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Friday, March 5, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/05 - Strong, Smart, & Bold Girls of Long Island

Facebook Live Video from 2021/03/05 - Strong, Smart, & Bold Girls of Long Island


2021/03/05 - Strong, Smart, & Bold Girls of Long Island

[NEW EPISODE] Strong, Smart, & Bold Girls of Long Island

This week, Tommy interviews Renee Daniel Flagler, covering exciting topics that relate to empowering young girls. Flagler is the Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Long Island, whose mission is to empower girls to be strong, smart and bold. Renee is also an award-winning writer, adjunct professor, and a speaker who is passionate about encouraging women and youth to pursue their passion and purpose. Renee advocates for youth both in the United States and abroad.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy introduces himself from his attic and introduces his guest Renee Daniel Flagler - an award winning writer, a professor, a speaker who is passionate about motivating women and the youth to pursue their passions and their individual purposes. Renee has published several books over her career, even a few romance novels under the Pen name Nickki Knight. One of her books ‘Society Wives is now being auctioned for a show and has now published another book called “Dream Journey.” Renne has facilitated literacy groups, developed curriculums and teaches creative writing to people whose ages range through kindergarten to college. Renne is the executive director of ‘Girls Inc’ Long Island - ‘Girls Inc’ is driven to empower girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Renne dives right in and tells the audience about how she was an avid reader growing up, she spoke about how her passion for reading led her into being an author. However writing - even though it was therapeutic it was not something Renne focused on, until she did - and now Renne Daniel Flagler has 20 books. Renne started helping the community by teaching people how to write - it was a slow start but eventually she was doing all sorts of writing sessions. She was always passionate about helping youth that were labeled as disadvantaged, she worked with them from group homes to detention centers, from the prison systems to the writing camps of the Upper East Siders. When it came to working with ‘Girls Inc’ it was an easy answer for Renee, as she was extremely passionate about the cause.

Segment 2

The two dive right in by talking about how Renee accepted the job - Renee said she was not chasing a title, she was trying to find fulfilment in her work. Renee gives the audience a little insight on how the organization shows the girls they inspire about leadership. Girls Inc works hard to inspire the girls in their program to change the narrative on who a leader can be - they work hard to show girls that they are the leaders of their own lives. After doing a national study on how girls lead, Girls Inc want to use that information to reveal women's strength - these young ladies have the motive to flourish and shine, and they need to be given the information, the tools and a push to really reach their true potential. Renee continues to tell the listeners a story about her experience with a young lady from the program; she briefly describes the experience about a girl who was a completely introverted, until she went through the Girls Inc program. Renee said after the student went through the program she was going on stages talking about her experience with Girls Inc, she was introducing herself to donors and sponsors, she was a changed young lady.

Segment 3

The two dive right in breaking down what goes on inside Girls Inc; When the organization says ‘strong’ they mean young ladies who are mentally strong, physically strong, emotionally strong, health wise strong. When the organization says ‘smart’, they intend to help the young ladies enrich their lives academically, educationally and focus on exposing girls to opportunities in STEM. When the organization says bold they mean, any and every life skill - this teaches them about media literacy, economic and financial literacy, cyberbullying, professional development, advocacy (and advocating for themselves). However Renee pushes that you need to give them the belief that they can do anything along with the tools other wise the young ladies will not be motivated to achieve. The nonprofit is open to reaching out to all girls but it specifically targets girls who are from or grew up in low income/under resourced communities.

Segment 4

The two dive right in to talk about the event ‘Girls Inc’ is hosting in a couple of weeks. Renee talks about how this event is themed around ‘The Resilience of the Girl’ - the event will be filled with women who represent and personify resilience, women from all walks of life will talk about their experience and strength from a range of professional fields. Renee presses that girls need strength, and they women know that they are strong as the patriarchal mindsets of the world continue to push a suppressive narrative about women. Tommy closes out the show and tells the audience how to get connected to Girls Inc, and queues Always Freyday.


00:00:25.590 --> 00:00:32.760 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Tell me that's my theme song, that means it's 10am Eastern standard time and i'm coming at you from the top of my house.

00:00:33.330 --> 00:00:39.960 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: just below the roof that's right Tommy days in the attic the nonprofit sector connector is in the attic every Friday morning.

00:00:40.680 --> 00:00:49.980 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: At 10am and I like to get my guests to chuckle right out of the gate, so I think I got a little bit out of my guests there so here's what we're looking to do every single week you come through the Program.

00:00:50.580 --> 00:00:58.200 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: My biggest to meet me in the attic who runs or founded a nonprofit organization and today is no different than the other week and i'm super excited.

00:00:58.620 --> 00:01:03.570 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And i'll tell you this, one of the cool things about being Tommy D is that funny little third person their gang.

00:01:03.870 --> 00:01:13.500 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: But one of the fun things about being Tommy do is I get to hang out with really cool people who really cool things and today i'm super excited i'm going to before I even, let me say hello to my guests, before I.

00:01:13.890 --> 00:01:25.710 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: introduce into the bio renee come off mute say hello to me how are your name flagler renee Daniel flagler executive director of girls Inc and many, many other things which we've been talking about but good morning, my friend, how are you good.

00:01:25.740 --> 00:01:28.590 Renee Flagler: morning Good morning, I am fabulous.

00:01:29.400 --> 00:01:32.460 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I knew listen I knew we would pump up the energy in the attic today when.

00:01:33.720 --> 00:01:39.120 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I knew it we're gonna have we're gonna have so much fun today really thanks for being here, I am going to read your bio and then i'm going to talk a little bit.

00:01:39.540 --> 00:01:45.960 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: About girls Inc and then we're just going to jump into a conversation I want you to tell me the story cool yes right on alright cool so.

00:01:46.320 --> 00:01:56.040 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: My friend renee Daniel flagler is an award winning writer adjunct professor at a speaker who is passionate about encouraging women in the youth to pursue their passion and purpose.

00:01:56.490 --> 00:02:02.640 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Over the years, renee has published multiple fiction books, including several romance novels under the pen name Nikki night.

00:02:03.360 --> 00:02:15.750 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: rene's book society wives has been an option for a film I don't even know if I knew that that's exciting to talk about that maybe to that might be another show renee also is working on it says here, but I know dream journeys finished now right dream journeys is.

00:02:17.130 --> 00:02:25.710 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Jim Jim journey is out so she just showed the book shows, one more time dream journey and it says seven steps to turning your passion into your lifestyle, I need to read that book.

00:02:25.740 --> 00:02:26.880 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Because this is.

00:02:27.150 --> 00:02:35.220 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Look, this is my passion, I get fired up about doing this all week, the problem is, I do other things I need to just just do this shout out to the universe, this is what time, you should be doing.

00:02:35.970 --> 00:02:46.560 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: She is often called upon to speak in into groups of women and young people about finding their passion and purpose and to fulfill her passion for teaching the written word renee facilitates literacy groups.

00:02:47.520 --> 00:02:55.080 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: develops curriculum and teaches creative writing to students from kindergarten to college so exciting big stuff you.

00:02:55.410 --> 00:03:03.360 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: will never tackle everything I wanted to talk about today, but here's what we are going to really do best to focus on is renee his role as Executive Director of girls Inc.

00:03:03.870 --> 00:03:12.870 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: of long island the mission of girls Inc is to empower girls to be strong, smart involved and I talked about that, whenever I talk about and plus I want my red talk for girls and because.

00:03:14.010 --> 00:03:19.710 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I did it, I have the red jacket, or maybe for another segment i'll bring the red jacket out of the attic closet and put it on it's my dream is.

00:03:20.580 --> 00:03:25.320 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You, I see that i've got my famous red velvet i'm going to go with i'll pull up pull it out of the clouds in a bit.

00:03:25.620 --> 00:03:31.800 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So listen you guys know i'm so passionate about this sector, you know this is important to me, you know, every week we're going to interview another leader renee.

00:03:32.130 --> 00:03:37.680 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: What I want to really do is just let's get started in the conversation, the first time, when we were doing and I was like doing these.

00:03:37.950 --> 00:03:43.530 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Fake versions of this podcast back in you know back in the summertime you were one of my friends who said to me i'll do it i'm in.

00:03:43.950 --> 00:03:54.330 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And we went back where i'm going to go as far back as we did then, but you started to tell me about just your interest in reading and your interest in you know, there was a book, you went around the whole district and read the book and stuff like that.

00:03:54.870 --> 00:04:01.200 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Tell me about that real quick if we could just anecdotally and then let's let's dive into your background and what drew you to girls think.

00:04:01.530 --> 00:04:15.930 Renee Flagler: So so okay my thing is, I was a huge avid reader when I was a kid and I later on became an author and I always say that your passion leaves clues right you.

00:04:16.710 --> 00:04:23.460 Renee Flagler: pursue things you do things and then you know you find out one day like wow i'm really, really, really passionate about that, and my earliest memory.

00:04:23.910 --> 00:04:32.940 Renee Flagler: of me like really connecting with words, was what you just talked about, I was in second grade I memorized an entire book like who does that and memorize them entire book.

00:04:33.300 --> 00:04:40.380 Renee Flagler: And I performed in a storytelling contest retelling that book and I won the story telling contest and went on to represent the district.

00:04:40.800 --> 00:04:53.220 Renee Flagler: So reading words passion, I mean writing has always been a passion of mine and I went through a transition, as we all do right in and in 2000.

00:04:53.700 --> 00:05:01.680 Renee Flagler: I would say early to mid 2000s and that's when I discovered that writing just wasn't something I like to do it was therapeutic I enjoyed it.

00:05:02.370 --> 00:05:12.090 Renee Flagler: Identity college i'd written, like everything that was the right i'm an award winning journalist ever books, I wrote screenplays I did I just I just enjoyed writing I went to school for.

00:05:13.020 --> 00:05:22.230 Renee Flagler: communications and TV I took journalism everything, but it was in mid the MID 2000s were early to mid 2004 I realized that passion was writing.

00:05:23.100 --> 00:05:41.340 Renee Flagler: My passion was writing right it wasn't just something I like to do and I decided, I wanted to go give it a try and let me give it a whirl let me see what can happen if I really focused on this thing and I pursued the opportunity to publish my first book and now I have 20 books.

00:05:41.670 --> 00:05:42.300 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Many books.

00:05:44.160 --> 00:05:46.560 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: If you're listening in this is a point when you guys should clap.

00:05:48.870 --> 00:05:51.060 Renee Flagler: What don't you have that little button, where you can.

00:05:51.390 --> 00:05:54.120 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I don't have that I have the the you're on new mug.

00:05:54.240 --> 00:05:55.800 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: That my French we Sharma game.

00:05:56.820 --> 00:06:04.380 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: yeah yeah I have to talk to my friend Sri he hooked me up she got it from me on my birthday sent it to my house and was so special and there is not a meeting that it does not.

00:06:04.740 --> 00:06:06.090 Come to utilization because.

00:06:08.400 --> 00:06:11.820 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Somebody is always on mute somebody is always on mute, in fact, sometimes i'm the guy on you.

00:06:12.780 --> 00:06:23.700 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Sometimes people wish I was the guy on mute but now you hahaha no but you're here today because you want to listen to me gang so I guess i'll stay off mute alright so renee what first of all I love that and I.

00:06:24.210 --> 00:06:33.720 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: i'll tell another quick story about us so couple weeks ago I get off a meeting it's like 745 at night and i'm up here in the attic obviously and I go sit on the floor and I grabbed my phone and it says.

00:06:34.560 --> 00:06:40.290 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: renee is going live on instagram so i'm like oh cool like I don't know what that is right so i'm on the instagram I go there.

00:06:40.650 --> 00:06:49.110 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And it says asked rene to join so i'm thinking it's like i'm asking like to come into the room and whatever, so I do and then all of a sudden my online instagram with you and I don't even know what we're going to.

00:06:49.320 --> 00:06:55.080 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Talk about fortunately I had a dance pretty well, so we were able to get through conversation around I think we're on strategy and leadership.

00:06:56.250 --> 00:07:06.090 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So I didn't know that so it's funny because then, last night I saw you on the instagram and I watched again, but I didn't I didn't push the wrong button, this time because I wasn't prepared to just kind of speak, because it was kind of late.

00:07:06.510 --> 00:07:15.780 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: But so so let's talk about let's let's talk about that passion, because I know that passion is what's going to lead into the conversation around girls Inc so talk to me about.

00:07:16.230 --> 00:07:22.980 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: where's that How does that passion drive into your commitment to young women and really how did you get to girls and tell me that story.

00:07:23.820 --> 00:07:24.780 Renee Flagler: You got it so.

00:07:25.980 --> 00:07:31.500 Renee Flagler: I decided at some point I wanted to just do what I was passionate about and that's kind of where the book comes from.

00:07:32.010 --> 00:07:42.030 Renee Flagler: I wanted to do work that I was really passionate about and I wanted that to be like my primary source of income, I didn't want to like relegate my passion to.

00:07:42.390 --> 00:07:46.590 Renee Flagler: A hobby here and there, I wanted to work in the things that I was passionate about.

00:07:47.220 --> 00:08:00.660 Renee Flagler: So when I started working when I became an author I would often be asked to go to events or takes, especially to speak to young people, especially in black and brown communities, because you know they would say.

00:08:01.200 --> 00:08:07.860 Renee Flagler: You know our kids never met a black author and never met never met an author that look like them, and you know it would be great if you can come talk to them.

00:08:08.580 --> 00:08:23.040 Renee Flagler: That actually led to me doing writing sessions with young people in all kinds of environments and one of the first ones that I did I was contracted by the city of New York to work with a group of girls at.

00:08:23.820 --> 00:08:34.410 Renee Flagler: This place called I forget exactly the name, I think it was a victory house, but it was like a home for girls who were runaways or pregnant teens you know.

00:08:34.800 --> 00:08:43.920 Renee Flagler: a place where girls had just been kind of outcasts and I went there and I started working with these girls, the first couple times I came in, it was kind of like who is this lady and what does she want with us.

00:08:44.460 --> 00:08:54.030 Renee Flagler: But by the time we went through several weeks of journaling together writing me teaching them writing techniques and just sharing my level of words and stuff with them, by the time it was over.

00:08:54.360 --> 00:08:59.160 Renee Flagler: They didn't want me to leave and I didn't want them to leave and I through that I discovered that I had a second passion.

00:08:59.970 --> 00:09:11.820 Renee Flagler: I was always very helpful, but my other passion was working with youth, especially youth of all youth right, but especially youth that are often labeled as disadvantage, which I hate that word right.

00:09:12.720 --> 00:09:18.270 Renee Flagler: You know, we just need to give them advantages opportunities and that became.

00:09:18.930 --> 00:09:26.520 Renee Flagler: Really, I mean that that touched me in a way, and I was like I want to do more of this, so I want to do more of what I love, I want to be able to write, and I want to find a way.

00:09:26.820 --> 00:09:32.130 Renee Flagler: To take that writing like teaching and all of that stuff everything that was surrounding the world of writing.

00:09:32.940 --> 00:09:37.620 Renee Flagler: And I want to use that with youth, I want to do it in a way that helps people and lifts people up.

00:09:38.370 --> 00:09:49.260 Renee Flagler: And that sparked my just to the joy that I got from working with youth, and so I started the transition that leaving the corporate world and going into.

00:09:49.860 --> 00:10:06.180 Renee Flagler: took a little while but going into the nonprofit world full time where I would work with youth in all kinds of environments New York City public school system detention centers drug treatment centers group home environments.

00:10:07.830 --> 00:10:13.350 Renee Flagler: Like everything what what you name it, you know I worked with with children who were.

00:10:14.100 --> 00:10:24.750 Renee Flagler: In the prison system to children on the upper East side who were going to writing camps, and you know at Indian head and you know they would be canoeing at one point and sitting in a writing session at another point.

00:10:25.650 --> 00:10:34.170 Renee Flagler: And I said, this is what this is it, this is, I found my sweet spot in life, this is what I want to make a career out of you know, I had enough career.

00:10:34.620 --> 00:10:39.600 Renee Flagler: Corporate background to figure things out, I was always very strategic and.

00:10:40.110 --> 00:10:47.940 Renee Flagler: I knew that strategy had always been a key to my success so when I was running a department or running a company being strategic made it happen, so I was strategic and I said.

00:10:48.210 --> 00:10:51.810 Renee Flagler: This is a life, I want to create for myself and that's how I got into nonprofit.

00:10:52.170 --> 00:11:00.570 Renee Flagler: So i've been working for several years in New York City with nonprofit organizations, of course, New York City, as well as teaching writing as a writing and a writer in residence.

00:11:01.260 --> 00:11:08.040 Renee Flagler: And you know some consulting work and everything else to kind of just fill the gaps, because now i'm pursuing my passion so i'm not getting paid as much as I used to.

00:11:08.700 --> 00:11:10.800 Renee Flagler: Right um but then.

00:11:11.820 --> 00:11:24.570 Renee Flagler: The opportunity came to work with girls Inc and I was like this is really ideal I love working with youth and I especially love working with young girls, because I can relate to them, you know, on a whole different level.

00:11:24.990 --> 00:11:30.150 Renee Flagler: And with the work that I was doing before I was kind of you know, I was maybe in brooklyn one day and.

00:11:30.600 --> 00:11:41.490 Renee Flagler: traveling from long island and brooklyn one day and bronx the next day and hit the eight platform and I had to think is it when there was a Tuesday, because there was mad I was going on a train in this direction, or that direction.

00:11:42.750 --> 00:11:51.210 Renee Flagler: I got on in the wrong direction on the wrong day and then, when the opportunity came to come to girls and get everything that I was looking for I was you know.

00:11:52.380 --> 00:11:58.470 Renee Flagler: Running programming I knew how to run programming developing curriculum I knew how to develop curriculum i'm working with.

00:11:58.950 --> 00:12:12.660 Renee Flagler: Young people, a mission of of empowering and inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold that's what I wanted to do that, like my life's work, so it was a perfect opportunity and literally I went from applying for the job to being made an offer within 48 hours.

00:12:12.750 --> 00:12:19.590 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: home run you know listen when it's a dual right fit that's the way it's supposed to go right you love them they love you let's just do this thing right yeah.

00:12:19.650 --> 00:12:28.650 Renee Flagler: It was just it was amazing and I consider myself i've considered an honor and a privilege to be able to be the Executive Director of this organization, because of the amazing work.

00:12:29.010 --> 00:12:37.350 Renee Flagler: That is done we're connected to an amazing network of girls Inc all across the country and in Canada, so this is this is like a dream job.

00:12:37.980 --> 00:12:52.440 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: When you swim yes, I love that because, again finding your passion that booking industry and journey, this is your dream you found that wait a line what's what's inside for you and what you can really do to to make an impact on the external world but I mean you win remember.

00:12:52.860 --> 00:12:53.490 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Charlie Sheen.

00:12:53.670 --> 00:13:03.930 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: winning like your friggin winning you know what i'm saying like this is like the deal like it's it's so cool I want to spend another minute on something you didn't go to girls Inc as the ED Is that correct.

00:13:04.500 --> 00:13:05.310 Renee Flagler: I did not.

00:13:05.490 --> 00:13:07.200 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: yeah tell me about that girls Inc.

00:13:07.260 --> 00:13:09.390 Renee Flagler: As the program manager.

00:13:09.480 --> 00:13:17.940 Renee Flagler: Okay, and I had in mind you, my previous career had been marketing I was you know I had my eye on the C suite I wanted to be the chief.

00:13:17.970 --> 00:13:18.840 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Marketing officer.

00:13:18.870 --> 00:13:29.700 Renee Flagler: done marketing for large corporations verizon all kinds of stuff when I decided to shift I knew that it was going to you know it wasn't about a title at that point, it was about doing work that I loved and that fed me.

00:13:29.910 --> 00:13:30.270 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Right so.

00:13:30.690 --> 00:13:39.060 Renee Flagler: I came into girls Inc as a program manager and absolutely love my work, working with the girls managing all the programming some you know scheduling the partnerships all of that stuff.

00:13:40.230 --> 00:13:48.480 Renee Flagler: And my fearless leader that was part of the organization, when I got there neal a locker with the ED she's now the CEO of American Red Cross long island.

00:13:50.100 --> 00:13:53.910 Renee Flagler: And when she when I was there for.

00:13:55.260 --> 00:14:08.130 Renee Flagler: I would say a little over six months, she came to me, and she let me know that she had received an offer, and that she would be leaving the organization and asked Would I be interested in taking her position.

00:14:09.000 --> 00:14:22.230 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: hold on don't tell me what you said let's let's keep everybody suspense will suspect we're going to take a break, so when we come back we'll find out did renee take the executive director role I don't know folks introduced it that way, but we'll figure out.

00:14:22.410 --> 00:14:22.560 If.

00:14:24.780 --> 00:14:27.810 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: it's your body Tommy do you one last question before we go to break really do you sing.

00:14:29.010 --> 00:14:29.610 Renee Flagler: A little bit.

00:14:29.730 --> 00:14:34.260 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: All right, because they have a theme song and, last week I had my friend tie in the sound from the nonprofit New York.

00:14:34.500 --> 00:14:41.460 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And by the third segment when the second second she said she wouldn't sing and then we sung that the theme song a little bit later on, so we'll see if I should.

00:14:42.300 --> 00:14:49.950 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: be all right it's starting to get going from the adequate a flag girls Inc of long island my friend my buddy my Pal see you guys back in two minutes.

00:17:43.230 --> 00:17:50.850 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: God through all the static and you're in your boy Tommy D in the attic every Friday morning 10am join me in the attic today renee flagler has.

00:17:51.300 --> 00:17:57.990 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: made the effort and decided to join me in the attic so you heard the lyrics there, so we will try, maybe we'll sing later on together in a.

00:17:58.560 --> 00:18:09.960 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: But it's nonprofits need connections to move in the right direction, so cut through all the static and join your boy in the attic that's right Tommy every Friday morning renee so did you take the easy job we kept everybody in suspense.

00:18:12.300 --> 00:18:13.470 Renee Flagler: Yes, what I did.

00:18:13.740 --> 00:18:14.190 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: A good.

00:18:15.870 --> 00:18:24.480 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Job so you took the job obviously right, I mean, obviously we know it already in his historically, but obviously because it made sense for you right yes yeah so.

00:18:25.200 --> 00:18:33.750 Renee Flagler: Well, you don't want to tell you something yeah um I had to think about it at first, because and my executive director at the time was a little like why.

00:18:35.070 --> 00:18:35.430 Renee Flagler: You know.

00:18:36.510 --> 00:18:43.680 Renee Flagler: When she came to me, I was like this sounds like an amazing opportunity, but I have, I was in a different mindset at this.

00:18:44.700 --> 00:18:48.300 Renee Flagler: I was the days of chasing titles with behind.

00:18:48.570 --> 00:18:49.080 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Right.

00:18:49.260 --> 00:18:51.330 Renee Flagler: I was chasing fulfillment right.

00:18:51.930 --> 00:19:03.780 Renee Flagler: So I didn't want to position because it sounded good I didn't want to position because it was a cushy title or I didn't want any of that I wanted meaningful work and I was doing meaningful work and I was loving what I did as program manager.

00:19:04.710 --> 00:19:14.520 Renee Flagler: So I knew that taking the role of ED would have what would make me have to back up from working directly with the girls mostly.

00:19:14.700 --> 00:19:15.510 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: um and.

00:19:15.660 --> 00:19:24.120 Renee Flagler: You know, take on a more executive role now granted I could do that i've been an entrepreneur I had you know my book business at that point for over a decade right.

00:19:25.320 --> 00:19:36.780 Renee Flagler: I also had executive positions you know management lead management level positions in you know large companies like verizon and just various companies, so the job, the work wasn't a problem.

00:19:36.870 --> 00:19:37.170 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Right.

00:19:37.290 --> 00:19:40.680 Renee Flagler: It was, am I still going to be fulfilled, am I going to feel like i'm really.

00:19:41.490 --> 00:19:47.550 Renee Flagler: You know, giving these girls everything I got and and serving them I needed to see how as Executive Director.

00:19:47.940 --> 00:19:53.460 Renee Flagler: I could be a true service to them, so I had to take time to think about it, because I was like i'm not.

00:19:53.940 --> 00:20:02.610 Renee Flagler: excited about just having a title, I want to do the work right, so I had to take some time to think about in the role of executive director.

00:20:03.150 --> 00:20:18.660 Renee Flagler: How do I Brett best bring impact, how do I best serve the girls, what can I do, that is meaningful for them and meaningful for me because that's what i'm here for, and when I kind of evaluated the opportunity.

00:20:19.170 --> 00:20:27.720 Renee Flagler: and looked at it from a perspective of actually I could actually do more for the girls in this role, then i'm even doing for the girls in the role that I was in.

00:20:28.440 --> 00:20:35.730 Renee Flagler: I can create opportunities, I can kind of steer the ship and bring on new partnerships, but I can do all these things.

00:20:36.060 --> 00:20:50.940 Renee Flagler: That would help serve the mission and some sort of the girls, and when I was able to answer that question for myself that's when I decided okay i'll go ahead and throw my hat in the ring for that opportunity me while I was kind of like girl like what's happening here like.

00:20:51.510 --> 00:20:54.870 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: This is your gig, what are we doing here like this is for you yeah.

00:20:56.670 --> 00:21:10.080 Renee Flagler: it's a couple of months for it to actually kind of fall into place, but it was in February of 2017 that I officially stepped into the role of executive director of girls Inc of long island and I don't regret one second I love.

00:21:10.680 --> 00:21:14.610 Renee Flagler: Every minute of it, this is a privilege this job is a privilege to do.

00:21:15.090 --> 00:21:20.070 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So how much, first of all, incredibly inspiring, obviously, and you know.

00:21:21.360 --> 00:21:24.030 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: it's funny I mentioned a couple weeks ago.

00:21:25.860 --> 00:21:31.590 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: That I haven't had i've only had one man on the program as a guest it's been mostly women.

00:21:33.330 --> 00:21:40.110 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And I, and I guess that's it might just be a testament to nonprofit in the sector that there's many women leading organizations, maybe that's part of it.

00:21:40.440 --> 00:21:46.500 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Or maybe it's just part of who I hang around with the new my friends i'm not real sure I don't even know even need to analyze it, but the point of it is.

00:21:47.130 --> 00:21:56.760 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Just the fact that you're at the helm of this organization unto itself, I believe, is inspiring these young women and you're in i've met most of your team, and most of your team are again women.

00:21:57.150 --> 00:22:05.970 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Strong women in powerful positions that are making an impact isn't that inspiring as a father, yes, I have two sons, but I also have two daughters and as a father of two daughters.

00:22:06.360 --> 00:22:17.670 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: it's what when I first met you I don't you may not remember but we're at the imagine awards, this is before our firm vanguard insurance agency which i've never mentioned on the show that's that's what we do for business gang but we.

00:22:19.710 --> 00:22:30.150 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: were sitting beside each other, you and your crew and your board I think you're sitting one team on were like way in the back vanguard guys and and when I got up and I saw you and your team get you won the war that year.

00:22:30.600 --> 00:22:40.170 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And I was like I don't even know really understand what you guys do but girls Inc the whole thing, it makes sense to me I got two daughters I gotta figure out what you guys are all about and I was like take a picture with me and we took a picture.

00:22:42.060 --> 00:22:43.170 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Which now you know Tommy do.

00:22:44.100 --> 00:22:45.300 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: But we were.

00:22:45.480 --> 00:22:47.520 Renee Flagler: I was, I was terrible because.

00:22:47.730 --> 00:22:48.660 Renee Flagler: i'll check out the picture.

00:22:48.930 --> 00:22:49.530 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: We don't know.

00:22:50.010 --> 00:22:54.150 Renee Flagler: When, and you know we're up against some amazing organization.

00:22:54.240 --> 00:22:59.370 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You always saw though in that it's the imagine award shout our kids really long imagine what is the committee, the whole thing.

00:22:59.790 --> 00:23:00.840 Renee Flagler: So did.

00:23:01.050 --> 00:23:06.840 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So again, you run an incredible organization to talk to me about the impact that.

00:23:07.320 --> 00:23:12.630 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: That again it's oh didn't mention this year it's women's history month what what a way to start off having you here today right.

00:23:12.990 --> 00:23:21.660 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So tell me about how that whole leadership plays into what the girls see and the impact that makes and then we'll start to talk about programs and things but.

00:23:22.020 --> 00:23:22.320 Renee Flagler: I just.

00:23:22.470 --> 00:23:29.130 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I got imagine just the seeing these these women running the organization's gotta be inspiring to these young girls.

00:23:29.820 --> 00:23:44.130 Renee Flagler: Absolutely so leadership and showing girls what leadership looks like is extremely important it's it's very important to help prepare them for a successful future because, whether you ever make it to CEO or ED you know, like my role.

00:23:44.460 --> 00:23:53.130 Renee Flagler: or whether you are, you know, in a management executive level whatever you are the leader of your life, you have to make decisions, all the time.

00:23:53.640 --> 00:24:04.410 Renee Flagler: big decisions small decisions, decisions that impact, a little decisions that impact a lot and we actually nationally have recently done a study.

00:24:05.220 --> 00:24:14.550 Renee Flagler: on how girls lead and it revealed some really interesting information about how women are unique as leaders so it's important for us to be able to take that information.

00:24:14.910 --> 00:24:26.040 Renee Flagler: and share that with the girls show them what leadership looks like and show them their own inherent strength and how they can bring that to the table to lead people friends organizations.

00:24:26.370 --> 00:24:42.120 Renee Flagler: Efforts causes advocacy their own lives, so leadership is and there's so many attributes of leadership that really comes from the person they're natural and if you know how to I call them superpowers and you think about.

00:24:42.840 --> 00:24:47.100 Renee Flagler: What does that show oh my God, a big the name of it is you know where the mutants come on excellent.

00:24:47.640 --> 00:24:49.440 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: avengers or something like that excellent yeah.

00:24:49.500 --> 00:24:56.280 Renee Flagler: yeah think about before they went to the school right they had these superpowers, that they were wielding and they didn't really know how to manage them.

00:24:56.790 --> 00:25:00.240 Renee Flagler: that's leadership we have these inept inherit superpowers.

00:25:00.630 --> 00:25:10.800 Renee Flagler: And we have to be taught how to develop them so that we can use them for good, so that we can use them for impact so that's kind of what we do with the girls right, so we show them.

00:25:11.130 --> 00:25:26.670 Renee Flagler: What they have inside of them we show them like that's leadership that right there, so people look at them, sometimes it and if they if they have big personalities, you know they try to kind of like you know calm down a little girl, no, no that's that's a huge attribute of leadership.

00:25:26.790 --> 00:25:30.930 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So when we say that for a second let's say right on that point is, I think that's awesome there so.

00:25:31.200 --> 00:25:31.410 yeah.

00:25:32.490 --> 00:25:38.340 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I think that's like a societal thing, whether it's male or female boys girls whatever bit, but you know.

00:25:39.960 --> 00:25:45.330 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I feel like the people, children will push down, no, no, no don't act out, you know don't don't do that so.

00:25:46.680 --> 00:25:53.100 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And that's the juice man like that's the whole thing like this, this shenanigans that I do the antics that Tommy D all this stuff.

00:25:53.400 --> 00:26:04.110 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Like it's it's it's this important persona not because it's about me because I get to leverage it for other things like cool things like having girls link on the show and having all these nonprofits come on right.

00:26:04.380 --> 00:26:13.980 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And amplifying the message, and I know why i'm doing it all, so these young ladies, as you talk about they have this opportunity to really flourish or shine and.

00:26:14.370 --> 00:26:19.380 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Girls Inc if i'm understanding correctly from my experience with your organization is helps them.

00:26:20.310 --> 00:26:31.890 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Open up helps them have this you know this superpower and you're right it's it's the X men and how the superpower, you know what and so talk to me and give me some anecdotes how how we've seen that from the organization.

00:26:32.700 --> 00:26:40.530 Renee Flagler: i'm on this one okay there's one specific girl, I remember when I first came into the Ad role, and I would go visit schools, because that's.

00:26:41.070 --> 00:26:49.410 Renee Flagler: yeah I love being able to be with the girls so what's it is it a particular schools in patchogue and there was this amazing young lady when I first met her.

00:26:49.440 --> 00:26:49.770 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I would.

00:26:49.830 --> 00:26:58.080 Renee Flagler: You know, come into the school and the facilitators will be doing their thing, and I would come around and talk to girls and say hello, and I said hello to her and she kind of just like this.

00:26:58.740 --> 00:27:02.880 Renee Flagler: And whenever you speak to us, you just if you heard her say hi it was a good day.

00:27:03.120 --> 00:27:03.390 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Right.

00:27:03.600 --> 00:27:06.180 Renee Flagler: He said hi it was it would be so low like her, you know.

00:27:07.320 --> 00:27:16.590 Renee Flagler: And I was like wow you know see she's shy shy introverted she was totally in her show okay fast forward she's gone through the girls in program for two years.

00:27:18.660 --> 00:27:25.680 Renee Flagler: In 20 our last what was the 2019 and we were able to have a lot less successful Gala.

00:27:26.220 --> 00:27:41.130 Renee Flagler: In 2019 at the Gala she was one of our scholarship recipients when I tell you, she was outgoing I was introducing her to funders to board members and she was proudly boldly hello, I don't want to say her name so i'll just.

00:27:42.720 --> 00:27:47.340 Renee Flagler: hi my name is Adam Smith it's a pleasure to meet you she held out her hand and she shook her hand.

00:27:47.580 --> 00:27:55.350 Renee Flagler: And me the bumbling idiot that I am stood there and cry because I remember when I met this girl, and she would barely speak to the people in the room, with her.

00:27:55.950 --> 00:28:13.440 Renee Flagler: And not only did she go to that Gala and stand on that stage and speak and tell her story, but she actually went with us to the national events and stood on the stage at the national event in front of like 600 people and she spoke about the impact of girls in on her life.

00:28:14.010 --> 00:28:19.590 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: In it, so I was out that Gala and I think I remember exactly who you're talking about and I brought my daughter to that Gala.

00:28:20.070 --> 00:28:30.150 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And you say bumbling idiot because you're crying I I make a plan, I only cry once a month on program so you got me like the goosebumps over here but i'm not going to get two machines talk crying well, we got two segments left, maybe, who knows.

00:28:30.450 --> 00:28:34.500 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: But, but the point of it is, is that the what an impact you.

00:28:35.340 --> 00:28:37.710 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: In literally changing.

00:28:37.980 --> 00:28:40.680 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: The trajectory of someone's life that's.

00:28:42.630 --> 00:28:44.580 Renee Flagler: going to school she's now in college she's.

00:28:45.210 --> 00:28:52.020 Renee Flagler: she's taken up computer science she learned stem through us, and she was like this is what I want to do and when I say that girl speaks up for herself.

00:28:52.230 --> 00:29:00.480 Renee Flagler: When I say she's smart she's strong she's bold she's going after her goals she's still involved with the organization, we can still call on her and say.

00:29:00.720 --> 00:29:06.180 Renee Flagler: hey girl we're doing this she's like i'm in i'm down who do you want me to talk to, what do you want me to help.

00:29:06.390 --> 00:29:16.890 Renee Flagler: she's not afraid to stand there talk to CEOs when I say this girl came out of her Shell completely and she is on fire, and she is amazing that's the type of transformation, we love to see.

00:29:17.190 --> 00:29:25.260 Renee Flagler: i'm talking for everything from grades to confidence to personality to leadership to developing their voices that's the impact.

00:29:25.620 --> 00:29:34.560 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: that's it so we're going to take another quick break gang but here's the thing right that to me, you made an incredible impact the organization made an incredible incredible impact on this young woman.

00:29:34.860 --> 00:29:44.640 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And that's awesome but guess what it doesn't stop it's the impact that she is now going to make for the next 4050 6080 years of her lifetime and how many.

00:29:44.850 --> 00:29:51.690 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: What is the ripple effect of what girls Inc did for her and what she's going to do, being someone who was shy and introverted perhaps.

00:29:51.960 --> 00:30:03.780 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: To now somebody who is who is a strong bold powerful smart woman right tell me hold that thought, because I want to talk more about that I want to talk about programs, we come back it's taught me the in the attic Ray flagler is here for a visit.

00:30:04.350 --> 00:30:06.870 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Thanks, for being here we're in a gang will be back in two minutes i'll see you soon.

00:30:08.370 --> 00:30:11.520 Listening to talk radio nyc.

00:32:51.300 --> 00:32:57.420 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: that's what you join me right by the roof just below the roof in the attic Tommy D coming at you from the attic no profit.

00:32:58.260 --> 00:33:03.060 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: wait for IT sector connector so I want to give a quick shout out to the folks checking in on the Facebook.

00:33:03.600 --> 00:33:07.680 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: debbie mew is checking in wi fi screwed up the pronunciation my bad i'm sorry.

00:33:08.100 --> 00:33:14.880 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Thanks for sending out the hearts and Steve fry the SMB guy who comes on the program comes on the show comes on the network, right after the time you show here.

00:33:15.510 --> 00:33:25.620 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So Steve fried thanks a lot appreciate you man so strong smarten bold renee renee flagler from girls Inc is here, in case you didn't know girls Inc of long island girls Inc of long, it was founded in 2005.

00:33:26.040 --> 00:33:36.030 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: With dates with roots dating back to 1894 and girls in response to that i'm reading gang right off the website response to the changing needs of girls in their communities.

00:33:36.510 --> 00:33:52.680 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Through implementation of research based programs and advocacy that empowers girls to reach their full potential and to understand value and assert their rights when they what is all about what does all that mean, how is that practically going on on long island and beyond.

00:33:53.550 --> 00:33:59.190 Renee Flagler: So girls eek our mission is fire goes to be strong, smart boat sounds good, what does that mean.

00:34:01.560 --> 00:34:10.650 Renee Flagler: Strong covers everything so basically the girl think experience is a comprehensive experience, where we speak to the whole girl.

00:34:11.370 --> 00:34:23.460 Renee Flagler: So strong mental emotional physical health and well being that includes sports physical fitness nutrition mind and body.

00:34:24.360 --> 00:34:35.970 Renee Flagler: Smart that includes everything that has anything to do with academic enrichment and education with a strong focus on exposing girls to opportunities in stem.

00:34:36.750 --> 00:34:51.720 Renee Flagler: Both that covers all the LIFE skills, financial, economic, literacy media literacy dealing with cyberbullying coping with life in different ways, leadership and Community action advocacy teaching them how to advocate for themselves.

00:34:52.200 --> 00:35:00.960 Renee Flagler: So it's really important that we speak to the whole girl, because if you give someone the skills to do something and they don't have the belief that they can do it.

00:35:01.230 --> 00:35:08.940 Renee Flagler: Or the confidence to step up and walk in that the skills won't serve them, so we speak to the whole girls growing up girl is hard.

00:35:09.420 --> 00:35:15.900 Renee Flagler: It always has been, and you know with the world that we live in there's a lot of gender disparities.

00:35:16.650 --> 00:35:27.810 Renee Flagler: there's a lot of gender inequities so we prepare our girls to go out there and take their rightful place while teaching the skills that they need to be successful, while supporting them academically.

00:35:28.020 --> 00:35:39.900 Renee Flagler: So our curriculum is designed to do that, to take in the whole girl, so that we can give them the tools that they need the access and opportunity and exposure that they need.

00:35:40.200 --> 00:35:46.290 Renee Flagler: and to help them find their inherent strength and to find their voice so that they can be all that they can be.

00:35:46.530 --> 00:35:55.650 Renee Flagler: And we're giving them hard skills were given them real skills, while at the same time creating a safe mentoring space where they feel comfortable in who they are.

00:35:55.890 --> 00:36:01.080 Renee Flagler: And we touch on those issues that may be some people don't want we're very unapologetic.

00:36:01.320 --> 00:36:10.080 Renee Flagler: about meeting the needs of girls there's nothing that we don't touch on because sometimes the issues that people don't want to touch on are the most important issues, impacting girls.

00:36:10.530 --> 00:36:17.100 Renee Flagler: You know, so we don't just do confidence, but we give we do confidence, and we do skills we have programs called the confidence project.

00:36:17.880 --> 00:36:24.150 Renee Flagler: We also touch on bullying and cyberbullying which is ruining you know some of the.

00:36:25.140 --> 00:36:38.790 Renee Flagler: Just the confidence of our girls and their emotional well being leading to things like suicide, so we serve all girls all girls, we also specifically target girls who are in communities that are under resourced.

00:36:39.870 --> 00:36:43.590 Renee Flagler: or low income, whether we know that there is a wider gap.

00:36:44.640 --> 00:37:03.030 Renee Flagler: For them to be able to reach success and our goal is to close that gap, our goal is to quote to break barriers for all girls to create opportunities to open doors and equip them for what they need so when they walked through those open doors that they are able to be successful.

00:37:05.220 --> 00:37:07.440 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Thank you for for going into the letter they're.

00:37:08.460 --> 00:37:18.060 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Really breaking this down because I run around going Charles Martin ball Charles Martin bold like because I because, like it's important but I don't i've never heard it broken down into to that level.

00:37:18.270 --> 00:37:24.360 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You know the mental emotional and physical well being academic on the you know the stem which I want to talk to you about in the SEC, but.

00:37:24.720 --> 00:37:29.730 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You know, and then the LIFE skills on the on the on the bold side, I mean you know.

00:37:30.360 --> 00:37:41.130 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I have two daughters and they need to be connected to this program you know, and my wife and I are both here raising them, but they need, they need this stuff too, so I I need to talk to you about getting them involved in some of these programs as well, but.

00:37:42.300 --> 00:37:52.470 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: talk to me about stem I think I mean maybe it's obvious to some people, but why is that so important, you know, especially for an organization like yours with working with young ladies.

00:37:53.640 --> 00:38:00.210 Renee Flagler: Well, statistics have shown us and i'm not going to quote specific like this percent but statistics, has shown us that.

00:38:00.660 --> 00:38:15.390 Renee Flagler: Girls are not necessarily pursuing careers in stem because they're not being encouraged to, so there is a gender gap when it comes to stem opportunities in stem fields right so it's a very male dominated industry.

00:38:15.660 --> 00:38:24.000 Renee Flagler: And that's because girls haven't traditionally been encouraged to pursue opportunities in stem and also, I should say Steve because it includes all right.

00:38:24.240 --> 00:38:24.480 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: yep.

00:38:24.900 --> 00:38:34.050 Renee Flagler: So stem for those who may not be familiar with the term is science, technology engineering and math steam science, technology engineering arts.

00:38:34.350 --> 00:38:41.520 Renee Flagler: And math right, so there is a gender gap when it comes to the opportunities available in stem.

00:38:41.730 --> 00:38:51.090 Renee Flagler: But there's also a talent and opportunity gap, so our goal is to help to build that talent and opportunity gap that currently exists in the field of stem.

00:38:51.270 --> 00:39:04.740 Renee Flagler: Because the job market is growing and growing because everything is going towards stem right So even if you go to the doctor or if you go to get surgery these days it's not necessarily just the doctor opening you up and doing things.

00:39:05.010 --> 00:39:15.900 Renee Flagler: There, they have to know coding, to an extent, you know they're operating on machinery it's robotics it's laser it's all these things so stem has entered into every field.

00:39:16.740 --> 00:39:17.010 So.

00:39:18.690 --> 00:39:20.010 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So let me ask you this is it.

00:39:21.090 --> 00:39:30.480 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So it's not lack of interest on on the female was part of you know, women or young girls its lack of exposure is what i'm thinking appearing it's lacking.

00:39:31.500 --> 00:39:32.220 Renee Flagler: exposure.

00:39:32.400 --> 00:39:40.380 Renee Flagler: Right i've been being encouraged to go into certain fields, because we still have people out there who who kind of direct girls, based on what they believe.

00:39:40.650 --> 00:39:46.890 Renee Flagler: is a field for girls, or you don't want to do that, or you know boys are better at that you know just things like that that actually still happens.

00:39:47.010 --> 00:39:47.640 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: No, no.

00:39:47.880 --> 00:39:58.890 Renee Flagler: Our job to let them know that this is available to you, and a lot of them have natural skills that would you know really help them be successful in those particular areas but they're not always encouraged to pursue that.

00:40:00.240 --> 00:40:06.510 Renee Flagler: We want to expose them to all the opportunities in stem that are available to them, so that we spark that interest.

00:40:06.780 --> 00:40:11.640 Renee Flagler: That we let them know that this is something that's for them, this is something that they go, they can go after.

00:40:11.850 --> 00:40:19.830 Renee Flagler: And we bring them through we show them all the different ways, all the different opportunities, not just medical but coding and robotics we have partnerships with.

00:40:20.280 --> 00:40:35.340 Renee Flagler: national laboratories like brookhaven national laboratories last year, a group of girls during summer they made in their homes, virtually we made sure they had all the supplies and they made have water heaters solar hot water heaters right inside of their homes.

00:40:36.000 --> 00:40:36.450 Renee Flagler: You know.

00:40:36.570 --> 00:40:44.130 Renee Flagler: Our programs we teach astrophysics Microbiology DNA research engineering for science scientific computing hard sciences.

00:40:44.850 --> 00:40:56.820 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You know, I just want to say hello to my wife, because you know, during the pandemic she built a patio in our backyard and she's she's into this stuff she digs this whole whole thing you know and i'm what is inspiring me to to do is.

00:40:57.360 --> 00:41:05.070 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Is get my my daughter's involved in some of the projects that she likes to do, which are you technical type stuff and she's out there with rulers and measuring and saying I mean.

00:41:05.430 --> 00:41:12.900 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: It was like three four days into the lockdown and she calls home depot and they I can't believe i'm telling the story on the on the ratio show which.

00:41:13.440 --> 00:41:22.980 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: She had all this backyard patio tiles set and she built an entire patio man like by yourself, like with someone to help a kid but, like you know so just the point is.

00:41:23.400 --> 00:41:32.580 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You know it's not a gender thing you know it's not boys should do this women should do that we're talking about you know we all have the same brains right, we can do that, we have these.

00:41:32.970 --> 00:41:37.410 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Interest in technical nature's and things that you know back to your earlier point that early segment about.

00:41:37.830 --> 00:41:51.300 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You know our superpowers and what we really dig and what we're into and and tell me, I want to talk programs, like, I want to talk like specific you go into the schools like give me kind of a broad brush about what you actually bring to these to these young ladies.

00:41:51.510 --> 00:41:58.530 Renee Flagler: You got it so throughout the school year we are able to bring various programs, we have so many different areas of curriculum that we work in.

00:41:58.770 --> 00:42:01.740 Renee Flagler: So an average school year when we're working with the girls.

00:42:01.920 --> 00:42:15.810 Renee Flagler: We will cover an array of things, so you know they'll give several weeks of stem programming and they can learn so many different things in those stem programs things like you know girls have made candles they understood, like the technology behind that they have literally created.

00:42:17.220 --> 00:42:29.430 Renee Flagler: Like friendly you know environmentally friendly cleansers they've done work in coding and robotics we take them on TRIPS and you know find out more about that they've done work in energy.

00:42:30.000 --> 00:42:39.600 Renee Flagler: They also media literacy is a huge part of what we do it covers a lot of aspects of how to decode mobile messaging because we get we get inundated by media.

00:42:39.900 --> 00:42:41.310 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: How to decode what say that again.

00:42:41.850 --> 00:42:44.970 Renee Flagler: How to decode media messaging because we're inundated.

00:42:45.000 --> 00:42:52.230 Renee Flagler: By messaging and often the messaging that's coming across is not positive for girls is not reinforcing for girls it's not good for girls.

00:42:52.740 --> 00:43:02.910 Renee Flagler: We teach them how to decode media messaging understand what's happening here, am I trying to be influenced and i'm being an am I, being informed is this news, am I, being educated.

00:43:03.210 --> 00:43:12.150 Renee Flagler: and not to just receive what comes, because if you're receiving messaging that always says that this is something that's perfect and what you aren't doesn't represent perfection that's problematic.

00:43:12.390 --> 00:43:21.930 Renee Flagler: That leads to you know body image issues and all kinds of things like that, so we teach them even in that course we teach them like how to recreate their own positive media messaging.

00:43:23.100 --> 00:43:31.770 Renee Flagler: Right and we go into social media and the impact of social media, the positive impact of social media as well as the negative impacts of social media.

00:43:32.070 --> 00:43:43.200 Renee Flagler: You know we'll go into nutrition program right understanding how your body works and what's good for you and what's not good for you and how to do everything in moderation we've had sports programs.

00:43:43.560 --> 00:43:55.500 Renee Flagler: We do a lot of social emotional well being how to cope with you know being resilient and having grit and getting in dealing with failure and how failure is not all horrible because failure teaches us lessons.

00:43:56.970 --> 00:44:05.430 Renee Flagler: When it comes to the let's say life skills we do economic literacy and we dig deep so all of our programming is basically.

00:44:06.060 --> 00:44:17.490 Renee Flagler: developmentally appropriate, so what the girls are in middle school are getting is different from high school and elementary school so let's say economic literacy, we may be teaching high school girls language around.

00:44:18.240 --> 00:44:22.470 Renee Flagler: Investing and things like that, where some of them may not be getting that language at home.

00:44:22.950 --> 00:44:30.300 Renee Flagler: right we teach them the difference between a want versus a need, we talked to them about budgeting handling your money, how to make money, how to build wealth.

00:44:30.510 --> 00:44:37.320 Renee Flagler: How to manage money we teach the girls who are getting ready to go to college, this is your first step towards financial independence.

00:44:37.560 --> 00:44:44.100 Renee Flagler: here's some tips and information here's the decisions that you have to try to start making here's the type of mindset that you want to have about money.

00:44:44.970 --> 00:44:50.430 Renee Flagler: right if you're not in front of your parents and you can't just keep going to your parents and say dad mom can I have $10 $20.

00:44:50.670 --> 00:44:58.050 Renee Flagler: If you're away at school, and you have a certain amount of money, are you going to take that money go to mcdonald's and blow $20 at one time or are you going to go to the supermarket.

00:44:58.290 --> 00:45:07.950 Renee Flagler: And maybe get some cereal and some cold cuts, so that if thats quiet, the cafeteria closes down and you're still hungry, you have food in your room to eat because you're studying late or things like that.

00:45:08.400 --> 00:45:16.710 Renee Flagler: So how to make decisions we don't make decisions for them, we teach them how to make good decisions and all of these areas and teaching the skills that are going to be essential for life.

00:45:16.950 --> 00:45:30.600 Renee Flagler: And a lot of times we work with the schools, all the time we love our schools, but we don't get everything we need to be successful in life from school times we don't get it from home So where do you get it, I learned about credit by ruining my credit.

00:45:30.720 --> 00:45:39.780 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: No kidding me I can I can relate to that one for sure yeah yeah I remember some international college and I remember when I first went there, there was you remember back in the day when we'd go to college, it was credit card.

00:45:40.500 --> 00:45:42.030 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: credit card look everywhere, you went.

00:45:42.090 --> 00:45:45.360 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Like and I was, I thought oh it's no big deal right well it's a big deal and that's.

00:45:45.660 --> 00:45:52.350 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: And that's some credits, a big deal, we have to teach our kids about that so really quick we're going to take one break, but I want to ask you this renee you just laid out.

00:45:52.770 --> 00:46:05.760 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So much that this organization is providing how just someone who is interested in getting their girls involved in the program who may have a school district who wants to connect how who or who is a volunteer and wants to connect with you how do they get in touch with you in the organization.

00:46:06.840 --> 00:46:15.840 Renee Flagler: Girls Inc go to our website there's information on how to get involved, you can sign up as a volunteer.

00:46:16.140 --> 00:46:27.750 Renee Flagler: there's programming information for your girls to find out what programming and events that we have coming up what type of programming do we have going on, where your girls can get engaged in that we have our spring.

00:46:28.020 --> 00:46:36.930 Renee Flagler: Girls spring empowerment conference coming up on April 10 girls can get involved in that it's obviously going to be virtual we have our girls Inc annual breakfast.

00:46:37.200 --> 00:46:46.380 Renee Flagler: Coming up on march 25 and it's all about resilience right resilience is you know resilience is rising, we all because we're standing here today we're resilient.

00:46:47.940 --> 00:46:52.260 Renee Flagler: The information about our summer camps for the girls will be published by next month.

00:46:53.730 --> 00:47:00.780 Renee Flagler: Our events everything that you want to know about girls Inc if you go to girls Inc l

00:47:01.200 --> 00:47:13.470 Renee Flagler: You can find out everything you need, and you can reach out to us, through their website includes our email addresses and everything so that's that's the easiest fastest one quick way to find out everything about girls Inc in long island.

00:47:13.740 --> 00:47:22.800 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: God is perfect girls Inc I have it open up on one of my monitors as well, so so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back, I want to talk about the you know just to close out the future.

00:47:23.070 --> 00:47:30.570 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: of girls like of long island where you're going and really where you think you can make even more of an impact right cool all right we'll go to a quick break everybody.

00:47:31.620 --> 00:47:32.160 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: In the attic.

00:47:34.050 --> 00:47:37.200 Renee Flagler: Listening to talk radio nyc.

00:49:45.690 --> 00:49:51.120 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: your brother that's my uncle brother who wrote that song, for me, so thank you, yes, join me in the attic every Friday morning.

00:49:51.990 --> 00:49:58.290 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: At 10am Eastern standard time renee has joined me in the attic today and we're about to bring our conversation to a close, but before we do that.

00:49:58.650 --> 00:50:11.430 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: I just to remind you all, I have renee Daniel flagler award winning author leader keynote speaker executive director of nonprofit called girls Inc of long island renee.

00:50:12.090 --> 00:50:16.770 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Thank you for being with me today, I appreciate that let's let's I want you to come back on the show but.

00:50:17.100 --> 00:50:22.200 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: we're gonna have to do it in a couple weeks because I got a little bit booked out right now, but we were going to get you back because there's so much.

00:50:22.470 --> 00:50:34.080 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: there's so you're so inspiring i'm fired up you're fired off this is such a good conversation I hate that it brings to an end, but let's let's talk about that event, you mentioned on on march 25 coming up in a couple weeks How can people get involved and what are you looking for.

00:50:34.890 --> 00:50:46.860 Renee Flagler: Oh, this is going to be an amazing event every year our girls me breakfast is such it's it's like the most inspiring and empowering event that you can possibly go to whether it's virtual or whether it's live.

00:50:48.030 --> 00:50:56.280 Renee Flagler: And every year our theme is really be taken from both our girls and what's happening in the world.

00:50:56.850 --> 00:51:02.820 Renee Flagler: So this year, the theme of the girls Inc annual breakfast is the resilience of the girl.

00:51:03.390 --> 00:51:18.840 Renee Flagler: And we're going to have an amazing conversation with other people who are working in the space of resilience who exemplifies what it means to be resilient we're going to have a conversation about that about your fists the meaning.

00:51:20.100 --> 00:51:38.850 Renee Flagler: How detrimental, it is to be resilient and we're honoring people, so we are honoring them again it's from stony brook university she is going to be our honorary she exemplifies visiting and she actually took on her role as President of stony brook in the middle of the pandemic.

00:51:40.230 --> 00:51:47.280 Renee Flagler: And all of our other speakers, you know we we went after women who, like I said exemplify resilience.

00:51:47.670 --> 00:51:55.950 Renee Flagler: You know, and their careers reflect that that that you know of resilience and grit of standing of moving forward, despite you know obstacles.

00:51:56.160 --> 00:52:07.710 Renee Flagler: You know, one of our speakers ran for office and didn't win, but now she's actually helping women prepare to run for office you knows what they need, and how they need to you know how they need to do that.

00:52:09.060 --> 00:52:20.220 Renee Flagler: One of the women that we are that's going to be part of this amazing panel literally had three life altering health events.

00:52:20.730 --> 00:52:29.040 Renee Flagler: Where it's you know she thinks she was going to make it and she does nothing but work in the resiliency space of helping people.

00:52:29.370 --> 00:52:36.300 Renee Flagler: understand what resilience is what it looks like how they can be resilient how they can dig deep and find the present and themselves to move forward.

00:52:36.540 --> 00:52:46.050 Renee Flagler: And, at a time like this, this is what the conversation needs to be about and we're showing girls through the work that we do what resilience looks like when those girls show up.

00:52:46.530 --> 00:52:50.910 Renee Flagler: After all, this stuff that they've been through all week when they show up on that zoom or.

00:52:51.330 --> 00:53:05.430 Renee Flagler: Google platform that's resilience in action, no matter what they're showing up showing up for themselves, you know going through loss going through isolation everything so and we're celebrating that women's history bomb.

00:53:05.820 --> 00:53:11.250 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: love that is it so special and in storing i'm not looking at a calendar what day of the week is the 25th.

00:53:11.760 --> 00:53:12.960 Renee Flagler: it's a Thursday morning.

00:53:13.110 --> 00:53:15.120 Renee Flagler: So, right to the website to sign up.

00:53:15.150 --> 00:53:17.880 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: it's right on the website they sign up that way okay and that's.

00:53:20.160 --> 00:53:29.790 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Incredibly inspiring and I oh i'm always fired up whenever I see that's why, like, I told the story at the beginning, I popped up on my instagram and I said I sat on the floor, and I was like I gotta connect with renee see what's going on and.

00:53:30.270 --> 00:53:34.350 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You get me fired up and I appreciate being here today it's um.

00:53:35.640 --> 00:53:40.740 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: yeah it's it's an incredible impact that that you in this organization is making give us some.

00:53:41.100 --> 00:53:52.110 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: final thoughts that that you want to share with girls who may not know girls Inc or families who have daughters and anybody out there really, for that matter, what something inspirational cuz I know you get fired up about that talk about passion.

00:53:53.310 --> 00:53:55.020 Renee Flagler: I would say right now.

00:53:56.310 --> 00:54:03.480 Renee Flagler: Girls need support girls need support so and what we need people to do is to show.

00:54:03.840 --> 00:54:11.700 Renee Flagler: The girls their inherent strength right, so we all have strengths and a lot of times we don't recognize our own strength we don't think we're strong.

00:54:12.030 --> 00:54:21.930 Renee Flagler: We don't believe we're strong to have you have girls in your life, let them know how strong, they are and don't just stop and say you're strong show them.

00:54:22.230 --> 00:54:28.440 Renee Flagler: Show them some of the things that they've done and say because of this, this is how I know that you're strong because they need that.

00:54:28.830 --> 00:54:36.000 Renee Flagler: Because the world is constantly telling us that we're not strong that we can't handle things that were not made for things we shouldn't be.

00:54:36.210 --> 00:54:46.860 Renee Flagler: In certain positions we shouldn't have certain opportunities we shouldn't have certain desires we shouldn't want certain things, and this is 2021 and it is still happening.

00:54:47.430 --> 00:54:59.760 Renee Flagler: me as a black woman can walk into a room and instantly feel in a certain room like you don't belong here, you know and and and automatically the assumption is not that i'm the leader, even though I am.

00:55:00.510 --> 00:55:12.060 Renee Flagler: You know, so this is still happening and our girls are still receiving these messages, so we need to let our girls know who they really are and not what society is trying to tell them that they are.

00:55:12.750 --> 00:55:20.190 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: You know, leave it right there thanks renee, thank you for being here, I appreciate you, I appreciate your friendship, I appreciate your leadership, not not.

00:55:20.610 --> 00:55:28.020 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: right back at you, and not not just the organization, but your leadership on long island amongst the nonprofit community we do a lot of stuff together and I appreciate you being a part of that.

00:55:28.530 --> 00:55:30.780 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Thank you for being here i'm going to bring the shoulder closer buddy.

00:55:31.500 --> 00:55:33.630 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: it's Tommy D coming out to you, you know where.

00:55:33.960 --> 00:55:42.240 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Top of the House, the attic the whole thing i'm here all the time it's the only place I am i'm in the attic it gets cold up here sometime so I put the Velvet jacket on in honor of the red.

00:55:42.540 --> 00:55:46.800 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: arrow think logo and everything so here's here's what I want you to do if you want to connect with me.

00:55:47.310 --> 00:56:00.090 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: The instagrams Tommy D dot nyc that email is Tommy D at philanthropy and focus calm it's a focus is spelled pH oC us right back to you one one quick thing I want to ask I just remembered.

00:56:00.690 --> 00:56:05.700 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: So Tommy at philanthropy and focused on convert a what's the girls in social media stuff how do they track you down.

00:56:06.090 --> 00:56:10.080 Renee Flagler: There was a long either late did Facebook instagram and Twitter.

00:56:10.290 --> 00:56:19.350 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: same thing just girls Inc of long island Facebook instagram Twitter linkedin yeah good cool very good sorry about that everybody, but this is how we deal with the show with flexible baby we're moving alright.

00:56:19.800 --> 00:56:32.850 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Next week, Robert Bud CEO of free family residence and essential enterprises on long island that connection was made from my buddy Brendan levy the queen's Chamber commerce love you Brendan thanks for making that connection, Robert see you next week.

00:56:33.840 --> 00:56:46.170 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: told you, where you can get me next following up right after my show we have this block of four incredible shows i'm saying mines incredible so the three other incredible as well Steve fry my buddy my Pal inspired me to come on the network here has.

00:56:46.560 --> 00:56:51.330 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: frankie valli who's a franchise frank Bailey excuse me, we rehearsed out my screwed it up.

00:56:51.540 --> 00:56:57.570 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: franchise consultant to be on Steve show the SMB guide is a lot of shenanigans going on that show with this some serious business that gets discussed.

00:56:57.810 --> 00:57:06.570 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: Jeremiah fox entrepreneurial web comes up after that Joseph mcilroy wise content creates wealth for that rounds out that block so stay on talk radio dot nyc.

00:57:07.050 --> 00:57:13.050 Tommy D #TheProfitSectorConnector: shout out to my friend Emily, on the other side of the glass making this thing happen today i'll see you soon thanks for coming to the attic see you guys bye.

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