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Monday, January 18, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/18 - Connecting To Your Character

Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/18 - Connecting To Your Character


2021/01/18 - Connecting To Your Character

[NEW EPISODE] Connecting To Your Character

On this episode of the Extra Innings Podcast, Albert speaks to actors Robby Ramos and Aidan Pierce Brennan, who played Morris and Young David in the film.

They talk about what it was like to play characters based on real life people in Albert’s life, who wrote and directed the film Extra Innings. They also discuss how they connected to their characters and what mental health means to them.


We will also discuss the film that is now available on Amazon Prime, produced by Simba Productions.

Tune in for this important conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Albert talks to Actors Robby Ramos and Aidan Pierce Brennan, who played Morris and Young David in the film “ Extra Innings.” They talk as to what it was like to play characters in the life of Albert, who wrote and directed the film Extra Innings, based on real life individuals. They frequently chat about how they contribute to their protagonists and what mental health means to them.

Segment 2

Robby and Aidan start talking about the wonderful moments and experiences they had onset and offset while filming the film with the crew and the other cast members. Albert tells Aidan to talk about one specific special moment he had on set. Aidan talks about that one day he and Robby were talking about family and brothers backstage and how amazing that conversation was. And when they started filming Aidan says that Robby “ Morris” went into character so fast that he got so nervous due to the fact that he was so amazed by Robby. After that scene Aidan says that at that point he really needs to step his game up.

Segment 3

Albert tells Robby to talk about the scenes he had with Maria ( Another Castmate). Robby starts by saying that the scenes with Maria brings out a different part of Morris ( His character) because Maria is a very special person to Morris. During this same section Albert tells Aidan to talk about dinner scenes. Aidon states that there were a lot of dinner scenes where he needed to act out differently in each scene. He says that in one scene he remembers that his brother Morris broke a dish and in that scene he had to cry. And after they shot that scene Aidon felt really emotional because it was a really heartbreaking scene. Albert tells Robby and Aidon to talk about the critiques they had after filming the film “ Extra Innings.” Robby starts by saying that he doesn't really pay attention to them just to the positive ones. Aidon starts by saying ain’t really care what people think because he was only 9 years old at the time.

Segment 4

To end the live section Albert asks Robby and Aidon to state how the pandemic has been treating them. Robby starts speaking by saying that when te Covid-19 pandemic started he developed a lot of anxiety due to the fact that he was worried about a lot of things. For example, his family, his health, his environment, and his mental health. And when he saw that he was developing a lot of anxiety he started meditating and taking breathing classes. Aidon starts talking about that since the Covid-19 pandemic started it has been really tough because he has not seen his grandparent since then and if hopefully his grandparents get the Covid- 19 vaccine he will have the chance to see them.


00:00:43.350 --> 00:00:52.440 Albert Dabah: Hello, there. Hi, my name is Albert Dabba and I am the host of extra innings. Thank you for tuning in today.

00:00:53.610 --> 00:01:02.130 Albert Dabah: I'd like to mention that today is Martin Luther King Day. And before we get started with my

00:01:07.320 --> 00:01:09.210 Albert Dabah: Hello, there. Hi.

00:01:10.320 --> 00:01:13.560 Albert Dabah: My name is Albert Abba, and I am the host of extra innings.

00:01:14.760 --> 00:01:24.210 Albert Dabah: I would like to introduce our host our guest for tonight. Robbie Ramos who stars in extra innings and Aiden Brendan

00:01:26.640 --> 00:01:36.720 Albert Dabah: I'd also like to mention that today is Martin Luther King Day and two things that Martin Luther King, I pulled out some quotes from him. And I think it is appropriate.

00:01:37.290 --> 00:01:53.640 Albert Dabah: Which has to do with the time of what we're in, and always Martin Luther King said the time is always right to do what is right. Another thing he said his Life's most persistent question is

00:01:54.990 --> 00:01:57.330 Albert Dabah: What are we doing for each other's

00:01:58.530 --> 00:02:00.090 Albert Dabah: What can we do for others.

00:02:01.680 --> 00:02:04.770 Albert Dabah: So that is part of the theme wouldn't actually endings is about

00:02:06.060 --> 00:02:09.960 Albert Dabah: So Robbie Ramos is here tonight with Aiden.

00:02:11.220 --> 00:02:18.030 Albert Dabah: And Aiden Brennan, and I'd like to ask you guys a few questions about the film.

00:02:23.130 --> 00:02:24.780 Albert Dabah: Robbie. I can't

00:02:26.880 --> 00:02:29.310 Albert Dabah: Oh, there you are, how are you

00:02:31.140 --> 00:02:32.400 Albert Dabah: Good. Nice to see you.

00:02:32.700 --> 00:02:33.000 It's

00:02:34.050 --> 00:02:36.450 Albert Dabah: Been a while. Yeah how's everything been

00:02:36.810 --> 00:02:39.180 Aidan Brennan: Everything's really good at least. Okay.

00:02:39.810 --> 00:02:42.120 Albert Dabah: Good, good, good. So

00:02:43.170 --> 00:02:45.210 Albert Dabah: Is Robbie here right now as well.

00:02:45.360 --> 00:02:46.380 Robert Ramos: As sir here.

00:02:46.980 --> 00:03:06.810 Albert Dabah: Oh ok robi. Nice to see you again. It's on. Well, I'm going to put the question out to both you guys um what first attracted you to the film in terms of why did you edition in the first place. Maybe Robbie, why don't you go first.

00:03:07.440 --> 00:03:12.810 Robert Ramos: Yeah, so actually I don't know if you remember, Albert, but you came out to a play that I was in.

00:03:14.580 --> 00:03:28.380 Robert Ramos: Called the mother effort with the hat and I was doing that play at T Schreiber and you came out to see it and after the play. You came up to me and he spoke to me a little bit about the part and you know you shared how personal. The story was to you and

00:03:30.240 --> 00:03:43.230 Robert Ramos: And I think that was the initial reaction I got was just, you know, this seems like a very personal project and one that you're going to take seriously. And so when I went in for the audition. I think you might have sent me just the sides.

00:03:44.850 --> 00:03:58.350 Robert Ramos: And it was the side. It was one of the one of the scenes with Aiden. And then another scene with Mara, which is the no sorry with the with made that I think those were the two scenes you sent me and

00:03:59.640 --> 00:04:12.480 Robert Ramos: I don't know the initial reaction I wasn't sure. I think the initial question I had for you was what was wrong with with Morris, because that was going to influence really how I was going to play it.

00:04:13.590 --> 00:04:14.340 Robert Ramos: And I think

00:04:15.990 --> 00:04:22.680 Robert Ramos: I think you mentioned that he had schizophrenia, but that you didn't want it to be played in a kind of stereotypical way of

00:04:23.220 --> 00:04:39.450 Robert Ramos: Of somebody who has mental health issues and and the stuttering or, or, you know, to kind of lay off some of those kind of physical things that I think some of the actors were bringing in. And so I really tried to internalize everything you know and that's that's

00:04:40.530 --> 00:04:50.640 Robert Ramos: That was kind of my initial reaction. I thought it was a cool thing. So I came, you know, to have a character that wasn't able to express himself with words and

00:04:52.200 --> 00:04:55.650 Robert Ramos: And so that was why I initially went into audition.

00:04:56.850 --> 00:05:04.410 Albert Dabah: Oh, great, great. Now I remember that very well. And I remember us. We had to your place because the frantic and I said, forget the word just gets a friend.

00:05:04.830 --> 00:05:18.150 Albert Dabah: Don't even think about it you, I told you a little bit about this is based on a true story. And I told you my own family. True story. And I told you, just a little bit about my older brother and I said, you have the lines and take it slow.

00:05:18.450 --> 00:05:18.990 Albert Dabah: And

00:05:19.080 --> 00:05:24.120 Albert Dabah: Have fun with it and you did a wonderful first reading, and then we had you back later.

00:05:24.540 --> 00:05:35.100 Albert Dabah: When we were actually auditioning it with when we were really going into auditioning, but I do remember seeing you at the show when I said when I think you could play a great Mars.

00:05:36.180 --> 00:05:43.350 Albert Dabah: Aden, let me ask you what attracted you to the role in the first place. And why did you want to audition for it.

00:05:44.130 --> 00:05:54.840 Aidan Brennan: Well, my manager gave me decides. I don't think there is a lot of description about the character itself. In fact, both of the scene. There were two scenes and both of them were with Morris Robbie's character.

00:05:55.380 --> 00:06:01.980 Aidan Brennan: And going into it. I didn't know he was my brother. I didn't know the situation. I kind of just play it like

00:06:02.670 --> 00:06:09.420 Aidan Brennan: By as if I was like almost like applying for a job like I was selling myself to this guy because I mean that's that's how I originally read it.

00:06:09.750 --> 00:06:17.070 Aidan Brennan: And in a way that's how the relationship really was he really wanted to, you know, to reach out to Morrison you be helping hand to Morris and he really cared about and

00:06:17.400 --> 00:06:20.460 Aidan Brennan: So I think I got pretty lucky with how I read that. Now, are you don't receive that

00:06:21.030 --> 00:06:28.350 Aidan Brennan: And remember walking in and there wasn't any camera. It was all of you guys the producers, everybody. You guys are all light on like a

00:06:29.190 --> 00:06:44.010 Aidan Brennan: Like a long table. And, um, I remember I had a lot of questions and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to ask them or not, we pretty much walked in and we went right into it. And then, you know, I did them. And I remember you asked me.

00:06:46.350 --> 00:06:49.140 Aidan Brennan: You asked me to do it one more time except

00:06:50.580 --> 00:06:59.160 Aidan Brennan: You actually do the second scene. One more time, except if I think you said to improvise. The last part about how you would say how you would speak to Morris.

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:06.060 Aidan Brennan: And I didn't really know what was you know what the cat what the relationship was between me Morris iRobot sure if you remember that, but

00:07:06.570 --> 00:07:17.340 Aidan Brennan: Um, and I kind of just like make things up on the spot. And I acted like I was talking to my brother and reaching out to my brother and I think I have a little brother and you know I love them to death. I think that was a big help in that process.

00:07:19.140 --> 00:07:24.630 Albert Dabah: How do you, how did you feel, did you feel after the audition. What did you, what was your thoughts about it.

00:07:25.080 --> 00:07:39.840 Aidan Brennan: I felt pretty confident. I, I, I felt I'm pretty happy without way just based on the reactions in the room because I was talking to my mom on the way up. Like, I don't know, like what's going on. You're like, who's Maurice

00:07:41.070 --> 00:07:54.630 Aidan Brennan: Like how do I know in how do I play this and I had tons of questions for everybody. And I was too afraid to ask them. But then I think everybody you know everybody to give you a pretty good reaction. And then the next audition was the baseball addition, if you remember that.

00:07:55.020 --> 00:07:55.470 Albert Dabah: Sure.

00:07:55.650 --> 00:07:58.620 Aidan Brennan: At Chelsea piers and we need some like and

00:07:59.640 --> 00:08:06.840 Aidan Brennan: Prior to that, I know it's like a baseball coach. I worked on my skills, a bit. But we went to Chelsea piers and Albert, you and I had a catch.

00:08:07.320 --> 00:08:14.610 Aidan Brennan: And I was, I was pretty nervous. And I remember I dropped the ball once and I around nervous. I was at that would affect the audition and everything.

00:08:15.210 --> 00:08:23.070 Aidan Brennan: And then we did another scene that I think after that. There's baseload addition there's another acting audition with Sam two scenes with Morris.

00:08:23.310 --> 00:08:27.240 Aidan Brennan: And that's when I finally was able to ask one of the producers who Morris was in the waiting room.

00:08:27.720 --> 00:08:34.290 Aidan Brennan: And she was like, oh, you should brother so that told me that I was kind of playing it right and the initial audition and

00:08:34.830 --> 00:08:53.040 Aidan Brennan: I really get to ask me any questions until we started rehearsing for the movie about like the relationship. And you know what Morris's mental issues were and how why what the relationship is and why I was talking to him and what baseball meant to David and Robbie or Morris, so yeah.

00:08:53.670 --> 00:09:04.650 Albert Dabah: Okay. Great. Great. Hey Robert, what did you feel after you you read the script and you found out you you got the part to play.

00:09:05.250 --> 00:09:16.230 Albert Dabah: Maurice in the film. What was your reaction to the your feelings about the script, you're feeling about the family and that that it was a true story that was based on a true story, my story.

00:09:16.740 --> 00:09:26.400 Robert Ramos: Well, I was excited. You know, like I said, I think for me it was a it was a real challenge as an actor to play a character that

00:09:26.880 --> 00:09:41.970 Robert Ramos: He's not he's not able to express himself, you know, fully and. And then also, you know, had a connection with baseball, because I had played baseball since I was five years old. So from five to varsity in high school I played baseball and then

00:09:43.320 --> 00:09:51.300 Robert Ramos: So I had the connection to baseball understood the love that the that the characters had for baseball, the two brothers and

00:09:53.250 --> 00:10:03.000 Robert Ramos: And so it, I don't know, for me, it was, it was really it was really just an exciting time to be able to delve into this character that was introverted and

00:10:03.810 --> 00:10:17.190 Robert Ramos: I don't know if you remember that that play I did but that play was he was very extroverted, so for me it was kind of like this kind of ability to play the opposite of what I had been doing a lot of the times in the theater in New York. So, yeah.

00:10:18.960 --> 00:10:26.070 Albert Dabah: Okay, great. Hey, Tim, what was your feeling about if you read the script. How did you feel about going into it at the new you got the role

00:10:27.060 --> 00:10:34.110 Aidan Brennan: I was pretty nervous because there was a lot more material than I was expecting. And a lot more to do with prior to this character.

00:10:34.560 --> 00:10:37.440 Aidan Brennan: I've never, I've never, I mean, prior to this character. I didn't really have

00:10:37.980 --> 00:10:49.410 Aidan Brennan: More than like five scenes in any project ever so I mean it was a lot being that like half the script was about like this, developing this character. So that was pretty daunting at first, but you know

00:10:50.370 --> 00:11:04.830 Aidan Brennan: We even went to the euro so process. And I think that really ease me into it and reminded me like you know like what this is all about and how I'm supposed to Kennedy character. And what this meant to you and I mean yeah pretty scary.

00:11:05.730 --> 00:11:09.720 Albert Dabah: Yeah. Well, hello. I know. You both did a fabulous job.

00:11:10.950 --> 00:11:13.350 Albert Dabah: I want to ask you both this question and

00:11:14.850 --> 00:11:23.460 Albert Dabah: Maybe Robbie go first on this, you know, mental illness is a big problem in our society. It's even worse. Now, during the coven

00:11:24.630 --> 00:11:30.360 Albert Dabah: Especially well for older people for younger people really for everybody and

00:11:31.890 --> 00:11:49.290 Albert Dabah: Now that you've not only you know you've acted in the film like this. And you've seen the film. So Robbie. What's your reaction to seeing the film and how does it fit in terms of, you know, the times of today and what's going on, maybe you can relate your thoughts about that.

00:11:50.190 --> 00:11:51.330 Robert Ramos: Yeah, I think, you know,

00:11:52.470 --> 00:11:53.520 Robert Ramos: Mental health is

00:11:54.540 --> 00:11:58.200 Robert Ramos: Is one of those things that I think a lot of times people don't want to talk about and

00:11:59.430 --> 00:12:02.010 Robert Ramos: Especially within families similar the film.

00:12:03.960 --> 00:12:13.560 Robert Ramos: I am happy to see that that people are kind of expressing that more as a you know as the years go by and and i think the film for me.

00:12:13.980 --> 00:12:25.890 Robert Ramos: And the people that have seen it. I mean, it's a tough film to watch. I do get that that that response, but they they also then start talking to me about mental illness in their, in their life.

00:12:26.760 --> 00:12:37.590 Robert Ramos: And so I think that in that way. The film has really been a kind of cathartic experience for people that watch it, it's tough to watch. Definitely. But then after that, you know, there's a

00:12:38.010 --> 00:12:50.010 Robert Ramos: There's a conversation that happens. And I think they they open up to me about, about how it's affected them in their lives. And so I think the film in that, in that sense, has really has really been great.

00:12:51.660 --> 00:12:52.650 Albert Dabah: Yeah yeah

00:12:53.790 --> 00:13:09.990 Albert Dabah: And we'll get back to you in a minute with that same question. We're gonna break for a commercial and we'll pick up one, the whole really the mental health aspect of it and family. So we'll be right back with a gun Robbie

00:15:27.900 --> 00:15:28.650 Albert Dabah: Hi there.

00:15:31.920 --> 00:15:36.690 Albert Dabah: We're back with Aiden Brennan and Robbie Ramos.

00:15:40.410 --> 00:15:41.010 AIDEN

00:15:42.300 --> 00:15:43.140 Albert Dabah: Ah,

00:15:44.670 --> 00:15:46.410 Albert Dabah: I'd like you to

00:15:47.670 --> 00:15:50.250 Albert Dabah: I'm asking the question about what was it like for you.

00:15:51.900 --> 00:15:55.260 Albert Dabah: To see the film and your reaction to it right

00:15:56.520 --> 00:16:06.030 Aidan Brennan: Well, Robbie brought something up about how people have come up to him after they saw the movie within that some of these premieres and festivals. We went to, and I'm

00:16:08.010 --> 00:16:15.210 Aidan Brennan: Like after the film. It's like people came up to me and recognize me that I was, you know, young David in the movie and said, You know, I had a brother, like that.

00:16:15.660 --> 00:16:22.290 Aidan Brennan: Or I had a sister who, you know, had like mental problems and she never spoke up about it and

00:16:22.680 --> 00:16:30.180 Aidan Brennan: And went into death, but their relationships and they almost felt like comfortable talking to me about it. And I'm sure you had similar experiences Albert after showing people to film.

00:16:30.930 --> 00:16:36.120 Aidan Brennan: And I mean, I think it was super interesting to hear their stories, especially after hearing years Albury

00:16:36.720 --> 00:16:41.370 Aidan Brennan: And I think them hearing your story, which is such a big help in my opening up and

00:16:41.790 --> 00:16:56.640 Aidan Brennan: I think it was kind of, you know, therapeutic for some people to see the movie and to realize that there are other people out there just like them are just like someone they knew and i don't know i think it says a lot that they're willing to open up about that to everyone.

00:16:57.630 --> 00:17:07.440 Albert Dabah: Yeah yeah well I experienced a lot of that in that we screened the film before covert about 18 times and

00:17:07.890 --> 00:17:16.860 Albert Dabah: We screened it in London, as well as different parts of the United States, where we did talk backs and Q and A's and always did. I have

00:17:17.580 --> 00:17:29.970 Albert Dabah: Here, people talk to me about their own experiences and before we turned in tonight. I listened to some of the interviews that we have on the DVD that we shot with you guys. After the film.

00:17:31.440 --> 00:17:32.100 Albert Dabah: And

00:17:33.480 --> 00:17:49.380 Albert Dabah: And also the interview with, I don't know if any of you had met Dr. Dan Rotenberg who's the director of save who became our fiscal partner who loved the script when he read it and got it approved by save, which is the suicide prevention agency in Minneapolis and

00:17:50.670 --> 00:17:58.950 Albert Dabah: They became our fiscal partner for the film and he says in this interview that basically suicide affects everyone

00:18:00.060 --> 00:18:05.580 Albert Dabah: And it really is amazing. How many people do come up and have some kind of

00:18:07.230 --> 00:18:18.480 Albert Dabah: Friend relative sibling father, mother, who has some kind of mental illness and and and and people who have lost their loved ones to suicide.

00:18:20.130 --> 00:18:21.480 Albert Dabah: I was wondering

00:18:23.100 --> 00:18:33.150 Albert Dabah: For both of you guys when you had your scenes together. What was a light for each of you, Robbie, maybe you want to talk to agents about that. What was it like for you.

00:18:34.410 --> 00:18:47.640 Albert Dabah: To have someone playing your younger brother, and you not really being able to express yourself the way maybe as a person, you would like to. But the character that you were playing

00:18:48.180 --> 00:18:48.990 Robert Ramos: Yeah, I mean,

00:18:50.250 --> 00:18:52.590 Robert Ramos: For me, it broke my heart, man. Honestly, I mean,

00:18:53.700 --> 00:19:00.300 Robert Ramos: You know, Aiden has a quality to himself as a person, but then also as an actor. He's a

00:19:01.140 --> 00:19:16.140 Robert Ramos: He was really in the moment you know and and in that first senior road Albert where he's asking me all these questions, and I'm not answering i mean it's it's tough, because I want to answer him you know and and and I wanted to connect with him. And I, and I couldn't you know

00:19:18.360 --> 00:19:23.700 Robert Ramos: So for me, with, with eight and, in particular, was it was easy. In that way, where I was just kind of

00:19:25.200 --> 00:19:32.640 Robert Ramos: I could just kind of be in the room with them and have that affect me without being able to really express it and and then having a whole debt in

00:19:33.420 --> 00:19:46.440 Robert Ramos: You know, it's interesting because that first scene that that when he comes in after playing baseball, for me, you know, I, in some ways, I almost felt like I was in the room with my younger self, you know,

00:19:47.790 --> 00:19:50.130 Robert Ramos: And I, and I used that as an actor just

00:19:51.420 --> 00:19:58.050 Robert Ramos: I know what it, what it feels like to come in and after a game and you want to share that with somebody and

00:19:59.400 --> 00:20:04.230 Robert Ramos: And so I took that with me, you know, into the scene and I and

00:20:06.480 --> 00:20:09.780 Robert Ramos: And there was a lot of that, you know, and then I also have a nephew.

00:20:11.010 --> 00:20:13.950 Robert Ramos: And and i would imagine what that would be like, and

00:20:15.390 --> 00:20:24.570 Robert Ramos: And I don't know man, if you know those scenes were really heartbreaking. I mean, they really were. And I remember, I don't know if you remember, Albert, but I think it was

00:20:25.770 --> 00:20:33.930 Robert Ramos: It was a rehearsal. We had or something of that scene and afterwards we were all kind of quiet and and i think you left

00:20:33.990 --> 00:20:35.130 Albert Dabah: Actually yeah left

00:20:35.160 --> 00:20:47.220 Robert Ramos: Yeah yeah yeah I remember that and and i mean you know. It's crazy. I really do feel like there was something special happening in that room and and

00:20:48.420 --> 00:20:56.580 Robert Ramos: AIDEN was so good. Dude, I don't know, eight. And do you remember this role, but there was also another see now, or if I could keep rambling here a little bit.

00:20:56.640 --> 00:21:08.250 Robert Ramos: Dad were eight and comes out it he comes upstairs and he's supposed to open the door and I'm like ransacking the room and I remember that.

00:21:09.360 --> 00:21:10.740 Robert Ramos: In one of the takes

00:21:12.480 --> 00:21:17.160 Robert Ramos: Eight and gets his his his fingers stuck in the door right in between the door.

00:21:18.510 --> 00:21:26.790 Robert Ramos: And he's crying and everyone comes on you know what's going on. And everyone's worried about Aiden. And he says, Let's roll. Let's roll. I don't know.

00:21:28.110 --> 00:21:32.730 Albert Dabah: Yeah, I love that so much, man. It's stuck with me and

00:21:33.270 --> 00:21:35.250 Robert Ramos: And do you remember that.

00:21:35.700 --> 00:21:36.540 Aidan Brennan: I remember that.

00:21:36.720 --> 00:21:37.440 Robert Ramos: Yeah, I did.

00:21:37.560 --> 00:21:46.350 Aidan Brennan: As I like and I was pretty young. At that time, and it goes on 10 or nine and I heard something that Leonardo. If you've seen Django Unchained

00:21:46.680 --> 00:21:59.280 Aidan Brennan: A. There's a scene in there where he gets mad and he crushes. He's trying to put his hand down. So I'm just head down and his hand crushes a glass and it like smashes handle kept rolling, keep going. And I was like, oh, this could be you know my

00:22:01.350 --> 00:22:06.090 Aidan Brennan: Got stuck in the door. So I was like, Oh my God, are you okay and I was like, roll.

00:22:06.390 --> 00:22:07.050 Robert Ramos: Yeah yeah

00:22:08.010 --> 00:22:08.790 Aidan Brennan: I used

00:22:10.080 --> 00:22:10.290 Robert Ramos: To

00:22:11.820 --> 00:22:22.200 Albert Dabah: I remember that so well because everyone went wow, what's going on, and he was dreaming and you said, Let her roll and I'm looking around, I'm going okay man let's live role.

00:22:24.900 --> 00:22:28.890 Albert Dabah: Because he had a comment upset and he was upset. Alright.

00:22:30.180 --> 00:22:40.290 Albert Dabah: So that was that was something. But to get back to what you said. Robert about that rehearsal. That was that rehearsal was right, with full cast and crew there.

00:22:41.220 --> 00:22:52.050 Albert Dabah: Before we actually shot that scene. And I'll never forget it, because I talked about that a lot to friends and people I know, or sometimes during some of the talk backs out

00:22:53.160 --> 00:23:00.210 Albert Dabah: I felt something really special to because I believe I think it was the. It was not that wasn't the first day of shooting because

00:23:00.840 --> 00:23:07.230 Albert Dabah: For a few days of shooting with baseball. But I think was the first time you guys were together in that room and

00:23:08.130 --> 00:23:18.840 Albert Dabah: It was right after you finish the rehearsal. It was so silent in that room and I I was about to burst out crying and I said I could hardly get the words out cut

00:23:19.290 --> 00:23:26.610 Albert Dabah: And then I I said to Brian, who is the co director. I'll be right back. And I walked out of the house.

00:23:27.000 --> 00:23:35.400 Albert Dabah: And I walked about two or three blocks and it hit me. Not that I didn't know it, but this all happened five blocks away from the house where we shot.

00:23:35.760 --> 00:23:41.730 Albert Dabah: And I walked about three bucks. I go, I can't believe it. This is, this is like like coming back to life right now.

00:23:42.270 --> 00:23:50.970 Albert Dabah: And then we shot it and we did a lot of takes on that because there were a lot of technical little things that you know when you're shooting a film.

00:23:51.570 --> 00:24:07.500 Albert Dabah: And that's where Brian and drill injure was so great, you know, like, you know, why don't we put the baseball here and put this here and all these little things that really help augment the scene and help it flow with some of the props that we use, and I thought it was a beautiful scene.

00:24:08.760 --> 00:24:13.380 Albert Dabah: Eight. And what did you take away from that scene. Like, what was it, what was it for you.

00:24:14.400 --> 00:24:15.000 Aidan Brennan: Um,

00:24:16.110 --> 00:24:18.060 Aidan Brennan: The day we filmed are those rehearsals.

00:24:19.050 --> 00:24:25.650 Albert Dabah: That know the the actual I mean the scene. I'm sorry, the scene that that particular scene, the first scene when you were

00:24:26.880 --> 00:24:29.580 Albert Dabah: How did you feel about that. Like you're telling him.

00:24:30.960 --> 00:24:38.730 Albert Dabah: You know how. How about the game you played and you want some reaction from your brother and he not able to give it to you.

00:24:39.060 --> 00:24:41.700 Aidan Brennan: That's the scene audition, with a little humor that Albert

00:24:42.000 --> 00:24:50.520 Aidan Brennan: So I will ask them to the material and there. There was a lot in that scene. So I was really at that time I was trying to figure out like how it was to play and like

00:24:50.910 --> 00:25:01.650 Aidan Brennan: And like how I was supposed to. I mean, what I really wanted to do is as I wanted to get a reaction out of Maurice. I want them to react and I think near the end, there is a moment where he he says something about, um,

00:25:02.460 --> 00:25:06.270 Aidan Brennan: He says something that, like, like I say level position on playing and then he says

00:25:06.360 --> 00:25:06.990 Albert Dabah: He said,

00:25:07.230 --> 00:25:08.670 Albert Dabah: He says what position. Yeah.

00:25:08.760 --> 00:25:10.890 Aidan Brennan: Yeah, he does. Yeah, yeah. Um,

00:25:12.090 --> 00:25:19.260 Aidan Brennan: And on those rehearsals. Like, I remember this really first time I met Robin and Robbie. And I had this conversation about baseball and about, you know,

00:25:19.650 --> 00:25:28.110 Aidan Brennan: Family and about, you know, brothers and stuff like that. And then I remember like on the very first time we rehearsed it like Robbie went into character super quick.

00:25:28.710 --> 00:25:35.820 Aidan Brennan: And I was like, I kind of scary. By that, I think that kind of like a kind of like triggered me in a way like to, like, you know, like, all right, like I really gotta like

00:25:36.180 --> 00:25:39.930 Aidan Brennan: Because Robbie. And I just had this really good conversation about like brothers and stuff and

00:25:40.290 --> 00:25:49.500 Aidan Brennan: I saw a mess. It's like, really nice guy and really approachable guy and I think he really is and to see him go so quickly into that completely other thing, and this can be the other world where he's Morrison, he

00:25:49.890 --> 00:25:55.410 Aidan Brennan: He secluded and he's introverted. And I think that that really like that really like hitting me somewhere. And I was like, like

00:25:55.860 --> 00:26:03.480 Aidan Brennan: I want to, I want to speak to him, you know, like, like, like he's my brother, you know, like I want to, I want to reach out. I want to talk about baseball. I want to talk about family. I want to

00:26:03.870 --> 00:26:11.250 Aidan Brennan: Have a relationship with him. So I think, I mean in Robbie's almost like waves like getting into character and will put me into character in a certain way.

00:26:11.640 --> 00:26:22.230 Aidan Brennan: So I think that makes the process a lot easier. I'm just being that like this is my like like natural reactions, just having like a brother now respond to what I'm saying.

00:26:23.010 --> 00:26:31.470 Aidan Brennan: So yeah, that was pretty heartbreaking situations. I have a brother and my brother and I really good relationship. And, you know, we spent a lot of our time just, you know, talking about our games.

00:26:31.950 --> 00:26:39.510 Aidan Brennan: About sports about schools about family, and it was. I mean, it was really, you know, sad for me to have that experience just, I mean,

00:26:40.770 --> 00:26:54.450 Albert Dabah: How do you feel, you know, not just as an actor, but in your life. How much is sports Robbie, I'll ask you this. How much is sports a part of your life and in your life.

00:26:56.190 --> 00:27:01.230 Albert Dabah: And I understand you're doing a film right now where you're playing wrestlers that right Robbie. Yeah, yeah.

00:27:01.260 --> 00:27:03.060 Robert Ramos: Playing a pro wrestler.

00:27:04.080 --> 00:27:17.820 Robert Ramos: For me, it was really, you know, one of the things that I i like about acting. And that relates to the to the baseball stuff early on in my life was the, the family that you build while you're doing something

00:27:20.040 --> 00:27:36.120 Robert Ramos: And so for me, baseball was really a lot about that it was connecting with these other people and and and it was a way to express myself to which is interesting. People don't usually see sports as as that but that's the way men express themselves, you know, and

00:27:37.290 --> 00:27:57.390 Robert Ramos: And so for for me baseball had that had that connection and then you know my dad when I think about baseball. I think about my dad and the connection. I had with him through the sport of baseball. So, so, yeah, that's basically how I feel about that.

00:27:58.770 --> 00:27:59.430 Albert Dabah: Great. Right.

00:28:00.630 --> 00:28:10.980 Albert Dabah: We're gonna break in him another minute or so I just want all the viewers to know that extra innings is now on Amazon Prime.

00:28:12.090 --> 00:28:20.460 Albert Dabah: We're very proud to finally be there. And so it can be seen by so many more people now that it's on Amazon Prime.

00:28:21.600 --> 00:28:33.750 Albert Dabah: It says, Robbie said it's a hard film to watch it. It's certainly, you know, for not for everyone, but we've been getting really wonderful reviews and comments about it and

00:28:34.620 --> 00:28:43.440 Albert Dabah: I i thank so much the actors that all the actors that were a part of this and all the crew. That was a part of it and all the producers and

00:28:44.490 --> 00:28:45.570 Albert Dabah: The

00:28:46.770 --> 00:28:55.170 Albert Dabah: Everyone. Well, I'll talk more about them later. So we'll head into the commercial now. We'll be right back with Robbie weight loss and Aiden Brennan.

00:29:00.000 --> 00:29:03.540 And my see. And when he came in.

00:31:19.740 --> 00:31:33.270 Albert Dabah: Hi there, we're back at the extra innings podcast show with Robbie Ramos and Aiden Brennan, and we were just talking about some of the scenes that you guys were in

00:31:34.590 --> 00:31:38.730 Albert Dabah: AIDEN, why don't you tell us a little bit about the scenes that you were

00:31:39.780 --> 00:31:48.960 Albert Dabah: With the family. You've had different scenes at the family dinners and also at the temple. Tell us a little bit about those scenes that you played it.

00:31:49.890 --> 00:31:51.330 Aidan Brennan: Well those dinner scenes.

00:31:52.530 --> 00:32:10.200 Aidan Brennan: I mean, this is not what we're talking about the rehearsal process. And I think those ones. I mean, I mean aside from of course me and Morrissey scenes. Those ones were super intricate and took such a such a long time walking in the pacing and and i mean i guess i mean and the pacing.

00:32:12.150 --> 00:32:26.460 Aidan Brennan: And, um, I remember I really wasn't able to fully grasp, like what these family dinners were like and and David and I remember you told me to watch this Woody Allen movie.

00:32:27.510 --> 00:32:35.490 Aidan Brennan: I forgot which one it was. But I think, I think it really helps me like fully understand what I'm supposed to be doing. And like how the family dinners work and like

00:32:35.970 --> 00:32:45.270 Aidan Brennan: I think there's that scene where Morris breaks the dish. When he comes downstairs and it's storming and he breaks the dish. Um, I remember

00:32:46.710 --> 00:33:02.940 Aidan Brennan: I mean that I mean that being a natural reaction again because I was pretty scared by that in real life. And I'm really comes to mind of those identities, of course, like, like I said, is like the rehearsals and like how intricate, those were and your Oscar, I was going into it.

00:33:03.510 --> 00:33:08.130 Albert Dabah: Right, right. How did, how was the the baseball aspect for you.

00:33:09.270 --> 00:33:11.550 Albert Dabah: In the film, playing baseball

00:33:12.060 --> 00:33:19.890 Aidan Brennan: Well I, I grew up playing baseball. But more recently I've been focusing more on like we're crossing basketball. Those are my two like sports. I play

00:33:20.370 --> 00:33:38.700 Aidan Brennan: So, um, I went back into training and I think like two weeks before I started filming. I met with the baseball coach. I used to work with. And I'm, you know, I just got back into my skills. I'm started going batting ranges. I mean batting cages with my dad.

00:33:40.350 --> 00:33:52.830 Aidan Brennan: You know, playing catch my dad. I mean, it was a good process. I mean, and it was a good it was a good way to, you know, so it's not my dad to since he grew up playing baseball as well just going out to the park, having a catch.

00:33:54.360 --> 00:33:55.260 Trying to get prepared.

00:33:56.670 --> 00:34:05.280 Albert Dabah: How did it feel for you. There's that scene where you get the big head of the game and everybody comes up and rushes out and put you on their shoulders. How was that

00:34:06.150 --> 00:34:10.470 Aidan Brennan: Um, I mean, it almost felt like it was because like when we did pretty much

00:34:10.920 --> 00:34:22.380 Aidan Brennan: Everything pretty practically like you're throwing balls on me. I was seeing them in like if you'd like. Good. And it looks like it would it would be a home run. We played like that. So I mean, pretty much. I mean, there's, there's a certain like

00:34:23.490 --> 00:34:33.150 Aidan Brennan: Like I mean there's there's nothing like getting on run. There's nothing like score a touchdown. It doesn't like eating like a game winning three pointer or something like that. So, I mean, it's very real and those moments and like i mean

00:34:33.600 --> 00:34:44.730 Aidan Brennan: Like kids your age or like throwing you under your shoulders and you know like giving hugs and like like high fives and everything. So it's like, you know, the same way you would feel if you hit a game winning home run pretty much

00:34:45.060 --> 00:34:50.430 Albert Dabah: Right. Right. You know, I am I my son played college baseball and my son Joe and

00:34:51.030 --> 00:35:04.260 Albert Dabah: There's a I filmed a lot of the games, he was he was playing down in Florida in college baseball and he gets the game winning head at the end. And I'll tell you it was a saint looks the same thing arrow all the kids running on the field picking them up.

00:35:05.460 --> 00:35:07.800 Albert Dabah: It looks just like it. It's so exciting.

00:35:09.450 --> 00:35:18.480 Albert Dabah: Robert, I wanted to ask you, so you have those scenes with Maria. The made in the film, tell me a little bit about them because that's a big part of the story.

00:35:21.840 --> 00:35:33.120 Robert Ramos: Yeah, I mean, you know, the scenes with Maria are interesting because you get to see a different side of Moore's and so I was able to let loose a little bit there and trying to

00:35:34.650 --> 00:35:48.960 Robert Ramos: Trying to communicate with words. This time, so that that's interesting as as a character just like oh now I can actually because you you had written some words there for me to say and and then it becomes about how to

00:35:50.520 --> 00:36:03.390 Robert Ramos: Make sure that you're being honest about how hard it is for him to say these these words that he's he's telling to Maria and how to how hard it is to express their show a little vulnerability there of

00:36:04.440 --> 00:36:17.550 Robert Ramos: Of opening up to somebody, you know, which then makes sense when we did. We did that scene where he goes nuts in in the room. It makes sense why you know he opened up a little bit. And this is what happened.

00:36:18.540 --> 00:36:24.300 Albert Dabah: Yeah, yeah. Um, you know, there's a, I wanted to ask you now.

00:36:25.350 --> 00:36:36.810 Albert Dabah: You know, since this is based on a true story, and you're you know reenacting this this script that I wrote and see it come to life.

00:36:37.500 --> 00:36:45.810 Albert Dabah: What, what does it. How does it feel to you. We've had many reviews, which we're really, you know, pleased about.

00:36:46.290 --> 00:37:00.210 Albert Dabah: And you've been pointed out several times, many times. I don't know how many and an agent as well on your performance. How do you, how do you take that and internalize it. What does it mean to you.

00:37:02.160 --> 00:37:02.640 Robert Ramos: Hmm.

00:37:05.070 --> 00:37:08.160 Robert Ramos: You know, it's, it's hard. It's hard to to to

00:37:09.600 --> 00:37:12.060 Robert Ramos: Know exactly what to do with some of those

00:37:13.260 --> 00:37:15.240 Robert Ramos: Reviews and things because you know

00:37:16.350 --> 00:37:20.370 Robert Ramos: I don't know it acting for me is a very personal thing and

00:37:21.420 --> 00:37:34.920 Robert Ramos: You know, I kind of have to take everything with a grain of salt because you know you do. Also get bad one. So it's not that we've gotten them on the film, but I mean like as an actor, you know, really yeah you know when you're an acting class or anything. You gotta

00:37:35.340 --> 00:37:44.820 Robert Ramos: Learn how to take some of these compliments and then how do we take these these critiques. So for me, as an actor. Personally, I tried to

00:37:45.480 --> 00:37:52.290 Robert Ramos: Stay away from it as much as possible so that it doesn't go to my head or, or the other way around.

00:37:53.160 --> 00:38:03.420 Robert Ramos: It messes up my confidence as an actor. So I don't know. I mean, I'm happy that that people have reacted. That way I know very personal people that they tell me the truth about how I

00:38:03.840 --> 00:38:10.020 Robert Ramos: How, what they think about my performances and they seem to really like this one. So for me it you know

00:38:10.860 --> 00:38:20.580 Robert Ramos: It's really an honor man and and and more than anything is doing justice to you and your story, Albert. So it's really been great to see the reviews and the way people have reacted to the phone.

00:38:21.240 --> 00:38:33.540 Albert Dabah: Yeah reviews are kind of, you know, you know, you have to kind of weigh them in some way in your mind and you know, take, take some of the positive and some of the negative and just

00:38:35.400 --> 00:38:52.080 Albert Dabah: You know, take it in and think about it and and sometimes you can learn from it and you also have to realize that someone's opinion and, for instance, I saw on Amazon. People can review it on Amazon. One person wrote this is like the worst thing I've ever seen.

00:38:52.500 --> 00:38:53.130 Albert Dabah: And

00:38:53.490 --> 00:38:56.850 Albert Dabah: The next one row right underneath that this film to win an Academy Award

00:38:59.790 --> 00:39:03.150 Albert Dabah: Okay, well, maybe we're somewhere in the middle of it.

00:39:06.420 --> 00:39:13.740 Albert Dabah: So ADA. How does it feel to you hear people talk about your performance in a review or just people coming up to you.

00:39:15.030 --> 00:39:19.950 Aidan Brennan: I mean, I just want to say like we're filling this I was only nine years old so

00:39:20.430 --> 00:39:21.840 Albert Dabah: I knew or nine only

00:39:22.020 --> 00:39:22.590 Aidan Brennan: Nearly

00:39:22.950 --> 00:39:24.000 Albert Dabah: Nine or 10. Wow.

00:39:24.240 --> 00:39:25.440 Albert Dabah: Yeah, okay.

00:39:26.100 --> 00:39:35.160 Aidan Brennan: And I mean, I just, I mean, it's like to say ignorance is bliss. It's like I was not even thinking about that at all. Like I was not thinking about anyone's perception on my performance at all.

00:39:35.520 --> 00:39:40.980 Aidan Brennan: And just to look back on that and think that I was like going into this, like, or I will try my best. And like, you know, that'll be the end of

00:39:41.790 --> 00:39:46.680 Aidan Brennan: Thinking that how much that has changed it to be honest, like I like once I, you know, I'm like, I can't like

00:39:47.160 --> 00:39:51.480 Aidan Brennan: A script now or anything like that. It's like I'm worried about like how they were going to perceive this and like

00:39:51.810 --> 00:39:58.740 Aidan Brennan: Why should, why should I do this and should I do this with this and just overthinking everything is the boy wearing and, you know, it's crazy but

00:39:59.160 --> 00:40:06.900 Aidan Brennan: Um, I mean, back then, I wasn't, I wasn't really thinking about it and you know it took a while to come out so

00:40:07.410 --> 00:40:21.450 Aidan Brennan: I mean, like, I mean, at that point, I was like, Oh my gosh, I can't even remember what I was doing, you know, like, I mean, I think, was I did it go okay and I'm seeing as positive reviews really made me feel a lot better. And you know, I mean, there's been pretty solid. I think

00:40:21.960 --> 00:40:23.310 Albert Dabah: For my performance and yeah

00:40:23.670 --> 00:40:28.590 Aidan Brennan: Movie. Obviously if you let's say it's really good. So happy with that and happy the way it came out.

00:40:30.060 --> 00:40:31.830 Aidan Brennan: Yeah, be here positive feedback but

00:40:32.850 --> 00:40:40.980 Albert Dabah: Not thinking about it. Yeah, no I is there they are. We just got another review yesterday.

00:40:42.780 --> 00:40:50.850 Albert Dabah: We're actually we had gotten it before and I didn't somehow we missed it. And it was a really nice one. I'll send it out to you guys.

00:40:52.380 --> 00:40:55.500 Albert Dabah: What I wanted to bring up is what you guys are doing now.

00:40:56.880 --> 00:41:01.500 Albert Dabah: Agent, why don't you run. What is your since extra innings. I know you were in that

00:41:03.600 --> 00:41:04.530 Albert Dabah: The secret.

00:41:04.890 --> 00:41:05.640 Albert Dabah: Yeah, that film.

00:41:07.080 --> 00:41:11.940 Albert Dabah: Tell us a little bit about that or anything else that you've been in since um

00:41:11.970 --> 00:41:19.830 Aidan Brennan: Yeah, so the secret Daydream based on like a self help book that came out over this will quarantine period.

00:41:20.970 --> 00:41:34.380 Aidan Brennan: It's on streaming platforms you know you know about them. It's very similar extra innings and sense that, you know, it's better family you know stuff on hard times and eat some positive energy to get out of it. And that's actually platforms.

00:41:35.610 --> 00:41:50.640 Aidan Brennan: I was in Ray Donovan for an episode, I was in it was brought to you for an episode um, I had an episode New Amsterdam that's coming out real soon. I'm, you know, trying to stay busy studying, you know,

00:41:51.180 --> 00:41:58.560 Albert Dabah: Great, great. Robert, tell us a little bit about your we're gonna go with commercial in a couple of minutes, but tell us about what you've been up to.

00:41:59.790 --> 00:42:10.320 Robert Ramos: Well, right now I'm in Atlanta. I'm shooting a TV show called heels that's going to come out on stars and that should be sometime in the summer.

00:42:11.850 --> 00:42:18.720 Robert Ramos: And just been getting in wrestler shape and learning all these wrestling moves and all these kind of things and

00:42:19.950 --> 00:42:27.870 Robert Ramos: Yeah, I'm just, you know, I'm diving more into the TV world for that, especially what while we were doing extra innings. I was doing a lot of theater in New York and

00:42:29.010 --> 00:42:31.380 Robert Ramos: I realized that I was broken.

00:42:32.550 --> 00:42:42.030 Robert Ramos: And I had to make some changes. And so, yeah, just diving into the TV world. Man, that's kind of where I'm going. And hopefully we keep doing it for a few more years here.

00:42:42.210 --> 00:42:44.490 Albert Dabah: Oh, great. Did you ever wrestled before or just

00:42:45.210 --> 00:42:45.600 Robert Ramos: Never

00:42:45.690 --> 00:42:49.140 Robert Ramos: Yeah, this was a. This is my first time learning

00:42:50.370 --> 00:42:53.850 Albert Dabah: Wow, that's pretty, pretty cool. Yeah. Well, it's been a

00:42:53.850 --> 00:42:57.630 Robert Ramos: cool experience. And then I'm working with James Harrison, who's

00:42:59.100 --> 00:43:08.010 Robert Ramos: You know the NFL linebacker and getting to get in the ring with with huge dudes like that man has just been crazy man. Yeah.

00:43:08.070 --> 00:43:10.410 Albert Dabah: Wow. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun.

00:43:10.740 --> 00:43:12.870 Robert Ramos: Yeah, no, it has been definitely. Yeah, yeah.

00:43:13.050 --> 00:43:20.850 Albert Dabah: Well alright well listen. We'll be back in a few minutes, again with Robin Aden, and see you in a little bit. Thank you.

00:43:22.440 --> 00:43:22.650 Let's

00:45:42.630 --> 00:45:45.600 Albert Dabah: Hi there, welcome back to extra innings.

00:45:46.770 --> 00:45:55.230 Albert Dabah: I'd like to, we're here with Robbie and Aiden from the film extra innings. I'd like to say a little bit about my self, what I've been doing since

00:45:56.820 --> 00:46:05.460 Albert Dabah: We since we finished the film, obviously, one of the things we spent a lot of time was promoting the film and getting it to Amazon Prime. Now, but also I

00:46:05.970 --> 00:46:17.880 Albert Dabah: Formally, was I have a production company called Simba productions, which produced the film for the last 40 years and we produced all kinds of videos for all kinds of businesses.

00:46:19.260 --> 00:46:25.980 Albert Dabah: But one of the things I did before that I was a therapist have a masters in social work. So during the whole grid. I took a

00:46:27.480 --> 00:46:40.410 Albert Dabah: Life Coaching got a life coaching certificate and I have a website called a Dabba coaching calm. That's a dabble coaching calm and during this period of coven

00:46:41.640 --> 00:46:46.260 Albert Dabah: There's been a unfortunately a higher rate of mental illness.

00:46:47.520 --> 00:46:49.740 Albert Dabah: Especially with younger people.

00:46:51.150 --> 00:47:06.870 Albert Dabah: And the older generation as well. There's been it's been a very solitary time for a lot of people, people been unemployed gotten sick. Many people have died. As we know, the political situation in this country has been really split

00:47:08.100 --> 00:47:08.820 Albert Dabah: So,

00:47:09.870 --> 00:47:15.420 Albert Dabah: What I found is what I've gotten from the film is the whole idea that

00:47:20.160 --> 00:47:23.910 Albert Dabah: I made the film because I wanted to tell the story and

00:47:25.080 --> 00:47:40.590 Albert Dabah: And I got a wonderful crew wonderful actors together and we filmed this story. But what I really learned from it is that I really wanted to help minimize the stigma of mental illness as we had a guest last week on

00:47:41.850 --> 00:47:50.100 Albert Dabah: From the national lines of mental illness mental illness. It's called from Nami, her name is Tina Lee and she really talks to sing beautifully about

00:47:51.330 --> 00:47:57.540 Albert Dabah: Ending the silence, which is another way really saying, you know, you know, breaking them that stigma.

00:47:59.370 --> 00:48:15.000 Albert Dabah: Robert naden maybe together. You can both, you know, one of the time, of course, talk about what's it like for you do you do during the coven period. I know you are both working. But what have you noticed between friends, family,

00:48:16.020 --> 00:48:27.330 Albert Dabah: Or any, anything that has come up since the movie regarding the mental illness aspect of the film. Now maybe Robbie, you can go first.

00:48:28.140 --> 00:48:37.560 Robert Ramos: Yeah, for me, well, let's see the pandemic hit us in in March and I had just moved to LA in January of last year.

00:48:38.070 --> 00:48:43.560 Robert Ramos: And I have booked this gig and we were doing it was good. The show called snowfall and then

00:48:44.340 --> 00:48:51.540 Robert Ramos: The pandemic hit and that went out the window and I went back to Miami and I started to have severe anxiety. I mean,

00:48:51.960 --> 00:49:03.990 Robert Ramos: I started to have to battle with my mind and and and the fact that, you know, I wasn't working. I we couldn't go out. I mean, there was so much fear in the beginning. I don't know if you guys remember I mean now.

00:49:04.830 --> 00:49:13.050 Robert Ramos: Things are a little I guess calmer, in that sense, where we know more about the disease. Now, but in those initial months. I mean, it was tough for me, man.

00:49:13.920 --> 00:49:27.150 Robert Ramos: I really had to settle down and get into meditation and I've been doing this Wim Hof thing. I don't know if you know about Wim Hof Albert, but it's kind of deals with cold therapy and breathing techniques and all these different things and

00:49:28.200 --> 00:49:32.520 Robert Ramos: You know battling my own mental health really man and and trying to make sure that, uh,

00:49:33.630 --> 00:49:43.560 Robert Ramos: That I could control, you know, the things that I was that I was feeling and the way my mind was working at the time because the pandemic totally took me for a loop, man. I

00:49:44.130 --> 00:49:51.660 Robert Ramos: I was not prepared, but in a way it kind of made me face some of those things, head on, you know,

00:49:52.500 --> 00:50:04.050 Robert Ramos: Maybe I would have had to face those things later on in life. You know, it kind of brought it into the present time, and there was nothing else. I couldn't focus on work. I couldn't focus on anything really except

00:50:04.500 --> 00:50:11.550 Robert Ramos: Myself. And so it really kind of helped me to to find a center within myself and be able to do that.

00:50:13.410 --> 00:50:25.410 Robert Ramos: So for me, yeah, it's just been kind of a journey. And then I lucked out and I got a job right around July is when we started shooting heels and it's so it's been a lot easier. Since then,

00:50:26.820 --> 00:50:34.680 Robert Ramos: But I can imagine Albert how tough it is for people that that are home and and they don't know, they still don't know how they're going to make ends meet and

00:50:35.820 --> 00:50:39.990 Robert Ramos: That's great that you've been doing that work, man. I didn't know that. And that's, that's, that's amazing.

00:50:40.890 --> 00:50:48.030 Albert Dabah: Well, thank you. Yeah. No, it's a. Did you ever have that anxiety that you had as you were just describing before and and you

00:50:48.450 --> 00:50:55.500 Robert Ramos: Know I had kind of battle did in New York at times because you know I moved. I moved to New York from Miami and

00:50:56.010 --> 00:51:08.130 Robert Ramos: And I was away from family and that kind of thing. And so I did battle some anxiety throughout that time in New York but but not to the extent that I felt after the pandemic, because it was

00:51:09.270 --> 00:51:15.120 Robert Ramos: I don't know. It was interesting. I mean, for a paranoid person, not that I think of myself in that way, but

00:51:17.250 --> 00:51:22.080 Robert Ramos: All of a sudden, there's a there's a real reason to be paranoid. You know what I mean.

00:51:22.200 --> 00:51:27.270 Robert Ramos: I know since that the pandemic really is like, oh no, there is actually something out there that's

00:51:27.270 --> 00:51:34.260 Robert Ramos: Gonna gonna kill you and anxiety. I'm sure it's through the roof around this country in the world really

00:51:35.700 --> 00:51:36.120 Albert Dabah: Yeah.

00:51:38.430 --> 00:51:43.050 Albert Dabah: AIDEN um how how's it been for you and your family.

00:51:44.070 --> 00:51:46.710 Aidan Brennan: Um, well, it's tough, just in general, I mean,

00:51:48.300 --> 00:51:53.370 Aidan Brennan: to rob that channel without having to you. I'm happy got it all together. But I'm you know I'm

00:51:55.050 --> 00:52:07.860 Aidan Brennan: It's been hard because I have a really close relationship with my grandparents who live local to me. And since the pandemic. I haven't been able to see them really at all. And that's, that's really hard for me, they're locked out completely.

00:52:09.180 --> 00:52:12.450 Aidan Brennan: They're looking to get the vaccine, pretty soon, which I'm really happy about.

00:52:14.490 --> 00:52:21.780 Aidan Brennan: Borgia probably seeing them again soon. And it's in general, it's been hard to reach out to people like I was able to once

00:52:22.530 --> 00:52:27.840 Aidan Brennan: Um, I mean, I think it's really great opportunity to, you know, watch extra innings.

00:52:28.380 --> 00:52:35.760 Aidan Brennan: Because, like, you know, it deals with a lot of the same themes that people are going through right now just kind of like seclusion and um, I guess.

00:52:36.690 --> 00:52:43.860 Aidan Brennan: snuck feeling really comfortable and like your own skin and telling your own story. And a lot of the things people are struggling with right now.

00:52:44.910 --> 00:52:51.390 Albert Dabah: Yeah yeah i i also think that what the film did for me well.

00:52:52.710 --> 00:53:11.040 Albert Dabah: You know, it made. I met Sam who runs his podcast and he wants asked me this is months before the pandemic started the, you know, I think of another venue for extra innings, and he mentioned the podcast show. So during this time of

00:53:12.240 --> 00:53:15.960 Albert Dabah: taking this course for the coaching and

00:53:17.610 --> 00:53:26.910 Albert Dabah: Coaching with people. I started thinking about doing this podcast show and I spoke to Sam several more times. And I thought, you know, that sounds like a good idea.

00:53:27.420 --> 00:53:40.530 Albert Dabah: To have people from all different aspects of life, whether it's a therapist, anyone who works in wellness. It could be a doctor or a nurse, it could be anyone actors grew from the film people artists.

00:53:41.700 --> 00:53:45.540 Albert Dabah: Where their sensitivities are similar, because we all share.

00:53:46.860 --> 00:54:01.800 Albert Dabah: The same you know we're all different, but yet we all want something in our lives. Something that means something to us. And if something gets in our way or mine can overtake us with depression or

00:54:02.730 --> 00:54:14.730 Albert Dabah: Anxiety restlessness and this disease. Just compounds that and I think it's really healthy to be able to open up

00:54:15.150 --> 00:54:25.860 Albert Dabah: And and needed to talk about when you have a friend like like I decided before with Martin Luther King says about, you know, helping other people

00:54:26.310 --> 00:54:38.940 Albert Dabah: I think that's really important to really if you if you know someone who's you might think is not doing well, it's important to be empathic and understanding. And I think as actors.

00:54:40.260 --> 00:54:41.790 Albert Dabah: Who I always see as artists.

00:54:44.610 --> 00:55:00.720 Albert Dabah: Many of them you do reach out to other people and really help. And I think, you know, through your performances and extra innings, you can, you know, play a character you played characters that mean something they're real characters.

00:55:02.070 --> 00:55:17.820 Albert Dabah: They meant a lot to me and I think they mean a lot to a lot of other people who have families because it's really, I think, extra innings is a story about a family and all families have their issues. So anyway,

00:55:19.320 --> 00:55:27.660 Albert Dabah: I'm going to wrap up the show for tonight. I want to wish you guys luck and anything that you pursue let's keep in touch. I'm

00:55:28.860 --> 00:55:44.730 Albert Dabah: Not sure you both got DVDs, I believe. Right. So there's a little bonus section. If you haven't seen it yet where there's interviews with everybody that everyone, which is about a lot of people from the show. And again, extra innings is on Amazon Prime.

00:55:47.400 --> 00:55:50.370 Albert Dabah: So everyone when you have a chance to

00:55:51.870 --> 00:56:11.280 Albert Dabah: Watch it, and if you like it, write a review rate it and because that means more people will see it. All right. AIDEN Robbie. Great to see you guys tonight and be well and be safe and let's keep in touch. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you.

00:56:11.310 --> 00:56:11.670 Robert Ramos: Thank you.

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