Gateway to the Smokies

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/06 - Food, Fireflies, and Flowers in the Smoky Mountains

Facebook Live Video from 2021/04/06 - Food, Fireflies, and Flowers in the Smoky Mountains


2021/04/06 - Food, Fireflies, and Flowers in the Smoky Mountains

[NEW EPISODE] Food, Fireflies, and Flowers in the Smoky Mountains

Tonight we talk about events and festivals that celebrate the food that can be foraged, the wildflowers that bloom, and fireflies that light the night as well as other natural wonders of the Smoky Mountains.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph starts off today’s episode by introducing today’s topic, and starting to dive further into the Smokies’ biodiversity. Over 19,000 individual species have been found in the park, with scientists estimating that there may be thousands, potentially even hundreds of thousands more. The large biodiversity in the park is largely due to the huge range of elevation in the park, with climates similar to that of both the North and South of the east coast of the United States. This diversity is not unique to animals, there are also a wide variety of plants. The high rainfall in the park provides excellent growing conditions for the plants in the mountains. Joseph goes on to discuss the weather in the mountains and how quickly it can change. Research is being done on how the biodiversity in the mountains can be maintained. Joseph discusses the Spring Festival, which celebrates Spring in the mountains and the greening of the environment. The festival takes place in Silva. Joseph shares some of his favorite places and things to do in SIlva. Another town Joseph enjoys and expounds upon is Andrews, NC.

Segment 2

Coming back from the break, Joseph moves on to wildflowers. There are over 16,000 species of wildflowers in the park, and between March and May, they start to bloom. Joseph dives deeper into the specific varieties of flowers seen in the mountains. Joseph recommends bringing a wildflower field guide when walking in the mountains. He then suggests wildflower walks for listeners to check out. A premier wildflower event is the spring wildflower pilgrimage, which aims to bring people together through the appreciation of nature. The annual event provides attendees programs educating them on all types of animals, plants, park history, and much more.

Segment 3

With Spring in the mountains comes fireflies, more specifically, synchronous fireflies. Thousands of fireflies gather in swarms and light up in harmony. The Smokies house the largest population of synchronous fireflies in the western hemisphere. Joseph describes the process of capturing fireflies he used as a child. As he often enjoys doing on the podcast, Joseph shares a poem about fireflies. He then shares ways for tourists to see the fireflies. Moving on, Joseph begins to discuss the topic of foraging. He shares a variety of plants one can forage for, and warns listeners to be careful of what they find.

Segment 4

Joseph continues to dive into foraging, discussing a wild onion that grows in the mountains. Another festival in the mountains Joseph enjoys is the herb festival in Asheville. As with the other festivals, the herb festival has many opportunities for education. Joseph also enjoys the Montford Garden Tour, which is running this year for the first time in 17 years. He goes on to discuss motorcycle rallies and car festivals in the mountains. There is also a drive-in concert upcoming. Finishing up the show, Joseph discusses the meadowlark motel and his website.


00:00:26.670 --> 00:00:27.450 Joseph McElroy: howdy.

00:00:28.050 --> 00:00:32.670 Joseph McElroy: Thanks for joining us on this week's episode of gateways to the smoke.

00:00:33.930 --> 00:00:42.000 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited National Park, the great smoky mountains national park and the surrounding towns.

00:00:42.330 --> 00:00:52.290 Joseph McElroy: there's areas filled with ancient natural beauty deep storied history and a rich mountain culture that we will explore with weekly episodes.

00:00:53.160 --> 00:01:06.480 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy amanda the world, but also with deep roots in these mountains my family is living the great smokies for over 200 years my businesses in travel, but my heart is in culture.

00:01:07.830 --> 00:01:23.310 Joseph McElroy: Now this episode is a dedicated little bit to environmental tourism that you can experience in the most smoky mountains so we'll explore some festivals foraging for food wildflowers and and fireflies there's a lot going on.

00:01:24.330 --> 00:01:30.330 Joseph McElroy: The great smoky mountains, is the most biodiverse park in the National Park system.

00:01:31.290 --> 00:01:44.250 Joseph McElroy: Biological diversity or biodiversity means the number and variety of different types of animals, plants fungi and other organs organisms organisms and location or habitat.

00:01:44.730 --> 00:01:58.320 Joseph McElroy: And with the smoke the with the southern appalachian mountains and comes in over 100 square miles, no other area of equal size and temporary client that can match the parks amazing diversity.

00:01:59.700 --> 00:02:18.960 Joseph McElroy: Over 19,000 species have been documented in the park and scientists believe there's an additional 80,000 100,000 species that may live here, this means that there is an incredible diversity, food and medicinal herbs that can be forged from this smoky mountain area.

00:02:20.670 --> 00:02:24.000 Joseph McElroy: The reason is that mountain mountains climates and whether.

00:02:25.560 --> 00:02:33.750 Joseph McElroy: That park is dominated by plant covered gently contoured mountains that are formed that were performed perhaps 300 million years ago.

00:02:34.230 --> 00:02:45.150 Joseph McElroy: In fact, they might the smokies are among the oldest mountain ranges in the world and the elevations in the park range from 850 feet to 6643 feet.

00:02:45.960 --> 00:02:55.770 Joseph McElroy: This rage at altitude mimics the client habitat changes, you would experience driving north or south across the eastern United States say from Georgia to maine.

00:02:56.580 --> 00:03:08.700 Joseph McElroy: So plants and animals common in the southern United States thrive in the low end of the smokies while species common in the northern States find suitable habitat in the higher elevations.

00:03:09.390 --> 00:03:22.050 Joseph McElroy: Some hundred species of native trees find homes in the smokies more than any other net North American National Park, I think there's more species of trees in this park than there is in all of your.

00:03:23.580 --> 00:03:33.030 Joseph McElroy: Almost 95% of the park park is forward and supported in about 25% of that areas old growth forest there's over 1500.

00:03:33.870 --> 00:03:44.460 Joseph McElroy: flat flowering plant species that have been identified in the park and and in terms of animals, the park is also as a Center of diversity for salamanders.

00:03:44.790 --> 00:04:02.550 Joseph McElroy: is home to more than 200 species of birds 68 species of mammals 67 native fish species 39 species of reptiles and 43 species of amphibians mahler's millipedes and mushrooms each record diversity here.

00:04:03.720 --> 00:04:19.380 Joseph McElroy: The north, south or South orientation of the appalachian chain allows the smokies to become a refuge for many species and plant plants and animals that were displaced from the northern homes by glaciers, and the last eight Ice Age around 10,000 years ago.

00:04:20.820 --> 00:04:28.740 Joseph McElroy: In terms of whether the parks abundant rainfall and high summertime humidity provides excellent growing conditions.

00:04:30.300 --> 00:04:38.430 Joseph McElroy: And the smokies the average annual rainfall varies from approximately 55 inches in the valley to over 85 inches on some of the peaks.

00:04:38.880 --> 00:04:51.360 Joseph McElroy: And the relative humidity in the peak during the gross seasons about the twice that of the rocky mountain region that's why it's called the smokies we get a fairly human environment and a lot of that turns into fog and mist.

00:04:52.860 --> 00:05:04.470 Joseph McElroy: it's not unusual for us to get rainfall about every day but it's not one of those long term drizzling every day all day long time rainfall we get.

00:05:04.890 --> 00:05:16.530 Joseph McElroy: These sort of clouds come over the mountain jump a bunch of water, and then it clears right back up so you know you'll have a day sunshine, then you have an hour to have a rain and then boy sunshine all over again.

00:05:17.820 --> 00:05:33.960 Joseph McElroy: Extensive work and research has been done to preserve the bio diversity of the smokies and there's environmental factors such as air quality water quality and non native species that are being monitored and fires are being used as tools to maintain a healthy healthy ecosystem.

00:05:36.990 --> 00:05:52.170 Joseph McElroy: The they used to have a real problem with air quality and the fall mixing the mist actually you know start creating some small like conditions but it's actually been dramatically improved I was reading that the world.

00:05:53.100 --> 00:06:09.660 Joseph McElroy: The world organization, for you know the the the environmental work being done around the world has given the what's the what's been done in the smoky mountains great great marks and and thinks that the things are being done really properly.

00:06:11.250 --> 00:06:17.940 Joseph McElroy: So how do we celebrate this sort of thing and and you know and develop upon that, and you know and we talked about ECO tourism.

00:06:18.840 --> 00:06:26.970 Joseph McElroy: One of the things that's a pretty pretty special I think is every year there's a spring festival called the greening up the mountains and Silva North Carolina.

00:06:27.720 --> 00:06:33.840 Joseph McElroy: it's a free festival that celebrates spring in the mountains, where there's the greening of the liens that.

00:06:34.320 --> 00:06:50.250 Joseph McElroy: The greening of the leaves that work their way up the great smokies but it's also celebrates the greening of the environment, with him, and it has lots of info about sustainable living and presentations by environmental growth, growth groups silver is just a beautiful destination.

00:06:51.690 --> 00:07:01.710 Joseph McElroy: downtown is just your really quaint lovely downtown and has lots of I think we counted, there was three bookstores on Main Street in a town that's.

00:07:02.220 --> 00:07:18.930 Joseph McElroy: Maybe not for two people and so it's a good place for getaway that it was incorporated in 1889 and it's begun to attract many new residents, because of there's a lot of rich local soil, which is perfect for farming agriculture so there's a lot of local farming there.

00:07:20.670 --> 00:07:22.740 Joseph McElroy: And it's a it's a.

00:07:25.260 --> 00:07:33.450 Joseph McElroy: Beginning it started growing fairly rapidly rapidly and it had quickly got a post office, the school or train depot and a town Center.

00:07:33.810 --> 00:07:45.990 Joseph McElroy: And it became the county seat of Jackson county into 1913 and it's got this most beautiful courthouse that was constructed around that time upon a time, upon a hill and it became a Center of commerce.

00:07:46.680 --> 00:07:54.810 Joseph McElroy: Now it's just over 2000 residents and there's became a haven for tourists because it's got a lot of southern charm it's got a lot of great activities.

00:07:55.260 --> 00:08:05.640 Joseph McElroy: And it's a stunning natural surroundings when they had the eclipse that you can see in the southern parts of the of the United States and in the mountains, we were able to get a.

00:08:06.060 --> 00:08:14.970 Joseph McElroy: silver was right in the epicenter you get 100% view of the eclipse and they did this wonderful program we went there you were able to set out arm chairs on the streets.

00:08:15.300 --> 00:08:30.660 Joseph McElroy: They had a presentation by local professors at Western Carolina that actually knew about this stuff about what it meant, then they had music it's just they do things right so and it has a lot of natural course natural outdoor things to do there lots of water sports.

00:08:32.160 --> 00:08:47.520 Joseph McElroy: And there's a lot of guys in town natalie hail natural forces, full of things to do there it's right near there and has a lot of unique shops and there's a lot of bargain shops, as well as the the the bookstores and touristy sort of shops.

00:08:48.930 --> 00:08:58.500 Joseph McElroy: it's got lots of music and entertainment it's got several I think I consider them world class little restaurants there I do farm to table food.

00:08:59.280 --> 00:09:10.680 Joseph McElroy: is really delicious when we're down in that area was silva's always stopped my wife just goes goes crazy about a place called it's called Guadalupe which does really interesting Mexican.

00:09:11.700 --> 00:09:18.210 Joseph McElroy: Inspired food, it also has some local wineries and breweries, and it has lots of tasting detours.

00:09:18.660 --> 00:09:24.600 Joseph McElroy: And it has a lot of local events and festivals, and that, like the highly anticipated greening up in the mountains.

00:09:24.960 --> 00:09:35.640 Joseph McElroy: Which is usually held at the end of April, but this year is going to be in August, so, while I was trying to focus on the Spring things I just found out the coven has made it being August event.

00:09:37.500 --> 00:09:46.320 Joseph McElroy: it's been throwing thousands of people to the to silver for over 20 years it's free and it's ideal for families and groups of fan and it's a.

00:09:46.590 --> 00:09:55.140 Joseph McElroy: it's really a celebration, the right revitalization growth of spring and of the smoky mountains in general, the environmental ISM that's been going on for a long time.

00:09:55.680 --> 00:10:00.900 Joseph McElroy: And you'll meet new people there's lots of people that you can become friends with and there's all sorts of games and.

00:10:01.230 --> 00:10:09.210 Joseph McElroy: vendors and artists and live entertainment's and there's plenty of food, you can definitely get some great competent conversations local they're very friendly.

00:10:09.990 --> 00:10:19.770 Joseph McElroy: there's an opportunity to learn about the region's about what's being done about outdoor activities it's it's a really it's I would say it's a great place to start learning about the mountains.

00:10:20.490 --> 00:10:29.040 Joseph McElroy: From you know from my mental perspective, so you can go to greening up the mountains calm to find more information about that event.

00:10:31.140 --> 00:10:36.240 Joseph McElroy: Also in another little town in the mountains, is a little town called Andrews North Carolina.

00:10:36.900 --> 00:10:45.540 Joseph McElroy: And it has a wealth of his history, along with the interesting turn of the century architecture for such a little out of the way town it's a little out of the way mountain town.

00:10:46.320 --> 00:10:54.420 Joseph McElroy: It wasn't a corporate till 1905 and it didn't get it start it didn't really get to start until 1891 railroad was completed.

00:10:57.780 --> 00:11:17.610 Joseph McElroy: It it's it's a has a nice laid backfield now right it's got a real small town, a good smoky mountain town atmosphere and, but it has an outstanding backdrop there's a valley river that borders on the North side of town and beyond that valley flows flows.

00:11:19.170 --> 00:11:37.260 Joseph McElroy: flows towards the slopes of this snowbird mountains it's Andrews, like in this valley that's really vastly flat surrounded by all the smoky mountains and has a rolling hills and spacious hideaways and things like that it has a store downtown.

00:11:38.550 --> 00:11:50.970 Joseph McElroy: With brick buildings and store bronk front that during the turnaround to the early 20th century it's got a lot of historic homes in the downtown district and minus two times you know when it was a.

00:11:51.720 --> 00:12:02.790 Joseph McElroy: Really, prosperous and that sort of early American way of being prosperous, so it on April 24 has a street fair and nature Expo and it celebrates.

00:12:04.020 --> 00:12:12.030 Joseph McElroy: Earth Day and it sweeps out the winter cobwebs and it opens up the downtown to vendors and nature lovers.

00:12:12.450 --> 00:12:18.720 Joseph McElroy: And you learn about gardening and the butterflies and water conservation local history, much more.

00:12:18.990 --> 00:12:30.570 Joseph McElroy: And while you shop there's a lot of great stuff at the numerous local vendors, so you can go to visit Andrews North Carolina nc visit Andrews nc COM slash spring dash fling.

00:12:30.960 --> 00:12:42.210 Joseph McElroy: To find out more about that, and they have that every year and they've been having it for a while and it's a worthwhile to get sort of that a real in the middle of the smoky mountain areas it's it's I think it's in between Murphy and.

00:12:43.140 --> 00:12:51.990 Joseph McElroy: And I mean in between bryson city and cherokee around that area and it's it gives you a real taste of old time.

00:12:53.640 --> 00:13:00.390 Joseph McElroy: smoky mountain America so when we come back we'll be talking about wild flowers.

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00:15:59.400 --> 00:16:13.140 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back, but the gateway to the smokies podcast and i'm now talking about wild flowers so every spring, there is an explosion of these.

00:16:13.860 --> 00:16:17.610 Joseph McElroy: I mean they're just spectacular wild flowers in the great smoky mountains.

00:16:18.480 --> 00:16:33.090 Joseph McElroy: With over 1600 species of flowering plants, there are certainly no shortage of opportunity to discover why the great smoky mountains National Park is called the wildflower national park and there's I like to say wildflower.

00:16:34.620 --> 00:16:39.540 Joseph McElroy: it's wild thing and a wildflower I want to sing that song right.

00:16:40.890 --> 00:16:48.600 Joseph McElroy: But from late March until early May there's just a flush of the spring wallflowers that live in the ground cover and.

00:16:49.380 --> 00:17:04.350 Joseph McElroy: Because the hardwood you know trees are still without leaves they're taking advantage of all that sunlight, so you know you have sort of a bloodied trees, but not particularly dense and all these wildflowers just everywhere blooming.

00:17:05.850 --> 00:17:16.200 Joseph McElroy: And they basically track upslope upslope as the season proceeds because it gets warmer so you get there's a lot you get a lot of window.

00:17:17.070 --> 00:17:25.740 Joseph McElroy: The sea wildfires it just goes higher up the mountain as it gets warmer up the mountain, so it goes march through may, and then they basically ended June.

00:17:26.580 --> 00:17:39.420 Joseph McElroy: A little bit and these flowers include like little white or pink blossoms of spring beauties the the you know the bigger and show your blooms and things like bear if trilliums.

00:17:40.440 --> 00:17:52.200 Joseph McElroy: there's level white pedals and golden stamens of blubbery there's there feathery white plains dripping tipping the drooping frons or false Solomon CEO.

00:17:52.650 --> 00:18:01.050 Joseph McElroy: And there's the dainty or white flour Spikes have a phone flower and the little white bells hugging the stems of Bishops caps and there's just a lot of different things.

00:18:03.120 --> 00:18:13.500 Joseph McElroy: I striking early wildfire they can clone cluster in great numbers is the trial lily which brand is is an ornate yellow flower and multiple green leaves suggestive a trout pattern.

00:18:14.370 --> 00:18:26.850 Joseph McElroy: Which is another you know signature of the mountains is trial and then another show is spring wildfire common in the lower middle elevations is the Columbine which is hanging red and yellow blooms.

00:18:28.320 --> 00:18:47.250 Joseph McElroy: To similar looking and colorful name flowers that are overlapping their spring emergence are Dutchman breaches and squirrel cones which both have white logo blooms and intricate foliage and another eyecatching snow you'd flowers the fringe felicia felicia felicia.

00:18:48.360 --> 00:18:56.970 Joseph McElroy: And sort of look that up how to pronounce I just now realized that but it's called is pha le CIA which tends to grow up higher in the mountain forest.

00:18:58.860 --> 00:19:04.440 Joseph McElroy: And then, why there's a lot there's a really widespread and very arresting flowers is the jack in the.

00:19:04.980 --> 00:19:12.060 Joseph McElroy: pulpit which has you know those large striped phone over sheath and it's called the space that forms the pulpit.

00:19:12.600 --> 00:19:21.570 Joseph McElroy: And then there's lots of violence and wild strawberries and bleeding hearts there's a there's a lot of spring blooms interrupt or up from the dust in the.

00:19:21.960 --> 00:19:32.340 Joseph McElroy: Great smokies and it's it's almost mind boggling the variety and profusion and it definitely pays to bring a wildfire field guide along to on your moseys.

00:19:33.480 --> 00:19:40.560 Joseph McElroy: And I think we will have on our website link to some books that you can go and find out.

00:19:42.180 --> 00:19:49.290 Joseph McElroy: And then you can also check out the National Park service site for specifics on looming patterns for different flowers species.

00:19:51.510 --> 00:19:59.400 Joseph McElroy: And so many of these lower and middle vision trails on the smoky mountains will have these great outstanding wildflower show so.

00:19:59.700 --> 00:20:03.060 Joseph McElroy: there's a lot of great walks you can take in the spring to see these.

00:20:03.420 --> 00:20:16.710 Joseph McElroy: And then later in the spring and early in the summer, you can get on the higher outs and see it, yet again, but it, you know was slightly different so that it can go for a long time so i've got some suggested wildflower walks for you.

00:20:18.090 --> 00:20:27.180 Joseph McElroy: there's the kind of luckily river trail that which is an easy Three Mile round trip riverside rock that begins at the article oh kind of lefty.

00:20:27.570 --> 00:20:34.830 Joseph McElroy: visitor Center which is located two miles north of cherokee North Carolina and us for for one another great.

00:20:35.550 --> 00:20:43.500 Joseph McElroy: trail is the deep creek trail and that's an easy walk that begins at the end of deep creek road, which is about a half mile beyond the deep cream.

00:20:44.100 --> 00:20:52.350 Joseph McElroy: Deep creek campground turn off and it's this deep creek area is located in north of bryson city, so you go through the town of bryson.

00:20:52.800 --> 00:21:01.170 Joseph McElroy: You can see to waterfalls Indian creek town branch and by walking on this two mile round trip I think i've mentioned that that.

00:21:01.620 --> 00:21:09.840 Joseph McElroy: That trail before but it's worth it for the for the wild flowers the Gregory rich trail is is the first the first two miles of this.

00:21:10.320 --> 00:21:21.360 Joseph McElroy: trail offer some really great wildfire viewing you take the caves cade's cove loop road just past the cable mill area, and then you turn on to forge creek road and follow it to the end.

00:21:22.800 --> 00:21:39.120 Joseph McElroy: There is the canal it for trail and it's the climbs free it climbs for three miles to intersect with the Thomas divide trail on Thomas rich you don't need to go the whole way to see some really great wildfires the first mile or two of the best display, especially in the spring.

00:21:40.380 --> 00:21:41.490 Joseph McElroy: And then you have the.

00:21:43.080 --> 00:21:56.250 Joseph McElroy: It begins about an eighth of a mile north of the kept part from prong footbridge on the new foundling gap row which is known as us for for one and it's eight miles north to kind of lift the visitor Center.

00:21:57.150 --> 00:22:07.410 Joseph McElroy: there's the school has schoolhouse gap trail it's an easy trail that climbs about 2.2 miles from Laurel creek road to schoolhouse gas gap this.

00:22:07.740 --> 00:22:20.430 Joseph McElroy: route includes a wide array of spring and summer flowers, including some very unusual species it's about the trail is about 3.99 miles west of the Townsend why on the road to get caves code.

00:22:21.480 --> 00:22:30.600 Joseph McElroy: there's little river trail it's a relatively wide and level footprint put path which follows the scenic little river towards headwaters.

00:22:31.170 --> 00:22:47.820 Joseph McElroy: it's located on the side road which begins, just before you enter elk mock camp road and then there's the first two miles of the bad trail, is it is, it provides a good wildfire good wildflower viewing and from mid March, April.

00:22:49.380 --> 00:23:07.470 Joseph McElroy: If you add in the camera camera gap and Jay tree trails jake creek trails you can make a pleasant five mile loop hike then there's the middle prom trail and so Walker all rodeo you're the writer hiker with flowers, as well as waterfalls.

00:23:09.090 --> 00:23:15.420 Joseph McElroy: And again it's it's not it starts at the end of treatment row row which begins just west of the towns and wide.

00:23:18.060 --> 00:23:35.970 Joseph McElroy: There is a few other trails i'll put i'll be putting this information up on our website, but I wanted to mention some of the events and festivals to celebrate the wildflowers that smokies you know the premier event is the spring wild flower flower pilgrimage.

00:23:37.710 --> 00:23:38.460 Joseph McElroy: That is.

00:23:39.630 --> 00:23:46.440 Joseph McElroy: yeah it's it's been around for quite a long time and has, I think it started in 1950.

00:23:48.000 --> 00:24:05.610 Joseph McElroy: and its underlying mission and philosophy is simply to bring people together to fellowship form connections bonds and friendships their common interests on focus on spreading curiosity knowledge appreciation education of natural history biology ecology conservation land management.

00:24:07.110 --> 00:24:15.660 Joseph McElroy: And they've always you know, been very open and educational for anybody that wants to come and to learn from experts in the field.

00:24:16.320 --> 00:24:27.240 Joseph McElroy: it's an annual event and then features professionally guided walks exhibits and many other learning opportunity to explore the regions rich natural and cultural research resources.

00:24:28.680 --> 00:24:37.170 Joseph McElroy: it's had an I think in the Latin and very recently over the last few years has had over 900 pilgrims from 32 streets 32 states.

00:24:37.470 --> 00:24:50.010 Joseph McElroy: And several countries that join them and includes programs on Sunday ferns wild flowers trees and shrubs shrubs medicinal plants insects salamanders and snakes birds mammals mammals.

00:24:50.340 --> 00:24:58.440 Joseph McElroy: and generally are in photography and park history, I think that is going to be virtual this year, but there are some associated programs that you could take.

00:24:59.100 --> 00:25:12.090 Joseph McElroy: But it's it's going to be I don't I anticipated going every year from now until i'm no longer here, because it's going on for a long time, and you can go to wildflower to find out more.

00:25:14.700 --> 00:25:29.550 Joseph McElroy: Another big place to go see flowers in the mountains, is the biltmore state and national North Carolina it has more than 110,000 flowers blooming the gardens fit for vanderbilt.

00:25:31.170 --> 00:25:38.910 Joseph McElroy: it's an annual festival flowers with and the color and fragrance and orchids and thousands of spring bulbs steal the show.

00:25:39.900 --> 00:25:45.810 Joseph McElroy: You know the biltmore estate was built by George vanderbilt when he decided he needed a 250 room house.

00:25:46.170 --> 00:25:57.180 Joseph McElroy: In the mountains of Western North Carolina and he hired a renowned landscape architect or Frederick law olmsted who designed central park in New York City to help the state, make a statement.

00:25:57.510 --> 00:26:09.480 Joseph McElroy: So bill more bloom celebrates this natural progression of balloons balloons dictated by Mother Nature and arranged by olmsted in the States current team of expert gardeners.

00:26:11.010 --> 00:26:23.370 Joseph McElroy: So right now that says is getting spring is underway there's a bright see of yellow daffodils that brighten a walled garden and then there's pansies of every color you can imagine, it creates a.

00:26:23.790 --> 00:26:33.000 Joseph McElroy: gorgeous feast for the eyes and then you can experience nearly 1000 orchids in full bloom showing off their tropical colors and exotic looks.

00:26:33.360 --> 00:26:45.570 Joseph McElroy: And then there's a conservatory with lots of lots of different varieties of species, and then you can also view visit the biltmore house, which is a spectacular mansion I think it's the largest private residence in the United States.

00:26:46.920 --> 00:26:55.620 Joseph McElroy: As the season goes along there's going to be 80,000 to lips, and then it it'll transform that wall garden into a floral paradise.

00:26:56.760 --> 00:27:04.830 Joseph McElroy: And they bloom and purple and pink and white and last three to four weeks before making way for later season looms in the shrub and is alien gardens.

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:15.900 Joseph McElroy: So it's running right now from the April to the end of May, you can go more to find more about it at built more calm things to do events.

00:27:16.890 --> 00:27:30.270 Joseph McElroy: bill more comm slash things to do things dash to dash do slash events slash spring, though, I suppose, if you just going a bit longer commune just look up events and figure out.

00:27:31.320 --> 00:27:33.030 Joseph McElroy: what's going on.

00:27:34.200 --> 00:27:51.330 Joseph McElroy: And you know the biltmore house is just a spectacular event, a place to go all around and and they have a winery there it's I think it's one of the most I think it's actually the most visited winery in the world if i'm correct and some of the wines are actually pretty decent.

00:27:52.920 --> 00:28:00.750 Joseph McElroy: And it has you know yeah there's shops that are associated with it it's really a one or two day have.

00:28:01.620 --> 00:28:13.260 Joseph McElroy: Experienced to explore and your stuff lots of arts and beautiful artwork some sculptures so I recommend visiting that it's only about a half away half hour away from Maggie Valley, so if you want to.

00:28:14.160 --> 00:28:30.270 Joseph McElroy: Have a Center place to stay go to the middle or motel calm there and then you can go quickly to things like that the the spring fling then go to the flower, and then you can go to the smokies and see the wild flowers, so when we come back i'm gonna talk about fireflies.

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00:31:19.020 --> 00:31:27.780 Joseph McElroy: Oh God, this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies pox cash so we're talking firefly flies.

00:31:29.130 --> 00:31:36.570 Joseph McElroy: yeah so spring also brings that an incredible an incredible natural phenomenon, known as synchronous fireflies.

00:31:37.200 --> 00:31:47.070 Joseph McElroy: And it's a breathtaking show put on by the nature that resembles the psychedelic combination of stars falling and fireworks works exploding.

00:31:47.520 --> 00:31:59.160 Joseph McElroy: It is an immersive experience you will never forget 10s of thousands of lightning lightning bugs gather and swarms and flash in harmony in harmony they're synchronized.

00:31:59.490 --> 00:32:13.230 Joseph McElroy: As the entire for for us alternates between light and darkness and it's right here in the smoky mountains, is the largest population of synchronous fireplace fireflies in the western hemisphere.

00:32:13.800 --> 00:32:22.560 Joseph McElroy: Now growing up in the mountains, I didn't know all this to me it was fireflies lightning bugs and we all knew how to hunt for them.

00:32:23.190 --> 00:32:40.050 Joseph McElroy: The chase the capture the release of the lightning bugs it was all very exciting, I remember spending hours in my grandma's backyard chasing flower flower fireflies and later in the backyard area of the Middle Arc motel which is got a lot of these beautiful fireflies it come there.

00:32:41.430 --> 00:32:52.530 Joseph McElroy: and which be you know the metal art became our family home as well as our business our booth a mason jar with a live carefully poked with ice pick holes it's important let them breathe.

00:32:53.730 --> 00:33:09.330 Joseph McElroy: Which my dad would put in my sister and brother, and I would chase lightning bugs from dusk until bedtime which can be three or four hours, and I was going up, thank you, my bed I get my babies now to bed at eight to nine o'clock I remember raises to have 11 so different world now.

00:33:11.310 --> 00:33:20.370 Joseph McElroy: But we competed for most of the most the most competed for the most fireflies the brightest jar and the biggest of all the bugs and then and.

00:33:21.180 --> 00:33:37.620 Joseph McElroy: I know this is not what you should do now, but then, when we were you know early teens we also used to smear the poor souls on our arms and our White T shirt so that we could live sort of glow in the dark don't let your kids know about that now.

00:33:38.880 --> 00:33:46.740 Joseph McElroy: You know it's probably not the right thing to do, but it was something in my childhood, which was a good, you know for 50 years ago.

00:33:48.240 --> 00:33:58.200 Joseph McElroy: I doubt we ever considered that we were probably interfering with their meetings, either because all this is part of that meeting type hopefully we haven't diminished that diminish the population too much because of that.

00:34:00.720 --> 00:34:12.180 Joseph McElroy: So you know, and if you're gonna if you come if you come to the middle market, you want to do it in ecologically you know benign faster bring yourself a mason jar.

00:34:13.560 --> 00:34:22.650 Joseph McElroy: dampened it a paper down places inside the JAR and then place a piece of burlap over the Ram or use an ice ice ice pick to poke holes in the middle.

00:34:23.280 --> 00:34:34.950 Joseph McElroy: disk and then lock into the place and catch the fellas gently, the fire the fargo should actually last the evening, but then release them after they've done.

00:34:35.820 --> 00:34:50.490 Joseph McElroy: Now for the adults real which, at this point we most of us listening probably are I would recommend you serve some firefly sweet tea vodka over ice or the lemon wedge in this sprint of sprig of mint.

00:34:51.630 --> 00:34:53.250 Joseph McElroy: We have we have our own.

00:34:54.540 --> 00:35:01.050 Joseph McElroy: recipe at the at the middle Arc that includes berries and things like that in the sweet tea it's really great so.

00:35:02.280 --> 00:35:14.940 Joseph McElroy: it's what you can see i'm sort of waxing poetic on this memories, because that was that was one of the one of the things we did all summer long I remember very fondly it's it's a mountain.

00:35:15.300 --> 00:35:24.360 Joseph McElroy: Tradition I think it's a southern tradition in general, so I found you know i'd like to bring poet poetry into some of the things I do in these podcasts and I found this.

00:35:24.750 --> 00:35:32.400 Joseph McElroy: poem to commemorate commemorate my firefighter memories, it has a sort of implemented it, which I think is not as applicable anymore.

00:35:33.270 --> 00:35:50.970 Joseph McElroy: But it's still very nice it's by Cynthia blue HALO it's called firefly mystified by a tiny firefly I gazed and childlike trance the magical flickering lights, to the carry it in its hands.

00:35:52.560 --> 00:36:03.480 Joseph McElroy: And then came some more like earthly stars they twinkle around the tree trunks core fairies dancing in a circle.

00:36:05.220 --> 00:36:14.040 Joseph McElroy: fireflies are slowly fading and I rarely see them now our air suffocating.

00:36:15.210 --> 00:36:21.090 Joseph McElroy: That is killing them somehow will future children, see the magic of their beauty.

00:36:22.110 --> 00:36:26.340 Joseph McElroy: or see them in the pictures and no lights that flicker brightly.

00:36:27.900 --> 00:36:40.110 Joseph McElroy: I think that you know we have to be careful, the environmental factors in the where we live in our parks and just everywhere in the world attack and so that these childhood memories don't disappear.

00:36:41.520 --> 00:36:55.020 Joseph McElroy: And that our children, our future children can experience them so anyway significant synchronous fireflies are one of the least 19 species, a fireplace that live in the great smoky mountain National Park.

00:36:55.740 --> 00:37:06.240 Joseph McElroy: And they're the only species in America whoo hoo can can as individuals synchronize their flashing light patterns, with the rest of their tribe.

00:37:08.160 --> 00:37:15.360 Joseph McElroy: So the there there we won't know that there's there is a national park has a.

00:37:16.500 --> 00:37:17.100 Joseph McElroy: Viewing.

00:37:18.210 --> 00:37:20.520 Joseph McElroy: schedule that's usually a couple weeks.

00:37:21.690 --> 00:37:33.210 Joseph McElroy: in late April and May through early June, and they will announce that scheduled towards the late part latter part of April now we're not sure if code is going to affect that or not.

00:37:33.870 --> 00:37:45.750 Joseph McElroy: But I think there's some rumors that there will be maybe not as dense not as many people loud, but there will be a lottery all right to be able to.

00:37:46.320 --> 00:37:56.820 Joseph McElroy: Get tickets, and you can get that you can enter the lottery on the because you have to basically it's a lot harder to be in the show is a shuttle takes you around the view this.

00:37:58.080 --> 00:38:08.490 Joseph McElroy: Is near mount count it's near elmont campground in smoky mountains National Park, and so you can go in late April

00:38:08.910 --> 00:38:16.530 Joseph McElroy: and get yourself some tickets that includes parking at the sugarland visitor Center, which is in gatlinburg and then see to board the shuttle.

00:38:17.010 --> 00:38:22.410 Joseph McElroy: And their outbound therapy Rangers to answer questions and number of paved areas and trails you can.

00:38:23.010 --> 00:38:29.550 Joseph McElroy: You can take the watch the fire alarm slide up at night it's spectacular I would definitely recommend it, you know.

00:38:30.120 --> 00:38:41.610 Joseph McElroy: there's there's a lot of miniature shows all over the smoky mountains and do firefighters, you know fireflies or feature the middle or motel all summer long and and Maggie Valley, we have a lot of fireflies.

00:38:42.210 --> 00:38:52.440 Joseph McElroy: We we have some we have some of the synchronized fireplaces we get some pretty decent show sometimes ourselves so you can come and chance it to see it there as well.

00:38:54.030 --> 00:39:00.780 Joseph McElroy: So i'm going to talk about foraging for food now in the mountains, because there's a lot of festivals, and things going on around that.

00:39:01.680 --> 00:39:18.270 Joseph McElroy: we're in when the smoky mountains we're we're blessed with an abundance of natural products products forged from our own backyards including ramps and morals and chanterelle mushrooms calif are mushrooms and wild berries.

00:39:19.800 --> 00:39:26.430 Joseph McElroy: yeah know deep in our woods in for the grass begins to green our our colors adventures can begin.

00:39:28.080 --> 00:39:47.340 Joseph McElroy: You know, you can collect Morel mushrooms from understands of conifers and in the hollows and even in the first first spring rains ramp so one of the first patches agreed on the mountain side it's an animal Member member of the onion family it's been alternatively called a wild leak.

00:39:48.780 --> 00:39:52.320 Joseph McElroy: and takes its name from a similar plant, the ramping.

00:39:54.330 --> 00:40:05.280 Joseph McElroy: it's actually sort of believed to have the spring tonic you know sort of a magical potion so mountain fox us to look forward to the return of the.

00:40:06.270 --> 00:40:12.810 Joseph McElroy: Of the ramp after winter of eating mostly dried foods, I remember it was a big thing growing up in the mountains.

00:40:13.200 --> 00:40:28.440 Joseph McElroy: You have to have the spring ramps The thing is, you have to be careful mean in school because of you ate too many of them, the day before, when you came in the smell would come through your pores and instincts are bad, they actually send you home from school.

00:40:29.700 --> 00:40:41.190 Joseph McElroy: So it's a delicacy, but it has a older and so you have to balance, how much you eat or just not care about it, it has a hint of garlic but it's sweet.

00:40:42.780 --> 00:40:58.080 Joseph McElroy: And it works it's really nice with home cured bake and in the morning, eggs and you know i'm lately, in the last couple years i've actually seen some ramps and whole foods and now had it with morning eggs and man made omelets and stuff with them surprise people with a really nice flavor.

00:40:59.730 --> 00:41:09.930 Joseph McElroy: You know that later in the summary or things come out like the chanterelles the blank trumpets and make lots of crap varieties and bullet abilities and.

00:41:11.190 --> 00:41:12.150 Joseph McElroy: And you can.

00:41:13.200 --> 00:41:24.420 Joseph McElroy: You can find hedgehog mushrooms and watering pause pause and persimmons and wild crab crab apples and Alaska dimes and Huckleberry is and on and on.

00:41:26.010 --> 00:41:36.750 Joseph McElroy: But remember that you have to be careful picking plants in the smoky mountains, because it's prohibited, but there are some rules allow you to pick fruits and berries and nuts and mushrooms.

00:41:37.440 --> 00:41:47.490 Joseph McElroy: You shouldn't eat the mushrooms, and things and you don't know what they are, because they can be deadly, but there are plenty of tours and festivals and events to scratch it forging itch.

00:41:49.470 --> 00:41:50.340 Joseph McElroy: There is.

00:41:52.050 --> 00:41:54.150 Joseph McElroy: You can there's some tours you can take.

00:41:55.350 --> 00:42:03.810 Joseph McElroy: In asheville North Carolina you can take forage tours and right now there's some bunch of tours going on until June 13.

00:42:05.190 --> 00:42:11.280 Joseph McElroy: And you can pick foods and herbs and it's usually like a three hour off the beaten path.

00:42:13.110 --> 00:42:23.670 Joseph McElroy: tour and where you can discover animal Greens berries, mushrooms flowers and that's the rooms you never know what you might not know monitored with the group and the force and then you will.

00:42:25.020 --> 00:42:39.810 Joseph McElroy: You will find 10 to 20 wild foods, focusing on ones that you could possibly find it or woods in the background, if you the mountains and you make them in the meal, you have a chef show you how to do it you'll get a book on you know, on on.

00:42:40.830 --> 00:42:43.710 Joseph McElroy: How you how you cook it and then.

00:42:44.850 --> 00:42:57.150 Joseph McElroy: Then you can you know have wine and great food and experience it's a really sort of a great experience of being a modern hundred gather so you can go to no taste like

00:42:57.510 --> 00:43:12.450 Joseph McElroy: To find out more about that sort of experience to figure to experience foraging and I think that you will enjoy it when we come back i'm going to talk about a little bit of things local to the haywood county things that you can do, including the winds will ramp festival.

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00:45:30.840 --> 00:45:36.750 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast.

00:45:38.130 --> 00:45:45.330 Joseph McElroy: So I was talking about foraging for food and one of the most well known locally anyway.

00:45:47.280 --> 00:45:57.330 Joseph McElroy: natural food that we have in the mountains, is the ramps and I mentioned that before their natural their native wild again and their harvest in the spring, for the mountain sides.

00:45:57.870 --> 00:46:12.360 Joseph McElroy: Every year for 80 plus years wayne's little North Carolina has had the waynesville North Carolina ramp buzz and it's a pretty spectacular event for the mountains it's it has.

00:46:14.160 --> 00:46:29.010 Joseph McElroy: It highlights the ramps it's a native wild and and they basically make all sorts of coronary delicious delicacy dishes to celebrate the ramps.

00:46:30.210 --> 00:46:37.950 Joseph McElroy: And off ramps are so chairs, they were actually finished featured in garden and guns celebrate the south Oracle magazine.

00:46:38.880 --> 00:47:00.630 Joseph McElroy: So you want you, they also have music and vendors and all sorts of stuff it's just a large tradition that is it's worth the temps spending time to go to it on this year I think it's gonna be it's gonna be held on may 1 and second you'll be able to get more information that visit.

00:47:02.100 --> 00:47:06.000 Joseph McElroy: nyc visit nc smokies COM.

00:47:08.070 --> 00:47:16.920 Joseph McElroy: And and winslow's near Maggie balance so be sure to stay at the metal Arc and will help you get to wherever you're going another.

00:47:18.450 --> 00:47:28.710 Joseph McElroy: vessel celebrating the foil forging and things that you can found them mountains, is the national spring festival it's in his fourth decade.

00:47:29.340 --> 00:47:35.940 Joseph McElroy: And it's from April 30 to may 2 is the largest herb festival in the United States.

00:47:36.510 --> 00:47:51.840 Joseph McElroy: And this event showcases over 60 vendors with products like herbal medicines holistic treatments herbal soaps and shampoos gourmet cooking herbs cookbooks etc and usually have lots of educational opportunities, you know.

00:47:53.460 --> 00:47:56.250 Joseph McElroy: Various kinds of courses going on.

00:47:57.360 --> 00:48:04.200 Joseph McElroy: it's a very popular event, and you can find more about that at the asheville herb

00:48:07.500 --> 00:48:08.250 Joseph McElroy: Another.

00:48:09.420 --> 00:48:16.680 Joseph McElroy: event celebrating you know the the the the.

00:48:18.270 --> 00:48:27.210 Joseph McElroy: The foil edge of the the bounds, and this is what I could have mentioned earlier, is the Montfort montford garden tour.

00:48:27.780 --> 00:48:37.620 Joseph McElroy: And it is a historic tour, but it hasn't been held in 17 years and this year they're having it on June 5 from 10am to 5pm.

00:48:38.250 --> 00:48:47.340 Joseph McElroy: And it is featuring 12 distinct distinctive montford gardens, and it really is raising funds for Community initiatives.

00:48:47.700 --> 00:49:01.500 Joseph McElroy: And there's there's this their gardens are pretty spectacular have a variety of landscapes and they and several the gardens are in homes that are over 120 years old and, while others are some that are recently bit built.

00:49:02.520 --> 00:49:13.560 Joseph McElroy: There will also be live there will also be some some new greetings mixer be live musicians will be performing at many of the gardens and coding boot bluegrass jazz.

00:49:14.190 --> 00:49:24.240 Joseph McElroy: folk and classical styles and there'll be a commemorative oil painting that will be available through silent auctions the artists own garden.

00:49:25.800 --> 00:49:31.770 Joseph McElroy: And you can find out more about slash garden tour.

00:49:33.630 --> 00:49:39.450 Joseph McElroy: So I just wanted to highlight a few things going on Maggie valley next week we'll be talking about Maggie Valley.

00:49:40.530 --> 00:49:53.550 Joseph McElroy: But on April April 23 to the 25th we're going to be doing the annual southeastern mini trucking national it's an open car and truck show and actually have.

00:49:54.030 --> 00:50:07.410 Joseph McElroy: Food vendors and music and part vendors these, we have a lot of car and motorcycle shows in Maggie now because we have a nice festival grounds, but these are all these all these.

00:50:08.340 --> 00:50:15.450 Joseph McElroy: shows are actually family friendly they usually have all sorts of vendor setup with different kinds of mountain foods.

00:50:16.500 --> 00:50:29.250 Joseph McElroy: and other kinds of culinary delights and vendor selling crafts and and other unique items some of the more unique and others there's always something new to discover so they're all fun.

00:50:29.970 --> 00:50:42.060 Joseph McElroy: The big one is April 30 through may 2 that's thunder in the smoky spring motorcycle rally it's the largest and oldest rally in Maggie Valley, and it goes like three days.

00:50:42.690 --> 00:50:53.100 Joseph McElroy: And it has has to arises got lots of vendors as a bike shows got games prizes concerts fire dancers, the latest pilots and products on the.

00:50:53.790 --> 00:51:09.900 Joseph McElroy: display it's got he has his church service does, I think it does something where celebrates the veterans it has upgraded, you know a lot of the motels that's included your own little you know best in show type thing so it's pretty fun it's.

00:51:11.040 --> 00:51:19.680 Joseph McElroy: worthwhile to go to the Cape may 14 and 15th is the kk O a I kite icons of hot rodding festival.

00:51:20.220 --> 00:51:32.040 Joseph McElroy: And these are 1950s and 1960s hot Rod and custom car truck truck advancements for 1969 older models and it will feature 50s and 60s music.

00:51:32.370 --> 00:51:44.910 Joseph McElroy: vintage vendors of all sorts of stuff from that era, including automotive and things like that pinstripe or food vendors are judging awards and trophy and it's a family affair, you bet.

00:51:46.500 --> 00:51:54.900 Joseph McElroy: What i'm excited about is a may 28 we're going to have a drive in concert started last year yeah when people come in, like a drive in theater.

00:51:55.560 --> 00:52:02.760 Joseph McElroy: With the things that you can put on their on their window to have the music and there's a live stage but they're in their cars.

00:52:03.420 --> 00:52:20.190 Joseph McElroy: And so it was code friendly and then they they have a able to set up a picnic chairs in your own little space have an event and have their own picnic tailgating and it's going to be on may 28 the band or too many zoos and big something.

00:52:21.630 --> 00:52:37.230 Joseph McElroy: randomly generally run it's on a Friday may 28 opens at six shows a 730 tickets very you can contact the Gray eagle at a two a three to 5800 or the Gray eagle calm to get ticket information.

00:52:38.970 --> 00:52:58.200 Joseph McElroy: So you can find out more about this podcast and gateways to the smokies fun and be sure to go there and subscribe to our newsletter so you can be aware of upcoming events and and information about this podcast or the coming upcoming episodes.

00:52:59.730 --> 00:53:10.410 Joseph McElroy: Now I want you to imagine a place evocative emotive courts of the past, yet modern and vibrant with a cheek appalachian feel.

00:53:11.010 --> 00:53:18.060 Joseph McElroy: a place for adventure and for relaxation imagine a place where you can finish it a mountain heritage trout stream.

00:53:18.420 --> 00:53:27.750 Joseph McElroy: grill the catch on fire and eat accompanied by fine wine or craft beers imagine a place with old time music and world cultural sounds.

00:53:28.110 --> 00:53:42.450 Joseph McElroy: There is no other place like the middle earth motel motel and Maggie valley North Carolina we are the starting point for all the adventures and studies, the mountain mountains have to offer your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay.

00:53:43.980 --> 00:54:02.190 Joseph McElroy: I own another site, called the smoky adventure smokies adventure calm smokies is plural adventure calm sm Okay, ie s adventure calm and we have they're all sorts of information and lists listings about the smokies and books and guides and maps that you can buy or download.

00:54:03.570 --> 00:54:18.210 Joseph McElroy: We also feature venues and resources it's an APP it focuses on outdoor recreation outdoor life and also things like weddings and adventures, and also highlights of the places to stay where to eat all that sort of stuff.

00:54:18.660 --> 00:54:36.600 Joseph McElroy: it's going to be deleting information portal for those smoky mountains next week we're going to have Theresa Smith director of the Maggie valley Chamber commerce on the gateway to the smokies podcast we will be talking about the history of Maggie valley and and how it.

00:54:37.650 --> 00:54:47.040 Joseph McElroy: How it is origin and the period of when ghost town was the main thing in the whole area and then how things are going now and there's a rumor.

00:54:47.430 --> 00:55:05.250 Joseph McElroy: That ghost town might be opening again so maybe we'll get some insight into that I look forward to talking to her, we are part of the talk radio dot nyc network on this network or many podcasts live podcast every day.

00:55:06.270 --> 00:55:12.030 Joseph McElroy: there's a good one, I believe, after this about New York, you should stick around and listen to if you're listening live.

00:55:12.630 --> 00:55:25.170 Joseph McElroy: I have enjoyed it so if you've had the mountains now, you can have the ultimate urban experience listening to about New York, where I where I live, though i'm down in North Carolina all the time.

00:55:26.700 --> 00:55:37.230 Joseph McElroy: I appreciate everybody for being here tune in next week same time you know it's every to every Tuesday from six to 7pm on talk radio dot nyc.

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