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Friday, February 5, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/05 - Inclusion - Best Buddies International with Tommy D

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/05 - Inclusion - Best Buddies International with Tommy D


2021/02/05 - Inclusion - Best Buddies International with Tommy D

[NEW EPISODE] Inclusion - Best Buddies International with Tommy D

Tommy D interviews Sophie Dubuisson, State Director of NY, for Best Buddies International.

They will discuss Best Buddies Programs that increase inclusion for the IDD - Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled community.

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy D Introduces himself and the show from his attic. Tommy gives a reference to what his show is about and then talks about general philanthropic organizations that are underrepresented and underfunded, he also gives reference to how these nonprofits need more attention and be more in the spotlight. Tommy then introduces Sophie Dubuisson and talks about her professional career and her connection to the organization Buddies international. Sophie takes the reins by giving her introduction about her profession in event management, and then talks about ‘Best Buddies International.’ The two go into the history behind Best Buddies International, and how the organization that helps people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. They give an emphasis on inclusion and how integral it is to keep them in the conversation as well as a part of the conversation

Segment 2

Steve begins by sharing the story of how he learned about the program ‘Best Buddy’s’, and how Best Buddies International won at the ‘Imagine Awards’ all in the same night. Sophie then begins by talking about the Best Buddies program – starting from Georgetown University to a program that is diverse and can be associated with or added to any school. Sophie talks about Best Buddy’s presence in New York, and their intention to continue to grow. She gives the audience an idea of how involved people can get, from 20 to sometimes 200. It is very common to have students get involved in the Best Buddies program, According to Sophie.

Segment 3

Tommy asks Sophie about the jobs program at Best Buddies. Sophie talks about how this program is different from the one they hold at schools – it is an adult based program for people who are 18 – they work with various organizations to pair people with intellectual or developmental disabilities with jobs in a professional environment. Sophie mentions this past year has been difficult due to the pandemic, however, she is grateful that they have been able to maintain their partnerships with their organizations.

Segment 4

Tommy and Sophie talk about the various events for Best Buddies in 2021 to grow awareness and attract the audience to their cause. Sophie mentions a Covid Safe friendship walk that is hybrid. Sophie compares the event to last year and how the organization has more opportunities because last year the pandemic forced their event to be completely online. The walk has been able to raise $50,000 but their goal this year is $20,000 as the organization understands the financial difficulties that have risen this year. Sophie also spoke about how without this funding they can’t grow, start more programs, and develop. Towards the end, Tommy gives the show a send off and then a shout out to the next show ‘Always Freyday.’


00:00:24.600 --> 00:00:25.170 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My song.

00:00:25.230 --> 00:00:33.540 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's my introduction here it's Friday morning it's your body Tommy day coming out you where else the top of my house from the attic.

00:00:34.170 --> 00:00:42.540 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is philanthropy and focus day it's Friday it's 10am Eastern standard time your boy is in the attic what is this program all about well you've heard it before.

00:00:42.930 --> 00:00:51.390 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I am all about the nonprofit sector so here's the situation, I believe that these organizations are often on unrecognized underfunded.

00:00:52.140 --> 00:00:56.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: unmentioned I don't know how many runs I could put out there, but there's just not enough.

00:00:56.670 --> 00:01:06.780 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Light spotlight on the nonprofit sector and that's why my answer to that is philanthropy and focus each week on the show from 10am Eastern standard time till 11am Eastern standard time.

00:01:07.110 --> 00:01:19.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You watch us on Facebook live you check us out on talk radio dot nyc I bring on an executive leader of a nonprofit organization and have them tell their story, today we have some extra props behind so if you're listening only you don't get to see the extra.

00:01:19.950 --> 00:01:27.600 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Which joined me in the attic, but I have my inclusion shirt I walk for inclusion more on that to come, and this is something my sister had made up for me so shout out love your kid.

00:01:27.930 --> 00:01:31.020 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Alright, so let's get into the program So if you just come off mute me in a second.

00:01:31.530 --> 00:01:40.080 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So, today I have the distinct honor to bring on my friends, so if you do be son and, yes, I pronounced that correctly, because I practiced it for a couple months already.

00:01:40.290 --> 00:01:45.210 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So i'm going to read a quick background Sophie Sophie spent a lot of time in the event management business.

00:01:45.780 --> 00:01:53.700 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In her younger years and then has a great story of her connection to the organization, we can talk about best buddies international specifically what goes on here in New York state.

00:01:54.570 --> 00:02:05.970 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: She was the area director for for just about a year and a half, maybe right now is the state director of New York state for best buddies international my relationship to best buddies is.

00:02:06.660 --> 00:02:18.600 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We actually met and connected and i've done some work with them through our family foundation amid Sophie probably right before we were all sort of put into lockdown I mean like literally, I think we went out for that you know some.

00:02:19.620 --> 00:02:20.340 Sophie Dubuisson: right was like yeah.

00:02:20.880 --> 00:02:32.400 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah it was that February yeah so just this is about you today, this is about the organization my whole show is just to amplify and draw this light upon the organizations that I bring on the show.

00:02:32.700 --> 00:02:42.690 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So why don't you tell me sort of how you even got involved with best buddies and then we can talk into the history of the organization as well, but I want to give you that opportunity to talk about your connection to the organization.

00:02:43.080 --> 00:02:46.830 Sophie Dubuisson: Sure yeah Well, first of all thank you for having me super excited.

00:02:47.880 --> 00:02:55.560 Sophie Dubuisson: As Tony mentioned, we got to know each other about a year ago, which is kind of crazy I don't know if that feels like a long time or a short time this year but.

00:02:56.040 --> 00:03:05.010 Sophie Dubuisson: i'm excited to be here and share more about best buddies so um yeah I first got involved in college, I went to university of Wisconsin in Madison.

00:03:06.150 --> 00:03:13.620 Sophie Dubuisson: And even, I think it was, maybe even my second day of school, I went to the org fair, so I guess buddies had recognized brand the Keith haring logo.

00:03:14.760 --> 00:03:17.610 Sophie Dubuisson: And was immediately wanting to join.

00:03:18.450 --> 00:03:27.210 Sophie Dubuisson: And from then on i've been a volunteer and i've been matched in in different friendships over the years, which has been really wonderful I had a great experience in college.

00:03:27.480 --> 00:03:37.020 Sophie Dubuisson: got to be really involved, we did our own friendship walk which we'll talk more about later, but we did different events, and I was national relationship friendship.

00:03:37.950 --> 00:03:45.630 Sophie Dubuisson: And i'm still in touch with that money today, which is awesome so um after that I moved to New York and as Tommy mentioned, I did.

00:03:46.590 --> 00:03:56.880 Sophie Dubuisson: I worked on large scale events they can in beer festivals taco festivals things like that in cities, all over the West and then from there, I.

00:03:57.630 --> 00:04:03.180 Sophie Dubuisson: really just got lucky and I had been volunteering with the junior board in New York City for best buddies.

00:04:03.900 --> 00:04:16.260 Sophie Dubuisson: I got got matched in their program I ran the marathon for best buddies and then a job opened up, and it was the right fit and they gave me a chance, and here I am today so it's been about a year and a half and.

00:04:16.980 --> 00:04:25.080 Sophie Dubuisson: it's been a really great experience so far and i'm excited to talk more about what we're doing locally and see how people can get involved potentially.

00:04:25.650 --> 00:04:31.410 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's awesome Thank you well said love the background love bomb let's just leave your energy for what this is all about, you know your.

00:04:31.800 --> 00:04:39.570 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Your organization obviously makes an incredible impact each day but it's people like you on the front lines and these organizations that are doing the work you and your team so.

00:04:39.930 --> 00:04:51.510 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: talk to me if we can go back to kind of the history of the organization when Anthony Kennedy Shriver founded this organization or really did what he was doing on the College campus before it was even an organization we're nonprofit.

00:04:51.930 --> 00:05:02.280 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah so it's been around for 31 years at this point so 1989 was when best buddies officially became a nonprofit organization and it was the first national.

00:05:03.060 --> 00:05:08.640 Sophie Dubuisson: Unified organization and program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so.

00:05:09.570 --> 00:05:16.440 Sophie Dubuisson: Since then it's really grown today to be across all 50 states in I think 18 different countries.

00:05:16.950 --> 00:05:27.030 Sophie Dubuisson: The main purpose is to help form one to one friendships leadership opportunities integrated employment and in some areas, inclusive living opportunities for.

00:05:27.270 --> 00:05:35.460 Sophie Dubuisson: Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities but and we call that idd so I use that term that's what i'm using the air for anyone listening.

00:05:35.760 --> 00:05:47.580 Sophie Dubuisson: So you know our programs really just empower those people with idd to form those friendships and to secure jobs and live independently improve their self advocacy and communication skills.

00:05:48.150 --> 00:05:58.350 Sophie Dubuisson: In overall really just feel valued by society, I think that's the biggest thing in our goals are just to provide that programming and build those communities for those people.

00:05:59.070 --> 00:06:18.210 Sophie Dubuisson: Because otherwise they do tend to get left out and and, especially, these days, of course, i'm sure we'll talk more about the pandemic but um you know social isolation is very real and especially for those who who you know don't typically have as many opportunities as as others so.

00:06:19.500 --> 00:06:24.630 Sophie Dubuisson: Our goal really is just to be as inclusive as possible and bring as many people as possible.

00:06:25.140 --> 00:06:37.290 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So you know before we get the even programs and things like that why don't we talk about you know the inclusion side of things, and how important that is specifically to this population this Community, you know i'm familiar with the fact that.

00:06:38.730 --> 00:06:45.150 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When when individuals age out of school systems, often you know there's there's this Where do they go, what do they do there's not.

00:06:45.840 --> 00:06:55.740 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The lack of programming is always what I hear and and I spent a lot of time in the ID space and I appreciate you telling everybody what it is because I forget that jargon, and I say it all the time and then.

00:06:55.740 --> 00:06:57.480 Sophie Dubuisson: I explain what I meant but.

00:06:57.900 --> 00:07:02.910 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: um you know, so I spent a lot of time with other organizations in this in the sector in this space.

00:07:04.080 --> 00:07:15.930 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: just talking to you could from the needs perspective, you know, because some people just don't realize if you're not aware and you don't have you know somebody in your family or close to you with idea you just don't know so, can you speak to that a little bit.

00:07:16.470 --> 00:07:26.190 Sophie Dubuisson: Definitely yeah and I think you can see the need across every like every part of your life, you know, starting from when a child is young, all the way up through adulthood.

00:07:26.490 --> 00:07:30.510 Sophie Dubuisson: And we really try to build communities throughout the span of.

00:07:31.020 --> 00:07:37.950 Sophie Dubuisson: people's lives, so that it's not just that we have a school program and then they go off they graduate and go off into the real world and they don't have any opportunities.

00:07:38.730 --> 00:07:47.190 Sophie Dubuisson: So you know, first and foremost, that the inclusion part at schools is incredibly important, I mean studies show all the time that.

00:07:47.850 --> 00:07:59.760 Sophie Dubuisson: Having friendships is huge for for growth and for you know emotional well being so for young kids to be acclimated and become friends with people who aren't like them and.

00:08:00.600 --> 00:08:13.050 Sophie Dubuisson: build communities that way it's huge and I think so many of us rely more than we know on those friends that we have and the people close to us so if you are, if you have barriers against that it's a huge.

00:08:15.000 --> 00:08:19.200 Sophie Dubuisson: Huge and you know it hinders your ability to grow into you know become independent.

00:08:19.860 --> 00:08:27.480 Sophie Dubuisson: So, you know that the school programs are really wonderful, because we can rely on the teachers and the advisors and some you know student leaders to.

00:08:27.810 --> 00:08:36.780 Sophie Dubuisson: run those chapters with our support and host these different events and bring people together within their schools, but to your point once people graduate what's what's next.

00:08:37.620 --> 00:08:45.780 Sophie Dubuisson: And that's something best buddies is still trying to figure figure out and we're still in the process of of kind of connecting the dots we have college chapters, but.

00:08:46.200 --> 00:08:54.480 Sophie Dubuisson: You know, those are not at every college we're not in every school part of why we are raising funds and why we're still you know.

00:08:55.350 --> 00:09:04.260 Sophie Dubuisson: in existence is because we want to expand and the only way we can do that is by raising funds and being able to hire more staff and expanded to more schools and.

00:09:04.980 --> 00:09:11.460 Sophie Dubuisson: REACH more people so after the school programs, you know it goes up through college, but then at that point.

00:09:12.120 --> 00:09:18.690 Sophie Dubuisson: depending on where you live, and what city you're in we do have citizens program so citizens is our adult based friendship Program.

00:09:19.530 --> 00:09:24.690 Sophie Dubuisson: that's incredibly important to I mean for many of us who are adults, we know that.

00:09:25.440 --> 00:09:34.740 Sophie Dubuisson: Finding those niche communities and and friendships as an adult is harder than it is at a school, you know you can't it's harder to find a you know org fair to walk into and.

00:09:35.310 --> 00:09:41.640 Sophie Dubuisson: find something you care about you really have to put yourself out there and it can be, it can be hard to our citizens Program.

00:09:42.390 --> 00:09:56.520 Sophie Dubuisson: Is in New York City spinning, you know locally and we have other citizens programs across the States, but the one that we felt was on is here in the city, we have over 400 people involved there so almost all of those people are matched in a one to one friendship.

00:09:57.570 --> 00:10:02.310 Sophie Dubuisson: And we've seen huge success with that it's been really meaningful, especially this last year, those are.

00:10:03.660 --> 00:10:18.390 Sophie Dubuisson: relationships that everyone can really rely on, and you know those are people they can keep in touch with and potentially hang out with and feel safe so it's been it's been huge and then Lastly, we have a jobs program so that.

00:10:19.500 --> 00:10:22.440 Sophie Dubuisson: program is something that we're trying to grow and be able to.

00:10:23.460 --> 00:10:35.070 Sophie Dubuisson: employ as many participants with idd and to integrate an employment as possible, so you know that type of inclusion is also incredibly important and it's that's something that I think.

00:10:36.300 --> 00:10:42.510 Sophie Dubuisson: Many of us sort of forget is that jobs aren't readily available or it, you know competitive.

00:10:44.100 --> 00:10:52.590 Sophie Dubuisson: Well, paying jobs are not readily available for people with add a lot of the time, and it does take.

00:10:53.100 --> 00:10:58.980 Sophie Dubuisson: A lot more to to get those people hired into you know go through different government agencies that you need to to.

00:10:59.850 --> 00:11:06.030 Sophie Dubuisson: Make sure that you know we're doing what we can to get them in a competitive job that pays them a living wage.

00:11:06.360 --> 00:11:18.750 Sophie Dubuisson: So, all in all, you know what we're trying to do is make sure that people have friends, make sure that they can have a job and have the leadership skills to live independently, those are kind of three core things that we focus in on.

00:11:19.950 --> 00:11:23.580 Sophie Dubuisson: And without those three things it sounds really simple, but without those you know.

00:11:25.230 --> 00:11:30.510 Sophie Dubuisson: You know it's really difficult to live independently and you have to rely on other family members or.

00:11:32.010 --> 00:11:39.420 Sophie Dubuisson: friends or whoever, and if you don't even have friends, then it all kind of goes back to not having what you need so so.

00:11:39.480 --> 00:11:45.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we're gonna take a break in about a minute or two here, but what we really set the stage well they're there and what I want to do is.

00:11:45.780 --> 00:11:52.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: What what i'm hearing you say, though, and I don't even know if you and i've talked about it in this way, but maybe it's just a really obvious to other people and I didn't see it.

00:11:53.370 --> 00:12:03.270 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But it's really the lifeline or the life of the individual right back from it, I mean, even with with our foundation, with the lindy Lou foundation originally we were open to schools program with best buddies and then.

00:12:04.110 --> 00:12:09.360 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: It was a high school, but then we've gone down to the middle schools, at this point, so it really is can start it starts at a very young age.

00:12:10.050 --> 00:12:23.910 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In your programs can cater to that young age, and I think to your point about friendship it's important or as early as possible to engage in these relationships right to know how to socialize to know how to to collaborate together right to give and take all that stuff and.

00:12:24.960 --> 00:12:29.970 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But then it sounds like this takes you through the lifestyle, or rather the life of these individuals right because.

00:12:30.330 --> 00:12:34.770 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Through through the schools program through the jobs program to the citizens program so.

00:12:35.100 --> 00:12:43.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm guessing though that there's probably individuals that have been been involved with the Organization for years and started out maybe the schools program right and now they're in the citizens program or.

00:12:43.350 --> 00:12:43.620 Sophie Dubuisson: jobs.

00:12:44.070 --> 00:12:52.800 Sophie Dubuisson: Is that right, yes, there definitely are actually we right now we're meeting with different centers across the State of New York to fight for government funding.

00:12:53.580 --> 00:13:03.390 Sophie Dubuisson: And we've invited one of our ambassadors to join us and I had never met him his name is Michael and you know we were getting to know each other and he said oh yeah I started with best buddies.

00:13:03.720 --> 00:13:07.380 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: On long island in middle school I don't want to say his last name, but I think I know Michael.

00:13:07.440 --> 00:13:18.780 Sophie Dubuisson: Yes, yeah so he started in long island and that he you know, was in middle school and high school and now he goes to college up in Albany and now he's speaking to senators and their staff about why you know best buddies is needed and.

00:13:19.500 --> 00:13:27.960 Sophie Dubuisson: it's just I you know I didn't I had never met him I didn't know who he was but he's an incredible Ambassador and he's gone from different trainings with our staff and.

00:13:28.920 --> 00:13:43.680 Sophie Dubuisson: he's really honed in on on his skills and he It shows, and he attributes that to his involvement with best buddies and is really you know that's key fields that's why he's able to do what he does, and so i'm as a staffer that's like.

00:13:43.710 --> 00:13:44.190 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's almost.

00:13:46.140 --> 00:13:54.780 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Anything and i've met Michael because I think we're talking about same guy it was about champions dinner a couple years back here, I think he was my campaign manager if we're talking about the same person.

00:13:54.840 --> 00:14:02.010 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Okay, so we're going to go to a quick break, but you set the stage so well, I want to come back, I want to talk about the schools Program.

00:14:02.580 --> 00:14:06.750 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: out into the vocational a jobs program get eventually at the citizens and really dive in and.

00:14:06.960 --> 00:14:15.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: want to learn more about the needs of the organization and where are the people that listen to my program the people in my network and community can really plug into and support best buddies specifically here in New York.

00:14:15.570 --> 00:14:24.870 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So we'll be back to do that so it's time of day and Sophie do Busan here in the attic philanthropy and focus we're live we're going to go to a quick break see in two minutes thanks guys.

00:16:34.020 --> 00:16:36.030 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My Garrett, neither.

00:16:36.600 --> 00:16:45.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Am live every Friday morning so getting tell you this in the first segment is how I usually start to show like the side so much inside my head, but I like to say, welcome.

00:16:45.900 --> 00:16:58.530 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: To the show, so I didn't do it so i'm doing it now welcome to 15 minutes late but welcome to do so that's the theme song my buddy brandon wrote that, for me, in fact, I put out a video last week and I sang the song and I don't know if I did, as well as.

00:16:59.760 --> 00:17:12.270 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But that's another story for another time so let's talk to schools program I mean I was at the long island imagine awards a couple maybe four or five years ago and i'd never heard of best buddies and i'm sitting at a table and.

00:17:13.290 --> 00:17:21.390 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The long island magic awards, which I shared with you, which we have to get best buddies to apply for the New York City magazine awards, we can talk about that off the show but.

00:17:22.470 --> 00:17:29.100 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The imagine warren's i'm sitting there, and these two young ladies are at the table and they're explaining what best buddies is, to me, and I said.

00:17:29.550 --> 00:17:39.630 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: We need to talk, I want to be involved, I want to help and 45 minutes later they won the one of the imagine awards that night, so it was super special so we're jumping up and down the whole thing.

00:17:40.290 --> 00:17:42.720 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And I got what they did, and I said.

00:17:43.140 --> 00:17:53.850 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So we have this foundation which you're very aware of, but maybe all my listeners are remembering my cousin we have a foundation to Lindsay Lou foundation and all the money we raise goes to serve organizations who serve this Community, the dd community.

00:17:54.600 --> 00:18:04.290 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So best buddies for me back then, was a no brainer and specifically at that point, it was the schools program so let's dive right into schools, and I want to hear from from if.

00:18:04.710 --> 00:18:14.190 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we're talking to there's potential donors listening there's potential there superintendents listening to this program there's all different constituents different stakeholders so let's set it off yeah.

00:18:14.610 --> 00:18:24.090 Sophie Dubuisson: um well, so the school program, as I mentioned, is is our first pillar that we you know started with at best buddies it started in college at georgetown with.

00:18:24.450 --> 00:18:35.550 Sophie Dubuisson: Anthony Shriver himself and we've really grown that to you know, be to work in any sort of school opportunity so elementary middle high school college.

00:18:36.300 --> 00:18:46.200 Sophie Dubuisson: You know it's super depending on the area, but here in in New York City and occasionally on long island have a school doesn't have a special education program we can partner that school with.

00:18:46.680 --> 00:18:53.340 Sophie Dubuisson: A host site to an organization that does have individuals with idd who we could match up in these one to one friendships.

00:18:54.180 --> 00:19:03.000 Sophie Dubuisson: So the the main idea, there is really that we provide the school with resources, what we look for is schools, who have an advisor or teacher who can.

00:19:03.900 --> 00:19:12.480 Sophie Dubuisson: kind of run that program and and find some student leaders who are interested in spearheading it and having a leadership role and then what they do is.

00:19:13.440 --> 00:19:18.030 Sophie Dubuisson: You know, try to match up those students and those one to one friendships and host different events and meetings and.

00:19:18.930 --> 00:19:29.100 Sophie Dubuisson: raise money for for best buddies if they can join us at our friendship walk they then have access to you know all of our resources when it comes to programming.

00:19:29.580 --> 00:19:39.960 Sophie Dubuisson: We have different trainings that we do different events throughout the year, so it really is just a way for schools to bring people together so often.

00:19:40.800 --> 00:19:44.280 Sophie Dubuisson: At least in even in my experience in high school, the special education.

00:19:44.700 --> 00:19:53.160 Sophie Dubuisson: program was really quite separate from my general education that I, you know I attended I sort of knew where they were in school, but I never got the chance to interact with the students and.

00:19:53.730 --> 00:20:02.400 Sophie Dubuisson: that's a really big miss you know that's that is it's sad in a way, and it, you know if you don't have the access to get to know people in school.

00:20:03.270 --> 00:20:10.050 Sophie Dubuisson: you're not going to know that they even you know, have a need, when you become an adult it's just cyclical so.

00:20:10.830 --> 00:20:16.410 Sophie Dubuisson: Across the State of New York, we have more than 130 school chapter so we're in four regions in New York.

00:20:17.400 --> 00:20:29.460 Sophie Dubuisson: So that includes long island New York City Albany and the Rochester area long island specifically has about 34 school programs, which is awesome so that's through elementary through through college.

00:20:31.140 --> 00:20:40.320 Sophie Dubuisson: and get I mean our main goal is to expand to as many schools, as we can, the width that's possible is by being you know.

00:20:41.700 --> 00:20:52.800 Sophie Dubuisson: Raising more money and being able to essentially hire more people who can then take on the work of opening more schools and it, it does take quite some time for us to.

00:20:53.850 --> 00:21:09.300 Sophie Dubuisson: Have those conversations and meet with the schools and get people signed up and get all the applications in from the students and it can it's not just as easy as snapping your fingers and saying you're open, so I think sometimes it's hard to.

00:21:10.620 --> 00:21:22.980 Sophie Dubuisson: grasp that it there, it is expensive for us to work on that and it takes a lot of staff time, so our main goal typically when we're raising funds and the funds that we we try to get to the government helps us do that and it helps us.

00:21:24.150 --> 00:21:28.890 Sophie Dubuisson: be able to expand and find more school programs and support the school programs that we work with so.

00:21:29.040 --> 00:21:38.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Let me ask you about this so logistically school has the interest and then you know what we've done with the lindy Lewis we've sort of sponsored some of these programs to open.

00:21:38.760 --> 00:21:40.140 Sophie Dubuisson: The school has the interest.

00:21:41.100 --> 00:21:45.480 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You have the logistical know how and the infrastructure to get this program up and running.

00:21:45.690 --> 00:21:46.020 Sophie Dubuisson: So they.

00:21:46.200 --> 00:21:51.750 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Would they need to really provide is is somebody who is going to sort of own this project.

00:21:52.020 --> 00:21:52.290 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah.

00:21:52.470 --> 00:21:58.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And what is the commitment look like from somebody like that an individual advisor you know time commitment, what are you looking for there.

00:21:59.250 --> 00:22:00.330 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah that's a great question.

00:22:00.660 --> 00:22:12.660 Sophie Dubuisson: You know I think it's sort of depending on how large the program is and how invested the person wants to be I mean we see a range, there are some school chapters that have maybe 10 members, and so the effort on the advisor there is probably.

00:22:13.200 --> 00:22:24.000 Sophie Dubuisson: You know, lower but I spoke with an advisor the other day who's on our blog committee for long island and she said that they typically have over 200 students involved know you know that effort on her end is slightly different.

00:22:25.080 --> 00:22:34.710 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah so it's it's pretty incredible when you can see how how in both are are successful and both are great I would say, typically you know we We ask that these.

00:22:35.790 --> 00:22:47.220 Sophie Dubuisson: advisors are basically just there to oversee we really like to have our students take those leadership roles and run with it and have that opportunity to lead lead groups so.

00:22:47.940 --> 00:22:55.860 Sophie Dubuisson: really what we would ask if it was a new school if there is a teacher or a parent or student who is interested or you know principal whoever.

00:22:56.490 --> 00:23:03.540 Sophie Dubuisson: We just look for somebody who's willing to meet with with these kids at least once a month and help them with.

00:23:04.230 --> 00:23:12.390 Sophie Dubuisson: You know, getting any sort of applications in oftentimes you need parents sign off so sometimes there's some some work there, you know typing in administrative work.

00:23:12.990 --> 00:23:17.100 Sophie Dubuisson: which I know teachers don't need anymore, but it's for good reason, that promise.

00:23:18.060 --> 00:23:24.720 Sophie Dubuisson: That gets everybody in the system, you know, we have all the emergency contacts we have sign off on on everything liability wise.

00:23:25.020 --> 00:23:29.220 Sophie Dubuisson: We really take all of that, so it really is just up to the teachers to help.

00:23:29.490 --> 00:23:41.460 Sophie Dubuisson: The students plan any sort of events like if they want to do a bake sale to raise funds or at their next chapter meeting they want to do crafting like how do they do that and where do they Where do they do that so it's really the the adult who can help.

00:23:42.060 --> 00:23:45.450 Sophie Dubuisson: plan that out, and then we look for student leaders so ideally.

00:23:46.680 --> 00:23:51.870 Sophie Dubuisson: somebody who is from the special education program or who has idd and somebody or.

00:23:52.260 --> 00:24:01.590 Sophie Dubuisson: A few people who who don't and it's nice to have a mix of people who are in those leadership roles and they can really come together and say Okay, you know how do we get our friends and other people to join in.

00:24:02.100 --> 00:24:08.010 Sophie Dubuisson: So that's really that's really it and we typically start with on our end we.

00:24:08.700 --> 00:24:20.610 Sophie Dubuisson: start with phone calls, you know we we chat with the school administration we chat with the advisor and the student leaders to be sure everybody's on the same page everybody's confident about starting the program We then.

00:24:21.270 --> 00:24:30.090 Sophie Dubuisson: work with them to set up an info night typically so we would host a you know, specifically for parents oftentimes we'll have our program managers can.

00:24:30.420 --> 00:24:32.490 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And that's somebody from your staff will go out there and.

00:24:33.030 --> 00:24:46.770 Sophie Dubuisson: The school staff correct like our our staff will basically either to a phone conference or go in person to host an infill night and answer any questions parents might have they can learn more about the program why it's important why maybe their student or child should get involved.

00:24:47.790 --> 00:24:54.420 Sophie Dubuisson: And that kind of brings it all together people have the resources that they need and know and they they have an understanding of what it really.

00:24:54.930 --> 00:25:08.910 Sophie Dubuisson: Is um and then from there on we really just work on getting it up and running and getting people to sign up and and join in and get matched in that friendship, so the you know the process typically takes a few months.

00:25:10.260 --> 00:25:15.480 Sophie Dubuisson: and have quite a few phone calls and quite a few meetings and then from there it's it's really just.

00:25:17.310 --> 00:25:25.800 Sophie Dubuisson: Up to the school how how far they want to run with it and, as I said earlier, you know we can work with 10 people, but it can also work with 200 people so it's really up to them and what their capacity is.

00:25:26.490 --> 00:25:33.630 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want you to share with me a couple quick stories, if you could I didn't we didn't rehearse this so i'm putting you on the spot what's your some anecdotal stuff about like.

00:25:34.050 --> 00:25:43.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Individuals who have been in the program whether the neurotypical or that with ID either way what your own experience, we heard about, but just some of the stuff that you've seen in the programs.

00:25:44.340 --> 00:25:51.060 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah I mean I think oftentimes what we see is that these friendships are really long lasting.

00:25:51.660 --> 00:25:58.380 Sophie Dubuisson: that's something that i've noticed over the years and that people repeatedly say you know i'm still in touch with my buddy from 10 years ago, and these are people who I just.

00:25:58.740 --> 00:26:07.020 Sophie Dubuisson: run into in the city, you know, or you know, whoever i'm chatting with and when we hear from our students to you know they're often just.

00:26:07.560 --> 00:26:18.840 Sophie Dubuisson: Really really grateful to have a program that allows them to get to know people who are different than them and that goes, you know, on both on both sides, so oftentimes that that is what it is and we hear those stories and.

00:26:19.590 --> 00:26:28.920 Sophie Dubuisson: It can really lead to one of my colleagues actually had his buddy from high school and his wedding you know we have these these relationships.

00:26:29.460 --> 00:26:30.180 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's like you know.

00:26:30.480 --> 00:26:31.020 friendship.

00:26:32.520 --> 00:26:34.320 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Right it's not just doing this thing to do, the thing.

00:26:34.350 --> 00:26:35.310 Sophie Dubuisson: In yeah you.

00:26:35.400 --> 00:26:41.490 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: were developing relationships, where we're all different right so it's a matter of just connecting with somebody and if you.

00:26:42.780 --> 00:26:44.280 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: love them why they gonna leave your life.

00:26:44.280 --> 00:26:44.910 Sophie Dubuisson: Because right.

00:26:45.330 --> 00:27:01.200 Sophie Dubuisson: Right right and it's so often that we forget, you know and it's kind of what I brought up earlier about even in my own high school, you know I didn't even get to communicate or hang out or even really see any of the students who weren't in the same classes or program that I was.

00:27:02.430 --> 00:27:15.690 Sophie Dubuisson: And I feel very grateful that I got to join best buddies in college and I got to have that that opportunity but that's why I think our school programs are so so so important, we hear that from parents all the time like this program has changed our child's life.

00:27:15.720 --> 00:27:16.710 Sophie Dubuisson: because it allows.

00:27:16.800 --> 00:27:24.840 Sophie Dubuisson: them the opportunity to meet people that they otherwise would be kind of you know, segregated from and that's um that's.

00:27:25.980 --> 00:27:27.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Changes lives, I mean.

00:27:28.380 --> 00:27:35.280 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Two weeks ago I had somebody who we know in common, my buddy Michael cuttack is from the spirit of Huntington art Center and certainly they're changing lives for me.

00:27:35.490 --> 00:27:35.760 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah.

00:27:35.880 --> 00:27:41.430 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Well, a social perspective, but then vocational, which is where we're going we come back from break, I want to go right into jobs because.

00:27:41.550 --> 00:27:41.820 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah.

00:27:42.540 --> 00:27:51.870 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know I just did two jobs is it obviously this this relationship in this school system is critically important but then there's this whole piece where.

00:27:52.950 --> 00:28:05.940 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: People have so much to give and when you're in we're making an impact and when you're working towards a goal in a job it changes your whole perception that changes your confidence it changes your outlook on the world that changes, a lot of things and.

00:28:06.930 --> 00:28:14.400 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want to go into that when we come back from this break and really dive into jobs, I want to talk about the specific needs of jobs, what are your what you need who.

00:28:14.850 --> 00:28:21.930 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: want to partner with things like that so we're gonna go to a quick break it's Tommy D in the attic philanthropy and focus, so if we do, we saw.

00:28:22.320 --> 00:28:29.100 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Best buddies of New York state director, I must say New York so super excited to have you on the show will be back in two minutes everybody stay tuned.

00:30:47.640 --> 00:30:51.330 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I love that I don't know if I saw it as well, rather than did last week, when I did a video on it, but.

00:30:52.290 --> 00:30:58.320 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: join me in the attic the nonprofit sector connect to your buddy Tommy Tommy to me so coming at you every Friday morning 10am.

00:30:58.710 --> 00:31:07.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: amplifying the message of nonprofit organizations, I believe that nonprofits make an incredible impact every single day, each and every single day they change our world and.

00:31:08.340 --> 00:31:11.760 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's what he's international is certainly one of those organizations that does that.

00:31:12.300 --> 00:31:18.210 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: sophie's here with me Sophie let's go into now, we talked about the history of the organization we've discussed the school's programs.

00:31:18.750 --> 00:31:25.170 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: there's never going to be enough time on my show I realized that the first week of doing it, but there's always the opportunity to have people come back so.

00:31:26.520 --> 00:31:32.220 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: let's go into jobs let's talk about the jobs program and how how critically important, it is definitely.

00:31:32.610 --> 00:31:45.420 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah so the jobs program is basically our chance to help find employers and competitive integrated employment opportunities for individuals with idd.

00:31:46.350 --> 00:31:57.420 Sophie Dubuisson: it's an adult based program so 18 Plus, and you know we we work with a variety of different corporations organizations who are willing to hire.

00:31:57.900 --> 00:32:07.890 Sophie Dubuisson: One of our participants this it's been difficult, this year, specifically, you know because of the pandemic, we were very lucky here I guess i'll back up.

00:32:07.920 --> 00:32:09.210 In New York City, we have.

00:32:10.260 --> 00:32:20.670 Sophie Dubuisson: About 35 jobs participants and most of them are employed in in a job we have about four in job development so that means that we're.

00:32:20.970 --> 00:32:30.120 Sophie Dubuisson: Our team is looking for employers and helping them interview and practicing and trying to find jobs that that work for them.

00:32:30.660 --> 00:32:48.570 Sophie Dubuisson: So you know going into 2021 we feel really lucky that most of our jobs participants kept their jobs throughout the pandemic we actually were able to even get for new jobs for our participants who were in job development so that was a huge win and a huge shout out to my jobs team for.

00:32:49.770 --> 00:32:56.400 Sophie Dubuisson: fighting for our participants and finding those positions, one of our participants, for example, used to work at a.

00:32:57.780 --> 00:33:07.650 Sophie Dubuisson: was like a sort of a restaurant market type of type of organization and they unfortunately went under due to the pandemic and so he was left without a job, but.

00:33:08.580 --> 00:33:21.570 Sophie Dubuisson: On a positive note, you know keys he loves art in is really artistic and we ended up finding a job at michael's so it just sort of worked out well that you know he loved his original job and he got along so well with his co workers and he.

00:33:23.130 --> 00:33:26.460 Sophie Dubuisson: was really sad that he wasn't able to work there anymore, but now.

00:33:27.510 --> 00:33:32.160 Sophie Dubuisson: he's really able to go in and be in a place that sort of feels like home so.

00:33:33.030 --> 00:33:41.820 Sophie Dubuisson: that's just again kudos to the jobs team for always finding solutions you know we're never we're supported employment from the get go so once somebody is on our list like.

00:33:42.150 --> 00:33:52.470 Sophie Dubuisson: We will just keep fighting to find them a job that they lose the job, where they are to help them find a new one if they don't like the job or they want a career change we're there to help them and find that pathway so it's supported employment for life.

00:33:53.700 --> 00:34:04.800 Sophie Dubuisson: So that's part of the reason why you might wonder, you know why is it only 30 people could you try to grow that really quickly, well, we have to, we would need more staff to be able to do that, we have two staff members right now.

00:34:05.700 --> 00:34:16.590 Sophie Dubuisson: And you know when we're doing, especially now virtual trainings and working with all of these participants certain number of hours per week it's hard to think of.

00:34:17.640 --> 00:34:27.210 Sophie Dubuisson: How much time is there in the day to be able to bring in new people, but of course that's the goal, so this year we're looking to find five new employers so.

00:34:28.290 --> 00:34:28.800 Sophie Dubuisson: Ideally.

00:34:29.460 --> 00:34:37.800 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Let me ask you that because I want to be specific, because the people listening like I give you, for instance i'm shout out to my mom I know she says show every day thanks mom.

00:34:38.700 --> 00:34:46.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But she heard last week's program and she referenced that she's the cisa Fitzgerald from our children out in long island city mentioned that they need computers.

00:34:47.700 --> 00:34:55.440 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So she reminded me of that, I mean I was on the show I should have remembered that, but I have my mother telling me Friday night that that's that was part of the conversation, and I, and I said i'm.

00:34:56.130 --> 00:35:05.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That sticks out that people you know people who might have access to those types of resources might be able to make an impact for our children, so talk five new employers, what are they.

00:35:06.390 --> 00:35:13.740 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is there is there an archetype a profile like what do they look like the employers who are engaging in the Program.

00:35:13.980 --> 00:35:24.270 Sophie Dubuisson: The short answer is no, there isn't really a prototype we work with a variety of different employers so, for example, like michaels or Pfizer or.

00:35:25.530 --> 00:35:34.890 Sophie Dubuisson: You know the New York public library link fitness so we it's a broad range it doesn't have to be a massive corporation, we have some smaller.

00:35:35.700 --> 00:35:42.750 Sophie Dubuisson: Smaller organizations like actually in long island market Epstein is, I believe, a law firm or a smaller firm.

00:35:43.410 --> 00:35:54.750 Sophie Dubuisson: so that you know as employees, one of our participants, so it really can just very what we look for is any sort of integrated employment which basically means a position that.

00:35:55.410 --> 00:36:08.370 Sophie Dubuisson: oftentimes a salaried might have some benefits involved it's not necessarily it's not your minimum wage job, like the average wage for our participants is $16 in across the Program.

00:36:09.450 --> 00:36:21.750 Sophie Dubuisson: So that's significant and that's that's definitely above minimum when he didn't some areas obviously New York City we're lucky it's 15 but that's not what it is everywhere so um you know we're not.

00:36:22.470 --> 00:36:33.840 Sophie Dubuisson: It is, it can be specific, but we also can be flexible and it really depends on the potential employer and the participants looking for jobs but um you know anyone who's interested.

00:36:34.200 --> 00:36:42.660 Sophie Dubuisson: Can absolutely get in touch with us and that's why our jobs team is is there, they are doing job development they get on the phone with these potential employers really explain the process.

00:36:43.920 --> 00:36:44.100 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So.

00:36:44.700 --> 00:36:53.520 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Tell me let's just to cut you off for a SEC there tell me who those people are so this is a call out before you tell me, this is a call out to employers who are plugging into the program business owners who.

00:36:54.030 --> 00:37:03.630 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Have the passion for serving this community that the ID community and and want to have the great value that these individuals can bring to your organization into your company so.

00:37:04.080 --> 00:37:16.290 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If you're that type of basis, you can be a local professional services firm or you can be you know billion dollar you know payroll processing for them, for instance, maybe in anywhere in between.

00:37:16.770 --> 00:37:21.300 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So so tell me yeah now they were listening so who do they call who do they reach out to.

00:37:21.660 --> 00:37:26.220 Sophie Dubuisson: us well, they can reach out to me I think that's an easy one, and I can just direct them right over to my colleague.

00:37:26.430 --> 00:37:27.540 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You get how do they get to you.

00:37:27.930 --> 00:37:31.230 Sophie Dubuisson: um well, you can use my email itself, we do we send.

00:37:31.710 --> 00:37:42.390 Sophie Dubuisson: US um so that's that's a good way where i'm on linkedin you can always find me there I know Tommy tagged me a lot, so you can always find me on on linkedin and message me there.

00:37:42.930 --> 00:37:58.290 Sophie Dubuisson: We definitely use linkedin to look for jobs, and I do want to I think it's important sometimes to give some examples of the types of jobs because um I think sometimes people don't fully know what that means, and they don't know what what that job might look like and.

00:37:59.880 --> 00:38:08.520 Sophie Dubuisson: You know this that's not technically my role, but I can at least give some overview as to what my jobs team does so, you know it can be a front like an office manager.

00:38:09.000 --> 00:38:23.700 Sophie Dubuisson: The office at best buddies in is within clean mint and associates, which is one of our top top donors and they give us office space in our office manager is one of our jobs participants, so you know she does everything from sorting the mail to scheduling to.

00:38:25.260 --> 00:38:28.560 Sophie Dubuisson: Basically, managing certain people's schedules and.

00:38:29.610 --> 00:38:38.160 Sophie Dubuisson: So she really does all the administrative work i'm sure she does so much more and would be like what are you talking about I do a lot more than that, but those are the main that's how she helps me.

00:38:39.390 --> 00:38:47.400 Sophie Dubuisson: You know ordering stuff for the kitchen and supplies and she's probably the one who is dealing with trying to find pan sanitizer and April, which was nearly impossible so.

00:38:47.880 --> 00:38:57.210 Sophie Dubuisson: You know I that's the type of job that might be available other jobs would be yeah we may be working at michael's as as somebody who reached docs and.

00:38:58.380 --> 00:39:02.160 Sophie Dubuisson: Potentially you know helps with with ordering are.

00:39:03.420 --> 00:39:10.500 Sophie Dubuisson: Counting what's there, and instead restocking everything like that, and you know I blink fitness it might be.

00:39:12.000 --> 00:39:26.070 Sophie Dubuisson: doing what a general employee does you know you have to wipe down the equipment, sometimes people in you have to like clean the towels do laundry organize the locker rooms um so you know it really can can vary and people have different skills and different.

00:39:28.350 --> 00:39:35.160 Sophie Dubuisson: needs and wants but typically you know we can be really flexible and there's probably somebody in our jobs development.

00:39:35.550 --> 00:39:44.190 Sophie Dubuisson: who's looking for a job, who could fit the bill so we're just trying to find more employers who can hire them and then we can bring in more participants and keep it moving so yeah.

00:39:44.280 --> 00:39:52.380 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm gonna put you on the spot, and I just i'm thinking, because this has come to me as we're sitting here, and maybe it's maybe there's not an answer, maybe it hasn't happened before, but.

00:39:52.890 --> 00:40:02.130 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know you express the that that may be one of the challenges is the funding and the resources, you have on your side to kind of ramp up the jobs Program.

00:40:02.550 --> 00:40:11.670 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But what if an employer, maybe this has happened already But what if an employer came to you and said, I want to be involved with this, and not only do I want to have one of these individuals on our team.

00:40:12.690 --> 00:40:21.870 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But I it's going to be if I can't get it done because of the funding, maybe I can you know make some sort of donation as well, have you done that already, or is there, you know.

00:40:22.320 --> 00:40:22.650 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: kind of.

00:40:23.010 --> 00:40:25.110 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: A quid pro quo maybe type of scenario.

00:40:25.380 --> 00:40:38.190 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah I mean to an extent, yes, I would say, often you know we look for a myriad of of support so oftentimes our employers are very generous and also donate to our events which helps us continue our programming.

00:40:38.940 --> 00:40:44.400 Sophie Dubuisson: So typically you know we do try to get our employers involved in in our fundraising events.

00:40:45.330 --> 00:40:51.060 Sophie Dubuisson: And you know if they're employing one of our participants it's it's not a requirement that they have to then donate or contribute.

00:40:51.720 --> 00:40:57.480 Sophie Dubuisson: But oftentimes we find that they do because they just immediately get involved, or maybe their their.

00:40:58.260 --> 00:41:06.900 Sophie Dubuisson: team can create a friendship walk team, where people can get together and volunteer as a group um but yeah I mean I think that's a good point and it.

00:41:07.560 --> 00:41:10.260 Sophie Dubuisson: Sometimes people don't have the capacity and on people, I mean.

00:41:10.890 --> 00:41:21.420 Sophie Dubuisson: potential employers or organizations, you know corporations don't have a position available or you know we just went through work in pandemic, maybe now is not the ideal time to hire.

00:41:22.170 --> 00:41:31.980 Sophie Dubuisson: But you can work with us in other ways, you know we can do training sessions, that we can provide a di training for corporations, we can do a smaller.

00:41:32.640 --> 00:41:42.840 Sophie Dubuisson: career development day, for example, so we bring 10 employees from a company with 10 of our participants and we could do resume building mock interviews communication in the workplace.

00:41:43.950 --> 00:41:48.480 Sophie Dubuisson: You know trainings for for our participants for people to join in on.

00:41:49.410 --> 00:41:57.540 Sophie Dubuisson: They could start a corporate chapter if they have a group of people who's willing to get matched up in our in our program we can you know start a chapter for them.

00:41:58.170 --> 00:42:11.040 Sophie Dubuisson: or sponsor an event, you know really if if employing somebody is not an opportunity then typically we we would focus in on these other volunteer opportunities that you know, often include.

00:42:12.300 --> 00:42:17.550 Sophie Dubuisson: Some sort of donation, because it does take a lot of time and effort on our RN to.

00:42:18.630 --> 00:42:30.960 Sophie Dubuisson: put together those materials and host some sort of training or start a chapter at that at that organization, so you know it's all kind of depending on what what people are looking for and what their opportunities are.

00:42:31.230 --> 00:42:34.200 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So i'm thinking it's more access to employers, though, which again.

00:42:34.440 --> 00:42:40.920 Sophie Dubuisson: we're friends we've connected a bunch of the last year I can't believe such a short time, so you say We only know each other, like a year yeah.

00:42:41.190 --> 00:42:44.700 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I can kind of don't believe that except last year just kind of just stretched out.

00:42:45.780 --> 00:42:57.330 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: X, Y so um but those are some of the things that that connection wise and relationship and networking wise in 21 you and I personally have to work on it right into those opportunities into those employers and.

00:42:57.840 --> 00:43:00.330 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know, bringing out network and virtually networking, at least for now.

00:43:01.140 --> 00:43:07.290 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Alright, so we're going to go to a quick break in a moment, here, but what we're going to do when we come back, I really want to talk about i'll talk about the friendship walk.

00:43:08.070 --> 00:43:18.900 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Any upcoming events in 2021 and and sort of your big picture vision, as the state director what New York state can accomplish from a best buddies perspective in 21 and.

00:43:19.950 --> 00:43:22.770 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And then we'll just going to believe it or not, we're actually going to be.

00:43:22.830 --> 00:43:24.210 Sophie Dubuisson: finished with this conversation.

00:43:24.300 --> 00:43:33.810 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: goes fast every time I can tell we're having fun so um maybe we'll do this again but we're going to go to a break right now i'll see you on two minutes is Tommy Dean so and Sophie Dee and yeah.

00:43:34.830 --> 00:43:40.920 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: See you soon all right okay you're listening to talk radio and my scene.

00:45:51.330 --> 00:45:52.380 Right every.

00:45:54.090 --> 00:46:05.610 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: thing on another incredible leader of another incredible nonprofit organization and my entire intention here is to help them amplify their message today we have Sophie do we saw of best buddies.

00:46:05.940 --> 00:46:08.430 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: International best buddies New York state's the director.

00:46:08.910 --> 00:46:15.360 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Sophie let's talk about I mean we we don't have a lot of time left, together, and I want to make sure we hit upon some things that are important that.

00:46:15.720 --> 00:46:22.650 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You have this platform, now, so I want to talk about events and what's upcoming but anything you want to make sure we hit upon before we get into that.

00:46:23.700 --> 00:46:28.140 Sophie Dubuisson: No, I think we really covered everything and hopefully this was.

00:46:29.340 --> 00:46:35.010 Sophie Dubuisson: helpful for people listening to know what we're looking for and how we work, I think it can be sort of difficult.

00:46:35.490 --> 00:46:42.630 Sophie Dubuisson: to know exactly what we're looking for So hopefully i've made it clear and easy to understand, so that people know how they might be able to get involved.

00:46:43.170 --> 00:46:54.360 Sophie Dubuisson: Of course, anyone can always reach out or go to our website to learn more if you if you go to the best buddies page, you can find New York and find the staff members in emails and everything like that so super easy to find us.

00:46:55.050 --> 00:47:01.890 Sophie Dubuisson: And we have tons of opportunities available for a wide range of people so always open to people reaching out to us love it.

00:47:02.220 --> 00:47:03.540 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So they'll find you on the website.

00:47:03.630 --> 00:47:04.050 Sophie Dubuisson: You know.

00:47:04.170 --> 00:47:05.460 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You can email you directly from there.

00:47:05.520 --> 00:47:06.420 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah yes that's.

00:47:06.870 --> 00:47:11.160 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So let's dive in what is, what is the rest of 21 look like for best buddies in New York.

00:47:11.400 --> 00:47:23.490 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah so we have an upcoming event, we are doing a friendship walk on may 1 we are going to do a walk in all four of our region so that's in New York City long island Albany and Rochester.

00:47:24.450 --> 00:47:40.320 Sophie Dubuisson: This year we're trying to do as much as we can it's going to be a hybrid event so specifically on long island that means we'll have both in person and virtual elements, so that people can get involved in any way that they feel comfortable.

00:47:41.430 --> 00:47:48.960 Sophie Dubuisson: Basically, what the in person element would mean is that we would have people come in waves, so it would be a longer you know.

00:47:49.440 --> 00:48:01.050 Sophie Dubuisson: Day, maybe sometime between 9am and 3pm and every 30 Minutes have a new set of 30 or so people come with their teams pick up their T shirts take a photo grab a water do a quick walk around the venue.

00:48:01.320 --> 00:48:14.520 Sophie Dubuisson: And then beyond their their merry way typically the walk For those of you who don't know the walk is over, you know around 1000 people at Marjorie post park every year in massapequa we have a stage we have music Tommy brings Italian ice is that.

00:48:14.670 --> 00:48:17.010 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Italian yeah I end up on stage.

00:48:17.160 --> 00:48:21.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah i'm always kicking and screaming, no, no, I don't want to go on stage.

00:48:23.940 --> 00:48:31.440 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah so I mean it's big and we have food and raffles and it's it's a really big fun amazing day.

00:48:32.040 --> 00:48:38.940 Sophie Dubuisson: So we did completely virtually last year, because that was right at the start of the pandemic and didn't really have.

00:48:39.450 --> 00:48:52.410 Sophie Dubuisson: Many options, but now we're we're trying to do both so we'll have we'll go, you know live on Facebook will have opening ceremonies different video footage ways for people to get you know learn more about us and hear from our participants in volunteers.

00:48:53.010 --> 00:49:04.620 Sophie Dubuisson: But then, also the opportunity to come in person, and you know say hi to our staff that their shirts do a walk with their team really celebrate it so that's coming up on Saturday may 1 and that's going to be.

00:49:04.680 --> 00:49:11.850 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When you say all regions, does that that that's long island in upstate New York, but it's not about the city or is.

00:49:12.240 --> 00:49:16.620 Sophie Dubuisson: It is the city as well, so we're doing we're doing the same hybrid event in all four of our region's.

00:49:17.280 --> 00:49:33.510 Sophie Dubuisson: yep so everybody will do I mean it might look slightly different in the different regions, depending on location and who else is involved, but um yeah and it's a lot, our goal is to raise about $150,000 between the four events, to put it in perspective.

00:49:34.890 --> 00:49:43.230 Sophie Dubuisson: The New York City walk in previous years, raised over $200,000 just on its own so we've really, really had to cut back on our.

00:49:43.950 --> 00:49:58.230 Sophie Dubuisson: On our budget and on our revenue goals due to everything going on, so, as you can imagine that's that's pretty significant for us in long island typically that walk and raise $50,000 and our goal this year is closer to 20 so.

00:49:58.470 --> 00:50:00.780 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah recalibrate just because of the way things.

00:50:00.810 --> 00:50:09.750 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah exactly and we you know we totally understand that it's really, really difficult time and people aren't always in a position to be able to donate or fundraise.

00:50:10.260 --> 00:50:17.970 Sophie Dubuisson: or feel comfortable fundraising but we're hopeful that going into this next year, we can provide the resources and encouragement to.

00:50:19.080 --> 00:50:27.180 Sophie Dubuisson: remind people how necessary our programming is and without this fundraising we've been doing everything virtually that we've had over 150 virtual events we're.

00:50:27.420 --> 00:50:34.500 Sophie Dubuisson: Trying to keep people in touch we're still working with our schools to navigate this virtual world we're doing trainings we've been able to.

00:50:34.920 --> 00:50:45.510 Sophie Dubuisson: On a positive note, train so many more of our participants this year, because you can fit 100 and 250 people on zoom whereas typically we can get maybe 10 people in a in an actual physical room.

00:50:45.960 --> 00:50:57.900 Sophie Dubuisson: So I bring that up because I think I want people to know that the need is real and that it has affected us heavily and until we can raise enough.

00:50:58.590 --> 00:51:10.140 Sophie Dubuisson: Funding we really can't hire new people to help grow our programs and into open new chapters and to allow us to have the capacity to just to grow.

00:51:11.610 --> 00:51:16.560 Sophie Dubuisson: And some of these times, specifically can can really fund a school program like you said you know.

00:51:17.670 --> 00:51:29.880 Sophie Dubuisson: Your Foundation was able to open three elementary schools and without that funding, we probably wouldn't have been able to open three schools, so the funding really does equate specifically to us being able to open chapters.

00:51:31.260 --> 00:51:41.400 Sophie Dubuisson: So the walk back to the lock the whole purpose is really to celebrate inclusion and to spread our mission and to encourage people to get involved it's really fun to you know you can.

00:51:42.210 --> 00:51:45.270 Sophie Dubuisson: register online again if you go to our website all of that is there.

00:51:46.140 --> 00:52:00.840 Sophie Dubuisson: But you can register for a walk you can start a team, you can invite your friends to join you can add your personal photo a personal bio what it means to you, we have tons of prizes and incentives, if you raise $50 you get our shirt and then up from there, you went.

00:52:01.140 --> 00:52:06.570 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: There was a pair of bomb was a pair cons in there a pair of like best buddies converse Nice.

00:52:06.600 --> 00:52:07.410 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Yes, you.

00:52:08.100 --> 00:52:10.800 Sophie Dubuisson: know and really cool this year for anybody who.

00:52:11.940 --> 00:52:22.440 Sophie Dubuisson: has been involved before typically you know let's say you raise $1,000 that puts you, that means you can choose a prize from a list of things that fall in that category or below.

00:52:22.800 --> 00:52:31.710 Sophie Dubuisson: This year, every single you know, every time you hit that metric of fundraising metric you get sent an award So if I fundraise $50.

00:52:32.580 --> 00:52:38.580 Sophie Dubuisson: Well, the T shirt you got in person at the at the day of the walk because we have to wait for to print those let's say you raise on.

00:52:39.120 --> 00:52:49.920 Sophie Dubuisson: You know $250 you get sent a long sleeve best buddies T shirt if you get to 500 and you've got a beanie that to 1500 you get I think it is the converse so don't just automatically.

00:52:51.660 --> 00:52:56.070 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: It is because I saw it, I was like you know what I got two daughters that would love those sneakers that's.

00:52:56.130 --> 00:52:58.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: 93 grand or I gotta fight somebody.

00:53:01.680 --> 00:53:11.760 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah exactly but that's the thing it's fun and you get sent those those prizes right away, and hopefully that will get people excited and we all we always do prizes to you know we'll do.

00:53:12.960 --> 00:53:19.050 Sophie Dubuisson: Different incentives like you can win a Duncan $100 Duncan card, if you fundraise more than $50 to speak, or whatever.

00:53:20.250 --> 00:53:30.630 Sophie Dubuisson: And they also do you know our top team, so we always have our fundraising teams, the most registered members individual who fundraising the most and we we give out awards for that.

00:53:31.770 --> 00:53:34.950 Sophie Dubuisson: But yeah it's a really fun day and we're we're.

00:53:36.060 --> 00:53:39.210 Sophie Dubuisson: We just had launched, we launched this whole event series.

00:53:40.080 --> 00:53:48.630 Sophie Dubuisson: About a week and a half ago, so we're steadily moving forward, the best thing that people can do, who are listening is to register for the event, you don't necessarily have to donate.

00:53:49.290 --> 00:54:01.110 Sophie Dubuisson: You can register and at least to get the word out for us, I think that's the biggest thing, and if you work, for you know, a company who might be willing to sponsor or get involved in a bigger way we have some sponsor benefits which are great.

00:54:02.430 --> 00:54:08.040 Sophie Dubuisson: You know you get your name out there to the local community your names on our T shirt that goes out 2000 people.

00:54:09.120 --> 00:54:14.040 Sophie Dubuisson: You know, we can do whatever we need to do to to work that out so um.

00:54:14.190 --> 00:54:21.210 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So yeah wrap wrapping up for me rap rap about the rapid three minutes, I just want to bring us home and then I got a few things I gotta kind of.

00:54:22.860 --> 00:54:29.250 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: kind of put a bow on it, so how do they get best buddies dot O rg is that the website, I mean I have it means.

00:54:29.970 --> 00:54:36.720 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: All right, and then i'm talking about how they follow best buddies you know, on different socials I mean if you remember them by heart is not I can always.

00:54:37.740 --> 00:54:44.400 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah um so I believe most of our handles our best buddies and why or something similar.

00:54:45.420 --> 00:54:56.640 Sophie Dubuisson: So there are a ton of social media handles for best buddies there's a best buddies international page, but you can always follow that's going to give you the big picture and it's pretty easy to find the different the different States.

00:54:57.870 --> 00:55:06.630 Sophie Dubuisson: By going to our website that is going to be the best way, I would say, for listeners The easiest way, instead of trying to give people a really long stream of things.

00:55:06.960 --> 00:55:08.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'll i'll follow up with people.

00:55:08.610 --> 00:55:09.960 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah we can definitely put them.

00:55:10.440 --> 00:55:12.060 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: All in my email, I was gonna look forward to, but we.

00:55:12.060 --> 00:55:12.420 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah.

00:55:12.810 --> 00:55:13.830 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Of course, follow up with people.

00:55:13.890 --> 00:55:22.590 Sophie Dubuisson: on social media Facebook instagram Twitter linkedin you know you can definitely follow us on any of those we definitely try to be active on on social.

00:55:23.520 --> 00:55:30.240 Sophie Dubuisson: So that's a great way to to learn more you can always shoot us an email We have lots of volunteer opportunities, you know we have a committee so.

00:55:31.860 --> 00:55:32.100 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: With.

00:55:32.580 --> 00:55:35.550 Sophie Dubuisson: The walk we have board, so we have.

00:55:36.570 --> 00:55:43.710 Sophie Dubuisson: These different trainings that we need volunteers, for we have the citizens programs school programs that are open, so if.

00:55:43.770 --> 00:55:45.810 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You could crush something for everybody at the best well.

00:55:45.810 --> 00:55:47.970 Sophie Dubuisson: yeah definitely definitely is.

00:55:48.060 --> 00:55:58.200 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: All right, I appreciate being here Sophie Thank you so much, this is a special day, this means a lot it's actually a fifth episode of the live program so lucky five thanks for being here with me.

00:55:58.590 --> 00:56:03.210 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Right we're going to just bring it home, ladies and gentlemen, here's the wrap up it's comedy coming at you from the attic.

00:56:04.830 --> 00:56:07.980 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Next week, on the program i'm interviewing my buddy.

00:56:08.550 --> 00:56:15.810 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Thomas rach Michael Thomas Thomas crash the CEO of the queen's Chamber of Commerce i've been incredible relationship, the queen's chamber.

00:56:16.140 --> 00:56:18.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: More to come on the program about this, but.

00:56:18.570 --> 00:56:28.200 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: each month now philanthropy focus sponsors, a new Member of the queen's chamber, commerce and new nonprofit members so every month i'm going to be sponsoring and your Member but Tom Gresham be on the show talking about Queens.

00:56:28.470 --> 00:56:33.060 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My favorite borrow certainly so now i'm in trouble with four boroughs certainly my favorite borrow.

00:56:34.320 --> 00:56:37.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: grew up in Queens a little bit spent a lot of time in Queens lived in Queens for a while.

00:56:38.730 --> 00:56:43.830 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: After my program don't forget, though, a couple things the guys, who are going to be on the show right after me.

00:56:44.280 --> 00:56:55.140 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Always Friday with my buddy Steve Brian what's up so you have a great show Jeremiah foxy entrepreneurial webcams on right after Steve and then Joe McElroy with wise content creates wealth to kind of round off our.

00:56:55.830 --> 00:57:05.310 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: SMB business program that we do each week here on talk radio dot nyc don't forget to New York City imagine awards applications are available nyc imagine awards COM.

00:57:05.610 --> 00:57:18.360 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: To get me Tommy D dot nyc on instagram you find me on Facebook my name linkedin whole thing my emails coming the APP philanthropy and focus calm that pH oC us Sophie have an incredible weekend, thank you.

00:57:18.480 --> 00:57:19.980 Sophie Dubuisson: Thank you, thank you.

00:57:20.970 --> 00:57:21.720 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: See you from the attic.

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