The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, February 1, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/01 - A Journey Thru to Elation

Facebook Live Video from 2021/02/01 - A Journey Thru to Elation


2021/02/01 - A Journey Thru to Elation

[NEW EPISODE] A Journey Thru to Elation

Is there ever a time when you can feel that all is falling apart; you have lost your way; cobwebs are in your minds-eye; and you are just going through the motions of living with no pep in your step?

Well perhaps now is the time to rediscover your personal journey. The last stop is the Island of Elation. Reclaim your vision through the stops along the way!!!


Tonight join us as we welcome author Pat Alva-Kraker to the show to discuss her personal journey and her new book!

Tune in for this philosophical conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Georgeann welcomes his special guest tonight author Pat Alva- Kraker. Georgeann introduces Pat as a very pleasant, alive, and joyful woman. Georgeann asked Pat what made her write her book (Katherines Quest). Pat answers by saying that the book is very special and important to her. Due to all of the struggles and obstacles she has gone through. Pat believes everything happens for a reason. Pat discussed with Georgeann the feeling of devastation. Pat tells Albert that devastation has ruined her and hurt her in certain ways. However she stated that devastation had made her stronger and better.

Segment 2

 Pat starts off the section by saying that everyday we have a choice to become better and develop. Georgeann and Pat tell the listeners that Jesus gave us the holy spirit. Pat talked about her uncle and the special role she gave him in the book because he is the one that had made her grow and continued her writing. Georgeann tells Pat to discuss her spiritual awakening and how it changed her. She answers back by saying she has grown and developed more ever since because she feels like a whole different person believing that everything is possible.

Segment 3

Pat starts off the section by stating what she learned while writing her book ( Catherine’s Quest). And she said that you should always trust the process of life. Later on she mentions that if you don’t trust the process of life, life will be pretty hard and frustrating. Georgeann and Pat tell the listeners that we are all humans, we are all going to struggle because it’s part of life. Pat and Georgeann remark that we are the ones that need to take care and love yourself because no one else will. If you want check out Pat Alva- Kraker book make sure to check out

Segment 4

Pat tells Georgeann that we can counter any obstacle in life by having alignment, faith, and hope. Later on Georgeann stated that we have a voice in our head that is really useless at times because it’s stopping us to do our best. Pat mentions that she started writing her first book 6 years ago and how special and lovely that book was. The book is “ Stop For A Hotdog.” Georgeann ends the podcast with a goodnight prayer.


00:00:42.480 --> 00:00:49.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: hi good evening i'm Dr Georgians out, and I have a wonderful woman with us tonight.

00:00:50.190 --> 00:01:09.900 Dr. Georgeann Dau: it's a pleasure to be here with all of you again, and for those of you just tuning in the name of my show is a journey through into awareness and the reason I entitled it, that is because self help books are among the top.

00:01:11.100 --> 00:01:17.850 Dr. Georgeann Dau: titled book sold in our country because we're all looking for quote relief.

00:01:19.290 --> 00:01:19.890 Dr. Georgeann Dau: freedom.

00:01:20.910 --> 00:01:21.840 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Freedom from what.

00:01:22.950 --> 00:01:24.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Freedom from ourselves.

00:01:26.130 --> 00:01:28.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And there is no.

00:01:30.180 --> 00:01:31.230 Dr. Georgeann Dau: magic bullet.

00:01:32.340 --> 00:01:47.010 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We need to journey through whatever is keeping us unfree in bondage stuck in whatever way we are it's many times unique to each one of us, although.

00:01:47.640 --> 00:02:06.750 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We all experience the same feelings, the storyline might be different, but we all experience the same feelings as human creatures on this earth plane so we're here tonight to take another look at.

00:02:08.070 --> 00:02:16.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: An incredible woman that wrote a book called katherine's quest I happen to have read it.

00:02:18.120 --> 00:02:23.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And it's a great book and a fast read.

00:02:24.690 --> 00:02:28.560 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I also had the opportunity of spending time.

00:02:29.670 --> 00:02:34.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: conversing with pat of muckraker.

00:02:35.700 --> 00:02:42.300 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you're going to meet her in a moment, but this woman is just such an incredible person.

00:02:43.560 --> 00:02:48.270 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And she's so brave and so alive with grace.

00:02:49.350 --> 00:02:51.660 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And she has so much to share with us tonight.

00:02:53.010 --> 00:02:59.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So I say thank you for being on the show notes and I bet, and this is pat muckraker.

00:03:00.750 --> 00:03:11.850 Pat Alva-Kraker: enjoy again it's a pleasure to be here, thank you it's an honor I love what you stand for and the impact that you want to make to the audience and to the world and so i'm here i'm with you.

00:03:12.900 --> 00:03:18.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Thank you so much for joining us, you have so much to say in that in the book.

00:03:19.350 --> 00:03:33.180 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And uh the name of the book is katherine's quest it's one woman's journey to elation and I just love the title and, as she talks about it you'll understand why we spoke of it in the.

00:03:33.960 --> 00:03:49.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: intro on the episode episode explanation why we did what we did with that you know it's a story of a woman by the name of Catherine it's her quest and it reminds us in so many ways.

00:03:50.550 --> 00:03:56.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What we need to recapture to live fully vibrantly and free.

00:03:58.200 --> 00:04:07.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So tell us tell us why it is that you what had you write this book this such depth of meeting and metaphor pet.

00:04:11.340 --> 00:04:16.020 Pat Alva-Kraker: dog ran through mine sacred journey, which is how I see it.

00:04:17.460 --> 00:04:23.250 Pat Alva-Kraker: I had an opportunity to learn from many adversities that came in, through my life.

00:04:24.420 --> 00:04:35.910 Pat Alva-Kraker: One being cancer, the other losing my husband at an early age and then being laid off, and I had the opportunity to either crawl up and die.

00:04:36.510 --> 00:04:48.390 Pat Alva-Kraker: And just get into bed and just pretend it doesn't exist to situations doesn't exist or to pull myself up by the bootstraps and lead myself on this journey mindfully.

00:04:48.990 --> 00:04:55.740 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you didn't just get laid off from a little position you had a big role with IBM right.

00:04:56.010 --> 00:05:11.370 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, right which is devastating when you put that much time into into something that you work so hard that and you were quite young when when all of this happens, quite sequentially right.

00:05:11.940 --> 00:05:13.560 Pat Alva-Kraker: Yes, I was young.

00:05:15.360 --> 00:05:20.070 Pat Alva-Kraker: You know I I worked for a corporation when, at the time that culture was.

00:05:21.600 --> 00:05:23.910 Pat Alva-Kraker: When you join a company you stay with them for life.

00:05:25.620 --> 00:05:27.330 Pat Alva-Kraker: I was of that era.

00:05:28.500 --> 00:05:43.740 Pat Alva-Kraker: So, as you say, it was devastating it was devastating I was close to retirement and I thought that I, this was the only company, I was going to work for, and I was shown, otherwise I was shown otherwise.

00:05:43.950 --> 00:05:57.030 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And little bit I know of you and your commitment to life and your love of life, you know i'm sure you gave everything to this position and to expect some just somewhat of a glimmer back.

00:05:58.500 --> 00:06:03.210 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know um yeah i'm sorry go ahead, but yeah.

00:06:03.240 --> 00:06:06.150 Pat Alva-Kraker: yeah you're right and what it was, it was a shock.

00:06:07.650 --> 00:06:14.010 Pat Alva-Kraker: When you know, I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I was.

00:06:15.720 --> 00:06:25.530 Pat Alva-Kraker: I spent my I spent that time in my feelings coming to grips with what was what was happened and what happened and and then I realized that this was.

00:06:27.630 --> 00:06:42.810 Pat Alva-Kraker: An opportunity it opened the door for me and spirit does open doors for you in a variety of ways we just have to be open to the message and to see that everything that happens in and through us as for our highest good.

00:06:44.130 --> 00:06:53.790 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Can you talk a little bit about the feeling of devastation, you had when all of that occurred, you know again sequentially one right after another.

00:06:55.980 --> 00:07:12.210 Dr. Georgeann Dau: so that people can maybe get listeners can get somewhat of a grasp as to you know how immense it was before you came to find the spirituality in what you wrote, and I want to have you talk more about that also.

00:07:13.680 --> 00:07:15.240 Pat Alva-Kraker: If you you're right, it was a it was.

00:07:16.410 --> 00:07:22.950 Pat Alva-Kraker: devastating, especially because I was taken by totally by surprise and.

00:07:25.020 --> 00:07:33.510 Pat Alva-Kraker: it's very easy, and I did definitely went down this track for a little while and now was to really.

00:07:35.850 --> 00:07:40.320 Pat Alva-Kraker: assign this action as a reflection of who, I am as a person.

00:07:42.810 --> 00:07:47.220 Pat Alva-Kraker: and taking this decision as personally.

00:07:49.110 --> 00:07:57.630 Pat Alva-Kraker: So it creates self doubt you know loss of confidence, what do I do now hopelessness and.

00:07:58.710 --> 00:08:03.390 Pat Alva-Kraker: Just really just stopped in my tracks like wow I had this all planned out.

00:08:05.640 --> 00:08:17.250 Pat Alva-Kraker: Your planet I knew where I was going I knew what I was going to do you know after I retired and and then, when that just comes to a halt, you have to take a pause and pivot.

00:08:18.420 --> 00:08:19.050 Pat Alva-Kraker: and

00:08:20.550 --> 00:08:33.900 Pat Alva-Kraker: After having an opportunity to talk to you know people that were supported that loved me that had gone through the same thing I came to realize that when these decisions are made they're not made.

00:08:35.550 --> 00:08:38.640 Pat Alva-Kraker: Personally, there it's a numbers game.

00:08:39.780 --> 00:08:42.690 Pat Alva-Kraker: You know, I was part of the numbers, I had been.

00:08:42.720 --> 00:08:43.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: sure.

00:08:43.440 --> 00:08:46.590 Pat Alva-Kraker: With them for a long time, highly paid so.

00:08:47.820 --> 00:08:53.310 Pat Alva-Kraker: When it comes to cutting expenses, people are the where the where the first place that they go into.

00:08:53.940 --> 00:09:10.710 Pat Alva-Kraker: So it took a while to make that shift and and really I was a choice as to how I continue to look at the situation, yes, either I could be the victim and do for me, you know what's going to happen or or I you know step back and say okay.

00:09:11.820 --> 00:09:20.280 Pat Alva-Kraker: You know, yes there's there's obviously a different path i'm going to step into that path, learn learn from what this particular.

00:09:21.630 --> 00:09:29.550 Pat Alva-Kraker: Experience is to teach me and to be open and empty to what the next opportunity is yes.

00:09:30.060 --> 00:09:41.280 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, and it's it's really, this is just a small piece of it, of you know what you're speaking of, and we can all relate to.

00:09:42.180 --> 00:09:59.970 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I believe many of the listeners can relate to losing a position, but I don't think everyone listening can relate to what it is to be done with a cancer diagnosis Would you mind speaking about that and and you also had a farm with your husband didn't you.

00:10:00.060 --> 00:10:02.850 Pat Alva-Kraker: Yes, I did have a farm with my husband I.

00:10:03.930 --> 00:10:06.180 Pat Alva-Kraker: We were married for over 20 years and.

00:10:07.980 --> 00:10:13.590 Pat Alva-Kraker: He suddenly died of a heart attack and I was left to running a 200 acre ranch.

00:10:14.610 --> 00:10:17.400 Pat Alva-Kraker: With a ranch hand, who was in a wheelchair.

00:10:18.570 --> 00:10:19.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, my goodness.

00:10:19.620 --> 00:10:22.920 Pat Alva-Kraker: So the combination of cancer and.

00:10:24.600 --> 00:10:30.720 Pat Alva-Kraker: These two situations really opened opened my eyes open my eyes and they taught me a lot.

00:10:31.800 --> 00:10:35.640 Pat Alva-Kraker: And this is where my journey to really connecting with myself and really.

00:10:36.960 --> 00:10:48.810 Pat Alva-Kraker: Living my life from my truth and being open to learning the lessons and each of these circumstances taught me a lot of lessons that.

00:10:50.310 --> 00:11:01.080 Pat Alva-Kraker: Over time, began the really the compilation of the book within me cooking until the right until it was the right time to really bring it out.

00:11:01.830 --> 00:11:19.230 Pat Alva-Kraker: And what I learned is that you know, we need to be in our bodies, I wasn't necessarily in my body, I was like sleepwalking and I came to realize that in in that place of just not being totally connected that we make different decisions.

00:11:20.460 --> 00:11:36.870 Pat Alva-Kraker: And we make different assumptions Oh yes, when you really you know start connecting and you start really going in and asking yourself what is true, then you start making decisions that are aligned with who you are and what your values are and it's a better place to live yes.

00:11:37.140 --> 00:11:48.930 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I love that you speaking about it from that context because myself and my patients I look at it with them that you know i'm i'm an analyst and spiritual director, so I.

00:11:49.860 --> 00:12:02.850 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I help them look at that everything we were brought up around the lives inside of us, and unless we do the inner work and we have a prayer life to the God of our understanding.

00:12:04.260 --> 00:12:16.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We are sleepwalking through life, we are not like you say, not in our bodies, but we are really operating out of a 10% of our consciousness.

00:12:17.130 --> 00:12:28.800 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we're just unconscious and we are plodding along not aware of really even what we're thinking and it's amazing when you look how our choices.

00:12:30.480 --> 00:12:44.280 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Along the way come from that unconscious place and God uses all of life to reach us, you know God will, without question, God comes to us as life so.

00:12:46.020 --> 00:13:00.750 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So young for you, you must be loved very much by the Lord we all are, but you know to to have that lesson it's such a young age to wake up and to pay attention is really something.

00:13:01.920 --> 00:13:04.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I was awakened quite early also.

00:13:06.360 --> 00:13:13.500 Dr. Georgeann Dau: But it's it's really something and you've done a great job in your book with it we're going to take a break in about a minute.

00:13:15.480 --> 00:13:16.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So.

00:13:17.460 --> 00:13:21.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: When we come back i'd like to look at.

00:13:23.070 --> 00:13:41.940 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Again, how you began your book and what was stirring in you that moved in you to start putting pen to paper right really great so thank you so much, and we'll be right back Dr George and down with guests tonight pat ever.

00:13:43.800 --> 00:13:44.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: krieger.

00:13:44.370 --> 00:13:55.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: muckraker and the waves, the GA with that name and we're we're being present to a journey through into awareness Thank you so much we'll be right back.

00:16:31.320 --> 00:16:48.870 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through duck to Georgia and and we're here with pat have a cracker this evening and talking about her book katherine's quest it's so great a woman's journey to elation.

00:16:50.100 --> 00:16:55.770 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And so, just to recap, because I want to move on to some things I make notations of here.

00:16:57.150 --> 00:17:07.320 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So you know pat incredibly uh you know courageous so before she wrote this book she had a very high position with IBM and.

00:17:08.190 --> 00:17:27.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: For those of you just tuning in I just want to recap, she had a very high position with IBM and was laid off, is a breast cancer survivor and lost her husband at a young age, and they were running a 200 acre ranch together and her husband.

00:17:29.190 --> 00:17:34.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: In a wheelchair, and they had something like 250 farm animals.

00:17:35.550 --> 00:17:42.090 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Certainly, an incredible woman and story of courage and we were talking about.

00:17:43.320 --> 00:17:59.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know all of that, and how she came to putting pen to paper to write this book and she has sections of the book where it's pat's musings and she she speaks from her heart on the different sections of the book.

00:17:59.730 --> 00:18:05.700 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I circled so many things in this book but um you know she wrote here.

00:18:06.630 --> 00:18:23.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And we had mentioned a moment ago that we go through life unconscious 90% of us as human beings is unconscious only 10% is conscious so when you think about that and that's what I work with in my with my patients is try to help them.

00:18:24.480 --> 00:18:29.460 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Wake up right and Jesus actually speaks a lot about this through scripture.

00:18:30.870 --> 00:18:55.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: If you ever you know want me to speak of that please send me a message i'd be more than happy to but she writes here, are you living life or is life living you when you react to the circumstances in your day all day life is living you very powerful statement but.

00:18:57.030 --> 00:19:01.200 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Please say everything about this and more you have so much on your.

00:19:05.310 --> 00:19:12.360 Pat Alva-Kraker: Everyday we have a choice as to whether we're going to take a moment when a circumstance occurs.

00:19:13.680 --> 00:19:18.960 Pat Alva-Kraker: And really step back from that moment and connect with yourself.

00:19:19.980 --> 00:19:24.720 Pat Alva-Kraker: and ask what is of my highest interest in this situation.

00:19:26.490 --> 00:19:34.680 Pat Alva-Kraker: And then, trusting that and then moving forward with that gut feel that into that intuition that was for that's given to you.

00:19:36.900 --> 00:19:45.480 Pat Alva-Kraker: When you do that life unfolds beautifully and you learn from the circumstance and you allow life to flow through you.

00:19:46.770 --> 00:20:06.300 Pat Alva-Kraker: versus allowing yourself to make decisions from the hip with no consciousness at all just totally reacting to what is said to you, without thinking at all about the possible consequences it's just you just move forward without.

00:20:07.980 --> 00:20:11.790 Pat Alva-Kraker: Connecting at all with what the higher good with your higher self.

00:20:12.570 --> 00:20:17.640 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Would you say that that place in you would you phrase it possibly as God in you.

00:20:18.240 --> 00:20:19.620 Pat Alva-Kraker: Absolutely, yes.

00:20:19.680 --> 00:20:22.560 Pat Alva-Kraker: My spirit always talking to us out.

00:20:22.650 --> 00:20:24.030 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Right yes and that's.

00:20:24.060 --> 00:20:34.200 Pat Alva-Kraker: that's where I feel when you're when you are responding and you're living from that place you're allowing spirit and God to to guide you.

00:20:35.490 --> 00:20:36.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: live through us.

00:20:36.420 --> 00:20:40.290 Pat Alva-Kraker: yeah and live through us exactly and and when you do that, then.

00:20:41.310 --> 00:20:45.720 Pat Alva-Kraker: You are living life, yes, you want life.

00:20:45.750 --> 00:20:56.100 Dr. Georgeann Dau: God is living life through us, you know when Jesus speaks that the Holy Spirit is praying through us, yes, praying through us that's incredible.

00:20:57.570 --> 00:21:01.890 Pat Alva-Kraker: And it's very comforting and you live from a place of peace.

00:21:03.600 --> 00:21:04.350 Pat Alva-Kraker: When you do that.

00:21:05.700 --> 00:21:06.360 Yes.

00:21:07.860 --> 00:21:09.270 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Jesus died, to give us that.

00:21:10.680 --> 00:21:24.240 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Jesus died on the Christians, give us that that's why, when people say Oh, you know Jesus was just a man, you know when he walked along the earth, and he was an incredible profit God did so much with through him in his life and.

00:21:25.860 --> 00:21:26.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: gave us.

00:21:27.750 --> 00:21:34.470 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The Holy Spirit the perfectly the helper when he died on that cross.

00:21:35.940 --> 00:21:36.510 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So.

00:21:37.920 --> 00:21:39.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You spoke of an uncle.

00:21:40.560 --> 00:21:45.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: In your book that taught you so many of these things.

00:21:46.530 --> 00:21:47.430 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What was he, like.

00:21:47.790 --> 00:21:49.200 Pat Alva-Kraker: So uncle lineman.

00:21:50.070 --> 00:21:50.730 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I loved him.

00:21:51.150 --> 00:21:54.810 Pat Alva-Kraker: I alkaline i'm in with katherine's favorite uncle.

00:21:56.010 --> 00:21:58.560 Pat Alva-Kraker: very wise gifted men.

00:22:01.050 --> 00:22:02.640 Pat Alva-Kraker: who knew that there was more.

00:22:04.920 --> 00:22:16.230 Pat Alva-Kraker: He knew that there was more and wanted more he was he was searching his path to happiness and was being very conscious about it so he's he was a good role model.

00:22:17.700 --> 00:22:19.290 Pat Alva-Kraker: It was a good role model in.

00:22:21.240 --> 00:22:23.640 Pat Alva-Kraker: In our ability to ask questions.

00:22:24.750 --> 00:22:26.550 Pat Alva-Kraker: willing to be curious.

00:22:28.500 --> 00:22:30.570 Pat Alva-Kraker: and willing to learn from others.

00:22:32.220 --> 00:22:42.330 Pat Alva-Kraker: So, on his path to all these islands that all amplified a specific value that at the end transforms him and takes them to a place of elation.

00:22:44.070 --> 00:22:46.080 Pat Alva-Kraker: is an incredible journey for Catherine.

00:22:47.730 --> 00:22:53.130 Pat Alva-Kraker: actually live those words and that vision through uncle lineman.

00:22:55.470 --> 00:22:56.700 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Catherine is.

00:22:58.860 --> 00:23:00.870 Dr. Georgeann Dau: pat but Catherine.

00:23:01.920 --> 00:23:13.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Journeys this journey she finds uncle I men's Journal and starts reading bit and uncle i'm him was a traveler.

00:23:13.470 --> 00:23:23.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And he went to all these different islands and each island gave him a spiritual gift that he left with and took with him.

00:23:24.090 --> 00:23:31.980 Dr. Georgeann Dau: into his life, but he needed to exercise that really grasp it in order for him to go on to the next island.

00:23:32.550 --> 00:23:54.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: brilliantly done such a great read and such an important message for women today, you know i'm your you know ahead of your time and I, I think you and I are twins in many ways um that many times women don't allow themselves the voice that they desire.

00:23:55.350 --> 00:23:55.860 Pat Alva-Kraker: I agree.

00:23:56.730 --> 00:24:05.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you know they they they desire it but they don't know how to access it they don't know what it means.

00:24:05.910 --> 00:24:23.490 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I didn't have any role model of that if you know somewhere in our lives and it's usually with trauma, unfortunately, that we can hear and begin to wake up to the opportunity to.

00:24:25.020 --> 00:24:34.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: pay attention to trust the voice inside to recognize and discern amidst the many voices.

00:24:35.490 --> 00:24:45.630 Dr. Georgeann Dau: When did you come to that spiritual awakening for yourself Pack that we all have it, but you.

00:24:45.870 --> 00:24:46.470 Pat Alva-Kraker: All have it.

00:24:46.620 --> 00:24:47.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah we all have it.

00:24:47.760 --> 00:24:48.240 Pat Alva-Kraker: But it was.

00:24:48.330 --> 00:24:54.930 Dr. Georgeann Dau: But it was it was awakening and you before before these these difficult challenges.

00:24:55.020 --> 00:25:05.520 Pat Alva-Kraker: And, and you and you make a very important point there because I totally believe that God was purposeful in make and helping me wake up.

00:25:06.900 --> 00:25:24.330 Pat Alva-Kraker: And I had moved from El paso and I took a job with IBM and in Dallas and I just it just turned out that and, of course, there are no accidents that there was a community of women that were very spiritual.

00:25:26.220 --> 00:25:26.970 Pat Alva-Kraker: and

00:25:28.380 --> 00:25:29.880 Pat Alva-Kraker: we're willing to share.

00:25:31.110 --> 00:25:34.500 Pat Alva-Kraker: openly the books, they were reading how they felt.

00:25:35.730 --> 00:25:41.580 Pat Alva-Kraker: sharing their intuition and I became really cocooned by these women.

00:25:43.200 --> 00:25:52.680 Pat Alva-Kraker: And I began to unfold and began to connect with my gifts began to tie into my intuition and it was.

00:25:53.940 --> 00:25:59.760 Pat Alva-Kraker: A period where I can say for several years, that I went through a transformation of waking up.

00:26:01.230 --> 00:26:07.020 Pat Alva-Kraker: had I not done that I would have not been able to have gotten through cancer.

00:26:09.000 --> 00:26:16.380 Pat Alva-Kraker: Because I was so connected with myself and was very intuitive and counted on that and the.

00:26:16.620 --> 00:26:17.190 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What do you mean.

00:26:18.330 --> 00:26:24.090 Dr. Georgeann Dau: What do you mean I must closure Catherine, what do you mean by that when you said you were very connected to yourself.

00:26:28.500 --> 00:26:29.700 Pat Alva-Kraker: So many times.

00:26:34.170 --> 00:26:46.950 Pat Alva-Kraker: I found myself sleepwalking and wasn't connected in my body, and as I started relying on myself and reading and studying how important it is to be guided from the inside out.

00:26:48.060 --> 00:26:56.130 Pat Alva-Kraker: Guided from the inside out from the heart from your sense of intuition and to rely on the messages that are being given to you.

00:26:57.060 --> 00:27:08.160 Pat Alva-Kraker: Whether whether you see him here and we're feeling and start getting really comfortable with those messages, as they come through and knowing that those are the right messages for you and trusting that.

00:27:09.210 --> 00:27:20.670 Pat Alva-Kraker: In the past I wasn't as stressful of of that connection, and so I doubted myself and I ran and I listened to the other, I listened to other voices from other people to guide me.

00:27:21.900 --> 00:27:35.640 Pat Alva-Kraker: Until I began to understand that my power is really in is being in alignment with myself and what my values are and what my intuition says and what spirit tells me and I live my life from here.

00:27:36.870 --> 00:27:50.130 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Beautiful beautiful I haven't imagination, that you know very well, of how grace, you ought to be able to discern all those different voices because.

00:27:50.640 --> 00:28:03.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, they come from outside yourself from the people you're surrounding yourself with, but we have so many voices inside of us, you know our super ego is side of us from when we're children.

00:28:04.830 --> 00:28:13.560 Dr. Georgeann Dau: By authority figures and you know, unless we do the work, and we have a relationship with our God within.

00:28:16.110 --> 00:28:24.180 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We are not aware, not even aware of those voices, but not even aware that we're listening to them.

00:28:25.590 --> 00:28:26.820 Pat Alva-Kraker: And then we've given them power.

00:28:27.210 --> 00:28:37.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And we've got that's a powerful statement that we've get very powerful, yes, thank you, Pat, that we have given them power because we believe in them.

00:28:38.040 --> 00:28:49.980 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And so many times we're still living out of our child inside of us because we're still giving them power when they never had any power to believe, to begin with great yeah.

00:28:51.330 --> 00:29:00.660 Pat Alva-Kraker: It is so true and the the change within us starts when you become aware that that's happening, yes, awareness awareness.

00:29:00.930 --> 00:29:05.640 Pat Alva-Kraker: Of what paying attention changes every that's where that's where the transformation begins.

00:29:05.970 --> 00:29:08.430 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Absolutely, there was a.

00:29:10.440 --> 00:29:11.730 Dr. Georgeann Dau: There was a.

00:29:14.310 --> 00:29:16.950 Dr. Georgeann Dau: renowned monk, who.

00:29:18.870 --> 00:29:33.750 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Was teaching and one of his students came, one day, and he said master I know that you know all, what is the if you were going to tell me what is the one secret to the mystery, in which we all live.

00:29:35.370 --> 00:29:46.890 Dr. Georgeann Dau: takes out a piece of paper and he writes down and he hands it to the student and he looks he says awareness, he says yes, I know it's awareness, but there has to be something else.

00:29:49.620 --> 00:30:13.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: awareness and this went on 50 times because you're absolutely right, it is awareness it begins the entire process of US awakening awareness of what awareness of the falsities that live within and awareness of god's voice and movement in and through us.

00:30:14.460 --> 00:30:29.820 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Beautiful oh my gosh you know, since I started this radio program I have met such incredible people that are on the path it is just such a privilege for me.

00:30:30.540 --> 00:30:45.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I mean it, I had the gift of tears it's very easy for me to cry and I don't want to cry but it's just such a privilege to be here with you tonight, knowing what you've lived and how you've lived and just amazing woman.

00:30:47.880 --> 00:30:55.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: and your book tell us more about your book, what would you like we have time yet, but tell us more about your book.

00:30:56.640 --> 00:31:07.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I know you speak of the things you have to have a deep relationship with God what what most do you feel you heard within yourself, while writing this book.

00:31:10.170 --> 00:31:11.790 Pat Alva-Kraker: Trust the process of life.

00:31:13.290 --> 00:31:16.260 Trust the process of LIFE I love that.

00:31:17.730 --> 00:31:20.550 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And that's something else i'm sure that none of us do well.

00:31:22.710 --> 00:31:24.480 Pat Alva-Kraker: it's a lesson that I continue to learn.

00:31:24.840 --> 00:31:26.550 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, my gosh I think we do.

00:31:27.180 --> 00:31:33.930 Pat Alva-Kraker: contain, I think, from if you were to ask me what is the lesson that you came to learn, it would be to trust the process of life.

00:31:35.400 --> 00:31:38.700 Pat Alva-Kraker: Because when I don't it's it's hard.

00:31:40.320 --> 00:31:43.020 Pat Alva-Kraker: it's frustrating it doesn't flow.

00:31:45.420 --> 00:31:49.650 Pat Alva-Kraker: And then I catch myself and I tell myself you're not you're not trusting the process pat.

00:31:50.730 --> 00:31:54.210 Pat Alva-Kraker: Just trust the process and start don't push the string.

00:31:55.440 --> 00:31:56.400 Pat Alva-Kraker: As some may saying.

00:31:59.280 --> 00:32:01.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So let's say you are.

00:32:03.150 --> 00:32:15.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you were talking before about reacting, yes, see when we when we're awake to what's happening in the moment we choose, on how we want to act.

00:32:18.930 --> 00:32:24.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Instead of reacting so let's say you're in a situation that.

00:32:27.570 --> 00:32:43.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: you're on the phone, and this is one of my bugaboos, which is why I bring it up you're on the phone and you trying to get a real person and you're on hold for a half hour, and you can never, never get through to anyone and.

00:32:44.190 --> 00:32:46.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: All of a sudden, the call gets dropped.

00:32:47.670 --> 00:32:50.040 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Things like that that can grab you.

00:32:51.990 --> 00:33:01.260 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we're going to take a break, and when we come back let's look at common everyday ordinary things to maybe help our listeners, as we go forward.

00:33:01.350 --> 00:33:04.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So we'll be right back i'm Dr George and Dell.

00:33:04.590 --> 00:33:08.190 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And we're here with pat muckraker.

00:33:09.360 --> 00:33:10.260 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we'll be right back.

00:35:36.930 --> 00:35:37.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:35:39.600 --> 00:35:56.580 Dr. Georgeann Dau: to Georgia and out when we're here Jerry through with pat as muckraker So what do you do with the ordinariness of life that you know I mean you things we don't have control over you know that's what suffering is is when we don't feel we have control.

00:35:58.020 --> 00:36:01.020 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I asked you this because look at the amount of suffering you've been through.

00:36:02.250 --> 00:36:03.510 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, my gosh.

00:36:05.790 --> 00:36:10.200 Pat Alva-Kraker: You know it's really it isn't it isn't the everyday things right, so that when.

00:36:10.770 --> 00:36:23.580 Pat Alva-Kraker: You know you have a problem that needs to be resolved or you're looking for an answer and you're looking to call someone that can provide you some kind of guidance or support or a resource and you call them and they don't answer.

00:36:25.230 --> 00:36:37.560 Pat Alva-Kraker: Exactly you've got them and they don't answer and it's easy to say Oh, I really needed them to pick up the phone and when that happens to me I just sit back and I say oh God has another plan.

00:36:38.580 --> 00:36:43.650 Pat Alva-Kraker: Yes, he has another plan yes i'm curious to see what it is.

00:36:44.760 --> 00:36:55.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I know that's true and I, so no that's true and it's so funny because then the small minds of the ego you know the ego has a purpose.

00:36:55.800 --> 00:36:56.490 Pat Alva-Kraker: And we have right.

00:36:56.700 --> 00:37:12.570 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Right, the ego was there for us to learn survival as a child and yada yada, but when it's not developed properly it's a very small minds of the ego and it can be petty so you know when it it doesn't like change, so you know right away.

00:37:13.590 --> 00:37:15.540 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I could, I could hear it say.

00:37:16.890 --> 00:37:19.980 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, I know that but I need to get this done.

00:37:22.080 --> 00:37:22.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Right.

00:37:22.530 --> 00:37:30.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I think we can all sort of laugh at that, together, because we're all human and we all struggle with the same things.

00:37:31.980 --> 00:37:48.900 Pat Alva-Kraker: It is so true, and you, we were we're always a choice and that's one of the things that I teach in the book is that we're always a choice and we're either going to go with the flow or we're going to be in resistance and what is resistance resistance never pays off.

00:37:49.710 --> 00:37:51.900 Pat Alva-Kraker: Never it never pays off.

00:37:51.900 --> 00:37:55.860 Pat Alva-Kraker: ever so why not just go with the flow.

00:37:57.150 --> 00:37:57.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: that's right.

00:37:57.960 --> 00:37:58.860 Pat Alva-Kraker: and peaceful.

00:37:59.970 --> 00:38:01.260 Dr. Georgeann Dau: psycho analytically.

00:38:02.790 --> 00:38:16.770 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Resistance comes from our pre talking years when our basic needs as infants we're not met no one's fault, we all make mistakes with the children.

00:38:17.970 --> 00:38:23.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: No one gets it right and but the basic needs, you know.

00:38:23.730 --> 00:38:36.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Johnny skin Disney the infants meaning me or you were in the crib and I wet myself and I need the diaper change, and no one is be crying because mommy and Daddy you're taking care of little jimmy's name.

00:38:36.720 --> 00:38:48.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I first start to experience the feeling of frustration never had that before don't know what it is and we develop these resistance is.

00:38:49.440 --> 00:38:52.200 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Against the reality of what's happening.

00:38:53.310 --> 00:39:08.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: To try to save ourselves the pain, the discomfort and you're right it never works and there's a lot to that self hate and everything but we're not here for psychoanalytical lesson um but certainly.

00:39:11.100 --> 00:39:22.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: you're absolutely right and I love that the resistance, the resistance and you spoke, you know indirectly so many messages in here, you know I wrote here um.

00:39:25.530 --> 00:39:48.300 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, giving love, there is a what island, it was sold the island to fold, and you know about giving love freely to everyone and everything and it comes back to us this is how we truly receive love we truly receive love, by giving love yes that's how we receive.

00:39:49.470 --> 00:39:53.310 Pat Alva-Kraker: Exactly it is it's right on and.

00:39:54.570 --> 00:39:57.000 Pat Alva-Kraker: If we embrace an attitude.

00:39:58.800 --> 00:40:02.040 Pat Alva-Kraker: of doing everything through love with love.

00:40:04.050 --> 00:40:10.350 Pat Alva-Kraker: Then we in turn get enough an opportunity to receive amazing love from people that love us.

00:40:12.300 --> 00:40:16.860 Pat Alva-Kraker: A world would be a better place and we consistently came from that place.

00:40:18.120 --> 00:40:20.670 Pat Alva-Kraker: consistently came from a place of love.

00:40:21.870 --> 00:40:26.610 Pat Alva-Kraker: Yes, because that's what God wants yes that's what God is right.

00:40:27.240 --> 00:40:45.900 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Exactly that's why i've committed myself to my work, you know with one person at a time, I could help people connect the dots from their pre talking experience to their contemporary life and help them move through the.

00:40:47.460 --> 00:41:00.090 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Resistance is and this moment of the ego through the awareness of that and free themselves up to love themselves, yes, first.

00:41:00.780 --> 00:41:06.870 Pat Alva-Kraker: First, totally believe first and that's part of self care right is to begin with self love.

00:41:07.380 --> 00:41:09.660 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you speak a lot about self care and.

00:41:09.660 --> 00:41:20.370 Pat Alva-Kraker: I do, I do speak a lot of self a lot about self care because I truly believe that we don't we don't take care of ourselves really no one else will it's our responsibility.

00:41:21.090 --> 00:41:31.860 Pat Alva-Kraker: To take care of ourselves, and we want to take care of ourselves, so that we have a cup that overflows so that we can give from that overflow not permanently cup oh.

00:41:32.070 --> 00:41:37.410 Dr. Georgeann Dau: that's beautiful I love that yes, yes, so like that.

00:41:37.740 --> 00:41:47.670 Pat Alva-Kraker: And I when I talked to a lot of women, and we, we know we definitely something that I, that I am such a strong believer of self love self care.

00:41:49.740 --> 00:41:50.130 and

00:41:53.250 --> 00:41:58.620 Pat Alva-Kraker: When I asked women, what is your challenge about self care.

00:41:59.730 --> 00:42:09.360 Pat Alva-Kraker: What are your whole backs are your challenges well I you know I don't have the time I don't have the resources, I don't have the money.

00:42:11.370 --> 00:42:15.420 Pat Alva-Kraker: And, to be honest with you, George and it's nothing it's none of those.

00:42:15.600 --> 00:42:16.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: that's right.

00:42:16.620 --> 00:42:27.990 Pat Alva-Kraker: it's none of those it comes down to self worth yes, it goes down to self worth so they feel you they feel unworthy of giving themselves that time.

00:42:30.090 --> 00:42:33.510 Pat Alva-Kraker: And so they they don't do it and The thing is, we are worthy.

00:42:36.300 --> 00:42:39.840 Pat Alva-Kraker: of self love and of taking care of ourselves, and we deserve it.

00:42:42.090 --> 00:42:45.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, and this is such an important point, because i'm.

00:42:47.070 --> 00:42:50.880 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, doing a you know the naturopathic work i've done.

00:42:52.380 --> 00:42:57.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know, it takes work to take care of yourself nutritionally.

00:42:58.650 --> 00:42:59.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: and

00:43:00.690 --> 00:43:11.820 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We live in a society that is about take this pill, and it doesn't matter if I eat fried food.

00:43:13.170 --> 00:43:15.750 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know it doesn't matter if I.

00:43:19.500 --> 00:43:37.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, I could go on and on about it, but you know I had a woman come to me, and she was borderline diabetic and I was talking to her about a supplement program that she needed to partaken and she was like i'm not gonna do it.

00:43:38.100 --> 00:43:42.240 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm not gonna do it i'll just take this pill from the doctor well.

00:43:43.350 --> 00:43:43.770 You know.

00:43:44.820 --> 00:43:45.750 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Why not do both.

00:43:47.040 --> 00:43:57.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: what's you know why not do both yeah yeah but um is there anything that you might want our listeners.

00:43:58.050 --> 00:44:06.780 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I feel like we need to spend a couple of hours here together with this is there anything that you would like the listeners to take away um.

00:44:07.650 --> 00:44:15.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know you spoke here before, and I know we take a break your inner self speaks of lightness peace love joy and inspiration.

00:44:16.230 --> 00:44:31.950 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, it is just so beautiful so many beautiful things in this book um what's the takeaway I know what so I, but what does it take away from this book, I know that you are offering listeners tonight, the first chapter.

00:44:32.070 --> 00:44:34.950 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, right Where do they go to get that.

00:44:35.460 --> 00:44:44.520 Pat Alva-Kraker: They go to www majestic coaching group COM and they click on the tab that says katherine's quest.

00:44:45.060 --> 00:44:53.520 Pat Alva-Kraker: Okay download the book, you can download the first chapter down download it for free and you're going to fall in love with it and you'll come back and that's where you can buy the book.

00:44:53.760 --> 00:45:01.380 Pat Alva-Kraker: Yes, and the journal, and the affirmation cards that come with it and really make it a total experience.

00:45:01.800 --> 00:45:17.130 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Well, I didn't get those i'm such a little kid but it's a www dot majestic coaching and you can get the first chapter as a gift from.

00:45:17.610 --> 00:45:27.180 Dr. Georgeann Dau: pat from Catherine but we're going to take a brief break and then, when we come back we're going to say this again so you can make sure you get it and also.

00:45:27.930 --> 00:45:38.070 Dr. Georgeann Dau: we're going to have pat discuss what's her takeaway from tonight that she'd like you to take with her with us with us all we'll be right back.

00:48:01.980 --> 00:48:15.420 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through into awareness with pat alva cracker cracker and i'm Dr George and Dell so i'm pat so what's the takeaway.

00:48:16.020 --> 00:48:27.030 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Because I want to end in a prayer tonight, so we have a little time what's the takeaway um before I give them the address again that you would like our listeners to.

00:48:28.590 --> 00:48:30.900 Dr. Georgeann Dau: take with them from tonight.

00:48:31.200 --> 00:48:49.680 Pat Alva-Kraker: Yes, I would like, for them to understand that they're they're on a very sacred journey and to embrace the journey that they're on, and when you learn how to lead yourself, using the practices in the book, you can get yourself through any challenge.

00:48:50.910 --> 00:48:56.940 Pat Alva-Kraker: Because it all comes down to how you lead yourself and lead yourself through alignment through faith.

00:48:58.170 --> 00:48:59.100 Pat Alva-Kraker: And through trust.

00:49:00.900 --> 00:49:11.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I love that expression lead oneself lead oneself, because if we are not with God, we are not being led.

00:49:12.630 --> 00:49:17.580 Dr. Georgeann Dau: by ourselves and God within we're being led by.

00:49:19.050 --> 00:49:20.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Society.

00:49:20.370 --> 00:49:25.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, not others right pad is saying others.

00:49:26.130 --> 00:49:32.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Not only outside of ourselves, and we are so tossed around.

00:49:34.620 --> 00:49:50.160 Dr. Georgeann Dau: By society by advertising on what to think what to buy what's in fashion, what should we do what, especially as women, did you haven't noticed that most advertising really is.

00:49:53.310 --> 00:49:55.920 Dr. Georgeann Dau: revealed to for women.

00:49:57.540 --> 00:50:00.180 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know the shoes the you know.

00:50:01.230 --> 00:50:10.590 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Men need sneakers maybe loafers a black shoe and a brown shoe right women the men issues right and really when you think about it, what do we need but.

00:50:12.210 --> 00:50:14.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: But also the voices in our head.

00:50:16.470 --> 00:50:25.620 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So maybe it is saying now what voice in the back of my head, the one that saying what voice in the back of your head.

00:50:27.120 --> 00:50:27.660 Pat Alva-Kraker: That one.

00:50:28.140 --> 00:50:29.220 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That one right there.

00:50:29.400 --> 00:50:30.120 Pat Alva-Kraker: When right there.

00:50:30.690 --> 00:50:32.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Right, you know.

00:50:33.360 --> 00:50:35.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And it is always chattering way.

00:50:37.020 --> 00:50:39.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know the Buddhists call it monkey mind.

00:50:40.530 --> 00:50:58.470 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know it swings from one thought to the next to the next to the next really um you know, once you start paying attention to that it's amazing how it's talking about things that have no relevance at all and really quite boring.

00:50:59.610 --> 00:51:04.890 Pat Alva-Kraker: And when you catch yourself you're aware, you know I always say, well, well, thank you for sharing.

00:51:07.260 --> 00:51:10.230 Pat Alva-Kraker: Thank you for sharing go to the backseat i'm driving.

00:51:12.120 --> 00:51:13.590 Dr. Georgeann Dau: i'm going to change the Channel.

00:51:15.720 --> 00:51:17.310 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I left them to am too.

00:51:17.340 --> 00:51:18.840 Dr. Georgeann Dau: yeah amen.

00:51:20.190 --> 00:51:23.880 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh that's funny I just thought about that no FM the way I am amen.

00:51:24.090 --> 00:51:25.200 Pat Alva-Kraker: I love it I love it.

00:51:25.860 --> 00:51:42.750 Dr. Georgeann Dau: it's funny so that's really great so again to get your free download now I would definitely highly recommend it it's www dot majestic coach in

00:51:43.470 --> 00:52:06.420 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you click on catherine's quest and you can download the first chapter of this great little book and I would highly recommend it and you get other little chords and stuff with it, which is so great, yes, so it's.

00:52:06.480 --> 00:52:09.270 Pat Alva-Kraker: A perfect package for the for women leaders in your life.

00:52:10.170 --> 00:52:17.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh perfect package for women leaders in our lives that's great What was your favorite islands in the book was the javelin.

00:52:18.240 --> 00:52:18.870 Pat Alva-Kraker: Oh.

00:52:19.860 --> 00:52:27.030 Pat Alva-Kraker: My God i'm creating them, it was so much fun creating them really it's the Latin sls island the island ovulation.

00:52:28.530 --> 00:52:30.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And the islands of elation.

00:52:31.620 --> 00:52:35.760 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And again every islands that her uncle visited.

00:52:36.900 --> 00:52:46.290 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Had a purpose, a name and a purpose and the island of elation i'm not I don't want to say too much, but.

00:52:48.930 --> 00:53:10.560 Dr. Georgeann Dau: He brought so much with them to the island of elation it was really about recognition of the sacred journey and a compilation of everything from the other islands being infused in in through him, yes, and would you say that's right yes.

00:53:10.590 --> 00:53:11.850 Pat Alva-Kraker: Absolutely totally agree.

00:53:12.510 --> 00:53:12.990 and

00:53:14.340 --> 00:53:19.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You know and and Catherine pat was able to.

00:53:20.970 --> 00:53:32.460 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Just surround yourself with it in it through it at what point, this is this is good i'm glad I thought about this before we end at what point.

00:53:33.630 --> 00:53:34.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: In your journey.

00:53:35.880 --> 00:53:45.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Did you start actually writing this writing the name coming up with Katherine so you had the breast cancer yeah has been.

00:53:47.490 --> 00:53:58.530 Dr. Georgeann Dau: became ill, you would lost your job, how much time be between how much time between each of those segments, and how much time between the last one, and did you start the book.

00:54:00.390 --> 00:54:05.370 Pat Alva-Kraker: writing a book for me was a journey and its own I started writing my book, six years ago.

00:54:06.570 --> 00:54:07.980 Pat Alva-Kraker: Six years ago and.

00:54:09.030 --> 00:54:12.090 Pat Alva-Kraker: It started the name of it at the time was stopped for a hot dog.

00:54:13.560 --> 00:54:25.170 Pat Alva-Kraker: Oh, not for a hot dog 31 soulful practices for women and I named get stuck or a hot dog, because the metaphor was stopped for a pause pause.

00:54:26.730 --> 00:54:32.820 Pat Alva-Kraker: pause in your life and take in everything around you just take a pause whether it's a cup of coffee.

00:54:34.320 --> 00:54:45.150 Pat Alva-Kraker: soda whatever, that is, but when I was young, when my sisters that we used to go shopping, we went shopping with our best friends and before we left, we would stop for a hot dog.

00:54:46.470 --> 00:54:55.560 Pat Alva-Kraker: And we would sit there and we would reminisce the day and Oh, I hope, what you bought and I didn't expect to see George and there was a good to see her and we just.

00:54:55.980 --> 00:55:03.690 Pat Alva-Kraker: relished the day we just pause and really enjoyed it and that's what I want women to do that's how it came up with stuff rod.

00:55:04.860 --> 00:55:16.950 Pat Alva-Kraker: And then over time it evolved and the 31 practices, you know my my publisher said, you have 31 amazing practices, you have three books in this one book.

00:55:17.670 --> 00:55:27.630 Pat Alva-Kraker: I want you to take your favorite practices and I wanted to write a story around it for women beautiful Nice, and I can do that beautiful it transformed.

00:55:27.990 --> 00:55:39.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: your friends today well I can't Thank you enough to saying yes for being on the show with me tonight you are absolute treasure, thank you.

00:55:40.050 --> 00:55:40.500 Pat Alva-Kraker: Thank you.

00:55:40.980 --> 00:55:48.780 Pat Alva-Kraker: And to Georgia, and I appreciate everything that you do to educate and inspire your audience and empower them, thank you.

00:55:49.080 --> 00:55:52.830 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And maybe we will do a women's retreat together one day.

00:55:53.610 --> 00:55:54.420 Pat Alva-Kraker: I would love to.

00:55:54.990 --> 00:55:57.330 Dr. Georgeann Dau: let's stay in touch and and talk about that.

00:55:57.690 --> 00:55:58.440 Pat Alva-Kraker: i'm in.

00:55:58.500 --> 00:56:08.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So let us just end in prayer real quickly, I think we have a minute left, I always like to do that, for all of us together.

00:56:09.840 --> 00:56:23.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: loving God you fill all things with the fullness and hope that we can never comprehend, thank you for leading us into a time where more of reality is being unveiled for all to see.

00:56:24.120 --> 00:56:39.840 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We pray that you will take us on a journey and help us say stay away from natural temptations for cynicism denial, fear and despair and the false voices.

00:56:40.200 --> 00:56:49.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That are other than us help us have the courage to awaken to greater truth greater humility and care for one another.

00:56:49.440 --> 00:56:59.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: and ourselves, may we place our hope in what matters and what lasts trusting your eternal presence and love.

00:56:59.940 --> 00:57:15.210 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Listen to our hearts longing for the healing of our suffering world knowing good God that you're hearing us better than we are speaking we offer these prayers in all of the Holy names of God.

00:57:16.260 --> 00:57:25.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I asked you blessings upon all that are here with us tonight all of humanity and all that are suffering in any way God bless.

00:57:26.460 --> 00:57:38.760 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Thank you for joining us tonight, thank you and I look forward to seeing you again pad and hopefully you'll be joining us next week, all of you that are here tonight.

00:57:39.270 --> 00:57:53.400 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And i'm going to also be on the show extra innings being interviewed there myself, which is the show before mine at five o'clock good night and God bless take care.

00:57:54.780 --> 00:57:56.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Thank you, Pat, thank you.

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