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Thursday, June 10, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/10 - Frank About PTSD with Solange Pilizota

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/10 - Frank About PTSD with Solange Pilizota


2021/06/10 - Frank About PTSD with Solange Pilizota

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About PTSD with Solange Pilizota

Episode 3 of Frank About Health features Solange Pilizota an advocate for patients who suffer from hearing loss and who has worked to assist seniors with home health care and social services.

Currently employed by Costco, she continues to advocate for people who have suffered trauma in their lives especially during the COVID 19 Pandemic. While Solange is from New York City she currently lives with her husband and son in Chicago and she continues to do fundraising and other volunteer work for her son's school which has music programs available for the learning disabled.

Solange and Frank met at their High School alma mater Brooklyn Technical High School and have reconnected over the last 10 years to support each other with weekly zoom and phone discussion over their shared experiences with their work, family and personal experiences. A true friend, Solange aims to inform people how to engage with each other during critical times.

PTSD has become a recurring theme for everyone since COVID began and both Frank and Solange will emphasize some of those moments and how they coped and want to inspire others on how to do the same. In addition to work, fundraising and family, Solange also designs illustrations for select authors in her community and she also performs in her family's band in the Chicago club scene where she is lead singer.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank gives the listener some background information about PTSD, covid-19, and the origins of PTSD. He introduces Solange , and gives a quick introduction to her advocacy history. Solange suffers from PTSD, and explains her history having been born in Chile during Soviet occupation, and her current struggles with trying to live a healthy life despite her trauma.

Segment 2

Frank and Solange talk about PTSD during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and go in depth about their own experiences during the pandemic. Solange lost her job, contracted COVID, and had to learn how to cope with her trauma around political unrest while witnessing the frequent protests and marches that have come about since the pandemic. 

Segment 3

Frank and Solange talk more about their history as friends,and their shared childhood. Frank urges the listener to reach out to their friends and figure out where they stand and to try to create a support system for themselves. Solange elaborates on her work with hearing advocacy, and discusses the psychological effects of having hearing issues.

Segment 4

Solange closes by talking about some success stories in their lives, about the projects she’s gotten into since the pandemic, and the fulfillment she’s found in her illustrations, band, and her son’s success in music and athleticism despite the PTSD they’ve both experienced both due to COVID-19 and because of their past experiences.

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