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Tuesday, May 4, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/04 - Perpetuating the Legacy of Horace Kephart

Facebook Live Video from 2021/05/04 - Perpetuating the Legacy of Horace Kephart


2021/05/04 - Perpetuating the Legacy of Horace Kephart

[NEW EPISODE] Perpetuating the Legacy of Horace Kephart

Today's guest is Libby Kephart Hargrave, she is an accomplished musician as well as a film documentarian. Her primary focus in recent years has been perpetuating the legacy of her great-grandfather Horace Kephart who’s story still pulls an undercurrent through the Smoky Mountains. Kephart is acclaimed as the father of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, an outdoorsman gifted with an adventurous soul, and the author of such staples of regional literature as Our Southern Highlanders and Camping and Woodcraft.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph starts tonight’s episode by introducing today's topic, the legacy of Horace Kephart. Joseph shares some exciting news, the park is working to reopen much of its operations in the near future. He introduces today’s guest, Libby Kephart Hargrave, great-granddaughter of Horace Kephart. Libby talks about her experience in music and theater. She sings a song she wrote about Horace for a documentary she did. Horace worked tirelessly to keep a library in shape while also maintaining his family life. Libby shares an anecdote about an experience Horace had in a cyclone. This led him to write a suicide note, but he was saved by a police man. This led to him going to the Smokies to heal. He separated from his wife, but never legally divorced. Libby talks about the importance Horace has to her. Joseph and Libby move on to discussing the freshness they feel in the mountains.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Joseph asks Libby to talk about an unlikely friendship Horace had. Libby talks about the lasting impact his writing has had and the lessons she has taken from him. These lessons are international, with much of her website's audience coming from Japan. His influence in helping to create the national park lies mainly in his passion, his desire to save the land came through in his writing and he visited Washington to advocate for it. Libby made a book from manuscripts passed down in the family and published it with the Great Smoky Mountains Association. To celebrate her great-grandfather, Libby started Horace Kephart Day which is an annual event she holds. She discusses speakers she has had come to the event throughout the year. Moving on she talks about experiences hiking and camping with her family in sites with Kephart history. She talks about the healing powers of the mountains and the idea that the element that heals can be different for everyone. Joseph recounts an experience where he felt healed and happy because of the mountains.

Segment 3

Joseph talks about the donations the Kephart family has made. Libby discusses letters Horace wrote that are displayed at Western Carolina University. On top of letters, things such as Horace’s wife’s wedding ensemble were donated. Libby talks about a knife she received as a gift. She discusses the documentary she made with Ken Burns about Horace’s life and story. Celebrating his 150th birthday Libby made a play about Horace’s story, and got in touch with Ken to help with that before reaching out to get him involved in the documentary. The documentary discusses him from both a family and historic point of view. The two discuss more the reasons why his writing is still prevalent today. A lot of this is due to his humor he incorporated. Libby talks about other books written by and about Horace.

Segment 4

Horace wasn’t the only explorer in the family though. Libby’s uncle Leonard was also a great explorer, he was in fact the first American to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. Libby talks about the people she surrounds herself with in preserving her family’s legacy. Looking through Leonard’s stuff that her aunt gave her, Libby found some journals of his. She talks about going through these journals in order to help with an upcoming documentary about Leonard. She moves on to share resources where the audience can reach her as well as upcoming projects she has, such as her return to singing.


00:00:39.690 --> 00:00:40.380 Joseph McElroy: howdy.

00:00:40.770 --> 00:00:53.640 Joseph McElroy: Thanks for joining us on this week's episode of gateway to the smokies this podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains National Park in the surrounding towns.

00:00:54.150 --> 00:01:09.360 Joseph McElroy: This area is filled with ancient natural beauty a deep storied history and rich mountain cultures that we explore with weekly episodes I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy a man of the world, but also deep roots in these.

00:01:09.360 --> 00:01:12.930 Joseph McElroy: Mountains my family's lived in the great smokies forever.

00:01:12.990 --> 00:01:14.460 Joseph McElroy: For over 200 years.

00:01:14.730 --> 00:01:17.790 Joseph McElroy: My businesses in travel, but my heart is in culture.

00:01:18.480 --> 00:01:33.600 Joseph McElroy: today's episode is about the legacy of horus counterpart co founder of the great smoky mountains national park and how that helps outdoor outdoor life today, but first some news guess what the National Park begins to reopening may night.

00:01:35.220 --> 00:01:43.320 Joseph McElroy: It will be opening a lot of services, next week and as following the guidelines from the Federal Government and the centers for disease control and prevention.

00:01:43.800 --> 00:01:54.660 Joseph McElroy: So all the roads and trails will be open and over the next couple weeks after that the campgrounds picnic rebellions visitor centers and the secondary rose will start being phased in.

00:01:55.410 --> 00:02:00.930 Joseph McElroy: there'll be new safety measures, new ways to disinfect yourself and parking operations but it looks great.

00:02:01.620 --> 00:02:11.250 Joseph McElroy: Also vehicle free wednesday's are starting again on kate's code loop road that's one of those popular K roads in the smokies.

00:02:12.120 --> 00:02:24.180 Joseph McElroy: And it'll be may 5 or Sep tember first and it's for basically people that are walking in right on the roads to see a lot of experience, a lot of the the roadside stuff that you can see.

00:02:24.720 --> 00:02:35.250 Joseph McElroy: In this in this area and have a camping experience from the with very little parking and and and fun times.

00:02:36.810 --> 00:02:47.970 Joseph McElroy: I think it's I think this is the second year they might be doing a third year so pretty happy about that you can cold call for more information 865-448-9034.

00:02:48.810 --> 00:03:02.850 Joseph McElroy: So my guest today is libby kephart hargrave and she's an accomplished musician vocalist and composer for 17 years she performed the national anthem for the United States blue angels flight demonstration tea.

00:03:03.360 --> 00:03:20.340 Joseph McElroy: or primary a freak her primary focus in recent years has been perpetuating the legacy of her great grandfather horse counterpart, who is a legendary explorer writer naturalist naturalist and co founder of the great smoky mountains National Park, how are you doing.

00:03:21.060 --> 00:03:25.020 Libby Hargrave: i'm doing great it's been wonderful seeing you on the pensacola Florida.

00:03:25.380 --> 00:03:31.320 Joseph McElroy: that's great it's great to have you on the show you have some beautiful scenery behind you, we have two paintings there.

00:03:32.430 --> 00:03:44.070 Libby Hargrave: At one photograph the one over here is kept boots which I used in the movie which we're talking about little while my younger sister Joanne kept our partner is the artists and then this is one of a very famous photograph by George massa.

00:03:46.380 --> 00:03:47.460 Libby Hargrave: On whiteside mountain.

00:03:48.000 --> 00:04:00.840 Joseph McElroy: There they're beautiful and then in the background to the mountains it's really pretty stunning my background that you got there, so you know, he says, like you have an interesting music career, can you tell me a little bit about that.

00:04:01.830 --> 00:04:02.220 Libby Hargrave: Because I.

00:04:03.360 --> 00:04:04.740 Libby Hargrave: don't talk about myself a whole lot.

00:04:05.790 --> 00:04:18.990 Libby Hargrave: I went to college and Tulsa Maryland with a degree in theatre minor in music and dance it's been a lot of years in the professional world of theater a lot of touring directing choreographing and being on stage and a lot of singing.

00:04:20.190 --> 00:04:24.150 Libby Hargrave: And then I got married at age 35 and then we ended up down here in pensacola so.

00:04:25.380 --> 00:04:31.920 Libby Hargrave: life's journeys take us where we are and I do my best down here to stay, is involved professionally i've done some directing up in Chicago.

00:04:33.120 --> 00:04:41.280 Libby Hargrave: And Sydney for the blues and for a lot of military events, but the blues or like doesn't get better than a crowd of 85,000 people standing silent and their hand over their heart.

00:04:42.360 --> 00:04:43.380 Libby Hargrave: that's a pretty cool gig.

00:04:43.500 --> 00:04:55.590 Joseph McElroy: that's a pretty cool gig well you know i'm wondering you've done a lot of different programs and videos honoring Horace and also your great uncle Leonard Have you any written any songs about them well.

00:04:55.770 --> 00:05:04.770 Libby Hargrave: I would like to start tonight on there's a song in the in the movie that I did, and we also did the play I wrote about him i'll just do do the first first if that's okay.

00:05:04.950 --> 00:05:05.970 Joseph McElroy: Sure that'd be great.

00:05:06.510 --> 00:05:11.370 Libby Hargrave: opens up a little bit of white counterpart ended up in the smokies and it's called broken man.

00:05:12.930 --> 00:05:14.970 Libby Hargrave: He came he.

00:05:16.500 --> 00:05:18.540 Broken man.

00:05:20.160 --> 00:05:24.330 Libby Hargrave: searching for his way.

00:05:26.790 --> 00:05:27.090 Libby Hargrave: He.

00:05:29.190 --> 00:05:29.550 Libby Hargrave: Is.

00:05:33.750 --> 00:05:34.590 Libby Hargrave: Absolutely.

00:05:36.330 --> 00:05:38.280 Libby Hargrave: Huge for his.

00:05:41.520 --> 00:05:45.990 Joseph McElroy: wow that was nice does it have a little bit of valid.

00:05:47.220 --> 00:05:53.010 Joseph McElroy: valid music in there, I mean that was one of the original smoky mountain and one of the imports from Scotch Irish culture.

00:05:57.600 --> 00:06:08.700 Joseph McElroy: Alright cool it's very that's the what is that that haunting lump sum sound right yeah that was very beautiful so he he came to the mountains of broken man.

00:06:09.480 --> 00:06:22.230 Libby Hargrave: yeah yes, and he had he was back in the day, the late 1800s he was one of the country's most highly respected Librarians and unit that the mercantile library in St Louis.

00:06:23.700 --> 00:06:30.390 Libby Hargrave: He worked tirelessly to improve that library and became one of the greatest collections of Western books.

00:06:31.980 --> 00:06:41.400 Libby Hargrave: But it was it was taxing for him, you can imagine, back then, back then, when you have six I have six kids at that point, but you have a family and you have all these responsibilities.

00:06:41.790 --> 00:06:49.080 Libby Hargrave: than I am want to believe that when this tornado was really horrible cyclone that went through St Louis he was living there.

00:06:50.070 --> 00:06:55.710 Libby Hargrave: on his way home he wanted to get home to the family and he gets caught on the street in this.

00:06:56.430 --> 00:07:11.250 Libby Hargrave: horrible cyclone and at one point he's holding on to a lamppost and imagine this Joseph you're holding on to a lamppost and there's a young boy you grab that young boy's hand trying to save his life and then the boys just set loose up into the cycle.

00:07:11.640 --> 00:07:18.570 Libby Hargrave: Oh, when he gets home he's covered head to toe mud the kit nobody recognized him when he first got home.

00:07:19.260 --> 00:07:32.580 Libby Hargrave: But you know we all have a tipping point, and I say this, when I give kept our programs every single one of us has a tipping point we don't know what it is and his sister died, he has a cyclone I don't know exactly what his tipping point was, but he wrote.

00:07:33.780 --> 00:07:36.570 Libby Hargrave: A suicide letter, it was a brilliant suicide letter.

00:07:37.650 --> 00:07:52.350 Libby Hargrave: But, fortunately, he was stopped and I I kidding they always say that I don't think he would have jumped off this the East bridge in St Louis because he was such a perfectionist and editor that he would have gone oops I forgot to dad and I are cross it T or put in a semi colon.

00:07:53.910 --> 00:08:03.090 Libby Hargrave: Outside there was, it was a police officer who saved him and his parents went and got him, his wife had already left him at that point but.

00:08:03.120 --> 00:08:04.230 Joseph McElroy: He ended up in this smoking.

00:08:04.320 --> 00:08:07.980 Libby Hargrave: And that was his place to heal and we thank God for that.

00:08:08.820 --> 00:08:13.470 Joseph McElroy: yeah did you ever did he get back with his family, it was it was a permanent.

00:08:14.670 --> 00:08:15.420 Joseph McElroy: separation.

00:08:15.750 --> 00:08:16.980 Libby Hargrave: that's a whole nother story.

00:08:18.930 --> 00:08:21.390 Libby Hargrave: They never legally separated or divorced, they stayed in.

00:08:21.390 --> 00:08:30.570 Libby Hargrave: tight hip hop was coming up with recipes are are designed for tense, he would send la who had moved back to Ithaca New York to be with her family.

00:08:30.810 --> 00:08:47.040 Libby Hargrave: He would send her patterns for tense and she was so she was he he would send recipes and she will cook them up, they correspond it and the kids correspondent with him it wasn't a perfect arrangement, but as it was as good as they could have it, and all the kids grew up just fine.

00:08:47.400 --> 00:08:59.520 Libby Hargrave: Large magnificent life they did see each other, a couple of times and they tried to reconcile at one point, but he started drinking again and ended up back going back to the smokies.

00:08:59.850 --> 00:09:02.400 Joseph McElroy: Okay wow so he was sort of.

00:09:04.350 --> 00:09:15.180 Joseph McElroy: there's a mixed heritage in his legacy I guess yeah yeah well, a lot of a lot of a lot of historical character, people are have that kind of mix legacy yeah.

00:09:17.340 --> 00:09:22.860 Libby Hargrave: You didn't drink every day, he was a binge drinker so when he drank you really, really drink, but he could go six months from.

00:09:23.880 --> 00:09:24.450 Joseph McElroy: Now I see.

00:09:24.840 --> 00:09:27.870 Libby Hargrave: Something would happen in this set them send them off and.

00:09:29.310 --> 00:09:29.730 Joseph McElroy: that's it.

00:09:30.750 --> 00:09:33.510 Joseph McElroy: I don't want to say say this, but it could be that Scotch Irish.

00:09:40.650 --> 00:09:45.900 Joseph McElroy: i've had some people in my family i'm a i'm a to beer day guy myself.

00:09:48.000 --> 00:09:59.550 Joseph McElroy: Oh, so you have spent a good deal of your life now researching your your great grandpa your great grandfather and aside from the obviously obvious family connection Why is he important to you.

00:10:00.330 --> 00:10:14.400 Libby Hargrave: Well i'll start with what my grandfather taught me and then kind of going back to the family, my grandfather was their fifth child whose name is George sevens kept heart and he took fortunately my sisters and my dad's the smokies I think the first trip, I was 10 years old.

00:10:15.630 --> 00:10:25.260 Libby Hargrave: But he instilled in us at a very young age, Joseph that we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us and it's a responsibility that i've gladly taken on.

00:10:26.220 --> 00:10:26.640 Joseph McElroy: When he got.

00:10:26.700 --> 00:10:28.350 Joseph McElroy: Old he said to me, at one point.

00:10:29.130 --> 00:10:40.920 Libby Hargrave: getting tired and i'm running out of time and I promised him that, at some point, I would take it on again and and hopefully complete his work with this with the same respect that he's put into it, but.

00:10:42.270 --> 00:10:56.430 Libby Hargrave: kept saved was one of the greatest voices to save those mountains, he saw the men just destroying the mountains, that that had saved his life and I to me that's just amazing part of his story, and that he also found his way back he's a great.

00:10:57.660 --> 00:11:03.300 Libby Hargrave: role models, the best term but i'm going to use a great role model for anybody who has lost their way.

00:11:04.830 --> 00:11:15.150 Libby Hargrave: is trying to find their way back into the world it doesn't have to be leaving your family and going to the smokies but it's finding a back of beyond a place of refuge, where you can find some peace within yourself.

00:11:16.800 --> 00:11:28.920 Libby Hargrave: And today, you know he never saw a psychiatrist after he left St Louis he just found it in himself the strength and the courage with the lovers of his parents his father was an amazing person and his family.

00:11:30.270 --> 00:11:31.950 Libby Hargrave: We can all learn from that.

00:11:33.270 --> 00:11:33.780 Libby Hargrave: Beyond.

00:11:35.010 --> 00:11:38.730 Joseph McElroy: yeah you know I had I had my wife for 20 years and.

00:11:39.150 --> 00:11:51.270 Joseph McElroy: died in 2014 and you know I had to go back to the mountains for a little while to to find some sort of centering you know, I have a very active mind, and I have to be in a place it's always.

00:11:51.690 --> 00:11:56.490 Joseph McElroy: busy but there's times when I just need to be somewhere there's absolute peace to be able to find that.

00:11:57.420 --> 00:12:01.110 Joseph McElroy: That that rock that place to stand on, I understand that.

00:12:02.400 --> 00:12:11.010 Libby Hargrave: To his cabin side of a hazel create I think i've been there, four or five times in my life it's a little bit of a track to get there, and the older, I get the last time ago but.

00:12:11.730 --> 00:12:19.710 Libby Hargrave: But when you're at his cabin site, it is so peaceful and you can understand what drew him to this particular spot the cabins not no longer there obviously.

00:12:20.460 --> 00:12:30.000 Libby Hargrave: You just sit there, and you feel his spirit you feel this centering within you like you were talking about and you find breathing space and a lot of us don't have breathing space anymore.

00:12:31.020 --> 00:12:35.190 Joseph McElroy: Now the mountains is definitely a destination, I think I read a poem about that.

00:12:35.340 --> 00:12:36.300 Libby Hargrave: But yeah.

00:12:37.020 --> 00:12:44.040 Joseph McElroy: You know, as a couple weeks ago that it's a destination, to come to Center find peace and and find.

00:12:44.070 --> 00:12:46.770 Joseph McElroy: You know, a freshness.

00:12:48.300 --> 00:12:48.870 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:12:50.040 --> 00:12:50.700 Joseph McElroy: You know I would.

00:12:50.880 --> 00:13:00.300 Joseph McElroy: When we come back, I think that we will talk more about what you really understand that impressed about horse and his accomplishments.

00:13:00.660 --> 00:13:01.290 Libby Hargrave: That sounds great.

00:16:00.270 --> 00:16:10.590 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smoky podcast with my guest libby kept part hargrave so libby.

00:16:11.280 --> 00:16:27.270 Joseph McElroy: You mentioned your to masa you have a picture behind you done by him did a horse and George have a good working relationship Okay, I know, George was one of the also the instrumental in helping get publicity for building, you know, the National Park.

00:16:27.870 --> 00:16:31.860 Libby Hargrave: I would say again, you have these two unlikely souls the age difference was huge.

00:16:33.810 --> 00:16:35.160 Libby Hargrave: gentle soul from Japan you.

00:16:35.160 --> 00:16:37.110 Libby Hargrave: have kept hard, who was you know traveled and.

00:16:38.220 --> 00:16:38.910 Libby Hargrave: But they worked.

00:16:38.970 --> 00:16:47.190 Libby Hargrave: tirelessly and they work really well together, they were the best of friends and when kephart died it broke masses heart tremendously.

00:16:47.760 --> 00:16:57.720 Libby Hargrave: But what they what they were able to do as a team was unbelievable massive rights that used to carry hundred pounds of equipment and he weighed 100 pounds and he would wait.

00:16:58.770 --> 00:17:10.890 Libby Hargrave: For perfect shot, you know nothing like are nothing like this phone I can go and take a perfect you know sunset I was shot in the mountains artistic here and wait and wait and wait and that's where we get photographs like that.

00:17:12.420 --> 00:17:18.630 Joseph McElroy: But that's a that's an iconic photo so I it's young it's known everywhere, I think.

00:17:19.860 --> 00:17:25.320 Joseph McElroy: So what do you find most appropriate impressive about Horace and how would you liked him to be remembered.

00:17:27.810 --> 00:17:31.830 Libby Hargrave: He is one who still to this day, is one of the greatest people over.

00:17:32.700 --> 00:17:47.640 Libby Hargrave: With his writings especially camping woodcraft like the Bible of camping some of the things he wrote about are outdated, but the concepts are very much still important, and quite valid, but he's one of the greatest teachers of outdoor woodcraft and camping.

00:17:48.690 --> 00:18:00.180 Libby Hargrave: He encourages us to this day, to get out there don't be afraid to go for a hike don't be afraid to set up your tent don't be afraid, if you if you burn the bacon over the campfire it's still bacon cooked over the campfire right.

00:18:01.980 --> 00:18:03.090 Joseph McElroy: marshmallow stage, really.

00:18:03.090 --> 00:18:03.510 Good.

00:18:07.650 --> 00:18:16.920 Libby Hargrave: Teach thousands and thousands and thousands of people in here and I have kept our website has kept our calm and a lot of the people that we get visiting are from Japan.

00:18:18.210 --> 00:18:26.220 Libby Hargrave: People from Sweden on the website, but um that he still teaches us to get outside to live your dream to if you want to write go ahead and write.

00:18:27.390 --> 00:18:32.760 Libby Hargrave: To do what you did live as best the best life that you possibly can, with whatever limitations, we have.

00:18:34.020 --> 00:18:35.430 Libby Hargrave: to live the best that you can live.

00:18:36.570 --> 00:18:37.470 Joseph McElroy: And how do you think.

00:18:38.370 --> 00:18:44.250 Joseph McElroy: What do you think was the most influence on getting the great smoky mountains National Park in into creation.

00:18:45.750 --> 00:18:46.650 Libby Hargrave: Number one passion.

00:18:47.880 --> 00:18:57.810 Libby Hargrave: For saving the land, but he was probably one of the greatest writers for saving the land, he did take a trip into Washington up to Washington DC he I think he borrowed a suit perhaps to do is.

00:18:57.810 --> 00:18:58.020 Try.

00:18:59.220 --> 00:19:00.930 Libby Hargrave: to testify in front of Congress.

00:19:02.040 --> 00:19:11.340 Libby Hargrave: Great great voice, because he was so well educated that he knew how to express what the politicians needed to hear.

00:19:12.210 --> 00:19:12.720 Joseph McElroy: So he was.

00:19:14.130 --> 00:19:18.030 Joseph McElroy: It was not only writer, he was he actually took action he was that an advocate as well.

00:19:19.200 --> 00:19:20.580 Libby Hargrave: All those trees coming down he's like.

00:19:22.080 --> 00:19:23.400 Joseph McElroy: let this happen, he just.

00:19:23.640 --> 00:19:31.350 Libby Hargrave: And he just in his own way, so quiet way he was a very quiet man, but when he was passionate about something he went to work on it.

00:19:32.010 --> 00:19:38.580 Joseph McElroy: Now you helped to get a book of his published in the last few years right that was I hadn't been published ever.

00:19:39.090 --> 00:19:39.750 Joseph McElroy: Was that awesome.

00:19:41.640 --> 00:19:42.270 Joseph McElroy: alright.

00:19:43.170 --> 00:19:50.790 Libby Hargrave: This is called smoky mountain magic, this is my paperback and hardback and paperback my father gave me the manuscript.

00:19:51.630 --> 00:20:10.860 Libby Hargrave: And him by his father and the kind of the trail goes on and a long story short, I met with Dale Davidson, who was the he's now retired as superintendent the park, this is back in 2009, I think, and he introduced me to very smoky mountains association Steve camping and Terry.

00:20:12.150 --> 00:20:16.140 Libby Hargrave: Sorry, to I can't remember his last name but within imagine this Joseph within four months.

00:20:16.590 --> 00:20:25.650 Libby Hargrave: This book which had not been published, since he kept hard finished it like in 1929 then four months it's on the shelves at the great smoky mountain association visitor centers.

00:20:26.340 --> 00:20:40.050 Libby Hargrave: And all the profit goes to the great smoky mountains, association and I did that purposely because these are kept parts words they're not mine it's about the mountains and saved his life, so the money goes back and profits, the park.

00:20:40.290 --> 00:20:41.550 Joseph McElroy: And it's actually a novel right.

00:20:41.790 --> 00:20:45.510 Libby Hargrave: Yes, it's a it's a love story which is kind of ironic that kept read a love story.

00:20:45.690 --> 00:20:46.080 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:20:46.260 --> 00:20:53.250 Libby Hargrave: it's a really, really fun book and for the association to publish it not change one word in it is pretty unbelievable that's.

00:20:53.250 --> 00:20:57.000 Joseph McElroy: Pretty unbelievable so you did, there was no editors just went straight from the.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:05.580 Libby Hargrave: Light editing but basically it went from what I gave them to this.

00:21:05.820 --> 00:21:08.430 Joseph McElroy: wow four months cool.

00:21:09.930 --> 00:21:22.890 Joseph McElroy: So talk about things going on, you originated an annual event called Horace kemper days to celebrate his life and legacy it's usually held, and I think bryson city or the surrounding area all right, and when when did it start.

00:21:23.370 --> 00:21:35.580 Libby Hargrave: It started with a very, very small CAP our days in 2008 at the calhoun store calhoun in embracing city and then in 2009 it took off and we had we told it bryce the city and provide.

00:21:36.390 --> 00:21:42.630 Libby Hargrave: That a couple other places, but we've kind of I haven't done this in a couple years but we're going to bring it back hopefully to your place.

00:21:43.920 --> 00:21:49.890 Libby Hargrave: that's what I really like to do I think it's important to move kept part around as much as I love bryson city.

00:21:51.150 --> 00:21:53.220 Libby Hargrave: We need to move him to different locations.

00:21:54.780 --> 00:21:56.790 Joseph McElroy: primarily on the North Carolina side right.

00:21:57.330 --> 00:21:58.380 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah.

00:21:58.680 --> 00:22:08.820 Libby Hargrave: Right, so the plan is to do something small hopefully this summer, and then to have a cat park days in the spring, we can bring the classic campers are called the acorn.

00:22:09.180 --> 00:22:19.110 Libby Hargrave: patrol and they kept kept part dress kept part they're authentic campers to your location and we'll just do it and it's a fun fun fun event.

00:22:20.550 --> 00:22:21.840 Libby Hargrave: So that's the plan to bring.

00:22:22.260 --> 00:22:26.850 Joseph McElroy: Oh, and you have the campers and you have other activities and okay speakers easily.

00:22:27.420 --> 00:22:34.470 Libby Hargrave: Well over the years, I had to make a list because we've had so many wonderful people on the speakers we've had in the past and George ellison.

00:22:34.710 --> 00:22:51.030 Libby Hargrave: great writer George Brazil McHugh Dale Stewart David wescott who's one of the great outdoors person joshua native Kirk who's now a mountain man Preston Roberts great outdoor man he's since passed allocate Joe flowers who works with condo or knives.

00:22:52.650 --> 00:23:09.180 Libby Hargrave: family members we've had Jeff kept part my cousin my niece Brian coons is spoken kept his grandson my uncle horse cat part, who went by uncle CAP and many other wonderful speakers so in Steve elephant so it's just it's we try to get people who are.

00:23:10.320 --> 00:23:10.710 Libby Hargrave: and

00:23:11.790 --> 00:23:19.560 Libby Hargrave: passionate about Kevin Hart who understand what he did, and what needs to be done to continue the legacy and Bob plot has been a speaker.

00:23:22.500 --> 00:23:34.770 Joseph McElroy: I think that people who outside the area don't necessarily realize that the great smoky mountains area has a deep literary history now, ranging from the mountain writers, to the southern writers and.

00:23:34.770 --> 00:23:37.110 Joseph McElroy: Actual yeah I think that.

00:23:38.460 --> 00:23:46.200 Joseph McElroy: literary traditions, and it goes hand in hand with the the other things that people more known about which the music and stuff like that.

00:23:48.840 --> 00:23:59.430 Joseph McElroy: You, but we also have great outdoor life and I understand that you one thing I think I read, is it used to use camp in the cherokee area when you were a kid.

00:24:00.030 --> 00:24:01.470 Libby Hargrave: No, we can't up in.

00:24:02.580 --> 00:24:06.600 Libby Hargrave: The way back with this been you could camp without having make reservations just.

00:24:07.770 --> 00:24:19.560 Libby Hargrave: boot camp near the cabin side we've got a lot of camping and backpacking one of my sisters and I ran for like four nights got chased by a bear and then another sister and brother laws and my dad.

00:24:20.580 --> 00:24:29.880 Libby Hargrave: And I were out for about five days with a gentleman from Western Carolina university who took us to all these kept our places but i've done a lot more hiking and camping.

00:24:30.330 --> 00:24:42.630 Joseph McElroy: wasn't say I you know growing up in the mountains, I used to go my That was the annual thing to do is go to cherokee and do some camping do some trial fish and things like that it's still a wonderful experience.

00:24:46.320 --> 00:24:54.780 Libby Hargrave: The pre K that's outside of bryce's city that's part of the part like up to price in place for kept part lived and quite a bit of smoking that magic takes place there.

00:24:55.140 --> 00:24:56.550 Joseph McElroy: Is that some of the heights that you leave.

00:24:57.300 --> 00:25:01.290 Libby Hargrave: I don't lead hikes because I live in Florida and i'm a flat land.

00:25:03.750 --> 00:25:10.080 Libby Hargrave: And something I don't know why people think, is that my name it less my maiden name is kept right that I can test up the mountains back can't.

00:25:11.460 --> 00:25:17.640 Libby Hargrave: budge mcdade who was your last week is one and was mother's gracious hikers because you'll hang i'm kind of at the back of the trail.

00:25:19.290 --> 00:25:21.390 Joseph McElroy: color you provide color commentary he.

00:25:22.590 --> 00:25:24.060 Joseph McElroy: He provides a play by play.

00:25:26.550 --> 00:25:29.850 Libby Hargrave: There were times, where I could zoom up in that being a flat land or I have to.

00:25:32.730 --> 00:25:41.310 Libby Hargrave: You know, calm down cat part charlie's been in the jump off Hello hey there's just so many great places to hike up there, I mean you can spend a lifetime hiking, as you know.

00:25:41.970 --> 00:25:50.580 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know that yeah we talked about the how it sort of healed Doris I mean what do you think are the healing powers of the great smoky mountains.

00:25:52.320 --> 00:25:53.640 Libby Hargrave: behind me the colors.

00:25:54.810 --> 00:25:57.420 Libby Hargrave: behind you, the sun, I guess that's a sunset.

00:25:57.420 --> 00:25:57.810 behind.

00:26:00.000 --> 00:26:06.480 Libby Hargrave: In for everybody is something different, it may be the sound of the one of the creeks and one of the rivers going through that they can sit by there and just.

00:26:07.470 --> 00:26:17.430 Libby Hargrave: Close your eyes and listen to the sound some people need the visual you know we're all have different ways of absorbing whether it's a visual or audio or just touching something up there.

00:26:18.930 --> 00:26:27.600 Libby Hargrave: there's so many different ways of finding that piece, which is going on on one of the trails that that's a boardwalk trail there, and when the sidewalk place.

00:26:28.170 --> 00:26:38.970 Libby Hargrave: And that's why I think the great smoky does smokies park does it gives everybody whether you're in a wheelchair, whether you can just assume up those mountains everybody has a chance to get out and embry that air.

00:26:41.280 --> 00:26:45.000 Joseph McElroy: So, Chris i'm you know what one of the you know when you're doing.

00:26:45.030 --> 00:26:47.370 Joseph McElroy: When you do acting exercises are you do sort.

00:26:47.370 --> 00:26:50.700 Joseph McElroy: of any kind of exercises and i've been through a lot of different creativity.

00:26:50.700 --> 00:27:03.000 Joseph McElroy: exercises they always tell you to think of your happy place right and I I can remember when I was six or seven years old, laying on the ground underneath some tree and looking at this intense blue sky.

00:27:03.540 --> 00:27:21.210 Joseph McElroy: And realizing at that point really like the very young age, that I was part of some big universe right and being able to actually feel that and fill me and It made me very happy and I can always remember that that that Christmas Christmas of existence that you feel.

00:27:22.590 --> 00:27:23.460 Libby Hargrave: A sense at all.

00:27:25.020 --> 00:27:28.440 Libby Hargrave: Unfortunately me where I am in pensacola right on the Gulf of Mexico.

00:27:29.550 --> 00:27:39.930 Libby Hargrave: I just my place to go right now is I just go to the beach and sit in the Center go for a beach walk and no matter where we live it's in our backyard there's places where we can find.

00:27:41.160 --> 00:27:49.260 Joseph McElroy: Some peace well, one of the people, one of the reasons I bought the motel for my parents of metal or motel is is because you know we have a great view of just the.

00:27:49.260 --> 00:27:50.760 Joseph McElroy: smokies and.

00:27:50.820 --> 00:27:54.210 Joseph McElroy: I love sitting on a rocking chair on the front.

00:27:54.720 --> 00:28:07.080 Joseph McElroy: entrance it's not particularly country, I mean it's very mountain the looking place but it's all not you know it's on the main character over, but I get to look at the mountains, and this in a panorama and it just.

00:28:07.080 --> 00:28:08.370 Joseph McElroy: brings me incredible.

00:28:08.370 --> 00:28:08.730 joy.

00:28:09.870 --> 00:28:12.540 Joseph McElroy: So do you, mind you there sometime okay.

00:28:12.630 --> 00:28:15.990 Joseph McElroy: Well we're gonna have the horse camper day there this year right yes.

00:28:16.590 --> 00:28:17.730 Libby Hargrave: rocking chairs and.

00:28:19.080 --> 00:28:28.050 Joseph McElroy: we're going to do that, then it looks like we're going to be all open so we'll do that everybody needs to pay attention to the websites alright, so we come back we'll figure it out we'll talk more about.

00:28:29.310 --> 00:28:33.750 Joseph McElroy: Some of the things you've done your research and there's some exciting stuff I think.

00:31:23.760 --> 00:31:36.990 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast my guest libby heart kept part hargrave and we're talking about horse counterpart.

00:31:37.710 --> 00:31:45.810 Joseph McElroy: Her great grandfather, so you and your family have donated many personal artifacts photos and documents and.

00:31:46.200 --> 00:31:59.610 Joseph McElroy: moan and used by horse, including things are camping gear boots boots and other items to Western Carolina University, which is created a an oppressive exhibit, can you tell us about that, and what you treasure most.

00:32:02.040 --> 00:32:10.860 Libby Hargrave: Appealing have for family to have a place like Western Carolina university where we can where our great grandfather's or.

00:32:11.310 --> 00:32:16.680 Libby Hargrave: grandfather, in some cases belongings are kept safe and they're put on exhibit is quite extraordinary.

00:32:17.130 --> 00:32:29.130 Libby Hargrave: Is a lot of his letters means hundreds and hundreds of pages of letters and documents that he wrote it is extraordinary that we have this special place and as a family, we are so grateful to Western Carolina university.

00:32:29.850 --> 00:32:44.160 Libby Hargrave: For this we have donated many things, let me tell you a couple of the exciting things that have happened recently is Laura maquette part horses wife my cousin holly front of folky donated Lars wedding ensemble.

00:32:45.450 --> 00:32:46.920 Libby Hargrave: yeah it isn't oh wow.

00:32:47.130 --> 00:32:47.520 So.

00:32:49.470 --> 00:33:07.200 Libby Hargrave: It is extraordinarily beautiful hopefully within the year and next year we'll have an have an exhibit of kept our family, but it is stunning and Laura who I we all love Lord dearly she had these like maroon color sassy shoes imagine back.

00:33:09.750 --> 00:33:20.070 Libby Hargrave: And she little things so that so that's one of the greatest treasures that we have recently donated but to go there, you can actually see kept boots at the College.

00:33:21.060 --> 00:33:22.680 Libby Hargrave: A couple of other pairs of shoes.

00:33:24.150 --> 00:33:34.140 Libby Hargrave: To me, the things that mean the most that have been donated but have been there very, very long time, are the boots in the very, very famous Joseph the kept part knife.

00:33:34.530 --> 00:33:40.380 Libby Hargrave: yeah it's it's iconic and I have one here that was given to me as a gift by ethan Becker.

00:33:41.910 --> 00:33:45.810 Libby Hargrave: Let me show this to you and it's it's so so beautiful.

00:33:46.080 --> 00:33:59.760 Libby Hargrave: wow ethan went to Western Carolina and measured this so magnificently you can see, the one at Western but it's worn down a little bit so ethan took into consideration death and I had been used and carrot looked his knife.

00:33:59.910 --> 00:34:00.690 Joseph McElroy: Was that is camping.

00:34:01.710 --> 00:34:02.880 Libby Hargrave: camping that here's everything.

00:34:03.210 --> 00:34:07.650 Joseph McElroy: Everything knife right there like it's about eight inches long 1010 inches long.

00:34:07.710 --> 00:34:10.980 Libby Hargrave: that's true i'm not sure how long this one is this might be the eight inch i'm not sure.

00:34:11.310 --> 00:34:17.430 Libby Hargrave: yeah this was a gift that ethan gave me actually ethan becker's grandmother is.

00:34:18.510 --> 00:34:19.800 Libby Hargrave: The author of the joy of cooking.

00:34:20.070 --> 00:34:22.530 Libby Hargrave: So he's working on protecting that legacy.

00:34:23.310 --> 00:34:24.150 Joseph McElroy: Imagine so.

00:34:25.200 --> 00:34:33.720 Libby Hargrave: And then the boots to me, those are the there's so many wonderful things like is sleeping bag is fishing lures his hype some units pipes are so stunning.

00:34:34.200 --> 00:34:43.410 Libby Hargrave: And every every item has a story, because he did not he had an office and then he lifted a boarding house to everything he kept happening very, very special for him.

00:34:45.240 --> 00:34:50.250 Joseph McElroy: Was can so can people go there and see the exhibit is it on all the time or.

00:34:50.640 --> 00:34:59.730 Libby Hargrave: Not on all the time and now that hopefully we're working out of this covert stage of that we've been in there'll be able to do a CAP art exhibit, I hope, within a year is what we're thinking about.

00:35:00.030 --> 00:35:03.780 Joseph McElroy: So they will they'll do like an exhibit maybe every other year every year, so.

00:35:04.290 --> 00:35:09.660 Libby Hargrave: they're very, very well attended and they'll set up a tent his tent that they have and.

00:35:10.830 --> 00:35:17.310 Libby Hargrave: Just to know that he used these items and that they're saved yeah, it is a wow I walk in every time it's like wow and.

00:35:18.030 --> 00:35:27.420 Libby Hargrave: Dale Stewart who will be your guests in a couple weeks now he's held the pipe he's held the shoes he's held the boots and you can ask do when he's your gas it's like one of those moments of.

00:35:28.770 --> 00:35:29.910 Joseph McElroy: wow yeah.

00:35:30.150 --> 00:35:32.400 Libby Hargrave: you're all beat up, as you can say wow.

00:35:35.430 --> 00:35:35.790 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:35:36.540 --> 00:35:51.480 Joseph McElroy: So tell the story of horus I think we're coming to I think is an incredible accomplishment for you, you did a documentary film on horse care part that feature Ken burns a famous documentary right.

00:35:52.200 --> 00:35:55.650 Joseph McElroy: tell us how you manage to do that, and who are some of the people in it.

00:35:56.820 --> 00:35:58.500 Joseph McElroy: Where can people watch it that sort of thing.

00:35:59.790 --> 00:36:14.220 Libby Hargrave: I think it's very in his end date and Duncan florentine films, or have a lot of credit for bringing back kept hartman they did the national parks documentary and highlighted kept part in mass and I credit Camelot.

00:36:17.190 --> 00:36:28.410 Libby Hargrave: long story, but I got in touch with Ken about some photographs that I give I was given which were not unfortunate available when he did his film and then he said to me.

00:36:29.010 --> 00:36:34.440 Libby Hargrave: it's always a caution have a good thing to say to me, but you have to be careful when you say he said, if I can ever do anything to help you.

00:36:37.290 --> 00:36:50.220 Libby Hargrave: So when I did the play about kept part for celebrate his hundred 50th birthday was writing the play, and so I contacted can I said you remember me and he did, and he to this day was safe, I can ever help you with a clip art project.

00:36:51.420 --> 00:37:02.220 Libby Hargrave: So he graciously never charged me a penny he used his own studio to doing a voiceover for the play, and then I contacted him again I said you remember can when you said.

00:37:02.790 --> 00:37:14.730 Libby Hargrave: It jokingly said yes and so he filmed some stuff with the clay and so to date and Duncan and Susan Susan shoemaker I never met Ken we've talked we correspond via email and texting.

00:37:15.210 --> 00:37:32.100 Libby Hargrave: He is just a gracious gracious man professional every which way and it's been nothing but an absolute joy he complimented me greatly on the documentary film, which means a lot he didn't have to compliment in and thank me for helping preserve the legacy of horse kept part.

00:37:33.420 --> 00:37:42.300 Libby Hargrave: I did my best to tell it from a family point of view, but also from a point of view as a historian, because both are equally important.

00:37:43.620 --> 00:37:50.220 Libby Hargrave: Everybody has flaws, I could you know we can talk about his flaws, but what good is that you know I mentioned them, but you know that's the harbor on.

00:37:51.000 --> 00:38:01.410 Libby Hargrave: That i'm not like to quote this also is available online through you can go to the kepler website and will link you, to the great smoky mountains association, but once again everything goes to the smokies.

00:38:02.460 --> 00:38:10.920 Libby Hargrave: But can does a quote at the end of the movie and he says, I think we have the great smoky mountains to horse kept part his understanding of the healing power of wilderness.

00:38:12.240 --> 00:38:14.100 Libby Hargrave: And then he goes, he said Bam.

00:38:16.590 --> 00:38:23.220 Libby Hargrave: And then date and Duncan who I think has recently retired and, once again, he says equally as gracious as Ken giving of their time.

00:38:23.730 --> 00:38:32.910 Libby Hargrave: Because first cat part wasn't man who found in the great smokies this refuge from a life that he was running from, but here it is so great filmmakers who embraced.

00:38:33.810 --> 00:38:48.690 Libby Hargrave: course kept quiet for their film, but they also embraced him for my film and i'm proud of this, this project, it took a long time I work with Ian skelly who's a filmmaker here in pensacola hill this ground almost around the corner, so it was really easy to do the editing here.

00:38:49.860 --> 00:38:50.520 Libby Hargrave: I worked at.

00:38:51.720 --> 00:38:59.400 Libby Hargrave: lucky coulson's studio here worked at a studio up in North Carolina there was a great great team that had helped put this together.

00:38:59.790 --> 00:39:01.830 Joseph McElroy: And when when did it, what did the premiere.

00:39:02.760 --> 00:39:06.240 Joseph McElroy: And 2017 2022 is fairly recent.

00:39:07.710 --> 00:39:11.520 Joseph McElroy: didn't get didn't get it got some little bit of notice right then.

00:39:12.090 --> 00:39:16.890 Libby Hargrave: We did have some cuts sold out shows in North Carolina we've done some work in Tennessee.

00:39:18.930 --> 00:39:31.890 Libby Hargrave: So I think it's doing well, I could do i'm just i'm proud of it i'm proud that we can tell the story and have such great people backing it up Dale TIM and send George ellison Susan shoemaker, who is a producer with Ken.

00:39:32.280 --> 00:39:40.200 Libby Hargrave: David wescott Steve was all these people just they want to be part of telling the story and deals i'm Dale Stewart and the list goes on and on.

00:39:40.770 --> 00:39:45.360 Joseph McElroy: Oh, we will be sure to show it at this metal dark smoky mountain heritage Center i'm sure.

00:39:48.120 --> 00:39:51.300 Libby Hargrave: i'll be there and then we'll go on the rocking on the porch afterwards.

00:39:53.460 --> 00:39:54.420 Joseph McElroy: Exactly.

00:39:55.710 --> 00:40:08.790 Joseph McElroy: So you know I want to talk a little bit about some horses work, you know you mentioned camping woodcraft you know I know that book from when I was growing up, and I think it's considered one of the finest field guides ever written and why do you think.

00:40:09.270 --> 00:40:10.050 made that happen.

00:40:12.750 --> 00:40:13.770 Libby Hargrave: me from the point of.

00:40:14.850 --> 00:40:17.880 Libby Hargrave: His as a writer he knew how to organize it.

00:40:19.050 --> 00:40:31.860 Libby Hargrave: It took him, I would say 789 years to write this he had the skills, he had the ability to communicate and he was already very well known as a writer prior to campaign woodcraft so the publishers knew him.

00:40:33.480 --> 00:40:50.790 Libby Hargrave: And it's just a classic and everything in there, makes sense, but he also within the context of the book of telling us logically had a camp he gives many, many life lessons and if one carefully reads the book within setting up a tent he'll give us a life lesson.

00:40:52.770 --> 00:40:53.040 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:40:53.730 --> 00:40:56.370 Libby Hargrave: You reread and you go there's a nice.

00:40:56.910 --> 00:41:02.910 Joseph McElroy: I do remember that, and that was, I think that was part of what a young man yeah likes to read a source of.

00:41:04.140 --> 00:41:05.610 Joseph McElroy: inspiration right.

00:41:06.270 --> 00:41:11.640 Libby Hargrave: And yes, of course, like the mosquito and yeah yeah the skunk and now he so he puts a little bit of.

00:41:12.690 --> 00:41:17.640 Libby Hargrave: kept parts were known for dry humor we're not like comedians, but we have a good sign, I think it's a dry humor.

00:41:18.840 --> 00:41:26.070 Libby Hargrave: I try to be funny very much fail at it, but it's the dry humor that he incorporated in camping with craft so brilliantly.

00:41:26.700 --> 00:41:34.440 Libby Hargrave: And we can overlook, you know we don't have the with the canvas tents necessarily list one wants to classic camp, but it's the same concepts, the same.

00:41:34.740 --> 00:41:42.420 Libby Hargrave: theories to go go ahead and go camping and go hiking not how and how do you protect your feet, while you're hiking he gives great advice on how to hike.

00:41:43.830 --> 00:41:56.730 Libby Hargrave: So it's just the right classic and it's been published again recently but great smoky mountains, association and with a foreword by George ellison and it's just it's just brilliant and our southern highlanders, which is another classic that he wrote.

00:41:57.180 --> 00:41:58.410 Joseph McElroy: yeah and.

00:41:58.470 --> 00:42:02.310 Libby Hargrave: All these have been in print imagine Joseph these books have been a print for.

00:42:02.520 --> 00:42:03.240 Constantly.

00:42:05.160 --> 00:42:08.070 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah that's a good that's a good track run.

00:42:08.520 --> 00:42:15.570 Libby Hargrave: Further color and is came out in 1913 it's never been out of print can't be regretting it was 1907 it's always been a friend.

00:42:16.560 --> 00:42:24.960 Joseph McElroy: So you mentioned George Elsa heaven and just agenda recruit cook you just wrote a biography that one Thomas Wolfe Award for best.

00:42:25.620 --> 00:42:27.420 Libby Hargrave: To have that to my library down to.

00:42:27.570 --> 00:42:36.960 Libby Hargrave: wow I like to get a shout out to where I am because in hurricane salary or House had some damage to the roof, and the roof was supposed to go on today, but of course it didn't but my friends.

00:42:37.350 --> 00:42:44.550 Libby Hargrave: Scott brumfield at hellcat studios opened up a studio to us tonight hellcat comes from the military jet the hellcat.

00:42:44.850 --> 00:42:45.270 Joseph McElroy: Right.

00:42:45.360 --> 00:42:51.000 Libby Hargrave: that's where I am right now, so I want to thank hellcat and thanks Scott here's and you'll notice the photograph.

00:42:51.210 --> 00:42:52.050 Joseph McElroy: Right yeah.

00:42:52.740 --> 00:42:56.550 Libby Hargrave: This is a wonderful biography and they spent years working on this.

00:42:57.570 --> 00:43:12.090 Libby Hargrave: George first came out with his first kept part piece in 1976 he's given years and years of his life and same thing with Janet years and years and years of their lives to preserving this legacy and telling the story of this most remarkable man.

00:43:14.220 --> 00:43:22.680 Joseph McElroy: it's a pretty impressive award so I guess it's a really wonderful reason, you said that can get you can get that at the to the great smoky mountains association website right.

00:43:22.950 --> 00:43:24.300 Libby Hargrave: Of course.

00:43:24.780 --> 00:43:25.740 Joseph McElroy: yeah cool.

00:43:25.950 --> 00:43:36.120 Libby Hargrave: On Amazon i'm not sure I haven't looked yet it's law but holy smokes and another book was recently published by edited by George for selling may plex now, this is a real long way.

00:43:38.400 --> 00:43:44.250 Libby Hargrave: And this is called horse kept part writings and most of this is lesser known writings.

00:43:44.520 --> 00:43:49.170 Joseph McElroy: They did a lot of my magazine articles and things like that he was a prolific I think yeah.

00:43:49.770 --> 00:43:58.800 Libby Hargrave: I, with the help of George Brazil put in some help to some of the writing I write music and plays and i'm good with scripts but you know paragraphs Joseph.

00:44:03.720 --> 00:44:07.590 Joseph McElroy: Everybody everybody finds their their space in there, I write poetry so.

00:44:09.660 --> 00:44:11.400 Joseph McElroy: And website copy so.

00:44:12.510 --> 00:44:20.820 Joseph McElroy: Okay, anyway, when we come back we'll find that you don't you don't you have more than one great explore in your family and we'll talk about that.

00:46:39.510 --> 00:46:45.090 Joseph McElroy: howdy, this is just a Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast and my.

00:46:45.090 --> 00:46:58.500 Joseph McElroy: guest libby CAP heart hargrave so let me, you know you talk about Horace kept part but usually have a secret you have another great explorer family a family Leonard kept part I think was a great uncle I guess brother Horace right.

00:46:59.730 --> 00:47:02.220 Libby Hargrave: Leonard was the third child and my.

00:47:03.630 --> 00:47:03.930 Java.

00:47:05.010 --> 00:47:07.890 Libby Hargrave: I like to digress for just a second chair very funny texts that.

00:47:07.890 --> 00:47:08.040 Libby Hargrave: My.

00:47:11.820 --> 00:47:14.310 Libby Hargrave: Though she's watching the show she said listening great job.

00:47:14.340 --> 00:47:15.450 Libby Hargrave: My thoughts and the healing.

00:47:17.040 --> 00:47:22.380 Libby Hargrave: Getting back up beyond is getting really exhausted hiking followed by splashing that ice cold stream water.

00:47:24.930 --> 00:47:25.380 Libby Hargrave: Joanne.

00:47:26.250 --> 00:47:27.540 Joseph McElroy: that's not dry humor.

00:47:32.040 --> 00:47:48.720 Libby Hargrave: So back to them, so my grandfather George is also a writer he wrote a book called hip is rekindled he was a hiker and exploring his own way, his own right and his sister Barbara wrote a wonderful book cough cough shoes which is great, but uncle Leonard.

00:47:50.160 --> 00:47:51.030 Libby Hargrave: My great uncle.

00:47:52.080 --> 00:48:01.830 Libby Hargrave: The remarkable man I adored uncle Ben and I hope that his grant granddaughter 2d and Richard Branson Richard are able to listen tonight.

00:48:03.720 --> 00:48:14.340 Libby Hargrave: his daughter leonard's daughter was Barbecue at park crane and she has been one of the driving forces for me to help me and preserving none of the legacy of horse CAP heart but of her father Leonard.

00:48:15.660 --> 00:48:19.710 Libby Hargrave: Leonard is credited as the first American to climb mount kilimanjaro.

00:48:20.310 --> 00:48:20.700 Joseph McElroy: cool.

00:48:20.790 --> 00:48:25.950 Libby Hargrave: Not a whole lot of people know about this, but they're going to and that's all with the help of my friend Dale Stewart.

00:48:27.120 --> 00:48:36.990 Libby Hargrave: in preserving and I think you'll understand this and preserving legacies like chorus and Laura or my grandfather and and Leonard it's important to find people that.

00:48:37.590 --> 00:48:45.270 Libby Hargrave: I can trust i'm very protective of the cat part name and I working with the people that are working with Ken working to date and.

00:48:45.690 --> 00:48:56.730 Libby Hargrave: it's such a good trust that we have and then working with Dale Stewart on uncle Leonard story it's a very it's a good bond that we have, because you have to trust, people are gonna put the stories out there.

00:48:58.710 --> 00:49:14.100 Libby Hargrave: uncle Leonard was sent to Africa through the Department of Agriculture to find grasses and grass seeds, to bring back to the United States that we could use here, and it was like a seven or eight month expedition back in 1927 that's crazy.

00:49:14.220 --> 00:49:15.720 Libby Hargrave: wow yeah.

00:49:17.820 --> 00:49:25.770 Libby Hargrave: I was I visit Barbara quite often, I have not been fortunate she's 97 now I haven't seen her since coven I hope to get up there, and a couple weeks.

00:49:27.840 --> 00:49:37.470 Libby Hargrave: She had this wall with and which i've seen many times over the years I knew uncle Leonard had gone to Africa, I did not know that he was the first one to climb kilimanjaro until I read something at cornell put out.

00:49:37.980 --> 00:49:43.200 Libby Hargrave: Because the CAP CAP rates are not a braggadocio family, which is a good thing, and not a good thing you know.

00:49:43.320 --> 00:49:43.650 Joseph McElroy: yeah.

00:49:44.010 --> 00:49:45.720 Libby Hargrave: that's good to know he did what.

00:49:47.400 --> 00:49:53.640 Libby Hargrave: Though i'd seen this Africa collection for years and then I was going through some of harvest things and there's this black.

00:49:54.330 --> 00:50:06.000 Libby Hargrave: Carry on pan-am I think it's Pan Am airlines bag and she was giving me things to bring home and go through, and I opened it up and i'm going holy smokes these are his journals from his.

00:50:07.500 --> 00:50:09.300 Libby Hargrave: enemies seen I don't know how long.

00:50:09.750 --> 00:50:22.140 Libby Hargrave: So, Barbara read them then she graciously gave them to me, knowing that everything would be donated to Western Carolina university we're trying we're working really hard to have a place for the kept part kids now like i've given some my grandfather's things and.

00:50:23.430 --> 00:50:39.420 Libby Hargrave: But the journals mean it's a step back in time and it's also very these journals are very important, historically and culturally, because the world, as we know, changes, how we approach cultures, for you know United States to Africa and 27 1927 is a different world.

00:50:42.270 --> 00:50:46.680 Libby Hargrave: And it's his journal searches rich with history and fighting.

00:50:47.100 --> 00:50:48.750 Joseph McElroy: To make a documentary out of that.

00:50:49.950 --> 00:50:59.370 Libby Hargrave: i'm i'm helping i'm doing i'm transcribing letters i'm the one that's reading leonard's teeny tiny very difficult to read.

00:51:00.000 --> 00:51:15.450 Libby Hargrave: But sometimes i'll take me an hour to get through a page, if not more, and Dale Stewart is one who's putting putting this together in a format that works for him with the audio and it with the 3D sound is going to be something that's going to be something like we've never heard before.

00:51:16.200 --> 00:51:22.260 Libby Hargrave: it's not like there's a lion coming at you there's gonna be a lying around you it's very exciting but dale's doing.

00:51:24.060 --> 00:51:38.700 Libby Hargrave: We don't native to Western Carolina the pith helmet that Leonard war in this expedition my Mr Joe and who did the boots is the one who's who Dale is is conditioned to do the painting for the cover for the audio documentary.

00:51:39.000 --> 00:51:45.090 Joseph McElroy: Well, that sounds like it's gonna be a wonderful experience to come visit in the western Carolina university or wherever it primers.

00:51:46.560 --> 00:51:47.520 Joseph McElroy: Alright, so um.

00:51:48.270 --> 00:51:54.960 Joseph McElroy: So let's finish up a couple things working let's just find out more about you you're working upcoming plans.

00:51:55.530 --> 00:52:04.710 Libby Hargrave: Oh well, after coven i'm i'm actually going back into the recording studio soon i've been writing, which is, which is an exciting thing that's.

00:52:06.150 --> 00:52:13.230 Libby Hargrave: Like i'm in my mid 60s now and I there's i've written some really, really good songs I used to record and then I got married.

00:52:13.650 --> 00:52:14.370 And life changing.

00:52:15.690 --> 00:52:26.790 Libby Hargrave: Now i'm a grandma and then you have hurricanes, we lost her house and oh four and hurricane Ivan so life is what it is, I still seeing a lot and i'm very grateful that my voice is still in good shape and my net 16th.

00:52:27.630 --> 00:52:32.460 Libby Hargrave: i've always written music and i've written plays, but now i'm getting i'm going back to the studio hopefully.

00:52:32.460 --> 00:52:33.150 Joseph McElroy: In the next year.

00:52:33.990 --> 00:52:36.090 Libby Hargrave: So that's how I love studio work, I mean it's.

00:52:36.750 --> 00:52:39.030 Joseph McElroy: So is there a website is there a website that has.

00:52:41.520 --> 00:52:45.090 Libby Hargrave: That we do of course kept part calm for all the course kept for information.

00:52:46.110 --> 00:52:50.910 Joseph McElroy: You want to do I think finish up with a little bit of love singing song right.

00:52:51.390 --> 00:52:54.960 Libby Hargrave: I would like to sell me I had to write the words down because I don't always remember that.

00:52:55.050 --> 00:52:56.700 Joseph McElroy: You have about a minute before we go.

00:52:56.910 --> 00:52:58.710 Libby Hargrave: Here we go April.

00:52:59.910 --> 00:53:08.940 Libby Hargrave: 19 and 31 on over your screen August can.

00:53:10.350 --> 00:53:19.740 Libby Hargrave: night that fateful night and 31 CAP your dream these.

00:53:21.300 --> 00:53:22.140 Libby Hargrave: In these.

00:53:24.060 --> 00:53:24.570 Libby Hargrave: These.

00:53:27.090 --> 00:53:27.720 Libby Hargrave: Key.

00:53:33.360 --> 00:53:34.500 Libby Hargrave: If you.

00:53:39.450 --> 00:53:45.030 Joseph McElroy: Thank you so much it's been a real pleasure to have you here that was beautiful and the story is beautiful.

00:53:46.980 --> 00:53:51.030 Joseph McElroy: So we will actually put information up on our site gateway to the smokies.

00:53:51.030 --> 00:53:55.560 Joseph McElroy: dot fun for each episode when we put links and contact information so i'll.

00:53:55.590 --> 00:54:06.420 Joseph McElroy: follow up with you that put that on our website, I want you to imagine a place evocative of motor coach courts of the past yeah modern environment with a chic appalachian field.

00:54:06.990 --> 00:54:19.350 Joseph McElroy: a place for adventure and relaxation imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain heritage trap string grill the catch on the fire a neat accompanied by fine wine or craft beers.

00:54:19.830 --> 00:54:32.130 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place with the old time music and world cultural sounds, there is no other place like the middle Arc motel and Maggie valley North Carolina your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay.

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00:56:00.510 --> 00:56:08.040 Joseph McElroy: David brewing here and we'll be exploring more aspects of the smoky mountains and the culture here and thank you for.

00:56:09.060 --> 00:56:12.420 Joseph McElroy: listening and it's been a great show Thank you bye.

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