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Monday, March 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/08 - An Evening With Tawny Farber - A Film Critic With Set the Tape

Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/08 - An Evening With Tawny Farber - A Film Critic With Set the Tape


2021/03/08 - An Evening With Tawny Farber - A Film Critic With Set the Tape

[NEW EPISODE] An Evening With Tawny Farber - A Film Critic With Set the Tape

Tawny Farber. Writer, watcher, woman. Contributor to Set The Tape, as well as her personal blog. Loves movies, tv, streaming, anything binge-worthy, video games, music, dogs, outdoors, nature, and simply creating. Working with the geriatric population in skilled nursing facilities, getting them back on their feet, is what pays the bills, and is also a passion.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Albert Dabah introduces tonight's special guest Tawny Farber. Towny is a writer and watcher of films. Tawny wrote a review on Albert’s film “ Extra Innings” that got Albert really curious that even invited her to his show and knew more about her. Tawny worked in a couple of facilities between Pennsylvania and Ohio. Tawny also mentions that she loves writing. Why did you write the review on the film? Albert asked Tawny. Tawny remarks that what really caught her attention about the film was that it was based on true life events. Tawny shares with Albert that she has 4 children's and 2 of them have already gone through really hard moments at one point of their lives. Asking for outside help is the best thing to do Tawny uttered. Before the section ended Albert shares with Tawny and the listeners that he feels proud and genuine for himself because he feels he did a great job in publishing the film and telling his life story.

Segment 2

 Back before Covid- 19 started Tawny reviewed movies from movie theaters.Tawny mentions that she starts writing her review as soon as the movie starts. When you do a review you should always focus and observe the little things and try to figure out the meaning of those little things. Albert remarks that Tawny’s review really stood as part of the others because of the way that was written and expressed. There was a lot of work put into the movie, Albert uttered. Albert recommends Tawny a really good series based on fictional realities since she likes movies/series based on real life. Tawny mentions that after Covid- 19 she only reviews one movie a month. Before the session ended Albert shared with Tawny and the listeners that while he was shooting the film he realized his other passion in Baseball and how he enjoyed playing it and watching it.

Segment 3

Albert tells the listeners and Tawny that he played his dad in the film. A very good friend of Albert asks him how he remains so calm when there are so many things going on. Albert answers by saying that he learns everyday. Tawny works as a physical therapist and as an occupational therapist. Tawny uttered that it’s been a hard time for people that work in the medical field due to Covid- 19. Tawny remarks that the real heroes are the ones who worked in the medical field. Albert mentions that he feels sad for all the families that have lost a loved one but at the same time grateful because he is still alive and healthy. Tawny uttered that she is really artistic and will also love to work in a film as an actor. Tawny also shares with Albert and the listeners that she writes way better than how she speaks.

Segment 4

“One thing I learned while shooting the film that is not going to be perfect.” Albert shares. Albert mentions that he always told himself and his crewmates in the film that you should always try your best. For the times Albert has watched the film he always felt emotional in certain scenes. There is a lot of sacrifice and suicides in the world Albert discusses. Tawny shares with Albert and the listeners that miscommunication can lead to really bad things and break ups. You could reach out with Tawny on Facebook as Tawny Farber. 


00:00:52.530 --> 00:01:00.630 Albert Dabah: Hello there everyone hi my name is Albert dabba I am a life coach a therapist and a film producer.

00:01:02.520 --> 00:01:15.870 Albert Dabah: tonight on our show extra innings covering all the bases, we have with us Tony farber Tony is a film critic who writes for a online publication publication called set the tape.

00:01:17.070 --> 00:01:38.640 Albert Dabah: I like to say that extra innings began as a film project which I produced through my production company called Simba productions I directed I wrote the script and I acted in it as well, an extra innings can be seen on Amazon prime and other platforms as well.

00:01:40.440 --> 00:01:41.220 Albert Dabah: So.

00:01:42.450 --> 00:01:46.560 Albert Dabah: Will we might be doing this with just audio Tony are you there can you hear me.

00:01:47.130 --> 00:01:48.180 Tawny Farber: i'm here can you hear me.

00:01:48.210 --> 00:01:49.350 Albert Dabah: Oh good I can hear you.

00:01:49.350 --> 00:01:50.070 Tawny Farber: Yes, hey.

00:01:50.280 --> 00:01:54.000 Albert Dabah: we're having some technical difficulty with the video so we'll.

00:01:55.140 --> 00:01:58.170 Albert Dabah: For right now we'll just be talking without saying Tony.

00:01:59.040 --> 00:01:59.940 Tawny Farber: i'm sorry.

00:02:00.120 --> 00:02:14.100 Albert Dabah: that's okay um so um tony's on the show tonight because i'm she wrote a review on extra innings and we have had many reviews on on the movie.

00:02:14.880 --> 00:02:25.050 Albert Dabah: uh but her review really stood out to the it really it really moved me and I wanted to talk to her, we spoke, the other day.

00:02:25.830 --> 00:02:43.800 Albert Dabah: And I told her Thank you so much for you know what she wrote, but I also want to know more about her because and and I think at some point i'll read the one part of the review that she wrote that really touched me, so let me just introduce you now to Tony how are you today.

00:02:44.370 --> 00:02:46.110 Tawny Farber: i'm good i'm happy to be here.

00:02:47.670 --> 00:02:55.470 Tawny Farber: I loved your movie first thing I could say that off the BAT is a beautiful story, you told it wonderfully you.

00:02:56.520 --> 00:03:04.020 Tawny Farber: The actors that were picked to portray your family and your acting it was just it was really wonderful so.

00:03:04.620 --> 00:03:07.200 Albert Dabah: Oh, thank you, thank you so much well that's why she's on the show.

00:03:07.200 --> 00:03:07.500 tonight.

00:03:12.060 --> 00:03:20.400 Albert Dabah: um what what tell us a little bit about I know you do many things in your life we talked about it, the other night.

00:03:20.550 --> 00:03:33.000 Albert Dabah: yeah um maybe tell the audience a little bit about what you do and then we can kind of really talk specifically about writing as a film critic because i'm really curious what that's like.

00:03:33.240 --> 00:03:34.860 Tawny Farber: Okay, all right well uh.

00:03:36.060 --> 00:03:53.730 Tawny Farber: In my real life, the job that I perform that pays the bills i'm actually I work in physical therapy and I work with the geriatric population and, like skilled nursing facilities, I work in a couple facilities between Pennsylvania and Ohio and.

00:03:54.810 --> 00:04:02.010 Tawny Farber: that's something that I never thought I would be doing, but I love doing it, I love going to work and.

00:04:03.540 --> 00:04:15.780 Tawny Farber: I love to write so i've actually written on and off my whole life, this is the first time i've ever written things that were actually published so that was like a huge.

00:04:16.920 --> 00:04:21.060 Tawny Farber: thrill for me to finally be published and have people read things I never.

00:04:22.560 --> 00:04:34.290 Tawny Farber: When you say on my critic I i'm a i'm a lover of film I love watching movies, I love you know actors and writers and directors and all that good stuff and.

00:04:35.070 --> 00:04:44.250 Tawny Farber: So, to be a critic I the way it works, where I work with the set the tape, who I write for where you saw the review.

00:04:45.060 --> 00:04:56.790 Tawny Farber: We get to pick everything we write we don't ever get assigned things so there's just a list of things that come up and we sort of get to read the synopsis of what we want to review and we pick it so.

00:04:57.150 --> 00:05:07.140 Tawny Farber: I actually picked your movie based on you know the little blurb that they write up next to it and so that's sort of how I fell into that.

00:05:09.390 --> 00:05:15.570 Albert Dabah: What made you what what what when when you saw the little blurb about the movie what what did.

00:05:16.770 --> 00:05:22.260 Albert Dabah: What was it about what you wrote to what you read that you wanted to review the movie.

00:05:22.590 --> 00:05:35.010 Tawny Farber: I think the thing that attracts me to your movie specifically was that it was written and directed by you, and it was i'm a sucker for a based on a true story, because I think you know.

00:05:35.730 --> 00:05:42.930 Tawny Farber: You can come up with stories all day long, but when it's a true story it just it carries that extra weight that.

00:05:43.770 --> 00:06:00.450 Tawny Farber: you're somebody actually experienced this so that's for me that that's what that's what initially attracted me to it that it was written and directed because isn't that the dream for every writer to write something that ends up being a movie or you know that a lot of people get.

00:06:01.920 --> 00:06:06.660 Tawny Farber: It you know that reaches a lot of people so yeah that's that was just.

00:06:08.340 --> 00:06:11.910 Tawny Farber: Written and directed by a person, it was true story i'm in.

00:06:12.690 --> 00:06:22.740 Albert Dabah: Oh okay good good um you, you said um I think when I first reached out to you that you did have a leaning towards.

00:06:23.850 --> 00:06:24.750 Albert Dabah: i'm not sure if you said.

00:06:26.310 --> 00:06:29.340 Albert Dabah: writing about mental health or just mental health in general or.

00:06:30.780 --> 00:06:37.530 Albert Dabah: Is that right there was something you said about mental health when I think I first reached out to you about being on the show.

00:06:37.950 --> 00:06:50.160 Tawny Farber: um well, I myself i've you know i've been in therapy i'm in therapy my I have four children two of my four children have gone through times of their lives, where they needed therapy I think it's.

00:06:51.450 --> 00:07:01.380 Tawny Farber: definitely an amazing resource that gets way underutilized and as much as we try and get it out there to D stigmatize they're still.

00:07:02.130 --> 00:07:17.280 Tawny Farber: You know, we still have a ways to go, so I feel like you know i'm older so i'm definitely from the generation of you know you just suck it up, you know what I mean you don't talk about your feelings, so I.

00:07:18.450 --> 00:07:27.600 Tawny Farber: i'm actually kind of proud that we sort of got over that stigma and I certainly didn't want my children to ever feel like if they had a problem that they.

00:07:28.050 --> 00:07:34.800 Tawny Farber: You know they couldn't solve and they come to me and I can't help them solve it, then we go look for somebody that can help themselves at it, because.

00:07:35.400 --> 00:07:45.870 Tawny Farber: It there's no reason why, if there's things in your head that you just can't reconcile that asking for outside help is the best thing you can do so i'm.

00:07:47.430 --> 00:07:52.320 Tawny Farber: You know, mental health is definitely important so that that is definitely an aspect that I.

00:07:53.220 --> 00:08:01.110 Tawny Farber: You know it's it's brave for people to say they go to therapy and you know, for you to tell your story is brave just because.

00:08:01.590 --> 00:08:17.100 Tawny Farber: There is still, you know shame associated with people that you know say they need help everybody's supposed to be able to just get through life and never need out, but I think it's important that people learn that they can ask for help, so right.

00:08:17.160 --> 00:08:18.960 Albert Dabah: Right yeah you know.

00:08:20.370 --> 00:08:20.760 Albert Dabah: I.

00:08:22.530 --> 00:08:25.410 Albert Dabah: did a an interview with.

00:08:27.810 --> 00:08:28.710 Albert Dabah: Peter Travers.

00:08:29.910 --> 00:08:37.350 Albert Dabah: And from Rolling Stone magazine and i'll never forget, we know who's asking me at one point what what is the.

00:08:39.000 --> 00:08:46.380 Albert Dabah: Because we screened the film in about 20 cities before college started and I got to go to most of the screenings.

00:08:47.040 --> 00:08:59.970 Albert Dabah: Where we did talk back some Q and a's after and this happened to be in New Orleans and the last person who spoke that that evening he said I don't have a question, I just want to say.

00:09:00.840 --> 00:09:12.360 Albert Dabah: You know this was a wonderful film and you know, thank you for sharing it with us and I thought it was very brave of you to to do this to write this film and have it shown like this, and I remember.

00:09:13.500 --> 00:09:24.000 Albert Dabah: saying in the interview that I never thought that it was it, I never thought of the word brave in doing it, but I understand it.

00:09:24.810 --> 00:09:36.270 Albert Dabah: But, as I was doing it all, you know it just felt to me that it was something I really needed to do and it took me a long time it took me, you know I wrote it over 20 years and 12 different drafts and.

00:09:37.890 --> 00:09:42.180 Albert Dabah: You know, there was a part of me that felt I would never finish it and never really do it.

00:09:43.890 --> 00:09:44.580 Albert Dabah: and

00:09:46.020 --> 00:09:59.310 Albert Dabah: But I see that you know, has gotten me this it really has helped me so much in my life to not only you know to write the film, but to do the film and have it seen by people.

00:10:01.590 --> 00:10:07.320 Albert Dabah: I think it's you know it's like for me is playing a part in life that I really feel is important to.

00:10:07.740 --> 00:10:25.800 Albert Dabah: You know I also was a worked as a therapist and now I got a life coaching the Greek is my therapy back when I first got my msw you didn't need a license now you do so, I got a life coaching certificate and I started working with some people again and I find that.

00:10:27.390 --> 00:10:42.720 Albert Dabah: You know people really need in my own therapy, we really need help and at times and it's important to get it, and sometimes people say you know i've heard many people say I went to a therapist they were terrible you know and it turns them off completely.

00:10:44.070 --> 00:10:54.060 Albert Dabah: And I always say listen it's like anything else, there are some really, really great therapists in there some probably very poor therapist to some, or at least that's that's a therapist for you.

00:10:54.840 --> 00:10:55.290 yeah.

00:10:56.490 --> 00:10:58.680 Albert Dabah: But I think it is brave to go.

00:11:00.690 --> 00:11:02.910 Albert Dabah: I think it helps you become.

00:11:04.380 --> 00:11:14.760 Albert Dabah: I know it can help for me it helped me become more expressive in my life not afraid to say things that I wouldn't normally say for me back in the 60s.

00:11:15.300 --> 00:11:27.180 Albert Dabah: When the film takes place um you know, there was a lot of you know, and not that there isn't a shame and guilt and all that now there still is, of course, there's still a huge stigma.

00:11:29.160 --> 00:11:33.600 Albert Dabah: But you know I think it's out in the open a little bit more.

00:11:34.650 --> 00:11:36.780 Albert Dabah: I think a lot depends on what people do with it.

00:11:39.060 --> 00:11:40.620 Albert Dabah: You know, one of the things.

00:11:42.240 --> 00:11:45.570 Albert Dabah: i'm actually gonna pull it up, if you don't mind.

00:11:47.760 --> 00:11:50.670 Albert Dabah: I think I have it here yeah.

00:11:52.020 --> 00:12:02.850 Albert Dabah: You wrote here um this is at the end of your piece that you wrote and i'll never forget, where I was and how I felt when I when I was in my sister's House who.

00:12:03.960 --> 00:12:16.770 Albert Dabah: She herself has a huge you know stigma towards what happened and i've said this on other shows that you know she has seven children and 62 grandchildren and.

00:12:17.880 --> 00:12:23.550 Albert Dabah: For us her first remark to me after reading the script was you know this gets out that.

00:12:24.630 --> 00:12:33.210 Albert Dabah: it's our family my grandchildren won't be able to get married you know she felt like the shame of suicide she never told her kids about my brother and sister.

00:12:35.280 --> 00:12:41.160 Albert Dabah: And I was like amazed that she said that but I understood it, but at the same time, I said wow.

00:12:42.210 --> 00:12:42.570 Albert Dabah: But.

00:12:44.190 --> 00:12:47.070 Albert Dabah: I think there's a lot of you know i've joined a.

00:12:49.200 --> 00:12:59.250 Albert Dabah: A group for people who lost their loved ones who suicide and it's once a month I haven't gone as much as done virtually now because they're covered, but.

00:12:59.820 --> 00:13:15.600 Albert Dabah: But I was going, you know, six months in a row once a month, and you know when someone first loses someone it's you know I saw I saw it again firsthand like the the amazing shock and shame and guilt that comes up.

00:13:15.870 --> 00:13:16.920 Albert Dabah: Especially guilt.

00:13:17.700 --> 00:13:18.240 and

00:13:19.770 --> 00:13:28.770 Albert Dabah: You know it's something that really I think is important to address, but I want to read um if you don't mind the last paragraph of what you wrote.

00:13:29.070 --> 00:13:41.970 Albert Dabah: nope i'm you you're right here the movie does an amazing job of telling the story of mental illness from respective of those helpless to understand or help those afflicted.

00:13:42.270 --> 00:13:51.030 Albert Dabah: But whom are look dearly for anyone who has lived or love someone with mental and mental illness, this will surely your parallels.

00:13:51.450 --> 00:14:07.230 Albert Dabah: And for those who haven't seen it certainly pulls back the curtain and allows a peek into the confusing and trying world of being in such a situation, and for Albert tab who plays his own father intensely this movie serves as a heartbreaking love letter.

00:14:09.210 --> 00:14:29.130 Albert Dabah: To his dear siblings who will forever be in his thoughts, even after decades have passed, and you know it's like for me you like you hit something on the nose that isn't talked about much um you know kind of like that I didn't even know I wasn't even sure why I was doing it.

00:14:29.160 --> 00:14:29.820 Albert Dabah: At some point.

00:14:30.060 --> 00:14:32.460 Albert Dabah: You know why am I, putting myself through so much.

00:14:35.370 --> 00:14:43.650 Albert Dabah: So much agony at times and pain and you know, raising money and and and getting it all together and I.

00:14:44.490 --> 00:15:01.170 Albert Dabah: You know my video production company simple productions we've done so many videos but nothing in the in the scope of a feature film like this and, but it was so well worth it, and i'm so proud of it, and what you wrote here about.

00:15:02.550 --> 00:15:03.480 Albert Dabah: A love letter.

00:15:04.710 --> 00:15:18.030 Albert Dabah: It made me feel like you know in reading it and reading it again now it's like as if my my my brother and sister are still here and and around me and and seeing the film.

00:15:19.590 --> 00:15:23.190 Albert Dabah: You know, brings me closer to them and to some respect.

00:15:24.960 --> 00:15:25.590 Albert Dabah: So.

00:15:26.640 --> 00:15:30.690 Albert Dabah: I really, thank you for writing that I think very, very sensitively written.

00:15:31.800 --> 00:15:32.280 Albert Dabah: So.

00:15:33.690 --> 00:15:48.540 Albert Dabah: I you know I don't know if you get a chance to talk much about what you write, but maybe tell it tell us more about you know what is it that you like about writing in itself and writing for me, I know you're a movie buff so.

00:15:48.810 --> 00:15:54.060 Tawny Farber: yeah um well for me, I think I.

00:15:55.140 --> 00:16:02.460 Tawny Farber: The critic part of it sometimes is difficult because you know you you pick a movie and you think you might.

00:16:03.480 --> 00:16:11.580 Tawny Farber: You know there's something that attracts you to it, and then you watch the movie not in your case, obviously, but I have like watched movies that were horrible and then.

00:16:12.000 --> 00:16:27.780 Tawny Farber: you're sort of faced with the dilemma of do you review this badly, because you want people to read it, you know it's it's always a thrill for us when we tag a director or actors in the movies, we review and then they respond to it, we have to break or.

00:16:29.130 --> 00:16:35.190 Albert Dabah: Right right um let's get back to that we have to take a break right now.

00:16:35.280 --> 00:16:38.610 Albert Dabah: Okay, all right we'll be right back Thank you Tony okay.

00:19:04.140 --> 00:19:05.490 educate our.

00:19:35.580 --> 00:19:37.650 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Tony farber.

00:19:38.130 --> 00:19:40.290 Albert Dabah: Tony reviews films for.

00:19:42.270 --> 00:19:57.450 Albert Dabah: An online magazine called set the tape and she reviewed the film extra innings Tony on a technical issue when you watch a film i'm just curious do you do take notes as you're watching the film, knowing that you're going to write a review on it.

00:19:57.900 --> 00:20:10.050 Tawny Farber: It depends on the way the film is presented to me like back before coven we we reviewed movies from the movie theater so you would go and try and hit the.

00:20:10.920 --> 00:20:24.990 Tawny Farber: earliest screening that you could there I couldn't take notes, because obviously I was in a dark theater so those were always I would always try and like mentally remember things and phrases that would come to me that I would want to use in my review.

00:20:26.850 --> 00:20:31.470 Tawny Farber: But for the streamers I usually watch your movie.

00:20:32.520 --> 00:20:50.580 Tawny Farber: I end up watching it through taking no notes just wants to enjoy it and get like sort of the emotions and everything and not really working while i'm watching it just sorta entertained by it and then i'll watch it a second time and take notes and then I usually start the movie.

00:20:51.720 --> 00:21:09.000 Tawny Farber: As I start to write the review, so the movie runs while i'm writing it and then i'll see certain you know something it'll make me want to write something so I usually watch movies, at least three times when I can, and I feel like those reviews end up being the best just because.

00:21:10.320 --> 00:21:27.420 Tawny Farber: You know there it's hard to recall something I don't have like a photographic memory, or anything amazing like that, so I some details you kind of miss, so I like to watch, you know more than once, to see every as much detail as I can, when I.

00:21:28.500 --> 00:21:30.180 Tawny Farber: write a review because I mean.

00:21:31.380 --> 00:21:36.360 Tawny Farber: As you said how long it took you to make this and it's so much work and.

00:21:37.050 --> 00:21:43.020 Tawny Farber: there's so much detail that goes into it and there's probably little things that you put in the movie that people only see for like.

00:21:43.530 --> 00:22:02.100 Tawny Farber: A second but they're really meaningful to you sort of like you know the photos on the walls i'm sure there were a lot of thought that went into all of that and getting the room is exactly right for you, so I I try and you know absorb as much detail as I can, when I write them so.

00:22:02.550 --> 00:22:08.910 Albert Dabah: Have you ever being a film buff and i'm just curious to have you ever worked on a film set in any capacity.

00:22:09.000 --> 00:22:11.760 Tawny Farber: No, not at all that would be like the dream.

00:22:13.440 --> 00:22:24.210 Tawny Farber: Although having you read my review to me that's like I can't even express the feeling that I get like somebody reading, something that I wrote that.

00:22:25.110 --> 00:22:43.470 Tawny Farber: touched someone, and you know all this happen, just because I wrote a review it's pretty amazing I mean considering i've sort of been writing it in a closet for like 30 years like I rarely let anybody read stuff that I write, so I mean I have like a.

00:22:45.690 --> 00:22:54.810 Tawny Farber: Like a blog I live, I only have one thing up because I write something you're like that's not any good, and you know what I mean the process that I go through is.

00:22:55.980 --> 00:23:06.780 Tawny Farber: I don't know it's a lot of even you reading like you told me after we had our call I went back and read the review, and I was like it like made me cringe i'm like oh I kind of wrote that so much better.

00:23:07.980 --> 00:23:10.080 Tawny Farber: i'm always editing myself so.

00:23:10.680 --> 00:23:12.750 Albert Dabah: yeah no I understand I mean.

00:23:14.040 --> 00:23:21.930 Albert Dabah: Well, I want to again i'll be perfectly honest with you, I we had 22 reviews and we had some really nice stuff that was being said.

00:23:22.980 --> 00:23:30.180 Albert Dabah: By by Just about everyone, you know there were some things that you know you know it was there were some mix obviously reviews.

00:23:31.110 --> 00:23:40.290 Albert Dabah: But, but there was always something good that we were able to pull out of reviews, but yours really stood out to me not, not to say that you know others didn't.

00:23:40.680 --> 00:23:53.490 Albert Dabah: But it really stood out and you were first on my mind too when I thought about Oh, why don't I have a learner the critics who wrote reviews on the film come on the show.

00:23:54.660 --> 00:23:57.360 Albert Dabah: You were the first one, I thought of and.

00:23:58.920 --> 00:24:07.530 Albert Dabah: And I think, because you know the way you put it things and I think you know you never know what would hit somebody and how it hit someone but.

00:24:08.670 --> 00:24:22.650 Albert Dabah: You know it, the whole a the mental health part of this and losing you know you know, I was asked a lot in during these talk backs, and we had a talk back last night virtually with.

00:24:23.190 --> 00:24:35.850 Albert Dabah: People from nami, which is the National Alliance on mental illness and they're they're based in I don't know I think 28 to 38 cities in the in the US, and we had two screenings for them.

00:24:36.960 --> 00:24:52.740 Albert Dabah: Live before a coven in rockland county in Albany, but we did one in Seattle Washington in Seattle Washington last night virtually and there were over 100 people watched it and we did a talk back which 65 or 70 people stayed for that and.

00:24:53.760 --> 00:25:01.230 Albert Dabah: You know I always get the question Oh, they didn't get the last night but somebody i'm going to get a question, you know how much of how much of the film.

00:25:01.800 --> 00:25:11.310 Albert Dabah: Actually, is real what percentage is it real or how much is real or certain you know parcel asked me, and you know my response is always been.

00:25:12.660 --> 00:25:21.000 Albert Dabah: Well, you know, this is a two hour film that's taken many, many years of it period goes through many different years so.

00:25:21.600 --> 00:25:32.700 Albert Dabah: and making a film you it's you have to dramatize it decided documentary and you know some of the things didn't happen exactly the way they're portrayed in the film.

00:25:33.120 --> 00:25:48.090 Albert Dabah: But like i'll give you an example, someone said wow you left your bar mitzvah 12 years old, to play baseball what was that, like and I said well actually you know I learned always to tell the truth, the best I can, because then you have to remember what you said to anybody.

00:25:48.120 --> 00:25:58.440 Albert Dabah: Because me and I said well you know I didn't that didn't actually happen that like that, but if, but if I was 12 years old and I had to.

00:25:58.890 --> 00:26:11.910 Albert Dabah: You know, a big game like that I think I would have left you know, because the main part was over, and boom boom boom I left right um but the feelings behind it all were there were true, and.

00:26:13.980 --> 00:26:16.200 Albert Dabah: You know, there are other things like that.

00:26:17.400 --> 00:26:26.790 Albert Dabah: But I think in and working on a film and having someone write about it, you know there's you know you and just you know.

00:26:27.480 --> 00:26:38.850 Albert Dabah: Whether you write about it or not, when you make a film and we sit back and now at home, you know virtually many you know more, I think, more people are watching films and ever because of coven and.

00:26:41.550 --> 00:26:58.530 Albert Dabah: You know I I get I get pretty emotional it films when something really hits me that's really about humanity, and you know I don't know if you saw that I have you seen the series poldark at all, have you watched that.

00:26:58.800 --> 00:27:08.250 Albert Dabah: No Oh, I would, I recommend it it's got so much of life it's on Amazon and it's like six.

00:27:11.250 --> 00:27:29.700 Albert Dabah: Six series I think there's 10 episodes per series or something like that, but it has so much of life in it and and it's based on you know fictional reality, whatever you want to call it, but I, you know I myself have a film buff i've always loved films.

00:27:31.320 --> 00:27:35.610 Albert Dabah: But you know I always love you know different directors and.

00:27:36.960 --> 00:27:45.660 Albert Dabah: But you know it's that the director I go see a film for normally it's what the subject matter is, or sometimes sometimes you know who's in it particular actor that I like.

00:27:46.590 --> 00:27:57.630 Albert Dabah: But I love talking about films, I mean, are you how how many films, you get to review or i'm curious like How does that work right now for you.

00:27:57.690 --> 00:28:12.510 Tawny Farber: I I right now, because the coven it was a it's definitely a lot less I I try and at least do want like one a month before that I was trying to do, I would try and do one a week every like.

00:28:13.560 --> 00:28:14.790 Tawny Farber: A movie would come out.

00:28:16.230 --> 00:28:19.050 Tawny Farber: every Friday I used to go to the movies every Friday.

00:28:21.180 --> 00:28:32.100 Tawny Farber: and review movie so it kind of went from for a month to one a month and and then I actually had coven over Christmas.

00:28:32.460 --> 00:28:39.240 Tawny Farber: Oh yeah so there were like a I had like a two month to month span, where I didn't do anything.

00:28:40.740 --> 00:28:56.190 Tawny Farber: So yeah I Hopefully things are going to start opening I actually went to the movies, like maybe a couple of months ago, for the first time in a long time so hopefully we'll get back to that and then i'll be able to rate and review more.

00:28:56.460 --> 00:28:57.690 Tawny Farber: Oh yeah.

00:28:57.720 --> 00:28:59.610 Albert Dabah: We live again, I know you told me I.

00:28:59.610 --> 00:29:04.320 Tawny Farber: Forget i'm in i'm in Pittsburgh i'm in like a little country town outside of Pittsburgh.

00:29:05.910 --> 00:29:07.710 Tawny Farber: shout out to hooks town PA.

00:29:08.790 --> 00:29:16.260 Tawny Farber: So yeah that's i'm far from Hollywood in New York City, but it doesn't change that I love movies any less so.

00:29:17.520 --> 00:29:18.450 Albert Dabah: yeah I think.

00:29:19.980 --> 00:29:32.250 Albert Dabah: You know, for me, I mean what we're really grounded me when I was a kid was baseball that I really learned from my brother and realize that more and more as I, as I did the film.

00:29:32.760 --> 00:29:41.880 Albert Dabah: As I was shooting the film and you know after we shot the film obviously then there's the whole post production process which felt like forever and.

00:29:43.620 --> 00:29:44.100 Albert Dabah: Well, it was.

00:29:46.200 --> 00:29:52.020 Albert Dabah: It was like a good year close to a year we had two different editors work on it and.

00:29:54.330 --> 00:30:02.250 Albert Dabah: You know the first editor really laid a great groundwork for the second editor came in and really polished it up and.

00:30:04.170 --> 00:30:12.840 Albert Dabah: It was very happy with with what went on, I was very happy with the you know that I mean there were obviously so many problems come up every day.

00:30:14.370 --> 00:30:28.620 Albert Dabah: And you know my co director who I originally wasn't going to ever say I wasn't going to play the part of my dad but I decided to do it and I knew I needed a Co director so i'm.

00:30:31.290 --> 00:30:31.980 Albert Dabah: Actually we.

00:30:32.970 --> 00:30:35.790 Albert Dabah: will get back to that in a minute, because we need to do a.

00:30:35.790 --> 00:30:45.150 Albert Dabah: Commercial break so we'll get back and we're talking with Tony farber about the movie extra innings and what she does for a living, thank you.

00:33:33.330 --> 00:33:39.570 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Tony farber so we left off, where I was talking about.

00:33:41.580 --> 00:33:55.710 Albert Dabah: Playing my dad in the movie so I knew I needed a Co director and I work with is a good friend of mine who I acted with in a in an acting class and we worked a lot together and we became good friends his name is Brian drill injure and.

00:33:57.630 --> 00:34:08.880 Albert Dabah: i'll never forget it, I think it was like the second or third week, and it was in the morning it was early morning it was maybe I don't know we were on set around eight 830 and it was around 10 o'clock and he was getting.

00:34:09.900 --> 00:34:14.040 Albert Dabah: You know, sometimes, he would get really anxious about things, and you know.

00:34:15.330 --> 00:34:19.200 Albert Dabah: He said to me, how do you remain so calm and I, and I never felt calm on the.

00:34:20.220 --> 00:34:33.960 Albert Dabah: Inside but you know I tried to be calm on the outside, and I said to him I basically said i'm learning every day, and when I said that I realize to myself that.

00:34:34.440 --> 00:34:51.990 Albert Dabah: I really am learning every day how to take this in because every day was like a totally different day of dealing with you know not not always the same people because you had different scenes different actors, sometimes, but just dealing with a process of.

00:34:53.370 --> 00:35:04.470 Albert Dabah: Getting the story down on film on tape and getting it right and, sometimes, of course, doing it over and over again, then, then technical issues and Brian was great.

00:35:04.860 --> 00:35:16.140 Albert Dabah: At all the technical things you know, like something like you know that that book was over there, it should be over there, or let's put this here stuff like that that's really important so.

00:35:17.250 --> 00:35:18.960 Albert Dabah: I learned how to.

00:35:20.880 --> 00:35:22.830 Albert Dabah: I guess have more patience, which.

00:35:24.120 --> 00:35:25.860 Albert Dabah: You really need to make films.

00:35:27.630 --> 00:35:36.330 Albert Dabah: uh I wanted to ask you, Tony so you how did you get into the field, I said you you work with geriatric nursing is that right or.

00:35:36.780 --> 00:35:46.980 Tawny Farber: yeah like it's an it like a nursing home is what normal people you know lay people call it, we call it skilled nursing facilities is where I work so it's.

00:35:47.610 --> 00:36:03.330 Tawny Farber: people that are you know the older population that if they've been in the hospital for a while and they're not quite you know it well enough to stay in the hospital, but not good enough to go home, then they come to us and we do rehab with them and.

00:36:04.680 --> 00:36:15.870 Tawny Farber: You know, get their workout their medications with nursing, so I work in physical therapy and then we work along with occupational therapy and speech therapy to sort of.

00:36:17.700 --> 00:36:29.250 Tawny Farber: Get you know get them back to sort of where they were before they went into the hospital or whatever happened if they fell or and you know it's definitely been.

00:36:30.270 --> 00:36:32.250 Tawny Farber: Interesting through coven to.

00:36:33.360 --> 00:36:43.980 Tawny Farber: See how that affects them, and you know it definitely takes a harder toll and the fifth one facility that I worked in we had an outbreak.

00:36:45.030 --> 00:36:49.920 Tawny Farber: that's where I ended up getting it treating a patient that had coven and it's just been.

00:36:53.580 --> 00:37:02.700 Tawny Farber: it's been a it's been a hard time you know when they talk about people working in the medical field they're the heroes of this time I think it's the patients that are heroes they're.

00:37:03.090 --> 00:37:11.130 Tawny Farber: separated from their loved ones they're not allowed to have visitors there you know i've had patients where.

00:37:11.700 --> 00:37:22.320 Tawny Farber: The husband and wife got coven together and the husband died and the wife had to stay she couldn't go to the funeral she you know she was end up.

00:37:23.130 --> 00:37:36.360 Tawny Farber: She was having to go through rehab herself to get back you know back to where she was, but she was just devastated Lee heartbroken because her husband was passed away she couldn't go to the funeral she just wanted to.

00:37:36.870 --> 00:37:45.180 Tawny Farber: You know, see him one last time I remember she she kept looking out the window, the day of the funeral like do you think they'll drive by here and i'm like.

00:37:45.630 --> 00:37:55.110 Tawny Farber: I don't I don't think so, but we can pretend like he's there he's got to be somewhere with you so they're to me they're the heroes, the.

00:37:56.310 --> 00:38:01.080 Tawny Farber: You know, cleaning the pictures of newborn babies that they haven't held for months and months that.

00:38:01.530 --> 00:38:13.710 Tawny Farber: They come to the they're allowed to do window visits, so they family comes to the windows of the nursing home and stands in the freezing cold and because you know it's it's wintertime here now so.

00:38:14.280 --> 00:38:26.910 Tawny Farber: they're they're the ones that definitely have been going through a lot, I think the isolation and even new patients that come in, they have to be isolated for two weeks they're not allowed to leave the rooms.

00:38:27.330 --> 00:38:42.780 Tawny Farber: And it's hard, especially for the ones that have dementia that don't understand they don't you know you say coven there they you know they're like what's that so it's it's definitely been a trying time for them so.

00:38:43.650 --> 00:38:50.490 Albert Dabah: yeah well, I know I appreciate what you just said about them being the heroes I you know today I got my second vaccination and.

00:38:52.200 --> 00:38:56.400 Albert Dabah: I started thinking you know, I was while I was waiting, I was thinking about.

00:38:57.450 --> 00:39:04.920 Albert Dabah: You know, on the news, you see all the different numbers of people growing every day who've passed on from covert and I said.

00:39:05.670 --> 00:39:11.070 Albert Dabah: wow i'm happy i'm really feel good I got this vaccination and it just brought me back to thinking of.

00:39:11.940 --> 00:39:21.210 Albert Dabah: You know how many people have died from this and how many people have suffered in different ways and it's been such a trying time and.

00:39:21.930 --> 00:39:34.350 Albert Dabah: A different kind of time in life, the isolation that there is, and you know it's the opposite, that as human beings, we are you know we're usually social creatures.

00:39:35.400 --> 00:39:43.050 Albert Dabah: were told to be you know six feet away and not to congregate together and wear a mask and all that and.

00:39:44.070 --> 00:39:55.020 Albert Dabah: it's it's it's sad, I mean I it makes it made me really feel grateful that you know i'm healthy and far as I know it anyway.

00:39:55.080 --> 00:40:08.490 Albert Dabah: And yeah and that I got this vaccination but I did reflect on people who have gone on, and not survive this and.

00:40:10.080 --> 00:40:16.500 Albert Dabah: My son's actually getting married this weekend in Florida so i'll be flying out there, Wednesday and.

00:40:18.090 --> 00:40:19.530 Albert Dabah: You know i'm glad that.

00:40:20.640 --> 00:40:28.140 Albert Dabah: i'll be able to go and feel a little freer with the fact that I got the shot, you know still you still have to be careful and all that.

00:40:28.410 --> 00:40:31.290 Tawny Farber: Right right but yeah it's definitely a.

00:40:32.310 --> 00:40:36.810 Tawny Farber: comfort to know that you're immune, you know.

00:40:37.740 --> 00:40:38.850 Tawny Farber: from getting it so that's.

00:40:38.850 --> 00:40:39.210 Good.

00:40:41.160 --> 00:40:43.560 Albert Dabah: Tony did you ever i'm curious did you ever.

00:40:44.910 --> 00:40:54.030 Albert Dabah: want to go into the field of you know, acting or anything like that, since you write and a new look you love movies.

00:40:58.470 --> 00:40:59.280 Tawny Farber: I mean, as.

00:40:59.340 --> 00:41:00.750 Albert Dabah: Various you know.

00:41:01.530 --> 00:41:08.220 Tawny Farber: I would you know I think I would definitely love to sort of ice I definitely have a.

00:41:09.420 --> 00:41:14.340 Tawny Farber: You know my my story growing up is definitely I think would be worth telling.

00:41:15.450 --> 00:41:27.000 Tawny Farber: You know I I have all kinds of stuff that has happened to me when you know as a child, I had you know, there was abuse in my family my.

00:41:27.630 --> 00:41:40.830 Tawny Farber: My father went AWOL from the army to get out of Vietnam and they lied on my birth certificate and I had to go through all kinds of trouble, when I was in my teens to get to become an American, even though I was American.

00:41:42.630 --> 00:41:56.160 Tawny Farber: But yeah I think my biggest issue is just sort of the self talk that i've had my whole life i'm very artistic I love creating things I you know I draw I do stained glass.

00:41:58.050 --> 00:42:01.290 Tawny Farber: And I you know I write i've had I have stories that i've written.

00:42:01.740 --> 00:42:10.650 Tawny Farber: But that self talk that i've had is well you can't do that you're never going to make money doing that you have to get a real job to pay your bills.

00:42:10.980 --> 00:42:24.870 Tawny Farber: That would always just be a hobby so I feel like my whole life i've sort of talked myself out of doing it, and then I I just happened to stumble across set the tape and.

00:42:26.040 --> 00:42:36.060 Tawny Farber: I actually emailed you know the Initially it was run by two guys and I just emailed one of them, and I said hey, I would like to write for you.

00:42:37.590 --> 00:42:41.490 Tawny Farber: I didn't even have a portfolio or anything I could give them but.

00:42:42.630 --> 00:42:56.400 Tawny Farber: They you know they gave me a movie to review and I wrote it up and they're like yep you, you know you definitely got the gift, so you can write, for us, but for me it was just about taking that chance, finally and.

00:42:57.690 --> 00:43:11.070 Tawny Farber: You know somebody reading my stuff and believing in it and that sort of got things going for me so and I just feel like I write I write so much.

00:43:11.850 --> 00:43:20.700 Tawny Farber: better than I took like for me, I can write something and then look back on it, you know you put it away for a while and then you come back to it and.

00:43:22.320 --> 00:43:33.210 Tawny Farber: reflect on it and say Oh, I can do that better at I can't tell you how many times i'll go back and read something and be like boy i've really sound intelligent there I can't believe I wrote that but.

00:43:34.650 --> 00:43:42.450 Tawny Farber: And then, sometimes i'm like Oh, I need that sentences way too long, I got to shorten it I write really long sentences and I don't know just.

00:43:43.800 --> 00:43:59.550 Tawny Farber: For me it's just been a process that i'm coming so you know the confidence you get later in life that i'm Okay, if I fail at this so i'm going to try, so I think that's why i've done it more now than I did when I was younger so.

00:43:59.940 --> 00:44:04.170 Albert Dabah: yeah I think you know as you get older you start to.

00:44:05.340 --> 00:44:15.240 Albert Dabah: sometimes see that all the way out, you know the way I say sometimes is you don't have to be perfect, you know you think you do, but you don't.

00:44:15.960 --> 00:44:28.050 Albert Dabah: You want it to be, but they're you know well i'd like to talk about that, after this break about perfection because i've had my own problems with dealing with that, but i'll tell you how I got through that.

00:44:28.740 --> 00:44:34.590 Albert Dabah: All right, we'll be right back with Tony farber right after this after these commercials Thank you.

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00:46:50.910 --> 00:46:53.970 Albert Dabah: hi we're back with Tony farber i'm Albert Abba.

00:46:54.990 --> 00:47:00.510 Albert Dabah: We were just talking a little bit about your writing and what it's like for you to write.

00:47:02.130 --> 00:47:08.460 Albert Dabah: You know how sometimes you have so much you know you'll talk to yourself, and you say, well, this should be better I can't believe I wrote that are.

00:47:09.780 --> 00:47:23.580 Albert Dabah: One of the things I learned a lot in doing this film was that you know i'm not going to get whether it was shooting the film or editing the film is that I I I kind of said to myself.

00:47:25.500 --> 00:47:27.390 Albert Dabah: it's not going to be perfect.

00:47:28.920 --> 00:47:30.840 Albert Dabah: I wanted to be as good as it can be.

00:47:32.220 --> 00:47:48.360 Albert Dabah: But there's so many different things, you can choose to do or not do or say or not say I gave the actors from the very beginning, I said, if you feel a certain line doesn't work for you.

00:47:49.560 --> 00:47:52.680 Albert Dabah: or even a scene, or something within the scene.

00:47:54.210 --> 00:48:01.140 Albert Dabah: Let me know and if you, you know, want to improvise go for it and i'll let you know you know if it works or not and.

00:48:02.040 --> 00:48:10.230 Albert Dabah: And then you have a chance and film to edit what you know you know and then sometimes you feel I you know you forgot to do this, I mean there are certain things I know.

00:48:10.710 --> 00:48:26.190 Albert Dabah: That we didn't do that I wanted to do, but I think the way I looked at it and I guess maybe this is, you know as you get older you realize, you know, not everything is going to be exactly the way you want it and so searching for that perfection.

00:48:28.380 --> 00:48:35.970 Albert Dabah: Is is something that I just told myself, you know really go out there and do the best you can do and.

00:48:37.020 --> 00:48:41.820 Albert Dabah: And really I I try to say that, and everything that I do so, I don't know if that.

00:48:43.020 --> 00:48:46.230 Albert Dabah: rings true to you or helps you at all saying that but.

00:48:46.890 --> 00:48:49.380 Tawny Farber: Oh, so, can I ask you a question.

00:48:49.440 --> 00:49:02.460 Tawny Farber: Sure So what is it like for you to watch the movie is it is it tremendously painful or do you watch it and see all the technical things, or like what is.

00:49:03.120 --> 00:49:13.410 Tawny Farber: What is the process for you, when you watch the movie and like how often can you watch it is it like a once a year thing you do or do you watch it every week or.

00:49:14.040 --> 00:49:18.450 Tawny Farber: As I know in the one podcast you said it's been a long time since you've seen it.

00:49:18.600 --> 00:49:28.620 Tawny Farber: Right so that's kind of what I was wondering what what it's like to see the finished product are you do you just overcome with emotion, every time you watch it or.

00:49:30.360 --> 00:49:30.960 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:49:32.040 --> 00:49:36.870 Albert Dabah: it's great question you know yeah it's funny you know one is no one's asked me that question um.

00:49:38.880 --> 00:49:50.190 Albert Dabah: I I put it on the other day, but I was really doing other things and I didn't even have the sound on I think I had it on the beginning but I took it off the only reason why I was watching, it was because.

00:49:51.240 --> 00:49:59.280 Albert Dabah: Someone told me they watch the film and they really loved it and everything, but it was skipping a little bit, so I was curious about that it was on Amazon, she said.

00:49:59.490 --> 00:50:10.020 Albert Dabah: Okay, I wanted to watch it and someone who I work with it was probably our streaming you know something wrong with a streaming that she had so I didn't see any skipping at all.

00:50:10.410 --> 00:50:24.450 Albert Dabah: But I did you know view it, but the truth is as funny as you saw the her the podcast where I said I hadn't seen it well, and I really haven't sat down and watched it, and this is the longest time that I really haven't sat and watched it and.

00:50:25.980 --> 00:50:32.640 Albert Dabah: I said to myself, the other day, I want to watch it again soon you know I but in watching it so many times.

00:50:34.530 --> 00:50:41.280 Albert Dabah: um I when I sit, and I know i'm going to sit and watch it I do get emotional a certain scenes.

00:50:43.320 --> 00:50:58.500 Albert Dabah: The other night, last night I was asked what was what was like what scene, was the best scene, for me, are the most emotional scene, or what the one well, the one that moved me the most was the scene with the older brother older sister together in the bedroom.

00:50:58.800 --> 00:50:59.310 Tawny Farber: Which is.

00:50:59.340 --> 00:51:10.440 Albert Dabah: from California and comes in, and she gives him a big hug and and I guess he has partly is that that's the scene, you know I didn't never saw and totally you know made up and.

00:51:11.760 --> 00:51:19.500 Albert Dabah: I I found that these are the two people that end up taking their lives and our together and.

00:51:21.570 --> 00:51:29.520 Albert Dabah: And I thought, both of them did such a great job in portraying their characters and that scene, really.

00:51:31.020 --> 00:51:38.790 Albert Dabah: Moves me a lot and i'll see it, you know and i'll you know I work a lot with the music composer.

00:51:39.450 --> 00:51:54.720 Albert Dabah: Particularly on that scene and there's a scene with the violin comes in and I always it just touches me that it comes in, just at the right time, and you know I get teary eyed and think about and there are other scenes that I see that I get emotional about.

00:51:57.570 --> 00:52:01.470 Albert Dabah: You, but it really has been a while, since i've seen it um.

00:52:03.180 --> 00:52:12.210 Albert Dabah: I do like talking about it, I like doing, like last night, having this talk back it was an hour almost an hour and a half long and.

00:52:13.260 --> 00:52:18.990 Albert Dabah: I really appreciate the questions people ask sometimes they bring up their own stories and.

00:52:21.390 --> 00:52:23.220 Albert Dabah: It you know it's a.

00:52:24.660 --> 00:52:27.810 Albert Dabah: It makes me really see how people.

00:52:29.100 --> 00:52:41.400 Albert Dabah: can be moved and can express themselves when there's something that they see someone else is open enough to express them there, there were, and it is based on a true story.

00:52:42.030 --> 00:52:42.660 and

00:52:44.160 --> 00:52:57.720 Albert Dabah: there's you know there's a lot of there's a lot of suffering in the world, a lot of you know there's a lot of suicides in the world, and I had Dr rosenberg, on the other day who's from SAVE who's the director of SAVE and goes all around the world, talking about.

00:52:59.850 --> 00:53:05.040 Albert Dabah: Suicide Prevention and less than the stigma of mental illness and one of the really main things he said is we're not going to.

00:53:05.610 --> 00:53:20.040 Albert Dabah: Know we're not going to eliminate heart disease, not going to eliminate diabetes, but I can eliminate suicide, we just want it, we really think we can help lessen the amount of suicide by education and by people getting help and I totally agree with that.

00:53:20.610 --> 00:53:40.650 Tawny Farber: mm hmm yeah absolutely I I wanted to go back to that absolutely has to be my favorite scene of the movie when the your sister and your brother have that interaction, for me it was heartbreaking just because both of them wanted so desperately to communicate with each other, but.

00:53:42.150 --> 00:53:54.480 Tawny Farber: They just couldn't get on the same wavelength and level and the interaction, I mean coming from even just you know, two people that I because i've gone through divorce.

00:53:54.990 --> 00:54:11.940 Tawny Farber: It you start out in love with each other, but somehow you end up talking to each other and you say one thing, the other person hears something else, and this communication breaks down and even though there's that underlying love between.

00:54:13.260 --> 00:54:15.540 Tawny Farber: your brother and your sister they just couldn't.

00:54:17.010 --> 00:54:23.670 Tawny Farber: connect in any kind of meaningful way to help each other, even though you know they probably wanted to.

00:54:24.090 --> 00:54:31.170 Tawny Farber: Because of that love and you know you see in the other person they're hurting you want to help them and fix it and you know.

00:54:32.160 --> 00:54:45.300 Tawny Farber: Just let them know they're not alone and that just the communication was just completely you know, broken down and then from there, it just gets worse So for me.

00:54:45.660 --> 00:54:54.630 Tawny Farber: That that was one of my favorite scenes and I thought that the actors that portrayed your siblings were amazing, especially the you know your brother.

00:54:56.280 --> 00:55:01.170 Tawny Farber: I watched the movie i've since learned that you said that he he suffered from schizophrenia.

00:55:01.410 --> 00:55:11.310 Tawny Farber: I I just love that you portrayed it in a way that I didn't even I I just assumed that he was somewhere, you know, on the autistic spectrum that.

00:55:12.810 --> 00:55:16.440 Tawny Farber: Because he was he was portrayed as so in like.

00:55:18.780 --> 00:55:27.600 Tawny Farber: Intelligent when he you know he could pick out the book page and stuff like that So for me I just thought it was so wonderful that.

00:55:29.220 --> 00:55:37.560 Tawny Farber: You you could see he was suffering, but you didn't know from what so it was almost like you were put in that same world that he was in.

00:55:38.880 --> 00:55:43.110 Tawny Farber: And it wasn't portrayed, you know as the the typical you know.

00:55:44.010 --> 00:55:53.010 Tawny Farber: Hollywood schizophrenia or whatever I just like that you he almost played the character, like you, you just understood what it was like to be him.

00:55:53.460 --> 00:56:05.910 Tawny Farber: And I think that that carried way more weight with you know understanding the characters and how they related to each other so yeah that that whole scene, that was that was definitely one of my favorites.

00:56:06.000 --> 00:56:13.830 Albert Dabah: Well, thank you yeah yeah I, in short, rabbit Ramos, who played on my brother.

00:56:14.760 --> 00:56:19.470 Albert Dabah: When I auditioned to me said how do I place gets a frantic and I said don't even think of the words get the frantic.

00:56:19.890 --> 00:56:31.560 Albert Dabah: You know, you have the script yeah I told him a little bit about himself and he talked very little he read books and listen to music and he was very intelligent and he just you know I said just have fun with it take it slow.

00:56:31.860 --> 00:56:38.910 Albert Dabah: yeah anyway um it we're coming to the end it's been a pleasure tani talking to you tonight.

00:56:40.650 --> 00:56:41.340 Albert Dabah: So.

00:56:43.380 --> 00:56:47.010 Albert Dabah: If people want to reach out to where would they go if they have any questions about.

00:56:47.970 --> 00:57:04.650 Tawny Farber: um well I my email I guess i'm on Twitter at tf 24601 i'm on Facebook tani farber I, I have a blog but it's pathetic and small and that's everything is.

00:57:06.270 --> 00:57:11.460 Tawny Farber: it's it's been my sort of online handle since I was in my 20s.

00:57:13.560 --> 00:57:22.680 Tawny Farber: As I read lame is as a as a young adult and that that book has stuck with me through my whole life I named one of my kids epiphanies after it so.

00:57:24.510 --> 00:57:30.360 Tawny Farber: yeah and then I write for set the tape calm their UK publication.

00:57:31.590 --> 00:57:38.220 Tawny Farber: That they review movies and music and comic books pretty much anything entertainment we review.

00:57:39.420 --> 00:57:40.680 Tawny Farber: So yeah that's.

00:57:41.010 --> 00:57:54.540 Albert Dabah: Great alright well Tony Thank you so much again extra innings covering all the bases and you can watch extra innings on Amazon prime will be back next Monday night with rabbi Moshe East Thank you so much, have a good evening.

00:57:55.410 --> 00:57:57.540 Tawny Farber: thanks for having me bye bye.

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