The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, November 19, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/19 - Spiritual Practices & Rituals In Everyday Life

Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/19 - Spiritual Practices & Rituals In Everyday Life


2020/11/19 - Spiritual Practices & Rituals In Everyday Life

Sam Liebowitz, will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness

[NEW EPISODE] Spiritual Practices & Rituals In Everyday Life

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Non-Denominational Minister and Spiritual Coach, Deborah Globus.

Deborah helps women develop a new, individual spirituality in a way that works for them.

She’s just your average, modern-day (over-committed) woman: mother, wife, businesswoman, writer, volunteer, but what makes her different is the way she’s learned to rely on spiritual practices to support herself and everyone around her.

From an early age, she was fascinated by other religions and different ways of seeing the world. In her work as La Padre she draws from many traditions: the Christianity she was raised in, the Judaism she takes part in, the Earth-based practices she believes in, and the many other faiths and belief sets in which she finds inspiration.

With her wide knowledge base and her dark sense of humor, she shows women there’s more than one way to bring spiritual practices into their everyday lives.

Tune in for this enlightening conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam shares two exciting and awakening quotes of the day! He then dives deep into the thoughts behind parenting and our upbringing. Our natural state is how we are naturally as children and we can control our reactions in almost every situation. Sam also shares that everything we need for our own healing is within us. Once we have connected with what’s inside of us we can then connect with those around us.

Segment 2

Sam introduces his special guest, Non-Denominational Minister and Spiritual Coach, Deborah Globus. Deborah explains her love of all “nerdy” aspects, including lord of the rings and magic. She talks about digging deep within herself and full embracing all that she was passionate about. This is what brought her to defining her own spiritual practice. This has been her practice for 16 years. Sam asks Deborah to share insight on the practice that influences her most.

Segment 3

When Deborah and Sam return, Deborah informs listeners that most of her spirituality is self-taught. She says the process of creating your journey is mostly innate. Discussing the process of being ordained and how her ritual is different from those surrounding us. She continues to compare aspects of rituals and how ceremonies are started and finished. She goes into detail of how certain rituals can help balance home life and work life. Especially for small business owners who need help learning this healthy balance and how to spread out their time.

Segment 4

Deborah explains where her nickname of “La Padre” came from. Sam and Deborah then discuss how these rituals can become more practical to those just hearing about but interested in following a spiritual journey similar to Deborahs. She also explains that attention setting is very important with rituals. Creating intentions for what you want to feel combined with your action of a ritual. She uses a candle being lit at study time as an example.


00:00:40.560 --> 00:00:57.870 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased and honored and joyful that you are all here with us today.

00:00:59.190 --> 00:01:05.250 Sam Liebowitz: We have another wonderful show in store for you, but first of course I have to

00:01:05.610 --> 00:01:16.980 Sam Liebowitz: give a big shout out to all of my loyal fans and supporters for our book launch that happened on Tuesday, and we hit number one new release. Woohoo.

00:01:17.280 --> 00:01:35.220 Sam Liebowitz: In the New Age mysticism category. And we also hit it in the new thought category on Amazon and we we broach the the best seller in Germany and Canada. We didn't hit number one yet. But I got to check them today. But we did

00:01:36.270 --> 00:01:45.510 Sam Liebowitz: Get to the bestseller list on those as well. So it's an everyday awakening is now an international bestseller. But let's make it a number one international bestseller. So if

00:01:46.080 --> 00:01:58.980 Sam Liebowitz: If my loyal listeners. If you guys can share it out to your friends overseas and Canada and England and Australia Germany Europe anywhere, Israel, but let's get it out there. I'm so so pleased and I really

00:01:59.640 --> 00:02:20.730 Sam Liebowitz: I have to say that this whole experience of launching my first book, it has been truly humbling. I've been so honored by the outpouring of support from so many people I've had people. I haven't even been in touch with in years come out and support my book and and it just

00:02:21.780 --> 00:02:37.110 Sam Liebowitz: fills my heart. I'm so joyful and so appreciative of all the support that I've gotten. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everyone out there who's shared about my book, who's purchased the book.

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00:03:31.170 --> 00:03:46.710 Sam Liebowitz: So before we get to our special guest today let's, of course, dive into our quotes from the universe and from Abraham and let's see what the universe and Abraham have in store for us today. First from the universe.

00:03:47.820 --> 00:03:52.950 Sam Liebowitz: You can always change how you feel. And you can always feel whatever you like.

00:03:53.760 --> 00:04:12.030 Sam Liebowitz: Don't you remember you bought the upgraded Super Deluxe double plus good time, space package with a side order of moose, if I recall smooth the universe. We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe, reminding us

00:04:13.170 --> 00:04:13.830 Sam Liebowitz: That

00:04:15.030 --> 00:04:24.300 Sam Liebowitz: While we may not necessarily always have control over our environment and our circumstances, we do have complete control over how we feel about them.

00:04:25.920 --> 00:04:33.420 Sam Liebowitz: And how we feel about any given situation topic person anything

00:04:34.470 --> 00:04:41.310 Sam Liebowitz: always comes down to what we're choosing to focus on. This is something I talked a lot about in my book.

00:04:42.750 --> 00:04:47.160 Sam Liebowitz: What we choose to focus on. It's a choice.

00:04:48.180 --> 00:05:05.730 Sam Liebowitz: We can either choose to focus on those things that make us feel not so good that make us feel disempowered that make us feel unwanted unloved uncared for not worthy, whatever, just string along, whatever you want, or

00:05:06.510 --> 00:05:15.660 Sam Liebowitz: We can choose to focus on those things that make us feel wonderful and beautiful and appreciative and

00:05:17.340 --> 00:05:23.070 Sam Liebowitz: And and and alive and energetic and joyful and happy and fun.

00:05:25.680 --> 00:05:26.880 Sam Liebowitz: It's all a choice.

00:05:29.730 --> 00:05:34.560 Sam Liebowitz: And even people in the most Horrendous. Horrendous situations.

00:05:35.790 --> 00:05:40.170 Sam Liebowitz: Find ways sometimes to choose to focus on

00:05:41.490 --> 00:05:48.240 Sam Liebowitz: What they do have and not what they don't have. Viktor Frankl wrote about this in his book in search of meaning.

00:05:49.740 --> 00:05:55.560 Sam Liebowitz: In and he studied people from who survived the concentration camps in Nazi Germany and World War Two.

00:05:56.610 --> 00:06:04.740 Sam Liebowitz: And even in the most Horrendous. Horrendous of situations, people could find joy in in little things.

00:06:06.900 --> 00:06:17.040 Sam Liebowitz: So hey, we're not even in that bad of shape. Okay, there's a lockdown going on. There's a pandemic. Okay. We can't go out, we're not socializing as much. All right, I get it.

00:06:19.200 --> 00:06:28.260 Sam Liebowitz: But what an opportunity. Right. It all depends on our perspective our attitude. This is either like the most difficult

00:06:30.420 --> 00:06:31.770 Sam Liebowitz: Inconvenient

00:06:33.690 --> 00:06:49.380 Sam Liebowitz: unexpected thing that's ever happened to us, or it's a wonderful opportunity. It's a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with ourselves to not be rushing around so much and feeling so stressed, like we always have so much to do.

00:06:50.850 --> 00:06:53.940 Sam Liebowitz: It's an opportunity to spend time with those closest to us.

00:06:56.250 --> 00:07:07.350 Sam Liebowitz: To really re evaluate our priorities, one of the most beautiful things I see about the current situation is, I find so many people

00:07:08.430 --> 00:07:10.290 Sam Liebowitz: Are learning to value.

00:07:11.550 --> 00:07:21.330 Sam Liebowitz: Connection community and relationships above material possessions, more than we have in probably a century.

00:07:23.730 --> 00:07:25.980 Sam Liebowitz: And that to me is a very good thing.

00:07:27.090 --> 00:07:36.600 Sam Liebowitz: But that's just my perspective because I ordered the Super Deluxe double plus good time, space package with side order of chocolate mousse because I love chocolate.

00:07:37.410 --> 00:07:46.170 Sam Liebowitz: Anyway, so a wonderful quote from the universe. I wonder what I guess we'll have to say about that. Okay, and let's see what Abraham has to say today.

00:07:48.120 --> 00:08:00.120 Sam Liebowitz: Physical pain is just an extension of emotion. It's all the same thing. There were two emotion. One, two, emotions, one feels good and one feels bad. Which means

00:08:01.110 --> 00:08:13.830 Sam Liebowitz: you're connected to your energy stream or you're not allowing your energy stream Abraham to very much in alignment coach today how unusual not

00:08:15.180 --> 00:08:24.270 Sam Liebowitz: Is so Abraham is talking about how physical pain, and this is something I can really relate to, because I actually had a tooth pulled earlier this week, how much

00:08:24.750 --> 00:08:32.430 Sam Liebowitz: It was actually given me a lot of pain. So it's actually less pain now that it's out. Um, but what Abraham is talking about here is that

00:08:33.900 --> 00:08:39.690 Sam Liebowitz: While there is a whole myriad of emotions. There is dozens and dozens

00:08:40.890 --> 00:08:51.570 Sam Liebowitz: Of different kinds of emotions and oftentimes I think we just get stuck on like either happy or sad and there's all kinds of flavors of emotions. There's all kinds of shades of that.

00:08:53.670 --> 00:09:02.490 Sam Liebowitz: However, what Abraham is saying is that you can kind of sort them into two big bins. There are two big major categories.

00:09:04.320 --> 00:09:13.290 Sam Liebowitz: And one set of emotions makes us feel good and one set doesn't. And what is the difference between those two different sets of emotions.

00:09:15.210 --> 00:09:31.200 Sam Liebowitz: The ones that make us feel good. Are the ones where we're really tuned in to who and what we truly are. It's the one where we're allowing our natural state of being to come out.

00:09:33.960 --> 00:09:40.050 Sam Liebowitz: How do I know this is our natural state of being this this better feeling joyful place just look at children.

00:09:41.250 --> 00:09:48.000 Sam Liebowitz: Look at little kids, their natural state of being is playful is happy.

00:09:50.700 --> 00:10:07.620 Sam Liebowitz: And it's only when they experienced some trauma some difficulty, something that causes some resistance that all of a sudden, they're not. But, you know, the funny thing. If you ever watch a kid. They're walking. Walking they fall down, like, ah,

00:10:08.670 --> 00:10:13.950 Sam Liebowitz: And you just wait a couple of seconds, and they get up and they're walking, you can, and they're happy, and they're laughing

00:10:15.450 --> 00:10:20.250 Sam Liebowitz: Right. They will naturally fall back into that good feeling place.

00:10:21.630 --> 00:10:34.140 Sam Liebowitz: If we don't run up to them and go, oh my god. Are you okay, are you okay and then they look at the parents and they're like, Oh Mommy and Daddy are upset. They think something bad happens or something bad must have happened. So I think I'm going to cry more

00:10:35.940 --> 00:10:54.240 Sam Liebowitz: But if we wait a moment and just give them some space again depending on how severe the fall is. But most of the time they're just going to bounce back up. They'll look at you if you smile at them, they'll smile back and they'll continue laughing and playing

00:10:55.260 --> 00:10:57.720 Sam Liebowitz: That is our natural state of being.

00:10:58.890 --> 00:11:04.740 Sam Liebowitz: That is our state of being. When we're not in resistance to what is

00:11:07.470 --> 00:11:16.980 Sam Liebowitz: This past weekend I ran a, a wonderful workshop with my dear friend, Lori Seymour for the evolutionary Business Council.

00:11:18.150 --> 00:11:22.230 Sam Liebowitz: And it was all about radical non attachment

00:11:23.670 --> 00:11:37.530 Sam Liebowitz: And it's so interesting how when we become not attached to what's going on around us and stop resisting to the truth of what's in front of us.

00:11:40.080 --> 00:11:46.500 Sam Liebowitz: That somehow there's a lot less difficulty in life, there's a lot less

00:11:48.540 --> 00:11:51.690 Sam Liebowitz: Stress and drama.

00:11:54.090 --> 00:12:04.770 Sam Liebowitz: And that when we just allow what's really inside of us to come out without being so concerned of what's on the outside of us.

00:12:06.570 --> 00:12:07.800 Sam Liebowitz: Usually, pretty good.

00:12:09.240 --> 00:12:11.610 Sam Liebowitz: Usually, pretty good. I always had a caveat.

00:12:12.630 --> 00:12:15.210 Sam Liebowitz: Because of course, many of us have suffered

00:12:16.380 --> 00:12:22.770 Sam Liebowitz: Tremendous physical, psychological, emotional trauma, when we were younger.

00:12:23.910 --> 00:12:30.450 Sam Liebowitz: And we're still on our path for healing. I am not dismissive of that at all.

00:12:34.050 --> 00:12:41.190 Sam Liebowitz: But once we do find our path of healing. Once we do walk along there.

00:12:44.820 --> 00:13:03.390 Sam Liebowitz: Even if we're very anxious, even if we're we're filled with fear because of this past trauma. There are ways of getting past it. And when we really dig deep really dig deep to be really what's present underneath all of that.

00:13:04.560 --> 00:13:10.530 Sam Liebowitz: It is always something expensive it is always something that feels connected

00:13:11.970 --> 00:13:16.380 Sam Liebowitz: There may be a lot of resistance between where we are and where that place is

00:13:18.270 --> 00:13:20.790 Sam Liebowitz: But I can guarantee you that places there.

00:13:21.990 --> 00:13:27.780 Sam Liebowitz: Many, many, many years ago when I started my healing journey and I was taking all these different modalities.

00:13:30.660 --> 00:13:39.510 Sam Liebowitz: It was one of the things I learned there was one particular modality that was about going underneath and what's underneath the hat and what's underneath that. And what's underneath that

00:13:40.350 --> 00:13:52.020 Sam Liebowitz: And the deeper and deeper and deeper we go even if there's pain and anguish and suffering on the superficial levels not superficial, but on the upper levels.

00:13:53.580 --> 00:14:03.990 Sam Liebowitz: When we keep going deep and keep going deep and keep going deeper eventually we hit upon that place that feels connected to everything.

00:14:05.790 --> 00:14:11.730 Sam Liebowitz: And personally, I believe that's why most of the major

00:14:13.170 --> 00:14:20.190 Sam Liebowitz: I'm going to say probably Eastern tradition, some Western traditions, but most of the major Eastern traditions spiritual traditions.

00:14:21.840 --> 00:14:25.830 Sam Liebowitz: Will all say that everything we need is inside of us.

00:14:26.880 --> 00:14:33.570 Sam Liebowitz: We don't have to go looking for these external things when we look internal when we look inside us.

00:14:35.040 --> 00:14:41.340 Sam Liebowitz: That's when we really find connection and peace and joy because

00:14:42.870 --> 00:14:46.440 Sam Liebowitz: Once we're connected to those things inside of us.

00:14:48.000 --> 00:14:53.670 Sam Liebowitz: Then we can share that connection with those outside of us and with those around us.

00:14:54.930 --> 00:15:02.340 Sam Liebowitz: So two wonderful, beautiful, amazing quotes of the day from Mike Dooley in the universe and from Abraham

00:15:02.880 --> 00:15:15.690 Sam Liebowitz: And I would say rather apropos for our guest today who I will be bringing on right after this break so please stay tuned. Don't go anywhere you are listening to

00:15:15.960 --> 00:15:22.020 Sam Liebowitz: The conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern Time.

00:15:22.290 --> 00:15:32.040 Sam Liebowitz: Right here on talk radio NYC dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and all my different pages, the conscious consultant talk radio NYC inspired thoughts would say

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00:15:40.470 --> 00:15:54.120 Sam Liebowitz: Now, Amazon, yes, we're on Amazon podcast. So check us out there. All right. Oh, I see a whole bunch of comments on the Facebook Live, I'll get to those when we come back, so everybody please stay tuned. We'll be right back after this

00:18:07.410 --> 00:18:12.000 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity.

00:18:13.230 --> 00:18:18.150 Sam Liebowitz: Quick shout out to my loyal listeners Patty and tonight I say see you guys on the Facebook Live

00:18:18.510 --> 00:18:29.610 Sam Liebowitz: Patty says started reading your book at the I doctors. Now I'm waiting for new glasses so excited. Thank you. Patty and tonight I like that idea of the flavor of emotions and connection. Thank you.

00:18:30.780 --> 00:18:40.920 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome, awesome. So, it is my pleasure now to welcome to the show nondenominational minister and spiritual coach Deborah Globus

00:18:41.460 --> 00:18:54.000 Sam Liebowitz: Deborah helps women develop a new individual spirituality in a way that works for them. She's just your average modern day over committed women mother, wife businesswoman writer volunteer.

00:18:54.480 --> 00:19:01.860 Sam Liebowitz: But what makes her different is the way she's learned to rely on spiritual practices to support herself and everyone around here.

00:19:02.190 --> 00:19:07.530 Sam Liebowitz: From an early age. She was fascinated by other religions and different ways of seeing the world.

00:19:07.860 --> 00:19:19.590 Sam Liebowitz: In her work as La Padre she draws from many traditions, the Christianity. She was raised in the Judaism. She takes part in the earth based practices. She believes in

00:19:20.130 --> 00:19:24.780 Sam Liebowitz: And the many other faiths and beliefs sets in which she finds inspiration.

00:19:25.140 --> 00:19:38.790 Sam Liebowitz: With her wide knowledge base and her dark sense of humor. She shows him. There's more than one way to bring spiritual practices into their everyday lives. See, she's, she's, she's part of the tribe. Welcome to the conscious consultant hour Deborah.

00:19:40.350 --> 00:19:42.390 Deborah Globus: I thank you so much for having me.

00:19:43.200 --> 00:19:52.170 Sam Liebowitz: My pleasure. My pleasure. So so little insider secret here. I've actually known Debra's wife, husband for

00:19:53.970 --> 00:19:56.310 Sam Liebowitz: Over 10 years. I want to say something like

00:19:56.640 --> 00:20:02.520 Deborah Globus: 13 or 1414. It could be as many as 14 he's been yeah i think it's 14

00:20:02.850 --> 00:20:05.190 Deborah Globus: Yeah, I mean, we're old

00:20:08.340 --> 00:20:09.690 Sam Liebowitz: young at heart, young at heart.

00:20:09.780 --> 00:20:15.750 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely. But this is the first time I get to meet his better half to impress, and welcome to the show.

00:20:15.840 --> 00:20:16.650 Deborah Globus: You know,

00:20:17.880 --> 00:20:27.450 Sam Liebowitz: So, so I'm just curious, um, since you you have this very strong bent obviously in the spiritual traditions.

00:20:28.470 --> 00:20:44.850 Sam Liebowitz: Did you always have sort of a sense of like looking other ways or was this something like like something happened that it just kind of bounced upon you, or is this something that just kind of developed slowly over a period of time in your life.

00:20:45.960 --> 00:20:56.460 Deborah Globus: So I think I've always been a bit of an odd bird definitely did not fully fit into the family of origin and I have very clear memories.

00:20:57.420 --> 00:21:05.370 Deborah Globus: We have this thing in my school it was self directed reading and I, some people know. Like, that's an age group that they do and

00:21:05.970 --> 00:21:13.860 Deborah Globus: I went through a whole stint of them that were just other faiths and other traditions and other ways. I was fascinated heartbroken. When I got to the end of them.

00:21:14.100 --> 00:21:23.040 Deborah Globus: And from there, you know, just the ways that my brain worked and I was a big fantasy reader, when I was getting still the big fantasy reader.

00:21:25.530 --> 00:21:30.960 Deborah Globus: Big older I got a dark sense of humor, and I'm a nerd like Lord of the Rings references were in awesome

00:21:32.820 --> 00:21:37.500 Deborah Globus: So I wanted magic and I wanted magic like there was in the books.

00:21:38.850 --> 00:21:40.710 Deborah Globus: So as I left.

00:21:41.880 --> 00:21:52.020 Deborah Globus: Catholicism, which is what I was born into. And for a while was very devout with as I left that and really started looking for magic. It turns out that there were

00:21:53.520 --> 00:22:02.970 Deborah Globus: Different practices, whereby you could have magic in your life and maybe it wasn't the you know that there were no dragon fireworks in my, in my, in my doing

00:22:04.320 --> 00:22:05.430 Sam Liebowitz: Don't want to burn down the house.

00:22:05.490 --> 00:22:12.210 Deborah Globus: Don't want to burn down the house don't want to scare the Hobbits and how we ended up on on the Lord of the Rings theme, but I'll go with it.

00:22:12.690 --> 00:22:13.410 Sam Liebowitz: Most of the rings.

00:22:13.860 --> 00:22:14.670 So,

00:22:16.260 --> 00:22:27.390 Deborah Globus: Once I had discovered that this stuff was there. I'm mostly self taught. I did a lot of research and then found other people that knew how to do the things that I wanted to do and

00:22:27.900 --> 00:22:34.770 Deborah Globus: Learned and adapted and just came up with my own ways of doing it. And now I teach people how to do this because

00:22:35.640 --> 00:22:42.120 Deborah Globus: It's such an invaluable part of my life and I've found so much healing that that healing that you were talking about on your journey.

00:22:42.720 --> 00:22:55.650 Deborah Globus: I found so much empowerment. I found ways to support. Yeah, you can choose how you feel, but sometimes the navigating that choices, a little tricky ritual will help you do that.

00:22:55.950 --> 00:22:56.280 Sam Liebowitz: Mm hmm.

00:22:56.730 --> 00:22:57.690 So,

00:22:59.580 --> 00:23:08.520 Deborah Globus: I got here and just embraced where I was and dug a little deeper and figured it out. And that's in here and

00:23:09.480 --> 00:23:15.960 Sam Liebowitz: When you finally embraced really embrace this and started to be really true to yourself.

00:23:18.690 --> 00:23:25.860 Sam Liebowitz: Did you come out to like your friends and family did you kind of keep it quiet for a while like How was that transition

00:23:26.220 --> 00:23:30.090 Deborah Globus: Again, I'm weird bird in the family. I

00:23:31.110 --> 00:23:34.200 Deborah Globus: 16 they were making fun of me because I talked to rocks.

00:23:34.230 --> 00:23:36.480 Deborah Globus: I'm like, they're crystals. They're not rocks, but

00:23:38.370 --> 00:23:39.540 Sam Liebowitz: These things. Right, right.

00:23:40.230 --> 00:23:42.090 Deborah Globus: Um, yeah, I have my

00:23:43.410 --> 00:23:43.560 Deborah Globus: My

00:23:44.310 --> 00:23:45.240 Deborah Globus: Blue lace agate

00:23:46.500 --> 00:23:49.050 Deborah Globus: Yes, all of the all of the crystals. Thank you very much.

00:23:50.640 --> 00:23:58.590 Deborah Globus: So they always knew that I went this way and it turned out that the underlying values the underlying belief sets that were there.

00:23:59.070 --> 00:24:14.220 Deborah Globus: Were kind of all things that were shared. So my mother eventually left Catholicism and has practiced the seasonal rituals with me, my brother wandered into his own, you know, he came in through astrology and Taro, as opposed to where I came

00:24:14.220 --> 00:24:24.090 Deborah Globus: In through ritual and journaling and that kind of self exploration. But most of my family came around and my dad was an atheist from the start and thought we were all ridiculous for all of it so

00:24:26.040 --> 00:24:36.090 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Um, so it's one thing to kind of embrace this and decide like yeah like this is the kind of stuff that lights me up. This is

00:24:36.360 --> 00:24:51.720 Sam Liebowitz: What makes me feel good, but it's another thing to become a non nominally denominational minister and actually make this your life's work. What was it that got you to kind of say, you know what this is, this is, this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.

00:24:54.030 --> 00:25:04.920 Deborah Globus: And how do any of us figure out that this is what what you want to do the universe keeps shoving you into situations, whereby, you're like, Oh, right. This is what I'm supposed to be doing.

00:25:05.790 --> 00:25:15.150 Deborah Globus: Is it, you know, hubris to Sam and natural born leader I end up in positions of leadership, whether I want them or not, like, I have to make a concerted effort.

00:25:15.660 --> 00:25:28.410 Deborah Globus: To draw back and not be in charge of things and when that's who you are and like an example. I went to my, my, my brother, my step brother died when he was 40

00:25:29.250 --> 00:25:39.780 Deborah Globus: And it was sudden it was difficult, and last minute, my mom decided she wanted a priest there, and when you decide last minute, you want to present a funeral, you get the dregs of the barrel like this.

00:25:39.960 --> 00:25:42.660 Deborah Globus: Gentleman was not good.

00:25:44.130 --> 00:25:49.950 Deborah Globus: And it was physically painful to me to watch him stumble through this with my and it was my brother, you know,

00:25:50.010 --> 00:26:01.410 Deborah Globus: Yeah, yeah. So with no no forethought no practice I stood up and I spoke from my heart and I said what I wanted to. And I'm like, you know, I just did a better job than that priest and he has a lot more training than I do.

00:26:01.470 --> 00:26:05.070 Deborah Globus: Yeah, so those little clues on the path.

00:26:06.720 --> 00:26:10.260 Deborah Globus: Encouraged and and you know they they point the direction

00:26:11.490 --> 00:26:24.030 Deborah Globus: And they offer the support that allows you to know what it is that you're supposed to be doing. And don't be fooled. I'm still every other day going, am I really supposed to be doing this, like,

00:26:25.380 --> 00:26:25.590 Sam Liebowitz: It's

00:26:25.650 --> 00:26:27.870 Deborah Globus: In between part. That's not so easy, you know,

00:26:28.470 --> 00:26:39.960 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, so, so how long now. Have you been like, you know, really dedicated your business to using these as you call them earth based practices to help people in ritual.

00:26:40.740 --> 00:26:43.500 Deborah Globus: My business I've probably been doing it about

00:26:45.060 --> 00:26:47.310 Deborah Globus: 15 years 16 years

00:26:47.550 --> 00:27:04.200 Deborah Globus: While. Yeah. No, but I mean, I've been. I've been practicing this since I was a teenager. One of my favorite stories is how, when we were 18 we did a summer solstice ritual out in the backyard and chased away all the mosquitoes. None of us got a single bite.

00:27:04.200 --> 00:27:04.800 Sam Liebowitz: On. I'm like,

00:27:05.100 --> 00:27:05.970 Deborah Globus: Alright, that works.

00:27:06.930 --> 00:27:14.130 Sam Liebowitz: Cool. So, since you're an old timer, like me, you might remember some of these old stories in Manhattan. Do you know the remember the magical child.

00:27:14.460 --> 00:27:17.670 Deborah Globus: I remember that. I remember how magical child smells.

00:27:17.790 --> 00:27:19.980 Deborah Globus: Yeah, I'll remember

00:27:21.990 --> 00:27:25.020 Sam Liebowitz: Me Weiss's bookstore. I'd love to me, oh why says

00:27:26.040 --> 00:27:26.550 Deborah Globus: That one.

00:27:26.670 --> 00:27:27.630 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, you didn't go to that one.

00:27:28.800 --> 00:27:32.040 Sam Liebowitz: This one's a little more recent. How about Star magic that was a little bit more modern

00:27:33.930 --> 00:27:41.400 Deborah Globus: I actually managed to find places on Long Island that I could go to, because I'm in. I'm on Long Island, so you know it's a schlep into Manhattan.

00:27:41.490 --> 00:27:44.610 Deborah Globus: Yeah, yeah, it's a train ride. Then we got good. Yeah.

00:27:44.670 --> 00:27:47.940 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, okay. If you haven't got any it's a whole different set of your you have your own

00:27:49.350 --> 00:27:51.030 Sam Liebowitz: Little stores here and there. Awesome.

00:27:52.080 --> 00:27:55.050 Sam Liebowitz: Before we go to break, I just want to ask you, um,

00:27:56.250 --> 00:27:57.780 Sam Liebowitz: What kinds of

00:27:59.820 --> 00:28:09.570 Sam Liebowitz: Like practices like what. Well, it sounds like you're very like myself very eclectic like you draw upon things from different traditions, but is there one that maybe

00:28:10.470 --> 00:28:24.240 Sam Liebowitz: Influences you more than the rest, or is it really very like so broad based like, you know, what would you like if you had a categorize yourself what kind of tradition, would you say your most the flavor of

00:28:24.660 --> 00:28:27.960 Deborah Globus: It. Um, so when we talk about

00:28:29.910 --> 00:28:41.010 Deborah Globus: When we talk about ritual and that part of things. I am definitely more Celtic based I feel I have not a drop of Irish blood in me, but I feel I have a Celtic soul.

00:28:41.580 --> 00:28:45.570 Deborah Globus: And I'm not being told, I have a Jewish soul, which is the other side of things that

00:28:45.630 --> 00:28:58.290 Deborah Globus: Is that I we found a nice hippie little, little reconstruction is Judaism sure that accepts me for who I am and lets me sit on the board and and lead, lead some of their things so it

00:28:59.520 --> 00:29:06.870 Deborah Globus: The Celtic is definitely a big influence or most of the personal rituals. The celebrating of the seasons.

00:29:09.390 --> 00:29:22.260 Deborah Globus: All of the ones that I do have some sort of Celtic flair to them. I use when I create sacred space and I draw the four quarters. I typically use the colors and the associations that are found in the Celtic pantheon.

00:29:23.520 --> 00:29:35.310 Sam Liebowitz: Gotcha. Yeah. Interesting. Interesting. Yeah. Oh, that's so funny reconstruction. So my sister in Israel, she sees her and her husband are president of reconstruction has taken a gag that

00:29:35.760 --> 00:29:38.670 Sam Liebowitz: But yeah, one of the more progressive

00:29:39.690 --> 00:29:40.410 Sam Liebowitz: Sex of

00:29:41.550 --> 00:29:44.100 Sam Liebowitz: Conservative Judaism, so I know

00:29:44.160 --> 00:29:46.140 Deborah Globus: I call it DIY Judaism.

00:29:46.170 --> 00:29:46.680 Because it's

00:29:48.480 --> 00:29:52.230 Deborah Globus: Very much hands on and get in there and make it what you need it to be.

00:29:52.530 --> 00:30:03.420 Sam Liebowitz: Hmm, okay. So we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back, let's talk a little bit more about ritual. I'm also big into ritual, but I've been learning. I've been studying shamanism

00:30:04.170 --> 00:30:17.370 Sam Liebowitz: You know, sort of a Peruvian and sort of world shamanism a little bit more. So I'd be curious to see like, what kinds of ritual. Do you use and how can people apply it just in day to day life, you know, in

00:30:17.670 --> 00:30:22.200 Sam Liebowitz: In personal life and business life, things like that, because I love making things practical. Okay. Deborah.

00:30:22.680 --> 00:30:23.340 Deborah Globus: Absolutely.

00:30:23.460 --> 00:30:39.270 Sam Liebowitz: Perfect. Alright. Awesome. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. Our guest this hour is Deborah Globus nondenominational minister and spiritual coach and we will be right back after this

00:30:40.410 --> 00:30:42.840 Sam Liebowitz: You're listening to talk radio

00:33:04.170 --> 00:33:12.030 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're talking with Deborah Globus all about

00:33:13.140 --> 00:33:15.960 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know what are we talking about, I don't know, spiritual practices were

00:33:15.960 --> 00:33:16.770 Deborah Globus: Two practices.

00:33:17.040 --> 00:33:17.580 Sam Liebowitz: There we go.

00:33:17.820 --> 00:33:22.530 Deborah Globus: And we're getting I noticed that you're not brave enough to try nondenominational Minister again and I will

00:33:22.770 --> 00:33:23.910 Deborah Globus: Tell you a little secret.

00:33:24.420 --> 00:33:34.050 Deborah Globus: Most people go in interfaith with us, easier to pronounce I go with non denominational because it allows me to like sneak in.

00:33:35.340 --> 00:33:37.860 Deborah Globus: The God and the meaning I

00:33:37.890 --> 00:33:38.970 Sam Liebowitz: Gotcha, gotcha.

00:33:39.240 --> 00:33:40.590 Deborah Globus: Tricks people into it, they

00:33:41.490 --> 00:33:43.950 Deborah Globus: Don't want that. And I, you know,

00:33:44.190 --> 00:33:46.470 Sam Liebowitz: Where did you get ordained. I'm just curious.

00:33:46.590 --> 00:33:47.850 Deborah Globus: Universal Life Church.

00:33:48.300 --> 00:33:49.950 Sam Liebowitz: Or universal life okay ever

00:33:50.580 --> 00:33:53.190 Deborah Globus: Did you ever watch north and exposure.

00:33:54.240 --> 00:33:55.680 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, yeah.

00:33:55.710 --> 00:34:03.780 Deborah Globus: Long time, long time ago. The, the DJ on the radio station did all of their religious services and his feel was

00:34:04.770 --> 00:34:12.630 Deborah Globus: I found an ad in the back of the Rolling Stone magazine and I got ordained, and like, it's, it's the same style as a slightly different

00:34:12.990 --> 00:34:23.520 Deborah Globus: Or organization that that ordained him but it's basically the same idea because like I said, I am I'm self taught. I have gone through this all on my own all this time and

00:34:24.510 --> 00:34:33.360 Deborah Globus: That's part of why I encourage people to do it themselves, because you can totally do it yourself. You don't need a church. You don't need somebody else telling you that you can do it. It's all innate

00:34:33.810 --> 00:34:40.440 Sam Liebowitz: Right, exactly. Again, it's about being connected with what's going on on the inside. That's really the most important thing

00:34:42.030 --> 00:34:46.980 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, we're going to talk about ritual for a little bit, but let's just talk about what is ritual.

00:34:48.540 --> 00:34:54.480 Deborah Globus: Ritual is one of those things that has a lot of different definition definitions and a lot of different approaches.

00:34:55.230 --> 00:35:03.750 Deborah Globus: When I work with ritual. I work with a four step process. And I think that's where I'm a little bit different than most people. Most people when they think of ritual. They think of the thing that you do in the middle.

00:35:04.500 --> 00:35:07.980 Deborah Globus: When I work with ritual. I've got steps before you get there so

00:35:09.210 --> 00:35:17.490 Deborah Globus: The four steps and we'll go. I have a way of explaining it because everybody's been to a wedding. So, but the four steps to start out with. Are you create sacred space.

00:35:18.510 --> 00:35:29.070 Deborah Globus: You declare the reason for the ritual. There's the body of the ritual which fulfills what you what you've declared the reason that you're doing it and it's a symbolic acts that you do.

00:35:29.640 --> 00:35:39.540 Deborah Globus: And then you close what you opened at the beginning. So you close the sacred space. So you've been to a wedding. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. First, you go to the church or the synagogue.

00:35:40.260 --> 00:35:48.570 Deborah Globus: That's creating sacred space in their case the sacred space is there already. So you don't have to create it yourself.

00:35:49.140 --> 00:36:04.290 Deborah Globus: When I'm doing rituals in my living room. I have to create the sacred space. And I do that with candles. I do that with flowers. I do that with song or music or there's as many ways as there to do ritual. There are ways of creating sacred space. But back to the wedding.

00:36:05.430 --> 00:36:08.550 Deborah Globus: Dearly beloved. We are gathered here on this day.

00:36:09.900 --> 00:36:16.500 Deborah Globus: For these two people to get hitched. That's the declaration declaration of the ritual. That's the reason for the ritual.

00:36:17.550 --> 00:36:23.100 Deborah Globus: Now you think about what comes next. There is the symbolic exchanging of the rings. There's the exchanging of the vows.

00:36:23.370 --> 00:36:38.730 Deborah Globus: Now that ring is a symbolic act. It's not just you given a piece of jewelry to the other person. No, this is the symbol of undying love this is this is a symbolic act that fulfills the ritual that says we want to be hitch that we want to be together forever.

00:36:40.620 --> 00:36:50.070 Deborah Globus: And then the part everybody can't wait for you may now kiss the bride. You may now kiss the groom because it's time to go party, it's time to eat. That's the closing of the ceremony.

00:36:51.420 --> 00:36:57.210 Deborah Globus: So because we have those bookends because we open and because we close what happens in the middle is contained

00:36:57.720 --> 00:37:14.190 Deborah Globus: And containing a ritual intensifies. It is like a lens that focuses what happens in between, um, so where many people skip those bits. The, the two in the front and the one at the end and go straight towards the well what do I do during it.

00:37:15.240 --> 00:37:24.090 Deborah Globus: I find that you're going to get much bigger bang for your buck. It's going to be much more effective if you contain it.

00:37:24.870 --> 00:37:30.300 Sam Liebowitz: It's so interesting because your ritual kind of comes from a different tradition than my ritual, but it's so similar.

00:37:30.660 --> 00:37:36.150 Sam Liebowitz: You know, when we do our Shimano rituals. We start off with what we call induction, which is the facilitator.

00:37:36.480 --> 00:37:47.580 Sam Liebowitz: Kind of creating the energetic container and talking about why people are here and then we open up sacred space and everyone we do intention everyone kind of talks about what's their intention.

00:37:47.880 --> 00:37:57.810 Sam Liebowitz: For it. And then we getting engaged in the actual ceremony, the actual process. And then at the end of the ceremony. We do integration and that's how we kind of close things off as a

00:37:58.320 --> 00:38:09.630 Sam Liebowitz: Transition from sort of that sacred space back into a regular day to day life, but it's it's so fascinating its exact same kind of structure. It's just maybe that mechanisms are a little bit different.

00:38:10.290 --> 00:38:22.680 Deborah Globus: And this is something that was across all cultures and across all aspects of life. This was how our ancestors related to one another, before they were churches before there were buildings where we could

00:38:22.680 --> 00:38:37.110 Deborah Globus: Die. There had to be ways to come together. And the other thing that I like about ritual. And because our systems are so similar, because you understand is that there has to be a delineation between ordinary life.

00:38:37.710 --> 00:38:42.750 Deborah Globus: Right and ritual time so Kronos and kairos regular time

00:38:42.840 --> 00:38:44.190 Sam Liebowitz: Um, sacred time

00:38:45.630 --> 00:39:01.380 Deborah Globus: And that has to be in place, because you have to know when something is special and going through the steps of creating sacred space of declaring this is sacred, or if you don't like sacred. The other word I use is intentional. This is

00:39:01.380 --> 00:39:07.800 Deborah Globus: Intentional because I know you know as a small business owner, how, how is how does this work.

00:39:09.300 --> 00:39:09.840 Deborah Globus: Like

00:39:11.040 --> 00:39:18.930 Deborah Globus: One of the hardest things to do as a small business owner is to divide the time from home family to work.

00:39:19.530 --> 00:39:20.850 Deborah Globus: Well ritual helps with

00:39:20.850 --> 00:39:38.640 Deborah Globus: That you sit down, you light a candle and you say okay this is my time to focus on my business until this candle is blown out this time is outside of household time it's outside of kid time it's outside of family time and I'm focusing on that. That's sacred in its own way. Mm hmm.

00:39:39.120 --> 00:39:53.010 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And Patty, we got a couple of questions from our loyal listeners here. She says she's rediscovering her guardian angel do angels play a part in your ceremonies, so

00:39:53.040 --> 00:39:59.550 Deborah Globus: Angels don't necessarily play a part in my ceremonies, but I have written rituals for and with people that do

00:40:00.660 --> 00:40:01.350 Deborah Globus: You

00:40:02.670 --> 00:40:08.940 Deborah Globus: So again, we talked about the fact that, for as many different ways as they're doing rituals. There are as many different ways of

00:40:09.390 --> 00:40:14.760 Deborah Globus: Working with opening and creating sacred space. One of the ways that I've worked with is

00:40:15.300 --> 00:40:25.380 Deborah Globus: Each of the guardian angels has its own direction the probabilistic tradition attributed each, and I'm sorry I don't know which one is which. But it's easy enough to look up

00:40:25.860 --> 00:40:35.970 Deborah Globus: So if you wanted to create a ritual whereby you called the guardian angels to protect you. You could do that as the

00:40:36.840 --> 00:40:43.710 Deborah Globus: Opening of a ritual. So you could call them all to you and they would look at what you were doing in your ritual and guarded

00:40:44.070 --> 00:40:54.120 Deborah Globus: And safeguard your heart and and care take you and help you to get clarity and I'm trying to think of what my other guardian angels are are for mine. I think just drinks at the bar and shakes.

00:40:55.050 --> 00:40:59.340 Deborah Globus: We can can take credit for. That's a general Donahue thing but I absolutely love my

00:40:59.610 --> 00:41:00.390 Sam Liebowitz: Guardian Angel.

00:41:01.050 --> 00:41:03.840 Deborah Globus: At the bar at the end of the day going, oh gosh she did it again. I don't

00:41:04.170 --> 00:41:05.070 You with this one.

00:41:08.940 --> 00:41:09.300 Sam Liebowitz: One.

00:41:10.230 --> 00:41:12.390 Deborah Globus: Or the other option is is that

00:41:13.200 --> 00:41:26.190 Deborah Globus: If there is work that you need to do and you create sacred space, say by lighting candles and calling the four directions and then invite your guardian angels in to do work with you or two.

00:41:26.820 --> 00:41:41.310 Deborah Globus: If you do the the the Oracle deck with the guardian angels that can be the activity. The symbolic activity and because you're in sacred space, it just elevates what it is that you're doing it makes it right. More important, it makes it weightier in the world.

00:41:41.490 --> 00:41:51.090 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, so I, in some ways, kind of consider myself coming from, the Ascended Master tradition. And so when I like do my energy work with people.

00:41:51.540 --> 00:41:56.730 Sam Liebowitz: I often I will do an invocation, and I'll do it for ceremonial stuff as well.

00:41:57.060 --> 00:42:05.220 Sam Liebowitz: But I'll do this invocation, and even vocation. It's a long invocation, because I'm calling upon like the whole Spiritual Hierarchy. I'm calling upon like

00:42:05.550 --> 00:42:14.550 Sam Liebowitz: The whole angelic realm, the ascended masters, like everybody, every kind of being you can think of that I've learned about over my lifetime study

00:42:15.930 --> 00:42:24.630 Sam Liebowitz: So the, the angelic realm is a part of that, and I'll call upon very specific arc angels as well. But that's sort of part of the invocation.

00:42:25.260 --> 00:42:39.330 Sam Liebowitz: And it was one. It was interesting because I asked my shamanic teacher about it once, who's a lineage holder from Peru and he says, well it to to create magic you first do an invocation to

00:42:40.740 --> 00:42:48.360 Sam Liebowitz: To then man. How did he phrase it you first do an invocation in order to then have the avocation or something like that.

00:42:50.220 --> 00:42:57.660 Sam Liebowitz: And the other question that's posted here is that she says, I'm interested in the crystal skulls and quote unquote rocks.

00:42:58.710 --> 00:43:11.100 Sam Liebowitz: And she wanted to know, Have you had any comments on that about, I guess, using them or being with them. You see, I have, I have one of my I've a few of these little guys. But I've wanted my little skills here that keeps me company while I'm working

00:43:11.760 --> 00:43:17.700 Deborah Globus: I am nerdy, but I'm not nearly golf enough to have a whole lot of crystal skulls so

00:43:19.020 --> 00:43:22.620 Deborah Globus: I can't talk to Crystal skulls, but I use crystals a lot in my work.

00:43:24.090 --> 00:43:32.220 Deborah Globus: You want to layer your meaning in your rituals. By that I mean that

00:43:33.480 --> 00:43:48.000 Deborah Globus: You know, there's all these separate different components and, you know, blue lace agate is for communication. Okay, great. Well, what else is for communication. Well, the direction of East is about communication and about

00:43:50.670 --> 00:44:04.650 Deborah Globus: About, you know, intellect and forming ideas. Okay, so I want to kind of bump up how the East work. So I'm going to put my blue lace agate in the east, you know, it also reminds me blue skies, which is what the east is wind. So there's that. And

00:44:06.660 --> 00:44:18.570 Deborah Globus: Crystals make a great way to create a sacred space to physically put yourself in a space. I often will use. I have a collection of 13 stones that I do when I do full moon and new moon crystal.

00:44:19.410 --> 00:44:27.720 Deborah Globus: Rituals because the other you know if you want to do ritual and you don't know where to start. There's all these temporal holidays in the year that you

00:44:28.110 --> 00:44:39.810 Deborah Globus: Can totally play with and work with. There's the the eight different holidays that celebrate the turning of the year the solstice is the equinoxes and the holidays that fall in between.

00:44:40.530 --> 00:44:49.830 Deborah Globus: And every month, we have a new moon and a full moon and there's plenty of magic to play with there that you can that you can call in and one of my favorite things is to do

00:44:50.580 --> 00:45:08.550 Deborah Globus: tarot readings on the full moon. And again, it's not just a tarot reading on a full moon because I'm going through that step of creating sacred space around myself I'm setting up my crystals. I'm lighting my candles. I'm calling to the four quarters. I'm calling back you know

00:45:09.930 --> 00:45:20.370 Deborah Globus: The four directions play a lot. That's the Mets that Celtic background, though, it's in, you know, indigenous tribes. First Nation types work. It's in

00:45:21.990 --> 00:45:23.400 Deborah Globus: Tradition. It's in

00:45:23.880 --> 00:45:35.970 Deborah Globus: There's a movement in Judaism to bring it back in Christianity. I'm not so sure how that plays out. But did you know the Ark angels are in the Bible with their direction so like we can carry the threads back

00:45:37.710 --> 00:45:40.590 Deborah Globus: It's also body mind.

00:45:41.610 --> 00:45:51.720 Deborah Globus: Heart and Soul. Right, exactly. So, one of the nice simple ways of creating sacred spaces to face each of the directions and this is it's an easy enough. Google search.

00:45:52.080 --> 00:46:04.020 Deborah Globus: To face East and say I call back my mind to myself I'm to the south. I call back my soul to myself to the west. I called up my heart to myself and North call back my body.

00:46:05.160 --> 00:46:15.630 Deborah Globus: And then hopping hop in a bath, like now this bath is not just a bath. Now it's a sacred event. I'm taking this bath to soothe my soul, or I'm taking this bath to

00:46:16.500 --> 00:46:26.700 Deborah Globus: Get new ideas on where to take my business orientating this bath to understand to get new understanding of it, how to deal with this relationship or to to not kill my children.

00:46:28.950 --> 00:46:29.520 Sam Liebowitz: At

00:46:29.550 --> 00:46:33.840 Deborah Globus: 21 year old. They're very good, but we still hit those times. Yeah.

00:46:34.140 --> 00:46:44.850 Sam Liebowitz: Alright, great. So I could talk to you for hours just about the four directions. Maybe then we'll have you have to have you back sometime in the future. And we'll just do a show just about the four directions because I have different

00:46:44.850 --> 00:46:57.780 Sam Liebowitz: Interpretations be curious to compare and contrast. Okay, we're going to take our last break of the show. When we come back I want to talk about how you got the name of the padre and I want to like leave our audience with some really practical stuff like

00:46:57.810 --> 00:47:15.240 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely. It's all sounds very whoo, whoo, as they say. But it can actually be very practical and we can apply it to business and into like normal day to day stuff. And I just want to talk about how we can use this stuff to really serve us in that sort of normal space. Okay. Yes.

00:47:15.300 --> 00:47:31.890 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely awesome so everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity we do this live every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and we will be right back after this

00:47:33.090 --> 00:47:36.240 Listening to talk radio NYC.

00:49:51.510 --> 00:49:59.700 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We've been having such a fun hour speaking with Deborah Globus

00:50:00.360 --> 00:50:02.940 Sam Liebowitz: nondenominational minister and spiritual coach guy.

00:50:03.630 --> 00:50:09.150 Sam Liebowitz: I was just checking on the back end. I see we have listeners from all around the globe. We got people in the Middle East and

00:50:09.450 --> 00:50:17.190 Sam Liebowitz: In in UK and Brazil listening to us and all across the United States from California, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida.

00:50:17.490 --> 00:50:27.480 Sam Liebowitz: Colorado. Thank you all for tuning in. And just to remind people, if you have not yet picked up a copy of everyday awakening. It's still the Kindle version is only 99 cents, go to

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00:50:46.170 --> 00:50:48.540 Sam Liebowitz: Keep sharing it out. But that's awesome.

00:50:51.660 --> 00:51:03.330 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, just just it's it's doing great. So people around the world. You can get the ebook really easy. It's not as expensive 99 cents. I mean, you know, can't make it much deeper than that.

00:51:03.690 --> 00:51:13.020 Sam Liebowitz: Anyway, so, Deborah, I wanted to get back to we've been. First, let's talk about how you got the name of the padre because you don't look like a Padre to me for some reason. I don't know why, but

00:51:13.770 --> 00:51:17.190 Deborah Globus: Alright, see you know you have that trouble with nondenominational minister.

00:51:17.760 --> 00:51:22.710 Deborah Globus: I was performing a wedding and Mexico. And it was beautiful Hacienda

00:51:23.820 --> 00:51:39.450 Deborah Globus: And the woman that ran it was showing us around. And she introduced me to the woman in the kitchen. That was such a good cook, and she tried to explain who I was and nondenominational Minister doesn't translate into Spanish and this woman spoke not a licking English

00:51:39.990 --> 00:51:53.580 Deborah Globus: Hmm. So she looked at me and she's like, well, a positive, which is the priest, huh. And she goes, no law pod right which is would be the feminine form of priest

00:51:54.450 --> 00:52:05.100 Deborah Globus: And the woman in the kitchen said something real fast and real passionate and I was like you know what she just say, and she goes, Oh, she said, You have to do a good job at the wedding tomorrow. So you make all us women look good.

00:52:07.170 --> 00:52:13.890 Deborah Globus: And the name stuck. It was a gift, and I took it and that's, you know, that's what I do.

00:52:15.090 --> 00:52:15.330 Sam Liebowitz: I

00:52:15.720 --> 00:52:16.020 Deborah Globus: Do the

00:52:16.140 --> 00:52:16.860 Sam Liebowitz: Women look good.

00:52:17.040 --> 00:52:22.830 Deborah Globus: The rituals, so that we women look good. Sorry, guys. I do predominantly work with with women.

00:52:24.450 --> 00:52:24.990 Deborah Globus: Yeah.

00:52:25.800 --> 00:52:31.860 Sam Liebowitz: Cool. Alright, so let's so we don't have a lot of time left but I really wanted to get into, like, how can we use

00:52:32.970 --> 00:52:45.270 Sam Liebowitz: The, you know, these kinds of rituals, this kind of a practice in our day to day lives to help people in their careers and their businesses and their relationships like let's make this stuff practical

00:52:45.510 --> 00:53:01.350 Deborah Globus: Alright, so three quick easy things we already covered the candle. We talked about the fact that it's hard to distinguish between work time and not work time a candle changes the energy of anything and

00:53:02.490 --> 00:53:08.220 Deborah Globus: Having a candle that you like specifically to do work. And if you're a parent. This works wonders with homework.

00:53:08.580 --> 00:53:15.570 Deborah Globus: You sit your kid down in a table at homework time you like that candle. That's homework time it does something in the brain that lets you know oh

00:53:15.990 --> 00:53:25.320 Deborah Globus: And only takes two or three times of doing this for the brain to automatically click over and make that distinction and go okay this is time for X, kind of thing to work on.

00:53:26.520 --> 00:53:41.790 Deborah Globus: Intention setting in rituals and other thing that is really important. I run a monthly ritual via telephone which shouldn't work but it totally works because we follow those four steps we create sacred space. We have our own little ritual.

00:53:42.390 --> 00:53:48.690 Deborah Globus: We declare the reason that we're there. We do the things we celebrate what's happened before in the month before

00:53:49.110 --> 00:53:57.240 Deborah Globus: We create intentions for how we want to feel in the month coming up and then we do a little bit of planning while we're all in sacred community together and it really works.

00:53:57.690 --> 00:54:02.760 Deborah Globus: And if you're not interested in doing that with a community. You can totally do that with yourself again.

00:54:03.120 --> 00:54:14.610 Deborah Globus: That candle method works wonders you light a candle. You sit down with yourself, say this is my sacred time with my sacred planner, we're going to have an intention when we come out of here. We're going to have a way of going about

00:54:16.170 --> 00:54:22.440 Deborah Globus: And if the candle thing doesn't work for you. I know some people can't like candles. They are in apartments difficulties with

00:54:24.690 --> 00:54:35.880 Deborah Globus: A box is something that opens and closes in a finite way a definitive way. Um, when I first learned the circle training that I had when we

00:54:36.360 --> 00:54:50.910 Deborah Globus: My group facilitation was Christina Baldwin. And I said, you know, I've got all this difficult work that I need to do on myself. But it's painful and it's like reliving it. She's like, Well, you're opening a can of worms. So get yourself a can and open it when you're doing the work.

00:54:51.240 --> 00:54:53.310 Deborah Globus: And so I literally I still have my

00:54:53.370 --> 00:54:54.690 Deborah Globus: My can that I

00:54:54.720 --> 00:54:57.090 Deborah Globus: Was like, I didn't mean it literally dead. I suppose I

00:54:57.090 --> 00:54:57.960 Deborah Globus: took it literally

00:54:59.100 --> 00:55:02.700 Deborah Globus: A can of worms and so

00:55:02.880 --> 00:55:04.050 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, I mean, worms in there.

00:55:04.380 --> 00:55:16.500 Deborah Globus: I don't I have because this was specifically for the work of my depressed high school days and and finding my way through this. There are song lyrics and and toys from that time and stuff like that.

00:55:17.100 --> 00:55:25.530 Deborah Globus: But as a small business owner, you can take a box and have symbols of your business in it you know you want courage in your business.

00:55:25.830 --> 00:55:42.300 Deborah Globus: Put Kearney alien in it. You want to be able to speak more clearly about your business. Put the blue lace agate put sunlight put all those crystals in there. You want to invoke your angels, put the cards and the cards in there, right. The name of your angel on it on on it.

00:55:43.590 --> 00:55:50.370 Deborah Globus: Unpack that box when you're ready to sit down and do your work, you know, create yourself a little altar a focal point.

00:55:50.910 --> 00:56:03.720 Deborah Globus: You talked about focus in the beginning of the quotes there were well ritual as a way of focusing ritual is a way of concentrating where your intent intent attention and intention are. Mm hmm.

00:56:03.780 --> 00:56:18.420 Sam Liebowitz: So it's kind of like you, you're sitting down to work on a project for work or for your business. You can set an intention around it create sort of a space around it and create your own little ritual. Like, you don't have to go by other people's rituals. You can create your own rituals.

00:56:18.570 --> 00:56:21.120 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely. Okay, we're almost at the end of the show.

00:56:22.320 --> 00:56:24.750 Sam Liebowitz: Before I ask you to give out your contact information.

00:56:26.130 --> 00:56:30.540 Sam Liebowitz: What is the most magical moment you've experienced in your life.

00:56:32.760 --> 00:56:34.110 Deborah Globus: How do you, I'm not a

00:56:35.340 --> 00:56:37.440 Deborah Globus: Magical person. It's like

00:56:37.500 --> 00:56:40.470 Sam Liebowitz: Trying to get that one. Then what's your favorite crystal.

00:56:41.010 --> 00:56:44.460 Deborah Globus: What's my favorite crystal. Lately it's been the blue lace agate I found

00:56:44.760 --> 00:56:47.220 Deborah Globus: This one, and I just flow with it, you know.

00:56:47.430 --> 00:56:48.930 Deborah Globus: Cool. And I can do that.

00:56:50.130 --> 00:56:55.800 Sam Liebowitz: All right, awesome, awesome. Alright, so if people know you work with people all over the place. Could you do things virtually

00:56:56.010 --> 00:57:00.600 Deborah Globus: Do virtually I i've because my primary focus had been my kids for years and years.

00:57:00.930 --> 00:57:02.370 Deborah Globus: I do everything, either by phone.

00:57:02.430 --> 00:57:09.300 Deborah Globus: Or by video or you know I I help people right ritual so you know 20 minutes on the phone and work.

00:57:09.360 --> 00:57:14.670 Sam Liebowitz: We're good to go. We got then how do people find out more about you, where do they go

00:57:15.510 --> 00:57:27.000 Deborah Globus: Low Padre calm is my website I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I run a Facebook group called everyday rituals with love Padre you can find me there again. Sorry, guys. It's for women only

00:57:27.660 --> 00:57:33.930 Deborah Globus: But I have, I don't know, probably about half of the people that I've been working with lately have been small business owners just

00:57:33.930 --> 00:57:36.120 Deborah Globus: The way it happened to shake out. We're all home at the

00:57:36.120 --> 00:57:47.220 Deborah Globus: Same time, we're all kind of doing the same things but le Padre calm and just to plug a little bit. I'm actually doing an intention setting class for the holiday season, super important.

00:57:47.850 --> 00:57:57.510 Deborah Globus: Especially in the time of coven 19 it's going to be a weird holiday but calming the holiday crazies is next Tuesday. You can find the information for that on my webpage webpage at the padrone calm.

00:57:57.540 --> 00:58:01.440 Sam Liebowitz: And that's la PA Dr

00:58:01.710 --> 00:58:04.980 Deborah Globus: Beautiful. Thank you for spelling that out. I forget that just

00:58:05.010 --> 00:58:13.860 Sam Liebowitz: For all the listeners on the radio side. So Deborah. Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to come on the show was fun to get to know you say hi to Howard for me.

00:58:13.920 --> 00:58:16.800 Deborah Globus: It will indeed. Alright. Thanks so much.

00:58:16.860 --> 00:58:22.500 Sam Liebowitz: You're welcome. You're welcome. And thank you, my loyal listeners for tuning in. Always. I'm so grateful.

00:58:22.770 --> 00:58:29.820 Sam Liebowitz: If you're enjoying the show did like it, share it, let your friends know about it, get it out there and if you haven't yet get the book.

00:58:30.030 --> 00:58:38.760 Sam Liebowitz: Everyday awakening, you are more powerful than, you know, I promise you. By the time you finish getting through this book, you will know you are more powerful than, you know,

00:58:39.000 --> 00:58:49.410 Sam Liebowitz: Every day awakening Thank you so much. Stay tuned. Coming up next, can foster and his show voices of courage filed later this afternoon by Antonia

00:58:49.680 --> 00:58:59.550 Sam Liebowitz: With. So now you know at 5pm and Graham Dobbin in his show the mind behind leadership at 7pm. Thank you all for tuning in. We will talk to you next week.

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