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Monday, April 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/19 - The Light at the End ​​​​​​​of the Tunnel

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/19 - The Light at the End ​​​​​​​of the Tunnel


2021/04/19 - The Light at the End ​​​​​​​of the Tunnel

[NEW EPISODE] The Light at the End ​​​​​​​of the Tunnel

Colin Sprake suffered from a young age with mental health issues. After years of working on himself, Sprake is now a heart-centered Business Sherpa, author, speaker, trainer and creator of "The Ultimate Business Success System... with SOUL!" which is a 7-Step System to six figures in profits or more, in 12 months or less.

A South African native and serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building multiple million-dollar businesses globally, in various industries and economies. Colin founded Make Your Mark Training & Consulting in 2004 with a passion to assist entrepreneurs to realize their full revenue and profit potential and do it with heart, making a positive impression on those their business impacts: staff, colleagues, vendors, families and the community. He was featured in the movie Finding Freedom in Your Second Fifty that has helped thousands of people.

Colin currently resides in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, with his beautiful wife and two teenage daughters. After 23 years in business with his wife and training over 100,000 business owners, Colin has learned what it takes to truly grow and enjoy a business with your spouse.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

To begin the show, Albert introduces the guest, Colin Sprake, and also reviews the origin of the podcast and its name. After, Colin talks about his upbringing. He was born in South Africa where he was sometimes bullied because of his foot disability. He exclaimed that he did not have the easiest time growing up. When attempting to explain his mental issues to his parents, not much support was offered. After a while, due to the bullying, fear of going to school and the lack of support being given he attempted suicide at the age of fourteen. He uses his past experiences as fuel to do good and help others. After surviving his suicide attempt, his mother became slightly more open to the idea of mental health unlike his father. Next, Colin decides to attend a seminar about mental health that greatly affected his life. He got to meet people who loved him for being himself. This event also contributed to his decision of becoming an author, speaker and counselor.

Segment 2

After the break, Colin says that there were some people at the seminar who were around his age of fourteen. Things started to change once he goes to school and graduated with an MBA. Eventually, he starts his company and becomes successful but while he was at the top he was still not completely happy. He admits that at times it felt like how it did while living in South Africa. Despite his feelings he was able to overcome them through his business and help from others. He takes pride in being able to help others and understanding them. He specializes in building businesses that are strongly routed through family. If family members are all contributing to a family business, the overall relationship will most likely be boosted. Before the break, Albert states how he can relate to Colin about his journey. He did not have as rough of a background but still had a sick brother to care for.

Segment 3

To begin this segment the two begin to talk about relationships. Albert explains how he was previously married and which eventually brings up the marriage of Colin’s. He explains how they both respect each other for who they are but also allow themselves to grow. Some people fall out of love while married because they do not really realize who they are married to. Colin's marriage with his wife is so strong because they do not try to change one another. He does not have to hide anything. He always tells the truth so he does not have to take back any spoken words. Transparency is key. In regard to being alone, Albert explains how humans are social animals and reaching out to people can make a big difference. In addition, Colin chimes in by saying that being kind to others is essential. Nobody ever knows what somebody else is going through. That one mean comment that was uttered out of spite can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Segment 4

In this segment, Colin discusses how he originally got into writing. He is currently working on his fifth book. Along with his wife, the two are one of the only married best selling author duos. The book that they have written together talks about how entrepreneurs and ground floor workers can better themselves and their businesses. Many books do not talk about both levels. Later, Colin explains how the coronavirus was somewhat bad for business but also allowed him to do a search for what he wanted to do again. He had to redefine how he could help others. This factor was used as motivation to launch new content for his business. When he is a mentor serving humanity, he is not only a mentor for the duration of the business but also for life. Colin always makes an effort to turn his negativity into positivity.


00:00:38.820 --> 00:00:55.050 Albert Dabah: hi there everyone, welcome to extra innings covering all the bases, my name is Albert dabba I am a therapists life coach and filmmaker on extra innings we talk about many different issues that people face.

00:00:56.430 --> 00:00:59.970 Albert Dabah: Basically, mental wellness mental illness.

00:01:01.020 --> 00:01:13.830 Albert Dabah: different problems experiences people grow up with or deal with on their journeys in life, such as anxiety depression fun laughter everything.

00:01:14.730 --> 00:01:27.480 Albert Dabah: That you can think of suicide things that are sometimes very troubling to talk about we've had guests from many different aspects of life in sports business artists critics.

00:01:28.860 --> 00:01:32.790 Albert Dabah: So it's a program that we deal with real life issues.

00:01:34.140 --> 00:01:41.130 Albert Dabah: Extra innings actually comes from a film I made called extra innings that is now on Amazon prime and.

00:01:41.940 --> 00:01:52.080 Albert Dabah: i'm very proud of the film is based on a true story that I wrote directed and produced enacted in and it's a takes place during the 1960s.

00:01:52.950 --> 00:02:05.460 Albert Dabah: and on tonight's show we have a very, very special guest his name is Collin sprake he is a from British Columbia and i'd like to introduce him right now Collin how are you this evening.

00:02:06.030 --> 00:02:09.000 Colin Sprake: i'm doing fantastic Thank you all but it's my pleasure to be with you.

00:02:09.840 --> 00:02:14.430 Albert Dabah: So you're actually three hours back so it's in the afternoon for you is that right.

00:02:14.820 --> 00:02:18.210 Colin Sprake: it's beautiful afternoon yeah blue skies and sunshiny.

00:02:18.720 --> 00:02:25.620 Albert Dabah: Okay that's Nice, well, we have some nice weather here today and i'm out of Jersey city it's.

00:02:27.450 --> 00:02:42.540 Albert Dabah: So Collin i'd like to ask you well i'll introduce you as someone who has done so many things in his life from reading and talking to you reading your bio and some of your history and talking to a couple of times I know you're.

00:02:43.320 --> 00:02:57.690 Albert Dabah: The author of I believe three books you deal with entrepreneurs and help them in their businesses, but when I read about it was really interesting is the way is has been written is that you work with them.

00:02:58.830 --> 00:03:12.060 Albert Dabah: To help them flourish in their businesses, but you wrote something or was written forcing with heart and and helping people fulfilled get to fulfill their potential.

00:03:13.350 --> 00:03:27.090 Albert Dabah: And, and also deal with the people that they work with their staff staff and and people in the Community, and that that struck me because that's something that sometimes you really don't read about or hear about.

00:03:28.350 --> 00:03:44.850 Albert Dabah: That it's someone who's out there to really help other people and and you've gone through your own ups and downs in life that tonight in the short time we have i'd love to you, no more, no more about your journey so maybe we'll just start with.

00:03:46.080 --> 00:03:49.200 Albert Dabah: You know where did you grow up and how was life going up for you.

00:03:50.580 --> 00:04:00.270 Colin Sprake: yeah well, of course, that's not a Canadian accent in any way or form, this is not happy and the viewers is I was born in janice Berg South Africa.

00:04:00.990 --> 00:04:09.690 Colin Sprake: And I came to Canada in 1998 and you know life was not easy for me in South Africa because.

00:04:10.620 --> 00:04:18.360 Colin Sprake: You know I went to school, I was one of those people, unfortunately, that had severe problems with my feet side to walk with these official boots and what have you and as.

00:04:19.110 --> 00:04:27.030 Colin Sprake: A young child and of course I got bullied for that and ridiculed for that, and you know I never stopped, I was one of the smartest kids in the class.

00:04:27.690 --> 00:04:38.490 Colin Sprake: I was under five foot tall when I was in grade 12 you know, so I was like four foot eight four foot nine in grade 12 my time I got to integrate 12 and he grew up foot, you know.

00:04:38.550 --> 00:04:38.940 Colin Sprake: and

00:04:38.970 --> 00:04:43.800 Colin Sprake: It was crazy and yeah a little bit of a late bloomer if you're on a call and that way but.

00:04:44.400 --> 00:04:58.020 Colin Sprake: In terms of growth, been a really impacted me all that it was you know, because our small got picked on got bullied got ridiculed and you know it was it was a tough journey, I mean not that journey in South Africa that.

00:04:58.980 --> 00:05:12.180 Colin Sprake: You know I had you know I grew up in a household that did not have a lot of money, my parents were not super wealthy I grew up with pretty average life, but at the same time, you know my parents were just barely making ends meet themselves and they were.

00:05:13.260 --> 00:05:22.470 Colin Sprake: not always so supportive as like I used to go to them and say I have troubles have challenges, and you know most common thing my parents in the city or just suck it up and it'll.

00:05:22.980 --> 00:05:28.830 Colin Sprake: get over it, you know and then sadly enough when I got to the age of 14 I attempted suicide twice.

00:05:29.310 --> 00:05:38.400 Colin Sprake: You know and it's done my parents yeah but still there was not a whole ton of support, it was not a good if you need counseling will get you some counseling if you need.

00:05:38.790 --> 00:05:42.690 Colin Sprake: To use it goes to psychologists will continue to psychologists, what do you think you need i'm like.

00:05:43.680 --> 00:05:52.860 Colin Sprake: What i'm really calling for his help you know i'm not asking i'm what I knew what I needed I wouldn't be wouldn't be sitting in front of you, having done something so yeah I know we got which I consider.

00:05:53.400 --> 00:06:00.750 Colin Sprake: ansel yeah because I haven't been there, I don't think you commit suicide when you're saying I think you have to be a temporary a temporary insanity to do what.

00:06:01.110 --> 00:06:14.130 Colin Sprake: What what people attempt and, of course, having been there twice, it was it was eye opening for me and no school is not my favorite place alpha elbert it really wasn't because you know once I left school, I was a lot happier, I can tell you that.

00:06:14.550 --> 00:06:18.480 Albert Dabah: uh huh was it was it a the bullying and.

00:06:19.620 --> 00:06:31.800 Albert Dabah: Then it just get to the point that it was too much for you or like what i'm just curious for other viewers out there who sometimes you know might be feeling the same kind of feelings that you experience.

00:06:32.340 --> 00:06:42.300 Colin Sprake: yeah well, I think you know there's bullying in the workplace, today, I mean I don't think that bullying is not dependent on age group for me at that age, I honestly just.

00:06:43.290 --> 00:06:50.910 Colin Sprake: got just the more that bullying happened to my fear of going to school like yo it was someone was physical some of it was extremely mental.

00:06:51.330 --> 00:06:58.350 Colin Sprake: And you're in terms of bullying and I was in fear of going to school, I was like I don't want to go to school, schools, a terrible place.

00:06:58.680 --> 00:07:06.810 Colin Sprake: And my mom and dad were like get you know get your butt out the door you got to go to school, it is what it is and eventually as like.

00:07:07.500 --> 00:07:18.540 Colin Sprake: I felt like I was in the prison, you know between my parents and society and the people at the school and the teachers and what have you and the only the only one.

00:07:19.260 --> 00:07:28.860 Colin Sprake: way out that I thought was possible was with this feeling of I don't belong this feeling of i'm not good enough, this feeling of.

00:07:29.220 --> 00:07:38.580 Colin Sprake: You know no one's listening to me no one cares I thought the only way out was disappear from the planet, you know and L l.

00:07:39.360 --> 00:07:47.520 Colin Sprake: l, but I am so blessed today that I didn't do that because a number of lives that i've helped you know get through these kind of problems, I mean i'm not a counselor.

00:07:47.790 --> 00:08:00.390 Colin Sprake: i'm a mentor in business, but I really is a more of a conscious business mental we are really like to work with people and and support them on their journey, where you know 99% of businesses mental it's not.

00:08:00.840 --> 00:08:12.000 Colin Sprake: You know what you know, and all these great strategies that you learn somewhere it's it's all psychology you know understanding how things work, so I wasn't that deep negative place and.

00:08:12.480 --> 00:08:22.650 Colin Sprake: Just felt that you know if I exit the planet will be a better thing for me to do, and like I say, thank God, I didn't do that because it'd be probably impacted around 100,000 lives now.

00:08:23.130 --> 00:08:28.590 Albert Dabah: wow so what what what would happen after that, how did you recover from that.

00:08:29.670 --> 00:08:30.870 Albert Dabah: At age 14.

00:08:31.380 --> 00:08:41.700 Colin Sprake: You know, so I started searching, you know I just started searching and it wasn't the Internet, and it can I be able to that stage, you know sort of gives me a little bit of a hitch like.

00:08:42.210 --> 00:08:48.870 Colin Sprake: It was pre Internet and priests yeah well, the only thing I could ever think of as like the encyclopedia Britannica used to sit on the shelf in our living room.

00:08:50.100 --> 00:08:56.160 Colin Sprake: So I started looking and searching and I found a book and it was it was called.

00:08:57.300 --> 00:08:58.620 Colin Sprake: It was a really old book.

00:08:59.640 --> 00:09:05.310 Colin Sprake: It was called it was called power of the mind or something I can't I can't even remember who the author was it's a small little book.

00:09:05.850 --> 00:09:16.410 Colin Sprake: And, as I looked at this book and I was like that's interesting and then I was driving you know with my parents and we're going somewhere, and I saw a billboard sign on the side of the road, and it said.

00:09:17.940 --> 00:09:26.760 Colin Sprake: there's a mind power seminar coming up that weekend and I said to my mom you know i'd love to go now my mom spent probably.

00:09:27.240 --> 00:09:34.950 Colin Sprake: As long as I can remember, she was in counseling and with psychologists and therapists and what have you, you know for depression and various things.

00:09:35.250 --> 00:09:41.790 Colin Sprake: So I said mom i'd love to go to that my dad thought it was a waste of time, you know it's like this look to me and said, do you want to learn that stuff for.

00:09:42.120 --> 00:09:45.720 Colin Sprake: And that was the biggest challenge for me, but I went to that seminar.

00:09:46.320 --> 00:09:56.820 Colin Sprake: Because I was deeply searching I was just all I wanted to do is have someone listen to me someone hear me out someone you know care for me, the way that I believe I should have been cared for and I don't believe.

00:09:57.360 --> 00:10:07.050 Colin Sprake: My parents gave me the way that I wanted to be cared for, I think they did the best they could with what they had but they didn't really understand parenting this consciousness that we're in today.

00:10:07.530 --> 00:10:12.720 Colin Sprake: And I went to that seminar and Alberto was life changing you know it was probably one of the founders.

00:10:13.050 --> 00:10:22.140 Colin Sprake: concept of founders but definitely one of the people I met a lot of impact in the world is not well known, but he's definitely done extremely well for himself and that's john Quito.

00:10:22.800 --> 00:10:29.040 Colin Sprake: And he wrote the book mind power, I read the book from cover to cover into Marina multiple times that weekend.

00:10:29.550 --> 00:10:35.700 Colin Sprake: And started to look for people, the one the same junior at the seminar, I met a number of people.

00:10:36.060 --> 00:10:42.060 Colin Sprake: That one that same journey and none of them were bullies that number ugly people that were just people that we're all searching.

00:10:42.540 --> 00:10:58.260 Colin Sprake: And wanting to improve themselves and those people started to become close friends as people started to be my circle of influence and that's what I realized it shifted mark perception because of the people I was hanging out with I see wow.

00:10:58.620 --> 00:11:03.450 Albert Dabah: So, so when you and how old were you then when you took that Sam.

00:11:03.990 --> 00:11:04.740 Colin Sprake: Was 14.

00:11:04.800 --> 00:11:14.280 Colin Sprake: So it was a yeah there's the temps this mean, I was doing razor blades which was crazy I tend to to cut both my wrists and twice.

00:11:14.610 --> 00:11:30.000 Colin Sprake: And so yo, thank God, I was not really accurate and I don't think I really wanted to do it, to be honest, I was so busy crying and screaming for your attention and love and what have you that I thought that was the way I would get it and.

00:11:31.020 --> 00:11:35.670 Colin Sprake: Then, later that yo I saw this and I said I mean it was just something deep inside of me that said.

00:11:36.900 --> 00:11:41.280 Colin Sprake: I have value, I have worth God put me on this planet for a reason.

00:11:42.660 --> 00:11:51.450 Colin Sprake: It for me to God and serve humanity, and you know that started me that journey and then so later that year I went to that seminar.

00:11:52.140 --> 00:12:01.890 Colin Sprake: And it was like I say life changing and more life changing the Center of forget about the pieces that tour to the seminar, it was the people i've got to hang out with.

00:12:02.310 --> 00:12:11.220 Colin Sprake: Other people that actually respected me people that understood me people that have realized that we all on a journey and all of them had been down some suicide trail but.

00:12:11.730 --> 00:12:24.810 Colin Sprake: Some of them had been through severe physical abuse or sexual assault or whatever, not every minute there's not a room full of people that all have challenges before you know I think what I realized, I was not alone.

00:12:25.440 --> 00:12:26.730 Colin Sprake: You know, and that was the big.

00:12:26.730 --> 00:12:37.680 Colin Sprake: part you know and it's like I think in so many areas of our lives we think we were alone, you know I see with business owners, some of them think they were alone because their business sucks i'm like no worries is 95% of the business owners out there suck you know.

00:12:38.730 --> 00:12:46.710 Colin Sprake: it's you're not alone and I don't know where that comes from, but I think the reason why I attempted my own life was because I felt.

00:12:47.700 --> 00:12:54.090 Colin Sprake: You know, I was alone, and you know and then that seminar I got to meet people that.

00:12:54.690 --> 00:13:06.870 Colin Sprake: Love me for who I was respected me through all was and who, I am today, which is so cool and you know I still keep in touch with some of those people even to this day, and the irony of it all, I read used to sit reading the book.

00:13:07.920 --> 00:13:25.980 Colin Sprake: Mind power by john Quito and one part it says, and this man went into a cabin in British Columbia, to find the power of his mind and guess what I live now in British Columbia, I know I got to meet john Quito when I was in my early 40s and now we do seminars together.

00:13:26.610 --> 00:13:27.390 Albert Dabah: wow that is.

00:13:28.080 --> 00:13:29.040 Colin Sprake: isn't that a journey.

00:13:29.520 --> 00:13:41.010 Albert Dabah: That really is, I mean that you know from 14 years old, to now to be able to connect and do seminars together, I mean to me that's like you know you know, like full circle, to be able to.

00:13:41.670 --> 00:13:48.300 Albert Dabah: You know, get on that road and get on that path, and you know this, because you know 14 is such a young age.

00:13:48.750 --> 00:14:00.960 Albert Dabah: and to be able to I mean I imagine it took a lot of strength to go there, you know, but you will also feeling that that depth of loneliness will you know so.

00:14:01.590 --> 00:14:10.470 Albert Dabah: i'd love to get back to that we have to take a break and we'll go back to talking with Collins break and just a minute or so thank you.

00:17:07.980 --> 00:17:09.810 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Collins sprake.

00:17:10.980 --> 00:17:19.620 Albert Dabah: con um when you took at age 14 you took the summer, the first thing that came to my mind whether other people your age at this seminar.

00:17:21.150 --> 00:17:26.220 Colin Sprake: Very few of them so maybe a couple of 1618 year olds what have you and.

00:17:27.300 --> 00:17:34.440 Colin Sprake: That was a big thing for me and I started to realize i'll go off to that seminar, the majority of my friends were always older than me.

00:17:34.710 --> 00:17:40.830 Colin Sprake: You know nothing because maybe they understood me what have you even when I was in my 30s most of my friends were in their 40s.

00:17:41.250 --> 00:17:46.980 Colin Sprake: You know, even as a 50 year old now got most of my friends on the 16th you know it's just.

00:17:47.580 --> 00:18:01.560 Colin Sprake: I think it's been part I don't know, maybe just part of my DNA, now that all of a sudden that happened because of that event and then it's definitely has been a big part of my journey of having people, older because I like to hang out with people and make me why did a wiser than I am.

00:18:01.950 --> 00:18:07.620 Albert Dabah: yeah so um did you, you were living in South Africa at the time, correct.

00:18:07.890 --> 00:18:22.980 Albert Dabah: Right Okay, so what happened, from then on, and when did you move to British Columbia, was that much later and between the time when you were 14 till the time you move, how did things change for you.

00:18:24.210 --> 00:18:33.540 Colin Sprake: wow yeah I mean the things changed, of course, dramatically and that's why such a today is, you know, so I was 14.

00:18:34.980 --> 00:18:44.370 Colin Sprake: I go into study I went to study university yeah I didn't want my parents told me to do go get a degree get highly educated on the blog the whole story, and you know.

00:18:44.910 --> 00:18:49.260 Colin Sprake: got my metallurgical engineering degree and then eventually got an MBA as well and.

00:18:50.250 --> 00:18:59.640 Colin Sprake: really just found myself that that's not what my path was I came to Canada 98 so yeah 28 years old and I came to Canada and there was.

00:19:00.210 --> 00:19:05.580 Colin Sprake: You know the start of a really interesting time for me, because you know 28 years old, and I was thinking.

00:19:06.270 --> 00:19:16.920 Colin Sprake: What is the really what the world hold from you know I joined a company that brought me across from South Africa because of my my qualifications and I was very super proud of the time, but I wasn't super happy.

00:19:17.520 --> 00:19:22.800 Colin Sprake: You know, and I came over an adventure within two and a half years, I took over the company became CEO.

00:19:23.250 --> 00:19:29.850 Colin Sprake: And i'll never forget our chairman of our board, he said to me, the one day said colon welcome to the top it's lonely and you'll probably hate it.

00:19:30.630 --> 00:19:36.870 Colin Sprake: And you know and and you know what I went I eventually left the company and you know.

00:19:37.260 --> 00:19:50.970 Colin Sprake: It was a multinational company, we had 35 offices globally, it was fantastic all of it, but I wasn't fulfilled I wasn't happy and I felt like I was back when I was 14 you know, and there was some dark days for me do one stage two I was like.

00:19:52.290 --> 00:20:01.770 Colin Sprake: What yeah I still ask myself to this day what's the meaning of life, you know it's still a fascinating topic for me it's like what have we been designed to do as human beings on this planet so.

00:20:02.610 --> 00:20:12.930 Colin Sprake: I eventually left in 2004 and I just started my own business consulting practice, you know, and I got trained by some of the top trainers in the world, it was all fencing was great and blah blah blah.

00:20:13.440 --> 00:20:17.430 Colin Sprake: same thing I wasn't fulfilled and then I started to get into my really get into my heart.

00:20:17.760 --> 00:20:27.420 Colin Sprake: And that's why i'm pulling the few people that teaches business way you should love your customers your customers should love you, you should love your vendors, you should you know it's all about.

00:20:27.960 --> 00:20:34.470 Colin Sprake: building relationships it's not just about getting someone to give you money you know, and I started building.

00:20:35.040 --> 00:20:44.460 Colin Sprake: You know I call myself a conscious consciousness business mentor because I want people to see things differently, you know I work with, not just the.

00:20:45.240 --> 00:20:51.870 Colin Sprake: entrepreneur themselves often work with a spouse and children because I want people to see that the world can change.

00:20:52.710 --> 00:21:02.580 Colin Sprake: You know I do lots of work with with with children to Albert it's one of my favorite topics, because of course my heart is drawn towards fat yeah there's children out there that.

00:21:03.000 --> 00:21:10.800 Colin Sprake: I hear the saddest saddest stories from adults, of course, most of it happened to them before the age of 10 and i'm like now i'm back back out there going.

00:21:11.220 --> 00:21:24.030 Colin Sprake: How do I get to those people before he has children before the age of 10 seconds support them, so I do a lot of work with communities, schools, what have you really serving the children, so the children get a different perception.

00:21:25.140 --> 00:21:35.310 Albert Dabah: wow that's amazing at what what got you into the I mean how, how do you go and my question is is how do you go from working with these.

00:21:35.670 --> 00:21:44.460 Albert Dabah: Business people and their families that seems so unusual particularly you know talking about working with their children or other children so.

00:21:45.090 --> 00:21:58.740 Albert Dabah: You know you don't really hear that, from a therapist but you don't normally hear that from someone who's teaching people on their business and also you know the consciousness business.

00:21:59.400 --> 00:22:14.220 Albert Dabah: That sounds wonderful, because I, you know, having my own business for many years, a video production company, I always felt that I prided myself on you know serving my clients and.

00:22:15.810 --> 00:22:28.080 Albert Dabah: You know them feeling good when they left you know, whatever we you know did for them, we at one point had a lot of celebrities come in, when we should do a lot of auditioning and casting and.

00:22:29.610 --> 00:22:35.970 Albert Dabah: we're very fortunate, because there were places that were much bigger than ours, but we had this niche where somehow we got into the.

00:22:36.540 --> 00:22:48.150 Albert Dabah: celebrity market and they felt safe at our place because they weren't you know wasn't a really big place and they weren't hounded with by questions with people and I learned so much that way.

00:22:48.540 --> 00:23:02.520 Albert Dabah: About success by watching them in the casting room and seeing you know their professionalism, but i'm curious as how did you get to the to the families and children of the people you're working with.

00:23:02.970 --> 00:23:19.200 Colin Sprake: wow what a great Christian you also the big piece, for me, would be you know I started doing events and there were business events and they were fantastic sales and marketing all the typical business pieces and then one day i'm like something's missing, so I started getting into.

00:23:20.550 --> 00:23:24.930 Colin Sprake: deep personal growth work and now, after that I went and got you know.

00:23:26.250 --> 00:23:31.770 Colin Sprake: I went and got all the education or what have you to really understand this stuff of course i'm not a psychologist counselor or anything like that.

00:23:32.160 --> 00:23:41.550 Colin Sprake: But I started to get into that an elbow what fascinated me is how many people how many of these these these parents, you know 3040 5060 year olds would come to my events.

00:23:42.000 --> 00:23:53.850 Colin Sprake: And i'd hear their stories we have a whole process of understanding people's stories and, as I call it group counseling, to be honest and I started hear their stories and I was horrified as like.

00:23:54.960 --> 00:24:02.310 Colin Sprake: People what's what's happening to our world, people like all these families, having children and these children are abused and and it's and it's a non stop it.

00:24:02.850 --> 00:24:06.720 Colin Sprake: actually made me dp said to the core of my being I was like.

00:24:07.560 --> 00:24:16.290 Colin Sprake: While we was all this negativity happening to our children, so I started saying well you know what 99% of running a successful business.

00:24:16.500 --> 00:24:28.920 Colin Sprake: Is if you're a family and that's what already coach I coach your husband a wife owned businesses with our own the business together that's my my primary market and, of course, yes for sure do LGBT Q as well, but the key piece for me is that.

00:24:29.820 --> 00:24:36.390 Colin Sprake: I started to see that if a family unit wasn't working at home, like a husband and wife and we can home or.

00:24:37.230 --> 00:24:42.540 Colin Sprake: husband and wife and the children weren't working at home well in the business has a real challenge to be successful.

00:24:43.140 --> 00:24:55.320 Colin Sprake: So I said to myself, let me help build out this most amazing process, we can not just work on the business and get the test and a wife getting the business to the next level but also help.

00:24:55.770 --> 00:25:03.450 Colin Sprake: You know, get them at home on the same level in their relationship and everything else, and a big part of my training has always been as.

00:25:03.990 --> 00:25:10.920 Colin Sprake: Fuel growth mindset training i'm like I call it hard set training, where you get really into your heart around what's working and not bring.

00:25:11.220 --> 00:25:22.140 Colin Sprake: You know, some people's every call him a business and grow very much for me and my marriage is fantastic and i'm like that's when I went for people, so I think i've been married 25 what now this yes right 24 years and.

00:25:22.740 --> 00:25:28.320 Colin Sprake: I feel like I got married a week ago it's so amazing the marriage that I have in my wife it's super awesome and we work at it.

00:25:28.740 --> 00:25:37.590 Colin Sprake: And I have an amazing relationship with my 19 year old and seven year old daughter's but you know I realized elbert the reason why I got onto stage to go and serve people.

00:25:37.980 --> 00:25:47.370 Colin Sprake: What was not as a child, I was not seen, I was not heard, I was not respected, no one gave me gratitude all that stuff that led me to the suicide.

00:25:47.670 --> 00:26:01.110 Colin Sprake: You know, or that emotional craving I had now i'm fulfilling that emotional craving through my business, and I can tell you i've worked with thousands of business owners i've done all the research on this majority of business owners majority, not all of them, but majority.

00:26:02.370 --> 00:26:12.030 Colin Sprake: Have a certain emotional craving from their childhood that they're now for full that emotional craving through the business or career there and it doesn't mean you don't have to be in business, could be a career in.

00:26:12.420 --> 00:26:15.540 Colin Sprake: You know don't give the example of this we've got time and we got a minute.

00:26:15.750 --> 00:26:16.140 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah.

00:26:16.950 --> 00:26:28.560 Colin Sprake: So the One good example of this is you hire this front desk person, maybe a receptionist for your office whatever most gregarious happy enjoy person that loves life.

00:26:29.130 --> 00:26:39.090 Colin Sprake: And the other everyone raves about this front desk person korea's rave about them and you're like this person so good i'm going to promote them and put them into another area of the company.

00:26:39.690 --> 00:26:49.200 Colin Sprake: And then you give them a high salary into everything that person probably wasn't acknowledged as a child, probably wasn't seen maybe not heard.

00:26:49.680 --> 00:26:58.470 Colin Sprake: guess what that front desk allows them to be everything I craved as a child, you know, and all of a sudden, you put them in another place in your company.

00:26:58.980 --> 00:27:04.230 Colin Sprake: And three months that even at a bigger Center that leave you like what happened, you rip this soul, out of their body.

00:27:04.740 --> 00:27:12.630 Colin Sprake: Because part of their childhood is what we take, we all heard we've have this inner child, you know I think at inner child is way bigger than what people think.

00:27:12.960 --> 00:27:27.180 Colin Sprake: You know, it creates all our behavior or that kind of stuff you the counselor so you might know more than me, but I can tell you I watch this last i've seen 10s of thousands of adults shift, you know and those adults shift when they realize the stories controlling them.

00:27:28.500 --> 00:27:39.840 Albert Dabah: yeah no I that that's no I what you're saying well makes sense to me and I but it's great for people out there to hear that but it's great for me to hear that as well, because it just.

00:27:40.830 --> 00:27:53.970 Albert Dabah: You know kind of I hear, and I think yeah that's true that's true that makes total sense, and you know I grew up feeling very lonely in my house, I mean I did have good friends.

00:27:54.420 --> 00:28:16.140 Albert Dabah: I didn't have the same kind of childhood, as you, but there was this loneliness and knowing that I had a sick brother and then later my realized that my daughter my my sister was also having problems, and you know I wasn't talking about it and it bothered me and I had to learn.

00:28:17.700 --> 00:28:26.460 Albert Dabah: You know, when my brother died, I had to open up and talk about it and learn about it, and for me.

00:28:28.740 --> 00:28:36.750 Albert Dabah: doing the film and writing it and then taking out when we come back i'll tell you about some of these things that I did to get to a point where I am now.

00:28:37.230 --> 00:28:46.590 Albert Dabah: But I get what you're talking about and I think it's wonderful that you can share that within you know that's that is part of your business, besides, you know, helping people.

00:28:47.070 --> 00:29:03.930 Albert Dabah: grow their profits and all that, but you know, working from your heart, I think, is is just just wonderful, but anyway we'll we'll be back in a minute with Colin and talk more about his journey and his life and stay tuned we'll be back in a minute, thank you.

00:29:07.980 --> 00:29:08.220 Albert Dabah: Radio.

00:31:51.810 --> 00:32:05.640 Albert Dabah: we're back with Collins sprake we've been talking about his journey and his life i'm Colin before we got on the air, you said something to me that hit me, you said you're like you're an open book and.

00:32:06.810 --> 00:32:17.940 Albert Dabah: it's funny because I have, I have been married for 25 years but divorce now for about four years, I have three beautiful kids i'm very close to and.

00:32:18.720 --> 00:32:26.250 Albert Dabah: And i'm friendly with my ex wife, but recently over the past nine months, I have a new girlfriend and it's like.

00:32:26.580 --> 00:32:40.680 Albert Dabah: You said something before besides, you said you know you're like an open book about with your relationship with your with your wife that it's like it's I think he says, if you just met her I believe something like that and.

00:32:41.760 --> 00:32:56.220 Albert Dabah: My relationship with this new woman her name is lizzie is is is just like that it's like every time I see her it's like wow and then I know it's you know so under a year, but she said you're an open book and.

00:32:58.230 --> 00:33:18.630 Albert Dabah: We you know I write what I do is I meditate maybe a few times a week and every time after I meditate for maybe 1015 minutes I come out with these things and I write her a little poem or something sweet about her about what I feel about her and I took this amazing workshop and.

00:33:20.070 --> 00:33:29.100 Albert Dabah: There were very few guys in it i've taken four of them with this woman who was has been on the show name is Nancy irony, and she has a she goes to all these.

00:33:30.210 --> 00:33:35.790 Albert Dabah: yoga retreats and places and she does a seminar called jumpstart your memoir writing from the heart.

00:33:36.300 --> 00:33:42.090 Albert Dabah: and her thing is, you really can't teach writing it has to just come out of you and letting yourself.

00:33:42.630 --> 00:33:54.030 Albert Dabah: be open to the feelings that you have inside and I think that's what you're talking about here, maybe you know tell me what you think about that because I really feel like you work from your heart.

00:33:54.660 --> 00:33:56.370 Colin Sprake: Oh, my goodness, you know.

00:33:57.990 --> 00:34:06.510 Colin Sprake: it's a soup for one of my favorite topics in the world Elvis because I look at everything in a very different way, you know.

00:34:08.010 --> 00:34:15.180 Colin Sprake: I, like you know, let me go back one step two when I met my wife, so when I met my wife.

00:34:15.660 --> 00:34:25.020 Colin Sprake: I used to travel eight weeks to Europe are still living in South Africa was in my mid 20s and i've traveled to Europe and then i'd come home from Europe are gonna be gone eight weeks come back for two weeks so i'd.

00:34:25.560 --> 00:34:35.010 Colin Sprake: This lady that was uh yeah rent a room from in my home, just so that the homeless, at least, safe and it was some of the what I was gone and my wife, you know.

00:34:35.550 --> 00:34:43.650 Colin Sprake: Current wife at the time was visiting this House made of mine, I came back from eight weeks away, I walked in within 10 minutes so i'm going to marry you.

00:34:44.220 --> 00:34:52.950 Colin Sprake: And that's how much of a soul connection I didn't even I didn't even matter you know hadn't even been to sit on the couch visiting with this House made of mind and.

00:34:53.790 --> 00:34:59.760 Colin Sprake: You know from there, took a lot of work, I continue, I think my sales training comes from can convince him, I will have to marry me.

00:35:01.290 --> 00:35:13.980 Colin Sprake: You know so we're going to go with that is you know, one of the things we love to do together as respect each other for who we are, but also understand that we need to grow and that we all grow at our own pace, you know and a lot of.

00:35:15.240 --> 00:35:27.480 Colin Sprake: spouses that are out there, you know don't even know who they're married to Albert you know, like you're you're you know, and I hope your audience doesn't mind me saying this, I think we all fall in lust.

00:35:27.960 --> 00:35:42.060 Colin Sprake: And then we get married and we attempt to fall in love and there are two very different things you know, and when the lust disappears love, is a very deep topic and love means acceptance love means not wanting to change a person so.

00:35:43.590 --> 00:35:52.260 Colin Sprake: You know I my wife's accepted me for who I am, which is so beautiful but the same time, you know, there was quirky things that I would do and should be like.

00:35:53.100 --> 00:35:59.370 Colin Sprake: Why do you behave that way, what do you get you know I asked you to do who's asked you a question and you bought my head off i'm like.

00:36:00.060 --> 00:36:05.910 Colin Sprake: because she was Joe I don't know I didn't know and I went on a search to figure this stuff out, and then we figured it out.

00:36:06.300 --> 00:36:14.490 Colin Sprake: And, if anything, for your listeners today, and anyone maybe you're listening or viewing later is to think about who am I married to.

00:36:15.030 --> 00:36:23.670 Colin Sprake: Because it's deep you married to a child, a deep inner child that you know you say something to your spouse to behave a certain way, or they flip out or they.

00:36:23.970 --> 00:36:33.120 Colin Sprake: run away and go to flat or fried or whatever and you're like, why do they behave that way, have you ever figured out who you married to so when you asked me how do I really know what the journey i'm with.

00:36:33.660 --> 00:36:42.210 Colin Sprake: don't know how that how that journeys been is it's been a great journey because i'm just transparent on Mike when things aren't working for me right now.

00:36:42.510 --> 00:36:53.970 Colin Sprake: You know, like you know there's certain things that aren't working with Sydney chat about it and that's become a big part of my life's journey, because after going through the you know the suicide and and.

00:36:54.870 --> 00:37:03.510 Colin Sprake: You know the attempted suicide twice, it was really I said myself, the only way i'm going to get through this is to be open to talk about it.

00:37:03.960 --> 00:37:09.360 Colin Sprake: And you know i've been that way in all my relationships like you know when i've been on the phone with you met you, for the first time.

00:37:09.600 --> 00:37:16.440 Colin Sprake: you're on our first phone call together and got chatting i'm like i'll tell you anything you want to tell me, asked me, whatever you want it does, I have no, you know.

00:37:17.760 --> 00:37:21.090 Colin Sprake: I don't have to hide anything it's not live by the two easiest.

00:37:22.140 --> 00:37:31.320 Colin Sprake: philosophies in life number one tell the truth, all the time, because you don't have to remember what you said and number two is you don't have to take back that unspoken word.

00:37:32.100 --> 00:37:39.390 Colin Sprake: No, and you know, sometimes we say stuff and we wish we had never said it, and this has been growth over the years, for me, I continue that.

00:37:39.930 --> 00:37:54.960 Albert Dabah: yeah you know I you know you just said what you said about you tell the truth, you don't have to wait, you said, I mean, I find myself sometimes you know, one of my problems lately is I tell people some things in like my girlfriend so you just told me that already I go okay well you know.

00:37:56.070 --> 00:38:06.930 Albert Dabah: Maybe I need to think about what I told you many times, they say, I think I told you this before, but you know I want to you know i'll tell you again, maybe, maybe I didn't say it, or maybe I did but.

00:38:08.070 --> 00:38:20.130 Albert Dabah: I think the word also that you said is transparency when you can be transparent and you can talk to people about who you are and what you are and what you expect.

00:38:20.760 --> 00:38:34.470 Albert Dabah: Or, and then also what the other person expects and realized that you grow it like you said that you know the inner child there's an inner child of everyone, and everyone grows at a different pace.

00:38:35.700 --> 00:38:46.560 Albert Dabah: We had a little argument, our first one, I don't know about three weeks ago and I tell you it made such a difference in getting to know her and her getting to know me, I felt like.

00:38:46.920 --> 00:38:57.300 Albert Dabah: Everything just grew that much more by kind of being open and real and sitting back and understanding and thinking about it yeah you know people have different ways of.

00:38:57.960 --> 00:39:07.590 Albert Dabah: Different pace we all have our own pace of how we grow and and, but I also think you know getting back to that thing of being alone.

00:39:08.550 --> 00:39:15.690 Albert Dabah: You know, one of the things I said yesterday to her like you know, while I was living alone and not seeing anybody, sometimes it would be mother's day or.

00:39:16.050 --> 00:39:28.080 Albert Dabah: or whatever holiday and I right maybe just 75 100 people you know text them, you know happy, you know some of my friends, I would write to their wives happy mother's day or and you know.

00:39:28.440 --> 00:39:37.680 Albert Dabah: She said wow you have someone really lonely I said, well, I guess, to a certain extent, but I also felt good about I felt like this, you know wanted to reach out to people, I have the time.

00:39:38.160 --> 00:39:49.890 Albert Dabah: I didn't have anything else to you know you know that I had to deal with one on one, and I find that you know you know sayings saying nice things to people makes a difference.

00:39:51.840 --> 00:40:00.720 Albert Dabah: You know, and you know, obviously, if it comes from your heart, I mean just say it no, but it really comes from your heart, and you can express yourself.

00:40:02.070 --> 00:40:09.030 Albert Dabah: Because you know I think we all feel at times we're alone when we're with a certain problem whatever it is.

00:40:10.410 --> 00:40:14.370 Albert Dabah: And we need other people we're social animals we're social creatures.

00:40:14.850 --> 00:40:18.810 Colin Sprake: Completely Albert and just think about it, I love what you said there, whether it's you know.

00:40:19.740 --> 00:40:29.430 Colin Sprake: yeah we all need to you know express ourselves all need to be heard, and you know, sometimes it's the simple things in the words we say when you go to the store and you.

00:40:29.700 --> 00:40:38.220 Colin Sprake: You have the cash register and you making that you're making that purchase you know, because you think that person, on the other side is maybe lower than you or whatever.

00:40:38.520 --> 00:40:45.870 Colin Sprake: You know they're just another human being, and you can say one thing that can push that push in person over the edge and never ever know what happened to them.

00:40:46.230 --> 00:40:55.440 Colin Sprake: Just because you having a bad day or you're having a bad moment and you they became you're punching bag, you know no they didn't cause anything in your life yo.

00:40:55.800 --> 00:41:01.770 Colin Sprake: i'm a big fan of any person you get to be with with them with you, Albert to any of the any of the listeners to the show.

00:41:02.130 --> 00:41:10.170 Colin Sprake: is cheap people like royalty I don't care, who they are, I don't care for that person picking up the garbage or yo the president of a country.

00:41:10.500 --> 00:41:17.670 Colin Sprake: No one deserves better better service or better treatment everyone deserves to be treated and be respected, because you can say one thing to somebody.

00:41:18.180 --> 00:41:24.360 Colin Sprake: That can either raise them up or completely miss them up and you don't know how they receive what you just said to them.

00:41:24.750 --> 00:41:29.820 Colin Sprake: You know and i'll say that to all your listeners I think about this, you know you might have a family member that's on the edge.

00:41:30.060 --> 00:41:35.040 Colin Sprake: You know you don't even know they're on the edge and you just say something and passing, that is derogatory rude.

00:41:35.430 --> 00:41:52.710 Colin Sprake: ugly whatever and that could be the final straw that breaks the camel's back so just be aware listeners out there be aware of your words are powerful immensely powerful because the only land on the mind of the person you're receiving and perceiving those words.

00:41:53.160 --> 00:41:59.850 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah no it's true you have no idea where that person that I heard a story, and I was one of.

00:42:01.980 --> 00:42:21.780 Albert Dabah: Trying to remember where it came from was one of the seminars, I took and I think it was a well known speaker, but he told a story about he was on a train one morning and father will do evidently this kid this kid was acting out, and you know yelling and screaming and, finally, the.

00:42:22.980 --> 00:42:30.510 Albert Dabah: Man across from him said to the father, he said why can't you control your kid something like that he screen down in your kids making this big noise.

00:42:31.230 --> 00:42:51.690 Albert Dabah: And five and looked at him and he said we just lost his mother and it really it really hit me like you don't know where a person is coming from, when you see you know some outlandish behavior or something obviously you know you may be, you know the the man got annoyed.

00:42:53.250 --> 00:42:56.760 Albert Dabah: And, but you don't know what that kids going through at that time so.

00:42:57.930 --> 00:43:20.760 Albert Dabah: We really we really, I think, need to be careful, like you're saying without words and think about the other person think about you don't know them you don't lose anything by being nice you only have stuff to gain, so I think using that in any business sense any relationship since.

00:43:22.590 --> 00:43:31.980 Albert Dabah: I used to be nervous about meaning, you know what you know meeting new people what it was like you know how much the share, and then I realize, you know.

00:43:32.460 --> 00:43:45.390 Albert Dabah: And I you know I as I keep growing I keep realizing more and more, you have nothing to lose by sharing something from your heart, if you if you open up too much, so what you know what do you lose so um.

00:43:46.740 --> 00:43:54.450 Albert Dabah: yeah so anyway well well we'll come back in a little while i'd love to ask you, when we get back more about your.

00:43:55.200 --> 00:44:06.810 Albert Dabah: Your books that you've written, because I think you know writing a book takes a lot of work and i'd love to hear more about that so we'll be right back with Collins break in just a minute Thank you stand by.

00:46:24.000 --> 00:46:27.270 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Collin so we left off Colin.

00:46:28.470 --> 00:46:34.350 Albert Dabah: I wanted to ask you about I think you said you wrote three books is that is that right.

00:46:34.950 --> 00:46:35.610 Colin Sprake: Written for.

00:46:36.060 --> 00:46:40.590 Albert Dabah: Four books Okay, how did you get into writing i'm curious about that.

00:46:42.030 --> 00:46:42.630 Colin Sprake: Ah.

00:46:43.740 --> 00:46:55.050 Colin Sprake: it's a funny story, you know elbow when I first started out in the whole seminal world and doing events, someone said to me, you need to have a book before you go and launch your seminars, because it'd be really important for you and i'm like.

00:46:56.220 --> 00:47:05.310 Colin Sprake: I believe people by you, that i'm buying a book, so I just wanted to launch the seminars anyways and eventually people said to me please, please your other books or Vinci, on your after.

00:47:05.730 --> 00:47:11.220 Colin Sprake: Being beings to doing events for over eight years that are assigned finally get into writing the book.

00:47:11.820 --> 00:47:19.470 Colin Sprake: I can tell you i'll never do it the same way again, it took me 400 hours of writing to write the book, it was a journey, it was a very big journey and.

00:47:20.370 --> 00:47:26.610 Colin Sprake: i'm busy with my fifth book right now called systematized the human brain, which is a fascinating read.

00:47:27.210 --> 00:47:35.400 Colin Sprake: A will be a fascinating read, and you know, I just wanted to share more I wanted to get up have people be able to take the knowledge that I have.

00:47:35.760 --> 00:47:41.280 Colin Sprake: and honestly I wanted to be the first person to in my family who to become a published author.

00:47:41.700 --> 00:47:48.090 Colin Sprake: And you know, I was very fortunate I got a friend fee and everything else, my first book from a New York publisher which is super cool.

00:47:48.360 --> 00:47:57.570 Colin Sprake: And then my wife wrote a book as well on supporting entrepreneurs, so one of the only couples, I know that are both husband and wife are both bestselling authors, which is pretty cool too.

00:47:58.350 --> 00:48:02.640 Albert Dabah: wow that's amazing that really is was it was it.

00:48:03.900 --> 00:48:15.750 Albert Dabah: I mean you know writing the book, did you find it very tough in the beginning, like to you know to sit alone, I imagine, or maybe you wrote, did you write with your wife, at times, or.

00:48:15.810 --> 00:48:23.070 Colin Sprake: No, no, so I wrote a book in 2012 and my wife wrote who's in 2016 so it was a years apart.

00:48:24.540 --> 00:48:31.170 Colin Sprake: Man, I wrote all by myself spend hours and hours, I will never do it that white guy and i've been a mid mid someone out in.

00:48:32.970 --> 00:48:43.440 Colin Sprake: Tampa bay and she does this thing called book on the beach and I got on stage, and this is you'll be laugh about this, I got to the stage in 2015 with my wife.

00:48:43.980 --> 00:48:56.400 Colin Sprake: I said all of you that register for our next event a year from now come back to our big event we do once a year that's when you come back to a big event next year you'll have a copy my last book and she was like i'm writing a book.

00:48:58.380 --> 00:48:58.800 Colin Sprake: So.

00:48:58.920 --> 00:49:05.070 Colin Sprake: she'd been taking notes and then recording things for years, and I said honey you just get you just got to take some action here.

00:49:05.430 --> 00:49:09.360 Colin Sprake: But I had a plan so then she flew down to temper that had book on the beach took her.

00:49:09.720 --> 00:49:21.900 Colin Sprake: Four days that transcribed the entire book she just got interviewed pulled all the pieces of knowledge Oliver and it was a fantastic experience for her I think her books fantastic, yes, I mean the only book out there, written for.

00:49:22.710 --> 00:49:34.110 Colin Sprake: The support functions to an entrepreneur like the spouse, the employees, what have you ever every other books written for entrepreneurs not working for the team of majority of the time, especially by spouse.

00:49:34.770 --> 00:49:45.390 Albert Dabah: Right wow that's amazing I mean I mean that must be self fulfilling to you know also see within your wife, something that you are doing as well.

00:49:45.990 --> 00:49:51.930 Albert Dabah: supporting these people that you that you know from the seminars and also writing the books.

00:49:52.800 --> 00:49:59.100 Albert Dabah: i'll never forget, when I was working on my screenplay I mean it literally took me because I was running a business at the time and I.

00:49:59.700 --> 00:50:10.320 Albert Dabah: Have a video production business and it took me about 1012 years to really I wrote well, no more than that, but I wrote 12 drafts of the screenplay.

00:50:10.950 --> 00:50:14.970 Albert Dabah: And at first, I was looking for someone to write it and then I took had an outline and.

00:50:15.870 --> 00:50:24.060 Albert Dabah: A big Hollywood producer read my outline, he said, this could be great it could be terrible you just gotta write it that's what he said.

00:50:24.510 --> 00:50:38.100 Albert Dabah: And I, and I, you know I held that in my hand that note, and you know I thought about who he was and his name is Gary goldberg he's deceased by now, but he's done a lot of wonderful.

00:50:38.250 --> 00:50:39.570 Colin Sprake: Film actually know Gary.

00:50:40.470 --> 00:50:41.460 Colin Sprake: yeah yep.

00:50:42.450 --> 00:50:58.740 Albert Dabah: Anyway, um I it, you know, so I started writing it and I realized that you know sharing with people and i'll never forget, when I finally came to the end, I was on the beach and actually in Florida and.

00:50:59.850 --> 00:51:17.220 Albert Dabah: I wrote the end I was writing writing on an iPad and and because I had done some acting and i've been in theater I it just all of a sudden, I wrote the end and I saw all the actors in the screenplay in the movie.

00:51:18.570 --> 00:51:25.050 Albert Dabah: But this is just on my iPad I saw everyone take in my head, I saw everyone take a bow and I heard this clapping.

00:51:25.320 --> 00:51:35.490 Albert Dabah: And you know here I am looking at the ocean and getting this image of that happening, and I was like wow it was such a cathartic feeling I had at that time so.

00:51:36.120 --> 00:51:46.800 Albert Dabah: I know I know I know what it's like to be able to you know take something and put it down in words, the only difference here is than making a film of it.

00:51:47.880 --> 00:52:00.420 Albert Dabah: But whatever you do whatever artistic thing you do can be expressed in so many different ways, which I think is you know the wonderful thing about life, we have a lot of different ways we can express our feelings.

00:52:01.560 --> 00:52:08.700 Albert Dabah: And it's it's very evident to me that you know you doing all these seminars get a lot out of it.

00:52:09.900 --> 00:52:16.050 Colin Sprake: For sure I mean and, of course, said enough for the last 14 months we've got nothing out of it, you know, in terms of.

00:52:16.260 --> 00:52:16.800 Albert Dabah: Oh yeah.

00:52:17.040 --> 00:52:18.720 Colin Sprake: Holding events anymore, which is a little bit.

00:52:18.720 --> 00:52:22.620 Colin Sprake: crazy, but you know it's it's been good done, I mean that's.

00:52:23.250 --> 00:52:34.230 Colin Sprake: Even this last 12 months Albert I mean I went through a soul search your interest also saying what I want to do you want to go back to being on the road, I was on planes three or four days a week, easily.

00:52:35.010 --> 00:52:50.160 Colin Sprake: yeah flying all over the place in North America, and I was when I went on, when he stopped I haven't been on i've been on a plane once in 12 months, right now, a 13 months and I used to be on a plane I should do up to two to 300 flights, a year, you know.

00:52:50.400 --> 00:53:00.150 Colin Sprake: Loud and yeah a lot of flying and when that all came to an end, I was like wow and I sat down in July August last year and i'm like what do I want.

00:53:00.900 --> 00:53:06.690 Colin Sprake: And I think that's because that's a lot of times we a lot of us don't get clear on that and we feel.

00:53:07.140 --> 00:53:19.680 Colin Sprake: Trapped I call it the prison we get into this prison of monotony of doing something we really don't want to be doing, but we don't think there's a way out covert gave me a way out in so many ways to what I was doing, and you know.

00:53:20.880 --> 00:53:33.690 Colin Sprake: I honestly, as I stayed at my navel just about a lot out into the ocean and for 96 weeks attempting to figure out what I wanted you know July August last year and then, when I got clear on that and it became.

00:53:34.710 --> 00:53:44.730 Colin Sprake: So freeing so yeah amazing for me that all of a sudden, I was like i'm on a different journey on a different journey to now I probably will never go back to doing.

00:53:45.180 --> 00:53:51.600 Colin Sprake: i'll do i'll do one big event two yolks I want to keep on helping people that way, but some of the other smaller events I probably won't do.

00:53:53.250 --> 00:53:54.870 Albert Dabah: Have you come up with another.

00:53:56.730 --> 00:53:58.320 Albert Dabah: something new that you want to do.

00:53:59.610 --> 00:54:06.180 Colin Sprake: A completely different business model now and i'm launching some other products and other services that I have that i've been.

00:54:06.960 --> 00:54:16.410 Colin Sprake: Doing for a while, plus i've helped so many business owners grow Albert like when I say grow, I met them and they're doing 50 $100,000 a year and suddenly that doubt yeah.

00:54:16.680 --> 00:54:24.570 Colin Sprake: Five eight years later, doing 10 $12 million, you know, and I got paid a small fee to do that, to help them and now i've.

00:54:25.110 --> 00:54:30.990 Colin Sprake: got find the clients, they want to be partners with me ownership with me and I do it completely different it's like.

00:54:31.290 --> 00:54:39.900 Colin Sprake: Sometimes i'll take a small fee and partner with them, sometimes i'll take no fee and partner with them, it just depends, where things are at and.

00:54:40.320 --> 00:54:55.920 Colin Sprake: Now feeds my soul i'm helping all these business owners grow, but I have a piece of the action long term and it's a fun thing we have fun together and they don't just get me, for the time that they have me as a as a mentor they get me permanently for the length of the of the entire.

00:54:57.030 --> 00:55:12.150 Colin Sprake: yeah the duration of their business so it's fun it's like I love, what I do I love the fun that I have every day, now that continues to grow, you know just by serving humanity, you know all the stuff i'm busy launching coming up is all about serving humanity.

00:55:12.360 --> 00:55:21.300 Albert Dabah: yeah well that's terrific Colin I think what you know I didn't know what to expect I feel like we can go on for another hour easily.

00:55:22.620 --> 00:55:29.400 Albert Dabah: But I see that you're a man that you know you just using the terms of us about helping humanity.

00:55:30.540 --> 00:55:43.020 Albert Dabah: I think you know there's there's a there's a lot of need for that in this crazy world and a lot of you know nerdy things that go on, and I think you know.

00:55:44.220 --> 00:55:52.410 Albert Dabah: I just saw I know somewhere today where it said, be kind, and I said, you know that's a nice thing to say, you know just be kind to people.

00:55:53.670 --> 00:55:58.350 Albert Dabah: You know, treat people like you'd like to be treated it's nothing that people haven't heard before.

00:55:59.880 --> 00:56:05.130 Albert Dabah: But I think and and and you know, treating humanity like you'd want to be treated.

00:56:06.720 --> 00:56:19.230 Albert Dabah: I find that is just really important so i'd like to end by just you know wishing you the best going forward and, hopefully, maybe we'll meet one day somewhere.

00:56:21.270 --> 00:56:39.030 Albert Dabah: and continue on your success and i'd like to let everyone know if you haven't seen extra innings please check it out on Amazon prime and and we'll see you again next week and Colin thanks again for coming on the show it's been really fun appreciate.

00:56:39.450 --> 00:56:41.130 Colin Sprake: My pleasure and thanks for doing what you do.

00:56:41.790 --> 00:56:44.160 Albert Dabah: Thank you have a good one, you too.

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