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Monday, February 1, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/01 - Inside Success

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/01 - Inside Success


2021/02/01 - Inside Success

[NEW EPISODE] Inside Success

Alan Cohen is an Executive and Business Coach, corporate trainer, author and professional speaker, and most recently did a TedX talk on the importance of shared purpose, where he shares his experience launching the Harry Potter book series over 20 years ago.


Working with Alan, senior executives, teams, and entrepreneurs have become more inspired and connected to their lives and goals, resulting in greater performance, highly improved business results, and transformed organizations. Alan works with clients to create a clear vision and goals and then to assess a client’s core talents and strengths in order to achieve the greatest level of success.


Alan leverages his background in marketing, communications and human resources, to help leaders build confidence, resilience, improve their executive presence, and develop greater emotional intelligence through his EQ Advantage(TM) program. He has also trained hundreds of leaders and coaches to develop coaching skills and receive ICF certification,


His most recent book “The Connection Challenge™: How Executives Create Power and Possibility In the Age of Distraction” is a handbook for getting connected in an increasingly distracted world.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Albert welcomes Alan Cohen as a very inspirational and hardworking person. Alan Cohen is a career coach and executive, a strategic mentor, an author and a professional speaker. Alan has the passion of helping others face obstacles and help them achieve their goals. Alan always had considered himself as an unselfish guy. Alan mentions that he wants to take all the knowledge and life experiences he have to help others. Every podcast Alan has attended and have been to, have been very different and each one of them very unique.

Segment 2

Alan Cohen shares his experience launching the Harry Potter book series over 20 years ago. Alan starts describing the wonderful experiences he had with others while writing one of the first Harry Potter’s book. Albert shares an experience with Alan and the listeners he had while being in a Yankees game. While he was in the Yankees game he sees a woman reading a Harry Potter book and Albert questions himself, why are you reading a Harry Potter’s book in a baseball game. Albert and Alan started laughing. Alan Cohen remarks that everyone has the potential to grow and develop with help no matter what you go through. Albert mentions that ever since he released the film “ Extra Innings” he has learned a lot from it and he's proud. It also gave Albert the sense of hope that anything can be done.”

Segment 3

Alan Cohen used to draw and paint but he put drawing and painting to the side to follow his career of theater. Alan used to draw certain days and even sold some of his professional art pieces. Alan's favorite type of painting is watercolor. Alan tells Albert and the listeners that watercolor is a type of painting in which the colours are composed of pigments dissolved in a medium centered on water. Alan states that he likes vibrant colors. Alan also mentions that he releases a lot of energy while drawing and painting. To end the section Alan remarks that you should do things that make you happy and focused on the types of feelings you get out of it.

Segment 4

Alan Cohen describes the reaction he had while watching the film “ Extra Innings” to Albert and the listeners. He stated that the film made him develop, grow, and learn more from what he used to know. Alan asks Albert to discuss his role of his father in the film. Alberts remarks that it was really hard playing his father in the film because he is not like his father. Alberts talks about a line at the end of the film that was really powerful and that line was “ You don’t even know me. He stated that the line was really powerful because it brought a lot of emotions.


00:00:45.390 --> 00:01:04.380 Albert Dabah: Hello there everybody, my name is Albert dabba I am the host of tonight's show extra innings extra innings is a show that we started about four weeks ago and it's based on my film called extra innings.

00:01:05.400 --> 00:01:24.630 Albert Dabah: So extra innings is a film that I have written produced by my production company called Simba productions and i've acted in it and I directed it and there's now on Amazon prime i'm also a therapist and a life coach and I.

00:01:25.650 --> 00:01:40.230 Albert Dabah: started to show because I wanted to get the word out about what we do and bring in different people from different parts of the world and different communities and people that have.

00:01:41.700 --> 00:01:44.610 Albert Dabah: really have made an inspiration on my life in one way or another.

00:01:45.660 --> 00:01:56.580 Albert Dabah: So tonight i'd like to introduce my guest Alan Cohen who's been a really inspirational guy for me and for many other people for.

00:01:56.940 --> 00:02:09.000 Albert Dabah: I think over 30 years he's been an executive business coach for business leaders he's been on Ted talks he's been a marketing consultant and basically he's been.

00:02:09.450 --> 00:02:21.840 Albert Dabah: a leader in many different aspects of his life, I met Alan at one point when I was looking for some help in my business and also in creating my film.

00:02:22.320 --> 00:02:31.740 Albert Dabah: and getting it to go from writing it to getting it onto the screen to getting capital for the movie and all the things that you need to do to make a film.

00:02:32.820 --> 00:02:34.980 Albert Dabah: So welcome alum.

00:02:36.330 --> 00:02:44.850 Albert Dabah: i'd like to start by asking you how did you get into coaching what what motivated you to start you get into the coaching world.

00:02:45.870 --> 00:02:53.790 Alan Cohen: Sure, and I happy to talk about that, before I do i'm going to flip the script for a second and just and just say when we're talking about inspiration.

00:02:54.240 --> 00:03:02.580 Alan Cohen: It is you, my friends who have been an inspiration to me, since the moment that I met you and your your commitment.

00:03:03.150 --> 00:03:13.980 Alan Cohen: To to get your film done and to get it out into the world was inspiring to me and and just watching you over the past few years, just just pursue your dream has been.

00:03:14.310 --> 00:03:29.880 Alan Cohen: an inspiration to me, and I think everybody who has a passion and in a dream so so thank you for, thank you for for having me on on your show and and happy to answer your question, the question that you asked to it's.

00:03:29.880 --> 00:03:30.840 Albert Dabah: Okay Thank you so much.

00:03:33.930 --> 00:03:37.560 Alan Cohen: you're welcome i'm sure we'll talk more about the film and all of that.

00:03:38.670 --> 00:03:40.830 Alan Cohen: In a bit, but so so.

00:03:41.940 --> 00:03:50.790 Alan Cohen: So for for me i've always been interested in and personal development personal growth and since, since a very early age and.

00:03:51.570 --> 00:04:04.110 Alan Cohen: Although my professional career didn't initially take me into the coaching space I I I worked in marketing and and public relations for a very large part of my my.

00:04:04.710 --> 00:04:12.600 Alan Cohen: My professional career, but then I transitioned into human resources and led training and development for a very, very large company and.

00:04:12.990 --> 00:04:22.320 Alan Cohen: And and realized, for me, both in my marketing role, and also in training and development that that, for me it was really about empowering and inspiring a team.

00:04:22.710 --> 00:04:35.370 Alan Cohen: And and being inspired by teams to to help them really excel and to meet their goals and to to remove obstacles and and and be that kind of.

00:04:35.760 --> 00:04:49.140 Alan Cohen: fat kind of coach and, and so I saw that I had a real passion for that and the talent for that, and then I set out on my own and pursued coach training and and I don't have a therapy background, like you, but.

00:04:49.860 --> 00:05:03.450 Alan Cohen: But I but I had a real appreciation for for understanding how the mind works and how we, and how we can become better professionals and so that's where I really focused my my I would say, probably the last 15 years.

00:05:04.530 --> 00:05:14.460 Alan Cohen: i've had my own business and and work with and coach leaders and business owners and and how to be more more effective and and and achieve their goals.

00:05:14.730 --> 00:05:29.670 Albert Dabah: Right got it, let me, let me ask you like you know for people out there who are interested in maybe to being a coach whether it's a life coach executive coach what the inspiration, what do you think it comes from, like, for you did you always want to be a coach or.

00:05:31.710 --> 00:05:33.000 Alan Cohen: Absolutely not.

00:05:34.380 --> 00:05:43.140 Alan Cohen: Absolutely not I mean, and you know somebody who was always benefited from having good mentors and people coached me but I, but I don't.

00:05:43.830 --> 00:05:58.080 Alan Cohen: But I don't think it was the kind of thing, where I do as well at some point I want to be a coach and that's what I aspired for it, I think I think what and and I think we're going to talk about addiction addiction depression and a bit, but, but when I first got sober.

00:05:59.490 --> 00:06:07.260 Alan Cohen: You know i'm going through the rooms of alcoholics anonymous and you know there's so many people who offered help to me and.

00:06:07.890 --> 00:06:14.520 Alan Cohen: As as sponsors and as as as a support system and I, I saw what the power is of.

00:06:15.210 --> 00:06:33.030 Alan Cohen: People helping people and and I think that there initially there was something in me, which was a desire to give back and to help others who were struggling first and recovery, but then, but then to take that that out more to a to a broader population of people who just want to be.

00:06:34.200 --> 00:06:43.500 Alan Cohen: To be better at whatever whatever it is that they were pursuing so I always considered myself a kind of selfish guy like that honestly i've you know more about.

00:06:44.820 --> 00:06:51.570 Alan Cohen: In my younger years more about taking than than giving but but but getting sober was sort of my first first.

00:06:52.650 --> 00:07:02.280 Alan Cohen: First window into the power of being able to help others and that's a kind of that that's a spirit that's part of a spiritual journey which which i've been on for.

00:07:02.670 --> 00:07:18.870 Alan Cohen: The I would say the better part of two decades to to see what see the power and service and helping others and hopefully that will be that that will be the the tone for the rest of my the rest of my professional career in my life.

00:07:19.530 --> 00:07:26.820 Albert Dabah: Well, you know it's funny last week I started to show is Martin Luther King Day, and I, I took to close family one of them was.

00:07:27.570 --> 00:07:40.140 Albert Dabah: You know in life, see what you can do to help others, and you know it sounds you know, like well you got to help others, but I think there's really a powerful thing and helping others when you see.

00:07:41.670 --> 00:07:52.440 Albert Dabah: Maybe not even so much the results, but as you progress with someone in working with them and any way that you work with them even even sometimes.

00:07:53.700 --> 00:08:00.600 Albert Dabah: You know, sometimes I find even walking down the street and giving a smile to someone you get a smile back.

00:08:00.660 --> 00:08:04.020 Albert Dabah: And smiles at you, and you smile back, I feel like.

00:08:04.080 --> 00:08:04.560 Albert Dabah: wow that was.

00:08:06.720 --> 00:08:08.490 Alan Cohen: It didn't take too much effort right.

00:08:08.790 --> 00:08:12.210 Albert Dabah: No, no it's just about being you know, friendly and.

00:08:13.410 --> 00:08:22.590 Albert Dabah: Sometimes you know lending a hand to someone who's got a problem, and when you do on a professional level in I think it takes another step.

00:08:24.060 --> 00:08:27.060 Albert Dabah: Now you're more like committed to.

00:08:28.320 --> 00:08:29.550 Albert Dabah: That role that you have.

00:08:30.750 --> 00:08:42.570 Alan Cohen: One of the things that i'm really noticing really enjoying and professionally is that i'm at the stage of my life so i'm going to be i'm going to be turning 60 and and about two seconds and.

00:08:42.690 --> 00:08:51.300 Alan Cohen: And it seems like it's a thank you, and it seems like it's happened overnight, although I would imagine it's been been a part of a process, but where it's like.

00:08:51.690 --> 00:09:04.140 Alan Cohen: Like I I really don't care at this point in my career anymore about about fame or or success in the way that I used to think about it for me it's all about just like taking all that knowledge.

00:09:04.470 --> 00:09:13.830 Alan Cohen: and wisdom and experience and just helping other people have have the experience that they want with it success or.

00:09:14.310 --> 00:09:27.840 Alan Cohen: Whatever it is don't be that rock Star and like I don't have to be that, like i've had that and i'm not saying like you know i've had my day in the sun like now it's like i'm going off to to to happy valley to retire but but it's.

00:09:28.710 --> 00:09:38.220 Alan Cohen: i'm much more driven by watching other people be really extraordinary and giving them all the tools that they need to have that happen, and I can totally take myself out of the.

00:09:38.730 --> 00:09:52.650 Alan Cohen: out of the equation i'm just there to so when my clients are successful when they're achieving when they're just like like that's like intoxicating for me that that's better than if I were doing it for myself what's that it's a cool place to be right.

00:09:52.860 --> 00:09:58.140 Albert Dabah: You tell me just before the show tonight that you've been on many podcasts.

00:09:59.190 --> 00:10:07.500 Albert Dabah: I think you said, more so lately, and I think, obviously with the pandemic there's a lot of volume and things are you know.

00:10:07.890 --> 00:10:19.470 Albert Dabah: finding ways to keep busy and promote whatever you're doing or help someone else so maybe tell me about some of the different kinds of podcasts you've been doing or.

00:10:19.620 --> 00:10:32.100 Alan Cohen: In general yeah it's been it's been quite a it's been quite fun, because every every podcast every interview is so different the focus of the discussions are so different the personalities of.

00:10:32.730 --> 00:10:42.420 Alan Cohen: The hosts are so different and but I love them because that to me it's just a they're just really interesting conversations about and they can, and you never know.

00:10:42.720 --> 00:10:54.900 Alan Cohen: You never know what direction they're going to go in and I so i'm i'm an open book that i'll talk about whatever whatever comes to my mind that I feel people will will appreciate or find value and.

00:10:55.290 --> 00:11:01.890 Alan Cohen: I am, as you mentioned earlier, so I did a Ted talk last year, called the magic of shared magical power of shared purpose.

00:11:02.280 --> 00:11:08.280 Alan Cohen: And in that I talked about my experience as the marketing, one of the marketing people behind the success of the Harry Potter.

00:11:09.030 --> 00:11:17.580 Alan Cohen: Publishing series the book, so I was the first publicity person to work on the books in the US and I talked about what happens when a team.

00:11:18.360 --> 00:11:25.560 Alan Cohen: aligns around a shared purpose and this case it was to get to get kids to read great books of fiction and.

00:11:26.160 --> 00:11:40.080 Alan Cohen: So a lot of the podcast hosts were really interested in my talking about about my experience doing a tedx and this this idea of how shared purpose, so our sense of shared purpose can get us through chaos and.

00:11:40.620 --> 00:11:53.040 Alan Cohen: And that that was part of particular interest, especially last March, so it was around the time that my pot my Ted was released, because it was the beginning of code.

00:11:53.430 --> 00:12:06.960 Alan Cohen: And and locked down and and and so how, how are we as a people is going to come together and and get through these difficult times, and so, so people were interested in my talking about what I was seeing.

00:12:07.650 --> 00:12:20.490 Alan Cohen: on the front line i'm married to a healthcare worker so looking at how healthcare workers were where we're coming together and how they were being supported by the Community to remember the people were cheering.

00:12:20.610 --> 00:12:22.260 Alan Cohen: That they were yeah yeah i'm.

00:12:22.560 --> 00:12:23.250 Alan Cohen: In kotzebue.

00:12:23.400 --> 00:12:31.260 Alan Cohen: yeah so the sort of communal community, the power of what a community can do when, especially when they are supporting something good.

00:12:31.920 --> 00:12:40.080 Alan Cohen: something positive, and so, so a lot of the conversations around that and and and also i'm an expert in emotional intelligence and helping leaders.

00:12:40.410 --> 00:12:47.880 Alan Cohen: develop their emotional intelligence skills in order to have greater success and and and so people were fascinated by.

00:12:48.540 --> 00:13:03.060 Alan Cohen: My talking about what emotional intelligence is and how it and how we can develop it in our in our lives and businesses, and so, but people talk about they like talking talking to me about about recovering from addictions.

00:13:04.410 --> 00:13:12.000 Alan Cohen: And my are i'm also an artist and so it's sad it's a full spectrum of things that people find interesting.

00:13:12.330 --> 00:13:24.270 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah I know you said you just mentioned a bunch of things that hit me like first of all, I remember that your partner is a he I know he's a doctor and works in the emergency administrative their murder.

00:13:24.300 --> 00:13:25.140 Alan Cohen: He runs and.

00:13:25.500 --> 00:13:31.110 Alan Cohen: runs an emergency room right he's been brilliant frontline for for a long.

00:13:31.500 --> 00:13:41.700 Albert Dabah: One what's that, like me, you know, like with with coven going on, unless needed a crazy time for him and where does he i'm just curious as to be with someone who's so close to that.

00:13:42.150 --> 00:13:42.900 Alan Cohen: what's going on.

00:13:43.410 --> 00:13:57.150 Alan Cohen: It it will well it's been it's been fascinating and it's been inspiring and it is and i've been feel and I felt very fortunate.

00:13:58.080 --> 00:14:10.620 Alan Cohen: To to be able to witness it so closely so I so i'm able to stay informed about about what's happening and be able to share information with folks but what's been inspiring is just watching his leadership and.

00:14:11.640 --> 00:14:21.240 Alan Cohen: he's got a master's in public health and and you know he's a good administrator but watching him lead people through time of crisis and how he works with his doctors and how he keeps people.

00:14:21.540 --> 00:14:25.590 Alan Cohen: focused and and moving forward has been really an inspiration and.

00:14:26.250 --> 00:14:33.480 Alan Cohen: You know the irony is that until people started saying to me oh wow you're really on the front line like I never I didn't really think we were like it didn't.

00:14:33.840 --> 00:14:44.700 Alan Cohen: It didn't really penetrate like we are not only living in New York City like you know my husband has a German have an emergency room and like we are right in.

00:14:45.090 --> 00:14:48.060 Alan Cohen: Right in this part of the heart yeah but I didn't.

00:14:48.270 --> 00:14:54.660 Alan Cohen: It didn't really i'm maybe i'm just a little slow on the take like I didn't it didn't and maybe it's because he's so calm.

00:14:54.900 --> 00:14:57.000 Albert Dabah: Right, Melissa yeah when you see that.

00:14:57.330 --> 00:14:58.950 Albert Dabah: Within a break and.

00:14:59.490 --> 00:14:59.700 Alan Cohen: In a.

00:15:00.240 --> 00:15:05.700 Albert Dabah: few seconds here when we come back i'd like to talk a little bit more about the whole party Harry.

00:15:05.730 --> 00:15:08.520 Alan Cohen: potter series that would love to.

00:15:08.790 --> 00:15:12.600 Albert Dabah: Okay, I would love to all right we'll be right back.

00:17:40.770 --> 00:17:42.660 Albert Dabah: hi there we're back.

00:17:44.070 --> 00:17:48.030 Albert Dabah: With Alan Cohen we've been talking about.

00:17:49.080 --> 00:18:05.070 Albert Dabah: Some of the work that he does, and one of the things that he just mentioned was that he was on the I guess the beginning of the ground of the Harry Potter book series so maybe tell us a little bit.

00:18:05.070 --> 00:18:06.420 Alan Cohen: about them yeah.

00:18:06.720 --> 00:18:16.320 Alan Cohen: Sure sure so and it is the the topic of my tedx to so folks can check it out, and we can drop the link for it but uh but.

00:18:17.610 --> 00:18:33.420 Alan Cohen: So, so I were talking about 20 years ago now, at this point, I was the director of publicity for children's books at scholastic publishing and and up until the point where I was given the Harry Potter books to to promote.

00:18:34.470 --> 00:18:45.420 Alan Cohen: We had some interesting books, but they were kids their kids books and they there they weren't big blockbuster books or, nor do they any of them really have the potential to be to be those kinds of.

00:18:45.840 --> 00:18:56.700 Alan Cohen: Big blockbuster crossover into the adult market kinds of books and and Harry Potter was a one of a kind experience, where are my boss, who is the publisher.

00:18:57.030 --> 00:19:13.410 Alan Cohen: But those books at an auction and and that the US, and no one certain terms make this a big a big hit, and so I had a small little publicity team and we've got to work and the we had the advantage of.

00:19:14.790 --> 00:19:30.750 Alan Cohen: Having an amazing book to work with and an inspiring story by jk jk rowling's personal life and being part of a bigger marketing and sales operation but very limited resources and were just told to just go do it and make it happen and.

00:19:32.100 --> 00:19:34.140 Alan Cohen: And it was chaos for sure it.

00:19:34.140 --> 00:19:42.600 Alan Cohen: Was it was a bigger the bigger teams didn't really get along that well we're kind of dysfunctional the way the teams can be in corporate America and.

00:19:42.990 --> 00:19:50.430 Alan Cohen: But we we all agreed on one thing that the books were powerful and in ways magical and we were committed to.

00:19:51.060 --> 00:19:57.930 Alan Cohen: To putting jk rowling's vision albums of the world and but but I don't think any of us ever could have imagined.

00:19:58.410 --> 00:20:06.930 Alan Cohen: That the today today Harry Potter would be a household name and that we would have had just this little this little part of it, but I toward jk Rowling.

00:20:07.890 --> 00:20:17.700 Alan Cohen: around the country that book to bookstores and she was not a known name in this country at all and, and it was pretty cool it wasn't really until the movie came out that the books, really.

00:20:18.240 --> 00:20:30.810 Alan Cohen: Really really took off and and at that point you're kind of it kind of give your child over to to the world and and it's it's you know that you had a you played a small little part of it, but uh.

00:20:31.500 --> 00:20:39.270 Alan Cohen: A few summers ago my my spouse and I were at universal studios and we're standing online the Harry Potter world and I.

00:20:40.110 --> 00:20:47.970 Alan Cohen: And I was like I have to tell somebody about my involvement with these books like I don't care, who it is i'm going to tell somebody somebody's got to know this, and so I.

00:20:48.570 --> 00:20:56.160 Alan Cohen: I turn around I start having this conversation with this nice little family from the Midwest and tell the kids and the kids it's like we're quite complete.

00:20:56.490 --> 00:21:10.350 Alan Cohen: Completely uninterested like completely uninteresting but then these little bastards we get into the we get into the ride, and they start quizzing me i'm like where was that in the book and like what was like where was that in the movie it's like I don't know.

00:21:10.380 --> 00:21:15.870 Alan Cohen: 20 years ago I don't remember, but they were like they were they were much more interested in in the movie.

00:21:16.410 --> 00:21:17.190 Albert Dabah: Reading okay.

00:21:17.220 --> 00:21:19.920 Alan Cohen: Brian have ever read the book, so they were just in the movie.

00:21:21.600 --> 00:21:24.330 Alan Cohen: So I got nothing showed me.

00:21:25.800 --> 00:21:26.700 Alan Cohen: I was an expert.

00:21:27.390 --> 00:21:34.290 Albert Dabah: But you know it's funny you know my first exposure to Harry Potter was and and i'll be honest i've never even seen a whole yeah.

00:21:34.710 --> 00:21:45.900 Albert Dabah: yeah but and I haven't read any of the books, but I was at a Yankee game is probably know you know i'm a huge baseball fan huge fan yeah that was sitting in the stands and as a woman in front of me.

00:21:46.320 --> 00:22:00.270 Albert Dabah: And it's you know it's a big ball game going on and I looked at I she she's reading Harry Potter book and I go what is she doing a d&d game, reading the Harry Potter it's like whenever I think I was with my daughter, I said hey what's going on.

00:22:01.530 --> 00:22:03.690 Albert Dabah: The beginning of the bookstore is game now anyway.

00:22:04.290 --> 00:22:04.740 Alan Cohen: But.

00:22:05.160 --> 00:22:14.070 Alan Cohen: I like to tell the story that's what my so we were, I guess, this was around maybe book to or book three and you know it's now already like it was it was a.

00:22:14.670 --> 00:22:24.270 Alan Cohen: Pretty big hit hit in this country, and we were and my spouse and jk Rowling and I were out to dinner, and he tells her during dinner that.

00:22:24.780 --> 00:22:35.520 Alan Cohen: That he hasn't read the books and i'm just like i'm just like nodding like I just like I can't believe you're like you're saying this time this is this is like my bread and butter.

00:22:38.280 --> 00:22:44.550 Alan Cohen: And she's she's so down to earth and she's like, but of course you didn't you know you're you're a scientist like Why would you.

00:22:47.250 --> 00:22:47.880 Alan Cohen: think she ended up.

00:22:48.120 --> 00:22:55.860 Alan Cohen: marrying a doctor horrible you know but but yeah you can be watched we watched a few of the movies, but uh.

00:22:57.210 --> 00:23:09.720 Albert Dabah: Right now, you also mentioned about addiction and you know we'll get into that actually in a little bit, but I wanted to ask you.

00:23:12.360 --> 00:23:25.920 Albert Dabah: Because i've known other people who were into whether it was you know, a or some addiction program get into leadership after that what what what what's that about how does that.

00:23:25.920 --> 00:23:26.970 Alan Cohen: Somehow yeah.

00:23:27.330 --> 00:23:37.830 Alan Cohen: it's true isn't it right, like a lot of the like the really big names, you know the Tony robbins is to like have like an addiction story and and and I think um.

00:23:39.420 --> 00:23:44.340 Alan Cohen: You know I don't know why it why it does seem that so many of us who have.

00:23:45.570 --> 00:23:49.470 Alan Cohen: kind of been been through hell like that you know that.

00:23:50.670 --> 00:23:59.640 Alan Cohen: That we we end up putting going into these kinds of kinds of careers um you know, I think.

00:24:00.840 --> 00:24:05.190 Alan Cohen: I would say, from from me, I can only really speak for myself it's just I.

00:24:06.360 --> 00:24:10.170 Alan Cohen: i'm pretty there's really very little that shocks me.

00:24:11.340 --> 00:24:20.460 Alan Cohen: I think I think living the life that I lived and you know and the sort of the lows that i've experienced it and.

00:24:20.880 --> 00:24:35.550 Alan Cohen: The people that I would hang around like like there's very little that you can tell me that I haven't heard before and very little that I haven't seen and, and so I think that it actually makes me a better coach because because you're not going to get.

00:24:36.570 --> 00:24:47.130 Alan Cohen: Any kind of shock or judgment from me when you're sitting across the table from me like i've you know i've I have probably walked in your shoes and you know and worse and.

00:24:47.640 --> 00:24:55.260 Alan Cohen: And so I think there's there's that and also, I think everybody likes a good a good redemption story, you know, everybody likes a good.

00:24:56.070 --> 00:25:09.150 Alan Cohen: The hero's the hero's journey everybody likes the victims of victory story, and I think when you, not that I ever really saw myself as a victim, but, but I think that when you when you have seen in your own life what transformation looks like.

00:25:10.590 --> 00:25:31.770 Alan Cohen: Then it makes you want to support others in their own transformation and because I do believe, I believe that everybody has the potential to have transformation and to to have a lead a happier life and so maybe maybe that's the answer I don't know I don't know it's a great question.

00:25:32.160 --> 00:25:42.060 Albert Dabah: Well, I guess you know, one of the things that I, you know felt with myself, and particularly in my family growing up, and you know there's I think there's a lot of.

00:25:43.320 --> 00:25:50.160 Albert Dabah: connections, we all have with each other, as you know, just being human and being part of a family and.

00:25:51.030 --> 00:26:02.550 Albert Dabah: You know, with I had the loss of my family of two siblings and my oldest son my oldest siblings brother and sister, which really led me to make the film extra innings.

00:26:03.120 --> 00:26:20.670 Albert Dabah: And one of the inspirations for me was I really felt like I needed to fight hard to to keep my sanity yeah um yeah you know, and I was luckily I did learn a lot, by doing the film.

00:26:22.470 --> 00:26:25.020 Albert Dabah: That you know.

00:26:26.040 --> 00:26:36.540 Albert Dabah: it's I, I learned that I really got a lot from my brother and sister, and in some way by talking to different people whether they were therapist or whoever, I spoke to.

00:26:37.380 --> 00:26:50.340 Albert Dabah: Who could you know kind of take it all in said, well, maybe they were there for you to help you get you to do what you've done and.

00:26:50.460 --> 00:26:52.410 Albert Dabah: In life and my life like for.

00:26:52.410 --> 00:26:56.280 Albert Dabah: instance my brother definitely inspired me all about baseball.

00:26:56.310 --> 00:27:04.500 Albert Dabah: I mean and that's been my path it still is my path and that kept my feet on the ground to pursue a you know, a dream of being a major league baseball player.

00:27:04.650 --> 00:27:14.220 Albert Dabah: yeah now you know people said well you off and how good you were I guess I wasn't good enough, but um I did love playing baseball and whether you.

00:27:14.700 --> 00:27:24.630 Albert Dabah: will ever passion, you have whether it's like mine was baseball whether I love playing it or you love watching it or following it or any sport or anything you do that, you love.

00:27:26.070 --> 00:27:29.490 Albert Dabah: And movies, to me, was always my dream world.

00:27:31.170 --> 00:27:33.000 Albert Dabah: I remember when I was younger.

00:27:34.110 --> 00:27:50.280 Albert Dabah: And i'm the youngest four and we only had one air conditioner in the House, I think, was in my parents bedroom someone was really these hot sultry summers and sometimes they take me to the movies, you know movies, I remember movies used to always say air condition, and it was a big deal.

00:27:50.910 --> 00:28:07.020 Albert Dabah: And, and they took me some movies, that I was they shouldn't have taken, I mean i'm glad they did, but like they were adult movies, at the time they didn't radar not that there was sex or anything but there were like you know married a little fear affairs going on and stuff like that.

00:28:07.440 --> 00:28:15.360 Albert Dabah: And it made me dream ago wow I guess you know being married is one thing, but you can you can do a lot of other things too when you know it was like.

00:28:15.600 --> 00:28:17.040 Alan Cohen: kind of all these.

00:28:17.070 --> 00:28:18.000 Albert Dabah: subjects that would.

00:28:18.090 --> 00:28:24.960 Albert Dabah: come up and It made me think wow life can be pretty interesting so, but it also gave me the sense of.

00:28:25.440 --> 00:28:44.100 Albert Dabah: You know, hope and and I saw and by doing the movie for me it left me with a sense of hope that I had a dream to make this movie and it finally got made and it gave me the sense that you, you can pursue something, and you never know what's going to happen.

00:28:45.180 --> 00:28:49.320 Alan Cohen: Absolutely absolutely and and without hope, what are we got right.

00:28:49.350 --> 00:28:51.180 Alan Cohen: Now you know I think that's I think.

00:28:52.470 --> 00:29:03.570 Alan Cohen: I think about just this past year right like if you if you weren't hopeful, it was it was an awfully hard road, it is an awfully hard roads.

00:29:04.680 --> 00:29:10.890 Alan Cohen: Right and and hope and faith and with action and taking the action I saw with you.

00:29:11.220 --> 00:29:11.730 Alan Cohen: And you're.

00:29:11.760 --> 00:29:22.050 Alan Cohen: you're unstoppable in terms of your your your resilience and but, but without the hope that you know why bother right.

00:29:23.250 --> 00:29:23.790 Albert Dabah: Yes.

00:29:24.390 --> 00:29:37.440 Albert Dabah: Yes, I, you have to have something to wake up in the morning to and and sometimes you can I know I can get depressed about something and then have to really you know, think about it, and say well you know it could be worse or.

00:29:38.910 --> 00:29:43.410 Albert Dabah: You know just do this and you know you'll feel a little bit better and.

00:29:43.920 --> 00:29:44.280 That one.

00:29:45.660 --> 00:29:46.650 So exactly.

00:29:47.910 --> 00:30:01.320 Albert Dabah: I think there's you know a lot of things that we can do to make ourselves feel better and make other people feel better and even during time of coven, we have to learn how to adapt so we're going to operate in a.

00:30:02.550 --> 00:30:04.080 Albert Dabah: few seconds here so.

00:30:06.810 --> 00:30:11.160 Albert Dabah: This is great I love talking with you today, Alan and we'll be right back.

00:30:11.820 --> 00:30:12.750 Alan Cohen: Thank you for.

00:32:33.450 --> 00:32:46.740 Albert Dabah: hi there we're back with Alan Cohen executive coach and amanda really many different qualities and leadership abilities and we've been chatting about some of them.

00:32:47.250 --> 00:33:03.300 Albert Dabah: And it's funny how sometimes we label people with who they are, and what they do, one of the things Alan was telling me that he got into I don't know how long ago was but tell me a little bit about you said you, you also like to paint and i'm curious about that.

00:33:03.750 --> 00:33:15.810 Alan Cohen: yeah yeah, so I am I used to I used to draw and paint and and it was super craft see as a kid and even taught crafts at a at a school when I was younger and.

00:33:16.380 --> 00:33:20.700 Alan Cohen: But, but I really just put all that to the side like I didn't even eat and.

00:33:21.330 --> 00:33:27.030 Alan Cohen: I think through high school I drew and took art classes, but then I put it all down, I even in college I didn't.

00:33:27.420 --> 00:33:36.000 Alan Cohen: Take any art classes, I went to a school that had great art great arts program and and I pursued more theatre and theatre and performance in college and after college, but.

00:33:36.300 --> 00:33:46.140 Alan Cohen: But my art was definitely not something that that I even touched, I think, maybe a few years ago I bought some watercolors and I did like one thing and I just like put it away and but.

00:33:47.190 --> 00:34:01.230 Alan Cohen: But coded being being in court being quarantine shelter in place, I was going crazy honestly, like so many people i'm an extrovert I I really craved connection and being being.

00:34:01.530 --> 00:34:13.380 Alan Cohen: with other people and that just was not happening so I needed to do some things for my sanity not only just like like an exercise bike but, but something so I picked up Spanish lessons taking Spanish lessons and.

00:34:14.460 --> 00:34:20.760 Alan Cohen: And, and in addition to my clients I just needed some outlet, so I took a course in our course and.

00:34:21.570 --> 00:34:34.950 Alan Cohen: Just just to give me a hobby get back into it and and I found like it's it was just pouring out of me and and I draw pretty much every day or paint every day watercolor acrylic.

00:34:35.370 --> 00:34:43.560 Alan Cohen: markers pencil and i've even sold a few pieces, which is just mind boggling not that that was what I was setting out to do, but.

00:34:44.340 --> 00:34:51.750 Alan Cohen: But, but I, I guess, I have, I guess, I have talent I you know i'm i'm always humble about that, but.

00:34:52.410 --> 00:35:01.440 Alan Cohen: Because I know it comes pretty easily to me, so I just feel like it's it's kind of a God given a God given thing and I, but I also.

00:35:02.130 --> 00:35:09.420 Alan Cohen: And this is true for a lot of my artistic endeavors I i've often i've often kept myself small in that area, because I.

00:35:09.810 --> 00:35:19.860 Alan Cohen: I have friends who do it professionally I have friends who are professional artists professional performers and so i'm like Julia Cameron, and the artists way it talks about the shadow artist.

00:35:20.190 --> 00:35:30.990 Alan Cohen: I honestly I was like like i'm the person that promotes people who have great talent, but i'm not that person and, and so I, so I just I was always kind of reluctant to call myself an artist or.

00:35:31.980 --> 00:35:41.910 Alan Cohen: But a few months ago, I actually claimed that the title of artist and and it feels good it feels good and my body and I started.

00:35:42.570 --> 00:35:57.330 Alan Cohen: painting doing bigger paintings and I have started doing a lot of political the political art and political activism and did a lot of a lot of our during during.

00:35:58.110 --> 00:36:13.980 Alan Cohen: The campaigns and all that, and so the artistic political statement I that's that that works for me and but i'm gonna love it and I see it as as being something that will be a part of my life as long as i'm.

00:36:14.130 --> 00:36:15.090 Albert Dabah: So walking around.

00:36:15.420 --> 00:36:18.000 Albert Dabah: Like when you when you're painting, let me let.

00:36:19.260 --> 00:36:24.600 Albert Dabah: me paint most like when you started really getting into it more and even when you were younger like.

00:36:25.080 --> 00:36:27.840 Alan Cohen: yeah yeah I love.

00:36:28.890 --> 00:36:36.330 Alan Cohen: yeah yeah I mean sometimes I don't know what i'm going to paint until I until I sit down to the canvas and I just.

00:36:37.680 --> 00:36:43.260 Alan Cohen: I just give I give it over to the canvas whatever comes out of me and.

00:36:44.430 --> 00:36:58.470 Alan Cohen: And I love watercolor too, because you can kind of put what color down and it tells you what it is and and it's like watercolor just has a mind of its own and just you know you know, there are a lot of metaphors i'm big on metaphor, but it's like.

00:36:58.470 --> 00:36:58.920 Alan Cohen: You can't.

00:36:59.280 --> 00:37:05.040 Alan Cohen: You can't control watercolor or you have limited there's there's only so much you can do to control.

00:37:05.520 --> 00:37:19.290 Alan Cohen: watercolor not unlike life, and so I I liked sometimes giving up the control and letting the watercolor decide what it wants to be and and then draw into it or pants into but I love color I love vibrant color.

00:37:19.950 --> 00:37:31.170 Alan Cohen: Maybe that's why I spend half of the year in Florida I love blues and greens and yellows and and and, and so I paint a lot of vibrant colors.

00:37:32.190 --> 00:37:35.250 Alan Cohen: And they just make me really happy and.

00:37:36.810 --> 00:37:42.810 Alan Cohen: Sometimes I just I just sometimes I have a clear idea of what I want to draw this week, I was driving I was driving.

00:37:43.590 --> 00:37:53.730 Alan Cohen: Bernie Sanders just because I was you know there's those means we're going around, so I had strong you know Bernie and the mittens but um but, but sometimes I just draw just to release energy.

00:37:54.420 --> 00:38:05.250 Alan Cohen: it's it's it it de stresses me at it, it centers me, sometimes it actually tells me how i'm feeling, if I have I can't identify how i'm feeling.

00:38:06.540 --> 00:38:19.920 Alan Cohen: I will, I will see what happens on the paper, and that will sometimes indicates to me where what's going on, like Why am I, using all those dark colors like what's happening there, you know so it's cool it's it's it's art is everything for me.

00:38:20.550 --> 00:38:25.980 Albert Dabah: Well, I mean I, you know as you're expressing I never painted but you know i've written.

00:38:27.210 --> 00:38:31.320 Albert Dabah: Not just the film I like to I read the book The artist's way and I started to.

00:38:31.320 --> 00:38:32.880 Alan Cohen: journal every day.

00:38:33.420 --> 00:38:35.010 Albert Dabah: And I never know what i'm going to write.

00:38:35.130 --> 00:38:43.290 Albert Dabah: And it just comes out, and I find it's probably similar that way to self.

00:38:44.670 --> 00:38:51.210 Alan Cohen: Some of the some of the best pieces that I created has been what I would consider screw ups.

00:38:52.260 --> 00:39:02.130 Alan Cohen: Where I thought it was going to be one thing I set out for it to be one thing if it didn't come out of all the way that I wanted, and I would walk away from it and come back to it and.

00:39:02.640 --> 00:39:13.200 Alan Cohen: Like and magic and sometimes magic happens and it's like whenever I try to control it and it's like i'm going to sit down and make this like perfect flower or this perfect.

00:39:13.710 --> 00:39:25.890 Alan Cohen: This this perfect landscape, or what I like it doesn't work, but when I just say like i'm just like let's just see what happens so it's just like just like freeform then really cool stuff happens.

00:39:26.220 --> 00:39:31.620 Albert Dabah: When when you said before you claim yourself as a I think he said in an artist or a painter.

00:39:31.950 --> 00:39:32.580 Alan Cohen: I wonder.

00:39:32.760 --> 00:39:37.140 Albert Dabah: I always owned it so what, what do you, what do you mean by that lit lit lit.

00:39:37.650 --> 00:39:51.930 Alan Cohen: yeah yeah well it's you know it's it's we make ourselves very vulnerable when we when we when we step into this this role this or this that when we claim this identity for us awesome and I am.

00:39:52.620 --> 00:40:00.270 Alan Cohen: And, in some ways, I had I was getting I got a couple of like people telling me or messaging me kind of kind of.

00:40:00.960 --> 00:40:11.160 Alan Cohen: Trolls like pick up for all I know I didn't know where they were things like, why do you put your art out there it's not that good or this and that and I, and I, and I took it very personally and and and it could have really taken me.

00:40:11.730 --> 00:40:16.200 Alan Cohen: Taking me out and put it really but I, but I refuse to allow.

00:40:18.030 --> 00:40:29.520 Alan Cohen: That handful of people to to disempower me and, and so I thought, well, the best way, I know how to do it is like I was like i'm just gonna completely own.

00:40:30.480 --> 00:40:37.230 Alan Cohen: own my creative self and it doesn't I don't care, if you like it or not, do make your own art that's what I.

00:40:37.860 --> 00:40:54.930 Alan Cohen: Was with Gilbert what's that just you know just you can hate what I make just you go go go make your own do your own thing, but I yeah I said, like I changed on Facebook, I think I started putting artists into the into the title I created a gallery on my website of my artwork and.

00:40:56.490 --> 00:41:10.500 Alan Cohen: You know, when I just just um it's not it's not apologetic it's i'm not apologizing it's like i'm not Picasso but you know what i'm i'm good like clearly I have talent and.

00:41:11.880 --> 00:41:13.440 Alan Cohen: there's no shame in that right.

00:41:13.650 --> 00:41:16.650 Albert Dabah: Well, I know I I applaud you for that, because I think.

00:41:17.430 --> 00:41:28.080 Albert Dabah: You know, moving into all different directions, whatever passion, you have is just a wonderful thing to do, because we can do anything we really put our minds to.

00:41:28.470 --> 00:41:30.150 Alan Cohen: And yeah you know.

00:41:30.240 --> 00:41:41.550 Albert Dabah: Sometimes, like we talked before about you know we talked you mentioned depression and you know that can lead you out of it by saying you know, I understand that that and yeah.

00:41:42.570 --> 00:41:51.120 Alan Cohen: I wanted to one other thing you know about about like sort of the artists journey I I I used to and I felt the same way about performance like if if.

00:41:51.570 --> 00:41:58.740 Alan Cohen: Like they're always for me, have to be a point it's like well if I wasn't going to like perform on stage and get paid to do it, then, then.

00:41:59.490 --> 00:42:09.390 Alan Cohen: it's a waste of time Why am I taking lessons Why am I practicing Michael like what's the point what's the point of hobbies like to be like in my very sort of capitalistic.

00:42:10.230 --> 00:42:15.690 Alan Cohen: mind, it was like like hobby is like that's time you could be spending making money or.

00:42:16.320 --> 00:42:24.120 Alan Cohen: And I would feel the same way about art like well i'm not going to be selling my art than like how self indulgent to be sitting down for hours at a time, just like.

00:42:24.990 --> 00:42:34.050 Alan Cohen: splashing paint around on a page and and then I was like well yeah, but it makes me feel good and I actually think it makes other people feel good too so that's.

00:42:34.710 --> 00:42:48.720 Alan Cohen: Who cares if i'm getting paid to do it or not, like it's it's it's it's the feeling that we're after it's not the result is the feeling the result isn't payments, the result isn't Applause

00:42:48.840 --> 00:42:51.060 Alan Cohen: Right right do it do it because it makes you happy.

00:42:51.450 --> 00:42:55.350 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah I you know I saw that.

00:42:58.710 --> 00:43:12.270 Albert Dabah: By you know I always questioned myself when I was writing the film, you know can can this really happen, can I I didn't even think I was gonna write it I originally wrote an outline, and then I.

00:43:13.890 --> 00:43:26.430 Albert Dabah: was looking for someone to write it and I did I did work with someone in the first draft, and then it was like it would have been like a three and a half hour film and we just wrote and wrote everything out and.

00:43:27.420 --> 00:43:35.250 Albert Dabah: And then I just started writing on my own, and I started showing it to people and I wrote 12 drafts and I.

00:43:36.300 --> 00:43:47.340 Albert Dabah: I kept thinking well you know this this looks like it's happening, and I remember when you read it, you had something really beautiful to say you.

00:43:47.670 --> 00:43:49.530 Alan Cohen: I remember i'm up.

00:43:49.980 --> 00:43:50.520 Alan Cohen: In the air.

00:43:50.580 --> 00:43:56.580 Albert Dabah: yeah the tarmac hey hi yeah That was really, really sweet um so.

00:43:57.780 --> 00:44:14.640 Albert Dabah: I you know it inspires me to see that people are moved by the film same way i'm sure when you whether it's your art or whether it's in your leadership qualities and you see how you affect people by your.

00:44:15.780 --> 00:44:17.730 Albert Dabah: by your words by your actions.

00:44:18.810 --> 00:44:26.460 Albert Dabah: It means a lot so we're gonna have a break coming up and i'd like to talk a little bit about the film extra innings.

00:44:26.520 --> 00:44:29.250 Albert Dabah: Because you have you read it.

00:44:29.550 --> 00:44:30.480 Albert Dabah: You know, while back.

00:44:30.720 --> 00:44:32.820 Alan Cohen: And you saw I saw the movie yeah.

00:44:33.270 --> 00:44:37.230 Albert Dabah: And and we'll we'll talk a little bit about that alright see in a little bit.

00:44:38.130 --> 00:44:38.730 Alan Cohen: Thank you.

00:46:56.160 --> 00:47:03.720 Albert Dabah: hi we're back at the podcast show extra innings with Alan Cohen, and we've been talking about a whole lot of things.

00:47:04.830 --> 00:47:05.640 Albert Dabah: So Alan.

00:47:06.690 --> 00:47:11.100 Albert Dabah: When I went to see you as I needed some help with.

00:47:12.180 --> 00:47:18.000 Albert Dabah: Similar productions to grow my business, but at the same time, I was looking to raise money for the film extra innings that.

00:47:18.660 --> 00:47:37.860 Albert Dabah: I had written and we work together for several months, I believe, and you had a chance to read the script so now the film is made it's on Amazon prime and i'd like to get your reactions to when you read the script and saw the movie What was your thought on it.

00:47:38.460 --> 00:47:48.360 Alan Cohen: yeah yeah well it's so cool having had, having heard you talking about the the movie and the you know and it.

00:47:49.560 --> 00:48:00.180 Alan Cohen: To from that time to actually reading the script and and and knowing you and reading the script and knowing that that so much of the that the story was about you and.

00:48:00.960 --> 00:48:10.380 Alan Cohen: It was just very cool and then you know fast forward to watching it on the screen and and seeing you in the you know playing your own father and just i'm not that so so.

00:48:11.400 --> 00:48:25.380 Alan Cohen: extraordinary to watch that to be part of that that whole journey but you know, for me, there, there are a lot of things that it resonated resonated with me about about the movie which I think it was absolutely beautiful and.

00:48:27.000 --> 00:48:38.430 Alan Cohen: and recommend it to everyone, of course, so you know I am you know I also come from a from a Jewish a Jewish family we weren't as as strict.

00:48:38.850 --> 00:48:48.570 Alan Cohen: As strictly orthodox is your family but yeah my parents, but you know kosher home closer home and and and orthodox the Orthodox synagogue and.

00:48:49.470 --> 00:49:02.370 Alan Cohen: So, so you know that that struck me yeah I also I have four children three four there's four of us, which is a big family for for Jewish for Jewish family that's not.

00:49:03.540 --> 00:49:15.540 Alan Cohen: Not the most religious right like you know the rabbi has 10 kids but, like you know most Jewish families enough like you know that magic is certainly not back you know when you know when I where i'm from and.

00:49:16.770 --> 00:49:27.210 Alan Cohen: You know the spiel sports the my father was run a lot of sports books, and so there was always sports sports sports discussion sort of.

00:49:27.510 --> 00:49:39.810 Alan Cohen: Around around the House, I personally was not into sports my brother was but um you know do it yeah just but but also like Jewish kids playing baseball to me, is just like you know fascinating because you know.

00:49:40.950 --> 00:49:51.270 Alan Cohen: my brother and his friends were the only Jewish kids playing baseball as far as I knew like an entire Borough of Staten island and and and and depression like depression and.

00:49:51.990 --> 00:49:58.920 Alan Cohen: addiction as sort of in the you know and just sort of in the in the background and some times in the.

00:49:59.520 --> 00:50:07.050 Alan Cohen: in the foreground really I could really relate to you know struggling struggle from depression, anxiety my entire lifetime I don't think when I was.

00:50:07.470 --> 00:50:20.970 Alan Cohen: A young young kid I knew that's what was going on wasn't until probably my 20s were like got realized, it was a diagnosis for why always felt like the other shoe was going to drop you know, fortunately didn't you know, no, no attempted suicide.

00:50:22.080 --> 00:50:26.700 Alan Cohen: Nothing nothing like that, but certainly add that you know family members.

00:50:27.930 --> 00:50:41.700 Alan Cohen: You know, comes down timely or untimely death, you know because of suicide and so yeah I mean it struck a lot of chords but, but I think at the core like it's this beautiful coming of age story and.

00:50:42.330 --> 00:50:51.300 Alan Cohen: And about love and forgiveness and family and yeah you know it touched me on on so many on so many different levels and.

00:50:52.140 --> 00:50:59.760 Alan Cohen: You know it's you don't have to be Jewish to like rye bread you don't have to be Jewish to like extra things you don't have to be.

00:51:00.000 --> 00:51:07.410 Alan Cohen: You don't have to struggle with depression or anxiety to like but to to get something from the movie and you don't have to be as.

00:51:08.190 --> 00:51:19.590 Alan Cohen: A sports sports devote a it's just a beautiful story of a family and breaking you know and and being different like I think that that you know I always felt that way.

00:51:20.910 --> 00:51:32.910 Alan Cohen: You know, is always felt like I had secrets, and that I was different and I related to some of the characters in the story that you know, like you're like your sister, and you know being sort of the odd you know the bird and and.

00:51:33.780 --> 00:51:41.490 Alan Cohen: I just think that there's somebody universal themes and it's beautifully written them beautifully acted and you know, and anybody who doesn't.

00:51:42.660 --> 00:51:47.910 Alan Cohen: You know cry a little bit, you know that they their their hearts are made of stone I think that's.

00:51:50.700 --> 00:52:00.930 Alan Cohen: And how cool to watch you, you know you know it, but you know as an actor too and that's got that must have been at times challenging for you playing you know playing this character that's you know.

00:52:02.040 --> 00:52:04.140 Alan Cohen: The that essentially is your father.

00:52:05.220 --> 00:52:07.800 Albert Dabah: No, no, well, it was a.

00:52:08.310 --> 00:52:19.770 Albert Dabah: It was less challenging for me, but actually in some way I have this that question many times like How was it playing your father and also, I was asked her how did you deal with such a mean father and I said I never thought it was mean at all I.

00:52:20.220 --> 00:52:25.320 Albert Dabah: thought he was you know I thought he loved me, I felt he loved me he just had his way of.

00:52:26.220 --> 00:52:35.100 Alan Cohen: Like a that that came across our new seemed it seemed like a like a loving like a loving dad or wanted for his family, but you know, there are.

00:52:36.870 --> 00:52:45.180 Alan Cohen: It you know, in the same way that I, you know my dad like struggled with my coming out, you know, and in my early 20s.

00:52:46.320 --> 00:52:56.280 Alan Cohen: It was just a different time and, and you know what he had to really reconcile some of his more traditional Jewish.

00:52:57.660 --> 00:53:02.250 Alan Cohen: values and Jewish beliefs to accommodate to allow.

00:53:03.330 --> 00:53:11.220 Alan Cohen: For the love to come in and not that the love ever stops but but to lead with love and not with that sort of judgment of like whoa.

00:53:11.760 --> 00:53:24.120 Alan Cohen: This isn't what it's supposed to be, and then my dad I have a beautiful relationship today, but you know but but, again, like everybody's having to reconcile that those conflicts and in themselves.

00:53:24.180 --> 00:53:31.290 Albert Dabah: yeah yeah I I I found myself um there's a line in the movie.

00:53:32.400 --> 00:53:33.600 Albert Dabah: Towards the end where.

00:53:34.710 --> 00:53:36.000 Albert Dabah: The dad is.

00:53:37.230 --> 00:53:48.390 Albert Dabah: was a couple of lines that were a couple of scenes that were difficult for me to play was when he said, you know I know you I heard you going out with a non Jewish woman you better not you better stop that or i'll disown you and.

00:53:48.960 --> 00:53:55.380 Albert Dabah: That that you know people always ask me what what what really happened what you know and that really happened several times, you said that and.

00:53:55.740 --> 00:54:06.600 Albert Dabah: That really hurts, and it hurts to play that because I kept thinking what am I what what does it feel like to say that to your son that you're going to sound them and the other scene at.

00:54:07.680 --> 00:54:22.650 Albert Dabah: Part of the same thing, where he's talking with his dad this is near the end and and they're having an argument and he's David is really you know coming out, this is the older me playing you know beautiful acronym Alex walton and he says.

00:54:23.670 --> 00:54:33.870 Albert Dabah: He says to his dad you know is that telling him I you know you I don't want you to go to California and go to a yeshiva the waste your time for any man California and he looks at him and he says.

00:54:34.710 --> 00:54:48.120 Albert Dabah: You don't even know who I am and I that really touched me watching that on screen is I think yeah that's it really I always felt that he knew he didn't get to know me who I really was yeah.

00:54:48.720 --> 00:54:54.900 Alan Cohen: yeah yeah well powerful powerful to watch your own story on on film.

00:54:55.500 --> 00:54:55.830 yeah.

00:54:56.910 --> 00:54:57.660 Albert Dabah: yeah.

00:54:58.080 --> 00:55:00.330 Alan Cohen: yeah well done directing it and casting it.

00:55:00.660 --> 00:55:07.590 Albert Dabah: yeah it was really a blast overall, I mean there's a lot of craziness going on doing you know.

00:55:08.010 --> 00:55:15.720 Albert Dabah: From you know running around the set and especially if I had a scene that day and wardrobes asked me what do you think of this, what do you think of that.

00:55:16.170 --> 00:55:27.630 Albert Dabah: And all the sound guys not here yet or this isn't you know all this crazy stuff trying to figure out from one to the other, I did have a Co director a really great guy named Brian drill injure.

00:55:28.320 --> 00:55:32.760 Albert Dabah: He was getting nervous a lot, and he wants to I said gotta calm down right, and you know.

00:55:33.180 --> 00:55:39.870 Albert Dabah: And he said hey you stay so calm every day and I said i'm learning every day that's what i'm doing i'm just trying to learn how to be calm.

00:55:40.380 --> 00:55:54.030 Albert Dabah: And roll with it, and I really got to the realization that you know it's not going to be perfect it's going to be the best it can be the best I can make it and and and the editing and all that so.

00:55:54.930 --> 00:55:56.940 Alan Cohen: we're coming so glad I just said i'm.

00:55:56.970 --> 00:56:06.210 Alan Cohen: Just so glad that you that you that you stuck with it and and you didn't you didn't allow any of your of the naysayers or any of the.

00:56:06.540 --> 00:56:18.870 Alan Cohen: folks the doubters to leave you off the path because it's a beautiful film and I think it's going to touch a lot of people's lives and i'm so glad you're doing the work with some of the Suicide Prevention organizations and.

00:56:19.500 --> 00:56:31.380 Alan Cohen: it's a message that has, you have to be able to D stigmatize mental illness and is a is truly a gift that you are giving to the world, and I was glad to see it on the screen.

00:56:32.040 --> 00:56:36.060 Albert Dabah: Thank you so much well we're going to wrap it up now, I just want to say that.

00:56:36.750 --> 00:56:51.900 Albert Dabah: This has been really great fun being with Alan tonight extra innings can be seen on Amazon prime if anyone is thinking about needing some life coaching you can go to my website it's a dabble coaching calm and.

00:56:52.920 --> 00:57:09.180 Albert Dabah: It was a pleasure tonight, and you can see, this anytime on the website this podcast and Alan we'll see each other again soon we had dinner in Miami not too long ago, that was a treat and thank you again for being here tonight.

00:57:10.110 --> 00:57:11.130 Alan Cohen: Thank you for having me.

00:57:11.910 --> 00:57:12.600 Albert Dabah: Right be well.

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