So Now You Know

Thursday, October 29, 2020

2020/10/29 - Get Out And Vote!


Join me today as I discuss the ins and outs of voting. Bianca Shinn, from Stamford Women Voters and Director of DOMUS Family Advocacy, will be joining me to discuss WHY you must VOTE.

Tune in for this wonderful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today Antonia welcomes Bianca Shinn to talk about voting and encourage listeners to vote in the upcoming election.  Bianca reviews her various roles throughout her life which currently includes being on a board for Connecticut League of Women Voters.  Antonia asks Bianca for the main points to be aware of before election day, November 3rd.    One of the main points being to have a plan to vote and how you will vote.  They further dive into early voting, what that means and how that does/will affect things.  


Segment 2

They open this segment talking about the youth vote and Antonia provides information on where to go for voting questions, one including  Bianca provides info on how she is engaging with youth and how she is equipping them to vote.  Antonia further talks about the community coming together to educate the youth on voting.  Bianca closes with the concept that voting needs to be year round vs. only from July-November.  


Segment 3

Antonia opens this segment asking Bianca the importance of the parents and adults influencing the youth on voting.  Bianca dives more into voter suppression and where some of it comes from.   Antonia asks Bianca what the consensus of the folks she is dealing with in the community and how they are handling the election along with the voting process.  In closing Antonia discusses the importance of making it to the polls to vote.  


Segment 4

They open the last segment talking about women voting and the Connecticut League of Women Voters. One of the more important parts of the League is that it is non-partisan, to involve the community and deliver the message of the importance of voting.   Antonia asks Bianca what are some of the outcomes she would see as a success in voting this year.  They further dive into how to find more information on early voting and what to do in order to push for early voting in future elections. and are resources for those looking for voting information.  They close informing listeners to make sure to go out and vote!


00:00:41.340 --> 00:00:48.300 Antonia Thompson: Good afternoon, everyone. It's Antonia it's Thursday five o'clock. I'm so glad that you are here to join us.

00:00:48.960 --> 00:00:57.090 Antonia Thompson: Here in Connecticut. It is rainy rainy rainy and super, super cold. So what can we expect as the end of October.

00:00:57.630 --> 00:01:05.760 Antonia Thompson: This is a sort of the weather, we should be having. As you know, last week we were talking about how warm it was so it is a little

00:01:06.330 --> 00:01:12.120 Antonia Thompson: I don't know. I'm never ready for it to get super cold, but the leaves are turning they're falling so

00:01:12.450 --> 00:01:21.840 Antonia Thompson: It seems that this is where we're going to be so as you know I always start off, I hope you're being safe. I hope you are wearing your mask and socially distancing

00:01:22.590 --> 00:01:35.760 Antonia Thompson: We see numbers are going up everywhere, especially here in Connecticut. But today's show is all about voting. So I want you to stay happy and healthy. Keep the mask on sanitized do what you gotta do, so that you can vote.

00:01:36.570 --> 00:01:48.210 Antonia Thompson: On Tuesday, if you haven't already voted via absentee ballot. So today I'm being joined by my friend Bianca shin AND WE'LL LET HER IN HERE FOR US TO JOIN for sure her to join me on the screen.

00:01:49.080 --> 00:01:56.940 Antonia Thompson: Hello, Miss Bianca. BIANCA is a big advocate for voting here in Stanford, Connecticut.

00:01:57.330 --> 00:02:12.120 Antonia Thompson: And so I just she was the perfect person to talk to today about what we need to do to make sure that our vote. Not only is cast and counted, but that we get at least five more people to the ballot. So how are you, Bianca.

00:02:12.660 --> 00:02:21.300 Bianca Shinn: Hi Antonia. How are you, thank you very much for having me this evening. It's a pleasure. Anything that's about voting, I get excited. Um,

00:02:21.330 --> 00:02:27.690 Antonia Thompson: Why I knew you were the person that I needed to to get in touch with just tell you a little bit about the show. Bianca.

00:02:28.080 --> 00:02:37.500 Antonia Thompson: It's called. So now you know and what I do is I bring in family friends guests that are doing amazing things in the community, which you are one, you check off all those boxes.

00:02:38.040 --> 00:02:44.160 Antonia Thompson: And as we know, voting is coming up on on Tuesday. I wanted to share as much information with our listeners.

00:02:44.640 --> 00:02:55.350 Antonia Thompson: Some are on Facebook and are watching us live and then some are listening to us. So I just knew that who can come in here and and get the facts straight because sometimes I even get confused.

00:02:56.700 --> 00:03:06.000 Antonia Thompson: Talking about voting, but I know that you are in the community and you are doing this all the time. So let's just start and I'll let you introduce yourself and your background.

00:03:06.690 --> 00:03:25.500 Bianca Shinn: Hi everyone. Good evening, I'm into any before I start, I want to give you a special shout out because you are also one of the very proactive community leaders in Stanford and perhaps in the Fairfield County period engaging younger youth in empowering them.

00:03:26.700 --> 00:03:33.720 Bianca Shinn: But my name is Bianca shin desk Ross. I've lived born and raised here in Stanford, Connecticut.

00:03:34.200 --> 00:03:44.580 Bianca Shinn: I have a background in public health. I'm a certified health education specialist and also a certified Connecticut certified teacher. I've worked in both nonprofit sectors.

00:03:45.450 --> 00:03:57.990 Bianca Shinn: And large governmental agencies such as the Department of Children and Families and also experience working at the United Nations in New York. So I have a vast experience.

00:03:58.680 --> 00:04:06.360 Bianca Shinn: With all those experience I've, I've had they've always taught me different things on in especially now I currently work.

00:04:06.780 --> 00:04:15.150 Bianca Shinn: At a local nonprofit. Don't miss foundations do miss kids and it's a pleasure, because I'm working with kids with, I don't want to say kids young adults youth.

00:04:15.750 --> 00:04:24.420 Bianca Shinn: It's just as, you know, Antonia because I've had to tap into you as a resource in providing support in supporting our young adults, so

00:04:24.780 --> 00:04:31.980 Bianca Shinn: It has been a learning experience. And it continues to be a learning experience. And also, I am currently on the Executive Board.

00:04:32.790 --> 00:04:42.690 Bianca Shinn: In Connecticut executive board with the Connecticut League of Women Voters, so it's I I enjoy that position. I am I my position as director at large on the board.

00:04:43.050 --> 00:04:53.610 Bianca Shinn: I have a three year mandate mandate, so I'm looking forward into serving our community. And I'm also very proactive in Stamford, Connecticut, League of Women Voters also

00:04:54.930 --> 00:05:02.580 Antonia Thompson: Nice. Nice. So you do a myriad of things you are a true champion of our community. So let's get right to it.

00:05:03.030 --> 00:05:21.990 Antonia Thompson: I'm looking at this website for we are four days, seven hours 54 minutes and 53 SECONDS FOR NOVEMBER 3. So, um, I just want to start and you know I've heard a lot. And we've been seeing it in the papers everywhere. Get out vote. Vote, vote. Vote, vote.

00:05:23.130 --> 00:05:32.850 Antonia Thompson: So what would you say we're in the countdown. What are your main key points that you want people to know as far as Tuesday.

00:05:33.750 --> 00:05:37.620 Bianca Shinn: As far as Tuesday. If you have not completed your absentee ballot.

00:05:38.850 --> 00:05:52.980 Bianca Shinn: Yet, and have not completed and have not sent it. Please buy know leaders in tomorrow, send it in the mail if for any reason, November 3, you still have that absentee ballot, go to the polls.

00:05:55.230 --> 00:06:04.410 Bianca Shinn: We cannot end in at this point because today's October 29 I'm going to tell everyone who has an absentee ballot and plans to mail it out today.

00:06:04.980 --> 00:06:13.290 Bianca Shinn: Or tomorrow, go to your local there's little on local absentee ballot boxes in four different areas and Stanford.

00:06:13.590 --> 00:06:22.110 Bianca Shinn: There's one at the government centers, there's one at the Harry Bennett center. There's one in the South in and then there's one at the year what those are all strategic

00:06:22.830 --> 00:06:36.480 Bianca Shinn: Places where larger population may be at a distinct disadvantage every vote counts and every election counts because it though. Although this is a presidential election, everything is on there.

00:06:37.200 --> 00:06:44.160 Bianca Shinn: A lot all eyes are on the President's on the presidential election. However, we have state representatives, we have state.

00:06:44.700 --> 00:06:57.090 Bianca Shinn: Senate state senators that are on the ballot. We have local Board of Education local officials have so much power in making it in giving you access to what you need.

00:06:57.480 --> 00:07:08.610 Bianca Shinn: I am not in the business of telling you for, who do you for for who for in order for who you should vote for. But I am definitely an Antonio is one of my allies and telling you that you should vote.

00:07:09.480 --> 00:07:18.510 Bianca Shinn: No, you cannot speak loud or complain if you do not vote, and it's not only a call for action for this vote.

00:07:19.020 --> 00:07:28.950 Bianca Shinn: For this election. It's every election, you have to vote in every election. The, the impact that it can have. Imagine that. Will you

00:07:29.370 --> 00:07:36.660 Bianca Shinn: And when I say you younger people, because I think there's a lot of older people who are in the business of owning and they know what it means.

00:07:37.050 --> 00:07:48.690 Bianca Shinn: There are still some segment that are that don't vote consistently but I'm focused on the youth. Why, because you guys are larger in majority, you have the power to change.

00:07:50.700 --> 00:07:52.380 Bianca Shinn: Your something ringing me

00:07:54.390 --> 00:07:54.720 Bianca Shinn: Sorry.

00:07:56.340 --> 00:08:02.400 Antonia Thompson: That's okay. We're all family here. This is how it works. When we're alive. So don't even worry about it.

00:08:02.580 --> 00:08:03.690 Bianca Shinn: Sorry, can you hear me.

00:08:03.960 --> 00:08:04.740 Antonia Thompson: Yes. We hear you.

00:08:05.340 --> 00:08:06.690 Bianca Shinn: Do you hear a ring or anything.

00:08:06.990 --> 00:08:08.160 Antonia Thompson: I do hear Ray, it's not

00:08:10.440 --> 00:08:11.100 Bianca Shinn: Connected

00:08:11.640 --> 00:08:19.530 Bianca Shinn: I might be connected to your computer. Yes. So, um, yes. So, um,

00:08:19.830 --> 00:08:26.730 Antonia Thompson: I'm sorry, it's a good point that you you bring up about the youth and the reason why I wanted to start with just the gecko. What are the things that we need to do right now.

00:08:26.970 --> 00:08:34.170 Antonia Thompson: Is for those that are listening and those that are watching watching, even if you're listening for five minutes. I wanted you to get that important information.

00:08:34.650 --> 00:08:42.120 Antonia Thompson: And for those of you who are not in the Connecticut area, definitely go to i'm going to share the screen later. And we can talk a little bit about

00:08:42.450 --> 00:08:51.180 Antonia Thompson: That more but there there's so much information out on the internet and there's so many all the questions that you have. You can find the answers there.

00:08:51.390 --> 00:09:02.490 Antonia Thompson: Yeah beauty of that website is it breaks it down by state locality municipality and is you would just say Bianca, there's so much more on certain ballots in certain areas that

00:09:03.000 --> 00:09:13.560 Antonia Thompson: You can learn. You don't even have to see the bat like that. You can see the ballot ahead of time. And as a lot of people are talking about have a plan to vote like literally plan out the day

00:09:14.250 --> 00:09:19.200 Antonia Thompson: If you go on Tuesday. What am I going to do here. What am I going to do this time anticipate

00:09:20.040 --> 00:09:29.040 Antonia Thompson: And I think a lot of us. And this is just my opinion. I want to get your thoughts on this, there has been so much disenfranchised right and when people say that where they're like well what do you mean

00:09:29.430 --> 00:09:35.460 Antonia Thompson: Here in Connecticut, like you were just talking about. We have all these absentee boxes we have different easy ways for

00:09:35.760 --> 00:09:48.090 Antonia Thompson: Us to vote, but there are so many parts of the country where it's not that easy, where we're seeing these long lines and Pennsylvania, especially in the south where it's just not that easy for people to cast their vote.

00:09:49.890 --> 00:09:54.810 Antonia Thompson: And so it's really important, like you said, with the youth for them to start navigating that process.

00:09:54.870 --> 00:10:03.900 Bianca Shinn: And those long lines I need. I know it's, it seems empowering. But it's sad. Those are examples of voter suppression in Connecticut, we don't know what we're going to face.

00:10:04.350 --> 00:10:10.740 Bianca Shinn: And one of the things that I would like to point out kinetic is one of the few states that does not allow early voting.

00:10:10.980 --> 00:10:16.950 Bianca Shinn: So I'm urging everyone on this, on this zoom or who's watching live reach out to your state senate senator

00:10:17.160 --> 00:10:29.820 Bianca Shinn: You reach out to your State Rep. Keep lobbying get organized. Get a group of four or five of you. It doesn't take much make noise to allow early voting early voting is is it's it helps

00:10:30.450 --> 00:10:46.320 Bianca Shinn: Secure the DMCA our democracy because you're giving more choices you can plan ahead in one of the things is a lot of people are like, Oh, why is it important, this year that people are coming with this plan ahead. Oftentimes, we have some of the best attention.

00:10:47.340 --> 00:10:47.580 Bianca Shinn: Has

00:10:47.790 --> 00:11:00.780 Bianca Shinn: Been always part of our voting strategies I, you know, I'll do it after my meeting. I'll do it after I go grocery shopping. Then you drive past the polling station you get in, you get home and then you turn on the news, you're like,

00:11:00.810 --> 00:11:02.040 Antonia Thompson: Oh, shoot. Oh, right.

00:11:02.070 --> 00:11:10.020 Bianca Shinn: I didn't vote. It doesn't matter. Someone will vote for me know you when we've worked together when you have a plan. It's a priority.

00:11:10.320 --> 00:11:17.340 Bianca Shinn: Just like our health is a priority voting is a priority because it has significant impact on the access of health.

00:11:17.670 --> 00:11:28.500 Bianca Shinn: Access overall so transportation access to overall good quality of life. So, this cannot wait and we should not take it for granted. One thing that we've learned in the last four years.

00:11:29.160 --> 00:11:39.810 Bianca Shinn: In although we're focused on the last four years voter suppression did not start four years ago. That's right. It has been entrenched in part of our history.

00:11:40.290 --> 00:11:56.970 Bianca Shinn: It has been silence and people have forgotten about it because in certain states is not as overt, but when you have a state of Connecticut. Who is that is small. That is so called Blue or liberal or progressive however you want to label it, does it make sense and

00:11:58.230 --> 00:12:01.440 Bianca Shinn: That you do you have a state where you cannot EARLY VOTE. Right.

00:12:01.680 --> 00:12:06.870 Antonia Thompson: And there's already. I don't know the last count I so I think we're up to maybe 66 million

00:12:07.560 --> 00:12:17.610 Bianca Shinn: Volts that have been some 70,000,070 million as of night last night, CNN reported it I have yet to look at other data, but that's 70 million

00:12:18.180 --> 00:12:35.460 Bianca Shinn: And guess what, Connecticut's not part of that 70 million. Well, actually, I can't. Well, our absentee ballots are not counted until the night of the election so that 70 million is early voting and just to think about how we could have been supporting our, our, our

00:12:36.690 --> 00:12:48.090 Bianca Shinn: poll workers by being able to work early by being able to vote early. So I'm looking at. Will we, what, what are the pole is going to look at look like in Connecticut.

00:12:49.170 --> 00:12:53.940 Antonia Thompson: Well, what do you think what and I know, Connecticut. We have St. Excuse my dogs.

00:12:54.000 --> 00:12:54.210 Antonia Thompson: Yeah.

00:12:54.480 --> 00:12:56.910 Antonia Thompson: We have the same day registration.

00:12:57.300 --> 00:13:07.590 Antonia Thompson: Right, you can register the day of here in Connecticut. Why do you think we don't have early registration. Is it an issue that it just hasn't come on the radar of our lead

00:13:09.900 --> 00:13:14.610 Antonia Thompson: To our break. But very quickly, what do you, what do you think some of the thoughts as

00:13:15.330 --> 00:13:25.260 Bianca Shinn: It has been on our radar, but with our Constitution with laws, it has to. We were missed by a margin and it has to be revolted again by our state legislator again in

00:13:25.800 --> 00:13:38.040 Bianca Shinn: In the next session. So that's why I'm calling for a call for actions and making sure that everyone knows. Do not if you want early voting and being able to vote and have it part of your plan schedule.

00:13:39.060 --> 00:13:45.900 Bianca Shinn: And make it happen to start now in the other thing is, before we go on break. One of the things I would like for

00:13:46.410 --> 00:13:57.300 Bianca Shinn: Our politicians to understand because they're the one that's are making the laws is that voting is a is an all it's it's it's it's a process.

00:13:57.720 --> 00:14:11.310 Bianca Shinn: So if we're not part of the process and you're not listening to your constituents by allowing early voting didn't work. What are you doing, what are you contributing to this democracy and why are you preventing us from early voting right

00:14:11.340 --> 00:14:20.520 Antonia Thompson: We definitely have to deep you know go a little dive deeper into that conversation because it is a way. And then, you know, earlier I was saying disenfranchised

00:14:21.180 --> 00:14:27.120 Antonia Thompson: It becomes that when you're not giving people the full opportunity to their legal right to vote.

00:14:27.480 --> 00:14:35.940 Antonia Thompson: Whether we want to say they're making it very difficult for us to get to the ballot and we're narrowing the amount of time. Like, it's only that like we don't have early registration.

00:14:36.240 --> 00:14:45.390 Antonia Thompson: We're making it telling people they have to go really far away to vote in some instances we saw, we've had a lot of cases going up into the court.

00:14:45.870 --> 00:14:51.870 Antonia Thompson: In figuring out when divorce get counted when they don't get counted when, when do they, when do they have an impact as far as

00:14:52.890 --> 00:14:59.910 Antonia Thompson: You know, our President saying he wants the results. The night of when I'm hearing legislatively. The rule is a lot of states don't have to

00:15:01.170 --> 00:15:05.820 Antonia Thompson: Give a final certification Toby 30 days or 20 days. Yeah.

00:15:05.940 --> 00:15:07.110 Antonia Thompson: And the election believe it's

00:15:07.170 --> 00:15:09.180 Bianca Shinn: December 8 I'm

00:15:09.240 --> 00:15:09.660 Antonia Thompson: I think

00:15:11.340 --> 00:15:12.150 Bianca Shinn: What two weeks. Yeah.

00:15:12.780 --> 00:15:21.900 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, so, um, we're going to get ready to take a break and I want to come back as as our President, you know, there's a lot of confusing information that's being put out there for folks. And I want to get your thoughts on that.

00:15:22.140 --> 00:15:26.640 Antonia Thompson: So you listening to Antonia. So now you know we're going to get ready to take a break and we'll be right back with Bianca.

00:17:31.590 --> 00:17:33.240 Bianca Shinn: I like your background Antonia

00:17:37.020 --> 00:17:37.680 Bianca Shinn: You're on mute.

00:17:47.070 --> 00:17:47.730 Bianca Shinn: You're on mute.

00:17:48.390 --> 00:17:58.860 Antonia Thompson: I know right. That is like the phrase of the year, you would get snips into people's homes. So this is kind of my like at home studio, my little background here.

00:17:59.370 --> 00:18:06.900 Antonia Thompson: So as we were talking Bianca. You were mentioning the youth and the importance of getting them out and getting them registered to vote.

00:18:07.320 --> 00:18:18.180 Antonia Thompson: Do you feel since the last election that youth are really being motivated and are kind of creating the narrative of getting out the vote and motivating people to be more active.

00:18:18.990 --> 00:18:21.240 Bianca Shinn: We have no so sorry. Hold on.

00:18:26.790 --> 00:18:31.950 Antonia Thompson: And I want to share. I was trying to share my screen. So everyone would know what we were talking about before.

00:18:33.660 --> 00:18:46.410 Antonia Thompson: There is so much robust information out on the internet. And if you go to hopefully if you're on Facebook. You can see this on my screen. But if you're listening to me just, just keep that in mind. It's such an easy task. Right.

00:18:47.520 --> 00:18:52.950 Antonia Thompson: and there you can learn every last thing that you'd want to know about this upcoming election.

00:18:53.250 --> 00:19:02.910 Antonia Thompson: There's locate your polling place learn where you can do only 40 a voting locate a Dropbox. Like there's just so much information that I feel like

00:19:03.480 --> 00:19:06.060 Antonia Thompson: You'd have to intentionally not want to vote.

00:19:06.570 --> 00:19:14.700 Antonia Thompson: Like you'd have to be one of those folks that we had in the last election that was like oh my VOTES, NOT gonna matter what difference does it make, and you just sat at home.

00:19:14.970 --> 00:19:23.700 Antonia Thompson: I feel like there's so much information in the community that it has to be intentional for you not to get out there and vote. So if you have any

00:19:24.360 --> 00:19:34.710 Antonia Thompson: Doubt, or you're talking to someone that that has a question that you like, Oh, I'm not sure go here to and very quickly. I'll just show at the bottom of this page there's everybody

00:19:35.160 --> 00:19:46.830 Antonia Thompson: When find anything you need to vote in your state election. Here you can go to Connecticut, North Carolina. You go to Pennsylvania. You can check out what they're doing it, Utah. Right. Learn what their election deadlines dates.

00:19:46.860 --> 00:19:47.490 Bianca Shinn: In rules.

00:19:47.520 --> 00:19:49.140 Antonia Thompson: Are all right there.

00:19:50.430 --> 00:20:01.710 Antonia Thompson: So Bianca, you've been doing a lot of work in the community. What is your sense and talking to you. Then as you. How are you engaging them to want to get out there and participate in this election.

00:20:02.070 --> 00:20:06.810 Bianca Shinn: And Tony. I'm going to be honest and frank, we have failed them we're asking youth.

00:20:08.220 --> 00:20:16.920 Bianca Shinn: To register and vote without properly equipping them and giving them the necessary tools.

00:20:17.400 --> 00:20:34.920 Bianca Shinn: Civic Engagement. Engagement is key to having a healthier society because people will understand what's at stake, and that's where you have folders engagement youth voters engagement, what would we think about I'm putting the public health hat on.

00:20:35.970 --> 00:20:58.470 Bianca Shinn: I am thinking about as voting is is at the should be a primary intervention type of strategy meetings we start from day one when you're young. Why are we starting at 17 and 18 they have, they now, would we tell kids would we look on teach kids how to wash their hands when they are 1718

00:20:59.580 --> 00:21:01.980 Bianca Shinn: Know if we're teaching them.

00:21:03.510 --> 00:21:13.650 Bianca Shinn: If we want them to be kind to each other to one into hold each other accountability in their elected officials and I'm people that represent them.

00:21:14.070 --> 00:21:21.240 Bianca Shinn: Then they need to be included in the process for the first in the beginning, civic education should not be a a

00:21:21.990 --> 00:21:29.580 Bianca Shinn: Eight weeks workshop, it should be embedded in our culture, in our education system students who are in public schools.

00:21:29.850 --> 00:21:39.570 Bianca Shinn: Are being denied that access if you're in private school and I'm using this from my experience with my nieces and nephew who attend local private school where they were skiing Greenwich Country Day.

00:21:39.960 --> 00:21:57.960 Bianca Shinn: They have some type of civic engagement is embedded by the time they're 17 and 18 they're having debates nature. Yes. So we it's easy for us to go and blame us engagement, they don't get it. Well, why should they get it when you're telling them at 1718

00:21:58.230 --> 00:22:00.720 Antonia Thompson: We tells us they don't take it as serious because it's so

00:22:00.720 --> 00:22:02.190 Antonia Thompson: Why should things afterthought.

00:22:02.580 --> 00:22:13.560 Bianca Shinn: It's an afterthought. They don't think of its importance because I agree with them. If it was so important, so significant. Why are you telling me this time. It's like telling me to wear my seatbelt.

00:22:14.100 --> 00:22:27.660 Bianca Shinn: After I got an accident. You never told me the importance of wearing my seat of the importance of seatbelt. The same way we tell kids when you get in the car you wear your seatbelt, or if you're riding a bike, the safety of helmet, the safety of civic education is urgent.

00:22:28.890 --> 00:22:46.470 Bianca Shinn: Again in this is a bike. If this is a nonpartisan issue. I just want kids to understand did be able to differentiate between what's fake news because they're getting it from their parents, their be it's being shared in the media, most of our youth cannot differentiate

00:22:47.610 --> 00:22:56.670 Bianca Shinn: than us and we're not even educating them how to get the news. We're not even they don't even have an understanding of how government works. And now we're telling them.

00:22:57.150 --> 00:23:04.620 Bianca Shinn: To go and vote. Think about voter registration, we're asking them, which is the voter registration process. It's a short index card.

00:23:05.190 --> 00:23:17.400 Bianca Shinn: It probably takes 15 minutes the most to register. But what if we're asking them to to get a driver's license, a permit. They have to do, how many hours of service.

00:23:17.850 --> 00:23:28.890 Bianca Shinn: And how many classes before we even give them a temporary permit, not even a license and now we're trusting. We want to give them the ability to vote.

00:23:29.790 --> 00:23:37.680 Bianca Shinn: Without giving them the tools we have substance abuse, education, don't drink and drive. Don't do drugs, it's understood

00:23:38.550 --> 00:23:54.930 Bianca Shinn: And we're not in but what we're in trusting them to vote and we want them to vote in a process where we're not educating them. Now with that said, I have faith and I have hope because what I'm the parkland shooting in

00:23:56.460 --> 00:24:07.470 Bianca Shinn: parkland youth in Florida showed us with the shooting incident, they they they grew they rose up and stood up and redefine where youth activism.

00:24:07.920 --> 00:24:12.750 Bianca Shinn: And then you had the Black Lives Matter movement where youth are starting to speak up.

00:24:13.560 --> 00:24:19.950 Bianca Shinn: But how do we continue that. So it's not a moment a moment, but it's a momentum that we're going to keep

00:24:20.520 --> 00:24:32.850 Bianca Shinn: And I think that's urgent. With that said, if you're at and you're registered to vote, you need to go vote if you want to learn about your politician or what to vote for. I'm going to make it simple. What do you care about.

00:24:34.170 --> 00:24:35.130 Antonia Thompson: I thought it is

00:24:35.430 --> 00:24:49.260 Antonia Thompson: A place where we, as you know, are in the community. We then have to pick up that baton and make sure that happens right we need to empower and give agency to our young adults.

00:24:50.190 --> 00:24:59.700 Antonia Thompson: That shows. This is how your vote works like you talked about a lot of things that are on the ballot, we need to have them understand that when you cast that vote.

00:25:00.210 --> 00:25:08.100 Antonia Thompson: It is real to you, you're voting for health care, you're voting for different policies that are happening in your town or in your city.

00:25:08.640 --> 00:25:19.410 Antonia Thompson: And that has to be an ongoing in your face constant conversation because I think a lot of the disconnect with our youth, some of it comes from us as adults who

00:25:19.620 --> 00:25:20.190 Antonia Thompson: Weren't voting.

00:25:20.250 --> 00:25:25.500 Antonia Thompson: Right. If your mom, your dad it, they weren't necessarily voting because they didn't think it was going to have an outcome.

00:25:25.920 --> 00:25:33.180 Antonia Thompson: You might have, you might have grew up in that environment and then therefore you don't think it's going to do anything for you, but I think since the Obama

00:25:33.780 --> 00:25:44.100 Antonia Thompson: Election. And now I think now people are really waking up to say, wait a minute. I actually can have a little say in how this outcome is going to be

00:25:44.760 --> 00:25:59.130 Antonia Thompson: So I'm hopeful to but I think I'm part of the community has to come together to keep these issues in front of our youth and in front of everyone to make sure that they understand that that they that they can be part of the outcome.

00:26:00.060 --> 00:26:07.140 Bianca Shinn: And the other thing is into the, I would like to bring to the attention that voting should not be

00:26:08.730 --> 00:26:12.240 Bianca Shinn: A July to November activity because you stream.

00:26:12.480 --> 00:26:13.320 Antonia Thompson: Yes, yeah.

00:26:13.800 --> 00:26:23.430 Bianca Shinn: Because a lot of community organization. Oh, we're doing registration in the summer. It's like feel good October, here we are voting everyone's helping. What happened to January, February.

00:26:23.880 --> 00:26:35.850 Bianca Shinn: What, what happened to those people that are that have just became US citizen that just turned 18 that like you every day, every month.

00:26:36.300 --> 00:26:40.680 Bianca Shinn: Is a learning process, you know, opportunity to empower voters.

00:26:41.130 --> 00:26:53.640 Bianca Shinn: If you care about voters and you want voters engagement, a community that really wants voter engagement is not going to be doing this July to November activity. And I think it's part of our American culture and I'm not going to only

00:26:55.050 --> 00:26:59.220 Bianca Shinn: say this about the Stanford community, but it's, it's, like, this isn't

00:27:00.240 --> 00:27:05.100 Bianca Shinn: Just like the census had from January to October.

00:27:06.240 --> 00:27:20.460 Bianca Shinn: Voting needs to be year round. It has to be year round word where we have it in our agenda Antonia you work at you work for the city, you have a unique opportunity to also work.

00:27:21.750 --> 00:27:28.830 Bianca Shinn: With students and youth when is voting, put on your agenda for youth engagement.

00:27:29.400 --> 00:27:36.060 Antonia Thompson: It doesn't exactly. And I'll say two things. Right. I would say that it's definitely not

00:27:36.990 --> 00:27:44.940 Antonia Thompson: On our curriculum or part of the normal narrative that we would have as as civics and getting our kids engaged right we want them to get jobs.

00:27:45.270 --> 00:27:55.710 Antonia Thompson: We, we get their work permits a lot of kids when they go to get their permanent they automatically right then and there can register to vote. I mean, my daughter got her permit. She's only 17

00:27:56.430 --> 00:28:00.720 Antonia Thompson: She got the information about voting and then she got called to jury duty. I'm like, Well, how does that all happened.

00:28:01.890 --> 00:28:08.730 Antonia Thompson: So I think part of that is that we do need to keep the conversation going on with our kids in real ways. And the other part of it.

00:28:09.540 --> 00:28:19.890 Antonia Thompson: Is that we we have to look at our disenfranchised marginalized youth in the community, those that are maybe have been involved in the criminal justice system. Those that

00:28:20.580 --> 00:28:37.560 Antonia Thompson: For whatever reasons haven't graduated from high school and aren't getting that information readily. We have to look at those spaces that they are in and empower them to get out info right and i. So that's what I kind of see in some of the work that I do is, there is a lot of

00:28:39.450 --> 00:28:48.630 Antonia Thompson: Disengagement because whether someone has a felony or they were involved in the court system or again that just feeling like it doesn't matter if I vote.

00:28:49.110 --> 00:28:54.150 Bianca Shinn: But remember, we're catching them leader because they're getting arrested at 1516

00:28:56.130 --> 00:28:59.340 Bianca Shinn: Civic Engagement should start in kindergarten.

00:29:00.180 --> 00:29:01.170 Antonia Thompson: No. Oh, absolutely.

00:29:01.230 --> 00:29:12.090 Bianca Shinn: Oh, I absolutely agree on top of all the issues that you're facing. And now we want to put voting as like the little topping what important says yes.

00:29:12.120 --> 00:29:12.810 Antonia Thompson: Exactly.

00:29:12.900 --> 00:29:13.860 Bianca Shinn: And it's not something it's

00:29:14.880 --> 00:29:25.080 Antonia Thompson: Not it's not a. It's not a priority. So we're gonna we're getting ready to take our second break so we can keep because I want to keep talking about this because this is a really important issue, especially for the black and brown community.

00:29:25.980 --> 00:29:29.610 Antonia Thompson: For us to talk about. So you're listening to Antonia. So now you know we'll be right back.

00:29:33.030 --> 00:29:35.430 Antonia Thompson: You're listening to talk radio

00:31:56.850 --> 00:32:05.880 Antonia Thompson: So you're back. It's Antonia you listening to. So now you know we're talking to be aka shin about the upcoming election and engaging our youth.

00:32:06.180 --> 00:32:16.170 Antonia Thompson: And I, and I just want to ask you this Bianca, because I do think it is important. I think we are absolutely right. As far as when do we start educating our children about the importance of voting.

00:32:16.680 --> 00:32:24.930 Antonia Thompson: And where is that issue play a much more crucial part in the overall curriculum from K through 12 and then I also think for our young adults.

00:32:25.500 --> 00:32:31.860 Antonia Thompson: That have graduated from high school, and whether or not they're in certain communities where they have either

00:32:32.490 --> 00:32:38.640 Antonia Thompson: Well, what we're seeing across the country is a lot of states have been shaped lifting that felony restriction and allowing

00:32:39.120 --> 00:32:47.070 Antonia Thompson: folks that have read, you know, come back to their communities to vote, which is fantastic. And I'm hopeful that that narrative that will keep happening.

00:32:47.340 --> 00:32:56.100 Antonia Thompson: That states will keep doing that and, you know, one of the promises of this new administration. If it's the Biden, the Biden ticket is that they will look at some

00:32:56.730 --> 00:33:07.110 Antonia Thompson: juvenile justice reform and one of those things will be making it uniform for some of those felony convictions to not preclude people from voting. So I am totally excited about that.

00:33:07.710 --> 00:33:22.530 Antonia Thompson: Um, but I want to get your thoughts. We're talking about the school in civics, but what responsibility is it for parents to educate their children about the importance of not only children, but other adults about the importance of voting.

00:33:22.800 --> 00:33:26.790 Bianca Shinn: But if you're having if you're starting from the beginning, where you have a disenfranchised group.

00:33:27.270 --> 00:33:36.720 Bianca Shinn: voter suppression comes in various forms Antonia's comes, it comes to community education and civic engagement, so I you can have generations.

00:33:37.230 --> 00:33:46.950 Bianca Shinn: That is being passed on to each other we're voting is not of importance and your community is is fostering that also

00:33:47.700 --> 00:33:56.970 Bianca Shinn: And how do they foster that with certain policies that are set, and they in certain living conditions it

00:33:57.870 --> 00:34:14.790 Bianca Shinn: reinforces the thought that voting doesn't matter. So now it's restructuring it our thoughts in our community about the voter suppression that that has been going on for decades, because oftentimes all these people don't care. They don't want to vote.

00:34:16.200 --> 00:34:26.280 Bianca Shinn: Why should I care. Look at my condition. Now, if I was taught from the beginning and not only taught but empowered. That's the importance of empowerment

00:34:26.610 --> 00:34:35.970 Bianca Shinn: Empowerment doesn't come from speeches during the election season empowerment comes from our local politicians making differences in our community.

00:34:36.600 --> 00:34:47.640 Bianca Shinn: Boards listening to our needs. When our social conditions are being changed in our social determinants are being armed chief, then that's where

00:34:48.630 --> 00:34:59.460 Bianca Shinn: Antonia we become empowered. I feel I'm part of it. We have a segment of the population black and brown people that feel excluded not and it's not a feeling

00:35:00.150 --> 00:35:11.400 Bianca Shinn: In many aspects we are excluded. And when we are included. It's with its with these prerequisites. It's with these standards that are

00:35:11.970 --> 00:35:18.930 Bianca Shinn: Part of the inclusion. So when we're seeing that people don't want to vote, then why are we educating. Why is it this segment.

00:35:19.230 --> 00:35:27.330 Bianca Shinn: Of the population that doesn't see it. It's easy to say, oh, they don't want to vote. They don't understand the importance of voting will Antonia if

00:35:28.140 --> 00:35:42.450 Bianca Shinn: I understand the importance of exercising because I come from a family that exercise. I've seen it. If I see my neighbor is voting. That's why, like in church communities communities where you feel wanted and loved

00:35:43.290 --> 00:35:51.360 Bianca Shinn: In an empowered in there's a support group you're going to go out and vote. And that's one of the reason why in church group because it's inclusive.

00:35:51.990 --> 00:36:00.660 Bianca Shinn: It's there's a dialogue. There's a community of family. So you're going to say, Okay, I'm going to go vote. Let's go vote. It's part of the community doing something

00:36:00.930 --> 00:36:11.760 Bianca Shinn: But if you don't feel like anyone's listening to you or you're not part of a community just because you're black and brown and you live around a lot of black and brown people doesn't necessarily mean you're included

00:36:12.240 --> 00:36:18.570 Bianca Shinn: Because the exclusion come if you're working three jobs here and there. When do you, when do you congregate with your neighbors.

00:36:18.810 --> 00:36:26.550 Bianca Shinn: When do you build when you have that community, a community that volts together will make a difference. And that's why I say it starts

00:36:27.060 --> 00:36:35.940 Bianca Shinn: We can't just we can't rewind, but we can definitely make progress and looking ahead, and that's why I'm going to say that as community leaders.

00:36:36.540 --> 00:36:48.960 Bianca Shinn: I'm Antonia. What are we doing, how do we reset everything starting in January, December should be planning after the holidays. Everyone's like, okay, I'm tapped out. But what happens in January.

00:36:49.590 --> 00:37:00.060 Bianca Shinn: Or are we gonna wait until another four years, or I mean in Stanford, we should be coming towards the mayoral election. This is an opportunity to have our youth.

00:37:00.420 --> 00:37:11.610 Bianca Shinn: When I say young adults from 15 to 24 in the process of voting, and then also to. I'm Antonio when we're talking about civic engagement.

00:37:11.880 --> 00:37:19.770 Bianca Shinn: Are we, this is where I talk about inclusive. Sometimes we have exclude inclusion deserts. What I mean by inclusion deserts.

00:37:20.190 --> 00:37:32.880 Bianca Shinn: Especially in the voting process. It's not inclusive. When you think about campaigns with with a student who is black and brown. Who's disengaged, who's inviting them to run and help them campaign.

00:37:34.080 --> 00:37:35.970 Antonia Thompson: Those applications that look like them.

00:37:36.300 --> 00:37:45.000 Bianca Shinn: Candidates that look like them and also their honors their advanced or this. Your parents are making connection. Where do our, our students have these connections.

00:37:46.380 --> 00:37:50.610 Bianca Shinn: So this is where are we waiting for people. What are we waiting for,

00:37:51.870 --> 00:37:52.980 Antonia Thompson: And I think part of

00:37:54.000 --> 00:38:08.220 Antonia Thompson: It's a great point because I also think, where we have so much social unrest going around the country. And so much so much of our youth are part of changing that narrative with it, whether they're protesting. They're organizing and I think our generation.

00:38:09.540 --> 00:38:12.750 Antonia Thompson: We have to change the way we actually think we should be

00:38:13.770 --> 00:38:14.370 Antonia Thompson: Advocating

00:38:15.960 --> 00:38:24.210 Antonia Thompson: And campaigning, right, because the kids want the you want the answers now. And part of what I think about listening to you is accountability.

00:38:24.780 --> 00:38:33.120 Antonia Thompson: Is that even between our election times those are the moments where we need to be holding Board of Ed reps accountable for the decisions that they're making and who they're affecting

00:38:33.390 --> 00:38:40.680 Antonia Thompson: We should, if the message is coming up in the next it's accountability. Well, what have you done Mayor for me. What have you done for my community.

00:38:41.010 --> 00:38:48.540 Antonia Thompson: And so you're right. The conversation has to keep going. But we as adults that are in these positions and also adults that are in our community that can guide.

00:38:49.020 --> 00:39:04.470 Antonia Thompson: Our, our parents, our youth to show up. Show up to the meetings advocate for yourself advocate for your community. And sometimes that voice is stifled right sometimes that voice isn't allowed or given agency.

00:39:04.920 --> 00:39:12.450 Antonia Thompson: And that adds to this what you were just talking about it. About people just not feeling their vote matters, but I'm hopeful that

00:39:13.080 --> 00:39:21.270 Antonia Thompson: As these things are happening that we can start holding people accountable and then our voice our vote really does work right. Then we really see a change

00:39:21.810 --> 00:39:33.990 Antonia Thompson: One thing I am worried about is if we lose and I shouldn't. I don't know if I should say well if say we lose this election and President Trump is there for another four years. I think it says a lot, right, because that's a whole lot of people

00:39:34.980 --> 00:39:40.470 Antonia Thompson: Who would have voted for him and I'm hopeful that that you know is not so much the case that I'm

00:39:40.950 --> 00:39:48.030 Antonia Thompson: Know I'm going to be honest, I just don't think he's the first person to be running our country and it's very difficult. The size.

00:39:48.600 --> 00:40:01.620 Antonia Thompson: Of divisive. So I hope our country goes in a different way. But to your point, we're sending messages to our youth, those that are going to kind of be our next, you know, we're only going to be doing this for so long.

00:40:02.940 --> 00:40:09.570 Antonia Thompson: But what are your thoughts are when you're out there, are you here like are you hearing a lot of people asking you about

00:40:10.530 --> 00:40:25.290 Antonia Thompson: Your opinion on Republican, Democrat. Do you feel that you have a lot of space that you're changing minds of the way they're voting or is it more know we just want you to vote. Like, what has been the consensus of folks that you you're dealing with a new community.

00:40:25.620 --> 00:40:37.650 Bianca Shinn: A lot of people are fed up on in the past, you know, the information is should I do apps. I've get a lot of questions about the absentee ballot process. There's a lot of

00:40:38.220 --> 00:40:49.170 Bianca Shinn: Distrust which is reasonable, which, you know, this is the first time Connecticut State is doing this absentee ballot to everyone has a given the opportunity for all of its

00:40:49.920 --> 00:41:03.720 Bianca Shinn: US citizens to participate in them absentee ballot, if they choose to. So that's a whole new process so us from Connecticut, we're not used to that. And then there's a lot of the misinformation in the media as, oh my gosh, your votes, not going to get counted

00:41:04.290 --> 00:41:13.320 Bianca Shinn: And then also with the delay in the postal office and my thing is the best way to show your stance, go to the polls and put your mask on.

00:41:14.190 --> 00:41:26.040 Bianca Shinn: Um, and because there's an urgency and if you're unable to then you definitely do your absentee ballot. As soon as you get it, but there's a lot of questions. There's a lot of mistrust.

00:41:26.880 --> 00:41:40.170 Bianca Shinn: In the process, you know what's interesting Antonia America, the United States, um, is known as the country of democracy, the standard is so high.

00:41:40.920 --> 00:41:53.010 Bianca Shinn: We have schooled other nations. We've reprimanded them. We are currently on the ground consulting them on how to have electoral process.

00:41:53.430 --> 00:42:06.150 Bianca Shinn: That is safe and inclusive and here we are in a country that has voter suppression and again I'm going to restate this because I don't know. For some reason, what bubble. We have been living in

00:42:07.170 --> 00:42:16.530 Bianca Shinn: voter suppression has always existed. It has always been a form, it has been refined even more now with different tools.

00:42:17.220 --> 00:42:32.850 Bianca Shinn: Through policies through states changing, and this is why I say every election matters. The composition of your state senate and state representative in Connecticut can tomorrow determine

00:42:33.660 --> 00:42:42.750 Bianca Shinn: Different tools for voter suppression in Connecticut. So when we sit here and like, oh, this is not going to happen in Connecticut. Oh, we're safe. Yeah, okay.

00:42:43.860 --> 00:42:44.220 Bianca Shinn: It.

00:42:44.280 --> 00:42:44.760 Bianca Shinn: Right to be

00:42:45.030 --> 00:42:48.420 Antonia Thompson: And I think people. Yeah. People need to understand that like it's it's can

00:42:49.290 --> 00:42:56.910 Antonia Thompson: You know we sit here and I can say, oh, like if you go on to like and you can see the different places that a person could go to the actual voting place.

00:42:57.480 --> 00:43:02.190 Antonia Thompson: Imagine if you woke up the next day where I would say, oh, I'm just going to go to my local

00:43:02.880 --> 00:43:11.070 Antonia Thompson: Elementary School. I'm in this district. And this is where they're telling me I need to go cast my game it's five minutes away from my house, but what

00:43:11.640 --> 00:43:20.760 Antonia Thompson: Happens when you wake up and all of a sudden, I'm going from this part of town to own to a different place right that's not so close to me.

00:43:21.150 --> 00:43:32.820 Antonia Thompson: And oh, by the way, it's only open during certain hours. Oh, and by the way, I now have to figure out, transparent, like how I need to get there. And that's what people need to realize in certain places. It's what it's that easy.

00:43:33.240 --> 00:43:42.300 Bianca Shinn: It's that easy. And I, and I tell people this just like we tell every tell people if they're going engage in a sexual act to wear a condom to be safe.

00:43:42.870 --> 00:43:56.580 Bianca Shinn: You go, that's your safety of that's your voter safety measure against voter suppression vote and hold. Correct. We know what the issue is. If you do not vote in one election, you may get stung.

00:43:57.300 --> 00:44:01.950 Antonia Thompson: That's right. That's right. And you know, I, I've been doing a lot of the phone banking and calling

00:44:02.730 --> 00:44:14.430 Antonia Thompson: Especially in our some of our swing states. And a lot of times, like, just like I was just saying to you, you just want to get in and say, hey, what's your plan of action. Make sure you go go go here and people want to have conversations about

00:44:14.850 --> 00:44:22.980 Antonia Thompson: You know, Trump's. Great. Let me tell you why he's great, or this is the issue I have with the deck and it's like, I hear you. And we could talk about it all day long.

00:44:23.460 --> 00:44:33.630 Antonia Thompson: And I'm excited that you feel this way but your proof is in the pudding. Right. I need to know that regardless of where you are, you're actually going to show up somewhere on Tuesday.

00:44:33.930 --> 00:44:44.340 Antonia Thompson: And you are going to vote. So a lot of times in these last final days. It's kind of like trying to put the politics aside to figuring out democratic Trump, because I think most people

00:44:44.790 --> 00:44:59.820 Antonia Thompson: At this point, kind of know like I don't think there's a lot of people on the fence pretty much know what they want to do, how they want to vote and the importance is please just get yourself to the pole. So we're going to take our last break Bianca, and we're going to come back.

00:45:00.030 --> 00:45:00.420 Antonia Thompson: You're listening.

00:45:00.450 --> 00:45:02.850 Antonia Thompson: To Antonia and so now you know we'll be right back.

00:45:04.680 --> 00:45:07.980 Antonia Thompson: ARE LISTENING TO TALK RADIO AND MY see

00:47:21.720 --> 00:47:33.870 Antonia Thompson: It is Thursday, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know so Bianca, I want you to talk a bit about the woman's and I'm going to get the name wrong, but the Women's League.

00:47:33.930 --> 00:47:35.250 Bianca Shinn: Of voting league of women.

00:47:35.280 --> 00:47:36.180 Bianca Shinn: Voters, and I think it's

00:47:36.690 --> 00:47:40.920 Antonia Thompson: A woman's What right, I get it. I always get it messed up. But at the end of the day.

00:47:42.360 --> 00:47:49.380 Antonia Thompson: Women of color have women voted more than men. What is the importance of your organization at that it's all women.

00:47:49.860 --> 00:47:51.780 Bianca Shinn: You know what the thing is women I

00:47:51.780 --> 00:47:52.890 Came out right but you you get

00:47:54.270 --> 00:48:05.760 Antonia Thompson: The because I think it's I think it's something we see across the country of women coming together and organizing and I think women have done this for voting for ever.

00:48:05.790 --> 00:48:07.770 Antonia Thompson: So can you talk a little bit about how that came

00:48:07.770 --> 00:48:16.050 Bianca Shinn: To me is the league is currently celebrating 100 years of women's suffrage. So that's how the league was founded because women were excluded from voting.

00:48:16.710 --> 00:48:30.810 Bianca Shinn: So in order for them to be part of the voting process. A lot of women have to get together organized for for years before they were finally being able to vote.

00:48:31.470 --> 00:48:37.080 Bianca Shinn: being allowed to vote and being on it, having your constitutional right to vote.

00:48:37.410 --> 00:48:45.690 Bianca Shinn: being established. So that's one of the that's one of the reasons for the League of Women. Because who can better advocate for yourself if it wasn't for women.

00:48:45.960 --> 00:48:52.890 Bianca Shinn: We did, um, you know, the league women also had men I lies, but it was mostly women who in your communities.

00:48:53.550 --> 00:49:00.240 Bianca Shinn: That have always advocated and wanted women to be in the process, because it was always an exclusion.

00:49:00.990 --> 00:49:11.610 Bianca Shinn: Process for black and brown and women and women were the last at be added it to be and being allowed to vote. So that's one of the importance of the league, but the League of Women Voters

00:49:12.150 --> 00:49:21.870 Bianca Shinn: Um, what makes it. What makes it very good. And when I say good the ability to be non by nonpartisan

00:49:22.470 --> 00:49:30.750 Bianca Shinn: And it's most important about the league, it's like okay we want people to be involved in the democratic process which

00:49:31.170 --> 00:49:39.090 Bianca Shinn: Is part of which part of it is voting. So how do we do that. So it's organizing around empowering and informing and educating

00:49:39.480 --> 00:49:51.450 Bianca Shinn: So those are the three core pillars in making sure that it's nonpartisan, we're going to give the information and allow people to make their decision, but one of the core things are we going to

00:49:52.260 --> 00:50:03.090 Bianca Shinn: Stamp from it on people, the importance of voting because you cannot have inclusion without people participating in the voting process.

00:50:03.420 --> 00:50:13.830 Bianca Shinn: The more delayed, we are, whether it's men, women from participating, then that then you're, you're not being talked, then you're just like, Well, why should I advocate for you.

00:50:14.820 --> 00:50:27.960 Bianca Shinn: And are you going to show up in the polls to vote for me. So you're I'm going to listen to the people who I know have the force the money the power and the votes behind it to make it happen and

00:50:27.990 --> 00:50:35.670 Antonia Thompson: What other stuff. Do you guys do throughout the year, because as you were pointing out, it shouldn't just be a seasonal

00:50:36.780 --> 00:50:41.820 Antonia Thompson: Opportunity to me, just to come up votes you is there other outreach that happens, but yeah.

00:50:42.570 --> 00:50:50.280 Bianca Shinn: In with the lead, whether it's a local league level at the local level, we meet on a monthly basis, year round. And we talk about different

00:50:51.300 --> 00:50:53.880 Bianca Shinn: informations, how, how do we

00:50:55.800 --> 00:50:57.900 Bianca Shinn: Coordinate with local leaders.

00:50:58.950 --> 00:51:03.210 Bianca Shinn: And local community organization and setting up a calendar and informing

00:51:03.510 --> 00:51:12.450 Bianca Shinn: Whatever activity. It is as long as is nonpartisan, we're here to collaborate. That's a good thing. The League is one of the few organization that's in the business you're around

00:51:12.930 --> 00:51:24.630 Bianca Shinn: Because it's the League of Women Voters, and we know the importance of wow, like we cannot be doing this. It doesn't make sense. November from July to November calendar.

00:51:25.290 --> 00:51:27.540 Antonia Thompson: Did you see an increase of membership.

00:51:28.680 --> 00:51:33.870 Antonia Thompson: Over this you know these last four years since you see more women gravitating to your organization.

00:51:34.410 --> 00:51:49.770 Bianca Shinn: Yes, a lot and I in diverse also men also and also the League of Women Voters, we are always looking for volunteers and men. Also, I mean it's although it's called the League of Women Voters because it was women who were fighting for their suffrage rights.

00:51:51.240 --> 00:51:59.250 Bianca Shinn: So that it made sense to have it called the League of Women Voters, but we always have men and the Stanford, we have, for example, by blind is a member

00:52:00.060 --> 00:52:10.140 Bianca Shinn: But it's it's a nonpartisan it's making sure everything we look at in partnering in sending out information is making sure because we don't want to turn any anyone off.

00:52:11.220 --> 00:52:17.310 Bianca Shinn: Our goal is to turn them on and by turning them on is to ignite that the ability for them to vote.

00:52:18.240 --> 00:52:27.240 Antonia Thompson: So what is your goal to get ready for the next after the four years, what would you hope to see in the next election as a positive outcome for our youth.

00:52:27.720 --> 00:52:39.870 Bianca Shinn: I want to see our increase. First of all, I would love to see something confirmed by the community in establishing like a leadership academy or board to supplement. What's not being a half occurring in

00:52:40.470 --> 00:52:56.670 Bianca Shinn: Public schools with civic engagement on that would run at least 16 weeks that income that involves the youth and empowering them. And then also, hopefully, you know, with the numbers in seeing the increase by at least 10%. That would be nice.

00:52:57.750 --> 00:52:59.100 Bianca Shinn: With the youth population.

00:53:00.420 --> 00:53:14.010 Antonia Thompson: And so if there are folks that are listening to listening to the call that want to get involved in in getting Connecticut to be having early voting, how do they go about joining that cause

00:53:15.390 --> 00:53:17.310 Bianca Shinn: I didn't hear you. For some reason, the real

00:53:17.490 --> 00:53:18.420 Antonia Thompson: Early for

00:53:18.510 --> 00:53:22.290 Antonia Thompson: Early voting, should we, is it to contact your local

00:53:22.290 --> 00:53:23.100 Bianca Shinn: Representatives.

00:53:23.130 --> 00:53:34.080 Antonia Thompson: Or senators, like how can people who are hearing this, that is saying hey now next election. I would love to have early voting, how do we go about getting that organized, are people finding more information.

00:53:34.530 --> 00:53:38.670 Bianca Shinn: I need your information on the on local websites vote for one one has

00:53:39.750 --> 00:53:47.280 Bianca Shinn: Good information about local leaders, but just looking at who is your city rep your State Rep on your necessity rip your State Rep and State Senate.

00:53:47.760 --> 00:53:57.750 Bianca Shinn: Your letter doesn't have to your email doesn't have to be more than two paragraphs. I'm a Stanford resident you I am resident in your constituent

00:53:58.230 --> 00:54:10.770 Bianca Shinn: I, I am asking for you to vote in support and put on your agenda early voting. That's the call to action. Maybe Antonia the two of us could sit together and get a group of other people. I mean, I always say this

00:54:11.610 --> 00:54:30.210 Bianca Shinn: I am never in the business of going alone. Unless, no one wants to go. But I'm always in the business of the more voices, the more noise we can make the better I hurried up and make it known, especially in Fairfield County. We don't want to be excluded out of the conversation.

00:54:30.840 --> 00:54:47.700 Antonia Thompson: Absolutely. And I think that's a great way as we as we wrap this up. I definitely will join you. You don't have to do it alone. I'll be an ally with you. So again, Tuesday's the day and I think Bianca, you just shared. What was it for one one.

00:54:47.940 --> 00:54:49.860 Bianca Shinn: Vote for one

00:54:50.610 --> 00:54:51.780 Antonia Thompson: Okay, um,

00:54:52.140 --> 00:55:03.030 Antonia Thompson: There's information out there. It's not too late. We can talk about here in Connecticut, you can go register the day of the election, it has to be in person, I believe, right.

00:55:04.200 --> 00:55:05.010 Antonia Thompson: You have to go to your

00:55:05.070 --> 00:55:15.480 Antonia Thompson: Your city clerk wherever you live in that jurisdiction again. But if you have questions, go to look up, Connecticut, go to the state website for Connecticut.

00:55:15.870 --> 00:55:26.310 Antonia Thompson: Call the woman's league. I mean, you can get information about what you can do on Tuesday. So I appreciate you. Bianca. Thank you so much for reaching out today. I hope I can

00:55:26.670 --> 00:55:31.530 Antonia Thompson: I hope we'll all be in a better mood. On Tuesday, but we will make sure that everyone is happy and

00:55:32.520 --> 00:55:42.090 Antonia Thompson: Go to your polling station where your mask where your gloves anticipate that it might be a little longer so give yourself some time. If you have to sit there and wait in line.

00:55:42.330 --> 00:55:56.310 Antonia Thompson: If you have that ballot absentee ballot. Just take it right to city hall to the clerk's office or to one of those mailboxes. I don't know what we're wrapping up now. I haven't heard a lot about the US Mail being late here in Connecticut, but why

00:55:57.570 --> 00:56:01.530 Bianca Shinn: I wouldn't trust it the best the best. Yeah, take it in.

00:56:02.100 --> 00:56:08.400 Antonia Thompson: Take it in cast that vote, it will be counted and I'm so happy voting Bianca.

00:56:08.610 --> 00:56:13.380 Antonia Thompson: I want to talk to you soon, we will have you back. Maybe we can do a recap later.

00:56:13.710 --> 00:56:14.130 Bianca Shinn: Oh, yeah.

00:56:14.190 --> 00:56:24.540 Antonia Thompson: But again, everybody get out there and do your thing. Vote take two people with you call your auntie check with folks make sure they got it done. Do your civic duty, that's the best we can ask for you do

00:56:24.900 --> 00:56:25.410 Bianca Shinn: Know what

00:56:25.710 --> 00:56:38.880 Antonia Thompson: It'd be about to go up. Alright, so we will talk to everybody. Next Thursday 5pm you're listening to Antonia and so now you know. And again, social distance mask sanitize we'll talk to y'all soon. Have a good one. Bianca.