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Thursday, November 5, 2020

2020/11/05 - It's All About The Election!

[NEW EPISODE] It's All About The Election!

Antonia talks to her friend, Pastor Dwayne Royster, all about the election and what it means for us.

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Show Notes

Segment 1 

Antonia greets her audience and reminds them to stay safe during the pandemic. Antonia introduces a returning guest, Reverend Dwayne Royster to discuss the ongoing 2020 election. Antonia marvels at the amount of people who voted this election. Antonia and Dwayne hypnotizes how the election might be different if we were not in the middle of a pandemic. Dwayne recalls his first time using an absentee ballot and wonders if mail-in voting will become the new norm. They also talk about the voting process in their specific states, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Dwayne and Antonia discuss the difficulties of voting and the government’s interference with the post office. Dwayne talks about how he feels the President’s lack of response to Covid motivated people to vote. Antonia and Dwayne also talk about the economic struggle that small businesses have faced during the Covid pandemic. 


Segment 2

Antonia and Dwayne talk about the pressure smaller towns are facing to count the immense amount of ballots. Antonia talks about her experience with the tedious task of counting ballots. Dwayne and Antonia break down the process of counting ballots. They also talk about a lawsuit in California that calls for ballots that come in after November 3rd not to be counted. Dwayne talks about some of the voter intimidation he witnessed in Pennsylvania. 


Segment 3

Antonia and Dwayne talk about how close the vote is in the swing states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada. Dwayne talks about the voting stats in his home state of Pennsylvania and the significance of the black vote. In his organization, POWER, Dwayne talks about his work with polling the black community. He talks about the “black pollster” and the specific questions it asks black voters. Antonia talks about the psychology being Trump supporters. Dwayne says “Black women are the foundation of the democratic party”. They also talk about the statistics of the Cuban vote. 


Segment 4

Antonia and Dwayne predict who will win the swing states. They also talk about Trump’s claim that he will run for president again in four years  if he loses this election. Anotnia discusses how America is divided and the work it will take to showcase this division. She says, “America may be a melting pot, but if you dig deeper, we are not”. Dwayne emphasizes the importance of talking about the issues as a whole, not separating them. Antonia asks Dwayne what Biden and Harris will have to do in order to move the US in the right direction if they win. Dwayne says the Democrats and Moderates have to learn to get along. They talk about the importance of avoiding “echo chambers”. Dwayne predicts the election.


00:00:42.060 --> 00:00:51.780 Antonia Thompson: Good afternoon, everybody. It is Thursday at five o'clock. Thank you for joining me here on. So now you know it's Antonia. I hope you're having a fantastic week.

00:00:52.230 --> 00:00:58.020 Antonia Thompson: As usual, we always start off. We always begin and end with our reminders about being socially distant

00:00:58.350 --> 00:01:07.110 Antonia Thompson: Wearing that Mask and washing our hands right this is cold season and I want us all to say as healthy and as happy as long as possible.

00:01:07.350 --> 00:01:14.100 Antonia Thompson: So we have to take those extra precautions, because we are in the midst. Well, we're not even in the midst. We're just beginning.

00:01:14.430 --> 00:01:21.870 Antonia Thompson: The flu and cold season as we get ready to go into the winter. I don't think I've seen a lot of snow flurries. We had some here.

00:01:22.410 --> 00:01:32.010 Antonia Thompson: In the north northeast, but they melted pretty quickly. But we can anticipate as we get into November, that's going to get pretty cold and I don't know. I don't know. I haven't looked at

00:01:32.700 --> 00:01:38.760 Antonia Thompson: The predictions of what type of snowfall. We're going to have this this season, but I'm just going to go with it that

00:01:39.180 --> 00:01:49.500 Antonia Thompson: Might be a lot right so Cove, it's not going anywhere, anytime soon. So I hope you are staying abreast of all the information, your community, how to get tested and so forth.

00:01:50.340 --> 00:02:05.310 Antonia Thompson: It's election time. So I was trying to avoid the TV and the whole spectrum of the election. I actually did ballot counting on election day, but now I am totally into it and just just

00:02:06.120 --> 00:02:13.950 Antonia Thompson: Been watching it all day so I invited my friend Wayne royster to come back. But your oyster to join us. We were going to be talking to Chanel

00:02:14.220 --> 00:02:23.250 Antonia Thompson: about implicit bias and racism and so forth, which is such an important topic, but she's actually going to come back next Thursday for us to talk about that, but we're going to let Duane

00:02:23.850 --> 00:02:35.220 Antonia Thompson: Bishop royster is joining us so we're just gonna let him right on into this room because we have a lot to talk about good early evening Bishop, how are you

00:02:35.580 --> 00:02:36.750 Dwayne Royster: I'm doing well, how are you doing

00:02:37.140 --> 00:02:44.640 Antonia Thompson: Good. Good. Welcome back to the show. I was just telling our listeners that I tried my best to avoid

00:02:45.210 --> 00:02:51.570 Antonia Thompson: The election. I did a male and ballad. I was actually counting ballads on Tuesday.

00:02:52.050 --> 00:02:58.440 Antonia Thompson: And stayed away from the TV, but all of a sudden I have gotten the bug because I'm just really excited about the election.

00:02:58.800 --> 00:03:06.660 Antonia Thompson: So, but I have a million questions and I thought who better to talk to about someone who can give us perspective about Pennsylvania.

00:03:07.440 --> 00:03:15.720 Antonia Thompson: And our Philly. And I know you are in your in the community on the ground. So I know you have some really good insight to things that have been going on.

00:03:16.260 --> 00:03:29.520 Antonia Thompson: Um, so I'll just start off and say, and I think we can agree to this, that this is just phenomenal. The, the amount of people who came out to vote in this election has been amazing. Absolutely.

00:03:30.000 --> 00:03:39.600 Dwayne Royster: Right, their records across the country. Many states have hit new election record number of people turning out to vote, we are watching democracy in action.

00:03:40.560 --> 00:03:52.350 Antonia Thompson: Exactly right. This, this is what it was meant to be. And I think, I mean, I think we even shattered the amount of votes on Obama. I think Ryan has surpassed. That's right. Absolutely.

00:03:53.190 --> 00:03:59.280 Antonia Thompson: So I do, I think, I think you're absolutely right. And in. So let's start with that. I'm wondering

00:04:00.180 --> 00:04:16.560 Antonia Thompson: Have this pandemic not happen and we have the option of these absentee ballots in most states that gave that option because I think mostly when you use absentee ballot. It was because you want living in a state that you would normally go to the polling station right

00:04:16.590 --> 00:04:24.240 Dwayne Royster: Are you going to be out of the area of your precinct that day. And so you can request a absentee ballot actually in Pennsylvania prior to

00:04:25.020 --> 00:04:34.170 Dwayne Royster: A year ago, the only way you can. You had to have an excuse to actually get an absentee ballot. Right. So you had to be sick, you're going to be out of state you're in a school, you were in school.

00:04:34.440 --> 00:04:42.420 Dwayne Royster: Matter of fact, I think last time I was on your show. I mentioned the first time I ever voted was absentee when I was at Boston College with you so many years ago now, so

00:04:43.260 --> 00:04:47.670 Dwayne Royster: You know, but I had an excuse because I was away at college that I voted absentee

00:04:48.180 --> 00:04:55.680 Dwayne Royster: But, you know, then in Pennsylvania, the laws changed so that you could have any reason for absentee even if you just didn't feel like coming out your house.

00:04:55.950 --> 00:05:05.550 Dwayne Royster: You can request the absentee ballot have it sent to you and send it back in. And so that became very exciting for us as a new way of engaging folk in participatory democracy.

00:05:06.300 --> 00:05:15.450 Antonia Thompson: Well, here in Connecticut. I think I just moved it because I did you know I there were balanced everybody in the State of Connecticut. But I think the big push here was that coven

00:05:15.930 --> 00:05:25.380 Antonia Thompson: Exception, it had the normal because even when I thought. Think about it wasn't, it wasn't a normal thing that you were doing here in Connecticut. Right, so

00:05:25.830 --> 00:05:33.360 Antonia Thompson: Now going forward. Well, we see that once this code is under control. Is this, is this going to be the new norm that you can vote.

00:05:33.720 --> 00:05:40.890 Antonia Thompson: With absentee ballot. I feel it's almost like with coven you don't necessarily have to have an office anymore because everybody's just as effective.

00:05:41.250 --> 00:05:55.260 Antonia Thompson: Working from home. So do you see this as a new trend that now that we see record numbers that will see that absentee ballot will become part of your normal process. You can either vote in person or something valid.

00:05:55.590 --> 00:06:00.720 Dwayne Royster: I hope it does. You know, one of the things that became interesting for us in Pennsylvania.

00:06:01.440 --> 00:06:10.080 Dwayne Royster: Was that we had the absentee ballot, but because of coven and access and challenges. We actually went on setting up early.

00:06:10.920 --> 00:06:18.480 Dwayne Royster: satellite offices of our Board of Elections. So there were 18 of them in Philadelphia, where you could actually go in register to vote.

00:06:19.050 --> 00:06:27.210 Dwayne Royster: While you were there request your mail in ballot, they would print your mail in ballot, you could fill out your mailing balance and turn it back in on the same day.

00:06:27.240 --> 00:06:29.160 Antonia Thompson: You have one side. He just said one stop shop.

00:06:29.430 --> 00:06:36.720 Dwayne Royster: One Stop and it became a big issue. The Trump administration was trying to stop that from happening because they were saying it was early voting.

00:06:37.080 --> 00:06:44.580 Dwayne Royster: And what people were saying was, actually no. All we're giving people as their absentee ballot, but they can turn it in ahead of time and much the same way they whatever they dropped it in the mail.

00:06:45.000 --> 00:06:54.960 Dwayne Royster: And part of this actually was all caused because of what was happening with the US Postal Service during their big, slow down, and people not trusting the Postal Service to get their balance back in time.

00:06:55.380 --> 00:06:59.040 Antonia Thompson: In here in Connecticut. I'm you.

00:06:59.520 --> 00:07:08.760 Antonia Thompson: Like, you know, I can request that ballad weeks ago, I could have done that I could have. I could have filled it out right then in there dropped it off the clerk's office or put it in some of the ballot boxes or put it in the mail.

00:07:09.240 --> 00:07:19.260 Antonia Thompson: I also could have waited November. Third, and saw that the lines were a little bit long and popped it in the mail or took it to the clerk's office long as it was postmark.

00:07:19.980 --> 00:07:31.830 Antonia Thompson: November 3 it still was a legal way to vote, you still have those options and I just feel like we we just see your democracy. This is how it's supposed to work. Voting should be easy.

00:07:32.130 --> 00:07:42.750 Antonia Thompson: To train in any way that you try you used it. I just don't see where the fraud is right because you weren't getting a ballad an absentee ballot. If you did not provide

00:07:43.110 --> 00:07:59.850 Antonia Thompson: The adequate information. Now that's here in Connecticut. I don't know if I'm going to hear, you know, Kentucky, or was somewhere else that that it was very easy for it to be for fraudulently gotten. I don't know who sent it back, but at least to get it, but I do hope that

00:08:01.020 --> 00:08:13.590 Antonia Thompson: A lot of states will keep this there. I think with our next step in Connecticut is now going to legislators and say we need early voting. Like, why are we waiting for one day when we could have started

00:08:14.130 --> 00:08:23.850 Antonia Thompson: And, you know, we're not one of the swing states where we that you know they knew it was going to be a blue state. But again, why are we making it so difficult for people to do this.

00:08:24.330 --> 00:08:29.820 Dwayne Royster: Yeah, I mean I you know I think there was a time in a place from one day voting made sense.

00:08:30.390 --> 00:08:37.050 Dwayne Royster: We're just not in that day and time anymore. And honestly, at some point, we should be able to get the online voting right people should be able to go to their laptop.

00:08:37.620 --> 00:08:43.020 Dwayne Royster: And vote online and it's done and over with and we, I mean, we have the technology to be able to do that so

00:08:43.380 --> 00:08:56.850 Dwayne Royster: I don't know why we haven't quite gotten to that place yet to be able to make that happen. But hopefully in the near future we will get to that place will make that happen. I do think early voting is better than it's evidently shown more people are participating

00:08:58.140 --> 00:09:02.730 Dwayne Royster: Now I do want to say though that covert actually had a lot to do with the turnout.

00:09:03.690 --> 00:09:13.050 Dwayne Royster: You know, in this election. I think a lot of people were really upset about what happened on Colvin the lack of support, things of that nature. And so they're actually exercising their right to vote, because of that, so

00:09:13.560 --> 00:09:18.000 Antonia Thompson: Talk to me a little bit about that because I get it right. I understand it, uh,

00:09:19.170 --> 00:09:25.200 Antonia Thompson: But I want to unpack that a little bit because I think what I hear, as far as people on both sides of the fence of

00:09:25.590 --> 00:09:45.390 Antonia Thompson: Of how it could have prevented were the number you know his actions would have prevented that many people dying of coven but I talk to me about how you feel about that because I feel like if you didn't hear the whole what he did or didn't do or what the government

00:09:47.100 --> 00:09:56.010 Antonia Thompson: When they got involved and they didn't get involved, how it caused it to be the powder what the relationship is to the numbers of how many people past. Yeah.

00:09:56.460 --> 00:10:04.470 Dwayne Royster: So I think part of the issue was really locking down the whole country and making the country putting mandates in place.

00:10:04.860 --> 00:10:11.430 Dwayne Royster: Right, we need to put the mask mandate in place. We still don't have a national mass mandate at this point and the irritates me to no end.

00:10:12.360 --> 00:10:19.530 Dwayne Royster: We should have locked down more portions of the country. I mean, right now we're spiking higher than we were in, you know, March, April, May.

00:10:20.430 --> 00:10:29.820 Dwayne Royster: And yet we're not shutting down anything we're not slowing down much of what's going on across the country. And that's just promoting the spread. I mean, I think Mark meadows.

00:10:30.210 --> 00:10:39.840 Dwayne Royster: Chief of Staff came out a couple weeks ago and basically said there's nothing we can do at this point, it's just going to run rampant, which is that whole herd immunity thing which they wanted to do anyway just let it run through

00:10:40.110 --> 00:10:46.590 Dwayne Royster: Whoever Dies. Dies whoever lives lives and so be it out the problem they're finding out now, though, is that people are getting it the second time.

00:10:47.280 --> 00:10:54.690 Dwayne Royster: They've been confirmed cases of this already that people are getting it for the second time. So we know that's not a permanent immunity, even if you've had cove it

00:10:55.110 --> 00:11:09.120 Dwayne Royster: So I think, you know, a lot of people are not happy with the way you handle it. But then there's also the economic impact of the crisis in states that did close down so the House of Representatives put together a series of stimulus bills that related to

00:11:10.320 --> 00:11:15.420 Dwayne Royster: You know, helping a folk out. Now, a lot of the money actually went to businesses did not go to individuals right so

00:11:15.750 --> 00:11:24.480 Dwayne Royster: That's supposedly these businesses where it's supposed to be maintaining their payrolls to keep people off of going on unemployment and that they would continue to have their jobs during this timeframe.

00:11:25.050 --> 00:11:34.110 Dwayne Royster: However, they did do this one piece where they gave you know families every individual 1200 dollars in $600 for children. That was one time ago. And that was months ago.

00:11:34.740 --> 00:11:41.430 Dwayne Royster: Right there was a $600 a week you know addition to unemployment that they were giving that all ran out a long time ago.

00:11:41.490 --> 00:11:55.380 Antonia Thompson: And that's my thing. Like a lot of these this conversation about that package. Right. You have to say, even if we want to take the average American you know working two jobs. How far did that money.

00:11:56.430 --> 00:11:57.780 Dwayne Royster: go far enough. And they could have

00:11:57.780 --> 00:12:04.830 Dwayne Royster: Renewed it. They could have renewed it they did not renew it he was more caught up and trying to get his Supreme Court Justice candidates, you know, in place.

00:12:05.700 --> 00:12:17.010 Dwayne Royster: I think that there was also, you know, bigger challenges, the Republicans didn't want to continue the higher level of unemployment, they wanted people to go back to work, even though it wasn't safe for them to go back to work. And many of these states.

00:12:18.090 --> 00:12:28.500 Dwayne Royster: And what we did not see was direct continuing direct resourcing that was going into communities and then particular marginalized communities to continue to sustain them.

00:12:28.770 --> 00:12:33.060 Dwayne Royster: There are a lot of people that never got the stimulus, because they are outside of

00:12:33.660 --> 00:12:42.030 Dwayne Royster: The normative framework of having jobs and social security number and all those things are immigrants siblings. They were in this country do not have access to the resources that were available there.

00:12:42.510 --> 00:12:52.380 Dwayne Royster: The other piece of it. As you know, this would have been a great moment to institute some form of national health care that would have provided health care and prevention cost cover prevention for people

00:12:53.190 --> 00:12:57.900 Dwayne Royster: You know, expand Medicaid and states for people that did not have insurance, they'd already

00:12:58.560 --> 00:13:06.150 Dwayne Royster: Got rid of the mandate from the Affordable Care Act that required everybody to carry health insurance. So now you have people that are sick.

00:13:06.870 --> 00:13:15.900 Dwayne Royster: That don't have health insurance getting coven and, you know, running 100,200 $300,000 bills from being an ICU and hospitals and they have no coverage, one way or the other.

00:13:16.380 --> 00:13:24.000 Dwayne Royster: I think it was absolutely tragic that there was not more direct impact for communities individuals and communities.

00:13:24.420 --> 00:13:31.620 Dwayne Royster: I'm of the belief. I mean, part of what I saw happening was that we were spending trillions of dollars, putting money in corporations.

00:13:32.490 --> 00:13:40.950 Dwayne Royster: And my thing is, you know, I'm not a Ronald Reagan person. I don't believe in trickle down, but what I do believe is that if you give money.

00:13:41.400 --> 00:13:49.110 Dwayne Royster: To the lowest 25% of the economic ladder. They actually stimulate the US economy because they're 100% consumers, basically, meaning that

00:13:49.830 --> 00:13:58.590 Dwayne Royster: Every time you give them $1 they spend that dollar, they don't save it. They don't put it away. It doesn't go on the stock market. They actually spend the money in businesses.

00:13:58.920 --> 00:14:01.410 Dwayne Royster: Consuming goods that are necessary for survival.

00:14:01.830 --> 00:14:08.580 Dwayne Royster: But then when they're buying products they're actually stimulating the businesses that are selling those products and the businesses, those businesses buy from

00:14:08.880 --> 00:14:17.490 Dwayne Royster: And so I'm like, if you want to really stimulate the economy and keep it going. Keep money going into the communities that struggle. The deepest in much the same way that

00:14:17.730 --> 00:14:24.510 Dwayne Royster: Andrew Yang was talking about universal basic income, we should have been thinking about a universal basic income, even up until this point right now.

00:14:24.750 --> 00:14:29.820 Dwayne Royster: To continue families, having the economic means they need to pay their rent to pay their utility bills.

00:14:30.030 --> 00:14:38.340 Dwayne Royster: To continue existing day by day, putting food in your stomach putting clothes on their backs and making sure that children have the technology that they need to be able to do at home schooling.

00:14:38.880 --> 00:14:51.090 Antonia Thompson: And I think that is one of the biggest disconnects, though, because we know who Trump is we know who he caters to that part of the business spectrum, if you will, that's not that's not his audience, right.

00:14:51.210 --> 00:15:01.050 Antonia Thompson: He's like he's looking at these huge corporations these big businesses, those that he's giving the tax cuts and everything else to as opposed to that middle that middle

00:15:01.440 --> 00:15:08.760 Antonia Thompson: Sector that you're talking about, which were seeing is all going bankrupt me and I just saw a pet, my pet store made a pet value just

00:15:09.120 --> 00:15:19.800 Antonia Thompson: All us stores are going to be closing, we're just seeing all these chains that we are so used to that have gone under and some of them went under very quickly. Right. A lot of the mom and pop shops and you're talking about are done.

00:15:20.220 --> 00:15:31.920 Antonia Thompson: And they're done like the likelihood of them being able to reopen out some more substantial funding is just sad like neighborhoods, as you said, are just going to be ghost towns.

00:15:33.150 --> 00:15:42.090 Antonia Thompson: For a while, so I just and we're going to get back to the people that are still supporting him and what we're seeing in the numbers that are coming back.

00:15:42.750 --> 00:15:53.460 Antonia Thompson: Across the country, because not only does it tell a very real story, but it also kind of gives lets us know where that we're just two different Americans right

00:15:53.820 --> 00:15:58.980 Antonia Thompson: We're just we're really, really divided. So we're going to take a quick break and listen to Antonio. So now you know we are with

00:15:59.250 --> 00:16:09.660 Antonia Thompson: Bishop Duane talking about this election, but who knows maybe while he and I are talking, we might get some results from his state. We'll be right back. Just hang tight.

00:18:23.610 --> 00:18:26.880 Antonia Thompson: Welcome back, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know

00:18:27.660 --> 00:18:37.170 Antonia Thompson: So Dwayne is we were just talking about this lack of paying attention to the infrastructure, if you will, the city of towns of where you know most people are living day to day

00:18:37.770 --> 00:18:46.170 Antonia Thompson: I think it's funny because I think about you know what our president has been saying about the count how it's been fraudulent and basically is impatient.

00:18:46.500 --> 00:18:49.980 Antonia Thompson: It's like taking too long to count all these boats and why are we caught comedy so

00:18:50.370 --> 00:18:59.640 Antonia Thompson: But then I also wanted to sit back and realize, well, you needed to pay attention to the infrastructure of some of these cities. Some of these electoral vote you know voter registrations.

00:19:00.120 --> 00:19:07.380 Antonia Thompson: Do they have the capacity to do what's being done needed today, you're talking about millions of votes and if I had not

00:19:08.310 --> 00:19:19.200 Antonia Thompson: Been there for the first time in my life, volunteering to count absentee ballots. It is the most tedious like literally opening and blow them out.

00:19:19.710 --> 00:19:31.380 Antonia Thompson: There it is just simple literally counting taking them counting them seeing if they're spoiled. Are they sign, aren't you know, following the rules, right, which is the statute.

00:19:31.650 --> 00:19:39.690 Antonia Thompson: It's not any of these people and making it up it's written by statute, it's governed by regulations as to how you look at that envelope and how that vote counts.

00:19:39.960 --> 00:19:51.450 Antonia Thompson: And tip for him to think that if we could so easily. I just think it's the funniest thing of Count don't count and and that he just wanted done so so quickly because you had to have known.

00:19:52.470 --> 00:19:55.770 Antonia Thompson: That it was going to take some time in some of these states.

00:19:56.130 --> 00:19:57.900 Antonia Thompson: To help these belts.

00:19:58.110 --> 00:20:04.260 Dwayne Royster: Well, I mean, it's actually interesting. So you can't hear in the background, but actually there's buzzing of helicopters, I'm six blocks away.

00:20:04.680 --> 00:20:12.900 Dwayne Royster: My Philadelphia apartments six blocks away from where they're counting the votes right now. And so all the media helicopters are above this protest going on.

00:20:13.710 --> 00:20:20.040 Dwayne Royster: You know, back and forth. I've actually been out to some of the protests, so I can't really say those of us that are on the count every vote team.

00:20:21.360 --> 00:20:28.530 Dwayne Royster: You know the Trump administration wants to stop. Now look, I mean, honestly, part of this is his fault right so they did the Postal Service, slow down.

00:20:28.980 --> 00:20:38.490 Dwayne Royster: They started dismantling the US Postal Service, you know, months ago. And, you know, part of it, we believe, was an intent to disrupt the election.

00:20:39.090 --> 00:20:45.750 Dwayne Royster: Because we knew that a lot of folks in particular, black and brown folks who are disproportionately affected by coven 19 would want to

00:20:46.470 --> 00:20:51.900 Dwayne Royster: vote by mail as opposed to him voting in person. Right, it's just it's safer it's healthier.

00:20:52.110 --> 00:21:03.000 Dwayne Royster: stuff comes to you in the mail, you take into flipping turn it back around. He posted in your local mailbox, which you can do safely social distancing. People don't participate when we're in the other. I mean, you know, you don't think getting contact with anybody.

00:21:04.290 --> 00:21:14.010 Dwayne Royster: So there was the postal slow down that cause part of this problem. So then federal court says, you got to pick it back up. Well, of course they can't gear back up as quickly as they took this mantle. The system.

00:21:14.700 --> 00:21:28.230 Dwayne Royster: Because they reduce staff, they did all kinds of things to be able to do that. So the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said, as long as the ballad is postmarked by 8pm on November 5

00:21:29.070 --> 00:21:45.690 Dwayne Royster: I'm sorry, November 3 November 3 by you know 8pm when the polls closed and it arrives to the Board of Elections by Friday, November six that up and through November six, the vote has to be counted. So partners.

00:21:45.750 --> 00:21:50.910 Antonia Thompson: In addition to you taking that ballot and dropping it off in a sanctioned

00:21:51.600 --> 00:21:53.550 Antonia Thompson: ballot box right, you still need. Okay.

00:21:54.120 --> 00:21:59.460 Dwayne Royster: So I mean everything the Dropbox ended on the stolen the third so 8pm on the third

00:21:59.820 --> 00:22:00.750 Antonia Thompson: Last and take yeah

00:22:00.810 --> 00:22:19.800 Dwayne Royster: Those are blocked and taken. So, but if you put it in the mail and it was postmarked by the third the end was received by the board of elections by the six your vote has to be counted. So what's happening is one, there were 1.4 million a balance received this is actually as of

00:22:20.820 --> 00:22:26.310 Dwayne Royster: This was as of Tuesday. They want 1.4 million balance received. Now here's the other problem state law.

00:22:26.640 --> 00:22:33.330 Dwayne Royster: Does not did not allow the state of Pennsylvania or the county election boards to open any of those ballots.

00:22:33.570 --> 00:22:48.600 Dwayne Royster: Including going through the tedious process of taking them out of the first envelope, because we have a two envelope system as a secrecy house. And then there's the other and they cannot open any of those ballots until the morning of the election. So when the

00:22:49.800 --> 00:22:50.130 Antonia Thompson: Right.

00:22:50.310 --> 00:22:53.400 Dwayne Royster: We, we started I think ours is started like eight or something like that.

00:22:53.790 --> 00:23:04.560 Dwayne Royster: So, but then they they were still more balanced coming in on the third and they were balanced coming in on the fourth and they're balanced coming in on the fifth are still balance coming in today and they'll be balanced will be delivered tomorrow.

00:23:05.250 --> 00:23:16.560 Dwayne Royster: So all this, though, is because they've slowed up the postal service that's that's really what this comes down to. So there's been lawsuits. There was a lawsuit.

00:23:17.880 --> 00:23:30.690 Dwayne Royster: Sent by two of the top leaders in the Republican leadership in Pennsylvania House and Senate taking the Supreme Court. A couple weeks ago to basically get the count ended the night of the third

00:23:31.770 --> 00:23:41.760 Dwayne Royster: And the US Supreme Court split for for on that and basically because of split for for the lower court ruling was upheld that said the votes continue to come in on to the six except

00:23:42.090 --> 00:23:53.400 Dwayne Royster: It was Justice Calvin all that created a caveat that would allow them to bring this back the day after the election. So one of the things that they said it's too close to the election to do this now.

00:23:53.910 --> 00:24:00.840 Dwayne Royster: But the day after the election, you can basically bring this back and you're the lawyer. And so, you know, but this better than I do about how this works.

00:24:01.200 --> 00:24:08.040 Dwayne Royster: So what I discovered today was that as long as four of the justices agree to hear the case again.

00:24:08.700 --> 00:24:19.830 Dwayne Royster: Then the case has to be hurt again potentially throwing out all the votes that came in from the fourth through the six. So there's a lot of legal maneuvering that's going on right now they've they did that, they were

00:24:21.300 --> 00:24:25.680 Dwayne Royster: They were there was a couple other court cases where they're trying to do some procedural things the discount votes.

00:24:25.920 --> 00:24:38.340 Dwayne Royster: I mean, it's quite the ugly situation here there's lawyers running around all over the place and they're trying this not only in Federal court. But they're also doing in state and local courts at the same time so that they're trying to, you know, do whatever they can

00:24:38.370 --> 00:24:45.030 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and I mean the the legal, it will become somewhat of a legal nightmare because

00:24:45.720 --> 00:24:51.630 Antonia Thompson: You know, as he was saying last night. It's not that easy. You just don't get up and say, Hey, I'm going to the Supreme Court, and they're going to hear my case.

00:24:51.870 --> 00:24:56.880 Antonia Thompson: There's actually some procedural things that you have to do. I starting in your state court getting all the way to the Supreme Court.

00:24:57.510 --> 00:25:05.460 Antonia Thompson: And even then, and I think what a lot of what you're hearing about today. It's going to depend on how how close is that margin.

00:25:05.760 --> 00:25:15.540 Antonia Thompson: That he loses for right if he's losing by over 100,000 votes, the likelihood of whatever votes. He wants to be looked at, or were segregated or whatever.

00:25:16.020 --> 00:25:27.240 Antonia Thompson: It's not gonna matter because he won by so much right. Um, so it becomes those really tight races that we're looking at where my that 1% I think was some of the traders and some of the States to have an

00:25:27.270 --> 00:25:28.620 Antonia Thompson: Automatic recount yeah

00:25:28.680 --> 00:25:30.600 Antonia Thompson: But even if you have the recount

00:25:32.340 --> 00:25:40.140 Antonia Thompson: They might be off by what 100 or two, but they're not going to be, you know, they're not going to miss counted over $50,000 or $30,000

00:25:40.740 --> 00:25:53.790 Antonia Thompson: So I think a lot of this is just to sit and wait to see what are the final numbers. What would the margins of loss. And I think a lot of this stuff and going to the court is just going to really be a, a new point

00:25:54.150 --> 00:25:56.370 Dwayne Royster: Well, I don't know about that. I don't know about that. I

00:25:56.370 --> 00:26:06.300 Dwayne Royster: Probably would disagree with you on that because he was very clear that he knew he was going to need the Supreme Court to get reelected, right, which is part of the reason why he pushed through the Barrett

00:26:07.170 --> 00:26:08.550 Antonia Thompson: One. Um, but, but

00:26:08.640 --> 00:26:11.520 Antonia Thompson: The only thing that's in front of the Supreme Court though right now.

00:26:12.660 --> 00:26:21.240 Antonia Thompson: Is Pennsylvania is that one case, right. The other cases that they might have litigated. We're still in the state on the state level right

00:26:21.540 --> 00:26:32.040 Antonia Thompson: So like I said, there are procedural things that he would have to do for those other states, Pennsylvania, he might be, have a little bit more leeway because there is was that caveat there was

00:26:32.370 --> 00:26:40.470 Antonia Thompson: Some issue as to whether or not, Secretary state had followed the court's ruling, but that's just one state and I don't know if that's the one that's going to

00:26:40.530 --> 00:26:41.910 Dwayne Royster: Is going to make a difference that

00:26:42.060 --> 00:26:48.480 Dwayne Royster: I think that's the problem, though. Like, Pennsylvania, you know, it looks like North Carolina is going to wind up going for Trump.

00:26:49.050 --> 00:26:59.700 Dwayne Royster: Right, which you know creases him, I think, Arizona, Nevada, Arizona, Nevada, go for him. That's the 17 electoral votes that he needs to make Biden needs to make to 70

00:27:00.240 --> 00:27:07.800 Dwayne Royster: Right. But if one of them does not turn out that way, then, you know, it could be a potential problem there. So I think

00:27:08.580 --> 00:27:15.060 Dwayne Royster: Um, you know, and either way, there will still be legal challenges in Nevada and Arizona right

00:27:15.780 --> 00:27:23.850 Dwayne Royster: We saw wasn't Michigan. The other day that they were trying to Trump supporters were trying to break into the forefront that elections to stop the electric going on.

00:27:24.150 --> 00:27:30.750 Dwayne Royster: It's been, it's been absolutely insane. I mean, I would have to say that I mean there was actually some intimidation, that was happening here in Pennsylvania.

00:27:31.080 --> 00:27:40.200 Dwayne Royster: We actually had a malicious show up and slaving Slayton spur Pennsylvania, which is about 20 minutes outside of Allentown, and they were standing around

00:27:40.620 --> 00:27:50.250 Dwayne Royster: You know, with a long rifles outside of polling station. But the law says they have to be X number of feet away from the polling station. But if you have a long rifle distance really isn't that big of an

00:27:50.280 --> 00:27:52.050 Dwayne Royster: Issue so

00:27:52.710 --> 00:27:56.700 Dwayne Royster: You know, that was intimidation. We had issues where

00:27:57.900 --> 00:28:05.550 Dwayne Royster: In some parts of the state, they did not want to let the Spanish speakers bring their interpreters in with them to go vote.

00:28:06.060 --> 00:28:15.540 Dwayne Royster: And so they were trying to prevent a lot next vote from happen. I mean it's, it was all kinds of challenges. I always joke with people. I said, Pennsylvania is the northern most southern state in America.

00:28:16.410 --> 00:28:20.370 Dwayne Royster: Because it was, you know, they say we got filled in Pittsburgh and everything in between is Alabama.

00:28:20.700 --> 00:28:28.650 Dwayne Royster: No offense to the Alabama folk out there. It's my own Pennsylvania my home state. But I get it, because a lot of the folks of color are concentrated either in

00:28:29.010 --> 00:28:36.000 Dwayne Royster: Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, or the concentrated in Philadelphia. We do have intersperse Latinx community that's in the middle.

00:28:36.540 --> 00:28:45.090 Dwayne Royster: But the rest of the state. I mean Pennsylvania's very white state. And so a lot of folks don't really understand it's also very rural so there's there's some real challenges to that.

00:28:46.200 --> 00:28:59.580 Antonia Thompson: I, I, I'll be interested to see what if the Supreme Court will will touch it. I really do. I really feel, it'll be interesting to see, but we're gonna get WE'RE GONNA GET READY TO TAKE A QUICK BREAK AND WE WILL BE RIGHT BACK. You're listening to Antonia and so now you know

00:31:25.140 --> 00:31:28.470 Antonia Thompson: So we are back. I think your, your secretary states on CNN.

00:31:29.610 --> 00:31:39.510 Antonia Thompson: And some of this. I feel like people just need to stop talking. I feel bad for some of these boat, you know, these, these people that got to get in and try to justify what they have probably been doing for years.

00:31:41.310 --> 00:31:45.450 Antonia Thompson: And people are just grilling them about it. But yeah, she's, she's in there talking about

00:31:45.960 --> 00:31:50.130 Antonia Thompson: Kind of what you were just talking about as the process. And so for the basically saying it's going to take a minute.

00:31:50.430 --> 00:31:56.820 Antonia Thompson: It's going to take a minute and it's a very, very close race. And it's just, it's going to take a minute we're probably going to use till tomorrow.

00:31:57.180 --> 00:32:10.740 Antonia Thompson: Right to make sure we get it right and get them all counted and she's saying they haven't even gotten to the provisional ballots. That's right. Um, they haven't even started looking at those. They're just trying to get into in person, the ones that were sent in that time.

00:32:11.550 --> 00:32:16.410 Dwayne Royster: Yeah, and the provisional ballots and more complicated because they actually have to do research and every one that sent in

00:32:16.800 --> 00:32:30.240 Dwayne Royster: To make sure that it does not cause conflict that you know somebody you know fellow provisional but they actually they actually did turn in a you know a regular absentee ballot or something like that. So a little bit more work that goes into those

00:32:30.900 --> 00:32:33.990 Antonia Thompson: So let's talk about your city of brotherly love.

00:32:34.320 --> 00:32:36.570 Dwayne Royster: For the brotherly love, affection.

00:32:37.740 --> 00:32:50.940 Antonia Thompson: It's so close. And I'm nervous. I'm nervous about Georgia. I'm nervous that and what what upsets me is because, you know, a lot of these predictions that they have were so wrong before

00:32:51.390 --> 00:33:04.920 Antonia Thompson: A lot of this that I'm talking to you, listening to CNN all day. And they're like, the likelihood and most likely the percentages and I get the way they're doing their math right looking at Philly looking at different places and Democrats, I still think

00:33:05.940 --> 00:33:09.960 Antonia Thompson: I'm I still think there's a little space out there so you

00:33:09.990 --> 00:33:12.240 Antonia Thompson: Know talk me off the ledge about this.

00:33:12.300 --> 00:33:22.230 Dwayne Royster: Well, I mean, I'd like to talk to you off the ledge. I can't because in 2016 Hillary Clinton was supposed to win Pennsylvania by five points, and she lost by 44,000 votes.

00:33:23.250 --> 00:33:28.590 Dwayne Royster: And I think there's a couple different things pollsters don't understand our state. I think they do.

00:33:29.490 --> 00:33:36.270 Dwayne Royster: It's actually one of the interesting things my organization I work for here power we actually ran a poll on black voters in Pennsylvania.

00:33:37.200 --> 00:33:53.010 Dwayne Royster: And there was about interesting percentage of young black men that were actually supporting Donald Trump in Philadelphia. The group that 18 that about 35. It was almost 17% were supporting Donald Trump, which is really

00:33:55.020 --> 00:34:01.560 Dwayne Royster: I don't fully understand that. But anyway, that's the story. And that's a whole show in and of itself, but

00:34:02.640 --> 00:34:09.630 Dwayne Royster: You know, so, but the pollsters don't ask the questions of folk in a way that's meaningful, we use the black pollster

00:34:10.050 --> 00:34:15.990 Dwayne Royster: And part of the reason we use the black pollster to understand what was going on was that we needed to be able to share

00:34:16.740 --> 00:34:23.130 Dwayne Royster: We needed somebody that could understand the ethos in the mores, and the values and and the focus of the black community.

00:34:23.460 --> 00:34:28.740 Dwayne Royster: And a lot of white pollsters just don't get that. So one of the things that that happened in that is that we have to talk about

00:34:29.490 --> 00:34:37.440 Dwayne Royster: You know, what are the issues and a lot of times people like us economy is this Matt and you know as a black poster. He put racism and discrimination in there.

00:34:37.890 --> 00:34:44.550 Dwayne Royster: Well, that was number two biggest concern for black folks right number one was coronavirus number two was racism and discrimination.

00:34:45.330 --> 00:34:59.340 Dwayne Royster: White pulsars don't ask questions like that a black folk right that's not or asked that in their polls because they don't think to do that. So one of the things that happen for us. And I mean, let me just be clear, though, I'm talking very partisan that this I'm talking from my own personal

00:34:59.340 --> 00:35:00.300 Antonia Thompson: Perspective. This is

00:35:00.510 --> 00:35:03.120 Dwayne Royster: Not representing any organization I work with, but

00:35:04.350 --> 00:35:09.780 Dwayne Royster: You know, one of the things that we discovered in this though was that for a lot of younger black voters to

00:35:10.170 --> 00:35:16.050 Dwayne Royster: They, you know, they don't want to hear stories about people getting hit with water hoses and dying and being bit by dogs.

00:35:16.350 --> 00:35:23.220 Dwayne Royster: Right, because they're looking at the life that they're living right now and they're saying if you did all that for me. I think you failed.

00:35:23.820 --> 00:35:28.860 Dwayne Royster: Right there's because I'm not living a better life. But when we were actually able to start talking about

00:35:29.430 --> 00:35:43.770 Dwayne Royster: How voting directly impacts structural change that can make your life better. So in Philadelphia. There were two ballot initiatives one on ending stop and frisk policing and the other one was about creating a civilian police oversight board that had real teeth to it.

00:35:45.120 --> 00:35:55.680 Dwayne Royster: And we began talking to African American voters about that as a reason to get out and vote. And what happened was in the polls. When we pivoted the conversation.

00:35:56.010 --> 00:36:04.530 Dwayne Royster: The stop and frisk and the policing the participation rate and before was like maybe 81% total

00:36:04.980 --> 00:36:17.040 Dwayne Royster: But when we started talking about getting out to vote and having direct impact on policing and stop and frisk and doing a civilian police oversight board that percentages job dropped jumped to 93% participation.

00:36:18.210 --> 00:36:26.190 Dwayne Royster: So when people could feel like their vote actually had direct impact. And it was actually going to impact their lives. They were more inclined to go out and vote.

00:36:26.460 --> 00:36:37.800 Dwayne Royster: Then when they just thought about, you know, as one of the participants in the poll said two or white men battling each other right now. It's really, that's how they were looking at it. So it was a really interesting

00:36:38.520 --> 00:36:43.980 Dwayne Royster: Experience and dialogue to to like listen to and watch happen and to understand that.

00:36:44.640 --> 00:36:50.340 Dwayne Royster: In this moment. We have to be able to make it very specific. So when we change messaging to talk about policing.

00:36:50.610 --> 00:36:56.640 Dwayne Royster: We talked about police brutality. We talked about racism and discrimination when we were able to talk about the direct implications of that.

00:36:56.880 --> 00:37:10.050 Dwayne Royster: For for getting out to vote, we began to see a bigger number of people being responsive and saying, yeah, I want to go out and vote. Can you send me a registration form. Can you tell me how to go out and turn my vote, vote by mail ballot in. And that was very exciting.

00:37:10.740 --> 00:37:20.910 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and I think, although it's important to always you know reiterate that people have died for you to have this privilege. You definitely have to make it more relevant.

00:37:21.300 --> 00:37:32.910 Antonia Thompson: To every person's everyday life right to make them want to have that that gusto to want to say, let me go out there and voice in vote, I thought was interesting because, as I was listening to some

00:37:33.420 --> 00:37:42.180 Antonia Thompson: One of these CNN shows that had callers around the country calling in saying why they voted a certain way and I thought it was really interesting cuz you think of all these

00:37:42.750 --> 00:37:50.280 Antonia Thompson: You know, Midwest out in no man's land. I'd never heard of. And why is it that they are voting.

00:37:50.850 --> 00:37:59.100 Antonia Thompson: For Trump and I thought it was really interesting when you heard people be able to articulate it and just the same way that you want to, you want a young African American

00:37:59.460 --> 00:38:08.850 Antonia Thompson: Man, to be able to articulate why it is important that they vote this way or the other, and his thing was like it was more of what I have to lose and you put it in the context of

00:38:09.240 --> 00:38:17.520 Antonia Thompson: You know, in manufacturing working losing his job because you know this manufacturing job is going this is going somewhere else.

00:38:17.910 --> 00:38:27.780 Antonia Thompson: And putting in the context like you know you might live in the northeast and you have a whole different framework, right, you're just like, Oh, I can't stand this guy. He's a big and he's a racist, but to him. He's like, Yeah, but

00:38:28.710 --> 00:38:41.460 Antonia Thompson: Right, what affects me most is my job and my livelihood and being able to to support my family. But I think the bat is a lot of people can put aside.

00:38:41.760 --> 00:38:57.720 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, the racism, they can put aside the bodies offensive. And then he says really discussing like they can put it aside and said, and then be me. Right. Be kind of and I don't want to say, selfish, because that's a real thing. Right. You're when you

00:38:58.080 --> 00:38:59.520 Dwayne Royster: Purchase you have self interest. Right.

00:38:59.550 --> 00:39:07.650 Antonia Thompson: Right. And it's a real thing. But I think there is a large group of people. I'm better like, Yeah, I'm good with him being a jackass. I'm

00:39:07.980 --> 00:39:08.580 Dwayne Royster: All right.

00:39:08.700 --> 00:39:18.090 Dwayne Royster: I think the challenge is the right we have to separate the demagoguery from actual work that he's doing. And actually, for a lot of those people he's not doing anything.

00:39:18.810 --> 00:39:26.580 Dwayne Royster: But what he does use is is the demagoguery and the language that basically puts the blame on brown folk coming from

00:39:26.940 --> 00:39:32.220 Dwayne Royster: The South black folks that are in the country that are sucking up all your money. He uses these dog whistles.

00:39:32.670 --> 00:39:38.400 Dwayne Royster: And the only way to really overcome that is to be able to create deep multi racial organizing

00:39:38.730 --> 00:39:46.470 Dwayne Royster: That allows us to see each other and come to the table with each other. I mean, you know, part of the challenge. I mean, I'm a black progressive I make no apologies for that.

00:39:46.800 --> 00:39:53.640 Dwayne Royster: But part of the challenge often half of the Progressive Movement is that we're not learning how to make deep inroads across

00:39:54.150 --> 00:39:57.930 Dwayne Royster: Race and across culture and across ethnicity and gender and gender identity.

00:39:58.530 --> 00:40:06.240 Dwayne Royster: To be able to listen deeply to each other and then find what are common core values and core mores are that we can stand together with

00:40:06.510 --> 00:40:13.470 Dwayne Royster: So that when the dog whistle comes, we can say, now that's not true. And that's a dog whistle and I know that you're using that as a dog whistle.

00:40:13.980 --> 00:40:22.590 Dwayne Royster: A lot of times on the, on the left or, you know, on the moderate side are organizing is often individual issues individual stuff interests.

00:40:22.800 --> 00:40:34.560 Dwayne Royster: That does not allow us to come together, you know, part of even the listening right now is I'm watching all the pundits on shows and, you know, as you know, I'm also a radio show host on Wi Fi in Philadelphia.

00:40:35.610 --> 00:40:43.830 Dwayne Royster: That one of the things that happens in all this is that people getting their echo chamber. So the big conversation is that if Biden wins. He was saved by

00:40:44.340 --> 00:40:51.630 Dwayne Royster: Suburban white women right it was suburban white women that came to this is salvation. And those are the people that he needs to pay attention to.

00:40:51.990 --> 00:40:59.430 Dwayne Royster: Actually a lot of us know that Joe Biden wouldn't be in this race right now. If it wasn't for Jim cliburn down in South Carolina.

00:40:59.700 --> 00:41:07.320 Dwayne Royster: Who during the primary came out and said my wife before she died told me that Joe Biden was a decent man.

00:41:07.650 --> 00:41:15.090 Dwayne Royster: And that you needed support him. And so right before the South Carolina Jim cliburn who is basically the The Godfather down in South Carolina.

00:41:15.960 --> 00:41:27.570 Dwayne Royster: You know, put this out and then all of a sudden the black community goes huge for Joe Biden even above. Kamala Harris and even above Cory Booker that were in the race as well.

00:41:28.110 --> 00:41:32.220 Dwayne Royster: And then, you know, actually interviewed Jim cliburn which is really interesting to do.

00:41:32.700 --> 00:41:41.640 Dwayne Royster: And he said, Look, people were at my fish fry as the host this big political fish fry. He said, people are at my fish fry and while they wrap my fish fry. They told me

00:41:41.970 --> 00:41:51.090 Dwayne Royster: That it needs to be Biden and Harris that she needs to be the VP and that that's how this so so I said to him, I said, so really what you're telling me is that you put the ticket together.

00:41:51.450 --> 00:41:59.460 Dwayne Royster: He's like, Well, I'm not saying that. But I'm saying people in South Carolina said it first. So I said, Well, thank you, Congressman cliburn and

00:42:00.570 --> 00:42:12.360 Dwayne Royster: For for letting us know that so you know i think that you know i mean there's a lot of us to say look black women are the highest the most consistent Democratic voters in this country.

00:42:13.200 --> 00:42:24.090 Dwayne Royster: Above white men above white women above black men above any other community like black next community black women are consistently Democrat. They are the base of the Democratic Party.

00:42:24.750 --> 00:42:32.790 Dwayne Royster: Consistently the base of the Democratic Party. So, I mean, in many ways, how you address the African American community becomes very important.

00:42:33.540 --> 00:42:49.950 Dwayne Royster: In the race that you're actually having conversations with them and supporting them that what happened in this race was that somehow or another black men got left out of the mix and Trump tried to pick up on that. Except he got really poor models of ice cube and I wasn't Little Wayne

00:42:51.090 --> 00:43:00.390 Dwayne Royster: Coming out for the platinum plan because I guess he thought all of us this one to be gangsta rappers because maybe that's what he wants to be. But that's not that doesn't even work for

00:43:00.720 --> 00:43:08.040 Antonia Thompson: For a lot of us. Yeah. And I was wondering about that. Like why they wouldn't have been talking more about the crime bill and her prosecutorial record more so.

00:43:08.280 --> 00:43:17.100 Antonia Thompson: The only time I ever heard of Trump talk about it was in the debate, but at that time. It just seemed like he was just saying it because they told him like, hey, make sure you get this point in

00:43:18.300 --> 00:43:28.920 Antonia Thompson: He actually had some really good stuff that he could have said like they were really good. The data. The statistics. They were a lot of good things that he probably could have outside of what he did.

00:43:30.480 --> 00:43:33.480 Antonia Thompson: But explained to me, Florida and the Cuban vote.

00:43:33.930 --> 00:43:43.860 Dwayne Royster: All right, I understood that one. Yeah. The Cuban vote actually makes a lot of sense. Right. So what they did is they went down there with a deep dog whistle about Joe Biden being tied to Bernie Sanders and socialism.

00:43:44.310 --> 00:43:48.180 Dwayne Royster: And for a lot of the Cubans there x you know X X Files from Cuba.

00:43:48.780 --> 00:43:55.170 Dwayne Royster: When Fidel Castro did the revolution over there and took over the country. So most of the Cubans down in Florida. I mean, down in

00:43:55.560 --> 00:43:58.530 Dwayne Royster: Particular Miami Dade area are actually republicans

00:43:58.980 --> 00:44:09.570 Dwayne Royster: Right. And, you know, the Obama administration, open up the door to Cuba, again, started you know begin normalizing some relationships, people could actually go over there and educational trips wink wink.

00:44:10.140 --> 00:44:21.540 Dwayne Royster: And you know go visit Cuba, and I think that there, you know, there was a loosening of the relationship between the two nations Trump shut that down right and you know basically was back you know to forcing

00:44:22.050 --> 00:44:30.810 Dwayne Royster: Cuba to, you know, try to here to what Americans one and democratic policies quote unquote democratic policies that we want to implement

00:44:31.440 --> 00:44:41.160 Dwayne Royster: In countries that are around us. So that's actually not surprising that the key, key model community actually turned out for Trump in a big way.

00:44:41.790 --> 00:44:54.510 Dwayne Royster: But I mean, I think there's also a piece that's tied to this which we probably should talk about some points toxic masculinity and the attraction to a lot of communities where men feel emasculated and they feel like Trump is their hero.

00:44:55.710 --> 00:45:01.050 Antonia Thompson: Yeah I don't get these protests. I don't get the language that some of these

00:45:02.370 --> 00:45:07.800 Antonia Thompson: These crazy. Like, I only way I can say is crazy people are using. I don't

00:45:09.690 --> 00:45:16.320 Antonia Thompson: I can't say that I don't get it. I get it. They are they are the friends. They are the market they we I think we've always known that they were out there.

00:45:16.620 --> 00:45:25.680 Antonia Thompson: But it is that dog whistle. Like they just came out in full force out from the dark and have, like, I mean you're seeing it everywhere on social media people just come

00:45:26.580 --> 00:45:30.870 Dwayne Royster: I don't think they're the fringe actually think that that they are. That's what Americans one

00:45:32.370 --> 00:45:46.050 Antonia Thompson: No, I think you're right. But I think when I don't think we've ever paid attention to their presence. You're right. They probably was standing there all along but we never really were paying attention to it as we are now.

00:45:47.400 --> 00:45:48.630 Antonia Thompson: At least in this part of the country.

00:45:49.680 --> 00:45:56.790 Antonia Thompson: Maybe it's the Northeast. I don't know. I think when I've seen it or when I when I've paid attention to it. It was in there is in my face.

00:45:57.150 --> 00:46:09.360 Antonia Thompson: Or there was a stereotype. If I saw like if I'd seen the picture of you know some of these groups like like oh those warnings, you know, that's the look that is now I feel like they've been given it like a legit platform.

00:46:09.780 --> 00:46:10.080 Dwayne Royster: Or yeah

00:46:10.140 --> 00:46:14.460 Antonia Thompson: And then that's my thing. If this guy wins. They are very legitimized

00:46:14.670 --> 00:46:24.330 Dwayne Royster: That's right, absolutely. I mean we should we should talk about that some more. But yeah, I mean this is this is a very dangerous moment in human history and American history, but a human history as well.

00:46:25.320 --> 00:46:32.010 Antonia Thompson: So we're going to get ready to take our last break and you're listening to the bishop and Antonia on. So now you know it will be right back.

00:48:52.230 --> 00:48:53.520 Antonia Thompson: So we are back.

00:48:54.750 --> 00:49:05.160 Antonia Thompson: So as we wrap this up in our last time together. I'm going to ask you for your, you know, at the end, I'm going to ask you to call it right, I have to have the bishops call on this.

00:49:06.120 --> 00:49:16.770 Antonia Thompson: Because I do it, you know, I've been listening to CNN and I think they're a little biased somewhat and but I know they got it wrong. So as I look at Georgia, and I think we have what in in Pennsylvania.

00:49:17.550 --> 00:49:29.790 Antonia Thompson: TRUMP IS UP BY 90,000 and it's still 326 ballots still that they have to count. So I'm not going to say it now what you're calling little wait for a little bit. Right.

00:49:30.240 --> 00:49:36.480 Antonia Thompson: Now what I've been hearing through and I did, I did jump over to Fox because I figured if I listened to Fox.

00:49:37.350 --> 00:49:49.740 Antonia Thompson: If there's if they're talking about the same things that CNN is then they kind of conceding like, oh, you know what, there's no way this guy's gonna win. But then I realized they just, they were just pulling stuff out of there. But like they were just talking about the most ridiculous.

00:49:51.120 --> 00:49:56.070 Antonia Thompson: Stuff that I was like wow they just got to fill a full day of with it, of this junk.

00:49:56.580 --> 00:50:10.590 Antonia Thompson: Um, but there is a lot of conversation or it's being leaked out there that this guy might want to if he loses if Trump loses that he would run again in four years. Yeah. What do you think about that.

00:50:12.330 --> 00:50:13.380 Dwayne Royster: As arrogance. He is

00:50:13.380 --> 00:50:14.670 Antonia Thompson: Absolutely serious

00:50:16.050 --> 00:50:16.350 Antonia Thompson: Like

00:50:17.070 --> 00:50:33.480 Dwayne Royster: He. I mean, listen to the first time he was flirting around with the idea. He ran on a fluke did not expect to win the primary and didn't expect to win the general election, and yet he did. And so now i mean you know he thinks he's the emperor and so he's gonna try to come back again.

00:50:33.960 --> 00:50:35.520 Antonia Thompson: But again, as we were talking about

00:50:35.940 --> 00:50:47.460 Antonia Thompson: I think what this election is brought to front even four years ago is where we are as an America. We are definitely two different people as much as we think we're this beautiful melting pot and everyone like gets along. We actually don't.

00:50:47.970 --> 00:50:54.360 Antonia Thompson: And I'm wondering. First, what is the work that needs to be done over these next four years, that would have to

00:50:54.780 --> 00:50:59.940 Antonia Thompson: Bring some of that to light. I think there are a lot of great platforms that have been created, looking at, you know,

00:51:00.210 --> 00:51:10.320 Antonia Thompson: Equity, Diversity racism across the country people I've been taking I feel a genuine look at that in the business and the nonprofits and the schools and so forth.

00:51:10.680 --> 00:51:19.860 Antonia Thompson: What do you think needs to happen for that momentum to continue so that we do see my the systemic change because that's what I'm looking at.

00:51:20.340 --> 00:51:31.020 Antonia Thompson: Is the systemic like what are we going to do to make sure that the needle moves and it moves in a way that is going to last more than a year, two years, yeah.

00:51:31.560 --> 00:51:37.110 Dwayne Royster: Yeah, I mean, I think, Well, part of it for me. You know my work that I do is by organizing right so

00:51:37.650 --> 00:51:44.220 Dwayne Royster: And I'm deeply involved in multi racial organizing. And I think that that's part of the way this works part of relational organizing

00:51:44.610 --> 00:51:52.410 Dwayne Royster: Is about, you know, discovering people's self interest, getting to know them at a deeper level, but it's also about exposing people to folk that they don't normally get exposed to.

00:51:53.280 --> 00:52:02.400 Dwayne Royster: For you to ultimately discovery, you have more far more in common than you do separating each other. And I think that that's really going to be very important. I think we have to also

00:52:03.240 --> 00:52:12.960 Dwayne Royster: Understand that this is both economic and racial and they are tied in strict inextricably together. So a lot of times we want to talk about economics, aside from race.

00:52:13.710 --> 00:52:19.200 Dwayne Royster: And you can't do that. And you can't talk about race, aside from economics, there, there, there are two halves of the same coin.

00:52:20.040 --> 00:52:33.990 Dwayne Royster: And so ultimately what has to happen here is there has to be a deeper conversation and unpacking in education for folk about how these pieces are connected to each other and about how they need to begin to address that.

00:52:34.950 --> 00:52:46.290 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. And I, and I mean, again, I hope it comes down to the communities are individual communities that are going to have to do the work. But on a government level on a presidential level. What do you think

00:52:47.250 --> 00:52:51.420 Antonia Thompson: And I'm not going to say, President Trump was we kind of know what he's been doing. And he's actually

00:52:51.540 --> 00:52:55.170 Antonia Thompson: Shut down in a training about Diversity and Equity in the federal system.

00:52:55.650 --> 00:53:04.740 Antonia Thompson: But we know he kind of feels about this. What do you think the Biden Harris will have to do on that government that the federal level to keep this conversation moving

00:53:05.070 --> 00:53:12.570 Dwayne Royster: Well, I mean, I think they're, they're gonna have to, I mean they have unenviable task because even a bike and goes in, he does not have a mandate to go in right

00:53:13.290 --> 00:53:27.600 Dwayne Royster: very definitive when I blow out would have given him a mandate to be able to go in with a lot of authority. If the senate look like he was going to, you know, be Democrat, the House Democrat, he would have a mandate to be able to do a lot of things.

00:53:28.890 --> 00:53:36.570 Dwayne Royster: What I do think has to happen is that first. The, the Democrats. Gotta get their house in order. Right. There's gotta be some healing between the progressives and the moderates

00:53:37.290 --> 00:53:43.410 Dwayne Royster: So that they can actually big a build a big tent. I think what you have is you got to medium size 10 and you got a smaller team.

00:53:43.950 --> 00:53:51.210 Dwayne Royster: And the people at the different tense keep throwing stuff at each other, they can't even get along to figure out how to work for it, how to, you know, pull for it.

00:53:51.780 --> 00:53:58.800 Dwayne Royster: I think part of the piece is how do you get the folks that are most marginalized and suffering the deepest actually at the front of the conversation.

00:53:59.970 --> 00:54:04.440 Dwayne Royster: So that's really where I mean part of the, the economic challenge. I was trying to get to earlier.

00:54:05.340 --> 00:54:13.590 Dwayne Royster: Is that you basically have these one percenters that ultimately, you know, oftentimes very rich white folk that are leveraging poor and middle class white folk

00:54:13.950 --> 00:54:21.510 Dwayne Royster: Against black and brown folk and the basic definition that they have is that you're better than them because you're not one of them. You're one of us.

00:54:21.810 --> 00:54:27.900 Dwayne Royster: Even though the folks that are middle class and working class and poor white folk and never going to get to where the average white folk on

00:54:28.380 --> 00:54:34.320 Dwayne Royster: But there's they're used as a tool and a foil to prevent black and brown folks from getting a hand.

00:54:34.680 --> 00:54:43.110 Dwayne Royster: And so what we really have to do is figure out the ways that we're actually having deeper conversation between the working class. The white poor and

00:54:43.530 --> 00:54:54.360 Dwayne Royster: Middle class white folk and middle class black, brown indigenous Asian Pacific Islander and other folks to really figure out how do we work together and build a collective agenda.

00:54:54.840 --> 00:55:06.060 Dwayne Royster: So that we go into the next election cycle, not with a cult of personality, but with an agenda that we actually want to run and basically say to candidates. If you want our support.

00:55:06.390 --> 00:55:16.140 Dwayne Royster: Here's our agenda make this happen. Instead of letting them create an agenda and tell us what they're going to do we actually create the agenda and say you want our support work this agenda.

00:55:17.040 --> 00:55:25.830 Antonia Thompson: Yeah and you know I think even when when Obama was around. I just feel like we always ended with these conversations of how we were going to keep it moving forward.

00:55:26.280 --> 00:55:40.590 Antonia Thompson: And I'm hopeful. You know, you see people like you know, getting rid of friends on Facebook or this whole argument that people have, because they realize people's true politics and actually how they really feel about the way, about their neighbor.

00:55:40.710 --> 00:55:48.030 Dwayne Royster: About their community that's that's creating echo chambers, though, too. Right, so people can only hear from people that think the way that they do and

00:55:48.750 --> 00:55:49.950 Antonia Thompson: That's why I'm just gonna say

00:55:50.070 --> 00:55:55.410 Antonia Thompson: There is that that is a disconnect. Because now you do have a divide. And I think what I'm hearing you say.

00:55:55.740 --> 00:56:07.470 Antonia Thompson: Is you can't let that division go, you have to bring people back to the table to find what we have in common, try to create well what's fun we have in common, and then together, figure out what we have

00:56:08.400 --> 00:56:16.110 Antonia Thompson: That is different. So I'm I am like, I'm hoping that that happens because I think we need that to happen, or else we're just going to be stuck.

00:56:16.590 --> 00:56:27.510 Antonia Thompson: Um, but as we wrap this up I again I'm nervous at some of these numbers, but what do you feel because you are my expert here, how, how is this going to end.

00:56:28.170 --> 00:56:28.890 Dwayne Royster: It's gonna be tight.

00:56:29.760 --> 00:56:30.180 Antonia Thompson: Tight

00:56:30.240 --> 00:56:31.500 Dwayne Royster: I think Trump wins, Georgia.

00:56:32.520 --> 00:56:36.870 Dwayne Royster: In North Carolina. I think he wins, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada.

00:56:38.460 --> 00:56:41.460 Dwayne Royster: Biden wins, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

00:56:42.210 --> 00:56:44.970 Antonia Thompson: So I didn't win so so then biting sauce. Yeah.

00:56:45.150 --> 00:56:55.050 Dwayne Royster: It's gonna be squeaker that I mean it's gonna be real, real tight, tight. That's my opinion you know that, not to be confused with any organization that I work with. I was gonna put a disclaimer in there.

00:56:56.370 --> 00:56:57.600 Dwayne Royster: These are uniquely the opinions.

00:56:59.760 --> 00:57:02.700 Antonia Thompson: That is just between two old friends why

00:57:05.100 --> 00:57:07.080 Antonia Thompson: Fish fried. This is kind of how we feel about all

00:57:07.080 --> 00:57:11.670 Antonia Thompson: Right, but it's gonna last two days. But again, I am just, you know,

00:57:11.700 --> 00:57:21.570 Antonia Thompson: Last night I was disappointed. I was like, What kind. What kind of game is this going on in this country. Like, who are we with but today I do feel a little hope a little better about it that

00:57:22.380 --> 00:57:33.240 Antonia Thompson: But it really is just exciting that the numbers of the amount of people who came out however they voiced their right to vote, the fact that this many people came out.

00:57:34.380 --> 00:57:45.300 Antonia Thompson: That it alone is exciting to me that that is just such an exciting thing. And I'm just hoping that people learn from that power to do that. Now, if we learn that it's all a fraud and people. Somebody bought 50,050,000 votes.

00:57:48.120 --> 00:57:51.540 Antonia Thompson: But I'm going to go with it. People just got out there. They had access

00:57:52.410 --> 00:58:00.210 Antonia Thompson: They had the, the availability was made to them to make their voting process easy and there was enough education out there to inform people

00:58:00.870 --> 00:58:10.560 Antonia Thompson: About that. Right. I mean, I saw so many different diagrams of how to fill out that absentee ballot. Some of them I opened in the ballot wasn't in it, and I did sit there like, are you serious, like, are you serious,

00:58:12.150 --> 00:58:13.800 Antonia Thompson: But thank you so much. Duane

00:58:14.340 --> 00:58:16.440 Antonia Thompson: And we're going to practice and hope.

00:58:16.620 --> 00:58:31.470 Antonia Thompson: For the best either way. We're going to keep it moving because we have no choice. You're right. Thank God that we have another day to be here. So we just have to take that and be glad that we have it. And we're just going to keep moving. So I thank you so much.

00:58:31.500 --> 00:58:31.920 Dwayne Royster: Thank you.

00:58:31.980 --> 00:58:33.870 Antonia Thompson: Thank you, for I will talk to you soon.

00:58:33.960 --> 00:58:41.340 Antonia Thompson: Have I see everybody here. Join me next week. Thursday at five o'clock and one guess we will talk about the new president

00:58:42.420 --> 00:58:43.170 Antonia Thompson: Have a great night.

00:58:44.250 --> 00:58:45.420 Take care, bye.