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Thursday, December 17, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/12/17 - The Courage of Sobriety


2020/12/17 - The Courage of Sobriety

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage of Sobriety

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Kay White, a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, and the Founder and Executive Director at Villa Kali Ma, a holistic addiction recovery center exclusively for women, and David Dardashti, an addiction expert of the Ibogaine Clinic who has pioneered an alternative treatment using Ibogaine for the treatment of highly potent and addictive drugs, to discuss the courage to get free from addiction and navigate the path to healing, wellness, and sustainable sobriety.

Segment 1

Ken introduces this episode’s topic, which is sobriety and the challenges substance abuse brings, and how we can help ourselves and loved ones afflicted. Ken talks about his own struggles with addiction, which began in 1992, and how he overcame it with a psychiatrist’s help. Ken introduces his first guest Kay White a spiritual life coach. Kay decided to get help after realizing she could no longer continue living with addiction and decided to look inward for a solution.

Segment 2

Kay says unresolved trauma was the main reason for her addiction, and only once she dealt with her own trauma was she able to transcend beyond it. She says how moving past our own egos and reconnecting with our true selves is the first step to moving past addiction. Kay talks about her own treatment facility and what they are doing to help treat addicts. She starts talking about how denial is one of the key factors that prevent people from seeking help.

Segment 3

Ken asks Kay who recovery is for and who it is not for. She talks about how if any level of addiction occurs in someone’s life, they should seek help. Ken introduces his next guest David Dardashti, an addiction expert of the Ibogaine Clinic. David mentions how trauma leads to anxiety, which leads to depression and addiction. He talks about how addiction can not just be drug-related; we can become addicted to anger and other harmful emotions. 

Segment 4

David explains that trauma is something that happens to us that is so intense that our brain forgets it because of all the mental harm it causes. He talks about how Ibogaine, which is a natural substance, can help treat our trauma. Through this and the use of our body and mind, we can help ourselves create more positive emotions, which go a long way in treating our trauma. David talks about how addiction can cloud our judgment and vision and how we can recognize these signs in ourselves. He says that an addict’s family’s support is very important in helping them realize their addiction.

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