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Friday, January 8, 2021
Facebook Live Video from 2021/01/08 - Producing Your SMB Video Story


2021/01/08 - Producing Your SMB Video Story

[NEW EPISODE] Producing Your SMB Video Story

It is no surprise that most people out there are visual learners these days, especially with the amount of time we spent in front of screens in 2020.

If you are an SMB, and you want to explore video production to get your message out there, where should you be concentrating your efforts to make the most impact? Social Media? General Advertising? Sales Presentations? Internal Communications? Product Pages? Industry Conferences?

The answer could be all of the above, but make sure you have a partner that eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes video production. We are joined by Jon Seiler, Founder, Producer, and Editor at Jonathan Seiler Productions.

Tune in for this pragmatic conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Steve welcomes his audience and promotes Tommy D’s new show Philanthropy in Phocus. He then gives a quick summary on the concept of the show. He talks about the struggles businesses face due to the pandemic. His focus is promoting SMBs or small or medium businesses. Steve gives a bio on his guest Jon Seiler. Jon is the founder of Jon Seiler Productions, a production company that does video production and design., He is a music and film lover with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Steve then switches gears by talking about story based selling as a strategy SMBs can use to expand their businesses. He quotes a book written by Jeff Bloomfield on how to effectively sell using imagination rather than logic. Steve introduces another book “Friends, Followers, and Customer Evangelists: The 2010 Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media”.

Segment 2

Steve welcomes Jon to the show. Jon talks about what his company does, which is video production. He says everything is customized, therefore, there is no template. His priority with every client is using visual stimuli to tell a business owner’s story. Steve and Jon talk about the editing process and the importance of multiple takes to “have the best representation of the story”. Jon’s saying when it comes to editing is “less is more”. Steve talks about the uptake of virtual learning and training due to the pandemic. Video content is the best way to retain information, according to Jon. Jon talks about the versatility of video content. He tells a story of a friend who uses video content in an afterschool program.

Segment 3

Steve asks Jon to talk about the “madness” behind the video production profession. He talks about one of his first jobs where he worked with a landscaper. He also talks about an experience he had with a criminal defense attorney. Jon expands on his problem solver skills and the curveballs he’s been thrown as a video editor and producer. Jon says “video is not a cheap medium”. He talks about the advantages of badering. Steve and Jon talk about how SMBs often get caught up in their idea without taking into account the process and costs of making that idea become reality. Jon talks about the changes that arose due to the pandemic such as Zoom-mitzvah.

Segment 4

Steve asks Jon what people should take away from this show. Jon says write down your elevator pitch and share it. He pushes SMBs to make a video to promote their businesses. Steve believes people need to get out of their comfort zones, especially now during the pandemic. Steve then plugs Jon’s website, and Jon talk about the struggle of getting started. Steve asks Jon his favorite TV/Movie character. He says Willy Wonka. Steve asks Jon his favorite TV show. He says Seinfield. He then asks his favorite musical instrument. It’s the bass guitar. Steve thanks Jon and closes the show.


00:00:06.509 --> 00:00:14.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Hi there everyone, and happy Friday, thank god it's Friday as some would say, although it's always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy. I see. Why am I was

00:00:15.450 --> 00:00:19.620 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Just in case you missed it s AMP P stands for small and medium sized business.

00:00:19.950 --> 00:00:30.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I have been SMB advocate consultant enthusiasm and owner for over 20 years and I am in great company on Fridays. Here I talk radio dot and rice NYC. I hope you guys out there.

00:00:30.690 --> 00:00:40.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): didn't miss the debut of philanthropy and focus with my man. Tommy cammisa a wonderful human being and a tireless connector. I am so excited to see Tommy do join the lineup here on Fridays to me.

00:00:41.280 --> 00:00:49.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Over the last two decades, I've noticed that some of the best thought leadership for SMEs happens on Friday when we feel the freedom of the weekend coming

00:00:49.470 --> 00:00:55.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): However, we're so anxious to start the weekend that these crucial pearls of wisdom are often overlooked and forgotten.

00:00:55.710 --> 00:01:06.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In favor of our fun weekend activities and our freedom from work on always Friday we take advantage of that weekend freedom and clarity to discuss popular topics that are on the minds of SMB leaders.

00:01:06.720 --> 00:01:18.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And their trusted advisors. Coincidentally, my last name. It means free in German, which is a nice, fun fact for everyone. The name of the show is not just a play on words we do like a little bit of deeper meaning here.

00:01:18.990 --> 00:01:24.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I have some shades on. I'm feeling some weekend freedom. Let's get this party started. First things first.

00:01:24.720 --> 00:01:33.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Very happy New Year to you. This is the meme that I saw out there that really spoke to me the most. The first rule of 2021 days. We don't talk about 2020 just like Fight Club.

00:01:34.320 --> 00:01:44.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Today's topic of discussion is producing your SMB video story. It is no surprise that most people out there these days, especially are visual learners.

00:01:45.180 --> 00:01:49.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And, you know, especially with the amount of time that we spent in front of screens in 2020

00:01:50.280 --> 00:02:00.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): If you're an SMB, and you want to explore video production to get your message out there, everyone asked themselves the question, where should you be concentrating your efforts to make the most impact.

00:02:00.390 --> 00:02:14.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So many different outlets to get your video content and story out there. But the biggest concentration should be making sure that you have a talented partner that eats sleeps lives and breathes video production.

00:02:14.670 --> 00:02:26.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): 2020 was not an easy year for a lot of businesses out there but you know like like my dude says from The Big Lebowski, life goes on. So we got to get back into the swing of things and a lot of people's

00:02:27.450 --> 00:02:35.040 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Goals and focus for 2021 is how to get out there and a little bit more of a different fashion than there used to go out of their comfort zone and

00:02:35.280 --> 00:02:40.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, maybe get their story out there and a little bit of a different format, since we're not necessarily shaking hands and giving hugs.

00:02:41.190 --> 00:02:51.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, you know, while we're on talk radio dot NYC. We don't want this to be just talk to go here, as always, is to use the insight on the SMB landscape and use it to create

00:02:51.780 --> 00:02:59.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): More impact come Monday morning, we like to bring a fun and unique perspective on the people process and products that are driving SMEs today.

00:02:59.370 --> 00:03:05.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Far too often SMEs are focused on the product that's going to solve their problems, the shiny new mouse trap the magic wand.

00:03:06.060 --> 00:03:16.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In my travels products change every single day in every other facet of our lives, both personal and business. There is no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first.

00:03:16.860 --> 00:03:26.040 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And keeping focus on the process that is going to help you achieve your goal as long as you do this, I do believe the right products will present themselves when needed by the SMB

00:03:26.490 --> 00:03:32.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Everything begins and ends with the people. So, in the spirit of surrounding yourself with the right people.

00:03:33.030 --> 00:03:36.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We have a great show for you here today. Our special guest is none other than my man.

00:03:37.470 --> 00:03:43.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): John Siler so john Siler is the founder producer and editor at Jonathan silent productions nice catchy name. I know.

00:03:44.100 --> 00:03:53.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Sean has a wide spectrum of experience producing and editing content in different forms loves to have fun makes videos that get your message across clearly and effectively.

00:03:53.580 --> 00:04:02.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then perhaps even go viral john is married with three kids and a dog, which gives him plenty of fodder for his own crazy video content. I will assure you of that.

00:04:03.270 --> 00:04:12.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Besides being an SMB owner himself. He is a music lover and a film lover, as you can imagine. So I'm very excited for our conversation here today.

00:04:12.810 --> 00:04:18.810 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ithaca College following two years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

00:04:19.110 --> 00:04:26.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He is absolutely the most ideal person to speak to discuss this theme here today with me because it's what he deals with every single day.

00:04:26.910 --> 00:04:38.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Not only is he a close personal friend of mine when I have the opportunity to lend my voice to local SMEs and do some commercial voiceovers which I'm horses can be this week from doing some work with actually

00:04:39.420 --> 00:04:45.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I'm actually doing it with my buddy john cider of insider productions. So we're going to also discuss my

00:04:48.570 --> 00:04:50.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He who is his favorite movie or

00:04:52.050 --> 00:05:01.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Go to your TV show and his favorite musical instrument and the artists to plays it. You guys know how much I love to discuss those three. So without further ado,

00:05:01.740 --> 00:05:11.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Let's go over to my fire pit, and we'll talk, talk, talk a little bit about what we're going to be kicking back and forth here today so I you know I believe every business has their story to tell.

00:05:12.120 --> 00:05:22.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And surprisingly, not many of them have refined it. It's kind of crazy, but especially when you work in sales, as I have for the pretty much my entire career.

00:05:22.740 --> 00:05:32.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It's very important to remember that that people buy on emotion and they justify what they buy with logic, not the other way around.

00:05:32.550 --> 00:05:40.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Albert Einstein says it in a couple of his quotes, where he says logic will take you from A to B imagination will take you everywhere.

00:05:40.560 --> 00:05:45.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Also, he says imagination is more important than knowledge so

00:05:45.930 --> 00:05:51.840 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You guys know I like to throw in some examples from my personal library here of things that I've read, I'm an avid reader.

00:05:52.140 --> 00:06:00.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I do like this topic of conversation, a great deal. So you guys have heard me reference this book before in previous shows story based selling by Jeff Bloomfield,

00:06:00.870 --> 00:06:08.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So I'm going to bring it back for a little come back to her here for a moment, chapter three, where he talks a little bit about the story based selling tackle box.

00:06:09.090 --> 00:06:18.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He says, we all have stories are right brains, meaning the right side of your brain are constantly processing many movies all day every day.

00:06:19.350 --> 00:06:26.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Some of us are more natural storytellers, and for others. It takes a bit more effort, which is obviously. Okay.

00:06:27.120 --> 00:06:36.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Either way, in order to be a master at story based selling you will need to expand your repertoire and become more intentional with your story based communication.

00:06:37.290 --> 00:06:49.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Every great writer has a process by which they craft their masterpieces every great filmmaker has a system by which he attempts to visually communicate

00:06:49.530 --> 00:06:57.630 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And translate the words of a screenplay onto the big screen to be a great story based communicator. You need tools as well.

00:06:58.350 --> 00:07:04.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is where the left brain and the right brain come together to create your very own personalized process.

00:07:05.400 --> 00:07:17.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Your left brain will maintain order while your right brain is released to create imagine and connect. We've seen that when you meet someone, a customer a client.

00:07:18.210 --> 00:07:30.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You have seconds, not minutes, not hours you have seconds to make a first impression on that person and we have seen how the brain processes these impressions.

00:07:30.660 --> 00:07:36.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So we hit next have to establish how you can best make that first impression.

00:07:36.540 --> 00:07:45.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It involves a whole lot more than the old john Malloy book dress for success, especially now considering, most of us have been wearing pajamas. For the last 10 months.

00:07:45.720 --> 00:07:57.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So the first thing to remember is that facts and figures reasoning and logic. Do not make the connection. Let me repeat that for everybody out there do not make the connection.

00:07:58.620 --> 00:08:11.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A story does, you have a story to tell. You have your story to tell. But there is a challenge your customer also has a story and your competitor will also have a story.

00:08:12.180 --> 00:08:16.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You must take those into consideration and I'm a very big believer in that

00:08:17.580 --> 00:08:26.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And on top of that you will always have distractions, such as a waiter interrupting at a key moment and assistant coming into an office with an urgent message.

00:08:26.760 --> 00:08:35.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Or even unfortunately cell phones and text messages that people seem forced to look at. Perhaps you are in a comic or maybe you are

00:08:36.330 --> 00:08:45.210 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But almost everyone remembers a time you were telling a joke and just that the moment you're about to deliver the punch line SOMEONE INTERRUPTS

00:08:45.750 --> 00:08:54.150 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Your listener now distracted turns soon turns back to you and says, I'm sorry. Now where were we that joke is dead.

00:08:54.840 --> 00:09:02.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That story can never be recovered, or at least not anytime soon. So how do you get your story across those barriers.

00:09:03.120 --> 00:09:09.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He says, let's look at the process of communication. It's what he calls the thoughts, emotions decisions cascade.

00:09:09.870 --> 00:09:17.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Realize that all communication will produce thoughts that lead to emotions and this will happen in seconds.

00:09:18.450 --> 00:09:28.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When you communicate information to a listener, it forms an impression in seconds, the listener than subconsciously transforms that information.

00:09:29.340 --> 00:09:42.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Into a thought which he or the he or she then automatically turns into an emotion. It is this emotion, not the information that triggers a decision.

00:09:42.960 --> 00:09:52.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I thought that was so powerful and a great beginning to our show here today because one of the biggest takeaways that I took from this book when I read it, many years ago.

00:09:52.950 --> 00:10:00.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Is he goes over the idea of when people communicate something by voice and obviously we love voice here on always Friday.

00:10:01.080 --> 00:10:12.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): People tend to remember five to 10% of what you tell them you know facts product knowledge, etc. But then when you add visual aids to the discussion. Like, my man john Siler does for a living.

00:10:12.630 --> 00:10:17.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That number goes up, people tend to remember 25 to 30% of what you tell them

00:10:17.580 --> 00:10:28.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But when you can really articulate your story and it's not something that you have to guess that and you get your story out and really when you listen to other people's stories as well so you can best relate to it.

00:10:28.770 --> 00:10:37.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): People tend to remember 65 to 70% of what you tell them I think that's an unbelievably staggering statistic that

00:10:38.220 --> 00:10:43.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Far too often SMB owners management even employees trying to communicate the message.

00:10:43.770 --> 00:10:52.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They gloss over that. It all begins with the story story is the one thing that unites all of us as people. Everybody's got some type of story to tell.

00:10:53.040 --> 00:11:03.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Very, very difficult to teach retail consumers or clients or patients or whatever you have as far as your audience about the specifics

00:11:04.020 --> 00:11:09.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A very specific sometimes of your process and your end product because

00:11:09.780 --> 00:11:22.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You think people can learn how to be an attorney or a doctor and a couple of minutes or 30 seconds. It doesn't work that way. But they can certainly get the gist of a good story, they can feel the love they can identify with it.

00:11:23.400 --> 00:11:30.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You need to learn the other story on the on the story on the other side of the table because that's very important. A lot of this is being a good listener to

00:11:31.410 --> 00:11:36.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But then you have to be ready to tell yours at a moment's notice, to really make the best impact.

00:11:36.390 --> 00:11:42.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So that brings me to the next book from my library that I wanted to just share with you guys today. Before we take our first commercial break.

00:11:43.110 --> 00:11:50.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And that is friends followers and customer evangelists by Conrad Hall and it's not a typo. This is from 2010

00:11:50.760 --> 00:11:57.630 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So you know in the in today's day and age we're 11 years later. Now, think of how much the world has changed in the last 11 years

00:11:58.020 --> 00:12:06.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it's kind of a fun analogy for what we always talk about here on this show people first than process than product because a lot of this book.

00:12:06.510 --> 00:12:17.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Is lists of different websites and distribution channels and places where you can post video content and quite frankly, half of them don't even exist anymore that are in this book.

00:12:18.780 --> 00:12:22.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That said, there are a couple of nice tidbits in this book.

00:12:23.220 --> 00:12:34.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): About you know really what to do and how to do it and just some thought leadership that goes in conjunction with knowing the right people like my man john that we're going to get to hang with for the rest of the show.

00:12:34.770 --> 00:12:39.780 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But I want to share something with you from one of the chapters about video sharing

00:12:40.380 --> 00:12:48.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Okay, just to get you know the concepts out there into the various mediums. So when you put a video on YouTube video or multiply

00:12:48.900 --> 00:12:59.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It doesn't have any of the context that supports with coming a video coming with a video on your site or on a landing page. The video has to accomplish its mission all by itself.

00:13:00.090 --> 00:13:09.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Fortunately, there are a few easy tweaks that you can make to any video before sharing it. The first thing you can do is tweak the opening scene of the video. Make sure it introduces

00:13:09.690 --> 00:13:21.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You and the reason for the video definitely a big one, just to sit as a sales letter opens with an attention getting headline give one to your video to the point is to give the viewers a reason to keep looking.

00:13:21.840 --> 00:13:26.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A second tweak is to make sure that the video ends with a very strong call to action because

00:13:26.790 --> 00:13:37.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When you're taking a video from your landing page probably already has that but a video on your website might not need the call to action beside beyond asking visitors to read the text on the next page.

00:13:37.410 --> 00:13:43.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When it's on a sharing site your video has to close the sale all by itself or if it's on a TV network as a commercial

00:13:43.980 --> 00:13:51.810 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And that leads to the third week which is it. Be sure to include your URL telephone number, whatever else you have so people can take action.

00:13:52.140 --> 00:13:56.460 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When you're asking someone to visit your website, it makes sense to tell them what the address is right.

00:13:56.790 --> 00:14:02.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There's plenty of things that you can do out there to tailor video for your use on a video sharing site and you can get some of those

00:14:03.000 --> 00:14:15.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Little maps encompasses out there on the internet, but much better is to have a guide, like, my man john Siler from john Siler productions. We're going to be right back. And we're going to get to know john stay with us and always Friday.

00:14:22.740 --> 00:14:23.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Now broadcasting.

00:16:42.630 --> 00:16:47.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Alright everyone, welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy.

00:16:47.520 --> 00:16:57.840 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're talking about really producing your video SMB story, and we're going to be talking with my man. Jonathan Siler from Jonathan Siler productions. Again, very nice clever name.

00:16:58.710 --> 00:17:12.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He is the founder producer editor, a really big, big fan of film video getting your story out there with as much visual presence as possible so john can't tell you what it is a pleasure to have you on this morning, my man.

00:17:13.260 --> 00:17:14.010 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Thank you. Thank you.

00:17:15.030 --> 00:17:20.430 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And obviously love, the love, the shirt, as you well know, I'm big Richie Rich fan for the longest time

00:17:21.000 --> 00:17:22.050 Jonathan Seiler Productions: That's why we're

00:17:24.240 --> 00:17:29.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So john. This is the method part of the show on always Friday, where we talk a little bit about

00:17:30.240 --> 00:17:36.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What you do, how you do it. How do you go to market for it. The method behind the madness, because the math, the madness is in the next segment.

00:17:37.320 --> 00:17:42.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And here's just the thought that I that I wrote down when I when I got to, you know, really thinking about the show today was

00:17:43.110 --> 00:17:53.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, everybody like HAS iPHONES Android smartphone whatever they've given everyone, the ability to it's almost like they have a portable movie studio in their pocket.

00:17:53.520 --> 00:18:09.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But that doesn't mean anything. It's like, you know, 10% is what happens to you, 90% is what you do with it. Not many people out there have the vision and the production experience and able to edit everything together. That's what you're here for. So tell us, tell us about your methods.

00:18:09.390 --> 00:18:18.270 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah. So, great point. Everybody has content on their phones. Everybody has content. It's what you want to do with it.

00:18:18.840 --> 00:18:34.560 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Small and medium sized business owners. They all have content on their phone, believe it or not, it shows their business in some regard or another. I can take all that stuff and come up with a creative way to make that into a statement that you are looking to make

00:18:36.090 --> 00:18:43.800 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I pride myself on taking content. That makes no sense to something and you tell me the story and I kind of bring it all together.

00:18:45.000 --> 00:18:55.050 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know, I like the thought process of less is more. So you're really able to get down to the nitty gritty get concise with your message and get it out there.

00:18:57.000 --> 00:19:05.820 Jonathan Seiler Productions: My process. I mean, I take every video project as it comes and it's all individualized. I don't have set templates for things

00:19:07.050 --> 00:19:20.400 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Everything is customized for that person because I want to make sure that what we're getting across is specific to that client. So really it's, it's fine, talking to the client. Getting idea what's their message.

00:19:21.420 --> 00:19:35.310 Jonathan Seiler Productions: And how we can get that together. So whether it's with existing footage that you have on your phone, whether it's going out and shooting something, whether it's interviewing people that have used your services in the past and getting testimonial videos.

00:19:36.840 --> 00:19:43.320 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Doing things just graphically just with facts and figures that you have and coming up with creative ways to show that

00:19:43.890 --> 00:19:51.930 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Like you said, things are visual people are looking at things on their phone usually without sound. So you want to make sure that anything that you're seeing

00:19:52.830 --> 00:20:07.620 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Is prevalent to what you'd be talking about hearing wise and vice versa. You want to make sure that a deaf person can understand what you're trying to convey without words at times. So it's really showing the right images showing the right text.

00:20:09.360 --> 00:20:19.890 Jonathan Seiler Productions: And getting it all together. And like I said, it's all very specific to that client. So nothing is off the table. It's really just getting an idea of what that message is and what you're trying to say.

00:20:20.430 --> 00:20:27.810 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I love the analogy of the custom tailored suit versus buying one off the rack. I think it's a very powerful one. And I, you know, it's

00:20:28.230 --> 00:20:35.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): One of the biggest things I've observed over the years is if you go to any small medium sized business owner and just say, Tell me about your business.

00:20:35.550 --> 00:20:41.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They can't wait to tell you about, even if it's the most commodity type of product widget experience.

00:20:42.150 --> 00:20:49.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): every business has a story to tell. Which leads me to one of the other philosophies, I have on this life and it applies to business and personal is

00:20:49.980 --> 00:20:56.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There's two ways to do anything. One way is you spend money, time, and resources reinvent the wheel and do it your way.

00:20:57.000 --> 00:21:05.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And the other way is you plug into things that already work out there. And this is where I think some people struggle with this with somebody who does what you do, especially with SMEs.

00:21:05.940 --> 00:21:15.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Is that I feel like a lot of them feel like they're gonna they're going to script everything and do it all better than anybody else out there because they know their story better than anyone else but

00:21:15.780 --> 00:21:27.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I find that to be kind of a misconception is you need somebody who does this day in day out eats sleeps lives breathes it who can walk you through the wilderness of getting a kick ass video out there.

00:21:27.990 --> 00:21:34.680 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah, it's, it's a matter of, you know, taking your story, taking all the information that you give me

00:21:35.460 --> 00:21:43.200 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Usually someone that's telling me about their business is going to tell me more information that is necessary. I'm the kind of person that is able to

00:21:43.800 --> 00:21:50.610 Jonathan Seiler Productions: whittle things down and get to that concise message. And that's really where having someone like me, come in.

00:21:51.540 --> 00:21:53.700 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know, I'm able to hear your story I'm able to

00:21:54.210 --> 00:22:04.800 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Understand what you're wanting to do at the end of the day with this video content and and make it work and get rid of a lot of the fluff and BS that you know people

00:22:05.100 --> 00:22:15.600 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Tend to throw at you and it gets lost in translation. And usually people just kind of fade away and don't, don't, don't you know contain what's being said

00:22:16.320 --> 00:22:20.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I think, I think there's a great idea behind the taking a whole

00:22:21.570 --> 00:22:25.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ton of information because I'm an information junkie. It's just how I am.

00:22:25.590 --> 00:22:35.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then we're deleting it down to the lowest common denominators and the impactful message and helping the SMB with that because that really what we're really talking about it. That's what they struggle with it. So if you

00:22:36.090 --> 00:22:43.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When you talk about a lot of people like to, you know, fantasize about being in movies and making a movie and being a movie star and all of that.

00:22:43.620 --> 00:22:55.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It's like a very, very basic analogy is when when you're making a movie. It's not like they shoot it right the first the first take like you sit and you take months worth of a shoot a lot of times, and then you whittle it down to the

00:22:55.290 --> 00:23:12.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Lowest common denominators. The best representations of the story. And so that's like, you know, you could take a whole bunch of footage and a whole bunch of voiceover You know information which we all had experience with even this week and whittling it down to 30 seconds of magic, right.

00:23:13.080 --> 00:23:17.130 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah, no, I look, it's good to take a lot of information have more information.

00:23:18.900 --> 00:23:27.900 Jonathan Seiler Productions: The internet and video is all about content and just having as much content as possible. So if you're giving me a longer story. That's great. The more information that you're giving me

00:23:28.290 --> 00:23:40.590 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I'm able to maybe possibly make that into two, three or four different videos, depending on what's happening. So taking the information whittling it down and then there's other good stuff. We can use that elsewhere. So

00:23:41.430 --> 00:23:48.900 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You're getting more content. So the more you're able to say about your product about your business about what you're trying to say. That's great. I'm going to be able to take

00:23:48.930 --> 00:23:51.330 Jonathan Seiler Productions: All those many different aspects and

00:23:51.720 --> 00:23:57.870 Jonathan Seiler Productions: And fine tune it and give you a nice concise product that's really what it is at the end of the day it's a concise message.

00:23:59.040 --> 00:24:17.550 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Like I said, less is more. That's really where it is. It's getting just fine tuning to the to what you need to say in such a short amount of time people are flipping the channels left and right, they're looking at content 1015 seconds a 32nd commercial is long these days.

00:24:18.840 --> 00:24:25.080 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know, so it's getting these messages out there fast, furious and precise.

00:24:27.270 --> 00:24:32.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah. I couldn't agree more. So thinking back. I'm just like sitting here hearing you speak, and I'm

00:24:33.150 --> 00:24:40.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I'm thinking back to like college days like one of my majors in college was called way back then decision and Information Sciences, and I like

00:24:40.830 --> 00:24:51.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I love how to see how people make decisions, especially small and medium sized business owners, because a lot of times, like they they'll look at certain products and platforms and

00:24:51.810 --> 00:25:01.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Video production, even for all different reasons. And, you know, a lot of it still revolves around getting getting their messaging out there in the most impactful way possible.

00:25:01.980 --> 00:25:11.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So again, I love the idea of collecting as much data ammunition information, whatever that you can because it just makes the messaging that comes out of it.

00:25:12.270 --> 00:25:23.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That much more informed and effective. So, you know, a thought that I was just having along the way is because I've seen all you know all different kinds of your work and I love it, I participated in some of it which you know how much I love to do that.

00:25:24.090 --> 00:25:28.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But, you know, one thing I was thinking about is really getting into some of the nitty gritty with certain SM bees.

00:25:29.100 --> 00:25:33.720 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And especially now with the climate with the pandemic and what they might need nowadays is

00:25:33.960 --> 00:25:42.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, even things like how to videos or training videos as I know that's something that I've seen a whole lot more uptick being asked for, as of late is

00:25:42.300 --> 00:25:47.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, can we start onboarding our staff or training our staff using video content and production.

00:25:47.730 --> 00:25:50.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So it's like if you're training a new salesperson as an example.

00:25:50.820 --> 00:26:02.130 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like are you, have you ever or would you look to, you know, go on site with a retail you know operation like you know carpet and flooring or plumbing or something like that and go like hear them out and like

00:26:02.400 --> 00:26:10.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, hear how their sales people are talking here here how their technicians are talking to the clients and try to craft a story around that does that fall into your purview.

00:26:11.370 --> 00:26:24.870 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah, I mean, look, video content is how people I find and best get their information and so video can use for many different purposes. It can be used to sell your product that can be used to train somebody

00:26:25.920 --> 00:26:32.010 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yet they're just so many different ways to utilize video and people pay more attention to it. I know.

00:26:33.750 --> 00:26:46.080 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I have a friend who has a business with you know after school programs and teaching kids different athletic things and sometimes her messaging wasn't coming across properly.

00:26:46.890 --> 00:27:00.930 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Because the kids were just not paying attention. They had their full day of school and they just weren't able to just stay focused and listen to her. She rolled out a screen. And she said, watch this. She had made video of herself.

00:27:01.500 --> 00:27:10.590 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Doing what she was going to do live and all of a sudden the kids were glued to it and they were able to obtain it. And for whatever reason, this is a generation of screens.

00:27:11.070 --> 00:27:22.140 Jonathan Seiler Productions: People tend to just look up stare at it, get the information that they need from it and move on. It could be used in so many different ways and and literally just to get. It's a way to get attention.

00:27:22.920 --> 00:27:34.800 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know, I did a bit. Yeah, I did a video for while I was working at NBC Universal, and it was all it was for when you're inside the taxi cabs and you want to get their attention.

00:27:36.060 --> 00:27:43.920 Jonathan Seiler Productions: While you're on the screen. And like we said there's, there's the audio. But then there's the video so we did something that was kind of fun, where it was all text.

00:27:44.400 --> 00:27:49.200 Jonathan Seiler Productions: And attention grabbing and basically what we did was we used sound effects as well just to get those

00:27:49.860 --> 00:28:00.780 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Get the attention you're sitting in the cab. We made a whistle blow, and it's like all of a sudden you hear somebody whistling you look up, you're staring at the screen. We have your attention and then we have them for the good 15 seconds purveying our messaging.

00:28:02.790 --> 00:28:07.650 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah, people just tend to look at screens. This is where we're at, you know,

00:28:07.950 --> 00:28:11.490 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Maybe it's not the best thing, but this is this is how it's happening so

00:28:11.670 --> 00:28:12.930 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Might as well utilize that

00:28:13.710 --> 00:28:19.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There's no doubt about it. You have three kids, I have two kids. We've been in the pandemic situation for the last 10 months.

00:28:21.000 --> 00:28:21.300 Yeah.

00:28:22.710 --> 00:28:32.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And time sold out in the world. So it's been more screen dependent than ever, which is part of the madness that's been going on these days, which we're going to talk about in the next segment. When we come back from commercial break.

00:28:32.640 --> 00:28:34.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Stay with us on always Friday we're talking to john Siler

00:30:55.980 --> 00:31:05.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Alright everyone, welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy. We're talking with john Siler founder producer editor with john Siler productions.

00:31:05.520 --> 00:31:14.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): About producing your SMB video story here in 2021 very necessary to get your messaging out there as effectively as possible.

00:31:14.460 --> 00:31:21.630 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So we're going to talk a little bit about the madness. This is more of the observational part of the show where talk about stories you've seen yourself.

00:31:22.110 --> 00:31:25.410 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Things things, things that people repeatedly asked you to do that.

00:31:25.650 --> 00:31:39.810 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That may drive you crazy no subject is too taboo. Anything goes. Obviously we don't want to compromise by and confidentiality, feel free to substitute some ideas in there. Obviously, but one big thing that I think just to kick things off is, you know,

00:31:41.340 --> 00:31:48.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Lots of events have been canceled in the past year. It's like crazy dire times for people that operate in the video editing and production world.

00:31:49.170 --> 00:32:03.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Especially if they work with, you know, big, big events weddings Bar. Bar Mitzvahs etc. As I know you do. But, you know, again, plenty of opportunity on the small and medium sized business side but john give us a peek into the madness behind what you see out there.

00:32:03.960 --> 00:32:17.310 Jonathan Seiler Productions: The madness. I mean, I have. I've been doing this for a very long time. So I've, I've run the gamut for all sorts of videos I was working freelance for a company, years and years ago.

00:32:17.850 --> 00:32:21.150 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know where I had my own equipment and I was going out and shooting for them.

00:32:21.990 --> 00:32:31.260 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Never met the the people that ran the company, but they had these clients go out and shoot a landscaping company I this guy. He was a total whack job and he didn't have a script, he was

00:32:31.620 --> 00:32:37.950 Jonathan Seiler Productions: He lived in his mother's house he had me videotaping himself in front of the fire. He had all these wacky ideas.

00:32:39.210 --> 00:32:46.830 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I did what I have to do for that job, you know, just people sometimes just come out of the woodwork and you don't know what you're going to be given I've

00:32:48.150 --> 00:33:08.790 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I mean, I've got some crazy stories I've worked with doctors offices. I've, you know, you say, nothing's too taboo. I've recorded vaginal rejuvenation surgery, you know, things have come along, you know. No, no project is off the table for the most part, you know,

00:33:09.900 --> 00:33:10.830 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah.

00:33:11.640 --> 00:33:15.810 Jonathan Seiler Productions: There's a lot of content. A lot of people have totally different stories that want to be heard and

00:33:16.410 --> 00:33:18.360 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I'm willing to tell most stories you

00:33:18.360 --> 00:33:20.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Know it's got, you got to pay the bills.

00:33:24.180 --> 00:33:33.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Which is great. Yeah. When you're talking about the digital rejuvenation surgery, just right. But my wife is an attorney and she was spent 10 years as a medical malpractice attorney so

00:33:33.300 --> 00:33:36.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know some of the cases that came through those doors were just

00:33:36.510 --> 00:33:50.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Just unbelievable, some of the discussions and some of what people were trying to go after out there. It's like, I can see that one. Anything involving the female anatomy, any of those parts is just a recipe for crazy disaster and those medical malpractice suits. I'm just right.

00:33:50.220 --> 00:33:50.550 Jonathan Seiler Productions: There. Oh.

00:33:51.120 --> 00:33:53.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I was just thinking about all kinds of crazy discovery and pictures.

00:33:54.210 --> 00:34:02.580 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Oh yeah, look, I, I've worked with WITH ATTORNEYS offices as well. You know, I've, I have a cousin who is an attorney and so he'll

00:34:03.180 --> 00:34:11.430 Jonathan Seiler Productions: He uses a lot of video content in his court cases and whatnot and trying to just prove things he had me look at one video. I mean,

00:34:12.150 --> 00:34:19.860 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Honestly, I had to look this very tough content of this kid that was drowning and watching how no one was really reacting to it and

00:34:20.130 --> 00:34:29.520 Jonathan Seiler Productions: He wanted me to look at this video and say, Is there anything here that you see differently that would, you know, get my client off, he's a criminal defense attorney. I said,

00:34:30.030 --> 00:34:40.110 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Honestly, I want a lot of cases. You're not gonna win this one, you know, you get things. Sometimes it's going to work, sometimes it's not. But yeah, I mean, I

00:34:41.550 --> 00:34:48.870 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah, there's just a you name and things have been thrown at me and love being in video. I'm a problem solver.

00:34:49.920 --> 00:35:00.060 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I'm trying to figure out at the end of the day, how are we going to get that message across. And no matter what that message is, whether it's wacky or not, you know, we'll, we'll make it happen.

00:35:00.900 --> 00:35:07.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But sometimes the wacky or the better, I would say, actually. But you brought up an awesome point there which I want to dive deeper on

00:35:07.500 --> 00:35:15.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, so you and I work together. This week on a commercial for local business to our houses carpets to go glad to share a great business.

00:35:16.440 --> 00:35:23.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But you know carpets flooring, things like that, you know, home improvements, especially right now, you expect to see all kinds of

00:35:24.120 --> 00:35:31.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Video content, whether it's YouTube or definitely like local your local air time or even on TV for 32nd commercials.

00:35:31.740 --> 00:35:49.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But now there's a need, now more than ever for professional services firms accountants, lawyers, doctors architects, engineers to start producing video content because it's the best way their story is going to get out there to people that they would never shake hands with right now.

00:35:49.560 --> 00:35:50.790 Jonathan Seiler Productions: 100% and listen.

00:35:51.900 --> 00:36:01.110 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Just straight off the bat video is not a cheap medium, it can be expensive. The Times, you know, especially to get that product together you get that

00:36:01.530 --> 00:36:08.460 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Your thoughts together and for me to work back and forth to it can add up, you know, from a money standpoint, but

00:36:09.210 --> 00:36:17.310 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I think for a lot of small medium sized because this is you'll find that bartering is actually a really good way to to help get your, your

00:36:17.970 --> 00:36:23.460 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Boss. Look, I have bartered with Home Improvement companies because I've needed things done in my own house.

00:36:24.120 --> 00:36:34.410 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I've bartered with Glenn in the past for video content and we exchange video content for flooring in the kitchen. You know, we make things happen make things work.

00:36:35.070 --> 00:36:43.860 Jonathan Seiler Productions: And when you've got a service like video you're able to give that service and get things in return. And if you're, you have a service. You know, like plumbing.

00:36:44.430 --> 00:36:58.860 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Can make a great plumbing video, you know, and everybody needs a plumber, you know, including videographers so bartering is always a good way to think about, hey, if I don't have the funds right now because business has been tough, you know, but I want to get, you know,

00:36:59.940 --> 00:37:14.640 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I want to get my fence company you know up off the ground. I can, I can have guys come out shoot drone footage make things happen and you know I get a fence out of it and you get a video out of it. I think there's there's ways to make things work.

00:37:15.060 --> 00:37:21.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I, I love the way your mind works with that because I couldn't agree more. Sometimes, and that's, you know,

00:37:21.480 --> 00:37:28.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Comes down heavily to networking. Again, that's all about people people first before anything else. The people you know are going to help you get there.

00:37:29.160 --> 00:37:37.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I think some of the thought process around the, you know, I'm with you that if you do film editing production, all of that you have shooters going out and doing

00:37:38.490 --> 00:37:41.130 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): These like that stuff adds up pending.

00:37:42.300 --> 00:37:49.710 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): On how crazy you go with it. And I think that's a lot of SMEs, especially where they're focused on the product as opposed to the people in the process.

00:37:49.980 --> 00:37:56.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They don't realize that anything in life business or personal is a given to take, there's a risk and reward trade off all the time.

00:37:57.300 --> 00:38:03.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But people when you think about, hey, would you like to be in a movie and be famous and make money from that and everything we

00:38:03.840 --> 00:38:15.780 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Most people out there like the idea of that. But there's a huge risk and reward trade and trade off there. It's like your actors and everything. They go out on a limb for that. It's like they a huge limb. And then when it pays off it pays off big time. If

00:38:16.890 --> 00:38:24.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They use they use you to create this this type of story and get it out there. It could have massive dividends and they lose sight of that you agree.

00:38:24.900 --> 00:38:34.260 Jonathan Seiler Productions: No 100% I mean video can take your business off the ground just getting the word out getting into the in front of the right eyes, you know, it can open up the whole world.

00:38:36.990 --> 00:38:44.250 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, talk about being a problem solver because I love that mentality and that's who I am. That's what I've always good as a problem solver. I love finding

00:38:44.520 --> 00:38:55.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, figuring out how to how to navigate that show going back Jeff bluefields book the story based selling book I think about that a lot. My big takeaways from it. You know, people listening audibly five to 10%

00:38:55.950 --> 00:39:04.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In you know people saying, seeing the visual aids, it goes up to 25 to 30% but really hearing the story and digesting it 65 to 70%

00:39:06.210 --> 00:39:17.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Believe was right in line with my thoughts of people process and product. If you think about, you know, almost in reverse. Right. It all starts with the story that retains the 65% and I'm

00:39:17.850 --> 00:39:26.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Sure you would agree with this. I found in my travels, that a lot of times even businesses that have been around for 30 years if you ask them, What do you do

00:39:26.970 --> 00:39:32.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They can't articulate it in 30 seconds or less, it'll take them 15 minutes to try to describe to you what their story is

00:39:33.180 --> 00:39:41.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And like just doesn't work that way, especially in 2021 with the amount of add that's here, myself included, but the amount of agency that's rampant in the countries.

00:39:41.790 --> 00:39:49.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You have precious seconds. Just like you know we were discussing before. So you have to know the story first which you can help them with.

00:39:50.040 --> 00:39:55.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Then you apply the video as a process, right, which is your process.

00:39:55.470 --> 00:40:05.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then the end product is not only do you have a kick ass story that you can get in people's screens and in front of their faces, even if you can't shake hands and give hugs and in public with them.

00:40:06.300 --> 00:40:16.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But you also refine everything to the point where if somebody asks you, What do you do, you can order we tell them in 30 seconds 60 seconds with the most impact.

00:40:17.070 --> 00:40:17.490 Sure.

00:40:18.930 --> 00:40:33.990 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I always think of, you know, everybody's got their elevator pitch visualize that elevator pitch make that into a video. Put that on your website. Put that on Facebook. Put that on LinkedIn, that's going to get you so many more clients in the end.

00:40:35.550 --> 00:40:46.140 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know, it's just getting getting the word out. If you're able to state it in front of one person. You can state it in front of thousands, if not millions people you know it.

00:40:46.950 --> 00:40:55.170 Jonathan Seiler Productions: It's just getting the word out and and video is the way to go. It's just, it's where we're at. Look at anybody that holds a phone.

00:40:55.800 --> 00:41:00.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, so not only do I love movies and TV as I know you do.

00:41:01.020 --> 00:41:01.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Want to

00:41:02.640 --> 00:41:03.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Ask the

00:41:03.270 --> 00:41:11.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Question of, you know, who's your favorite movie or TV show character which we're going to get to in our, in our last segment to close out the show. But one of the reasons

00:41:12.420 --> 00:41:21.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That is a couple months back. I do a lot of networking and you do a lot of networking, you know, one of the couple months back, I was asked the question of

00:41:21.840 --> 00:41:29.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What TV show character best personifies you and your business and what you do and I just love that question because

00:41:29.940 --> 00:41:39.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): People immediately paints a visual picture that people can identify with and I, I said, you know, for me and what I do and how I do it. I said jack Bauer from 24

00:41:40.320 --> 00:41:55.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it's like, immediately, people started to watch our loved our job is like, and then going into detail about your the method in the madness that I have for it. So they actually took away. Oh, I get what he does now and how he does it. I find it even just relating something

00:41:55.980 --> 00:41:57.630 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I totally see your jack Bauer.

00:41:59.160 --> 00:42:00.240 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You're totally jack back

00:42:01.560 --> 00:42:05.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Exactly like my mom would sign the permission slip for football totally jack Bauer.

00:42:06.810 --> 00:42:13.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But, but you get where my head's at. Though right it's like it's a visual picture and people don't have that yet.

00:42:14.100 --> 00:42:23.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A lot of times their barrier to entry is I'm not going to pay for shit like that. I got so much stuff to do before that, that's so important to me in my business. I'm I'll get to it one day and they never get to it.

00:42:24.240 --> 00:42:37.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Where they can basically send you a huge Dropbox, full of pictures and files and video content and and put together a quick email and thoughts and you could turn around a commercial for that. That's how easy it is these days.

00:42:37.980 --> 00:42:39.180 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah, no 100%

00:42:41.550 --> 00:42:45.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Unbelievable. Yeah, so we're gonna take a break in just a couple of minutes.

00:42:46.230 --> 00:42:49.410 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But it's, you know, before we come back in the last segment of the show we talk

00:42:49.920 --> 00:43:01.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I'm all about on Friday days here type of insight away so that people can make a Monday impact. So definitely want you to think about that but you know just quick on the madness side of things.

00:43:02.160 --> 00:43:12.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, small, medium sized business. Like I said, you know, the guys in your position now more than ever, just real quick before we go to commercial break. What are your thoughts on you know the

00:43:12.420 --> 00:43:24.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The big event side of things right now because you've done a ton of that stuff over your career. What's the outlook like for that you know I know people have adopted and done things kwassa, you know, half of how they used to do it, but

00:43:24.630 --> 00:43:25.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Just real quick before we go to

00:43:25.770 --> 00:43:27.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Break the math behind that.

00:43:27.930 --> 00:43:37.140 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Oh, it's crazy. It's, it's rescheduling it's taking everything from 2020 moving into 2021 some of the things you know just became zoom mitzvahs you know

00:43:37.980 --> 00:43:42.420 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I put together these montage is I called them mazel Taj is where I basically took

00:43:43.110 --> 00:43:50.880 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Hundreds of greetings of congratulations to the celebrant and put them together and made a video out of that you know the crazy times

00:43:51.720 --> 00:44:00.030 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Come up with crazy ideas and whatever you can can do to make it work. And you know I hate using buzzwords, but had to make that pivot.

00:44:00.900 --> 00:44:08.820 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You know, and so what, how can I make video content for people that are sitting at home montages are still very big and relevant today and

00:44:09.660 --> 00:44:21.300 Jonathan Seiler Productions: if not more so it's it's that memory that you get to hold on to after the event is over. And now that even events already been happening. It's that one thing that's tangible for you to look at and go back and reflect on

00:44:21.600 --> 00:44:31.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely love it crazy ideas, make the world go round will be right back after the commercial break with more crazy ideas and john Siler with john siloed production. Stay with us. Thank you.

00:46:49.350 --> 00:46:53.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Alright everyone, welcome back to always Friday with me. Stephen Fry your SMB guy.

00:46:53.940 --> 00:47:02.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We're talking with john Siler of john silent productions. You guys like small medium sized business discussion talk radio that NYC is the place to be on Fridays.

00:47:03.030 --> 00:47:12.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): All day at this point you heard Tommy D with philanthropy and focus this morning coming up at 12 O'clock after always Friday. There is the entrepreneurial web

00:47:12.360 --> 00:47:21.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): None other than Jeremiah Fox, so stay tuned for that, following the show, but we're going to close out today with the message, you know, what should the audience, take away from

00:47:22.050 --> 00:47:28.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): From the topic of discussion today john which has been producing your SMB video story 2021

00:47:28.740 --> 00:47:37.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know what can people do actually on Monday to not lose sight of this idea because I happen to think it's probably one of the most important ones for SMEs to be considering

00:47:37.320 --> 00:47:45.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): For 2021 because it doesn't look like we're getting back to normal life for at least a little while yet so it might

00:47:45.900 --> 00:47:50.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Be one where you have to get your story out there in ways that are a little bit outside the box. So

00:47:50.730 --> 00:47:58.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Definitely want to hear what your messages the quick thought that I had was relatable to again I've referred to it a bunch of times today and in previous shows

00:47:58.500 --> 00:48:05.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The story based selling book by Jeff Bloomfield, he signed it when I met him and said, Dude, what's your story go tell it.

00:48:05.790 --> 00:48:10.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I just, I love that idea. Because a lot of people don't know what their story is, and they definitely

00:48:10.950 --> 00:48:21.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Don't have the best, you know, tools and partnerships to go out and tell it. So that's where my head's been at john give us the message. What should people do Monday morning to not lose sight of this idea

00:48:22.380 --> 00:48:29.010 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I'd say, Don't wait until Monday morning and say today. Take your elevator pitch. Write it down.

00:48:30.360 --> 00:48:34.140 Jonathan Seiler Productions: It all starts with the words, once you have those words and it's written down.

00:48:34.740 --> 00:48:41.940 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You're beginning to tell your story. So you can take that you could email it to me or to any videographer that you may know, and

00:48:42.300 --> 00:48:56.310 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Basically start the process of figuring out, How can I tell this visually make a small video, it's going to help your business. It's not going to hurt it in any which way. Unless you're showing something totally illegal i don't know i mean

00:48:56.340 --> 00:48:57.210 You have

00:48:59.190 --> 00:49:06.510 Jonathan Seiler Productions: It's, it's only going to help your business people are looking at things people are scrolling, people are

00:49:06.810 --> 00:49:22.980 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Looking at content continuously. So get your message out there, write it down. Get that 15 seconds. That's all you need. And once you have 15 seconds or 30 seconds or a minute, write it all out and and tell that story and look at it.

00:49:23.910 --> 00:49:38.040 Jonathan Seiler Productions: And and and get down to that concise message and you'll, you'll get there. Then you make videos make video content take what already exists, make something out of it, or call someone like me and I'll make it happen.

00:49:38.730 --> 00:49:47.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, in general, I would say that people need to start going outside their comfort zone. It's in general being before the pandemic started

00:49:47.370 --> 00:50:02.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That you have to really fine, it's like all the edge of possibility just really begins there to me like when you're outside just getting outside your comfort zone and a lot of people are uncomfortable with this. A lot of people aren't comfortable being on a on a live show or on a podcast.

00:50:02.340 --> 00:50:03.810 Jonathan Seiler Productions: But it's like in the same times like

00:50:05.040 --> 00:50:07.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah well and you shouldn't be because you're very good actually.

00:50:07.410 --> 00:50:08.100 Jonathan Seiler Productions: But, uh, you know,

00:50:08.400 --> 00:50:18.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): These people need to get more comfortable with goat with the idea of going outside of their comfort zone to me especially right now. And one of the top ways they could do that is giving someone like you or call

00:50:18.660 --> 00:50:24.150 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Yeah. And honestly, again, going back to writing it down if you can't even write it down.

00:50:24.930 --> 00:50:36.900 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Record. It just record yourself saying things just, you know, just start talking. And then what's going to happen is you have somebody like me like this is how we made the last commercial for carpets to go. I told Glenn.

00:50:37.230 --> 00:50:42.240 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Give me every single thing that you could possibly think of. To say about your business and record it and say it's because

00:50:42.540 --> 00:50:50.550 Jonathan Seiler Productions: He doesn't have the time to just sit and write things down. He's walking around to the store videotaping while he's walking and just talking and giving me different things to say.

00:50:51.090 --> 00:50:59.760 Jonathan Seiler Productions: I will take all that crazy information that's not really connected, but I will connect those dots, I will take your sentence from here and move it there and

00:51:00.390 --> 00:51:09.480 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Rearrange so that we're able to tell your story properly. So even if you don't have a coherent story, take all of your ideas, throw them out there.

00:51:10.410 --> 00:51:17.190 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Something's going to come out of it, you'll see it's very simple. And just you're talking about your business so

00:51:17.640 --> 00:51:27.570 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You're going to want to talk about regardless. So, you know, just, just do it. Nike has that model. They haven't changed it in 30 plus years. It makes a lot of sense. You just, just do it.

00:51:28.590 --> 00:51:44.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And with good reason. It's and I would say even as it comes to doing a show like this one is the hardest part of it, and I know the executive producer of talk radio dot NYC would agree. The hardest part is getting it started after that it's all, it's all, it's all good, baby, baby.

00:51:45.210 --> 00:51:59.550 Jonathan Seiler Productions: It's all there. And then like I've been saying you've been doing these shows, you're on your 13th episode, I think you'd be able to take all that content, take the best little bits make something compile it and then you're gonna have a product to sell to your clients.

00:51:59.970 --> 00:52:07.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Will hold that thought we're definitely going to talk a little bit more about that. But now, right now is all about you and the answers to the magic question so

00:52:07.350 --> 00:52:17.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Okay, question number one. Who is your favorite movie or TV show character and I absolutely love this answer. I can't believe that I haven't had it before Willy Wonka.

00:52:19.020 --> 00:52:20.160 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Loving

00:52:20.550 --> 00:52:26.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, and, you know, quite frankly, some of the characters you gave me. I wasn't sure how how your face would look on them, but they're, they're actually

00:52:26.790 --> 00:52:27.270 Dynamite.

00:52:30.300 --> 00:52:32.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): There's me right alongside of you looking nice.

00:52:32.400 --> 00:52:33.090 Importantly,

00:52:36.090 --> 00:52:41.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, good. Good times. As always, I love presenting some super impose pictures back to my video editing man's

00:52:43.440 --> 00:52:54.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Job is done, I'll definitely give john the credit for turning me on to the apps. And what have used that that super impose people's faces on two pictures. So a lot of the fun. I've been having with you guys over the last handful of months is

00:52:54.690 --> 00:52:57.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Directly as a result of my friendship and hanging with john so

00:52:58.350 --> 00:53:00.360 Jonathan Seiler Productions: You're welcome. And I apologize.

00:53:01.560 --> 00:53:02.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Definitely as you should

00:53:04.770 --> 00:53:12.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Travels. If you look around his office behind behind him. He's got some cool stuff. So he's actually got a signed picture right behind him of a

00:53:14.370 --> 00:53:26.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): movie poster by Gene Wilder, which, you know, Gene lost him. A number of years ago. He's phenomenal force to be reckoned with. So just, you go into an office like John's home office and it's it's just a blast you could you could

00:53:26.370 --> 00:53:26.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Feel

00:53:26.880 --> 00:53:37.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The emotion, the energy of somebody who just has crazy passion for what they do. So, you know, again, all the reason more just, just to hang with somebody like john for this type of conversation so

00:53:37.740 --> 00:53:48.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Question number two. And no surprise. With this answer. What is your favorite movie or TV show the witty urbane sophisticated humor of Seinfeld.

00:53:52.020 --> 00:53:53.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Long, long, long

00:53:53.640 --> 00:53:54.150 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Ago. Yeah.

00:53:55.230 --> 00:54:01.620 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I definitely like the way you think right there on the same page with you. And yeah, I wasn't sure how your face for translates Seinfeld.

00:54:02.970 --> 00:54:09.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Definitely not bad, like, really. Not bad. So you was Kramer and and even, even as George I'm

00:54:09.300 --> 00:54:10.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Sorry, I had to do.

00:54:10.260 --> 00:54:12.900 Jonathan Seiler Productions: For you, I can't. Uh,

00:54:14.250 --> 00:54:16.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yeah, I was in the pool.

00:54:17.640 --> 00:54:19.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I had, I had to do it. I'm sorry.

00:54:19.530 --> 00:54:28.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): If you guys see top top left of John's head in his office. He's also got side picture of the whole Seinfeld crew as well. So that's really hard to mess with that.

00:54:29.400 --> 00:54:38.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Great, great stuff. Great stuff. And question number three. Last but not least, for sure. What is your favorite musical instrument and the artists who plays it

00:54:39.630 --> 00:54:45.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): None other than the bass guitar, which I do here. Not that I know how to play it worth a damn but

00:54:46.110 --> 00:54:58.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I would like to get there. For this one of my goals for 2021 is to learn, learn that if I'm shackled to my house for a bit longer but bass guitar and none other than Mr. Michael Gordon, there is cactus man so

00:55:00.600 --> 00:55:16.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You Got You Got some some fish memorabilia behind you. JOHN AND I ARE are very big fish fans, my, my first issue was a second 1998 I've seen 125 live and a whole bunch more of them by streaming video media with my buddy john which is

00:55:16.860 --> 00:55:22.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): All the more me to take it to heart. Get your video story out there. Damn it. That's what this

00:55:25.110 --> 00:55:27.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Kind of looks like you're in my basement recording next to me, which we

00:55:28.710 --> 00:55:34.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We did consider doing an in studio interview this time, but still keeping some safety. There's me on stage with you there and a

00:55:35.550 --> 00:55:44.550 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Higher but you know we got to wrap up here in just a second. But the only other autographs, I wanted to bring up here, just the bar mitzvah sign, and more. My mom actually dropped mine off the other day, so

00:55:45.360 --> 00:55:55.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): If you have awkward looking teenage jersey. Oh, don't worry about the SMB side of things you want to get some good family content out there. Here's me and my bar mitzvah picture he can make this look good with Spielberg magic.

00:55:56.220 --> 00:56:04.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You'll send your stuff to john here's here's john from his bar mitzvah from a Mad Magazine. I absolutely love this theme. And I also think he looks pretty good as Alfred E

00:56:04.980 --> 00:56:05.310 Newman.

00:56:06.360 --> 00:56:10.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So we got to wrap up here shortly. We got the entrepreneurial web Jeremiah fox coming up.

00:56:11.250 --> 00:56:26.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Here's John's contact information. I'm Stephen Fry your SMB guy. Great to have you guys back with me here in 2021 looking forward to bringing you some new crazy ideas and some other wacky guests here in 2021 on always Fridays, they would talk radio dot NYC for Jeremiah. See you later.

00:56:26.850 --> 00:56:27.450 Jonathan Seiler Productions: Thank you.

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