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Thursday, December 3, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/12/03 - The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. John Demartini

Facebook Live Video from 2020/12/03 - The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. John Demartini


2020/12/03 - The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. John Demartini

[NEW EPISODE] The Breakthrough Experience with Dr. John Demartini

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes World-renowned Specialist in Human Behavior, Researcher, Author and Global Educator, Dr. John Demartini.

Dr. Demartini, one of the featured thought leaders in the movie, The Secret, has developed a series of solutions applicable across all markets, sectors and age groups.

His education curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs, financial empowerment strategies, self-development programs, relationship solutions and social transformation programs. His teachings start at the core of the issue, addressing the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have proven the test of time.

He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries. His presentations whether keynotes, seminars or workshops, leave clients with insights into their behavior and keys to their empowerment.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes World-renowned Specialist in Human Behavior, Researcher, Author and Global Educator, Dr. John Demartini. Dr. Demartini talks of a time that he almost didn’t live through, a story that brought him to a pivotal moment in his life when he was found in a tent. They together discuss how important it is to remember no one is worth putting on a pedestal. The presence of our own greatness is a powerful motion and something they continue to open up about.

Segment 2

Sam asks Dr. Demartini about the moment he decided his purpose was to help people. He tells another story of when he was asked by multiple people in a short span if he could help them with their meditation and studying. This was at a time when he was learning to overcome his own perception, and led him to realize the more he taught others the more he himself was able to learn. He read hundreds of textbooks on self-discipline. This was how he built a solid foundation of knowledge and grew his discipline. Speed reading, meditation, running and patterns throughout his day helped him achieve his most conscious awareness.

Segment 3

Sam asks Dr. Demartini to dive more into “The Breakthrough Experience.” Along with explaining his books, he tells a story about a woman he met on the beach when he was 14 years old. A story of friendship, love and motherhood is unraveled, leaving Dr. Demartini with many meaningful connections discovered and ironic coincidences.

Segment 4

“How is what we are doing right now affecting who we want to be as a person?” asks Dr. Demartini. Our perceptions are more powerful than reality. We are encouraged to ask ourselves what is the most meaningful action i can take with the resources i have and opportunities available? What will help the most people? All questions we should ask ourselves in everyday life. If you are on a relentless pursuit you will get what you desire. The dreams you have can all be achieved through perseverance.


00:00:26.520 --> 00:00:34.440 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity.

00:00:34.770 --> 00:00:43.320 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I'm very, very pleased that you are all here with me today. We've got a wonderful, wonderful show in store for you today with a very, very

00:00:43.620 --> 00:00:53.250 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Special guest and I'm going to introduce him in a second. I'm not gonna I'm gonna forgo getting into my usual quotes of the day, but I just wanted to read them because I felt there so apropos.

00:00:53.490 --> 00:00:59.700 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So I'm just going to read the quotes from the universe and from Abraham not going to get into it, but we'll probably get into it with the guests, so

00:01:00.120 --> 00:01:11.100 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: First from the universe manifesting doesn't just work sometimes which pretty much the which is pretty much the only lesson. You have to learn

00:01:11.610 --> 00:01:19.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Thoughts become things, who the universe. Yes, the universe wants to remind us that manifesting works all the time.

00:01:20.730 --> 00:01:30.000 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Abraham says when you understand the laws, then you understand that it is no more difficult to create a castle than it is a button, they are equal.

00:01:30.510 --> 00:01:40.950 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: It is not more difficult to create $10 million than $100,000. It is the same application of the same law to two different intentions Abraham

00:01:41.550 --> 00:01:53.460 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Hmm. So you see why I just, I had to read these quotes i'm not i usually discuss them for a few minutes. But I'm not going to bother because I really want to bring on my guest is I'm so thrilled to have with us today.

00:01:53.910 --> 00:02:02.100 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: World renowned specialist and human behavior researcher best selling author and global educator dr john Dee Martini.

00:02:02.550 --> 00:02:12.060 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Dr. Dee martini is one of the featured thought leaders in the movie, The Secret and has developed a series of solutions applicable across all market sectors and age groups.

00:02:12.360 --> 00:02:24.450 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Is education curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs. Financial Empowerment strategies self development programs relationship solutions and social transformation program.

00:02:25.230 --> 00:02:40.620 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Is teaching start at the core of the issue. Love it, addressing the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have proven the test of time. He has studied over 30,000 books. Wow.

00:02:41.220 --> 00:02:44.430 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: It's that's why he has that background there that that's your 30,000 books right

00:02:45.270 --> 00:02:55.020 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Across all defined academic disciplines and as synthesize the wisdom of the ages, which he has shared on stages and over 100 countries.

00:02:55.290 --> 00:03:07.950 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: His presentations, whether keynotes seminars or workshops leave clients with insights into their behavior and keys to their empowerment. Welcome to the conscious consultant. Our Dr. Dee Martini.

00:03:08.430 --> 00:03:09.600 Dr John Demartini : Well, thank you for having me. Thank you.

00:03:10.320 --> 00:03:20.790 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Oh, my pleasure. My pleasure. So I always like to start off, I'm sure most of my audience knows who you are. But I really like to always start with

00:03:21.120 --> 00:03:26.250 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: A little bit of your own personal journey of how did you get into sort of this

00:03:26.700 --> 00:03:41.280 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Human empowerment movement. I mean, is this something that you studied since you were a kid, was there something like when you were maybe a little bit older, that that got you to sort of pivot and shift into this, or was this just always a lifelong passion of yours.

00:03:45.300 --> 00:03:45.780 Dr John Demartini : I was

00:03:47.460 --> 00:03:52.830 Dr John Demartini : Told in first grade by my first created great teacher, Mrs McAuliffe in front of my mom and dad.

00:03:54.180 --> 00:03:56.490 Dr John Demartini : That I'm afraid your son is never going to be able to read

00:03:57.540 --> 00:04:02.460 Dr John Demartini : Never be able to write never be able to communicate every mountain thing never go very far in life.

00:04:03.720 --> 00:04:08.880 Dr John Demartini : I did have a speech problem. I actually started going to speech pathologist. When I was a year and a half old.

00:04:09.930 --> 00:04:12.090 Dr John Demartini : I did have a form to arm and leg.

00:04:13.110 --> 00:04:13.590 Dr John Demartini : The time

00:04:14.640 --> 00:04:23.550 Dr John Demartini : I could not read could not write properly. I wrote backwards and I couldn't spell. I definitely had learning challenges that

00:04:24.660 --> 00:04:33.990 Dr John Demartini : I made it through elementary school by asking the smartest kid questions and they would tell me stuff. And if I heard it. I seem to be able to regurgitate son. Oh, OK.

00:04:35.220 --> 00:04:43.380 Dr John Demartini : That worked until I turned 12 when I turned 12 my parents moved from Houston, Texas to Richmond Texas in a small little town.

00:04:44.010 --> 00:04:56.670 Dr John Demartini : Where there were not a lot of smart kids, I noticed low socio economic racially divided group. I didn't have anybody to ask questions, too, and I dropped out of school so I left home at 13

00:04:57.270 --> 00:05:17.190 Dr John Demartini : Really and I lived on the streets from 13 really to 18. Wow. So I was a street kid. I lived in a bowling alley for a while and then Park. I lived all kind of places. Wow I hitchhiked at age 14 from Houston, Texas to California and down into Mexico to serve.

00:05:18.450 --> 00:05:22.170 Dr John Demartini : As I was decent surfing and takes us wasn't there surf capital.

00:05:22.380 --> 00:05:22.800 Yeah.

00:05:23.820 --> 00:05:26.970 Dr John Demartini : I'd have a hurricane of Sir, yes, I have tried to California.

00:05:29.700 --> 00:05:33.690 Dr John Demartini : Live there on the in Huntington Beach, California at the time 1968

00:05:34.920 --> 00:05:48.660 Dr John Demartini : At 15 I made enough money panhandling to go to why I lived under a bridge at the commandment highway at Sunset Beach first, then it guy Beach Park under park bench, which is still there.

00:05:50.070 --> 00:05:55.260 Dr John Demartini : I lived in the bathroom and it rained and I lived in an abandoned cart. After that, that I found

00:05:56.310 --> 00:06:05.160 Dr John Demartini : And I kept social climbing until I eventually found a guy that was leaving, and one day Sillies tent for a few bucks and I lived in the jungle in a tent.

00:06:05.880 --> 00:06:21.870 Dr John Demartini : Until I nearly died at age 17 and luckily I found lady found me and my tent or I wouldn't be here. And that led me to a little health food store because she tried to get some nutrition in me and lead me to a talk by Paul Bragg

00:06:23.670 --> 00:06:26.880 Dr John Demartini : And Paul Bragg one night one hour with his one message.

00:06:28.380 --> 00:06:30.780 Dr John Demartini : spoke to me in a way, I'd never been spoken to before.

00:06:32.190 --> 00:06:41.880 Dr John Demartini : And he said that we have a body. We have a mind. We have a soul and the body must be directed by the mind, the mind, Miss be guided by the soul in order to maximize who we are.

00:06:43.020 --> 00:06:56.340 Dr John Demartini : And that what we think about what we visualize what we affirm what we feel and what we think about an act on does make a difference. Our thoughts do become things. And if you take command of those you can change your life.

00:06:57.540 --> 00:07:03.810 Dr John Demartini : And you want to set goals for yourself, your family, your community, your city or state your nation your world and beyond to 120 years

00:07:04.800 --> 00:07:15.540 Dr John Demartini : Nobody ever talked to, like that. And then he took us through a guided imagery meditation experience. And in that meditation I saw me standing on a balcony in front of a million people speaking

00:07:17.490 --> 00:07:19.800 Dr John Demartini : Probably some sort of dissociative identity disorder.

00:07:21.930 --> 00:07:26.220 Dr John Demartini : But I was there with tears in my eyes and it was so real.

00:07:27.270 --> 00:07:41.820 Dr John Demartini : That that vision became the vision. It's now painted by an artist or a famous painter and is a giant mural in my office of me speaking in front of a million people with every major iconic building from every major city around the world in the background.

00:07:43.290 --> 00:08:03.000 Dr John Demartini : So I had a dream that night I met Paul Bragg at age 17 which is 48 years and two weeks ago. Wow. To overcome my learning problems, learn how to speak, speak properly. I probably learn how to read and that was the first night. I thought maybe I could someday become intelligent

00:08:03.660 --> 00:08:05.910 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So I had a dream to become intelligent

00:08:06.450 --> 00:08:16.170 Dr John Demartini : And intelligent represented teacher. And that was a night I started a new trajectory of my life and try to overcome my learning problems which was not an easy project.

00:08:16.830 --> 00:08:17.340 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Sure.

00:08:17.760 --> 00:08:23.040 Dr John Demartini : I had to go back and take a GED. I had to go and there's a lot of things I had to do. And I kept failing.

00:08:24.450 --> 00:08:27.630 Dr John Demartini : Luckily, my mother who said something to me.

00:08:28.650 --> 00:08:30.090 Dr John Demartini : turned it into my favor.

00:08:31.320 --> 00:08:34.680 Dr John Demartini : She said, when I failed my first attempt in school.

00:08:36.930 --> 00:08:41.070 Dr John Demartini : She said, when I was crying on the floor. I was now 18

00:08:42.090 --> 00:08:45.990 Dr John Demartini : Son, whether you become a great teacher and philosopher and travel the world like your dream.

00:08:47.100 --> 00:08:56.940 Dr John Demartini : Whether you go back to ride giant waves and why like you've done over the return the streets and panhandle is a button. I just wanna let you know your father and I are going to love you no matter what you do so.

00:08:57.600 --> 00:09:03.330 Dr John Demartini : Hmm, and with her love her certainty her presence or gratitude.

00:09:04.530 --> 00:09:12.840 Dr John Demartini : That's healing and I made up my hand went into a fist. I saw the vision of me speaking in front of that big audience.

00:09:13.320 --> 00:09:22.080 Dr John Demartini : And I said to myself, Eminem is this thing called reading and learning mum is this thing called teaching and philosophy and I'm going to do whatever it takes. I'm going to travel, whatever it is.

00:09:23.370 --> 00:09:29.700 Dr John Demartini : I'm going to pay whatever price to give my service of love across this planet. I'm not gonna let any human being on this face of this. They're stopped me. Not even myself.

00:09:30.270 --> 00:09:44.160 Dr John Demartini : And then up a hug my mom and I went in there and got a dictionary out and I started memorizing 30 words a data dictionary and she helped me Recite those properly until my vocabulary was strong enough to pass school and I have never stopped reading since that day.

00:09:44.520 --> 00:09:52.680 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wow. Wow. That's amazing. That's amazing. Thank you so much for kind of sharing that very human story.

00:09:53.220 --> 00:10:03.060 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Because it's so easy for us when we see somebody like yourself who successful who's affecting millions of people's of lives around the planet.

00:10:03.480 --> 00:10:15.570 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: That we tend not to really know the story of the struggle of what it was that you went through to become who you are today. And so if, for me, it's such a

00:10:16.920 --> 00:10:38.160 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful reminder that you know we all have our struggles. Right. We all have something to overcome. Maybe not as, you know, dramatic as what you had to overcome, but that you know that not to like put people up on a pedestal. Because we've all like been through tough times, having way.

00:10:38.550 --> 00:10:44.970 Dr John Demartini : Nobody's worth putting on pedestals nobody's worth putting in peds each of us are worth putting in harm's

00:10:45.390 --> 00:10:51.570 Dr John Demartini : Yes, because when we put people on pedestals we minimize ourselves and we are too humble to admit what we see in them is inside us.

00:10:52.140 --> 00:11:02.040 Dr John Demartini : And we have this own parts and that emptiness is a void. And when we look down on people were too proud to admit what we see in them as inside us. We also have empty parts.

00:11:02.490 --> 00:11:08.550 Dr John Demartini : It's only when we have reflective awareness, where this tear the seeing in the scene of the same that we actually have fulfillment.

00:11:09.090 --> 00:11:18.990 Dr John Demartini : We realize that we're here for love. Yeah. And I don't mean in a romantic state. I'm talking about it in a in a real universal state a real transcendent

00:11:19.470 --> 00:11:26.730 Dr John Demartini : Grey state of love, realizing it, everyone in our life is a reflection and guiding us to the authentic self.

00:11:27.330 --> 00:11:33.810 Dr John Demartini : Because when we put ourselves up. We're not ourselves when we put ourselves down. We're not are so only when we're loving ourselves.

00:11:34.530 --> 00:11:42.330 Dr John Demartini : As a result of loving them. Are we able to be ourselves and the magnificence who we are as far greater than any fantasies or nightmares will ever impose on herself.

00:11:44.010 --> 00:12:03.900 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Yeah. So true, so true. And this is, and this is what mystics and philosophers and and and spiritual teachers have been saying for thousands of years. Right. It's, it's so interesting how some of these messages that have been part of society for thousands of years.

00:12:05.130 --> 00:12:11.190 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Are still so relevant today. As a matter of fact, he probably even more relevant today than they've ever been before on

00:12:11.760 --> 00:12:16.290 Dr John Demartini : The philosophy, the perennial wisdom the perennial philosophy.

00:12:17.640 --> 00:12:19.950 Dr John Demartini : Which is in critically been evolved.

00:12:21.000 --> 00:12:23.970 Dr John Demartini : By many standing on the shoulders of many else

00:12:25.770 --> 00:12:28.170 Dr John Demartini : Has purified and refined

00:12:29.790 --> 00:12:34.290 Dr John Demartini : Linguistically the expression of our most profound nature.

00:12:35.520 --> 00:12:40.980 Dr John Demartini : If we give ourselves permission to be that profoundness that we actually are.

00:12:42.270 --> 00:12:49.560 Dr John Demartini : And not get caught in comparisons, other than the comparison of our own daily actions to our own true highest values and priorities.

00:12:50.700 --> 00:12:54.420 Dr John Demartini : We liberate ourselves from the bondage of the things we infatuated resent

00:12:55.590 --> 00:13:09.120 Dr John Demartini : And the attachments of the Buddha and the desire for that which is unavailable, and the desire to avoid that, which is unavoidable futility and so called suffering and liberate ourselves into

00:13:10.500 --> 00:13:14.970 Dr John Demartini : The presence of our own greatness, which is inseparable from all great.

00:13:17.430 --> 00:13:20.130 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beautiful, beautiful so well said so. Well said.

00:13:21.690 --> 00:13:28.050 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Okay, I want to take a quick break now and when we come back, I'd like to just talk about

00:13:28.890 --> 00:13:35.160 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: You know it's one thing to then overcome a learning disability and overcome some of those trials, but then

00:13:35.730 --> 00:13:47.100 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Sort of what kind of got you to say, like, I want to help other people like there's one thing to study this stuff to help ourselves, which is what we need to do first, but then to sit to have that

00:13:47.820 --> 00:13:55.560 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: In a way, confidence, or have that calling to then say, Okay, I want to help other people and and you know

00:13:56.040 --> 00:14:04.020 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Now that you have that vision. How do you go about like starting to work with people and then I want to get into the breakthrough experience because

00:14:04.650 --> 00:14:14.610 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: That was sort of my first introduction to your deeper work. I mean other than having a senior in the movie The secret, but a friend. Many, many years ago said

00:14:14.880 --> 00:14:23.010 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Oh, there's this wonderful book by john Dee Martini. You should get it and I read the book and it had such a profound impact on my life. So that's why I want to

00:14:23.460 --> 00:14:35.070 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: We'll get to that. Okay, so, and quick shout out to sanai and Patty on the Facebook Live loyal listeners. Thank you for tuning in, glad you guys are with us, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

00:14:35.550 --> 00:14:52.020 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: For Dr. Dee martini or myself. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and we will be right back after this

00:17:07.170 --> 00:17:22.770 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with dr john Dee Martini. Dr. Dee Martini. So you really overcame a lot from a young age more than most people that I know.

00:17:24.360 --> 00:17:31.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And you had this this turning point this vision of speaking to millions of people around the world.

00:17:33.600 --> 00:17:42.870 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And and then you started to to work on your learning challenges and and learn to read and write and really

00:17:43.950 --> 00:17:48.240 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Become for lack of a better term, just more functional in society.

00:17:49.290 --> 00:17:56.730 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: What had you saying like, at what point did you say like, okay, I'm good. Now, let me help other people

00:17:59.340 --> 00:17:59.790 Dr John Demartini : Well,

00:18:01.560 --> 00:18:11.700 Dr John Demartini : When I first started reading the dictionary and memorizing 30 words a day as my vocabulary was growing up, my mom tested me on the words, each night.

00:18:13.380 --> 00:18:22.260 Dr John Demartini : I started to finish the past the classes, right, which was was exhilarating everybody else took them for granted. I meant a lot to me.

00:18:23.460 --> 00:18:24.810 Dr John Demartini : Because I was told I would never do that.

00:18:27.570 --> 00:18:32.070 Dr John Demartini : Shortly after that, I was living in the library, when I wasn't in class.

00:18:33.510 --> 00:18:38.640 Dr John Demartini : And I was trying to increase my vocabulary every day and read as many books. I kind of had a goal to read that library.

00:18:40.260 --> 00:18:40.590 Dr John Demartini : And

00:18:42.210 --> 00:18:52.500 Dr John Demartini : A lady came up to me and I was doing yoga in between every once while I just go in behind the bookshelves, and just do some yoga. Hello, Matt, kind of a little cloth.

00:18:54.150 --> 00:19:01.200 Dr John Demartini : And this 375 pound Afro American woman saw me back there and she asked me if I could teach her yoga.

00:19:03.450 --> 00:19:07.860 Dr John Demartini : Was lovely spirit, but could not bend over to touch your navel, I think.

00:19:09.450 --> 00:19:11.760 Dr John Demartini : But she was lovely. And that was the first student. I've had

00:19:13.560 --> 00:19:16.980 Dr John Demartini : A lot to somebody would even asked me for

00:19:18.000 --> 00:19:32.430 Dr John Demartini : Information. Right. And I love that. Then I was meditating outside in the sun practicing meditating in hundred degree weather to imagine myself being ice to not sweat. See if I can overcome my perception.

00:19:33.810 --> 00:19:39.810 Dr John Demartini : And a Persian Gentleman from Ron asked me to teach meditation. That was my second student

00:19:40.800 --> 00:19:43.740 Dr John Demartini : And by the way, that was 48 years ago and he still a student

00:19:45.660 --> 00:19:46.350 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful.

00:19:46.860 --> 00:20:01.980 Dr John Demartini : And went on to be a doctor. Also, then I was in the library one time and about 16 or 17 students came in and saw me preparing for an algebra test and asked if they could study with me.

00:20:04.050 --> 00:20:09.450 Dr John Demartini : And that was amazing to finally have people asked me to help them.

00:20:11.010 --> 00:20:14.550 Dr John Demartini : And because that was an imagined initially

00:20:15.960 --> 00:20:16.320 Dr John Demartini : And

00:20:17.610 --> 00:20:18.690 Dr John Demartini : So I was now.

00:20:19.800 --> 00:20:26.760 Dr John Demartini : Studying I think harder than most the other students. If someone wanted to party and wanted to do things. They just wanted to cram for a test. I wanted to know.

00:20:28.620 --> 00:20:34.080 Dr John Demartini : And so I was starting to excel and I started tutoring them on math, which helped me

00:20:35.550 --> 00:20:42.030 Dr John Demartini : So I learned that the more I help others with it, the more I learned so i i had a narcissistic motive and analysis.

00:20:43.020 --> 00:20:53.130 Dr John Demartini : I wanted to learn and it was helping me learn and it was helping them. So I was getting the fulfillment of watching that combination that equanimity within me and equity between them me

00:20:55.230 --> 00:21:03.480 Dr John Demartini : When I finished the first two years. I went on to University of Houston. I used to do meditation under the trees and read

00:21:04.560 --> 00:21:06.690 Dr John Demartini : And do yoga under the trees outdoors.

00:21:07.920 --> 00:21:12.960 Dr John Demartini : And people were fascinated by this this 1970 the early 70s.

00:21:14.190 --> 00:21:23.910 Dr John Demartini : So they would gather around and start asking me questions, and they would see me meditate and that was not as common in those days. And so

00:21:25.140 --> 00:21:32.580 Dr John Demartini : They would gather and I would have on average about 100 250 students every day under the trees and sometimes over 400

00:21:34.380 --> 00:21:49.260 Dr John Demartini : Every day, and they would gather and ask questions and I would make it a point, if I didn't know I would find out, and I will have that answer tomorrow and I use that as a catalyst for me to expand my horizons.

00:21:50.700 --> 00:21:59.610 Dr John Demartini : And I also had a dream to study universal laws. And so I want to know what that was. And it led me to the study of the disciplines.

00:22:00.060 --> 00:22:09.960 Dr John Demartini : And I made a list of every known discipline that you could study and I realized, an average PhD was about 100 textbooks on each one. So I made a commitment to read 100 textbooks on every node discipline.

00:22:10.560 --> 00:22:20.880 Dr John Demartini : Wow. So that was a way of having a polymath awareness, because I wanted to make sure that the information I was sharing was the was the most fundamental most

00:22:21.690 --> 00:22:27.960 Dr John Demartini : True information I can get my hands on. So if I saw that the same principles are applied in every discipline.

00:22:28.470 --> 00:22:37.470 Dr John Demartini : Then I have a higher probability of knowing that those principles are solid because you have hundreds of different experts, leading to that realization that didn't guarantee it. But it just increases the probability

00:22:37.920 --> 00:22:42.060 Dr John Demartini : Right. Want to build a foundation of knowledge that I can stand the test of time.

00:22:43.200 --> 00:22:56.250 Dr John Demartini : And I want to read the greatest classics of the greatest minds of the greatest fields and the originators of the fields that I could because I found that that was helped me build a foundation and help them build a foundation

00:22:57.600 --> 00:23:00.750 Dr John Demartini : So it just kept growing by the time I went on to professional school

00:23:01.410 --> 00:23:09.300 Dr John Demartini : I was teaching seven nights a week every night. I would getting up at two in the morning doing meditation to 230 speed reading by then I was speed reading

00:23:09.930 --> 00:23:25.920 Dr John Demartini : four to seven books in the morning before 630 and then I would go jogging come back shower go to school go to clinic walk across at seven o'clock start teaching seven to 10pm, go to bed at 10 get back up into I spent four hours a day for 35 years and just

00:23:26.940 --> 00:23:43.650 Dr John Demartini : So I kept a disciplined pattern and each each day I had different topics, based on what I read that morning because I learned that the faster I give out information from what went in the less the less time between input and output, the more than retention.

00:23:44.280 --> 00:23:45.390 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Oh, interesting.

00:23:45.630 --> 00:23:55.380 Dr John Demartini : Found out that if I grabbed information and spread information. I also learned that I had conscious awareness and had unconscious memory. And then if I was

00:23:55.950 --> 00:24:04.590 Dr John Demartini : Asked questions that would have asked out information that I didn't know I know I will then find out. I knew it. So I pushed myself to

00:24:06.060 --> 00:24:16.350 Dr John Demartini : Put deadlines on myself to find out what I was able to do and I started studying dentistry on the ecology and medicine and chiropractic in many fields. I started doing at the same time.

00:24:17.430 --> 00:24:31.470 Dr John Demartini : And that didn't push me to to get more out of myself to give more and I've, I haven't stopped, I, I've already done 350 speeches this year and I intended. You know, I do them every day, sometimes as

00:24:32.340 --> 00:24:40.260 Dr John Demartini : Well, right in the middle of a seminar, as you know, I'm in the training program right now that stupid little break as my daughter's doing some of the practical and then I'll come back to

00:24:41.100 --> 00:24:45.210 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Thank you. Well, thank you for taking the time out of that. I really appreciate it. Um,

00:24:47.010 --> 00:24:53.160 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: At what point did you feel that your work started to reach a

00:24:54.870 --> 00:25:02.400 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: broader audience or more mainstream kind of audience because you've been kind of in the public eye. Now for quite a long time.

00:25:03.270 --> 00:25:11.610 Dr John Demartini : You know by the time I was in that professional school I was lecturing around the community.

00:25:12.660 --> 00:25:17.100 Dr John Demartini : Doing programs that health food stores wherever two or more gathered, I would talk

00:25:17.220 --> 00:25:19.140 Dr John Demartini : Yeah, I mean I did element of some

00:25:21.210 --> 00:25:24.330 Dr John Demartini : Restaurants seminars, I would listen, I would speak.

00:25:24.570 --> 00:25:25.680 Dr John Demartini : Yeah, but

00:25:26.970 --> 00:25:36.270 Dr John Demartini : I started getting more and more opportunities to speak outside my own place. And when I actually opened up my practice.

00:25:37.320 --> 00:25:37.740 Dr John Demartini : I

00:25:38.910 --> 00:25:40.170 Dr John Demartini : I started doing classes every night.

00:25:41.370 --> 00:25:49.560 Dr John Demartini : And I just continued that and I started to do radio and I started doing TV. I had my own TV show when I was 27

00:25:50.700 --> 00:26:06.510 Dr John Demartini : And I, and they allowed me to compete with Dr. Red Duke and Houston, Texas on health care. So he had a medical show on different conditions and they wanted an alternative on that as conditions. And so we had kind of a channel 2026 kind of competition.

00:26:07.560 --> 00:26:14.520 Dr John Demartini : And that was, that was great because then they eventually led me to do the show in my clinic. And so that was that helped me grow the business.

00:26:15.060 --> 00:26:25.950 Dr John Demartini : And then I had lectures and I had a about a 3000 square foot lecture hall there and we filled it up and I had megaphones out into a parking lot, because everything cinema there.

00:26:27.150 --> 00:26:34.500 Dr John Demartini : You could not. I got that from Robert shooter. I said, I want to make sure that people get to hear this. And then I grew my practice.

00:26:35.280 --> 00:26:42.030 Dr John Demartini : In 18 months from a small thousand square foot place to a 5000 square foot place for five doctors and 12 staff members in 18 months.

00:26:42.840 --> 00:26:52.710 Dr John Demartini : And people want to know how this was going on and I started getting opportunities to speak on conventions and in clinical work and then it just kept growing and

00:26:53.910 --> 00:26:56.100 Dr John Demartini : I didn't know 154 countries speaking

00:26:56.520 --> 00:26:57.480 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Hundred and 54

00:26:58.800 --> 00:26:59.940 Dr John Demartini : Well, um,

00:27:00.090 --> 00:27:01.530 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: How many books have you written now.

00:27:03.060 --> 00:27:12.810 Dr John Demartini : If you just do the kind of the self help things. It's about 40 if you do all of the manuals, it's over 300 all the all the textbooks.

00:27:13.740 --> 00:27:31.440 Dr John Demartini : I just finished a two volume textbook on solar physics and the relationship but consciousness and solar physics believe or not that is a 900 almost 1000 page to volume text. So I've done a lot of those in a lot of different disciplines around 300 probably

00:27:31.890 --> 00:27:33.240 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: What was your first book.

00:27:34.170 --> 00:27:35.370 Dr John Demartini : The very first book.

00:27:37.140 --> 00:27:41.310 Dr John Demartini : Which I never published was on the lymphatic system.

00:27:41.700 --> 00:27:42.360 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Oh,

00:27:42.690 --> 00:27:53.730 Dr John Demartini : I was fascinated by the lymphatic system on draining proteins out of the basket mature and it was an I saw that that was an impact on health. That was not being really emphasized.

00:27:54.300 --> 00:28:05.760 Dr John Demartini : And so I summarized every book I could find in Houston, Texas on lymphatic system and put that book together and then I wrote a book on acupuncture, because I was studying acupuncture. Also, and then I wrote a book on

00:28:08.070 --> 00:28:18.150 Dr John Demartini : One. One was called the modern guidelines towards health and and then I wrote another one called the illusional basis men's health and disease on how perceptual illusions effect physiology.

00:28:19.470 --> 00:28:25.590 Dr John Demartini : And then I started writing various books on different topics and it just and then self help books.

00:28:26.340 --> 00:28:27.180 Dr John Demartini : Read books.

00:28:27.360 --> 00:28:29.250 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: What was your first self help book.

00:28:30.810 --> 00:28:43.500 Dr John Demartini : The first self help book really outside of health was lessons for life, but it was a series of vignettes that just practical things that I was telling patients.

00:28:44.040 --> 00:28:55.830 Dr John Demartini : And try to help them because a lot of patients wanted a quick fix, and they wanted somebody to rescue and they were extremely driven looking they're blaming things on the outside looking for solutions on the outside. Instead of looking inside

00:28:56.310 --> 00:29:09.990 Dr John Demartini : Yeah. And so these these vignettes were practical things they could do on the inside because I was a believer that if I give them a fish I feed him for a day if I teach them how to fish. They got him for a lifetime. Right, and I think I taught them more than they wanted to hear.

00:29:11.040 --> 00:29:13.440 Dr John Demartini : But that was my my

00:29:15.030 --> 00:29:23.130 Dr John Demartini : They but you know they still remembered it. Some of those some of those clients that are still alive online now and they go, I remember you.

00:29:24.030 --> 00:29:36.090 Dr John Demartini : Know, years ago, when you were. I was doing your patients and it's kind of inspiring to see that. But I am lessons for life was probably the first real little self help book.

00:29:37.200 --> 00:29:47.070 Dr John Demartini : And there was work before I launched that book. I am. I had a vision of having my books in a bookstore. And so I went to the bookstore and I said,

00:29:47.820 --> 00:29:57.240 Dr John Demartini : I love reading books. I love summarizing them. If you don't have a speaker here have an author, can I summarize books and do presentations to help sell your books.

00:29:58.740 --> 00:29:59.400 Dr John Demartini : And they go,

00:30:00.660 --> 00:30:10.980 Dr John Demartini : Okay, I got we got no speaker. We got a place there. We'll announce it and see what happens. And I think we had the first time I'd ever had like 17 or 20 people gather around and I sold 17 books.

00:30:12.570 --> 00:30:14.520 Dr John Demartini : They go, cool.

00:30:15.540 --> 00:30:17.760 Dr John Demartini : I sold them all book and it wasn't my book.

00:30:19.290 --> 00:30:28.980 Dr John Demartini : It was a book I just read. So they asked me to keep doing that because I was pushing promoting books, they were making a bigger deal out of it. Yeah. Red Cross.

00:30:30.060 --> 00:30:32.340 Dr John Demartini : Waltons bookstores and Dalton's

00:30:32.340 --> 00:30:34.650 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Bookstores yeah yeah

00:30:35.070 --> 00:30:44.310 Dr John Demartini : And so they they let me do that all over the place. Dalton slips and will this guy will sell your books, let this guy, but I was gathering names.

00:30:44.700 --> 00:30:51.030 Dr John Demartini : I was Ella elevating my knowledge. I was practicing my speaking. I had a double women.

00:30:51.690 --> 00:30:56.580 Dr John Demartini : Yeah. And then when I had my books, then they would take it and I could get make sure my book should get there.

00:30:57.000 --> 00:30:59.490 Dr John Demartini : Yeah, that was, that was the way I opened that doorway.

00:30:59.820 --> 00:31:09.690 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Cool, cool it. I'm so glad to hear it because I actually just published my very first book, the November and and kind of like your lessons for life. It's

00:31:10.200 --> 00:31:24.990 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: A combination of my blog. That's like a bunch of vignettes of just different perspectives and different thoughts. So starting off the same way. One of my loyal listeners Patty on the Facebook Live asks Which one of your books should she read to start off

00:31:25.770 --> 00:31:28.320 Dr John Demartini : Well, I don't want her to should I don't want to shut her

00:31:29.670 --> 00:31:32.130 Dr John Demartini : I want her to let her heart be the guide and

00:31:32.610 --> 00:31:34.500 Dr John Demartini : I'd love to read, but

00:31:36.120 --> 00:31:44.130 Dr John Demartini : Some people read the breakthrough experience some people read inspired destiny. Some people read the values factor. Um, that's

00:31:45.120 --> 00:31:58.290 Dr John Demartini : A fact, today I just found out that the the breakthrough experience in Lithuania is number one book which I after all these years. It's just surface there it's gone in Turkey, this this month. And it's doing well in Turkey and also Lithuania.

00:31:58.560 --> 00:32:06.210 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Great. Okay. That makes a great segue. We're going to take a quick break and when we come back I want to dive into the breakthrough experience because it definitely touched my heart.

00:32:06.540 --> 00:32:19.710 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And I just think it's a great book to talk about given everything that's going on today. Okay, so everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after this

00:34:45.600 --> 00:34:52.440 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're speaking this hour with dr john Dee Martini.

00:34:54.180 --> 00:34:56.100 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Human Potential expert. I'll call them.

00:34:58.860 --> 00:35:02.700 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So Dr. Dee Martini. When did the breakthrough experience come out.

00:35:04.710 --> 00:35:09.660 Dr John Demartini : Good question. I'm not sure the exact year I it's I think around 20 years ago.

00:35:10.350 --> 00:35:12.060 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wow already

00:35:12.690 --> 00:35:12.870 Yeah.

00:35:14.340 --> 00:35:15.600 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Let's see what the Book says.

00:35:17.070 --> 00:35:20.310 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Yeah, about 18 years 18 years. Yeah. All right. Wonderful.

00:35:20.580 --> 00:35:25.830 Dr John Demartini : I am teaching. I've been teaching the breakthrough experience seminar for 32 years

00:35:26.610 --> 00:35:36.270 Dr John Demartini : Ah, you started out as a seminar and Hay House invited me to do it into a book and it's evolved obviously in the last 18 years so

00:35:36.390 --> 00:35:37.410 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Right, right.

00:35:37.530 --> 00:35:38.220 Dr John Demartini : Do an update.

00:35:38.550 --> 00:35:41.040 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Where did the idea for the breakthrough experience come from.

00:35:42.930 --> 00:35:51.120 Dr John Demartini : I was flying, I believe, on american airlines from Houston, Texas to Montreal to go and do a presentation to a group of doctors in Quebec City.

00:35:52.410 --> 00:35:55.890 Dr John Demartini : And on the flight. I did a little meditation.

00:35:57.060 --> 00:35:59.430 Dr John Demartini : And three things came to me.

00:36:00.810 --> 00:36:11.040 Dr John Demartini : One was originally breaks through the higher power the VIP program. There was a program that have originally for 12 people around the board table to discuss

00:36:11.610 --> 00:36:22.500 Dr John Demartini : Breaking through what was blocking them in any way to grow their life or business and it came to me that way breaks you to higher power the VIP program vision inspiration and purpose.

00:36:24.120 --> 00:36:36.690 Dr John Demartini : And it also said within the tiny seed lies the mighty oak, an idea whose time has come, and I wrote that down on on jacqueline's goal journal, if you remember those

00:36:37.380 --> 00:36:52.560 Dr John Demartini : Yeah, and and then also got two other things to other programs and I wrote it down and I said, Okay. When I got to Quebec. I said, I just got a really inspirational thing whenever I get a tear of inspiration I follow it. So I'm launching a program

00:36:53.700 --> 00:37:02.580 Dr John Demartini : And I called it the breakthrough, the higher power program within a short period of time people spontaneously kept calling it the breakthrough experience because it was an experiential

00:37:03.960 --> 00:37:06.690 Dr John Demartini : And that's what they kept calling it that breakthrough.

00:37:07.800 --> 00:37:19.320 Dr John Demartini : And it took a life of its own. Because of that, and I've now done it 1150 times you six countries that particular program.

00:37:19.800 --> 00:37:20.400 Wow.

00:37:22.260 --> 00:37:23.940 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: You're still, you're still doing it today.

00:37:24.030 --> 00:37:25.380 Dr John Demartini : I still do it today. I love it.

00:37:25.740 --> 00:37:26.190 Dr John Demartini : I get

00:37:26.640 --> 00:37:30.030 Dr John Demartini : I get to do a next week and also the following week in London.

00:37:31.080 --> 00:37:34.800 Dr John Demartini : On the 19th and 20th will be the last one for the year in London.

00:37:35.100 --> 00:37:36.450 Dr John Demartini : But I do, usually around

00:37:37.170 --> 00:37:46.320 Dr John Demartini : Up until CO, but I was doing around 43 to 45 of those a year in between all the other programs. I do. I've 76 courses that I teach, but that's that's the, that's the entry level.

00:37:47.910 --> 00:38:00.510 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Ok ok ok so for me when I went through it and it's been years so I have to really want to go through this again.

00:38:01.770 --> 00:38:03.930 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: But the process itself.

00:38:05.670 --> 00:38:20.970 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I thought was so beautiful about how and it's something like I've even worked with, with some of my own clients of like when there's loss involved and, like, just as an example of

00:38:22.170 --> 00:38:29.160 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: A year and a half ago, my mom passed, who is 99 and a half. So, and then we kind of knew was coming so

00:38:30.450 --> 00:38:48.510 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: It wasn't a very traumatic experience. But this idea that somebody energy is in our lives, whether they're physically in our lives or not. I found that to be so helpful for people to get over the trauma of loss.

00:38:51.000 --> 00:39:00.660 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: How did that kind of synthesize for you, where did this idea that we can find somebody energy in our life, whether they're still with us or not.

00:39:04.080 --> 00:39:05.550 Dr John Demartini : This is going to be an interesting answer.

00:39:06.000 --> 00:39:07.140 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Okay, good.

00:39:07.320 --> 00:39:10.200 Dr John Demartini : When I left to go to California and 14

00:39:10.710 --> 00:39:12.600 Dr John Demartini : Uh huh. This is the 16th right

00:39:12.900 --> 00:39:22.020 Dr John Demartini : Okay, so I get to Huntington Beach, California. I'm on the beach at 5pm on the tip of my surfboard. Looking at the waves, about to go out

00:39:23.520 --> 00:39:29.370 Dr John Demartini : And over my left shoulder a strawberry blonde 27 year old gorgeous woman came up to me.

00:39:30.780 --> 00:39:32.100 Dr John Demartini : And said, Are you a runaway

00:39:33.750 --> 00:39:39.330 Dr John Demartini : And I said, Well, not exactly. I got, I got a ride to the freeway to hitchhike here and

00:39:41.190 --> 00:39:51.000 Dr John Demartini : She said, Well, where are you staying. And I said, want to stay on the beach. It's where you can't stay on the beach. Your past 10 o'clock. There's a curfew here but you can stay down at the cliffs. And I said, Well, I guess I'll stay at the cliffs.

00:39:52.020 --> 00:40:01.320 Dr John Demartini : Simple. Do you need a place to stay. Now, when you're 14 and she's 27 in those days, you're not going to pass up the opportunity to stay at a beautiful girls place.

00:40:01.950 --> 00:40:12.690 Dr John Demartini : Right, so I followed her back to her place. She said, go take a shower. I'll clean your clothes. I'll make you some meal somebody, and I was like one. This is fantastic.

00:40:14.280 --> 00:40:26.370 Dr John Demartini : And we chatted and we had this incredible connection and lovely evening, and then she said, you can sleep up in the attic. There's a waterbed up there. You can sleep up in the attic.

00:40:27.600 --> 00:40:29.460 Dr John Demartini : And you walk up the steps, these, these things.

00:40:30.630 --> 00:40:42.150 Dr John Demartini : And I heard her tinkering and the glitch. And then she came up afterwards and we made love. So this would be illegal today. Yes, I'm a, I'm a wonderful victim of that, you know,

00:40:43.440 --> 00:40:50.670 Dr John Demartini : And so I was grateful for it. So anyway, we became really connected and she was a combination of girlfriend and mother.

00:40:52.350 --> 00:40:52.740 Dr John Demartini : And

00:40:54.000 --> 00:41:03.060 Dr John Demartini : I realized them when I got to know her, that she had been married, had a four year old son and her husband had wealth and took the sun away from her.

00:41:04.980 --> 00:41:14.700 Dr John Demartini : So she was trying to get a job making bathing suits and selling them at the beach. That's why she saw me down there and was trying to make enough money to get her son back

00:41:16.500 --> 00:41:21.390 Dr John Demartini : Now what I figured. At the time, which I put two and two together somehow

00:41:23.130 --> 00:41:27.930 Dr John Demartini : Her husband's age plus her son's age if you put them together, divide by two. That was my

00:41:29.670 --> 00:41:30.810 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: mother's age.

00:41:30.870 --> 00:41:34.620 Dr John Demartini : In my average girlfriends age and put them together, divide by two. That was her age.

00:41:36.090 --> 00:41:46.110 Dr John Demartini : She was playing a role of a girlfriend and mom I was playing the role of his son and husband and so we were making love is as a couple, but also she was taking care of me as a kid.

00:41:46.650 --> 00:41:47.040 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Mm hmm.

00:41:47.460 --> 00:41:57.000 Dr John Demartini : So when I realized that as girlfriends, I realized, wow, this nothing's missing. I've got a new form I stayed with her for weeks.

00:41:57.420 --> 00:41:58.650 Dr John Demartini : She finally got her son back

00:42:00.150 --> 00:42:00.570 Dr John Demartini : Out.

00:42:01.980 --> 00:42:09.330 Dr John Demartini : When I moved out. I went to the Golden Bear, which is a nightclub and I slept on a pallet and behind the building.

00:42:10.380 --> 00:42:12.780 Dr John Demartini : BB King was playing

00:42:14.250 --> 00:42:30.210 Dr John Demartini : Out and we had pretzels and nuts in the back together. And one of the girls there. The ladies there, who is one of the waitresses came back out there and they were my parents age and they were taking care of me in the back and keeping on making sure I was fit.

00:42:32.160 --> 00:42:39.480 Dr John Demartini : Then I left there and I got a job making smoothies and sandwiches at jack Surf Shop at Huntington Beach.

00:42:39.990 --> 00:42:50.820 Dr John Demartini : And jack was my father's age and the lady that was running it was my mother's age and they were feeding me and the girls for the beach are coming in and acting like the GIRLFRIENDS AND I WAS scoring there.

00:42:52.050 --> 00:42:56.340 Dr John Demartini : I watched my family morph into different forums.

00:42:56.610 --> 00:43:00.420 Dr John Demartini : When I was 14 when I hitchhiked down into Mexico. I saw the same thing happening.

00:43:00.990 --> 00:43:02.580 Dr John Demartini : And I became kind of a

00:43:03.180 --> 00:43:19.170 Dr John Demartini : Into in it kind of aware that I don't have to worry about missing something that was the seed that made me look at things and but it didn't. The grief process didn't come about until I was down surfing and L in LA Libra Todd El Salvador.

00:43:19.770 --> 00:43:28.860 Dr John Demartini : And I saw this massive group of people celebrating the death of a mayor and having a party with color and singing and dancing.

00:43:29.520 --> 00:43:33.810 Dr John Demartini : And they saw it as the freeing of the Spirit, no longer constrained by a mortal body.

00:43:34.230 --> 00:43:34.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Um,

00:43:34.890 --> 00:43:39.990 Dr John Demartini : And then I saw people with with grief from Greece wearing black for two years, over the same experience.

00:43:40.500 --> 00:43:51.180 Dr John Demartini : And I thought, wow, what's the difference in their psyche their expectations and their viewpoint of these people. And that started my exploration in 1984 I started developing my method for this.

00:43:51.990 --> 00:44:06.960 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wow. Wow. And, you know, to me, one of the things that rings so true about it is that that first law of thermodynamics that energy is neither created nor destroyed it merely transforms state.

00:44:07.530 --> 00:44:17.340 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So it's sort of like if there's this energy in our life. It's going to be in our life. It may not be the same it but it transformed states. So it's always there.

00:44:17.760 --> 00:44:21.630 Dr John Demartini : Well that information. According to Shannon Claude Shannon

00:44:23.070 --> 00:44:28.110 Dr John Demartini : interrupting the tendency to so called randomness is missing information.

00:44:29.310 --> 00:44:36.270 Dr John Demartini : So when we perceive missing information that we're unconscious of we have entropy. We have disorder.

00:44:37.020 --> 00:44:48.030 Dr John Demartini : When we asked the right questions because the quality of our lives basically quite the question to ask if we ask the right questions to become cognizant and fully conscious of the conscious and the unconscious synchronously.

00:44:49.770 --> 00:44:51.420 Dr John Demartini : We realized it was nothing ever missing.

00:44:52.560 --> 00:45:01.950 Dr John Demartini : I, I had the opportunity to spend time with the bumble mama in Nepal and we had a great conversation for over an hour about one topic called

00:45:02.970 --> 00:45:03.750 Dr John Demartini : Nothing's missing.

00:45:05.640 --> 00:45:12.450 Dr John Demartini : And what I always say, at the very essence the very essence of our soul. The state of unconditional love.

00:45:12.990 --> 00:45:20.190 Dr John Demartini : Where we're not judging and not too proud or too humble to admit what we see in others inside us. There's no dismembered parts KNOW DIS

00:45:20.580 --> 00:45:32.070 Dr John Demartini : Own parts. There's a fullness of our own make fullness of everything there but at the level of the existence of our census down in our treasure world, the world of trial, the world of judgment.

00:45:33.120 --> 00:45:37.530 Dr John Demartini : We have a perception that we're greater or lesser. We don't have a balanced equation.

00:45:38.010 --> 00:45:43.320 Dr John Demartini : And we're too proud or too humble to admit what we see in the people around us inside ourselves and we have discipline parts.

00:45:43.950 --> 00:45:48.540 Dr John Demartini : And that's because we're unconscious of the parts that are really reflective but unwilling to see them.

00:45:49.260 --> 00:46:01.710 Dr John Demartini : And therefore we create our chaos. Our entropy and our aging and our gravitational pull to the earth, instead of our radiation expansion into the celestial state of our real consciousness.

00:46:02.490 --> 00:46:13.410 Dr John Demartini : And so there's no boundary on us if we are embrace that nothing's missing in us and that's a Gnostic principle from the second century is still carry down through today. Yeah, yeah.

00:46:13.590 --> 00:46:20.670 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beautiful, beautiful. Okay, it's time for us to take our last break of the show. When we come back, I would love to just

00:46:21.570 --> 00:46:34.980 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Have you maybe share with our audience what you feel, people need to hear or or are calling to hear today in this world of the pandemic and lockdowns and in this very sort of

00:46:36.180 --> 00:46:46.350 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Unique, although it's, you know, it may be been 100 years since the last time, something like this happened, but for people who are living today. It's kind of a very unique situation for us. So

00:46:46.860 --> 00:46:51.870 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: You know, whatever kind of words you feel would be most supportive and empowering at this time. Okay.

00:46:53.070 --> 00:47:04.290 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful, and I do see a scenario. I'll ask your question to Dr. Dee Martini, when we get back and William says that when he was 18 he had a similar experience with a 38 year old.

00:47:05.280 --> 00:47:19.440 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So he relates to, so thank you. William for joining us. Everyone please stay tuned, we'll come right back and we'll finish up with dr john Dee Martini. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back.

00:47:22.710 --> 00:47:23.190 Radio

00:49:39.960 --> 00:49:49.110 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity, we've been speaking with Dr. Dee Martini. Dr. Dee Martini. We just have a few minutes left.

00:49:49.590 --> 00:50:03.540 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I would love if you would be open to kind of just what inspiration comes through you to share with our audience today, what do you what comes through you, that people really would support them and knowing that during this time.

00:50:06.210 --> 00:50:09.270 Dr John Demartini : Each of us have three things we have governance over

00:50:10.440 --> 00:50:14.400 Dr John Demartini : Our perceptions, our decisions and our actions.

00:50:16.530 --> 00:50:18.660 Dr John Demartini : It is not what goes on outside us

00:50:19.680 --> 00:50:25.290 Dr John Demartini : That really is matters as much as how we perceive it. What do we decide to do about it and how we act upon it.

00:50:26.640 --> 00:50:30.540 Dr John Demartini : We can make become victims of our history or become masters of our destiny.

00:50:31.680 --> 00:50:34.620 Dr John Demartini : Based on those perceptions decisions and actions.

00:50:35.970 --> 00:50:39.330 Dr John Demartini : If we ask different questions. We have different life.

00:50:40.800 --> 00:50:46.950 Dr John Demartini : One of the questions we can ask is how is whatever is happening right now my current reality.

00:50:48.270 --> 00:50:53.640 Dr John Demartini : How is it helping me fulfill what's most deeply meaningful and most inspiring my highest value my mission for life.

00:50:55.020 --> 00:50:57.450 Dr John Demartini : If we say it's not we become a victim.

00:50:58.500 --> 00:51:02.280 Dr John Demartini : If we say how it is, we become fuel with opportunity.

00:51:03.900 --> 00:51:18.780 Dr John Demartini : So it's not what goes on out there. It's how we perceive it by asking new questions and holding ourselves accountable to link whatever is happening to what's highest on our value we waking up our executive center which is solution oriented.

00:51:20.400 --> 00:51:31.500 Dr John Demartini : Now what's interesting is that the perceptions. We have we've had events in our life, we thought are terrible, and then a day, a week, a month, a year, five years later we find out there's terrific sitting inside there.

00:51:32.100 --> 00:51:33.870 Dr John Demartini : And why have the wisdom of the ages.

00:51:34.020 --> 00:51:38.100 Dr John Demartini : With the aging process. We can ask the question, and have the wizard age wisdom ages without it.

00:51:39.180 --> 00:51:44.910 Dr John Demartini : And also on a daily basis, ask yourself, what is the highest priority action. I can do today.

00:51:45.930 --> 00:51:49.950 Dr John Demartini : That will allow me to serve the greatest number of people with the resources I have access to it.

00:51:51.330 --> 00:51:54.660 Dr John Demartini : In the most efficient, effective manner and also

00:51:55.710 --> 00:52:01.770 Dr John Demartini : Make sure that you don't compare your current reality to a fantasy. The way it used to be where the fantasy way we should be

00:52:02.310 --> 00:52:13.950 Dr John Demartini : Get grounded on what's actually there and how is it helping you fulfill what's really deeply meaningful to you when you do you realize that there is nothing but opportunity and everything is on the way, not in the way

00:52:14.580 --> 00:52:31.020 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so beautifully said it, my dear friend, Jennifer huff likes to use the phrase, life happens for us not to us. And ever since I heard that phrase I repeated to myself as often as possible.

00:52:31.800 --> 00:52:32.280 So true.

00:52:33.510 --> 00:52:39.330 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: So you had had that vision, long, long time ago, speaking in front of a million people.

00:52:40.380 --> 00:52:46.410 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I take it you've been doing this so long you've probably spoken in front of millions of people by now.

00:52:49.050 --> 00:52:50.490 Dr John Demartini : I keep record of everything.

00:52:50.970 --> 00:52:51.660 Dr John Demartini : real goal.

00:52:51.750 --> 00:53:01.470 Dr John Demartini : A real objective that you value. You want a metric to find out how to refine your actions daily towards that objective.

00:53:03.000 --> 00:53:04.800 Dr John Demartini : So every time I do a radio show.

00:53:06.450 --> 00:53:11.040 Dr John Demartini : A podcast a live seminar, I keep records.

00:53:12.810 --> 00:53:28.410 Dr John Demartini : I have a 26 volume gratitude journal. That's about well sometimes 800 pages. So it's a you tell you there's a lot to it. Wow. And I keep metrics of every one of those things every breakthrough. I do every program. I do. How many people are attended

00:53:29.430 --> 00:53:34.560 Dr John Demartini : And I've been blessed to have many shows that have millions of people.

00:53:35.820 --> 00:53:37.230 Dr John Demartini : The biggest one was in Russia.

00:53:38.280 --> 00:53:42.690 Dr John Demartini : Where literally 150 million people were listening.

00:53:43.110 --> 00:53:49.770 Dr John Demartini : Review wow 99 million and another 143 million this year we've done 250 million already this year.

00:53:49.980 --> 00:53:50.340 Dr John Demartini : Just as

00:53:51.510 --> 00:54:09.000 Dr John Demartini : Well, I'm a firm believer that with a podcast and the radio and the TV. The newspapers and magazines and the books and the movies with film 42 movies documentaries, all of those are reaching millions of people. My dream was to do that.

00:54:09.660 --> 00:54:10.320 Dr John Demartini : And if you

00:54:10.500 --> 00:54:18.270 Dr John Demartini : Never give up on your dream. I have a little joke. If you stay with something long enough. Everybody dies out. You just gotta live long enough and you end up at the top.

00:54:21.360 --> 00:54:27.900 Dr John Demartini : But if you're on a relentless pursuit of the divine master plan that you feel is called in your life.

00:54:30.720 --> 00:54:34.140 Dr John Demartini : It seems like the universe's is giving you nothing but feedback to help you get it.

00:54:35.640 --> 00:54:49.260 Dr John Demartini : You want to see life on the way, not in the way by asking because every one of your physiological symptoms are feedback psychological symptoms or feedback sociological symptoms or feedback business symptoms or feedback.

00:54:50.940 --> 00:55:07.200 Dr John Demartini : Everything is a feedback to your authenticity to the degree that you do you end the flow, you're in the zone right and you you when you're it's almost like the universe is wanting you to be the magnificence that you really are. So don't compare yourself to somebody else.

00:55:08.430 --> 00:55:17.280 Dr John Demartini : Compare your own actions to what is most deeply meaningful to you and prioritize those actions daily, it will raise your self worth it will expand your space and time horizons.

00:55:17.730 --> 00:55:25.200 Dr John Demartini : It will allow you to create your genius it allow you to shine not shrink and allow you to exemplify instead of follow

00:55:27.210 --> 00:55:34.800 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beautiful, beautiful so well said. One last question for you. And I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

00:55:35.820 --> 00:55:42.660 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: I imagine you rather hopeful about the future, right now, in spite of the fact that in certain respects.

00:55:43.890 --> 00:55:46.830 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Across the globe, in some ways, we seem very divided

00:55:48.300 --> 00:55:54.570 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: What do you see sort of going forward. Where do you see this sort of

00:55:55.860 --> 00:56:00.120 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Atmosphere that that's around the world. Where do you see things going

00:56:01.200 --> 00:56:07.740 Dr John Demartini : Well, I always say division is not having a broad enough line to see that those two poles are entangled. Yeah.

00:56:09.600 --> 00:56:13.770 Dr John Demartini : The broad of the mind, the more you see and they call it the overview effect.

00:56:14.160 --> 00:56:15.720 Dr John Demartini : You have the celestial view.

00:56:16.200 --> 00:56:33.780 Dr John Demartini : You can't judge a treasure. The loves to judge because terrestrial means trying. Yeah. So I don't see the problem I see solutions I all the all the problems that people talk about. I love Bucky Fuller statement pollution is future solution.

00:56:34.590 --> 00:56:36.510 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Um, and

00:56:36.600 --> 00:56:45.150 Dr John Demartini : You know, the things that we are emotional about today. Emotions are signs of incomplete awareness. Grace is a sign of full awareness.

00:56:46.320 --> 00:56:57.210 Dr John Demartini : So it's, I always say that it's wise to act with efficiency, not because of a problem, but because it's just wise to act that way and self governance.

00:56:57.780 --> 00:57:08.580 Dr John Demartini : From within does not require outside governance on the outside. So I don't see the problems I see how there's Pairs of opposites working together.

00:57:09.330 --> 00:57:19.830 Dr John Demartini : There's a law of a risk escalation. That's a socio political law that has been known for many years. It's a chaos theory that says that anytime you promote some idealism.

00:57:20.880 --> 00:57:28.470 Dr John Demartini : The Equal and opposite will emerge to keep it in check to make sure that all value systems across the spectrum are honored

00:57:29.070 --> 00:57:37.650 Dr John Demartini : And that the building and destroying which is transformative is necessary for the resilience and adaptive temptation to an ongoing changing universe.

00:57:38.370 --> 00:57:46.230 Dr John Demartini : So we have to be willing to transcend the rigidity of our attachments and constantly be resilient enough to adapt.

00:57:46.560 --> 00:57:54.660 Dr John Demartini : And honor both sides because you need support and challenge if you got over supported you stay juvenile independent if you got over challenge become precociously independent

00:57:54.900 --> 00:58:06.660 Dr John Demartini : When you can see both them at the same time to pray in the predator are both necessary for maximum fitness you embrace the balance, even though they seem to be separated. They're actually entangled.

00:58:08.130 --> 00:58:11.610 Dr John Demartini : Incompetent, right, just like the two strands of the DNA going opposite directions.

00:58:11.850 --> 00:58:15.720 Dr John Demartini : Right now levels are opposite, they're actually making a complimentary whole

00:58:17.070 --> 00:58:28.500 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Beautiful, beautiful. I can think of a better place than the show. Thank you, Dr. Dee Martini. If people want to find out about your workshops or seminars, learn more about your material, where should they go

00:58:29.280 --> 00:58:45.750 Dr John Demartini : Simply go to Dr. Dee martini calm. Just Dr. Dee and calm and on there. There's a lovely content gift that you can go go and do your value determination, go find value determination on there. It's a compliment, it's private. It's free.

00:58:46.920 --> 00:59:01.530 Dr John Demartini : Go do that to look at what's really important to you, because sometimes we subordinate to the conformity on the outside and don't dig enough inside. We don't dig deep enough inside to find out really what we're really committed to. Right, right.

00:59:01.800 --> 00:59:11.490 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: All right, beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for taking the time out of your current class to come on the show today. I truly appreciate you. I could speak with you for hours.

00:59:11.520 --> 00:59:14.520 Dr John Demartini : Dr de mar team. I do the same. Thank you so much for the great interview.

00:59:14.970 --> 00:59:22.380 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: You're You're quite welcome. You're quite welcome. This is one of my shows where I'm actually going to have to go back and listen to the recording because we had so many

00:59:22.650 --> 00:59:31.440 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: deep insights there. I know there's a lot for me in this as well. So thank you so much. Have a beautiful rest of the day. Beautiful holiday season. I wish you all the best.

00:59:31.980 --> 00:59:32.370 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And

00:59:32.820 --> 00:59:45.840 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: And thank you once again. And thank you, my loyal listeners and everybody tuning in. If you enjoyed the show, please share it, please tell your friends about it that this was a particularly special show a real gift for the holiday season. So thank you all for tuning in.

00:59:47.310 --> 01:00:03.990 Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant: Please stay tuned. Coming up next, it's can foster and his show voices of courage file later this afternoon by Antonia and her show. So now you know at 5pm eastern time and Graham Dobbin and his show the mind behind leadership at 7pm take care of everybody. We will talk to you next week.

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