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Thursday, November 12, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/12 - Leading in a Changing Environment


2020/11/12 - Leading in a Changing Environment

[NEW EPISODE] Leading in a Changing Environment

Patrick Sullivan is a Major Account Manager at ADP - a company at the forefront of helping businesses deal with the rapidly changing working environment.

We’ll discuss the trends, the changes and how to look after our teams when the external environment is fluid. We'll also explore what may be ahead to make sure we're as prepared as possible.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Graham opens this segment addressing stability and flexibility in these uncertain times.  This week Graham welcomes Patrick Sullivan, Major Account Manager at ADP.  Graham begins by asking Patrick what he’s seeing in the mid-market today and what keeps him up at night in this type of environment.   They further dive into what specifically has changed in the market recently and how mid-market’s adapt to which Patrick discusses changes involved with COVID and the election outcome.  Patrick further discusses the possibility of another stimulus and the impact that could have on businesses and the market.  They close this segment discussing the changes companies are dealing with in employees working from home and how things can change when people start to come back to the office.  

Segment 2

In this segment Graham opens asking Patrick how companies can help be prepared for unpredictability.  Patrick further discusses benefit packages and flexibility for employees during these uncertain times of COVID.  They discuss the changes in benefits packages and how companies are responding to them in this new environment.  In closing Graham asks Patrick if he notices companies that have had that approach to the changes in the market and how certain companies in general adapt to change very well with their approach.  

Segment 3

Graham begins this segment asking Graham how he himself has been resilient himself through all we’ve been through.   They further discuss tolerance of workplace environments.  Patrick also talks about who influences him in his personal life and his work life.   Graham further asks Patrick anything he would change in response to what he’s learned from this period.  

Segment 4

In the final segment Graham asks Patrick his prediction on where he sees markets going and how things will change in the coming months.  Patrick further discusses ADP programs that help employees fill gaps as part of a contingency in a business model.  In closing Graham asks Patrick what is next for him. 


00:00:33.960 --> 00:00:41.760 Graham Dobbin: Good evening and welcome to the main behind the leadership on talk radio dot NYC Live from New York this evening. My name is Graham Dobbin

00:00:42.120 --> 00:00:49.320 Graham Dobbin: And every week we explore different aspects of leadership and, more importantly, the practical application of how it's used.

00:00:49.770 --> 00:00:55.500 Graham Dobbin: Now what is leadership really look like, how does that apply to us in everyday life and in business.

00:00:56.100 --> 00:01:04.860 Graham Dobbin: And this time, probably more than most leaders seem to be working with the ability to plan forward with any reasonable certainty.

00:01:05.490 --> 00:01:12.510 Graham Dobbin: And we've discussed as many times on the show and from micro changes like different restrictions that have just been announced over the last

00:01:12.930 --> 00:01:18.090 Graham Dobbin: 24 hours given you, your travel bans between states and countries.

00:01:18.750 --> 00:01:28.410 Graham Dobbin: And loops. Here's the thing, successful businesses have had to be incredibly flexible and will have to remain that way for a long, long time to come.

00:01:28.920 --> 00:01:32.970 Graham Dobbin: I think the difference now is being able to predict what how flexible, they need to be.

00:01:33.360 --> 00:01:42.540 Graham Dobbin: We're really lucky to see that because our guest is at the forefront of helping business leaders make good decisions to help with stability and flexibility.

00:01:42.930 --> 00:01:54.150 Graham Dobbin: I this evening's guest is Patrick Sullivan. He is a district manager at ADP and his focus is on helping middle market companies and advisors in Brooklyn Manhattan queens.

00:01:54.450 --> 00:02:05.820 Graham Dobbin: And the larger New York City metro region address challenges around their most important assets, the people and anybody who listens to the show regularly will know our whole focus is on the people

00:02:06.270 --> 00:02:16.560 Graham Dobbin: Actually helps clients utilize technology and HR solutions to streamline operational processes hire and retain top talent, which is a key thing at the moment.

00:02:17.070 --> 00:02:31.260 Graham Dobbin: Control label and benefits costs and improve visibility into the data through industry leading analytics or to help drive better business decisions, Patrick. Good evening. It's good to see you again.

00:02:31.740 --> 00:02:32.970 Patrick Sullivan: Here as well. Graham. Thanks for having me.

00:02:33.390 --> 00:02:39.420 Graham Dobbin: I'm getting a little bit of an overview of what you do. And I know a lot of things have changed since we last spoke

00:02:39.630 --> 00:02:49.770 Graham Dobbin: So can you just give us a little bit more detail. Just, just tell us what you getting involved with know kind of on a daily basis. And what kind of companies and what's what's what's keeping you up at night.

00:02:51.330 --> 00:02:53.280 Patrick Sullivan: Sure of the older what's keeping you up at night.

00:02:53.280 --> 00:02:53.910 Question.

00:02:59.280 --> 00:03:07.800 Patrick Sullivan: Well, thanks for thanks for having me again. Patrick Sullivan. I'm with ADP and our major accounts division which is effectively our mid market space.

00:03:08.190 --> 00:03:16.770 Patrick Sullivan: And the first question I always ask people that I'm working with is what is mid market to you. What does that mean to you, you know, where banks and

00:03:17.220 --> 00:03:34.380 Patrick Sullivan: CPA firms, things like that, typically define it by revenues or sales were very much focused on employee accounts for a couple of different regulatory reasons. So what middle market means to me is really 50 to 500 employees 50 to 1000 really on the higher end

00:03:35.940 --> 00:03:45.600 Patrick Sullivan: But it tends to be the types of organizations that you have certain levels of infrastructure, maybe multiple location businesses or multi state international even

00:03:46.740 --> 00:03:57.990 Patrick Sullivan: But have some some layer of, you know, owner operators that would need CFO or a controller number two in finance or potentially a finance department.

00:03:58.380 --> 00:04:10.110 Patrick Sullivan: A lot of times there's a new office manager or head of people, head of HR type of position that's been established that tends to be a jack or Jill of all trades, if you will.

00:04:10.680 --> 00:04:24.690 Patrick Sullivan: That kind of runs the show but a little bit more than then the CEO or owner or principal, however, that the top person is defined in the organization is able to take on themselves.

00:04:25.530 --> 00:04:37.890 Patrick Sullivan: In my specific role. It's really cool. I actually have a job that caters to our partnership channels. So I work really closely with CPA firms health benefit brokers are the two main

00:04:40.050 --> 00:04:51.090 Patrick Sullivan: Advisors that I work with, but really it's it's utilizing our technology to help them advise their clients and also directly, you know, with the three

00:04:51.570 --> 00:05:01.140 Patrick Sullivan: pronged three or four prong relationship, being able to help help their clients and right fit their solution based on those factors that I told you about.

00:05:01.950 --> 00:05:10.470 Graham Dobbin: So you must be getting a lot of information at the moment and on what's changing what's not keeping your neighbor was keeping others up at night.

00:05:11.820 --> 00:05:22.950 Graham Dobbin: For what have you seen change and kind of the last few months, and that may seem like a kind of a high level question but but my guess is that approaches are changing on a regular basis. Well,

00:05:24.030 --> 00:05:25.230 Graham Dobbin: What have you seen change.

00:05:25.440 --> 00:05:27.210 Patrick Sullivan: What's changed. Well, I guess.

00:05:29.280 --> 00:05:35.820 Patrick Sullivan: To get it out there. I'm not sure if you were aware, there was an election here just just went through.

00:05:36.510 --> 00:05:38.370 Graham Dobbin: Remember Scottish we didn't, we didn't

00:05:40.770 --> 00:05:50.730 Patrick Sullivan: Didn't make it there. Well, because of that, there. There's been a lot of I guess hesitancy in the marketplace from your HR technology infrastructure.

00:05:51.570 --> 00:06:01.620 Patrick Sullivan: To make decisions just based on uncertainty and first back in March of this past year, you know, almost 789 months ago at this point.

00:06:02.010 --> 00:06:12.660 Patrick Sullivan: There is uncertainty around. What does the coronavirus mean for my business. Am I an essential business that might not. Then we had, you know, a kind of relief and resilience

00:06:13.530 --> 00:06:24.120 Patrick Sullivan: Piece of can we stay in business. I'm. Am I eligible for PPP you know loan financing, how am I going to keep employees on staff or pivot my business to

00:06:24.540 --> 00:06:31.650 Patrick Sullivan: Kind of accommodate the existing environment, then you know summer was was great for lack of a better way to put it in that

00:06:32.100 --> 00:06:40.530 Patrick Sullivan: For the most part, there was a leveling out of of what was going on from an ability to perform our jobs are still that level of uncertainty.

00:06:41.010 --> 00:06:59.010 Patrick Sullivan: You in the air for sure, but you know businesses had pivoted to your restaurants online ordering delivery takeout services and you know whether it was sustainable or not a different question. But now we're kind of entering a time where it feels more on certain again cases are spiking

00:07:00.540 --> 00:07:08.250 Patrick Sullivan: There are your changes, doing what to expect from regulation and from whatever the next round of stimulus ends up being

00:07:08.580 --> 00:07:16.110 Patrick Sullivan: Like we're all pretty confident that something's coming, but whether it's directly tied to employment or whether it's more of a blanket stimulus for

00:07:16.950 --> 00:07:26.070 Patrick Sullivan: Small business or individuals directly still to be determined. And I think what has changed is is not so much a realization, but

00:07:26.970 --> 00:07:32.760 Patrick Sullivan: It's, it's no longer acceptable to say, you know, let me let me sit back and see what happens. And make my decision then

00:07:33.750 --> 00:07:48.570 Patrick Sullivan: There's a little bit more proactive like here's a couple ways that this could go and as a business owner as an employer as an individual, how am I setting myself up for success, regardless of the direction that you know it ultimately takes

00:07:49.800 --> 00:07:57.090 Graham Dobbin: Into you mentioned PPP, that sounds like such a long time ago. No. It does, doesn't it, and it was not a

00:07:57.090 --> 00:07:59.610 Patrick Sullivan: You're not if you're currently processing your forgiveness.

00:08:02.130 --> 00:08:08.430 Graham Dobbin: So you're kind of projecting out of predicting that there will be some kind of stimulus going forward.

00:08:08.940 --> 00:08:12.570 Patrick Sullivan: Look, I'm not, I'm not a licensed advisor. I'm not dialed into

00:08:15.630 --> 00:08:17.400 Graham Dobbin: Listening, it's just you and I, you can tell me in

00:08:17.400 --> 00:08:28.560 Patrick Sullivan: Confidence. Fair enough. I think that some something's coming you know whether how that looks. What the drivers are nobody really knows. I guess with any sort of certainty.

00:08:29.310 --> 00:08:45.780 Patrick Sullivan: I think the hurdle of getting through the election was possibly something that may or may not have been delaying whatever was rolling out but you know it's really aside from our holidays and New Years festivities, you know, that's really what's next, what's on the next step checklist.

00:08:47.160 --> 00:08:54.390 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, it's interesting because we you see that kind of is no longer acceptable to sit back, it seemed to be at one point it was

00:08:54.750 --> 00:09:01.500 Graham Dobbin: Acceptable for people kind of sit back and say it's okay or change next month or it'll probably change next month, and certain way.

00:09:01.830 --> 00:09:06.390 Graham Dobbin: And there's about eight or 10 weeks, who I really noticed the difference in morn business. Sure.

00:09:06.840 --> 00:09:13.500 Graham Dobbin: Everything just just change really really quickly, where people thought you could just tell and I don't know what what the kickoff.

00:09:14.040 --> 00:09:20.010 Graham Dobbin: One of the things we've discussed a couple of times on here was Google turning around and saying they're not going back to July.

00:09:20.550 --> 00:09:30.840 Graham Dobbin: And very quickly, a number, you know, July next year known it very quickly. A number of other companies seem to do the same. So that gave this Kennedy's parameters to work within

00:09:31.620 --> 00:09:46.140 Graham Dobbin: The people thought right I've now got eight or 12 months to go. I need to do something in. That's kind of what what we felt. Did you see anything particular that changed the mindset of of companies or hybrid approach in it.

00:09:46.800 --> 00:09:59.910 Patrick Sullivan: You know, I'm not sure if there was a singular event or moment. But going back to March I have some friends that work at Amazon, for example, and I know that they were told back in March to not expect to go back to the office until October.

00:10:01.230 --> 00:10:12.990 Patrick Sullivan: Of this year, six weeks ago. So now that date has moved to the new year into June and, you know, in a lot of cases for some of the enterprise companies that we're talking about the they've kind of come to the realization, you know,

00:10:13.560 --> 00:10:25.890 Patrick Sullivan: A real estate decisions aside that you may be some of these positions are better remotes or leave it up to the employee to determine what makes the most sense. As long as they're physically able to do their, their job by

00:10:26.670 --> 00:10:33.780 Graham Dobbin: How does not change your conversation with with employers than with with with leaders of businesses, when

00:10:34.320 --> 00:10:45.030 Graham Dobbin: At one point, you know, every everybody was was in one area fairly stable most companies are looking at Canada sustaining what they've got a growing to know we've got people in all different states.

00:10:46.350 --> 00:10:56.760 Graham Dobbin: In working in different conditions. And when was the last few weeks of it up kind of almost a blended solution. Some people going back to the office. Some people not. How does that change your conversation.

00:10:57.900 --> 00:11:06.750 Patrick Sullivan: I think dramatically that that one person that was the the chakra Jill of all trades that I was telling you about the office manager.

00:11:07.140 --> 00:11:13.020 Patrick Sullivan: You're that person was still able to see everybody coming into the office every day, where now.

00:11:13.470 --> 00:11:22.950 Patrick Sullivan: Even in even in my office that we've basically disbanded. Everybody kind of working from where they are. I have co workers that you know did month

00:11:23.610 --> 00:11:34.290 Patrick Sullivan: Out in the Hamptons over the summer and you know business as usual, or are currently living upstate or in Connecticut, or down in Florida or with family, wherever and whatever time zone.

00:11:34.740 --> 00:11:39.570 Patrick Sullivan: And from a technology and tools to do their job on a daily basis.

00:11:40.170 --> 00:11:44.520 Patrick Sullivan: You know, hit or miss. And as far as if that position allows long term to stay like that.

00:11:44.820 --> 00:11:55.830 Patrick Sullivan: But when you're talking about, you know, regulatory compliance on the, you know, employer responsibility side if you know how an employee that has a permanent residence in another state. What does that mean for tax implications.

00:11:56.430 --> 00:12:04.290 Patrick Sullivan: What does it mean for their responsibility and these are all questions that that that office manager that was processing payroll, you know,

00:12:05.550 --> 00:12:06.720 Patrick Sullivan: In a, in a

00:12:08.250 --> 00:12:11.940 Patrick Sullivan: I was about to say in a vacuum. But I guess more appropriately in a in an office.

00:12:13.290 --> 00:12:22.680 Patrick Sullivan: Would uh would be a no brainer. You know your employees here in New York live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. That's pretty much your scope you relatively know the

00:12:23.070 --> 00:12:38.070 Patrick Sullivan: local jurisdictions and any sort of harassment training that's involved now with the, you know, paid family leave updates. Anything else that came out in the state of New York. Recently, pretty much up to date. What if you now have an employee that's working remote in California.

00:12:40.080 --> 00:12:40.470 Graham Dobbin: Well,

00:12:42.030 --> 00:12:47.850 Patrick Sullivan: I don't know i i know where to go. And thankfully I work for an organization that specializes in that kind of thing.

00:12:48.330 --> 00:12:58.110 Patrick Sullivan: But just that that shift in mindset from managing your people now comes not only from a communication standpoint, but where my liabilities and we're only talking about remote employees right now.

00:12:58.860 --> 00:13:12.720 Patrick Sullivan: There's also my sister, for example, she's a respiratory therapist. She goes into the hospital can't really do that job remote very well. So she's patient specific, you know, in front of people, but there are still

00:13:14.400 --> 00:13:23.880 Patrick Sullivan: There are still new procedures that they're even doing at a hospital, you know, from a personal protection equipment you know type of standpoint, but

00:13:24.300 --> 00:13:34.080 Patrick Sullivan: You know, really, it is more around things like demand planning, you know, they can't see as many patients in a day as they used to. Because of the procedures that are in place. So he's kind of have your repercussions.

00:13:34.680 --> 00:13:40.230 Patrick Sullivan: When we're scoping out what what does, what does reopening are reimagining business look like

00:13:41.190 --> 00:13:54.630 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting because if we talk about middle market we see kind of 52,000 employees when you get to the opposite end of that. It's quite feasible that you've got employees all over the US at least and potentially in different countries.

00:13:55.200 --> 00:13:55.950 Patrick Sullivan: In the world, yes.

00:13:57.150 --> 00:14:05.700 Graham Dobbin: I'm once we come back from the break. I'm really curious about it. Everything is so unpredictable mode. So, so what are you using what are you seeing

00:14:06.060 --> 00:14:09.690 Graham Dobbin: That could maybe bring some stability, some predictability into the future.

00:14:10.110 --> 00:14:22.590 Graham Dobbin: And and also let's, let's, can we get any guidance from what's happened in the past and you're listening to the bank leadership we are speaking with Patrick Sullivan this evening from ADP and we'll be right back after these

00:14:26.370 --> 00:14:28.470 Graham Dobbin: at www talk radio

00:16:39.870 --> 00:16:48.960 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back to the mind behind leadership here listening to us here live on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham dub, and we have Patrick Sullivan with us this evening.

00:16:49.530 --> 00:17:01.200 Graham Dobbin: From ADP. So, Patrick, we were talking just kind of about how it's changed over the last few months. There's lots of uncertainty, but we we've been dealing with in different ways. Um,

00:17:02.040 --> 00:17:06.690 Graham Dobbin: Good businesses have always had to deal with change that's just, that's just, that's part of it.

00:17:07.230 --> 00:17:14.310 Graham Dobbin: Whether it's been the market with us be products, whether it's growing with it as economy, you know, there's a whole lot of things in town when x, then y

00:17:14.610 --> 00:17:25.890 Graham Dobbin: But there seems to be more unpredictability at the moment. How do you think businesses, just in your opinion of from what you've seen how can you begin to prepare a little bit to deal with them visibility.

00:17:27.660 --> 00:17:33.720 Patrick Sullivan: Theory question. We talked a little bit about some of the tools just video conferencing for one

00:17:33.870 --> 00:17:45.300 Patrick Sullivan: Yeah, I think in the last quarterly earnings call from Microsoft, their CEO said there's been two years worth of digital transformation just in the last year, two months.

00:17:45.720 --> 00:17:56.640 Patrick Sullivan: And you know, you hear things like other other places have, you know, 10 years growth in the last three months of e commerce penetration, for example. So, you know, the statistics back up, you know,

00:17:57.000 --> 00:18:06.840 Patrick Sullivan: changing business environment is really what it comes down to what the other end of that question is, you know, how are we staying, you know, resilient as businesses and learning from some examples of the past, I think.

00:18:07.800 --> 00:18:16.890 Patrick Sullivan: You know how we phrased it previously and it's looking at, you know, for example, the state of New York. Unemployment rates when we were

00:18:18.720 --> 00:18:24.480 Patrick Sullivan: Talking about statistics back in April, when we were really just trying to figure out what's going on, you know, record unemployment levels.

00:18:24.840 --> 00:18:44.070 Patrick Sullivan: You kind of dial that back and realize that the amount of unemployment, this year, up through mid April of 2020 match the entire number of unemployment claims for the last recession period from 2008 to 2010. So you're talking about a

00:18:45.570 --> 00:18:51.630 Patrick Sullivan: six week window two month window, however you want to define it, where unemployment really spiked there.

00:18:52.500 --> 00:18:59.100 Patrick Sullivan: And stretching that out basically over a you know 1824 month period from the, the last, you know, acute recessionary period.

00:19:00.000 --> 00:19:02.760 Patrick Sullivan: So what does that mean as a business owner, you know, in the state of New York.

00:19:03.330 --> 00:19:16.290 Patrick Sullivan: That means you're when you're workers comp rates are resetting you come at the end of the year. Most about 60% of businesses have workers compensation insurance that reset, you know, roughly, in line with the end of the calendar year.

00:19:17.040 --> 00:19:26.040 Patrick Sullivan: When health benefit rates, although they're resetting based on relatively low usage due to non voluntary procedures being

00:19:26.670 --> 00:19:36.750 Patrick Sullivan: The only I guess acceptable reason to go to the doctor over the last six months. But those, you know, looking at 1824 months out, you know, when there's some kind of pent up demand. What does that do to

00:19:37.680 --> 00:19:45.840 Patrick Sullivan: A businesses, you know, coverage options or is that a cost that they're going to eat versus pass on to employees or more acutely, as I mentioned,

00:19:47.160 --> 00:20:01.560 Patrick Sullivan: The state unemployment rates that are resetting your beginning of next year, where if you remember from weren't around here, but in 2010 2011 when those rates reset. There was definitely a

00:20:03.150 --> 00:20:11.130 Patrick Sullivan: All times right I guess a tide rising all boats atmosphere where I don't care if if you had your hiring during last recessionary period.

00:20:11.460 --> 00:20:26.730 Patrick Sullivan: Or didn't have to lay anybody off the fact that the your state unemployment fund was completely you with drawn drawn out during that last period has to be replenished. And so if you condense that time period down into a two or three month period.

00:20:27.930 --> 00:20:38.340 Patrick Sullivan: Even if you're hiring you stayed in business you're coming off of basically operating in the red or reduced capacity and are finally starting to get business back you're on the right track or

00:20:38.880 --> 00:20:46.560 Patrick Sullivan: As an reimagine track. There's going to be new costs new expenses that you may not be anticipating as business owner

00:20:48.090 --> 00:21:00.660 Patrick Sullivan: To to workers comp increases due to suicide rate increases that previously warrant factoring out from a cash flow standpoint. So what do businesses like that. Do you know we

00:21:01.830 --> 00:21:11.220 Patrick Sullivan: Unfortunate to offer business models that, first of all, help, help address that from a people management standpoint, you know, things like

00:21:11.700 --> 00:21:25.260 Patrick Sullivan: Getting control of over time, you know, right sizing businesses, helping with merger and acquisition decisions, maybe relocating offices are taking advantage of more remote or, you know, can

00:21:26.490 --> 00:21:38.400 Patrick Sullivan: 1099 type of contract your labor force to make up for some deficits there. There's also the ability to offset those expenses entirely via things that are PEO model.

00:21:39.030 --> 00:21:55.200 Patrick Sullivan: Total source that would effectively eliminate workers comp and eliminates suing the traditional sense as part of a larger pool to make sure to to mitigate any you know spikes that as a small business as a midsize business that I work with would feel more

00:21:56.460 --> 00:21:57.060 Patrick Sullivan: Directly

00:21:59.010 --> 00:22:05.400 Graham Dobbin: There's a lot of support, you have a lot of responsibility here because my guess is that the business owners are looking towards

00:22:06.390 --> 00:22:22.170 Graham Dobbin: You and DDP and companies like you to to predict that future for them. And what I'm hearing you saying is, yeah, it's probably something's going to happen here. There's going to bring up costs, but there's also other things we can do, because the working environment changed.

00:22:22.500 --> 00:22:34.380 Graham Dobbin: You've heard this, I suppose this is what makes it really different from any other don't know we've had, it's just the is the shift of movement of labor and people are going and and the impact that has on the business.

00:22:35.340 --> 00:22:35.940 Definitely

00:22:37.050 --> 00:22:43.500 Patrick Sullivan: You go back into the same stats that I was talking about from, you know, last recessionary period and things like

00:22:45.150 --> 00:22:54.030 Patrick Sullivan: Workers comp claims spike your post recessionary period because although these employees, you might still be employed.

00:22:55.170 --> 00:23:07.290 Patrick Sullivan: Their personal situations have changed, you know, business situations have changed, longer term prospects might be, you know, more acute. So whereas when business is booming. When there's, you know, under, under, under 4% unemployment.

00:23:08.190 --> 00:23:20.730 Patrick Sullivan: The, the prospect of needing to make a career switch or you find a new job is a little less daunting. Whereas here, you know, stub your toe at work. There might be a prolonged absence.

00:23:21.480 --> 00:23:21.810 Patrick Sullivan: I think

00:23:22.890 --> 00:23:26.730 Patrick Sullivan: You know as an employee. But, you know, from a business owner standpoint, how do you

00:23:27.510 --> 00:23:36.300 Patrick Sullivan: How do you mitigate some of those things and it is you know this exhibit have shown that it is about offering possibly more robust, you know, when others are

00:23:36.660 --> 00:23:46.920 Patrick Sullivan: It's time to be generous when it comes to flexibility when it comes to benefit packages when it comes to, you know, really laying out what makes the most sense. You know, mid and long term for my business and

00:23:47.820 --> 00:23:57.150 Patrick Sullivan: Obviously, keeping the doors open, being the most important but you. You had mentioned in our previous segment that you saw a spike in your training.

00:23:58.380 --> 00:24:09.570 Patrick Sullivan: Yeah, services, you know, relatively recently, right, I would assume again based on what what I know about the marketplace, even for my mid market businesses is

00:24:11.220 --> 00:24:13.080 Patrick Sullivan: Keeping employees happy and engaged.

00:24:14.910 --> 00:24:22.530 Patrick Sullivan: is tantamount to, you know, basically not having workers comp claim for stubbed toe.

00:24:23.580 --> 00:24:25.230 Patrick Sullivan: Yeah, it goes away.

00:24:26.880 --> 00:24:28.200 Graham Dobbin: And we're also in another way.

00:24:29.370 --> 00:24:43.290 Graham Dobbin: To say, I wasn't here in 2010 2011 I'm fairly recently in New York, just kind of the last three years and get my head around the health benefits side of things and it's all I'm seeing I'm getting bombarded with things about Open Enrollment know and

00:24:43.800 --> 00:24:53.340 Graham Dobbin: I know you're getting fault with that. What I'm can just briefly explain that to me, and whoever might not understand it and just kind of how it's how it's may be changed.

00:24:54.330 --> 00:25:08.130 Patrick Sullivan: Sure. I think it goes back to a lot of the tools and technology that we were talking about, as well as you know how employers are are buying benefit packages and the more robust offerings.

00:25:09.690 --> 00:25:19.320 Patrick Sullivan: I'm assuming 10 years ago, there wasn't a huge market for pet insurance now it's almost the standard feature for ancillary benefits and things like that. But you even more acutely

00:25:20.940 --> 00:25:27.570 Patrick Sullivan: Open enrollments season effectively is what it is right now for the benefits brokers that I work with, and internally.

00:25:28.650 --> 00:25:30.990 Patrick Sullivan: Is now about 60% of businesses renew

00:25:32.250 --> 00:25:33.930 Patrick Sullivan: This time of year. Well,

00:25:35.130 --> 00:25:52.920 Patrick Sullivan: I personally renewed my health insurance, you know, from my mobile app sitting on my couch. Earlier this week, and with my wife when we're talking about a remote work from home environment, the ability to clearly understand my benefit options, making the right decision for me and my family.

00:25:54.660 --> 00:25:55.320 Patrick Sullivan: Not only

00:25:56.370 --> 00:26:02.130 Patrick Sullivan: Based on the the benefit plan structure being most accurate, but he honestly ease and convenience.

00:26:03.810 --> 00:26:07.170 Patrick Sullivan: Of being able to select that with the technology as its evolved.

00:26:08.010 --> 00:26:20.730 Graham Dobbin: Okay, gonna let you get a drink caffeine. I think you could probably do is I'm actually just wondering if we actually need to go to Patrick's in certain Patrick software, just to get a good deal and health benefits. I'm not sure if that's what you were saying, or we just use the technical

00:26:22.980 --> 00:26:23.580 Graham Dobbin: So,

00:26:24.720 --> 00:26:25.290 Graham Dobbin: I'm

00:26:27.000 --> 00:26:29.520 Graham Dobbin: How do we keep that flexibility going forward.

00:26:29.550 --> 00:26:38.610 Graham Dobbin: Because we can't predict what's going to happen. We just can't. We know that we've had some major announcements. We've got the election in the last

00:26:39.780 --> 00:26:47.580 Graham Dobbin: In the last seven days. We've got the results of a sudden know we're talking about vaccines. When people are talking about, you know,

00:26:48.060 --> 00:26:56.430 Graham Dobbin: Opening up cities and by spring or by Easter or something like that. Next year, which are changing environment, but we're also dealing with

00:26:57.330 --> 00:27:14.130 Graham Dobbin: More restrictions in New York, I'm. Is that a specific type of mindset or approach that you've seen that some businesses have just like the really nailed the here the business might not be thriving, but their approach to it. It has has has made a difference to the people that are around

00:27:15.240 --> 00:27:32.370 Patrick Sullivan: In a word, openness. You know, there's some level of anticipation, or being agile and adaptable to whatever happens. And so I came out of nowhere, but I can't remember the exact year, I think it was 2006 that sounds in the right range where the iPhone came out.

00:27:33.600 --> 00:27:35.520 Patrick Sullivan: Somewhere around there 2006 call it

00:27:36.870 --> 00:27:38.880 Patrick Sullivan: First personal electronic device.

00:27:39.960 --> 00:27:41.790 Patrick Sullivan: That delivered without a manual

00:27:44.970 --> 00:27:45.450 Graham Dobbin: Okay.

00:27:45.750 --> 00:27:54.960 Patrick Sullivan: wasn't that long ago. You just opened the box, you know that it's got that slow release there on the phone and basically open it up and just intuitive device, you know, at the time.

00:27:56.160 --> 00:28:06.360 Patrick Sullivan: PHONE CAMERA email from some messaging features you know calculator, pretty much it. Now, where it commercials and movies are being shot on these things at this point.

00:28:07.230 --> 00:28:21.840 Patrick Sullivan: But it's the willingness to put a phone in your pocket that replaces your digital snap camera and the office calculator and you know the separate BlackBerry device, you had for your email.

00:28:22.470 --> 00:28:31.560 Patrick Sullivan: Knowing that you know I'm not exactly sure where this is going. But I know that I need the tools to help adapt for wherever this goes

00:28:32.760 --> 00:28:49.500 Patrick Sullivan: And that's, that's really the mindset that I'm talking about. And, you know, I'm not sure where the next stimulus you comes from or what that looks like. But you need the partners and the advisors to trust and be able to help Usher you in the right direction.

00:28:50.280 --> 00:28:57.780 Graham Dobbin: So I suppose openness to technology openness to being curious about what might happen, and just just kind of rolling with it.

00:28:58.500 --> 00:29:06.990 Graham Dobbin: That's, that's what we say I'm using to mind behind leadership. My name is Graham dog, and we've got Patrick Sullivan with us tonight. I'm from ADP.

00:29:07.290 --> 00:29:22.140 Graham Dobbin: And we're talking about business resilience and just after the break. I'm going to just push Patrick, a little bit about his own resilience and what he's found has been really useful just over the last few months to keep going. We'll be right back after these messages.

00:29:25.980 --> 00:29:26.460 Listening to

00:29:30.480 --> 00:29:31.650 Educate and

00:31:52.230 --> 00:32:02.640 Graham Dobbin: Come back to the mind behind the leadership. WE'RE LIVE FROM NEW YORK. This evening we have Patrick Sullivan with us from EDP sorry for dancing to the music there, Patrick.

00:32:03.060 --> 00:32:06.390 Patrick Sullivan: Say, you need a video billboard show everybody that that those moves.

00:32:07.980 --> 00:32:14.010 Graham Dobbin: Disappointed. I think you'd only get so far I have not seen dancing yet, but we've still got a few minutes to go.

00:32:15.060 --> 00:32:17.520 Graham Dobbin: How have you kept Brazil yourself.

00:32:18.570 --> 00:32:26.130 Graham Dobbin: Because one of the things you mentioned a little bit earlier was, you know, you're seeing change and lots of other companies, but if I change yourself you know you've moved

00:32:27.480 --> 00:32:33.240 Graham Dobbin: everybody's working remotely. I know you've you've, you've been kind of one or two different locations as well.

00:32:33.750 --> 00:32:48.960 Graham Dobbin: And you've moved home and always can, you know, there's a whole lot of things going on. Personally around us and when we've got that technology and business doesn't always help because we've just got the personal stuff. So how did you kept resilience through this, because I know you are

00:32:50.430 --> 00:33:01.020 Patrick Sullivan: Yeah, you kind of summarize that i guess i i moved. I went and saw my family, a little bit. I've been trying to stay in touch with friends as much as we can hear.

00:33:01.500 --> 00:33:08.940 Patrick Sullivan: I have a two year old that I chase after at the park, you know, quite frequently, which you know it all kind of relates, I think.

00:33:09.600 --> 00:33:20.550 Patrick Sullivan: It's definitely changed a little bit. I definitely have ended take ended up taking some conference calls, while pushing a swing in front of me at, you know, four o'clock in the afternoon, but

00:33:21.930 --> 00:33:27.420 Patrick Sullivan: You got to have a little fun with it too. And so, you know, I actually have done things like

00:33:28.890 --> 00:33:39.570 Patrick Sullivan: Reviewed my calendar design my calendar to know which calls, I'm able to take, you know, from my cell phone to have a little bit more flexibility versus ones that I need to be on camera, dancing, maybe, I don't know.

00:33:42.480 --> 00:33:58.080 Patrick Sullivan: What those are work related and you know I there. There is no perfect answer, but I think going back to our theme of just being ready being adaptable for whatever happens next that with that sort of mindset. It's what makes the most sense for me.

00:33:58.920 --> 00:34:14.160 Graham Dobbin: It's interesting actually because my guess is, you've done things that you wouldn't have normally been able to do you want from different locations, etc. So we deal with change by changing by by kind of embracing more change. And this is one of the things that's this

00:34:16.350 --> 00:34:29.460 Graham Dobbin: I was speaking with Theresa, the grub. While the last week. Who's Who talks with mass influence and how we just kind of being good people, how we how we can change attitudes and approaches too many things.

00:34:29.910 --> 00:34:45.870 Graham Dobbin: One of the things you just said there. I'll be I've been at the park with my kids and all of a sudden of, you know, I've had to take a call we seem to be more tolerant know a lot more tolerant than I can ever imagine anybody being in business. If you noticed,

00:34:47.220 --> 00:34:48.180 Patrick Sullivan: I've noticed that

00:34:49.980 --> 00:35:04.380 Patrick Sullivan: There are distractions that yesterday was Veterans Day. Thank you to all of our soldiers who've served, but also daycare was closed. I didn't find that out until Tuesday afternoon at about 230 so

00:35:05.460 --> 00:35:17.160 Patrick Sullivan: There were some there were some calls that needed balancing and rescheduled last minute and you know it is what it is a little bit and you know I the only way forward is through right

00:35:18.240 --> 00:35:25.080 Graham Dobbin: Yeah, I mean I mentioned this. I don't know if you remember that was there was a video about three years ago, a very

00:35:26.250 --> 00:35:36.300 Graham Dobbin: Professional standard video and the BBC an interview live on TV and this guy was done up here, the beautiful bookcase behind them in the suit and a shirt and tie

00:35:36.810 --> 00:35:45.990 Graham Dobbin: And he was talking about Korea and it was a really, you know, serious subject. Next thing is one of these kids comes in in a stroller another one comes in running after them and then the wife's

00:35:46.500 --> 00:35:57.630 Graham Dobbin: I'm trying to pull their kids out by their legs on success. We're trying to keep off camera that. Can I hit that hit the world has been viewed over 50 million times.

00:35:58.380 --> 00:36:08.430 Graham Dobbin: On YouTube and he had to go on, you know, afterwards with these kids on his knee and just say, no, it was all a bit of fun and it was just so unusual. Now it's every day.

00:36:11.190 --> 00:36:18.630 Graham Dobbin: So it's, it's interesting how we become more tolerant and we're just prepared to accept. It's about being professional not slick know

00:36:20.010 --> 00:36:29.490 Graham Dobbin: I don't, I don't know if you've seen that with with Canada, anybody that you're working with. There's just that that that adjustment. Can't remember last time I wore a suit.

00:36:32.460 --> 00:36:33.990 Patrick Sullivan: I'm faking it. Right now we got

00:36:35.040 --> 00:36:37.350 Graham Dobbin: We, we know you've got shorts on as well.

00:36:40.020 --> 00:36:45.750 Graham Dobbin: Who inspires you, Patrick, you who who kind of dealing single they've got it right.

00:36:47.820 --> 00:36:54.270 Patrick Sullivan: Ah, great question. You know, I don't know. I think I'm not going to let me put it this way.

00:36:55.860 --> 00:37:05.760 Patrick Sullivan: My sister who I mentioned earlier, not only is she a respiratory therapist day job at a hospital. She's also with their wife small business owner, she'll pop shop. Check it out.

00:37:07.440 --> 00:37:22.950 Patrick Sullivan: But you're just kind of looking at you know how they have to design a day in order to get orders out and you know go into the production facility and you know work nights and weekends, you know, slice and strawberries and you know juice and limes.

00:37:24.210 --> 00:37:32.550 Patrick Sullivan: Taking a shift the hospital and also raising a toddler themselves. And you know, I think that it's okay to not be perfect every time.

00:37:33.510 --> 00:37:42.120 Patrick Sullivan: The way you phrase that I can't remember the exact phrasing, but professional not slick. I think it's the way to put it, you know.

00:37:43.110 --> 00:37:51.720 Patrick Sullivan: They are having regular meetings with investors, you know, for example, where Polish deck. They know their numbers cold, you know, it's great business.

00:37:52.350 --> 00:38:04.140 Patrick Sullivan: But also, like, understanding that, you know, part of this business is making sure the sitter has the child in the other room, you know, as quiet as possible so that we can get through this.

00:38:04.560 --> 00:38:15.450 Patrick Sullivan: But also allowing that, you know, once the call is over. Maybe it is time to go to the park and push it on for a little bit and understanding that there's a time for both and figuring out how to make that work. So

00:38:16.740 --> 00:38:19.860 Patrick Sullivan: I'm not sure if that answered your question. I started rambling there a little bit.

00:38:21.750 --> 00:38:25.230 Graham Dobbin: Your system. What was the name of that again. I didn't quite catch the name of that.

00:38:25.800 --> 00:38:27.660 Patrick Sullivan: Show pop shop show pop com

00:38:29.190 --> 00:38:46.350 Graham Dobbin: Um, so people kind of juggling you you've inspired by people kind of pushing through this and send in a way it's, you know, is there anything that you would do. I know I regularly said look back, you talk about April and May MC 10 I really

00:38:46.470 --> 00:38:54.120 Graham Dobbin: Do that and April and me. What, what, what was the thinking, Is there anything that you would change about how you've approached this period.

00:38:55.440 --> 00:38:57.420 Graham Dobbin: And over the last few months.

00:38:57.900 --> 00:38:59.160 Patrick Sullivan: Sure, um,

00:39:01.020 --> 00:39:03.120 Patrick Sullivan: We talked about this before I

00:39:04.560 --> 00:39:09.480 Patrick Sullivan: I'm a little bit sick of the zoom happy hours and the things like that that

00:39:10.140 --> 00:39:16.770 Patrick Sullivan: You know they were they were fun for a couple weeks. I guess you know reconnecting and I think that it drove home the point that maybe I need to

00:39:17.250 --> 00:39:33.090 Patrick Sullivan: You know wanted one or even smaller groups reconnect with with some old friends or colleagues, you know, more purposefully and ask, how you doing, and you know, really not not business talk all the time with business colleagues and, you know, vice versa, but

00:39:34.170 --> 00:39:42.600 Patrick Sullivan: Just connecting on that level, I think even pre coated. Oh, well, maybe, maybe a little bit more of an effort to do some of the reach out, you know, and

00:39:44.910 --> 00:39:57.480 Patrick Sullivan: Now, you know, doing things like furthering education getting better at, you know, my job. How I interact with people definitely you know it's an ongoing you work in progress, as far as anything we've done differently.

00:39:59.160 --> 00:40:01.560 Patrick Sullivan: I don't know. I'm not sure it's over yet. There's still time

00:40:01.860 --> 00:40:02.430 Patrick Sullivan: Working on it.

00:40:04.590 --> 00:40:14.340 Graham Dobbin: I'll give you a tip for one of these zoom half years. I decided is with you. I was getting a little bit tired of them. So I actually went down to my local bottom side side on the phone.

00:40:14.370 --> 00:40:17.520 Graham Dobbin: On assume happy or sad or real happy hour.

00:40:19.980 --> 00:40:21.540 Graham Dobbin: Just have a drink with other people.

00:40:21.750 --> 00:40:25.050 Graham Dobbin: Who would all say a home extremely jealous of

00:40:25.260 --> 00:40:27.420 Graham Dobbin: What we just done. Um,

00:40:28.440 --> 00:40:42.000 Graham Dobbin: It's for advice would you give someone you think just to just to make sure that not a business owner, per se, but but someone in a position where maybe who's working remotely.

00:40:42.510 --> 00:40:50.340 Graham Dobbin: What do you think that that's a good trip for them to do just to keep their head above water keep keep them actually moving forward.

00:40:51.180 --> 00:40:52.140 Patrick Sullivan: keep on keeping on

00:40:54.750 --> 00:41:08.220 Patrick Sullivan: There, there is a at the six month wall. I think I heard the term. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but we've already passed and you know come through it, where, you know, we're looking at

00:41:09.480 --> 00:41:24.060 Patrick Sullivan: We're looking at again next round of stimulus or, you know, changing business conditions when it comes to employment opportunities. I've known people that you had been let go and are now happy in a new place. And you know, I don't think there's a better way to put it, then you

00:41:25.500 --> 00:41:27.900 Patrick Sullivan: Change happens for a reason. It's not always

00:41:29.400 --> 00:41:31.140 Patrick Sullivan: timings never right you know

00:41:32.310 --> 00:41:38.070 Patrick Sullivan: Somebody gave me the advice when when my wife and I were pregnant that

00:41:39.720 --> 00:41:44.640 Patrick Sullivan: People have been having children, since the beginning of the time you'll figure it out. Right, so

00:41:46.980 --> 00:41:52.920 Patrick Sullivan: Make sure you're you're addressing your circumstances if there's something that is is truly broken change it.

00:41:54.120 --> 00:42:10.740 Patrick Sullivan: If not, if it's a kind of temporary blip. See how to maybe evolve it be open to having those conversations you know internally with losses colleagues significant others, whoever you know is in your life where they can be their support system or maybe push in the right direction.

00:42:11.880 --> 00:42:22.440 Patrick Sullivan: But take advantage of of those opportunities you kind of forced to evaluate some things now and nobody's gonna nobody's gonna fault you for making some changes.

00:42:22.710 --> 00:42:31.830 Graham Dobbin: It's really interesting you say that the most amount of people have see that are beginning to thrive. Now, having gone through maybe a downsizing of some kind of following

00:42:32.130 --> 00:42:44.040 Graham Dobbin: And the beginning to find a way when changes pushed upon us. And again, I'm just going to pick up on something you mentioned earlier, they, they wouldn't. We're not all as professional is is maybe

00:42:44.610 --> 00:42:55.140 Graham Dobbin: All the front that was there before that we had to do, like, let's call it front and wonder if it actually seemed more authentic people know people just kind of dropping the guard little bit and say, well, this is me.

00:42:55.890 --> 00:43:09.960 Graham Dobbin: I know just kind of like, except you know you either like are you doing I'm professional good at what I do judge me on my mat. It's not whether I've got a two year old in the background that crying because that's just real life. That's what really really goes on.

00:43:10.560 --> 00:43:15.360 Graham Dobbin: And after the break. I'm going to kind of just just touch on the last bit.

00:43:16.440 --> 00:43:25.740 Graham Dobbin: How you're relaxing, which I think we've probably done, but I know that EDP have a lick of civil war around tables panels leadership sessions that type of stuff.

00:43:26.130 --> 00:43:35.460 Graham Dobbin: And thought leadership things going on how you guys are. And this is a thing. And I'm going to hold you to it. Just how you see the economy going. What do you think

00:43:35.880 --> 00:43:47.700 Graham Dobbin: You know, very you've predicting it and how you keep in that within, within the realms of what else do you need to do to make sure that you're on top of that you're listening to talk radio

00:43:48.630 --> 00:43:55.260 Graham Dobbin: Dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbins is domain behind leadership with with Patrick Sullivan and we'll be back after these messages.

00:43:58.680 --> 00:43:59.190 Graham Dobbin: Radio

00:43:59.400 --> 00:44:00.750 Graham Dobbin: And my seeing

00:44:02.730 --> 00:44:03.390 In happen.

00:46:18.780 --> 00:46:25.560 Graham Dobbin: Welcome back, we're live from New York on talk radio dot NYC would with Patrick Sullivan, Patrick.

00:46:27.240 --> 00:46:36.150 Graham Dobbin: This is a big question. The you know what you guys preparing for, where do you see the economy going. What do you think, then I can businesses you

00:46:36.720 --> 00:46:45.390 Graham Dobbin: Supposed to open that up a little bit. Do you see market specific markets are going to thrive other ones that are going to struggle for for what's a prediction.

00:46:46.830 --> 00:46:48.540 Patrick Sullivan: On this sure

00:46:51.330 --> 00:46:51.990 Graham Dobbin: Yeah.

00:46:54.840 --> 00:46:55.290 Graham Dobbin: Thank you, but

00:46:57.810 --> 00:47:00.750 Patrick Sullivan: Again, this is a conjecture here, right.

00:47:00.900 --> 00:47:01.620 Yeah, of course.

00:47:04.710 --> 00:47:15.570 Patrick Sullivan: There will be recovery, there will be reimagine ation there will be, you know, redefining and revenge reinventing business models and new facilities and you know everything that we're talking about.

00:47:16.170 --> 00:47:31.260 Patrick Sullivan: Here, there, there is a there's another side, there's the there's the move forward. There's the recovery, however you want to frame it that is coming, you know, initially I think I mentioned we will be back in the office by October, which was

00:47:31.500 --> 00:47:41.670 Patrick Sullivan: Six weeks ago. So you know that those things are out of our hands, but the reality is we're on the path of seeing some encouraging you know employment trends. I know that.

00:47:42.780 --> 00:47:51.810 Patrick Sullivan: You know you and you know other colleagues, I have are having, you know, more in depth discussions with the advisors with consultants with

00:47:53.490 --> 00:48:11.850 Patrick Sullivan: partners that are advising from education diversity inclusion. Basically anything that speaks to businesses, taking the next step, based on your, what is known now. But what the possibilities. Could be. And you know, I think that putting a date on it is naive.

00:48:12.150 --> 00:48:13.230 Patrick Sullivan: But knowing that

00:48:14.550 --> 00:48:18.150 Patrick Sullivan: There, there are a couple of steps that need to happen and it's going to be

00:48:19.650 --> 00:48:28.020 Patrick Sullivan: By viability of vaccine which again, we've got some encouraging news. There's been some, you know, positive moment momentum in the

00:48:29.580 --> 00:48:43.560 Patrick Sullivan: Markets and things from a, from a economy standpoint, yes, we're kind of looking at that as of employment trends, as I mentioned, but it's really things like what does that reimagining look like for for businesses for individuals.

00:48:44.760 --> 00:48:53.100 Patrick Sullivan: It's probably going to be some more flexibility. Now there's going to be thinking about employment in a different way. Now it's been demonstrated that

00:48:53.940 --> 00:49:08.940 Patrick Sullivan: I need sales talents or financial talents or US cyber security strengths and I don't necessarily need to limit by recruiting based to New York City or to your greater New York area I may have

00:49:10.440 --> 00:49:14.760 Patrick Sullivan: Contacts connections here, the ability to recruit nationally, internationally, even

00:49:16.440 --> 00:49:21.060 Patrick Sullivan: Again, we work with a partner here at ADP that specializes in

00:49:23.310 --> 00:49:33.720 Patrick Sullivan: International P O relationships and that was telling you about. They work in you know over 185 countries and they're addressing things like

00:49:34.830 --> 00:49:39.300 Patrick Sullivan: Navigating H1 B visa pickups. For example, or

00:49:40.230 --> 00:49:49.530 Patrick Sullivan: cross border m&a opportunities or opening new markets, you know, basically having a one or two employees without having to take the extra step that the extra investment. The extra time.

00:49:49.980 --> 00:50:08.340 Patrick Sullivan: To establish you know separate entities or basically take on hiring approach, you know, in international markets. So kind of a highly specific example. But really, where it's going, is I don't know but We're trending in a positive direction already and I'm encouraged.

00:50:08.940 --> 00:50:14.130 Graham Dobbin: It's into I'm actually, I'm, I'm surprised this week with with the notes met at a vaccine and how

00:50:14.850 --> 00:50:23.970 Graham Dobbin: It seemed to gain credibility very quickly. And how many people have actually been talking very positively about it and about about what the impact will be and I suppose I

00:50:24.960 --> 00:50:35.400 Graham Dobbin: Suppose the big question because you brought the figure apparently the 4% unemployment seems to be, and I suppose that that's what the targets always going to be then. Isn't it getting below that level.

00:50:37.320 --> 00:50:40.380 Patrick Sullivan: Sure. I mean, I think that there's some some

00:50:42.480 --> 00:50:43.050 Patrick Sullivan: Numbers.

00:50:44.070 --> 00:50:45.840 Patrick Sullivan: numbers a little fuzzy right so that

00:50:45.870 --> 00:50:49.260 Patrick Sullivan: With a woman number measures is the

00:50:50.160 --> 00:50:53.970 Patrick Sullivan: Unemployed that are actively looking for work. And I think that there's going to be a new problem.

00:50:54.870 --> 00:51:04.950 Patrick Sullivan: For people that were potentially laid off or, you know, dropped out of the workforce over the last six, seven months that aren't currently working

00:51:05.430 --> 00:51:13.170 Patrick Sullivan: Looking for work. Maybe that's a family decision of, you know, becoming a single owner household or, you know, having to step back and

00:51:13.710 --> 00:51:20.670 Patrick Sullivan: Take care of, you know, elderly parents or relatives or, you know, children, whatever that case may be. I think that there's some room for

00:51:21.390 --> 00:51:32.400 Patrick Sullivan: redefining what what that looks like moving forward. So it might not be necessarily getting down to, you know, under 4% unemployment as we're measuring it currently but maybe it's

00:51:34.110 --> 00:51:44.910 Patrick Sullivan: Maybe it's things like being able to take on you know contract work and chosen field to be able to fill in some gaps or it's

00:51:46.380 --> 00:51:56.970 Patrick Sullivan: Or it's being able to be more readily and easily open a new business and you know take advantage of changing dynamics based on an opportunity that you didn't know existed. Six months ago.

00:51:57.480 --> 00:52:09.270 Graham Dobbin: Essentially, because the last time. So we talk about 2008 2010. It was exactly the same in the UK and I just saw this massive influx of your businesses being opened

00:52:09.870 --> 00:52:16.530 Graham Dobbin: What's your way. It was really so operators. It was people was creating work for themselves and look at a different lifestyle.

00:52:16.890 --> 00:52:24.540 Graham Dobbin: And I support at the moment grows. And one thing I'm certainly seeing a lot of companies, I'm working with taking advantage of some of the talent and some of them.

00:52:25.020 --> 00:52:30.600 Graham Dobbin: Because there's some phenomenal talent over there and they're being a little bit more flexible people, they may not have been able

00:52:30.870 --> 00:52:41.970 Graham Dobbin: To get on before they might be able to take them on part time. So as the, you know, it's not the big investment or they can allow them flexibility to work elsewhere. So then add a lot of opportunities there.

00:52:42.900 --> 00:52:44.220 Patrick Sullivan: You know, for example, our

00:52:45.330 --> 00:52:48.000 Patrick Sullivan: RP oh total source, as I mentioned, we have

00:52:49.170 --> 00:52:53.670 Patrick Sullivan: Over 550,000 work site employees, you know, here in the United States.

00:52:55.020 --> 00:53:03.540 Patrick Sullivan: So as a certified co employer relationship that that's basically made the option available for

00:53:04.770 --> 00:53:17.970 Patrick Sullivan: Work share programs where, you know, it made sense at the local levels to do things like that that you know would have been, you know, unheard of. But some municipalities, you know, localities were able to

00:53:19.170 --> 00:53:27.540 Patrick Sullivan: reduce unemployment claims by saying, Look, I want to kind of keep this employee on my, on my payroll here but

00:53:28.680 --> 00:53:35.820 Patrick Sullivan: My business is closed. I don't have any work for them to do. Is there something that we can do so that you know when it comes back. We can pivot them up.

00:53:37.200 --> 00:53:41.670 Patrick Sullivan: We also want a platform called work market. And again, this sounds like an ADP commercial but

00:53:42.150 --> 00:53:42.510 None

00:53:44.490 --> 00:53:46.380 Graham Dobbin: He's calling me to know what they're

00:53:47.130 --> 00:53:48.360 Patrick Sullivan: Called but

00:53:49.620 --> 00:53:51.390 Patrick Sullivan: You know, it's really designed

00:53:51.420 --> 00:54:01.320 Patrick Sullivan: For contingent workforce utilization. It's designed to be able to have highly skilled workers, you'll fill gaps or as a as an ongoing business.

00:54:02.640 --> 00:54:09.960 Patrick Sullivan: These are people that you some of the largest consumers of this technology are, you know, the large consulting companies that that you can think of.

00:54:10.320 --> 00:54:22.800 Patrick Sullivan: The top accounting firms top CPA firms and it's not even the, you know, young 20 somethings that are trying to figure themselves out. And maybe, you know, putting some design degrees to us. It's

00:54:23.430 --> 00:54:31.290 Patrick Sullivan: On the other end, it's retired, you know, partners of consulting firms that are may be brought in on a temporary project basis for highly specific

00:54:31.590 --> 00:54:42.660 Patrick Sullivan: Your talent your skill set. It's the alumni business network as we like to put in and they may have graduated into a solo consulting career opened up a small business themselves.

00:54:43.830 --> 00:55:04.140 Patrick Sullivan: But thinking about the employment landscape in those terms, you know, really lets you know what what options exist. You guys are going forward and all of it's very encouraging, but it also takes the mindset to be able to think a little bit differently and utilize the tools that are there.

00:55:05.160 --> 00:55:16.350 Graham Dobbin: It's so kind of from what I'm hearing. And what you're seeing before I'm hearing from you personally because there's a lot of opportunities out there to actually just I think us to reimagine

00:55:16.860 --> 00:55:28.530 Graham Dobbin: The business infrastructure that people have got. And once we've kind of got a stone that the status quo is not going to happen. So how do we embrace of the things, for example.

00:55:29.820 --> 00:55:38.040 Graham Dobbin: Using using people specific skills for specific projects and a more open way that's that's what's really going to help businesses move forward.

00:55:39.210 --> 00:55:39.630 Patrick Sullivan: After

00:55:41.280 --> 00:55:49.500 Graham Dobbin: We've all we've only got about 90 seconds left. So you've got 90 seconds, you mentioned earlier that one of the things that you're doing is kind of keeping yourself up to date.

00:55:50.310 --> 00:56:00.330 Graham Dobbin: educationally and you know you you keep an eye on that. So what's next for you. What's next for you personally personally to make sure that you're you're you're at the forefront of this

00:56:01.200 --> 00:56:10.470 Patrick Sullivan: At the forefront of this. Yes, trying to actually hold a leadership roundtable type of discussion, but not so much panel discussion and

00:56:10.920 --> 00:56:21.240 Patrick Sullivan: Probably asked you to come join us, but a little bit more of a best practices, you know, give me 90 seconds to three, four minutes of

00:56:21.750 --> 00:56:34.680 Patrick Sullivan: What have you seen as as a HR leader as a finance leader as a motivational leader in your individual companies and the turning. Some of the more dry webinars on their head a little bit so

00:56:36.000 --> 00:56:42.660 Patrick Sullivan: Post on my LinkedIn, I can post on my contact information will find out more, and I'll have you help me spread it around.

00:56:43.320 --> 00:56:51.510 Graham Dobbin: You know, start Patrick. Thank you for coming on this evening. Thank you for telling yourself away from your two year old.

00:56:52.170 --> 00:56:54.180 Graham Dobbin: Thank you for giving us some insight as well.

00:56:54.450 --> 00:57:06.270 Graham Dobbin: Or just kind of what's out there and know they will actually come back because the technology seems to be changing. It's such a rapid rate than my guesses and a few months, they will be looking at this completely differently. Once again,

00:57:06.690 --> 00:57:18.450 Graham Dobbin: So thank you, Patrick Sullivan from ADP. You've been listening to the mind behind leadership here on talk radio dot NYC. My name is Graham Dobbin join us next Thursday at 7pm.

00:57:18.750 --> 00:57:29.640 Graham Dobbin: I just like to thank Sam Leibovitz a purchase of this evening and Mike messenger who has done all the promotion and also the research for this evening. Have a good week. Bye bye.

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