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Thursday, November 5, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/05 - Everyday Awakening

Facebook Live Video from 2020/11/05 - Everyday Awakening


2020/11/05 - Everyday Awakening

[NEW EPISODE] Everyday Awakening

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, there's no guest, so it is your turn to join the conversation and be a part of the show!

Everyday Awakening - You Are More Powerful Then You Know, Sam's soon to be published book, comes out on November 17th. He'll be discussing how the book came about, what's in it for you, and why it is the perfect time to release it. Filled with bite-sized perspectives to shift your awareness, Sam will give you a taste of what's inside and let you know about some special gifts available to anyone who feels called to pick up a copy.

Tune in for this enlightening broadcast and watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam invites YOU, his audience, to join him as a guest on today’s show. He dives into the deeper understanding of his quotes of the day and elaborates on statements from his guests tuning in live. The importance of being good enough now, not later. Together Sam discusses with his listeners the positive outcome that can come from being good enough today.


Segment 2

Sam reminds viewers to check out his new book “Everyday Awakening.” His new book will be filled with new perspectives that can shift your awareness. Next Sam introduces a new interview linked under the comment section of his live video. The interview was conducted with Kim O’Neill, and offers enlightening outlooks on new topics. Sam rounds back to his book production process and highlights the key ingredients that takes a raw idea into the finished product of a book. 

Segment 3

Sam invites listeners to ask questions about the book publishing process. He shares the enjoyment behind collaboration with people who can add more perspectives. He also shares how his pure faith brought him to bring his ideas to paper, in the midst of chaos during the pandemic, he just knew this is something people would need. Sifting and sorting through blog posts, he was able to combine the highlights of his journey as the conscious consultant. A learning process he stayed present with and thoroughly enjoyed. Lastly in this segment, Sam explains the thought process behind the cover art. 

Segment 4

Sam explains the process of choosing his launch date and the energy he needed to feel before moving forward with an official date. He also shares the secret to gaining support, which he believes is just showing up for others. This quality is what Sam says will lead people to want to reciprocate with support in return. He also shares his goal once the book is launched on November 17th and how he believes it has the ability to touch lives around the globe.


00:01:39.990 --> 00:02:00.570 Sam Liebowitz: Afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. Thank you all for joining me today. I am very, very pleased that everyone is here with me today for a brand new show, especially the show.

00:02:01.590 --> 00:02:09.990 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know if you caught last week's show with my dear friend, Laura Rubenstein, who has been helping me put my book together.

00:02:10.950 --> 00:02:21.390 Sam Liebowitz: But we kind of talked about it a bit. I'm going to talk about putting about the journey of creating this book a little bit more with you today.

00:02:22.290 --> 00:02:30.120 Sam Liebowitz: So I hope you will enjoy it. It's just me and you today, which means you guys get to ask the questions you get to

00:02:30.780 --> 00:02:44.100 Sam Liebowitz: Decide what I talked about. So I'm keeping an eye on the Facebook Live. Hi, William loyal listener. Thank you for tuning in today. Let me know what's on your minds. But first, of course, what do we have

00:02:45.360 --> 00:02:51.480 Sam Liebowitz: How could we not have our quotes of the day from the universe and from Abraham to kick us off.

00:02:52.710 --> 00:02:56.250 Sam Liebowitz: So let's get started with our quotes from the universe.

00:02:58.500 --> 00:03:20.010 Sam Liebowitz: Happily ever after. I'm happy to tell you, begins with happily in more than more ways than one. So the next time a loved one set out to find it maybe have them consider that the trail may turn frosty if it's not set out upon happily.

00:03:21.060 --> 00:03:28.290 Sam Liebowitz: Tally Whoa, the universe. We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe. By the way, he just came out with a new book.

00:03:29.520 --> 00:03:34.890 Sam Liebowitz: With like 600 of his quotes. It's like a phenomenal book so highly recommend it.

00:03:36.990 --> 00:03:39.990 Sam Liebowitz: What is he talking about here in this quote happily ever after.

00:03:42.150 --> 00:03:44.820 Sam Liebowitz: It starts out with happily.

00:03:46.500 --> 00:03:58.770 Sam Liebowitz: We're we have a tendency, all of us, myself included, I really, I really want you all to know. I am the pot calling the kettle black. I am as guilty of these things as anybody else.

00:04:01.770 --> 00:04:03.090 Sam Liebowitz: We have a tendency

00:04:04.920 --> 00:04:05.850 Sam Liebowitz: To put

00:04:07.860 --> 00:04:19.500 Sam Liebowitz: Conditions upon our happiness. We have a tendency to say, oh, well, when I achieve this when I do this when that happens when this happens, then I'm going to be happy.

00:04:22.440 --> 00:04:27.180 Sam Liebowitz: And the challenge with that is if we're not happy first

00:04:29.040 --> 00:04:33.780 Sam Liebowitz: As we're working towards whatever it is that we're working towards

00:04:35.430 --> 00:04:40.980 Sam Liebowitz: It actually won't go as well as when we do it happily.

00:04:45.030 --> 00:04:54.150 Sam Liebowitz: We get to bring more joyful happy uplifting empowering experiences into our life.

00:04:56.370 --> 00:04:59.820 Sam Liebowitz: When we start off with the premise.

00:05:01.650 --> 00:05:11.070 Sam Liebowitz: That it's okay to be happy that we can be happy, regardless of our external circumstances that when we truly understand

00:05:12.210 --> 00:05:15.720 Sam Liebowitz: That life happens for us not to us.

00:05:18.060 --> 00:05:23.850 Sam Liebowitz: That then even in the most difficult of situations, we can find a way to be happy.

00:05:25.170 --> 00:05:25.680 Sam Liebowitz: Now,

00:05:27.930 --> 00:05:34.260 Sam Liebowitz: Does this mean that things are going to feel great. All the time, not necessarily now.

00:05:35.910 --> 00:05:38.490 Sam Liebowitz: And that's okay. We're human beings.

00:05:39.570 --> 00:05:49.950 Sam Liebowitz: The question is, in which direction are we, leaning, what is our inclination, where do we naturally flow when we're not paying attention.

00:05:51.690 --> 00:05:53.550 Sam Liebowitz: And and what this quote is saying is

00:05:54.600 --> 00:06:05.190 Sam Liebowitz: That the more we lean in the direction of happiness joyfulness feeling uplifted and incredibly grateful.

00:06:06.750 --> 00:06:15.240 Sam Liebowitz: That the journey itself will have a happier, more joyful quality to it.

00:06:17.190 --> 00:06:19.890 Sam Liebowitz: Does that mean it's going to be perfect. Of course not.

00:06:21.270 --> 00:06:28.230 Sam Liebowitz: But it doesn't mean will experience more of what we want to experience and indeed.

00:06:29.340 --> 00:06:36.000 Sam Liebowitz: What we naturally experience when we allow ourselves to just

00:06:37.080 --> 00:06:38.220 Sam Liebowitz: Be in it.

00:06:42.390 --> 00:06:46.260 Sam Liebowitz: And so the next time we happen to be around somebody

00:06:47.490 --> 00:06:59.550 Sam Liebowitz: And they're like, man I man when when I get that raise when when things open back up when when the business is when things, quote unquote, go back to normal. I'm going to be so happy.

00:07:00.930 --> 00:07:01.470 Sam Liebowitz: You know what

00:07:02.490 --> 00:07:04.770 Sam Liebowitz: How about if we can be so happy.

00:07:06.780 --> 00:07:13.590 Sam Liebowitz: That we have whatever time we have to enjoy that we have the experiences that we have

00:07:15.660 --> 00:07:22.620 Sam Liebowitz: How about we just be happy and grateful that we're alive that we can take a breath.

00:07:23.640 --> 00:07:27.330 Sam Liebowitz: If anything, this whole situation for the last

00:07:28.560 --> 00:07:33.150 Sam Liebowitz: How long now like seven, eight months has shown us

00:07:34.440 --> 00:07:37.560 Sam Liebowitz: That there's a lot to be grateful for in our breath.

00:07:39.000 --> 00:07:44.520 Sam Liebowitz: So let's be grateful every moment we're able to take

00:07:46.890 --> 00:07:49.620 Sam Liebowitz: A nice deep breath.

00:07:50.640 --> 00:07:55.590 Sam Liebowitz: All right, that's a wonderful quote from the universe. Let's see what Abraham has in store for us today.

00:07:57.690 --> 00:08:20.220 Sam Liebowitz: That's why so many of us teach meditation, because when you stop thought you stop resistant thought when you stop resistant thought venue, let it in. That's why we teach appreciation. Because when you're in appreciation. You are not in the mode of resistance and you are letting it in Abraham

00:08:21.900 --> 00:08:25.650 Sam Liebowitz: And what's that it Abraham is talking about that we're letting in

00:08:27.690 --> 00:08:35.760 Sam Liebowitz: Joy, happiness, the vortex. Again, the two very much aligned quotes of the day.

00:08:37.260 --> 00:08:58.650 Sam Liebowitz: So why is meditation so important, why is just hopping and going inside and just following the breath. Why does that serve us so well. It serves us so well because when we're just peaceful and calm.

00:08:59.850 --> 00:09:14.550 Sam Liebowitz: We're focused on this act of breath, the mind is not actively engaged and when the mind is not actively engaged. Now again, you know, meditation, you can be having lots and lots of thoughts when you're meditating. Absolutely.

00:09:17.280 --> 00:09:22.470 Sam Liebowitz: But the practice of meditation moves us in that direction.

00:09:23.970 --> 00:09:30.270 Sam Liebowitz: Where we start to engage the mind we allow it to chatter chatter thoughts come thoughts go we stop holding on to them.

00:09:32.520 --> 00:09:33.900 Sam Liebowitz: And then suddenly

00:09:35.160 --> 00:09:36.360 Sam Liebowitz: When we're not

00:09:37.980 --> 00:09:41.790 Sam Liebowitz: Thinking about all these million and one things to do.

00:09:43.500 --> 00:09:45.900 Sam Liebowitz: We find that internal peace.

00:09:47.820 --> 00:09:48.720 Sam Liebowitz: Then

00:09:50.130 --> 00:09:57.870 Sam Liebowitz: We drop our resistance to feeling good. Then we drop our resistance.

00:09:58.920 --> 00:10:01.110 Sam Liebowitz: To joy and happiness.

00:10:03.840 --> 00:10:11.580 Sam Liebowitz: And when we drop the resistance it naturally flows to us. It absolutely does.

00:10:16.530 --> 00:10:21.990 Sam Liebowitz: And that also why gratitude and appreciation is so important.

00:10:23.430 --> 00:10:27.930 Sam Liebowitz: Because when we're in gratitude and appreciation

00:10:30.090 --> 00:10:32.010 Sam Liebowitz: There is not much resistance there.

00:10:33.180 --> 00:10:35.700 Sam Liebowitz: And when we're not resistant

00:10:36.840 --> 00:10:42.000 Sam Liebowitz: We can allow that. Great, wonderful stuff to come into our life.

00:10:46.200 --> 00:10:58.020 Sam Liebowitz: And this is something I think we we we have a tendency to just have a little bit of a hard time with because we think that, oh, I want to feel good. I want to feel this. I want to feel wonderful.

00:11:00.060 --> 00:11:05.100 Sam Liebowitz: What do you mean you know I'm resisting it. No, I'm not resisting it I wanted, I wanted, I wanted

00:11:09.930 --> 00:11:17.610 Sam Liebowitz: But if we're truthful with ourselves and we're really present to what's going on internally up here.

00:11:20.130 --> 00:11:21.210 Sam Liebowitz: There's some doubts.

00:11:22.320 --> 00:11:42.000 Sam Liebowitz: There's some negative thoughts that say to us. Oh maybe I don't deserve it. Maybe it's not going to last that long, maybe, maybe something's going to happen. Oh my god, I'm gonna get evicted maybe, you know, whatever. There were so many resistant thoughts.

00:11:44.220 --> 00:11:48.930 Sam Liebowitz: And I'm not saying that there aren't reasons to be concerned.

00:11:52.290 --> 00:11:56.370 Sam Liebowitz: It's really about understanding

00:11:58.650 --> 00:12:01.590 Sam Liebowitz: The energetic component to our life.

00:12:02.730 --> 00:12:07.560 Sam Liebowitz: And how what we feel what we focus on what we think about.

00:12:09.480 --> 00:12:13.440 Sam Liebowitz: Either puts us in a place of allowing or resisting

00:12:14.490 --> 00:12:18.060 Sam Liebowitz: And the more we move into the side of allowing

00:12:19.980 --> 00:12:31.050 Sam Liebowitz: Through being joyful for no good reason through being happy for no good reason through being to through being in gratitude for no good reason, the more we move into that position.

00:12:34.320 --> 00:12:37.410 Sam Liebowitz: The more we're going to attract joyful.

00:12:38.940 --> 00:12:49.740 Sam Liebowitz: Amazing abundant energies people situations to us. It's going to happen right away in an instant. Probably not.

00:12:50.970 --> 00:13:01.140 Sam Liebowitz: That's why all these things are practices like Cynthia says on the Facebook Live the daily gratitude journal works wonders. Absolutely.

00:13:02.550 --> 00:13:14.610 Sam Liebowitz: Did it work wonders. The first day tonight. Probably not, maybe not even the first week, but I can almost guarantee you, by the end of the first month, things started to improve

00:13:15.540 --> 00:13:27.000 Sam Liebowitz: Same thing with meditation. The first time you sit down to meditate and you're trying to pay attention to your breath and your mind is running at a million miles an hour doesn't feel like we're getting very far.

00:13:28.620 --> 00:13:35.010 Sam Liebowitz: The second day. Hmm, maybe slightly teeny, teeny weeny little bit better but not much.

00:13:36.120 --> 00:13:49.200 Sam Liebowitz: By the end of the week. Yeah, maybe a little bit of improvement. Second week third week fourth week. Huh, what do you know, and if the first month. Wow. I like to get used to this stuff.

00:13:50.700 --> 00:13:55.560 Sam Liebowitz: And see what happens after six months a year, five years 10 years

00:13:58.530 --> 00:14:04.530 Sam Liebowitz: These practices are all about training our

00:14:05.610 --> 00:14:18.960 Sam Liebowitz: Physical body our energetic bodies are spiritual bodies, our physiology, our nervous system. It's about training it inserted into the direction we want to go.

00:14:23.370 --> 00:14:29.460 Sam Liebowitz: And it doesn't happen overnight. Come on, you go to the gym, you start lifting weights you start working out.

00:14:30.930 --> 00:14:38.700 Sam Liebowitz: You're not going to do great. The first time it's okay, it's okay. Don't be so hard on ourselves, it's accepted.

00:14:40.080 --> 00:14:47.280 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, William on the Facebook Live says practice and more practice exactly practice and more practice.

00:14:49.560 --> 00:15:03.600 Sam Liebowitz: Because as we practice over and over and over again we develop what what people call muscle memory, right, you keep doing the same action over and over again your muscle remembers that you don't have to consciously think about it.

00:15:04.770 --> 00:15:19.950 Sam Liebowitz: Well, the more we train our nervous system through meditation through joy through appreciation through gratitude through all these practices of even just saying to ourselves over and over again, life happens for us not to us.

00:15:21.210 --> 00:15:23.910 Sam Liebowitz: By reading quotes like these every day.

00:15:25.620 --> 00:15:34.800 Sam Liebowitz: we're training our, our physiological electric electromagnetic and energetic nervous system.

00:15:37.980 --> 00:15:51.060 Sam Liebowitz: To to embody these kinds of attitudes and perspectives and and understandings that they naturally over time become a part of us.

00:15:53.040 --> 00:15:56.160 Sam Liebowitz: I've been doing stuff like this for

00:15:58.200 --> 00:16:00.120 Sam Liebowitz: Closing in on 15 years I think.

00:16:02.430 --> 00:16:05.760 Sam Liebowitz: I'm a much better now than I was back then. Absolutely.

00:16:08.160 --> 00:16:09.660 Sam Liebowitz: Will I get even better.

00:16:11.310 --> 00:16:13.710 Sam Liebowitz: Come check me out and another 15 years and boy.

00:16:15.180 --> 00:16:28.200 Sam Liebowitz: Things will really be rocking. Alright, so two wonderful, amazing, beautiful and apropos quotes of the day from Mike Dooley in the universe and from Abraham. I hope you enjoyed them.

00:16:29.160 --> 00:16:37.980 Sam Liebowitz: I love them because they're all about happiness and today the guest is just you and me. So this is going to be a very happy, joyful show today.

00:16:38.520 --> 00:16:50.550 Sam Liebowitz: So we're gonna take a quick break. Ooh. Yes, and Kim O'Neill. Our thanks for joining me. Kim so appreciate your here on the Facebook Live yeah yes embody is the word

00:16:51.180 --> 00:17:02.250 Sam Liebowitz: All right, we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back, I'm going to start talking about my soon to be released book everyday awakening, you are more powerful than you know I am.

00:17:03.180 --> 00:17:13.110 Sam Liebowitz: It hasn't even come out yet, and I'm already feeling so joyful and amazing about this book, and I'm going to explain to you exactly why. When we come back, I'm going to

00:17:13.470 --> 00:17:19.020 Sam Liebowitz: read you some sections from the book, probably, I'm gonna, I don't know, we'll see where it goes. You guys tell me

00:17:19.350 --> 00:17:27.210 Sam Liebowitz: You know what you want to know what do you want to hear about the book, but I'm going to start off with just the journey. Where did the idea come from.

00:17:27.900 --> 00:17:32.580 Sam Liebowitz: How did it develop and where it's going to take us to. Okay.

00:17:32.850 --> 00:17:48.960 Sam Liebowitz: So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and we will be right back after this

00:20:03.210 --> 00:20:12.810 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I really want to give a shout out to Kim O'Neill, because I was just interviewed on her show

00:20:13.050 --> 00:20:22.770 Sam Liebowitz: Before I did my show and I see she's listening on the Facebook Live. So I really want you to check it out. I shared it on my Facebook page. It'll be up on iTunes and other places.

00:20:24.390 --> 00:20:31.530 Sam Liebowitz: But Kim if put in the link into the comments section so people can see because it was a wonderful interview. I really appreciate it.

00:20:32.490 --> 00:20:43.950 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, so we're talking about my upcoming book that launches on November 17 you can, it's already listed on Amazon, but I'm kind of asking people to wait and I want

00:20:44.370 --> 00:20:50.100 Sam Liebowitz: Everybody to go and buy it and like rush out to get it on the 17th itself because

00:20:51.060 --> 00:21:00.270 Sam Liebowitz: I believe we have a amazing, wonderful chance to actually become a number one international bestseller. That's my intention and putting it out there.

00:21:00.600 --> 00:21:16.380 Sam Liebowitz: And if we all do it on the 17th because Amazon looks at, you know, sales within a certain number of hours certain number of days if everything happens on the 17th. Boom. It's going to skyrocket. So please do that and then afterwards.

00:21:17.520 --> 00:21:37.950 Sam Liebowitz: You know, we're going to keep shouting it out and doing stuff. So let me, let me tell you a little bit about the journey for this book now. Now this book was actually not originally planned to be my first book, it was actually my idea, for it was actually to be my second book. My first book.

00:21:38.970 --> 00:21:40.530 Sam Liebowitz: Was supposed to be.

00:21:41.820 --> 00:21:50.820 Sam Liebowitz: A book where I was working with a woman to take a bunch of my shows take like 13 different episodes.

00:21:52.020 --> 00:21:57.330 Sam Liebowitz: Where I spoke about different topics. And it was really designed to

00:21:59.580 --> 00:22:05.490 Sam Liebowitz: To kind of bring together a lot of my ideas and thoughts and to be a body of work.

00:22:06.660 --> 00:22:14.490 Sam Liebowitz: A physical manifestation of my body of work. So, was to take those that 13 episodes. I've done over the last four or five years.

00:22:15.030 --> 00:22:25.020 Sam Liebowitz: That were just me like this show no gas transcribe them and take those transcripts and turn them into a book.

00:22:25.800 --> 00:22:33.030 Sam Liebowitz: And so I worked out a deal with this woman and she got a ghostwriter for me. And we had the transcripts. She, she got the transcribed.

00:22:33.420 --> 00:22:39.660 Sam Liebowitz: And the Ghost Rider was going to take the transcripts and we talked about it. What I was looking to do. And she was going to turn it into a story into a book.

00:22:42.270 --> 00:22:51.300 Sam Liebowitz: And just just getting the transcripts and deciding on what to do. I had several phone calls with the Ghost Rider. I really kind of liked her.

00:22:51.840 --> 00:22:58.080 Sam Liebowitz: And and felt like, you know, she would be good. I mean, be a little different wasn't quite what she was used to but but

00:22:58.620 --> 00:23:09.510 Sam Liebowitz: She was used to to writing stories that were memoirs, you know, so she really like would take a story and make it about the person. So I thought she would be good to do that.

00:23:11.760 --> 00:23:23.640 Sam Liebowitz: Then it didn't hear anything. And this is we're already several months into the project didn't hear anything didn't hear anything didn't hear anything. I'm waiting to get the first draft and waiting to get just something that I can look at that I can give some feedback on

00:23:24.720 --> 00:23:26.970 Sam Liebowitz: Nothing silence crickets, as they say.

00:23:29.520 --> 00:23:45.660 Sam Liebowitz: Kept saying hey what's going on, what's going on and contacted my friend who was managing the whole thing didn't it. Oh, I'll get back to you. I'll get back to you went on for a few weeks and then came that email that said, oh my god, I'm so sorry.

00:23:47.040 --> 00:23:55.440 Sam Liebowitz: The woman who the Ghost Rider was in a bad car accident when she was up visiting her family, she's in the hospital. She's in no condition to do anything.

00:23:56.340 --> 00:24:05.340 Sam Liebowitz: And I was heartbroken. I was like, oh my god, I really liked her. She wasn't a young woman. So I know that would be serious thing and I was like okay

00:24:06.150 --> 00:24:11.670 Sam Liebowitz: Let me know what's going on, let me know what's happening didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks contacted her again what's going on.

00:24:12.300 --> 00:24:21.450 Sam Liebowitz: Can you at least get the drafts. Can you get any of the stuff that she worked on. Oh, I can, and it went back and forth. And after about two, three months.

00:24:21.900 --> 00:24:37.200 Sam Liebowitz: Both my friend and I decided, look, this isn't working, and I pulled the plug on that project. She sent me the transcripts, but you know now between figuring out what I wanted to do, talking to her about it, working out.

00:24:39.570 --> 00:24:42.660 Sam Liebowitz: Working working out the details and everything.

00:24:44.520 --> 00:24:47.940 Sam Liebowitz: It really set me back about six and nine months, and now it's

00:24:50.640 --> 00:24:54.750 Sam Liebowitz: October, November of 2019

00:24:56.400 --> 00:25:01.860 Sam Liebowitz: And as, like, I really want to come out. I don't know what I just, I had this feeling, I need to come out with a book.

00:25:03.930 --> 00:25:14.580 Sam Liebowitz: And then comes and so my original idea. My first book was going to be near work based on the transcripts of my show. And then my second book. This book.

00:25:16.020 --> 00:25:26.190 Sam Liebowitz: Is my blog posts was going to be taking you know my blog that I've been writing for the last five years and organizing in and pulling it together.

00:25:27.870 --> 00:25:33.510 Sam Liebowitz: And so I kind of felt after what happened with the ghostwriter and everything that

00:25:34.410 --> 00:25:46.110 Sam Liebowitz: Okay I think life is trying to tell me that I need to be the one going through the transcripts that that I really shouldn't have someone else writing it, I can have an editor, but I need to be the one going through and that maybe when I'm

00:25:47.190 --> 00:25:56.700 Sam Liebowitz: Taking what's in here and I am turning it into something more readable probably new information will come through. I might even have a different perspective on some of the things that are in there.

00:25:57.960 --> 00:26:01.650 Sam Liebowitz: So I was like, okay, I need to go through those that's going to take me some time.

00:26:03.030 --> 00:26:21.300 Sam Liebowitz: And I was like, I really want to come out with something in 2020 so so okay well my blogs, I already have written so maybe I should do that one first because now I've gotten delayed and it's all already written so maybe it'll be better, easier if I take the blogs

00:26:22.350 --> 00:26:23.400 Sam Liebowitz: Put them together.

00:26:25.080 --> 00:26:34.200 Sam Liebowitz: And and edit them and create the book from Matt and that will take less time than me going through going through the transcripts. So I'm like, Okay.

00:26:35.820 --> 00:26:36.540 Sam Liebowitz: Let's do that.

00:26:39.330 --> 00:26:48.360 Sam Liebowitz: How do I do this, I, you know, I've never put together a full length book, let alone edit it and I've been doing writing these blogs and I know

00:26:48.900 --> 00:26:59.730 Sam Liebowitz: Some of the blogs were good, some of them weren't so good. I worked with my website guy, and we were able to export all the posts from the website. So I had all the information

00:27:00.570 --> 00:27:08.820 Sam Liebowitz: But yet, I have been writing these over for five years. I know somewhere better others were not as good.

00:27:09.690 --> 00:27:17.910 Sam Liebowitz: And I knew I needed an, an outside pair of eyes to look at this with me and to work with me on it.

00:27:18.450 --> 00:27:26.670 Sam Liebowitz: To really help me to decide because you know when you're writing it. It's like they're all your little children and and they're all

00:27:27.360 --> 00:27:43.200 Sam Liebowitz: You know, special to you so you kind of need someone else to say, you know what, this one. Yeah, I think you need to rewrite that one. That one's not quite as good. The other one. Yeah, that one's good. This one, that this one. Yes, you know, just, just to give you a different perspective.

00:27:45.240 --> 00:27:47.550 Sam Liebowitz: And so I reached out to someone

00:27:48.300 --> 00:28:00.000 Sam Liebowitz: Because when I had my original idea of doing the transcripts and working with someone, I'd gotten a couple of different quotes I didn't just my friend but add some quotes from other people about how much it would cost and

00:28:00.540 --> 00:28:04.740 Sam Liebowitz: How I didn't have a lot of money to put into the project. So there were people who

00:28:06.120 --> 00:28:15.390 Sam Liebowitz: You know, we could but but it was a little bit little bit expensive for me a little bit much for what what i wanted to put into it.

00:28:15.840 --> 00:28:24.990 Sam Liebowitz: But I went back to some of those same people, in particular, my friend. Laura Rubenstein, who was on my show last week, which we were talking about sharing your message through writing

00:28:27.000 --> 00:28:34.650 Sam Liebowitz: And I asked. I said, okay, instead of taking the transcripts and stuff. How about I have the blogs are already written

00:28:35.820 --> 00:28:43.920 Sam Liebowitz: I just need an editor to help me with putting it all together and stuff. She's like, Okay, let me let me research it I'll come back and I'll give you a quote for the whole thing.

00:28:44.460 --> 00:28:52.410 Sam Liebowitz: And then different pieces of and she came back and gave me a price. And I was like, Okay, this is something I can work with. This is something I can

00:28:53.340 --> 00:28:58.200 Sam Liebowitz: Deal with and she broke out different things. And then there's the marketing that was separate from it.

00:28:58.710 --> 00:29:07.050 Sam Liebowitz: So it, believe me, it costs, some money, you know, if you want to do a professional job on anything. A BOOK IS LIKE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO

00:29:07.530 --> 00:29:16.050 Sam Liebowitz: Build a piece of software, you need to hire good programmers you you want to do anything of value, you know, it usually costs.

00:29:16.530 --> 00:29:25.950 Sam Liebowitz: You can do things on your own. But unless you're already trained and you're an expert in that area. Not going to be quite as good as when you work with somebody else.

00:29:26.610 --> 00:29:35.760 Sam Liebowitz: So I worked with Laura, we agreed on a price we agreed on what components were going to include and then she connected me with my editor Stephanie.

00:29:36.750 --> 00:29:45.720 Sam Liebowitz: And I think we're going to take a quick break now and when we come back, I'm going to talk about what it was like to work with Stephanie and the whole process.

00:29:46.080 --> 00:29:59.970 Sam Liebowitz: Of just taking this this raw bulk of writing that I've done, and putting it together to come up with sort of this finished product and and including the book cover design.

00:30:00.540 --> 00:30:09.840 Sam Liebowitz: What's inside. And I'll even give you guys some insight, just on the whole launch campaign and the marketing of it so that this could be, you know, valuable for you.

00:30:10.590 --> 00:30:17.970 Sam Liebowitz: And I see all my dear friend sweater on the Facebook Live says communication rhythms have been wild. Yes.

00:30:18.810 --> 00:30:27.210 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely. The, the communicating back and forth. Sometimes you think like you're really in touch with people and other times it's like, where'd they go

00:30:27.870 --> 00:30:36.210 Sam Liebowitz: But that's just the way life is, these days. Okay, so we're going to take a quick break. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity.

00:30:36.570 --> 00:30:45.540 Sam Liebowitz: This, my guess this hour is you my loyal listeners, so please ask questions. How many people out there would love to know of the people listening.

00:30:45.840 --> 00:30:55.230 Sam Liebowitz: On the Facebook Live just comment in there. Let me know, have you ever thought about writing a book. What about writing a book scares you. What about writing a book would you like to know.

00:30:55.980 --> 00:31:12.630 Sam Liebowitz: I would love to share my experience. Let me know what what you would like to hear about to learn more of, I'm going to get into the next part of the journey, which is that actually working with the atom, putting it together right after these messages, please stay tuned.

00:33:39.240 --> 00:33:47.190 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. Thank you all for staying with me. I'm so glad that

00:33:47.730 --> 00:33:59.640 Sam Liebowitz: You're all here today with me. I'm talking about my upcoming book everyday awakening and sort of the journey that I went through and doing this. And the book comes out.

00:34:00.570 --> 00:34:12.270 Sam Liebowitz: November 17 i would love you all to just wait until November 17 and then go and order it on Amazon will be. It's available in Kindle and paperback.

00:34:13.530 --> 00:34:21.810 Sam Liebowitz: And I really think we'll have a big launch and I'll explain why later on in the show, so I'm talking about my journey.

00:34:23.550 --> 00:34:25.560 Sam Liebowitz: So I contacted, my friend, Laura.

00:34:26.730 --> 00:34:43.230 Sam Liebowitz: She put me in touch with this woman Stephanie. And one of the things I think that's just so funny about life, my friend. Laura lives in San Diego, you know, she she works in California, but she like is matchmakers you know she she connects people to the right people to come together to

00:34:44.460 --> 00:34:54.360 Sam Liebowitz: You know, provide services and she matched me up with this woman Stephanie, who is an editor here in New York City, not just in New York City. She's on the Upper West Side like she's not even that far from me.

00:34:55.350 --> 00:35:03.540 Sam Liebowitz: So it was wonderful to to work with Stephanie and I know everybody has a different personality and sometimes you don't always get along.

00:35:03.870 --> 00:35:13.710 Sam Liebowitz: With people, but I really enjoyed working with Stephanie. She was very good. She, she could be a little blunt, a little abrupt but but for me it was perfect.

00:35:14.490 --> 00:35:20.610 Sam Liebowitz: And so we started going through these blogs and I had close to 300 blog posts to go through and

00:35:21.030 --> 00:35:32.700 Sam Liebowitz: And she said to me, You know, we really have to trim this down because this will be an 800 page book that's like really i like i was thinking was going to be like one page or blog. And so we started going through

00:35:33.990 --> 00:35:43.710 Sam Liebowitz: And first, she helped me with making sure the title of the book matched sort of the content. The title of the section or the blog post matched the content.

00:35:44.400 --> 00:35:52.140 Sam Liebowitz: And then sort of tightening it up because when you write for a blog. The way I write I've a particular style, but it's not necessarily

00:35:52.710 --> 00:36:01.950 Sam Liebowitz: A good reading style for a book. And so she would tighten it up and pull lines together and and and correct grammar and certain things and I

00:36:02.790 --> 00:36:10.440 Sam Liebowitz: Send me back a whole bunch of posts and and I'd look at it and see what corrections she'd made and approve them or a change it a little bit.

00:36:10.890 --> 00:36:17.580 Sam Liebowitz: And so there was this real back and forth between the two of us really enjoyed. I don't know. There was something about that process.

00:36:18.090 --> 00:36:24.960 Sam Liebowitz: Of like collaborating with someone on it and and feeling like there's somebody else on your side that I really enjoyed

00:36:25.800 --> 00:36:35.040 Sam Liebowitz: And I found myself through the process and had a lot of the things going on now. I made the decision to do this like I got back to Lauren said, Okay, let's do this.

00:36:36.000 --> 00:36:47.130 Sam Liebowitz: Right after the lockdown happened when when the end of March of 2020 when they came out with the lockdown order and said okay, New York City offices closed.

00:36:47.430 --> 00:36:58.440 Sam Liebowitz: And and both my wife and I moved from the office to home and set things up, got a new computer and pivoted and move the radio station online and and and you know virtual

00:36:58.860 --> 00:37:06.570 Sam Liebowitz: And and so there was a lot going on there was a lot to deal with at the time, but somehow something inside of me, said that, you know,

00:37:07.650 --> 00:37:13.710 Sam Liebowitz: People are really going to need this kind of support that people are really going to want to

00:37:14.970 --> 00:37:25.950 Sam Liebowitz: Have a book like this to give them different ideas, different perspectives. They're going to have a lot of challenges to deal with. So let's get it out. Let's, let's move it out like okay

00:37:26.490 --> 00:37:37.800 Sam Liebowitz: So even though you know I wasn't sure. You know, I didn't know how business was going to go. I didn't know how things were going to work with the lockdown. I didn't know there was a lot of unknowns, but we were I felt we were okay

00:37:38.250 --> 00:37:47.460 Sam Liebowitz: I talked to my wife said, Okay, I made the agreement with Laura and put my money down and started working on it.

00:37:48.630 --> 00:37:59.010 Sam Liebowitz: And really knowing I mean just out of pure faith and just said, this has to happen. I believe can happen and I made the decision and I'm so so glad that I did.

00:38:01.380 --> 00:38:16.170 Sam Liebowitz: Because I found myself in the midst of all the chaos in the midst of, you know, last winter. I mean, we basically I worked together with with my editor from April, up until probably about the middle of August, I would say.

00:38:16.770 --> 00:38:23.190 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, we still not not that we didn't do anything but like the the the final manuscript was done probably about the middle of August.

00:38:24.510 --> 00:38:25.080 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:38:26.580 --> 00:38:32.010 Sam Liebowitz: I found that whenever I had a phone call, whether whenever the the

00:38:33.690 --> 00:38:39.000 Sam Liebowitz: The, the time I had to work on it. I enjoyed the process so much

00:38:40.320 --> 00:38:50.490 Sam Liebowitz: And it was like after after like two or three months, I said to my wife. I'm like, I love this so much. I want to do another book after this. And she's like, let's just work on this one for a while. And I'm like, yes, yes. Just this one for this year.

00:38:52.230 --> 00:38:52.860 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:38:54.240 --> 00:38:59.940 Sam Liebowitz: It really gave me a lot of joy. It really gave me a lot of happiness just to work on it.

00:39:02.250 --> 00:39:09.570 Sam Liebowitz: And so first we had to figure out how am I going to organize this and and and you know we started sort of saying like

00:39:10.050 --> 00:39:19.920 Sam Liebowitz: 300 blog posts way too much. How am I going to organize and I was trying to figure out what would be a good way to divide this up because it was so much and I really wasn't clear. And I thought, okay,

00:39:20.940 --> 00:39:34.110 Sam Liebowitz: You know, let's let's deal with primary energies of the chakras right with the root chakra, the solar plexus. The root chakra, the sacred chakra, the solar plexus chakra. The Heart Chakra Throat Chakra.

00:39:34.770 --> 00:39:44.520 Sam Liebowitz: Third Eye Chakra and crown chakras seven energies and I kind of felt also you know me, I like numbers and stuff, either seven or 12

00:39:45.030 --> 00:39:51.420 Sam Liebowitz: I talked with Stephanie, should it be seven or should it be 12 and she's like a seven is a good number. Okay, seven chakras.

00:39:52.350 --> 00:40:03.420 Sam Liebowitz: So then it's looking at. And again, I didn't write the blog post this way. So it was more finding a way of how do I fit the blogs into the seven chapters so I had to look at

00:40:03.810 --> 00:40:14.040 Sam Liebowitz: What is really the energy behind the shockers. What was the, the, the essence of them, not necessarily exactly but but roughly generally

00:40:15.270 --> 00:40:30.120 Sam Liebowitz: And so, you know, root chakra is all about our foundation and survival and and making money and things like that. Okay. Foundation sacred creativity and growth solar plexus organization personal will

00:40:30.870 --> 00:40:40.710 Sam Liebowitz: Heart Chakra is is about emotions relationships community. Other people throat chakra is about speaking our truth and our words.

00:40:41.310 --> 00:40:57.810 Sam Liebowitz: Which also is our vibration right what what comes out of our mouth has a vibration to it. Third Eye Chakra is about vision and seeing crown chakra is about inspiration or connection to everything else to the divine the world around us, or even contribution in a way

00:40:59.280 --> 00:41:04.680 Sam Liebowitz: And so then we started sifting and sorting and pulling different blog posts into different chapters.

00:41:07.020 --> 00:41:07.650 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:41:10.680 --> 00:41:22.200 Sam Liebowitz: And so as we're doing this, we found like certain chapters had a lot more blog posts in certain chapters and few less. So it's like, Okay, so how many blogs are we going to have per Chapter

00:41:23.910 --> 00:41:34.890 Sam Liebowitz: And again, being a numbers guy 18 which is the in in Jewish tradition i which is the Hebrew word for life. The letters translate into

00:41:36.330 --> 00:41:48.540 Sam Liebowitz: One in eight is nine, which is a number of completion. So 18 per Chapter seven chapters. Hundred and 26 less than half of my blog posts.

00:41:49.500 --> 00:42:01.980 Sam Liebowitz: So I would say pretty easily. We got rid of maybe a third of what know a quarter of the blog posts. But then we still had a lot. And she said, look, you know, all these blog posts is like

00:42:02.820 --> 00:42:13.650 Sam Liebowitz: 300 400 pages. I was like, okay, and we had to whittle it down to like less than half. And it was like, okay, here are two blogs kind of the same thing, which one's better take this one. Okay, what about that.

00:42:14.130 --> 00:42:27.600 Sam Liebowitz: And it was really, it could have been a very difficult process, but not for me. I was being very fluid very present and being very open to it so

00:42:28.110 --> 00:42:33.810 Sam Liebowitz: I just kind of let things go. I thought, No, this one's really good. But maybe it's just not right for this chapter, let's move it to a different chapter

00:42:34.560 --> 00:42:42.150 Sam Liebowitz: And so it really took a while. You know, tightening it up and doing all this stuff. But it took a while. Just to get that organization down and then

00:42:42.480 --> 00:42:50.250 Sam Liebowitz: Once we decided, okay, here are the 18 for this chapter 18 for that chapter 18 for that chapter, then it was like, Okay, what comes first, what comes second. What comes last.

00:42:51.750 --> 00:42:55.680 Sam Liebowitz: And so, that whole process was was definitely a learning experience.

00:42:56.730 --> 00:43:03.870 Sam Liebowitz: I see pat my dear friend from across the pond in the UK, saying she loves that structure. Thank you, Sam. Thank you, Pat.

00:43:07.050 --> 00:43:15.720 Sam Liebowitz: And then as we're doing all that, then I have to start thinking about the marketing for the book. I have to start thinking about. Okay.

00:43:16.470 --> 00:43:26.730 Sam Liebowitz: I'm putting this together. Oh, and the cover design. So I want you to know. We went through a lot of images of what would take for the cover and I don't know how well you can see it on the Facebook Live

00:43:28.110 --> 00:43:34.230 Sam Liebowitz: But you see, like, it's a valley in between a couple of mountains got the sky, the sun, a little stream running through it.

00:43:36.450 --> 00:43:44.670 Sam Liebowitz: And I thought, well, I wanted this kind of like, then we looked at also some other like personal development books that become very successful.

00:43:46.440 --> 00:43:52.320 Sam Liebowitz: So I wanted this kind of sun cloud sky type of image and we were going through looking at different things.

00:43:52.680 --> 00:43:59.160 Sam Liebowitz: And then I saw this one. It's like, oh, this is perfect. And you know why this is perfect because it has the four elements in it.

00:43:59.850 --> 00:44:09.240 Sam Liebowitz: The sky, which is air the Sun, which is fire the mountains, which are Earth and the and the stream which is water. So, of course, you know, I'm

00:44:09.750 --> 00:44:20.880 Sam Liebowitz: You've been listening to the show. You know, I talk all the time about the archetypal elements earth, air, fire, water and their relationship to heart, mind, body, and spirit. So that's how I got the cover image and then it was

00:44:22.290 --> 00:44:35.340 Sam Liebowitz: All right. One of the things you do to get yourself a successful book is get testimonials from people. You ask people, even before the book is finished, would they be willing to write a testimonial for you for your book.

00:44:36.510 --> 00:44:45.420 Sam Liebowitz: So we came up with a sample chapter and I went out to people that I knew from the evolutionary Business Council now like Laura herself is in the evolutionary Business Council.

00:44:45.990 --> 00:44:55.260 Sam Liebowitz: You most of my loyal listeners know I've interviewed many, many people, Pat, as a member of it. I've had many of those people on my show.

00:44:56.280 --> 00:45:05.730 Sam Liebowitz: And so, who did I ask for testimonials of course my soul tribe people from the BBC. A couple of other people too, but primarily the BBC.

00:45:06.270 --> 00:45:21.090 Sam Liebowitz: And I was so thrilled at the responses I got back and I'll just tell you one story about it quickly. I need to go to break, but there was one woman and her testimonials into her name's Debra Parliament.

00:45:22.110 --> 00:45:32.280 Sam Liebowitz: She's been in the transformational space for decades decades. She was Deepak Chopra's coach before Deepak Chopra anybody knew about him before he was the thing

00:45:33.690 --> 00:45:40.260 Sam Liebowitz: And I was waiting to get a testimonial from her. And she said, Oh man, I gotta launch, I'm busy. I'll get it to him like okay you know we have some time, whatever.

00:45:40.590 --> 00:45:47.730 Sam Liebowitz: And then we're getting down to the week and wanting to finish up the manuscript and I emailed her and said, Deborah, I would love to get your testimonial. And she said, okay, wait.

00:45:48.150 --> 00:45:57.180 Sam Liebowitz: I'll get it to you. I just need a little more time. I'm like, okay, and then it was either like a Thursday or Friday I got the email from her with her testimony. She goes, you know, Sam.

00:45:57.870 --> 00:46:03.090 Sam Liebowitz: I don't like to give testimonials, unless I actually read the book for what I'm giving the testimonial from

00:46:03.360 --> 00:46:15.720 Sam Liebowitz: She goes, I stayed up last night reading until two o'clock in the morning. It was so engaging. I loved it. This is such a wonderful book. Here's my testimonial. And she wrote a wonderful testimonial. And I was floored.

00:46:16.290 --> 00:46:33.060 Sam Liebowitz: I was amazed that she wrote what she said, because if someone like Deborah who's been in and around this stuff, who knows. Some of the most you know well known people in the transformational space if she saw value in my book.

00:46:34.680 --> 00:46:42.690 Sam Liebowitz: It made me feel so good about what I put together because when it's your own thing, when it's your own baby, you're never quite sure your

00:46:43.020 --> 00:46:53.820 Sam Liebowitz: You know, am I fooling myself, is it really good isn't not good. You, you don't know, you really don't. But as I started getting the feedback and getting the testimonials from people I really respected.

00:46:55.440 --> 00:47:17.100 Sam Liebowitz: Then I knew then, then I really started to feel good about, um, I got something here. This is something really valuable. And I'll tell you what happens next after we come back, you're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We'll be right back after this

00:49:36.660 --> 00:49:44.190 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern Time.

00:49:44.460 --> 00:49:55.260 Sam Liebowitz: Right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and I am so grateful and joyful for everybody. Joining me today as I talk about my journey in writing my first very first

00:49:55.650 --> 00:50:09.450 Sam Liebowitz: book published book everyday awakening, you are more powerful than, you know, coming out on November 17 launch day I'm going to be doing. I'll be all over. I'll be doing lives. I'll be doing interviews, all kinds of stuff.

00:50:10.590 --> 00:50:24.960 Sam Liebowitz: It's really wonderful. And I've been talking up until now about sort of my journey and putting it all together. And I mentioned about, you know, collecting testimonials from our friends at the BBC and my friend Pat on the Facebook Live says yes or ABC friends are the best.

00:50:26.190 --> 00:50:33.420 Sam Liebowitz: And I really I've been a member for many years, but it's only in the last two or three years that I've gotten active in the group and

00:50:33.660 --> 00:50:50.910 Sam Liebowitz: started going to events and so many wonderful experiences with people and and so many times when people were there. Just when I needed them that it really taught me how this is told the BBC is totally a soul family for me anyway. So I've gotten all these testimonials.

00:50:52.020 --> 00:50:57.120 Sam Liebowitz: Now it's about what it's about launch it and I, we really was kind of struggling because

00:50:57.420 --> 00:51:05.970 Sam Liebowitz: Some people I knew from business networking introduced me to people who like I can guarantee you for 20 $500 I can guarantee you to be a number one bestseller on Amazon. And I'm like,

00:51:06.420 --> 00:51:18.180 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, what is it worth it. I've already got Laura helping me with the marketing. What do I do and I talked to somebody who's a business associate of mine, and he was very insightful, he said.

00:51:18.870 --> 00:51:23.970 Sam Liebowitz: You know when I hear someone's a best seller unless they're to New York Times bestseller. That's a whole totally different league.

00:51:24.360 --> 00:51:32.760 Sam Liebowitz: But when they hear someone's bestseller. He said it doesn't really mean that much to me. But when I add because my next question to them is always well how many books did you sell

00:51:34.170 --> 00:51:42.960 Sam Liebowitz: If he goes, I want to see you making money off your book and selling a lot of copies of the book, not just being a best seller.

00:51:44.130 --> 00:51:55.680 Sam Liebowitz: And I said, Yeah, but then I talked to other people and say yes. However, when you become a best seller on Amazon. Then you use that fact that you're a best seller to help you to sell more books. Got it.

00:51:57.300 --> 00:52:04.680 Sam Liebowitz: So I decided to not do that bestseller campaign but just doing my own marketing doing just a launch for it.

00:52:05.130 --> 00:52:18.390 Sam Liebowitz: And this is where and actually had to pick a launch day right so so the manuscripts ready in August. When do I want to launch. I wanted originally to launch like the end of September, beginning of October to give me enough time to get the marketing together and doing stuff.

00:52:19.830 --> 00:52:30.030 Sam Liebowitz: But as my loyal listeners know I believe in the energy of things. I believe in the astrology and numerology that

00:52:30.990 --> 00:52:41.790 Sam Liebowitz: Why not use it to our advantage. So I went to a good friend of mine, Fred, and I was like Fred coming out with my first book I want to make sure I'm picking a good day to come out with it.

00:52:42.870 --> 00:52:49.950 Sam Liebowitz: I'm looking at end of September, beginning of October. Can you look at my chart and tell me, like, what's a good time and he was looking. We talked about a little bit. He goes, Well,

00:52:50.220 --> 00:53:00.960 Sam Liebowitz: Do you have some flexibility with that date. And it's like, yeah, sure. Come out with anytime I want. He goes, cuz I didn't go why he goes well. Mars is in Retrograde until the beginning of November.

00:53:01.380 --> 00:53:13.200 Sam Liebowitz: And Mars rules publishing, so you don't really want to come out with publish something new. While Mars is in Retrograde you're much better off doing it after Mars goes direct

00:53:13.980 --> 00:53:19.860 Sam Liebowitz: So could you do it, November I was like okay I guess it would give me a little extra time to get the marketing together and stuff.

00:53:21.090 --> 00:53:27.690 Sam Liebowitz: And so we looked at thing and and what what phase is the full moon in and where things are.

00:53:28.050 --> 00:53:44.670 Sam Liebowitz: So I thought, you know, a Tuesday's probably a better day and then Monday to come out with it. But it gives you the week. So we came up with November 17 okay November 17 wanted to come out with it sooner, it will be after the election, but hey, could be a good time to come out with it.

00:53:46.110 --> 00:53:51.810 Sam Liebowitz: Then a couple of weeks later I was going to the supermarket in my neighborhood.

00:53:52.170 --> 00:54:02.790 Sam Liebowitz: And I bumped into my good friend, Julian, Michael, who's a numerologists extraordinary I've had him on my show. He used to be used to call in and a regularly and give us pearls of the day about the number of the day.

00:54:04.110 --> 00:54:14.490 Sam Liebowitz: And so I told him all about it. I showed him on my phone. The book cover and and I was like, I just want to know, November 17. Would that be a good day to come up with the book and he goes, Oh yeah, one in seven is eight, which is

00:54:15.030 --> 00:54:19.170 Sam Liebowitz: Prosperity abundance and this and that. And he was like, yeah, good day nice like

00:54:20.250 --> 00:54:27.720 Sam Liebowitz: So it's like extra logically. It's a good day numerological II. It's a good day. Wonderful, thank God. Alright, so I was feeling really good about it.

00:54:29.340 --> 00:54:40.320 Sam Liebowitz: So I'm getting together the marketing. I'm working with my friend Laura pulling it all together. And then I started to compile a list. I went through all of my contacts in my

00:54:41.640 --> 00:54:55.560 Sam Liebowitz: Google account downloaded everything went through it. Who did I know even if it had been a while since I spoke to them who like I had a good relationship with I thought liked me and would be willing to support me

00:54:56.520 --> 00:55:08.790 Sam Liebowitz: And I created up a few lists, but I added up something like 550 people. I couldn't believe or is that many people that I, at least, I felt comfortable enough asking them if they would support the book launch

00:55:10.230 --> 00:55:18.060 Sam Liebowitz: And so I started emailing people asking them, Hey, I have a favor to ask of you coming out with my first book would you be willing to be a supporter

00:55:19.110 --> 00:55:28.800 Sam Liebowitz: And I've gotten back so many wonderful positive responses that I have over 100 people on my list right now saying, Yes, I'm willing to support you.

00:55:29.880 --> 00:55:30.720 Sam Liebowitz: And I just like

00:55:31.980 --> 00:55:46.680 Sam Liebowitz: I couldn't believe it. I mean, I can't believe it. I love it. It made makes my heart sing that that so many people are willing to support me and I actually know why. And I'll tell you what the secret is

00:55:47.760 --> 00:55:53.610 Sam Liebowitz: Because I have been showing up for other people for so long without really asking anything in return.

00:55:54.390 --> 00:56:11.670 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, there are people back from when I was doing real estate before I was the conscious consultant even who know me and know I was authentic and I was caring and I was there trying to help them. And even though things didn't work out. They remembered, who I was.

00:56:13.320 --> 00:56:23.910 Sam Liebowitz: Same thing with people in the ABC. The BBC is all about helping other thought leaders, you know, sharing our influence and helping people to to to have success.

00:56:24.540 --> 00:56:30.870 Sam Liebowitz: But I've just been showing up having people come on my radio show showing up and support helping with organizing events and stuff.

00:56:32.460 --> 00:56:41.010 Sam Liebowitz: It. My friend Cynthia's terms. I've been making lots of deposits lots and lots and lots of deposits all over the place for years for years.

00:56:42.480 --> 00:56:49.710 Sam Liebowitz: And this is the first time I'm asking anything in return. Some people I believe they're happy to support me

00:56:50.400 --> 00:57:03.960 Sam Liebowitz: Because they've seen me just showing up in service. My life is about service, man. Life is about helping people. If I'm not helping to make people's lives better in some way. I am not fulfilling my mission. I do not feel good.

00:57:05.850 --> 00:57:10.560 Sam Liebowitz: So the reason why I'm telling you this whole story and letting you know about all of this.

00:57:11.310 --> 00:57:20.430 Sam Liebowitz: Of course, do I want to promote my book. Absolutely. Who doesn't, I'm thrilled about it. I want to share this with people and I want to sell more books, of course, absolutely.

00:57:21.330 --> 00:57:30.060 Sam Liebowitz: But I'm hoping you get something out of this story today to encourage you to let you know what it's like. So that if you

00:57:30.540 --> 00:57:44.640 Sam Liebowitz: Go out and decide, hey, I want to write a book. I want to do what Sam's done, you have a model, you have a structure and outline something you can follow. And if you want to reach out to me and you want my advice and my help.

00:57:45.720 --> 00:57:49.170 Sam Liebowitz: Been through it. I can definitely support you in the process as well.

00:57:49.770 --> 00:57:54.750 Sam Liebowitz: And and I see before my dear friend and loyal listeners tonight said that, yes, she has

00:57:54.990 --> 00:58:04.530 Sam Liebowitz: A few children's books and poetry book in her spirit. She's been taking her time but with the pandemic. It's given her time to pick up the interest. Again, I'm glad. So now you should definitely

00:58:04.920 --> 00:58:16.560 Sam Liebowitz: Do it. If you listen to my show a couple of weeks ago with Dr. Anthony man about children's books. Very, very important. Pat says she looks forward to my book. Thank you. So one last time.

00:58:17.910 --> 00:58:26.430 Sam Liebowitz: November 17 please wait don't order the book early because Amazon tracks. One of the things I learned Amazon tracks how many books you sell within a certain period of time.

00:58:27.150 --> 00:58:35.220 Sam Liebowitz: So the more books you sell within a day that's what determines whether you're a best seller, not so what I'm asking people to do

00:58:36.300 --> 00:58:42.270 Sam Liebowitz: Look, I'm making it really easy for you. The Kindle version is only 99 cents until the day after launch

00:58:44.490 --> 00:58:54.540 Sam Liebowitz: The paperback 1999 just because paperbacks are expensive to print. I personally like paperbacks is like being able to flip, flip through it and read it and hold it every day awakening.

00:58:55.770 --> 00:59:07.710 Sam Liebowitz: If you go to everyday awakening book calm, it'll take you right to the listing please wait until November 17 order your copy whichever version you want then

00:59:08.280 --> 00:59:19.980 Sam Liebowitz: After you order it. You go to the conscious consultant calm. Click on Sam's book or it's the conscious consultant comm slash everyday dash awakening.

00:59:20.520 --> 00:59:32.610 Sam Liebowitz: And it'll take you right to my bonus page and you get literally a couple of thousand dollars worth of discounts and bonuses free gifts for you is my way of saying thank you for supporting me

00:59:33.540 --> 00:59:46.140 Sam Liebowitz: My, my real desire and hope and intention behind this book is it reaches as many people as possible. I think we have a real chance for this to go viral. For to touch people around the world.

00:59:46.650 --> 00:59:57.090 Sam Liebowitz: To empower them to uplift them to support them in their own process, please share it, please ask your friends to share it, please get it out there.

00:59:57.570 --> 01:00:01.860 Sam Liebowitz: And look through. You can see it on Amazon, already you can look through what people have said about the book.

01:00:02.640 --> 01:00:08.760 Sam Liebowitz: I want this to get out because I want to support more people I want to help more people. I want to be there for more people

01:00:09.090 --> 01:00:16.980 Sam Liebowitz: Helped me to be there for more people share with your friends. I hope they will tell you that they're grateful that you did share with them.

01:00:17.340 --> 01:00:30.990 Sam Liebowitz: If you'd like to become one of my inner circle supporters just email me, Sam at the conscious consultant com email me and say, Hey, Sam, send me the information. I'm happy to email for you and happy to do some

01:00:31.770 --> 01:00:40.410 Sam Liebowitz: Social media posts for you if you're willing to do that, it would mean the world to me. Thank you so much. Thank you, my loyal listeners. Thanks for tuning in today.

01:00:40.770 --> 01:00:45.690 Sam Liebowitz: Please stay tuned. Coming up next on talk radio dot NYC it's can foster show

01:00:46.170 --> 01:00:53.550 Sam Liebowitz: Voices of courage followed later today at 5pm with Antonia show. So now you know. And this evening.

01:00:53.850 --> 01:01:04.320 Sam Liebowitz: At 7pm Eastern Time. Graham Dobbins is having on them dominance having on our friend Teresa de gras on the mind behind leadership, that'll be a wonderful show as well.

01:01:04.650 --> 01:01:16.230 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you all for tuning in. I will be back next week with another UBC friend Whitney Gordon meet. I hope you'll tune in for that everyone take care, we will talk to you next week.

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