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Thursday, November 19, 2020

2020/11/19 - Getting Ready for the Holiday Season 

[NEW EPISODE] Getting Ready for the Holiday Season 

We know Covid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so let’s plan to end the year on a high note!

Tune in and share what you are thankful for - how can we make the best of the rest of 2020!

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Show Notes

Segment 1: 

Antonia talks about how Thanksgiving will look different this year due to the rising COVID numbers. She then introduces her guest, Tryphena Wade. Tryphena is a long time friend of Antonia who is an actress, singer, and author. She is a returning guest on the show. Since her last appearance, Tryphena published her book, took a cross country trip with her brother, and moved to LA in September. Tryphena talks about the wildfires in Colorado and experiencing her first earthquake in LA. Antonia and Trypheana talk about Tryphena’s experience working on the Broadway production of the Lion King and the hard hit Broadway took due to the pandemic. Tryphena also talks about the art scene in LA and the precautions production teams take while on set. 

Segment 2: 

Antonia asks Tryphena how got into life coaching. Tryphena says many people asked her to coach them. She was shocked by this. Life coaching wasn’t something Tryphena ever thought about doing. She has online courses and one-on-one coaching. She talks about #FearlessFridays which is a show she does that calls for living fearlessly. Tryphena believes that “a lot of us are held back because we are afraid and we aren't even sure what we are afraid of”. Antonia and Tryphena talk about the anxieties about Trump and COVID. Tryphena says, “no decision should be made through fear”. She also says she is grateful for the chance to “slow down” and spend much needed time with family this year. Tryphena then talks about the process of writing her last book. 

Segment 3: 

Antonia asks Tryphena how her Thanksgiving will look with her family being on the other side of the country. They then talk about their opinions on the upcoming vaccine. Typhena talks about the pros of living in LA. She says she loves waking up to the sun, how nature is easily accessible, and her love for palm trees. Antonia asks Tryphena where the last place she traveled was. She went to Aruba last November. Tryphena also says this is not her first time in LA. Antonia asks Tryphena if she has had any celebrity sightings. Antonia and Tryphena wonder what the future of cinema and Broadway will look like. 

Segment 4: 

Amidst the pandemic, Antonia hopes people find their passions and go for it. Tryphena plugs her website: She also plugs her Instagram and Facebook. Antonia asks Tryphena what she hopes for in the new year and she says she wants to focus on her life-coaching business and producing her short film. Tryphena talks about her desire to live overseas. Antonia asks how Tryphena stays sane during the pandemic. She says she “cancels out the noise” and “chooses which voices to listen to”. She also focuses her energy on her passions which bring her joy.


00:00:37.680 --> 00:00:52.230 Antonia Thompson: Good afternoon, everyone. It's Thursday at five o'clock here listening to Antonia and so now you know this week is going to be a little different. I got stuck in between picking up my car from my dealership so

00:00:53.400 --> 00:01:00.510 Antonia Thompson: Part of this is going to be done as I'm driving, I'm not driving my husband is driving me so I hope you will be patient.

00:01:01.080 --> 00:01:06.870 Antonia Thompson: So I'm hoping everyone had a great week. We did our social distancing wearing our mask and staying healthy and happy.

00:01:07.500 --> 00:01:12.240 Antonia Thompson: As we get ready for for for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is gonna look a lot different for everybody.

00:01:12.750 --> 00:01:29.460 Antonia Thompson: As I'm sure you've heard numbers coven numbers of going in everywhere, wherever you're listening from they're going up. Lots of us are red states now and they are discouraging us getting together for Thanksgiving. So it might be a small group of small family.

00:01:31.650 --> 00:01:39.510 Antonia Thompson: But we'll get through it. It's a season so Thanksgiving and Christmas will definitely just be very small gatherings.

00:01:40.140 --> 00:01:50.850 Antonia Thompson: But we'll just have more to be thankful and look forward to the next season. So today. My guest is Tofino Wade intervene is an all good friend of mine that's been on the show before.

00:01:51.420 --> 00:02:01.770 Antonia Thompson: And a life coach. Now, a lot of amazing things that happened in your life. So I can't wait to get her in here so we can start talking, talking to her, and catching up. So true. Fiona. Are you here.

00:02:03.240 --> 00:02:04.890 Tryphena Wade: I am here. Can you hear me.

00:02:05.160 --> 00:02:07.830 Antonia Thompson: Yes, look at you. Beautiful. How are you

00:02:08.220 --> 00:02:10.110 Tryphena Wade: I'm good, how are you. Thank you. I'm

00:02:10.740 --> 00:02:14.310 Antonia Thompson: Good, I'm good. I don't know if you had heard before you came in, I'm

00:02:14.400 --> 00:02:15.990 Antonia Thompson: I'm in a car. As you can see,

00:02:17.880 --> 00:02:26.610 Antonia Thompson: I got really my schedule just got messed up today. It just got messed up. And my husband and I are trying to get to the get to my car before it gets locked in a garage.

00:02:27.030 --> 00:02:31.020 Antonia Thompson: Oh, so we're kind of on the road, but I'm so excited to see

00:02:31.020 --> 00:02:34.650 Tryphena Wade: You see you, too. It's crazy that it's that it's dark.

00:02:35.940 --> 00:02:36.840 Antonia Thompson: I know. Well, let's

00:02:37.500 --> 00:02:40.290 Antonia Thompson: Well, now you are in California. Yeah, I mean,

00:02:41.340 --> 00:02:46.680 Antonia Thompson: It's it's sunny and I'm sure it's warmer than it is here because it's actually very cold.

00:02:47.040 --> 00:02:47.430 Always

00:02:49.080 --> 00:02:49.770 Tryphena Wade: East Coast. Yeah.

00:02:49.830 --> 00:02:55.650 Antonia Thompson: Right, you have that look like you don't know like you've lived in New York forever. So don't act like it was

00:02:55.890 --> 00:02:56.250 So,

00:02:57.720 --> 00:02:59.250 Tryphena Wade: I have already forgotten.

00:03:00.720 --> 00:03:00.990 Antonia Thompson: It was

00:03:02.040 --> 00:03:02.520 Tryphena Wade: Like

00:03:04.350 --> 00:03:09.720 Antonia Thompson: So talk to our listeners bring us up. I know you've been on the show before, um,

00:03:10.170 --> 00:03:14.820 Antonia Thompson: So, talk to us, let us know a little bit about yourself and what you're up to these days.

00:03:14.880 --> 00:03:19.560 Tryphena Wade: Yeah. Well, I think when I was on the show. I think it was probably two years ago, right.

00:03:20.160 --> 00:03:21.750 Antonia Thompson: Yes, yes.

00:03:23.550 --> 00:03:26.490 Tryphena Wade: And I think I had just published my book, I think.

00:03:26.520 --> 00:03:27.600 Antonia Thompson: Yep. Yes, you did.

00:03:27.810 --> 00:03:28.440 So,

00:03:30.330 --> 00:03:33.450 Antonia Thompson: It was good because we had the two shows one show you were working on the book.

00:03:33.810 --> 00:03:35.070 Antonia Thompson: And then by the second show

00:03:35.280 --> 00:03:35.820 Tryphena Wade: That's right.

00:03:36.330 --> 00:03:40.470 Tryphena Wade: That's right. That's right. So yeah, so I mean. Wow, a lot has happened since

00:03:40.500 --> 00:03:42.150 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, you're a mover and shaker.

00:03:42.360 --> 00:03:55.080 Tryphena Wade: I you know I like to keep things I like to keep him moving, you know, um, but no. Yeah, so I have now moved to LA, I actually just been here for about two months. A little about two and a half months now.

00:03:56.370 --> 00:04:09.150 Tryphena Wade: And that's been great. It's, it's, it was a move that I wanted to make for a while. And so even in the midst of everything that has happened this year I was able to go ahead and pull the trigger on that. So I'm really

00:04:09.150 --> 00:04:09.720 Antonia Thompson: Rushing yeah

00:04:10.350 --> 00:04:18.090 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, I'm really grateful for that. I did a cross country trip with my brother. He helped me drive. And when I say he helped me drive. I mean, he did most of the driving

00:04:21.090 --> 00:04:21.300 Antonia Thompson: You

00:04:25.110 --> 00:04:35.580 Tryphena Wade: So yeah, so, um, so, yeah, we drove cross country and and you know I've been here since September. So that's really exciting. It's nice.

00:04:35.640 --> 00:04:37.650 Antonia Thompson: So as you drove where you going from like

00:04:37.710 --> 00:04:41.730 Antonia Thompson: Covert season to next covert season was a covert covert country then

00:04:42.150 --> 00:04:47.520 Tryphena Wade: I mean, yeah, but, I mean, we weren't we only we stopped twice. Um, and

00:04:50.880 --> 00:04:59.970 Tryphena Wade: I mean we you know we weren't in any city long enough to really even be looking at the numbers or anything. You know, so, um,

00:05:00.600 --> 00:05:18.810 Tryphena Wade: So yeah, I mean, it was, it was fine. But, you know, when we were driving a lot of the wildfires were happening. So as as we got further west. Okay, yeah, as we got further west we started seeing like a lot of smoke in parts of Colorado and Utah.

00:05:19.470 --> 00:05:20.490 Antonia Thompson: You know, and then while

00:05:20.730 --> 00:05:30.900 Tryphena Wade: Once we got into California. So we were seeing a lot of smoke in different places. So that was kind of crazy because, you know, we drove through some places that were pretty sick with smoke, you know,

00:05:31.860 --> 00:05:39.600 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. And I remember I was in California. Woof. It was eons ago and at that time there were fires. It was in St. Louis Obispo.

00:05:39.930 --> 00:05:47.160 Antonia Thompson: And I had been campaigning and I remember just stopping to camp. And they were like, Don't unpack anything because when we tell us the time ago.

00:05:47.460 --> 00:05:51.120 Antonia Thompson: You gotta go yeah next morning the car had, like, you know,

00:05:51.180 --> 00:05:53.550 Antonia Thompson: Two inches thick of just ash.

00:05:54.000 --> 00:05:55.170 Antonia Thompson: And it was sad.

00:05:55.200 --> 00:05:58.500 Antonia Thompson: It was just sad to see those fires are devastating.

00:05:58.590 --> 00:06:06.480 Tryphena Wade: Yeah. Yeah, they are. And I mean even once we got out here once when we first got to LA the skies are pretty clear. But I feel like it was

00:06:07.080 --> 00:06:20.160 Tryphena Wade: either one or two weeks after that the skies got pretty thick with smoke for like several days. So it was, it was kind of strange and and then I felt my first earthquake. So I was like, wow.

00:06:27.030 --> 00:06:30.960 Antonia Thompson: I can't even imagine you as a New Yorker what that felt like

00:06:35.040 --> 00:06:36.450 Tryphena Wade: The ground is actually shaking

00:06:39.930 --> 00:06:42.600 Antonia Thompson: So I see the beautiful artwork, so share

00:06:42.600 --> 00:06:47.700 Antonia Thompson: I mean, let us know you were in that original Lion King cast

00:06:47.940 --> 00:06:49.290 Tryphena Wade: Well, not the original cast

00:06:49.320 --> 00:06:54.480 Tryphena Wade: Okay, I have been with the show. Since 2010 that

00:06:54.870 --> 00:06:57.930 Antonia Thompson: Might have been when I started watching when I first

00:06:57.990 --> 00:06:58.890 Tryphena Wade: Saw so funny.

00:06:59.430 --> 00:07:00.150 Antonia Thompson: To me, you're on the

00:07:01.140 --> 00:07:18.990 Tryphena Wade: Right skew younger original. Yeah. Um, but yeah so I mean that that that's been kind of wild to have Broadway be completely shut down for all this time and I was actually not there. I was on a kind of a short leave of absence when it all happened.

00:07:19.020 --> 00:07:19.680 Antonia Thompson: Because I was actually

00:07:19.770 --> 00:07:23.700 Tryphena Wade: Out here when everything shut down. I was already in LA just kind of visiting

00:07:24.360 --> 00:07:30.840 Tryphena Wade: And I was supposed to go back to the show. And then you know everything shut down and it was like, okay, there's no show

00:07:31.320 --> 00:07:41.880 Tryphena Wade: So I think at that time, you know, nobody really expected it to last this long, we were thinking maybe a couple maybe a month or two, and you know, we'll, we'll get it all together figure everything out. But it's been

00:07:42.540 --> 00:07:48.990 Tryphena Wade: A long time and you know once things reopen, we don't even really know when that's going to happen, you know,

00:07:50.130 --> 00:07:56.190 Tryphena Wade: I think the last projection, we heard was either June or July of next year.

00:07:56.880 --> 00:07:59.100 Antonia Thompson: Wow, it's, it's

00:08:00.000 --> 00:08:00.420 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:08:00.630 --> 00:08:07.710 Antonia Thompson: It's, it's not. I mean, that has to. It's devastating to everybody, but I can imagine with all of Broadway shut down.

00:08:07.980 --> 00:08:08.490 Antonia Thompson: Yeah.

00:08:08.820 --> 00:08:12.030 Antonia Thompson: You see it's similar in LA, like, What's the vibe there.

00:08:12.480 --> 00:08:13.740 Antonia Thompson: As far as the art today.

00:08:13.800 --> 00:08:22.500 Tryphena Wade: Is there there's I mean obviously things are shut down as far as like live music venues and places that would have concerts and things like that.

00:08:23.340 --> 00:08:33.300 Tryphena Wade: But, you know, there's a lot more TV and film out here. And so the way things are going, you know, thankfully. I've been able to work on a few projects, since I've been out here.

00:08:33.840 --> 00:08:41.820 Tryphena Wade: And the way things are going, is that they're being very, very vigilant about covert testing you know if your cat. First of all, auditioning is like

00:08:42.300 --> 00:08:51.840 Tryphena Wade: Everything is remotes so you're either self taping and sending it in. Or you're having like a zoom call audition. Nobody's like actually holding auditions in a room with people.

00:08:52.590 --> 00:08:53.520 Antonia Thompson: That must be weird.

00:08:54.060 --> 00:09:07.110 Tryphena Wade: It is kind of weird, but at the same time, it's kind of great because it's like, you mean I don't have to go drive somewhere and you know, possibly sit and crazy traffic and you know so so that's pretty cool that you can kind of audition in the comfort of your own home.

00:09:07.380 --> 00:09:23.280 Tryphena Wade: Which is, um, but then like, you know, when you book something when you get cast, you have to have a coven test before you even go to set a negative test and then once you get to set. They have these kind of covert compliance officers who basically take your temperature

00:09:23.430 --> 00:09:32.820 Tryphena Wade: Make sure your mass. The, you know, or if you want a different mass, they'll give you one. There's all kinds of like sanitation all around.

00:09:33.840 --> 00:09:41.880 Tryphena Wade: What would normally be craft services where you could just go and grab snacks or whatever, it's not really like that anymore, all the snacks are like pre packaged things

00:09:42.270 --> 00:09:49.980 Tryphena Wade: And like, you know, you're not really allowed to grab anything for yourself. You have to have the person you know you tell them what you want and then they'll give it to you. So

00:09:50.580 --> 00:09:54.960 Tryphena Wade: From, you know, and also everyone's wearing masks the whole cast and crew was wearing masks.

00:09:55.350 --> 00:10:10.710 Tryphena Wade: As a cast member, you don't take your mask off until it's time for you to actually be on camera, so it's, you know, they're being very vigilant about, you know, keeping people safe and and all of that. And so the difference though with that is, is that on Broadway.

00:10:12.180 --> 00:10:24.750 Tryphena Wade: You can't. You can't really do that you know you have a cast of people who are on stage in very close proximity to one another, talking and singing and all kinds of things. So it's, it's going to be interesting to see how

00:10:26.430 --> 00:10:34.080 Tryphena Wade: How things come back, you know, because you really have to make sure that you're keeping, not just the audience safe, but the cast members in the crew and everyone safe so

00:10:34.620 --> 00:10:49.470 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. And have they seen numbers like in the work that you're doing, or the bus on the street in those situations where they've taken all those precautions for the auditions and the tapings of movies have they seen numbers are going up on actors amongst

00:10:49.860 --> 00:11:06.210 Tryphena Wade: I mean that I don't really know. I know that if, if you take a test and it says positive. You can't come on set. So you have to have a negative test and then sometimes they actually have a purse, a nurse, they're like administering tests there so that

00:11:06.240 --> 00:11:13.470 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I think they will start those like rapid test. I just saw some about that. Like, you can go to CVS and get yourself.

00:11:13.650 --> 00:11:19.890 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, I actually just had to take a rapid test yesterday and the results came back within 20 minutes

00:11:19.890 --> 00:11:20.520 So,

00:11:21.690 --> 00:11:27.420 Tryphena Wade: So yeah, so I mean, you know. We'll see. It seems like numbers are kind of going back up again in different places around the

00:11:27.420 --> 00:11:29.250 Antonia Thompson: Country. Oh yeah, everywhere.

00:11:29.370 --> 00:11:33.540 Antonia Thompson: We'll see what happens. Yeah, New York. New York's on the brink of, you know,

00:11:33.600 --> 00:11:35.910 Tryphena Wade: shutting it down in the down again. Yeah.

00:11:38.520 --> 00:11:39.900 Antonia Thompson: WE GOTTA SAVE SO GOOD FOR YOU.

00:11:41.250 --> 00:11:46.470 Antonia Thompson: I'm saying. So tell me, so everything is still happening. I know. And we're gonna

00:11:46.770 --> 00:11:55.680 Antonia Thompson: Be getting ready to take a quick break because I do want to learn about your next adventure of life coach, because I think you would be amazing. In fact, you know, I was telling you you need to figure out my life.

00:12:00.720 --> 00:12:07.860 Antonia Thompson: So we're gonna get ready to take a break. We're talking with trophy and wait you're listening. So now you know with Antonia AND WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK.

00:14:22.830 --> 00:14:26.310 Antonia Thompson: I see a gigging to the music. It's the same using right after all.

00:14:26.610 --> 00:14:27.360 Tryphena Wade: It is

00:14:28.890 --> 00:14:30.120 Tryphena Wade: Need to know

00:14:31.620 --> 00:14:39.390 Antonia Thompson: The same using so I'm excited for everything that you've done right, we, we got we're on Broadway. Yeah.

00:14:41.310 --> 00:14:43.680 Antonia Thompson: And I'm drawing a blank on our couches, like we don't sit on.

00:14:44.430 --> 00:14:46.530 Tryphena Wade: Right. We don't sit on couches.

00:14:47.130 --> 00:14:48.510 Antonia Thompson: We don't sit on couches.

00:14:48.570 --> 00:14:55.860 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, man. I still have and I meant to, you know, like, like happened today, but I was gonna wear my

00:14:56.880 --> 00:14:59.550 Tryphena Wade: Stupid to your fingers stupid. Yeah.

00:15:01.170 --> 00:15:03.870 Antonia Thompson: Cuz I love that. So I was gonna wear that.

00:15:05.010 --> 00:15:05.460 Antonia Thompson: You

00:15:06.480 --> 00:15:09.810 Antonia Thompson: So what brought you to start getting looking into life coaching.

00:15:10.860 --> 00:15:14.400 Tryphena Wade: Honestly, people started asking me, and I was like, let me do what

00:15:17.880 --> 00:15:35.490 Tryphena Wade: I have people asked me to coach them. Um, and at that time I I wasn't that wasn't something that I was thinking about not something I had ever thought about, but I actually had several people in a short span of time asked me to coach them. And I was like, I'm okay. Maybe I should

00:15:36.600 --> 00:15:37.980 Antonia Thompson: I don't know, invest, make it a business.

00:15:38.340 --> 00:15:46.410 Tryphena Wade: Or pay attention to this request that keeps happening. And so I kind of started to look into it, and it seemed like

00:15:47.880 --> 00:16:04.620 Tryphena Wade: What I was already doing was kind of in that space as far as like encouraging people to live fearlessly and all that stuff. And so I decided to go ahead and and kind of dive into it and I created a couple of online courses and created a a

00:16:06.450 --> 00:16:19.290 Tryphena Wade: Service that kind of offers one on one coaching with me and did a couple, a couple challenges on Facebook, just to kind of help people to kind of get the other side of their fear and very recently, I finished up my

00:16:19.410 --> 00:16:28.830 Tryphena Wade: My soul certification. So, um, so, yeah. And I mean I really, I really enjoy it. I mean, I think you're probably familiar with feel fearless Fridays.

00:16:29.130 --> 00:16:48.810 Tryphena Wade: So something that I do every week, just to kind of offer people some motivation. I'm specifically geared towards fearless living. So yeah, it's something that I'm, I'm still creating the structure and figuring out exactly how how it's working. But, but I'm enjoying it. Yeah.

00:16:49.530 --> 00:16:52.320 Antonia Thompson: That's awesome. And I don't know why you're so shocked that people

00:16:53.220 --> 00:16:58.740 Antonia Thompson: Wouldn't want you to do this. I mean, think about it, you you travel the world by yourself.

00:16:59.190 --> 00:17:14.250 Antonia Thompson: Yeah you you wrote a book your inspirational. You're a joy everywhere that you go so why wouldn't people want to be you that at the end of the day, it's really what people are saying not like, you know, figure it out. But how can I be more like you

00:17:15.690 --> 00:17:16.710 Antonia Thompson: Want to package that up.

00:17:17.790 --> 00:17:22.920 Tryphena Wade: I just, it's just not anything I ever I ever thought about. And honestly, for me, I

00:17:24.360 --> 00:17:30.090 Tryphena Wade: I mean, I guess when I look at the things that I've done. I'm like, yeah, that is inspirational. But I don't ever

00:17:31.470 --> 00:17:48.840 Tryphena Wade: I'm not ever looking at looking at things from the mindset of I'm going to inspire someone to me. I'm just like, I want to, I want to live my best life and if me living my best life encourages other people or inspires other people were pushes other people to do the same thing, then that's

00:17:50.340 --> 00:17:52.020 Antonia Thompson: That, that's what we call a blessing.

00:17:52.320 --> 00:17:54.000 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, are a blessing.

00:17:54.030 --> 00:18:02.940 Antonia Thompson: You are a light to others. And, you know, we're talking about this, but our, our mutual connection, as you know, after the show is that we just, we just know a mutual person right

00:18:03.420 --> 00:18:08.100 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, introduced us together and she's just a whole nother ball of joy.

00:18:08.400 --> 00:18:15.090 Antonia Thompson: And so it's just a lot of good energy that you have. So everyone wants to catch that spirit, you got a bottle it up selling

00:18:15.690 --> 00:18:23.610 Tryphena Wade: Catch the vibe catch the vibe I makes me happy that anything that I do inspires anyone or pushes anyone

00:18:24.780 --> 00:18:34.200 Tryphena Wade: Because really, I think, you know, when it, when it comes to fearless living. I really believe that so many of us are held back, simply because we're afraid.

00:18:34.710 --> 00:18:45.630 Tryphena Wade: And a lot of times we don't even know what we're afraid of. But we have been so conditioned to live in fear and to be okay with being anxious and having anxiety, we've been so conditioned to be okay with that.

00:18:46.170 --> 00:18:51.120 Tryphena Wade: And I'm not okay with that. I don't. That's not, that's not how we're meant to live. You know what I mean. So

00:18:52.500 --> 00:18:53.100 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:18:53.640 --> 00:18:58.650 Antonia Thompson: But how do you feel. Do you feel it's a whole different vibe. Now that you're on the west coast.

00:18:59.610 --> 00:19:08.610 Antonia Thompson: Compared compared to here to New York is you're getting to. I know it's been a brief time that you're there, but just you do feel a little different in that that fearlessness and

00:19:09.030 --> 00:19:17.640 Antonia Thompson: I guess I want to say in the age of Trump and this whole election and everything. I feel like the anxiety and affairs, just going through the roof.

00:19:17.700 --> 00:19:19.380 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, it's balanced.

00:19:19.410 --> 00:19:31.020 Antonia Thompson: It's balanced against coven that is kind of making everyone say, What am I doing my life. I gotta get my stuff together like you have a lot of time and space to really reflect on your life.

00:19:31.410 --> 00:19:43.860 Tryphena Wade: Exactly. Yeah. No, I think, between election craziness and Colvin. I just think that this year has been nothing but a fear casserole and

00:19:46.500 --> 00:19:59.250 Tryphena Wade: And I mean, I get it, even in the midst of so much uncertainty in this pandemic, which, you know, nobody seems to know, you know, we don't have a vaccine and it's hard to, you know, keep the numbers down and all of this stuff.

00:20:00.810 --> 00:20:03.840 Tryphena Wade: It's understandable that people are

00:20:06.180 --> 00:20:08.550 Tryphena Wade: That people are experiencing trepidation that's

00:20:08.580 --> 00:20:20.790 Tryphena Wade: Understandable. But I think the point is, and the point that I try to make is that you don't have to live from that place. If you live from that place, nothing good can come from that.

00:20:21.120 --> 00:20:22.290 Tryphena Wade: Nothing good comes from

00:20:22.320 --> 00:20:27.180 Tryphena Wade: Making a fear based decision that's never going to ever ever ever work in your favor.

00:20:27.720 --> 00:20:39.750 Tryphena Wade: So, so I think that's that's the important thing to remember that even in the midst of this crazy time that we're in, where so many things are uncertain jobs are uncertain health is uncertain. Things are uncertain.

00:20:40.830 --> 00:20:51.510 Tryphena Wade: It's, it's important to still remember that you don't have to live from a space of fear and anxiety and trepidation and that that I think, you know, I feel like this year has been

00:20:52.770 --> 00:20:57.150 Tryphena Wade: You know, the perfect storm to kind of show us how how we're living

00:20:58.110 --> 00:21:09.540 Tryphena Wade: You know what I mean with so many things so many jobs being lost. And people losing income and people being sick and just so many unknowns. And I think it's given us a good time to kind of

00:21:10.440 --> 00:21:25.650 Tryphena Wade: Sit and and really examine how are we living, how are we making decisions. What are we holding important as important to us. You know what I mean, like I've, I've had a lot of time to spend with my family. This year, which has

00:21:25.650 --> 00:21:37.500 Tryphena Wade: Been amazing and i think i think there are people who have had time to actually connect with friends and family in a way that they didn't before because he just didn't have time because of work and life and all kinds of things and

00:21:38.880 --> 00:21:46.020 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, I think it's been a blessing to be able to slow down, you know. So not that the situation is a blessing at all.

00:21:46.320 --> 00:21:53.310 Tryphena Wade: But be able to slow down and really kind of reevaluate like what's really important to me. Um,

00:21:54.330 --> 00:21:55.380 Tryphena Wade: I think that's

00:21:56.910 --> 00:21:59.400 Tryphena Wade: That's that has blessed me this year so

00:22:00.120 --> 00:22:00.810 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I think.

00:22:01.980 --> 00:22:14.520 Antonia Thompson: You know, in March, where we would just this whole lockdown. And people just really had to be self reflective and I feel in conversation that you had with people they weren't even, like, Okay, it's time to like shit or get off the pot and then other people like

00:22:16.110 --> 00:22:16.740 Antonia Thompson: I'm good.

00:22:17.100 --> 00:22:17.700 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:22:17.790 --> 00:22:18.870 Antonia Thompson: It's not gonna get better.

00:22:19.140 --> 00:22:23.970 Antonia Thompson: It's only gonna burst. Yeah, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna sit in where I'm at.

00:22:25.230 --> 00:22:33.090 Antonia Thompson: So what advice would you give to our president because it seems like he's in a lot of fear right now. He got a lot of anxiety going on right

00:22:33.090 --> 00:22:34.680 Tryphena Wade: Now know if I got advice for him.

00:22:36.660 --> 00:22:39.540 Tryphena Wade: Know my advice will work. Um,

00:22:40.560 --> 00:22:40.890 Tryphena Wade: No.

00:22:41.100 --> 00:22:54.000 Antonia Thompson: I think a lot of times we because then I think what people realized, I think what we saw on the results of the election. And how many people voted for and I say him but really voted for that that mindset, right.

00:22:54.270 --> 00:22:58.410 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. To do that really buy into the way that he thinks are fields or how

00:22:58.410 --> 00:23:01.830 Antonia Thompson: He either empathizes with people or don't, so

00:23:02.160 --> 00:23:02.610 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:23:02.820 --> 00:23:12.090 Antonia Thompson: We look at those numbers. Great. I was very excited. How many people came off the election, but it does make you think about that, like we do live in this world where

00:23:12.660 --> 00:23:18.660 Antonia Thompson: We somewhat worry about what other people think. But we never really pay attention to it. But then when you look at those numbers. You're like, you know what

00:23:19.830 --> 00:23:24.480 Antonia Thompson: This like I even need to focus on myself in walking my own path.

00:23:25.020 --> 00:23:31.620 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, or just be angry at the majority of people out there who feel that way. And I think a lot of people are caught up.

00:23:33.030 --> 00:23:42.270 Antonia Thompson: In that, especially people of color because I think you know you're fighting you know equity diverse diversity inclusion, you're fighting George Floyd you're fighting coven

00:23:42.600 --> 00:23:54.240 Antonia Thompson: And then you're sitting there like, Man, my life sucks. I want to be trophy. And I want to be like traveling the world. So I just feel like I don't even know. Like, how to start

00:23:55.650 --> 00:24:00.210 Antonia Thompson: Peeling that onion back. So what would you say to people, what is the what, it kind of is that first step.

00:24:01.290 --> 00:24:06.960 Tryphena Wade: Will do you mean in regards to like a processing how people voted or

00:24:07.830 --> 00:24:24.030 Antonia Thompson: Just silencing the noise because I think if you do start thinking about the election, you do start thinking about what what coven means in this space, this, this new space that you're in, you start thinking about your job, you start thinking about, am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

00:24:24.270 --> 00:24:29.940 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, am I with the person that I'm with supposed to be doing it just gets it could get just really, really overwhelming.

00:24:30.150 --> 00:24:41.100 Tryphena Wade: Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, I think what you what you said is perfect silencing the noise. I'm figuring out, first of all, you have to recognize that there's a lot of noise.

00:24:42.210 --> 00:24:43.080 Tryphena Wade: That's the first thing.

00:24:44.340 --> 00:24:50.130 Tryphena Wade: But I think figuring out what is noise for you and what is beneficial.

00:24:50.700 --> 00:24:51.240 Tryphena Wade: You know,

00:24:51.510 --> 00:25:04.770 Tryphena Wade: We have all these news outlets. We have social media. We have all of these ways of getting information and you find yourself somewhat becoming addicted to to trauma.

00:25:05.790 --> 00:25:06.360 Antonia Thompson: Yeah.

00:25:06.420 --> 00:25:07.680 Tryphena Wade: I just, that's absolutely right.

00:25:07.890 --> 00:25:08.940 Antonia Thompson: You become unlikely. Right.

00:25:09.720 --> 00:25:19.830 Tryphena Wade: And so literally wake up every morning and you look at the news or you're looking at social media, trying to figure out what is the worst thing that just happened while I was sleeping or, you know,

00:25:20.340 --> 00:25:30.630 Tryphena Wade: And so I think you know this is something I did during covert it's something I did during the election. I was like, Listen, if you know that this is causing you anxiety, turn it off.

00:25:31.530 --> 00:25:40.770 Tryphena Wade: It's going to happen whether you watch it or not. So just turn it off. Take a step back, do something that makes you happy. Do something that brings you joy. Connect with a friend, a family member.

00:25:40.980 --> 00:25:48.420 Tryphena Wade: You know, take a nap. Pray, whatever. But you but you if you're doing things that, you know, cause you anxiety.

00:25:48.630 --> 00:26:01.800 Tryphena Wade: You have to look at that too. Right. You know, because if you know that something is going to make you anxious or make you fearful or make you angry or whatever. And you're still choosing to dive headfirst into that thing, then the question is, well, why

00:26:02.100 --> 00:26:03.030 Antonia Thompson: Why, what's wrong with you.

00:26:03.120 --> 00:26:15.120 Tryphena Wade: And yourself like why are you doing that to yourself, you know. So I think silencing the noise recognizing that there is noise. First of all, silencing the noise and figuring out for you. What is noise and what has been official

00:26:15.630 --> 00:26:23.820 Tryphena Wade: You know, and know your own threshold, know your own tolerance, how much of this, how much of this news. Can I watch before it's going to drive me crazy.

00:26:24.120 --> 00:26:37.410 Tryphena Wade: Put yourself on a time limit. You know what I mean, if the information. Stay informed, but don't dive so deep into it that you just are walking around as a ball of anxiety and anger and fear and hatred and frustration.

00:26:38.520 --> 00:26:39.480 Tryphena Wade: That's not helping you.

00:26:40.500 --> 00:26:46.800 Antonia Thompson: So do I. So am I hearing the next book in the making. And we can we do need to talk a little bit about your, your last book.

00:26:47.310 --> 00:26:48.000 Tryphena Wade: And I

00:26:48.780 --> 00:26:51.690 Antonia Thompson: Am I'm hearing bits and pieces of the next volume.

00:26:51.810 --> 00:26:54.390 Tryphena Wade: I do not know maybe

00:26:55.860 --> 00:27:00.300 Tryphena Wade: I will, I will make that promise. Because if I promise it, then that means I have to do it so

00:27:01.140 --> 00:27:07.680 Antonia Thompson: But I do remember when before your first book, and I think we're reminded me. I think that's how that will came around

00:27:08.340 --> 00:27:12.240 Antonia Thompson: Like you over years, you are you are writing and you were

00:27:13.260 --> 00:27:15.450 Antonia Thompson: You're creating that book, not knowing it.

00:27:15.840 --> 00:27:20.940 Antonia Thompson: Yet again, you have some fantastic friends because I believe it was the friends who were like, Girl, you got to put that in a book.

00:27:22.050 --> 00:27:23.040 Antonia Thompson: And then all of a sudden

00:27:24.570 --> 00:27:25.020 Tryphena Wade: Well,

00:27:25.260 --> 00:27:34.050 Tryphena Wade: No, yeah, that is how the book came about. I was kind of just journaling and writing, you know, over time, and

00:27:35.400 --> 00:27:41.670 Tryphena Wade: I did a challenge for myself where I was writing in my journal for 100 days straight.

00:27:42.000 --> 00:27:54.540 Tryphena Wade: Wow. And you know whatever came out. That's what came out if it was one sentence if it was a whole page if it was nothing, you know, but I made sure to journal every day for 100 days straight and

00:27:55.380 --> 00:28:05.670 Tryphena Wade: I started going back and reading some of those journal entries. And I was like, Oh, this is good, like this might help somebody, you know, so, um,

00:28:06.270 --> 00:28:16.380 Tryphena Wade: So yeah, so I took some of those journal entries and compiled them with other things that I had written in the past. And that's kind of how the book came about. So

00:28:16.710 --> 00:28:23.220 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I'm feeling the number two. I feel like all the material that you're going to need for that book is happening.

00:28:23.280 --> 00:28:28.380 Antonia Thompson: Is 2020 right now and I mean you can easily do two chapters too cold.

00:28:31.050 --> 00:28:31.440 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:28:32.700 --> 00:28:33.090 Antonia Thompson: I

00:28:34.050 --> 00:28:38.460 Antonia Thompson: Think this season that everyone. Everyone around the world.

00:28:39.810 --> 00:28:40.890 Antonia Thompson: Is going through

00:28:42.090 --> 00:28:50.640 Antonia Thompson: Feeling has to have. I just got has to be feeling this this inner voice that saying am I doing enough. Right. A lot of times people think about

00:28:51.420 --> 00:29:05.490 Antonia Thompson: Death is being oh my gosh being reflective on your life like did I do everything that I wanted to do that. This is the legacy, you know, spend the money. You can't take it with you. But I think covert slowed us down so so quickly.

00:29:05.730 --> 00:29:09.210 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, like this is what happens. Time.

00:29:09.300 --> 00:29:11.280 Antonia Thompson: Is not guaranteed.

00:29:11.550 --> 00:29:12.270 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, it was.

00:29:13.080 --> 00:29:14.190 Antonia Thompson: Shut down

00:29:14.580 --> 00:29:15.570 Tryphena Wade: Yeah yeah

00:29:16.320 --> 00:29:24.240 Antonia Thompson: We're gonna get ready to take a break and I just want to say, you know, as we're talking about your book. I just want to congratulate Sam. Who's, who's I'm helping us produce the show because he just did this.

00:29:24.630 --> 00:29:29.250 Antonia Thompson: I think he was telling me he did the exact same thing you did over time and for the shows that he hosts.

00:29:29.580 --> 00:29:34.800 Antonia Thompson: You got that information all together and just put it in a wonderful book that's number one on Amazon. So

00:29:35.100 --> 00:29:38.070 Antonia Thompson: I know we can't hear him right now but but shout out.

00:29:39.510 --> 00:29:40.110 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:29:41.640 --> 00:29:46.410 Antonia Thompson: We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. We're talking to your Fino weight and you're listening to. So now you know

00:32:13.350 --> 00:32:15.090 Antonia Thompson: So you see, I still have the same commercial

00:32:18.690 --> 00:32:19.050 Antonia Thompson: Right.

00:32:20.340 --> 00:32:22.830 Antonia Thompson: I can now say it's, it's an oldie but a goodie.

00:32:25.170 --> 00:32:27.990 Antonia Thompson: Book everyday awakenings check it out on Amazon.

00:32:29.580 --> 00:32:37.050 Antonia Thompson: So it's a lot of good stuff. And so I'm excited and inspired to see people who've who've had dreams had goals.

00:32:37.440 --> 00:32:47.130 Antonia Thompson: And they're reaching them and just like we would, we were just talking about. Sometimes you do need that person that outside objective person to look at your life kind of put in perspective.

00:32:47.400 --> 00:32:54.390 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and sometimes it can be in a mental health and other ways it can just be with a life coach or others that can kind of

00:32:54.990 --> 00:33:10.650 Antonia Thompson: Kind of see that joy. I think the the beauty that I see in what you're doing is that you live it every day. Um, and it just it's we can just see it. We need to see it in you. So I want that. I want a bottle that up, figure out how to go forward with that.

00:33:12.240 --> 00:33:12.360 Antonia Thompson: You

00:33:12.840 --> 00:33:18.210 Antonia Thompson: Know that you're on the west coast and your family's back here. You know, you can't travel or are you going to come back.

00:33:18.720 --> 00:33:20.640 Antonia Thompson: Well, Thanksgiving going to be looking like

00:33:21.120 --> 00:33:24.120 Tryphena Wade: Well, my family's in Ohio and actually spent

00:33:25.950 --> 00:33:27.060 Tryphena Wade: Yeah yeah

00:33:28.410 --> 00:33:28.710 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:33:30.930 --> 00:33:38.970 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, so I won't, I won't be traveling for Thanksgiving. Um, but I'm planning, hoping to be able to go home for Christmas. So we'll see

00:33:40.110 --> 00:33:40.830 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, I know.

00:33:42.090 --> 00:33:46.620 Antonia Thompson: Um, I don't know, I feel like you got to go into it like soon.

00:33:48.120 --> 00:33:55.560 Antonia Thompson: AFTER THANKSGIVING. And there's a little window that you might be able to try, you probably can. I mean, I feel like when Kobe. We just didn't know a lot about it.

00:33:56.040 --> 00:33:56.490 Tryphena Wade: And

00:33:56.550 --> 00:34:07.950 Antonia Thompson: I think the the big difference now is that we've never gone through a winter with it, but we have gone through winter, you know, with colds and flu and everything else. So I'm hoping that this vaccine.

00:34:09.300 --> 00:34:16.620 Antonia Thompson: When it becomes available one works and to allow us to live a little bit of a normal life.

00:34:16.950 --> 00:34:18.930 Tryphena Wade: Seems a bit soon, though.

00:34:19.980 --> 00:34:22.680 Antonia Thompson: Oh yeah, no, we're gonna we're gonna let it work out like we're gonna see

00:34:24.780 --> 00:34:31.200 Tryphena Wade: Like I'm not interested in being and being the test the crash test dummy on this thing.

00:34:32.190 --> 00:34:40.530 Antonia Thompson: And I mean I think over here. I don't know where the, I think it's in Connecticut, New York. You know, it's pretty close to where these pharmaceutical places are coming out with them.

00:34:41.340 --> 00:34:50.490 Antonia Thompson: With it, I and it'll be interesting to see people's anxiety overtaking it or not taking it, how long we wait so I envisioned that will be around here for a while.

00:34:51.000 --> 00:34:52.110 Antonia Thompson: And I

00:34:52.170 --> 00:34:59.760 Antonia Thompson: Even think by the time we're here next year at this same space. What I mean, things will be better. I don't know if there'll be 100% better

00:35:00.000 --> 00:35:08.640 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't know. It may, you know, it may take time to just kind of figure out how to get it under control and and

00:35:09.720 --> 00:35:10.350 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:35:11.580 --> 00:35:18.990 Antonia Thompson: So what, um, since you've been there. What are some of the good things about being out there and some of the things you didn't anticipate and

00:35:19.380 --> 00:35:20.190 Antonia Thompson: Stuff to do with that.

00:35:20.820 --> 00:35:23.430 Tryphena Wade: I love waking up to sunshine every morning.

00:35:23.520 --> 00:35:25.110 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I'd like that too. I was

00:35:25.770 --> 00:35:26.730 Tryphena Wade: So happy.

00:35:27.840 --> 00:35:31.140 Tryphena Wade: It makes it really, it really does alter my mood.

00:35:32.280 --> 00:35:44.160 Tryphena Wade: Shine. And it's also nice to be in a space where there's like you can go hiking very easily you can go to the ocean very easily. You know, it's just all like there. It's all here.

00:35:44.580 --> 00:35:52.860 Tryphena Wade: So it's nice to it's nice to have those options and also to I really love something about palm trees, just really makes me happy.

00:35:53.130 --> 00:35:58.920 Tryphena Wade: So seeing palm trees all the time. And like hills and mountains and things like that all the

00:35:58.920 --> 00:35:59.250 Antonia Thompson: Time.

00:35:59.700 --> 00:36:00.840 Tryphena Wade: It really brings me joy.

00:36:02.460 --> 00:36:06.750 Antonia Thompson: I can see that instead of trash and dirty trains weird people

00:36:06.990 --> 00:36:10.380 Tryphena Wade: The other day I well there. There were people, you know,

00:36:11.550 --> 00:36:12.270 Antonia Thompson: They're everywhere.

00:36:12.630 --> 00:36:14.790 Tryphena Wade: They I went I went on a hike and

00:36:16.470 --> 00:36:30.960 Tryphena Wade: I was just kind of like at the top of this, this area just kind of looking out and you can see like the city and just kind of see everything and and I'm like, now if this if I was in New York right now this would just be all buildings and just, you know,

00:36:31.260 --> 00:36:43.230 Tryphena Wade: Crazy building that and billboards and lights and all that. So it's just nice to be in a different a different atmosphere different environment it's it feels really good. So, yeah.

00:36:43.860 --> 00:36:48.630 Antonia Thompson: So any negative things that you could do without. I don't see you as being a negative person.

00:36:48.960 --> 00:36:52.770 Antonia Thompson: I should say things that you're like oh why that's that's a challenge.

00:36:52.920 --> 00:36:56.310 Tryphena Wade: I mean I can do without the ground shaking that's yes

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:18.270 Tryphena Wade: I could do without bad. But so far, I haven't really, ya know. So I think, I think, also, too. I'm still kind of in the honeymoon stage. So everything is amazing and beautiful and though so far I haven't really encountered anything that that makes me say, oh, I don't really like that, you know,

00:37:19.710 --> 00:37:25.560 Antonia Thompson: So where's the last place that you traveled in. I mean, I'm assuming you miss it because you would you were doing it a lot.

00:37:25.890 --> 00:37:30.450 Tryphena Wade: I was. And I was actually supposed to go to Rwanda and

00:37:30.450 --> 00:37:32.040 Antonia Thompson: Tanzania. Wow.

00:37:32.460 --> 00:37:37.860 Tryphena Wade: That was supposed to be happening this year. So, of course, that got shut down. But the last place I traveled

00:37:39.360 --> 00:37:45.060 Tryphena Wade: Was Aruba last year, last November, so yeah.

00:37:45.630 --> 00:37:47.580 Antonia Thompson: So that's one of my favorite like oh

00:37:48.120 --> 00:37:51.360 Antonia Thompson: It was all these fantastic places that you go like

00:37:53.280 --> 00:37:55.140 Antonia Thompson: Like rally around the way

00:37:56.430 --> 00:38:11.820 Tryphena Wade: Like that. It's just that I've been to Aruba lots and I love it. I love going there. Um, but yeah. So it wasn't like a new place. It was just a place that I've been before, which is fine because I love it. It's a beautiful place. But yeah, that was the last place I went so yeah

00:38:12.000 --> 00:38:16.530 Antonia Thompson: How did you spend time in LA before, before moving out there.

00:38:17.160 --> 00:38:26.700 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, so when I was on tour with Lion King. Um, we did two months out here. I think it was maybe 2011 or 12

00:38:27.780 --> 00:38:33.840 Tryphena Wade: So we were here for about two months. And that was my first time being here and I was just like, oh, this is

00:38:34.620 --> 00:38:40.620 Tryphena Wade: I like it here. You know, it's sunny, it's, you know, and we were here during the holiday season. So we were here during

00:38:41.370 --> 00:38:54.420 Tryphena Wade: The Christmas New Year's season so it was nice to kind of feel that energy in a different place. And, you know, sunlight and and warm fan, but yeah, that was my first time being here and then

00:38:55.950 --> 00:39:04.350 Tryphena Wade: Like I said, I was here earlier this year before I move so so yeah I had been here a couple of times before, before you know making the move, so

00:39:05.250 --> 00:39:11.100 Antonia Thompson: Have you had any of the like celebrity sightings getting your coffee or tea.

00:39:11.550 --> 00:39:13.620 Tryphena Wade: Not really. Just because like

00:39:13.920 --> 00:39:15.090 People aren't moving on.

00:39:16.170 --> 00:39:17.190 Antonia Thompson: Everyone shut down.

00:39:17.370 --> 00:39:25.200 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, people are moving around so much so I haven't, I haven't, you know. No, I haven't seen, but you know what, I don't really get

00:39:26.460 --> 00:39:31.260 Antonia Thompson: Well, you are a star. You are so every so of course you don't get all Googly eyed like when you see

00:39:34.380 --> 00:39:46.650 Tryphena Wade: I mean nothing like there are a couple of people who I might go a little bit crazy over but i i don't like I really don't want to if I see someone I try not to invade their space because I, you know, you

00:39:46.980 --> 00:39:49.770 Antonia Thompson: Get it, you've been there, you, you know, I kind of

00:39:50.730 --> 00:40:04.740 Tryphena Wade: Feels like when you're like, I just want to go home. I'm tired and you want this and you want to take pictures, you know, so, so I mean I don't consider myself a celebrity, but I have experienced a small taste event. And so I tried to like

00:40:05.880 --> 00:40:09.570 Tryphena Wade: Just, you know, Let people have their have their space, you know, so

00:40:10.380 --> 00:40:21.840 Antonia Thompson: What do you think like is the future of Broadway and that live entertainment after. Now I always wonder like, you know, movies have been shut down for so long. You weren't going to the movies. And I don't know, maybe you can answer this for us.

00:40:22.440 --> 00:40:33.690 Antonia Thompson: Our movies still like like the major movies are they still being produced. Are we going to see, you know, this genre of why plays and so forth really changed after Coleman

00:40:33.960 --> 00:40:49.200 Tryphena Wade: You know, I don't know. I think when it comes to Broadway in life theater. Um, I think we would really have to either have a vaccine that we know that works or or it would just, we would have to just completely have it completely under control.

00:40:49.890 --> 00:40:54.570 Tryphena Wade: Because, because the nature of life theater is that you have

00:40:55.230 --> 00:41:06.060 Tryphena Wade: hundreds, sometimes thousands of people sitting, you know, married close to one another. And then you have people on stage, who are you know interacting very close to one another so

00:41:06.960 --> 00:41:20.490 Tryphena Wade: You know, I'm no I'm no expert or anything, but I just think that it would have to be fully under control or there would have to be some sort of, I guess, vaccine or something.

00:41:21.120 --> 00:41:32.190 Tryphena Wade: To manage, you know, if you get it, um, as far as TV and films go. I mean, things are shooting. So I think what's happening is that

00:41:33.300 --> 00:41:39.210 Tryphena Wade: You know, the, the crews are very bare bones like only necessary people and

00:41:40.440 --> 00:41:45.030 Tryphena Wade: And I think I don't know. We might we might see a new genre of something emerged, because a

00:41:45.030 --> 00:41:45.540 Antonia Thompson: Lot of things.

00:41:45.690 --> 00:42:01.500 Tryphena Wade: Been happening over this kind of zoom you know I've done several play readings over zoom i've you know watched you know different script readings over zoom. So I feel like maybe we'll have a new genre of things emerge.

00:42:02.340 --> 00:42:06.900 Tryphena Wade: Or you're either doing it like this or a lot of or people are kind of

00:42:08.130 --> 00:42:09.660 Tryphena Wade: Filming themselves.

00:42:09.720 --> 00:42:11.040 Antonia Thompson: You know, so

00:42:11.070 --> 00:42:21.330 Tryphena Wade: You know, we'll, we'll see. I think I think creativity will flow. It has been flowing. So I think creativity will continue to flow because I think

00:42:22.440 --> 00:42:28.050 Tryphena Wade: I think it will be there will be a shift or change that's permanent, you know,

00:42:28.410 --> 00:42:28.830 Antonia Thompson: I yeah

00:42:29.070 --> 00:42:44.490 Tryphena Wade: I don't think we can go back to exactly the way things were right. So the way things the way things settle there will be a permanent shift to, you know, how we move forward. So it just kind of remains to be seen. Exactly what that's going to be

00:42:45.060 --> 00:43:02.670 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I agree. I think so many different platforms have popped up, whether it's it's because of protest frustration or people just really, the President has made us use social media for more so. But I do feel that you will never get rid of that joy of being alive.

00:43:02.700 --> 00:43:19.470 Antonia Thompson: Play live show and I don't see Broadway necessarily going away or being reinvented in a different way, what I feel is sad is the careers of people like you know as this goes on and you know we can talk about this and we're going to take a break right now.

00:43:19.740 --> 00:43:26.910 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, you know what people are in the midst of their career. And this is like. And I don't know if it's if it's like sports like you know you're only good for those certain amount of years.

00:43:27.090 --> 00:43:30.390 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, was it different when you're talking about artists.

00:43:31.650 --> 00:43:34.230 Antonia Thompson: Doing that work. And that's what I'm fearful about

00:43:35.580 --> 00:43:45.600 Antonia Thompson: But I think that's the one one medium that will come back is the same as it left, but we're gonna get ready to take a break and then I want us to talk a little bit

00:43:46.620 --> 00:43:55.770 Antonia Thompson: More about it and then you're going to give us some of your new year's resolutions, perhaps, of what we should look for in the new year as our life coach.

00:43:56.070 --> 00:44:00.660 Antonia Thompson: So you're listening to Antonia we're talking to safina and we'll be right back. We'll talk to you so

00:44:07.980 --> 00:44:08.970 Antonia Thompson: Educated in

00:46:22.110 --> 00:46:26.130 Antonia Thompson: So it's funny, as we're talking about these different platforms as I'm sitting in my car.

00:46:27.210 --> 00:46:38.100 Antonia Thompson: Outside a dealership people are walking all around me looking at me like, what's wrong with the lady like why are you talking to your phone. You know, I look like the 12 year old that won't put the video game down

00:46:39.690 --> 00:46:46.110 Antonia Thompson: But the beauty of it, right, is we're sitting here, you're on the West Coast, I'm here. We're reminiscing

00:46:46.890 --> 00:46:56.880 Antonia Thompson: During this live so other people that are listening out there and our audience. So I really think this has been like a good thing through coven and what we're going through and creating

00:46:57.570 --> 00:47:03.630 Antonia Thompson: These platforms for people to find their joy. Even when I started doing shown you on before I was like, you know, I always want to do this.

00:47:04.020 --> 00:47:15.630 Antonia Thompson: I always wanted to, you know, be on talk radio and then found the talking the talk radio and YC. Um, so I do hope. I mean, that's my prayer for people is that they do find their passion.

00:47:16.830 --> 00:47:19.050 Antonia Thompson: And kind of, kind of, go for it.

00:47:19.230 --> 00:47:34.980 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, if not now, when you know you know what while things are just kind of wonky up and up in the air. I feel like one thing that has happened is that the playing field for so many things has

00:47:34.980 --> 00:47:36.270 Antonia Thompson: just begun.

00:47:36.300 --> 00:47:37.170 Tryphena Wade: You know what I mean.

00:47:37.320 --> 00:47:37.710 Antonia Thompson: Right, we're

00:47:37.770 --> 00:47:42.030 Tryphena Wade: All in this space of what's happening. We don't really know. So

00:47:43.050 --> 00:47:50.190 Tryphena Wade: Why not just you know go for that thing, whatever that thing is for you. You know, just go for it, you know.

00:47:50.790 --> 00:47:54.480 Antonia Thompson: So how, what are the different ways that people can get in touch with you to learn more.

00:47:55.440 --> 00:47:59.250 Tryphena Wade: Well, you can go to my website for feet away, calm.

00:48:00.360 --> 00:48:10.410 Tryphena Wade: And there you can find out about, you know, my acting career, you can find to my fearless living coaching, you can find my book.

00:48:11.490 --> 00:48:16.350 Tryphena Wade: You can find a link to my blog which I don't do anymore, but my travel blog.

00:48:18.030 --> 00:48:19.080 Antonia Thompson: Posts, you can read about it.

00:48:19.740 --> 00:48:20.490 Tryphena Wade: What do you say,

00:48:20.790 --> 00:48:22.020 Antonia Thompson: I said, but you can read about it.

00:48:22.260 --> 00:48:36.180 Tryphena Wade: Absolutely, absolutely. So yeah, you can go to my website, your feet away, calm. You can find me on instagram safina underscore Wade and then also Facebook Tofino Wade, so you can find me on all those platforms.

00:48:36.810 --> 00:48:47.160 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. And so what our next steps for you. What is your, what is some of your. I don't want to say your passions, but I know you have a lot of passions. But what is your. What is your hope for the new year.

00:48:47.700 --> 00:48:50.850 Tryphena Wade: Um, well, I really want to. I really want to

00:48:52.230 --> 00:49:10.980 Tryphena Wade: Dive into building, you know, my coaching practice and working with more clients and, you know, more speaking engagements and things like that. And then also my career, my acting career I've actually been writing a lot. So I have finally finished a short film that

00:49:11.010 --> 00:49:11.850 Antonia Thompson: I hope I

00:49:12.450 --> 00:49:15.000 Tryphena Wade: Get produced next year. So, so, yeah.

00:49:15.030 --> 00:49:23.250 Antonia Thompson: Oh my gosh. So that's gonna be like the trifecta you're gonna come back and it's gonna be, it's gonna be well this is the type of well you'll be back for the next time it'll be

00:49:24.270 --> 00:49:27.780 Antonia Thompson: It'll be book number two, because I just feel like volume number two.

00:49:28.860 --> 00:49:30.960 Antonia Thompson: is just gonna be busted out

00:49:31.200 --> 00:49:32.640 Tryphena Wade: Yeah yeah

00:49:34.560 --> 00:49:45.360 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, coaching, I guess maybe a book will see and my short film. And then, you know, I'm hoping to also be on the screen as well. So, you know,

00:49:46.530 --> 00:49:46.980 Tryphena Wade: We'll see.

00:49:47.040 --> 00:49:49.920 Antonia Thompson: Now if things open up. Would you ever come back to the Lion King.

00:49:51.330 --> 00:49:57.390 Tryphena Wade: I think I would for a short stint. I think I would, because I you know I, you know, it would be nice to reconnect and

00:49:58.110 --> 00:50:10.080 Tryphena Wade: Come back in in this new world in this new normal that we have and just kind of reconnect with the show. Um so yeah i think i would i would do a short little short steps again.

00:50:11.130 --> 00:50:16.680 Antonia Thompson: I want to say, and you might might correct this. But I want to thank that Beyonce did a remake of

00:50:18.960 --> 00:50:30.600 Tryphena Wade: Yes. So, so, yeah, there was a remake a live action version and Beyonce play Nala that happens, was it last year 2008

00:50:30.660 --> 00:50:32.790 Antonia Thompson: I don't think that long ago and I do

00:50:32.850 --> 00:50:33.660 Antonia Thompson: Recall, I

00:50:33.720 --> 00:50:39.150 Antonia Thompson: Kind of watched a little bit of it, but I was like, What is this, but that's just me. I'm an old lady. I'm an old lady, I think.

00:50:40.890 --> 00:50:41.670 Tryphena Wade: You like you like

00:50:43.980 --> 00:50:44.310 Tryphena Wade: Yeah.

00:50:44.670 --> 00:50:47.640 Antonia Thompson: I did. I did. Sleep fall asleep.

00:50:47.910 --> 00:50:52.620 Antonia Thompson: Oh no, I don't watch the whole thing. But I heard it was amazing. She's amazing. Um,

00:50:52.830 --> 00:50:53.580 Tryphena Wade: Oh, no.

00:50:54.270 --> 00:51:00.000 Antonia Thompson: I was kind of thinking it would be the Lion King. But it's her version of Lion King. But what I thought was amazing about it.

00:51:00.420 --> 00:51:10.740 Antonia Thompson: Was that she was allowed to come in and do that right like she was able to negotiate that that that contract, right, the rights to do that and then knock it out the boss.

00:51:11.160 --> 00:51:19.230 Tryphena Wade: Was really her version. I mean, it was still the Disney, you know, the Disney Company and and the Disney, you know, so

00:51:19.800 --> 00:51:20.160 Tryphena Wade: You like

00:51:20.790 --> 00:51:21.840 Tryphena Wade: It was it was hurt.

00:51:22.740 --> 00:51:25.080 Antonia Thompson: You know what that just that just goes to show my age.

00:51:25.110 --> 00:51:25.980 Antonia Thompson: Right, because my

00:51:26.040 --> 00:51:27.750 Antonia Thompson: My teen daughter loved it.

00:51:28.200 --> 00:51:35.460 Antonia Thompson: Okay, yes, he had. I mean, since she was a kid. Her grandmother that was like grandma's time was to take them to see The Lion King.

00:51:35.970 --> 00:51:36.300 Tryphena Wade: So,

00:51:36.540 --> 00:51:38.730 Antonia Thompson: I think they've seen it more than my husband and I

00:51:39.120 --> 00:51:39.750 Tryphena Wade: Oh, wow.

00:51:40.140 --> 00:51:41.220 Antonia Thompson: Because that was

00:51:41.520 --> 00:51:44.070 Antonia Thompson: That was her thing was to take them to see it.

00:51:44.340 --> 00:51:54.810 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and so she definitely knew it, the story and she followed it, and she did look at me like, why that was so the Lion King. And I was like, Huh, what they ought to be, I don't know. I don't remember.

00:51:56.340 --> 00:51:58.530 Antonia Thompson: But that's just me. That's just the old mom and me.

00:51:58.860 --> 00:52:04.830 Antonia Thompson: But I just was more impressed that you know for such a show that was so rich in our culture.

00:52:05.970 --> 00:52:08.340 Antonia Thompson: And just, you know, broke all the barriers.

00:52:08.550 --> 00:52:19.110 Antonia Thompson: In so many different ways. And then you have this, you know, African American artists at the top of her game, who comes in with her passion for it and then purposes in that way. So I thought that was amazing.

00:52:19.290 --> 00:52:21.600 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I will go watch the whole thing.

00:52:23.520 --> 00:52:26.280 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, I can't believe you fell asleep on it. That's kind of hilarious.

00:52:27.360 --> 00:52:32.280 Antonia Thompson: I did, I did a few of the artists, I could recognize and I did, I did get

00:52:32.550 --> 00:52:40.350 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. Um, but at some point. And maybe that was it out, you know, as we get older, I hit a time where I'm just like, tired. I'm useless.

00:52:41.760 --> 00:52:43.020 Antonia Thompson: So I will, I will go

00:52:44.580 --> 00:52:46.920 Antonia Thompson: I will go watch it again.

00:52:47.160 --> 00:52:52.170 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, well, you don't like Disney plus or something. So, yes.

00:52:52.200 --> 00:52:53.520 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, so I think

00:52:54.660 --> 00:53:05.010 Antonia Thompson: I'm so excited for you. And then when we touched base and you're like, oh, I'm over here on the West Coast. I think that is is is truly amazing. And you are doing the work that you you are meant to do.

00:53:05.220 --> 00:53:06.990 Tryphena Wade: Thank you so much. Thank you.

00:53:07.080 --> 00:53:12.840 Antonia Thompson: And I think it's interesting that you say you didn't see it, but I see it all over. And like I said you sign up

00:53:15.330 --> 00:53:21.450 Tryphena Wade: Well, I mean, listen, you can I also, I do have online courses and I do offer one on one coaching. So, yeah.

00:53:23.130 --> 00:53:26.400 Antonia Thompson: And so, um, as we wrap up this

00:53:28.110 --> 00:53:31.260 Antonia Thompson: Year. So you've been out on the west coast for you said two months now.

00:53:31.530 --> 00:53:33.270 Tryphena Wade: About two and a half months. Yeah.

00:53:33.660 --> 00:53:44.160 Antonia Thompson: Two and a half months. All right. And do you feel like this is the forever home or this is just a space that you're excited about. And there's other places. You want to say, Are we really feel it. We're feeling good about

00:53:44.550 --> 00:53:48.600 Tryphena Wade: I've always felt that I wanted to live overseas so

00:53:48.630 --> 00:53:48.780 Antonia Thompson: I

00:53:49.050 --> 00:54:04.890 Tryphena Wade: Feel like I feel like eventually I'll probably want to split my time between some other place. And here, so yeah, so it's so it couldn't be a forever home forever part time home.

00:54:05.430 --> 00:54:08.280 Tryphena Wade: You know, um, yeah. So

00:54:09.930 --> 00:54:20.670 Antonia Thompson: And so last week before we get ready to wrap up. What do you use for your outlet for your peace of mind to keep you in balance and focus and the same words of wisdom that you give to others.

00:54:20.700 --> 00:54:22.320 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, fall back on.

00:54:22.860 --> 00:54:33.720 Tryphena Wade: Um, I, well, like we said earlier shutting out the noise that's something that I've really been intentional about this year as far as who I'm allowing myself to listen to

00:54:34.230 --> 00:54:42.090 Tryphena Wade: And and making sure that the people that you know the voices that I bring into my space are going to be beneficial to me. Um,

00:54:42.840 --> 00:54:55.410 Tryphena Wade: You know, on a holistic level so spiritually mentally you know intellectually. So really just just doing that and also making sure that I'm staying connected to doing things that I'm passionate about and things that I feel

00:54:56.880 --> 00:55:07.740 Tryphena Wade: That I meant to do. You know, I feel like, you know, as far as coaching and fearless Fridays and and the workshops that I do and all of that stuff, that stuff really brings me joy.

00:55:08.100 --> 00:55:20.460 Tryphena Wade: And and that even goes to like the things the things that I choose to audition for make sure that I can 100% fully get behind anything that I'm involving myself in and and

00:55:21.840 --> 00:55:30.240 Tryphena Wade: You know, being mindful of who I connect myself with and making sure that anyone that I conduct myself with is, is that we're able to feed each other, you know,

00:55:30.360 --> 00:55:30.660 Antonia Thompson: It's not

00:55:30.840 --> 00:55:42.090 Tryphena Wade: About them feeding me or me feeding them but it, it has to be reciprocal so yeah and then other than that. Listen to good music and and and take walks and getting the sun.

00:55:43.380 --> 00:55:44.400 Antonia Thompson: Okay, so as

00:55:44.400 --> 00:55:52.410 Antonia Thompson: We get close to this real quick. Your body's always buff. You always look beautiful. What are we doing on the health tip because you look amazing as

00:55:52.890 --> 00:55:58.290 Tryphena Wade: You. Thank you. Um, I've been doing a lot of gentle things lately. Just because I

00:55:58.290 --> 00:55:59.430 Saw things. Okay.

00:56:00.690 --> 00:56:08.430 Tryphena Wade: I mean yoga and like I've been kind of investigating. I'm like bar and things like that.

00:56:08.430 --> 00:56:12.270 Antonia Thompson: So that's like me, like, Yeah, I kind of think about doing that stuff.

00:56:12.510 --> 00:56:13.110 But

00:56:14.700 --> 00:56:15.870 Tryphena Wade: No other season.

00:56:16.800 --> 00:56:27.180 Tryphena Wade: Yeah, cuz I what I've noticed is that I do love to like lift waves, but sometimes it's hard on the body. And so I'm trying to do gentler things now. And, you know,

00:56:27.870 --> 00:56:38.610 Antonia Thompson: Well, you look awesome and I i thank you so much for rescheduling and coming back on the show. I miss him much I hope maybe when we travel. That's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna come visit you out on the west coast.

00:56:38.640 --> 00:56:57.330 Antonia Thompson: Yes. Um, yeah, so I'm just gonna say like what I say to everybody, every week, you know, social distance wear that mask. Wash your hands stay happy and healthy and I hope you have a fantastic wonderful happy first Thanksgiving yeah out on the west coast and may the ground not move.

00:56:57.570 --> 00:56:58.560 Tryphena Wade: Yes, I say say

00:57:00.720 --> 00:57:08.970 Antonia Thompson: All right, it was great talking to you. I'll catch up with everybody. Next Thursday at five o'clock, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know. Thank you so much for being here.

00:57:09.240 --> 00:57:10.890 Tryphena Wade: Thank you so much. Bye bye.

00:57:11.460 --> 00:57:11.940 Bye.