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Friday, January 29, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/29 - A Conversation About Hour Children


2021/01/29 - A Conversation About Hour Children

[NEW EPISODE] A Conversation About Hour Children

With Special guest Sister Tesa Fitzgerald the founder of Hour Children, a home in Long Island City, Queens for children whose mothers were incarcerated. 

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy introduces his guest, Sister Tesa Fitzgerald. She is the founder of Hour Children This is an organization that provides resources for children whose mothers are incarcerated. Tommy reads Tesa’s bio which includes her education, awards and acknowledgments, and the founding of her organization. Tesa tells a story about how children would refer to her organization as “Mother’s House”. She talks about the significance of the “hour” in “Hour Children”. Hour Children is based in Queens with nine houses so far. They provide basic needs for the mothers and their children. They have a thrift shop and food pantry,

Segment 2

Sister Tesa goes into detail about the food pantry. She talks about the elevated need for food due to the pandemic. She also talks about the donations she gets for her organization. Some of these basic needs include: diapers, coats, socks, and other articles of clothing. She says, “We are very attentive to what the people are asking for”. Sister Tesa tells the public who they can reach out to if they want to volunteer. Tommy and Sister Tesa talk about some of the guilt people may feel when getting help from a food pantry. Sister Tesa talks about the importance of volunteers having conversations with people in the food pantry lines. This creates a human connection.

Segment 3

Tommy asks Sister Tesa to talk about the transition of a woman from being incarcerated back into the real world. Sister Tesa describes the process of smoothly being women back into society. They set up housing and create routines for them to get them accustomed to the real world.The women are then enrolled in the Working Women training program. This program provides resources for women to start working. Sister Tesa also talks about the discrimination the women face due to their criminal records.

Segment 4

Sister Tesa talks about some of the projects her organization is working on such as the stereotype of Rykers and poverty.There is also a parole advocacy virtual event. Sister Tesa plugs Hour Children’s website. She recommends coming in person and meeting the women. Sister Tesa says her organization needs laptops.


00:00:26.490 --> 00:00:31.560 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Good morning, everybody it's Friday morning it's 10am, and that means it is philanthropy info.

00:00:32.580 --> 00:00:38.580 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So what's special about this program is well, let me tell you where i'm coming from first of all it's your buddy Tommy date.

00:00:38.970 --> 00:00:46.080 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm coming to you, as always, from the top of my house that's right yeah i've been in the attic now 320 days and.

00:00:46.500 --> 00:00:55.170 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But who's counting well, I guess, I am because it's on the calendar downstairs and I see it all the time when i'm in the kitchen, so you know if you've plugged into this program in the past that I am.

00:00:55.620 --> 00:01:06.330 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Incredibly passionate about the nonprofit sector and all the work they do I just I was drawn to this sector, I feel that often the sector goes unrecognized.

00:01:07.200 --> 00:01:21.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: underfunded and overlooked and my answer to that problem or challenge is philanthropy and focus and that's where we are, we are on philanthropy focus every single Friday morning from 10am Eastern standard time till 11am.

00:01:21.720 --> 00:01:26.160 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I will interview a nonprofit executive LEADER I will interview them to find out.

00:01:26.430 --> 00:01:34.410 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: about where the organization came from the genesis of the organization, I want to find out some of the challenges, maybe early on, because at some of the folks that will plug into our programs.

00:01:34.950 --> 00:01:44.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: are starting grassroots nonprofit organizations and can use those kind of always that how it happened, or is that what you do those kind of stories, those are important and then we're going to talk about the programs.

00:01:45.150 --> 00:01:50.580 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Really, what are the programs that that organization offers, how do they make an impact in their community.

00:01:51.060 --> 00:01:56.670 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And ultimately, I want to find out what is the future of the organization, where are they going, how will they.

00:01:57.450 --> 00:02:02.520 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: evolve and continue to add value and make an impact to the communities that they serve.

00:02:02.850 --> 00:02:09.900 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's what it is, this is not a Tommy deas show, although most of my life is the time ED show this is not the Tommy deas show this is about.

00:02:10.290 --> 00:02:17.220 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: talking to these nonprofits and using my platform to help get the word out get the message out so today, I have a special honor.

00:02:17.640 --> 00:02:27.870 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And i'm going to read my my friend, Dr T so fitzgerald's bio in a second, but I have a special honor having Dr T with me today, Dr T just hit the mute button when you get a chance, so you can come off mute when.

00:02:28.440 --> 00:02:29.880 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When we're ready um.

00:02:30.600 --> 00:02:41.220 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You just hit the one up in the there you go you're all good alright so i'm going to just quickly, before I even have Dr T say good morning i'm going to read something, because I think it's important to set the stage of where we're going today.

00:02:41.640 --> 00:02:51.420 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So in 1986 sister tisa Fitzgerald see sj help develop a home in long island city Queens for children whose mothers were incarcerated.

00:02:51.990 --> 00:02:58.920 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Our children and I always say spelled H O, you are our children was born from the realization that the mothers.

00:02:59.250 --> 00:03:06.840 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: She was visiting would need additional support if they were success if they were to successfully you reunite with their children, after their release.

00:03:07.350 --> 00:03:17.940 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In 1992 our children was incorporated and is now a leading provider of prison and community based family services for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children.

00:03:19.140 --> 00:03:27.840 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: sister Teresa received her bachelor's in education from Brentwood college her master's in education from Queens college right queen's favorite county.

00:03:28.470 --> 00:03:40.260 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Best borrow i'm going to get myself in trouble with the other borrows now sister tisa is recipient of many awards and honors for her work with families involved in the criminal justice system in 2015 she was.

00:03:40.770 --> 00:03:52.170 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: awarded the Cross pro ecclesial at Pontiff to say, and she has been named the tia difference maker in 2018 winner of the renewal award from the Atlantic in 2017.

00:03:52.710 --> 00:04:04.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The opus award in 2014 White House champion of change in 2013 and a CNN hero in 2012 and is one of the top 100 Irish Americans by Irish American magazine.

00:04:05.220 --> 00:04:12.630 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: super excited I mean that's a big deal to have you on my program that this is the tea it's so cool prior to starting our children city.

00:04:12.930 --> 00:04:19.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Work in the office of Catholic education for the diocese of brooklyn see now I am in trouble because brooklyn's in the House and I was already talking about Queens.

00:04:19.650 --> 00:04:27.960 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And she served as a school principal through various elementary schools throughout Queens and brooklyn sister Theresa Fitzgerald welcome to philanthropy and focus I like to say, welcome to the show.

00:04:28.740 --> 00:04:41.340 Sister Tesa: Thank you Tommy and i'm very grateful for your passion for the work that I do, and certainly for work that nonprofits do across our city and our world because you're right, we are the bedrock of change.

00:04:41.970 --> 00:04:50.790 Sister Tesa: From the grassroots up so i'm honored to be here today, and you, so I gave a good broad overview of with the genesis of our children.

00:04:51.150 --> 00:05:07.200 Sister Tesa: But in 1986 the need was made clear to me and to others for other cities of St Joseph about the plight of children whose mothers were incarcerated and that really was largely due to central angle away, who really is my heroine she was a forefront.

00:05:08.370 --> 00:05:16.890 Sister Tesa: runner of services inside correctional facility in Bedford hills and she reached out to our Community citizen St joe's of Brentwood.

00:05:17.880 --> 00:05:29.250 Sister Tesa: to gather together to have some kind of a practical solution to help children and the solution ended up to be establishing a home here in long island city in St rita's Convent.

00:05:29.490 --> 00:05:34.590 Sister Tesa: And that home was called lovingly called my mother's House so when the children came to live there.

00:05:35.040 --> 00:05:46.590 Sister Tesa: And people asked where do you live, they say, live with my friends in my mother's house and that name has continued right through today and it's across the street, from where I am in long island city in the offices so.

00:05:47.550 --> 00:05:51.870 Sister Tesa: That was the origin of LM for nine years the sisters and I really.

00:05:52.620 --> 00:06:01.530 Sister Tesa: Were licensed for some others, just so that we would really be able to navigate the world with of these children and the mothers and we it took us inside that.

00:06:02.010 --> 00:06:15.600 Sister Tesa: hills correctional, and there I met the most amazing honest humble women who were filled with grief and remorse over the poor choices that they had made so much of it was drugged written at that.

00:06:16.110 --> 00:06:20.760 Sister Tesa: Driven at that point in time and all they yearn for was a chance to really.

00:06:21.060 --> 00:06:29.760 Sister Tesa: step out of prison and really make good life for their children and they know they needed help, and they were very honest about that there was no.

00:06:30.000 --> 00:06:41.910 Sister Tesa: cover up of stories no I didn't do anything, it was just a look forward with hope and they needed us so that's really where our children was born, we move from caring for children.

00:06:42.600 --> 00:06:52.110 Sister Tesa: For the nine years to establishing a house and it was really right on the same block at that time it was an abandoned house that the parish Let us take over, we.

00:06:52.500 --> 00:07:02.100 Sister Tesa: With the help of many volunteers fixed it up, so that when a woman came out of prison her child who lived across the street could rejoin her there and.

00:07:02.340 --> 00:07:11.040 Sister Tesa: He established the long island city go to the same schools stay in the girl scouts play basketball to all the things that were important for that child family.

00:07:12.090 --> 00:07:25.380 Sister Tesa: But it also became a bigger issue because, as the numbers grew the negro and so again, I always look at the origin of our children and the name is significant, the H O, you are really.

00:07:25.950 --> 00:07:35.940 Sister Tesa: highlights what we do and do from 1992 to the present day that the lives of the children we serve a governed by the hour their mother is arrested.

00:07:37.080 --> 00:07:42.450 Sister Tesa: A very significant our that they're allowed to visit whether it's in rikers island or at the state level.

00:07:43.170 --> 00:07:51.000 Sister Tesa: And most importantly and happily the hour of reunification when they can begin as a family and move forward together in the world, so.

00:07:51.600 --> 00:07:55.830 Sister Tesa: When we started our children, we were very attentive to the basic needs of people.

00:07:56.100 --> 00:08:09.360 Sister Tesa: Women and children, and again it revolved primarily around a home everybody needed a safe place to come together to say, we can do this, and we can do this in Community so our homes are based on a communal model.

00:08:09.900 --> 00:08:22.530 Sister Tesa: Where we have either eight to 10 families in one house communal dining communal routines working with each other, helping each other being the family that many of these women did not have.

00:08:22.890 --> 00:08:26.220 Sister Tesa: So that was the original model and that model continues today.

00:08:27.030 --> 00:08:41.820 Sister Tesa: The needs of the women obviously we're very basic childcare, so we started in babysitting program their crew went to a licensed daycare which was very important, because many of the women were coming from the Bedford hills nursery with a baby, who was one.

00:08:42.450 --> 00:08:44.160 Sister Tesa: And our first house and then.

00:08:44.880 --> 00:08:58.620 Sister Tesa: Had think that three babies in it, then we moved to needed more space we moved to Richmond Hill and we opened a house in 1995 and immediately had 12 mothers and 14 babies were two sets of twins in their house.

00:08:58.920 --> 00:09:10.710 Sister Tesa: So that became a very important part of what we did childcare and then again the negro negro and fast forward to 2021 we now have nine houses in Queens all Queens based.

00:09:11.070 --> 00:09:14.940 Sister Tesa: we've tried to get into the other boroughs but we haven't quite been successful there.

00:09:15.510 --> 00:09:23.370 Sister Tesa: But it's important that we are in close proximity to each other to continue that Community communal family relationship.

00:09:23.820 --> 00:09:33.450 Sister Tesa: But as the needs grew we saw that women needed besides, to have a new child care they need clothing, so we started a very simple thrift shop.

00:09:33.960 --> 00:09:39.810 Sister Tesa: Actually, we started gathering getting donations of clothes from people for the women because they came out with nothing.

00:09:40.140 --> 00:09:47.160 Sister Tesa: When you come out of prison you come out with nothing the clothes on your back, which is usually state issued and it's the thing you want to get rid of immediately.

00:09:47.610 --> 00:10:05.520 Sister Tesa: So people started donating and then that grew to the neat way too many too much, so we opened up shop in an old parish warehouse of St readers and that immediately was work for people are women, women ran it was employment gave them opportunity to learn how to navigate.

00:10:06.660 --> 00:10:17.280 Sister Tesa: The world of work and that grew and that again fish shops are important because people came by the droves, to help us either donating time donating.

00:10:18.420 --> 00:10:28.020 Sister Tesa: clothing, giving us money doing things and now today we have thankfully have three thrift shops, one on steinway street which is really the main card of.

00:10:28.680 --> 00:10:35.760 Sister Tesa: Your story a shopping world, but they were all run by our women and that again was a great trainings place for them.

00:10:36.420 --> 00:10:44.520 Sister Tesa: From there we went to fool the issue around older children we started an after school program because we have women who were reunited.

00:10:44.910 --> 00:10:50.580 Sister Tesa: reuniting with older children, many of whom were in foster care so we were involved in the court system.

00:10:50.880 --> 00:11:04.350 Sister Tesa: They came out, we have some wonderful social workers, we started hiring and they helped us navigate the world of ACS child welfare in Reno reunify families here in our homes in Queens and.

00:11:05.100 --> 00:11:18.720 Sister Tesa: From that also grow, the need for increased social workers, so we have a whole country of social workers child therapist to really work with the families on site, and then we were asked to.

00:11:19.800 --> 00:11:27.060 Sister Tesa: Open the food pantry and we had had a small food pantry That was really an exclusive club for women who were coming out of prison but.

00:11:27.870 --> 00:11:33.120 Sister Tesa: New York Community trust asset to expand it because this area of long island city.

00:11:33.630 --> 00:11:41.940 Sister Tesa: is between two of the largest housing projects in America Queens bridge and ravens wood, so we were very happy to do that.

00:11:42.210 --> 00:11:52.470 Sister Tesa: And it was at that point in time, was very clear to us that, while we had a mission to service formerly incarcerated women and their children, we will becoming a very crucial.

00:11:53.580 --> 00:12:05.430 Sister Tesa: service provider in this neighborhood very, very important, so we opened the food pantry and again move the thrift shop out with the food pantry and navigated land and opportunities around here.

00:12:06.180 --> 00:12:23.850 Sister Tesa: And to this day, the food pantry is a vibrant vibrant service and a real anchor for food security in this neighborhood or when it's run by our women again that's the job now, and they do it's open three days a week, and the numbers are growing, and we can talk more about that later.

00:12:23.910 --> 00:12:27.480 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want to talk we're gonna go to break in two minutes, so I just want.

00:12:27.750 --> 00:12:37.680 Sister Tesa: Very important, I will be in big trouble put out mentor this the women needed education job training, so we are now in HR re approved job training Program.

00:12:38.250 --> 00:12:53.790 Sister Tesa: called our working women program they get women ready for the workforce get them basic education, higher education soft skills quite skills, so they are ready to take off and we have success stories to tell and to be proud of.

00:12:53.880 --> 00:12:56.880 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And we're going to hear about those two because that's what's exciting about this, I look.

00:12:57.240 --> 00:13:01.980 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I hate to stop this and take a break, but guess what you just set the stage so incredibly well.

00:13:02.250 --> 00:13:08.790 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That if anybody leaves to go get a cup of coffee they'll be back in two minutes when we come back because we're going to dive right into all these great programs.

00:13:09.150 --> 00:13:22.230 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm excited the hairs on the back of my neck stood up four or five touch throughout your introduction there, so we are going to take a quick break come back for a conversation with sister T and Tommy day here in the attic i'll see you guys back in two minutes.

00:15:35.100 --> 00:15:47.220 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: For at least for the foreseeable future that's where i'll be because i've been here for a long time already so there's the tea I don't know if you know this, but the individual who originally connected us is the singer on that on my Jingle right there.

00:15:47.580 --> 00:15:48.960 Sister Tesa: Oh wow.

00:15:49.350 --> 00:15:50.820 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: uncle Brendan levy my buddy.

00:15:53.460 --> 00:16:04.470 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: he's an IED family does, and you know he has a band that i'll shamelessly plug them, they have a band, and they used to be called the goods back when you were young men now they call themselves damaged goods.

00:16:05.730 --> 00:16:06.510 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So I love to.

00:16:07.200 --> 00:16:08.250 Sister Tesa: be treasured good.

00:16:08.280 --> 00:16:10.620 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Night good they changed the name Brendan I know you're.

00:16:11.160 --> 00:16:19.230 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In treasured goods it's a new name for the band it's just so special the connections and I thank you brandon for originally introduced in cities and I.

00:16:19.560 --> 00:16:33.540 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So so sister let's go into programs, I mean I I have notes just from that first session we had together it's like where do we start do you want to start with the pantry you want it, because I mean in our little kind of chat earlier today that's what we were talking about.

00:16:33.540 --> 00:16:44.580 Sister Tesa: Sure, I mean again we know the need for food insecurity and our nation is dramatic, at this time and it's really not going away without really significant efforts on many, many levels.

00:16:44.940 --> 00:16:52.410 Sister Tesa: But for us here our food pantry was always a stable for some food for residents who was struggling.

00:16:53.100 --> 00:17:02.940 Sister Tesa: With coven, the need has just escalated and we see people on the lines that it's just the stories or tragic they're real.

00:17:03.780 --> 00:17:11.910 Sister Tesa: But they're looking for us really to help them get through this until there is a better way for them to move, whether it, you know jobs, etc, etc.

00:17:12.390 --> 00:17:22.260 Sister Tesa: So we are seeing an enormous amount of need, we also are giving out water and food we've tried also to give again to donations of people we've had.

00:17:25.140 --> 00:17:38.910 Sister Tesa: All kinds of clothing, we have coats we just had a huge donation of new code to we gave them when we have more when the way our warehouse where people get a voucher on the full line or we get a coke that fits in dignity, you are trying on streets.

00:17:39.390 --> 00:17:45.630 Sister Tesa: And the you know hats and gloves and toiletries and basic thing needs.

00:17:46.080 --> 00:17:54.000 Sister Tesa: And diapers women and families are coming all the time looking for diapers for their children things that are very costly and when you're on a very.

00:17:54.300 --> 00:18:08.220 Sister Tesa: tight budget right now, you have to make choices you don't want to make a choice between putting food on the table and then open it says lease of life so we're very grateful, we have some of the restaurants in the area have stepped up and.

00:18:09.600 --> 00:18:18.270 Sister Tesa: Often food they've have you know coming given hot meals to people because ours is a grabbing go now it had been a client choice, but because it coven.

00:18:18.450 --> 00:18:24.720 Sister Tesa: We have to hand a bit which will not thrilled with but that's what we don't have to do so, we always try to get something in addition to that.

00:18:24.990 --> 00:18:34.080 Sister Tesa: We gave puzzles for a few times people love puzzles or activities gifts the kids at Christmas time we were able to give toys away for children.

00:18:34.350 --> 00:18:46.080 Sister Tesa: So we're really very attentive to what the people are asking for, and then we outreach to New York cares or through you know Queens borough president's office has been incredibly generous to us.

00:18:47.280 --> 00:18:54.750 Sister Tesa: To give needs to service the needs of our families and that's there and it will be there forever.

00:18:54.900 --> 00:18:57.480 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want to ask you a quick question about that because I feel I always give.

00:18:57.810 --> 00:19:03.120 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My guests, the opportunity at the end of the program to share contact information things like that, but I feel like.

00:19:03.330 --> 00:19:13.350 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If somebody's listening in now, and they say hey look i'd love to be involved with that would love to donate who, if they want to donate, whether it be a local restaurant that wants to get involved with if it's just somebody who is philanthropic and once they.

00:19:13.950 --> 00:19:23.190 Sister Tesa: Do they contact first sister right Kelly failing is the director of the food pantry and she's a dynamo once you get hooked on to Kelly it's a lifelong commitment.

00:19:23.910 --> 00:19:33.990 Sister Tesa: forever and you know she'll make that happen, along with the people who work with her and again, you know we were aligned with the city agencies to you know the food bank city harvest.

00:19:34.770 --> 00:19:39.030 Sister Tesa: it's all about relationships and partnerships, nobody does any of this alone.

00:19:39.390 --> 00:19:52.440 Sister Tesa: And when you get and you know and the New York, the queen's Chamber of Commerce long island city partnership, we are all in this together and that's not just a cliche it's lived out, day after day here in our children.

00:19:52.920 --> 00:19:55.620 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah I listen if I call myself.

00:19:55.830 --> 00:19:59.700 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: As a cute thing the nonprofit sector connected but that's just because I agree with you can credibly.

00:19:59.760 --> 00:20:09.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That it's all about relationships it's all about who we know and it's all about how collaboratively I say a lot of times I say you know, two plus two in math you know, maybe that's for Well, no, I guess, it is for.

00:20:09.810 --> 00:20:15.690 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: It not maybe it is for but in networking math and collaborative creative math to me at some exponential.

00:20:15.690 --> 00:20:29.400 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Number much higher because I mean and from your background, you get this, the more we can be together, the more we can collaborate, the better we are as as a connected unit, I want to hear about you know just from the pantry perspective.

00:20:30.960 --> 00:20:35.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I was just telling my children this the other night, especially in the last 12 months.

00:20:36.450 --> 00:20:47.070 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: what's going on is people who would never maybe expected to be on the line at a pantry or on the line at a coat drive and i've seen it here, you know i'm out NASA county.

00:20:47.490 --> 00:20:56.430 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And you know i've just seen it on the local news about how they show individuals who you know, are now on a food line, who would have never thought that can you speak to some of that and just the.

00:20:56.760 --> 00:21:11.220 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You said you use the word with with the coats it with dignity, you know that it's so, can you speak to that about just the difference of folks that you're starting to see and and how much more than need is right now, maybe some to an anecdote or two.

00:21:11.550 --> 00:21:18.450 Sister Tesa: Well, again, every day, when the lines died, we make sure that our staff and volunteers have conversations with people.

00:21:18.780 --> 00:21:27.180 Sister Tesa: Because you know people are standing there, I am sure, some are saying, I hope, no one sees me or you know i'm ashamed, there is a sense of guilt sometimes when we.

00:21:27.510 --> 00:21:36.690 Sister Tesa: said so conversation one on one either I can help that until we understand we're here for you, we get it, you know what else do you need what can.

00:21:37.020 --> 00:21:43.560 Sister Tesa: You know how is your family doing how's your health, so I think that's a crucial piece of it, too, and so many of our.

00:21:44.160 --> 00:21:50.670 Sister Tesa: People are now known by name, and when they come up your say thanks so much my name is Joe with this one and.

00:21:51.120 --> 00:21:59.370 Sister Tesa: i'm glad to hear you're part of our Community and it's really very, very important, and the thing that also is, we have to remember is our mission.

00:21:59.640 --> 00:22:12.840 Sister Tesa: That they know that the people who are doing this, or people have seen hard times people had to depend on people, people made big mistakes in their life, and I should have turned themselves around and with great dignity and pride to now give back.

00:22:13.080 --> 00:22:21.870 Sister Tesa: To the message and many people will say that to us i'll make sure when i'm out of this predicament I come back and donate here and what, what can you do.

00:22:22.020 --> 00:22:22.410 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Oh it's.

00:22:23.400 --> 00:22:29.550 Sister Tesa: a wonderful transformative moment for everybody involved and no one's better than anyone else you know.

00:22:29.850 --> 00:22:37.650 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I love that and and just speak to that a little deeper, because I think I know what you mean there, but the you're saying the women who have been served by our children historically.

00:22:38.130 --> 00:22:44.670 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: are either coming to work as employees of the organization or are volunteering to expand on that if you can.

00:22:44.730 --> 00:22:50.130 Sister Tesa: Well, again that's the idea, you know in life, the best things are when you are helped.

00:22:51.030 --> 00:22:57.360 Sister Tesa: That you can feel a sense of gratitude and I think the attitude of gratitude is crucial for all of us in life.

00:22:57.750 --> 00:23:08.490 Sister Tesa: And we're encouraging many ways to do that, whether it be in the communal setting where someone comes in, from prison, you know we welcome people and we welcomed a lot of people during coven.

00:23:08.880 --> 00:23:16.920 Sister Tesa: I mean people were released in large numbers to uncover we have actually like five women's in the prison nursery come out with babies.

00:23:17.160 --> 00:23:24.480 Sister Tesa: But when you come into a new environment that sense of welcome and it's going to be okay, and how can I help you it's giving back.

00:23:24.930 --> 00:23:31.830 Sister Tesa: In a communal setting and then you take that out to the work, training program where somebody says don't worry i'll help you learn how.

00:23:32.100 --> 00:23:43.410 Sister Tesa: to navigate the buses to get or the subway system or however else they need the neighborhood to learn the neighborhood and as that grows in life, and then you teach those values to your children.

00:23:43.980 --> 00:23:53.880 Sister Tesa: Then we're going to create a society where we are not that one better than the other, but we're here to serve and be supportive of people in good times and in bed.

00:23:54.300 --> 00:24:12.780 Sister Tesa: And at the end of the day, Tommy that's the value that is most lasting that's the value that matters that we know that we are doing kindness small random acts of kindness, however, you want to say that to people and whether you're rich or poor, that attitude is lasting.

00:24:14.310 --> 00:24:27.510 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: sister, you know I mean I I sometimes I get all on my high horse about just what you said there because man if we could just as a society as a as a race as a planet if we can just remember that.

00:24:27.600 --> 00:24:28.860 Sister Tesa: And just be able to be.

00:24:28.860 --> 00:24:40.320 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: There and and be compassionate and find ways to help and find ways to make an impact and that's you know that's why I wanted to do this program because I want people to realize the great work that's out there and.

00:24:42.030 --> 00:24:46.110 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's not just about going out and making more money to buy more stuff now.

00:24:47.310 --> 00:24:47.520 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: it's.

00:24:47.880 --> 00:24:57.150 Sister Tesa: I had a father and I didn't know he was he came down to our office here, and he had his two kids with him and they will mask and they had bags with them, and he said to me.

00:24:57.690 --> 00:25:12.720 Sister Tesa: sister I got up this morning and I wanted to make sure my kids understood all that they had, and he took them to the supermarket and they picked out all the things that they liked they liked not that would cheap or whatever.

00:25:12.810 --> 00:25:13.080 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Right.

00:25:13.170 --> 00:25:19.920 Sister Tesa: And they bought those and bought them here so that other kids who didn't have all the wealth that they had.

00:25:20.400 --> 00:25:33.150 Sister Tesa: could benefit from it, and I said to him, you deserve a gold store you're not teaching by words you do explained by example and the kids were so happy to have done that, and over the course of the past month.

00:25:33.480 --> 00:25:40.770 Sister Tesa: Endless times you know boxes arrive with clothing or people walk in the door, or leave bags of food all around.

00:25:41.880 --> 00:25:53.430 Sister Tesa: or send money, I mean so that they could support the efforts that are here for the people in the neighborhood and again to catalog that is just worth the lifetime of goodness really.

00:25:53.880 --> 00:26:07.230 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know that that man, and I will say I try my wife and I try to do similar things as best we can, because it's the practical nature of them actually touching the food taking off the shelf carrying it coming delivering it to to long island city.

00:26:07.860 --> 00:26:14.970 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Where that, in my opinion, sits a lifetime of habit, that is something you know where where you go well that's what we do.

00:26:15.150 --> 00:26:17.130 Sister Tesa: that's part of what we did, like a.

00:26:17.160 --> 00:26:22.500 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Part of our work was you know, some people do this they they add value this way they work in the soup kitchen whatever.

00:26:23.220 --> 00:26:34.470 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That this so that becomes you know, a nine year old sees that and when he or she is 29 they're there they're making an iPad you can do that and it sets these things you know in motion.

00:26:34.500 --> 00:26:35.040 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: good habits.

00:26:35.100 --> 00:26:41.010 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: or bad habits right, so you try to put as many good as as we can, I want to go into what.

00:26:41.760 --> 00:26:47.520 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know I do a lot of work with organizations and have had some on the program already that are involved with.

00:26:48.150 --> 00:26:58.710 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: and focus on the intellectually and developmentally disabled, so in that Community vocational work is is incredibly important, I want to talk about that and we're actually gonna.

00:26:59.490 --> 00:27:04.800 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we're gonna go to break in like one minute, but when we come back what I want to do is I really want to focus on the vocational.

00:27:05.250 --> 00:27:10.020 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And the housing so talk take tell me those stories when it when a woman comes out of.

00:27:10.440 --> 00:27:19.920 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Bedford hills, for example, and what what that looks like what sort of how does she engage with those programs and and just and i'd love more stories, because to me, I wrote it down when we before we started.

00:27:20.400 --> 00:27:27.990 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Stories change lives right that's what you said, when we were in our little green room here in the attic so we're going to come back in about a minute.

00:27:28.590 --> 00:27:37.770 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: or two and let's really focus on on those programs what it looks like when when she comes out of incarceration and and kind of react with needs to society okay.

00:27:37.860 --> 00:27:45.840 Sister Tesa: Okay, very good, I just have to say that three times a week in our thrift shop at 3630 new a group of developmentally delayed.

00:27:46.440 --> 00:28:00.900 Sister Tesa: Adult con and they help so shoes and color code racks of clothing, etc, and they leave leave like they just again they perform the greatest feat in the world, and they did they did for them and for us.

00:28:00.930 --> 00:28:03.840 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: there's two major things I want to check the box with you there because that.

00:28:03.900 --> 00:28:10.080 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: collaboration is what i'm all about those stories and I can you know if there's more of that that you need we can discuss that off the show.

00:28:10.470 --> 00:28:15.120 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And the other part of that is, those people now have the they have something that they look forward to.

00:28:15.600 --> 00:28:21.360 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Making an impact it's not just a it's not a hobby it's something that they're actually doing they're fighting an incredible service.

00:28:21.690 --> 00:28:29.790 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So so more to come on that will come back in about two minutes we'll talk about a woman comes out of the system and, what is this all look like, for her.

00:28:30.060 --> 00:28:39.060 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: What is that what is the vocational side was the transitional housing side so security will be back in two minutes and everybody stay tuned for more with sister Theresa Tommy day.

00:28:39.330 --> 00:28:40.650 Sister Tesa: Thanks Thank you thanks.

00:28:47.820 --> 00:28:48.030 and

00:30:57.180 --> 00:30:57.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Right.

00:30:57.540 --> 00:30:58.410 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Monday morning.

00:30:59.190 --> 00:31:06.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: In the attic and this morning you if you've been here with us already you know sister Theresa Fitzgerald from our children has joined me in the attic so.

00:31:06.480 --> 00:31:12.600 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Thanks, for being here sister T so let's jump right into the programs, we started to talk about play this kind of play this out for me.

00:31:12.960 --> 00:31:24.330 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: A woman, you know that you said, one of the important hours is that reunification our mom is coming out, I actually see the vision, you know they open the fence and she's walking to the car that'll bring me through that.

00:31:24.960 --> 00:31:33.270 Sister Tesa: Well it's very important to know that our children now holds the contract to run the family service program inside Bedford hills.

00:31:33.720 --> 00:31:41.250 Sister Tesa: maximum security and of course the street to kind of correctional so we have our staff in there who are very attentive.

00:31:41.550 --> 00:31:51.330 Sister Tesa: To the needs of women coming out and we have to be selective, of course, because we don't have room for everyone, so when a woman is ready, the mountain and accepted into our Program.

00:31:51.960 --> 00:32:00.660 Sister Tesa: We are waiting there at the gate with our van and welcoming driver who picks them up either maybe with a mother and a baby from the nursery or a mother.

00:32:01.020 --> 00:32:09.960 Sister Tesa: As a single mother who's going to reunite with children and they stopped for lunch on the way down, which is probably one of the biggest treats going after how many years inside prison.

00:32:10.260 --> 00:32:23.550 Sister Tesa: They arrived here in the office of social work and meets them everybody in the staff comes out to greet them and they are you know orientated to the world of our chill expectations expectations are crucial.

00:32:23.910 --> 00:32:29.310 Sister Tesa: You know, we really we run people say we run a tight ship, I hope we win the loving tight ship.

00:32:30.180 --> 00:32:40.290 Sister Tesa: A realistic one that really sort of help the women set their own path for success and that does mean having routine set in place for you.

00:32:40.920 --> 00:32:48.000 Sister Tesa: Then the woman is typically brought to the House, wherever she would be either go in long island city in Richmond hill.

00:32:48.600 --> 00:32:59.850 Sister Tesa: A story or wherever that's going to be, and she walks into a beautiful room that's ready for her with the typical flowers around and a nice clean welcoming home.

00:33:00.180 --> 00:33:10.050 Sister Tesa: And then the House manager within work with her in you know talking about the rules of the House and what's the expectation for cleaning and cooking and shopping and all those good things.

00:33:10.980 --> 00:33:18.510 Sister Tesa: And then life begins the next day it's very important, but perhaps she has to go to parole or not, then she would tie into our work women.

00:33:19.020 --> 00:33:30.420 Sister Tesa: Working women training program that is key, because that is where she is going to be realistic about her past history of employment, education.

00:33:30.930 --> 00:33:47.340 Sister Tesa: Dreams skills, etc, and what she wants to do going forward, and then a path is set with the training through the work women and they have a whole network of people that they work with very importantly access vr is a crucial piece for.

00:33:47.940 --> 00:34:09.180 Sister Tesa: movement through that and we've had women so successful in that program over the course of the past 2030 years people women who have been trained and successfully hired incarnate voice technology or client restaurants or hotel training areas around.

00:34:10.410 --> 00:34:25.590 Sister Tesa: Access the excessive ride, you name it there's a network and that's the neat if people want to help that's the neat open your door to a possible internship for one of our women because, believe me, when we send our women out to internship they are trained.

00:34:26.130 --> 00:34:33.540 Sister Tesa: Because they've gone through a rigorous five day a week program on site that helps him, but they need that external.

00:34:34.680 --> 00:34:36.960 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Somebody to give them give them a chance to give.

00:34:36.990 --> 00:34:37.860 Sister Tesa: them a chance.

00:34:37.980 --> 00:34:47.610 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You guys to let me sneak in one second here sister so you've heard that that's the need that's what this program is about what does this organization we've now established with 33 minutes.

00:34:47.940 --> 00:34:55.320 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The incredible work that this organization is doing now i'm asking you my network with people I connect with that's the need these women.

00:34:55.680 --> 00:35:00.810 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: have paid their service they've gone to our children through the training program and they're ready to work.

00:35:01.080 --> 00:35:11.400 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And they're there they're going to be responsible, from the routine and the expectations that have been set out from our children so so you said con Edison has been involved, did you say boys technology.

00:35:11.400 --> 00:35:16.320 Sister Tesa: slice technologies been wonderful to us it again because they gave us a chance.

00:35:16.680 --> 00:35:23.070 Sister Tesa: And we were willing to give people you know over into free internship so they get the experience of work.

00:35:23.340 --> 00:35:32.130 Sister Tesa: And we work with them, we you know we monitor back and forth, how you doing we don't just put them out and say goodbye good luck it's a it's a lifelong relationship.

00:35:32.580 --> 00:35:40.650 Sister Tesa: And so, if you give people a chance to do the work that's the training and then they come back and it's a lot of work ongoing mentorship.

00:35:41.040 --> 00:35:54.780 Sister Tesa: That can bring them into another world and then education we were really good partners with the body, a Community college they've been very good to us queensboro comes all the time on site to offer workshops in training programs.

00:35:55.350 --> 00:36:07.530 Sister Tesa: So the sky's the limit for possibilities in the maintenance world some women have gone to do welding learn welding inside Cosmetology all of those skills that are give the women.

00:36:08.160 --> 00:36:16.920 Sister Tesa: a living wage, this is not about a quick fix we're not into that we give people time and time takes change why the taglines.

00:36:17.250 --> 00:36:26.340 Sister Tesa: Of the work women program and we're willing to work with a woman and child she's really trained and ready to get a livable wage job and.

00:36:26.700 --> 00:36:36.840 Sister Tesa: That and again most often it's parallel with education and we allow them to do that because of living in our homes, we do not have time limits in our houses.

00:36:37.470 --> 00:36:46.860 Sister Tesa: And people say you don't know we don't we don't say in six months, you have to be ready, we give you the time as long as you are using your time to grow your skills.

00:36:47.100 --> 00:36:54.330 Sister Tesa: to become a good mother become a good person in the world that Community which you live a contributing Member.

00:36:54.690 --> 00:37:02.610 Sister Tesa: We give you all the time, you need some women, it takes six months some women a year we have women with us two years, who then are ready to be launched.

00:37:03.060 --> 00:37:13.290 Sister Tesa: securely and successfully into a world that floundering they're well prepared to move forward and that's crucial in any training program we're proud of the fact that we don't.

00:37:13.740 --> 00:37:21.720 Sister Tesa: push people into a certain time slot you know and it's a issue with housing the I could go on five shows about this, the issue of.

00:37:22.080 --> 00:37:36.270 Sister Tesa: A full, we have a transitional communal model they get women ready for Independent Living, but then, when they go to find independent living and housing in New York City, we know the story it's it's almost non existent.

00:37:36.570 --> 00:37:39.360 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: When you just mean from a cost perspective.

00:37:39.390 --> 00:37:46.980 Sister Tesa: Of course perspective, yes and and also also many of our women face discrimination, even though that's not supposed to be, I mean you know.

00:37:47.190 --> 00:37:47.700 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Well, because they.

00:37:47.760 --> 00:37:48.210 Sister Tesa: know.

00:37:48.390 --> 00:37:49.620 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: They asked, do you have.

00:37:50.070 --> 00:38:03.600 Sister Tesa: A criminal record and he admitted, I mean they say you know I want the usually we invite him say up front, this is where I was this is what i've done with my life i'm ready to move, I have a good paying job on stable and I have good back you know.

00:38:04.050 --> 00:38:12.570 Sister Tesa: resources to help me continue to do this, and very often they come back you know very despondent but the issue more so, is affordability.

00:38:13.020 --> 00:38:25.830 Sister Tesa: And we, in our children has 32 units of its own permanent housing and then we've partnered with D and F construction in Jamaica for 26 supportive units and.

00:38:26.520 --> 00:38:33.360 Sister Tesa: 13 families moving in a week beautiful new housing that's again about relationship.

00:38:34.020 --> 00:38:44.820 Sister Tesa: We and I plead with people in the construction field and development field partner with nonprofits partner with people who can help people transition successfully.

00:38:45.570 --> 00:38:59.490 Sister Tesa: into permanent living and that's the issue now in Queens and i'm constantly on webinars and conversations zoom's with you know the need, stressing the need for affordable housing in Queens.

00:39:00.360 --> 00:39:06.330 Sister Tesa: Queens power is a new group that's up and running and their whole focus is solely on affordable housing.

00:39:06.690 --> 00:39:09.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is that a business or no for nonprofit Queens power.

00:39:09.570 --> 00:39:19.860 Sister Tesa: These powers and nonprofit get them on your show really good focuses house and again we're between the two hot launches nature housing in the country and.

00:39:21.360 --> 00:39:24.570 Sister Tesa: Women with a record can't get into those houses.

00:39:25.440 --> 00:39:26.040 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Is that true.

00:39:26.250 --> 00:39:27.330 Sister Tesa: Yes, that is true.

00:39:27.360 --> 00:39:35.430 Sister Tesa: That is true, and I mean there are hoops they can go through, and maybe in three or four years they'd be eligible, but that doesn't solve the problem when they're ready.

00:39:35.820 --> 00:39:44.160 Sister Tesa: You know, after a year of hard work to move toward independence and they have resources, so the issue of housing is is dire and.

00:39:44.460 --> 00:39:58.230 Sister Tesa: Not only for the world of our children, but for all people, and I know it's a constant battle cry now and it will be, but we need to put our heads together, because there are solutions that can happen there are and that's.

00:39:58.920 --> 00:40:00.540 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: i'm sorry to cut you off I please continue.

00:40:00.810 --> 00:40:12.630 Sister Tesa: No, no that's it we've got to make it work, because what people don't have good, solid say pouncing you know their children are not going to do well in school, you know that.

00:40:12.960 --> 00:40:20.550 Sister Tesa: Children are not going to do well in the world to come because that's the Foundation and the security blanket, we all know that we've been there.

00:40:22.440 --> 00:40:25.740 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And, and you know I talk a lot from a positive perspective.

00:40:27.360 --> 00:40:27.840 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: That.

00:40:29.370 --> 00:40:34.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know the the the ripple effect to the to the ripple effect of.

00:40:36.780 --> 00:40:45.720 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: You know what is the ripple effect of making these connections right in a positive sense right all these people, but then you speak speak to the fact of the ripple effect of what is the ripple effect if if I could about.

00:40:46.380 --> 00:40:53.790 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Not having a structure in place a home not having you know someone to come home to not have so whether.

00:40:55.050 --> 00:41:01.380 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: that's an that creates more negative right but, but having the home, creating the Community, the fact that you talk about.

00:41:01.950 --> 00:41:04.110 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: These women and their children, you know, while they.

00:41:04.530 --> 00:41:12.060 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: They may be separate but they're both living on the same block in long island city and they're both in the same community right if they have to be separate for whatever reasons initially when they first come out.

00:41:12.450 --> 00:41:23.970 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: But the that what you're creating there I look at it, and my friend, Michael contactless was on last week and we started talking about the butterfly effect and what is the butterfly effect of view affecting one woman and it's not one women you've affected.

00:41:24.150 --> 00:41:25.650 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: yeah women right.

00:41:26.010 --> 00:41:32.070 Sister Tesa: Tommy that the possibilities are limitless when you start empowering.

00:41:32.550 --> 00:41:44.040 Sister Tesa: A woman, a mother a family to say you know look where we've come from look what we've done we've done hard work, this is hard work, this is not a handout.

00:41:44.550 --> 00:41:50.400 Sister Tesa: This is that giving somebody a red carpet it saying if you're willing to put in the time.

00:41:50.670 --> 00:42:02.640 Sister Tesa: The energy and have the resilience to go through many hurdles because formerly incarcerated women have many hurdles to go the stigma of society is still there, but you can do it.

00:42:03.060 --> 00:42:09.780 Sister Tesa: And you can't do it alone that's the secret and that's the I think what our children stand for, we are with you.

00:42:10.230 --> 00:42:17.700 Sister Tesa: Our social workers or staff or development people or finance people are all here to walk with you.

00:42:18.060 --> 00:42:26.850 Sister Tesa: toward a successful future and it can be done and the women who do have done it stand his role models and they are ever present in our Community.

00:42:27.150 --> 00:42:35.790 Sister Tesa: People really say goodbye forever to our children, you know they make a wharf to live independently somewhere in New York state New York City.

00:42:36.060 --> 00:42:46.320 Sister Tesa: But so often they come back, because this is where they look at before their formation to place and they knew that it was the secret of sister to sister.

00:42:46.800 --> 00:42:52.590 Sister Tesa: woman to woman family, the family community, the Community they gave them the strength.

00:42:52.950 --> 00:43:04.440 Sister Tesa: To say yes, I want this and i'm going to do it and our success rate is extraordinary and that's not anything to do with me, it has to do with the women the peers.

00:43:04.800 --> 00:43:15.630 Sister Tesa: The staff who are devoted and the volunteers who have said, we believe in you and that's the effect that as we're sitting on a children and generations to come.

00:43:16.260 --> 00:43:30.210 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And it's it's an incredible story and i'm I want to ask you, I mean from I look back at my other screen here 1986 1992 those numbers are there still women that I can imagine that are still involved with the Community all these years later.

00:43:30.510 --> 00:43:38.580 Sister Tesa: Oh, of course, of course, I mean typically we have two gatherings a Christmas party and the trip to rye playland 400 strong 500 so.

00:43:39.030 --> 00:43:50.760 Sister Tesa: we're constantly hearing of success stories that have gone on, and you know if any if there's a tragedy you'll hear from everybody going to support the sorry, remember, etc.

00:43:51.390 --> 00:44:03.180 Sister Tesa: So it's still put we're family you become a community of family and that's really what makes it no world and some of us were blessed to have that, from the beginning of our lives, others were not and that's a reality.

00:44:03.510 --> 00:44:10.350 Sister Tesa: and her family got wind that that's the hidden treasure That gives you the fertile soil to grow, what would.

00:44:10.800 --> 00:44:18.660 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I like i'm glad we're recording this because there's so many little little like anecdotes I want to take from you, you just you love words I could tell.

00:44:18.780 --> 00:44:20.190 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: He said, you have so many great phrases.

00:44:20.250 --> 00:44:21.870 Sister Tesa: And i'm not at a loss for the next.

00:44:22.140 --> 00:44:28.410 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Well, that makes two of us and that's why this program is like not about me, sometimes I made myself like literally have to keep myself.

00:44:29.010 --> 00:44:38.850 Sister Tesa: You know the secret and I would love for everybody out there when you're happy and you have you have a passion for what you do what gets you out of bed in the morning is really.

00:44:39.300 --> 00:44:50.760 Sister Tesa: A blessing that you can't even put a price tag on it, because it is the secret to a wonderful happy full life and really i've been blessed that way, so why not give back.

00:44:50.850 --> 00:44:57.360 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I get it, I get it, you know the, the only negative if there's any negative this conversations I don't get to give you a hug at the end of this meeting, because I feel like.

00:44:57.720 --> 00:45:03.930 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I want a hug from yourself so here's what we're going to do we're coming back in two minutes I pulled this off of video it says.

00:45:04.740 --> 00:45:17.580 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: This was a video you guys produce at the end of the year sister does not like stagnant water she likes running water, so when we get back, I want to know what that means, from an organizational perspective and really what it means from Oh, we have a visitor.

00:45:18.540 --> 00:45:21.090 Sister Tesa: This is my cat my wonderful cat ritchie.

00:45:21.510 --> 00:45:27.240 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: ritchie ritchie welcome to the show we had a horse on the show two weeks ago says this is this is like a zoo sometimes so.

00:45:27.870 --> 00:45:36.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we're gonna go to a break, I want to talk about that from a perspective of events that you have coming up i'm seeing a lot of things on social media talking about things in the Community.

00:45:36.900 --> 00:45:40.530 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Specific to maybe legislation and things like that so that'll be our final segment.

00:45:41.010 --> 00:45:50.670 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: we'll come back we'll talk about that a half sister share information to get in touch with their children and then we'll be bringing it to a close, after that so back in two minutes sister i'll see you soon.

00:45:57.150 --> 00:45:59.070 Left edge case in.

00:48:04.830 --> 00:48:16.170 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: don't take your cat join us in the attic unfortunately we're on zoom become allergic to cats but it's nice to see you richie with us and android so if you're already in listen only mode richie the cat just joined sister to.

00:48:16.170 --> 00:48:17.340 Sister Tesa: me, my assistant.

00:48:18.300 --> 00:48:33.180 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: sister sister very good very cool alright so let's get to this now, I want to, I want to find out about I want to find out about the dance, I want to find out what's going on, that we should know about that I can make my my public my audience aware of.

00:48:34.500 --> 00:48:42.780 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And then I said this quick quote, that I pulled off the video system is not like stagnant water she likes running word assistant teams of Fitzgerald of our children, what does that mean.

00:48:43.470 --> 00:48:55.050 Sister Tesa: But what is life, giving what is an amazing source of power and possibility and why settle for anything other than some swirling water that's going to take you into.

00:48:55.350 --> 00:49:02.550 Sister Tesa: New areas of life, but again, you have to be attentive to needs, and that requires a lot of listening and.

00:49:03.150 --> 00:49:08.040 Sister Tesa: interactions with people it doesn't mean you sit your ivory tower you get out there on the street.

00:49:08.370 --> 00:49:18.180 Sister Tesa: And you listen to what people are saying you go inside the prisons, whether it's a state or rikers island you here with the women's needs are and you make it happen.

00:49:18.870 --> 00:49:31.830 Sister Tesa: And you know they I have, I also like the imagery of walking on water, because sometimes that that's what we have to do to get things people to listen to us and that's really only with the grace of God that happens, obviously.

00:49:32.940 --> 00:49:42.480 Sister Tesa: But that's really where we are and we're looking now at the voices of all women, how they can become more active in telling their story and making real change happen.

00:49:43.140 --> 00:49:48.540 Sister Tesa: At the legislative level whether it we're looking at prison reform, which is the whole world is looking at.

00:49:49.440 --> 00:49:53.580 Sister Tesa: But there's a real movement called releasing aging prisoners and parole.

00:49:54.240 --> 00:50:04.470 Sister Tesa: legislative changes that we are trying to get everybody engaged in and that's important because you should know better voice to do that in the women who had been inside.

00:50:04.800 --> 00:50:09.240 Sister Tesa: We are on the local level city level we're looking at the issues around rikers island.

00:50:09.630 --> 00:50:21.330 Sister Tesa: and transforming what that island represents for women were in our city, and we can do better and we're very much in the advocacy of closing rikers and bringing.

00:50:21.810 --> 00:50:29.850 Sister Tesa: The Community so that's that's one one way of looking at, we also here in the Community we're looking at transforming the long island city.

00:50:30.390 --> 00:50:38.100 Sister Tesa: area where we are to make sure these people have a voice of friends in the projects of friends in all of the other areas around.

00:50:38.910 --> 00:50:50.730 Sister Tesa: it's a unique place because it is not too long island city and I love that the other side of the bridge, we are unique Community here that really needs to stand up and take a look at what's happening in our Community.

00:50:51.750 --> 00:51:01.410 Sister Tesa: And really pay attention to the poor and the homeless, that are really flooding this area, right now, how can we be an active voice to help change take place.

00:51:02.340 --> 00:51:09.600 Sister Tesa: But again there's always the issue of housing and housing for our family's health people bringing donations in that can help us.

00:51:09.900 --> 00:51:21.480 Sister Tesa: Give them out to people in need, whether it be through our thrift shop donations food donations money donations that really we don't keep but we give away and giving away it multiplies.

00:51:21.900 --> 00:51:33.900 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The points, no doubt about it isn't that whole thing about it's called currency because it's like a current similar to your water it's supposed to continue moving, so I just looked over at linkedin because I noticed, something the last couple days.

00:51:35.130 --> 00:51:42.120 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And this was just two days ago that our children had posted join the people's campaign for parole justice virtual advocacy day.

00:51:42.990 --> 00:51:53.340 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So that's something that's upcoming I I noticed our children has a great social media presence and actually I assume that that's probably you're doing that sister I imagine you're probably good with like linkedin face no.

00:51:53.610 --> 00:51:58.530 Sister Tesa: I again the smallest thing anybody can do is have great people behind you.

00:51:58.980 --> 00:52:00.540 Sister Tesa: If you're sitting with you and.

00:52:00.750 --> 00:52:11.430 Sister Tesa: that's why I have such a great feel like development staff Kathleen Wynne errs etc or whoever's out there and that's where we should be and that's what we want to do more of.

00:52:12.480 --> 00:52:16.350 Sister Tesa: It certainly my job to make sure that happens, but it's not my job to do it.

00:52:16.770 --> 00:52:20.100 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: No, not at all you have to have people around you he's special.

00:52:20.790 --> 00:52:31.950 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: hundred percent yeah I noticed something just this week, you had there was a photo exhibit sexual violence prevention that you guys had posted so there's plenty of stuff so in order to follow our children everybody who's listening it's.

00:52:32.040 --> 00:52:40.920 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Our hulu our children Inc on that's how you find it on linkedin, but do you could you share all the ways that they can get in touch with the organization and follow what's going on.

00:52:41.580 --> 00:52:51.270 Sister Tesa: I will, through our website our website is really fabulous and you know I didn't put in a plug for our teen program and we have really developed over the past few years of growing.

00:52:51.630 --> 00:53:03.090 Sister Tesa: Awareness of the needs of our teens and the needs in this long island city community, so we have started a teen program that brings our kids together with neighbors because we are one.

00:53:03.480 --> 00:53:10.380 Sister Tesa: And so we're also working with the 114 precinct in really looking at the needs of kids in this neighborhood.

00:53:10.950 --> 00:53:19.770 Sister Tesa: So that's in a vital part but you can't do better than going to our website, I know we're on Facebook and all the kinds of social media instagram.

00:53:20.550 --> 00:53:30.030 Sister Tesa: But also, I would say this, the best thing is in good times to come and show up here and meet us because I guarantee you.

00:53:30.450 --> 00:53:37.920 Sister Tesa: When you meet the women we serve face to face and you understand and their character and the depth of their meaning.

00:53:38.190 --> 00:53:47.220 Sister Tesa: And their convictions that life is really can be lived in a whole other new way, you will be changed because that's what's changed my life.

00:53:47.730 --> 00:53:58.770 Sister Tesa: I have really I wouldn't be sitting here today is person about this, if I have not been privileged now me to live with live with the women, I live with the women for all these years.

00:53:59.430 --> 00:54:15.090 Sister Tesa: But to be changed to the goodness by the goodness and their resiliency and their honesty at life, so I invite you to come and, until then, I invite you to go on our website and all the other platforms to get to know who we are.

00:54:15.330 --> 00:54:18.630 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: All right, so they want to find out about volunteerism or the pantry.

00:54:18.660 --> 00:54:20.400 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Kelly Ellen is there, go to right.

00:54:20.550 --> 00:54:30.780 Sister Tesa: Right, but on the website, we have volunteer opportunities we have people, you can connect to and anybody who we will we will get a response if you don't get a response team call me.

00:54:30.930 --> 00:54:34.830 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Paul says you don't get a response from system to call me and i'll get to city.

00:54:36.270 --> 00:54:44.730 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So we're gonna bring it we're gonna bring this home, right now, so you know how to get in touch with the organization, you know how to find out about the organization sister one last thing.

00:54:45.210 --> 00:54:52.590 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: The most pressing need that that we can blast out, we talked about needs earlier but is there something super pressing that that the organization needs.

00:54:54.270 --> 00:54:56.760 Sister Tesa: I would love some more left i'd liked a lot of laptop.

00:54:57.030 --> 00:54:57.960 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: laptop computers.

00:54:59.250 --> 00:55:03.990 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So if you're listening computer companies are staples or you might be.

00:55:04.920 --> 00:55:10.410 Sister Tesa: Small program and the hardware they're working with is you know pre Moses.

00:55:10.470 --> 00:55:13.560 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: So let's talk about that you me offline that might be something we can do.

00:55:14.100 --> 00:55:14.670 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: Wonderful.

00:55:15.060 --> 00:55:16.890 Sister Tesa: Thank you well God bless and Tommy.

00:55:18.990 --> 00:55:19.710 Sister Tesa: You wonderful.

00:55:19.770 --> 00:55:20.190 Sister Tesa: God bless.

00:55:20.250 --> 00:55:21.450 Sister Tesa: You Thank you all.

00:55:21.660 --> 00:55:23.190 Thank you so much good spirit.

00:55:24.300 --> 00:55:30.480 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: I shall let me bring it home everybody saw me D philanthropy and focus your buddy the nonprofit sector connector.

00:55:30.750 --> 00:55:38.190 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: 320 days here in the attic, and this is it, this is where we're bringing you the show live every Friday morning and tell him what I asked you to do is.

00:55:38.640 --> 00:55:45.150 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: If you don't have you have not checked it out, yet the New York City imagine awards application alive sister don't forget about this i'll talk to you about it later, but.

00:55:45.420 --> 00:55:52.560 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: nyc imagine awards COM i've been sitting on the committee for long island and now for New York so make sure you're part of that if you want to connect with me.

00:55:52.860 --> 00:56:09.000 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: pretty easy instagram Tommy D dot nyc that's for New York City i'm Tommy D at philanthropy and focus calm and focuses pH oC us because you've heard me say before I like alliteration I thought was cute I thought was funny the whole thing find me on Facebook and linkedin the whole deal.

00:56:10.170 --> 00:56:11.430 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: What i'd like to say is.

00:56:11.790 --> 00:56:22.980 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: These organizations are under recognized often underfunded and i'm trying to solve for that problem each week here so here's what i'd ask you to do stick in touch with me and see me every week stay tuned on the network for the rest of the day.

00:56:23.250 --> 00:56:31.260 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: My buddy Stephen fry comes on right after me here at 11am always Friday, followed by Jeremiah fox at noon, with the entrepreneurial Web.

00:56:31.590 --> 00:56:42.450 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: And then wise words create wealth with Joel McElroy so we got a heck of a lineup here so it's not just about this show stay tuned on the network reconnect with us next week SR teeth Thank you so much.

00:56:43.110 --> 00:56:44.100 Sister Tesa: God bless Thank you.

00:56:44.490 --> 00:56:46.380 Tommy D #TheNonProfitSectorConnector: God bless you to talk to you soon bye everybody.

00:56:46.650 --> 00:56:48.090 Sister Tesa: Thank you bye everybody.

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