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Friday, February 12, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/12 - Diving Into Swim Safety With Swim Strong


2021/02/12 - Diving Into Swim Safety With Swim Strong

[NEW EPISODE] Diving Into Swim Safety With Swim Strong

Shawn Slevin started Swim Strong Foundation in 2006 to reduce unintended drowning by teaching water safety and swimming skill education. Swim Strong offers Learn to Swim (including Adaptive) through Competitive programs for ages 3 through Seniors. They have taught more than 10,000 students how to swim and given more than $1 Million in free swim lessons to families in need.

Swim Strong’s newest offering is “Know Before You Go™” series of four environmentally focused water safety educational programs which may be taught in person, remotely or in blended fashion. Shawn is a passionate advocate for water safety and has been featured in two documentary films, many articles, tv and radio appearances and been recognized for her community work by several local civic and governmental agencies and nationally by USA Swimming Foundation.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy D introduces the show and talks about how the non-profit on today's episode is one that is close to his heart. Tommy emphasizes the importance of bringing non profit organizations on his show to give them recognition, because according to him they are often overlooked. Tommy then introduces Shawn Slevin, the founder of ‘Swim Strong,’. Tommy Continues to talk about the work Swim Strong does, and how they have raised over 1 million dollars for the cause. Shawn takes the reins to talk about how she became a water safety advocate, and her story on being a drowning victim.

Segment 2

In this segment Tommy and Shawn dive into the large numbers of drowning victims, and how climate change is making it more necessary to know how to swim. According to Shawn, the increase of strength and number of storms has opened up an opportunity for people who don't have the skills to swim, to learn. Tommy reflects on his experience on living with the fear of water bodies, and transitions into talking about the various programs that Swim Strong has. Shawn takes the lead in this portion providing a summary of the various statistics on drowning. According to Shawn one of the more prominent parts of their non profit is that they teach them about the importance of water safety as well as teaching people how to swim. Swim Strong has reached out to whomever they can, and now have approximately 9000 students and 4 different programs that look at water safety from an environmental and seasonal point of view.

Segment 3

Tommy dives right in talking about the programs association with schools, but he asks about the post covid lockdown situation that has molded the entire program. Shawn mentions how due to covid they have seen more people who are dedicated to learning how to swim, and the skills they are learning here are being transported to other areas of their lives - they are even being able to create income out of this. Swim Strong has also been working very hard to bring swimming to places and communities that don’t have access to it. The non profit organization has been actively going into areas where people of color reside as according to shawn disadvantaged people should be able to learn life skills without struggle. Shawn also mentions a film that Swim Strong has been involved in with a production company, this film shows how people of color have been disadvantaged when it came to learning how to swim. Shawn also talks about all the packages they have at swim strong, from school based packages to individual packages.

Segment 4

Shawn talks about the various collaborations that Swim Strong is doing, especially in the environmental conservation field - as climate change increases and various water levels rise it is important to learn about water safety and how to swim. Swim Strong has partnered with the board of Education and several politicians to implement swimming and water safety into modern educational systems. Shawn plans to take this program global and has already implemented Swim Strong in 3 countries, with international sponsors. Tommy thanks shwan for being on the show and introduces ‘Always Freyday’, and says goodbye to the listeners/viewers.


00:00:27.060 --> 00:00:36.750 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: hey Sean i'll talk to you in one second here to see on the show where niantic it's your boy, ladies and gentlemen, it's 10am Eastern standard time it's your buddy Tommy coming at you every Friday morning.

00:00:37.200 --> 00:00:44.010 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: From the top of my house that's right i'm in the attic i'm coming at you from the attic it's your buddy the nonprofit sector connector.

00:00:44.340 --> 00:00:51.360 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I really truly am incredibly passionate about this nonprofit sector it's what i'm all about it's in my DNA.

00:00:51.660 --> 00:00:56.130 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And I will tell you this, I feel, these organizations are often overlooked, unfortunately.

00:00:56.430 --> 00:01:07.650 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Often underfunded, unfortunately, and often unrecognized unfortunately a lot of options I threw a lot of unnatural last week and we got a whole bunch more this week here's the deal, my answer to that challenge.

00:01:08.040 --> 00:01:21.060 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is this opportunity call philanthropy and focus every Friday morning I bring on executive leaders of nonprofit organizations that are making an incredible impact in our communities each and every day, each and every month of every year.

00:01:21.660 --> 00:01:29.280 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I really feel that this platform it's dedicated just for these organizations to amplify their message so that's what philanthropy and focus is.

00:01:29.520 --> 00:01:38.850 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: It is just a platform to amplify the message of these organizations every week I start off with a quick background on the leader of the organization and we dive in the conversations around.

00:01:39.090 --> 00:01:48.510 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The history, the genesis of the organization Why was this organization forum, then we go into the programs and strategies and the impact that the organization is making usually we talked about some stories.

00:01:48.930 --> 00:01:59.130 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Some anecdotal things that have happened because of the organization and we draw to a close, around what's going forward for this organization, what are some upcoming events for that, for this nonprofit these charity.

00:01:59.520 --> 00:02:01.650 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That we're talking to and then.

00:02:02.220 --> 00:02:12.990 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We close the show, and then I tell you how to get in touch with the organization, so you can volunteer so you can donate so you can make an impact for these organizations so here's what we're going to do before I even say hello, while I will say hello Hello Sean how are you.

00:02:13.260 --> 00:02:16.650 Shawn Slevin: hey tell me thanks so much for your invite this morning i'm.

00:02:16.650 --> 00:02:23.670 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: so glad you're here i'm excited I love your background, so if you're listening only shown has a great background that's giving some statistics about what.

00:02:24.330 --> 00:02:33.870 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: really what her organization is answering so here's what i'm going to read a quick background Sean Sullivan started swim strong foundation in 2006 to reduce unintended drowning.

00:02:34.230 --> 00:02:47.700 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: By teaching water safety and swimming skill education swim strong offers learn to swim including adaptive through through all the way up and through competitive programs for ages three through this through seniors.

00:02:48.480 --> 00:02:57.720 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We have taught more than 10,000 students, how to swim and then given more than $1 million in free lessons to families in need just.

00:02:58.170 --> 00:03:06.120 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Before I finish, Sean, thank you for the incredible well we're going to get into that in a second so swimming trunks newest offering know before you go is a series of four.

00:03:06.420 --> 00:03:11.370 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Environmentally focused water safety educational programs, which may be taught in person.

00:03:11.850 --> 00:03:15.060 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: remotely which we know now or in some sort of blended fashion.

00:03:15.420 --> 00:03:23.760 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And Sean is a passionate advocate for water safety and has been featured in to documentary films many articles on TV has made radio appearances.

00:03:24.030 --> 00:03:31.290 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: is on the podcast on philanthropy and focused this morning, everybody and has been recognized for her Community work with several local civic.

00:03:31.650 --> 00:03:41.520 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: and governmental agencies and nationally by USA swimming foundation, and she writes right here in New York City where else showing seven I like to start with this welcome to the show.

00:03:42.390 --> 00:03:57.090 Shawn Slevin: Thank you so much Tommy for providing this platform for not only swim strong but other not for profit organizations to really amplify their mission and help people understand the in our case life saving work that we're doing.

00:03:57.420 --> 00:04:01.950 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: you're welcome and i'm so so excited to have you here, I just I just want to make a side note what.

00:04:02.430 --> 00:04:10.530 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We had originally had Tom grabs from the queen's Chamber we we have Tom scheduled to come back in April later this year, I wanted to get shown on the program today because.

00:04:10.830 --> 00:04:18.540 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Leading into may we have swim safety month, so I want it we're going to talk about that, but I will tell you this there's a there's a particular woman in my life, who.

00:04:19.530 --> 00:04:26.130 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: was adamant that my brother and sister and I learned how to swim and I will tell you, you know, there was many.

00:04:26.520 --> 00:04:36.420 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: 830 swimming lessons, sometimes in a chilly part of the summer on a rainy summer day and I tell you I feel it in my hands today I I did not like.

00:04:36.930 --> 00:04:43.140 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'll just say it, I hated going to those swimming legend Sean on those days, but my my mom looked out for us, she wanted to make sure that we could swim.

00:04:44.040 --> 00:04:52.110 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And it was important, not because we were going to be, you know in necessarily in swim competitions, but it was for water safety and I, and I think in my case.

00:04:52.440 --> 00:04:57.420 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Even meeting you over the years and the original introduction came from none other than Brendan levy.

00:04:57.810 --> 00:05:04.440 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So thank you brandon will be hearing from his music later on, because you might not know this show, but he did the theme song to the show so we'll hear that later very cool.

00:05:04.740 --> 00:05:13.890 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's so cool right so it's that I was like oh so you guys you swimming lessons and I, and it was less I didn't get it when we first met and.

00:05:14.550 --> 00:05:27.930 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I get it now, but I want you really to set the stage for us if you can what what made you a water safety advocate Where does this come from and then we're going to get into programs, and all the front of things that you have going on with the organization so.

00:05:28.680 --> 00:05:37.350 Shawn Slevin: Well, you know it's actually even been a journey for myself, so I just kind of chuckling in my mind that I really get it, but this year.

00:05:37.830 --> 00:05:49.380 Shawn Slevin: July six will be celebrating our 15th anniversary, and the organization is different differently focused today than it was 15 years ago so.

00:05:49.740 --> 00:06:00.180 Shawn Slevin: You know we're all continuing to evolve, which is pretty exciting tell me i'm not sure if I told you this, but I was in near drowning victim myself at the age of five did I tell you.

00:06:00.480 --> 00:06:02.070 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: know I remember this.

00:06:02.100 --> 00:06:05.280 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But I don't know the whole story, but I thought there was something like this yeah for my.

00:06:05.550 --> 00:06:06.330 Shawn Slevin: mom and I.

00:06:06.420 --> 00:06:22.440 Shawn Slevin: were at a lake I knew I didn't know how to swim she was you know reading a book or a magazine and and I just said mom i'm just gonna go down to the shore and you know walk along the the edge and she said okay that's fine no and, of course, being.

00:06:24.390 --> 00:06:28.680 Shawn Slevin: A five year old that pushes boundaries and that hasn't changed over my life.

00:06:29.430 --> 00:06:39.810 Shawn Slevin: They went a little deeper than just you know my bottom of my feet, but I didn't go very far and all of a sudden, I fell into a hole.

00:06:40.860 --> 00:06:49.890 Shawn Slevin: And I couldn't find the bottom and I couldn't find the chocolate and literally you know I opened my mouth, I guess, to screen from my mother and, of course.

00:06:50.580 --> 00:06:52.350 Shawn Slevin: You know the water, everything is coming in.

00:06:52.350 --> 00:06:57.870 Shawn Slevin: And i'm now in full panic, fortunately, she did see me and she came in and you know dragging out.

00:06:58.620 --> 00:07:15.690 Shawn Slevin: But it was such a terrifying event that honestly I wouldn't go near water for another four years, and my dad finally at the age of nine coaxed me in and nine is a little late, you know for kids to learn to swim generally and.

00:07:16.980 --> 00:07:32.280 Shawn Slevin: I just looked the water so much that we had an opportunity to join a swim team Helen coin started those St sebastian's girls swim team in woodside Queens and I was part of that founding class.

00:07:33.390 --> 00:07:35.610 Shawn Slevin: I couldn't really swim once.

00:07:36.900 --> 00:07:42.900 Shawn Slevin: I get in the water, and it was bushwick high school voice right high school where I am teaching still.

00:07:43.620 --> 00:07:47.970 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Later, oh man, yes, how exciting is that will.

00:07:48.330 --> 00:08:00.090 Shawn Slevin: push you a campus now it's not just push my high school but um yeah so I get into the water and I start to swim and ella just grabbed me by the back of the suit.

00:08:01.080 --> 00:08:10.650 Shawn Slevin: throws me across the board, it says all right, she said I couldn't swim in my head, I thought I could switch yes of course i've discovered over time is is everybody's.

00:08:12.510 --> 00:08:14.970 Shawn Slevin: A spam definitions of knowing how to swim.

00:08:15.090 --> 00:08:16.350 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Okay yeah.

00:08:17.730 --> 00:08:35.670 Shawn Slevin: So, from that point on the swim team experience was phenomenal when I aged out of that you know Helen just asked me if I would be interested in in learning how to coach other younger swimmers and also she was such a phenomenal.

00:08:37.230 --> 00:08:42.270 Shawn Slevin: have such a phenomenal strategic mind she won over 150.

00:08:43.410 --> 00:08:47.610 Shawn Slevin: swim meets without losing a meet in between.

00:08:48.870 --> 00:08:59.340 Shawn Slevin: strategy, not that we were pretty good ourselves, but that combination was you know was deadly and I wanted to learn how to do that, so that the game, you know began by.

00:09:00.000 --> 00:09:10.680 Shawn Slevin: History starting to learn how to teach others learn how to coach learn how to set up swim needs learn how to reach out to the Community learn all of that stuff that nobody ever sees.

00:09:11.880 --> 00:09:20.100 Shawn Slevin: know all of the back back end stuff and she volunteered 22 years of her life to this program, in which he.

00:09:21.240 --> 00:09:33.210 Shawn Slevin: decided enough was enough I continued with it took it over I bought the boys back unfortunately they had gone defunct for a while I bought them back so we had a very robust very strong Program.

00:09:33.870 --> 00:09:44.550 Shawn Slevin: I was there for 40 years that was really the genesis of swim strong I thought my gosh if so much good can come out of this little corner and woodside Queens, how could we.

00:09:45.330 --> 00:09:51.570 Shawn Slevin: bring this to more people you know, because what we honestly we're teaching tell me, not just.

00:09:52.290 --> 00:10:00.030 Shawn Slevin: Competitive swim skills and how to be a better competitive swimmers but all of the things that truly are life lessons that transcend the cool.

00:10:00.420 --> 00:10:14.880 Shawn Slevin: So, for example, how to be disciplined how to be focused how to set goals for yourself how to work towards those goals, how to deal with disappointment when things don't go your way.

00:10:15.450 --> 00:10:25.410 Shawn Slevin: How to respect your teammates your competition your coaches people in authority that you may not always agree with right all of these things.

00:10:26.040 --> 00:10:30.120 Shawn Slevin: I say you know transcend the pool from the school room.

00:10:30.870 --> 00:10:40.620 Shawn Slevin: Through the boardroom these are lessons that we learned in life, and I was blessed to have a number of the young men and women, that I had worked with over the course of that time many came back.

00:10:41.040 --> 00:10:47.640 Shawn Slevin: And found being just shared how important those lessons really weren't their lives and how they were applying them.

00:10:47.880 --> 00:11:02.910 Shawn Slevin: Some of them were early in career now, some of them were still you know in college, some of them were just starting their own families and so then that's really where it came to be it's like wow I have to do something with this on a broader platform if i'm able to.

00:11:04.470 --> 00:11:06.690 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know it's interesting because.

00:11:07.890 --> 00:11:14.190 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I sometimes you know I have my own children and it's interesting how young people when they get involved with with sports.

00:11:14.760 --> 00:11:19.740 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's obviously there's a big part of socialization that that's part of this and that's that's critical.

00:11:20.250 --> 00:11:27.750 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But then there's this other thing that like well I don't feel like going well Okay, but you made a commitment to a group of other people right.

00:11:28.110 --> 00:11:35.340 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And it's that it's so there's so many of these things that then translate to being an adult and you know there's um.

00:11:36.210 --> 00:11:45.660 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know what you're talking about you know I wrote down teaching coaching you know the LIFE lessons all of that it's it's how people grow and and and there's.

00:11:45.990 --> 00:11:52.950 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I would say, you know we could talk, maybe about how how your Organization has been impacted by what's gone on here over the last 12 months.

00:11:53.430 --> 00:12:03.420 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But I think, in my opinion, something that's lacking for these young people is the is the events I know people are still doing some sports but it's not there as much as it as had been.

00:12:04.800 --> 00:12:07.320 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But it's interesting to me that you bring up that piece that how.

00:12:07.920 --> 00:12:15.990 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You creating what I would say you didn't my words not yours, but this is what i'm going to i'll sort of compliment you you're creating better adults, having them.

00:12:16.290 --> 00:12:21.090 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Learn these skills, yes to protect them in what from a water safety perspective, but also to.

00:12:22.050 --> 00:12:29.280 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: To be great human being, adult people as as they grow so when we're gonna go to break in like one or two minutes, so I want to just.

00:12:30.180 --> 00:12:37.920 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: want to set the stage when we come back to what we're going to talk about from a programmatic standpoint, because I think you did an incredible job really setting the stage i'm.

00:12:38.730 --> 00:12:48.570 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The one last thing I you and I talked earlier, this is the drowning is the second largest cause of death globally but on an annual basis.

00:12:50.220 --> 00:13:05.280 Shawn Slevin: Actually, a global epidemic you're just now ourselves dealing with a pandemic yeah, this is an even bigger issue and it has been going on for generations so and unfortunately it doesn't get the view.

00:13:05.640 --> 00:13:07.140 Shawn Slevin: No, it doesn't like yourselves.

00:13:07.200 --> 00:13:24.090 Shawn Slevin: are giving us that opportunity to, to put it into the light to shine the light on this issue, but it should be in the conversation the national conversation, the same way, a heart problems or diabetes autism yeah absolutely should be out there and it's not.

00:13:24.510 --> 00:13:28.200 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Well that's that's tragic, but the deal is that's why we're here to make a.

00:13:28.830 --> 00:13:32.460 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Change makers, you know people are going to be impacted by our conversation together.

00:13:32.640 --> 00:13:43.050 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So when we come back we're going to go to a quick break when we come back we're going to talk about the know before you go program we're going to talk about the Community outreach that you make you know to specifically to.

00:13:43.380 --> 00:13:52.290 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Our communities of color who we can talk about the statistics, there which are you know even worse in some in some communities from a from a drowning perspective.

00:13:52.740 --> 00:14:04.890 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And then we're going to continue to talk about the impact that your organization is making so Sean so jazzed abby in the attic we'll be back in two minutes, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for Sean and Tommy D coming at you from the attic will see you soon bye.

00:16:57.480 --> 00:17:05.700 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: every Friday morning at 10am join Tommy D that's me join me in my attic right at the top of my house that's where we keep the attic these days.

00:17:06.030 --> 00:17:13.560 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Today, in the attic today on philanthropy and focus is my friend Sean slevin Sean that was Brendan levy Sydney and Brendan leave us a reason you and I met so.

00:17:13.800 --> 00:17:19.290 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Just funny how life is couple weeks ago I mean you mentioned sister Theresa when we were speaking way early this morning.

00:17:19.620 --> 00:17:26.640 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: couple weeks ago city came on the show when Brendan had made that introduction so brandon I love you I call you my uncle we're family but back to the show right now.

00:17:27.150 --> 00:17:43.590 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: second largest cause of death globally, you called it an epidemic drowning and and is it not just lack of education, lack of exposure to learning how to how to swim and learning how to be safe around water correct me if i'm wrong but that that's probably a major part of this Sean.

00:17:44.580 --> 00:17:46.080 Shawn Slevin: Well, let me put it to you this way.

00:17:49.050 --> 00:17:55.710 Shawn Slevin: drowning by suicide is virtually unknown, I mean it's such a tiny, tiny, tiny times and.

00:17:56.970 --> 00:18:02.340 Shawn Slevin: When people go to the water they are natural headset is that they're going to have a good time.

00:18:03.480 --> 00:18:05.490 Shawn Slevin: And we're so drawn to the water.

00:18:06.600 --> 00:18:08.550 Shawn Slevin: Is it because, in our.

00:18:09.810 --> 00:18:13.500 Shawn Slevin: Past past history we actually came from water.

00:18:14.670 --> 00:18:22.350 Shawn Slevin: Is it because, as human beings were and I forget the exact number 73 or 78% water.

00:18:22.440 --> 00:18:23.310 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: and water yeah.

00:18:23.490 --> 00:18:27.030 Shawn Slevin: A lot of water, the earth much percentage of.

00:18:28.560 --> 00:18:40.170 Shawn Slevin: Water as well, yes, so something draws us to the water, and if we don't understand the nature of that water.

00:18:41.310 --> 00:18:59.280 Shawn Slevin: nevermind whether we have the skills or we don't we can be in trouble and that's the dawning that has come to me 15 years later, not quite but maybe a dozen years later, as I started to realize how the earth was becoming so much more watering.

00:19:01.290 --> 00:19:11.760 Shawn Slevin: know we with this climate change that we're going through, we are seeing our water levels rise an inch to an inch and a half a year.

00:19:13.110 --> 00:19:16.740 Shawn Slevin: We are seeing just this year alone, it was.

00:19:18.000 --> 00:19:25.260 Shawn Slevin: In our face all the time in terms of the tropical storms and the hurricanes, and not only were they.

00:19:26.610 --> 00:19:49.200 Shawn Slevin: More intense in strength, but they were more frequent in number, we I think broke records, this year we even had to go to a new alphabet expect, and also on the frequency of them, so we were like tripping on the stones, they were coming so quickly.

00:19:50.280 --> 00:20:09.240 Shawn Slevin: So Mother Nature, you know it's not very happy with us and then here in New York City and others many others, but for us we're here we are under the triple threat in that our watch her fronts, are being developed now is never before in my lifetime.

00:20:10.710 --> 00:20:29.850 Shawn Slevin: And so that really does open up an opportunity for people who don't have the skills or, as I said, even may have the skills, but they really don't understand the nature of that particular body of water, because they're all different bodies of water have different natures.

00:20:29.910 --> 00:20:33.270 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: and different terrain right different condition current right.

00:20:33.300 --> 00:20:34.890 Shawn Slevin: All these different absolutely.

00:20:35.130 --> 00:20:44.700 Shawn Slevin: And that's where it really dawned on me that we needed this different type of training to help people understand whether you swim or you didn't swim.

00:20:45.270 --> 00:20:52.950 Shawn Slevin: The difference conditions one body of water to another even water in our own homes that how that affects.

00:20:53.880 --> 00:21:06.540 Shawn Slevin: Families with toddlers and young, you know very young children to under have a different pair of glasses on as they you know they're they're very aware of electrical plugs but nobody's aware of water and how that can.

00:21:07.110 --> 00:21:07.380 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know.

00:21:07.950 --> 00:21:10.140 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If, if I can interrupt for a second.

00:21:10.140 --> 00:21:25.890 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Because I think that's critical to think about I mean I remember, being a kid and you know yeah those little plastic covers for your outlets and things like that and I told you how focus my mom was on you know, on us getting lessons that again not to be on the swim team necessarily.

00:21:25.890 --> 00:21:35.310 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Business so we think so we could be safe right and then, then you know I remember when my wife and I were looking at homes years ago she did not want a home with a pool.

00:21:36.060 --> 00:21:40.770 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: By design, we did we stayed away from it, because of the fear and.

00:21:41.190 --> 00:21:55.470 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know that the tragedy every summer may late may early June we hear that you know, on the news outlets and unfortunately this is what happens and these these children end up in the pool and somebody looks away for a moment, and you know how it ends and it's tragic.

00:21:56.790 --> 00:22:08.580 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I i'm so appreciative of your advocacy and your passion for this, because you know we know each other for a number of years, but I know you're out there, telling this story that this is something and i'm glad to be.

00:22:09.270 --> 00:22:12.060 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: here with you and give you this opportunity, because this is.

00:22:12.360 --> 00:22:22.080 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know my shows a lot of fun and we you know it's cute and I it's about you know the whole personality, the whole thing, but really it's about bringing on these the organization like yours that's.

00:22:22.410 --> 00:22:35.670 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's making a change in our communities, so I want to, I want to understand if we could go to the know before you go program and because, since we're talking about education let's if we can dive in let's see.

00:22:37.050 --> 00:22:39.090 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If we can dive into that.

00:22:39.870 --> 00:22:49.860 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I think that'll give us, you know kind of some really good takeaways for people who might be listening to the program who are parents or educators or coaches, or the like.

00:22:50.640 --> 00:22:53.430 Shawn Slevin: So let me see that by just giving you a few.

00:22:53.460 --> 00:22:55.020 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: More stats that makes your answer.

00:22:55.950 --> 00:23:16.500 Shawn Slevin: So on a global basis, a person actually dies due to drowning every 77 zero every 70 seconds and for every death five more people are suffering life altering injuries primarily brain and spinal cord related from water based accidents.

00:23:20.250 --> 00:23:22.290 Shawn Slevin: As horrific as those.

00:23:23.340 --> 00:23:24.540 Shawn Slevin: Statistics are.

00:23:25.890 --> 00:23:31.080 Shawn Slevin: When you understand that 95% of those tragedies actually never had to happen.

00:23:32.670 --> 00:23:35.970 Shawn Slevin: You understand why the education is so important.

00:23:36.420 --> 00:23:37.110 Shawn Slevin: Totally avoid.

00:23:37.320 --> 00:23:38.670 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Totally avoidable a lot not.

00:23:39.900 --> 00:23:58.680 Shawn Slevin: Totally avoidable absolutely and that's what really had burns my you know purchase because loss of life, loss of opportunity loss of potential totally necessary if only people knew, and so I like to speak about drowning as.

00:24:00.150 --> 00:24:03.150 Shawn Slevin: Part of the reason is not just lack of skill and lack of.

00:24:04.170 --> 00:24:14.670 Shawn Slevin: Knowledge environments, but also lack of common sense and lack of good judgment and certainly swim strong can help people learn the educational.

00:24:15.960 --> 00:24:19.530 Shawn Slevin: Requirements around water safety, environmental.

00:24:21.180 --> 00:24:27.420 Shawn Slevin: issues around it and the swimming skills even up through competitive swimming.

00:24:29.610 --> 00:24:33.810 Shawn Slevin: But if we could teach common sense and good judgment we'd be richer than.

00:24:35.100 --> 00:24:35.550 Shawn Slevin: Somebody.

00:24:35.790 --> 00:24:36.450 Shawn Slevin: That we.

00:24:38.070 --> 00:24:39.660 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Were gonna have to commit another show to just.

00:24:39.660 --> 00:24:41.430 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: figuring out how to teach people common sense.

00:24:41.460 --> 00:24:57.180 Shawn Slevin: But to that point when you also look to the statistics, again, and you see that boys are drowning versus girls 80% boys versus 20% girls from the ages of mid teens to mid 30s.

00:24:57.540 --> 00:25:01.860 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: is at risk is that just boys are more risk takers and they're going to jump a slave.

00:25:01.890 --> 00:25:02.520 Shawn Slevin: I call it.

00:25:02.730 --> 00:25:04.620 Shawn Slevin: Risk seeking missiles.

00:25:05.580 --> 00:25:06.210 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: boys are.

00:25:07.890 --> 00:25:17.040 Shawn Slevin: Some girls, I was one of those girls, you know being transparent, I was one of those girls So yes, there's that issue.

00:25:18.960 --> 00:25:33.060 Shawn Slevin: And you also with boys it's seldom a single drowning event because typically they're in a group of friends and they're egging each other on to some you know sort of stupidity and then.

00:25:34.080 --> 00:25:38.370 Shawn Slevin: When this gets in trouble, and then the others try to help, but they none of them.

00:25:39.660 --> 00:25:40.380 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Has the skills.

00:25:40.680 --> 00:25:41.640 Shawn Slevin: It should have.

00:25:41.760 --> 00:25:45.990 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: said so said it's it's a tragic yes.

00:25:47.520 --> 00:25:51.720 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So how do we fix this, how do you how are you fixing this.

00:25:52.620 --> 00:26:03.990 Shawn Slevin: So swim strong really uses a two pronged approach use the traditional in the water teaching of the swimming skills and then, as I mentioned, you know my own Epiphany around a couple years ago with.

00:26:04.560 --> 00:26:17.130 Shawn Slevin: The changes that's happening all around us with the global climate change is now the educational piece, and we developed to know before you go with the PowerPoint presentation myself and a couple of staff members.

00:26:17.640 --> 00:26:39.120 Shawn Slevin: put this together, and I would take it out into various schools community groups churches civic organizations any place there was a group that would happen the off, I went on, so we reached in about two and a half years, oh 17 818 schools, excuse me up to about 9000 students and also.

00:26:41.010 --> 00:26:59.340 Shawn Slevin: What happened with the pandemic, of course, is that we were shut down on the 15th of March from doing anything you know whether it was going to school or being in the water, and we had literally given our last in class presentation on the ninth of March.

00:27:00.150 --> 00:27:05.640 Shawn Slevin: And we were in the water on the 15th when we were told that's it, you know around here so.

00:27:06.030 --> 00:27:15.660 Shawn Slevin: i'm not sure who said it was it Mae West or Winston Churchill, but you know never let a good pandemic go to waste, so we took that opportunity.

00:27:15.930 --> 00:27:23.850 Shawn Slevin: To really say you know how can I get this information into more schools will have to embrace technology, which is a personal.

00:27:24.300 --> 00:27:33.330 Shawn Slevin: concern of mine i'm a little bit of a techno Luddite and I said no, now is the time because, if not now, when so I hired a wonderful.

00:27:34.320 --> 00:27:41.070 Shawn Slevin: curriculum writer who helped me transform this program and from the one PowerPoint we now have four.

00:27:41.790 --> 00:27:53.430 Shawn Slevin: programs that really address water from an environmental point of view, looking at the different conditions, the different natures the different dangers.

00:27:54.240 --> 00:28:09.210 Shawn Slevin: inside our home to everywhere we need it also in a seasonal point of view, because, again, we tend to think about water safety only in warm weather, but no, you know we just came off the hurricane and tropical storm season, which we just discussed before.

00:28:09.210 --> 00:28:22.140 Shawn Slevin: which you know they were tripping over each other and how many people are dying during that time with us because look what's going on with our weather conditions, last year we had weather in the 70s, in early November.

00:28:22.560 --> 00:28:35.970 Shawn Slevin: This year we had weather in the 70s in late November late November, so our seasonality is starting to shift people are still going to the water they're going to the beach, and particularly in coven.

00:28:36.330 --> 00:28:45.420 Shawn Slevin: You know where we were all crazy because we were isolating all the time to get out and go to a place of beauty in nature, such as water.

00:28:46.470 --> 00:28:55.200 Shawn Slevin: How could you not right in the winter, we have ice conditions, you may have seen on the TV the mother and child that will pull out of the paramus.

00:28:55.590 --> 00:29:04.260 Shawn Slevin: river, just a few days ago, well that's not uncommon last year, at least those two were safe last year between New Jersey and New York, we lost seven children.

00:29:04.920 --> 00:29:18.690 Shawn Slevin: We could not get out of the River fast enough or the pond whichever it was fast enough so spring, we now have flooding conditions that we never used to have flooding, you always used to be the rest of the country's problem, we very seldom so.

00:29:18.960 --> 00:29:25.410 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So those environmental conditions are evolving with this planet, and so the education to your point, you know the.

00:29:25.410 --> 00:29:29.100 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Environmental the seasonal changes all you've had a break that into the four programs.

00:29:29.340 --> 00:29:33.720 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we're going to take a quick break, but when we come back here's what I want to do, I want to hold that thought I want to put a quick pin in it.

00:29:34.020 --> 00:29:43.260 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Because I want to understand how do we get swim strong foundation into more schools, how do we get it to be part of more curriculum, not just in the five boroughs but out here in long island and upstate.

00:29:43.500 --> 00:29:52.200 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And i'm sure that'll roll into some legislation that we can talk about so let's do that so, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls children of all ages it's your buddy Tommy D in the attic.

00:29:52.410 --> 00:29:56.160 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: nonprofit sector connect to show and sullivan's hear from some strong foundation will be back in two minutes.

00:32:39.720 --> 00:32:40.230 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Tommy.

00:32:41.250 --> 00:32:50.610 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In the attic every Friday morning to shine a light to amplify and to bring home the mission and messages of nonprofit organizations every week every Friday morning.

00:32:50.910 --> 00:33:00.210 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Today it's Sean slevin who has decided to join us in the attic and Sean is with the swim strong foundation Sean before we even go where we were, I want to just read some statistics that it pulled off your website.

00:33:00.660 --> 00:33:14.250 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: As a result of being involved with swim strong 161 children joined Community based swim teams 100 and he joins us swim clubs 66 join their high school swimming things 28 joined college teams 90 are now coaching.

00:33:14.700 --> 00:33:24.000 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Other Community based swim teams that's critical right they lead to those who are lead are now being leaders 206 became certified lifeguards.

00:33:24.360 --> 00:33:34.620 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Seven obtain their wsi certifications 10 during the US diving team eccentric cetera 10 and listed in the coast guard 19 enlisted in the navy and and three and listed in the reins.

00:33:36.120 --> 00:33:43.980 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Six join the nypd and seven became emt emergency medical technicians and I say a result of that right, I see you're.

00:33:44.370 --> 00:33:50.550 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: welling up a bit because that's the impact that that you are making as a leader and that your organization is making and I talked about ripples.

00:33:50.910 --> 00:33:56.460 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I talked about what is the ripple effect of the pebble in the pond and how far those ripples global, what is the ripple effect of.

00:33:56.820 --> 00:34:07.170 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You impacting those lives, how many lives are impacted from those and on and on and on, so you're doing incredible work and I appreciate you for and I don't want you to.

00:34:07.710 --> 00:34:14.280 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Get all mushy because we got to get the facts just the facts ma'am so we got to get back to the facts so talk to me about.

00:34:15.120 --> 00:34:27.810 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That we talked about those multiple programs and getting them into the school systems is that a challenge for you getting into the schools, you know even with prior to call it, and now with cold would tell me about that and then let's talk about legislation as well.

00:34:27.840 --> 00:34:34.920 Shawn Slevin: yeah so a couple of things just while you were talking about some of the results that we had given before we read that entirely.

00:34:36.360 --> 00:34:38.490 Shawn Slevin: swim strong really is a.

00:34:40.380 --> 00:34:58.080 Shawn Slevin: conduit a first responder work and that's important to to underscore because we speak about the importance of swimming really like a table with four legs so for your safety for your health, there is nothing better than swimming total body workout or none.

00:34:58.920 --> 00:35:05.550 Shawn Slevin: And particularly it's the only exercise, the only thing actually that we can do from room to.

00:35:06.210 --> 00:35:12.900 Shawn Slevin: room to to sure and myself being closer to the tomb side of things, I can attest to the fact that.

00:35:13.260 --> 00:35:21.480 Shawn Slevin: I cannot do many things that I used to in my youth I was a semi pro volleyball players well I can't take the pounding anymore, I can still swim.

00:35:21.870 --> 00:35:31.890 Shawn Slevin: So it really is the best exercise and then, of course, for the competitive slash recreational opportunities, you know swimming is the root of a.

00:35:32.190 --> 00:35:39.000 Shawn Slevin: tree with 32 are the branches representing the other border based sports some offer college scholarships others do not.

00:35:39.780 --> 00:35:48.270 Shawn Slevin: react, the reality is going back to a point, you said earlier about socialization and how important we understand that is now particularly in times of cold but.

00:35:48.540 --> 00:35:57.060 Shawn Slevin: When you join something that you really have a passion for you're going to meet others that share that passion and so you continue to build out your circle.

00:35:57.330 --> 00:36:03.120 Shawn Slevin: And that's a fabulous thing fabulous thing and then the fourth like which is not to be under.

00:36:03.720 --> 00:36:14.250 Shawn Slevin: Looked at all is this pathway to career and opportunities utilizing the skills that you've learned the swimming skills that you've learned in many different ways that.

00:36:14.520 --> 00:36:28.830 Shawn Slevin: brings you income and, in some cases not only brings you income, but again we're in an underserved communities doing all work it helps the family as well, not just the individual so for so many reasons learning to swim is.

00:36:30.000 --> 00:36:45.600 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: an imperative yeah yeah I mean i've seen and i'm thinking as you're talking i'm thinking about the nypd folks you know I know there, there are folks who are COPs who who are diverse like that, again I i'm aware of it, I wouldn't say I know much about it but that's a whole other specialty.

00:36:45.660 --> 00:36:58.380 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, in these departments and and you know, certainly the other, you know the fdny has folks that that do this kind of rescue and things of that nature and my cousin my cousin john is is in the coast guard so hey Johnny hope you're doing well, good.

00:36:59.640 --> 00:37:10.050 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Service absolutely Thank you john um so uh so it's it's great because it's an exposure point and it goes to the communities, especially what you just said there there's certain communities that may not.

00:37:11.070 --> 00:37:14.100 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: have access to pools have access to you know and.

00:37:15.450 --> 00:37:19.620 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's some of what swing swing strong to working on also so maybe maybe we could talk about that too.

00:37:19.860 --> 00:37:24.750 Shawn Slevin: You know, it is black history month right now and I don't want to miss you know, addressing that also.

00:37:25.770 --> 00:37:34.770 Shawn Slevin: Right from the jump we have been intentionally working in communities where people may not have had access or opportunities to learn skills, because we felt.

00:37:35.100 --> 00:37:43.080 Shawn Slevin: That it was bogus you know that everybody should learn these skills and why not know, and yes, there is a history as a matter of fact, one of the products that.

00:37:43.470 --> 00:37:53.460 Shawn Slevin: we've created is called a social justice call to action and, in that it's a package, a package that has some articles about the history.

00:37:54.180 --> 00:38:02.970 Shawn Slevin: of communities of colors and how they have been disenchanted franchise from the water over time and then, of course, bringing it a little closer to the Jim crow.

00:38:03.690 --> 00:38:13.620 Shawn Slevin: Laws back in the 1960s, but now we don't have any of these barriers, so now we have a different problem now after generations of being disenfranchised.

00:38:13.980 --> 00:38:25.770 Shawn Slevin: How do we help these communities who once had strong cultures of swimming and diving regain those cultures and actually make this a priority in their lives, again.

00:38:26.640 --> 00:38:39.030 Shawn Slevin: And so, for example, this month on the 21st we're actually going to be having an event to celebrate a film called blacks can't swim and the filmmaker and acorah on.

00:38:39.840 --> 00:38:51.810 Shawn Slevin: watch our website for the information on that you'll have a chance to review the film on your own time and then join us at 4pm on the 21st for a panel discussion just talking about.

00:38:53.070 --> 00:38:57.300 Shawn Slevin: Why this is an issue in black and brown communities as well as border safety and other things.

00:38:57.540 --> 00:39:04.860 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So, so the website to let's go with that because I watched the trailer for the for the movie on your website, this morning, so the website is.

00:39:05.400 --> 00:39:21.960 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is it swim strong foundation dot O rg trying to look at multiple screens, while I do that so swim strong and on there you'll be able to see the trailer and is that how someone would access the movie in the in that event on 21st or how do they do that.

00:39:22.200 --> 00:39:31.350 Shawn Slevin: If you look under there's a class tab at the top, and then, if you look down in the drop down you'll see something called know before you go if you look at that's the second to last one.

00:39:32.910 --> 00:39:42.300 Shawn Slevin: That will open up and show you the four programs actually and there's little trailers about each of the different packages, so you are meant for individuals or family purchase.

00:39:42.600 --> 00:39:53.730 Shawn Slevin: The social justice call to action and also water safety for all the other two packages are meant for schools school based program is called surprise Val curriculum.

00:39:54.930 --> 00:40:10.890 Shawn Slevin: And then the one for other other groups, which could be swim teams could be church groups could be employee groups could be civic organizations after school groups groups just groups called a conversation about water see.

00:40:10.950 --> 00:40:16.710 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So is that delivered you know, do you have a staff, or is this, am I talking to the entire staff.

00:40:18.030 --> 00:40:23.400 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I joke with you, but I mean like how much of this work is all on you, and do you have support volunteers what's that.

00:40:23.400 --> 00:40:36.300 Shawn Slevin: Look we're a volunteer based organization, and that is amazing to the courts, you know, to the stats that you gave about swim strong and how much we've been able to do our you know, certainly our as our achievements belie ourselves.

00:40:37.440 --> 00:40:46.020 Shawn Slevin: On, but these programs are meant to be done, they could be just purchased and drop in play for the next, for example.

00:40:47.400 --> 00:40:51.720 Shawn Slevin: School based program is meant to be taught, because it is built on standards.

00:40:52.440 --> 00:41:05.040 Shawn Slevin: educational standards of shape better nationwide as well as CDC standards, so this is meant for educators, to actually teach and there's even stem based exercises that tie the science.

00:41:05.580 --> 00:41:16.260 Shawn Slevin: Behind swimming to the actual skill of swimming but that's really the least of it, it really is more environmentally focused, which is different from other programs that i've seen to date.

00:41:16.680 --> 00:41:29.160 Shawn Slevin: But you can purchase the family, on the individual two programs that I mentioned job through the website and then you would just contact me if you had an interest in the program for school or for groups.

00:41:29.220 --> 00:41:32.220 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So how do they contact you directly Sean what's the best way to get in touch with you.

00:41:32.400 --> 00:41:43.620 Shawn Slevin: email is always the best so it's sh a w n dot s for Sam L and Victor I N, as in Nancy at swim strong

00:41:43.890 --> 00:41:57.750 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: perfect and i'll share that, with all the social media stuff that we do after fact we'll put it in the show notes and things like that so i'm i'm just i'm amazed with the impact that you've made and to your point.

00:41:58.770 --> 00:42:14.520 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know nonprofit organization or off are often small steps you know or often even if they are larger organizations, the staffs are overworked and doing two and three responsibilities that you probably would not see in on the for profit side of things, but the impact is is always.

00:42:15.630 --> 00:42:19.830 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's always exciting to me to see the impact that these these types of organizations are making we are.

00:42:20.580 --> 00:42:25.050 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I can't believe it, but this is what happens every week to me show on the show moves fast.

00:42:25.560 --> 00:42:31.350 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When we were going to take one more quick break and then I want to bring the show to close, but I think when we come back, I want to talk about.

00:42:32.220 --> 00:42:48.540 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The la Vega association that you're working with now the surfrider association and and put something in around legislation and what we can look to for the organization going going forward so that's what we'll do when we come back we'll do this quick break now.

00:42:49.860 --> 00:43:05.550 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And I just i'm amazed how fast the time goes but we're utilizing to to to a great extent so we'll be back in in just about a minute or two shawn will bring we will talk about the affiliations, the collaborations and the legislation that's a lot of a lot of times they're.

00:43:05.640 --> 00:43:07.050 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: going through the rocks I like the rides.

00:43:07.320 --> 00:43:09.840 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So we'll be back in two minutes everybody with Sean and Tommy in the attic.

00:43:10.200 --> 00:43:10.860 Shawn Slevin: sounds great.

00:43:13.830 --> 00:43:14.580 Shawn Slevin: awesome talk radio.

00:45:24.030 --> 00:45:25.890 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I love it john you were singing along I.

00:45:26.670 --> 00:45:37.410 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My kids sing that song all the time it's pretty funny So, ladies and gentlemen, in 2006 showing slevin started to swim strong foundation to reduce unintended drowning.

00:45:37.740 --> 00:45:43.920 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: By teaching water safety and swimming skill, education and that's what we've been talking about this morning we've been talking about the problem.

00:45:44.130 --> 00:45:49.170 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we've been talking about the challenge and we've been talking about how this organization has made an incredible impact to.

00:45:49.500 --> 00:46:00.060 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: lean into a potential solution to this problem so Sean we when we talked early this morning, you told me about some collaboration that you have going on, and then you said we, we must make sure we talk about.

00:46:00.630 --> 00:46:08.160 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Legislation that that you've impacted open or potential legislation that your impact in New York state oh so where do you want to start with that.

00:46:08.910 --> 00:46:22.860 Shawn Slevin: So, as I said, you know the pandemic really gave us lots of opportunity, and one of those was for me to initiate some legislation around mandating the training of water safety muscles.

00:46:24.240 --> 00:46:26.580 Shawn Slevin: I felt this is very important because, again.

00:46:27.780 --> 00:46:34.710 Shawn Slevin: We are seeing the results of the climate change, the genie frankly, is out of bottle geez not going back in the bottle so.

00:46:35.160 --> 00:46:45.930 Shawn Slevin: I can't even imagine as much as a water person I am what our relationship will be with the water 50 years Okay, so I think we need to get ahead of this.

00:46:46.530 --> 00:46:55.860 Shawn Slevin: Now, and it goes back to already late so fortunately Senator Joe job oh and assembly Member Stacey pepper a motto.

00:46:56.310 --> 00:47:12.300 Shawn Slevin: also agree with this and they took my concepts and created these fields, which are now in the appropriate houses in the education committee and, once you know Cobra settles down they'll be a lot of bills without onto the floor but.

00:47:13.890 --> 00:47:21.690 Shawn Slevin: I have had a long term partnership with surfrider and they were excited about this concept of the legislation and they introduced.

00:47:22.140 --> 00:47:33.630 Shawn Slevin: me to the law of a new organization which is also a surfing organization that they focus on black and brown communities again and providing access for access may not have been traditionally provided.

00:47:34.230 --> 00:47:45.030 Shawn Slevin: And so they were excited about the legislation and they had contact with Patagonia Patagonia got behind this too, so actually if you go on to the blog.

00:47:45.480 --> 00:47:49.140 Shawn Slevin: you'll see there's been so much happening in the last couple of months just look into the.

00:47:49.470 --> 00:47:59.910 Shawn Slevin: past few blog postings but you'll see this beautiful beautiful euro that is up in the Patagonia stores in New York City and will be there through.

00:48:00.270 --> 00:48:13.440 Shawn Slevin: The end of June and there's a qr code there, which also brings you to either their side to talk more about the legislation, and you know we'll give you ways that you can impact.

00:48:14.130 --> 00:48:24.900 Shawn Slevin: The passing of this bill, which is to really reach out to your own legislators in the Assembly and Senate and ask them, please, please spell when it does come up to the boat.

00:48:25.800 --> 00:48:37.410 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's that's incredible so again, I talked a lot about I I call myself the nonprofit sector connector guy so anytime I hear connections like that the collaboration you knew, you had for profit, you had nonprofit and another nonprofit yet.

00:48:37.770 --> 00:48:41.610 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Government wow that's like you know that's just so incredible because.

00:48:42.000 --> 00:48:53.340 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know in numbers, we can get things done, and we can make an impact and I love that private part not private, public partnership stuff it's it's really critical so if somebody wants to check out that blog post it's right on the website.

00:48:53.790 --> 00:49:01.770 Shawn Slevin: Yes, just go under the blog tab and you know we down the first five or so you'll definitely definitely hit it.

00:49:02.700 --> 00:49:09.300 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: very, very good I wanted out so Aside from this let's talk about the future of this organization Sean you know where do you.

00:49:10.170 --> 00:49:23.880 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know you talk 50 years out, you know, hopefully, you and I are still here to see it but um but it didn't case we're not 50 years from now, or 10 years from now, what is swim strong's impact and and what's your long term vision for this organization.

00:49:24.570 --> 00:49:33.540 Shawn Slevin: we're going to be global, as a matter of fact i've already taught this programming in Bosnia and Rwanda and Kenya and was very well received.

00:49:33.900 --> 00:49:42.840 Shawn Slevin: And, as we know, the drowning rates around the world, and just the numbers, this is information that's needed in most countries.

00:49:43.290 --> 00:49:51.840 Shawn Slevin: So we're heading there we just we're planting the seeds, you know, through the technology we've been able to get the cost of the program down.

00:49:52.560 --> 00:50:05.520 Shawn Slevin: In schools, for example, it's $15 per student to get our curriculum and we are looking for sponsors so whether those be individuals who want to donate to help get.

00:50:06.030 --> 00:50:17.160 Shawn Slevin: Children this programming at no cost, which would be the best or lower costs or companies who embrace safety, particularly safety as a core.

00:50:17.670 --> 00:50:36.780 Shawn Slevin: attributes of theirs come in and support the work that we're doing truly it is life saving truly is to other foundations, who want to you know get behind us, because we're synergistic in in what they're doing, but this is a global issue, we are going to solve it globally.

00:50:37.830 --> 00:50:45.690 Shawn Slevin: In conjunction with others, not just been strong but you know that collaboration is very important and we're so proud to have our first.

00:50:46.680 --> 00:50:58.770 Shawn Slevin: International funder, which is the Princess Charlene of Monaco foundation and princess Charlene is a South African Olympic swimmer so she got this in a heartbeat.

00:50:59.160 --> 00:51:08.280 Shawn Slevin: And they have been a partner of ours for a number of years, as has the New York athletic club which is local here but also sponsors athletic.

00:51:09.150 --> 00:51:21.510 Shawn Slevin: Wonderful athletics work for people who are actually at an elite level, and many of whom are in fact olympians so we've had the support of that organization as well, which is fabulous.

00:51:22.320 --> 00:51:36.870 Shawn Slevin: You know, we don't get it done alone we get it done in collaboration with all of us many hands make light work and at $15 a child to give a child free swim lessons there's hardly anybody that can afford to.

00:51:37.890 --> 00:51:38.250 Shawn Slevin: yeah.

00:51:38.400 --> 00:51:48.750 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So I know sorry to jump in there Sean I know, over the years, the bigger challenges it from my recollection in your In my conversations was.

00:51:49.440 --> 00:51:59.760 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Lack of pool access, at least in the borrows right is that is that still swimming hasn't changed much, but how do you work through that and who could help you work through that.

00:52:00.480 --> 00:52:15.870 Shawn Slevin: It is a challenge, because New York City unfortunately isn't aquatics desert, as it relates to other large cities, you were supposed to be your pre Eminence global city, not as in terms of aquatics and.

00:52:17.850 --> 00:52:22.020 Shawn Slevin: Unfortunately, some of our organizations that have large footprints.

00:52:22.530 --> 00:52:36.030 Shawn Slevin: Of pools in the city don't collaborate with others, they don't partner outside of themselves and so that's that really is unfortunate because the reality is just in New York City alone there's eight and a half million people.

00:52:36.450 --> 00:52:49.860 Shawn Slevin: And you know, most of them need to learn how to swim if every swim school provider came together and there was the political will and the financial ability to cover everybody swim lessons we still couldn't get it done.

00:52:50.070 --> 00:52:51.120 Shawn Slevin: Not in our lifetime.

00:52:51.150 --> 00:52:52.680 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: there's just not enough pool space, no matter.

00:52:52.680 --> 00:53:12.120 Shawn Slevin: What enough pools, not enough instructors not enough infrastructure to support, so we need more pools, we need more people who you know, want to do this work and otherwise it's just not going to get done, but the training this training know before you go everybody can get this everybody.

00:53:12.870 --> 00:53:14.730 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: This is classroom This can be done on zoom.

00:53:14.880 --> 00:53:17.580 Shawn Slevin: Really right absolutely It can be done in your own home.

00:53:17.640 --> 00:53:17.940 Shawn Slevin: sure.

00:53:17.970 --> 00:53:19.200 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah and I will do it.

00:53:19.320 --> 00:53:20.310 Shawn Slevin: Personally we're gonna take.

00:53:20.760 --> 00:53:36.750 Shawn Slevin: A short john in your own home and you'll find, so much so many resources it's not just the videos there's also resources that come with this as well, so you can take that deeper dive yeah there's something that you're interested in topic that you happen to be interested in what.

00:53:37.170 --> 00:53:50.280 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know what about like i'm like organizations like the scouts like I think this would be right up you know, one of my daughters is a girl scout I guess she's a brownie or daisy i'm not real sure what they call it i'm probably getting trouble later for not knowing but.

00:53:51.150 --> 00:53:51.570 Shawn Slevin: You will.

00:53:51.990 --> 00:53:52.590 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Try well.

00:53:52.740 --> 00:53:58.590 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But I I imagine that that that's a good outlet for you to be involved with.

00:53:59.430 --> 00:54:14.970 Shawn Slevin: things we really can partner with virtually anyone certainly scouting organizations would be great again what's a little bit, which is very different about any programming that i've seen so far in this regard is that we focus on the environment.

00:54:16.080 --> 00:54:17.520 Shawn Slevin: Not swimming skills.

00:54:17.580 --> 00:54:17.850 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But.

00:54:18.030 --> 00:54:19.260 Shawn Slevin: Of course, we encourage you to.

00:54:19.260 --> 00:54:26.190 Shawn Slevin: Get the swimming skills, but the environment is what we need to understand, perhaps even before we learn how to swim.

00:54:26.250 --> 00:54:28.890 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Sure, what do we what yeah, what are we, where are we going what.

00:54:28.920 --> 00:54:31.860 Shawn Slevin: What are we getting into what are we thinking about putting ourselves in.

00:54:32.100 --> 00:54:33.330 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Literally, what are we getting into.

00:54:33.420 --> 00:54:43.710 Shawn Slevin: Absolutely, so you know that's difference there is such a connection in people's minds because forever, it seems to have been this way that when you talk about water safety.

00:54:44.010 --> 00:54:53.040 Shawn Slevin: automatically it connects to swimming lessons and then therefore it connects to a place to have swimming lessons so many teachers, that I spoke to me.

00:54:53.130 --> 00:54:53.430 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: They get.

00:54:53.460 --> 00:54:54.780 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: They get caught up in it right they've.

00:54:54.930 --> 00:55:09.990 Shawn Slevin: been there immediately I don't even you know get into my my conversation they immediately jump in and say oh i'm so sorry we don't fall on you know we just don't have a full we can't possibly teach this and i'm trying I said no, no, you don't understand no water required.

00:55:10.710 --> 00:55:21.570 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I love that you know so so swim strong, no one are required, I don't know if that's a tagline Sean do me a favor bring it home for me really quick, how does everybody get in touch with you just tell them one more one more time because we're gonna close out.

00:55:21.780 --> 00:55:41.700 Shawn Slevin: Our show on dots loving at swim strong is my direct email website go through there we are on various social media we're on Facebook linkedin Twitter instagram who am I missing, I think we have a YouTube channel to although you know we're small small on that, but.

00:55:42.510 --> 00:55:53.820 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: awesome all right Sean listen, I appreciate you visiting me and Yannick is a couple things I get a button up here really quick, but before we close out the show, but just thank you for being here this is so special let's let's keep talking let's keep the company.

00:55:53.820 --> 00:56:12.960 Shawn Slevin: I may I just short also say that coming up is may month of May is international what well may 15 international water safety day the month of May water safety month so watch out for us to because not only are we doing a lot in February, but we're going to be doing a lot of through as.

00:56:13.350 --> 00:56:14.700 Shawn Slevin: Well, as the show my spirit.

00:56:15.150 --> 00:56:18.960 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Thank you Sean and as the show progresses i'm going to have like a calendar of events for all my.

00:56:18.960 --> 00:56:27.600 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: friends that run organization, so that will be shown up so you are not you'll have to get with me, you know as we lead towards that so So this has been the.

00:56:28.470 --> 00:56:37.500 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's actually the sixth episode live on talk radio dot nyc six is my favorite numbers it's my birthday, is a six so I love it and not my little guy just turned six so that's fun.

00:56:38.190 --> 00:56:47.640 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So this is philanthropy and focus on Tommy the nonprofit sector connected coming back from the attic just a couple things I want to say you want to get in touch with me Tommy D to mid one word Tommy D.

00:56:48.090 --> 00:56:54.720 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: At philanthropy and focus calm focus, you probably know by now, but its pH O C U S, because I think it's funny I like it and it's alliteration whole thing.

00:56:55.200 --> 00:57:02.520 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: don't forget the New York City imagine awards the applications route show and don't forget the New York City imagine once you got to apply nyc imagine awards.

00:57:02.970 --> 00:57:08.220 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: COM to check that out reach out to me Tommy D, if you can't find it, but I just gave you the websites, you should be able to figure it out.

00:57:08.580 --> 00:57:17.730 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: On instagram Tommy D dot nyc I told you, the email address here's what i'd like you to do join us next week my friend felicia Rodriguez from.

00:57:18.210 --> 00:57:27.600 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: hey there beautiful will be coming on the program talking about empowering young girls and women and the importance of doing such she'll be here on the show very excited we always have great guests on the program here, obviously.

00:57:28.470 --> 00:57:39.810 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: After my show don't forget my buddy Steve fry goes live it's always Friday i'm sure have the sunglasses on the whole deal that's what steve's all about followed by Jeremiah the entrepreneurial web from 12 to one.

00:57:40.230 --> 00:57:46.680 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And then, Joseph McElroy with wise content creates wealth stay with us for the business block here on.

00:57:47.310 --> 00:57:56.310 Tommy D - #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Talk radio dot nyc me buddy Tommy D I love doing this, please come join us next week i'll see you Sean Thank you so much for being here right back at you, I see you guys soon thanks everybody bye.

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