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Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/11 - Forging A Future While Honoring The Past In The Smoky Mountains

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/11 - Forging A Future While Honoring The Past In The Smoky Mountains


2021/05/11 - Forging A Future While Honoring The Past In The Smoky Mountains

[NEW EPISODE] Forging A Future While Honoring The Past In The Smoky Mountains

Today's guest is David Brewin, his career path took towards the academic world where he worked for several years as a teacher and counselor while learning metalwork and playing music in his spare time. 

Brewin lived in challenging conditions while further honing his skills apprenticing under some of the most iconic metal works in the southern Appalachians. But his hard work paid off and resulted in a successful career of more than four decades that continues still today.  He found immediate success and further enhanced his career creating functional custom metal artwork for scores of wealthy clients throughout WNC. 

His client list includes a former member of the legendary rock band AC/DC. Today Brewin continues his award-winning work with a younger business partner whose skills complement each other perfectly.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph begins today’s episode by talking to Mike Ogletree about all their new work at the Meadowlark Smoky Mountain Heritage Center. Bob talks about events coming up that will display and celebrate the different cultures in the mountains. Such as the upcoming one where a musician will be coming in for the day, seminars will be given throughout the day, and there will be a concert at night. Joseph introduces today’s guest, David Brewin, and David discusses his upbringing. The two discuss David’s experience going to college with a baseball hall of famer. The two continue sharing anecdotes about their college experiences and connections to baseball players. David talks about how he started his career in counseling and his journey into blacksmithing and metalwork. Not only is David an accomplished blacksmith, but he also plays guitar. He discusses the initiative he took in learning classical guitar, seeking out an instructor. He eventually dropped the classical genre though, realizing it was not for him, but he continues to play jazz guitar.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Joseph shares his experience of transitioning from his successful career to something he enjoyed more, relating it to David’s experience. David discusses the inspiration behind leaving a successful job to pursue metalwork, citing experiences he had talking to residents throughout the mountains. Unhappy with the direction of education at the time, David decided to educate himself more and request a position as the blacksmith teacher at a school in the mountains. He shares a funny anecdote in which he was in a gallery talking about blacksmithing and was asked if he knew who David Brewin was. The man who asked had not met him directly, but this man, Earl, eventually helped him in his career. He took a workshop with Frances Whitaker, an accomplished blacksmith. After this first workshop, he went to another, eventually befriending Frances and apprenticing for him. He leveraged this opportunity and experience he gained by bringing top blacksmiths into his class to give lectures. These guest lecturers were big influences over David and helped him get better at his craft. He continues on to discuss experiences he’s had jamming with mountain musicians. While the two may seem unrelated, he brings them together through the lens of the influence they’ve had on his life and the view of the mountains he has. Joseph brings all of this together, asking what is the best advice David feels he has taken from these mentors. In discussing advice he’s been given, David relates it to his career and talks about learning from those around him regardless of age. More specifically, an apprentice he has taken recently. He sees passing his knowledge on as his duty as he gained all of it from those before him who were kind enough to impart their wisdom on him.

Segment 3

Joseph asks David to talk about some of the famous schools he has worked at. David starts off by talking about a folk school in the mountains that used a Danish model of teaching. He talks more about these schools, discussing a blacksmith who moved down from New York to teach at the folk school and how eventually David taught blacksmithing there. After the folk school, David moved on to the Foxfire school, starting their blacksmithing program. The two discuss Brasstown and a story of how it almost flooded. Joseph talks about the local feelings in towns like this, sharing a story where he heard live music at a flea market. David credits much of his skill and his craft to the people he met throughout his life and educational journey. He discusses his experience working at the Western North Carolina University, taking on many roles in their museum. He worked there for many years until during the 90’s he returned to blacksmithing. He talks about coordinating part of the mountain heritage festival, sharing stories about some of the people he had come to the festival.

Segment 4

Moving into the final segment, Joseph directs the conversation towards David’s metalwork. David talks about some of the more famous clients he has had and the work he has done for them. After discussing these clients, David talks about ideas he has for his future work, seeking to continue his metalwork and working with his apprentice. Joseph ends the episode by sharing resources and thanking David for joining him on today’s episode.


00:00:29.250 --> 00:00:34.230 Joseph McElroy: hey thanks for joining us on this week's episode of gateway to the smoke.

00:00:35.100 --> 00:00:43.380 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains National Park in the surrounding towns.

00:00:43.770 --> 00:00:52.890 Joseph McElroy: This areas filled with ancient natural beauty a deep storied history and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes.

00:00:53.550 --> 00:01:05.850 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy amanda of the world, but also with deep roots in these mountains My family has lived in the great smokies for over 200 years my business isn't travel, but my heart is in mountain culture.

00:01:06.840 --> 00:01:18.690 Joseph McElroy: Today we're going to learn more about it, not correcting the smoky mountains five at work and black snipping but first I want to talk about some upcoming things I.

00:01:19.500 --> 00:01:28.440 Joseph McElroy: Think last week or the week before I announce that we've created that we'd launch the metal lark smoky mountain heritage Center with Bob plot a former guest on this.

00:01:28.980 --> 00:01:44.580 Joseph McElroy: On this podcast as the general manager to really focus in on mountain heritage and create events and stories and and and workshops and things like that so i'm bringing him on and start talking about some of the things that we're going to be doing hi Bob.

00:01:44.940 --> 00:01:46.050 David Brewin: hey Jason how are you.

00:01:46.740 --> 00:01:48.360 Joseph McElroy: i'm doing all right i've been.

00:01:49.560 --> 00:02:04.230 Joseph McElroy: You know i'm in i'm in i'm in i'm in the mountains today for this week and i've been at the metal Arc and I actually decided to get out and do a little work on the on the property i'm feeling i'm feeling like i'm young at heart, but old in my bones.

00:02:05.970 --> 00:02:08.340 Joseph McElroy: But I got I got my garden and hat on so.

00:02:10.020 --> 00:02:14.400 Joseph McElroy: Maybe that'll bring some some live to what I got to say so uh so what's coming up.

00:02:15.240 --> 00:02:21.480 David Brewin: Well i'm really excited that it's it's been, this is my second official week here we've been doing some preliminary work.

00:02:22.170 --> 00:02:29.070 David Brewin: Before that, but this is the second week here and i've been super excited to work with the staff Mike ogletree he was with us tonight and.

00:02:29.460 --> 00:02:40.140 David Brewin: he's been a real asset, combining all the great people here at the motel but our focus now is creating programs, and again the actual form of Center started.

00:02:40.620 --> 00:02:50.310 David Brewin: Mike and the guys have already done some good programming here, but we want to take it even further step and mountain culture so we've got about 15 things playing.

00:02:51.090 --> 00:02:57.570 David Brewin: Over the next few months will be finalized and dates on all of them in the next few days, few weeks.

00:02:58.170 --> 00:03:09.060 David Brewin: Our first definite final date is a bluegrass band camp, with their Nicholson of balsam range fame mandolin player bookless with them you'll have three.

00:03:09.420 --> 00:03:22.140 David Brewin: Other heavy hitter musicians they'll be here doing seminars during the day, and then, culminating with a concert that night so we're really, really excited about that and that'll be July 17 we'll have more details to come on that.

00:03:23.430 --> 00:03:32.940 David Brewin: would be doing a ballad singers camden town, like in with his Scottish roots into that and William Ritter, that we will get that date finalized soon.

00:03:33.300 --> 00:03:37.650 Joseph McElroy: Will you read both bike in William been a guest on the show so that's pretty.

00:03:37.650 --> 00:03:45.000 David Brewin: Yes, yes, and speaking of gas do you've got you've had libby kept part hargrave on here recently and, like last week.

00:03:45.630 --> 00:04:00.570 David Brewin: she's a direct descendant of heart skip art and we have found the park we're going to have a couple of events scheduled with her one later this summer, and one in the fall or the cat park camper So hopefully have a year with her so we'll get that date finalized by tomorrow.

00:04:01.860 --> 00:04:20.100 David Brewin: we've also got another guest Janet McHugh who's on next week she'll probably be involved in that program as well, and then tonight's guest David bruin longtime friend of mine is going to do some black smoothing seminars and some things with this in the future as well.

00:04:20.910 --> 00:04:24.030 Joseph McElroy: Well, that sounds like an exciting lineup coming up.

00:04:25.410 --> 00:04:27.240 Joseph McElroy: What do you think you know the.

00:04:29.100 --> 00:04:37.170 Joseph McElroy: The the philosophy of the events are going to be while, but it was going to be what's going to site people to come to the mountains, to go to them.

00:04:38.460 --> 00:04:43.200 David Brewin: I think you will see genuine mountain culture and as you've worked hard and your business.

00:04:43.710 --> 00:04:53.220 David Brewin: give people a reason to come here, make it a destination location and make memories that they'll remember for a lifetime meeting real mountain people.

00:04:53.850 --> 00:05:00.030 David Brewin: appreciating our culture, our history we've got all sorts of musical events plan we got some plot events planned.

00:05:00.570 --> 00:05:05.220 David Brewin: And just absolutely thrilled to have a meeting with Earl landing today and we're going to do a.

00:05:05.550 --> 00:05:18.300 David Brewin: tribute to him and he's so excited I think he wants to donate a lot of items to the physical Center when we get it built and maybe even a cabinet 1700s cabinet that we hope in time to to assemble here.

00:05:18.930 --> 00:05:30.660 Joseph McElroy: Well, it would be fantastic that would be really great well thanks for coming on I will have you i'm in future share and talk more about what we're doing there i'm excited I think it's going to be a tremendous.

00:05:32.190 --> 00:05:43.410 Joseph McElroy: learning experience and and and memorable experience for people to come and experience, so let me introduce can you get David to come in and come in there.

00:05:43.830 --> 00:05:45.450 David Brewin: yeah all right.

00:05:45.510 --> 00:05:46.320 David Brewin: thanks again.

00:05:50.820 --> 00:05:51.600 Joseph McElroy: hey David.

00:05:51.720 --> 00:05:52.560 Joseph McElroy: How you doing.

00:05:52.860 --> 00:05:53.700 David Brewin: doing well.

00:05:54.810 --> 00:06:05.040 Joseph McElroy: My guest today is David bruna fine craftsman and blacksmith for over 45 years here in the smokies he's also an accomplished musician so I Hello again David.

00:06:05.940 --> 00:06:06.630 David Brewin: Hello Hello.

00:06:08.130 --> 00:06:08.700 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:06:09.810 --> 00:06:10.740 Joseph McElroy: So tell us.

00:06:13.140 --> 00:06:20.820 Joseph McElroy: about your childhood in eastern North Carolina you were descended from a line of boat builders and they.

00:06:21.660 --> 00:06:22.260 David Brewin: went to school with.

00:06:23.010 --> 00:06:23.670 Joseph McElroy: That go ahead.

00:06:24.300 --> 00:06:39.300 David Brewin: yeah i'm my grandfather was a boat builder Elizabeth city North Carolina up on the coast and I that's where I grew up and came from a family of crafts people, but I got sidetracked by going to college and.

00:06:39.630 --> 00:06:41.400 David Brewin: career education and whatnot.

00:06:41.400 --> 00:06:46.110 Joseph McElroy: So I heard somebody told me, you went to school with the baseball hall of famer.

00:06:47.010 --> 00:06:56.640 David Brewin: Oh yeah no yeah catfish Jim catfish other and nobody nobody ever called him catfishing hartford, which is where i'm from a little town.

00:06:57.900 --> 00:07:10.680 David Brewin: Jimmy her whole thing pitcher and I was away and military school for most of high school and when I came back, we were in homebrew and Jimmy did strike me out in seventh grade thank.

00:07:12.330 --> 00:07:14.040 David Brewin: You can actually throw a curveball.

00:07:17.430 --> 00:07:24.270 David Brewin: So that's that's my association with him I can't say we were big time friends, but he sat right in front of me and own room.

00:07:25.200 --> 00:07:25.380 Joseph McElroy: But.

00:07:25.440 --> 00:07:26.460 Joseph McElroy: You know that's your.

00:07:26.850 --> 00:07:35.400 Joseph McElroy: that's you know that's really funny I didn't know who the baseball player was but I actually have a connection to jack catfish when I was in college do.

00:07:36.540 --> 00:07:44.820 Joseph McElroy: yeah I pledged for eternity and you know when you pledge of attorney that the older brothers give you some pledges that you gotta you know.

00:07:45.510 --> 00:07:53.370 Joseph McElroy: get done right some tech pledge tax and before and then, once you get them done they'll sign off, so that you can become a member.

00:07:53.730 --> 00:08:03.780 Joseph McElroy: And they do you know wild stuff you know, like, I had to go and get the turnstile from the cafeteria at the school and put in front of the President, the school's office and things like that.

00:08:04.590 --> 00:08:16.380 Joseph McElroy: But one of the one of the task was to send a letter to catch fish hunter asking him to send me an autographed picture of himself.

00:08:18.480 --> 00:08:32.940 Joseph McElroy: You know, a dedicated to the brother who was who had asked me to do this task and and you know I did it I said out there and low I got a catfish send it back to me and said send it back to me signed it, you better get it to my brother, so that I do have a connection there.

00:08:35.490 --> 00:08:43.710 Joseph McElroy: So you, you seem to your destiny, you said you were seeing destiny, we work with for my head for it's pretty hands, but you didn't start your career that way.

00:08:44.130 --> 00:08:52.980 Joseph McElroy: You became a teacher counselor to start after graduating from it, ECU so what what what made what puts you on that path to begin with.

00:08:54.060 --> 00:09:02.640 David Brewin: Well, that was a Spanish major in college, and so I started teaching Spanish in high school and not always been interested in.

00:09:03.270 --> 00:09:15.960 David Brewin: Like working with people, so I went to East Carolina for Grad school and got a degree in counseling there and worked as an elementary school counselor and then a testing coordinator for Pascoe tank county and.

00:09:17.100 --> 00:09:30.030 David Brewin: And while I was there I had to do here, hear about a blacksmith in class I just saw headlines it blacksmith in class over to Campbell I thought they were talking about Campbell college in.

00:09:31.170 --> 00:09:38.520 David Brewin: near raleigh and I went back and read about it and found out, it was in the mountains, so I signed up for class and.

00:09:39.390 --> 00:09:57.030 David Brewin: came out here and i'd always wanted to be a blacksmith which is people just waited me from that you know you can't be a blacksmith you need to go to college and I did, and after after I did it as enough nope I gotta do this and I was totally obsessed, which is the way i've always been.

00:09:58.500 --> 00:09:59.550 David Brewin: about anything I do.

00:10:00.120 --> 00:10:06.120 Joseph McElroy: So did you have some good good teachers out there and in eastern Carolina area that.

00:10:06.330 --> 00:10:12.360 David Brewin: talks about in the shipyard, there was a former blacksmith out there that gave me all of his tools.

00:10:12.990 --> 00:10:25.560 David Brewin: When he wanted to be a blacksmith and Willie Rogers was his name and he grew up in his father took care of efficiently down and manage to make an anchors and stuff like that and.

00:10:26.430 --> 00:10:36.150 David Brewin: And really interesting old guys so that was I used to take notes that was my first phone call or project or did I would interviewing every day at lunch.

00:10:36.900 --> 00:10:46.410 David Brewin: and take notes and you do this CAP Willie and you do that, and so that's how I got started really long shop in hartford.

00:10:47.370 --> 00:11:00.420 David Brewin: And then, my first job was hardware for the white newbold house, which is a very old at century home in Hertford they were restoring and we got a job, making all the hardware, for it.

00:11:01.740 --> 00:11:05.850 David Brewin: So that's how that's how I really I was my first big job I had.

00:11:06.960 --> 00:11:11.400 Joseph McElroy: No, you you started doing music to save time he did study that.

00:11:11.970 --> 00:11:13.380 David Brewin: yeah actually.

00:11:14.460 --> 00:11:29.250 David Brewin: I shouldn't be probably a lot better than I am I I got really interested in classical guitar and he was not too far from Winston Salem North Carolina school of the arts was in Winston Salem so.

00:11:30.510 --> 00:11:45.030 David Brewin: I i've always tried to find the best person I could learn from the matter what I did, and there was a guitar student over there that's very well known now and I went to his apartment so you know, I would like, for you to teach me.

00:11:46.080 --> 00:11:56.820 David Brewin: And so, for some reason he agreed and I took lessons from him for a while and then I started taking lessons with hazel Silva, who is the head of the guitar department over there.

00:11:57.510 --> 00:12:06.330 David Brewin: And then I decided i'm really not all that good it is so I kind of like classical guitar ago and stick with what I could do really well.

00:12:06.960 --> 00:12:07.620 Joseph McElroy: which was.

00:12:08.850 --> 00:12:09.630 David Brewin: Like man.

00:12:11.220 --> 00:12:13.380 Joseph McElroy: But you picked up some other instruments that.

00:12:13.860 --> 00:12:16.320 David Brewin: Well, I still I still play from time to.

00:12:16.350 --> 00:12:22.650 David Brewin: Time Mike and I were talking about music and at the folk school when I was at Campbell folks school.

00:12:23.760 --> 00:12:44.820 David Brewin: I played for a lot of the dances over there was a guitars and learned from a lot of really good musicians over there, and so, most of the most of my plan was there and then I got into jazz when I moved to silver, it was really good jazz guitarist and played with over here and so and.

00:12:45.900 --> 00:12:51.930 David Brewin: And then I hurt my finger really bad so i've been out of it for past two years and trying to get back in it now.

00:12:53.040 --> 00:12:57.330 David Brewin: mike's kind of inspired me to maybe start learning some of the Scottish music again.

00:12:57.750 --> 00:12:58.680 Joseph McElroy: There you go.

00:12:59.970 --> 00:13:03.000 Joseph McElroy: It come over here and play with that play on Saturday nights.

00:13:03.060 --> 00:13:06.660 Joseph McElroy: yeah so well that sounds like you had.

00:13:08.610 --> 00:13:12.960 Joseph McElroy: A good foundation and creativity, with a little bit of academic.

00:13:16.650 --> 00:13:27.960 Joseph McElroy: And life experience and and in the corporate world to go with it right, so what to come back, I want to find out what made what made you decide to follow your passion, the smoke is going to get back.

00:13:28.410 --> 00:13:28.770 alright.

00:16:27.390 --> 00:16:40.650 Joseph McElroy: Oh God, this is Joseph breaking mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and my guest David brewing so David you know, I was I worked a career for for.

00:16:41.790 --> 00:16:50.760 Joseph McElroy: Coming right out of college and I was in computers and after about eight years of it, I got to feel like I was constrained by corporate existence and.

00:16:51.150 --> 00:17:04.260 Joseph McElroy: I was wanting to pursue my other creative interests, and so I left and just started pursuing some things you know I I understand in 1980 you left your successful career as a teacher and as an.

00:17:05.490 --> 00:17:12.390 Joseph McElroy: As a social worker a social worker right and and move to the smokies what what inspired that.

00:17:14.160 --> 00:17:15.570 David Brewin: know when I was a little boy.

00:17:17.280 --> 00:17:27.240 David Brewin: My dad love the mountains and from I think I was about five years old, at the time when we come to Fontana every year for two weeks.

00:17:28.080 --> 00:17:48.240 David Brewin: And while I love the water and always evelyn's the water I just fell in love with the mountains and I didn't want to leave and so he would come here every year and, as I got older i've came to appreciate mountain people in the mountain culture and I.

00:17:49.620 --> 00:18:01.860 David Brewin: mean I I would go around and interview some of the people that work here, you know, there was a great fiddler they've already Chris it was it fun and I would talk to him and find out all kinds of things and.

00:18:03.450 --> 00:18:08.040 David Brewin: religiously listened to the Fontana ramblers and we were scared Square and as Group and

00:18:09.120 --> 00:18:09.570 David Brewin: and

00:18:10.620 --> 00:18:26.580 David Brewin: heard this young man dark haired guy playing generic and style guitar up there was no forget it, he was playing the bells of St mary's and he stayed in my mind forever I was about 15 years old, when I heard him, he must have been about 19 and.

00:18:28.800 --> 00:18:44.790 David Brewin: Later on, when I worked at the mountain nerdy Center and i'll tell that story when we get there, of how I eventually found this guy and ended up playing on recording with him and an amazing fiddler and gar muston come to find out, they used to play together over Murphy.

00:18:45.840 --> 00:19:03.390 David Brewin: And, and they played for the Fontana ramblers which was one of the top square dance groups in the country, and so you know just it just I fell in love with place when I was a little boy used to cry when we go home because I didn't want to leave the mountains so.

00:19:04.530 --> 00:19:21.930 David Brewin: I was not happy with the way education in America was going into time and found out that the folks school needed a resident blacksmith so I called him up and said, you know i'm starting out on my career, I came up here and took a class.

00:19:23.940 --> 00:19:42.780 David Brewin: And then I studied took another class with Francis whitaker so i've got a pretty good start, but let me do it in my whole my first teacher was the former resident, and he recommended me, so I moved up 1982 folks who was friends helped me out and came up there with nothing.

00:19:44.700 --> 00:19:45.030 Joseph McElroy: Just.

00:19:45.090 --> 00:20:00.150 David Brewin: Thought i'd give it a shot and see what happens i've always been crazy that way, and you know actually lived on the porch for a while, I had no place to live and what stuck it out and I had a shop to work in in.

00:20:01.200 --> 00:20:17.820 David Brewin: First, one of the first people I met was URL landing who Bob plotted recently was talking to you about earlier is judging the way the universe works, I was in a in a craft gallery talk talking to someone about maybe carrion my work.

00:20:19.110 --> 00:20:30.060 David Brewin: And Earl standing over there, and he said I heard you're talking about blacksmith and he says, you know, have to know a guy named David brewing do you and I said well yeah actually going to do.

00:20:32.220 --> 00:20:44.430 David Brewin: is a friend of his that i've done some work for out in the eastern part of the State civil david's coming up there because they're always looking for somebody to do some 18th century style iron warm.

00:20:45.180 --> 00:20:56.220 David Brewin: So I did I did a bunch of fireplace stuff for him and hardware and he kept me going for a while and basically Earl don't get my career started out here in Western North Carolina.

00:20:57.270 --> 00:21:00.330 Joseph McElroy: Well that's great i'll have to i'll have to i'll have to.

00:21:02.100 --> 00:21:06.000 Joseph McElroy: Tell that story when I talked to how you hear such a positive impact, a lot of.

00:21:08.610 --> 00:21:09.780 Joseph McElroy: people's lives.

00:21:11.100 --> 00:21:15.840 Joseph McElroy: So you've had some good mentors in the mountain, can you expand upon.

00:21:16.860 --> 00:21:21.060 David Brewin: Yet started with with wrestling blacksmith Jim crow.

00:21:22.020 --> 00:21:37.140 David Brewin: would come down from New York City, you know, he was a pretty well known artist in New York City and his wife used to dance with Paul Taylor dance company in New York and they were homesteading over Georgia and and he.

00:21:38.910 --> 00:21:46.470 David Brewin: I took a class with him and he told me about a guy come in, there was going to do a weekend workshop or a week long workshop named Francis whitaker.

00:21:47.670 --> 00:21:56.670 David Brewin: And says, you should come to that, and at that time in a lot of us didn't really know a lot about blacksmith and you know we read about it and.

00:21:57.240 --> 00:22:06.210 David Brewin: But Francis whitaker actually studying in Germany in the 20s he started out working for Francis Samuel yellen and Philadelphia.

00:22:06.780 --> 00:22:16.830 David Brewin: and ended up with a very, very successful shop first in Carmel California and then an Aspen Colorado so Jim talked him into come in and giving a workshop.

00:22:17.580 --> 00:22:26.220 David Brewin: So I took first Francis wedding or workshop and I guess it was 78 or 79 something like that and I took the next one, and then.

00:22:26.730 --> 00:22:37.080 David Brewin: Francis came up and I got approved by the Francis so i'll be working and he said i've got a big project in Aspen and I need someone to help me with it.

00:22:37.680 --> 00:22:48.120 David Brewin: And it was 200 feet of fence for one of the course, not the cores some big brewery and, of course, but anyway, I forget the name of the brewery now when anyway.

00:22:49.080 --> 00:22:59.010 David Brewin: Guy one of these Victorian mansions and Aspen and we did 200 feet of fencing so I got to actually do a job, where they're going I worked for him a half a day.

00:22:59.670 --> 00:23:11.670 David Brewin: And then he would teach me for the other half a day, so I had better than other apprenticeship because he's saying well you're pretty good with that you got to do that, but you don't know how to do this, so let me show you how to do that.

00:23:12.780 --> 00:23:21.600 David Brewin: So then, when I got back to the folk school and I heard about all these really great blacksmith and I had never met so.

00:23:22.560 --> 00:23:30.660 David Brewin: I use my position at the folks cool to get them to come teach classes and then I was sitting in the back of the studio.

00:23:31.290 --> 00:23:35.580 David Brewin: and listen to them and got to got to be friends with them, people like Ivan Bailey was.

00:23:36.540 --> 00:23:42.750 David Brewin: Very well known blacksmith out of Atlanta Peter Ross who at the time was the head blacksmith and waves bird.

00:23:43.650 --> 00:23:51.780 David Brewin: IRA dakotan, who was a top flight art blacksmith at a near Winston Salem and then mark, both in camp, who is.

00:23:52.680 --> 00:24:03.360 David Brewin: Just an amazing blacksmith could do anything so those people were all big influences on my life, and then I got the newbie hensley real well over a spruce pine.

00:24:04.050 --> 00:24:10.080 David Brewin: and watching him work he was a master so I got to I got to be around all these people.

00:24:10.740 --> 00:24:17.340 David Brewin: And then just a lot of mountain people to that were just inspirations to me just they weren't necessarily craftsman but.

00:24:17.880 --> 00:24:28.380 David Brewin: song with a friend of mine told and handling and folks Google, we were talking about Ben teams who was this is old guy that could log you could farm, you can do anything.

00:24:28.860 --> 00:24:36.720 David Brewin: It just you know talking with Ben I just learned so much about mountain people and then getting to play with mountain musicians.

00:24:37.170 --> 00:24:51.780 David Brewin: That are guiding coral green at a gas station in brasstown really good fiddler I go down and jam with Carl the clay's corner was another place in brasstown you might have heard the possible drop.

00:24:52.140 --> 00:25:01.020 David Brewin: Which is where to place and I would go out and jam they'd have a Friday night jam, so I would sit down there and jam with those guys know.

00:25:01.530 --> 00:25:16.080 David Brewin: So just a lot of influences on my life that, even though I grew up in the coast my heart's in the mountains, I mean i'm going to end up here, this is where you know okay get my ashes scattered around here somewhere.

00:25:16.740 --> 00:25:17.790 Joseph McElroy: So uh.

00:25:20.520 --> 00:25:28.560 Joseph McElroy: All these mentors of these great people that you've worked with what would you say, are the core values you've got your your craft from them, what are the core values.

00:25:29.940 --> 00:25:34.800 David Brewin: i'm really trying to do the best you can do when you do it and.

00:25:35.880 --> 00:25:40.770 David Brewin: And I always my old mentor always told me, you know that just.

00:25:42.450 --> 00:25:44.040 David Brewin: don't ever shortchange somebody.

00:25:45.090 --> 00:25:48.810 David Brewin: You know, when you when you charge a price stick with it, and if.

00:25:49.980 --> 00:26:00.570 David Brewin: And I think one of the best advice he ever gave me was make sure you put a good price on it, and then, if it comes in cheaper come down with it, but don't put but if it's your if you mess up.

00:26:01.050 --> 00:26:07.830 David Brewin: and takes longer than you thought that's on you and so that's what i've always done, you know I give a price I stick to it.

00:26:09.180 --> 00:26:16.680 David Brewin: i've got some very good clients over the years and got to do the kind of work that I really enjoy doing.

00:26:18.330 --> 00:26:24.510 David Brewin: Large architectural kind of conditions and and I i've been lucky in having.

00:26:25.950 --> 00:26:39.330 David Brewin: a really good apprentice before and he's got a very successful business now doing home furnishings and I just have one of the greatest blessings in my life was running into a young band and Jason knows.

00:26:40.350 --> 00:26:51.270 David Brewin: who's got the shopping shopping deals for you and I ended up with this job that was way too big for me and so jason's wife and put an ad on Facebook.

00:26:52.050 --> 00:26:58.590 David Brewin: And so I contacted him Jason showed up in my life we've been working together for the past three years and.

00:26:59.370 --> 00:27:04.860 David Brewin: he's learning blacksmith thing for me and i'm just learning so much about fabrication installation.

00:27:05.820 --> 00:27:18.510 David Brewin: How, not to get upset over having a big job that seems like it's more than you can handle we just don't worry day we got I love working I love you know figuring things out and he has, like some of the big gates we've done.

00:27:19.740 --> 00:27:23.520 David Brewin: You know, like for the ncd The world is learning.

00:27:25.920 --> 00:27:32.730 Joseph McElroy: So what are the core values is learning how to learn how to keep learning how to keep learning and no matter what you're.

00:27:32.730 --> 00:27:46.770 David Brewin: exactly right and learning how to pass an ordinance passed on to me it's my duty to pass it on I mean just about everybody out here that these mountain guides that are carvers that are musicians they learned it from somebody else.

00:27:47.370 --> 00:27:52.380 Joseph McElroy: Well i'm really glad that I love that story, you told about to tell you the price it good.

00:27:52.740 --> 00:28:06.420 Joseph McElroy: You know what I started a business yeah I read a story about an immigrant I forget what the business was but they became successful NASA what was the secret to his business and he said I just price it three times what it costs.

00:28:10.140 --> 00:28:17.850 Joseph McElroy: And that was the That was the secret so that's what I that's what I started doing after yeah and and I started being able to do some business.

00:28:20.490 --> 00:28:31.350 Joseph McElroy: We come back we'll find more about what you know more about the institutions and things that you've been involved with and they're pretty interesting like fox fire and breast town, schools and the mountain heritage Center.

00:28:39.000 --> 00:28:39.480 And pop.

00:31:21.000 --> 00:31:33.210 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph right we're back we're back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest David ruin who's a master blacksmith and find crashed so David.

00:31:34.320 --> 00:31:46.050 Joseph McElroy: I mentioned the schools, I think the fox town a fox fire and brasstown schools yeah that you've been involved with can you let our audience know what they are why they're so famous.

00:31:46.650 --> 00:31:56.850 David Brewin: yeah came to the Campbell from school, which was founded back in the 20s on the model of the Danish folk school and it was originally designed to.

00:31:57.990 --> 00:32:09.930 David Brewin: Basically, provide a good education for the mountain kids around there, and like I said it was the Danish model and that's where the folk dancing game from because that was part of their visit Program.

00:32:11.010 --> 00:32:20.550 David Brewin: A lot of Baptist around there, so they weren't supposed to dance, so it was you know it was actually P they're doing these Danish folks folk dances and.

00:32:21.180 --> 00:32:33.480 David Brewin: You go around and interview people that had been in there and it's just really hearing them talk about when they were young you know directors and whether you hail, I remember doing that tumor there, which is a.

00:32:33.480 --> 00:32:34.830 Joseph McElroy: Data gets.

00:32:35.310 --> 00:32:40.440 David Brewin: It so that was how that was how I got started and then eventually.

00:32:42.090 --> 00:32:52.740 David Brewin: The woodcarving was the big thing at the folks cool and so they they had some amazing wood carvers and they as people different directors came in.

00:32:53.250 --> 00:33:06.540 David Brewin: They had different flats, and in order to make money they started bringing students in to take classes and they had a blacksmith there a guy named Oscar cantrell who's just an amazing mountain man and.

00:33:07.620 --> 00:33:13.980 David Brewin: I love to Oscar was another influence on me I loved him dearly and so anyway.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:31.200 David Brewin: Jim Copeland came down from New York as a homesteader and he kind of got into Oscars willing to teach a blacksmith and so he could learn for his home state of that was only had 60 so makers and his wife lived in a year, she was a Buddhist monk and.

00:33:32.280 --> 00:33:41.730 David Brewin: He he ran the homestead and my Oscar had a severe heart attack they needed a resident Smith and so Jim took over the job.

00:33:42.600 --> 00:33:49.830 David Brewin: Until I came there, so I guess, I was the third resident Smith at the folks cool and I came there in 1980.

00:33:50.670 --> 00:33:59.790 David Brewin: And then we started with then having Francis there, we had a workplace blacksmith coming in teaching, so I think the blacksmith and Program.

00:34:00.240 --> 00:34:11.160 David Brewin: kind of kickstart at some of the other craft programs where all our programs over there now just major League and their blacksmith is second to none got an amazing studio.

00:34:11.850 --> 00:34:21.960 David Brewin: Over there float school now so it's somebody wants to learn a craft, I suggest talk to the folks school they got them all and it's a great place to learn and.

00:34:22.620 --> 00:34:36.870 David Brewin: Wonderful music program over there still have a great dancing program was talking to Mike about some of the Scottish dancing English dancing that they have over there, so it's pretty pretty broad spectrum at the school over there.

00:34:40.350 --> 00:34:50.880 David Brewin: There was a guy that introduced me to Elliot wigginton you know fox fire was a started off as an English project, I guess, back in the 70s and.

00:34:52.140 --> 00:34:58.680 David Brewin: People were interested in getting back to the land and fox fire was able to capitalize on that it wasn't how they started.

00:34:59.310 --> 00:35:15.540 David Brewin: They were just looking for things to get the local kids excited about writing about, and so they started publishing a little book and you know, of course, it ended up being double day one of their biggest sellers and for a while there and so.

00:35:17.070 --> 00:35:23.430 David Brewin: They were interested in in getting a blacksmith and program going over there in the summer, so I went over there and.

00:35:24.030 --> 00:35:34.590 David Brewin: had two or three kids and we used to make like things they had a gift shop nearby and we'd make things to sell in there and and we actually ended up presenting a.

00:35:35.370 --> 00:35:50.880 David Brewin: set of skewers at the boys made in there and over to john mondale who was really interested in crafts and her husband, I think, was doing some she was helping him do campaigning, and she wrote us a note saying that they couldn't wait to inaugurate the skewers.

00:35:52.800 --> 00:35:53.610 David Brewin: So.

00:35:53.850 --> 00:36:01.500 David Brewin: I worked there for a few years and then I did a actually did in fox fire salmon interviewed a little wagon maker judge Nelson.

00:36:02.280 --> 00:36:16.740 David Brewin: And I say that with him and documented actually building a farm wagon from pieces of wood that he would go out and do is woodpile turned the hopes of the wagon with and made everything you know we surf the tires and everything on it.

00:36:18.270 --> 00:36:21.420 David Brewin: That was about a year on stay with good in English, the character.

00:36:23.820 --> 00:36:26.250 Joseph McElroy: Where is where's where's fox fire located.

00:36:27.090 --> 00:36:29.370 David Brewin: In Raven county Georgia near clayton.

00:36:29.760 --> 00:36:31.710 Joseph McElroy: uh huh and then brasstown.

00:36:32.790 --> 00:36:35.190 David Brewin: breath sounds about seven miles from Murphy.

00:36:35.520 --> 00:36:38.070 David Brewin: is just an extreme Southwestern bars, the state.

00:36:38.970 --> 00:36:43.620 Joseph McElroy: And was breast how to what you said mentioned Campbell school was Prescott Arizona Campbell school.

00:36:44.580 --> 00:36:51.750 David Brewin: Well brandon I was a little just a little village over there was a emmerdale he was a corruption of the cherokee word.

00:36:54.090 --> 00:37:03.360 David Brewin: did everything to do with brass or anything, it was just a corruption of a word and all of Dave Campbell found it she and her husband were.

00:37:03.900 --> 00:37:14.760 David Brewin: traveling looking for a place to set up a folk school and they came in there and actually Calvin coolidge had saved it from being.

00:37:15.660 --> 00:37:27.060 David Brewin: flooded now they're all of name and Marguerite been struck by the stroke, she was actually a coolidge, for she married the Dame your beach trip and.

00:37:27.810 --> 00:37:40.830 David Brewin: It was going to be flooded and so they went to Calvin coolidge and got him to stop the dam and so brasstown was flooded and brasstown is a is a thriving Community day and it's really a special place.

00:37:41.640 --> 00:37:45.120 Joseph McElroy: So it's a good place for people who might be interested to come to the mountains, to go visit right.

00:37:45.510 --> 00:38:03.540 David Brewin: Oh yeah and you've got every you've got full money over there, she just got everything you could ever want, and when I was there, the local people still came over and played music and and love to do with it i'm assuming it probably still is the same kind of that same ethos over there.

00:38:04.140 --> 00:38:13.710 Joseph McElroy: You know I what i've traveled around a little bit the mountains in recent years, it still is still the same way, I was just you know up and Maggie and I traveled up to the flea market and.

00:38:14.130 --> 00:38:21.210 Joseph McElroy: They you know it's not it's not a big elaborate flea market to real you know sort of country flea market but they set up a little busy.

00:38:22.830 --> 00:38:31.500 Joseph McElroy: Middle and locals came up you know and we're just playing bluegrass music, you know it's and welcoming people to that village, I found that another town, just like that.

00:38:32.010 --> 00:38:45.510 Joseph McElroy: yeah it's kind of special you know makes you feel you know get that local community feel you know in participating in local cultures, you know, one of the seven emotional factors that makes experiences memorable.

00:38:47.310 --> 00:38:51.270 Joseph McElroy: What did you what did you find most gratifying about working at those schools.

00:38:52.890 --> 00:38:57.630 David Brewin: Just the connection with the people, that was the big one, of course, my you know I learned my craft.

00:38:58.980 --> 00:39:07.800 David Brewin: I wouldn't be where I was if it hadn't been for the people that I met at the folks cool and then just just the people around there I just loved.

00:39:08.520 --> 00:39:15.900 David Brewin: A lot of them were gone now and I was real privilege to have gotten to meet so many of them and talk to them welcome into their homes and.

00:39:16.800 --> 00:39:24.720 David Brewin: fact I had you know, one of the strongest people over there and that's where the old families and he just told me he said, you know if you're just one of us.

00:39:25.200 --> 00:39:32.670 David Brewin: Men that was one of the greatest compliments, I think I ever got from anybody over there, I was just you know, I was, I was one of them.

00:39:33.180 --> 00:39:45.540 Joseph McElroy: mm hmm so you I read that you later worked at the wc Western Carolina university about heritage Center sort of during the glory days, can you share share a little bit about your work.

00:39:45.540 --> 00:39:47.610 David Brewin: Coordinating yeah yeah I was.

00:39:48.720 --> 00:39:55.890 David Brewin: I think I went there in 1987 and it was just getting I had a I had a brand new dollar and.

00:39:56.970 --> 00:39:58.950 David Brewin: my daughter hazel and she.

00:40:01.260 --> 00:40:16.890 David Brewin: I just needed a regular income basically at the time, you know, being a craftsman and especially the economy at the time was starting to start the tank it was that 80s recession tail end of that and a job came available over there is a museum educator.

00:40:18.360 --> 00:40:18.780 David Brewin: Which.

00:40:20.340 --> 00:40:24.180 David Brewin: that's kind of a catch all phrase, and so I had a lot of skills that.

00:40:25.500 --> 00:40:32.130 David Brewin: I can do it, they needed somebody to help with exhibits they needed somebody to go out and interview people, it was they needed somebody to go.

00:40:32.790 --> 00:40:47.370 David Brewin: Do programs, and so, so I did all of that, while I was there and staying there too early 90s, and then went back into blacksmith and for a while and then that was the next great per session.

00:40:48.660 --> 00:40:59.790 David Brewin: So my old job came available and I went back there again for a few years, and that was when I actually met about plug and.

00:41:01.140 --> 00:41:08.250 David Brewin: I tell people, you should not probably read the book about plugged in because you may do like I didn't go back one.

00:41:10.590 --> 00:41:10.950 Joseph McElroy: Well, you.

00:41:11.520 --> 00:41:16.860 Joseph McElroy: You coordinated town for the mountain heritage day and I was about 25 to 30,000 people return it.

00:41:16.860 --> 00:41:17.580 David Brewin: yeah we did.

00:41:18.150 --> 00:41:26.640 David Brewin: We did the we only took care of the traditional they had two stages there they had a traditional stage and more of a modern stage.

00:41:27.090 --> 00:41:34.740 David Brewin: And we did we did all the traditional musicians and all the traditional crafts, like we had a lot of cherokee crafts people there and.

00:41:35.460 --> 00:41:48.420 David Brewin: Just traditional mountain crafts, that we took care of the traditional side of it and and then there was another group did the you know the big modern stage over there and we cannot say modern music.

00:41:53.100 --> 00:41:55.080 Joseph McElroy: was over the famous X you got to come there.

00:41:56.100 --> 00:41:56.820 Joseph McElroy: Well, if I ever saw.

00:41:57.150 --> 00:41:59.280 David Brewin: was talking about Darren Nicholson, you know that.

00:42:01.140 --> 00:42:03.270 David Brewin: That was on there on the big stage and.

00:42:04.380 --> 00:42:08.220 David Brewin: We would have like some of the old, traditional musicians and.

00:42:09.480 --> 00:42:26.130 David Brewin: That was where I got to play with gar ma stellar Barker and Doyle was the guitarist that I hit I realized, when I was in when I go to Fontana, and got to meet him we got to know him really well and garmin stellar.

00:42:27.960 --> 00:42:39.210 David Brewin: We had a folklorist at the mountain Ridge Center that ran into gar and I went out there with him and found out, he was from Andrews, and I said, you know, by any chance, know Gandhi don't Barker to use it oh yeah.

00:42:40.470 --> 00:42:50.640 David Brewin: Music all the time together, so we got them together and recorded an album with them called appalachian swing you know we do things like sweet Georgia brown you know and.

00:42:50.760 --> 00:42:51.480 Joseph McElroy: Oh wow.

00:42:51.720 --> 00:42:54.450 David Brewin: You know just Bob Wilson, the Texas playboy's.

00:42:54.450 --> 00:42:56.430 Joseph McElroy: Is that is that album still out there.

00:42:57.180 --> 00:43:00.060 David Brewin: still getting it through the mountain learning Center.

00:43:00.420 --> 00:43:02.010 Joseph McElroy: wow that's.

00:43:04.470 --> 00:43:21.900 David Brewin: rhythm guitar on and we had a really good bass player and a drummer wow so we caught some flack for playing as a dance school with the dancers into cheering us given us a standing ovation out there as after we got through playing Alabama Jubilee.

00:43:24.210 --> 00:43:29.970 David Brewin: And there was a so that was who was people like that that we would get it, and we had like.

00:43:31.080 --> 00:43:34.800 David Brewin: We used to have a couple radio host from debbie LM s.

00:43:36.990 --> 00:43:37.380 David Brewin: Over.

00:43:39.030 --> 00:43:43.110 David Brewin: To look to the asheville station and spend nail station.

00:43:43.440 --> 00:43:51.780 Joseph McElroy: Oh, is always a you know I always knew it was a big event because I heard about it and we'll talk a little bit more about it when we come back from the break.

00:43:52.260 --> 00:43:52.710 David Brewin: All right.

00:46:10.830 --> 00:46:23.760 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin back Roy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast with my guest David bruin so David you know you did some great work with the wc set wc you.

00:46:26.190 --> 00:46:35.190 Joseph McElroy: heritage Center and really was a force in this Community, for a long time, but I want, I want to focus a little bit on the your your own work.

00:46:35.550 --> 00:46:49.440 Joseph McElroy: You know the term mental work really does not do your work justice as it's really truly I think a functional three dimensional art tell us about some of your favorite pieces and some of the famous folks that you designed customized workflow.

00:46:50.880 --> 00:46:52.740 David Brewin: Well, on the.

00:46:54.180 --> 00:47:04.500 David Brewin: I got into doing I got into working with his contractor that bill really high end homes and and the architect to design them.

00:47:05.190 --> 00:47:11.640 David Brewin: had been a student at the a cold mozart's in Paris, he didn't senior year in architecture school in Paris.

00:47:12.300 --> 00:47:23.040 David Brewin: So he loves ironwork fact we're doing 75 feet around or his personal home, right now, and just got through talking with him this morning and we're gonna be doing some.

00:47:23.760 --> 00:47:33.870 David Brewin: Special stuff I think this will be his last home that he builds for himself and he wants kind of some of his own special touches in there, so i'll be doing that.

00:47:34.890 --> 00:47:47.100 David Brewin: And well you know I guess Everybody talks about the basis for AC DC, which is one of the homes and talks away and we This is where Jason really.

00:47:47.640 --> 00:48:01.050 David Brewin: came into his own I met Jason because I was doing a job that was just too big for me same contractor, and so I ran into Jason and he helped me get through that job and then this job came up for.

00:48:02.100 --> 00:48:09.360 David Brewin: About 225 foot games to 1212 and a half foot days each one way about 1000 pounds and.

00:48:10.410 --> 00:48:18.960 David Brewin: So we did them for the homeless, about 67 feet are wrought iron fencing for two and then.

00:48:20.700 --> 00:48:30.840 David Brewin: The owner wanted a head of a metal reveal on his fireplace and I think he I think he was from London and he wanted something kind of.

00:48:31.440 --> 00:48:44.070 David Brewin: sort of like post industrial type look to it, so we had this huge piece of plate that we had to we had to texture and we tried everything and.

00:48:44.580 --> 00:48:53.280 David Brewin: This is how Jason my apprentice fingers out things is also a heavy equipment operator and he had a great big track hoe.

00:48:53.940 --> 00:49:09.510 David Brewin: In there, so we took in forged a ball for the bucket of the track code like a hammer, and then Jason would sit out there and bang the head of the bucket of the track code editor that hammerhead there it is his dad would.

00:49:10.560 --> 00:49:28.800 David Brewin: It would put station, so we got through that all these huge indentations out, it is that we fixed up the fireplace with that, and then I made some fireplace tools and some fire screens or events and fire tools and stuff like that so and I heard things like that so.

00:49:29.880 --> 00:49:30.990 David Brewin: In right now we're.

00:49:32.190 --> 00:49:50.700 David Brewin: Like I say we're doing the 75 feet for the architects house and there'll be a lot more we've got another house we're going to be doing a big entry gate for about and that's going to be kind of very sculptural is my third one for that one, so this is the kind of work i'm doing now.

00:49:51.690 --> 00:49:52.680 David Brewin: When I was enjoying it.

00:49:53.250 --> 00:49:59.820 Joseph McElroy: that's fabulous I mean it sounds like you did it you did metal artwork for one of the premier heavy metal bands of all time.

00:50:00.270 --> 00:50:00.750 yeah.

00:50:03.030 --> 00:50:04.800 David Brewin: The irony was last going to be either.

00:50:04.890 --> 00:50:05.700 yeah.

00:50:06.810 --> 00:50:20.460 Joseph McElroy: So, so the finish up you you're at a time when most most folks have retired, but you remain a force in the industry, and you know and it sounds are excited about the future, what plans you have.

00:50:21.300 --> 00:50:23.820 David Brewin: Well, I just want to keep doing more and more of this and.

00:50:24.900 --> 00:50:32.790 David Brewin: And I say haven't haven't haven't Jason with me now I can do anything that I really that I really want to do, I can design it.

00:50:33.390 --> 00:50:43.290 David Brewin: And if it's too much for me, I could show him how to you know, have a fortune and so it's it's it's been a great thing and i'm just looking forward to do a whole lot more and.

00:50:44.400 --> 00:50:54.360 David Brewin: I learned this attitude from her landing in that he's 88 and he's still building guns right now and did a huge sculpture in downtown waynesville.

00:50:55.440 --> 00:51:07.980 David Brewin: Three years ago, and I saw i'm crawling around with his hands and knees doing the it's it's a seven foot tall sculpture, it was cast and bronze of the frontiersman and.

00:51:08.040 --> 00:51:10.770 Joseph McElroy: Her role was on my love of scope for bed, I see that.

00:51:10.920 --> 00:51:11.760 David Brewin: Oh yeah you know that.

00:51:13.920 --> 00:51:15.330 David Brewin: Night goodbye and visit me.

00:51:15.330 --> 00:51:22.860 David Brewin: damages hands and knees, you know, working on the claim and stuff like that, and just you know he never lost his passion.

00:51:22.890 --> 00:51:26.370 Joseph McElroy: downtown waves got a beautiful sculpture collection like that.

00:51:29.190 --> 00:51:33.360 Joseph McElroy: So how do people reach out to you if they want to talk about metal work.

00:51:34.950 --> 00:51:51.240 David Brewin: Well, I guess, they, the best way to do it is jason's business is cutting edge mobile welding in in hillsboro I work we work out of his shop over there, because he's got a nice really big shop and.

00:51:52.260 --> 00:51:55.530 David Brewin: I can give you the particulars of how to get up with him.

00:51:55.800 --> 00:51:56.820 Joseph McElroy: Does he have a website.

00:51:58.140 --> 00:52:08.190 David Brewin: not yet we're working on his wife, his wife does all that stuff for us is like so she's she's a real Jason doesn't care anything about that he just wants to work.

00:52:09.660 --> 00:52:16.650 David Brewin: And so, but his wife tammy she's a whiz with computer stuff and she's going to do a web page for us eventually.

00:52:17.310 --> 00:52:27.480 David Brewin: But they do have a Facebook page, as you can contact there and i'm on Facebook just David Bruton, and you can reach me through that and.

00:52:28.410 --> 00:52:36.390 David Brewin: We can get together that way, if you want to do something that like you said so we're still you know, in the digital age we're pretty easy to get up with.

00:52:36.600 --> 00:52:40.500 Joseph McElroy: yeah I didn't you steps that you had something called sugar plum or something like that.

00:52:41.790 --> 00:52:43.980 David Brewin: Well, I originally was plum orchard forge.

00:52:44.040 --> 00:52:46.290 Joseph McElroy: Well that's a toy fortunate for to.

00:52:46.590 --> 00:52:58.890 David Brewin: Because we go my wife and I live on actually have a plum orchard, a wild blood mortar there and so that's that's how it got its name I used to have my shop there.

00:52:59.610 --> 00:53:06.960 David Brewin: And then I thought I was just going to retire like I said so I sold everything to my first apprentice and ended up buying as i've been backfilling.

00:53:08.640 --> 00:53:24.360 Joseph McElroy: Well, I want to thank you for being on the show it's been a wonderful insight into the blacksmith and how it's such a alive and vibrant profession this day and then we'll get do some shout outs for our sponsors.

00:53:25.740 --> 00:53:26.610 Joseph McElroy: A match imagine.

00:53:29.490 --> 00:53:29.820 Joseph McElroy: well.

00:53:29.910 --> 00:53:32.370 Joseph McElroy: what's that no, thank you.

00:53:32.940 --> 00:53:41.310 Joseph McElroy: So imagine a place evocative of motorsports of the past, yet modern and vibrate with a chic appalachian feel a place for adventure for relaxation.

00:53:41.700 --> 00:53:49.470 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain heritage trap stream grill the catch on fire and eat accompanied by fine wine.

00:53:49.830 --> 00:53:59.580 Joseph McElroy: or craft beers imagine a place with old time music and world cultural sounds, there is no other place like the benchmark motel and Maggie valley North Carolina.

00:53:59.910 --> 00:54:06.270 Joseph McElroy: Your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay go to Melbourne motel calm without that more.

00:54:06.780 --> 00:54:16.590 Joseph McElroy: We also want to tell you about the middle art smoky mountain heritage Center just just started it has a Facebook slash Ms mhc.

00:54:16.860 --> 00:54:27.450 Joseph McElroy: And it's permit, but it is about perpetuating promoting smoky smoky mountain heritage, history and culture to program seminars concerts festivals tours incorporated.

00:54:29.190 --> 00:54:34.770 Joseph McElroy: that's funded by smokies advance smokies is plural venture singular.

00:54:35.130 --> 00:54:40.560 Joseph McElroy: The emphasis emphasis on smokies adventure is outdoor recreation, along with providing information on logic.

00:54:40.830 --> 00:54:48.000 Joseph McElroy: Family entertainment events conventions honeymoons and more The goal of this site has become the leading information portal, the smoky mountains.

00:54:48.360 --> 00:55:01.680 Joseph McElroy: You can find more about this podcast at gateway to the smokies dot fun, where you can reach out to us to sign up for a newsletter or contact us to find information about our guests and content information for them.

00:55:02.490 --> 00:55:18.330 Joseph McElroy: we're part of the talk radio dot nyc network talk radio dot nyc is alive podcasting station, whose mission is to empower inspire uplift and educate a worldwide audience, I recommend that you stay tuned for.

00:55:18.810 --> 00:55:32.220 Joseph McElroy: The following podcast, which is about New York City, so you can go from rural national parks to the premier urban space in America to find out more and more about what kind of adventures, you can have.

00:55:33.210 --> 00:55:40.170 Joseph McElroy: i've really enjoyed this show looking forward to next week's show which will be another crass person.

00:55:41.370 --> 00:56:01.140 Joseph McElroy: or historian and social and cultural participant in the mountains of North Carolina we're always on Tuesdays from six to seven on talk radio dot nyc you can also find us on Facebook streaming live slash gateway to the smokies podcast Thank you very much.

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