The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, February 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/08 - Flipped Into Faith

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/08 - Flipped Into Faith


2021/02/08 - Flipped Into Faith

[NEW EPISODE] Flipped Into Faith

God comes to us as Life.

God uses Everything to guide us, invite us into Awareness. Many times the revelation of God's life in us, through us, and for us is not revealed for many months or years after a glimpse of awareness.

Join us as we explore how, out of what seemed just wreckage, emerged deep faith and unexpected spirituality with our guest, Evan Berke.

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today’s podcast title is “ Flipped Into Faith”. Dr. Georgeann Dau introduces her special guests tonight, Evan Berke. Evan comes from a Jewish family and is from Atlanta Georgia but currently lives in Tennessee. Evan Berke works for Stars and TMZ. Evan uttered that as long you don’t stop what you are doing, God will always be by your side. The thing that started Evan’s faith journey was when he was a senior in High School and suffered a car accident with his friends. Evan remembers that 5 to 6 minutes before the car accident occurred he thought to himself to put his seatbelt on but he didn’t. Later on he tells Dr. Georgeann and the listeners that this was a signal he ignored from god. Before this section ended he recalls having a dream of a car accident when he was in Elementary School that might be the same car accident he suffered.

Segment 2

Dr. Georgeann Dau asks Evan to describe the feeling he had while being in the accident. Evan told Dr. Georgeann that he never lived his best life while being in high school. He was doing drugs, and always lying to his parents etc. After the car accident Evan had a new kind of energy, a positive one. He was willing to take risks for what he wanted to do ( Stand Up Comedy). In school, Evan’s reputation was known as, “ the kid that broke his hand” after the car accident. Evan uttered that he was very worried about the car accident and how he believed that the world was after him. In the years Evan was in college he discusses that God was the one that was guiding him. Evan remarks that he likes to do comedy because he likes to make people laugh.

Segment 3

 Dr. Georgeann Dau tells Evan and the listeners that God prays through us and moves through us. Evan remembers one time when he was younger that he also thought about having a car accident but not to mayor. Evan’s job at TMZ is to interview celebrities. But the most important interviews he has was with the people he looks up to admires. Evan tells Dr. Georgeann that every October 31st ( Halloween) is pretty weird for him because that was the day he and his friends suffered the car accident. Evan mentioned that he always wanted a sign from God that he existed and God showed him in every single way.

Segment 4

God will meet us where we are, Dr. Georgeann Dau mentioned. God sends us signs that we sometimes ignored but somehow remember those signs in the future. At some point in Evan's life he felt he had everything under control but really did not. When Evan first starts praying he starts by praying with gratitude. Evan also told Dr. Georgeann and the listeners said that he also prayed to God for patience. Dr. Georgeann Dau ends the podcast with a good night prayer.


00:00:41.490 --> 00:00:59.610 Dr Georgeann Dau: hi good evening i'm giggling tonight I just was interviewed on another show just Randy I am on Dr George p&l and we have a great show tonight, thank you for joining us on a journey through into awareness so.

00:01:00.870 --> 00:01:15.300 Dr Georgeann Dau: I think you've heard me speak in the past that God comes to us as life God meets us where we are and God always has great things in store for us.

00:01:16.740 --> 00:01:19.260 Dr Georgeann Dau: Do we have the eyes the heart.

00:01:20.610 --> 00:01:24.750 Dr Georgeann Dau: To experience it to welcome it.

00:01:27.060 --> 00:01:31.380 Dr Georgeann Dau: And we're not called to understand we're called to just awaken.

00:01:32.520 --> 00:01:33.390 Dr Georgeann Dau: awaken to what.

00:01:34.740 --> 00:01:36.000 Dr Georgeann Dau: awaken to the love.

00:01:38.160 --> 00:01:39.180 Dr Georgeann Dau: And the guidance.

00:01:40.200 --> 00:01:41.010 Dr Georgeann Dau: from God.

00:01:43.320 --> 00:01:44.400 Dr Georgeann Dau: Who is God to you.

00:01:45.960 --> 00:01:46.860 Dr Georgeann Dau: What do we see.

00:01:48.450 --> 00:01:49.320 Dr Georgeann Dau: What are we here.

00:01:51.060 --> 00:02:00.480 Dr Georgeann Dau: Tonight we have an amazing young man, who I have known for a little while have the privilege of working with him.

00:02:01.830 --> 00:02:13.080 Dr Georgeann Dau: His name is Evan Burke, and you might know him because he's a very well known comedian and he was also on on worked for TMC.

00:02:14.130 --> 00:02:26.670 Dr Georgeann Dau: an investigative reporter for the stars, but I think he's a star so Evan sale oh I it's so great to see you, thank you for joining us on our show tonight.

00:02:27.450 --> 00:02:33.480 Evan Berke: hey Dr TAO Thank you so much for having me i'm i'm really excited to be here so thanks for thanks for asking me to be on.

00:02:33.750 --> 00:02:43.680 Dr Georgeann Dau: Oh, my gosh it's great really great so um I know you've journey through a lot of different places in your life a.

00:02:45.780 --> 00:02:49.230 Dr Georgeann Dau: In reality, and metaphorically so.

00:02:50.700 --> 00:03:02.490 Dr Georgeann Dau: That to that your faith journey began, do you want to talk a little bit about that tell everybody a little bit about who you are um you know Evan i'm.

00:03:03.930 --> 00:03:06.210 Dr Georgeann Dau: i'm Sorry, I just want to mention this.

00:03:09.480 --> 00:03:12.900 Dr Georgeann Dau: What it didn't seem like he was starting on a faith journey.

00:03:15.570 --> 00:03:24.600 Dr Georgeann Dau: But he was flipped into faith, so I just want to say that, before I turn it over to Evan Thank you Evan hi.

00:03:25.170 --> 00:03:38.280 Evan Berke: hey yeah so yeah so I guess to provide some context you know my I come from a Jewish family Jewish on both sides, you know so full blooded as we call it in the south.

00:03:39.540 --> 00:03:40.140 Evan Berke: and

00:03:42.570 --> 00:03:44.040 Dr Georgeann Dau: You tell everyone where you are.

00:03:44.100 --> 00:03:48.180 Evan Berke: So so i'm from Atlanta Georgia I currently live in nashville Tennessee.

00:03:50.130 --> 00:03:58.800 Evan Berke: And being Jewish was always important to my family, simply because you know growing up in the south and being.

00:04:00.570 --> 00:04:16.470 Evan Berke: Jewish in the south, you know whether you had a strong relationship with God or a strong relationship with your synagogue or not, you know your environment would always remind you you're you're you're Jewish in this place, it was it was something that.

00:04:18.270 --> 00:04:34.980 Evan Berke: Even if religion wasn't something that you thought about often it would always come up, and so you know I went to Hebrew school growing up, and I was bar mitzvah and um and then I continue to to.

00:04:36.330 --> 00:04:40.620 Evan Berke: Study beyond but not not as in depth, but I will say.

00:04:42.240 --> 00:04:48.840 Evan Berke: i'll never forget, asking my rabbi while during around the time of my bar mitzvah.

00:04:50.580 --> 00:05:05.100 Evan Berke: I was questioning the I the existence of God, even around my bar mitzvah and I, and I think I asked my my rabbi something along the lines of how can I be Jewish or how can I have this bar mitzvah.

00:05:06.300 --> 00:05:23.070 Evan Berke: If I don't totally know that in my own life right now that that God is real and my rabbi said I think i'd be paraphrasing but he almost said something along the lines of isn't that the most beautiful thing about God is that.

00:05:24.630 --> 00:05:36.720 Evan Berke: You know that there's always this room to interpret and to study and to deeper deepen your understanding, but as long as you never stop studying as long as you never stop.

00:05:37.740 --> 00:05:58.530 Evan Berke: seeking the truth and really diving in and just really trying to critically think about this that's the journey and so as long as you know, as long as you never stop that God will always kind of be here be with you, and he kind of said that in so many words I think he kind of.

00:06:00.510 --> 00:06:01.500 Evan Berke: You know so.

00:06:01.950 --> 00:06:07.650 Dr Georgeann Dau: Did he bring up prayer at all, or it was just about spend time thinking about it's just interesting.

00:06:08.100 --> 00:06:12.750 Evan Berke: I mean at the time he really use the word studying and studying Torah specifically.

00:06:12.810 --> 00:06:29.280 Evan Berke: Right, as long as you, which I, you know I think does mean prayer but, at the time, he says long as he said, you know, the thing about Judaism is you know, study and interpret just studying interpret and never stop and if your interpretation changes over time.

00:06:30.360 --> 00:06:31.770 Evan Berke: Good it's supposed to.

00:06:32.700 --> 00:06:44.130 Dr Georgeann Dau: know what i'm hearing when he says that Evan, which is very profound is that that through reading that God will move through you, for the interpretation.

00:06:45.480 --> 00:06:45.900 mm hmm.

00:06:46.950 --> 00:07:11.850 Evan Berke: Absolutely absolutely and and so after my bar mitzvah you know I went into high school and I stopped going to Hebrew school and while i'm still Jewish, you know that conversation comes up are Jews, a race or are they a religion, you know I think I i've experienced that it's both um.

00:07:12.090 --> 00:07:29.820 Evan Berke: yeah so, even though I kind of really disconnected from some of the religious aspects of Judaism, you know we would still do Passover seders and Russia shawna you know, we would do all the formalities um that's really all they were um and.

00:07:31.410 --> 00:07:43.890 Evan Berke: I would say that the the thing you know kind of that goes off of the title of the episode, but the thing that really started my faith journey was when I was.

00:07:44.700 --> 00:07:58.830 Evan Berke: A senior in high school and I was involved in a car accident and I was on my high school's debate team, we were on our way to a debate tournament and you know we were driving and.

00:08:00.270 --> 00:08:07.830 Evan Berke: I was in the middle of the backseat of this car not wearing a seatbelt and as we're going along the highway a car hits our back bumper.

00:08:08.760 --> 00:08:27.810 Evan Berke: And we flipped down the highway about six times there was a group of my teammates in a car behind us and they're the ones that said, the number six I don't really you know I didn't I didn't experience six flips but the car behind me said you guys flipped six times and.

00:08:29.160 --> 00:08:31.200 Evan Berke: Car landed upside down.

00:08:32.370 --> 00:08:43.500 Evan Berke: And my hand ended up outside of the window and my hand ended up pinned between the roof of the car and the asphalt, and it was a pretty pretty gnarly injury, but.

00:08:45.360 --> 00:08:55.590 Evan Berke: I definitely experienced something divine in that moment and I was always able to talk about.

00:08:56.640 --> 00:09:09.420 Evan Berke: What it is that I experienced, but only until recently was able to really look back and realize that God was working in that moment um.

00:09:11.220 --> 00:09:22.200 Dr Georgeann Dau: Can you talk about what you remember from that experience everyone so when you say I remember that there was something divine you know happening that experience that you remember.

00:09:24.480 --> 00:09:31.410 Dr Georgeann Dau: it's Okay, if you don't want to, could you mention a couple of things of what you what you recall that might have been.

00:09:31.890 --> 00:09:33.090 Evan Berke: God reaching out back.

00:09:33.090 --> 00:09:35.400 Dr Georgeann Dau: Then, that you weren't in touch with well.

00:09:35.550 --> 00:09:46.470 Evan Berke: There are a couple of things, so one is right, maybe about five to six minutes before we crashed the idea in my mind came up maybe you should put your seatbelt on.

00:09:47.370 --> 00:09:49.380 Dr Georgeann Dau: isn't that amazing yes.

00:09:49.590 --> 00:09:54.120 Evan Berke: And I did not, I did not put on my seatbelt.

00:09:55.980 --> 00:10:07.200 Dr Georgeann Dau: Important because God does talk to us in this way and we don't year we don't believe that it's a message coming through wow that's powerful i'm sorry good.

00:10:07.830 --> 00:10:23.400 Evan Berke: And you know when the car flipped down the highway i'm it it truly felt like time stood still you know what might have been a 15 second you know in in reality a 15 second kind of.

00:10:25.440 --> 00:10:31.290 Evan Berke: You know accident felt like a minute like time time really stood still and.

00:10:33.570 --> 00:10:35.340 Evan Berke: It almost felt like.

00:10:37.050 --> 00:10:44.130 Evan Berke: me it truly did feel like somehow I was repositioned to survive this accident.

00:10:45.690 --> 00:11:02.160 Evan Berke: I should not have survived, I mean the car flipped six times, I was not wearing a seatbelt, I was getting tossed around the car landed upside down um there, there was just this moment, where I felt protected and I felt at peace and I felt.

00:11:04.200 --> 00:11:09.240 Evan Berke: What I mean what really happened in that moment, was I had time to really think about my life and.

00:11:11.220 --> 00:11:15.810 Evan Berke: I never it was this moment, where I felt like I saw things so clearly.

00:11:16.830 --> 00:11:18.990 Evan Berke: And um.

00:11:21.120 --> 00:11:25.260 Evan Berke: And something else that happened that I.

00:11:26.370 --> 00:11:33.780 Evan Berke: You know, think about as it relates to my accent, you know, even in the moment and what ended up happening to my hand was.

00:11:35.550 --> 00:11:47.430 Evan Berke: The term is D gloved and that's you know where you have really bad skin damage on on your hand and maybe a few years prior and when I say a few I actually mean.

00:11:48.600 --> 00:12:07.860 Evan Berke: Like when I was in elementary school I recall having a dream, where I was in an accident and I had my hand hurt and mangled and what I saw the day of my accident, when I looked down at my hand, is what I saw in my dream years prior right.

00:12:08.250 --> 00:12:22.140 Evan Berke: Absolutely, and I was always able to say that I remember having this dream and then it happened, I remember being that voice in my head put on a seatbelt and then not doing it, I remember.

00:12:23.580 --> 00:12:34.230 Evan Berke: That very that moment when we're flipping down the highway and this real sense of calm came over me and and I felt like.

00:12:35.460 --> 00:12:46.620 Evan Berke: Like I was being protected, I felt like I was being shaken and protected like I felt like God was absolutely trying to send me a message and keep me safe, at the same time.

00:12:48.090 --> 00:12:48.750 Evan Berke: um.

00:12:49.350 --> 00:12:51.270 Dr Georgeann Dau: But none of that occurred to them.

00:12:51.750 --> 00:12:53.340 Evan Berke: None of that occurred to me then.

00:12:53.430 --> 00:12:59.550 Evan Berke: That time but, at the time, I definitely utilized it.

00:13:00.630 --> 00:13:02.310 Evan Berke: i'd say for a positive.

00:13:03.870 --> 00:13:11.970 Evan Berke: instead of letting the whole situation kind of get me down and and make me feel negative I walked away from that.

00:13:13.230 --> 00:13:20.370 Evan Berke: With this new sense of like i've seen the light, but I wasn't able to attribute what that light was.

00:13:20.970 --> 00:13:21.630 Evan Berke: But it was.

00:13:21.690 --> 00:13:35.160 Dr Georgeann Dau: more about this feeling of like we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back Thank you so much for joining us tonight i'm Dr George and Dell and our guest is Evan Burke and we'll be right back, thank you.

00:16:34.320 --> 00:16:35.250 Dr Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:16:36.360 --> 00:16:45.240 Dr Georgeann Dau: i'm Dr George and we're here with our guest Edmund Burke, so please Evan continue, we were looking at.

00:16:47.100 --> 00:16:50.280 Dr Georgeann Dau: The feeling that you had when.

00:16:51.930 --> 00:17:04.650 Dr Georgeann Dau: We were looking at you, having heard within the deep within yourself about the seat belt and you didn't listen, but you know what's very important that we're looking at this, because I had an imagination about something.

00:17:05.850 --> 00:17:13.860 Dr Georgeann Dau: And I think we're all empathic and maybe that word impact is really coming from a place of paying attention to God within.

00:17:15.180 --> 00:17:35.160 Dr Georgeann Dau: You know, some people say to me i'm 911 why didn't God stop it, why did this happen, and I have an imagination, that in 911 that there, there was this feeling and sense within the stewardesses or maybe those boarding that we're telling them.

00:17:36.390 --> 00:17:43.140 Dr Georgeann Dau: You know either don't get on the plane or there's something wrong with check the underneath the cedar and we don't.

00:17:43.800 --> 00:18:01.050 Dr Georgeann Dau: And isn't that may be part of our journey is to awaken to that which is God in US speaking so you had this sense, then, but you didn't know what it was so Would you mind continuing talking about.

00:18:01.920 --> 00:18:13.740 Evan Berke: Absolutely, and when I say that you know I mentioned that after my accident, it really it really started the best years of my life, I mean, and not just because I just went to college after.

00:18:14.640 --> 00:18:27.270 Evan Berke: But because you know prior I wasn't living the best life, and I mean, I was in high school So who is, but I was definitely going down a path that.

00:18:27.840 --> 00:18:48.630 Evan Berke: Looking back, I didn't like I was doing drugs, I was lying a lot to my parents to myself um I was really not thinking about what I was doing at all, I was just I don't know, I was just existing I I never.

00:18:48.690 --> 00:18:50.580 Evan Berke: liked it and.

00:18:50.850 --> 00:18:54.840 Evan Berke: it's exactly and one thing that happened.

00:18:56.070 --> 00:19:10.830 Evan Berke: Prior to my accident is I remember telling my friends, one day, I would love to try stand up comedy I was always getting laughs at the lunch table I was always able to kind of get the group at school to laugh and.

00:19:12.600 --> 00:19:29.880 Evan Berke: I told my friends, you know I might want to try and stand up comedy and they kind of laughed at me and they were like okay haha you know you're 1617 you know you know, let but, ultimately, they were somewhat you know i'd say supportive um and.

00:19:31.470 --> 00:19:32.760 Evan Berke: After my accident.

00:19:33.870 --> 00:19:36.150 Evan Berke: I had this new.

00:19:37.260 --> 00:19:49.110 Evan Berke: Energy, where I was so grateful to be alive and I didn't have that gratitude prior that I felt.

00:19:50.550 --> 00:20:05.970 Evan Berke: I felt like I was granted permission to take risks in life now count like good calculated risks, like the kind of things that get you out of your comfort zone, and so I went to college and within about a month of me being there.

00:20:07.530 --> 00:20:14.250 Evan Berke: I had the courage to do comedy and to try it out, for the first time and.

00:20:15.600 --> 00:20:29.460 Evan Berke: I always think back on what I have had the courage to do comedy if I had gotten into my accident and and I really don't think that I that I would have um.

00:20:30.900 --> 00:20:38.610 Evan Berke: And so it then that led to as led to so many other things that I, you know the cause and effect um.

00:20:39.270 --> 00:20:40.110 Evan Berke: So what but.

00:20:40.290 --> 00:20:47.490 Dr Georgeann Dau: i'm sorry I haven't I just want to add to this, if I may, when you speak about you know.

00:20:49.770 --> 00:21:04.410 Dr Georgeann Dau: after the accident that you now felt quote you had the courage to go into comedy what i'm hearing is that it was that you were experiencing yourself as developed in a new way in a higher way.

00:21:05.730 --> 00:21:12.030 Evan Berke: yeah it was one of those things where the accident in so many ways, was it really.

00:21:13.290 --> 00:21:24.570 Evan Berke: flipped flipped me upside down, I mean this happened, my senior year of high school Halloween day, so all of these senior year things that you would normally do.

00:21:25.170 --> 00:21:37.650 Evan Berke: um immediately did not become the standard for me I couldn't go on a spring break trip with my friends that I planned because my hand wasn't in good shape um.

00:21:39.090 --> 00:21:43.920 Evan Berke: You know prom wasn't what I had wanted or intended.

00:21:45.000 --> 00:21:59.220 Evan Berke: I was trying to apply for colleges and I could barely right, I could barely type because of my hand um so you know all of these things kind of became harder and then even within my school.

00:22:00.330 --> 00:22:07.470 Evan Berke: My reputation kind of became defined as that you know you're the kid they got the hand your hand messed up and so.

00:22:09.390 --> 00:22:22.080 Evan Berke: I guess what what I really felt was this was this feeling of what can really go wrong what's the worst that can happen if I get up on stage and talking to a microphone.

00:22:22.890 --> 00:22:37.530 Evan Berke: But you know the even like the I guess I just had it in my mind that, where I was like the worst case scenario isn't nearly as consequential as what the best case scenario could be.

00:22:38.760 --> 00:22:39.330 Evan Berke: and

00:22:39.600 --> 00:22:40.440 Evan Berke: I guess that.

00:22:41.490 --> 00:22:53.880 Evan Berke: It really forced me to have this conversation with myself of what are you going to be defined by in this moment of your life are you going to be defined by this accident.

00:22:55.410 --> 00:22:59.970 Evan Berke: or or not, and because I mean up.

00:23:01.140 --> 00:23:09.270 Evan Berke: There was a moment where I thought that the injury aspect of the aspect of the accident was going to define me.

00:23:10.320 --> 00:23:10.950 Evan Berke: and

00:23:11.700 --> 00:23:13.530 Dr Georgeann Dau: In what way Evan.

00:23:14.310 --> 00:23:18.000 Evan Berke: i'm just in a way, where you know I.

00:23:19.980 --> 00:23:25.950 Evan Berke: You know, I was really worried that I was going to adopt the mindset of the world is out to get me.

00:23:26.670 --> 00:23:27.120 Okay.

00:23:28.890 --> 00:23:40.470 Evan Berke: And victim victim, yes, I was very worried that the accident was going to create that attitude within me um.

00:23:41.580 --> 00:23:47.940 Evan Berke: And and i'm very grateful that it didn't and I and that's something to that I have to point to God.

00:23:49.350 --> 00:23:50.190 Evan Berke: For.

00:23:52.980 --> 00:23:56.280 Evan Berke: Just allowing me to be gentle on myself um.

00:23:56.700 --> 00:24:01.230 Dr Georgeann Dau: So it sounds like you weren't always you weren't always able to be gentle on yourself.

00:24:02.070 --> 00:24:03.510 Evan Berke: No Absolutely not.

00:24:03.990 --> 00:24:08.910 Dr Georgeann Dau: So you see a major transition from that place to this higher consciousness.

00:24:09.930 --> 00:24:20.250 Evan Berke: Absolutely, and there was a lot of there, there was a lot that I could have blamed on myself, with the accent the the not wearing of the seatbelt, the you know there were.

00:24:22.710 --> 00:24:25.830 Evan Berke: yeah, and so it was it just it allowed me to.

00:24:27.390 --> 00:24:46.290 Evan Berke: It allowed me to be comfortable with this imperfection and to really love myself and everything kind of about me um and so those years in college were were truly amazing because I do feel like I was listening to God.

00:24:47.700 --> 00:24:54.720 Dr Georgeann Dau: it's so it's it's letting me yeah hold that for a moment, if you if if if we may so it sounds like.

00:24:57.600 --> 00:25:11.820 Dr Georgeann Dau: coming through the accident and not dying and not having a hand totally destroyed that somehow you felt god's love and protection and out of that place you were able to begin to love yourself.

00:25:12.900 --> 00:25:14.640 Dr Georgeann Dau: Would you say that might be.

00:25:16.860 --> 00:25:25.290 Evan Berke: I would say that if there were you know loving myself is is a journey, obviously, but, but in that moment in time.

00:25:26.460 --> 00:25:27.360 Evan Berke: Absolutely.

00:25:27.480 --> 00:25:27.930 Okay.

00:25:29.010 --> 00:25:49.740 Evan Berke: You know, absolutely and I do feel like in the years that I was in college and I was you know I definitely feel like that I was letting God guide me without knowing that I was letting him guide me I definitely feel like I was.

00:25:50.790 --> 00:25:53.370 Evan Berke: Listening to that voice in my head and trusting.

00:25:55.500 --> 00:25:59.190 Evan Berke: The opportunities that were being put in front of me and and.

00:26:00.420 --> 00:26:09.420 Evan Berke: At the time I was convinced, you know because i'm going to college i'm trying to get a degree, but i'm convinced that comedy is this higher calling that I can't explain.

00:26:10.440 --> 00:26:17.790 Evan Berke: But someone put this thing in my head and it's just not going away um.

00:26:18.840 --> 00:26:22.200 Evan Berke: And so, at that time in my life, I definitely feel like I was.

00:26:24.060 --> 00:26:27.480 Evan Berke: Living my true self without really realizing.

00:26:28.710 --> 00:26:34.740 Evan Berke: That, I was in that I was kind of I was letting God guide me um.

00:26:36.480 --> 00:26:37.230 Evan Berke: and

00:26:38.550 --> 00:26:48.570 Evan Berke: There are times since then, especially like from I would say, leaving college until about a year or two ago where I definitely felt like I lost sight of that feeling.

00:26:50.520 --> 00:26:52.080 Evan Berke: um because.

00:26:53.550 --> 00:26:56.760 Evan Berke: comedy became this thing that.

00:27:00.300 --> 00:27:11.520 Evan Berke: I I almost let it define me in the wrong ways for a time where I always i've always tried to hold on to that feeling of I do comedy because I want to make people laugh.

00:27:11.940 --> 00:27:28.290 Evan Berke: I want to, I want to bring people together um but there have been moments on this journey where i'm like no, I want to be famous I want to be rich, I want to be the funniest I want to be the best I want I want.

00:27:29.370 --> 00:27:32.310 Evan Berke: I want to be a heartthrob I you know and.

00:27:32.520 --> 00:27:34.440 Dr Georgeann Dau: indulge myself in you know.

00:27:34.830 --> 00:27:37.050 Evan Berke: In those moments is when.

00:27:39.240 --> 00:27:49.050 Evan Berke: it's when I went to that place when I can clearly see that I do feel like I veered from god's.

00:27:50.520 --> 00:27:57.390 Evan Berke: plan, but he was still right there showing me what I needed to see.

00:27:59.700 --> 00:28:00.840 Evan Berke: um so.

00:28:02.340 --> 00:28:08.790 Evan Berke: So that in hopes I would listen and I would, and I would be aware um.

00:28:10.710 --> 00:28:28.800 Evan Berke: Because even in those moments, where I went to that place of you know kind of the self serving those that's the darkest those are the darkest places that i've been mentally was when I was acting and making decisions from a place where those are my priorities.

00:28:30.660 --> 00:28:32.580 Evan Berke: And I also don't feel like.

00:28:34.140 --> 00:28:41.400 Evan Berke: Those are actually my priorities, but I let the external world dictate those for me because.

00:28:43.650 --> 00:28:49.980 Evan Berke: You know I stopped really tending to this relationship with this higher power that I had.

00:28:51.510 --> 00:28:51.840 Dr Georgeann Dau: Never.

00:28:52.380 --> 00:29:10.470 Evan Berke: been met and not really known what how to comprehend because i'm I was for a time there, I was just so convinced God was you know wasn't didn't exist that right, even when all these signs were coming I I there was no way for me at the time.

00:29:11.550 --> 00:29:14.790 Evan Berke: i'm to attribute it to where it was coming from right.

00:29:15.210 --> 00:29:24.150 Dr Georgeann Dau: Yes, because the world screams loudly with its secularism and it's consumerism and god's voice is still.

00:29:25.140 --> 00:29:43.950 Dr Georgeann Dau: We have to pay attention and develop that relationship for us to hear because it's a different type of hearing it's like it's like a tuning device, we have to tune into that frequency, you know so we're going to take a brief break and we're going to come back with Evan Burke, thank you.

00:32:12.600 --> 00:32:20.580 Dr Georgeann Dau: Courtney drinking hi everybody welcome back with our guests Evan Burke tonight so i'm.

00:32:22.380 --> 00:32:24.270 Dr Georgeann Dau: You know i've always said that.

00:32:27.510 --> 00:32:32.970 Dr Georgeann Dau: our deepest desires are god's desires for us because God lives in us.

00:32:34.590 --> 00:32:44.280 Dr Georgeann Dau: God moves through us God praise through us, you know and as a Catholic woman, and again I wasn't brought up Catholic and I wasn't brought up religious.

00:32:45.570 --> 00:33:00.630 Dr Georgeann Dau: In mass we say through Christ Our Lord amen, meaning that God abides within and that God is praying through us moving through us directing our lives through us.

00:33:01.620 --> 00:33:22.230 Dr Georgeann Dau: In us and so before the break Evan and I were talking about that we fine tune with god's grace and help we fine tune our frequency of hearing to discern god's voice in us and through us.

00:33:24.150 --> 00:33:38.760 Dr Georgeann Dau: From our own voice, the voice of the ego like Evan was saying before you know he wanted to be famous and rich and you know he's already handsome but you know wanted, and you know all of those places.

00:33:39.270 --> 00:33:49.590 Dr Georgeann Dau: And there's nothing wrong with that, but not when we make our God a God, with a small G, meaning that all these other things, define us.

00:33:50.910 --> 00:34:04.350 Dr Georgeann Dau: Rather than the true self the truest sense of ourselves, which is God in us, which is what we call to discover the highest place in US uniquely how God made us.

00:34:05.580 --> 00:34:15.150 Dr Georgeann Dau: And so that's what Evan and I were talking about before the break that frequency Evan.

00:34:16.050 --> 00:34:20.010 Evan Berke: yeah I mean it, you know when you said recently, you know.

00:34:21.330 --> 00:34:27.390 Evan Berke: god's desires for God desires for us that which we desire for ourselves.

00:34:28.620 --> 00:34:39.510 Evan Berke: And it's almost like that idea of kind of be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, and you know there's a few moments in my life, where.

00:34:41.040 --> 00:34:57.810 Evan Berke: I absolutely felt like I was asking the world and I didn't know at the time, who I was really asking, but to see something in to experience something, and one of the things that really.

00:34:58.890 --> 00:35:01.470 Evan Berke: has brought me in on this journey was that.

00:35:02.820 --> 00:35:04.530 Evan Berke: Just about everything that i've.

00:35:05.580 --> 00:35:12.600 Evan Berke: asked to see in some ways, God has shown me um you know, a couple of examples are.

00:35:14.820 --> 00:35:24.450 Evan Berke: You know one that's one that i'm not proud of, but I remember being younger and I remember having this idea that was like you know what would be nice if one day.

00:35:25.290 --> 00:35:35.400 Evan Berke: I could be in a little accident get a little injury nothing major but you know I got a little settlement and then that would kind of help me.

00:35:36.510 --> 00:35:44.520 Evan Berke: not worry about money forever don't not trying to be rich i'm trying to be crazy and i'm also not trying to you know walk around.

00:35:44.580 --> 00:35:49.920 Evan Berke: greedy right, but just a little something and I was really young when I thought about that.

00:35:51.060 --> 00:35:56.640 Evan Berke: Here we are another example, you know in doing comedy and.

00:35:58.290 --> 00:36:06.030 Evan Berke: There was one day in particular very early on in my comedy career, where I remember saying to somebody I said.

00:36:06.420 --> 00:36:14.220 Evan Berke: You know what comedy for me is a means to an end and I don't know what that means, yet, but i'm going to do, stand up until it gets me where i'm going next, and you know what.

00:36:14.580 --> 00:36:25.320 Evan Berke: I would be happy just being one of those guys on TMC sitting in the office just talking about the news like if comedy got me there that that'd be awesome.

00:36:26.850 --> 00:36:31.500 Evan Berke: And then Lo and behold, I end up working.

00:36:32.610 --> 00:36:37.530 Evan Berke: At tansy he within a month of me being at the company I.

00:36:38.880 --> 00:36:57.480 Evan Berke: am given my TV debut my opportunity to really do this thing that I had been kind of yearning for um and and another thing about that whole thing is, you know my job at TMC was to was to interview celebrities I would I would.

00:36:58.590 --> 00:37:07.710 Evan Berke: You know, try and find celebrities to interview and and when I think back on my portfolio of interviews at TMC.

00:37:10.050 --> 00:37:27.060 Evan Berke: yeah I got to interview some huge celebrities like you know, like a mark Cuban and a Steven Tyler and some of those people, but the interviews that mean the most to me are the people that I grew up being influenced by and people that I grew up admiring.

00:37:28.230 --> 00:37:31.830 Evan Berke: Somehow in the weirdest ways possible.

00:37:33.060 --> 00:37:38.670 Evan Berke: During my two and a half, three years at TMC so many of those people that I grew up admiring.

00:37:39.900 --> 00:37:41.220 Evan Berke: were put in front of me.

00:37:42.600 --> 00:38:03.180 Evan Berke: And were so gracious with their time in the interview when I interviewed them now, for those of you that know TMC most of these interviews are not pre planned there's hardly any PR involved, it really is Where are you who's around that day and.

00:38:06.330 --> 00:38:09.420 Evan Berke: The people that got put in front of me at TMC.

00:38:10.710 --> 00:38:12.360 Evan Berke: They were so targeted.

00:38:14.070 --> 00:38:21.240 Evan Berke: towards my like my childhood and people that I grew up on and people that I grew up admiring that I couldn't believe it.

00:38:22.020 --> 00:38:40.320 Evan Berke: One example is this wrestler named diamond Dallas page he's now very famous for creating a yoga program that changes people's lives called ddp yoga he was in this movie ready to rumble when I grew up and he was a heavyweight champion and I absolutely love this guy and.

00:38:41.820 --> 00:38:59.670 Evan Berke: And he was, I mean when people ask me who's like the biggest like yeah I interviewed Kevin Hart I interviewed you know bill President Bill Clinton, but I think back on like diamond Dallas page and that interview and those interviews and some of the other people around it and.

00:39:00.990 --> 00:39:06.540 Evan Berke: I couldn't help but see kind of what God was doing in those moments um.

00:39:07.080 --> 00:39:07.770 Evan Berke: What and.

00:39:07.860 --> 00:39:09.090 Dr Georgeann Dau: Yet God does that.

00:39:10.320 --> 00:39:25.680 Dr Georgeann Dau: In your opinion, why do you think because god's not god's guts interested in the development of our soul right that guts that interested in how comfortable we are really god's interested in in the development notice so to develop our highest self well.

00:39:26.220 --> 00:39:28.350 Evan Berke: You always say God has a sense of humor.

00:39:28.440 --> 00:39:34.860 Evan Berke: yeah I think that you know, there are these things in life that are just so like.

00:39:35.400 --> 00:39:40.410 Evan Berke: That you know and then people will always say oh it's just coincidence and.

00:39:40.980 --> 00:39:42.360 Evan Berke: I don't believe no incidents.

00:39:42.540 --> 00:39:45.510 Evan Berke: You know and and one thing that i've always.

00:39:46.470 --> 00:40:01.710 Evan Berke: One thing that I know about my relationship with God for a long time, even when I was not a believer was, I want to sign that you're that you are wheel, I want to sign that you exist and so many times, the signs kept coming and I wasn't there to.

00:40:02.880 --> 00:40:11.820 Evan Berke: I wasn't in a state of awareness, to accept it, and one thing in particular was you know I talked about my car accident and that happened on Halloween day of 2009.

00:40:13.110 --> 00:40:17.340 Evan Berke: Well, about I think eight or nine years later on Halloween day.

00:40:18.570 --> 00:40:24.810 Evan Berke: You know Halloween is always a weird day for me, because you know it's I see it as like a birthday almost and.

00:40:27.060 --> 00:40:39.240 Evan Berke: To make a long story short, I was at my girlfriend's family's house in long island and we get a call that there's a guy across the street that's really struggling and someone thought he was drunk and having a hard time.

00:40:39.780 --> 00:40:46.140 Evan Berke: And we go over there and the guy can't really stand there's a dog running around that he was walking he didn't reek of alcohol.

00:40:47.190 --> 00:40:51.750 Evan Berke: um but we call 911 we got him, where he needed to go.

00:40:53.400 --> 00:41:05.640 Evan Berke: About a day later, one of the neighbors that knew everyone involved came over to the House and said it is so great that you guys were there, because that guy was having a brain aneurysm.

00:41:06.780 --> 00:41:12.660 Evan Berke: And had someone not found him when you guys found him, it could have been fatal.

00:41:12.930 --> 00:41:14.040 Dr Georgeann Dau: Right beautiful.

00:41:14.070 --> 00:41:25.770 Evan Berke: And this, and this happened on Halloween day years after my exit but, at the time i'm not able to connect this die right.

00:41:26.550 --> 00:41:28.260 Evan Berke: Right and so.

00:41:28.410 --> 00:41:32.880 Dr Georgeann Dau: God meets us again and again and again beautiful i'm sorry yeah but.

00:41:32.910 --> 00:41:43.500 Evan Berke: It you know, and so you know it's like you know, so I think back on that which we desire for ourselves God desires for us, and so I think that does have to do with something like.

00:41:44.160 --> 00:41:54.060 Evan Berke: I want to work here, and I want to see this and you know and i'm grateful that you know as an entertainer God showed me the entertainment industry through the lens of a TMC.

00:41:54.720 --> 00:42:04.560 Evan Berke: I mean what I mean you know talk about no frills talk about like this is the entertainment industry are you still interested kind of thing.

00:42:04.590 --> 00:42:12.270 Evan Berke: Right, so it pertains to that, but it also pertains to I really wanted a sign from God that he existed.

00:42:13.680 --> 00:42:14.430 Evan Berke: and

00:42:15.510 --> 00:42:27.270 Evan Berke: In in so many times, he delivered that and and again only recently have I been in a state of awareness, to look back on those things and see it and also.

00:42:28.590 --> 00:42:32.340 Evan Berke: accept them now in real time when they're happening um.

00:42:33.480 --> 00:42:38.310 Evan Berke: But yeah I mean I you know you said that one time and i'm.

00:42:39.330 --> 00:42:51.420 Evan Berke: i'm a firm believer of that because you know I truly feel like anytime I felt like i've needed to see something or I really desired this thing not necessarily from a material perspective.

00:42:52.680 --> 00:42:55.710 Evan Berke: God has delivered in a way that.

00:42:56.910 --> 00:43:00.240 Evan Berke: I couldn't have written it couldn't have written it better.

00:43:00.780 --> 00:43:11.160 Dr Georgeann Dau: And God will always deliver, but not for the reasons that we think and so all the reason, all the ways that you're looking at where God met you um.

00:43:11.850 --> 00:43:25.620 Dr Georgeann Dau: You know, God meets us where we are, for reasons unbeknownst to us and we're going to be taking a look at that in more depth when we return with Edmund Burke we'll be right back.

00:45:50.220 --> 00:45:51.060 Dr Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:45:52.080 --> 00:46:05.040 Dr Georgeann Dau: i'm Dr George Enzo and our guest tonight is Evan Burke, so you know we're looking at how God moves in our lives and God has a sense of humor and.

00:46:05.910 --> 00:46:20.430 Dr Georgeann Dau: You know, giving God an incredible personality and absolutely god's personality makes up every human being created right because we are fragments and pieces of God.

00:46:21.540 --> 00:46:38.190 Dr Georgeann Dau: So God will meet us where we are so when people say to me well you know how do I pray well we develop a relationship with God because God wants a relationship and will do everything for us to.

00:46:39.780 --> 00:46:49.320 Dr Georgeann Dau: move to God because god's they're always inseparable us with us asking where God is it's like a fish asking where the water is.

00:46:50.520 --> 00:46:59.730 Dr Georgeann Dau: No, so if you have a sense of humor you know God will meet you with that type of humor.

00:47:00.660 --> 00:47:11.550 Dr Georgeann Dau: In who you are as a part of god's creation, so if you're asking you know how do I pray will ask God Lord, how are you going to meet me in my prayer.

00:47:12.060 --> 00:47:22.890 Dr Georgeann Dau: Where Should I be looking, and these are the type of places and pieces that Evan is looking at and talking about tonight that you know, out of his.

00:47:24.900 --> 00:47:27.720 Dr Georgeann Dau: What seems like a.

00:47:29.130 --> 00:47:39.120 Dr Georgeann Dau: tragedy i'm not saying it wasn't traumatic but you know he's beautiful inside now and came through It brilliantly.

00:47:39.990 --> 00:47:50.040 Dr Georgeann Dau: Through god's grace like you said earlier, he could have turned it into many other things, but God moved in him and he is awakening to what that looks like.

00:47:50.580 --> 00:48:02.880 Dr Georgeann Dau: And partaking you know we all have the light in the dark within us we all encompass it or every human being is called to experience every emotion known to humankind.

00:48:03.540 --> 00:48:15.750 Dr Georgeann Dau: And in that discovery it's not about us criticizing ourselves and making ourselves wrong but, to be able to embrace the parts of ourselves with God in love.

00:48:16.410 --> 00:48:35.130 Dr Georgeann Dau: Knowing that in the pieces that don't work or the pieces that might be sinful quote what sin means is missing the mark that God is moving in me and i'm turning away that we are moving and choosing ego the small minds of the ego ego edging God out.

00:48:36.600 --> 00:48:47.070 Dr Georgeann Dau: Instead of moving more towards God and making that relationship first so in the deeper spiritual places.

00:48:48.090 --> 00:48:49.920 Dr Georgeann Dau: Evan within you.

00:48:50.940 --> 00:48:52.200 Dr Georgeann Dau: Where are you now.

00:48:54.480 --> 00:49:03.030 Dr Georgeann Dau: Where are you now in the past year, two years, can you talk about the movement and you know where you are spiritually.

00:49:04.050 --> 00:49:04.470 Dr Georgeann Dau: Now.

00:49:05.940 --> 00:49:13.740 Evan Berke: Absolutely, so I definitely felt like i'm at this like weird in between stage of kind of one foot in one foot out of.

00:49:15.420 --> 00:49:16.140 Evan Berke: Of.

00:49:17.220 --> 00:49:27.630 Evan Berke: Being able to put all of these things into practice every day and kind of living out of a place of the ego and I.

00:49:28.800 --> 00:49:36.510 Evan Berke: I like to your point, I felt like I didn't know how to pray and and I felt, one of the reasons why maybe I was.

00:49:40.590 --> 00:49:43.590 Evan Berke: I was a turning my back to God, but i'm not.

00:49:45.330 --> 00:49:55.380 Evan Berke: we're not as open was because I maybe I felt insecure about praying I felt like I have everything in control, I am in control of everything it's.

00:49:56.040 --> 00:50:13.110 Evan Berke: If I fail it's because I failed, and if I succeed it's because i'm great me the human um and you know recently in praying i'm you know i've started praying for a lot of things, one is to.

00:50:14.130 --> 00:50:18.180 Evan Berke: kind of rid myself of bad habits, I know that at the end of the day.

00:50:19.470 --> 00:50:30.660 Evan Berke: You can't just pray them away, but by praying and by praying to God to continue to guide me on my journey sometimes.

00:50:31.770 --> 00:50:35.730 Evan Berke: Those bad habits have to show themselves in a way that's even more.

00:50:38.220 --> 00:50:42.840 Evan Berke: that's even more profound than before, because now i'm listening.

00:50:43.320 --> 00:51:03.870 Evan Berke: And i'm so, but you know when I pray I always just pray and gratitude, I always start with you know, dear God, thank you, thank you for today, thank you for all of these things, and even the things that are negative that might have happened that day um.

00:51:05.100 --> 00:51:15.540 Evan Berke: Thank you, thank you for bringing this maybe this darkness to light, whether it's Oh, you know there's a crack in your front door window and.

00:51:16.020 --> 00:51:29.460 Evan Berke: You know you're going to apply a little pressure and your hands are going to go through it, that just happened to me this past week um you know, or you know in that moment, I was very because that just happened there was a situation this past week where.

00:51:31.140 --> 00:51:41.460 Evan Berke: There was like a micro crack in our in our front door window and I applied a little pressure in the whole my whole hand went through, and I was shocked and I was it was it did bring up a bit of.

00:51:42.660 --> 00:51:43.830 Evan Berke: i'm kind of.

00:51:44.340 --> 00:51:55.410 Evan Berke: Still kind of true yeah but at the same time it's like you know I just moved into a house and I wanted you know things to be right, or whatever, and so i'm.

00:51:58.050 --> 00:52:11.670 Evan Berke: You know in in moments when I feel like i'm losing control of my emotions um I try and I I try and step away and pray and I try and have that awareness to.

00:52:14.190 --> 00:52:23.250 Evan Berke: You know I often pray to God for patients, and not only that he has patience with me, but that I have patience with myself in the world around me.

00:52:23.760 --> 00:52:30.510 Dr Georgeann Dau: Well, when you pray for patience, you probably going to repeatedly get placed on the end of align.

00:52:31.830 --> 00:52:36.750 Dr Georgeann Dau: With where you have five minutes, and now you have to wait for all these people to finish.

00:52:38.070 --> 00:52:38.760 Evan Berke: Right.

00:52:38.940 --> 00:52:43.620 Dr Georgeann Dau: Right or maybe you know another three weeks before you can get the glass fixed.

00:52:44.250 --> 00:52:47.550 Dr Georgeann Dau: Right right thing you know it's funny.

00:52:48.120 --> 00:52:54.780 Evan Berke: So um you know you know where Am I on my journey well i'm i'm definitely.

00:52:55.200 --> 00:52:55.620 Dr Georgeann Dau: I wanted.

00:52:55.650 --> 00:52:58.590 Evan Berke: I want to go back, I mean I mean i'm definitely in a place of just learning.

00:52:58.740 --> 00:52:59.880 Dr Georgeann Dau: And, yes.

00:53:01.050 --> 00:53:09.390 Dr Georgeann Dau: We will or Evan but you know you said a moment ago, something very important that I don't want to skip over everything you saying is important but that.

00:53:11.580 --> 00:53:22.680 Dr Georgeann Dau: You recognizing now, and this is huge, you know I I, I have the privilege of knowing Evan because Evan and I work together in um you know and our.

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:27.210 Dr Georgeann Dau: depth work our inner work and.

00:53:28.920 --> 00:53:40.080 Dr Georgeann Dau: That you are now able to really feel and recognize when you were in a place of ego when you were feeling like I got this I don't need anybody.

00:53:40.500 --> 00:54:04.020 Dr Georgeann Dau: You know I and God giving you the memory of oh really well, maybe wouldn't have done so well in the accident right if I didn't hold it or how about your hand going through the glass here right, you know when I heard that but came to mind was it had to unconsciously send you back to.

00:54:05.010 --> 00:54:07.110 Evan Berke: When this happened mm hmm.

00:54:07.290 --> 00:54:15.630 Dr Georgeann Dau: Right, because we know that only 10% of us is conscious right, and when we when we learn that and we can pay attention to that.

00:54:16.080 --> 00:54:31.080 Dr Georgeann Dau: we're able to see god's movement in it all that's a very powerful trajectory that we learn to tune in on will turn into but so Evan that's huge that's a great recognition so.

00:54:32.370 --> 00:54:33.570 Dr Georgeann Dau: Being aware.

00:54:35.970 --> 00:54:49.890 Dr Georgeann Dau: Between your voice and your ego and that relationship with God that is becoming so important to you see God calls us first we think we go to God.

00:54:50.880 --> 00:55:06.270 Dr Georgeann Dau: God calls us first and there's a great painting I don't remember who it's from I don't think it's called ratio looks more antiquated than that, where Jesus is standing on one side of the door and there's no door knob and he's knocking.

00:55:07.290 --> 00:55:13.860 Dr Georgeann Dau: And God Jesus says oh God is always the God of your understanding is always knocking and we are.

00:55:15.750 --> 00:55:29.610 Dr Georgeann Dau: We are called to open the door and that's what i'm hearing you talk about today that you are on this in this place of being invited to open the door and trusting whether or not you can.

00:55:31.020 --> 00:55:49.410 Dr Georgeann Dau: Really trust in that being God and opening up the door is it you opening up the door, so we have about one minute it went very quickly Evan you're a treasure and you did so great and I loved having you on the show maybe come back again and we'll talk more about the depth to spirituality.

00:55:49.890 --> 00:55:53.490 Evan Berke: I would love that Thank you Thank you so much for having me.

00:55:53.670 --> 00:55:59.850 Dr Georgeann Dau: it's great and we want to try to get Mary Alice on the air, so let us ends in prayer.

00:56:02.400 --> 00:56:07.530 Dr Georgeann Dau: Thank you God for the privilege of being with all of your people tonight.

00:56:08.610 --> 00:56:21.120 Dr Georgeann Dau: You fill all things with the fullness and hope that we can never comprehend, thank you for leading us into a time where more of reality is being unveiled for us all to see.

00:56:21.510 --> 00:56:30.030 Dr Georgeann Dau: We pray that you will take away our natural temptation for cynicism denial fear to spare and falling asleep.

00:56:30.480 --> 00:56:44.100 Dr Georgeann Dau: Help us have the courage to awaken to greater truth greater humility and greater care for one another, maybe we place our hope in what matters and less trusting in your eternal presence and love.

00:56:44.760 --> 00:56:55.350 Dr Georgeann Dau: Knowing good God that you are hearing us better than we are speaking we offer these prayers in all of the Holy names of God amen.

00:56:56.280 --> 00:56:59.190 Dr Georgeann Dau: amen amen Thank you Evan some.

00:56:59.310 --> 00:56:59.910 Evan Berke: Thank you.

00:57:00.030 --> 00:57:01.320 Evan Berke: Thank you so much again.

00:57:02.040 --> 00:57:13.680 Dr Georgeann Dau: good night, everyone will see you next week here back on a journey through into awareness good night i'm tough to Georgia and out hope you can tune in again, but by now.

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