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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/09 - Museums In The Smoky Mountain Area

Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/09 - Museums In The Smoky Mountain Area


2021/03/09 - Museums In The Smoky Mountain Area

[NEW EPISODE] Museums In The Smoky Mountain Area

Join Joseph and his guest Mike Ogletree tonight as they talk about some of the museums that can be found in the Smoky Mountains.

Tune in for this fun conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Joseph starts off by starting about the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley. Joseph and Mike share stories about attractions near where they live that funnily enough they haven’t visited. Joseph describes the museum and an upcoming event being held there. This is one of several museums displaying automobiles in the Smokies. Others have different focuses such as antique cars and trucks. In the Gatlinburg area, there are 3 big car museums. One such museum houses cars from movies such as the original Batman and Knight Rider. NASA has a research institute in the mountains that runs camps and programs for families. There are many science museums in the park though, such as the national museum of science.

Segment 2

Mike discusses Jack of the Wood, where he used to go to listen to live Celtic music. He goes on to talk about other live music venues in Asheville. Joseph shares more museums and music venues in and around Asheville. Just outside Asheville is the Black Mountain College Museum, which sits where the college once was before closing in 1957. The school focused heavily on the arts, part of the reason why music is such a large part of the culture of the area.

Segment 3

Mike discusses the history of the Cherokee people and his experience in their museum. Joseph goes on to share his experiences in the museum. There are hundreds, if not thousands of history museums in the Smokies, with many towns having their own. Joseph discusses other museums he thinks are worth seeing. Joseph and Mike talk about fly fishing in the mountains and the Cherokee fly fishing tournament. They dive into the Celtic culture in the mountains, with Mike diving further into the culture through his discussion of the Tartan Museum.

Segment 4

Mike discusses his current project, where he will be performing Irish songs for Saint Patrick's day. This show will tell stories of the Irish people through song.


00:00:39.930 --> 00:00:40.560 Joseph McElroy: Howdy.

00:00:41.130 --> 00:00:46.200 Joseph McElroy: Thanks for setting this bell with us on this week's episode of gateway to the smokies.

00:00:46.860 --> 00:00:54.720 Joseph McElroy: This podcast is about america's most visited the National Park, the great smoky mountain national park and the surrounding towns.

00:00:55.350 --> 00:01:04.950 Joseph McElroy: This area's filled with ancient natural beauty deep storied history and rich mountain culture that we will explore with weekly episodes.

00:01:05.850 --> 00:01:20.340 Joseph McElroy: I am Joseph Franklin mcilroy a man of the world, but also a deep roots and these mountains my family's did lived in the great smoky mountains, for over 200 years my businesses in travel, but my heart is in culture.

00:01:21.570 --> 00:01:29.460 Joseph McElroy: Today we're going to talk about museums and other similar attractions in the smokies in the surrounding areas.

00:01:30.570 --> 00:01:39.090 Joseph McElroy: i'm going to i'm going to talk about a bunch of my favorites and then my I have a friend here his name is Mike ogletree he was on my first show.

00:01:39.540 --> 00:01:46.020 Joseph McElroy: And he's the black Scotsman and he's the resident artists at the middle Arc motel and he's going to join me.

00:01:46.680 --> 00:01:55.110 Joseph McElroy: to comment as he will he's been to a few of the places I mentioned, and then he's going to tell us about a project he's been working on at the end of this show around St patrick's day.

00:01:56.130 --> 00:02:13.500 Joseph McElroy: Now I had a guest that could also had a family emergency and couldn't make it today, so this is a new podcast we put together so bear with us as we're talking about stuff that I think you'll still find interesting so start off, I have a little bit of a self interest.

00:02:14.760 --> 00:02:18.150 Joseph McElroy: admission to make here and we'll talk about a museum that's right in my backyard.

00:02:18.990 --> 00:02:31.020 Joseph McElroy: it's the wheels through time matt matt museum and Maggie valley and it's right behind my motel the middle art motel and Maggie bow, so I do have a little bit of knowledge about it but, and I imagine Mike Mike does to.

00:02:32.550 --> 00:02:34.260 Joseph McElroy: The are you doing Mike.

00:02:35.070 --> 00:02:37.740 Mike Ogletree: doing very well, thank you very much for having me on again.

00:02:38.070 --> 00:02:40.380 Joseph McElroy: Her how's the how's the weather down there.

00:02:41.670 --> 00:02:45.210 Mike Ogletree: Well it's in the mountains so it's.

00:02:46.290 --> 00:02:55.860 Mike Ogletree: Often oil it's been mostly clear blue skies and crispy cool fresh here and to do just a little bit overcast.

00:02:56.310 --> 00:02:59.130 Mike Ogletree: yeah that's what I see it in the mountains so dropping on.

00:03:00.360 --> 00:03:05.820 Mike Ogletree: That doesn't really matter whether the weather's offer on it's always spectacular years but as i'm concerned.

00:03:06.510 --> 00:03:08.550 Joseph McElroy: Have you been over the wheel Sir time museum.

00:03:09.090 --> 00:03:11.640 Mike Ogletree: You know I haven't done that one yet know.

00:03:12.720 --> 00:03:32.760 Mike Ogletree: Obviously i've seen know stuff that i've learned about it and been to the website, but haven't haven't done that, when I mean the thing is that you get all these bikes around here have been to the rallies and things like that, so I guess i'm just had my appetite has been created.

00:03:33.990 --> 00:03:40.890 Mike Ogletree: For vintage cars and motivates and all that because really living etc so much.

00:03:41.130 --> 00:03:43.830 Joseph McElroy: You take a lot of pictures of but you know that's a little bit like me, I live.

00:03:45.000 --> 00:03:54.450 Joseph McElroy: Where I live in New York City I also live in full disclosure I also live in New York City, I have a marketing company here, but I spent a lot of time back in my hometown.

00:03:55.740 --> 00:04:05.550 Joseph McElroy: I live across from the empire state building, I mean i'm from the the freedom tower and I have never gone up there yet i'm sort of waiting Now for my babies to grow up and i'll take them up there.

00:04:06.660 --> 00:04:22.110 Joseph McElroy: But you know the wheels through time museum is actually the world's premier collection of rare American motorcycles memorabilia and it's got a sort of a bunch of one off unique American automobiles.

00:04:22.230 --> 00:04:30.420 Mike Ogletree: yeah it's so popular that Jason memoria is friends with the owners and goes to try it.

00:04:30.660 --> 00:04:42.510 Joseph McElroy: yeah cool man yeah so he was just he was there in October, he he he was he made the news that time I saw that that was pretty actually slept in the museum molly was there.

00:04:43.320 --> 00:04:51.840 Joseph McElroy: yeah I had a cotton the museum, but you know there's there's about 300 rare machines in there, and you know it would be.

00:04:52.410 --> 00:05:01.230 Joseph McElroy: The interesting thing, and I think the reason you know people like him go there it's not just you look at this stuff all those machines actually run.

00:05:01.680 --> 00:05:18.570 Joseph McElroy: And in our operating condition, so you know the owners and the staff have had a you know, a history of enabling have a TV show about motorcycle and they fix them up and every year they actually renovate a some classic motorcycle and do a.

00:05:19.740 --> 00:05:22.230 Joseph McElroy: contest to win it.

00:05:23.280 --> 00:05:30.510 Joseph McElroy: So they will actually start these machines on a regular basis, and let the visitors coming you know, listen to them, so you get to actually see.

00:05:31.650 --> 00:05:39.510 Joseph McElroy: The you know and hear the get a real sense of these really classical and prices machines now.

00:05:41.100 --> 00:05:51.900 Joseph McElroy: For those interested opening day is always a good day and that's April 1 this year and they've got a bunch of new horsepower all right they've got.

00:05:52.650 --> 00:06:04.290 Joseph McElroy: they've been adding and improving the all the exhibits there and they've been rebuilding and restoring a bunch of motorcycles, so they have some new some great new rare bikes there and some new.

00:06:04.950 --> 00:06:17.940 Joseph McElroy: New memorabilia to go check out in the gift shop don't remember you can come by the the middle our motown stay right across narrow be easy to go over there one or two days so combine help kick off the museum season.

00:06:18.480 --> 00:06:20.460 Mike Ogletree: don't we have a deal with them as well, we have a.

00:06:20.460 --> 00:06:21.660 Mike Ogletree: deal with them.

00:06:21.720 --> 00:06:32.100 Joseph McElroy: yeah I think we have a discount if you stay with us so yeah it's a you know, so you can and we're a motorcycle friendly place so motorcyclists love to come there.

00:06:32.730 --> 00:06:47.280 Joseph McElroy: Because you know it's plenty of parking we have you know we have a big recreation area that sort of like clubhouse promoter cyclists and you know we have we have motorcycle rags right ready for them to us, they have to grab the towels or anything like that.

00:06:48.480 --> 00:06:58.830 Joseph McElroy: Now some other motorcycle and car related museums in the smoky mountain there there's there several I mentioned one or two is the there's one called the antique automobile.

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:08.940 Joseph McElroy: automobile museum at the grove would village all right Max in here that's that's near that's an actual near the omni croke park in.

00:07:09.600 --> 00:07:22.230 Joseph McElroy: And it has a on display there 18 old cars, including a 1913 model T Ford 57 cadillac Eldorado program and 59 edsel.

00:07:22.680 --> 00:07:31.320 Joseph McElroy: along a real, along with a really old the miracle of France fire truck it's a small low key museum but it's kind of Nice and kind of Nice, and you know the old.

00:07:31.950 --> 00:07:43.980 Joseph McElroy: Growth proc in is a premier luxury place, you can go and have got several restaurants in there and it's got it so it's nice to go visit the there go to a restaurant then see some of the things in that area there's several things.

00:07:44.670 --> 00:07:50.580 Joseph McElroy: Another place another museum is the Bennett classics the antique auto museum right.

00:07:51.960 --> 00:08:08.850 Joseph McElroy: And that has more than 50 antique trucks and trucks cars on displays and it's an actually you can also buy things so it's a working classics museum, so you can actually buy antique automobiles there so and it's in forest city.

00:08:10.050 --> 00:08:16.110 Joseph McElroy: Which is a nice little town and then another place to go is the Granite falls history and transportation.

00:08:16.830 --> 00:08:26.310 Joseph McElroy: CME, which is also in Granite falls and it's located in 1790s Andrew Blair House and it has a it has a lot of.

00:08:27.090 --> 00:08:34.920 Joseph McElroy: exhibitions on the history and on transportation in that town, now the bigger there's a there's three big car museums.

00:08:35.550 --> 00:08:46.860 Joseph McElroy: In in the gatlinburg pigeon forward area and there's a Hollywood stars car museum star cars museum and it's got some of the most famous vehicles from TV and music him in movie history.

00:08:48.360 --> 00:08:49.020 Joseph McElroy: it's got.

00:08:50.490 --> 00:09:03.000 Joseph McElroy: batmobile from the original Batman series has got dragged you law from the munsters remember that show and it's got the jalopy from the beverly hillbillies and it's got kitt from knight rider.

00:09:03.570 --> 00:09:09.990 Joseph McElroy: So it's a kind of thing so it's a it's a pretty the These are big touristy museums, but they're fun.

00:09:11.280 --> 00:09:19.380 Joseph McElroy: there's another really awesome car Museum in gatlinburg is called speed works and it specializes in exotic automobiles.

00:09:19.710 --> 00:09:29.670 Joseph McElroy: which are basically European sports cars that are worth over $250,000 and basically they're they're left there they're left there for cake cake care.

00:09:29.880 --> 00:09:39.240 Joseph McElroy: By the owners who are not using them, so you get to see them, and you know there's a different roster because it owners, a different time come back and want to drive their cars, but.

00:09:39.510 --> 00:09:52.140 Joseph McElroy: it's kind of cool and then you have the floyd garrett's muscle car museum, which has inventory of over $8 million nine $8 million and there's about 90 muscle cars at the museum.

00:09:52.530 --> 00:10:01.380 Joseph McElroy: Which are you know American crassness ship the innovation from the 50s and 60s and 70s and they're beautifully maintained and displayed so.

00:10:02.250 --> 00:10:09.390 Joseph McElroy: You know, we got you know there's also I think there's an aviation museum around a little bit later we're talking about railroads we got a lot of good.

00:10:09.810 --> 00:10:17.760 Joseph McElroy: People for the looking into the you know that kind of car culture, you know Rome culture was a big thing in the mountains, and still is.

00:10:19.230 --> 00:10:24.630 Joseph McElroy: Now i'm going to talk about science, a little bit, we have some great science locations in the mountains.

00:10:25.860 --> 00:10:35.190 Joseph McElroy: That one I found that was pretty cool is the pisco astronomical research institute now i've never been in there, but i've been by it.

00:10:36.570 --> 00:10:38.040 Joseph McElroy: And it's.

00:10:39.150 --> 00:10:58.440 Joseph McElroy: it's it was built by NASA in 1962 is the East course coast facility to track satellites and monitor manned spaceflight now Mike you live in down here I you know if you noticed that we get a lot of strange flights and objects in the skies and the in those nights in the mountains.

00:10:58.770 --> 00:10:59.460 Mike Ogletree: Definitely.

00:10:59.700 --> 00:11:08.730 Joseph McElroy: Definitely so there's there's been a lot of NASA related things and air force related things in the mountains, we never for sure what it is, but you know this this.

00:11:09.030 --> 00:11:23.130 Joseph McElroy: pique my interest because you know, maybe there's something coming from there, but it is a nonprofit educational world class research Center and has a massive radio telescopes all right and it's located in braveheart and it has.

00:11:23.250 --> 00:11:25.020 Mike Ogletree: It has space camp as well.

00:11:25.500 --> 00:11:26.760 Joseph McElroy: yeah right.

00:11:28.380 --> 00:11:45.000 Joseph McElroy: And they have you know it has it allows visitors and they can get immersed in the science and technology and they and they have some programs there that you can go to they even have some camping and some camp, if you want to do some online onsite logic.

00:11:46.290 --> 00:11:47.550 Joseph McElroy: And it's open right now.

00:11:48.660 --> 00:12:02.550 Joseph McElroy: So it's worthwhile taking the kids there in fact it has a may six 2021 from nine to 11 it has an evening viewing of the have a meteor shower that's going to happen.

00:12:03.930 --> 00:12:11.730 Joseph McElroy: Because it's a great view because we're one of the few dark sky parks in the nation where there's there's no light to disturb you.

00:12:12.840 --> 00:12:25.200 Joseph McElroy: Know city lights nothing so you know you can really see it so grab a picnic basket bring along chair, you know it's close enough the motel you can come and go there come back you know and it's a good experience.

00:12:26.490 --> 00:12:31.920 Joseph McElroy: Others I the other science related museums in the mountains i'd like to mention is you got the.

00:12:32.370 --> 00:12:41.430 Joseph McElroy: appalachian Highland science learning at the purchase and that's not too far from the for where we are to it's located at 4900 feet in.

00:12:42.210 --> 00:12:57.750 Joseph McElroy: elevation the great smoky mountain mountains National Park, is actually one of the few facilities in the park and it's a part where as part of a network of 32 research learning centers and it's supporting research and education about science and our national parks.

00:12:59.550 --> 00:13:05.190 Joseph McElroy: And so it's it's dedicated to really increasing the amount and effectiveness of research in the appalachians.

00:13:06.600 --> 00:13:14.190 Joseph McElroy: it's it's it's a great place to go and visit and it's also got great hockey hiking around there so it's a good day trip.

00:13:15.630 --> 00:13:31.050 Joseph McElroy: Other science related you know attractions in the mountains, you have the actual museum of sight science and it has interactive science experiences dealing with ecology climate weather.

00:13:31.800 --> 00:13:35.850 Joseph McElroy: So it's a good town downtown visit they go to asheville you got.

00:13:36.660 --> 00:13:45.210 Joseph McElroy: You got wonder works which is in pigeon forwards and it's one of the most popular attractions and it's it's an A humongous upside down building.

00:13:45.690 --> 00:13:53.130 Joseph McElroy: And it combines a science fair with an amusement park at a children's museum all rolled up into one huge experience.

00:13:53.460 --> 00:14:09.720 Joseph McElroy: And it has it gives you access to over 150 active activities ranging from roller coaster simulators to black ride core broke courses, so when we come back i'm going to start talking a little bit about the art galleries and museums in the mountains.

00:14:10.770 --> 00:14:12.120 Joseph McElroy: And we'll see when we come back.

00:17:10.920 --> 00:17:20.730 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with a gateway to the smokies podcast with my guest and friend Mike ogletree hey make.

00:17:21.060 --> 00:17:24.450 Mike Ogletree: Hello there friends of gateway to the smoky.

00:17:24.990 --> 00:17:34.110 Joseph McElroy: hey Mike i'm going to talk about artists second video if you've been you've been the actual regular basis you've been into the art places that are good doing some good good music there.

00:17:34.950 --> 00:17:37.500 Mike Ogletree: My I used to go to the.

00:17:38.730 --> 00:17:47.970 Mike Ogletree: jack of the book, which is, I was talking to somebody about it just the other day, because I don't think that doing any like music in nashville at the moment but.

00:17:48.480 --> 00:18:00.930 Mike Ogletree: When they did jack of the would wish, when I would go because he had something every night, they would have Monday night, they would have an open MIC Tuesday night, they would have.

00:18:02.490 --> 00:18:15.390 Mike Ogletree: An Irish jam session and then itself something in the afternoon something in the evening, and it was like that you know it's like that seven days a week, do you really enjoy it was all Celtic or.

00:18:16.830 --> 00:18:27.600 Mike Ogletree: You know authentic American music, such as cajun used to go up kitchen band in there, then of course bluegrass music and Irish.

00:18:28.860 --> 00:18:38.160 Mike Ogletree: A ritual Irish music, then they do contemporary bluegrass as well, but it's just unfortunate because with the virus.

00:18:39.630 --> 00:18:41.100 Mike Ogletree: I understand the asheville.

00:18:42.150 --> 00:18:54.600 Mike Ogletree: For for the good part of the year last year was closed down, and I see Unfortunately I also went to the call that the onion as a piece called the onion.

00:18:55.380 --> 00:19:07.020 Mike Ogletree: yeah I went to the great gigs here and reminds me of the 80s 70s, in the 80s in London and there are a lot of really good gigs.

00:19:07.410 --> 00:19:16.890 Mike Ogletree: That you could go to and they were all they were set up and dedicated to do in live bands, in other words data good PA system that a good lighting system.

00:19:17.460 --> 00:19:27.120 Mike Ogletree: In asheville is fortunate to to have that, as far as I, I saw has that in speech you know got a lot of good venues the onion which one.

00:19:28.020 --> 00:19:45.270 Mike Ogletree: Do you remember the other one I went to go again it was just a great venue I had a partner at a bar a good light and a good PA system and just just great great atmosphere for people wanting to go and see live music and then great opportunity for people wanting to clean like.

00:19:46.620 --> 00:19:54.090 Joseph McElroy: Oh, you know I got a couple of things for you to check out and natural wonders if you ever heard the moves it moves in.

00:19:54.840 --> 00:19:55.800 Mike Ogletree: The movie museum.

00:19:56.010 --> 00:19:56.940 Joseph McElroy: Moves in.

00:19:57.300 --> 00:20:01.980 Mike Ogletree: I mean i've been actually to move a factory that I didn't know, there was a museum.

00:20:02.190 --> 00:20:12.480 Joseph McElroy: You know about movers he'd been in the moog synthesizer right now, they have they have a museum dedicated interactive music experiences.

00:20:12.750 --> 00:20:13.440 Mike Ogletree: In nashville.

00:20:13.740 --> 00:20:15.000 Joseph McElroy: And nashville yeah.

00:20:15.270 --> 00:20:25.650 Joseph McElroy: it's more media interactive you definitely have to go see that it sounds like it's a blast and he's got he's got over 700 archival bits and things like that.

00:20:27.030 --> 00:20:32.310 Joseph McElroy: And it's a and you know and it's also got stuff about the theremin right.

00:20:32.790 --> 00:20:33.150 Joseph McElroy: Right.

00:20:33.450 --> 00:20:34.440 precursor really.

00:20:37.080 --> 00:20:49.200 Joseph McElroy: yeah but the other thing you should know which I just found out, which is great news is the asheville museum art museum now has on second thursday's live music.

00:20:50.130 --> 00:20:54.690 Joseph McElroy: Right, the actual art museum is open up and now in the second Thursday of the month, it has a.

00:20:55.410 --> 00:21:04.740 Joseph McElroy: Music to accomplish a couple of visits, so you can go they got limited, you know entry about the number of people, but you can go look at art and listen to tune, so I think that's pretty good.

00:21:05.220 --> 00:21:19.350 Joseph McElroy: You know the the actual art museum just opened up after a $24 million renovation and expansion it's now a 68,000 square foot museum museum featuring 20th and 21st century art American art.

00:21:19.950 --> 00:21:33.150 Joseph McElroy: Has over 5000 objects and art pieces there's a rooftop sculpture terraces there's a CAFE and then it's got some real interesting lighted experiences after dark outside.

00:21:34.110 --> 00:21:36.090 Joseph McElroy: it's got a glass interior that oh.

00:21:37.050 --> 00:21:43.440 Joseph McElroy: will eliminate it is in the Center of the town, so it illuminates the the big parks pack Square, where all the action is.

00:21:43.680 --> 00:21:57.270 Joseph McElroy: So it's great so it's you know it's a great visit you go see art, you see, you know, music and then the right in the middle of all the downtown cafes and it's a CAFE society, I would definitely not miss that.

00:21:58.800 --> 00:22:10.410 Joseph McElroy: Something that you know, for me, I remember growing up and go into the actual art museum and in my teens I saw work by Joseph l bears that impressed me.

00:22:12.390 --> 00:22:20.310 Joseph McElroy: And they have a lot of art, they have a collection of art from the what's called the Black mountain school of modern art.

00:22:21.720 --> 00:22:34.920 Joseph McElroy: And that's because only 20 minutes east of asheville is the black mountain college was the black mountain college, which actually closed and 57 but they now have what's called the Black mountain college museum and art Center.

00:22:36.150 --> 00:22:43.500 Joseph McElroy: And it can it preserves and continues that legacy of educational in our artistic innovation that was at the black Martin school.

00:22:45.180 --> 00:22:50.220 Joseph McElroy: The black mountain called started actually 1933 right and it.

00:22:51.840 --> 00:22:59.790 Joseph McElroy: was born out of desire to create a new type of college based on john do is principal progressive education so.

00:23:00.060 --> 00:23:08.250 Joseph McElroy: The founders of college that believe that the study and practice of art are indispensable X for aspects of the students general liberal arts education.

00:23:08.700 --> 00:23:23.430 Joseph McElroy: And so they ended up hiring Joseph l bears and his and and and his wife Annie to be the to be the first our teachers, even though they spoke no English, they were from Germany and they were you know they were fleeing hitler's Germany.

00:23:24.690 --> 00:23:40.770 Joseph McElroy: And then they went to this small mountain college rebellious college in the mountains of North Carolina and you know, of course, they come from the German school of art, which was really you know magnificent at the time, and it was so the blank mountain school is fundamentally different.

00:23:41.910 --> 00:23:53.520 Joseph McElroy: From the time it was owned and operated by the Faculty and was committed to democratic governance and and be the Archer central learning Center so it really attracted.

00:23:54.300 --> 00:24:03.420 Joseph McElroy: Some amazing people and who became legendary and it had it had a 20th century's great, and this is just a partial list.

00:24:03.900 --> 00:24:07.590 Joseph McElroy: William and Alain de kooning Robert rauschenberg.

00:24:08.070 --> 00:24:21.600 Joseph McElroy: The album herbs Jacob Lawrence merce Cunningham john cage side trombley Kenneth nolan Susan well very be Williams Ben Shaw, you know and many others friends climb, you know it was just you know.

00:24:22.200 --> 00:24:40.500 Joseph McElroy: You know, for me, growing up and finding out this it existed in my little you know area of the world, you know that sort of open up my head that anything's possible in terms of being able to leave there and do something in the world and it inspired me dramatically.

00:24:41.700 --> 00:24:53.070 Joseph McElroy: Right now, the school is open and you can actually go into her and see things, and they have lots of virtual friends, but you have to do an appointment, you can send an email to info at black mountain college or.

00:24:54.960 --> 00:24:55.860 Joseph McElroy: Another good.

00:24:57.630 --> 00:24:58.380 Joseph McElroy: school.

00:24:59.760 --> 00:25:07.200 Joseph McElroy: To mention is the arrow mount schools of arts and crafts and arts and crafts Center in the US and it's in the city of gatlinburg Tennessee.

00:25:07.710 --> 00:25:12.270 Joseph McElroy: And it's the oldest craft school in Tennessee and it offers a lot of workshops in arts and crafts.

00:25:12.720 --> 00:25:24.660 Joseph McElroy: And it covers the gamut of painting woodworking drawing class photography basket weaving ceramic fiber arts book arts and metal work is pretty stupendous and you're able to go and view and see things in the galleries.

00:25:27.030 --> 00:25:27.750 Joseph McElroy: And then.

00:25:29.250 --> 00:25:37.650 Joseph McElroy: One of the we were talking about the omni grow park in earlier, where there was that car museum will adjacent to the omni growth park international.

00:25:38.040 --> 00:25:48.600 Joseph McElroy: is one of those hidden gems and it's known as grove would village, and this is a historic site and it wants to hose the weaving and would Kirk woodworking operations have built more industries.

00:25:49.140 --> 00:26:03.060 Joseph McElroy: Now you'll discover arts and crafts, a destination that offers a glimpse of all what arts and crafts was critical so that you know to actual story so it's a nice place to visit and, like, I said that area is a great little.

00:26:03.690 --> 00:26:15.180 Joseph McElroy: Day trip for Maggie Valley, you know we we really say that many hours a day trip from asheville but, in this context, have been in the smoky mountains actual the day trip from the smokies.

00:26:16.710 --> 00:26:17.220 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:26:18.360 --> 00:26:24.420 Joseph McElroy: that's I hope that's a little bit of a story into the arts and it's not exciting there's a lot of great arts going on, when you say my.

00:26:25.290 --> 00:26:41.010 Mike Ogletree: Definitely, I mean that's just I only spoke about the music but i've spent several times just walking down the arts I think it's called art district returned by the River near.

00:26:41.370 --> 00:26:44.520 Joseph McElroy: The River arts district place to go.

00:26:44.610 --> 00:27:04.080 Mike Ogletree: yeah and you can you can do you can just go down there and look and be amazed, but you can also go down there and participate, because you do classes and they'll let you blow glass and they'll let you turn pottery and all that kind of stuff so it's really great it's great fun.

00:27:05.970 --> 00:27:06.810 Mike Ogletree: Paper i'm missing.

00:27:07.230 --> 00:27:17.880 Joseph McElroy: The pottery is is is a great tradition and the mountains of North Carolina and the smoky mountains, especially you know in every little town has their potter but you know that in fact right.

00:27:18.360 --> 00:27:25.140 Joseph McElroy: One point we're gonna have a potter come in and talk have a show on the potter we have a potter that that is actually.

00:27:25.650 --> 00:27:39.840 Joseph McElroy: Has a studio a couple couple doors down from the middle Arc motel and he's more than just to us he's more than just a potter his dad actually built the first building of the middle Arc motel so there's a deep connection there and they both.

00:27:40.950 --> 00:27:41.730 Joseph McElroy: In a sense.

00:27:42.150 --> 00:27:43.470 Joseph McElroy: Both of us grew up.

00:27:43.620 --> 00:27:47.040 Joseph McElroy: In the middle art motel he was just a little bit earlier generations.

00:27:47.280 --> 00:27:49.800 Mike Ogletree: By the way, is just a pity you can't see.

00:27:50.160 --> 00:27:52.740 Mike Ogletree: His pottery because it is spectacular.

00:27:55.050 --> 00:28:05.550 Joseph McElroy: Alright, so when we come back we're talking about some of the history museums, that we can go to in the smoky mountains and then we'll get into talking about miscellaneous things and get into mike's project.

00:30:55.710 --> 00:31:08.790 Joseph McElroy: This is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcasts and i'm talking with Mike ogletree we're talking about the museums and similar attractions in the mountains now Mike.

00:31:10.020 --> 00:31:15.090 Joseph McElroy: you've been to cherokee you went to that cherokee Indian museum dinner.

00:31:15.810 --> 00:31:28.620 Mike Ogletree: Yes, I did be Nova and I think I spend the whole afternoon now you know it's not very big but it's big enough to and the things that they have India.

00:31:29.340 --> 00:31:49.500 Mike Ogletree: Definitely merit reading and studying and learning about because the history of the cherokee people is it particularly connected to like right now what's happening in the country, you know so.

00:31:50.550 --> 00:32:01.050 Mike Ogletree: go in there and just going through the museum, as I call it have a look is kind of half of the half of the visit the other half is really studying up.

00:32:01.620 --> 00:32:14.400 Mike Ogletree: and learning about what happened to you not like, specifically the trail of tears this kind of thing but it we saw it, you saw much a part of the mountain culture at the time, you know.

00:32:15.690 --> 00:32:17.550 Mike Ogletree: The involved.

00:32:19.050 --> 00:32:27.840 Mike Ogletree: Like people of all races, as it were, as a very diverse time and in American history and.

00:32:29.280 --> 00:32:46.110 Mike Ogletree: If you don't really know about unless you do something like go to the cherokee museum and find out about the people what they were doing hows about live in her they were interacting because they were kind of a little bit, apart from the rest of.

00:32:47.130 --> 00:32:56.400 Mike Ogletree: The rest of the country so it's not something that you, you hear talked about, very often, you know so that that was that was my deep.

00:32:57.360 --> 00:33:13.440 Mike Ogletree: My deep experiencing going there with just you know superficially and then and the sense of the beauty that that you see in terms of the art and the craft and the people and everything it's just it's just a wonderful.

00:33:14.040 --> 00:33:27.360 Joseph McElroy: Wonderful, what do you think of I do the thing I am you know I saw my first whole graph at the at the that Turkey museum and you know, I was it was.

00:33:27.840 --> 00:33:38.430 Joseph McElroy: It was a it was a medicine man who sort of was a virtual guide throughout the whole experience of going through the the exhibit wasn't that that pretty amazing.

00:33:39.090 --> 00:33:42.930 Mike Ogletree: You know I don't think I could remember not working, when I was there.

00:33:43.590 --> 00:33:46.050 Joseph McElroy: Okay well if they have.

00:33:47.580 --> 00:33:59.550 Joseph McElroy: I mean they have different exhibits but there's one exhibit that goes there that they will have a holographic medicine man, you know, in general, the you know they have.

00:34:00.810 --> 00:34:03.030 Joseph McElroy: They the cherokee museum.

00:34:04.560 --> 00:34:05.010 Joseph McElroy: Is.

00:34:06.090 --> 00:34:17.010 Joseph McElroy: tells the story of like Mike said a lot of the the the the successes and the tragedies of the cherokee people in the in the carolinas.

00:34:18.270 --> 00:34:30.240 Joseph McElroy: And it's actually goes back they claim 13,000 years of culture and the that when they do historical tour, they will have holograms.

00:34:30.750 --> 00:34:45.570 Joseph McElroy: because their specialty is even though it's a it's not a giant museum is to do an immersive experience with the digital and displays and holograms and any kind of technology and give you a real full sensory experience.

00:34:46.620 --> 00:34:55.710 Joseph McElroy: So you get to experience the check he's put people's inventiveness and resilience and will to survive and sort of this girl way.

00:34:56.370 --> 00:35:11.010 Joseph McElroy: And it's very moving, you should probably bring a handkerchief because there's some points where you're going to actually you know, maybe have a tear in your eye and I remember it being that moving all right, and really.

00:35:13.290 --> 00:35:15.720 Joseph McElroy: Somebody I will remember, for the rest of my life.

00:35:16.890 --> 00:35:23.280 Joseph McElroy: So I consider one of the best museums i've ever been to and worthwhile now.

00:35:24.900 --> 00:35:28.110 Joseph McElroy: there's a lot of history, museums in the in the mountains.

00:35:29.340 --> 00:35:39.270 Joseph McElroy: I would say, you know, probably I would when I was starting to do a little research on it, I you know I saw list was hundreds of not.

00:35:39.630 --> 00:35:48.300 Joseph McElroy: You know, several hundred on there, and if you went through the whole area that we call the smoky mountains, which is an East Tennessee in the western North Carolina area.

00:35:48.750 --> 00:36:02.790 Joseph McElroy: there's I mean there's hundreds, maybe over 1000 history museums and because every town has a stork house that has a museum right every hour several so and they're all worth while going to.

00:36:04.320 --> 00:36:05.490 Joseph McElroy: Now i'm.

00:36:06.540 --> 00:36:13.320 Joseph McElroy: and other history museums, I think that are worthwhile is you got the great smoky mountains heritage Center.

00:36:13.770 --> 00:36:26.550 Joseph McElroy: And it's open now and it's a it's a museum dedicated to honoring the settlers and habits of the great smoky mountain region, including the earliest centers the settlers, the native American.

00:36:27.870 --> 00:36:37.230 Joseph McElroy: And so it's it's a it's it's one of the branded museums, to go to larger than in waynesville which is close to us is the Shelton house.

00:36:37.590 --> 00:36:42.300 Joseph McElroy: Which is built in 1875 and is listed on the national register of historic places.

00:36:42.720 --> 00:36:49.770 Joseph McElroy: And it's and it's it's it it's a it's the it's got the Museum of natural North Carolina handicrafts.

00:36:50.130 --> 00:37:04.620 Joseph McElroy: And it's got a comprehensive exhibits of 19th century crafts and hooting hand woven cover let's quilt sculptured post porcelain doll summers masterpieces of pottery work in furniture and native American artifice packed.

00:37:06.060 --> 00:37:16.950 Joseph McElroy: And it also keep it'll also have artists that had been at the New York state fair curated collection of crafts, that will also be displayed there so it's it's an excellent.

00:37:19.620 --> 00:37:25.710 Joseph McElroy: place to get a nice historical overview of the crafts, but.

00:37:26.820 --> 00:37:38.820 Joseph McElroy: Before I leave cherokee all right, I know we're getting in some some of the miscellaneous museums, there is actually a fly fishing museum of the southern appalachian.

00:37:39.420 --> 00:37:43.650 Joseph McElroy: And and it's located actually close to cherokee and bryce's city.

00:37:44.310 --> 00:37:59.580 Joseph McElroy: And and and I like to talk about fly fishing, because we have a great fly fishing stream that part of it flows behind the smoky mountain the middle or motel and I grew up fly fishing and it's a great place the smoky mountains, a great place for fly fishing.

00:38:00.840 --> 00:38:05.580 Mike Ogletree: I just if you know that he do official off the cherokee that.

00:38:05.730 --> 00:38:06.270 Mike Ogletree: Graham.

00:38:06.450 --> 00:38:10.650 Joseph McElroy: I will talk to you about either they're they're actually going to do it this year now, we give you the thing so.

00:38:11.910 --> 00:38:22.800 Joseph McElroy: it's a you know the fly fishing is is that they have this great museum and it's built in a old barn a big barn so and so it's kind of real rustic.

00:38:23.370 --> 00:38:41.700 Joseph McElroy: feel to it but it's got many exhibits and education on on on fly fishing, and so what Mike was alluding to is cherokee which is right there near bryson city is famous for its fly fishing tournament and on and this year fly fishing is opening date is march 27.

00:38:43.410 --> 00:38:47.670 Joseph McElroy: And they're going to be doing a tournament with a $20,000.

00:38:50.070 --> 00:39:04.740 Joseph McElroy: Price okay and it's a $15 entry fee to dollar $17 for two days, and you can you'll be you'll be competing in the rivers of all the cherokee Indian reservation allison well as a call to Kuala boundary.

00:39:06.120 --> 00:39:14.340 Joseph McElroy: And there will be tagged fish and some other stocks with event and there will be, you can redeem them for cash prizes.

00:39:14.670 --> 00:39:22.830 Joseph McElroy: And it's really it's a really great fun event we have lots of fishing tournaments in the mountains, and this is sort of usually the first one of the season.

00:39:23.610 --> 00:39:37.170 Joseph McElroy: you'll have to have a fishing license, but you can get that pretty quick so don't miss that you know it's spring is he going to be here, get out fishing get out hiking you know it's a lot of fun.

00:39:38.400 --> 00:39:39.030 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:39:40.320 --> 00:39:50.430 Joseph McElroy: Other miscellaneous museums of the smoky mountain trains museum and it's kind of collection of 7000 Lionel engines and cars and accessory Mike you went there you were telling me I haven't been there.

00:39:50.520 --> 00:39:52.800 Mike Ogletree: yeah I went to the miniature one.

00:39:53.760 --> 00:39:54.960 Mike Ogletree: So the one you're talking to.

00:39:56.670 --> 00:40:02.760 Mike Ogletree: yeah you know that's I love that because you know that appeals to the child and me and that's.

00:40:03.750 --> 00:40:11.400 Mike Ogletree: It does anybody like that who gets excited at model trains, then that's the place to go because they've got.

00:40:12.270 --> 00:40:21.570 Mike Ogletree: Think i've got three different skills, you know they've got a really small and medium, then a big one, and it's a big big warehouse.

00:40:22.050 --> 00:40:29.940 Mike Ogletree: And these change, they just one constantly and and you can again it's one of those things that you could just spend the afternoon and they're just.

00:40:30.420 --> 00:40:50.610 Mike Ogletree: watching all these trains go and what they do and what they look like and because they're going fast and they're covering some they're covering a lot of ground in there, so it's it's definitely the best model train exhibit that i've ever seen, and i've seen the one in and.

00:40:51.120 --> 00:41:00.600 Joseph McElroy: And it's and it's you know it's it's home to it's also part of the smoky mountain railroad the right there there's also a smoky mountain, which is a tourist railroaded old authentic.

00:41:00.870 --> 00:41:07.830 Joseph McElroy: steam car things as first class engineering get dinners I get all sorts of great experiences, and I would recommend going there.

00:41:08.400 --> 00:41:09.030 Mike Ogletree: Oh yeah.

00:41:09.330 --> 00:41:13.770 Joseph McElroy: So I want to get a little bit into Celtic culture, because it ties into what mike's doing.

00:41:14.310 --> 00:41:15.390 Mike Ogletree: guilty guilty.

00:41:15.750 --> 00:41:18.360 Joseph McElroy: guilty sorry Celtic culture.

00:41:19.560 --> 00:41:33.420 Joseph McElroy: And you know, and you know and and what my project is you know, there is a if you go to the mountains of North Carolina would you expect to come to a giant ship well.

00:41:34.260 --> 00:41:44.040 Joseph McElroy: We have a museum for the Titanic in pigeon forge yes, the Titanic, the one that sank and it's a one of a kind passengers experience.

00:41:44.580 --> 00:41:57.240 Joseph McElroy: and actually what it feels to walk through the hallways and powers of the grand staircase and why is it related to the Celtic because 100 and.

00:41:57.810 --> 00:42:11.910 Joseph McElroy: celebrates the the world and remembers the hundred and 87 Irish passions or crew and we were bored the Titanic, and in fact March is is tribute to Irish and it's.

00:42:12.720 --> 00:42:24.600 Joseph McElroy: And having all sorts of events going on there, and the other Celtic experience that Mike knows a lot about is that the Scottish tartans museum and heritage Center right.

00:42:24.780 --> 00:42:33.690 Joseph McElroy: Right offers a look into the origins history and developer tartans and specifically the devil development of killed, can you tell me a little bit about that Mike.

00:42:34.230 --> 00:42:50.310 Mike Ogletree: yeah yeah and it's in Franklin North Carolina and it's basically run by volunteers and there's one guy there's one main guy and his wife, who have been keeping it alive.

00:42:50.820 --> 00:43:01.890 Mike Ogletree: And this museum is quite unique because it's the only museum is dedicated to the top 10 yeah I think in the world, but definitely.

00:43:02.490 --> 00:43:13.740 Mike Ogletree: Definitely in the US, you know it's a it's a natural museum very you can go in and they've got a little the main part of is like a store that you go through the store and the museum's in the back.

00:43:14.220 --> 00:43:25.410 Mike Ogletree: And it goes through the whole history of Tartan and it tells you about the origins of the kilt, for instance, which was a lot of people.

00:43:27.000 --> 00:43:34.680 Mike Ogletree: Often, think of as being the thing that you see today when you see like the bagpipers dressed up and you think why that's why kill.

00:43:35.280 --> 00:43:50.670 Mike Ogletree: it's like, but if you go to the tattoo museum North Carolina you'll find a completely different history of the killed, which they have documented and you've actually got all that the garments and.

00:43:51.240 --> 00:44:02.040 Mike Ogletree: In some cases they've got the equipment that was used to make these killed because they were an essential part of of nobleman and our warriors garb.

00:44:02.850 --> 00:44:03.420 Mike Ogletree: It was you.

00:44:03.510 --> 00:44:10.200 Mike Ogletree: could serve as a piece of clothing could serve as a as a bed is attained all kinds of things.

00:44:10.590 --> 00:44:32.130 Mike Ogletree: And depending on your rank you would have a different type of kilt and it wasn't this dress that you would around yourself, it was this huge government, in some cases, you had to lie down and roll around in a specific pattern in order to get killed on so.

00:44:32.910 --> 00:44:33.510 Mike Ogletree: High ceiling.

00:44:33.930 --> 00:44:39.180 Joseph McElroy: So we're gonna take a break we'll finish that after we come back and we'll talk about your your Celtic project.

00:44:39.240 --> 00:44:41.160 For the Mr all right.

00:46:59.400 --> 00:47:13.140 Joseph McElroy: howdy is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the gateway to the smokies podcast with my guest Mike ogletree Mike so we we've worked with that we worked with a Spartan Tartan museum to do the.

00:47:15.540 --> 00:47:23.760 Joseph McElroy: event last year right dinner for Robert Burns that was pretty guy great I saw that the presentation he came in, he brought in all those.

00:47:24.300 --> 00:47:36.000 Joseph McElroy: Pictures of different kinds of tartans and is extremely knowledgeable people to go out there, they find that that that speech on are the Miller motels gate Facebook page.

00:47:36.510 --> 00:47:41.130 Joseph McElroy: But it on a new project now right for St patrick's day why don't you tell us about that.

00:47:41.190 --> 00:47:47.040 Mike Ogletree: yeah it's see patrick's day I think it's the 17th of the month, but.

00:47:48.330 --> 00:47:58.350 Mike Ogletree: You know I love Irish music and I lived in New York for a while and I was exposed to a lot of Irish music there because you can get but.

00:47:59.430 --> 00:48:08.610 Mike Ogletree: Here in in the mountains there's a connection to Irish culture that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years and.

00:48:09.330 --> 00:48:23.640 Mike Ogletree: So I I managed to combine my love of Irish music and find a way to incorporate it into my Sunday afternoon fire safety conscious that we do here at the motel.

00:48:24.270 --> 00:48:33.300 Mike Ogletree: And because I always do something on St patrick's day anyway to this year, what i'm what i'm doing, and then, of course, you know St Patrick.

00:48:33.720 --> 00:48:45.900 Mike Ogletree: I you you, you pointed me in a direction and I never knew but he's Scottish he was born in a place called dumbarton which is just about maybe 30 miles north of where I come from the enemy so.

00:48:46.320 --> 00:48:55.740 Mike Ogletree: So see magic is the ultimate Scots Irish figure to talk about in the mountains, because so many of the people in the mountains and.

00:48:56.880 --> 00:49:11.340 Mike Ogletree: Scotch Irish descent, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to do a few Irish songs this Sunday because they'll all be dedicated to St patrick's day.

00:49:12.480 --> 00:49:15.840 Mike Ogletree: Irish music and all that and some of the songs that i'm doing.

00:49:17.250 --> 00:49:27.600 Mike Ogletree: it's interesting when you do these traditional Irish songs how the message at it still resonates with the temperament of.

00:49:28.320 --> 00:49:47.190 Mike Ogletree: People that eat though they don't live in Ireland or Scotland anymore, because they have some connection and says truly to somehow they've inherited that attitude that independent spirit that boisterousness that love of whiskey and, all things strong and.

00:49:49.170 --> 00:50:03.570 Mike Ogletree: But you know, and then in a smoky mountains it's no different you know and because over here I don't like to talk about politics but it's that kind of independent spirit that.

00:50:04.530 --> 00:50:13.440 Mike Ogletree: brought a lot of the people into the mountains and that the pioneering spirit that made it possible for them to survive harsh and.

00:50:13.860 --> 00:50:25.080 Mike Ogletree: Terrible and horrific conditions that they had to endure in order to continue to live here in the mountains well that's the same as as the spirit and the.

00:50:25.860 --> 00:50:37.290 Mike Ogletree: need is the Scotch in the Irish rebel against the English overlords, as it were, so the songs that I sing, for instance whiskey in the JAR it's a song about.

00:50:37.650 --> 00:50:52.710 Mike Ogletree: rebellion against rich overlords who are mistreating their subjects was they were living high on the hog with lots of money, the tenant farmers and we're eating dirt in portage and potatoes, you know, during a famine.

00:50:53.130 --> 00:50:53.490 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:50:53.730 --> 00:51:00.720 Mike Ogletree: And I mean that literally the eaten duck to keep their stomachs filled that's why a lot of them emigrated but you know so.

00:51:01.830 --> 00:51:27.060 Mike Ogletree: that's that's really what my sure will try and bring bring out and and for me personally it's who, that is a cult is as a newbie sublimated into a cultural expression there is music is you know art is portrayed as all this kind of stuff, in other words, we can leave all that.

00:51:28.290 --> 00:51:33.330 Mike Ogletree: rebellion and the violence and all that the actual fisticuffs.

00:51:33.750 --> 00:51:51.930 Mike Ogletree: It can easily be left behind, because the music, it still carries on the message I mean the songs i'm doing some of them are three or 400 years old, you know, so we don't forget what we what we went through in order to get where we are, but we don't have to keep fighting.

00:51:53.670 --> 00:51:57.600 Joseph McElroy: So we're doing online too, so people can see it where they sit alone.

00:51:58.170 --> 00:52:08.400 Mike Ogletree: Well, you know the mega lot motel Facebook page and my own Facebook page, which is the black Scotsman.

00:52:08.940 --> 00:52:10.320 Mike Ogletree: And then, on my website.

00:52:10.950 --> 00:52:11.850 Joseph McElroy: With an ex yeah.

00:52:11.910 --> 00:52:18.780 Mike Ogletree: yeah the black Scotsman with an x and then the black which is my website and on YouTube do.

00:52:20.190 --> 00:52:24.780 Mike Ogletree: So you know it's yeah it's very available it's just you know tune in and.

00:52:25.890 --> 00:52:29.850 Mike Ogletree: And let yourself be known because I get people from all over the world.

00:52:30.180 --> 00:52:39.870 Joseph McElroy: Well, thank you Mike Thank you very much, I appreciate you coming in and being my companion along on this experiment with the designing a show on the fly.

00:52:42.690 --> 00:52:46.740 Joseph McElroy: And I enjoyed it very much and I want you know we're going to have.

00:52:48.480 --> 00:52:54.930 Joseph McElroy: Will tomorrow we'll put up or even today we'll put it up on gateway to the smokies dot find a link to my.

00:52:56.190 --> 00:53:03.240 Joseph McElroy: Facebook, so that you can go and and watch the watch his show on Sunday what time Sunday.

00:53:03.510 --> 00:53:04.320 Mike Ogletree: See o'clock.

00:53:04.620 --> 00:53:06.600 Joseph McElroy: Three o'clock alright cool so.

00:53:06.660 --> 00:53:08.880 Mike Ogletree: See you have to learn, of course.

00:53:09.030 --> 00:53:13.890 Joseph McElroy: All right, yes, so now i'm going to do it my some of my promotion of course.

00:53:14.610 --> 00:53:23.760 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place evocative of motor cortex of the past year, modern and vibrant with a chic appalachian field, a place for adventure and for relaxation.

00:53:24.210 --> 00:53:32.850 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place where you can fish in a mountain heritage trout stream grill the catch on fire and eat accompanied by fine wine or craft beers.

00:53:33.240 --> 00:53:44.370 Joseph McElroy: Imagine a place of the old time music and world cultural sounds, there is no other place like the middle or motel and Maggie valley North Carolina or the great smoky mountains National Park.

00:53:44.700 --> 00:53:54.810 Joseph McElroy: We are the starting point for all the adventures, and some of these the mountain have to offer your smoky mountain adventure starts with where you stay middle alert motel back calm.

00:53:56.790 --> 00:54:05.490 Joseph McElroy: I thank you all for being here, I want to mention that a lot of these listings that we talked about like museums and things are found on smokies adventure that's.

00:54:06.060 --> 00:54:19.980 Joseph McElroy: sm okay I yes adventure calm, which is a site, we run with listings of all sorts of things to do in the mountain places to stay and pieces to eat places to go visit attractions outdoor adventures.

00:54:20.730 --> 00:54:28.290 Joseph McElroy: Extensive listings from the all of the smoky mountains, and you know, including the Tennessee and then North Carolina sides.

00:54:28.710 --> 00:54:40.890 Joseph McElroy: And we cover that great, and we would cover the town small towns in gatlinburg fishing for see reveal towns of cherokee whereas valley Maggie valley and bryson city, as well as even others in the surrounding area and there's hiking trail maps.

00:54:41.940 --> 00:54:49.800 Joseph McElroy: waterfall maps interactive map so it's a great place to go and we are part of where traveler.

00:54:50.400 --> 00:55:00.210 Joseph McElroy: We have a We run the great smoky mountain services section on where traveler calm where traveler is the world's premier name and travel publishing.

00:55:00.510 --> 00:55:08.550 Joseph McElroy: From magazines and books to maps and comprehensive digital content, where traveler gives travelers everything they need for a local perspective.

00:55:08.880 --> 00:55:23.160 Joseph McElroy: Each year 246 million travelers chair chest where traveler for up to date, information and where to go and what to see and nearly 100 cities worldwide and now one big geographic area, called the great smoky mountains.

00:55:23.880 --> 00:55:29.730 Joseph McElroy: We have local content local guides local concierge and there's over 50,000 things to do.

00:55:30.960 --> 00:55:38.430 Joseph McElroy: I want to thank talk nyc talk radio dot nyc network for hosting my show.

00:55:38.850 --> 00:55:51.330 Joseph McElroy: there's a great show after this call rediscovering New York, I would advise you, if you're listening live to stay on to hear that show, then you have the best of both worlds, the country and then the big city that follows enjoy.

00:55:52.170 --> 00:56:05.730 Joseph McElroy: Your show next week with another great show about the smokies, I think, where we delving into more interesting music from an expert in the area, so thank you very much and bye and bye for now.

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