The Journey Through to Awareness

Monday, January 11, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/11 - The Universe's "Perfect" Orchestration of a Path to Generational & Individual Healing

Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/11 - The Universe's "Perfect" Orchestration of a Path to Generational & Individual Healing


2021/01/11 - The Universe's "Perfect" Orchestration of a Path to Generational & Individual Healing

[NEW EPISODE] The Universe's "Perfect" Orchestration of a Path to Generational & Individual Healing

This week's show embraces the #1 best-selling & life-changing book; "PERFECT" with the author, Judi Miller.

Join us as we explore the miraculous ways that God, through the Universe, orchestrates our lives toward a state of wholeness, forgiveness, and love-----weather we are aware of it or not!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Dr. Georgeann Dau introduces her guest Judi Miller, author of the book Perfect. Judi discusses her life and how the feelings of being not enough had been following her throughout her life, but she was able to let go of these feelings to become anything she wanted to be, to become her true and authentic self. Georgeann and Judi discuss how the universe is telling everyone that it is time to heal, through the varying contractions that are going on in the world currently. Judi explains her fears that she had in her childhood and throughout her life that plagued her, and how no matter how irrational these fears might have seemed to her, she still continued to feel terror. Judi then explains how she decided to meet with a healer to discuss these fears.

Segment 2

Judi explains how the healer she met with, introduced her to past lives, and that she decided to go to an event hosted by Dr. Brian Weiss. Judi then discusses how she and her healer discussed how trauma can be passed down genetically through a family line. Judi then explains how she then realized that her fears she had as a child were memories of her mother’s trauma passed down genetically to her. Judi and Georgeann discuss how generational trauma is not limited to the one’s parents, but several generations in the past. The two then discuss how to let go of these generational memories through NEST, which stands for Notice or become aware of our stories, Experience the emotion and let it go, Scratch the record, and Tender love and care.

Segment 3

Georgeann and Judi explain the importance of self care and love, and that one needs to develop themselves through awareness to become closer to God and become the light in the world for one another. Judi explains the ninety second rule, in which everyone has ninety seconds to process an emotion and then has the choice whether or not to let it go. Judi tells the story of the children’s book The Little Soul and the Sun, which is about a soul that wants to learn forgiveness called, and the importance for everyone in learning forgiveness. Georgeann and Judi both explain their experiences when they first felt the love that God feels for everyone.

Segment 4

Georgeann and Judi discuss several sections of Judi’s book, relating to the essence of love that makes up people. Georgeann explains how people are often blocked from viewing their true selves, because of the belief systems they grew up in, where they were told certain things about themselves, but that love can heal anything. Judi explains how we view ourselves is how we tend to be viewed in the world, giving the example of her relationship with her spouse’s mother, and that because she viewed herself as an outsider she became one. The two discuss how when we chose to heal, we heal seven generations before and after us, working towards a better life for everyone.


00:00:38.730 --> 00:00:59.490 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Hi, good evening. So great to. I was gonna say see you all again. But I'm I can only see my guests and myself. So it's wonderful to be back. I'm Dr. George and oh, and thank you for joining us on a journey through into a witness, so

00:01:00.630 --> 00:01:12.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I always have special guests. But tonight. It's an incredible woman that I recently met but I feel like I'm we're fast friends.

00:01:14.070 --> 00:01:31.260 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And her name is Judy Miller and. She is the author of this incredible book called perfect which the material in this book is so profound and profoundly unique that

00:01:32.940 --> 00:01:34.800 Dr. Georgeann Dau: If it's new to any of you.

00:01:36.300 --> 00:01:51.540 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I invite you. We invite you to just be open in spirit and ought to receive some of the revelations in this book. And we have some similarities that we're finding

00:01:52.980 --> 00:02:14.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So Judy, worked as an accountant and alone her life she lived with a lot of fears and was having thoughts and memories about these fears that were coming out of nowhere, which really really were not applicable to her real time experience.

00:02:15.480 --> 00:02:19.680 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So I'm going to introduce her and let her

00:02:21.120 --> 00:02:31.710 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Be the one to really go through all of this with you. So Judy, milli molar. Thank you for being here with me tonight and for us to be together. Thank you.

00:02:32.370 --> 00:02:39.480 Judi Miller: Sure. Janet says a pleasure and an honor to be with you. You have such an open and beautiful heart. So thank you. Thank you.

00:02:39.900 --> 00:02:52.800 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And in order for you to feel that, you know, you have to have that. So there we have it. So, um, so, Judy. Thank you. And I saw in the beginning of your book.

00:02:54.210 --> 00:03:09.480 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I'm so fortunate because I bought a copy, copy, so I'll give us gifts, but I'm going to get an autographed copy. I'm so blessed. I'm like a little kid with that, um, I know in the front that the book is dedicated to mom.

00:03:09.990 --> 00:03:10.830 Judi Miller: Yes, it is. So,

00:03:10.950 --> 00:03:15.810 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Great that you have a great relationship with your mom and so many

00:03:16.830 --> 00:03:17.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Watching

00:03:18.750 --> 00:03:19.770 Dr. Georgeann Dau: being here with us.

00:03:20.880 --> 00:03:34.680 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Can say that. So this book is really transformational because it's a path to love forgiveness and transformation. So who is this book for Judy.

00:03:35.430 --> 00:03:40.110 Judi Miller: So that's a great question. So George and I'm going to ask you and your listeners some questions.

00:03:41.550 --> 00:03:43.950 Judi Miller: Have you ever felt different like you didn't belong

00:03:44.940 --> 00:03:48.210 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh, sure. I mean, that was most of my youth.

00:03:48.540 --> 00:03:54.750 Judi Miller: Mm hmm. And have you ever felt incomplete maybe searching for someone or something outside of yourself to make you feel

00:03:55.860 --> 00:03:59.550 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Um, yes. And then I came to meet

00:04:01.050 --> 00:04:01.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Jesus

00:04:02.370 --> 00:04:09.120 Judi Miller: Mm hmm. That's beautiful. And have you ever felt unworthy always having to prove yourself over and over again.

00:04:09.840 --> 00:04:21.540 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, certainly. And I think most of us, you know, I work as a psychoanalyst and spiritual director. So I work with many, many people, and most of us as human beings struggle with that piece.

00:04:21.840 --> 00:04:29.340 Judi Miller: Mm hmm. And I would agree with you. And the reason I asked you and your listeners these questions is because these feelings of literally played to me for most of my life.

00:04:29.820 --> 00:04:40.350 Judi Miller: I was actually born in Trinidad Trinidad actually an island in the Caribbean right off the coast of South America and I moved to the US. When I was extremely young. I grew up in New York City. So I love New York

00:04:41.460 --> 00:04:48.900 Judi Miller: And George and I didn't look like other people in my neighborhood. I just felt different I felt like I didn't belong

00:04:49.260 --> 00:04:55.680 Judi Miller: I was also born with 11 fingers and I had these unexplainable fears and phobias that you refer to in the beginning.

00:04:56.430 --> 00:05:06.180 Judi Miller: And no matter what I did. I never felt like I was enough. I actually started my career as a CPA, I went to work for one of the big four accounting firms in New York City.

00:05:06.720 --> 00:05:20.340 Judi Miller: I got my bachelor's and my masters in four years. So I chopped off two years and I graduated from the Harvard Business School executive leadership program. But no matter what I did it still wasn't enough. I still felt like I wasn't enough.

00:05:21.360 --> 00:05:28.350 Judi Miller: George and I felt like I was nothing but what I learned is that in that nothingness. I could actually be anything that I wanted

00:05:29.220 --> 00:05:39.210 Judi Miller: And what I mean by that is when we drop our stories, our labels and our judgments. We could truly be anything that we want. We could emerge as our true and authentic selves.

00:05:39.660 --> 00:05:45.690 Judi Miller: So my wishes, just to really share that with listeners to help them realize that they could be anything that they want.

00:05:46.710 --> 00:05:48.600 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Great, Judy. That's so beautiful.

00:05:50.970 --> 00:06:00.090 Judi Miller: And George. And you mentioned that the subtitle to perfect is called a path to love forgiveness and transformation and there's so many different definitions of forgiveness. But for me.

00:06:00.540 --> 00:06:11.190 Judi Miller: It's really, really simple. It means to forgo or to let go of so painful and wanted events are going to happen to all of us. We could either experience the Event once

00:06:11.670 --> 00:06:18.210 Judi Miller: Or we could literally played over and over again in our minds until it becomes stuck until it becomes our identities.

00:06:19.080 --> 00:06:32.130 Judi Miller: So for me, forgiveness is really just letting go of those contracted negative stories and energies, so we can move forward and experience our true and authentic selves and I really do believe that it's a gift that we give ourselves. It's an act of self love

00:06:33.390 --> 00:06:41.670 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That so fabulous, you know, Judy, you know, as an analyst. I always encourage my patients because you know they'll come to me.

00:06:43.230 --> 00:06:50.520 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Over and over berating themselves that. Here they are again with these feelings and why are they having these feelings over and over again.

00:06:50.970 --> 00:07:03.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I say to them, that's fantastic that you're struggling with this again because it is in the struggle that we repeat that we work it through and

00:07:06.000 --> 00:07:12.330 Dr. Georgeann Dau: With you know if if we're not in prayer and paying attention and in treatment.

00:07:13.560 --> 00:07:27.090 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We repeat because it's all we know. And we stay with that like broken record, but if we are in prayer and we have awareness within the journey of the dialogue.

00:07:27.930 --> 00:07:40.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And somewhere to bring it, whether it be prayer or analysis, then we're able to work it through and I really do believe that is working it through.

00:07:41.700 --> 00:07:48.930 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Where the healing can take place because otherwise we're really just stuffing it

00:07:49.680 --> 00:07:51.690 Judi Miller: Mm hmm. Absolutely.

00:07:52.740 --> 00:08:03.720 Judi Miller: And you're so right and you know I experience events in life in my body and I feel the missus sensations and when I have a contraction in my body. I actually say thank you.

00:08:04.170 --> 00:08:12.420 Judi Miller: I say thank you because I know my body is telling me something that there there's something that I'm experiencing that I need to heal exactly what you're saying.

00:08:12.870 --> 00:08:22.320 Judi Miller: And you know George and right now on the planet. There's so much contraction in our relationships in politics and the natural disasters that are happening with

00:08:23.610 --> 00:08:30.810 Judi Miller: So there's so much contraction on the earth. But what it's telling me is that the universe is telling us it's now time to heal.

00:08:31.680 --> 00:08:44.190 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes. Yes. And you and I talked a little bit about that as we were getting ready for us to be on air is that within these contractions and I love that word.

00:08:45.030 --> 00:08:54.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That everything that is coming out now has to come out because it's been there brewing and it's like a boil.

00:08:55.080 --> 00:09:05.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That's that that's that's how I look at it I have this image of this boil that me needed to be lamps and all of these different in occurrences.

00:09:06.030 --> 00:09:11.580 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Or the lamps that are poking it open so that we can have a healing.

00:09:12.060 --> 00:09:33.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Like when Jesus was on the cross all his disciples were scattered fearful. Oh my gosh, this isn't what we expected. We were looking for the Messiah, we were looking for the king, but he resurrected and we we all live through dying and rising dying and rising

00:09:34.890 --> 00:09:36.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: My love that and

00:09:36.660 --> 00:09:39.600 Judi Miller: And, you know, I'm never gonna look at the boil again the same

00:09:39.600 --> 00:09:39.900 Way.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:09:44.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You don't have to look at them.

00:09:45.810 --> 00:09:50.280 Judi Miller: So George and you know you mentioned in the beginning that my story might be a little unusual.

00:09:50.610 --> 00:10:00.240 Judi Miller: And it may be a little unusual or a common to some people, but I do believe it holds a promise for us all. So if it's okay with you. I'd love to give your listeners just kind of an overview of the story.

00:10:00.300 --> 00:10:03.690 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, please. I'd love that. Thank you. That's why we are

00:10:04.530 --> 00:10:10.140 Judi Miller: So, you know, as a child I had fears, like many, like many children do. I was actually afraid of drowning.

00:10:10.500 --> 00:10:25.110 Judi Miller: But I was actually terrified of the night I was terrified of the dark and I also had this fear that I never shared with anyone until recently. I was actually afraid of being assaulted. So as you can imagine these feelings and these fears were extremely

00:10:26.610 --> 00:10:29.790 Judi Miller: Incomprehensible irrational to me as a child.

00:10:30.450 --> 00:10:42.540 Judi Miller: And every night. I would crawl into bed. I was terrified of going to sleep. I would crawl into bed I would pull the covers over my head and I would recite the Lord's Prayer over and over again until exhausted.

00:10:43.020 --> 00:11:02.070 Judi Miller: I would fall asleep, and this was my ritual night after night, and this continued well into my 20s, you know, as we talked. I started as a CPA. So here I was living a very traditional life with a very traditional job but then at night coming back home terrified. What I couldn't explain

00:11:04.200 --> 00:11:16.950 Judi Miller: So, so I met my husband actually at work. He's a CPA. Also, we got married and we had two incredible children and then the exhaustion of raising two kids commuting three hours a day to work and working 40 to 50 hours a week.

00:11:17.910 --> 00:11:25.410 Judi Miller: In that exhaustion everything stopped. I no longer felt the subtle energies. No, I no longer heard the subtle whispers

00:11:26.550 --> 00:11:34.350 Judi Miller: But then my kids grew up and they went off to college and the house became silent and in that silence everything returned

00:11:35.520 --> 00:11:48.690 Judi Miller: It always felt like someone was standing behind me, it felt like eyes were staring at me from across the room and my neighbors must have thought I was comical because I literally tiptoed around my house afraid of who or what I might actually encounter.

00:11:50.040 --> 00:12:06.960 Judi Miller: And if people have never felt terror. They asked me what it feels like. And the closest thing that I can think of is when somebody jumps out in front of you. Unexpectedly, and your heart races. Maybe you can't even breathe. And I think for most people, those sensations last a few seconds.

00:12:08.010 --> 00:12:10.920 Judi Miller: But your jam those sensations could last for hours for me.

00:12:12.720 --> 00:12:28.440 Judi Miller: So when my so when my husband and I got married, I would wake up in the middle of the night, literally, clutching at him, and soon we both began to lose sleep and around the same time, I actually started to bleed uncontrollably, month after month, and my doctor told me that I needed a hysterectomy.

00:12:29.520 --> 00:12:40.500 Judi Miller: And I was terrified of the surgery and I couldn't understand why. So after I left public accounting. I went to work as a finance director in the healthcare industry for over 20 years so I trust modern medicine.

00:12:42.480 --> 00:12:50.550 Judi Miller: But that Tara that I felt about the surgery felt like the same Tara that I had as a child and the same Tara, the return to me as an adult.

00:12:51.450 --> 00:12:59.820 Judi Miller: So a very good friend of mine recommended that I read a book called light emerging by Barbara Brennan and Barbara was a former NASA physicist and you're smiling. You buy

00:13:00.750 --> 00:13:10.230 Judi Miller: The book but Barbara Brennan was a former NASA physicist and she studied the human energy fields and what she learned she was actually able to heal with her hands.

00:13:11.310 --> 00:13:12.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes. Yes, she does.

00:13:13.050 --> 00:13:18.240 Judi Miller: Yeah so literally days before my surgery. I was Googling healers near me.

00:13:19.590 --> 00:13:22.680 Judi Miller: And as I sat across in my healer, for that very first time.

00:13:23.730 --> 00:13:27.150 Judi Miller: I didn't know the role that she would play in my family's history.

00:13:28.710 --> 00:13:33.420 Judi Miller: And I also heard the clickable lock like my entire life was finally clicking into place.

00:13:34.320 --> 00:13:50.220 Judi Miller: So my healer and I work together to heal. After the hysterectomy. And then the following months we began to explore these unexplainable fears of the night that I had. I never told her about my fear of assault, we only looked at the fear of the dark

00:13:51.780 --> 00:14:06.330 Dr. Georgeann Dau: so incredible. I want to hear more and more and more. So we were going to take a break in one minute. So I'm real quickly, um, before we break. I'm finish that sentence.

00:14:08.220 --> 00:14:14.430 Judi Miller: So my healer helped me heal after the surgery and then she started to introduce me to things that I'd never heard of.

00:14:14.850 --> 00:14:24.000 Judi Miller: She introduced me to something called the past lives and I was never exposed to past lives and after the break, I would love to share with you some of the experiences that I actually had

00:14:24.000 --> 00:14:36.240 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes. So we're going to take a break. Oh, we're here with judy miller. I'm Dr. George and doubt and this is a journey through and through awareness. Thank you so much for joining us tonight. We'll be right back.

00:17:07.500 --> 00:17:16.680 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back to a journey through with judy miller so not gonna waste another second. Yeah, Judy.

00:17:17.580 --> 00:17:23.550 Judi Miller: So my, my first experience with past lives my healer introduced me to the work of Dr. Michael Newton.

00:17:24.090 --> 00:17:30.210 Judi Miller: Dolores cannon, as well as Dr. Brian wise and Dr. Brian Weiss was a very prominent psychiatrist.

00:17:30.630 --> 00:17:38.940 Judi Miller: And he was very well known and he was actually having a seminar at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. So I thought it'd be a great opportunity just to learn about it.

00:17:39.210 --> 00:17:49.050 Judi Miller: And when I got there, there was hundreds, maybe even thousands of people there and I was actually surprised because it was something that I'd never heard of and didn't realize that it was actually so mainstream

00:17:49.590 --> 00:17:55.740 Judi Miller: So Dr. Weiss explained that over 50% of the people in the audience would actually have a past life experience.

00:17:56.370 --> 00:18:10.680 Judi Miller: So George and as the lights went down and I closed my eyes and AS DR. WISE walked us through these different doors. I fell asleep, and as he took us out of that hypnosis. I heard myself snoring.

00:18:11.520 --> 00:18:14.100 Judi Miller: I had actually slept through the entire

00:18:14.100 --> 00:18:22.290 Judi Miller: Thing I was so open receptive and excited, but that was my first experience of a past life regression. I actually slept through the other thing.

00:18:25.830 --> 00:18:30.240 Judi Miller: That my healer also introduced me to some other things and some other amazing work.

00:18:30.510 --> 00:18:38.550 Judi Miller: First, we started to actually talk about my parents, we know that we inherit so many things from our parents, the color brown hair. The color of our eyes, the shape of our nose.

00:18:38.880 --> 00:18:44.580 Judi Miller: And so many physical characteristics, but we also started to talk about the science of epigenetics.

00:18:45.270 --> 00:19:00.690 Judi Miller: And the science of epigenetics tells us that we could actually inherit the pain and the trauma from our parents and our ancestors. They've actually exactly they've actually said with Holocaust survivors, the pain and the terror that they experienced in their bodies.

00:19:01.860 --> 00:19:05.400 Judi Miller: Actually was passed down to their children and their children's children.

00:19:05.700 --> 00:19:06.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes.

00:19:06.960 --> 00:19:13.980 Judi Miller: And they've shown recently with experiments with mice, they would just introduce the smell of cherry blossoms and then they would gently zap the mice on the feet.

00:19:14.640 --> 00:19:27.120 Judi Miller: Well, George. And as you can imagine, after a while, just the sense of cherry blossoms will trigger that same fear in the mice, yes, but not only in the mice, but in the wife has children and their children.

00:19:28.140 --> 00:19:29.700 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Isn't that something. Yes.

00:19:30.150 --> 00:19:38.760 Judi Miller: And what was even more amazing is that these offspring were never exposed to zapping and we never exposed to the Father, that was out

00:19:39.960 --> 00:19:50.850 Judi Miller: It was a cellular memory. So what I learned on this journey was that fear and that terror that I felt each night. The fear of being assaulted was actually a cellular memory.

00:19:51.180 --> 00:19:57.870 Judi Miller: Of when my mother was attacked as a child, and I never knew Georgetown that she was attacked as a child until three years ago.

00:19:59.100 --> 00:20:04.680 Judi Miller: They say female babies are born with two to 3 million of their reproductive exit birth.

00:20:05.910 --> 00:20:08.550 Judi Miller: Wow. For much of your mother's life.

00:20:08.850 --> 00:20:16.650 Judi Miller: He's actually in her body as an unborn unfertilized egg. Yes. So you experienced or traumas.

00:20:16.890 --> 00:20:18.810 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, or trials. Yes.

00:20:19.290 --> 00:20:28.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, I love this. And this is, um, I, I know of this work, and that's why I'm so excited to be with you.

00:20:29.490 --> 00:20:39.420 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And, you know, with my patients I help them. Look at that their birthday, not really phrase it this way, but it's really

00:20:40.830 --> 00:20:43.290 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Upon conception

00:20:44.430 --> 00:20:58.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That when the egg in the sperm meet is really when they were beginning and all everything that goes on in the womb, they are experiencing and they will carry. They will carry

00:20:58.770 --> 00:21:00.660 Dr. Georgeann Dau: You have absolutely beautiful.

00:21:01.290 --> 00:21:07.620 Judi Miller: And you know, I saw a recent picture that you know is just a beautiful depiction, they say, you know, a picture is worth 1000 words.

00:21:07.950 --> 00:21:22.410 Judi Miller: It was a picture of a grandmother and inside of the grandmother was her daughter as a baby in the womb. Right. And inside of that baby in the womb was the two to 3 million of the reproductive eggs that baby would carry

00:21:23.820 --> 00:21:38.280 Judi Miller: So it's not just your mother's trauma that you experience right could actually be your grandmother as well. Yes, not just limited to your mother. You could actually in the experiments with the mice, you could you could you could inherit the trauma from your father as well.

00:21:38.610 --> 00:21:49.590 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes. And when we had spoken. You had mentioned that was seven. Seven years back seven. I'm sorry, seven generations back right

00:21:49.890 --> 00:21:58.200 Judi Miller: So they say indigenous cultures in in North America, say when you heal you could actually heal seven generations back and seven generations forward.

00:21:58.800 --> 00:22:07.140 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Right. Isn't that amazing everyone that's why I'm I'm sort of chiming in is, I just want you to talk a little bit more about

00:22:07.590 --> 00:22:17.760 Dr. Georgeann Dau: certain segments. And for those of us listening. You know, that's why I said to have an open mind and heart because this might be new material, but

00:22:18.270 --> 00:22:34.200 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We're all here to learn and grow. And I think it's great to be open and flexible on our journey so fantastic. It's great material and they can help all of us. Thank you, Judy. Again, I'm sorry.

00:22:34.770 --> 00:22:35.730 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So excited

00:22:35.970 --> 00:22:41.490 Judi Miller: So church, and this is the part, especially that I asked people to have an open receptive mind and heart.

00:22:42.030 --> 00:22:44.520 Judi Miller: Because my story, as you know, it doesn't end there.

00:22:45.000 --> 00:22:50.310 Judi Miller: So there's actually a shocking connection to the very healer I trusted to heal me in this lifetime.

00:22:50.940 --> 00:22:55.920 Judi Miller: What was revealed was that she was the person in the previous lifetime that actually attacked my mother.

00:22:56.700 --> 00:23:07.290 Judi Miller: And I know that it sounds a little unusual or a little in common, but in that moment of revelation. I could have felt fear I could have felt anger. I could have felt betrayal. I could have felt of many things.

00:23:07.800 --> 00:23:16.200 Judi Miller: But all I felt was the love and the perfection of the universe. I actually saw how all of our souls are interconnected across lifetimes.

00:23:16.620 --> 00:23:25.020 Judi Miller: How we could truly never get it wrong and how unconditionally loved and accepted, we are by the Creator, the God of our understanding

00:23:25.710 --> 00:23:42.540 Judi Miller: Because George. And in that moment of revelation. I could have created a story that would haunt me for the rest of my life, but instead I chose to see the miracle in that situation. So all I do is invite your listeners to say what if what if that was true.

00:23:45.180 --> 00:23:46.710 Yes. Beautiful.

00:23:48.990 --> 00:24:04.620 Judi Miller: And there's just so many lessons that I learned along the way I learned that when we let go of our stories, our labels and our judgments. We see everything and everyone through the eyes of the creator to the eyes of love, where there is no separation.

00:24:05.700 --> 00:24:10.290 Dr. Georgeann Dau: There is no separation, God can only see God in us.

00:24:12.390 --> 00:24:13.080 Judi Miller: That's beautiful.

00:24:13.530 --> 00:24:16.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: There is no separation. That's absolutely right. So,

00:24:19.710 --> 00:24:25.500 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Do you talk a little bit more about how do we let go of the stories that don't serve us anymore.

00:24:26.340 --> 00:24:36.270 Judi Miller: So I use an acronym called nest and E st to just help people understand and remember. So I'd love to go through the acronym with you.

00:24:37.020 --> 00:24:37.680 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I'd love that.

00:24:38.100 --> 00:24:50.340 Judi Miller: So, N stands for notice or become aware of our stories we have over 60,000 thoughts. A day 95% of them are the same ones we had yesterday and the day before and 80% of them are quite negative

00:24:50.730 --> 00:25:03.600 Judi Miller: So humans were actually hardwired to notice. And remember the negative aspects of a situation. And that was because thousands of years ago when we had to hunt and gather for food. It was critical for our survival.

00:25:04.230 --> 00:25:15.120 Judi Miller: Which are Chan. We know that we don't live in that reality anymore. So we need to retrain our minds. So I invite you the next time you start to have a negative thought observe it.

00:25:15.630 --> 00:25:29.100 Judi Miller: Between stimulus and response, there's a space. Yes. And so many of us react on autopilot. Yeah, we can actually observe our thoughts. So the next time you have a negative thought I invite you to flick it off before it takes root

00:25:30.420 --> 00:25:31.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So I love that.

00:25:31.470 --> 00:25:42.090 Judi Miller: Yes. See, that's the. I'm sorry. That's the end. The E stands for truly experienced the emotion and let it go. I believe our bodies. Tell the truth.

00:25:42.600 --> 00:25:52.320 Judi Miller: Our minds don't always tell the truth. And I'm just going to give you a very simple example. So before I got on this interview I could have felt dryness in my throat.

00:25:53.610 --> 00:25:56.640 Judi Miller: Fluttering in my stomach. My heart could have been pounding.

00:25:57.660 --> 00:26:10.620 Judi Miller: And George and I could have labeled those sensations as nervousness right but I could have just as easily label those sensations as excitement because they're exactly the same sensations, I feel in my body.

00:26:10.680 --> 00:26:12.420 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That's right. That's right.

00:26:13.290 --> 00:26:23.970 Judi Miller: Beautiful. So Dr. Dr. Jill BOLTE Taylor wrote a book a call my stroke of insight and she was a Harvard neuroscientist who was actually able to heal herself from traumatic brain injury.

00:26:24.510 --> 00:26:39.450 Judi Miller: And she talked about the 92nd rule. And this is what really stuck with me. She says that after an event happens either good or bad. It only takes us 90 seconds to process that event, through our physiology and then let them go.

00:26:40.530 --> 00:26:43.380 Judi Miller: After those 90 seconds, it's up to us.

00:26:44.520 --> 00:26:52.740 Judi Miller: Right after those 90 seconds we can truly let it go. Or we can start to create a story. Some of our stories can be empowering.

00:26:53.280 --> 00:27:01.350 Judi Miller: But many of our stories as we know with those 80,000 thoughts. Many of them are very disempowering right so

00:27:02.100 --> 00:27:06.750 Judi Miller: I invite people to truly feel events in their body and then let them go.

00:27:07.260 --> 00:27:18.780 Judi Miller: Right. And as we talked about before, you know when something happens and I feel a contraction in my body. I say thank you I say thank you because I know it's an opportunity to heal or release something

00:27:19.650 --> 00:27:29.280 Judi Miller: Yes. So the next time you feel something in your body, you could put your hand gently on it. And if you can't reach it. Maybe it's behind you on your back. Just imagine it.

00:27:29.760 --> 00:27:44.130 Judi Miller: And I invite people to just gently breathe in and out of that area. Breathe in your loving presence into that area because George and for many people it might be the first time that they actually acknowledge that sensation in their body.

00:27:47.040 --> 00:27:56.790 Judi Miller: Okay, so that's the and then the S stands for scratch the record. We talked about those thoughts and those stories that keep repeating over and over, like the grooves on a record player.

00:27:57.630 --> 00:28:10.860 Judi Miller: And many of these techniques. You've probably heard of, but when you start to have that negative thought say cancel. Cancel, cancel clear, but the one that I learned that I truly love is called I learned from Tony Robbins. Many years ago, and I call it zany crazy thing.

00:28:11.910 --> 00:28:18.900 Judi Miller: Right. So in the seminar that I went to this woman was talking to Tony about some of the difficulties that she was having in her marriage.

00:28:19.380 --> 00:28:25.140 Judi Miller: And Tony picked up a glass of water and threw it in the woman's face and she was just totally flabbergasted.

00:28:25.590 --> 00:28:32.010 Judi Miller: But she knows Tony's coming from a loving space. So she tried offer space dried off her face and then she started to talk to Tony again.

00:28:32.520 --> 00:28:41.460 Judi Miller: And George. And as you can imagine two or three minutes into the conversation, she started to complain about her husband again. So what do you think Tony. Did he picked up the glass of water facing out.

00:28:42.630 --> 00:28:45.960 Judi Miller: So what it did is it really gave the woman.

00:28:47.100 --> 00:28:59.880 Judi Miller: The ability to truly realized that she was in this cycle of negativity about her husband, a great gave her the awareness of that cycle, but it also gave you the opportunity to disrupt that cycle. Yes.

00:29:00.210 --> 00:29:12.510 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I wonder what she got out of unconsciously got out of staying with that negativity. The human brain always goes to the negative first and

00:29:13.050 --> 00:29:23.400 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Loves to stay there. It's great. So we're going to take a break we'll be back momentarily with judy miller thank you so much for tuning in. We'll be right back.

00:31:52.530 --> 00:31:53.280 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back.

00:31:55.050 --> 00:32:09.300 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We are returning with Judy millet and we are talking about a concept that she's describing enter from in a book and we're on the T of the word nest.

00:32:11.370 --> 00:32:22.800 Judi Miller: And the t the T stands for tender loving care. I feel that many people feel lonely and isolated and I don't believe it's just because we're lonely and isolated because of

00:32:24.270 --> 00:32:32.160 Judi Miller: I believe that some of the loneliness and isolation people feel is because we become disconnected from the Creator we become disconnected from ourselves.

00:32:32.820 --> 00:32:39.330 Judi Miller: I feel that so many of our so many of us have abandoned ourselves, emotionally, physically, as well as spiritually.

00:32:39.990 --> 00:32:52.980 Judi Miller: And this is our opportunity to really find time to reconnect with ourself. I don't think self love and self care is arrogant, when we have more love for ourselves. We can love others more deeply.

00:32:53.850 --> 00:33:05.070 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh my gosh, we can only give to others what we have inside of ourselves, whatever we are brought up around lives within us and we only live consciously

00:33:06.240 --> 00:33:16.050 Dr. Georgeann Dau: 10% of ourselves. The other 90% is unconscious and it's so important to come to know oneself.

00:33:17.550 --> 00:33:30.210 Dr. Georgeann Dau: There is really nothing else to do in this life is to develop ourselves through the struggle through the suffering called awareness so that we can be come

00:33:31.170 --> 00:33:43.260 Dr. Georgeann Dau: closer to God and be able to be that light, which we already are in the world to one another. We're not doing that we choose to remain in the dark.

00:33:43.920 --> 00:33:56.310 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And you know, when Jesus died on the cross and gave us the paralegal Holy Spirit, we now have choice before that our brains will working

00:33:56.730 --> 00:34:11.460 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I'm like the reptilian brain stimulus response. We have the choice of how we want to think of how we want to show up of how we want to react. So I know you speak about that. And you also speak about

00:34:14.820 --> 00:34:16.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The 92nd rule.

00:34:17.400 --> 00:34:20.880 Judi Miller: Right, so the 92nd rule is when we process events and then let them go.

00:34:21.360 --> 00:34:37.170 Judi Miller: But I love what you were saying about choice because I believe our, our greatest superpower is the ability to choose. So, like you were saying between stimulus and response, there's a gap. And in that gap we get to the side. And I believe that's our greatest superpower.

00:34:37.710 --> 00:34:50.880 Judi Miller: Is and in Georgia and you were just talking about, you know, the perfection of who we are on the perfection of the universe, and I just love to share a story with you, called a little soul in the sun. I don't know if you've ever heard of it.

00:34:51.450 --> 00:34:53.040 Dr. Georgeann Dau: No, I'd love to hear it.

00:34:53.340 --> 00:34:56.700 Judi Miller: So it's a children's book. And I actually used to read it to my children at night.

00:34:57.240 --> 00:35:07.290 Judi Miller: So in heaven, everything is perfect and we can experience our perfection, because there's no opposite, we can experience light without darkness cold without heat

00:35:08.010 --> 00:35:17.040 Judi Miller: Right. So we come to earth to learn our lessons to learn the magnificence of who we are. But when we come to earth we forget. So in this story.

00:35:17.430 --> 00:35:26.430 Judi Miller: There's a little soul that wants to experience and learn about forgiveness. But there's nothing to forgive. Right, so he's very sad.

00:35:27.180 --> 00:35:39.660 Judi Miller: So he asked the other little souls and the angels for somebody to help them come to earth to experience forgiveness, but nobody wants to do the unforgivable. Nobody wants to raise their hand.

00:35:40.860 --> 00:35:52.650 Judi Miller: And then finally, an angel of light comes forward and says, I will help you. I will do something so atrocious that you will have to learn forgiveness, you will have to learn unconditional love.

00:35:53.280 --> 00:36:03.840 Judi Miller: But please remember in that moment when I strike you please remember who I am, because I'll be pretending so hard to be what I'm not that I may have forgotten.

00:36:04.650 --> 00:36:24.000 Judi Miller: So George and I invite people, the next time somebody does something that makes you feel contracted somebody that may have said something hurtful. Maybe they were that angel of light that raised their hand to help you experience the perfection of who you are and they did it out of love.

00:36:24.960 --> 00:36:29.100 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I love that Judy, what is the name of that children's book do you know it's

00:36:29.310 --> 00:36:29.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Again,

00:36:29.700 --> 00:36:32.940 Judi Miller: It's called the little soul and the sun by Neale Donald Walsch

00:36:35.040 --> 00:36:37.110 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I want to buy it from my god daughter.

00:36:38.100 --> 00:36:39.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: But it's good that

00:36:39.690 --> 00:36:44.880 Judi Miller: You know, it's a children's book, but there's such a profound message for all of us.

00:36:45.480 --> 00:36:55.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh my gosh. It's fantastic. What a great book to give away as gifts, along with your book. Fantastic.

00:36:55.710 --> 00:37:00.870 Judi Miller: And, you know, George. And if it's okay there's other stories in my book that I would just love to share with

00:37:00.870 --> 00:37:05.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Oh please God, absolutely. I'm sorry, I don't mean to. I'm so excited. I'm so lucky.

00:37:06.630 --> 00:37:16.260 Judi Miller: No. Not at all. Not at all, because you were talking about you know the the perfection of our Creator and these experience just are perfect examples.

00:37:17.190 --> 00:37:21.690 Judi Miller: So for me, a lot of this journey that I write about in my book perfect started on Good Friday.

00:37:22.110 --> 00:37:28.020 Judi Miller: I was actually sitting in church, waiting for mass to start and I was just listening to the choir. I was minding my own business.

00:37:28.470 --> 00:37:45.600 Judi Miller: And this overwhelming sense of love, literally just descended upon me out of nowhere. It felt like every sensation of love, you could possibly imagine multiplied, a million times. And it was so intense that it just overflowed my body couldn't hold it.

00:37:45.840 --> 00:37:48.870 Judi Miller: It just overflowed in this in tears.

00:37:50.250 --> 00:38:00.120 Judi Miller: And the reason I wanted to share it with you and you know for many people it might sound like a near death experience you hear about these people who have these near death experiences and these overwhelming sense of love, they experience.

00:38:00.450 --> 00:38:06.840 Judi Miller: But I wasn't dying. I felt like I was dying with my eyes wide open, or maybe some people might say I was reawakening

00:38:07.500 --> 00:38:27.000 Judi Miller: But the reason I wanted to share that with you is because for most of my life. I said, I felt different unworthy incomplete and like you said, absolutely. Many people struggle with that. But if they knew how much they were loved, they would never tell themselves again. Yes.

00:38:27.600 --> 00:38:35.550 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And when I was given a group of names for people that wanted to be on my show.

00:38:37.920 --> 00:38:42.960 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I looked at all the names and I was immediately drawn to you.

00:38:44.910 --> 00:38:49.800 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And how you know how grateful I am i i'm for them for all of us that are listening.

00:38:50.910 --> 00:38:55.470 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And what I found out was that I had sent to you has similar my

00:38:56.640 --> 00:39:06.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Conversion. I call it my conversion experience of coming to quote meet Jesus was exactly the same as yours in church. We had talked about

00:39:06.720 --> 00:39:29.340 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That where I had never experienced such love as I did that day, which comes in, in certain times in my life. Still, but that that day. It was just amazing. Yes. And just the tears, if it could not be contained and that's the love that God holds for each and every one of us absolutely no

00:39:31.020 --> 00:39:38.970 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And maybe the maybe people listening might say, Well, if he only know you know if God only know what I did or if God only knows

00:39:40.140 --> 00:39:47.820 Dr. Georgeann Dau: All of us, all of us. God loves each and every one of us and creates us uniquely

00:39:49.080 --> 00:40:06.810 Judi Miller: And that's why I felt so compelled to share my story. So remember, yes, into the healer that healer did something so atrocious to my family, but was so unconditionally loved by the Creator that they were able to come back and heal the trauma that was passed down

00:40:08.820 --> 00:40:09.120 Right.

00:40:10.770 --> 00:40:17.490 Judi Miller: And George and you know we were talking about unconditional love. There's another experience that I share in the story.

00:40:18.780 --> 00:40:24.570 Judi Miller: I mentioned that I worked in the healthcare industry for many years, and after my surgery I refused to take painkillers.

00:40:24.870 --> 00:40:30.000 Judi Miller: I just heard of so many tragic stories about people becoming addicted. So I refused to take painkillers.

00:40:30.330 --> 00:40:40.680 Judi Miller: And as I was laying in bed recuperating I would literally just try to stay as still as possible because every sneeze every unexpected movement felt like an electric shock through my abdomen.

00:40:41.730 --> 00:40:58.080 Judi Miller: And as I laid there this gentle presence sat beside me and it felt like she had an Irish accent and I know it sounds a little unusual, but she sat with that she sat with me and comforted me and she told me that

00:40:59.790 --> 00:41:04.950 Judi Miller: We're never alone never abandon if we knew who stood beside us in every moment.

00:41:06.330 --> 00:41:13.980 Judi Miller: We would never be afraid intervention. If you knew Houston. Besides, you would you live your life differently.

00:41:16.560 --> 00:41:20.760 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The way on the way I am living now.

00:41:25.620 --> 00:41:29.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Because of every and I know

00:41:31.110 --> 00:41:31.950 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Not now.

00:41:32.610 --> 00:41:32.970 Judi Miller: And I

00:41:33.120 --> 00:41:46.560 Dr. Georgeann Dau: All through my life before the past year, with two or three. Yes, but I've, I've come such a long way. And the reason I am saying that out loud here is because

00:41:48.270 --> 00:42:05.010 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I used to feel like I was nothing alone or everything we're looking at. And so I say this out loud so that everyone listening knows that we are walking examples of what's possible.

00:42:05.640 --> 00:42:15.510 Judi Miller: Hmm, yes. And I love that. I love that. And I think that's why I resonate so much with you and felt a connection before we actually got on this call.

00:42:15.810 --> 00:42:18.270 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes, absolutely. Yes.

00:42:19.680 --> 00:42:25.920 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Yes. And you know, it's funny because what just came up for me in that, you know, we live in a world

00:42:27.750 --> 00:42:33.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And I hear it from my patients and certainly on I live with it. So I'm aware of it that

00:42:34.980 --> 00:42:42.930 Dr. Georgeann Dau: It's hard for us to proclaim where we're at, to proclaim the greatness. We feel

00:42:44.250 --> 00:43:00.420 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And connected to God because we immediately feel like we shouldn't be doing that because we are conceded, we think we're better than or and that it's none of that. You know, when I say out loud. I've had 40 years of analysis.

00:43:01.470 --> 00:43:05.850 Dr. Georgeann Dau: It's really out of I want everyone to hear that.

00:43:07.500 --> 00:43:21.870 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The journey is ongoing. And yes, all of us struggle every one of us struggles, or we all know and the healing is possible. The love is possible. It's there waiting

00:43:23.250 --> 00:43:28.920 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Every moment for us to say yes to say yes.

00:43:29.940 --> 00:43:36.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: To the love that is already present in there every moment. Yeah, and

00:43:36.930 --> 00:43:47.580 Judi Miller: That's so beautifully, said I, I believe that our purpose is to to love, but also to awaken to the greatness that we already are.

00:43:48.510 --> 00:43:57.210 Judi Miller: And if you feel a contraction. When I say that to awaken to the greatness that you already are on the perfection that you already are. Because you are

00:43:57.900 --> 00:44:08.370 Judi Miller: Made from the creator right if you feel a contraction what that means to me is that there's something that you need to heal and you're healed through love

00:44:09.780 --> 00:44:11.280 And I am

00:44:14.040 --> 00:44:17.130 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Open and look to turn every little stone.

00:44:18.390 --> 00:44:28.620 Dr. Georgeann Dau: To allow myself to awaken to become aware to have any area to be healed.

00:44:30.840 --> 00:44:34.140 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Absolutely. So we're going to be right back.

00:44:35.370 --> 00:44:52.320 Dr. Georgeann Dau: We'll be right back. We're going to take a brief break and we're returning with judy miller, and I'm Dr. Georgia and down for those tuning in, and this is a journey through into awareness. Thank you so much. Be right back. You're listening to

00:47:12.630 --> 00:47:29.610 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Welcome back with judy miller there's so much that I want her to say and talk about this so much. And, you know, we're going to see if we can you know be blessed to have her back again to join us again. So Judy, what do you mean by

00:47:31.560 --> 00:47:40.080 Dr. Georgeann Dau: When you talked about the periods of isolation and your book and you know it's not easy to feel alone and I'm loved um

00:47:41.640 --> 00:47:49.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And there's so much I want to do you want to say anything more about that because there's so much to that and you know the body's telling the truth and

00:47:51.060 --> 00:47:51.600 Judi Miller: So,

00:47:52.110 --> 00:47:54.720 Dr. Georgeann Dau: There's so much that I'd like to ask you, I'm sorry if I'm

00:47:55.350 --> 00:47:57.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Kind of lumping it together.

00:47:57.720 --> 00:48:11.700 Judi Miller: That's, that's okay. I believe the essence of who we are is love. We don't need to look outside of ourselves to feel loved. It's just to remember the love that we are so George and I'm going to invite you to close your eyes.

00:48:12.900 --> 00:48:29.100 Judi Miller: And I invite your listeners to close their eyes if it's safe to do so. Yes. And I want you to bring into your memory or bring to mind a loving memory that you have. And it could be a memory of a partner, a friend.

00:48:30.900 --> 00:48:31.680 Judi Miller: A child.

00:48:33.630 --> 00:48:34.650 Judi Miller: Maybe even a pet.

00:48:36.540 --> 00:48:38.940 Judi Miller: Or it could be the first sunset that you ever saw.

00:48:40.380 --> 00:48:42.570 The first time you held the child in your hands.

00:48:43.860 --> 00:48:45.960 Judi Miller: So I want you to bring a memory to mind.

00:48:47.190 --> 00:48:49.890 Judi Miller: And I want you to see what you were seeing in that memory.

00:48:52.800 --> 00:48:56.370 Judi Miller: And I want you to feel what you're feeling in that loving memory.

00:48:57.840 --> 00:49:05.460 Judi Miller: What you're hearing, tasting, maybe even touching and I want you to feel that love and every cell of your body.

00:49:07.980 --> 00:49:09.690 Experience the love in that moment.

00:49:13.260 --> 00:49:14.730 Judi Miller: And I want you to put your hand on your heart.

00:49:16.680 --> 00:49:21.390 Judi Miller: And I want you to multiply that feeling of love, two times more

00:49:25.230 --> 00:49:27.300 Judi Miller: And then I invite you to bring in another memory.

00:49:28.830 --> 00:49:30.180 Judi Miller: Another loving memory.

00:49:31.590 --> 00:49:36.660 Judi Miller: And if you can't think of anything that's okay. Imagine, maybe it's something that you want.

00:49:39.570 --> 00:49:41.010 Judi Miller: An experience that love

00:49:42.150 --> 00:49:46.710 Judi Miller: Feel it in every part of your body feel it throughout yourself.

00:49:49.170 --> 00:49:51.720 And I want you to multiply it two times more

00:49:53.130 --> 00:49:55.530 Truly experienced that a loving moment.

00:49:57.810 --> 00:49:59.640 And then multiply 10 times more

00:50:01.620 --> 00:50:03.150 Until it overflows.

00:50:07.230 --> 00:50:11.130 Judi Miller: And with your hand on your heart. I want you to say this love is may

00:50:17.580 --> 00:50:20.250 Judi Miller: And George. And when you're ready, you can open your eyes.

00:50:22.830 --> 00:50:37.710 Judi Miller: And the reason I invite people to do this exercise is because it took us less than a minute, but we could generate that feeling of love in any moment in any time. It's not dependent on anyone or anything.

00:50:39.330 --> 00:50:43.560 Judi Miller: It's just remembering the love that's already in us. It's very

00:50:46.830 --> 00:50:47.310 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Beautiful.

00:50:48.570 --> 00:50:49.860 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And, you know, our, our

00:50:54.360 --> 00:50:57.240 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Our work really supports each other and

00:51:00.150 --> 00:51:00.930 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Because

00:51:03.300 --> 00:51:04.740 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The depth of

00:51:06.510 --> 00:51:10.590 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Moving through what's in the way of that love

00:51:14.190 --> 00:51:15.060 Dr. Georgeann Dau: When we

00:51:16.230 --> 00:51:18.450 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Work on that and work through that.

00:51:19.470 --> 00:51:37.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And face the traumas and feel them. It makes room for what is already there existing you know I say to my patients that I'm so blessed to work with, you know, I just love them all.

00:51:38.910 --> 00:51:39.300 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And

00:51:40.620 --> 00:51:48.870 Dr. Georgeann Dau: There is absolutely nothing wrong why you are here while you're in treatment. What we're just removing the crud.

00:51:50.100 --> 00:51:51.900 Dr. Georgeann Dau: That's been overlaid

00:51:53.340 --> 00:52:07.410 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The magnificence of who you already are. It's already there. It's just been covered up upon layers of what you were told about yourself that turned into your own belief system with

00:52:09.510 --> 00:52:16.740 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Which is what you're talking about directly and indirectly the belief system. What causes us to

00:52:17.940 --> 00:52:40.440 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Have different visions of ourselves, choose those and how we don't have to choose them that we can move through them to the truth of what already is. And it's, it's fantastic because that also when you talk about the DNA of ancestors that also is God's DNA.

00:52:40.920 --> 00:52:45.090 Judi Miller: Mm hmm. Yeah. That is perfectly said and beautifully said

00:52:46.950 --> 00:52:55.050 Judi Miller: And I'm sure Jan, you know, you're so right so many people stuff aside those emotions and those feelings that they have

00:52:55.620 --> 00:53:09.960 Judi Miller: And they don't actually address them. And because they don't address them. They can heal them right. But I think one of the best ways to heal them is to truly acknowledge them and to love into it. And I think love heals everything

00:53:10.020 --> 00:53:12.300 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Everything, everything

00:53:13.950 --> 00:53:21.330 Judi Miller: And, you know, related to what we were talking about just now. I mentioned, you know, most of my life. I felt different right I felt different unworthy.

00:53:21.780 --> 00:53:31.290 Judi Miller: So of course I attracted a man into my life that was totally different from me. We know from the law of attraction. What we are vibrating at it's what we're going to get right.

00:53:32.520 --> 00:53:39.810 Judi Miller: Right, so my husband is totally different from me relation racially spiritually, you know, everything he's totally different than me.

00:53:40.500 --> 00:53:48.750 Judi Miller: And for much of my marriage. I felt like I didn't belong. I actually built an iron wall around my heart. So his family couldn't hurt me.

00:53:49.170 --> 00:53:55.680 Judi Miller: I was always afraid of being judged and when his mother passed away. She actually came to visit me

00:53:56.130 --> 00:54:14.400 Judi Miller: And she showed me every scene that we had together and it went by literally in seconds, like a near death experience and what she showed me was because I felt different I made myself different because what we hold inside is just projected into our experiences of life.

00:54:14.490 --> 00:54:28.650 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Absolutely, absolutely. And one of the main reasons. One of the main purposes is many, but I think of our work exactly what went on.

00:54:30.660 --> 00:54:32.910 Dr. Georgeann Dau: In the government this past week.

00:54:34.050 --> 00:54:43.410 Dr. Georgeann Dau: All of those people doing those heinous acts. It's a projection of how they view themselves and how they view life.

00:54:44.310 --> 00:54:59.100 Dr. Georgeann Dau: It's just a project its parts of themselves projected outward because they don't want to face it inward and that's so important for because if we're not doing our own work. And if we're not

00:55:01.830 --> 00:55:14.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Becoming aware of and clearing the decks, so that the love can continue the healing we're projecting it out where because we have to get rid of the feeling

00:55:15.630 --> 00:55:24.120 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And that's it doesn't work. It doesn't work anyway. So we have about two minutes left. Do you, um,

00:55:24.810 --> 00:55:25.260 Judi Miller: Can I just

00:55:25.350 --> 00:55:26.550 Judi Miller: Can I just say something to what

00:55:27.390 --> 00:55:30.390 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I think it's also important to remember what we said before,

00:55:30.810 --> 00:55:38.190 Judi Miller: When we choose to you we heal seven generations forward. So it's not just for us, it's a

00:55:38.310 --> 00:55:49.410 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Beautiful, beautiful. That's right. Thank you, because that was my point. What is that we're we're doing it for all of society, but also

00:55:50.190 --> 00:56:07.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Front and back forward and backwards. I love it. So I'm Judy, real quickly, because we have two minutes to the end and I want us to say a prayer. What is the message you want the readers to walk the viewers to walk away with tonight.

00:56:07.560 --> 00:56:23.280 Judi Miller: So everything that we talked about is letting go of those stories that run our lives right so i i believe that when we let go of our stories, our labels and our judgments. We experience each moment as if, for the first time, where there's only July, and there's only wonder

00:56:24.750 --> 00:56:28.170 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Beautiful. Would you would you bless us with coming back on.

00:56:28.680 --> 00:56:29.160 Judi Miller: My show

00:56:29.550 --> 00:56:37.950 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I would. Oh my gosh, that's great, let us send in prayer so loving God was so grateful. Excuse me.

00:56:39.150 --> 00:56:51.240 Dr. Georgeann Dau: The God of our understanding, which is so grateful for this time of prayer before you, and we ask you, Lord, that you continue to keep us open to experience the depth of your love.

00:56:51.720 --> 00:57:05.790 Dr. Georgeann Dau: And forgiveness in all things that we always pray Lord for all those that are hurting in any way that we could be beacons of your light in the world to serve you and each other. Amen.

00:57:08.340 --> 00:57:23.250 Dr. Georgeann Dau: Thank you everyone for tuning in. I can have dairy and it's my duty. This is the voice, Judy. I want to thank you so much from my heart for blessing us tonight with your presence and the beautiful work. And again,

00:57:24.450 --> 00:57:35.070 Dr. Georgeann Dau: I invite each of you to go get perfect Judy's book and I'm so excited to have this and the other copies. I'm going to be giving them as gifts. That's fine.

00:57:36.210 --> 00:57:49.380 Dr. Georgeann Dau: So Good night, everyone, and thank you again for tuning in. We'll see you next week. We have another good show coming up next week and we look forward to it and hope that you'll join us. Good night, everyone.

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