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Friday, February 19, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/19 - It's All About The Brand... Or Is It?

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/19 - It's All About The Brand... Or Is It?


2021/02/19 - It's All About The Brand... Or Is It?

[NEW EPISODE] It's All About The Brand... Or Is It?

Branding isn’t about where you position your product or business in the marketplace. Branding is about where you position your product or business in the customer’s mind.

To achieve that share of mind, the intricate tactics that make up a brand (research, strategy, creative, digital and social media, SEO, collateral, point-of-sale, whatever) need to work together.

SMBs must assemble these Lego-like pieces into a unified, positive snapshot of the brand in the customer’s mind...and make sure it stands out!

We are joined by Ryan Harbinson, Director of Business Development with Clearbridge Branding Agency.

Ryan has built successful personal and regional brands in just about every category. He is on top of the latest trends in the fast-paced digital and branding world.Bottom line: If you want to see your brand take off, connect with Ryan.

Tune in for this pragmatic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Steven introduces his show and talks about small and medium businesses. Steven introduces the idea of brands and branding, and the ideas around it as well as how people may view it. Steven then introduces today’s guest speaker, Ryan Harbinson the Director of Business Development WIth Clearbridge Branding Agency. Ryan has more than 15 years of career experience, he has built successful brands of all sizes. Steven gives an idea of how easy it is to go wrong when helping a company with branding products as well as branding the company itself. Marketing is a process, and it is a journey that meets the requirements of the company as well as the people who provide the demand. Steven further explains marketing and its many branches, by talking about the benefits of the organization as well as the benefits marketing gives to consumers.

Segment 2

Steve introduces Ryan Harbinson, after some playful banter and quick conversation about one of Clearbridge Branding Agencies missions. Ryan takes it away by explaining what Clearbridge Branding Agency does and talks about how they really like to help people and companies at the end of that day. The agency works hard to dive deep into each marketing campaign, for Ryan it is not just about facebook advertisements. Ryan talks about educating customers on what their company does and differentiates Clearbridge from other companies; they operate from places like Philadelphia, New Jersey and Chicago, they can dominate a lot more by being around the country not in a tiny overpriced manhattan office.

Segment 3

The two dive right into various social media platforms and how casual people can be on Linkedin. Ryan explains how tight his Linkedin network is as they are all people who can help as well as grow his company. According to Ryan it is important for him to keep linkedin exclusive to his connections as they are key business relationships he has made. Ryan emphasizes that patience is very important in his field as you can’t get much quality by sending mass messages. The two discuss networking as a developed professional - Ryan mentions that he does love to meet new people, but it is not as exciting for him; compared to coming onto shows to promote his cause as he can reach a larger and maybe a more interested audience.

Segment 4

Ryan starts this segment off by giving the audience some advice, he says people get consumed by the day to day and they don't put content out. It is key to post, put out yard signs and promote to the right people - don't over think content but take inspiration from other posted content as well. Ryan give an insight to the world marketers and brand developers live in, each of them living in the niche life of each one of their products and brands. Steven raps up by talking about favourite movie characters and Television show characters.


00:00:29.580 --> 00:00:35.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Good morning Planet Earth happy Friday and thank God it's Friday, some would say, although.

00:00:35.730 --> 00:00:43.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy I see why am I, which is in case you missed it SMB stands for small and medium sized business.

00:00:43.980 --> 00:00:57.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): i've been engaged with SMEs in various capacities over the last 20 years and great company with the rest of my SMB band making some beautiful music here on Fridays at talk radio dot nyc between Tommy Denise on philanthropy and focus.

00:00:57.960 --> 00:01:03.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Jeremiah fox on the entrepreneurial web and Joseph Franklin mcilroy on wise content creates wealth.

00:01:03.600 --> 00:01:13.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Great lineup here on Fridays over the last two decades i've noticed that some of the absolute best thought leadership for SMEs happens on Friday when we feel the freedom of the weekend coming.

00:01:14.310 --> 00:01:23.130 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): However, we're also anxious to start the weekend, myself included, these crucial pearls of wisdom, they get swept under the rug they get overlooked, they get forgotten in favor of.

00:01:23.700 --> 00:01:26.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): fun weekend activities and our freedom from work.

00:01:26.760 --> 00:01:34.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): On always Friday we like to take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity, so we can discuss popular topics on the minds of SMB leaders and their trusted advisors.

00:01:35.340 --> 00:01:44.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Coincidentally, my last name means free in German it's a nice fun fact for everybody, not just a play on words there's always deeper meaning here there's always method behind the madness.

00:01:45.240 --> 00:01:54.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): we're feeling some freedom i've got my shades on let's get this party started today we're talking about it's all about the brand or is it.

00:01:54.750 --> 00:02:03.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): branding isn't about where you position your product or business in the marketplace branding is about where you position your product or business in the customers mind.

00:02:04.440 --> 00:02:16.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Simple concept, very many people miss these days to achieve that share of mine, the intricate tactics that make up a brand research strategy creative digital social media seo collateral point of sale, whatever.

00:02:17.490 --> 00:02:27.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They all need to work together SMB must assemble these Lego like pieces into a unified positive snapshot of the brand in the customers mind.

00:02:28.410 --> 00:02:35.970 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And they need to make sure that it stands out while we're talking on talk radio dot nyc This morning we don't want it to be just talk.

00:02:36.300 --> 00:02:44.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The goal here is to use the insight on the SMB landscape and take it artists it make it create some impact come Monday morning.

00:02:44.910 --> 00:02:52.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Okay, far too often SMEs are focused on the product that's going to solve their problems, the shiny new mouse trap the magic wand, the magic bullet.

00:02:52.710 --> 00:03:02.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In my travels the products change every single day in every other facet of our lives personal and business, there is no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first.

00:03:02.850 --> 00:03:11.610 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): and keeping focus on the process that's going to help you achieve your goal as long as you do this, I do believe the right products will present themselves when needed by the SMB.

00:03:11.910 --> 00:03:18.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Everything begins and ends with the people surround yourself with the right ones they won't steer you wrong, so in that very spirit.

00:03:19.290 --> 00:03:28.950 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We have a great show for you today, our special guest is none other than Ryan Harbison director of business development at clear bridge branding agency, I know this is a lovely picture of.

00:03:29.400 --> 00:03:32.460 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ryan, but I I love this one better I can't help myself.

00:03:33.450 --> 00:03:44.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ryan has more than 15 years of marketing and sales experience under his branding belt he's a jack of all trades player with graphic design and management skills he's a former CEO Ryan has built.

00:03:45.000 --> 00:03:55.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Successful personal and regional brands in just about every category he's on top of the latest trends in this fast paced digital branding world that we live in.

00:03:55.710 --> 00:04:00.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): bottom line, if you want to see your brand take off you got to connect with Ryan, and his colleagues.

00:04:01.110 --> 00:04:09.840 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ryan considers himself a connector a husband a Bourbon lover he loves games in any form, and he is a straight up undercover nerd.

00:04:10.500 --> 00:04:19.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And if you guys could see what's going on in the background of ryan's room there that he is definitely into gaming there's no there's no secret about it.

00:04:19.470 --> 00:04:28.680 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And so I know he shares, one of my main words for 2021 which is gamification you got to try to have fun with what you're doing, or else it always gets a lot harder to make the money.

00:04:29.010 --> 00:04:35.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I know that Ryan likes to have fun I like to have fun he's, the most important person I could think of to discuss this topic of the day.

00:04:36.120 --> 00:04:46.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And, as always we're going to hit my favorite three questions who's your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show and what's your favorite musical instrument, the artist to place it.

00:04:46.500 --> 00:04:53.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But before we get there we're going to talk a little bit next to my fire pit so my fire Ben is actually under two feet of snow right now that's not what it looks like.

00:04:54.870 --> 00:05:00.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know this whole idea of it's not what you say it's how you say it is really big with me.

00:05:00.990 --> 00:05:11.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it's also what the prospect or the client hears the way that your words impact the potential client customer what have you makes all of the difference.

00:05:11.580 --> 00:05:23.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Lots of product based discussion, you know being passed around these days, especially with the advent of all the various technology that we all have access to there's a new one out every day to start delivering messages to people.

00:05:24.360 --> 00:05:28.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): However, that seems like there's evidence that sometimes the people are forgotten.

00:05:28.680 --> 00:05:36.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it's just here's what we can do for you marketing wise, you need lead generation, you need demand generation you want more sales you want more revenue.

00:05:36.540 --> 00:05:41.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It almost sounds like a scare tactic, where people start to make decisions based out of fear.

00:05:42.240 --> 00:05:50.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I don't like making decisions based out of fear most small, medium sized business owners are the same they don't like to do that either they like to do.

00:05:50.340 --> 00:05:57.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know what's right for them what they're passionate about what they feel as people and as business owners, I am continually surprised.

00:05:58.320 --> 00:06:06.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): At the number of professionals in the marketing and branding space that don't seem to spend any time learning about the people they're trying to work with.

00:06:06.840 --> 00:06:20.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Building a relationship and getting to know the other side of the table seems forgotten, with some of these folks in favor of analytics and random lists of people who may or may not even be targeted prospects for the for the SMB.

00:06:21.000 --> 00:06:28.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know it all begins and ends with the people get to know the people get to know their story get to know what their processes for going to market.

00:06:28.680 --> 00:06:41.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then it'll be a lot more clear as to what products and what platforms and what marketing digital print whatever is going to be the most important, the path of least resistance for this particular client.

00:06:41.820 --> 00:06:45.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So you know going into my vast library that I like to reference here on the show.

00:06:46.080 --> 00:06:52.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, going through the books on my shelf, I came across one that I had read a little while back called the big book of marketing and you know with marketing.

00:06:53.340 --> 00:07:01.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, things tend to change on an hourly basis, so this book goes back a decade, however, a lot of the principles that I saw in here were.

00:07:01.680 --> 00:07:09.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, still very applicable nowadays so again, the big book of marketing lessons and best practices from the world's greatest companies.

00:07:09.420 --> 00:07:18.780 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): edited by Anthony G Bennett, this is a great kind of desktop resource for this topic i'm going to give you guys a couple of tidbits from Chapter one which is titled marketing overview.

00:07:19.110 --> 00:07:27.210 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It says why does anyone choose to buy one product instead of another, why does one product succeed, making billions of dollars and another language losing money.

00:07:27.780 --> 00:07:38.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Product providers of goods and service are constantly in search of new tools to make their product, the successful product, the one that sells these tools are collectively called marketing.

00:07:39.630 --> 00:07:46.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I dynamic marketing effort can make the difference for a product and can propel a company into the billion dollar category.

00:07:47.280 --> 00:07:58.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But before you get to the money side of things, you have to look at and understand the needs and wants of the customers and supply the product or service that actually meets those needs.

00:07:59.190 --> 00:08:04.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Understanding the demand and supply through the eyes of the customer is a process called marketing.

00:08:05.100 --> 00:08:12.840 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Demand is the desire to possess something good services ideas information, combined with the ability to purchase or accepted.

00:08:13.320 --> 00:08:19.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): supply is the thing good services ideas information available to meet the demand.

00:08:19.860 --> 00:08:31.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Marketing is a process that starts with identifying and understanding the needs and wants of the customer demand and then fulfilling those needs and wants supply.

00:08:31.920 --> 00:08:43.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): notice how it's a process before product and effective marketing plan offers a solution to fulfill the needs and wants of society, individuals and organizations.

00:08:44.190 --> 00:08:52.800 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): While achieving the goals of the organization in addition marketing can create new needs or reformat existing me.

00:08:53.520 --> 00:09:06.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So to skip ahead, it says in here marketing changing perspectives and it gives a little bit of insight from the history, as well as what it looks at as far as tomorrow, which again, this goes back a decade so arguably tomorrow is here.

00:09:07.440 --> 00:09:16.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yesterday, it says in the pre industrial age products were custom made, and while they could be custom tailored to each individual they were expensive on a per unit basis.

00:09:16.290 --> 00:09:24.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): and varied in quality in the industrial age mass production and specialization can make a higher quality more uniform less expensive product.

00:09:26.160 --> 00:09:34.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Unfortunately, individual consumer needs were often a secondary consideration to the manufacturing process sell what was made.

00:09:34.530 --> 00:09:44.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What was me that that was the order of the day, the one size fits all concept, starting in the 60s and 70s customers realize that they did not want to be sold to.

00:09:45.480 --> 00:09:53.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They wanted to be listened to, as individuals or as groups, known as market segments, and they wanted their wants and needs to be met.

00:09:53.790 --> 00:10:06.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): marketers had to compete with other companies and convince the potential cost consumer that the company's goals companies, goods and services were worth it to customers consideration a true marketing orientation was coming of age.

00:10:07.680 --> 00:10:10.950 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, going back to her about when this book was written it said.

00:10:12.330 --> 00:10:20.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Henry Ford would be proud to know that his company offers customers 60 different colors of paints for their cars, the field of marketing has become extremely important.

00:10:21.360 --> 00:10:31.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And is applicable to every individual and organizational endeavor globally consumers desire to be free to choose what they want, when and where they want it and how much they are willing to pay.

00:10:32.400 --> 00:10:36.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Marketing helps these consumers make the best and most informed choice.

00:10:36.690 --> 00:10:49.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then go into tomorrow, it says in the future it will be incumbent upon marketers to understand that life will be more complex and increasingly global how's that for some foreshadowing for what's going on these days.

00:10:50.070 --> 00:11:04.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There will be more sophisticated customers more sophisticated competitors and fewer natural resources, as more countries economies become increasingly sophisticated and more trading opportunities emerge.

00:11:04.560 --> 00:11:12.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Marketing will be the key in reaching customers globally and as the world matures so will marketing.

00:11:12.840 --> 00:11:19.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In addition, marketing will increasingly lead organizations toward ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

00:11:20.160 --> 00:11:27.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So marketing goals to wrap this up from the book both customers demand and organization supply have objectives.

00:11:27.300 --> 00:11:38.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Customers goals are to satisfy their needs and wants organization's goals are to supply a good or service that provides value or is is useful to customers and provide and profit to shareholders.

00:11:39.840 --> 00:11:46.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In the case of nonprofit organizations marketing success may be measured by the public's response, rather than by profitability.

00:11:47.070 --> 00:11:51.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): in each instance marketing management must ensure that these goals are met.

00:11:51.690 --> 00:12:01.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): idealistically value is provided to the customer and the organization benefits marketing provides the customer with choices and hopefully the superior product stands out.

00:12:02.220 --> 00:12:14.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And succeeds, so I thought, these were some good tidbits from the book to relate, I want to tie this back to some copy that I see on the clear bridge branding agency website and my good old buddy Ryan Harbison.

00:12:15.840 --> 00:12:25.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So it says on there actually it's not about us it's about you, we could give you a long winded spiel about who we are and what we do like how clear bridge started from scratch and.

00:12:26.970 --> 00:12:30.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And quickly became one of the region's fastest growing branding and creative agencies.

00:12:31.110 --> 00:12:41.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We talked about on our client list of big and, soon to be big companies how our creative digital and social media chops cut through the clutter and turn complete strangers into loyal customers.

00:12:41.670 --> 00:12:53.430 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Or how clear bridges, a tight knit team of agile responsive branding pros who listen really listen to your challenges, so that they can provide insights that move the business forward.

00:12:54.030 --> 00:13:00.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So you know, then you obviously have to list all of the things that you do brand development communications digital media planning.

00:13:00.960 --> 00:13:12.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Research search engine optimization social media strategic planning web development, but then the kicker it says lots of branding agencies have our capabilities, but they don't have us.

00:13:13.110 --> 00:13:18.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Okay lots of branding agencies may have many of the services we do the differences, the people.

00:13:18.570 --> 00:13:28.950 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Behind the clear bridge capabilities every player on the team is a tested intuitive positioning expert with tons of harder and branding experience we have one mission.

00:13:29.580 --> 00:13:41.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Putting your brand on the map equally important to clear bridge you work with only senior seasoned branding pros not be players not bench warmers not juniors.

00:13:41.910 --> 00:13:48.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): that the people is the difference why clear bridge branding makes such a big difference, I thought that was awesome.

00:13:48.930 --> 00:13:58.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And the great way to start off the show today we're going to be right back after we take a commercial break with Ryan Harbison director of business development at fairbridge branding agency stay with us.

00:14:00.150 --> 00:14:05.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): we're listening to talk radio nyc at www talk radio dot nyc.

00:16:57.210 --> 00:17:06.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday everyone with me Stephen fry your SMB guy we're going to be talking with my good friend Ryan Harbison director of business development, with clear bridge branding agency.

00:17:06.900 --> 00:17:17.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And just a moment here we're going to get into the method behind the madness of what Ryan does so, this is the scientific part of the show what we do, how we do it, how we go to market for it.

00:17:17.460 --> 00:17:28.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I wanted to kick things off with with this little tidbit that I also saw on your website, it says we'd love to tell your brand where to go in a nice way so Ryan awesome to have you here today man.

00:17:32.040 --> 00:17:41.820 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Thanks man really appreciate the opportunity this is great I gotta say before we even get into it, that baseline is just a great way to come back from the break so is that you playing that.

00:17:42.090 --> 00:17:49.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): No, although I do have two bass guitars here in my house, there was one of those things right when my first kid was being born, I was like oh yeah.

00:17:49.530 --> 00:17:52.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Why don't I just take bass guitar lessons I can totally.

00:17:52.170 --> 00:17:52.770 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: hear you like there.

00:17:52.860 --> 00:17:56.730 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: you'll have so much more time now to play musical instruments so smart move by you.

00:17:57.060 --> 00:18:04.680 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely, so I thought this was cool because you guys being a branding agency it's like oh yeah we're all about the brand like putting your best foot forward.

00:18:04.950 --> 00:18:15.840 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's like we'd love to tell to tell your brand where to go, but in a nice way and in theory that would indicate you guys want to learn more about the people and really where to direct them what's important to them.

00:18:16.680 --> 00:18:23.670 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah I mean I feel like that's a that's kind of gets like thrown under the under the radar a little bit and like that's like the initial first step and.

00:18:24.120 --> 00:18:35.220 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know, when we like meet with people that want to kind of move forward and kind of discuss opportunities to work with us, I mean we have hefty questions, and you know we really want to know, like.

00:18:35.730 --> 00:18:40.020 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: What have you done what your pain points look like you know what's it look like in the past, how long How long have you.

00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:47.070 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know, had the company, you know what did you start, what do we What was it like in the early days when you guys are doing, like a lot of guerrilla.

00:18:47.460 --> 00:18:57.180 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know stuff like yard signs and postcards and stuff right, and you know I think that's really important, and you know we do a lot of research, even before we have that initial meeting so like.

00:18:57.510 --> 00:19:04.110 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: we'll run through the Internet and we're going to find out everything that you're doing and find out like I mean how many times have how many people have had.

00:19:04.650 --> 00:19:14.820 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Multiple social media accounts and there's a couple that are utilized more than others, and then there's like we haven't tweeted anything since 2017.

00:19:15.330 --> 00:19:25.800 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: But our our our Facebook and instagram is crushing it right so like we see that a lot as well too so it's it's understanding, you know where they're at as a company.

00:19:26.040 --> 00:19:33.870 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And where they want to go and in order for us to do that we need to know these things we just can't be like okay your budgets this and.

00:19:34.710 --> 00:19:41.730 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I don't know we'll do Facebook ads and then they will not going to talk to you ever again and, like that is the complete opposite of everything that we do, we are very hands on.

00:19:41.940 --> 00:19:50.370 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know where it's weird to say this, I know we talked about this before too, but like we actually have pride in what we do and we love when our our clients do good.

00:19:50.790 --> 00:19:54.840 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And like they're like you guys have to start this campaign we can't do it anymore, because.

00:19:55.080 --> 00:20:01.680 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: We can't handle the amount of stuff that's coming in, we don't have enough people were like Oh, this is wonderful love it, you know round of applause everybody.

00:20:02.070 --> 00:20:05.730 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Right so like that's the stuff that we look for it because we.

00:20:06.330 --> 00:20:15.660 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: We take pride in what we do and and when people are like oh my God, you know we our goals were better than we expected and a lot of that traffic was because.

00:20:15.930 --> 00:20:27.390 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: We were able to get leads this way or you know people saw the product, where it was and it's just we really enjoy what we do and we love to help people out and it's just it's great it's.

00:20:27.450 --> 00:20:35.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I love that you guys must must get ecstatic if somebody says hey, we need to shut down this campaign, we can handle the amount of traffic that's coming in here.

00:20:36.120 --> 00:20:37.380 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: let's go all day.

00:20:38.910 --> 00:20:46.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But I thought that was that's really cool though it's it's almost analogous you know I do a lot of work with financial advisors and insurance professionals and things like that and.

00:20:47.040 --> 00:20:59.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know very similar to that industry, where you know people might look at it, as commodities in some ways, and to me it never is it's always about the people it's answering three simple questions Where are you right now.

00:20:59.760 --> 00:21:08.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): where you want to go and how do we get there, how do you want to get there, how should we get there yeah and it's having you guys as guides through the wilderness with that.

00:21:09.420 --> 00:21:18.150 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): is fantastic talk to me about how you guys go out to market, you know I would assume a lot of word of mouth referrals I know you're a heavy networker like I am.

00:21:18.480 --> 00:21:26.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But there's a lot of folks that claim to do what you guys do, and I would argue that you guys are way more kick ass at it, but talk to me about how you guys go to market for it.

00:21:27.360 --> 00:21:29.760 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah sure I mean, so it starts with a couple.

00:21:30.120 --> 00:21:40.740 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I mean there's a lot of lot of answers in that question there, so you know I would say first it's educating people on what we do and you know what what separates us, and I think that's the beginning, especially in the biz Dev world.

00:21:41.190 --> 00:21:49.320 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know we're just over five years old and really got you know young walls, but old talent, you know, the average experience for this team is like 22 years.

00:21:50.010 --> 00:21:57.300 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know our our we've got people that are expert writers for forbes on the team people have done full rebrand for major.

00:21:57.960 --> 00:22:05.010 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: rail lines and major hospitals and you know major financial institutions, you know, one of our TEAM members has run.

00:22:05.550 --> 00:22:10.020 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: national campaigns for fortune 500 companies, so you know we bring this like.

00:22:10.530 --> 00:22:20.160 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: New York City big city kind of feel but to South Jersey, you know we got and we got offices in Chicago but we don't have to be in the middle of Manhattan to do.

00:22:20.490 --> 00:22:28.890 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: What we're doing and because we're not in you know, a $40,000 a month facility that's only like 800 square foot, so we can.

00:22:29.190 --> 00:22:35.460 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: We can really kick kick some butt and really help people grow, and I think that's part of is that we've really assembled.

00:22:35.730 --> 00:22:45.300 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: This team of industry vets that are passionate and everybody really shines in the area that they're at, and we can also all kind of co mingle in each other's.

00:22:45.660 --> 00:22:54.270 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: fields, which is really nice, so I think that that's part of it and it's it's it's educating people on what we do and then you know the next the next part is really you know.

00:22:54.900 --> 00:23:00.570 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: My sales strategy as a biz Dev guy is different than most people you know we've talked about this before Steve like.

00:23:01.320 --> 00:23:10.110 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: i'm never here to hard sell anybody on anything Okay, I mean, I want to educate people what we do and who we are, I mean like we look at things from kind of a three part perspective right so like.

00:23:10.440 --> 00:23:20.010 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Brain creative, is where we start and where we shine and then it's like target audience and what's the messaging look like right and then it's kind of our 25 point checklist so it's TV.

00:23:20.460 --> 00:23:34.200 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Radio video seo social web internal external really everything from like your email signature to billboards and everything in between and that's what I like try to let everyone know and i'm never going to go into a thing and be like.

00:23:34.860 --> 00:23:40.980 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Good afternoon, Sir, did you know that Internet traffic is up over 350% and together we can help you grow your business and bring leads.

00:23:41.880 --> 00:23:48.900 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Come on man like nobody wants to get hard sold to that you know you know what the way that I look at is it's a couple couple things right.

00:23:49.710 --> 00:23:59.550 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: So one is is developing that that core group of networking individuals that you see all the time right, you know that's my sales team quote unquote right so.

00:23:59.760 --> 00:24:09.060 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I have like 2530 people that I network with all the time they're always out there listening for buzzwords for me and vice versa right and that's really how it works.

00:24:09.390 --> 00:24:16.590 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know the other thing is is is first to mine live in the feed right and it's also pick your platforms that you want to be on I mean.

00:24:17.280 --> 00:24:26.670 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: there's so much stuff that you've got to really harness in on where you want to be seen at right so like Facebook and instagram and snapchat and tick tock and Twitter and clubhouse.

00:24:27.060 --> 00:24:37.560 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And the list just goes on for days and years and months and okay so it's like what are your what are your couple things that you want to kind of focus on and it's understanding the messaging that you're putting out there because.

00:24:37.830 --> 00:24:43.140 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Even though you work for somebody right you're still your own brand as that company.

00:24:43.500 --> 00:24:47.010 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And that's what people need to realize so when they think of that they think of you, they think of.

00:24:47.310 --> 00:24:56.310 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: What you do right and the messaging is different, between the different platforms right so prime example if I go to a restaurant, and I know the owners okay.

00:24:56.580 --> 00:25:01.500 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: i'm on i'm going to take different pictures and post different ways on different platforms right.

00:25:01.770 --> 00:25:08.460 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: on Facebook i'm going to take a picture of the whole i'm taking a selfie with everybody that i'm with right a great dinner everybody's great right.

00:25:08.730 --> 00:25:15.870 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: instagram i'm probably going to take a picture of my food and be like best neal keys i've ever had in my life and then for linkedin i'm probably going to take a picture with both the owners.

00:25:16.410 --> 00:25:20.940 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Right so it's the same story it's a different message and that's really what we need to do is.

00:25:22.410 --> 00:25:39.660 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: understand what our clients or potential clients want to do, and then finding out the right way for them to go to tell that message to educate people on who they are, so that when they think of this new hot soda or they think of this new software product they think of that.

00:25:40.710 --> 00:25:48.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I thought that was such a great explanation, especially with the different social media channels of what kind of pictures and everything would be involved in each.

00:25:48.240 --> 00:25:57.780 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's funny while you were talking about that my phone started buzzing on the side with clubhouse discussions and all of that was like the craziest thing ever these days i've heard about it, multiple times.

00:25:57.780 --> 00:26:04.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah last couple weeks and I just I just started with it and i'm like oh my God people could easily lose an entire day here.

00:26:04.350 --> 00:26:07.770 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Oh yeah clubhouse user generated social radio.

00:26:08.010 --> 00:26:08.400 yeah so.

00:26:09.420 --> 00:26:13.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Social radio and crowdsourcing for technology folks that are.

00:26:14.610 --> 00:26:16.350 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Man, it is like vc.

00:26:16.440 --> 00:26:20.430 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Like central oh my God all they're doing is pitching ideas.

00:26:20.790 --> 00:26:35.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): i'm crazy but it going back to education for a second, so my father is a retired teacher right, and I think about my two words for 2021 which are differentiation and gamification I know how you feel about gamification based on your paraphernalia in your room.

00:26:37.560 --> 00:26:46.350 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): differentiate you know something that you were talking about a great deal, and if there was going to be a third word for me it would be educate this year and it's.

00:26:46.800 --> 00:26:58.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): educating people on how you're different educating people on how dry material can be fun educating people on storytelling from what from both sides of the table and where they meet in the middle.

00:26:58.260 --> 00:27:14.880 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: One I think it's I think I think there's a strategy to on how you can create content on both platforms with that style based on the audience right so for prime example like I do a lot of like instagram and tick tock style content but on linkedin.

00:27:15.900 --> 00:27:22.230 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And I do like a business content like during the early days of all the craziness my wife and I were doing like business skits.

00:27:22.740 --> 00:27:28.440 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Like you know, like Oh, this is what it was like working from home and i'm like you know in my suit and tie and i'm like all right for.

00:27:28.890 --> 00:27:33.450 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: For deals in two hours awesome and it's like you know, this is what we thought it wasn't it's like reality and there's like.

00:27:33.930 --> 00:27:40.800 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: dogs barking in the background there's vacuum cleaners go in like I have got like a robot and like i'm like I call you back man, you know so like.

00:27:41.220 --> 00:27:48.990 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Just understanding the audience and like linkedin is a great tool to grow your business and grow that network, but also the same time.

00:27:49.350 --> 00:28:09.030 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Is it will always have this stigma stigma of being this boring business tool and it's just social media it's just understanding how to tell the story differently to get people involved and understanding that content is king and and engagement is queen that's the name of the game man.

00:28:09.600 --> 00:28:22.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's just social media and a different rapper and it ended it goes to the education and differentiation piece, they were just speaking about is everybody has the business pitch and the business dry everything on linkedin.

00:28:22.830 --> 00:28:26.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Have you spice it up and how do you stand out I think it's an important point.

00:28:26.460 --> 00:28:32.460 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And they're telling you who they are, where they work for what company they're in, and you can get involved in the conversation easily.

00:28:33.150 --> 00:28:46.170 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: and get noticed, because what you're trying to do is take stuff that's cold and make it lukewarm and if you're involved in those conversations, by getting engaged then you're bringing eyeballs to your profile and that's how you do it.

00:28:46.470 --> 00:28:57.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely plenty of method behind this madness we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back with the madness behind Ryan hardens his life at clear bridge branding agency stay with us on always Friday.

00:28:57.270 --> 00:28:57.660 Oh yeah.

00:29:01.740 --> 00:29:02.460 nyc.

00:31:46.260 --> 00:31:52.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy we're talking with my buddy Ryan Harbison director of business development.

00:31:53.190 --> 00:31:59.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): With clear bridge branding agency we're going to get into the madness and i'm fairly certain there's a bunch of it, of.

00:31:59.850 --> 00:32:06.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): ryan's life with with with Clare bridge and his colleagues and with his clients so Ryan, this is the observational part of the show.

00:32:07.140 --> 00:32:12.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Where you know we talked about stories that you've seen things that you get asked to do on a regular basis, you know.

00:32:13.200 --> 00:32:20.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): particular points of commentary, you know don't obviously we don't want to compromise client confidentiality or anything like that, but.

00:32:20.580 --> 00:32:25.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know I know you and i've talked a little bit about some of the madness that each of us ease with with the space and.

00:32:25.920 --> 00:32:32.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, going back to some of the discussion from from last segment of social media and the various forums, that people can communicate in.

00:32:32.670 --> 00:32:43.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I know it blows you away it blows me away that people think they can reach out so coldly to you through linkedin and think that they have some type of relationship with you in mind.

00:32:44.310 --> 00:32:47.790 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Well it's funny we're talking about the difference between the platforms right so like.

00:32:48.720 --> 00:32:57.720 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: For me, like Facebook is like i'm friends with everybody like I don't care, the more people and friends with you, I ran my own business for 10 years with two other partners.

00:32:58.350 --> 00:33:10.590 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Doing software development, we ran a board game store and I had a small little nerd con called South Jersey geek fest and you know in those days when you're a serial entrepreneur, and you know, trying to spread the word like through.

00:33:10.950 --> 00:33:17.160 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: As much guerilla marketing as possible, the more people i'm friends with on Facebook, the better so.

00:33:18.060 --> 00:33:22.920 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: The difference between that is i'm trying to tell everybody what i'm doing it doesn't matter who it is on linkedin.

00:33:23.280 --> 00:33:32.070 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: This is more of my business community, and that is actually so much more a tight knit community than anything else right like I fairly go through and.

00:33:32.940 --> 00:33:43.290 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: unfriend people because I want the content that i'm putting out right to be seen by people that are relevant in my network, because those people are the ones that are going to either.

00:33:44.160 --> 00:33:55.140 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Like comment share or all the above my stuff be interested on on some of the projects that we're working on and really maybe turn into possible clients or great power partners down the road right.

00:33:55.770 --> 00:34:07.770 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And with that said, you know you're in the same boat, that I am i'm in you know if you give me an industry, I probably know, two or three people in that industry that i'll happily recommend you with and these people that go online and just.

00:34:08.250 --> 00:34:24.420 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: The days of 1992 are just long dead and gone, I mean like it used to work that you could get the phone book a couple days before everybody else and start dialing for dollars, and all we all we want you know we always want to be in the.

00:34:25.230 --> 00:34:37.110 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Two a's in the front of our name, just so that we're in the top of the listings and you know I call at 715 in the morning because the CEO is there, where I called 530 at night, because the gatekeepers left and.

00:34:37.560 --> 00:34:47.010 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know i'm going to send snail mail and say, send a baseball and say Oh, you know or basketball and say Oh, you know thanks for the opportunity now the balls in your court and it's like.

00:34:48.690 --> 00:34:54.330 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Okay, you know i'm gonna change my voicemail every day because that's, the only way people communicate like.

00:34:54.870 --> 00:35:08.250 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: That stuff is still being practiced like people still cold call all the time and I don't understand, like the relationship is more important than the transaction at that point right and and what I say is always like.

00:35:09.450 --> 00:35:12.090 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You can do that stuff and we said this earlier right like you could call.

00:35:12.570 --> 00:35:20.460 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: 150 people a day you could send 1000 linkedin messages and you'll get deals people will definitely respond you'll get meetings you'll close deals and be great but.

00:35:20.730 --> 00:35:31.050 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: The minute that an opportunity turns into cheaper or someone that they know a little bit better they're gone, like its own right, and I think part of it is is is the way that the.

00:35:32.010 --> 00:35:41.400 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Company is run to right so like right now we live in a world where it's like if you don't have systems processes and culture integrated heavily into your business.

00:35:41.670 --> 00:35:49.410 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Then you're and you're not able to adapt during these times and really the new currency that we've integrated over the last couple months is accountability.

00:35:49.770 --> 00:36:00.630 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Like there's less opportunities to see your people all the time in the office, so that that's part of it, too, is like, are you having your people go out and just dial for dollars or are you developing.

00:36:01.290 --> 00:36:06.630 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: and allowing your your sales team to develop relationships and understand that patients over greed.

00:36:06.930 --> 00:36:13.500 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: is really one of the main ways to go right, you know first combined live in the feed is another really good one right before what I say is.

00:36:13.710 --> 00:36:19.800 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know everywhere, all the time, always that's just that's just the way it works like it's a low and slow mentality.

00:36:20.070 --> 00:36:33.840 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And that's just how it goes, and you know if you spend the time and you get a new gig and you educate people for six or six or eight months, and then you wait another like 14 months of just heavy seed planting.

00:36:34.260 --> 00:36:41.310 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: After that two year mark everything really starts to grow and during that first eight months you're probably not going to sell a whole lot.

00:36:41.640 --> 00:36:50.580 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: But after that first year is come to a wrap and you're into the next year and you're really heavy seed planting you're going to get deals, where it is, and then the key is to.

00:36:50.910 --> 00:36:59.340 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Work with one or two of your power partners that also has a big network, and when you help those people out, then it really shows.

00:36:59.730 --> 00:37:05.040 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: who and what you're doing, because now, not only have you helped out someone that you do, but now, maybe they have.

00:37:05.520 --> 00:37:13.080 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know, an opportunity for you to work with them and asked to work with you and now we're now we're both working with each other, which is great too, but now they're.

00:37:13.860 --> 00:37:16.020 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: they're just a walking billboard for you all the time.

00:37:16.500 --> 00:37:23.370 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And that's really what what it is, I mean it's the trust and and you're going to see these people more than you're going to see most of your family.

00:37:23.580 --> 00:37:32.730 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: So developing these relationships with these people is is really the way to go, I mean you know I have like a core six or eight or 10 people that we text with all the time and, like.

00:37:33.150 --> 00:37:41.430 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I know about their kids and about their family and like we never selling anything, and we were always utilizing each other as top of mind opportunities at always.

00:37:41.850 --> 00:37:52.950 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: So it's just it's just understanding that if you're out there hard selling you can do it, but it's not the it's not the long game which is developing those relationships.

00:37:53.610 --> 00:38:01.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I feel like there's I couldn't have said it any better I I like movies, as most people know so I like the idea of i'm everywhere fokker.

00:38:01.800 --> 00:38:02.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And yeah.

00:38:02.640 --> 00:38:08.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's, it is the way that you need to be and it blows me away these days Ryan, that your folks.

00:38:09.090 --> 00:38:21.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They think they don't have any sort of networking opportunities and they can't meet new people and they can't form, you know power partners out there, I think you would agree that over this past year, you know i'm a serial networker you're a serial networker.

00:38:22.140 --> 00:38:24.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Every that we've been presented with to.

00:38:24.000 --> 00:38:24.330 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: connect.

00:38:24.360 --> 00:38:26.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): With new people are ridiculous.

00:38:26.130 --> 00:38:29.490 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: it's insane every 10 days i've probably done a month of networking since.

00:38:29.850 --> 00:38:38.670 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Last St patrick's day and it's at the point now where people like who can introduce you to them like nobody i'm good i'm booked out like a month in advance can't do any more, one on ones.

00:38:38.880 --> 00:38:44.610 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Over the zoom stuff like and I appreciate it, but like you know there's certain things that i'm always always looking for, but it's like.

00:38:44.940 --> 00:38:49.590 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I love to meet new people but it's like I gotta like be able to have like admin days, where i'm like.

00:38:50.460 --> 00:39:02.970 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Doing lists and actually like you know cleaning up my inbox I mean i've never had more opportunities to do emails easier ever in my life and my inbox is more full than it's ever been in my history of my career.

00:39:03.630 --> 00:39:10.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's even getting things like a live weekly show started that i've been wanting to do for years, you know I.

00:39:10.440 --> 00:39:24.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Arguably, have less time now than i've ever had before, but the thing that I find fascinating with the environment we're all living in now is any one of the calls, I have the zoom calls is a potential live show topic of discussion.

00:39:24.420 --> 00:39:24.750 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah.

00:39:24.870 --> 00:39:27.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's like if I don't do it now what am I gonna do it.

00:39:27.600 --> 00:39:34.440 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah I mean and that's what i've kind of changed my ask right when people are like who can I introduce you to i'm like i'd rather be on shows, or rather like get.

00:39:34.770 --> 00:39:43.830 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: get the opportunity to do I teach like linkedin training courses as well, so let me get booked for that kind of stuff is a better a better ask them out there, for you know it's funny that you say that to like.

00:39:44.310 --> 00:39:54.810 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: we're at a point now where it's very eerily similar to 2008 2009 during the crash right, and you know, one of the worst diseases that you can ever suffer from is what it could have sugar.

00:39:55.170 --> 00:40:01.410 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Right, and you know because of that we were able to see in oh eight No nine, a tons of.

00:40:01.980 --> 00:40:09.990 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: entrepreneurs who either didn't know they were entrepreneurs, or you know, maybe got laid off and we're getting unemployment, so they had that cushion for like eight months to kind of.

00:40:10.260 --> 00:40:18.780 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: hey you know what I always wanted to do this so there's no better time than doing it now, and out of that we got uber airbnb groupon and.

00:40:19.200 --> 00:40:27.210 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: tons and tons of others that have like revolutionized the way that we do things so i'm extremely excited to see what you know.

00:40:28.050 --> 00:40:38.970 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: First quarter 2022 all the way to like the beginning of 23 is going to look like, with some of these companies that have come out and you gotta remember in 2008 2009 tech was good.

00:40:39.780 --> 00:40:44.700 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: But you know the Internet was still young you know the problem now is that the Internet is an adult.

00:40:45.180 --> 00:40:55.650 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: The Internet knows who it is, and it likes, who it is right, so that's part of it, too, and you got to realize that the technology now is so much easier just in this.

00:40:56.250 --> 00:41:04.860 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I mean 12 year gap from oh eight now like it's very easy to do things that were I mean even just recording on Facebook like.

00:41:05.490 --> 00:41:14.250 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: In 2008 it was like you can't do live there's not enough there's too much content, I mean like there, though the tubes are big enough to handle all the information you know mean like.

00:41:14.610 --> 00:41:22.110 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Now it's like if you're not if you don't have live opportunities like you're you're in the past, so it's gonna be very interesting to see what happens.

00:41:23.550 --> 00:41:26.700 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: i'm very excited to see the evolution of stuff.

00:41:26.940 --> 00:41:40.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I think that's a great point that especially you know when there's global you know national macro types of events like this, you know, going back to 2008 2009 you know there were things like franchises boomed after that and.

00:41:40.920 --> 00:41:41.430 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Oh yeah.

00:41:41.610 --> 00:41:44.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): booming right now, like i've done some great work with franchise folks.

00:41:45.060 --> 00:41:56.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): As of late and it's it's booming right now, because people are you know, leaving jobs they've been comfortable in or being you know downsized from jobs, and you know they're getting that entrepreneurial spirit and they want to plug into something.

00:41:56.880 --> 00:42:12.570 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: If you don't think that the chick fil a market is going to be even more insane than it is now, which is so crazy because before all the all this stuff happened yeah remember that, like 89% of their business was drive through already yep so dude.

00:42:13.890 --> 00:42:19.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I want to go back to something before we take our next break, and that is the idea of patients before agreed.

00:42:20.220 --> 00:42:27.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I think that's something that needs to be driven home so heavily and you said it really well when you're doing this is my.

00:42:27.480 --> 00:42:39.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Two decades of experience running around doing work with small, medium sized businesses when when you are working with a new distribution effort of anything any new sales business development strategic initiative.

00:42:40.410 --> 00:42:43.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's going to take a minimum of six to 18 months to lay the groundwork.

00:42:44.340 --> 00:42:48.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then, just like you said after two years, you know rinse lather repeat water every day.

00:42:49.170 --> 00:43:03.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like you start to see a lot of the fruits of that Labor I can't believe how many people still don't understand that it's an instant gratification world and a lot of that is because of the technology and the fact that yeah that's an adult do you see it the same way.

00:43:03.930 --> 00:43:06.630 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah absolutely I mean I think these people come in and.

00:43:06.990 --> 00:43:13.560 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: They just get frustrated that they're not doing anything I mean like I was a print guy before this for like three and a half, four years.

00:43:13.800 --> 00:43:24.330 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: So, like and I had built my network as the print guy so like I literally, for the first six to eight months with clear bridge, I had to like re educate everybody that I wasn't the print guy anymore.

00:43:24.930 --> 00:43:29.790 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And that takes time because we were like wait, what are you doing now, and I think part of it, too, is that.

00:43:30.450 --> 00:43:39.900 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You can't nowadays it's very hard to not be a job jumper right, and when you get to a certain point in your career if you've got a new job every like six or eight months.

00:43:40.380 --> 00:43:47.220 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: it's hard to come back from that as well, because now you're educating everybody all the time and then, once it kind of gets used to who you are.

00:43:47.760 --> 00:44:01.710 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You got a new gig I think that's part it's it's making the correct decisions on where you're going to go and is this the right path for me to be in where it's going to be at least that three to four year gauge so.

00:44:02.190 --> 00:44:10.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely some great stuff here we're going to be right back with Ryan Harbison director of business development, with clear bridge branding agency stay with us people.

00:44:11.730 --> 00:44:15.030 are listening to talk radio nyc.

00:44:17.640 --> 00:44:17.850 and

00:46:28.320 --> 00:46:38.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy we're talking with Ryan Harbison director of business development, with clear bridge branding agency we're going to bring things home here real quick with the message.

00:46:39.180 --> 00:46:48.720 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Part of our show you know the whole goal here Ryan, is for folks listening to take some weekend insight and use it to make Monday impact and you've given everyone some.

00:46:49.020 --> 00:46:54.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): awesome fodder for Monday morning water cooler conversation not that we're actually going to the office these days.

00:46:54.840 --> 00:47:06.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But uh you know, give us a give us the the pearls of wisdom, the big takeaway what should people if there's if there's a couple of sound bites that people really want to remember for Monday morning lay it on them.

00:47:07.590 --> 00:47:14.700 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Sure, so you know I would say this, and from the small and medium sized business, this is kind of I think a key is.

00:47:15.630 --> 00:47:23.460 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: If you're not at the point where you feel comfortable or you want to work with you know marketing agencies, because maybe you're still kind of developing things.

00:47:23.700 --> 00:47:35.670 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I think what happens is that people get consumed by the day to day and they don't put any content out right and that is a huge part of developing your brand on a gorilla level right so like.

00:47:36.060 --> 00:47:39.390 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yard signs go a long way, you know postcards for.

00:47:39.840 --> 00:47:50.970 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: go a long way and that really that social media content and just creating something even if it's small snippets highlights of what you guys are doing, you know you know I say there's a big difference between you know.

00:47:51.600 --> 00:47:58.050 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Corporate content know and culture content right and the key to really doing things is understanding that.

00:47:58.290 --> 00:48:07.680 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: companies like a clear bridge and marketing agencies out there really want to focus more on that corporate content but make it look great and that's where we come in on the creative side right.

00:48:07.860 --> 00:48:14.700 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Finding the right people telling that story getting in front of the right audience, but you know we love when our clients really.

00:48:15.180 --> 00:48:28.200 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: run home with that that culture content right, you know, and I think the problem is, is that people overthink content too much and because they do, then they don't put any content out which then no one knows who they are, and now you're just never.

00:48:29.310 --> 00:48:36.330 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: shining on anything you want, so the way that I look at is is is a couple things one is just tell people what you're doing.

00:48:36.720 --> 00:48:43.320 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: hey it's Monday morning I got my coffee, I like mine was a little bit of cream and sugar how about you bang tons of great engagement see what happens right.

00:48:43.500 --> 00:48:52.920 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Video is always the best way to go to right so like i'll go into the office today, here we go and like literally do a video of you like going out of your room and then going in like and i'm at the office well.

00:48:53.580 --> 00:49:00.150 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Man great day, like that's the stuff that people really love right highlight you know who your employees, please, or what you're doing.

00:49:00.540 --> 00:49:03.210 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: The other thing too is that you've got to realize that there are.

00:49:03.750 --> 00:49:14.610 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars of content, millions of dollars of people that are creating other content right, if you look at companies like barstool on instagram right barstool.

00:49:15.330 --> 00:49:26.130 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: took over instagram by literally sharing other people's content that's how they blew up on instagram so I say it all the time utilize other people's content as your own.

00:49:26.670 --> 00:49:31.350 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Okay, maybe you don't want to be in front of the camera maybe you've got analysis paralysis right because you don't know what the.

00:49:31.680 --> 00:49:40.650 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: What the writer will how to get it out there, so utilize the content that's relevant either to your industry or maybe the industries that you're trying to get more involved in and post that out there.

00:49:40.860 --> 00:49:53.610 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Right never just do a blind share either what know don't just don't share it makes you write a headline across some stuff and then the other thing too is really just hone in and pick what your social media elements are going to be.

00:49:54.540 --> 00:49:58.440 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I say three is the most that you can really manage as a whole right.

00:49:58.770 --> 00:50:10.050 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Yes, you can use like things like hootsuite and all that, but all that's going to do is going to tell the same story on on the same platforms right so understand who your audiences what's the message you're trying to put in and go from there.

00:50:10.920 --> 00:50:22.650 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And then I would say last is do not underestimate the powers of the DM system right direct messaging people is huge, it is direct content or direct opportunities to.

00:50:23.220 --> 00:50:28.680 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: talk to people, especially on instagram it's huge so if you're trying to build relationships and things like that.

00:50:29.220 --> 00:50:41.580 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: dmv people even celebrity stuff I mean you got to realize that we're in a world where fame doesn't really exist anymore, no one really wants to be Tom cruise or Jennifer aniston or oprah winfrey or the rock or any of that right.

00:50:42.840 --> 00:51:00.300 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: 26% of users on instagram have between 100,000 and a million followers right so it's all about being that Nicholas star that shines right so like if I want to be the King of yarn and I just i'm great at yarn.

00:51:00.780 --> 00:51:10.290 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I could have like a 500,000 people that follow me and if I go to yarn con in the middle of Wisconsin i'm a big celebrity but if I go anywhere else, no one knows who I am.

00:51:10.650 --> 00:51:18.360 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: that's the world that we're living in and it's very accessible to get in front of those people to make them either you know ambassadors for your brand.

00:51:19.020 --> 00:51:34.230 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And that so that DM element is huge and it's just that content creation and then getting involved into the engagement factor and staying on top and making people remember you remember, first to mind, leaving the feed right it's.

00:51:34.290 --> 00:51:40.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You have such great stuff man I can't I can't Thank you enough for sharing your pearls of wisdom, with everyone this Friday because.

00:51:40.380 --> 00:51:47.970 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I hear questions and thoughts and insights and objections around what you do and and your folks that do what you do.

00:51:48.180 --> 00:51:58.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah you guys have such a great outlook on the way that it needs to be done with the people first type of philosophy and really getting to know the culture, and you know what makes people tick that's what this is all about and.

00:51:59.430 --> 00:52:05.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You guys are awesome so let's just have a little fun before we wrap everything up so going back to my favorite.

00:52:05.640 --> 00:52:08.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Go when you talk about the heavy question.

00:52:08.340 --> 00:52:22.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): My questions are who is your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show and what's your favorite musical instrument and the artists who plays it so without further ado favorite movie character for Mr Ryan Harbison is.

00:52:22.620 --> 00:52:24.720 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, other than indiana Jones.

00:52:24.780 --> 00:52:31.050 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah you know I hadn't really think about that one and that's what I really think about and the indiana Jones thing is actually really.

00:52:31.800 --> 00:52:41.340 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: So great great photoshop stuff what's great about the indiana Jones thing is that you've only got three movies right for movies, but it's for me it's like.

00:52:41.880 --> 00:52:48.570 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: what's all the other stuff that he has done, that they didn't make movies about like this guy's been an adventure for like 20 something years.

00:52:48.930 --> 00:52:59.040 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know, so what else has he done that they didn't show what other crazy stuff has he gotten into that we don't know about you know, and then you know, one of the things I pick india's because.

00:52:59.760 --> 00:53:10.800 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: A great if you're looking to play, something the uncharted series on playstation is excellent and it's pretty much Nathan Drake which is pretty much young you know kick ass indiana Jones so really good.

00:53:11.250 --> 00:53:19.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely indiana Jones is kick ass no matter young, old whatever and on that on that happy note I do like to join my guests in the pictures wherever possible so.

00:53:19.890 --> 00:53:20.490 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: let's go.

00:53:20.580 --> 00:53:21.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): guns and.

00:53:23.010 --> 00:53:23.760 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: So so.

00:53:24.570 --> 00:53:25.620 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I need I need.

00:53:25.620 --> 00:53:27.000 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: This I need this pictures.

00:53:27.660 --> 00:53:32.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So you definitely will get them so favorite TV show character.

00:53:32.490 --> 00:53:33.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): None other than.

00:53:33.450 --> 00:53:34.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): frank Reynolds from it's.

00:53:34.590 --> 00:53:34.830 Always.

00:53:37.410 --> 00:53:43.860 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: You know that is one of my favorite shows of all time frank is just the best man he's just such a wild card and.

00:53:45.270 --> 00:53:48.210 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I love it, even though some people think I looked like Charlie day with my class.

00:53:48.360 --> 00:53:48.720 So.

00:53:50.040 --> 00:53:58.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So I guess it's no surprise that one of ryan's favorite TV shows it's always sunny in Philadelphia, so you know join join frank wherever I can hear in these pictures right.

00:53:59.280 --> 00:54:10.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): he's got a couple of great answers for favorite TV shows, as well as favorite movies so here's one that I haven't gotten into yet, but the pictures are just worth their weight in gold trailer park boys.

00:54:10.860 --> 00:54:26.520 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: They gotta get in the trailer park boys, it is, it is the best, it is, it is such a great show and it's on netflix, and that is 12 seasons of it, and then it actually it ends, and it goes into an animated series which is also really, really funny.

00:54:27.480 --> 00:54:33.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I am not surprised in the least also the office is amongst the list of favorites how could you go wrong.

00:54:33.870 --> 00:54:34.740 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: it's just so good.

00:54:35.940 --> 00:54:37.350 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: I love I love how like.

00:54:37.740 --> 00:54:42.690 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: They they ended that deal with netflix and take it, the peacock and everyone's like yeah my mind peacock like.

00:54:44.670 --> 00:54:53.010 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: To see the office 100 times and i've seen parks and recs on time and what, what do you guys get new content coming out what you got coming out Oh, you have a punky brewster rebate.

00:54:53.550 --> 00:54:58.410 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah although there might be something to the virtual office type of remake so you know hold that thought.

00:54:58.530 --> 00:54:59.010 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: yeah right.

00:54:59.070 --> 00:55:08.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): we're all living right now going into the movie side of things, no country for old men anytime I have a chance to superimpose on woody woody harrelson as well as.

00:55:08.460 --> 00:55:09.870 Tommy Lee Jones I get excited.

00:55:11.670 --> 00:55:15.630 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But also, there will be blood, not that as well.

00:55:16.110 --> 00:55:19.200 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: And movies great the first like 18 minutes of the film nobody says anything.

00:55:20.520 --> 00:55:20.970 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: amazing.

00:55:21.390 --> 00:55:22.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): cinematography at its finest.

00:55:23.010 --> 00:55:27.120 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: wow man I love I love good directors great cinematography all day man.

00:55:28.500 --> 00:55:37.620 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then also 2001 a space odyssey so I like your hashtag where's hard that's yeah for instagram for you is he's with how that's where he is.

00:55:38.820 --> 00:55:52.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So favorite musical instrument is the guitar and favorite artist is none other than mckinley Morgan field or muddy waters as he's known a second time i've had that response give and that's not it I didn't think that would be as popular as it is.

00:55:52.020 --> 00:55:53.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But it tastes you guys.

00:55:53.460 --> 00:55:54.180 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: he's great man.

00:55:54.900 --> 00:55:59.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And also Dan our back from the black keys and joined it for a little musical number there.

00:56:00.210 --> 00:56:12.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So great answers great content great discussion Ryan here's some contact information if you can't find Ryan on the Internet he's definitely out there, so you're looking in the wrong spot hashtag where's hard on instagram.

00:56:13.470 --> 00:56:22.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): coming up next week, we got some great topics to talk about with you guys gamification has been my word we're going to talk about game time for sm b's.

00:56:22.470 --> 00:56:33.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Though training is fundamentally broken most training doesn't work out their employees tend to forget 70% of what they learned within just three days of using the traditional methods it's just not enough.

00:56:34.020 --> 00:56:43.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): gamification engages and motivates people across all kinds of activities using game mechanics such as badges points levels and leaderboards I know Ryan likes games.

00:56:43.590 --> 00:56:54.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like my guest next week love games as well we're going to be joined by eddie jimenez he's the manager of channel partnerships and Roger Bernardino the director of.

00:56:55.020 --> 00:57:04.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Enterprise sales for one huddle the gamification learning management system platform that is disrupting the entire learning management industry.

00:57:04.350 --> 00:57:10.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Right yo Sam is around he might even join us as well, you never know he's a busy guy but until next week.

00:57:10.950 --> 00:57:20.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This has been always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy catch us at 11am on Fridays right before Jeremiah fox on the entrepreneurial web have a great weekend, everyone will see you next week.

00:57:21.000 --> 00:57:22.140 Ryan Clearbridge Branding: Stay safe thanks guys.

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