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Thursday, November 19, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/19 - Leadership - The Big Picture


2020/11/19 - Leadership - The Big Picture

[NEW EPISODE] Leadership - The Big Picture

As an Emmy award winning Director, Tyler Pina knows what it's like to be pulling talented individuals and teams together, working to tight deadlines and constantly finding creative solutions.

Tyler excels In an industry where everyone is a critic, and we all have an opinion.

We'll be discussing what makes the difference, how to deal with a wide range of personalities, what drives him and what's next.

Tune in for this insightful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham welcomes this week’s guest Tyler Pina, Emmy award winning director.  Graham begins by asking what a week is like in Tyler’s life.  Tyler dives into his team building and what he does between directing and producing.  He further discusses how he got into this field.  Graham asks how important it is for a director/producer to keep up with all the technology surrounding filmmaking.  Graham asks Tyler which is his favorite role to play in this world.  Graham asks Tyler the biggest misconceptions in his world.  They close talking about the ability to change gears and how that it is important in the process of filmmaking.

Segment 2

They begin this segment with Graham asking Tyler what his first film was. They further discuss his internationally distributed movie at age 20.  Grahams asks Tyler the process for getting awards in the industry.  He further talks about the Emmy award he won and that experience. In closing they discuss Tyler’s film 88 cents, now available on Amazon.

Segment 3

In the opening of this segment Graham asks Tyler does he ever feel like it is his duty to tell certain stories that connect people or tell someone’s story who needs to be told. Graham asks Tyler how he deals with projects and being able to unwind after a project is completed. He then discusses the relief after a project is completed. They further discuss how Taylor handles working with a team on projects and keeping everything under control. Tyler then talks about how having a team he can trust is important to getting the projects done. They close with Graham asking favorite projects that might jump out to Tyler.

Segment 4

In the last segment Graham opens asking Tyler how often he uses his gut instinct for business decisions. They then discuss what challenges Tyler has come across with the business. Graham asks where Tyler sees his business going and what’s next. Graham closes asking Tyler what advice he would give someone looking to become a filmmaker.


00:00:29.730 --> 00:00:44.430 Graham Dobbin: Good evening and welcome to the mind behind leadership with me. Graham Dobbin live here in New York on talk radio dot NYC. Every week we speak with leaders across all walks of life from a wide range of industries.

00:00:45.030 --> 00:00:52.290 Graham Dobbin: And quite let's be honest. At the moment, we can't get away from comments about leadership, but kind of two, three weeks beyond the election.

00:00:52.650 --> 00:00:58.560 Graham Dobbin: Every time we turn on the TV's the cameras are pointed at journalists commentators voters.

00:00:58.890 --> 00:01:10.350 Graham Dobbin: Even recognizable leaders all being asked her opinion of other leaders and the leadership, the strategies and even the ethics of decision making. Everyone's got an opinion.

00:01:10.860 --> 00:01:17.070 Graham Dobbin: About how things should be done here. We talk to real people to Johnny's getting their insights and experiences.

00:01:17.430 --> 00:01:24.300 Graham Dobbin: And we're breaking the mold, because we're getting away from the code today instead of being in front of the camera. We're going to be behind it.

00:01:24.780 --> 00:01:35.370 Graham Dobbin: And I'm absolutely delighted and very excited that we've got Taylor opinion as our guest this evening, this evening, Tyler is an Emmy award winning filmmaker.

00:01:35.640 --> 00:01:44.190 Graham Dobbin: And the owner of neon flamingo films a full service production company specializing the creation of original content commercial video

00:01:44.490 --> 00:01:56.520 Graham Dobbin: And show you the trailer editing title of directed his get this one, get this one. They will tailor directed his first internationally distributed feature length film at the age of 20

00:01:56.910 --> 00:02:13.860 Graham Dobbin: His last film eight to eight cents, which is no streaming on amazon prime played at Cannes in 2018 and screened across the world at over 70 international film festivals winning 67 awards. He's just showing off know

00:02:15.060 --> 00:02:23.220 Graham Dobbin: Multiple tally and send your water as a director and producer for this commercial music video and documentary projects.

00:02:23.670 --> 00:02:39.150 Graham Dobbin: And he has worked with numerous fortune 500 companies, including Google Square Enix good year Sega and Verizon. That's some that's some List of Tyler for my money this evening. See you.

00:02:39.510 --> 00:02:41.280 Tyler Pina: Good to see you. Thank you for having me.

00:02:41.280 --> 00:02:42.390 Tyler Pina: I've been keeping busy.

00:02:44.010 --> 00:02:57.060 Graham Dobbin: Tyler just get, you know, this is probably one of our morning usual I guess and insights around leadership. So just tell us before we dive into kind of how you run with teams and all that kind of stuff.

00:02:57.120 --> 00:03:03.450 Graham Dobbin: shirtless filmmaker producer, director, tell us more about what you do, what so week like in Tyler's life.

00:03:03.480 --> 00:03:09.300 Tyler Pina: Yeah, totally. Um, so, you know, a producer and the director have similar roles.

00:03:09.900 --> 00:03:23.790 Tyler Pina: You know, I worked on many different projects I've done films I've done commercials documentaries every type of project is completely different. But they all kind of have the same basic elements in terms of the team producers, kind of like a project manager.

00:03:24.720 --> 00:03:39.750 Tyler Pina: handles a lot of logistics and making sure you know everything, you know, can happen with the production that includes, you know, putting the team together you know get any film permits all of that and the director is more in charge of the creative side of things.

00:03:40.320 --> 00:03:47.940 Tyler Pina: Kind of like telling the story the vision for the piece. So I tend to do both. I'll bounce between jobs or I'll just do both.

00:03:48.210 --> 00:03:59.940 Tyler Pina: You know, on the same project. So I'll be handling like logistical things and then also just like you know what is the story that I'm trying to tell and managing a team to, kind of, you know, make that happen.

00:04:01.080 --> 00:04:03.000 Graham Dobbin: So how did you get into this

00:04:04.140 --> 00:04:14.850 Tyler Pina: Oh, um, you know, when I was little, I, I'm an only child, and I had no one to play with. When I was a kid. So I was always watching movies and TV, like, that was my fun

00:04:15.330 --> 00:04:21.570 Tyler Pina: And I realized from a young age that when you watch a show or you watch you know a documentary watch

00:04:21.840 --> 00:04:27.630 Tyler Pina: A movie, you start to connect with the characters they feel like they're your friends and it's an opportunity

00:04:27.870 --> 00:04:33.720 Tyler Pina: To introduce new characters into our lives new stories new lessons that we might not have

00:04:33.930 --> 00:04:45.180 Tyler Pina: In our daily experience something about that. I was just really drawn to my mom was a teacher as a kid. So I almost look at filmmaking as a tool to educate people in a fun way.

00:04:45.630 --> 00:04:54.030 Tyler Pina: And so I always like, you know, when I was little, I would make my own little music videos like on the family camera so I always loved like the process of it.

00:04:54.480 --> 00:05:03.600 Tyler Pina: And so I went to school for for filmmaking. And then I realized I really liked the storytelling aspect because what people don't realize with

00:05:04.290 --> 00:05:14.040 Tyler Pina: Film with with videos with TV, all of that, you know, every job onset is very specific. Like if you're, you know, a cinematographer

00:05:14.370 --> 00:05:23.610 Tyler Pina: Or even a cameraman like your, your focus is on the camera like how that works. And all of these things change, you know, with new technology and

00:05:23.850 --> 00:05:31.500 Tyler Pina: You know, there are many ways to grow within that one element, if you like, lighting, you know, that's a whole other world we can spend

00:05:31.740 --> 00:05:44.670 Tyler Pina: Up to three hours on set, sometimes just lighting for one shot. And so there's so many different ways to tell a story just with lighting the way that the shadows at the person and it's like if you're your own painter in that sense.

00:05:45.000 --> 00:05:56.610 Tyler Pina: Audio is the same thing. And so for me I like to everything. It's hard for me to pick favorites. And so as the director, you kind of have your hands and everything. And I really like telling stories. So I

00:05:57.240 --> 00:06:01.950 Tyler Pina: You know that just kind of like where I landed in. So I've just kind of rolled with it.

00:06:02.970 --> 00:06:06.120 Graham Dobbin: So in your role if you're the director or the producer.

00:06:06.120 --> 00:06:07.710 Graham Dobbin: Your topic technologies.

00:06:07.980 --> 00:06:15.210 Graham Dobbin: You know, people need to keep up with with maybe camera, probably with editing with sound with lighting. Do you need to keep up with all of that.

00:06:16.020 --> 00:06:25.680 Tyler Pina: Um, I, I think it's important as being a director or a producer to have knowledge of all of that and be, you know, aware of all the changes, but

00:06:25.980 --> 00:06:31.260 Tyler Pina: You know, the whole point of like having the team is making sure that you get the right people that specialize

00:06:31.530 --> 00:06:37.320 Tyler Pina: In all those things. Like for me, it's helpful, you know, to give feedback if I know if I understand what every

00:06:37.680 --> 00:06:50.760 Tyler Pina: Part, you know, every department is working with, but I don't need to be necessarily an expert in every single camera that's not my job, but it's my job to be able to communicate with whoever I hired to do that.

00:06:52.080 --> 00:06:56.040 Graham Dobbin: Um, so what do you enjoy more. You said you kind of flip between them.

00:06:56.490 --> 00:06:57.630 Tyler Pina: Yeah, so I mean

00:06:57.810 --> 00:07:02.460 Graham Dobbin: If I say to you, you've got you've got one. We've got this production, you can choose any rule you want

00:07:02.610 --> 00:07:12.330 Tyler Pina: Yeah, what would you choose. I mean, if I had to pick one. It's directing for sure. I think that's the most natural I realized when I'm on set, I put the least amount of work.

00:07:12.630 --> 00:07:17.040 Tyler Pina: Into that job because it doesn't feel like work like that's just like naturally I feel like I'm

00:07:17.400 --> 00:07:24.600 Tyler Pina: That step that producing um I enjoy because I'm also like a little bit OCD and I like to have the control

00:07:24.840 --> 00:07:30.960 Tyler Pina: And so, like, and I'd love like making lists and producing. It's all about like the schedule and making sure you know we have everything

00:07:31.290 --> 00:07:40.530 Tyler Pina: Is an order and we you know we have to get this shot at this time. And so we need to have lunch at this time, we need to make sure we have all these things. So I do enjoy like there's like a weird sadistic side of me that likes that.

00:07:41.070 --> 00:07:49.290 Tyler Pina: But the other side of me is very creative and being a director, you get to be really creative. And I think both of those jobs require

00:07:50.160 --> 00:07:55.500 Tyler Pina: An ability to make decisions, really quickly because things change on set and you have to be ready.

00:07:55.710 --> 00:08:04.470 Tyler Pina: You could have a plan and everything could go wrong. You know, if it's raining in your mentor film outside. So you have to go to thing quickly and I do like the the problem solving.

00:08:04.800 --> 00:08:15.870 Tyler Pina: aspect as well but but with directing it like I just love telling stories. I like to be able to, you know, for example, I just did a show which you were on

00:08:16.890 --> 00:08:27.000 Tyler Pina: For horizon called the combat coach, which part of their horizons initiative with the pandemic is helping small businesses and providing resources for them. So we put together a show.

00:08:27.510 --> 00:08:36.060 Tyler Pina: Where we pair a business with a coach and you know the coach helps the business get through, you know everything that's happening navigate this new world.

00:08:36.270 --> 00:08:48.900 Tyler Pina: And with the show we really want to educate other small business owners and so we provide lessons and it was fun for me to be able to, you know, have a conversation with these business owners and understand

00:08:49.200 --> 00:08:56.910 Tyler Pina: Their story and then use my abilities and my team, you know, to, to share their story. If that makes any sense. I was

00:08:56.940 --> 00:08:58.800 Graham Dobbin: Trying to keep all that secret you

00:09:01.860 --> 00:09:01.980 Tyler Pina: Know,

00:09:03.300 --> 00:09:12.630 Graham Dobbin: And here's the thing, I support. One of the reasons that I really wanted to speak to you today was having seen behind the scenes, having see what you guys get up to and the challenges.

00:09:12.900 --> 00:09:22.590 Graham Dobbin: I mean, I had some misconception. What do you think the general misconceptions are from the public when when you tell them what you do, what, what do you think they think you do.

00:09:22.980 --> 00:09:31.590 Tyler Pina: I think that the biggest misconception. People don't understand how long it takes, and how

00:09:33.390 --> 00:09:43.950 Tyler Pina: How much goes into like, one shot. I think a lot of people think that you just, you know, can go on the fly. And, you know, have a camera there and just film what's going on.

00:09:44.250 --> 00:09:54.510 Tyler Pina: But the world looks very different in the lens and so we need to light for that and we need to, you know, have there's so many moving pieces. You know when you're filming.

00:09:54.840 --> 00:10:04.920 Tyler Pina: On set every scene is like putting together an event like completely from like the catering to the, you know, set design to

00:10:05.220 --> 00:10:18.930 Tyler Pina: You know, who are our speakers who are, you know, all of that. So, so that, and even just like capturing like what is the tone and and it's just there's so many different layers like you can spend two days.

00:10:19.590 --> 00:10:32.820 Tyler Pina: On a 32nd commercial just filming and then maybe post production could be a couple weeks if there's visual effects. You know, it could be longer and I don't think people realize how much goes into it. It's very fun.

00:10:34.020 --> 00:10:43.800 Tyler Pina: It's like, it can be like play, but it also, you know, you never have enough time, you never have enough you know money for the project. Usually, I mean you do, but it's like when it's a creative

00:10:44.100 --> 00:10:52.410 Tyler Pina: Project, everything is kind of subjective. So it's like you always want to push the limit. And so you're always like, no matter what you get. You're always kind of pushing that a little bit further, I think.

00:10:52.410 --> 00:10:57.450 Graham Dobbin: So is that something you get involved in as well, kind of like negotiating. What kind of budget, you need to what

00:10:57.450 --> 00:11:00.570 Tyler Pina: Yeah yeah that's that's like part of the producer role.

00:11:00.870 --> 00:11:04.440 Tyler Pina: They, they find the money or they're brought on to a project.

00:11:04.470 --> 00:11:17.430 Tyler Pina: And they, you know, are constantly negotiating with, you know, balancing budgets between, like, okay, how much can we give to this department, you know what, you know, goes here for locations all of that, so that I can be

00:11:18.930 --> 00:11:29.520 Graham Dobbin: I mean it's it's a lot and I suppose the other part that was really obvious was how creative you and your, your team are

00:11:29.850 --> 00:11:35.640 Graham Dobbin: When the environment changes during the SEC, you know, it could be raining or whatever bit light was a big thing.

00:11:35.940 --> 00:11:40.560 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, I mean, you know, you could be setting up for lighting for a couple of hours and look at it doesn't work.

00:11:40.830 --> 00:11:46.200 Tyler Pina: Yeah, yeah, there's, there's been times where you, you know, you see the space ahead of time. You think you know what's going to work.

00:11:46.620 --> 00:11:57.270 Tyler Pina: But then, maybe there's a window, and we were depending on that window light and we looked at the location and it was a sunny day. But then the next day, it's cloudy so

00:11:57.540 --> 00:12:07.740 Tyler Pina: You know, you have to change everything up, or there's a room that you want, because it has this unique look. But then once you get all the cameras in there and the lights in there, it ends up looking very different and I think

00:12:10.080 --> 00:12:16.350 Tyler Pina: Sometimes it's if it's something's not working. I think it's best to right away just decided, okay, we need to, like, and

00:12:16.800 --> 00:12:24.270 Tyler Pina: Stop what we're doing and just make a new plan because it's going to be faster than trying to make this work and it's going to end up, you know, looking better if we go somewhere else. So there's a lot of

00:12:24.840 --> 00:12:35.130 Tyler Pina: planning that goes into filming. But, you know, you also have to be able to change things on the spot and know have a team that will be able to adapt. I think that's really important. It's a

00:12:35.190 --> 00:12:43.410 Graham Dobbin: Really interesting insight, because a lot of the companies I work with one of the challenges is keeping on going down a road that the plans.

00:12:43.800 --> 00:12:56.460 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, the more the road drawn bit changing it almost seems too big. And there's almost a hope that things will work or things will just come out before, what you're saying is you need to make that decision quickly.

00:12:56.760 --> 00:13:05.310 Tyler Pina: Yeah, I don't like to waste time i i if the second I get like an inkling that something's going wrong. I'll usually step in

00:13:06.450 --> 00:13:15.270 Tyler Pina: And if I maybe sometimes I'll let it go and see where it goes. But like, once I know it's like we need to stop trying to make fetch happen just fit a new girls reference

00:13:19.110 --> 00:13:23.490 Tyler Pina: But yeah, I think it's important to to be able to shift gears and there's, you know,

00:13:23.790 --> 00:13:35.610 Tyler Pina: Onset you're limited to what you have to work with. But there's endless opportunities with that palette. You can always like mix the colors a different way. So, um, yeah, I'm not. I don't like to be afraid of.

00:13:36.540 --> 00:13:47.880 Tyler Pina: If we started to waste time I would rather just, you know, let let that be what it is and then move forward worse versus trying to like spend more time on it, and maybe wasting more time because time is limited on set.

00:13:48.090 --> 00:13:50.700 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, time is limited, finances are limited.

00:13:50.700 --> 00:13:52.110 Graham Dobbin: people's time is limited, so you've

00:13:52.110 --> 00:13:54.210 Graham Dobbin: Maybe only got seven people for certain motor

00:13:54.210 --> 00:13:55.110 Tyler Pina: Time. Yeah.

00:13:55.320 --> 00:14:08.460 Graham Dobbin: You to get squeezed and so it you know it's it's a very brief process from what I saw. It's, it's very brave to be able to target not stop let's redo this. I know there's going to take another hour, but that's not working.

00:14:08.700 --> 00:14:18.270 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, just making that call is a big one. And we're gonna go to break, just in the morning and after the break, I kind of want to explore a little bit about the teamwork.

00:14:18.540 --> 00:14:26.010 Graham Dobbin: But also about some of the things that you've done and the awards that you've won because some of them are quite spectacular, but one of the things I do want it all.

00:14:26.700 --> 00:14:34.710 Graham Dobbin: When we come back from break is what was the first. What's the first thing you have a short. And do you still have it. So, have a think about that.

00:14:34.740 --> 00:14:35.700 Graham Dobbin: Well, the first one knows.

00:14:35.880 --> 00:14:48.930 Graham Dobbin: You're listening to the mind behind leadership. We're live on talk radio dot NYC we're speaking to tailor Pina, and he is in LA this evening, and we'll talk about leadership behind the camera. We'll be right back after these

00:14:52.710 --> 00:14:53.970 Tyler Pina: at WWW.

00:17:04.980 --> 00:17:12.810 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the bang bang leadership, we're speaking with that title Tinea this evening, Tyler. What was your first film.

00:17:14.670 --> 00:17:20.850 Graham Dobbin: I've got, I've got confession to me again because I'm Scottish we struggled to see film. So if you hear me say film.

00:17:21.900 --> 00:17:27.540 Tyler Pina: I want there's there's a there's a story you goes in there somewhere that's totally fine.

00:17:28.800 --> 00:17:29.340 Graham Dobbin: So what

00:17:29.430 --> 00:17:30.390 Graham Dobbin: Was your first

00:17:30.570 --> 00:17:42.450 Tyler Pina: Yeah, so I mean other than the stuff I did when I was a kid in my base my mom's basement. Like I'm which I'm not counting that the first thing that I ever shot was in college.

00:17:44.040 --> 00:17:51.000 Tyler Pina: There was a commercial for Doritos, and it wasn't like they didn't like contract me or anything. They had a competition for their Super Bowl commercial

00:17:51.480 --> 00:18:04.770 Tyler Pina: And I found out about it and I was a freshman in college. I just got to like the film program and I convince the one of my teachers. So like loan me his camera gear and lighting and we we had like

00:18:05.280 --> 00:18:18.180 Tyler Pina: Some, like some of my friends were in it, it was, it was actually kind of hilarious. If I think I have it somewhere. We ended up, you know, breaking through a wall like it was very dramatic, but that was the first thing I shot.

00:18:19.620 --> 00:18:28.530 Tyler Pina: It. It's so weird looking back on it now, though, like how I thought it was so great, but like knowing what I know now. It was awful.

00:18:29.910 --> 00:18:32.010 Tyler Pina: I was like, how do we not win, but now I look back, I'm like,

00:18:35.400 --> 00:18:39.450 Graham Dobbin: So so so. Is that the plan, you need to get one of your commercials into Super Bowl.

00:18:39.840 --> 00:18:54.660 Tyler Pina: Yeah, I just thought I was like, you know, I was young and ambitious, I always like have bigger goals than, than I probably should. But it's kept me moving forward, but it was, I was like, Yeah, I'm gonna do this will be my first breakout thing of a Super Bowl commercial

00:18:55.530 --> 00:18:57.810 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, we'll have a have a regular spot every year.

00:18:57.900 --> 00:18:58.170 Yeah.

00:18:59.580 --> 00:19:05.700 Graham Dobbin: Hey, here's the thing. It 20 years old you had an internationally distributed movie, how

00:19:06.540 --> 00:19:07.410 Tyler Pina: Yeah, so

00:19:07.620 --> 00:19:14.040 Tyler Pina: So that one I was still in college as well on. So when I went. So I went to Kent State and at the time.

00:19:14.670 --> 00:19:26.790 Tyler Pina: That I got there, they didn't quite have a film program. Um, and I wasn't actually going to go to school for film. I always loved film, but I didn't understand that it could be

00:19:27.180 --> 00:19:35.910 Tyler Pina: Like a true job. I just didn't think it was like, I thought it was just like a dream, but not really. You know, something we could do for a living. So I went, I went to Kent for architecture.

00:19:36.390 --> 00:19:45.630 Tyler Pina: But like a month before school started I did an internship at an architect firm and I realized I have no interest in our kids.

00:19:46.620 --> 00:19:56.370 Tyler Pina: And I you know I figured if I'm gonna put work into something I better really care about it. So I thought I'll go into film or go to camp, and then I'll do like a semester there and then

00:19:56.910 --> 00:20:03.900 Tyler Pina: Transfer to, you know, bigger film school and probably in LA or New York, but when I got there.

00:20:04.170 --> 00:20:12.330 Tyler Pina: I realized they had a lot of really good tools and there was a studio. They had you know a lot there. But they didn't quite have like a full

00:20:12.600 --> 00:20:24.270 Tyler Pina: Film program they had like a they call it electronic media production, it was kind of like a journalism program needs like live TV. And so I i worked. I love all of my teachers and I love

00:20:25.410 --> 00:20:39.300 Tyler Pina: Like all my friends there and it was just, it was like a really cool experience for me and it felt like I needed to stay there. So I worked with the administration to help build a film program and part of the film program.

00:20:40.320 --> 00:20:51.450 Tyler Pina: We created a feature film. So the first semester was scripting and pre production and the teachers were there to help, but I kind of was as the director, I, I like

00:20:51.810 --> 00:21:04.380 Tyler Pina: Led a lot of the classes as well. And then in the summer we shot and then in the fall, we did post production. So it wasn't like a very high budget film, but we did end up securing distribution with

00:21:04.830 --> 00:21:17.130 Tyler Pina: Family video which I don't think there's any more available, but at the time it was a really cool deal to like go into the family video store where you would rent movies and see like a movie that I made. So that was

00:21:17.520 --> 00:21:18.120 Tyler Pina: That was cool.

00:21:18.480 --> 00:21:20.970 Graham Dobbin: You have that old that you can remember renting movies.

00:21:21.390 --> 00:21:21.630 Yeah.

00:21:23.700 --> 00:21:24.180 Tyler Pina: Yeah.

00:21:25.620 --> 00:21:26.550 Graham Dobbin: Remember the word

00:21:28.290 --> 00:21:38.400 Graham Dobbin: So you've, you've done that, that again I'm hearing a theme coming through. I went to an architecture firm, I realized that wasn't for me. I made the decision to stop and go to

00:21:38.430 --> 00:21:39.420 Go different oh yeah

00:21:41.100 --> 00:21:47.730 Graham Dobbin: There's a bit of a thing going here that we've got that, that moment where when something's not right. My guess is, there's some kind of feeling or something.

00:21:47.790 --> 00:21:48.180 Tyler Pina: You just

00:21:48.240 --> 00:21:49.800 Graham Dobbin: You've got to get away from it, you move it.

00:21:50.370 --> 00:21:52.410 Tyler Pina: But yeah, I guess, I guess you're right.

00:21:52.650 --> 00:21:53.250 Yeah.

00:21:54.960 --> 00:22:00.990 Graham Dobbin: It is still you've got Emmys tally Cindy's what's the process for getting awards.

00:22:01.470 --> 00:22:01.890 Um,

00:22:04.830 --> 00:22:09.960 Tyler Pina: First you have to make something and it has to be pretty good. And that's

00:22:11.670 --> 00:22:13.980 Graham Dobbin: Okay, that's, that's just a set the bar too high.

00:22:15.810 --> 00:22:27.390 Tyler Pina: And then it's like, it's a lot of paperwork. He submitted and you know for the bigger words. A lot of times there's a campaign, people don't, I don't think people realize like with the Oscars and with, you know, Academy Award

00:22:28.020 --> 00:22:36.630 Tyler Pina: Sorry. The oh my god I'm blinking. We're just going to go with the Oscars and the other big awards, like, a lot of times, you know, before they make

00:22:36.840 --> 00:22:43.560 Tyler Pina: The movie, they'll decide, okay, this is going to be our, you know, our Oscar contender. So we'll put this budget together.

00:22:43.800 --> 00:22:50.970 Tyler Pina: And, you know, they put money into billboards and just getting, you know, extra attention about the film. So when people go to vote on it.

00:22:51.240 --> 00:22:58.380 Tyler Pina: They, you know, it's familiar they you know they more likely they like it. So, it is interesting. Like, how much of it is, you know, obviously.

00:22:58.740 --> 00:23:11.880 Tyler Pina: There's skill and everyone that receives it is nominated for these awards. They have to be super talented, they put a lot of work into it. But there's also that like PR element where you know they're consciously pushing this film.

00:23:12.360 --> 00:23:18.330 Tyler Pina: Which I thought was kind of interesting. I didn't really learn about that until I moved to LA and I saw kind of the behind the scenes and how

00:23:19.470 --> 00:23:25.920 Tyler Pina: There's just like a lot of things that, you know, think about that seem like they're just natural and organic but haven't planned out for months.

00:23:26.970 --> 00:23:30.360 Graham Dobbin: And these are the kind of things that Rick Yaeger base wants to speak about the wards evenings.

00:23:31.680 --> 00:23:38.940 Graham Dobbin: Thanks to oh I'm so how do you find out when you've been successful to be sent via WhatsApp message or something when

00:23:40.590 --> 00:23:41.370 Graham Dobbin: Did he tell you

00:23:42.090 --> 00:23:46.110 Tyler Pina: Um, I got an email actually for that for the Emmys,

00:23:47.220 --> 00:23:54.630 Tyler Pina: And they were like, he gets like okay, cool. And we went and I was working at the verge at the time I was doing

00:23:55.950 --> 00:24:03.240 Tyler Pina: A lot of their West Coast like producing and directing we put together a series called next level with Lauren. Good. And so that's the one that

00:24:03.720 --> 00:24:15.300 Tyler Pina: We submitted like two episodes and they both were nominated and one ended up winning and we got to go onstage except the word there's whole ceremony. It was really cool.

00:24:17.190 --> 00:24:20.430 Graham Dobbin: Do you think we'll get you think we've got a chance to be on stage together.

00:24:20.490 --> 00:24:27.660 Tyler Pina: You never know. I mean, I like I'd like to think so, you know, I always have big goals. So I say, I say, yeah, let's let's aim for it.

00:24:29.130 --> 00:24:31.740 Graham Dobbin: Talk to me about 88 cents. This

00:24:31.980 --> 00:24:42.120 Tyler Pina: Big so eight cents on that was my first short film that it's a short film, but it's it's 40 minutes, almost. It's actually pretty long for a short film.

00:24:42.870 --> 00:24:52.110 Tyler Pina: That was my first film that was all me in terms of, like, directing, producing the other films. I was either part of a team.

00:24:52.560 --> 00:24:57.660 Tyler Pina: On but you know at this point of my life. I was still working at the verge I took a week off.

00:24:58.260 --> 00:25:11.280 Tyler Pina: For vacation. And then I decided, and I planned it out like months in advance, and then I decided, You know, I kind of want to make a film instead. So I just kind of started thinking of ideas and what you know I really wanted to make a film.

00:25:12.750 --> 00:25:21.990 Tyler Pina: That had a message. I thought you know if I'm taking the time to, you know, give myself a platform. I want to like talk about something that I thought was important.

00:25:22.590 --> 00:25:28.620 Tyler Pina: At the time I was living in San Francisco and the homeless this like population is very high. There

00:25:29.370 --> 00:25:44.940 Tyler Pina: And I also started going to this cafe, and it was all run by people who had gotten out of prison and so I met a lot of people that you know had gotten out of prison and you know the

00:25:45.570 --> 00:25:56.580 Tyler Pina: The life after prison is very difficult. And it's hard to integrate back into society. And a lot of them and homeless and so from their stories and from, you know, people that I talked to in the city. I kind of

00:25:57.450 --> 00:26:04.230 Tyler Pina: Came up with a story that I thought was important to tell about a young man getting out of prison and falling into homelessness in San Francisco.

00:26:05.010 --> 00:26:08.070 Tyler Pina: And the purpose was really just to make something that I

00:26:08.640 --> 00:26:14.010 Tyler Pina: Living in San Francisco. You just see the homeless everywhere. Like you walk down any street, the most expensive apartments.

00:26:14.250 --> 00:26:19.860 Tyler Pina: The same street. There are people laying on the ground and you don't even know if they're alive or not like it. It's everywhere.

00:26:20.100 --> 00:26:31.980 Tyler Pina: And you get numb to it used to it and people just walk by and and I didn't like that feeling. I wanted to force people to like stare at these people that they're ignoring and understand that they have a story too.

00:26:32.400 --> 00:26:40.680 Tyler Pina: And so the goal of the film was just to kind of raise awareness and make people feel really bad, I guess.

00:26:42.270 --> 00:26:54.060 Tyler Pina: And just kind of thinking about things a little bit and and it ended up doing really well we we played in so many countries like all over the world. It was really fun touring with it and and

00:26:54.660 --> 00:27:00.270 Tyler Pina: You know, going to all the different festivals that one a bunch of awards and and I started doing SCREENINGS AFTERWARDS with

00:27:01.110 --> 00:27:11.130 Tyler Pina: Different cities that we're working on programs to help people, you know, getting out of prison, you know, get off on a better foot programs that were helping homelessness and kind of

00:27:11.730 --> 00:27:20.190 Tyler Pina: Putting it together in a way where it was like you watch the film you feel really bad. And then it's you know afterwards. It's kind of like okay well what can I do about it. This seems like a problem. I can't

00:27:20.520 --> 00:27:26.190 Tyler Pina: Do anything about. So then people feel overwhelmed. But then I would pair it with speakers and people

00:27:26.700 --> 00:27:39.810 Tyler Pina: That are working to help and change things and showing the success of their programs to kind of show that all it takes is a little bit of effort and we can make a difference. So that was kind of like where it ended up and now it's on Amazon and you can stream it

00:27:42.300 --> 00:27:45.030 Graham Dobbin: How's things changed for you since that chemo.

00:27:46.080 --> 00:27:52.620 Tyler Pina: Um, that was when I decided, so when I went to can and a lot of those festivals. I met a lot of people in the industry.

00:27:52.920 --> 00:27:58.020 Tyler Pina: I was still working full time for the verge doing more you know documentary journalism type

00:27:58.320 --> 00:28:16.260 Tyler Pina: Content. And that was kind of the point when I was at. Can I realized that like I have enough of a network now where I can do my own thing start my own company and you know dive into the LA film scene. And so for me it was that kind of launched my career, I would say that film.

00:28:17.310 --> 00:28:19.740 Tyler Pina: And like where I am now, at least so

00:28:19.950 --> 00:28:24.120 Graham Dobbin: When we come back from the rain. We will talk about the team. We didn't quite get this

00:28:25.440 --> 00:28:35.550 Graham Dobbin: Because this is really, really interesting and kind of we're probably going to want to explore just for what drives you considering what the success has been there.

00:28:36.840 --> 00:28:43.470 Graham Dobbin: My name is Graham Dobbin you're listening to the mind behind leadership. WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK WITH Tyler after these

00:31:12.030 --> 00:31:17.550 Graham Dobbin: You're listening to the mind behind glue to ship a live in New York. We're talking to Tyler opinion in LA.

00:31:18.030 --> 00:31:30.900 Graham Dobbin: About his film career as a filmmaker a producer, director, and we just been speaking about these awards and 88 cents. It's 167 awards. It's really hit home with a number of people. Um,

00:31:31.710 --> 00:31:40.500 Graham Dobbin: I've worked in the UK with some organizations doing exactly that trying, you know, working with homeless was working with people rehabilitating after prison, etc.

00:31:41.070 --> 00:31:53.610 Graham Dobbin: Do you think with your opportunity to, you know, record, be able to create stories and getting them to the matter is that it's actually your duty. When you see some point this to do that was, was that a driver.

00:31:54.240 --> 00:32:16.680 Tyler Pina: Yeah, I do. I definitely feel like I have an ability to tell stories. I have an ability to see someone. And for some reason, able to understand their story and I feel I do feel like a responsibility to make sure that I'm telling stories that connects people or

00:32:18.150 --> 00:32:33.810 Tyler Pina: Just provide information that we wouldn't have. I mean, that's, that's probably my driving force is is to connect people and to tell stories that I think need to be told. I mean, it's fun. It's fun to make movies. It's fun.

00:32:34.050 --> 00:32:34.620 Tyler Pina: To

00:32:34.680 --> 00:32:47.160 Tyler Pina: Make shows and do documentaries, but like, for me, it's a lot of work to and my heart has to be in, and I have to feel like I need to be making this otherwise it's just I don't know.

00:32:48.600 --> 00:32:49.320 Tyler Pina: The answer

00:32:50.100 --> 00:32:59.940 Graham Dobbin: Is, I suppose. I mean, it feels like that. This is a driver and you know you're entrepreneur you own your own business. I'm kind of want to go into that and how we've joined the team around

00:33:00.450 --> 00:33:05.670 Graham Dobbin: I'm be owning your own businesses, if you want to do good. You need to do some of the commercial work as well.

00:33:05.730 --> 00:33:20.100 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, the old phrase of put your own your own oxygen mask on. First, once you look after yourself that you can begin to look after the others, it tends to be the driver is something a little bit more elaborate. So we just curious about what your driver was

00:33:20.280 --> 00:33:30.810 Tyler Pina: Yeah, yeah. No, it's, it's definitely and even with the day to day like the commercial work and all of those you know projects I've been fortunate to have gotten to a place where

00:33:31.770 --> 00:33:41.340 Tyler Pina: Businesses good and I've been able to be a little bit selective of projects that I take on. So, even those projects that are like the money makers and they're not the full passion projects.

00:33:41.790 --> 00:33:49.110 Tyler Pina: A lot of times they there's something about them that I feel like I'm contributing, you know, to society in some way.

00:33:49.680 --> 00:33:49.860 Or

00:33:51.330 --> 00:33:54.360 Graham Dobbin: You take some of the other ones. It will give you the opportunity to do something.

00:33:54.360 --> 00:33:56.760 Tyler Pina: Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So

00:33:57.360 --> 00:34:08.130 Graham Dobbin: So just looking at the industry from the little line though is really full on so you get this project and everything's thrown at it for a period of time.

00:34:08.580 --> 00:34:21.690 Graham Dobbin: And then relax. How do you deal with that. How do you deal with that kind of not fool on everything is geared towards that you're living in hotels and our suitcases or backpacks, or whatever it is to then unwind.

00:34:22.170 --> 00:34:24.660 Tyler Pina: You know, I haven't. I can't say that I've

00:34:25.380 --> 00:34:26.490 Been able to unwind. Yeah.

00:34:27.690 --> 00:34:28.110 Tyler Pina: I don't know.

00:34:30.270 --> 00:34:34.650 Tyler Pina: But you know, I, I've always been project based

00:34:34.830 --> 00:34:54.090 Tyler Pina: And I've always like in school even like I would be up till 3am working on something getting really hooked in like don't want to leave the computer and then I'll you know burn myself out just like relax and a normal like nine to five work day just doesn't

00:34:56.190 --> 00:35:01.560 Tyler Pina: Fulfill the need to feel like I'm doing something. I don't know.

00:35:02.760 --> 00:35:11.520 Tyler Pina: But it's it's it's almost like every time you have a project. I feel like it's like giving birth, like every

00:35:12.750 --> 00:35:18.120 Tyler Pina: Little there's an analogy I I mean I've never given birth and I probably never will.

00:35:18.570 --> 00:35:30.780 Tyler Pina: But, so I guess I can't speak on that, but it's in the sense of like you go through this pregnancy, you're working towards something. Yeah. And then at the end, you've it's hard and it's tough. And it's maybe like the most difficult time in your life.

00:35:32.490 --> 00:35:49.620 Tyler Pina: And then you know you have a baby you've created something and you get to enjoy that. But, you know, for me it's like the second that you know it's the project is finished. So we have the you know the videos out the film's out. I'm kind of like okay well I miss that process of

00:35:49.680 --> 00:35:51.870 Graham Dobbin: Making it so I'm ready for the next one.

00:35:52.230 --> 00:36:03.270 Tyler Pina: I feel like I probably have like a two day period after every project where I'm like, Okay, I need a break. There was a lot. And then it's like, once I've relaxed for two days, it's like, Okay, what's next.

00:36:04.980 --> 00:36:05.310 Tyler Pina: So,

00:36:05.340 --> 00:36:10.020 Graham Dobbin: So when a project comes out is they are you excited, is it relief.

00:36:10.500 --> 00:36:19.080 Tyler Pina: Yeah, it's a huge sense of relief because every time I have a project I'm constantly thinking about it, no matter what I'm doing. So even if I'm not working on it.

00:36:19.290 --> 00:36:30.570 Tyler Pina: I'm still like creatively thinking about it. The story is going through my head 100 different times. Maybe if we tweak this or change that I'm obviously excited for people to see it by the end of it.

00:36:31.440 --> 00:36:38.190 Tyler Pina: But it is i think it's it's a lot of relief because all of a sudden, all of that is just lifted and then a blank canvas again.

00:36:39.630 --> 00:36:49.050 Graham Dobbin: I've seen your work is a supposing your role as a director and producer. But I kind of look at it, maybe in a slightly different way is is a leader of teams.

00:36:49.680 --> 00:36:50.190 Graham Dobbin: And

00:36:50.250 --> 00:37:06.270 Graham Dobbin: I see how you pull people together how your creative how you keep cam when we've already said you know there's budgets there the timings there there's environmental things are changing all around us and you seem to keep your camp. How did you land to do that.

00:37:07.680 --> 00:37:09.480 Tyler Pina: Oh, I think.

00:37:11.070 --> 00:37:17.400 Tyler Pina: I don't know if I'm i don't i think that I've always kind of been that way. I've just always realized that

00:37:17.940 --> 00:37:29.520 Tyler Pina: Losing your calm doesn't make it easier and it makes people more stressed and then they can't work you know as efficiently under those conditions. So,

00:37:30.300 --> 00:37:42.180 Tyler Pina: Onset specifically when the. It's like the most stressful and the time is the most limited I tried to create an environment that feels more relaxed, so that way people

00:37:42.480 --> 00:37:51.390 Tyler Pina: They already are anxious and stressed. I want them to feel less anxious and stressed, so that way they can just focus. And so when things go wrong, you know,

00:37:52.350 --> 00:37:59.790 Tyler Pina: I don't get angry or upset. Like, that's not going to make it better. So we just try and find the solution. Just like everything is is very solution based

00:38:00.810 --> 00:38:08.610 Tyler Pina: And just like fixing fixing the problem, moving forward, rather than, you know, freaking out about it so

00:38:09.870 --> 00:38:14.310 Graham Dobbin: Did you have a nucleus of a crew, you know, professionals that you work with on a regular basis.

00:38:14.340 --> 00:38:22.980 Tyler Pina: Yeah, I have a pretty big nut network of people that I work with, and it's different, depending on the project, but there's like a core

00:38:23.580 --> 00:38:31.500 Tyler Pina: Group that I've been working with a lot lately. I think for what we do. I kind of talked about earlier how every role is very specific and specialized

00:38:31.920 --> 00:38:38.460 Tyler Pina: It's really important to have a team that you know their abilities and you can trust them.

00:38:38.850 --> 00:38:48.030 Tyler Pina: Because if I try and put my hands and everything all at once. I'm just one person. And that's just not, it's not going to be as good as if I have someone that's super specialized

00:38:48.210 --> 00:39:02.340 Tyler Pina: Let them do their thing. Like give them my vision and know that they'll be able to execute it and and kind of do that with each department. So the number one thing for every project for me is putting together a team that I trust and that I can rely on

00:39:03.690 --> 00:39:16.470 Tyler Pina: I can't take credit for any of my projects, it's, it's the team. It's a team effort. Every single job from, you know, the producer to the cinematographer to the person getting coffee is equally important.

00:39:17.460 --> 00:39:27.120 Tyler Pina: So I think for me it's it's the hardest part is, I mean, I guess it hasn't been hard. But I feel like it should be the most difficult part is, is finding the right team.

00:39:27.690 --> 00:39:38.610 Tyler Pina: And then once you have the team everything kind of usually should fall into place. If everyone knows what they're doing. They work well together and have a good attitude. I think that's really important and leave that you get out the door.

00:39:40.200 --> 00:39:45.240 Graham Dobbin: I support you can have very, very talented camera people for any role.

00:39:45.330 --> 00:39:46.800 Graham Dobbin: If they don't have the right attitude.

00:39:46.890 --> 00:39:53.940 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, you know, a kind of a ways the talent really yeah I'm acute. It's just, it's just us talking so you can tell me this.

00:39:55.080 --> 00:39:55.590 Tyler Pina: Stuff.

00:39:55.980 --> 00:39:56.460 I'm

00:39:57.600 --> 00:40:01.050 Graham Dobbin: Here we talked regularly, but he goes in front of the camera.

00:40:01.110 --> 00:40:01.650 Tyler Pina: Of the

00:40:01.710 --> 00:40:03.810 Graham Dobbin: Who's behind the camera to deal with.

00:40:04.740 --> 00:40:12.900 Tyler Pina: Um. Yeah, there definitely are in the industry. I have been very fortunate. But I think it's because I choose. Let's see, so

00:40:13.950 --> 00:40:23.850 Tyler Pina: But I haven't had any issues on on my side on any of my production is actually everyone's been super dedicated to the project super enthusiastic.

00:40:24.210 --> 00:40:32.520 Tyler Pina: Really easy to work with small moments here and there, but it's never like on we like afterwards, we'll talk about how the day went

00:40:33.480 --> 00:40:48.900 Tyler Pina: All individually talk to people, or maybe we'll have a group meeting. And sometimes we'll see you know this, this happened here. This can happen again, things like that, but nothing really major, but a lot of I've heard that's not the case for a lot of productions.

00:40:50.310 --> 00:40:58.620 Tyler Pina: It's sometimes it gets hard when you have a really big project and you just need a lot of people, a lot of times, like, you know, the people you go to might be, you know,

00:40:59.430 --> 00:41:10.290 Tyler Pina: Books and you just need someone last minute so you know I it's not an easy thing to curate a good team, but I tried really hard to do that just because it makes everything easier.

00:41:10.560 --> 00:41:15.870 Graham Dobbin: It's entirely up to the project management comparison earlier.

00:41:16.170 --> 00:41:23.190 Graham Dobbin: And to be the smoothness of running up a project comes back to that project manager, the person that pulls them together. It's their attitude.

00:41:23.640 --> 00:41:37.410 Graham Dobbin: Yes, skill comes into. Of course it doesn't sound comes into. Of course it does. But most that the highest part is, is the main set their attitude and their approach and you get that right. You can you can get Ramos things. Yeah.

00:41:37.470 --> 00:41:37.740 Tyler Pina: I think

00:41:38.610 --> 00:41:48.450 Graham Dobbin: You've got you. So you've got this, you've got some great talented people you've got you've curated, um, I agree. Team Arranger but then you've got other people in front. So you've got people like need something up.

00:41:49.800 --> 00:41:53.310 Graham Dobbin: Inexperienced all that excited and giddy.

00:41:54.720 --> 00:42:00.870 Graham Dobbin: Being on camera and try to do the right thing. And my guess is that's not always easy to manage

00:42:01.140 --> 00:42:13.170 Tyler Pina: I mean, I have to say you were one of the easiest people to work with. I just have to give you credit because I know you're not on camera that often, but you made my job so much easier because

00:42:13.410 --> 00:42:20.250 Tyler Pina: A lot of projects, when you're working with people that aren't actors, um, you have to assume that they're going to be really bad. So you

00:42:20.250 --> 00:42:24.360 Tyler Pina: Plan for the workers like I have my legacy that just wasn't no it wasn't

00:42:25.140 --> 00:42:34.320 Tyler Pina: No, you were, you were great. And I was ready for you to not be good, just in case. But then you showed up and you did everything like so quickly. I would tell you

00:42:34.530 --> 00:42:45.000 Tyler Pina: One line and I was ready to explain with, like, three more paragraphs that you just got it and you just like went with it. And then if somehow you knew what I was going to ask for next time you went with that. And it was really

00:42:45.270 --> 00:42:51.270 Graham Dobbin: We think this big of mutual love of what, here's the thing. You created an atmosphere where the wish just immediately.

00:42:51.900 --> 00:43:06.690 Graham Dobbin: And that was really obvious. It was obvious that the crew everybody that around but kind of one unit. There was, there was there was no separation on it. It was just like you were just part of a team so that that felt if I'm being honest. That was how it was molded

00:43:10.620 --> 00:43:17.040 Graham Dobbin: You know, before we go to debate with a combination assisting other favorite projects that jump out to you obviously et sense

00:43:17.160 --> 00:43:27.270 Graham Dobbin: Isn't really jump out in the year, you know, you, you're one that there was when you were 20 years old and got internationally distributed, but what other ones jump out to you.

00:43:28.440 --> 00:43:33.330 Graham Dobbin: As far as like, you know what, I can recreate that get just even how we did it.

00:43:33.510 --> 00:43:46.530 Tyler Pina: Yeah, I did. I mean actually another one, another show. I did this year. I really enjoyed it was called women in business for the Girl Scouts of America. It was similar to

00:43:47.220 --> 00:43:56.010 Tyler Pina: The combat coach where we were working with real people and we were pairing like female entrepreneurs with a business coach.

00:43:56.910 --> 00:44:12.150 Tyler Pina: And it was it was similar but also very different show, but that was really fun to work on. I did another show when I was working before I worked at the verge I worked at ricotta. And we did a series called women in tech and I learned a lot about the

00:44:14.520 --> 00:44:31.410 Tyler Pina: Just like the discrimination against women in the workplace and and so it was really cool to this felt like a follow up to that, in a sense, like I felt really fortunate that I got to work on another show to kind of showcase more female leaders and

00:44:32.550 --> 00:44:39.510 Tyler Pina: I just felt lucky that I was able to work on a project like that with an area that I think is really important. So

00:44:40.110 --> 00:44:41.370 Graham Dobbin: Again, when we're coming back to

00:44:41.400 --> 00:44:42.630 Graham Dobbin: Another theme. The theme.

00:44:42.630 --> 00:44:56.670 Graham Dobbin: This field feel that this is important. So the story needs to be told. We're going to go to break when we come back from the break when the final section. This is flying through kind of what's next for you. What kind of advice would you give your idea young Tyler coming through.

00:44:56.970 --> 00:45:01.200 Graham Dobbin: As a rule be there'll be young Tyler's thinking about this and what would you do

00:45:01.440 --> 00:45:13.770 Graham Dobbin: Maybe differently, of course, what advice would you give them talk about that after the break, you're listening to the meantime leadership live on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbin were with Tyler pinion we'll be back right after these

00:45:20.310 --> 00:45:21.450 Educated in

00:47:36.540 --> 00:47:38.700 Graham Dobbin: We're having fun here we're listening to the get the thing

00:47:41.160 --> 00:47:51.540 Graham Dobbin: Done. So anybody who's listening to this podcast. Let's sing and Facebook Live. We were kind of dancing there during the break and Tyler. I'm, I'm curious, you've got

00:47:53.370 --> 00:48:10.050 Graham Dobbin: So many things going on here. You've got your own business. I'm having much. I'm just curious how much of your decision making ghost comes down to gut instinct. When we're thinking about business decisions. So you're. You're in your element that this is where your skill is is on the set.

00:48:10.530 --> 00:48:13.080 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, you got decisions as well.

00:48:13.410 --> 00:48:22.500 Tyler Pina: I think I think it all kind of comes down to, to the gut instinct. Obviously, I always like to make informed decisions.

00:48:24.240 --> 00:48:35.700 Tyler Pina: Maybe those information informs my gut, BUT I LIKE TO TRUST MY INSTINCTS I feel like especially with, you know, the work that I do like onset, it's a it's a lot

00:48:36.150 --> 00:48:49.560 Tyler Pina: A lot of the work when you're directing is you can't really explain it. There's not like always a logical element. It's kind of have to like trust what you're thinking and go with it. And I've done that enough times where I feel like I trust my gut.

00:48:50.730 --> 00:48:58.020 Tyler Pina: And so in in life in in most of my life in in business, you know, as a business owner, I would say.

00:48:59.190 --> 00:49:02.250 Tyler Pina: Pretty much every decision. It's like a gut decision.

00:49:03.030 --> 00:49:07.800 Graham Dobbin: So whether you take on a project, whether somebody you know you add someone to your team.

00:49:09.210 --> 00:49:11.910 Graham Dobbin: That comes down to this field right

00:49:12.120 --> 00:49:13.380 Tyler Pina: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

00:49:14.430 --> 00:49:15.330 Graham Dobbin: Okay, what seems

00:49:15.810 --> 00:49:17.190 Graham Dobbin: seems to have worked so far so

00:49:18.510 --> 00:49:18.870 Tyler Pina: We'll see.

00:49:20.280 --> 00:49:21.570 Graham Dobbin: It done pretty well.

00:49:21.840 --> 00:49:22.350 Okay.

00:49:23.370 --> 00:49:26.880 Graham Dobbin: challenges have you come up against come across in the business.

00:49:27.450 --> 00:49:28.200 I'm

00:49:30.900 --> 00:49:43.410 Graham Dobbin: Just what you're thinking about that I deal with lots of people who really, really good at what they do, you know, professionals who are just exceptionally talented at what they do, that may be in law might be, you know, it might be a designer. The could be

00:49:44.490 --> 00:49:45.840 Graham Dobbin: All different types of things.

00:49:46.170 --> 00:49:52.110 Graham Dobbin: Um, but then you've got to write business as well, which is a completely different discipline. So what kind of challenges might you have come up against.

00:49:53.310 --> 00:50:17.880 Tyler Pina: Um, you know, I think for me as my business grows, it's growing a little bit faster than I was ready for. So I'm on like a personal level, just running out of time. I guess and realizing really quickly that I need to bring on more help. So just like I guess expanding has been the

00:50:19.080 --> 00:50:23.250 Tyler Pina: I don't want to call it a challenge in the sense that it's been like a downfall.

00:50:23.460 --> 00:50:31.860 Tyler Pina: Because it's actually a really great thing. And I'm like, super I'm really excited about it, but it has been the biggest

00:50:32.310 --> 00:50:43.110 Tyler Pina: Obstacle is making sure that I can keep up with all the work that's coming and all the projects and give everything the right amount of time. I've had to take a huge step back this year.

00:50:43.590 --> 00:50:53.340 Tyler Pina: A lot of the projects I was working on. I would also edit and, you know, just because I wanted that control for the project. And now I have so many projects happening at once.

00:50:53.670 --> 00:50:59.910 Tyler Pina: I've had to build a team really quickly of editors and and just like Onset it's I've always had big crews

00:51:00.510 --> 00:51:12.030 Tyler Pina: And so that's always been part of it. But just like on the more of the day to day things I'm learning that my and I've actually learned a lot from being around all these coaches for this last show for for the Verizon show

00:51:12.750 --> 00:51:26.340 Tyler Pina: That I need to focus my time on the things that are growing the business. The areas that I'm really good at everything else I need to delegate. So just like making sure that I have people that I can trust and rely on

00:51:27.150 --> 00:51:31.680 Graham Dobbin: For for challenges upbringing, giving up maybe puffs, such as editing.

00:51:32.130 --> 00:51:33.990 Graham Dobbin: Or obstacles that you may enjoy

00:51:34.170 --> 00:51:45.360 Tyler Pina: Or you may want to do specific yeah it's things that I've always liked and I feel like I'm good at and but it's knowing that my time needs to be spent on more important things, otherwise.

00:51:45.990 --> 00:52:03.810 Tyler Pina: Everything will fall apart. You know, so it's been recognizing that and and moving forward with that. But it's also been really fun to do that and like building a bigger team having more projects. It's fun to take on a leader like that manager type of role, I guess.

00:52:04.350 --> 00:52:06.300 Graham Dobbin: Um, first name. Where do you see it going

00:52:07.830 --> 00:52:15.780 Tyler Pina: Um, I mean I have a lot of projects lined up for the next year. I want to get to a point where

00:52:16.710 --> 00:52:28.470 Tyler Pina: I think the focus will be later on. I just want to do bigger projects I think just like always like bigger, more exciting projects is the goal. Like, I still want to keep doing what I'm doing. I would love to do a feature.

00:52:29.880 --> 00:52:37.890 Tyler Pina: Soon. Um, and I feel like really ready for that. I have a really strong team. I have a good network in LA.

00:52:39.060 --> 00:52:50.490 Tyler Pina: But for me, again, it's about the story. So I haven't found the right story that I want to tell for that. But that's always something in the back of my mind. This, I think, like the next most exciting project will be a film like a feature length film.

00:52:52.170 --> 00:53:02.580 Tyler Pina: But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the work that's been coming my way. It's always I always so interesting. I feel like I always have a plan. I always and thinking what am I doing in a month. What are we doing next year, but

00:53:03.180 --> 00:53:07.830 Tyler Pina: At the same time, I'm ready for that plan to change. I'm always open. I like to be the sky.

00:53:08.400 --> 00:53:16.650 Tyler Pina: And just kind of say yes to what comes and even if it's different than what I was planning know that maybe this path could be better. So, you know,

00:53:17.190 --> 00:53:27.960 Tyler Pina: Every time I'm ready to, like, okay, what am I going to do next, a project has come to me that I've been really passionate about. So, um, sometimes it's hard to say.

00:53:29.280 --> 00:53:38.310 Graham Dobbin: We've got kind of similar approaches to this where there's so much you can plan. And of course, it's good to plan and understand where you're going. There has to be so much flexibility because

00:53:38.310 --> 00:53:38.760 Tyler Pina: Yeah.

00:53:38.850 --> 00:53:40.530 Graham Dobbin: What kind of projects are going to come up

00:53:40.710 --> 00:53:41.400 Tyler Pina: Exactly.

00:53:41.580 --> 00:53:46.860 Graham Dobbin: I moved to New York, three years ago, I never thought that we we will be working together with Google. And what was we what

00:53:46.860 --> 00:53:48.990 Graham Dobbin: Could be. I know you're all these people, it

00:53:49.020 --> 00:53:50.670 Graham Dobbin: Just kind of happened when you

00:53:50.910 --> 00:54:02.430 Tyler Pina: Network. Yeah, that's exactly. And I think that's like the biggest thing there is, you know, to be in, put yourself in that place. It's, it's important to have a network of people around you that can bring

00:54:03.360 --> 00:54:11.490 Tyler Pina: Those projects to you and it's not an end and not in the sense of like networking like I don't love you know those mixers and things like where it's forced or it's like

00:54:11.790 --> 00:54:18.960 Tyler Pina: You know, I'm here because I want something from you. That just feels weird to me, but it's just like, I've always been very social. And just like having

00:54:19.800 --> 00:54:27.120 Tyler Pina: I like to meet new people interesting people put myself in different environments that I wouldn't always feel comfortable in. And I found that

00:54:27.630 --> 00:54:40.560 Tyler Pina: Cool, new opportunities. I wouldn't even have thought of have ended up coming from being those situations meeting those people building relationships like genuine relationships with people that have led to like you know someone's friend need something or maybe someone has this idea

00:54:42.120 --> 00:54:43.470 Tyler Pina: So, so, yeah.

00:54:44.460 --> 00:54:59.490 Graham Dobbin: What the themes. I'm seeing here that you know Gordon got instinct make decisions quickly when it needs to be. And when you better use of what challenges you can have real magnet. No. Okay, I get it. It's not easy bit as an opportunity

00:54:59.700 --> 00:55:06.330 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, and that's a natural. What would you say to someone who's starting out in this. He's got aspirations to be Tyler

00:55:06.810 --> 00:55:07.830 Tyler Pina: Yeah, I mean I think

00:55:11.400 --> 00:55:19.170 Tyler Pina: For someone who wants to be a persona wants to be a filmmaker get into this industry, probably, like, a lot of industries, I would say the first thing

00:55:19.620 --> 00:55:29.190 Tyler Pina: Is learn about this skill, learn about the industry, the trade, you know, develop that skill but but I think it's really important to

00:55:29.760 --> 00:55:45.870 Tyler Pina: Have a good attitude. I would rather work with somebody who is a b that has a amazing A plus attitude than someone who's an a plus, you know, at their job, but they are maybe like a C or D or an F with the attitude and then I think

00:55:47.130 --> 00:55:57.870 Tyler Pina: It's just putting yourself out there like, don't be afraid to talk to people, don't be afraid to, you know, meet new people for yourself in certain situations because that's where opportunity comes, I think.

00:55:58.590 --> 00:56:10.110 Graham Dobbin: I'm Tyler I mean it's we've known each other long everything. Everything I'm hearing the seedings authentic. It's kinda it's it's what I saw. I've got I'm going to come back to the gut.

00:56:10.950 --> 00:56:16.890 Graham Dobbin: decisions quickly the challenges. It's keeping everybody safe, you get the best out of people by keeping them safe.

00:56:17.580 --> 00:56:30.660 Graham Dobbin: Or they can trust you because you're looking out for them. And yeah, some of it might be a little bit out of the comfort zone it. Hey, that's how real stretch Milan and tailor the hour has absolutely flown by

00:56:30.810 --> 00:56:40.710 Graham Dobbin: And now, thank you so much for giving us a bit of an insight in behind the camera is really easy for everybody to an opinion. What's happening in front

00:56:41.010 --> 00:56:56.790 Graham Dobbin: But just everything that goes in behind and how you pull it together. It was a pleasure speaking with you this evening, you know, this afternoon for you and also working with you. Thank you very much and come back to the mind behind leadership every Thursday.

00:56:58.290 --> 00:56:59.460 Graham Dobbin: Can always promise we're gonna have

00:56:59.490 --> 00:57:00.300 Tyler on but we

00:57:01.500 --> 00:57:13.770 Graham Dobbin: Guess I thank you this evening to Sam Leibovitz who was older, our producer this evening and to make messenger who did a lot of the research for us for the show. So Tyler

00:57:14.820 --> 00:57:16.200 Tyler Pina: will speak again. Thank you.

00:57:16.830 --> 00:57:18.750 Graham Dobbin: So next week. Have a good night.

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