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Monday, April 26, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/26 - Mother & Daughter Reunite

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/26 - Mother & Daughter Reunite


2021/04/26 - Mother & Daughter Reunite

[NEW EPISODE] Mother & Daughter Reunite

On this week's show meet Geraldine Singer who played Esther (The Mother) and Natasha Coppola-Shalom who played Rita (The Daughter) in the film Extra Innings.

Geraldine Singer, a native of New Orleans, attended Tulane University (B.A., Theatre) and the MFA Acting Program at Temple University. After moving to NY, she spent many years working in regional theatres (Utah Shakespeare Festival, Philadelphia Drama Guild, New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, others) and worked with the Beacon Project in New York. After moving to Los Angeles, she began working in episodic television (House, Desperate Housewives, The Practice, NYPD Blue, Six Feet Under, and more). Hurricane Katrina brought her back to Louisiana in 2005, to care for her mother. After her mother passed away, she discovered that the film industry was exploding in Louisiana. Since then, she has appeared in more than 30 film and TV projects including American Horror Story, NCIS: NO, Green Book, Mudbound, 21 Jump Street and Get Out. She can be seen as the mysterious Caterina Keep, in several episodes Tell Me Your Secrets, recently released on Amazon, and in HBO’s Watchmen and, of course, in Extra Innings!

Natasha Coppola-Shalom is an award-winning actor known for her breakout role as Perdix in Chrome: The Series on Amazon Prime. As many Coppola's who came before, her career is storied, with over 40 film credits including 'Last Call’ starring Jeremy Piven and Bruce Dern, the award-winning film Gli Zii (Cannes), Rich Boy, Rich Girl (Amazon), and Extra Innings (Winner of Best Film at Manhattan Film Fest). She just wrapped on the film 'Liberty,' where she had the starring role opposite Jim Beaver and Dale Soules. Currently, Natasha is a Series Regular on New Dogs, Old Tricks (Amazon Prime). Theatre Credits: Our Lady of Queens where she played opposite Austin Pendleton, Vanity Fair, Romeo and Juliet (Bristol Old Vic), Color (Theatre for the New City), Shingletown (Emerging Artists Theatre), Twelfth Night, As You Like It, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Globe Educational Centre Theatre), Nine (Paper Theatre), and Breathing Corpses (Webber Douglas Studio). While promoting her film What Happened Last Night, she was selected into the Cannes Film Festival Young Talent Corner for up and coming industry professionals. Natasha was classically trained at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and received her BA in Acting (Honors) from London's Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Natasha is represented by Buchwald. She splits her time between Los Angeles and New York.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

The show begins by Albert introducing two people who acted in his film Extra Innings. Geraldine Singer opens up by saying how amusing it is to have more people to talk to since Covid 19. The other guest Natasha Coppolla-Shalom admits that is recently engaged and is still pursuing acting. Albert and Natsha’s father both grew up in the same part of Flat Bush in Brooklyn, NY which was part of the setting in the film. Geraldine also says how comfortable she was auditioning for Albert. She states that they connected on a personal level. The movie is very important to Albert and based on a true story. In addition, Geraldine mentions how her family raised her to be somebody’s wife so when she started acting, they were not the most supportive.

Segment 2

Natasha starts out by saying that she has wanted to act since she was about three years old and was supported by the majority of her family. Her mother was one of her biggest supporters. She always believed that she would be successful acting. Natasha loves how she is able to fulfill the creative side of herself and do what she loves for a living. Next, Albert ponders on everything it takes to create a film. He mentions his cinematographer Luigi who contributed greatly to the film. The beautiful visuals were also mentioned. When the movie first premiered it was stressed to watch all of the films being displayed that day on the big screen so the visuals could be properly analyzed. It is amazing how all of the pieces of the puzzle can come together to create something great. It all really comes together at the end.

Segment 3

Before the film was complete, Albert was working with three different editors. When Luigi offered to edit the film, Albert decided to give him a chance to contribute even though he knew some say not to let the cinematographer edit the film. That risk helped grow their professional relationship and friendship. In the film, the protagonist is shaped by his history, but he controls his future which is something that can be translated to real life. Many people are a certain way because of past events but despite what occurred, there is still a chance for change. Furthermore, Geraldine says that she started painting during quarantine and is taking an art zoom class. After painting something, there will be a multitude of different reactions. Just like in the script of the movie, the lines can say one thing, but someone can interpret it a different way because of their experiences. To end the segment, everyone agrees that Albert built a family in the film and outside of the film.

Segment 4

To begin the year, Natasha admits she did a lot of drinking and eating aside from falling in love and getting engaged. She says that she had to turn her life around a bit but now she is doing great and being productive. Next, Albert says that humans really are social animals and the pandemic has forced people to spend time alone and cover themselves. Some people have trouble dealing with isolation while others don’t do it at all. Albert recalls a time when he was out with his girlfriend and hugged her and it felt like a bolt of electricity. Despite what the pandemic has done, both guests were not separated from their significant others that much. Both of them treasure having someone being there for them.


00:00:40.590 --> 00:00:58.440 Albert Dabah: hi there Hello everybody, my name is Albert dabba and I am the host of extra innings I am a life coach therapists and filmmaker so welcome to extra innings covering all the bases on extra innings we talk about many different kinds of.

00:01:00.180 --> 00:01:11.550 Albert Dabah: Things that come up in people's lives we've talked about families and wellness mental illness of problems like depression, anxiety.

00:01:12.570 --> 00:01:30.690 Albert Dabah: deal with suicide, we also talk about sports and how sports makes a difference in people's lives, and we have many different kinds of guests, including all kinds of artists therapist business executives life coaches.

00:01:32.760 --> 00:01:41.760 Albert Dabah: Just people that can add to the show and add to the ideas that we talked about and basically talk about their journeys.

00:01:42.300 --> 00:01:53.220 Albert Dabah: Extra innings actually came from a film I may and wrote produced directed and acted in that's now on Amazon prime so when you have a chance it's based on a true story.

00:01:53.700 --> 00:02:00.450 Albert Dabah: And I my true story, it takes place in the 1960s, and I hope you get a chance to watch it extra innings on Amazon prime.

00:02:01.230 --> 00:02:22.080 Albert Dabah: Now tonight i'd love to introduce to you two very important people to people that were actors in the film extra innings one geraldine singer who will tell you about herself she's waiting there to the right and then Natasha couple of Shalom who was also in the film.

00:02:23.310 --> 00:02:34.830 Albert Dabah: geraldine played the mom she played my mom and Natasha played my sister my younger sister in the film so we'll start right now by SIS introducing.

00:02:35.940 --> 00:02:38.160 Albert Dabah: i'll ask geraldine how are you doing today.

00:02:39.180 --> 00:02:48.510 Geraldine Singer: Well it's great today Albert and it's a particularly wonderful because I was looking forward to this this you can imagine, after a year of.

00:02:50.160 --> 00:03:06.600 Geraldine Singer: Virtual isolation literal isolation and we're just beginning to sort of reemerged since we've had our our vaccines and people, you know, have had their vaccines, a few little things are starting to happen, but that but.

00:03:07.830 --> 00:03:10.650 Geraldine Singer: This is like this is a big event.

00:03:12.840 --> 00:03:13.050 Albert Dabah: Like.

00:03:13.500 --> 00:03:21.450 Geraldine Singer: Oh boy oh boy I you know I have something exciting to do today, you know just you know.

00:03:23.940 --> 00:03:25.320 Geraldine Singer: play on Facebook, you know.

00:03:25.380 --> 00:03:34.620 Albert Dabah: We had jolene and I had a nice conversation last week, and it was really good to you know we facetime together, and it was great to see her and Natasha.

00:03:35.580 --> 00:03:45.540 Albert Dabah: Some new things happening in your life, you have made a big move and tell us something about what's going on in your life and and then we'll get acting which I want to talk about.

00:03:47.430 --> 00:04:00.210 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Well, firstly i'm so grateful to be here with to such wonderful people think great company and yeah i'm excited for tonight i'm i'm recently engaged and i'm planning my wedding.

00:04:07.890 --> 00:04:08.670 Geraldine Singer: Ring darling.

00:04:12.870 --> 00:04:14.280 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Oh yeah there you go.

00:04:15.900 --> 00:04:16.560 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: yeah to.

00:04:17.040 --> 00:04:36.360 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Bob most wonderful man i'm I just lucked out and we moved to Los Angeles, which i've wanted to do since I was 12 years old and we got a second puppy rory a little beagles is very naughty and the joy all joy and.

00:04:37.440 --> 00:04:46.260 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: yeah that's that's my life, right now, continuing to act pursuing acting, I have a new manager, who I really like so far and that's that's Nice.

00:04:46.800 --> 00:04:57.360 Albert Dabah: that's great that's great well, one thing I want to mention about Natasha we had a whole audition process but previous the before the audition process, where I was.

00:04:57.900 --> 00:05:09.960 Albert Dabah: Casting the film I actually met you at Judy henderson's is that right remember about before that, and we were doing some casting there and I met Natasha and she.

00:05:11.010 --> 00:05:13.050 Albert Dabah: comes from the community that I grew up in.

00:05:14.310 --> 00:05:17.340 Albert Dabah: The did you actually grow up there, or in the city I forget now.

00:05:17.700 --> 00:05:26.640 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I grew up in the city, but my dad grew up in the Community, so I was kind of like on the outskirts of the Community growing up, but always part of it.

00:05:27.120 --> 00:05:27.450 Albert Dabah: Right.

00:05:27.480 --> 00:05:28.740 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: This is very much like.

00:05:29.190 --> 00:05:41.190 Albert Dabah: yeah we're talking about the Syrian Jewish community, whether the film actually takes place in a shot in the Community and that's where I was raised and natasha's dad I think grew up a block away from where I grew up.

00:05:41.700 --> 00:05:43.560 Geraldine Singer: And you should say that brooklyn.

00:05:44.250 --> 00:05:44.700 Albert Dabah: brooklyn.

00:05:44.730 --> 00:05:46.320 Geraldine Singer: And brooklyn yeah brooklyn.

00:05:46.380 --> 00:05:47.490 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Great then.

00:05:47.610 --> 00:05:49.200 Albert Dabah: Right what's that.

00:05:50.010 --> 00:05:51.120 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Great then brooklyn.

00:05:51.570 --> 00:06:07.830 Albert Dabah: We call the flatbush area yeah and it's right my guru of one block from ocean parkway so that's why I named the production company for the film ocean parkway productions which anyone from brooklyn will know ocean parkway wow.

00:06:08.880 --> 00:06:15.000 Albert Dabah: So anyway so geraldine I always remember when you audition.

00:06:16.170 --> 00:06:29.940 Albert Dabah: When you came in and it was a lovely addition, but I also remember the fact I don't know if you knew this but I was annoyed that there was noise coming from the other side of the room, we were using yoni the photographer's.

00:06:29.940 --> 00:06:41.220 Geraldine Singer: yeah yes, who do the only thing that I remember from that Albert what do two things one was just doing the audition which you know, it was a very.

00:06:42.420 --> 00:06:50.220 Geraldine Singer: Intense scene and it request, so I was in that moment, and that there was a little pussycat there, and those are the only things.

00:06:51.930 --> 00:06:53.130 Geraldine Singer: Wonderful great.

00:06:54.690 --> 00:07:14.880 Geraldine Singer: No, I if you were if you were annoyed believe me that did not read to me it, you may have expressed that to you know Juliet or somebody else but no, I felt and one of the things that I also do remember about that audition was.

00:07:17.190 --> 00:07:26.100 Geraldine Singer: Just interacting with you in a way that one usually doesn't get the opportunity to do in an addition, you know additions can be.

00:07:27.270 --> 00:07:35.670 Geraldine Singer: In the room can be very that mean they can be fun, or they can be you know but but but talking to to the people can sometimes be very.

00:07:37.770 --> 00:07:45.480 Geraldine Singer: was a perfunctory mm hmm I felt like you and I had a real conversation that.

00:07:48.090 --> 00:07:55.650 Geraldine Singer: It was just a different kind of but he used the word but five in in the room, and it.

00:07:56.730 --> 00:08:00.300 Geraldine Singer: was very reassuring and It made me feel very comfortable.

00:08:00.630 --> 00:08:17.100 Albert Dabah: Oh yeah Thank you, I know you have you have graciously said that on some interviews and it really makes me feel good because I spent so much time in when my production company similar production taping auditions with all kinds of active from from.

00:08:17.400 --> 00:08:18.840 Albert Dabah: The beginning actor to.

00:08:19.290 --> 00:08:24.720 Albert Dabah: celebrities that you would just notice right away, who they are, and I, there were pretty.

00:08:25.290 --> 00:08:32.880 Geraldine Singer: And you yourself your background as an actor makes you very simpatico to to what it is that we're going yeah.

00:08:33.690 --> 00:08:50.340 Geraldine Singer: Also, it was very personal I mean I really I mean I felt like I was connecting directly to you not to you as the director, not to you as the writer that that it was just on a very personal level, and it was you know, it was a great feeling.

00:08:50.760 --> 00:08:58.230 Albert Dabah: Well, thank you, and you know, and thank you Sasha I mean i'll Thank you again, both for being in the film because.

00:08:59.040 --> 00:09:12.390 Albert Dabah: You know, as you know, is based on a true story, and you know events that happened, and you know it for my life as everyone's family usually has you know some effect on your life or big effect to.

00:09:13.080 --> 00:09:21.930 Albert Dabah: jurors small degree than than others, but um and, for me, it was very important to make this film and it took forever to write it.

00:09:22.470 --> 00:09:37.710 Albert Dabah: And I will say was something that to me was you know i'm really proud of, and I just think there are so many things that I was dealing with that, when it was done, I just felt like wow.

00:09:37.740 --> 00:09:38.310 Albert Dabah: But the hallway.

00:09:38.670 --> 00:09:39.570 Geraldine Singer: felt was that.

00:09:39.720 --> 00:09:49.410 Geraldine Singer: Was that so here's the you know we're we're assuming that people know great deal about this film, but it is your story, as a young man wanting to play baseball and you're very.

00:09:49.710 --> 00:09:54.960 Geraldine Singer: you're very religious and conservative parents not wanting you to do that and then.

00:09:55.500 --> 00:10:08.310 Geraldine Singer: Two tragedies in your in your family and you sort of going through that and then sort of crossing some some threshold into your future I mean I don't want to give away the whole plot of the story, but.

00:10:08.640 --> 00:10:19.740 Geraldine Singer: i'm just wondering that, as you did it and, as you wrote it and, as you completed that the film was there a sense I don't even want to put the.

00:10:20.370 --> 00:10:32.130 Geraldine Singer: kind of you know just say was that the end of a process did that take you to a different place was there a sort of a release or a exorcism of go, you know what whatever.

00:10:34.260 --> 00:10:39.600 Albert Dabah: You know people ask me did it give you i'll tell you one thing that people asked me to to give me closure.

00:10:39.660 --> 00:10:44.640 Albert Dabah: closure and I, my answer is no, it did not be closer.

00:10:45.660 --> 00:10:49.140 Albert Dabah: But it gave me a sense those one we had her on the show.

00:10:50.340 --> 00:10:59.610 Albert Dabah: A critic on the show a name is Tony, and the reason why I had on the show because I felt she said, the most beautiful thing in her review.

00:11:00.390 --> 00:11:10.500 Albert Dabah: And she said, at the very end and I had to read it on the show, because it was just so beautiful but i'll just paraphrase it was something like Albert.

00:11:10.830 --> 00:11:30.000 Albert Dabah: portrays he pulls the curtain over to something you might hear about, but never but it's like you're witnessing mental illness and seeing it from his point of view and it's also, as she ended up by writing it was like writing a a.

00:11:31.110 --> 00:11:51.690 Albert Dabah: A love story to about her about his brother and sister that will last for decades and decades, and I just thought like reading that it brought me so much joy that someone who reviews films, you know said something like.

00:11:51.690 --> 00:11:51.960 That.

00:11:53.100 --> 00:12:01.470 Albert Dabah: Because I felt like you know, I was honoring them and I learned more what I got from them by doing the film.

00:12:02.010 --> 00:12:02.700 Geraldine Singer: Ah yeah.

00:12:02.880 --> 00:12:08.010 Albert Dabah: Good yeah you'd get a lot out of doing the film, but the word closure, which is used a lot.

00:12:08.040 --> 00:12:09.480 Geraldine Singer: yeah that's why I didn't I.

00:12:09.630 --> 00:12:22.710 Geraldine Singer: know I sort of didn't want to characterize it as a particular thing but but was there some difference after the after the film was done in terms of your realization that history your history because.

00:12:24.300 --> 00:12:29.310 Albert Dabah: You know she knows knows the Community, you know and and.

00:12:32.610 --> 00:12:49.800 Albert Dabah: The Syrian Jewish community is a wonderful Community there's a lot of good things about it but it's like any Community if if it's like if you feel that you don't fit in to the way they want you to fit in it can be very, very tough and but.

00:12:49.830 --> 00:13:08.610 Geraldine Singer: But but that's very but that's a very universal story in I can go back and relate that to say you know the way I grew up in the way I was brought up, which was very, very different, but I wanted to to act, I mean i'm not sure quite.

00:13:10.260 --> 00:13:16.890 Geraldine Singer: You know I mean I know when that began, but I know that once that took hold and you know.

00:13:18.030 --> 00:13:25.260 Geraldine Singer: That That was something that I was going to pursue as far as my parents were concerned that was like.

00:13:27.060 --> 00:13:27.630 Geraldine Singer: that's like.

00:13:28.680 --> 00:13:31.080 Geraldine Singer: saying you know you know.

00:13:32.100 --> 00:13:33.570 Geraldine Singer: I wanted to go to Mars.

00:13:33.750 --> 00:13:35.040 Geraldine Singer: You know, it was like.

00:13:35.190 --> 00:13:35.670 A.

00:13:37.440 --> 00:13:47.610 Geraldine Singer: And um and I really think you know, sadly, even on her deathbed my dear mother was probably saying one of these days she'll give up that acting.

00:13:47.610 --> 00:13:49.020 Geraldine Singer: foolishness you know.

00:13:51.990 --> 00:13:54.600 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: After you had success amazing.

00:13:55.830 --> 00:13:56.220 Geraldine Singer: well.

00:13:57.330 --> 00:14:10.740 Geraldine Singer: You have to understand you you you you met me at a sweet spot, there was a great struggle for most of my life yeah I came to New York and I did some shows, but I was always working in a law firm and.

00:14:11.340 --> 00:14:22.770 Geraldine Singer: You know juggling a job and and going off and doing some regional theater where it came back poor than when I left because I may be working at the lower.

00:14:23.250 --> 00:14:37.800 Geraldine Singer: But you know, I was raised to be somebody's wife that's was the expectation so to to you know, was to be educated and you know refined and all of that sort of stuff but.

00:14:38.400 --> 00:14:49.710 Geraldine Singer: to have some kind of career that was yeah that was never expected even to even for me to to work in a law firm would, I have to that was never expected so.

00:14:50.040 --> 00:15:03.390 Geraldine Singer: yeah I think that that sort of thing of like where you are, you know there's somebody expectations of you that that you are where you are not fulfilling those expectations and think that's that's obviously very common story.

00:15:03.420 --> 00:15:06.780 Albert Dabah: yeah very like you said I think it's very universal.

00:15:07.230 --> 00:15:14.700 Albert Dabah: Law Natasha we're gonna take a break, when we come back i'd like to hear you know what it was like you, for you.

00:15:15.240 --> 00:15:27.420 Albert Dabah: To go into the acting field, and what kind of support you have I know you studied in England, for a while, so i'd love to hear more about that when we come right back with geraldine and Natasha.

00:15:28.560 --> 00:15:28.980 Albert Dabah: Thank you.

00:18:24.960 --> 00:18:44.460 Albert Dabah: hi there we are back with Natasha and geraldine so Natasha we wanted to ask you, so what was it like for you going into acting is just something you always wanted to do and what kind of support, did you get yeah so i've wanted to ask, since I was three years old.

00:18:45.570 --> 00:18:46.920 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: It was for me.

00:18:48.300 --> 00:18:54.510 Just something I had always thought that I was born to do, and it was always just kind of my greatest love you know.

00:18:57.720 --> 00:18:58.860 This comfortable place.

00:19:00.480 --> 00:19:07.200 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So I was massive production, I was very surprised by my parents my mom my dad and my step dad my.

00:19:08.130 --> 00:19:20.220 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: My step dad actually was very insistent you know if you're going to go into this, I want you to get great training and do it right, and you know don't just go in and try to be famous like be an artist and make sure that this is the thing that you love and.

00:19:21.660 --> 00:19:25.320 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So I was really supported and actually it it it.

00:19:26.340 --> 00:19:32.880 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I did question that like am I doing this for the right reasons for a little while and and recently I just did a film in.

00:19:33.330 --> 00:19:47.280 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: in St Louis and and it was like this wonderful wonderful opportunity and I work with great people, and you know the trailers and the great hotels, like all the fancy frills to right and and it was wonderful because for me.

00:19:48.690 --> 00:19:59.610 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: It was like you know okay this stuff is great, but but I don't need it because the thing that gives me love is like doing these 12 hour days and this awesome film and getting to work on this character and delve into this text and.

00:20:00.540 --> 00:20:16.380 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: And I love the art I love acting I love learning other people and the empathy that it requires of you, and just you know the excavation of the human soul that's what I love about acting and and it was wonderful to finally really learn that about myself after.

00:20:17.940 --> 00:20:30.540 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: i'm not going to say by age, but X odd years of doing it like it was okay there's your answer you're in this for what I think are the right reasons, but you know who's to tell you what the right reasons are but.

00:20:31.560 --> 00:20:47.970 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So, but yeah I was always very supported I was lucky in that way, no one, you know my mom you know, whenever I day to sell or maybe i'll marry someone who has money, she was like no you'll make your own living acting and you will.

00:20:49.050 --> 00:20:54.810 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So I was always just I was always very simple almost I had smoke blowing up my butt where the day.

00:20:56.280 --> 00:21:07.200 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: My mom had so much faith in me like to the point where it's unrealistic and no one becomes successful in our career, you have to just enjoy enjoy working at all, or you have to be.

00:21:07.380 --> 00:21:09.240 Geraldine Singer: art or enjoy the.

00:21:09.690 --> 00:21:20.460 Geraldine Singer: enjoy just enjoy the process of of doing the auditions and experimenting and because the you know you may not get the gold ring you know right.

00:21:20.610 --> 00:21:26.400 Geraldine Singer: All right, that the enjoy the journey and not the the destination yeah yeah.

00:21:26.640 --> 00:21:31.260 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: But the gold ring I think could be doing.

00:21:32.910 --> 00:21:34.290 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Community theater.

00:21:34.830 --> 00:21:35.460 Geraldine Singer: and

00:21:35.790 --> 00:21:45.870 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Those great roles, you know in smaller places where Okay, not the whole world doesn't see you but you're still getting to work on this incredible material like yeah isn't that the gold ring you know.

00:21:46.230 --> 00:21:46.710 So.

00:21:48.360 --> 00:21:58.320 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So I feel like really To each his own but, but the the scope of the project, I mean, at least for me doesn't matter it's just what is the material that i'm getting to work on and.

00:21:59.010 --> 00:22:06.150 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: And, and even if you are like working 500 other jobs to do it like if you're getting to do that and right to fill that artistic.

00:22:08.160 --> 00:22:08.610 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Thank.

00:22:09.660 --> 00:22:14.340 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Then you know, then you're I mean for me i'm living the LIFE I want to live so.

00:22:14.760 --> 00:22:31.500 Albert Dabah: that's great that's great you know it makes me think we were talking before the show started about the Academy awards last night and I realized that um you know in my family will always watch the Academy awards my mother was really into it and.

00:22:33.000 --> 00:22:42.210 Albert Dabah: You know all the movie stars and all that and I remember when I was my sister my older sister lives in La so I remember once going to the.

00:22:42.570 --> 00:22:51.540 Albert Dabah: You know, seeing all the actors walk into the Academy awards, and it was such a thrill and I was like maybe 11 years old, I think.

00:22:52.380 --> 00:23:05.940 Albert Dabah: And i'll never forget work them out, it was, like all this traffic and I was walking and Walter matthau was he pulled down his window and he said hey where's everybody going any movie stars around here it's really funny.

00:23:06.960 --> 00:23:10.170 Albert Dabah: And then I said I think there's a couple I think i'm talking to one right now.

00:23:11.430 --> 00:23:18.180 Albert Dabah: And then I saw Gregory peck walk in and my sister always loved Gregory peck on that, like a chill went up my spine James Gregory peck.

00:23:18.990 --> 00:23:29.010 Albert Dabah: But what really always got me was the whole idea of you know, acting and all that, but the whole idea of making a film.

00:23:29.970 --> 00:23:41.970 Albert Dabah: So last night when I really enjoyed was this whole process of what it's really like to make a film and I felt really proud of this, my girlfriend and I said wow I really made a film.

00:23:42.390 --> 00:23:53.250 Albert Dabah: And, and all this and I thought of one person I thought of a lot last night was Luigi and I thought of what a wonderful job he did he was the cinematographer on the film.

00:23:53.640 --> 00:23:56.100 Geraldine Singer: Which is this Joe we should say his name.

00:23:56.430 --> 00:23:56.640 Geraldine Singer: But.

00:23:56.970 --> 00:23:58.500 Albert Dabah: Then this girl very.

00:23:58.560 --> 00:24:00.000 Geraldine Singer: Credible cinematographer.

00:24:00.360 --> 00:24:05.520 Albert Dabah: And, and he he was so like into it every minute and so.

00:24:06.750 --> 00:24:09.450 Albert Dabah: yeah and and preparing for the film.

00:24:09.990 --> 00:24:15.090 Geraldine Singer: yeah and and the visuals are just so beautiful, I mean it's.

00:24:15.570 --> 00:24:19.890 Geraldine Singer: Striking it just striking it really it, you know.

00:24:21.030 --> 00:24:28.200 Geraldine Singer: Obviously, you have to start with the script and you know if you if you don't have it on the page, you might be able to fake it.

00:24:29.040 --> 00:24:38.250 Geraldine Singer: I doubt it, but you know, we had we had such an amazing script and I have to say, Albert when I think about that, when I think about your writing about that.

00:24:38.850 --> 00:25:04.560 Geraldine Singer: And the perspective that you were able to have in writing about your own history, this is a not comparing you to eugene o'neill but you know it's like when I watch long day's journey and tonight and you say he's writing about his family and he's writing about it in.

00:25:05.640 --> 00:25:16.500 Geraldine Singer: It not that he's that he's removed from it, but with incredible clarity and that's what I felt about the script there was a great deal of emotional.

00:25:17.460 --> 00:25:28.440 Geraldine Singer: have to the script, but it was there was such clarity about what the Ark was and and how all the pieces fit together okay that's where you start then.

00:25:29.640 --> 00:25:35.550 Geraldine Singer: This the visuals on this word just astonishing.

00:25:36.570 --> 00:25:53.730 Geraldine Singer: Work is just beautiful, so that they are you know that you got you got two pillars there, so you know this is safe, as long as we show up, we say our lives we don't bump into the furniture we pretty much got a good handle.

00:25:55.350 --> 00:26:02.670 Albert Dabah: You know you remember last night at the end of the Academy awards I forget I don't know who was really I don't remember if it was someone I even knew.

00:26:03.210 --> 00:26:13.290 Albert Dabah: But he said you all have to watch this on the big screen all the films that were shown here tonight, and that is one thing that when I first saw the film.

00:26:14.250 --> 00:26:26.400 Albert Dabah: Before we showed it to everyone, I had a screening of it for about I just really wanted to see it before I invited all these people when you all came.

00:26:26.910 --> 00:26:36.090 Albert Dabah: Because I was so nervous about what it was going to look like on a big screen I hate when we did the color ization I saw it on a bigger screen, but nothing like you know big screen.

00:26:37.350 --> 00:26:39.090 Albert Dabah: You know Dolby sound and all that.

00:26:40.290 --> 00:26:41.250 Albert Dabah: And I was a.

00:26:42.300 --> 00:26:52.050 Albert Dabah: Remember gina she worked with me I don't know if you met gene in any way she was working with me in my office and we.

00:26:53.670 --> 00:27:02.670 Albert Dabah: They were doing a test of the we had about 15 people come the in a small theater upstairs in the same place where you first and.

00:27:04.320 --> 00:27:18.630 Albert Dabah: The projector guy said to me, do you want to you know, listen to it and watch the first five or 10 minutes and see how it looks to you and we got in there and i'll never forget gina just started crying.

00:27:19.410 --> 00:27:26.460 Albert Dabah: i've been working on the film and I would like holding like with tears in my eyes to it was just amazing.

00:27:26.460 --> 00:27:39.330 Albert Dabah: Seeing grass of the field, and you know, in the beginning and and listening to it and I thought oh my gosh and I was telling lizzie my girlfriend we got to see it on the big screen, I have to have you see it on the big screen because.

00:27:39.990 --> 00:27:47.700 Albert Dabah: It you know, because what makes me say that is when you talk about the visuals because you can you really see them more in any film.

00:27:48.030 --> 00:27:49.740 Geraldine Singer: Yes, yes yeah yeah.

00:27:49.920 --> 00:27:51.750 Albert Dabah: You know, on a big screen yeah.

00:27:51.870 --> 00:28:01.980 Geraldine Singer: But you know the The other thing which is sort of astonishing about filmmaking and and is that there are so many disparate elements so many.

00:28:03.000 --> 00:28:14.850 Geraldine Singer: And the way things are sort of put together at the end, I mean I think people who have never been on a film set with sort of be astonished at.

00:28:16.710 --> 00:28:23.100 Geraldine Singer: You know you don't do a scene from beginning to end, you don't even know what most of the time you're.

00:28:23.880 --> 00:28:34.440 Geraldine Singer: Seeing from beginning to end, I mean things get put together, I mean there was a sense of an Arc that's part of our obligation and that's one of the directors obligation but.

00:28:35.400 --> 00:28:49.200 Geraldine Singer: things get pieced together at the end and and I think we've all seen examples of very accomplished people who have put together movies that just don't work.

00:28:49.560 --> 00:28:58.170 Albert Dabah: Right and I want to on that I need to stop you because we're going to take a break, but I want to talk about the editing of the film and mentioned.

00:28:58.950 --> 00:29:14.130 Albert Dabah: Someone that you may not even mad i'm not sure, but who edited the second editor of the sun what so we'll be right back with geraldine and Natasha we're talking about the film extra innings that can be seen on Amazon prime be right back, thank you.

00:32:02.340 --> 00:32:19.080 Albert Dabah: hi there we're back with Natasha and geraldine we've been talking about the film extra endings and we left off talking about God we're talking about how how it all comes together at the end, and what you maybe think of is.

00:32:20.190 --> 00:32:28.020 Albert Dabah: Ray hubli, who was the second editor on the film i'm not sure if you guys ever met him did either of you meet him, no.

00:32:28.230 --> 00:32:38.580 Albert Dabah: No um so i'll tell you a short story about that whole thing So when I was looking for an editor for the film before the film we shot the film.

00:32:39.120 --> 00:32:52.200 Albert Dabah: I spoke to three different editors that were recommended to me by another filmmaker who I really up to who actually had been an intern of mine years before and he made a wonderful film that was shown in Cannes and.

00:32:53.430 --> 00:32:55.950 Albert Dabah: really good filmmaker and.

00:32:57.060 --> 00:33:07.020 Albert Dabah: So one of them was Ray and but Ray was busy at the time on a film and wouldn't be free for another two months from the time we finished the film and.

00:33:07.740 --> 00:33:17.670 Albert Dabah: But he was into baseball and everything we had a great talk and and and we I think midway through the film or towards the end of the film making Luigi said.

00:33:18.750 --> 00:33:21.840 Albert Dabah: You know I could edit the film, if you want and.

00:33:23.160 --> 00:33:30.210 Albert Dabah: The one thing that Ray had told me and I spoke to other people said it's not the best idea to have your cinematographer edit the film.

00:33:30.750 --> 00:33:43.890 Albert Dabah: But I but I like Luigi and I felt like this could be the beginning of laying it all out there, and he did, and you know, the first cut was would have been like three hours long.

00:33:44.400 --> 00:34:03.870 Albert Dabah: And, but it was fine you know, like I liked what I saw but I knew it had to be trimmed and change this and that, and so what I did was, I had a friend named mark, who was helped me along the way on on on films and everything because he had worked on films and.

00:34:06.300 --> 00:34:14.130 Albert Dabah: I asked him if he can get some people together because he used to preview films, so we got about five people together we showed it on a screen on this.

00:34:14.640 --> 00:34:25.950 Albert Dabah: You know, maybe a 50 inch screen and none of the people knew anything about the film beforehand, they didn't know what it's about what they were going to see and one was a professor film at at.

00:34:27.360 --> 00:34:28.260 Albert Dabah: what's it called.

00:34:29.610 --> 00:34:30.480 Albert Dabah: In montclair.

00:34:31.980 --> 00:34:35.790 Albert Dabah: was named that college um well it'll come to me in a minute, but anyway.

00:34:37.260 --> 00:34:37.770 Albert Dabah: Was that.

00:34:38.820 --> 00:34:40.530 Geraldine Singer: No, no he's wrong.

00:34:41.010 --> 00:34:41.160 Oh.

00:34:45.840 --> 00:34:47.040 Albert Dabah: i'm so.

00:34:48.240 --> 00:34:53.790 Albert Dabah: And I took though I recorded the notes and they were very specific and I was like.

00:34:54.480 --> 00:35:04.950 Albert Dabah: I said to myself, this was really great I mean some things really like stung also like to some degree, but I knew I knew we were going to have to I mean I knew it for that.

00:35:05.610 --> 00:35:13.830 Albert Dabah: And I called up Ray and he came in and he saw other cut and he was so confident I could I could really make this film.

00:35:14.940 --> 00:35:21.900 Albert Dabah: Really, strong and he but he went through the process of what he would do, and he was so and he also taught at nyu.

00:35:23.100 --> 00:35:30.480 Albert Dabah: editing and he just he was wonderful to work with, and we would talk for hours about it.

00:35:32.220 --> 00:35:49.680 Albert Dabah: He edited at his place when Luigi edited he ended at my office, so I didn't get to see some of the stuff until he you know came and showed it and we talked about it, we had one big difference, he was a big metal fan, and I was a big Yankee fan and.

00:35:50.100 --> 00:35:52.680 Albert Dabah: I invited him to three baseball.

00:35:55.470 --> 00:36:10.920 Albert Dabah: stadium, and finally says Albert I got to tell you that any always said no, for some reason, and I think he was making up the reasons, because he said, finally I can't walk into Yankee stadium I just can't do it i'm a met fan, and I can't face it, I just can't go, you know they always win.

00:36:13.050 --> 00:36:15.750 Albert Dabah: So I just thought he was so funny.

00:36:16.290 --> 00:36:17.280 Geraldine Singer: as well.

00:36:20.160 --> 00:36:35.640 Albert Dabah: But there was one there was one thing that I love there's so many things I love what he did, but he he at the end of the film in the script it said PA announcer says we're now going into extra innings and it's there's a shot of the scoreboard.

00:36:37.260 --> 00:36:48.210 Albert Dabah: Well, what he did was when we shot that last scene on the baseball field on the College field, I remember, we were just about breaking down and.

00:36:49.260 --> 00:37:04.560 Albert Dabah: I said to Luigi don't don't don't break down and the camera was right around home play Well he had moved it from the pitcher's mound of home plate, and I said I didn't even eyes, I said Alex who plays the older.

00:37:06.120 --> 00:37:12.720 Albert Dabah: son plays me the older me, I said to him Alex just run out straight out to Center field.

00:37:13.980 --> 00:37:21.180 Albert Dabah: me he goes what like why we finished early he goes yeah we are, but I wanted to just run straight out straight out Center field.

00:37:22.410 --> 00:37:31.890 Albert Dabah: And you know Louise he looked at me question me like why, and I go I don't know I just have I just have this gut feeling of something so he shot it.

00:37:32.730 --> 00:37:43.020 Albert Dabah: And that was that I totally forgot about that shot and then, when Ray came in and edited the film and did maybe two or three edits he put that shot in.

00:37:43.710 --> 00:37:52.200 Albert Dabah: And I was like oh my gosh and I just loved it I just thought you know I had someone asked me, the other day, through a friend.

00:37:52.530 --> 00:38:02.730 Albert Dabah: What is that shot mean, how come, no one else is on the field, you know, but you know everyone has their own way of looking at and did the father really come to the game, and all that kind of stuff.

00:38:03.450 --> 00:38:13.890 Albert Dabah: And, but my interpretation of that shot is is that and why extra innings is now this kid has hope he can rate to.

00:38:13.980 --> 00:38:15.750 Geraldine Singer: Well it's also.

00:38:15.930 --> 00:38:20.130 Geraldine Singer: anywhere, he has to claim his life, he has to claim his own life, he has to leave.

00:38:21.750 --> 00:38:39.420 Geraldine Singer: You know, he he shaped by his history right, but he controls how his life goes forward and um and I think that's something we all, many of us have to learn, you know a lot of us.

00:38:40.950 --> 00:38:48.120 Geraldine Singer: including me when I was younger he spent a lot of time will I did this because, and I was raised, like that there's a there's a point we have to say.

00:38:49.620 --> 00:39:07.620 Geraldine Singer: you're in control your life right now there's a point up to which, yes, your your your parents or you know your Community or whatever you feel beholden to the laws that are that conscript you in a certain way and there's a day, where you own your life.

00:39:08.940 --> 00:39:09.510 Geraldine Singer: and

00:39:10.890 --> 00:39:18.960 Geraldine Singer: And you have to let you have to that has to be you know it has to be in the wake and you have to move forward and that that's what.

00:39:20.040 --> 00:39:23.010 Geraldine Singer: I mean I I I really appreciated.

00:39:24.150 --> 00:39:37.200 Geraldine Singer: That when because we saw an earlier cut of the film that didn't have that ending and so when we saw that yeah I felt like there was there was a beginning a middle and an end.

00:39:37.320 --> 00:39:48.750 Albert Dabah: yeah isn't it isn't it something as whether you're whatever you do, but and I guess in art, but in anything really I think when you sometimes.

00:39:49.110 --> 00:40:02.700 Albert Dabah: Have a gut feeling about something, but you don't know why where it comes from, at the time, and you see it work i'm and I think it can be said for anything that you, you create.

00:40:04.350 --> 00:40:14.760 Albert Dabah: Whether you're you're building a kitchen or you know in anything that you do I think you know we have things within us that we don't even know we have.

00:40:15.390 --> 00:40:26.640 Geraldine Singer: Well, I i've i've started, you know, during the our our incarceration of voluntary incarceration during the pandemic I started painting.

00:40:28.200 --> 00:40:31.470 Geraldine Singer: It primarily just to have something to do.

00:40:32.700 --> 00:40:40.080 Geraldine Singer: There was there was a point, particularly early on, where we wouldn't leave the House, we were having food delivered, we were really.

00:40:41.880 --> 00:40:43.290 Geraldine Singer: There was nothing to do.

00:40:44.880 --> 00:40:58.650 Geraldine Singer: And so I picked up I picked up some paints and that's what very satisfying and but interestingly enough, the last one of the last things I did I do I do a zoom painting class with other seniors.

00:40:59.310 --> 00:41:12.990 Geraldine Singer: And it's a great community, but I did a painting last week, which is very interesting and felt it was very perfunctory the prompt from the teacher was something fundamental and I felt like I had worked on this.

00:41:13.290 --> 00:41:30.360 Geraldine Singer: too fast and I did something very simple and then I showed that to the to the other, and they came up with all kinds of different interpretations of my visual well so that's the thing of like you like you.

00:41:31.680 --> 00:41:33.180 Geraldine Singer: You express something.

00:41:34.440 --> 00:41:35.700 Geraldine Singer: And you.

00:41:36.720 --> 00:41:46.680 Geraldine Singer: You may not even be aware of all the resonances that you bring to it that somebody else hearing it brings to it.

00:41:48.990 --> 00:41:54.870 Geraldine Singer: It that's and that's The wonderful thing about both film and theatre is that.

00:41:56.040 --> 00:41:59.400 Geraldine Singer: You you put the words on the page output.

00:42:02.250 --> 00:42:11.820 Geraldine Singer: Luigi has some control of the visuals then these characters that you have written we bring our own.

00:42:13.020 --> 00:42:15.810 Geraldine Singer: emotional resonance to that character.

00:42:16.140 --> 00:42:22.950 Geraldine Singer: yeah yeah and and then another person in the outside sees that character and they have.

00:42:24.120 --> 00:42:33.450 Geraldine Singer: Because of their own life scenario they have a very specific relation to that and it's so becomes really sort of very vibrant and there's.

00:42:35.310 --> 00:42:37.860 Geraldine Singer: A lot of life and a lot of tension and a lot of.

00:42:40.020 --> 00:42:41.460 Geraldine Singer: it's a.

00:42:42.720 --> 00:42:43.980 Geraldine Singer: Very alive.

00:42:44.610 --> 00:42:45.060 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:42:45.270 --> 00:42:45.750 Geraldine Singer: arm for.

00:42:45.930 --> 00:42:47.220 Albert Dabah: You know what i'm going to bring up.

00:42:48.510 --> 00:43:02.520 Albert Dabah: Natasha we're going to go to a break, and when we have a couple of minutes um how did, how did it feel to and geraldine also but Natasha What did it feel for you to you know play a part of.

00:43:03.540 --> 00:43:09.300 Albert Dabah: Based on a true story with you know me directing it, how did it feel for you um.

00:43:09.360 --> 00:43:18.750 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: You know it felt very simple like very similar to doing any role in terms of just acting but I felt a sense of.

00:43:20.280 --> 00:43:32.580 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: duty to you and to the real person that I was playing to the not not pressure, but a sense of responsibility to hold this character and to take really, really good care of her.

00:43:33.060 --> 00:43:37.110 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So you know I approached the roles as same way, I would approach any role, but it was.

00:43:37.770 --> 00:43:53.490 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: That responsibility that came with taking care of this person because you're playing someone real and and honoring that story and who, that person is and the part that they played in that story so that was the biggest difference, it was because it was so real because it was real it.

00:43:55.350 --> 00:44:02.880 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: You know you have more respect for, or you have a great greater sense of respect for the story in that way.

00:44:03.570 --> 00:44:09.690 Albert Dabah: Well that's wonderful I love the way you described that taking care of that character that's wonderful.

00:44:10.170 --> 00:44:11.100 Geraldine Singer: Well, the other.

00:44:11.160 --> 00:44:15.360 Geraldine Singer: thing I was just briefly and i'll talk about this later, is that you actually created a family.

00:44:15.900 --> 00:44:17.400 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: yeah yeah it really.

00:44:18.030 --> 00:44:18.330 yeah.

00:44:20.700 --> 00:44:22.260 Geraldine Singer: There was a very cohesive.

00:44:24.060 --> 00:44:27.780 Albert Dabah: Great well great Oh, by the way, montclair State University was the place.

00:44:28.860 --> 00:44:31.080 Albert Dabah: Okay welcome back.

00:44:33.720 --> 00:44:34.200 Albert Dabah: Thank you.

00:46:51.420 --> 00:47:03.660 Albert Dabah: hi there we're back with nitasha and geraldine so geraldine you were talking about your water coloring during the pandemic Natasha what what kind of how did you handle this last year.

00:47:05.580 --> 00:47:13.470 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Well, you know I I undulate it a lot throughout the year, first, I was alone doing a lot of puzzles.

00:47:15.240 --> 00:47:28.740 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I fell in love and got engaged honestly I went through a point during the pandemic, where I was doing a lot of drinking were to the point where I had to stop so I haven't had a drink in eight months.

00:47:30.120 --> 00:47:33.180 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: But I mean, I think that happened to a lot of people.

00:47:33.570 --> 00:47:34.350 Geraldine Singer: and eating.

00:47:34.710 --> 00:47:35.160 Geraldine Singer: and eating.

00:47:36.330 --> 00:47:45.900 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: and eating, you know I thought that I did a lot of running to counteract that so like I started training for the marathon yeah well so because I didn't so much eating.

00:47:48.960 --> 00:47:59.400 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: But um yeah I mean like my my life one at in pandemic, it was you know it started out very difficult and I, you know, had to look at myself.

00:47:59.760 --> 00:48:04.470 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I really had to look at myself and say Okay, you need to make a change, because what you're doing isn't working.

00:48:04.710 --> 00:48:19.440 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: In your in your life in general okay I started out in the pandemic kind of unhappy with my life, I think, before I was before the pandemic happened and I made the changes internally and externally, that I needed to so I mean it was a huge year for me.

00:48:21.240 --> 00:48:30.360 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: You know I went to the place, I wanted to go to my whole life, which has brought me so much happiness I think it's incredible how your surroundings can affect your spirit.

00:48:31.350 --> 00:48:40.230 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I mean yeah just like for me, being in the sunshine and being able to hike and being able to go to the beach like I can breathe differently.

00:48:40.560 --> 00:48:54.510 Geraldine Singer: yeah that's I I spent a number of years in California, in Los Angeles and and there was some downsides to that, but if I used to say, there are two, there are two reasons to live in La.

00:48:56.250 --> 00:48:58.410 Geraldine Singer: The sunshine and trader joe's.

00:48:58.530 --> 00:48:59.940 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Well, yes.

00:49:01.020 --> 00:49:03.870 Geraldine Singer: Now what but now there's only one reason.

00:49:03.870 --> 00:49:05.340 Geraldine Singer: to live in La but still.

00:49:06.900 --> 00:49:10.200 Geraldine Singer: You know, we got trader joe's but we don't have the weather.

00:49:13.410 --> 00:49:15.000 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I don't know the weather is enough for me.

00:49:17.400 --> 00:49:18.000 Geraldine Singer: The weather.

00:49:19.530 --> 00:49:22.770 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: You do love your trader joe's you want your two buck chuck right.

00:49:23.400 --> 00:49:31.830 Geraldine Singer: Well, I I have I haven't danced a little bit we we we bought the $7 boggle marijuana now.

00:49:34.800 --> 00:49:43.590 Albert Dabah: we're talking about eating i'll never forget on the set I don't know, will you have to remember this nitasha we will we were.

00:49:44.670 --> 00:49:52.500 Albert Dabah: It was on a Friday, we were shooting a dinner scene, and you know there's a lot of downtime and we got some hala.

00:49:52.920 --> 00:49:54.030 Geraldine Singer: I remember the sala.

00:49:54.210 --> 00:50:08.820 Albert Dabah: Allah right like the block, you know, a couple of bucks I don't remember how many holidays were brought to us but i've never ever seen anyone eat so much color as nitasha I putting that and I love it.

00:50:11.220 --> 00:50:11.910 Albert Dabah: She was like.

00:50:13.710 --> 00:50:25.200 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: The best call i've ever had in my life and Allah is already my favorite food probably ever, but that was extraordinary I bought like three loaves when we left.

00:50:28.110 --> 00:50:34.050 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: I would go to set up before we get to set early so that I could go and get holler and I wouldn't buy a lot.

00:50:36.000 --> 00:50:36.510 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Every day.

00:50:36.630 --> 00:50:40.500 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: They had it because they only had an uncertain days, because you know they weren't ready for shabbat.

00:50:40.680 --> 00:50:47.100 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: So I would like to get to set early just to buy some of that house, because it was it was obscene it was so good.

00:50:47.310 --> 00:50:51.450 Albert Dabah: yeah it was right out of the House, it was warm and everything.

00:50:52.530 --> 00:51:01.410 Albert Dabah: So you know it's funny I, and you know, during Colvin it's been a obviously a you know across the world, a horrible time for so many people.

00:51:02.610 --> 00:51:22.020 Albert Dabah: And yet, you have to find your own you know social social time and it's i've said to lizzie who I also met you know, I was we were talking nine months ago, and we have this beautiful relationship, and you know I just really am so thankful that I met her and i'll never forget.

00:51:23.670 --> 00:51:28.110 Albert Dabah: i'm not sure if show listen to this show, but she does listen to some but.

00:51:29.130 --> 00:51:42.840 Albert Dabah: When I first went out with her, you know because of not going out much, and you know we're really social animals and then we're taught to say stay home and not go out and wear masks and cover ourselves and all that.

00:51:43.200 --> 00:51:55.440 Albert Dabah: Which is the opposite of way, you know that we, we want to be, I think, naturally, so when I went out with lizzie we went to some pizza place we sat outside it was very nice and I thought here's a nice woman.

00:51:55.860 --> 00:52:13.650 Albert Dabah: And in we spoke a few times on the phone and we're saying goodbye, and I said, can I, you know people going like this and as a can I hug you by and we got a hug and I told him, later on, it felt like electricity went through my body, you know it really did.

00:52:14.070 --> 00:52:22.590 Albert Dabah: And I said I don't know if it's because I hadn't hugged and to anyone, and so long, but it had to be a part of who she was, I know that because that's the person I was hugging.

00:52:22.920 --> 00:52:28.410 Albert Dabah: And here we are, we you know we we just we talk, every day we see each other every weekend.

00:52:28.740 --> 00:52:35.940 Albert Dabah: So I I look at the pandemic and like we hardly have gotten to this weekend, we got together with a bunch of people, I mean two different couples.

00:52:36.270 --> 00:52:40.620 Albert Dabah: are up to now, we harden and we got together with some of her friends, but.

00:52:41.100 --> 00:52:53.040 Albert Dabah: You know, we spend so much time alone that we really got to be great friends and spend time together and do things together, I started playing backgammon which I used to play my father used to play all the time and.

00:52:54.120 --> 00:52:57.540 Albert Dabah: He was a champ and I beat her most of the time so.

00:53:00.300 --> 00:53:00.960 Albert Dabah: But she's done it.

00:53:01.200 --> 00:53:13.860 Geraldine Singer: But Natasha so i'm assuming that because of the pandemic that you and the fiance ended up did you end up spending a lot of time together or was it a lot of time apart, how did that.

00:53:14.880 --> 00:53:17.880 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: We haven't 24 hours a day together since the day we met.

00:53:18.690 --> 00:53:30.930 Geraldine Singer: Okay well see and so that's been a while so it's kind of a it's kind of a time tested relationship here, you can tolerate each other in the hard times.

00:53:31.380 --> 00:53:39.510 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: yeah well, the thing right if you it's different even from from if we just moved in together area, the any other time in our lifetime.

00:53:39.930 --> 00:53:46.230 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Exactly what have gone to work, we would have gone out seen friends done things had time apart, we don't have any time apart.

00:53:46.230 --> 00:53:54.990 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Now, like for me i'm obsessed like crazy about it, if you lay on top of me all day I would be happy as a clam but in in space.

00:53:57.360 --> 00:54:00.270 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: It is a huge test for the relationship if.

00:54:00.390 --> 00:54:00.960 Geraldine Singer: It is.

00:54:01.350 --> 00:54:05.730 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: You you know you you you sort your stuff you iron your stuff out very quickly.

00:54:06.840 --> 00:54:14.550 Geraldine Singer: yeah so well, Robert and I very lucky that we've been together for 35 years I think it's 36 now has.

00:54:14.580 --> 00:54:16.740 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: been living together yeah during the pandemic.

00:54:17.520 --> 00:54:28.110 Geraldine Singer: um well we we really we enjoy each other's company and that the you know we make each other laugh, I mean.

00:54:30.300 --> 00:54:41.850 Geraldine Singer: Like we have the Bob and Jerry show you know and at some we should take it on the road, although i'm not sure people would laugh at the same things that we laugh at but um.

00:54:42.720 --> 00:54:46.110 Geraldine Singer: We actually enjoy spending time together, I was noticing the other day because.

00:54:46.650 --> 00:54:53.370 Geraldine Singer: Maybe we've run out of stuff after 35 years, maybe we've heard all the stories, but we were just here, I was on the cell phone.

00:54:53.790 --> 00:55:06.870 Geraldine Singer: On the future and he was over there do it in this Chair did whatever it wasn't it's just comforting that there's somebody there is your touchstone you know it's like and I.

00:55:08.430 --> 00:55:11.760 Geraldine Singer: I really feel for people who.

00:55:12.990 --> 00:55:18.990 Geraldine Singer: are isolated and who can't deal with the isolation, the isolation is too hard, and they don't have that.

00:55:20.400 --> 00:55:24.150 Geraldine Singer: So you know things like like these zoom.

00:55:25.230 --> 00:55:28.140 Geraldine Singer: Drawing classes, I know that they're.

00:55:29.160 --> 00:55:34.140 Geraldine Singer: You know, individuals who are on their own and that becomes like that becomes your.

00:55:34.650 --> 00:55:49.620 Geraldine Singer: Your society, you know I want this one, even if I have nothing to show for the week, I have to show up because I have to talk to Barry and and bill and and Russell americ I have to talk to dd and you know and.

00:55:51.390 --> 00:55:56.340 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: Have you found that it's that you're able to see people more, though, now that you've been vaccinated or.

00:55:56.970 --> 00:55:59.850 Geraldine Singer: We just had we just had our first.

00:56:01.080 --> 00:56:14.550 Geraldine Singer: old friend who's been vaccinated and has been working on set so he's been tested many, many times, but he brought the new girlfriend over on Saturday night and we sat down and we had dinner together and we haven't been done that, and so.

00:56:15.600 --> 00:56:24.660 Geraldine Singer: It was it was like no masks normalcy it was wonderful yeah so we're out the three of us are very lucky.

00:56:24.990 --> 00:56:26.880 Geraldine Singer: yeah we have you know.

00:56:27.420 --> 00:56:46.230 Albert Dabah: It sounds like it i've been seeing Robert the other day peeking in it was really sweet Atocha hearing about you and i'm so grateful that I have is wonder woman lizzie in my life and we're at a time when we're gonna have to wrap it up, I just want to say thank you both so much for.

00:56:47.340 --> 00:56:50.280 Albert Dabah: Being here tonight it's great talking to you, oh I.

00:56:50.280 --> 00:56:53.850 Geraldine Singer: flew out your chopped up.

00:56:56.490 --> 00:57:05.070 Albert Dabah: Both of you, and maybe i'll see a Santa Monica because i'm going out to meet my my girls, I believe, at the end of May, so i'll let you know.

00:57:05.520 --> 00:57:06.510 Natasha Coppola-Shalom: yeah let me know.

00:57:06.690 --> 00:57:07.830 Albert Dabah: Okay alright.

00:57:08.280 --> 00:57:18.600 Albert Dabah: Have a good night remember guys extra innings were in every Monday night six o'clock and see extra innings on Amazon prime Thank you so much, and have a good night bye.

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