of reproduction, hopefully, she was hoping to use one of her own eggs.

00:07:08.520 --> 00:07:16.020 Pat Duckworth: And then that didn't prove to be possible, and having to get a donor egg has a happy ending she has got a lovely little boy.

00:07:16.770 --> 00:07:19.860 Pat Duckworth: But you know this whole thing of menopause that shock.

00:07:20.310 --> 00:07:34.230 Pat Duckworth: Of suddenly realizing at that age that you're going through it, so we can't depend on this, that this is an issue that's going to suddenly arise in your 40s and 50s this can arise in your 20s and 30s.

00:07:34.710 --> 00:07:47.580 Pat Duckworth: And my colleague Leslie fetishists who went into menopause at 36 talks about her story through this and the shock that she had and the treatment, then that she went through so.

00:07:48.570 --> 00:07:58.740 Pat Duckworth: You know, between one and 4% of women, depending on the research that you read could be going into menopause before age 40 and at that stage is called.

00:07:59.220 --> 00:08:03.720 Pat Duckworth: Primary ovarian failure that makes us feel really good about ourselves.

00:08:04.650 --> 00:08:16.800 Pat Duckworth: Moving on i'm always monitoring because of the workplace issue employment tribunals, because you know if you're in the states is probably wouldn't even be on your radar but here in the UK.

00:08:17.100 --> 00:08:26.340 Pat Duckworth: There have been several cases that have gone to employment tribunal, with women employees, saying that they didn't get the adjustments they needed.

00:08:27.090 --> 00:08:40.620 Pat Duckworth: In the workplace to help them cope with their medical Simpsons, and this is the second case, where it's been decided that menopause is actually can be classified as a disability.

00:08:41.070 --> 00:08:57.210 Pat Duckworth: Under the Equality Act 2010 that sounds very technical, but what it means is if you're an employee and you're experiencing menopause symptoms and you ask your employer for reasonable adjustments.

00:08:57.990 --> 00:09:01.380 Pat Duckworth: And they go no it's only men nepal's.

00:09:02.250 --> 00:09:17.580 Pat Duckworth: And then they could be in for a problem, depending on the severity and frequency of your symptoms say this is the second time this has been decided as a disability so menopause isn't an illness it's just a natural stage of life.

00:09:17.910 --> 00:09:31.170 Pat Duckworth: But for some women the symptoms, they experience are so intense and so frequent they have a huge effect on them in the workplace and that's when they need to be talking to their employers about what can be done about it.

00:09:32.280 --> 00:09:38.820 Pat Duckworth: So those are really important decisions, there was another decision where a manager was being.

00:09:39.480 --> 00:09:50.460 Pat Duckworth: kind of flippant about it, you know, making jokes to a female Member staff about her being a dinosaur, and all this kind of what he probably class the banter.

00:09:50.820 --> 00:10:03.750 Pat Duckworth: But she didn't think it was banter and, in fact, you know, he was treating a badly, in other words as well that went to try to you know, and she won that case and one compensation on it, and another case I love this one.

00:10:05.040 --> 00:10:16.080 Pat Duckworth: Where the manager was reviewing some of these performance and she had been performing badly in the workplace, but she brought up a letter from her.

00:10:16.800 --> 00:10:25.770 Pat Duckworth: doctor saying that she was being affected by multiples and her managers saw this letter and rather than going to hr.

00:10:26.070 --> 00:10:40.830 Pat Duckworth: or occupational health or finding out more about it decided to discuss it with his wife what was her opinion about menopause and she thought it wasn't that much of a thing, so he decided to disregard it.

00:10:41.760 --> 00:10:56.190 Pat Duckworth: The woman was dismissed and the Court decided, she was wrongfully dismissed and reinstated, so this is all really important stuff you know, we need to know about it and that's why I keep my eye on the employment law.

00:10:58.500 --> 00:11:11.850 Pat Duckworth: there's so much more in the media, this week, but i'm going to end it there every week, there are stories about celebrities who are coming out talking about menopause and I think that's really important because it does help to raise the.

00:11:12.600 --> 00:11:21.630 Pat Duckworth: raise the conversations, so that women think well i'm not alone and often that i'm not alone is a really good start to finding out more information.

00:11:22.590 --> 00:11:32.100 Pat Duckworth: All good stuff and we'll see what happens in the coming weeks so before we go to a break and just going to bring in my guest K Newton hi katie how are you doing.

00:11:32.670 --> 00:11:38.010 Kay Newton: hi there Thank you so much for having me, congratulations on your new show i'm so honored to be offered.

00:11:39.180 --> 00:11:47.160 Pat Duckworth: I mean, I was wonderful so we're gonna be talking K and I talked frequently in fact our favorite saying is don't get me.

00:11:47.160 --> 00:11:48.330 started.

00:11:49.680 --> 00:11:58.830 Pat Duckworth: Because we feel strongly about so many things, so if you've just heard case accent you're probably thinking oh pants chosen somebody in the UK tell us where you are okay.

00:11:59.400 --> 00:12:17.070 Kay Newton: So I actually live in Majorca Spain i've been here over 35 years i'm definitely interesting isn't it that i've gotten off the North Yorkshire accent it's just too full you yeah I haven't lived in the UK now for so long, I feel very foreign when I go back.

00:12:18.630 --> 00:12:25.590 Pat Duckworth: If I look out my window at the moment it's a pretty great sky out there and I might catch a glimpse of the decorator is painting the.

00:12:26.610 --> 00:12:31.200 Pat Duckworth: House but okay tell us what's outside your window today.

00:12:31.470 --> 00:12:40.170 Kay Newton: So looking where i'm looking out in a minute i'm looking at some beautiful mountains, we had an absolutely gorgeous moon full moon as night.

00:12:40.530 --> 00:12:53.370 Kay Newton: Oh right right over the mountains and if I were to look behind me, the other side of me we've got the sea and that's where the beautiful stunning sunset so we're very, very lucky yeah.

00:12:53.670 --> 00:13:09.570 Pat Duckworth: You are lucky, and it is it's such a beautiful place to be and i'm so lucky to have visited you but, before you move to this place, so I think a lot of people listening will be thinking gosh I wish I was in New yorker have you got many tourists at the moment.

00:13:10.770 --> 00:13:20.670 Kay Newton: We seem to be inundated with tourists in my fishing village where I live, it's a very small village and, yes, because we've got German clients.

00:13:21.300 --> 00:13:32.760 Kay Newton: Coming on holiday and then we've got people coming from the mainland and people who used to come here and when they were small and now coming back with their children, so the village itself is pretty busy so.

00:13:33.030 --> 00:13:34.080 Kay Newton: very, very lucky yeah.

00:13:34.890 --> 00:13:45.540 Pat Duckworth: Well, I know they're they're looking at lifting some of the restrictions and I heard like an ex I don't know some politician from the celeriac saying we will welcome back.

00:13:47.760 --> 00:13:48.870 Pat Duckworth: You will actually.

00:13:51.630 --> 00:13:53.370 Kay Newton: The island runs on terrorism.

00:13:53.520 --> 00:13:55.200 Kay Newton: So yeah, we need to arrest.

00:13:55.260 --> 00:14:01.170 Pat Duckworth: So what did you think of my news reports K, I think it surprises you this employment tribunal stuff.

00:14:01.380 --> 00:14:18.480 Kay Newton: It does, and I haven't been in in involved in the workplace, since my 20s really i've always worked for myself so yeah I find it very fascinating that all this become an issue in a way, and it's such a shame that it's got to be an issue to have it resolved.

00:14:19.890 --> 00:14:36.390 Pat Duckworth: yeah I think if it was treated just the way any other condition is, but then the you know so much has changed, certainly, since I started work, am I know i've been a little bit older than UK but when I started there weren't maternity rights.

00:14:36.690 --> 00:14:37.410 Pat Duckworth: And and be.

00:14:37.470 --> 00:14:39.120 Pat Duckworth: There was an equal pay, I.

00:14:39.450 --> 00:14:51.600 Pat Duckworth: Suddenly, I feel so old when I say this, but when I started work for an insurance company, I had a certain amount of pay, and it was less than the phone with guys.

00:14:52.230 --> 00:15:02.070 Pat Duckworth: Like going to a break layout, so I will see you, the other side of the break and then we can talk a bit more about who you are and what a fantastic.

00:17:30.510 --> 00:17:40.260 Pat Duckworth: and welcome back to hot women rock empowering women leaders at menopause and now i'm going to formally introduce my colleague and friend K Newton.

00:17:40.590 --> 00:17:47.250 Pat Duckworth: So K is an award winning international speaker and enthusiastic author and mid life strategist.

00:17:47.610 --> 00:17:56.700 Pat Duckworth: Whose hundreds of clients love her straight talking and no nonsense practical and simple holistic steps in dealing with the next stage of life.

00:17:57.570 --> 00:18:07.140 Pat Duckworth: Originally from Yorkshire in her early 20s she jumped on board a boat leaving for sonny assures in Spain, and she refused to swim back who can blame.

00:18:08.010 --> 00:18:19.890 Pat Duckworth: With the majority of her business online chaos combined work with her love of traveling in 2015 which I have to say, well, shortly after I met her and I hoping it for the students.

00:18:20.880 --> 00:18:32.940 Pat Duckworth: After a 30 year dream life Canada husband decided that, rather than having an empty nest they preferred noticed the cluttering and downsizing their lifestyle to a two room tin.

00:18:33.540 --> 00:18:47.520 Pat Duckworth: tin roof house close to the beach in fancy car K now lives a simple toxic free lifestyle near the beach in new yorker Spain case books include the art of midlife stress busting.

00:18:48.000 --> 00:19:06.450 Pat Duckworth: How to clean your home organically tips and tricks for stress free downsizing and K and I have co authored six kindle books in the quick fix for series, and she also contributed to the book hot women rock and a journey of riches.

00:19:07.650 --> 00:19:12.540 Pat Duckworth: she's got all sorts of stuff going on welcome K, how you doing today.

00:19:12.600 --> 00:19:21.330 Kay Newton: i'm very, very well, thank you for having me again I just love this idea that we can have a good nap and other people can listen in as well, I love it.

00:19:21.930 --> 00:19:33.240 Pat Duckworth: yeah and just bringing all this stuff out that we talk about all of the time and it's just you know, an easy conversation So when I first met you.

00:19:33.930 --> 00:19:42.090 Pat Duckworth: your husband and just learn, but he was office nc bar and say hoping, there was a coincident fair because you were going to set up.

00:19:42.360 --> 00:20:00.600 Pat Duckworth: A retreat Center because at that stage, you had a four bedroom house, well, it was converted farmers net and there was a swing on an orchard, and all kinds of stuff What was it like downsizing because you stopped off at mine on the way, and you just heard, was it a 20 kilos suitcase oh.

00:20:00.780 --> 00:20:14.970 Kay Newton: yeah that's right 20 kilos so we've got rid of 20 years worth of stuff and change that for 20 kilos suitcase and actually it seemed really, really easy.

00:20:15.630 --> 00:20:28.050 Kay Newton: In fact, it was lovely and i've been all that extra stuff but it wasn't until I later on, I think, in 2017 I walked the camino de Santiago, which is that walking across the top of Spain.

00:20:28.740 --> 00:20:45.030 Kay Newton: 729 kilometers over 34 days and I did that, with a seven and a half kilo backpack and that's when you realize that actually 20 kilos is an awful lot you're just so overwhelmed with stuff We really are in today's world.

00:20:45.750 --> 00:20:51.450 Pat Duckworth: So, initially, you were going off to fancy ball for a year and how did it end up.

00:20:52.470 --> 00:20:53.490 Kay Newton: Actually five.

00:20:55.680 --> 00:21:06.900 Kay Newton: nights a month contracts, which just extended a little bit or a lot to even say that it was a good experience and in that time I wrote my book, so it's a good time.

00:21:07.650 --> 00:21:23.130 Pat Duckworth: What were the challenges of living in such a small property, I mean there's lots of gorgeous things about it i've seen the pictures, you know the beaches and everything else but what's the challenges of living in such small accommodation.

00:21:23.430 --> 00:21:32.520 Kay Newton: I think it would have been possibly difficult if there to be the whole family there, but because there was just the two of us nate was fine you know my husband was out working anyway.

00:21:33.450 --> 00:21:43.590 Kay Newton: and providing we had electricity now that's a different story, but that's The one thing of being sent about the government turn off the electricity when you least expect it.

00:21:44.520 --> 00:22:00.870 Kay Newton: So, providing I had my battery charged on my computer and I could sit calmly, because of course it's hot it's on you know, on the equator says tropical weather I could sit in time and and that's why I wrote books, because the electric went last quite often.

00:22:01.950 --> 00:22:13.530 Pat Duckworth: But you're already interested in that whole D cluttering because I remember when I was staying with you well, not just the D cluttering but for kind of clean life.

00:22:14.010 --> 00:22:32.760 Pat Duckworth: Because I came to yours, for a weekend retreat and you prepare toiletries for us that we're all naturally made and you put together a really lovely menus for us as well, so you were already interested in that simpler life weren't you.

00:22:33.360 --> 00:22:41.730 Kay Newton: yeah I think it stands right back to when I first arrived on the island and I arrived on it on a yacht and I worked on on the boats for a couple of years.

00:22:42.300 --> 00:22:52.230 Kay Newton: And then I went and opened my own business looking after property for the rich and famous really cleaning, you know educating team, so we got which is.

00:22:52.620 --> 00:23:01.200 Kay Newton: Why, I wrote the book cancer clean your home organically we learn to process of cleaning a home that was efficient and effective.

00:23:01.950 --> 00:23:21.600 Kay Newton: and part of that work meant going and trying out every single product that was on the shelves, you know, is this new window cleaner has just been advertised the best yet, as it says, you know says it's going to be is this new floppy and it is next to the point where I got asthmatic.

00:23:23.100 --> 00:23:39.510 Kay Newton: And I think that's where the interest really began because there was this realization that what i've done in my past was affecting me and the more research, I do the more interested I become in the topic and.

00:23:39.840 --> 00:23:46.710 Pat Duckworth: yeah i'm recently, and you know we have taught things by still never asked you the practicalities of it.

00:23:47.100 --> 00:24:08.190 Pat Duckworth: You went on this virtual sailing trip around the South Africa now you've got an interested in that back in 2019 and it was going to be an actual trip and you are going to be crewing with an all female crew, what did you actually do during that week we tell me I don't know.

00:24:08.850 --> 00:24:24.300 Kay Newton: So he expedition set up by Emily pen and sorry Sally earth role, and you know absolutely fabulous thing that they've got it it's a yacht it sails around the world in lakes and you can join the boat on legs.

00:24:25.290 --> 00:24:42.360 Kay Newton: And what you're doing is you're you're looking at the body burden you're looking at plastics in the ocean, particularly the giants and particularly micro plastics, and now they can be affecting us and doing scientific experiments and what happened was.

00:24:44.880 --> 00:24:46.590 Kay Newton: And they all got to stop.

00:24:47.790 --> 00:24:59.580 Kay Newton: And because it was stopped the girls thought well there's still all this interest this to all these people that really want to go on these trips we've still got all the information there so let's do virtual voyagers.

00:25:00.330 --> 00:25:13.830 Kay Newton: So we did a virtual voyage and it's on zoom and the watches, where we had four watchers and they were different times so some of the gals on the left in the state, so now Tina.

00:25:14.370 --> 00:25:19.440 Kay Newton: And, myself included, we're getting up like four o'clock in the morning, just as you would on a boat yeah.

00:25:19.950 --> 00:25:33.660 Kay Newton: And you know we went through a process of learning as we again as we would have done on the boat about plastics, and then we did a mini experiment in our home surroundings, which is very, very interesting.

00:25:34.980 --> 00:25:47.460 Pat Duckworth: yeah Okay, so you were guy I hadn't really got that you were having to get up early in the morning and do your watches with the other women are you all still in touch because that kind of experience, you really bond with people don't you.

00:25:47.610 --> 00:25:52.920 Kay Newton: yeah and we, we were all very, very surprised that we felt as if we've been on board the boat.

00:25:53.790 --> 00:26:08.730 Kay Newton: And you know definitely i've kept in touch with three or four of the the a crew members that we have nine crew members sorry and the others are still there, you know what so it's great you just send out an email, and they stay back it's wonderful really good.

00:26:09.480 --> 00:26:20.760 Pat Duckworth: yeah I some people going overboard zoomed out, but you know I went on a virtual retreat to Peru during all of this, and with.

00:26:21.240 --> 00:26:25.680 Pat Duckworth: My great friend Daniel Gutierrez who has the Catalina retreat Center.

00:26:26.340 --> 00:26:43.920 Pat Duckworth: Down there in the sacred valley in Peru and I felt like i've been there, I mean he did it really well in sending out photographs beforehand that we could use as soon backgrounds and sending out meditations and you know all of that involvement, it just felt fantastic.

00:26:44.760 --> 00:26:48.030 Pat Duckworth: I should have changed my menus over that weekend.

00:26:50.370 --> 00:26:52.470 Kay Newton: eaten differently, yes yeah.

00:26:53.280 --> 00:27:00.270 Pat Duckworth: Absolutely so from all of that, and that was only about what two months ago.

00:27:00.570 --> 00:27:04.590 Kay Newton: yeah April I think April, may we wait i've seen that yeah now.

00:27:05.100 --> 00:27:10.050 Pat Duckworth: So, have you made changes in the way that you're living since doing that.

00:27:10.890 --> 00:27:27.750 Kay Newton: We are making changes I think one of the really interesting things for me was the realization that you know what we're doing pretty well in comparison, but the one thing that we, we can definitely do more about and that's reduce our plastics, you know we think about recycling.

00:27:29.190 --> 00:27:34.410 Kay Newton: Did you know that only 9% of plastics worldwide is actually recycled.

00:27:35.370 --> 00:27:44.550 Pat Duckworth: I didn't I knew it wasn't as good as we all hope it is you know we will separate out stuff out and put it in the bin and then we don't we didn't write down a bit.

00:27:44.730 --> 00:27:45.060 Pat Duckworth: yeah.

00:27:45.120 --> 00:27:46.320 Pat Duckworth: We don't know where.

00:27:46.380 --> 00:27:50.820 Kay Newton: We don't know where it goes, and you know what it's not going to a good place.

00:27:51.330 --> 00:27:56.130 Kay Newton: So what what can we do you know we know it's not good for us anyway it's toxic in its.

00:27:57.570 --> 00:28:04.290 Kay Newton: own form, so the best thing to do is refuse, so we did a second.

00:28:05.610 --> 00:28:19.230 Kay Newton: refuse audit, so we went through our trash bag, basically, the other day and had elected to see what we're still buying that's in plastic because, as you know, going to the supermarket now everything is covered in plastic.

00:28:20.850 --> 00:28:29.730 Kay Newton: And we've managed to reduce it to a bag Hutton, not even a full bag going out every two weeks, the next task is to get that down to.

00:28:30.870 --> 00:28:37.650 Kay Newton: Half a bag in a month to the point where we can actually get down to it being 00 plastic waste.

00:28:38.520 --> 00:28:55.470 Pat Duckworth: that's really good so in the next part of the show we're going to be talking about why it's important to reduce our plastics, not just for the environment of flow that wasn't enough, but actually how they affect off.

00:28:55.740 --> 00:29:00.450 Kay Newton: yeah I think that's really, really important, particularly when we've got to this stage in our life.

00:29:01.200 --> 00:29:10.200 Kay Newton: You know we've been discussing this earlier Pat, you know we were saying you know we've got still X number of years ahead of us a lot more than the generations before.

00:29:10.620 --> 00:29:26.550 Kay Newton: So you want to make those the best you can possibly make them you don't want to be a burden on society you don't want to be around in pain, you know you want to be up until the day you die, you want to be enjoying your life.

00:29:27.630 --> 00:29:32.430 Kay Newton: and lifestyle means that we can do that, but we've got to work at it.

00:29:33.510 --> 00:29:36.930 Pat Duckworth: that's the thing and we got to work at it consistently as well.

00:29:37.200 --> 00:29:47.490 Pat Duckworth: So status thing for the next section when when we're going to be talking about how plastics affect our hormones and what facts facts having on our bodies.

00:29:48.120 --> 00:29:57.210 Pat Duckworth: Because it might be doing things that you'd never really thought about so we're going to make you think about it and i'm probably going to be horrified so.

00:29:57.750 --> 00:30:10.860 Pat Duckworth: we're going to be talking about body burden and how this affects our hormones and whether it's creating that muffin top that you didn't really want good see you in the next section, where, after the break and we'll be talking about this after the break.

00:30:15.090 --> 00:30:15.540 And my.

00:30:17.490 --> 00:30:18.210 htc.

00:32:58.110 --> 00:33:03.300 Pat Duckworth: Welcome back to hot women rock radio empowering women leaders at medicals.

00:33:03.900 --> 00:33:15.990 Pat Duckworth: So before the break, we were just starting to talk about the effects of environmental issues on our hormones, we know that as we head into menopause in our 40s and into our 50s.

00:33:16.440 --> 00:33:30.450 Pat Duckworth: That our reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone are reducing bar there are hormones in some of our environmental products that are disrupting what's going on, naturally.

00:33:31.530 --> 00:33:37.050 Pat Duckworth: Those Center estrogens they don't sound like good things from the afterglow they sound like the baddies which.

00:33:38.250 --> 00:33:42.510 Pat Duckworth: So okay tell us about the dirty dozen I want to know more.

00:33:43.140 --> 00:33:51.060 Kay Newton: So, before I do what I really want to say, as well as that i'm not a medical practitioner, you know this is stuff that i've.

00:33:51.510 --> 00:34:03.450 Kay Newton: learned because I needed tonight for my own personal and benefit and so always always do do your own due diligence and anything I say now.

00:34:03.810 --> 00:34:10.650 Kay Newton: don't take it to heart and go run off and do this stuff without first speaking to somebody and making sure it's right for you.

00:34:11.490 --> 00:34:27.450 Kay Newton: The reason why i'm saying that, as well as because we are all unique we're all different, and how this stuff these chemicals are factors this toxicity affects us depends on so so many things so.

00:34:28.680 --> 00:34:38.310 Kay Newton: that the word body burden burden which we put into the title is just a real general way of describing this overload that we've got in our system.

00:34:38.940 --> 00:34:54.750 Kay Newton: And it's complicated because it can be all sorts of reasons why we've got that burden, you know it can be because of our age, it can be because of our agenda that's an interesting one, within and makeup is very interesting we'll come back to that i'm sure.

00:34:55.440 --> 00:35:08.070 Pat Duckworth: Well i'm it yeah somebody said to me recently well the whole makeup thing cosmetics that's a new thing is that I said well you know Queen Elizabeth The first was put in white laid on her face.

00:35:08.520 --> 00:35:16.680 Pat Duckworth: Exactly probably if we go back to Cleopatra she was putting something toxic and I face so not a new thing anyway carry on.

00:35:17.100 --> 00:35:25.260 Kay Newton: So it's not anything and effective men in past more than it did women because they were putting more stuff on them women, well, but the Minutes as.

00:35:25.740 --> 00:35:37.500 Kay Newton: A more makeup than men at the minute it's changing meaning so, but it can be your age your gender your disease status, our our well, are you but you know you need nutritional habits.

00:35:38.010 --> 00:35:45.660 Kay Newton: And just you didn't you didn't you didn't genetic makeup, then you go into gets a bit more complicated than it can be the dose.

00:35:46.200 --> 00:35:54.030 Kay Newton: Yet the time between your exposures the duration of those repeated exposures interaction with other chemicals.

00:35:54.600 --> 00:36:02.640 Kay Newton: And, and when it gets even more complicated because then you go where do you get them well, you can hit inhale them can swallow them can be afraid to communion water.

00:36:03.000 --> 00:36:13.770 Kay Newton: They can go and come through your skin back to make up again interesting isn't it so so body burden is the general terminology and and then.

00:36:14.340 --> 00:36:23.250 Kay Newton: You know, we were starting to talk about and doctrine and decreasing disruptors in georgetown endocrine disruptors you know depends, how you want to say that.

00:36:24.270 --> 00:36:31.140 Kay Newton: And you know and that's we start talking about menopause and everything that's going on with that you know, and we know that.

00:36:32.580 --> 00:36:46.050 Kay Newton: You know, hormones are regulating our metallic belizean our growth and development or tissue function our sexual function reproduction sleep mood and all sorts of other things, and if we get that wrong.

00:36:47.130 --> 00:37:01.980 Kay Newton: Or we using something that disrupts that and, for example, it could be for you the contraceptive pill, it could be for somebody else, so we don't you know you don't know so much it's too complicated, but you've got to stop and think about.

00:37:03.150 --> 00:37:07.740 Kay Newton: chemicals in relation to the whole picture I think that's really, really important.

00:37:08.460 --> 00:37:29.670 Pat Duckworth: yeah definitely yeah because when I sought to my clients about menopause i'm looking at the whole person yeah you know they exercise their lifestyle their nutrition their stress levels it's the whole picture so take it away.

00:37:30.240 --> 00:37:41.460 Kay Newton: So then, when you add into that the makeup they're using the cleaning products they're using the air pollution that's around their house.

00:37:41.970 --> 00:37:57.120 Kay Newton: And you know even even the stuff you know, do you take stuff to the junket dry cleaners on a regular basis, the chemicals and dry cleaning know, but people do and so you've got all these other factors to think about before you can really.

00:37:58.740 --> 00:38:02.400 Kay Newton: See the picture so it's really, really important to start and think about.

00:38:04.890 --> 00:38:10.440 Kay Newton: You know how you're dealing with this and the whole thing, so you want to know what the dirty dozen are.

00:38:10.560 --> 00:38:13.200 Pat Duckworth: I do i'm just like hey you know i'm in here.

00:38:14.250 --> 00:38:18.300 Kay Newton: So I can't say these because I can't even read them and.

00:38:19.350 --> 00:38:25.320 Kay Newton: And that's one of the things that I came up with and it's not perfectly true you know when you look at in Amazon food.

00:38:26.040 --> 00:38:28.890 Kay Newton: You look at a packet and it's got loads of the numbers on them, and you think.

00:38:29.250 --> 00:38:39.990 Kay Newton: I will eat that it's got too many numbers on it, some of those numbers will be quite good for you yeah This could be the same on the back of your your your bank up while you're cleaning products.

00:38:40.380 --> 00:39:00.930 Kay Newton: But if you see things like be hate a T H T coal coal tar di da me n ta die beautiful valid for malahide parabens P geez anything that's got eth men and past few fragrance don't get me started.

00:39:03.090 --> 00:39:12.270 Kay Newton: A trial Latin still ox still oxygen is sodium love loris sulfate and triclosan avoid them.

00:39:13.380 --> 00:39:16.470 Kay Newton: So, so my rule of thumb is if I can't say it don't pay.

00:39:22.050 --> 00:39:27.600 Kay Newton: Now I know this is a radio show, and I know we're also streaming live in Facebook don't you know, but I I have.

00:39:28.050 --> 00:39:34.110 Kay Newton: My favorite shampoo it's supposedly wonderful it's organic it's just this is just the example.

00:39:34.560 --> 00:39:41.970 Kay Newton: it's got 12345678 labels here on the back cruelty free ECO friendly blah blah blah, and it sounds absolutely perfect.

00:39:42.600 --> 00:39:52.680 Kay Newton: And then I got my double glasses on so I put two pairs of glasses on because I can't see because at that age and there's a word coke conine D a.

00:39:53.520 --> 00:40:04.890 Kay Newton: coconut coconut must be really good, well, it is because it's got coconut but then they've added to it a chemical called die fun or Lamine I think so, it said.

00:40:06.570 --> 00:40:17.640 Kay Newton: Which is, if you look at the Internet International Agency for Research on Cancer that I a RC they have listed as in their group to be for carcinogenic.

00:40:17.940 --> 00:40:18.870 Pat Duckworth: wow.

00:40:18.960 --> 00:40:20.520 Kay Newton: Now it's a carcinogenic.

00:40:21.840 --> 00:40:26.370 Kay Newton: CA approved sorry FDA approved the wrong letters.

00:40:28.140 --> 00:40:29.640 Kay Newton: And it's in most things that for.

00:40:31.140 --> 00:40:31.830 Pat Duckworth: me.

00:40:33.150 --> 00:40:38.310 Kay Newton: And for some people, that could be the one thing that's causing all the issues.

00:40:38.520 --> 00:40:50.460 Kay Newton: um so our bodies change as we get to menopause and you know most women will tell you that they they get an extra layer of fat around the tummy.

00:40:51.900 --> 00:40:56.910 Kay Newton: Now they're a fat could be a perfect place to to put those toxic substances.

00:40:58.470 --> 00:41:02.520 Kay Newton: And you know if you've got that Tommy.

00:41:03.540 --> 00:41:16.500 Kay Newton: issue that muffin top think about your chemicals, because there is a possibility that your body's attempting to put them somewhere doesn't know where to put themselves around you tammy and.

00:41:17.010 --> 00:41:18.960 Kay Newton: And it made it to.

00:41:19.560 --> 00:41:21.030 Kay Newton: To really look into yeah.

00:41:21.510 --> 00:41:27.090 Pat Duckworth: that's really important, because you know a little bit of weight around your stomach around your waist.

00:41:27.750 --> 00:41:42.000 Pat Duckworth: Okay that's just what happens it's not your body turning against you it's just a redistribution of fat and it's going in this area where you're see i've got a point you know i'm going to radio show and i'm pointing to where me adrenal as well.

00:41:43.980 --> 00:41:53.220 Pat Duckworth: Those of you watching in black and white screen anyway, so this area around the waist is where the fat gets stored that helps us to.

00:41:53.670 --> 00:42:03.150 Pat Duckworth: store up some Eastern, which is a good thing, but it's also what's what one of my colleagues describe recently as metabolically active.

00:42:03.720 --> 00:42:24.390 Pat Duckworth: And that means it can be the area where cancers get going, so you know if that fat is more than just a little bit of a muffin top you're holding that fat is fissile fat around your organs and that's not a good place to be having it so yeah.

00:42:24.930 --> 00:42:30.810 Kay Newton: So so visceral fat interesting and I came up with.

00:42:32.010 --> 00:42:42.330 Kay Newton: subcutaneous adipose tissue is sad that's a minute, which is just normal fat basically and visceral adipose tissue is free at.

00:42:45.840 --> 00:42:46.560 Kay Newton: A value added.

00:42:46.590 --> 00:43:01.170 Kay Newton: Tax yeah and and if we think about it in that way it's the at from sitting too long, but it may not be from sitting too long, it may be that you really have to do an audit on on the chemicals surrounding your yourself.

00:43:02.190 --> 00:43:07.560 Kay Newton: i've been to doctors and I have a bit of a a muffin top.

00:43:08.640 --> 00:43:11.640 Kay Newton: And they've said to me don't eat fat.

00:43:12.720 --> 00:43:21.180 Kay Newton: Do more exercise don't eat as much, and my husband says, but you eat so healthfully you exercise, really, really well.

00:43:22.290 --> 00:43:25.650 Kay Newton: I don't get the don't eat fat like certain facts, you need to.

00:43:25.680 --> 00:43:32.400 Kay Newton: eat that don't eat fat, full stop, and you know even the medical profession doesn't know much about you know.

00:43:32.910 --> 00:43:39.690 Kay Newton: The food, food intake but it's been interesting because it is a struggle for me, and I am convinced it comes back to.

00:43:40.290 --> 00:43:52.860 Kay Newton: The time that I had my cleaning company i'm sure, because some of these some of these chemicals that we have your body can get rid of really, really easy, some of them, we can hold on to for 15 years or more.

00:43:53.160 --> 00:43:54.360 Kay Newton: yeah yes.

00:43:54.660 --> 00:43:57.600 Pat Duckworth: very, very important that long term effect.

00:43:57.810 --> 00:44:10.200 Pat Duckworth: So when we come back on case going to give you her number one top tip for dealing with this, because every week I want you to go away with something that you can do if she doesn't give the tip i'd give i'm going to jump in and if.

00:44:12.510 --> 00:44:14.850 Pat Duckworth: I can't help myself K, you know but don't go.

00:44:15.000 --> 00:44:16.920 Kay Newton: I know I know don't get you started.

00:44:17.640 --> 00:44:19.590 Pat Duckworth: Okay we'll see you after the break.

00:46:37.530 --> 00:46:39.720 Pat Duckworth: Are you liking my Jingle music K.

00:46:40.260 --> 00:46:42.060 Kay Newton: I am, did you not notice.

00:46:42.120 --> 00:46:43.680 Kay Newton: Yes, I have on my chair I.

00:46:44.400 --> 00:46:47.280 Pat Duckworth: can't help I have ever bought, can you well thought women.

00:46:48.180 --> 00:46:48.780 Kay Newton: really good.

00:46:50.430 --> 00:46:54.210 Pat Duckworth: Even though you told me during the week you weren't a rock chick I think that's great rocket.

00:46:54.240 --> 00:46:54.540 yeah.

00:46:55.620 --> 00:46:58.440 Pat Duckworth: So carrie here we go your top tip.

00:47:00.120 --> 00:47:10.080 Kay Newton: Oh, my goodness me, I can't wait to find out if my top tips that went back to me to say on i've got a feeling it probably isn't I think the first thing is don't get overwhelmed yeah.

00:47:11.310 --> 00:47:22.770 Kay Newton: So take it steady one step at a time when you get to the end of something I can end of a shampoo and into the lipstick and then divert moisturizer.

00:47:23.820 --> 00:47:37.380 Kay Newton: Then really sit sit and think and have a look at the ingredients on the back of the packet and make a decision whether you're going to buy it again it's The easiest way, I think, otherwise it does it becomes hugely overwhelming it's a minefield of information.

00:47:38.760 --> 00:47:48.000 Kay Newton: And it can feel, quite frankly, naturally, so that's number one, I think the other, the next tip down would be if you feel that there's something not right with you.

00:47:49.020 --> 00:48:01.890 Kay Newton: and go and have a test ask for a blood test or ahead test or have a good test that's interesting as well isn't it quite often if I gut flora is not working properly, we can't deal with all these chemicals.

00:48:02.460 --> 00:48:16.890 Kay Newton: So you say again it's this holistic thing isn't it about you can't touch one without really knock on effects of others so go go and have a test and see if you've got you know, a chemical imbalance you've got a burden of something.

00:48:18.210 --> 00:48:24.450 Kay Newton: And one of the ladies on expedition and the first one of the first cruise actually the whole crew got tested.

00:48:25.230 --> 00:48:41.820 Kay Newton: And she found that she'd got you know, a high level of a certain chemical in her body we couldn't understand why and then she realized it's because she volunteered to to work a Center sorting rubbish particularly electronic rubbish.

00:48:43.560 --> 00:48:50.310 Kay Newton: And so it was in her body from that and and the other younger people in the in the.

00:48:52.500 --> 00:49:03.720 Kay Newton: The group and interesting as well that they were they were shown to have chemicals from trying to find that just so that I get it right.

00:49:04.470 --> 00:49:11.130 Kay Newton: P being D, which is a flame retardant was what she had and it's flame retardants are using electronic equipment.

00:49:11.850 --> 00:49:26.310 Kay Newton: And the younger girls had lots of fluoridated compounds and that's because that's a new chemical in relation to our age group, so the 16 year olds didn't have it as much in their bodies, because it's new and new or chemical.

00:49:28.080 --> 00:49:29.130 Kay Newton: Also interesting.

00:49:29.610 --> 00:49:40.710 Pat Duckworth: yeah really interesting, and this is important at any stage of life, but you know at midlife and menopause when you're trying to deal with your symptoms.

00:49:41.010 --> 00:50:00.960 Pat Duckworth: And you might be thinking well why am I getting symptoms and some deals isn't i'm eating healthy i'm going to the gym i'm doing this i'm doing that and it might be some of these environmental issues that are causing you the problem you know cleaning products toiletries cosmetics in.

00:50:02.580 --> 00:50:02.970 Pat Duckworth: The world.

00:50:03.690 --> 00:50:06.330 Kay Newton: But it could be something simple like your moisturizer.

00:50:06.810 --> 00:50:21.750 Kay Newton: yeah you know, a were told you know skin feels diet menopause so it seems natural and automatic to put more moisturizer on check check the ingredients on the back of the moisturizer that could be the catalyst for you.

00:50:22.350 --> 00:50:24.240 Kay Newton: yeah It could be that simple.

00:50:24.630 --> 00:50:32.400 Pat Duckworth: And sometimes it's i'm on these people suggest journals because if there's a baton to when you don't feel so good.

00:50:32.940 --> 00:50:43.320 Pat Duckworth: it's like well what's happening that day that's not happening another day you might have more symptoms when you're at work, and it could be stress related or it could be something in the environment of bug.

00:50:43.530 --> 00:50:44.640 Kay Newton: They could have.

00:50:44.700 --> 00:50:46.020 Kay Newton: Clean the carpet.

00:50:46.050 --> 00:50:46.860 Yes.

00:50:48.510 --> 00:50:48.690 Pat Duckworth: Good.

00:50:49.770 --> 00:50:56.160 Pat Duckworth: weekend bye clean the carpets you get into work, Monday you feel like rubbish, as I was polite.

00:50:57.270 --> 00:51:07.800 Pat Duckworth: crap and and then during the week you gradually feel better and you think oh it's that Monday morning thing they might just be something that was using cleaning over the weekend.

00:51:08.100 --> 00:51:09.600 Kay Newton: Exactly exactly.

00:51:09.780 --> 00:51:11.460 Pat Duckworth: So i'm gonna give my top tip now.

00:51:11.910 --> 00:51:12.870 Go and give you a tip.

00:51:14.730 --> 00:51:21.600 Pat Duckworth: This is a really easy one, if you're using your microwave don't microwave in plastic oh.

00:51:23.250 --> 00:51:31.710 Pat Duckworth: So when you microwave food in plastic does release these Center estrogens chemical estrogens into the food so.

00:51:32.130 --> 00:51:50.820 Pat Duckworth: Take it out, you know, even if you've bought a pre prepared meal and it's coming and lovely little plastic bowl and it looks like a Chinese book no it's a piece of plastic take it out, put it in a china bowl or a glass bowl and microwave it in that you know.

00:51:51.060 --> 00:51:51.810 Kay Newton: sign on.

00:51:52.230 --> 00:51:54.000 Kay Newton: To more tips to that guess what they.

00:51:54.270 --> 00:51:55.500 Pat Duckworth: don't know where you're gonna go.

00:51:56.100 --> 00:51:57.810 Pat Duckworth: don't microwave it in the first one.

00:51:58.110 --> 00:52:00.570 Kay Newton: don't have a microwave get rid of it.

00:52:02.310 --> 00:52:03.540 Pat Duckworth: to store books in.

00:52:04.170 --> 00:52:08.820 Kay Newton: Mines mines gone now my microwave Kevin did now stores my toaster actually.

00:52:10.530 --> 00:52:16.770 Kay Newton: Get rid of the microwave and also don't buy stuff in plastic if you cannot you know, think about it, because.

00:52:17.340 --> 00:52:26.100 Kay Newton: it's twofold the plastic is getting into the food and it's getting into your body which is affecting your homework, hormones and your system.

00:52:26.640 --> 00:52:38.070 Kay Newton: And it's giving you that body burden and maybe that muffin top and also it's not good for the environment because plastic doesn't go anywhere and it's literally killing our environment it's killing our planet.

00:52:38.520 --> 00:52:40.050 Pat Duckworth: I was just taking the first little.

00:52:40.050 --> 00:52:42.090 Kay Newton: scenario where I where.

00:52:43.290 --> 00:52:44.040 Pat Duckworth: I was just taking.

00:52:44.250 --> 00:52:45.510 Pat Duckworth: Baby steps on.

00:52:45.540 --> 00:52:46.290 Pat Duckworth: me it.

00:52:46.560 --> 00:52:53.250 Kay Newton: depends, where you are isn't it on the on the ladder, so if it's new to you definitely don't make away.

00:52:53.790 --> 00:53:01.980 Pat Duckworth: I think I talked about it before, but when I take things that have been wrapped in plastic out of the freezer I can smell the chemicals yeah.

00:53:03.090 --> 00:53:06.450 Pat Duckworth: I can smell them being released, and I think all.

00:53:07.620 --> 00:53:17.820 Kay Newton: Women we've really started really looking at, you know how we buy stuff we found a coffee supplier, where we can have our coffee ground we take our jobs with us.

00:53:18.180 --> 00:53:27.300 Kay Newton: And and it's put straight into the jars and know plastic for that same with the NUTS all my nuts, that I buy I take my jobs and they're.

00:53:27.900 --> 00:53:29.250 Pat Duckworth: actually going to smile now.

00:53:32.580 --> 00:53:33.690 Kay Newton: I thought you'd like that one.

00:53:34.890 --> 00:53:46.980 Kay Newton: And, and it goes on and on, you know and but I haven't been able to do that all at once we're taking these step by step processes, you know each each time we like a tech week clearing something else.

00:53:48.210 --> 00:53:48.660 Pat Duckworth: Well, I.

00:53:49.890 --> 00:54:01.890 Pat Duckworth: know you probably going to get something to say now, the first time I visited you well, the second time I visited you and me your code was when you knew, you were going to send to button you're clearing the House out and actually we were doing an inventory for house.

00:54:03.480 --> 00:54:05.250 Pat Duckworth: How much tougher where did you.

00:54:06.240 --> 00:54:12.990 Kay Newton: I had a huge cupboard full of tupperware and I left it all behind.

00:54:14.040 --> 00:54:23.610 Kay Newton: I didn't try out we left an awful lot behind in there, so the people who are buying it we're going to be using it as a rental property, so it would be useful for them i'm sure.

00:54:24.060 --> 00:54:30.600 Kay Newton: But I just didn't I just didn't want anymore I didn't want but yeah exactly, and that was interesting what you said about.

00:54:31.170 --> 00:54:46.470 Kay Newton: Right at the beginning, you talked about you've been in the workplace different era, and you know you've learned and you know, one of the first things that I I snickered about and felt about was you know we used to think that smoking was really good for common stress.

00:54:47.910 --> 00:54:51.450 Kay Newton: And then we thought better with my dream is better and better.

00:54:52.590 --> 00:55:02.490 Kay Newton: And then we thought diet foods was better than non diet affiliates and then we thought Chicago was actually the problem and the issue.

00:55:03.060 --> 00:55:12.090 Kay Newton: And, and now we've got two is it keto on on keto and does all this other stuff going on, and yet we're still not talking about chemicals and yet there's a lot.

00:55:12.270 --> 00:55:13.620 Kay Newton: More and more chemicals.

00:55:14.100 --> 00:55:16.080 Pat Duckworth: In our environment yeah.

00:55:16.500 --> 00:55:17.640 Kay Newton: john talking about it.

00:55:18.360 --> 00:55:21.030 Pat Duckworth: Okay, you know you're going to come back another time don't know.

00:55:23.490 --> 00:55:31.650 Pat Duckworth: I hope you've enjoyed it today for all our listeners if they want to find out more about you, I know you're preparing a giveaway at the moment.

00:55:32.790 --> 00:55:34.890 Pat Duckworth: Tell us about it and how they can contact you.

00:55:35.400 --> 00:55:45.090 Kay Newton: So i've got I just about finished putting a presentation together my techie skills are just keeping me behind a little bit, but it's actually this subject menopause.

00:55:47.310 --> 00:56:02.250 Kay Newton: menopause the body burden and is your muffin top or really a diet issue if you want to see that, let me know and you can contact me through my website www dot K

00:56:02.880 --> 00:56:16.260 Kay Newton: And if you go there there's already a free gift, which helps you to think about and looking at yourself in a holistic way and doing an audit, so you can download what's called the table of life better for you as well.

00:56:16.590 --> 00:56:22.200 Pat Duckworth: lovely Thank you so much K, thank you for joining me on my first show it's been absolutely brilliant.

00:56:22.800 --> 00:56:33.690 Pat Duckworth: To everybody listening this show will be every Thursday, at the same time, next week i'm going to be answering all those questions about what your mama didn't tell you about menopause.

00:56:34.110 --> 00:56:45.960 Pat Duckworth: So i'm going to be doing all those frequently asked questions that you never asked, because you didn't know who to ask stay tuned on this station for the Reverend Dr taryn lynn's.

00:56:46.440 --> 00:56:56.490 Pat Duckworth: Show about dismantling racism, as she talks to our guests reference Julie Taylor about sharing their experiences at activist after the Michael brown jr murder.

00:56:56.850 --> 00:57:09.600 Pat Duckworth: So really important stuff there I hope i'll see you again next week, but thank you for joining me for this inaugural show we will have lots of fun and talk about lots of things in the future, thank you Casey you again.

00:57:10.110 --> 00:57:11.370 Kay Newton: bye Thank you.

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