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Thursday, June 3, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/03 - Frank About Senior Healthcare with Reatha Grey

Facebook Live Video from 2021/06/03 - Frank About Senior Healthcare with Reatha Grey


2021/06/03 - Frank About Senior Healthcare with Reatha Grey

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Senior Healthcare with Reatha Grey

This episode of Frank About Health features Actress and Advocate Reatha Grey who will spend the hour discussing her work advocating for Seniors who needed to be informed of their rights and their resources available to them in managing their illnesses.

COVID 19 proved to highlight her work which was sorely needed to those she knew who needed guidance and direction during the most critical point in the Pandemic, some of which passed on as a result. She will discuss the work she is doing with seniors today as people are getting vaccinated and dealing with issues like Long Term Healthcare and using other resources instrumental to keeping everyone informed.

Reatha Grey has worked with Betty White on Off Their Rockers and she has also done numerous television commercials and appeared on various programs over the years.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank introduces Reatha Grey, various projects she’s been working on, and mentions her healthcare advocacy for senior citizens. She says one of the biggest difficulties facing seniors is the speed at which healthcare is becoming reliant on the internet, and how quickly life is changing due to COVID-19. She discusses several personal anecdotes about seniors she works with and is friends with, and how COVID has changed their lives, and made them difficult.

Segment 2

Frank and Reatha discuss how the listeners can become advocates for seniors during this time. Reatha talks about why she began to start advocating for educating seniors on healthcare. She urges the listeners to utilise technology to be able to educate themselves on their own health. Frank advises that people “treat the doctor like a colleague”, not as someone who tells you what to do. Reatha mentions more ways that technology can be difficult for seniors, especially given how relevant it is nowadays.

Segment 3

Reatha tells the audience a story about her time playing Ms. Daniels in the movie One Fine Christmas, and the support her character received from the people around her. She stressed the importance of community. She also discusses her role in Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, where she played practical jokes on younger people, and how freeing the role was. She uses these roles to talk about how important it is that people care for seniors in their lives.

Segment 4

Frank advises listeners to talk to their local healthcare providers about various resources that might be available to them, including programs that might allow children and grandchildren of seniors to receive payment for caring for their family members. Reatha discusses her podcast on EZ Talk Live in which she discusses life from the perspective of baby boomers. She also re-iterates many of the problems facing the healthcare industry, including healthcare being taken away from seniors who make too much money, but still need the help.

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