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Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/02 - Professional Presentation, Pandemic-Style

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/02 - Professional Presentation, Pandemic-Style


2021/02/02 - Professional Presentation, Pandemic-Style

[NEW EPISODE] Professional Presentation, Pandemic-Style

How do you come across virtually? Are you polished when presenting by Zoom, video conference call, or by phone?

Join me and my guest, Maureen Weisner, M.Ed., PCC, CPCC, Career Coach, Consultant, and Founder of KICKSTART Your Transition, as Maureen discusses how business owners and employees can polish their professional image in the virtual world of the pandemic.

Tune in for this informative conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Eric’s main goal is to help business owners who work through the pandemic. We talk about legal issues but our guests also talk about issues that are experiences throughout the pandemic. Tonight’s guest is Maureen Weisner, M.Ed., PCC, CPCC, Career Coach, Consultant. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the boutique career consulting firm,  KICKSTART Your Transition, which specializes in helping individual in transition She is a professional coach, a seminar leader, and author. Maureen has been recognized as one of the top ten executive coach Women’s Business of boston. Due to the pandemic we are much more digital, infact Eric and Maureen are having this discussion via Zoom. She will give tips and strategies for how to polish your professional image through the pandemic. Before her career as a coach/consultant, Maureen wanted to be a teacher. Her role models were her school teachers. Maureen wanted to pursue the same career but as a young person she realized that she had to be creative considering the limited opportunities. When a teaching job was finally available she decided to take an opportunity to work for an airline. Maureen continued to get her education and diversified her options. She understood that it is important to try things that make you uncomfortable. You may fail but you learn by failing. Maureen would later learn about coaching, receive her masters in leadership and begin coaching. She connected with a colleague from the airline and they started KickStart Your Transition. When confronted with something new and unexpected it can be scary but the upside is that anything is impossible. If you don’t know if you can do it, take mini steps. Pre covid she encouraged her clients to focus on preparation. Ted Talk presenters on average practice 200 times. It’s important both online and offline to be on time and prepared.

Segment 2

Getting centered is essential. She recommends you take a break from zoom if you can. Get a headset, it’s recommended to stand during a call. For people who tend to be fidgety, get rid of your desk chair with wheels. Watching you will make the other party sea sick and challenge their focus even when they are interested in what you have to say. It is also important to slow your speech and prepare a script. People have short attention spans so you must make the best of your time. Be sure to present at a time when you have your energy. Every morning be sure to get dressed, make some coffee and get out. Some of Maureen’s clients have found it beneficial to walk out of the home then return. It changes the way they see the boundaries between work and home.  People care a lot about the way you look so you must be sure to make yourself presentable. Nearly as important is your voice. People are willing to listen to the sound but not always what you say. Eric your background is important as well Lately Eric sees people dressed well but an unkempt bed behind them. It takes away from what the speaker says.

Segment 3

Professional image in person is very different in person compared to online. There are numerous opportunities available now that we are no longer limited by geography. You can work anywhere! Maureen encourages clients to just say yes when presented with new opportunities. When thinking about how to best present there is no “correct” style, you must figure out what works best for you. Generally it is best to avoid vocal fry and upspeak. It is good to record yourself and review it so that you can review tendencies you don’t often notice. For many, anxiety is a trigger. Maureen recommends her clients practice a gratitude exercise. List three things that you are grateful for. People will frequently say they are grateful for family, work, friends, pets, etc. Put these things on a postit in your workstation so that whenever you feel overwhelmed you can think about those things to calm yourself. During an interview with Best Company Magazin, Maureen was asked, “How is the interview process different now?” You must be prepared and have scripts available. This is a great time to brag, share your accomplishments and most importantly be prepared. Right now Maureen is helping clients evaluate what their values are and what their deal breakers are. Maureen shares a few anecdotes about her clients and their transitions.

Segment 4

One thing that Eric has taken away from Maureen is a message of humility, keeping things in perspective. She believes that self awareness is key. You must understand that the person on the other side of the camera is also in the “pain or gain” phase. During an interview you want to be sure that you are as real as you can be without being over conversational. The interview should not be hijacked because you went down different avenues that will not lead you to a space that makes sense, it is important to stay in control of the conversation. Understand what your goals are before the call. There’s something you can learn from every interview. Maureen encourages her clients to make a spreadsheet and write their impression after an interview. What was missing? What could I have given a better answer for? You can find Maureen and her partner at if you are interested in their services.


00:00:45.060 --> 00:00:51.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Good evening, welcome to employment law today i'm your host erick solver from the law office of Eric i'm sorry.

00:00:51.960 --> 00:01:09.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm an employment law and business law attorney and the host of this weekly show Tuesdays 5pm to 6pm Eastern standard time right here on talk radio nyc i'm here tonight with special guests friend and colleague of mine marine weisner marine welcome to the show.

00:01:10.590 --> 00:01:12.360 Maureen Weisner: Thank you it's my pleasure to be here.

00:01:13.050 --> 00:01:20.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: glad you can make it i'm going to give you a much more proper introduction in a moment, but before I do, I thought I just take a minute just to.

00:01:21.480 --> 00:01:28.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: recap, for some of our newer members of the audience or repeat listeners what the show is about and the purpose of employment law today.

00:01:28.680 --> 00:01:37.920 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And our main goal and having the show my main goal is to help business owners small and mid sized companies of all stripes to whether the pandemic.

00:01:38.310 --> 00:01:46.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We talked about employment issues and Labor law issues with their around legal liability and we also have guests that help our businesses.

00:01:46.770 --> 00:01:55.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: With issues that are very relevant during the pandemic, so it could be, for example, issues around cyber security or employee relations.

00:01:55.620 --> 00:02:11.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Things that are taking a front seat during the time of Coleman and so in that spirit of inspiring and motivating and educating our audience tonight, I will introduce you marine welcome again to the show and it's good to have you.

00:02:13.620 --> 00:02:26.490 Maureen Weisner: Oh it's my pleasure it's you know we've spoken on so many occasions Eric and and i've listened to you speak to your radio audience many times and i'm very impressed with the quality of the guests and the quality of what you bring to your audience.

00:02:27.630 --> 00:02:35.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Thank you, Marina and I echo that for you in terms of the quality of the guests you're right in line there right right back to you, thank you.

00:02:36.060 --> 00:02:41.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Which leads me to your intro, if I may, as I mentioned my guest tonight is marine be wiser.

00:02:42.180 --> 00:02:51.210 Eric Sarver, Esq.: master bad PCC and CPC co founder and managing partner of the boutique career accounts consulting firm kickstart your transition.

00:02:51.660 --> 00:02:59.190 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Whose specialty includes helping individuals in or approaching transition typically involving career change divorce.

00:02:59.610 --> 00:03:08.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Education and other word life events Marina is a certified professional coach she's also a seminar leader speaker and author.

00:03:08.640 --> 00:03:16.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: and marine wiser has been recognized as a top 10 executive coach by women's business to Boston very impressive congratulations, thank you.

00:03:17.130 --> 00:03:34.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Sure, and marines except extensive business knowledge incubates abroad broad depth of experience from corporate sales training, education and small business ownership, which she brings to her clients so with that, again I would love to get into our topic, if I may.

00:03:35.940 --> 00:03:46.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I thought, Marina be great for this topic tonight, where title the show is professional presentation pandemic style and what we're talking about here folks is basically the fact that.

00:03:47.340 --> 00:03:54.300 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In this time of zoom and webex what we've all gone virtual seems that professional appearance their presentation.

00:03:54.660 --> 00:04:04.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Which i've always been crucial always been important factors are very key right now for candidates seeking employment or for small business owners looking to.

00:04:05.010 --> 00:04:10.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: present to investors or network with their colleagues, or even to meet potential clients.

00:04:10.650 --> 00:04:18.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And with the pandemic comes changed how we interact with others were much more virtual were much more digital we're on zoom webex Skype.

00:04:19.110 --> 00:04:29.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Telephone fact mean and I are speaking right now but zoom as opposed to in person, so the question is how do you come across virtually in the age of coronavirus in video conferencing.

00:04:30.120 --> 00:04:44.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Or you Polish and presenting by zoom we're on the phone, so this episode marine will share insights marine will give us some observations and key tips and strategies to Polish ones are fashionable image in the time of the pandemic.

00:04:45.720 --> 00:04:57.750 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So I said a mouthful Marino and turn it over to kick it over to you by asking you, if you can tell us a bit more about yourself where did you start your career and how you inspired to it form kickstart your transition.

00:04:59.610 --> 00:05:08.070 Maureen Weisner: The wayback machine I love it well Eric interestingly, I always wanted to be a classroom teacher and my earliest memories were of.

00:05:08.370 --> 00:05:15.540 Maureen Weisner: Working with youngsters and in all of my summer jobs in college and so forth education was very important to me, my role models.

00:05:15.900 --> 00:05:24.750 Maureen Weisner: As a youngster work classroom teachers, many of the women who I had his classroom teachers would in in current times be CEOs of companies.

00:05:25.410 --> 00:05:32.790 Maureen Weisner: So, unfortunately, when I graduated the alignment wasn't with hiring teachers So what do you do, you have to pivot.

00:05:33.090 --> 00:05:38.430 Maureen Weisner: And that was my first experience with here's a goal that you have this is something that you absolutely intended to do.

00:05:38.760 --> 00:05:46.410 Maureen Weisner: What do you do now well, you have to think more creatively and, as a young person that's not always so easy because you've got all your eggs in one basket.

00:05:46.770 --> 00:05:58.440 Maureen Weisner: But you're forced to do something else So what do you do well, I took jobs in private industry in the federal government moved to another city moved to Philadelphia again with.

00:05:58.950 --> 00:06:11.430 Maureen Weisner: Working in retail moving to the Boston area at the time, a teaching job did become available, but there was also the possibility of working for a major airline, so I said well that's.

00:06:11.880 --> 00:06:16.050 Maureen Weisner: kind of curious let's see what it is and in meantime I worked hard on.

00:06:16.440 --> 00:06:22.890 Maureen Weisner: My master's degree and continuing to look at teaching positions, but then you have these two options and you're weighing them, what do you do.

00:06:23.130 --> 00:06:32.640 Maureen Weisner: Well let's be curious and let's go with something that's different so I spent eight years at a major airline left there went to art school open to small businesses.

00:06:33.030 --> 00:06:40.080 Maureen Weisner: Successfully had a wonderful time met many people learned many different skills as you go because you're you're always learning.

00:06:40.320 --> 00:06:46.380 Maureen Weisner: As long as you're curious as long as you're reading as long as you're networking, as long as you're meeting and you're learning.

00:06:46.860 --> 00:06:57.030 Maureen Weisner: And you have an open mindset about how you can learn that you're capable that even if it's uncomfortable you can try it you fail, but you learn by failing.

00:06:57.450 --> 00:07:04.770 Maureen Weisner: And in DR is very often much more about subtraction than addition because we're learning as we go.

00:07:05.730 --> 00:07:11.760 Maureen Weisner: So I read something about coaching which was relatively new at the time, thought it was interesting pursued it.

00:07:12.510 --> 00:07:20.580 Maureen Weisner: back and forth California and the east coast for training and leadership and so forth finished a master's in leadership and began coaching.

00:07:21.180 --> 00:07:32.220 Maureen Weisner: At some point, I said, you know my clients are coming to me with more questions about career, in particular, so I was able to reconnect with a colleague my business partner and raise your hand.

00:07:32.700 --> 00:07:39.960 Maureen Weisner: And we worked at the airlines together for many years, she had gone in a different direction, working with to NGOs in Africa.

00:07:40.260 --> 00:07:51.960 Maureen Weisner: So our skills were complimentary and we said here's a great option let's try and sell approximately 10 years ago we opened kickstart your transition and the rest is, as you say, current history.

00:07:53.220 --> 00:08:00.690 Eric Sarver, Esq.: wow that's that's really quite a background marine you know what strikes me there as interesting is that you started out on one path with.

00:08:01.140 --> 00:08:08.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Education and it wasn't happening in the moment, and as you told her story about their experiences.

00:08:08.790 --> 00:08:21.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I heard optimism and hope in there because whenever someone's willing to try something new to take a new direction, and I would imagine, I don't want to presume, but I know that for me in my life certain experiences.

00:08:22.530 --> 00:08:28.860 Eric Sarver, Esq.: At the time, a situation may not have seemed like the right fit or that they would be valuable, how can this help me.

00:08:29.250 --> 00:08:36.270 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But then when you look back and you see how everything from the past, if done mindfully and.

00:08:36.720 --> 00:08:50.190 Eric Sarver, Esq.: with an open mind, as you said clearly contributes to the rich experience that I imagine you're bringing to your clients today so that's really I think a good reminder for those that might be in transition, right now, during this pandemic it's like.

00:08:50.610 --> 00:09:01.470 Maureen Weisner: Well, said Eric it's you know connecting the dots when we look back and say oh now I get it, this is the place that I need to be right now I brought all of these pieces together and i've been reconfigured something that's different.

00:09:01.920 --> 00:09:11.460 Maureen Weisner: what's happening in the pandemic it's scary for people and we're either you know we've got this span of people in rowboats and people in yachts and everything in between.

00:09:11.940 --> 00:09:22.350 Maureen Weisner: And when suddenly are confronted with something that is completely new completely unexpected nothing is certain, the upside to this is that anything is possible.

00:09:23.130 --> 00:09:31.470 Maureen Weisner: So when, anything is possible, and there are no rules, what do you do, how curious, are you and what does your safety net look like.

00:09:32.010 --> 00:09:50.880 Maureen Weisner: How important is that are you a risk taker on a scale of one to 10 are you a 12 or are you, you know I really like, as in the investment world how I don't know if I can do it, but what about taking many steps, what about a bridge job, what about hey if this doesn't work I can quit.

00:09:53.520 --> 00:10:00.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's a really great perspective there to looking at things in terms of i've heard this a dream, big and small, take small steps lot.

00:10:00.630 --> 00:10:01.140 lately.

00:10:02.400 --> 00:10:19.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It really you know you talk about marine the coven 19 right now, the environment and high tech definitely can be ripe for change, no doubt i'm just wondering if you can share with us what was your experience helping clients to refine their presentation skills pre opening teams.

00:10:20.430 --> 00:10:26.490 Maureen Weisner: Will pre cover 19 we always focus on preparation, the importance of preparation.

00:10:26.880 --> 00:10:33.720 Maureen Weisner: You know people think that if you're good at whatever it is that you can wing it that you're naturally good at something.

00:10:33.960 --> 00:10:43.770 Maureen Weisner: And Eric as as you're shaking your head, we know how much time it takes to prepare, in fact, if you think about Ted talks and we've all watched Ted talks.

00:10:44.400 --> 00:11:01.080 Maureen Weisner: Those that are really, really just nail it and hit home and you marvel at this and it's only 18 minutes only 18 minutes, the average time that the best Ted presenters have spent is rehearsing 200 times well.

00:11:01.920 --> 00:11:10.470 Maureen Weisner: that's significant I can track back to a time when I heard a speaker at a small event that my husband and I were attending and he was.

00:11:11.100 --> 00:11:20.940 Maureen Weisner: Just terrific and and i'd seen him at other events and he was just so smooth and wonderful when I gone up to his wife was standing with him and I mentioned that out.

00:11:21.570 --> 00:11:30.630 Maureen Weisner: How complimentary I wanted to be and how impressed I was with value of what he was delivering and how well and how engaged, he was with the audience and she said.

00:11:31.230 --> 00:11:42.480 Maureen Weisner: And I said oh it's just a natural thing for him, and she said, oh absolutely not he practices and rehearses and refined and he wants to deliver the best possible product when he gets up in front of her group.

00:11:43.650 --> 00:11:52.290 Maureen Weisner: Something to remember so presentation Eric that's really important so pre coven what's different understanding that you should arrive.

00:11:52.710 --> 00:12:02.610 Maureen Weisner: On a timely basis that as soon as you walk in the door, of whatever the organization is people are looking at you, it doesn't mean the cameras are necessarily focused on you.

00:12:02.940 --> 00:12:08.040 Maureen Weisner: But it's how you greet the person at the information desk it's how you greet if there's an elevator operator, but.

00:12:08.790 --> 00:12:19.860 Maureen Weisner: Probably not it's more like a security person it's how you get off the elevator it's who's at the front desk it's smiling it's being forward thinking it's being.

00:12:20.340 --> 00:12:30.810 Maureen Weisner: Genuine so you want to notice about impressing but you really want to connect with everyone who you're meeting in a meeting, and you know it doesn't have to be I don't need to know your life history.

00:12:31.050 --> 00:12:39.090 Maureen Weisner: But small talk is certainly appropriate and again make sure that you're on time, make sure you have a hard copy of your resume because people do.

00:12:39.480 --> 00:12:58.020 Maureen Weisner: get very anxious and they forget some of the points that they want to hit and again getting settled, but something I heard recently have you ever watched amy Cuddy she does she's also the author of presence, she does a terrific Ted talk it's it's amy Cuddy i'm.

00:12:59.970 --> 00:13:01.620 99% sure on that, but.

00:13:02.910 --> 00:13:12.270 Maureen Weisner: She talks about empowerment and how you can get yourself poised for that moment for that interview So if you have time.

00:13:13.350 --> 00:13:24.270 Maureen Weisner: And this is actually great in the virtual world because you can take your time put your feet up on your desk and lean back hands behind your head and just taking the energy.

00:13:25.320 --> 00:13:44.850 Maureen Weisner: But she has found through testing with her students is that the level of testosterone increases dramatically when you strike a pose like this, so read up on the desk hands behind your head taking in the room, so the higher level of testosterone also decreases the amount of.

00:13:46.560 --> 00:13:58.140 Maureen Weisner: So the anxiety is reduced if you don't have a desk and a place to put your feet up a good thing to do is a power pose so those people who are familiar with yoga of course hands high.

00:13:58.650 --> 00:14:05.370 Maureen Weisner: fee to strike planted on the floor because we can really connect with the ground with the earth, however, you want to configure it.

00:14:05.730 --> 00:14:09.540 Maureen Weisner: When we are relaxed, but at the same time, we are yes we've got it.

00:14:09.960 --> 00:14:21.720 Maureen Weisner: So if you are in a setting where you are physically there go into the restroom find a quiet place find someplace where you're not necessarily observed and take that power pose or put your feet up.

00:14:22.020 --> 00:14:27.900 Maureen Weisner: Because being confident it's not a question of arrogance it changes the position of your shoulders.

00:14:28.140 --> 00:14:36.030 Maureen Weisner: It changes your aspect, so that you do feel more confident when you're shaking hands you making eye contact and of course Eric is, we can see here.

00:14:36.300 --> 00:14:52.140 Maureen Weisner: Making eye contact is very important if it's virtually want to look at the camera, because if you're looking strictly at the PR at yourself even worse if you're looking at yourself on the screen then you're all over the place, so focus.

00:14:53.550 --> 00:14:59.520 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Green excellent points we have to take a commercial break we'll be back shortly those Those are some excellent points about.

00:14:59.940 --> 00:15:08.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Presentation style image polished professional image, especially pre covert and even drink of it and i'd love to hear how we apply those when we're on a zoom call so.

00:15:09.030 --> 00:15:19.080 Eric Sarver, Esq.: we'll take a quick commercial break we're on Eric savoured host of employment law today here with my guest green weisner on kickstart your condition stick around we'll be right back.

00:17:45.690 --> 00:17:53.760 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to employment law today i'm your host erick solver from the law office ever again sovereign employment law business law attorney.

00:17:54.180 --> 00:18:03.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm here again tonight, as mentioned with my guests marine weisner marine is your coach and the founder and managing partner of.

00:18:03.570 --> 00:18:11.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: kickstart your transition, as a co founder of kickstart your transition so just for those that might be joining us a bit late or even just.

00:18:12.300 --> 00:18:16.500 Eric Sarver, Esq.: To recap we've had some great discussion so far about the importance of.

00:18:17.100 --> 00:18:29.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: presentation and once imagery empowers being professional and marine was discussing her background prior to that conversation, and then we talked a little bit about the importance of.

00:18:30.120 --> 00:18:40.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Little things that you do in person, and we were talking mainly pre 19 so going to into a business meeting going into a job interview talking with your investors in a company.

00:18:40.560 --> 00:18:56.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Make sure that you are making eye contact dressed appropriately on time SMILEY make small talk and we talked about some poses that we mentioned that can get one and you're confident position, I actually was curious Marina while you were on the break I actually.

00:18:58.260 --> 00:19:06.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: can't be on the back, but without knocking the microphone over and it actually it does feel I must say that empowering it's a Muslim Buddhism.

00:19:07.590 --> 00:19:14.190 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Buddhism and talk about taking your seat and sort of checked in with the ground beneath you and having your back straight and breathing.

00:19:15.000 --> 00:19:30.210 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So really interesting, I wonder if we can talk a little bit more about how one's presentation and image can be polished in this time when we're on zoom and webex and facetime.

00:19:31.800 --> 00:19:36.180 Maureen Weisner: Well, I think you make a good point Eric getting centered is is essential.

00:19:36.540 --> 00:19:45.420 Maureen Weisner: For clients who are not on zoom and I recommend if it's possible for you to take a break from zoom if it's possible to do a phone interview, and that does happen, these days, also.

00:19:45.780 --> 00:19:51.240 Maureen Weisner: Everyone doesn't always want to be on zoom if you can a headset is great, is a great tool and.

00:19:51.540 --> 00:19:57.780 Maureen Weisner: That way, you can stand and we recommend standing when you're on a call because you know, again, not on zoom.

00:19:58.050 --> 00:20:04.380 Maureen Weisner: You have to be you have to be very careful when you're on zoom that you're not the camera is facing you and inappropriate way that it's not.

00:20:04.620 --> 00:20:09.750 Maureen Weisner: Your head is tilted back that your chin is certainly in the right place that you're looking forward.

00:20:10.140 --> 00:20:17.280 Maureen Weisner: And we talked about this a little bit beforehand for people who tend to be you know move around a lot or find that they're fidgety.

00:20:18.120 --> 00:20:30.180 Maureen Weisner: Get rid of anything on wheels put a chair down that's going to be just stationary sit there and make sure that you're planted in one place, because for the person, on the other side of this.

00:20:30.690 --> 00:20:35.220 Maureen Weisner: It makes them sick likewise with virtual backgrounds.

00:20:35.850 --> 00:20:44.040 Maureen Weisner: stay in one place, because otherwise we're looking at wow that's making me dizzy people will get very turned off quickly, even though.

00:20:44.250 --> 00:20:53.550 Maureen Weisner: they're interested in what you have to say so, you want to slow down your pace of speech, something that, as a new yorker you know Eric.

00:20:53.850 --> 00:21:01.770 Maureen Weisner: This is something we just communicate differently and having grown up in the city I get it, so I really do have to make an effort to slow down.

00:21:02.100 --> 00:21:08.070 Maureen Weisner: And for some people, it feels very uncomfortable it's worth practicing practice in the mirror.

00:21:08.520 --> 00:21:15.180 Maureen Weisner: Practice with a partner it's important when you are as a business owner you're looking for funding.

00:21:15.600 --> 00:21:22.530 Maureen Weisner: If you are a candidate for a position you want to be best prepared and how do you do that scripted.

00:21:22.950 --> 00:21:30.030 Maureen Weisner: scripted do not wing it make sure that you have some points that you would like to get to.

00:21:30.420 --> 00:21:40.860 Maureen Weisner: People have very short attention span and, as you and I both know people are thinking more in bullets now so they think very quickly, taking the information there on to the next point.

00:21:41.280 --> 00:21:54.270 Maureen Weisner: I read something funny that's actually well, it is, and it is and it's amusing to the extent that, if you remember as kids or taking your own child out to a country fair or some kind of carnival and you win a gold fish.

00:21:54.570 --> 00:22:07.680 Maureen Weisner: goldfish you're beautiful you take a goldfish home goldfish has relatively short lifespan but the difference between a goldfish and us is that a goldfish wins every time because the attention span of a goldfish.

00:22:08.070 --> 00:22:15.210 Maureen Weisner: Is nine seconds versus the human attention span at eight seconds so wow.

00:22:15.930 --> 00:22:25.560 Maureen Weisner: A goldfish the poor thing hope it's floating someplace and it's happy, but I imagine again slowing down attention span how people think.

00:22:26.130 --> 00:22:33.180 Maureen Weisner: We have just a certain amount of your brain capacity in the course of a day, where we can take in information and we can process it.

00:22:33.570 --> 00:22:42.510 Maureen Weisner: Which means that towards the end of the day, decision making, probably not so great if people do things that probably aren't the best decisions as in.

00:22:43.260 --> 00:22:54.690 Maureen Weisner: Too much drinking too much eating too much of TV watching that tends to happen at the end of the day, so we want to make sure that when we're presenting we're prepared we're doing it at a time when we we have our energy.

00:22:55.650 --> 00:23:08.550 Maureen Weisner: first thing of the day, I always say this get up get dressed and get out, that is the best way to start the day So if you go out I go out for coffee every morning, just to get myself in gear.

00:23:09.060 --> 00:23:20.160 Maureen Weisner: For some clients who are working at home, they will find that leaving the House and re entering the House either through the garage or basement or they'll close the door and come in again.

00:23:20.520 --> 00:23:30.150 Maureen Weisner: It changes the way they see the boundaries around work and since everything is so intertwined right now we want to take the best advantage that we can.

00:23:30.480 --> 00:23:39.120 Maureen Weisner: Have being our most powerful self of being our most composed self and being most centered when we are attending to work and moving forward.

00:23:39.570 --> 00:23:50.700 Maureen Weisner: So, think about this credibility Eric what is it about credibility, a shocking number that I hope it's not taken out of context, but I believe correct.

00:23:51.090 --> 00:23:55.740 Maureen Weisner: 55% of our credibility is based on the way we look.

00:23:56.370 --> 00:24:07.890 Maureen Weisner: does not mean magazine cover lovely if you can not necessary, it just means you don't look like a hot mess you look like somebody that's appropriate you've combed your hair.

00:24:08.250 --> 00:24:14.490 Maureen Weisner: If you wear eyeglasses again make sure they're up to date night from grade three that you've kind of dug out of a drawer and put on.

00:24:15.810 --> 00:24:30.690 Maureen Weisner: The way you look as important, followed by 38% the way you sound people are willing to listen to the sound and only 7% is actually related to what you're saying.

00:24:31.440 --> 00:24:37.560 Maureen Weisner: So when you have to think about this, what did your mother say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

00:24:37.950 --> 00:24:46.230 Maureen Weisner: So you want to be as prepared, as you can to be upfront I want to, like you, people do business with people they know like and trust.

00:24:46.650 --> 00:24:55.680 Maureen Weisner: So if you start out in that space originally you're not trying to make up last distance you're already positioned.

00:24:55.920 --> 00:25:12.450 Maureen Weisner: The interviewer is prepared the investor is looking at you you're speaking to your team you're the person who's in charge, you have the information you're ready to deliver you making eye contact you're moving from person to person and again not so that it's.

00:25:13.500 --> 00:25:25.320 Maureen Weisner: Making people queasy because they're getting motion sickness from excessive motion, so you want to again be as centered, as you can and present as best you can.

00:25:26.970 --> 00:25:34.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: really important point Severino first off, thank you for all these very specific details, and you know I smiled internally the thought of.

00:25:35.100 --> 00:25:42.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: slowing down and being a new yorker it's like I have a friend and colleague, he used to joke before presentations because.

00:25:43.530 --> 00:25:52.380 Eric Sarver, Esq.: He spoke put on a quick side as I do, as well, and he would say to people when he was presenting in another State Midwest south.

00:25:53.160 --> 00:26:03.750 Eric Sarver, Esq.: small town wars, but he'd say folks i'm from New York, I was born that grew up there was raised there, he said when new Yorkers we walk fast we talk fast and we watch a two hour movie and 25 minutes so.

00:26:04.200 --> 00:26:09.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Anything i'm saying is too quick and you know, let me know and and and i'm happy to slow down or repeat.

00:26:09.900 --> 00:26:23.040 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But really good points that we can be mindful of our pace and our speed and it's interesting because you know we hear these things along here it's slow down, you know be confident and be still.

00:26:23.730 --> 00:26:31.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But often you know you're the sort of the how of how we get to that place, and so what I hear from you are concrete examples, so that you know.

00:26:32.610 --> 00:26:41.010 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Take a few deep breaths or go into certain yoga pose or I get centered in your seeds and even just you know, the idea that, when we.

00:26:41.460 --> 00:26:47.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Get dressed and prepared, you know now that we're on zoom into remember that our.

00:26:47.940 --> 00:26:55.260 Eric Sarver, Esq.: background is so important, you know when we pre coven if we're having a, for example, a core conference let's say in Federal Court.

00:26:56.220 --> 00:27:05.940 Eric Sarver, Esq.: My bedroom at home and be completely irrelevant, because I am standing in front of a judge and what i'm seeing these days.

00:27:06.540 --> 00:27:14.850 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Which some other attorneys have seen as well are people who you know they they shop for the zoom conference or mediation every case and.

00:27:15.390 --> 00:27:29.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: they're wearing a button shirt and a sport jacket Harris calm, but in the background is an unmade bed in the bedroom and a poster on the wall and I, you know, I think it like takes away from whatever your.

00:27:30.600 --> 00:27:40.380 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Your positive presentation is Eric own shirt on or press but, so I like that idea that the background and the point that to know oneself right if we're.

00:27:40.830 --> 00:27:50.940 Eric Sarver, Esq.: People that tend to be fuzzy that's Okay, but just kind of make note of that and try to avoid either the church wheels or the virtual background.

00:27:51.780 --> 00:27:59.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So all interesting points you know really it kind of brings me to a question, or maybe a follow up question wondering.

00:28:00.420 --> 00:28:04.860 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What are some of the biggest challenges you've observed in your clients.

00:28:05.640 --> 00:28:14.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Over the last 11 months and before I before I answer that and i've seen that we're coming up on a commercial break in about two minutes so.

00:28:15.030 --> 00:28:27.390 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe i'll save that for when we get back the question of what are some of the biggest challenges you've seen from your clients or from people I should say, in the last 11 months in terms of being polished and presentable.

00:28:28.860 --> 00:28:37.530 Eric Sarver, Esq.: you're listening folks to talk radio, the nyc and show is called employment law today i'm your host erick solver and i'm here with marine wiser.

00:28:38.010 --> 00:28:47.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I thought it might be why it's taking a break now as opposed to the middle of your of your answer and so, if everyone can stick around we'll be back in a moment.

00:31:07.410 --> 00:31:18.720 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to La today i'm your host erick solver i'm here with my guest tonight for being weisner career coach and founder of kickstart your transition.

00:31:19.620 --> 00:31:32.010 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Read I just before the commercial break, I think I asked you the question what are some of the common common problems you've observed in clients in terms of keeping a professional image over the last 11 months.

00:31:33.690 --> 00:31:44.130 Maureen Weisner: I think it's a good question Eric because professional image is is different, as you suggest in person in many ways versus electronically remotely.

00:31:45.210 --> 00:31:59.700 Maureen Weisner: The the idea that suddenly the geography of the world is open up to you, so that even if you're based on the east coast, you can you know if you're on indeed and you say oh this looks wonderful I can I can fly.

00:32:00.240 --> 00:32:10.080 Maureen Weisner: air balloons in new Mexico, maybe not but the the world now is not limited by actually where you are so if you can work virtually now the pool that you're competing with.

00:32:11.010 --> 00:32:19.080 Maureen Weisner: candidates is much larger so that that is that is off putting too many people they really don't know how to handle that because suddenly.

00:32:19.380 --> 00:32:23.970 Maureen Weisner: If you were based in New York you're competing with X number of people who can relocate there, and so forth.

00:32:24.270 --> 00:32:30.600 Maureen Weisner: Now you can be anywhere So what does that do so for some people, the opportunity is just it opens up everything.

00:32:30.840 --> 00:32:33.900 Maureen Weisner: And then you have to kind of draw back and say, well, hang on a second.

00:32:34.110 --> 00:32:45.870 Maureen Weisner: If you're somebody who's based on you know the in the financial world, for example, and the market is most important, so you have to be available for the opening of the market and now you're suddenly going to be in San Francisco is that going to work for you.

00:32:46.980 --> 00:32:50.640 Maureen Weisner: Maybe, yes, maybe not are you an early bird are you a night owl.

00:32:50.880 --> 00:32:58.830 Maureen Weisner: Thinking about what's important to you what's important about family what's important about your values what's important about the presentation that you're making and how you can incorporate.

00:32:59.100 --> 00:33:09.120 Maureen Weisner: Your best assets into getting that job and is that job the right one for you, so it feels like almost pandora's box it's this big treasure box of.

00:33:09.360 --> 00:33:16.770 Maureen Weisner: opportunity and at the same time, many times will say to clients just say yes, because there's real opportunity for you to try something on.

00:33:16.980 --> 00:33:25.920 Maureen Weisner: Imagine that it's not the first soon or the first item that you tried imagine that is just one of many, but when we talk about pace and you make a good point.

00:33:26.310 --> 00:33:37.830 Maureen Weisner: For your friend and colleague who would speak in different areas at least he recognized that he was not a fish out of water so much as this is my space, this is the way I.

00:33:38.520 --> 00:33:48.660 Maureen Weisner: Talk so please raise your hand if it's problematic, let me know so he's prefacing everything that he's doing with an explanation so it's not surprising, which is a terrific technique.

00:33:49.230 --> 00:34:04.380 Maureen Weisner: When we think about how we can best present there is no correct style you'll find your own style and what's what works best for you getting feedback is important, and one thing that is very important is avoiding vocal FRY.

00:34:06.210 --> 00:34:15.240 Maureen Weisner: Up speak, something that people often forget that they're doing so you're not sure if they're asking you a question, or if you're finished with your statement.

00:34:15.660 --> 00:34:30.270 Maureen Weisner: it's something that you probably don't recognize and it's a good opportunity to record yourself and listen listen do a zoom call and record it so that you can see what it is how you sound how you appear and it gives you a lot of information.

00:34:31.080 --> 00:34:41.340 Maureen Weisner: For many people, anxiety is the trigger So how do we quell anxiety again the the flight or fight response we don't have saber tooth tigers.

00:34:41.580 --> 00:34:48.990 Maureen Weisner: Running after us anymore, but we still become anxious and reasonably we want to do well, we want to perform want to make a good impression.

00:34:49.260 --> 00:35:00.300 Maureen Weisner: If again you're looking for financing you're a business owner, you might be looking for a sale, so now you're talking to m&a people you're talking to lots of different resources attorneys like yourself accountants.

00:35:00.660 --> 00:35:12.540 Maureen Weisner: You still want to make the best impression So what do you do think about and this is an exercise we do with clients all the time just choose three things it's a gratitude exercise three things that you're grateful for.

00:35:13.050 --> 00:35:19.650 Maureen Weisner: Now, yes, you can make a list of 100 things probably are possibly not been thinking terms of three three is very manageable.

00:35:20.550 --> 00:35:29.880 Maureen Weisner: Three things that you're grateful for, and in the multiple workshops that I have ever done, they were a universal themes Eric, as you can well imagine, people will frequently say.

00:35:30.540 --> 00:35:41.340 Maureen Weisner: they're grateful for family health friends work pets home, whatever it is, we encourage clients to put that on a post it put it on your phone.

00:35:41.580 --> 00:35:50.070 Maureen Weisner: put it on your computer put an event in a place that's very close to where you are operating and so when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

00:35:50.460 --> 00:35:56.520 Maureen Weisner: away or calm down is not to drink more coffee and get more jazzed up.

00:35:56.940 --> 00:36:05.580 Maureen Weisner: A good way to come down is to think about those things in imagine a picture of your children have a have a one and a half year old, you have a 15 year old.

00:36:05.880 --> 00:36:12.420 Maureen Weisner: of your wonderful pet of your beautiful home have a vacation that you'd like to take in the future, but calming thoughts.

00:36:12.930 --> 00:36:34.200 Maureen Weisner: So for people that really are feeling fish out of water, right now, because, as we said when nothing is certain, anything is possible, how can you best take advantage of that through networking through introductions through reading asking questions often times and I was just quoted in.

00:36:35.250 --> 00:36:49.200 Maureen Weisner: i'm in fast company magazine, which was great and one of those questions was how is the interview process different now and one of those points is talk to me about what you've been doing during coven.

00:36:50.580 --> 00:36:57.810 Maureen Weisner: In the job search is not sufficient, because lots of people are the job search, are you upscaling what have you read recently.

00:36:58.440 --> 00:37:08.550 Maureen Weisner: How are you composed, so we want to make sure that you're prepared that you have scripts available that they're quick scripts that it's something it doesn't have to be very lengthy.

00:37:09.120 --> 00:37:23.010 Maureen Weisner: And in a job interview let's face it, a job description is just a wish list Eric we know this, this is something, and you know you've hired people, this is in a perfect world, this is, who I would be looking for, but in this case.

00:37:23.670 --> 00:37:28.320 Maureen Weisner: john interview is not an interrogation, we want it to be conversational.

00:37:28.740 --> 00:37:46.770 Maureen Weisner: We want to make sure that you're focused that you're taking care of yourself that you're presenting yourself in the best light possible this is your opportunity to brag in a way that includes your accomplishments what you can contribute most important as always be prepared.

00:37:48.300 --> 00:37:55.920 Maureen Weisner: eye contact very important virtual handshakes not possible thank yous always important.

00:37:56.670 --> 00:38:07.860 Maureen Weisner: slowing down slowing down slowing down so whether it's New York or New Jersey, or whatever our habits are we want to be aware of them and how we present eye contact, very important.

00:38:08.700 --> 00:38:16.650 Maureen Weisner: calming yourself being prepared beforehand with those scripts what was a great success story, what was a failure.

00:38:17.130 --> 00:38:25.590 Maureen Weisner: What did I learn from this, how can I contribute differently going forward what are my expectations, how can I be of service.

00:38:26.130 --> 00:38:31.590 Maureen Weisner: So those are the kinds of things that clients are coming to us with big career transitions.

00:38:32.100 --> 00:38:41.580 Maureen Weisner: I don't like what i'm doing now, I never want to do it again i'm selling my business I have all kinds of opportunity, so we help clients try to.

00:38:41.910 --> 00:38:51.870 Maureen Weisner: figure out what's important to them what their values are what are the deal breakers and commute probably is not at the top of the list at this point.

00:38:54.480 --> 00:39:02.040 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And I should mention, as I mentioned in the introduction, marine, thank you for that really, really just such an unconference and answer.

00:39:02.910 --> 00:39:13.770 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In terms of what you've observed it's it's true, I know that you're a company really focuses on helping people in career transition, and I could be changing careers and getting a new job.

00:39:14.700 --> 00:39:29.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A new profession and when you talk about are they are they sort of the the boundaries geographically, no longer by binding us and all the choices, now they can overwhelm people it kind of reminds me of going to certain diners New York City.

00:39:30.360 --> 00:39:40.020 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We have 26 page menu, and my wife and I both have this trade when too many choices just it's like overwhelming you know take us to a place with a one page and you're happy.

00:39:40.380 --> 00:39:50.160 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And they're all we are eating very maybe the fourth or fifth day but kind of laugh, maybe, six, eight and that we both kindness menu with like you know 16 pages like sub sections three and.

00:39:51.150 --> 00:39:59.670 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And, but you know when you think about it, and when that happens if you really try and decide where to eat it okay well I eggs for breakfast i'm not gonna look at the almonds part.

00:40:00.390 --> 00:40:08.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe i'm not in the mood for you know, a salad so that cuts out of this is the and then you sort of just pare down your options and so.

00:40:08.820 --> 00:40:23.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I kind of draw the analogy from what you're telling your clients about it, you know, think about where you might be if again looking for a job in Los Angeles, where it's early start if you're a New York and you're telecommuting, and the phonetic.

00:40:24.330 --> 00:40:33.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: mind that it in there as finding or the opposite yeah so it's really good to hear those things really I think really helpful for us to think about those factors.

00:40:34.890 --> 00:40:42.090 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The gratitude list I just like thank you for that, because it's such a true thing i've always heard that gratitude gives us.

00:40:42.570 --> 00:40:51.870 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A perspective on our problems and challenges and not to say that a job interview, the problem, but it can be a challenge, and it can feel like a challenge and.

00:40:52.230 --> 00:41:01.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It can feel like you know, the only thing on one's radar and I think when someone's going into into you or the small business to.

00:41:02.460 --> 00:41:09.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: attract investors, or even interview candidate for a job you know, sometimes I know is it as an interviewer as an employer of times that so.

00:41:10.170 --> 00:41:20.670 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We can be nervous, on the other side of the coin, you know flip side of the coin there, but just gratitude and it's just really helpful tips and I it's fascinating to hear.

00:41:21.420 --> 00:41:33.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: What your people are going through your clients, because I think that's what people tonight who are watching might be experiencing so you know we're all human we have this human commonalities connection.

00:41:34.110 --> 00:41:44.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And so you know everyone, I think, especially in these times the covert 19 people's anxieties are ratchet up and so when they get to hear some of those tips.

00:41:45.750 --> 00:41:54.000 Eric Sarver, Esq.: it's a it's kind of you know it's funny you answered them other follow up questions I had for you about walking us through some of your.

00:41:54.450 --> 00:42:02.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: These tips, you have but i'm wondering if you have any interesting stories changing the names, or you know, of course, the details to protect your clients.

00:42:03.240 --> 00:42:14.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Privacy but um any any interesting anecdotes you want to share this maybe effects, a client who went from let's say unpolished in quotes to more polished with your help and your company.

00:42:15.630 --> 00:42:24.900 Maureen Weisner: Well, actually, there were there were two things that that are that I recommend one is, if you can take an improv class.

00:42:25.530 --> 00:42:41.850 Maureen Weisner: Online, which is a fabulous resource, it helps you, you know again for people who are reluctant to be on a stage in person there's an opportunity for you to practice and learn how to you know speak on the fly that's something.

00:42:42.360 --> 00:42:48.420 Maureen Weisner: You know that it's thrown out there and there's a humorous part of it, and you can fail and and you know we always talk about how.

00:42:49.170 --> 00:42:55.950 Maureen Weisner: Try try something new, we tell our kids absolutely try it if it doesn't work you try it you'll like it or you won't like it and that's okay.

00:42:56.220 --> 00:43:02.550 Maureen Weisner: it's okay to kick things to the curb it increases, you know again that that space of I remember telling someone.

00:43:03.330 --> 00:43:13.830 Maureen Weisner: That i'd always dreamed about being an archaeologist and just so happened this was the most unlikely person in the world who would have any experience with archaeology and he said to me, you know it's so interesting.

00:43:14.160 --> 00:43:21.540 Maureen Weisner: That you mentioned that I was at Oxford, for a period of time, and one of the things that we did was go on a.

00:43:23.190 --> 00:43:32.760 Maureen Weisner: dig and he said, if you think watching paint dry is boring, this was more than boring, and it was being in one place, at one time, and I said.

00:43:33.090 --> 00:43:37.890 Maureen Weisner: Oh, my goodness, he said you're crouching one place, with a little paint brush and I said didn't did you find anything and he said.

00:43:38.370 --> 00:43:49.770 Maureen Weisner: Not not especially it was hot, it was dry, I was uncomfortable and now I know I never have to do it again and I said Thank you so much, archaeology love to read about it don't actually have to do that.

00:43:50.220 --> 00:43:56.400 Maureen Weisner: But one of our favorite clients and I will tell you just anecdotally she's fabulous and again name is changed.

00:43:57.000 --> 00:44:15.570 Maureen Weisner: She was somebody who was in the healthcare field and was very successful in the healthcare field managing large Institute, excuse me, managing large institutions, the venue where she was working and managing and was sold and the new owner said it's been nice here you go see you later.

00:44:16.770 --> 00:44:24.240 Maureen Weisner: Nothing happened so we want her through mock interviews and so forth, and is this the industry that you might have to stay and, yes, absolutely it's something that I wanted to do.

00:44:24.480 --> 00:44:28.350 Maureen Weisner: And she going through one interview after another and could could just couldn't close.

00:44:29.010 --> 00:44:31.860 Maureen Weisner: couldn't figure it out, we said, you know it's time to really take a break from this.

00:44:32.190 --> 00:44:41.250 Maureen Weisner: It really is, and so she and her husband had harley's and they wrote harley's and they enjoy riding harley's they're not bikers they're very traditional.

00:44:41.730 --> 00:44:49.620 Maureen Weisner: And they were in the Harley showroom and they were looking for someone at that time to manage the show room and so she said.

00:44:49.980 --> 00:45:00.510 Maureen Weisner: You know what i'll give it a try and she did she's since segue back into healthcare and another iteration, but the fact that she was willing and able to do it Eric.

00:45:00.720 --> 00:45:10.230 Maureen Weisner: it's just amazing it enhanced not only what she had to talk about because be prepared again interviewers are not it's not an inquisition you want it.

00:45:11.280 --> 00:45:18.060 Maureen Weisner: There may be something that connects you with the interview, or you may look at their background and see pictures of skiers or.

00:45:18.330 --> 00:45:24.840 Maureen Weisner: or a picture of a maserati and you love automobiles there's something that you're going to connect where human being to human being.

00:45:25.290 --> 00:45:38.160 Maureen Weisner: So, for her again to take this sort of exit path and then get back on the ramp and back to what she really liked to do with a different and renewed sense of who she was and what she enjoyed and what she could contribute.

00:45:40.260 --> 00:45:47.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sounds like a great story of success from one of your clients and no doubt that your help the advice about the grinch job encouraging her to take it.

00:45:48.510 --> 00:45:58.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm sure the other tips that you and your business partner brings the table it's very nice to hear the success stories and it's also a nice way to end that the segment, we have.

00:45:58.980 --> 00:46:08.520 Eric Sarver, Esq.: 15 minutes left in the show, but we have a commercial break we're taking now, so my folks you're listening to implement a lot today on talk radio nyc.

00:46:09.030 --> 00:46:19.650 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm Eric soccer host of the show Tuesday nights 5pm 6pm with my hope my guest tonight, Marie wiser kickstart your transition stick around we'll be right back.

00:48:38.310 --> 00:48:53.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to put a lot today i'm your host erick Sabra here tonight with marine wiser co founder of kickstart your condition Marina specialize in helping people who are in transition, with their career yeah we're looking for a new job.

00:48:54.420 --> 00:49:05.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: or trying to change field and we're talking about professional image night about how to be polished and professional and how do you increase and improve your chances of success.

00:49:06.060 --> 00:49:20.160 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Through being mindful of your appearance and we're talking about this tonight in the context of where many of us find ourselves these dates right we're basically virtual you're here in the pandemic.

00:49:21.300 --> 00:49:24.390 Eric Sarver, Esq.: On zoom on facetime on Skype.

00:49:25.440 --> 00:49:33.870 Eric Sarver, Esq.: telephones and not having that in person connectivity that can sometimes spark a feeling of relaxation so.

00:49:34.320 --> 00:49:40.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm just grateful to know Marina is here to share some of her her methods or tips, we talked about.

00:49:41.220 --> 00:49:57.720 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The different ways to commons of anxiety of the mindfulness to beings flowing of slowing down slow me down the pace and you know one thing I heard you say i'm just recapping here, so I don't want you to be like on edge waiting for a question I just kind of recapping what i'm hearing.

00:49:59.160 --> 00:50:07.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I hear a lot about the preparation and I hear like a healthy sense of humility right and the ability of my mind means.

00:50:08.400 --> 00:50:15.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: keeping things in perspective it's not like humble doesn't mean you're less than the other candidate out there is a business owner out there.

00:50:16.200 --> 00:50:34.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So that when you're a greater than you just kind of keeping like right size, they have served for lack of better term, so I hear that, in coming through Is that what you tend to agree with that that humility, efficient and do you find that your clients are teach them.

00:50:35.610 --> 00:50:44.400 Maureen Weisner: I think self awareness is really important, I think that's what you were addressing understanding that the person who is on the other side of the camera, if you will.

00:50:44.760 --> 00:50:51.660 Maureen Weisner: is also, in a situation where you know we're all in the pain and gain space of what's my pain.

00:50:52.170 --> 00:51:02.400 Maureen Weisner: And how can I gain by either employing you doing business with you, what does that look like so that yes, you want to put your best foot forward.

00:51:02.640 --> 00:51:14.010 Maureen Weisner: And yes, you want to interact with the person in the most positive way possible and at the same time, you know again if i'm the purchaser if i'm the employer to be.

00:51:14.430 --> 00:51:28.050 Maureen Weisner: I want to be able to check this off my list so we talked about this a little bit we do business with people we know like and trust, so you want to make sure that again as as real, as you can be without being.

00:51:28.590 --> 00:51:31.500 Maureen Weisner: Overly conversational you don't want.

00:51:32.340 --> 00:51:46.230 Maureen Weisner: The interview, for example, to be hijacked because you've gone down other avenues that aren't going to lead you to a space where it makes sense, you want to make sure that you are in control as much as you can be, and that you get it back on track.

00:51:46.800 --> 00:51:56.340 Maureen Weisner: understand what your goals are before you get on a call get on a phone call again on a zoom call so at least have an idea of the direction that you'd like to take.

00:51:56.850 --> 00:52:04.140 Maureen Weisner: And when you think about candidates in this space right now it's confusing because the rules, the traditional rules that we think about.

00:52:04.500 --> 00:52:08.550 Maureen Weisner: don't really apply in the same way and at the same time, they really do apply.

00:52:08.940 --> 00:52:20.250 Maureen Weisner: So you want to make sure that you are again prepared that you have scripts that you have ways that you can self calm and that you're also networking and all of this process.

00:52:20.520 --> 00:52:24.360 Maureen Weisner: it's informational interviewing whether the job or whether the.

00:52:24.780 --> 00:52:35.070 Maureen Weisner: purchase or whether whatever it is doesn't actually happen when there is no final execution or not there's something that you can learn from this and we recommend for all our clients.

00:52:35.340 --> 00:52:39.090 Maureen Weisner: That, no matter what the phone call is no matter what the interaction that you keep a spreadsheet.

00:52:39.570 --> 00:52:44.850 Maureen Weisner: And you write down your impressions when you finish that because most people can't remember what they had for breakfast yesterday.

00:52:45.240 --> 00:52:55.080 Maureen Weisner: nevermind what just happened, so what was important was there something in this interview that I might have missed that I could have had a better answer for.

00:52:55.440 --> 00:53:06.660 Maureen Weisner: you're gaining information, you can be a detective on your own behalf, so that you want to be that person that's collecting and not to over burden yourself but understand, maybe I was.

00:53:07.200 --> 00:53:16.140 Maureen Weisner: too involved in my response, maybe I could have been brief or maybe I could have gotten, to the point, more quickly, maybe I wasn't really listening.

00:53:16.680 --> 00:53:25.710 Maureen Weisner: And that's another part of this Eric it's listening to the question pausing responding asking for clarification.

00:53:26.220 --> 00:53:37.830 Maureen Weisner: No one ever asks a silly question, and I say to clients never say it's a silly question ask for clarification and most people are more than willing to do that when you get to this next step.

00:53:38.490 --> 00:53:49.800 Maureen Weisner: bridge jobs bridge opportunities try it out and think as much as you can you're talking to a five year old, who you would encourage to try that new thing for some clients will say.

00:53:50.910 --> 00:54:00.960 Maureen Weisner: Whatever it is try something new try something that's different when they get really wrapped up in the interview process, things are not closing and things just aren't happening, how can you be supportive.

00:54:01.350 --> 00:54:11.340 Maureen Weisner: Do something that's entirely different and, in fact, a success story that i'm sure would help some of your listeners is this, we had a CFO who is fabulous and very well qualified.

00:54:11.610 --> 00:54:16.170 Maureen Weisner: He didn't have a whole lot of deal breakers, in terms of way where you could go what he could do.

00:54:16.440 --> 00:54:22.650 Maureen Weisner: he's he actually said that what he wanted was a parking spot and you want to interview with trees, because he had he had been in manufacturing.

00:54:23.040 --> 00:54:30.030 Maureen Weisner: For years, so this is, I said, well, I think we can we're not recruiters, but we can certainly help position you for those next steps.

00:54:30.510 --> 00:54:36.660 Maureen Weisner: So he had gone to multiple interviews and could not close and we couldn't figure it out again what's happening here, so we said, take a break from this.

00:54:36.990 --> 00:54:47.490 Maureen Weisner: Take a break and do something else, what did you like to do when you were in school what sports did you engage in and he said that he'd been a runner so okay let's follow through get the process going.

00:54:48.330 --> 00:54:53.310 Maureen Weisner: what's the big deal get a pair of sneakers and get out and run so he said he hadn't been running in a long time about it, then, and so.

00:54:53.550 --> 00:54:59.880 Maureen Weisner: You know lots of things because we get stuck where we are, we get stuck with our routines we get stuck in what we're doing and let's think of that being flexible.

00:55:00.180 --> 00:55:10.440 Maureen Weisner: The long and the short of it is that he did get sneakers, but it was after he was pushed to go to a particular store where they do a great analysis of what you what your needs are.

00:55:10.830 --> 00:55:13.950 Maureen Weisner: And then the next step was why don't you join a running club with us.

00:55:14.370 --> 00:55:19.080 Maureen Weisner: And the next step was yes indeed Eric he did he joined the running club and what's The next step.

00:55:19.380 --> 00:55:33.720 Maureen Weisner: He met new people his networking opportunities brightened exponentially and he had to job interviews, as a result of the new people that he met so in preparing himself for next steps he was courageous in that he was uncomfortable, but it was okay.

00:55:34.770 --> 00:55:40.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: wow and that to me truly as a success story, they know there's so many things you said there that i'd love to.

00:55:41.760 --> 00:55:42.960 Eric Sarver, Esq.: to expound upon.

00:55:43.980 --> 00:55:54.150 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But we have two minutes to wrap up, so I want to leave that time for you to share anything else you might want to share the listeners tonight some events you might have going on, or a webinar or.

00:55:54.450 --> 00:56:00.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Just how we can contact you How can people who want to hire a kickstarter tradition find your company you like to share.

00:56:01.590 --> 00:56:12.240 Maureen Weisner: Absolutely what we're in the process of redoing our website now so i'm very excited about that my business partner and I are working hard on it, so you can always find us a kickstart your

00:56:12.570 --> 00:56:17.610 Maureen Weisner: and reach out we'd be happy to talk to you about the packages that we offer individual packages.

00:56:18.000 --> 00:56:27.810 Maureen Weisner: resumes CVs all of the pieces that go with interview prep salary negotiation we do everything to prepare clients for prime time.

00:56:28.170 --> 00:56:42.000 Maureen Weisner: So that even though we're not recruiters we get you to that space where you have built your confidence, you are prepared with a strategic blueprint for next steps and moving forward from that it's always our pleasure to work with individual clients at any time.

00:56:43.560 --> 00:56:48.870 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maria marine Thank you so much of that so and your business colleagues name, once again it is.

00:56:48.960 --> 00:56:50.130 Maureen Weisner: And brosnahan.

00:56:50.670 --> 00:56:56.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Okay, wanted to give Ambrose and our to credit as well unfortunate both have created.

00:56:57.270 --> 00:57:07.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I I really appreciate your taking the time tonight to be on the show and i'm sure it's very helpful to listeners i'm Eric sorry just to sign off here i'm the host of employment law today.

00:57:07.680 --> 00:57:14.790 Eric Sarver, Esq.: tune in to talk radio dot nyc on Tuesday nights at 5pm you can watch us live on

00:57:15.690 --> 00:57:26.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: slash talk radio nyc or you can listen live at the website so once again everyone have a wonderful night brewing wise nerd from kickstarter transition Thank you so much for your appearance tonight.

00:57:26.490 --> 00:57:26.850 and

00:57:27.900 --> 00:57:29.070 Maureen Weisner: You are a pleasure.

00:57:29.610 --> 00:57:34.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Okay, so we have to sign off, so we will resume next week and have a wonderful evening.

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