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Thursday, October 22, 2020

2020/10/22 - Getting Ready for Winter

[NEW EPISODE] Getting Ready for Winter

We are all in store for a very new and different holiday season!

How do we get ready for it? Time to start thinking about new traditions!

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Antonia hopes her audience is taking advantage of the warm weather. She also urges her audience to stay safe. She then talks about the continuous resistance to the authenticity of the COVID-19 virus. Antonia talks about Trump's COVID diagnosis and the likelihood of contracting the disease from someone you know. “When in doubt, call you doctor”. She then talks about her personal experience with getting a COVID test. She says, “There is no shame in getting COVID”. She urges her audience to stay informed on the testing availability in their communities. Antonia segways into the importance of getting a flu shot. She then talks about the upcoming debate and why she is not watching it. “It is not a debate. It is a comedy”. She tells her audience to go out and vote!  

Segment 2

Antonia addresses the voter suppression going on around the country and absentee ballots. Antonia then talks about how  we will recreate traditions as the holiday season approaches. She specifically talks about how her Thanksgiving will look this year. Antonia then talks about how exhausting the college process has been for her and her daughter. Antonia then plugs the Facebook live shows and Antonia talks about self care and a guest that will join her soon, Fae Harris. Fae joins the show and they talk about how they met in Law School. Antonia asks Fae how she got started in the hair industry. Fae has been in the hair industry for 15 years, working with ethnic and mainstream hair. There was no market for products made for black hair. 

Segment 3

Antonia and Fae talk about the difficulties that comes with managing protective styles. Fae explains her formula and how it evolved. A key component of Fae’s formula is the “cooling” property. Fae talks about her journey to going natural and tender headedness. She expands on the soothing properties of aloe vera. Aloe vera soothes inflammation and reduces flakey scalp. The basis of her formula is “aloe vera and menthol.” Fae also talks about her experience with sew-ins. Her formula also includes castor oil and rose water.  Antonia plugs Fae’s website, 

Segment 4

Antonia says her favorite part of Fae’s website is the Barbie dolls wearing protective styles. Fae talks about the inspiration behind the Barbie campaign. Antonia asks Fae what is the best way to protect your hair from build-up with her products. Fae expands on the science of the four hair types. She encourages those who wear protective styles to avoid products with wax. She also suggests types of oils to use such as coconut and castor. These oils will absorb into the scalp rather than sit on it. Antonia plugs Fae’s website again. Antonia asks Fae if she has any expansions or new products in the works. She teases that scarves, bonnets, and edge control products. Fae gives Antonia’s listeners a discount code, nowyouknow. Antonia thanks Fae and closes the show. 


00:00:38.820 --> 00:00:48.060 Antonia Thompson: Happy Thursday, everyone. It's Antonia you're listening to. So now you know I'm glad that you are here with me today. It is been fantastic weather.

00:00:48.630 --> 00:00:53.100 Antonia Thompson: Here in Connecticut. And it's surprisingly very warm and muggy today.

00:00:53.580 --> 00:01:02.280 Antonia Thompson: I don't know if that's an indication of what's going to be coming for this winter. But I am going to take it. The leaves a beautiful around this time, I will love the foliage.

00:01:03.150 --> 00:01:14.550 Antonia Thompson: I'm just a pure New England girl so I love my four seasons and this ball did not did not disappoint. Um, you know, with everything going on with covert season. It was just, it's really nice to spend some time.

00:01:15.300 --> 00:01:26.160 Antonia Thompson: Outside, it's getting a little cooler. So that's always a plus for me. So, I hope, wherever you are. You're taking advantage of of the weather and if it is crappy weather wherever you are.

00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:37.650 Antonia Thompson: I hope you're making the best of it, you know, and my whole mantra every week, as I hope everybody is staying safe, you're wearing your mask. You're doing your social distancing you're washing those hands.

00:01:38.220 --> 00:01:47.460 Antonia Thompson: I'm sure you're aware of all the numbers that are increasing across the country and some of it's not a surprise. Right, we kind of knew that this was going to happen.

00:01:47.820 --> 00:02:01.140 Antonia Thompson: We've been kind of our health experts have been predicting this since the beginning of kovats so in some of this. I don't think we should be surprised what does surprise me is people are still digging in and not complying right

00:02:02.580 --> 00:02:17.280 Antonia Thompson: The one thing I mean, people can argue about the science, they can argue about the different precautions that we take. But I think what you can't get around are the people that are in hospitals, right. I don't think you can make up that many people being put on a respirator.

00:02:18.330 --> 00:02:23.130 Antonia Thompson: Hundreds of thousands of people that have passed away from coven not sure you can make that up.

00:02:24.000 --> 00:02:34.410 Antonia Thompson: Not sure that we can call it a hoax and perhaps suggest that it's something else that all these folks are dying from that would kind of be a really big conspiracy theory that's out there so

00:02:35.340 --> 00:02:40.950 Antonia Thompson: I say the proof is in the pudding. We know that this is a dangerous fires, it affects everybody differently.

00:02:41.460 --> 00:02:47.670 Antonia Thompson: But what is consistent is how we protect ourselves and we protect our family and our friends and that's wearing a mask.

00:02:48.420 --> 00:02:59.850 Antonia Thompson: Its social distancing right so we got to start doing these big parties and events that we're going to with a lot of people because you just don't know.

00:03:00.330 --> 00:03:08.550 Antonia Thompson: You just don't know. But one thing that I heard this week, which really makes sense. And I think what one thing that President Trump has shown us

00:03:09.240 --> 00:03:15.810 Antonia Thompson: Is that more likely than not you're getting it from somebody that you know more likely than not, you aren't thinking about it.

00:03:16.290 --> 00:03:23.670 Antonia Thompson: Right. You're not concerned about it, your safety concerns are probably low and that's when you getting it.

00:03:24.210 --> 00:03:32.610 Antonia Thompson: Right. They were all you see all the pictures of all those people that were at the ceremony at the White House. And then you saw how many of those people

00:03:33.060 --> 00:03:39.630 Antonia Thompson: actually tested positive, which I'm always wondering is it is it many more. It's just as some of those people on

00:03:39.960 --> 00:03:52.500 Antonia Thompson: Politicians or as well known as the people that were reported that they got it, but enough for the people contracted coven that you can say that that was his intimate circle of employees of friends.

00:03:53.640 --> 00:04:07.260 Antonia Thompson: Right, so kind of proves the theory that if you don't wear a mask. If you don't practice social distance and more likely than not you're getting it from somebody that you know that actually he proved he proved them right

00:04:08.310 --> 00:04:11.820 Antonia Thompson: So if anything, I would say, Follow the President

00:04:13.230 --> 00:04:18.870 Antonia Thompson: Is that how you're going to get coven so let's keep doing, we need to do. And now I think a lot of conversations been around.

00:04:19.650 --> 00:04:26.790 Antonia Thompson: In communities is trying to make that difference. Like, is this a cold. Today I have the sniffles I have a sore throat. Is it just a simple call that I caught

00:04:27.330 --> 00:04:35.190 Antonia Thompson: Is this covert symptoms or am I like actually have the flu. That's a tricky one. I don't know. I don't know what to tell you. Outside of

00:04:37.050 --> 00:04:44.940 Antonia Thompson: Know you symptoms if that fever really gets high just call your doctor whatever in doubt, just call the doctor whenever don't go get a test.

00:04:45.570 --> 00:04:52.560 Antonia Thompson: Just go get a test. I think at the beginning of this people really, you know, you needed a prescription

00:04:53.190 --> 00:04:58.590 Antonia Thompson: He needed all these like prerequisites to go get the test. But nowadays, they're everywhere in anywhere.

00:04:59.040 --> 00:05:06.450 Antonia Thompson: Right there are pop up tests in my community all the time being sponsored by either community health clinics. The hospital the city.

00:05:06.990 --> 00:05:16.620 Antonia Thompson: So be sure to check out your city page like go that you're in whatever city that you're at and see what your mayor or your local representatives there sharing that information.

00:05:17.130 --> 00:05:23.010 Antonia Thompson: Especially with the schools open and we talked about this couple weeks ago with the increase in cases with kids going to school.

00:05:24.150 --> 00:05:35.790 Antonia Thompson: They have a lot of different ways that people can get tested. So when in doubt, just go get tested. If you got to call the one 800 number. Maybe you cough, maybe say you have a disease, you're, you're not feeling well. Maybe you just say, Hey, I think I've been I was exposed

00:05:36.270 --> 00:05:41.130 Antonia Thompson: I was at the grocery store and I was exposed and just get in there and take the test now.

00:05:41.970 --> 00:05:52.650 Antonia Thompson: Full disclosure. I've taken about three tests because I am that person that is like, Oh, do I have it. Do I not have it and then some of the work that I do. I am in the community and doing a lot of community engagement with different people that I don't know.

00:05:53.160 --> 00:06:02.220 Antonia Thompson: So as a precaution. And also I sometimes volunteers a test sites so testing people. So as a precaution every once in a while I do get a test.

00:06:02.940 --> 00:06:12.180 Antonia Thompson: So I have had the the oral swamp, which is just you know me doing it myself with a Q tip and just eat side of my mouth for a certain amount of time and sticking them in the tube.

00:06:12.750 --> 00:06:20.370 Antonia Thompson: And then I've had the nasal swamp, which some people a little reluctant to take because they think you know it does go up there, it does go in that nasal cavity.

00:06:20.880 --> 00:06:24.720 Antonia Thompson: And it but it's it's uncomfortable people try to say, oh, explain it.

00:06:25.200 --> 00:06:35.070 Antonia Thompson: It's just uncomfortable if you want to imagine going swimming and just inhaling, a lot of water you knows and you get the water out. But still there's that tingly burning sensation that you just

00:06:35.370 --> 00:06:46.290 Antonia Thompson: You just kind of got to sit there and let it, let it do its thing, right, like a brain freeze. There's nothing you can do. But let that little uncomfortable moment past. It's the same thing. It's the same thing.

00:06:47.880 --> 00:06:51.750 Antonia Thompson: It's they sit there. They do it on each side and a way it goes. And so these days.

00:06:52.290 --> 00:07:00.360 Antonia Thompson: Depending on most places are doing the same test. It's just a question of when you get it back. Some places are going to give you a couple of days that lab wherever it's getting processed.

00:07:00.840 --> 00:07:07.710 Antonia Thompson: It's going to take a little a couple of days to get you back a result. And then there are some urgent care of the places that it's a rapid

00:07:08.490 --> 00:07:18.540 Antonia Thompson: Rapid Response so they giving you right away in a couple of hours or so. So just go get tested no shame. There is no shame in this game and I say a lot to young adults and kids.

00:07:20.190 --> 00:07:25.980 Antonia Thompson: There's no shame in this. There's no feeling bad that you go coven just imagine, do you feel bad when you get a cold or if you have the flu.

00:07:26.340 --> 00:07:32.460 Antonia Thompson: You caught it. You caught a virus. You got sick people get sick all the time. So why are we putting a stigma on cold it

00:07:33.030 --> 00:07:39.750 Antonia Thompson: Is it worth it. Would you rather not say anything. Way too. It's too late. And then God forbid you end up in the hospital.

00:07:40.170 --> 00:07:50.190 Antonia Thompson: And you're even the have to be incubated or something like that. Don't do it's not worth it. Just go get tested. It should be a happy thing I should walk around. I've been tested three times, how many, how many times have you been tested.

00:07:51.570 --> 00:08:04.920 Antonia Thompson: Because it's so important going into the winter season. We don't know what the winter is going to bring for us, especially if you're here in the northeast. So now's the time to prepare yourself. Right. So just do it. Just do it. And if you don't have health insurance.

00:08:06.210 --> 00:08:13.950 Antonia Thompson: A little more information gets free. It's a free test the government subsidizes that test. So even if you don't have health insurance, you should go to your

00:08:14.190 --> 00:08:20.010 Antonia Thompson: Local Health Clinic local hospital, don't go to the hospital because sometimes they don't you know you shouldn't show up there if you think you have coven

00:08:20.580 --> 00:08:27.870 Antonia Thompson: But there are a lot of one 800 numbers again. Call your local providers in your community. Call your school

00:08:28.170 --> 00:08:37.920 Antonia Thompson: Any place that you think you can get information about what's happening in the in the town. But usually, if there's a city hall and start there. Start with your public library and find out where they're doing testing.

00:08:38.970 --> 00:08:44.640 Antonia Thompson: Most of the time, you must if you just bring your social security card that's a given. You're going to get that test.

00:08:45.060 --> 00:08:48.360 Antonia Thompson: Because they just use your social security number and they they build a government

00:08:48.930 --> 00:08:58.260 Antonia Thompson: If you're undocumented, and you don't have any paperwork. You might just have to look at community health centers and sometimes some immigration centers are hosting free

00:08:58.710 --> 00:09:11.460 Antonia Thompson: There's no documentation, like you just got to go in there, give your name and give away for them to get in contact with you and you're getting the same test. So everybody there has a way to get the test. You just got to have that information. So hopefully that helps you

00:09:12.480 --> 00:09:23.340 Antonia Thompson: In in figuring out ways that you can get help, even sometimes it's driving the bus, you'll see you'll see it on side on the side of the road, whatever you can get that information.

00:09:24.150 --> 00:09:32.820 Antonia Thompson: Go get it and get tested but just know that it is free and there should be no shame in that game go out there and do what you gotta do. And that leads me to the flu shot.

00:09:34.080 --> 00:09:41.460 Antonia Thompson: Make sure you go and you get that flu shot. Okay, now actually there are covert at CVS, they're doing testing to

00:09:42.240 --> 00:09:48.870 Antonia Thompson: And then they're also doing the flu shot again if you don't have health insurance, you can go to your local community health centers.

00:09:49.590 --> 00:09:59.610 Antonia Thompson: Reach out to your local hospital to figure out where they're doing. They're giving out free flu shots. If you have health insurance, you can look at CVS, you can go to your primary care physician.

00:10:00.690 --> 00:10:07.290 Antonia Thompson: There are many places that you can go wherever you see that sign that hey we've got the flu shot. Go and get it. It's worth it.

00:10:07.710 --> 00:10:13.170 Antonia Thompson: And for those of you who feel like, hey, I've never taken any type of vaccine and I'm not going to start today.

00:10:13.560 --> 00:10:21.600 Antonia Thompson: Are those of you who feel like, Hey, I got the flu shot. And I'm actually giving myself the flu go give yourself the flu. Because guess what, that's almost what color is going to be

00:10:22.830 --> 00:10:23.610 Antonia Thompson: Right. Some of these

00:10:25.470 --> 00:10:33.360 Antonia Thompson: Potential vaccines that we've been hearing about is the same thing, like they're giving you a coven and then somehow, someway, the flu shot. I guess.

00:10:33.840 --> 00:10:43.470 Antonia Thompson: But I know I forget where there's a test where they're actually giving covert to see what the you know the vaccine. If it works on maybe it's an England or somewhere, but any who

00:10:44.490 --> 00:10:54.360 Antonia Thompson: Stop it. Just go get the flu shot because again we're saying some of the symptoms mask each other. You don't quite know if you have the flu.

00:10:54.990 --> 00:11:03.420 Antonia Thompson: And you've had the vaccine and you can just take over the counter stuff, or do you have coven and there's little bit more than you gotta do majority of people are recovering from covert at home.

00:11:03.870 --> 00:11:15.990 Antonia Thompson: Right, it is, you know, some say I get a sick as having the flu and some say I haven't had, you know, have the sniffles had a sore throat took over the counter medicine stayed at home quarantined loved myself.

00:11:17.100 --> 00:11:25.140 Antonia Thompson: And they recovered. Most people are going that route so hope and pray that that is for you. But be prepared, be prepared.

00:11:25.890 --> 00:11:31.290 Antonia Thompson: So the other thing I wanted to talk about is we have a presidential debate coming up tonight. I suggest not to watch it.

00:11:31.710 --> 00:11:37.560 Antonia Thompson: I'm not gonna watch it because the last two, which is kind of ridiculous. I think the majority of people have made up your mind.

00:11:38.070 --> 00:11:43.890 Antonia Thompson: I don't think there are a lot of us at home that are like, Oh, I'm on the fence. I don't quite know i think the debates going to change my mind.

00:11:44.490 --> 00:11:55.380 Antonia Thompson: At this point, it really isn't a presidential debate, it is just comedy. It is just a show. So if you bored you have nothing else to do. And you're not

00:11:56.100 --> 00:12:03.330 Antonia Thompson: Anxiety driven like myself that you're going to sit there and watch it and start throwing things at the TV and just being really pissed off and I can't can't go to sleep because you're

00:12:03.630 --> 00:12:08.430 Antonia Thompson: Watching Facebook and everybody else to see what the commentary is then don't watch because it's not worth it. So I'm not

00:12:09.360 --> 00:12:16.260 Antonia Thompson: I refuse tempted is all get out because the mics are going to be muted, so they say. But I thought they said that the last time.

00:12:16.620 --> 00:12:33.330 Antonia Thompson: So that might be pretty cool to see like, who gets the little button when when Trump's I was talking to mute mute that might be cool, because otherwise I would mute my TV and just watch their mouths going, but I think it'd be kind of interesting to see who's muting and when they're meeting.

00:12:34.500 --> 00:12:47.220 Antonia Thompson: I don't know. I'd have to think about it a little bit more to convince myself it's worth it because, again, it's just two days of detoxing and getting over the ridiculousness of what is the presidential presidential debates of

00:12:48.450 --> 00:12:55.620 Antonia Thompson: Absolutely ridiculous. So going back to people, pretty much have made their mind. In fact, I was just talking to Sam before we got on air.

00:12:56.100 --> 00:13:00.030 Antonia Thompson: If you had to absentee valid. You probably already sent it in millions of people have already voted.

00:13:00.870 --> 00:13:04.920 Antonia Thompson: Right, some places have already had the ballot boxes have been opened.

00:13:05.340 --> 00:13:18.240 Antonia Thompson: The absentee bounce had been sent out. So, do what you gotta do get it done. However, your community is doing it. If you're waiting to November 3, make sure you have that day planned out. Give yourself a little extra time.

00:13:18.690 --> 00:13:25.470 Antonia Thompson: If you got the ballad, like I'm sitting here looking at it. Just go send it in, do what you gotta do, and get it done.

00:13:25.980 --> 00:13:34.020 Antonia Thompson: Because this is really important stuff. And I think a lot of times I get frustrated when people are debating non-facts right

00:13:34.440 --> 00:13:44.280 Antonia Thompson: All of these things of what Trump has done hasn't done, is he a good guy, is he a bad guy, you know, come out Harris's has not done much with a vacuum. You all of that good stuff.

00:13:45.600 --> 00:14:02.220 Antonia Thompson: You two weeks you two weeks away. You're not. You're not going to be convinced. Just do what you gotta do whichever which way that you feel about this. Go exercise your right to vote. We've had months to talk about it. You've had years to get evidence and proof of what works.

00:14:05.250 --> 00:14:13.320 Antonia Thompson: And what doesn't work. So go with your heart go shopping who do who frustrates us, who do you think is an advocate for you, who has your best interests.

00:14:13.680 --> 00:14:23.340 Antonia Thompson: And who you gonna feel good about voting and then go do it, go do it. And I know some people might think, neither of them are good. But guess what, one was better than the other.

00:14:24.390 --> 00:14:35.220 Antonia Thompson: That's all I'm gonna say one's better than the other, and whoever that one is for you. Go cast your vote. Go cast your vote because we have to fix things.

00:14:36.180 --> 00:14:45.060 Antonia Thompson: And part of that part of that repair that we need to do is we just got to get over this election and figure it out. One Road is going to be an easy road easier road.

00:14:45.390 --> 00:14:53.610 Antonia Thompson: And one road is going to be really, really hard and take a lot of dedication one road we know for sure is going to end in four years.

00:14:54.090 --> 00:15:05.850 Antonia Thompson: And the other one's pretty hopeful for years, or maybe eight, we don't know. Right. So we're going to get ready to take our first break. I'm so glad that you're here, it's Antonia on. So now you know we'll be right back.

00:17:22.920 --> 00:17:33.990 Antonia Thompson: Hello everyone it's Antonio on. So now you know again happy to see you here on this Thursday we will just finish up finishing up talking about our election and I hope everyone is prepared.

00:17:35.340 --> 00:17:36.480 Antonia Thompson: Just a couple last

00:17:37.650 --> 00:17:46.650 Antonia Thompson: annoying things that come to mind as we see have so much voter suppression, that is going around the country, and you probably have seen this when you're watching the news and you see

00:17:47.220 --> 00:17:53.370 Antonia Thompson: Miles of lines of people just waiting in line. How is that in the United States of America and

00:17:54.360 --> 00:18:03.840 Antonia Thompson: That that can be that it is not such an easy process that people have numerous places that they can go and cast their vote again so close to

00:18:04.620 --> 00:18:13.770 Antonia Thompson: Election Day. I'm not going to get upset about it. So make sure you have a plan of attack for November 3, make sure you have figured out when you're going, how you going

00:18:14.250 --> 00:18:24.090 Antonia Thompson: And you might have to prepare to wait a little and for the absentee ballots with super, super important is to make sure you follow the directions of how you fill that out.

00:18:24.450 --> 00:18:33.360 Antonia Thompson: Because you want your vote to matter to be counted. And if you don't fill it out correctly. And I know here in Connecticut, you've got to fill out the form I don't know where I had, I had it over here.

00:18:33.750 --> 00:18:41.280 Antonia Thompson: You got to fill it out, fill out the ballad, put it in an envelope and then push that envelope sign that envelope and then put it inside of another envelope.

00:18:41.730 --> 00:18:52.650 Antonia Thompson: Any of those processes. If you don't do them. It gets thrown out. You can just see, they just got to throw it out. So just, again, just be on

00:18:53.760 --> 00:19:11.400 Antonia Thompson: on full alert on November 3 full alert don't wear any clothing that's advocating for one party or another one. Canada have another, you're not supposed to have any of that too. So don't give them any reason to not let you do what you need to do.

00:19:12.750 --> 00:19:18.030 Antonia Thompson: Go dressed in black. I don't know. Don't go naked put something on don't put anything I've seen

00:19:19.110 --> 00:19:20.310 Antonia Thompson: Make sure you bring an ID.

00:19:21.360 --> 00:19:25.620 Antonia Thompson: And just do it. Just do it. I'm ready. I'm ready for it to be over ready to be over.

00:19:26.430 --> 00:19:38.490 Antonia Thompson: And so another thing I just wanted to put out there as we're getting into the holiday season. Some people think of Halloween, like, really, is it holiday. But what I've noticed is that people are already celebrating right there's already

00:19:38.970 --> 00:19:49.530 Antonia Thompson: Holiday stuff in the store. I think Amazon already started doing sales everyone's getting ready for it. It's going to look a lot different right a lot different this year even Thanksgiving.

00:19:49.980 --> 00:19:57.630 Antonia Thompson: So one of the things I wanted to talk on one of our shows is just how do we recreate these very special holidays in our family's lives, especially Thanksgiving.

00:19:58.140 --> 00:20:07.890 Antonia Thompson: And then the holiday. How do we, how are we going to recreate that so that we are together and a lot of I just saw something coming up for the mayor of our city.

00:20:08.490 --> 00:20:22.050 Antonia Thompson: Discouraging Halloween telling people to stay home. Make it a family event. Our numbers are going up daily here in our area, and he's just advocating to stay at home. It's hard. It's going to be hard.

00:20:22.950 --> 00:20:36.300 Antonia Thompson: Thanksgiving Day discouraging people from traveling to just stay at home. And I was wondering about that. Do we do a zoom Thanksgiving. How does that work. I mean, you don't have to fight about who's going to cook. I guess everybody's going to cook.

00:20:38.100 --> 00:20:41.520 Antonia Thompson: And I'm not a great cook. Usually I go to other people's houses specifically my sisters

00:20:43.050 --> 00:20:51.840 Antonia Thompson: I kind of bring the wine that I can pick out so that scares me because I'm like, I don't know. And then even on my husband, my husband side of the family.

00:20:52.200 --> 00:21:02.910 Antonia Thompson: Are here in New York City. And it's very they're very small. And that's just going to a restaurant hate to say we just got a very nice restaurant, and have a great Thanksgiving dinner.

00:21:04.110 --> 00:21:14.730 Antonia Thompson: So I am gonna have to step up my game and create a dinner for my immediate family, if I decide it's not even if I decide right. I think I am going to stay home because it's just too much. It's just too much to

00:21:15.630 --> 00:21:24.690 Antonia Thompson: Expose people because who knows what's going to November, the end of November is going to look like we're going to be done with this election. We're going to be in the midst of cold season.

00:21:25.500 --> 00:21:32.880 Antonia Thompson: So I don't know, most likely, and so that's what I want to do is just have one to count someone to come and talk to us about how do we recreate those really special memories.

00:21:33.480 --> 00:21:41.010 Antonia Thompson: For the holidays in covert season so look out for that because I am going to track some folks down because I need some ideas. I really do.

00:21:41.460 --> 00:21:51.750 Antonia Thompson: I need some ideas and I and over the summer. You know, I've done the birthday zoom done dinner with my girls on zoom where you know we're all just having a different recipe.

00:21:52.500 --> 00:22:02.070 Antonia Thompson: We've all had meetings upon meetings upon meetings on zoom. So we're all zoomed out. But if it's the only way that we're going to be able to communicate on Thanksgiving Day or on

00:22:02.640 --> 00:22:11.370 Antonia Thompson: During the holidays and then to bring in the new year, we're going to have to figure it out. So you know what let's make the best of it. Let's really try to plan and do something spectacular.

00:22:12.630 --> 00:22:19.050 Antonia Thompson: So my daughter is a senior in high school. So I'm going through the whole college routine and a couple weeks back.

00:22:20.190 --> 00:22:27.570 Antonia Thompson: We did a whole show on that right. We had Mike came on and he talked about the college process, how it looks different this year.

00:22:27.990 --> 00:22:40.770 Antonia Thompson: I'm so done with that so done. We've just gone back and forth, looking at school couldn't even go on campus because of coven so I'm trying to make Thanksgiving, really, really special for my daughter.

00:22:42.390 --> 00:22:53.790 Antonia Thompson: And myself and my husband and my son just because it's just been such a stressful stressful season so look out for that. And if you have any suggestions, please, please send them out to. So now you know

00:22:55.020 --> 00:23:00.030 Antonia Thompson: talk radio right send it out. We have our Facebook page here. If you're watching on Facebook.

00:23:00.690 --> 00:23:09.510 Antonia Thompson: You can also visit our website at talk radio dot NYC. You can look at all the different shows that we do and reach out to any of the host of those shows and then reach out to myself.

00:23:09.930 --> 00:23:14.370 Antonia Thompson: She had an idea. What do you think about what special things you're going to be doing for Thanksgiving.

00:23:14.970 --> 00:23:30.900 Antonia Thompson: Because we don't want to have a, what is it called, I think it's called a super spreader event right stop going to those events you thinking about going to someone's house or just hates us know. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. It's not, it's not going to be worth it. Right.

00:23:32.070 --> 00:23:40.290 Antonia Thompson: So what else was interesting. That's been happening in our community, you know, covert takes up so much of the time the election takes up a lot of time.

00:23:41.490 --> 00:23:45.450 Antonia Thompson: So I'm just hopeful that people are being very mindful, you know, we talked to

00:23:46.140 --> 00:23:54.360 Antonia Thompson: Janet last week, and she gave us some really good ideas of how we can get centered. We can rediscover ourselves. Maybe it's a new career path.

00:23:54.780 --> 00:23:59.880 Antonia Thompson: Just different things we can do, and we have a lot of time on our hands with covert

00:24:00.600 --> 00:24:10.770 Antonia Thompson: Things are going to get start shutting down again. I know work. They're not letting so many people into the office. So this is just a great time to reflect, take inventory, figure out what's working you like not working life.

00:24:11.610 --> 00:24:19.830 Antonia Thompson: Are the things you want to change. Maybe this is the time to do it. And I say that, and we have a guest coming on and a couple of minutes and fate.

00:24:20.520 --> 00:24:23.010 Antonia Thompson: Harris is going to be joining us from out of sight here.

00:24:23.490 --> 00:24:33.360 Antonia Thompson: And I have played with it like you don't see people all the time. None of us are really getting dressed. Today I put up on a little makeup and I think even looks, it looks funny because I haven't seen it on myself a salon.

00:24:33.900 --> 00:24:46.020 Antonia Thompson: So what about that new haircut. What about cutting it off. What about just doing something really different. A lot of us have gained weight over the whole covert season. So maybe we just go in on working out.

00:24:46.740 --> 00:24:48.480 Antonia Thompson: And come out a whole different new person.

00:24:49.020 --> 00:24:58.560 Antonia Thompson: So as we get ready to wake those new year's resolutions we do have a couple more months to get to them how fantastic, would it be if we took these three months to really focus on us.

00:24:58.800 --> 00:25:07.860 Antonia Thompson: Figure out what we want, so that we do have a plan of attack going into the new year. I think that sounds like a plan. So I'm very excited to talk to pay

00:25:09.540 --> 00:25:14.760 Antonia Thompson: You know, when we think about black woman's hair. I can only you know be relevant to my to me.

00:25:15.390 --> 00:25:25.530 Antonia Thompson: It's hard. The struggle is real. There are so many options out there and there are so many different ways. Now that women are wearing their natural hairstyles. I'm really excited to talk to her about

00:25:25.530 --> 00:25:25.830 That

00:25:27.150 --> 00:25:38.970 Antonia Thompson: So another thing that I am excited to ask her about is how do we take care of our here on this season because my, my hair is a mess. And so I'm going to get ready. I think she's here and

00:25:38.970 --> 00:25:40.170 Fae Harris: Let me see if she's here, we can

00:25:40.350 --> 00:25:42.870 Antonia Thompson: invite her to come in. Hello.

00:25:44.160 --> 00:25:44.790 Fae Harris: Yes.

00:25:44.850 --> 00:25:48.990 Fae Harris: Hi. Hey. How are you, I'm doing well.

00:25:48.990 --> 00:25:51.120 Fae Harris: And is your name Ponyo Tanya.

00:25:51.930 --> 00:25:53.490 Antonia Thompson: So pay it malka

00:25:54.360 --> 00:25:56.430 Antonia Thompson: Who is our mutual friends. So a lot of you.

00:25:56.730 --> 00:25:57.870 Fae Harris: On the show that is kind of the

00:25:57.870 --> 00:25:59.220 Antonia Thompson: premise of my show is

00:25:59.310 --> 00:26:01.230 Fae Harris: Is talking to friends and family and

00:26:01.410 --> 00:26:02.880 Antonia Thompson: To people who are doing amazing things like you're

00:26:02.880 --> 00:26:06.090 Antonia Thompson: So welcome, I went to law school. So my nickname is Tanya.

00:26:07.230 --> 00:26:07.860 Fae Harris: Okay.

00:26:07.920 --> 00:26:10.740 Antonia Thompson: And so it's Portuguese and the the

00:26:10.770 --> 00:26:12.540 Antonia Thompson: Wise now with an

00:26:12.570 --> 00:26:13.020 H

00:26:14.160 --> 00:26:16.920 Fae Harris: Wow. I love that. Okay, so

00:26:17.640 --> 00:26:19.800 Antonia Thompson: A lot of times people are like Tom ha

00:26:19.890 --> 00:26:20.490 Antonia Thompson: And I'm like,

00:26:21.000 --> 00:26:21.750 Really Tanya.

00:26:24.720 --> 00:26:27.420 Fae Harris: Notice I tried to cover myself and say it's on. Yeah, it's on.

00:26:30.300 --> 00:26:31.260 Antonia Thompson: It happens.

00:26:31.290 --> 00:26:33.630 Antonia Thompson: All the time. Thank you. Thank you. So

00:26:33.630 --> 00:26:37.890 Antonia Thompson: Much for joining us today. I was just sharing with listeners that people either

00:26:37.890 --> 00:26:38.880 Fae Harris: Listening to

00:26:39.210 --> 00:26:40.050 Antonia Thompson: A talk radio

00:26:40.290 --> 00:26:46.650 Antonia Thompson: Dot NYC or they're joining us video wise on on Facebook, so, so excited that you're here.

00:26:48.840 --> 00:26:51.210 Antonia Thompson: And I just before we even get into it.

00:26:51.300 --> 00:26:52.740 Antonia Thompson: I just wanted to say that

00:26:52.770 --> 00:26:54.660 Antonia Thompson: I'm sharing with everybody that

00:26:54.900 --> 00:26:59.430 Antonia Thompson: coven season, especially going into the winter is now a time to reinvent yourself.

00:26:59.910 --> 00:27:01.320 Fae Harris: And one of the issues is people

00:27:01.320 --> 00:27:02.760 Antonia Thompson: Can see my hair's little

00:27:02.790 --> 00:27:03.480 Antonia Thompson: Out there.

00:27:04.560 --> 00:27:06.750 Antonia Thompson: Is, you know, to cut it off the color is

00:27:06.780 --> 00:27:10.230 Antonia Thompson: To just do all different things, but as African American women. The struggle is

00:27:10.650 --> 00:27:11.790 Antonia Thompson: The products that we use.

00:27:11.790 --> 00:27:12.510 Fae Harris: In our hair.

00:27:12.960 --> 00:27:14.730 Antonia Thompson: And the helping. How do we keep our hair.

00:27:14.730 --> 00:27:15.870 Fae Harris: Healthy during this time.

00:27:16.230 --> 00:27:21.870 Antonia Thompson: So can you share with us what got you into doing this and creating a sort of the sermon, the sermon.

00:27:22.800 --> 00:27:23.550 Antonia Thompson: The serum.

00:27:23.820 --> 00:27:24.720 Antonia Thompson: And the products that

00:27:24.900 --> 00:27:25.380 Fae Harris: You know,

00:27:25.440 --> 00:27:28.890 Antonia Thompson: You've been in the business for a long time. What got you into this

00:27:30.240 --> 00:27:39.390 Fae Harris: Thanks for asking. And again, thanks for having me on your show, I welcome the opportunity to talk to like minded sisters, all the time. And anytime

00:27:40.050 --> 00:27:48.330 Fae Harris: The premise for out of sight here, even the brand and fantasize here 10 from my desire to take care of here.

00:27:48.990 --> 00:27:57.510 Fae Harris: That was in a protective style and oftentimes when we wear protective styles. Our hair is out of sight, literally.

00:27:57.900 --> 00:28:06.780 Fae Harris: And oftentimes, unfortunately, out of mind. We put our hair to protect the cell, we really don't do much until it's time to take it out and then we cross our fingers.

00:28:07.110 --> 00:28:19.290 Fae Harris: And hope for growth or hope that it hasn't like totally broken off and it'll come out but to get to your question. That's, that's how the idea the premise of out of sight here started

00:28:19.830 --> 00:28:27.780 Fae Harris: As you mentioned, I've been in the beauty industry for almost 15 years working almost exclusively in hair care.

00:28:29.160 --> 00:28:36.990 Fae Harris: For both ethnic in mainstream brands and you know 10 years ago when I first started this journey without a site here.

00:28:38.580 --> 00:28:45.960 Fae Harris: There was no market for this. You think back the hair back around 2010 and

00:28:47.190 --> 00:28:59.340 Fae Harris: You know we just come a long way. There's been so much advancement in terms of the mindset. The technologies now with a lot of women wearing lace front units and all types of crocheted back then, it was pretty much

00:28:59.730 --> 00:29:11.850 Fae Harris: A sullen, you know, or braids or extensions, the tape or the micro rings so there wasn't as many options and choices. There were today and certainly on the show. You weren't as many products.

00:29:12.840 --> 00:29:21.930 Fae Harris: Since I was working for large multinational companies I've always had basically a non compete agreement where I wasn't able to

00:29:22.680 --> 00:29:34.860 Fae Harris: Come out with my own product because that really was the function that I was fulfilling for those companies I worked on brand team. You don't want them or leading brand teams to

00:29:35.940 --> 00:29:47.460 Fae Harris: Launch innovative new products. So for that reason it was my job to think about what's new. What's next, and to establish connections in the industry.

00:29:47.760 --> 00:29:56.880 Fae Harris: That can help bring products to market. So for such a long time I had the passion. I knew that there was a market out there or women.

00:29:57.360 --> 00:30:13.170 Fae Harris: Particularly, he said at the beginning, who did protect the styles and you know basically in between, going to the salon and getting their install or even, you know, getting their twist or what have you, with your natural hair when you come home.

00:30:15.900 --> 00:30:18.510 Fae Harris: Stop right so what do I do, I do.

00:30:19.980 --> 00:30:28.590 Fae Harris: Exactly. And you know, I heard for various reasons. I was not able to really implement this concept for

00:30:29.130 --> 00:30:39.180 Fae Harris: These global brands very interesting marrows I look out the marketplace. A lot of the training set on your part on the has included product. Absolutely.

00:30:39.900 --> 00:30:57.630 Fae Harris: Perfectly for this purpose and really positioned for the purpose, but again in 10 years ago, I think it was huge is very nice and not as high demand as other types of products. So for that reason I was never really able to bring it to market under that umbrella.

00:30:58.920 --> 00:31:06.120 Fae Harris: But then fast forward. But what happened is life and I'm glad you have a show that, you know, focus on family and friends.

00:31:06.840 --> 00:31:23.400 Fae Harris: Everyone out there can get the importance of family. Three years ago, my, my family expanded it was a very interesting time for me because I just don't want received one of the biggest promotions of my career I had relocated to a new state.

00:31:24.720 --> 00:31:31.230 Fae Harris: And I was doing really well on my role and I found out I was expecting at the time my I had one I had my daughter.

00:31:32.310 --> 00:31:42.660 Fae Harris: Yeah, I mean, we were in the middle of moving when I helped out I was pregnant. I hit my daughter was 10 months you know salary had one under one

00:31:43.320 --> 00:31:56.970 Fae Harris: I was expecting a second one and we were moving away from our whole family network and my husband, I discussed it and we just said, Yeah, this isn't going to work. And unfortunately that's fun, too, and

00:31:57.780 --> 00:32:11.100 Fae Harris: Then the company. I was with wasn't really open to me, I'm running that role and my team remotely. And so now that it's coated in everyone's dream. Oh, I'm just kind of laughing Okay, yeah.

00:32:15.420 --> 00:32:19.950 Fae Harris: Absolutely. Well, right, because now companies are realizing that it can be done.

00:32:20.670 --> 00:32:28.500 Fae Harris: Which, you know, I tried to sell them on that thought. But I get it, you know, a lot of a lot of businesses, especially really large corporations.

00:32:29.010 --> 00:32:36.540 Fae Harris: Really move quickly and being an office and passing each other and all that type of stuff is invaluable because the information just flow so quickly, so

00:32:37.320 --> 00:32:57.300 Fae Harris: You know we parted ways and it was mutually beneficial and I did a stay at home mom thing for about a year and then at that time. I said, You know what, it's finally time for me to put my baby out on the market, which is a was just out of sight here triangle and scouts them and then

00:32:59.130 --> 00:33:00.900 Fae Harris: I'm gonna take a quick break.

00:33:01.110 --> 00:33:02.160 Antonia Thompson: Because I was

00:33:02.250 --> 00:33:03.840 Antonia Thompson: Just talking to our listeners.

00:33:03.840 --> 00:33:05.790 Antonia Thompson: About reinventing themselves in the

00:33:05.820 --> 00:33:08.700 Antonia Thompson: In the mistletoe and season and you are a perfect

00:33:08.850 --> 00:33:10.200 Fae Harris: Perfect example of that.

00:33:10.440 --> 00:33:12.210 Antonia Thompson: So we're going to take a quick break. We're listening.

00:33:12.210 --> 00:33:13.770 Antonia Thompson: To they Harris talking about

00:33:13.800 --> 00:33:17.400 Antonia Thompson: Out of sight hair and her, sir, I keep saying sermon. Do you hear me.

00:33:17.730 --> 00:33:18.810 Fae Harris: SARAH Yes.

00:33:21.480 --> 00:33:22.230 Antonia Thompson: All day and I

00:33:22.290 --> 00:33:22.410 Fae Harris: And

00:33:22.740 --> 00:33:26.460 Antonia Thompson: I'm so excited about. We'll be right back. You're listening to Antonia answer now.

00:33:26.460 --> 00:33:26.880 Antonia Thompson: You know,

00:35:53.010 --> 00:36:02.250 Antonia Thompson: So we're back you're listening to Antonia and so now you know we are here with Faye Harris, um, you know, before we go to break, I just want to remind our listeners a

00:36:02.250 --> 00:36:02.640 Fae Harris: Little bit.

00:36:02.670 --> 00:36:03.000 Fae Harris: If they

00:36:03.240 --> 00:36:04.260 Antonia Thompson: Were talking about

00:36:04.260 --> 00:36:07.710 Antonia Thompson: Protective hairstyles, we're talking about right, our brains.

00:36:07.740 --> 00:36:08.520 Fae Harris: Are twist.

00:36:08.700 --> 00:36:11.040 Antonia Thompson: Different hairstyles that we as African American

00:36:11.040 --> 00:36:12.750 Fae Harris: Women and sometimes other people who

00:36:12.750 --> 00:36:13.110 Antonia Thompson: Want to

00:36:13.530 --> 00:36:21.930 Antonia Thompson: Copy. Our hair will do where we're not really shampooing or, you know, touching our hair for a couple of months at a time because we

00:36:21.990 --> 00:36:23.370 We have these hairstyles.

00:36:24.600 --> 00:36:31.680 Antonia Thompson: And so I just wanted to let everyone know like in that includes and you would making reference to, you know, wigs. There are other things that

00:36:31.680 --> 00:36:32.250 Antonia Thompson: We

00:36:32.340 --> 00:36:33.570 Were in our hair.

00:36:34.770 --> 00:36:36.360 Antonia Thompson: And sometimes it see the natural here.

00:36:36.360 --> 00:36:37.560 Fae Harris: Or it can be synthetic it

00:36:37.560 --> 00:36:38.520 Antonia Thompson: Can be some other

00:36:40.620 --> 00:36:42.150 Fae Harris: I don't know how we would say, but

00:36:42.210 --> 00:36:44.520 Antonia Thompson: Something else in your hair. Is that fair to say

00:36:46.860 --> 00:36:47.580 Fae Harris: Absolutely.

00:36:48.750 --> 00:36:49.470 Fae Harris: And I think

00:36:49.740 --> 00:36:51.180 Antonia Thompson: What is great about

00:36:52.320 --> 00:36:59.490 Antonia Thompson: This is, I will say it's a revolution because I think it's been going on for a long time that as black women. We've been wearing our hair natural, but I don't. And as you

00:36:59.490 --> 00:37:00.900 Antonia Thompson: Were saying you know 10 years ago it was

00:37:00.900 --> 00:37:03.840 Antonia Thompson: Just a different thing, whether we were into relaxers or other

00:37:03.840 --> 00:37:06.570 Antonia Thompson: Stuff. There wasn't a lot of things that

00:37:06.600 --> 00:37:12.270 Antonia Thompson: We would put in our hair. We had the old you know the mayonnaise, the old stuff that we would do that. Our mothers don't

00:37:12.960 --> 00:37:13.560 Antonia Thompson: Put some

00:37:14.340 --> 00:37:15.870 Antonia Thompson: Nurturing to do our

00:37:15.960 --> 00:37:21.360 Antonia Thompson: To our hair but talk a little bit about your formula and how you came to realize

00:37:21.360 --> 00:37:25.380 Antonia Thompson: This because between the soothing and you know it does so many different

00:37:25.380 --> 00:37:27.300 Antonia Thompson: Things that it's important to our scalp.

00:37:27.510 --> 00:37:29.190 Antonia Thompson: And I think that sometimes it's like when we

00:37:29.190 --> 00:37:30.150 Fae Harris: Take for granted.

00:37:30.180 --> 00:37:34.050 Antonia Thompson: What we need for our scalp and are here to be healthy.

00:37:35.520 --> 00:37:49.380 Fae Harris: Absolutely, and I would love to. So first and foremost, thank you for even clarifying about protective styles, because I say specifically you know sewing wigs wheeze braids, but even ponytails. To your point, any style that

00:37:49.950 --> 00:37:59.310 Fae Harris: Basically, you're not applying heat manipulation and in some circles the technical definition is that your ends are tucked under

00:38:00.030 --> 00:38:12.360 Fae Harris: In in protected, you know, defines it as a protective style. So speaking about the formulation and how it evolved again this goes back to, you know, actually the formulation

00:38:13.590 --> 00:38:17.400 Fae Harris: Was even longer than 10 years ago. It started off, very simple.

00:38:18.510 --> 00:38:25.260 Fae Harris: With basically a need for cooling. So, so when I was forever.

00:38:26.400 --> 00:38:27.510 Fae Harris: So when were

00:38:28.980 --> 00:38:36.510 Fae Harris: Back around 2005 I worked with L'Oreal that owns a very popular relax or brand.

00:38:37.080 --> 00:38:47.250 Fae Harris: It was at the time when I developed that relaxer system, ironically, that I went natural myself and I wasn't a big chop girl, you know, so I

00:38:47.760 --> 00:39:03.150 Fae Harris: Basically fulfill my natural journey by wearing silence. You know, I get my natural hair braided I get my cell in my look would be consistent. It was easy. It totally worked for me. However, I am we call extremely tender headed okay tender headed

00:39:04.710 --> 00:39:12.210 Fae Harris: And every time I got my install. Oh my gosh, it just, you know, no matter what they did. I just felt like it just hurt you know

00:39:13.320 --> 00:39:19.260 Fae Harris: And and I do want to say to listeners, you know, braid really should not hurt.

00:39:19.740 --> 00:39:37.920 Fae Harris: To the point where you can't put your head on a pillow or, you know, if you turn your head you're in pain that that can cause traction alopecia, but it is common, even for properly install braids, you know, does the whole process of braiding to experience some tension. So since

00:39:39.120 --> 00:39:46.650 Fae Harris: I I've spent my career working with scientists, but, you know, of course, I turned to my kitchen. And I've always been

00:39:47.970 --> 00:39:58.620 Fae Harris: A DIY type of girl, and mixologist. You know, I had some aloe vera and I took some peppermint menthol crystals and start a very simple with the soothing premise. Okay.

00:39:58.950 --> 00:40:18.540 Fae Harris: The aloe vera and assuming the aloe vera is, as you know, great for burns, it's excellent for inflammation, even if you don't have a physical burn you have any type of inflammation, where your where your skin has raised its read Aloe Vera is amazing. And it's property.

00:40:20.250 --> 00:40:23.400 Antonia Thompson: Like sometimes it does differences right in

00:40:24.180 --> 00:40:43.950 Fae Harris: There as well. Right. And there's different forms of Alto. But, you know, really aloe vera aloe vera gel and an extract and I did order it from you know my supplier has basically they go through the work of extracting the gel from an aloe vera plant.

00:40:45.060 --> 00:40:50.040 Fae Harris: You know, at home, and I know growing up. A lot of us. My mom certainly had an aloe vera plant.

00:40:52.500 --> 00:41:11.160 Fae Harris: Yes. And listen, you know, that is one of the best thing even taking the least splitting it open and just rubbing that fleshy inside a longer scalp so that the aloe vera actually gets to your scalp is great, especially if you have flaky scout. So my initial

00:41:12.270 --> 00:41:26.100 Fae Harris: Premise with a formula. The basis of it is aloe vera menthol for its healing properties so that my scalp wouldn't flake up. I didn't really suffer with a severely flaky scout with the inflammation. One is real for me.

00:41:26.700 --> 00:41:35.730 Fae Harris: In the menthol peppermint do two things, and I talked about this on our site here calm. If you go to the frequently asked questions.

00:41:36.210 --> 00:41:43.410 Fae Harris: One of the questions is why does it feel like my scout bit into a Peppermint Patty, because whenever you apply menthol or peppermint.

00:41:44.280 --> 00:41:54.570 Fae Harris: It gather. You know that feeling when you buy in the peppermint and it feels cold your. It's amazing how your body works and how your nerve sensors work where

00:41:56.820 --> 00:42:06.690 Fae Harris: It literally tricks your, your body into thinking that ISIS being applied. So you know how if you sprain your ankle. You put ice on it and it brings down the swelling.

00:42:07.380 --> 00:42:15.450 Fae Harris: And it and it helps with the pain because basically, you're not taking away from the pain, you're basically overriding your nerve is

00:42:15.750 --> 00:42:27.960 Fae Harris: Conflicted between the feeling of pain and this feeling of cool and the feeling of cool overrides it. So with that, really simple preparation of aloe vera and menthol.

00:42:28.710 --> 00:42:39.120 Fae Harris: I was able to basically get the job done. When I first got my insult stalls to really Sue's my scalp and you know when it started teaching, I would drop that and

00:42:39.630 --> 00:42:48.990 Fae Harris: Then the moisture is a simple use case, you know, a little bit later when I was really thinking about it because aloe vera again is like a superstar ingredient, as well as menthol but

00:42:50.430 --> 00:42:54.510 Fae Harris: I really wanted to make sure that the moisture ization was really happening.

00:42:55.950 --> 00:43:04.260 Fae Harris: I included the formula evolved to include a skincare ingredient that I ran across that actually

00:43:05.160 --> 00:43:17.130 Fae Harris: penetrates into your scalp under the surface layers of your skin to provide up the three days of moisture ization which is great because I found it. I wasn't using it every night.

00:43:17.580 --> 00:43:24.420 Fae Harris: That's the thing about protective styles. Often times, I mean we're usually really good with our daily ritual of wrapping our hair.

00:43:25.110 --> 00:43:33.270 Fae Harris: Or doing certain things, but a lot of times, women aren't necessarily applying things every day, especially if they have to protect the style you're usually doing it every couple days.

00:43:33.720 --> 00:43:44.490 Fae Harris: So I wanted to make sure that I was covered in the meantime in between time. And then last but not least, the last thing that I ended up adding, you know,

00:43:47.310 --> 00:44:00.930 Fae Harris: The terrifying. So it was like, okay, you know, when I first started using it. I was myself. It was great. And I was thinking, Wow, I really want to make sure that I'm keeping my spouse and my once moisturize. So then I added and

00:44:02.940 --> 00:44:06.660 Fae Harris: It's an ingredient called Santa Clarita summary. So you can also read about

00:44:07.500 --> 00:44:17.100 Fae Harris: I'm kind of an ingredient in prime is junkie as pseudo sciences. I'm not a chemist, but I've worked with them for so long that I get really excited about how things work.

00:44:17.940 --> 00:44:35.160 Fae Harris: And then finally, like I said, for the purifying aspect. So the purifying aspect came when I thought about the fact that I wasn't going and getting my money in between some races. Like I said, Right Now usually when you get especially yourself. When are you ready to, what have you.

00:44:36.240 --> 00:44:38.550 Fae Harris: I found myself just going and getting them.

00:44:39.090 --> 00:44:49.410 Fae Harris: And then, you know, going my six to eight weeks and going back, I rarely went in between the get it tight end and Washington. All of that stuff. And in between time. Like, what do you do

00:44:49.800 --> 00:45:00.450 Fae Harris: I find, especially when you're wearing a so in washing yourself at home like standing on their shower getting a fully saturated, then you have to dry it can be a lot, you know, so I

00:45:01.560 --> 00:45:14.610 Fae Harris: Started playing around with ingredients to really combat, um, any type of you know bacteria or anything that could go on and on the scout the nurse on there really got to the tea tree and witch hazel

00:45:15.330 --> 00:45:20.130 Fae Harris: And if you think about it, you know, with a little something. And a lot of women use in their skincare regimen.

00:45:21.210 --> 00:45:25.260 Fae Harris: And it has a wonderful astringent properties and, two, three.

00:45:26.520 --> 00:45:30.090 Fae Harris: Really antibacterial, it's awesome. You know, so

00:45:31.860 --> 00:45:38.220 Fae Harris: Over time, you know that that's basically how the formula came to be the ingredients that I listed

00:45:38.760 --> 00:45:52.140 Fae Harris: On our spoke about are the key drivers. I also putting castor oil in rosewater and a few other things. But those were the three main benefits that I really wanted to create

00:45:52.860 --> 00:46:02.040 Fae Harris: Something to sue and really provide a literal cooling feeling sensation that Scottsdale good because a lot of times the tension.

00:46:02.460 --> 00:46:13.350 Fae Harris: Can get to you with protective styles, something to moisturize and not just surface level because I think especially in our community. When you talk about what our moms used to have the sulfur at the

00:46:15.540 --> 00:46:24.810 Fae Harris: Top just kind of like Cisco on top. Okay. It really, I think that's the biggest misnomer out there real moisture ization comes from water.

00:46:25.170 --> 00:46:35.580 Fae Harris: Water based formula formulation. So, but then we have an aversion to water because our hair will revert, you know. So a lot of times we think oils are getting it done.

00:46:36.090 --> 00:46:47.730 Fae Harris: And some do some don't. But at any rate, I wanted to make sure the moisture ization benefit was really real. And then last but not least, like I said, the purifying aspect, keeping that surface.

00:46:48.210 --> 00:46:56.400 Fae Harris: relatively clean without the mechanics of fun and scraping and and the whole process of the typical wash day

00:46:57.570 --> 00:47:05.910 Fae Harris: To make sure that you know when you go to take out your grades are your sunland that you're out still smell expresses there's nothing really

00:47:07.830 --> 00:47:09.900 Fae Harris: There 30 years healthy

00:47:10.350 --> 00:47:11.970 Antonia Thompson: I mean this in your hair.

00:47:12.030 --> 00:47:15.450 Fae Harris: Is healthy. It sounds so good in it and I

00:47:15.720 --> 00:47:18.540 Antonia Thompson: I'm looking at the website. Now we're about to take a break.

00:47:18.750 --> 00:47:20.010 Antonia Thompson: So I'm going to encourage everybody to go

00:47:20.010 --> 00:47:29.160 Antonia Thompson: Check out the website, out of sight here calm, because it not only does it sound fantastic but and I'm figuring the smell of the men's and

00:47:29.880 --> 00:47:31.290 Antonia Thompson: Everything. So go check out the

00:47:31.290 --> 00:47:38.280 Antonia Thompson: Website, there's a lot of information there about the product. We're going to take a break and we'll be right back with you listen to Antonia and so now you

00:49:55.080 --> 00:50:06.690 Antonia Thompson: Hi, you're listening to. So now you know. And we're here with Faye Harris, we're talking about her fantastic sir serum. I keep saying it wrong because I'm thinking of

00:50:07.380 --> 00:50:08.010 Fae Harris: A sermon.

00:50:08.220 --> 00:50:09.180 Fae Harris: That I actually was listening.

00:50:09.330 --> 00:50:13.050 Antonia Thompson: To before. So if you're if you're watching us on Facebook. I put up her

00:50:13.050 --> 00:50:21.450 Antonia Thompson: Page at her web page so that you could see what we're talking about. And also you can find her her website and I must say one of my favorite parts of

00:50:22.500 --> 00:50:24.450 Antonia Thompson: Your web page and learning about the product was

00:50:24.450 --> 00:50:27.390 Antonia Thompson: About the the the Barbie dolls.

00:50:30.270 --> 00:50:32.850 Antonia Thompson: Amazing different hairstyles and if if you

00:50:32.910 --> 00:50:37.290 Antonia Thompson: If you're wondering if you're listening to us. You're wondering about what protective hairstyles look like

00:50:38.280 --> 00:50:40.920 Antonia Thompson: Go to her website and that little video

00:50:40.950 --> 00:50:48.000 Antonia Thompson: Will show you all the different hairstyles and then you'll recognize that that this is a lot of different hairstyles that African American women were

00:50:48.390 --> 00:50:49.080 Antonia Thompson: I think it was

00:50:49.620 --> 00:50:51.180 Antonia Thompson: SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE. IT'S

00:50:51.210 --> 00:50:52.470 Antonia Thompson: It's just absolutely thank

00:50:52.470 --> 00:51:00.300 Fae Harris: You. That was my baby. Yeah, I actually did that one night and you know it's in the get to note section so

00:51:00.810 --> 00:51:06.510 Fae Harris: It's for any listeners out there, they're going to the website under the get to know a section. It's actually a funny story.

00:51:07.020 --> 00:51:13.050 Fae Harris: I didn't really have a headshot. If you look through website, you know, I'll start up bootstrapping over here.

00:51:13.470 --> 00:51:20.850 Fae Harris: I'm really have the money for models. And so I thought, it will be really cool. And at the time, there was that Instagram DMX challenge.

00:51:21.180 --> 00:51:30.600 Fae Harris: And I loved it. I loved it. But, you know, me personally, interestingly enough, I call myself a newscaster I stick to one protect to file one look

00:51:30.900 --> 00:51:45.840 Fae Harris: And that's like my thing. And I wanted so bad to do the DMX challenge, but I clicked inside thought wouldn't it be great if I could show that DMX challenge with dolls here also I wanted to shout out to a woman named Karen bird.

00:51:46.860 --> 00:51:57.000 Fae Harris: She runs natural groans united she actually style, a number of the dolls that were in the video, because as I was looking for the South. I'm thinking, Wow, this is great when I went to go look.

00:51:57.360 --> 00:52:11.550 Fae Harris: Look up these Barbies with these cool hairstyles. I found Karen and I got some for my daughter, because again, I'm so happy in 2020 we have these options. So like 10 years ago we didn't have Barbies that look like that.

00:52:14.700 --> 00:52:16.290 Fae Harris: I'm high and again I was watching it.

00:52:16.290 --> 00:52:17.580 Antonia Thompson: Like Wait what

00:52:18.660 --> 00:52:20.100 Antonia Thompson: Where, where are these dolls.

00:52:20.130 --> 00:52:21.750 Antonia Thompson: I'm gonna have to go find them so

00:52:21.780 --> 00:52:22.560 Antonia Thompson: It just was

00:52:22.590 --> 00:52:23.580 Fae Harris: A brilliant idea.

00:52:23.940 --> 00:52:24.420 Fae Harris: I think it's

00:52:25.590 --> 00:52:26.040 Antonia Thompson: It really

00:52:26.310 --> 00:52:27.150 Illustrates

00:52:28.350 --> 00:52:31.620 Antonia Thompson: The beauty of all I hear stuff. So one quick question I want to ask you.

00:52:31.620 --> 00:52:32.160 Fae Harris: About

00:52:32.280 --> 00:52:33.480 Antonia Thompson: Because you talked about with

00:52:33.480 --> 00:52:36.180 Antonia Thompson: Protective field staff, where we're not washing are here every day.

00:52:36.690 --> 00:52:38.880 Antonia Thompson: Um, is there built up how

00:52:38.970 --> 00:52:41.100 Antonia Thompson: What are some you do have on the website tips.

00:52:41.130 --> 00:52:41.760 Antonia Thompson: And tricks.

00:52:42.120 --> 00:52:43.590 Fae Harris: What is yeah hey

00:52:44.280 --> 00:52:47.250 Antonia Thompson: For women to protect you know protect their scalp.

00:52:47.280 --> 00:53:01.830 Fae Harris: Using your product. Mm hmm. That's awesome question. Let's talk about that because I'm a firm believer in, you know, proper hair care and if you are tight for Adam. I don't know if you're familiar with like the curl typing system.

00:53:03.030 --> 00:53:12.240 Fae Harris: Type one is like basically straight hair type two is wavy hair type three is like a really corkscrew curl type for is

00:53:12.690 --> 00:53:26.580 Fae Harris: What I would consider most African descent women to have where it's tight and coyly or zigzag or as you usually in type for the way that your actual follicle is designed, you do not

00:53:27.390 --> 00:53:40.410 Fae Harris: Create the oil that other types create, which is why you know our practices primarily an African American and African descent households are to apply oil to our hair.

00:53:40.950 --> 00:53:53.160 Fae Harris: Are their hair types because of the way that their follicle shape because of the way that their hair grow the seebohm comes out of their scalp a lot quicker in in different than it does with type for so

00:53:53.970 --> 00:54:00.630 Fae Harris: In general, you know, one of the questions is, like, how often should we be washing our hair and that can vary because

00:54:00.930 --> 00:54:06.000 Fae Harris: Again, just because you're you're of African descent does not mean that you're foresee or four be

00:54:06.360 --> 00:54:23.730 Fae Harris: The hairs hide very so people have to do what works for them. But if you do have tightly coiled or zigzag here, you know, once a week, once every two weeks it's perfectly fine. And then you layer on the fact that you have a protective style and really it's about this surface.

00:54:25.350 --> 00:54:33.510 Fae Harris: And what's going on in the environment. What you're applying so it it really does depend. But your question was about build up, um,

00:54:34.650 --> 00:54:41.130 Fae Harris: Another reason why the serum is created to be water based is because it is very light, even though it

00:54:42.090 --> 00:54:55.170 Fae Harris: Has almost kind of like a gel. It's thicker than water, but it's very, it's designed not to build up in Ireland and colors women for wearing protective styles, not to use

00:54:55.800 --> 00:55:05.580 Fae Harris: Too many oil base to Rackspace products, like for example the edge control jobs are like all the routes right now everybody's like flowing and edges and doing things with their edges.

00:55:06.450 --> 00:55:12.900 Fae Harris: So a lot of those products have wax. Now the great thing is, it's right around your airline's looking as soon as wash around your hairline.

00:55:14.730 --> 00:55:25.170 Fae Harris: But it depends on the type of product that you're using and what it's based off of. It's going to drive your product build up in again, you know,

00:55:25.680 --> 00:55:35.340 Fae Harris: The at a site three one Harrison was water based and a number of the ingredients in it are designed to dissipate. So it really doesn't build up, but I know that

00:55:36.180 --> 00:55:45.270 Fae Harris: You know we love to use oils, if you do use oils, use the long chain fatty acid oils like coconut oil Hova are really good.

00:55:46.080 --> 00:56:05.340 Fae Harris: Oils even castor oil that is very thick, you know, oils that can kind of penetrate versus sit on your scout. Right. Um, but yeah, that's a tough question about build up because it really is going to depend on the type of style you're wearing and what you're really doing right

00:56:05.790 --> 00:56:10.260 Antonia Thompson: But I think, you know, a rule of thumb is to go as natural as you can.

00:56:10.320 --> 00:56:11.010 Fae Harris: And this is

00:56:11.400 --> 00:56:12.630 Antonia Thompson: A great product. So I

00:56:12.630 --> 00:56:25.740 Antonia Thompson: definitely encourage people to come check out this website, learn more about it, it's just full of information on the website. So check it out it out of sight calm. So very quickly, as we wrap up the show. What else do you have in store.

00:56:25.800 --> 00:56:30.180 Antonia Thompson: Where we are, we're going to see more products in the new year. Are you going to expand your line.

00:56:30.990 --> 00:56:43.980 Fae Harris: Yes, thanks for asking. We were just, we just received a grant from a Cleveland organization called black woman work and I was so thankful to be their second recipient. So I'm really excited to use

00:56:45.060 --> 00:56:57.960 Fae Harris: That grant is an opportunity to expand the line. We actually have a lot of great things on the horizon, first and foremost we're launching bundles and we want to call it bundles to support our ladies that were bundles.

00:56:58.620 --> 00:57:02.940 Fae Harris: That support the nighttime regimen. Okay, so we're looking at

00:57:03.810 --> 00:57:12.150 Fae Harris: It's called a South a scout soother it's a, it's like a special calm designed to only scratch your scalp. A lot of women use retro combs.

00:57:12.510 --> 00:57:20.910 Fae Harris: And all bobby pins and all types of things, but this one is designed to minimize breakage and really get where you need to go in a very effective way.

00:57:21.720 --> 00:57:34.890 Fae Harris: Along with pillowcases and scarves and then our next product introduction is going to be an edge Elixir, I'm so, so excited about this formulation has been under development for over two years.

00:57:35.970 --> 00:57:45.990 Fae Harris: Because what you know, along with protective styling and traction alopecia risk a lot of ladies experienced the breakage around the hairline and even in the crown.

00:57:46.500 --> 00:58:00.570 Fae Harris: And, you know, hair loss is a significant issue and it's it's it's a real issue. So I've been working really hard on a effective formula to combat that. And I'm like, almost there. So, yes.

00:58:01.890 --> 00:58:02.850 Fae Harris: Yes, I know I'm

00:58:05.580 --> 00:58:08.040 Fae Harris: Testing and development. I'm sorry.

00:58:08.580 --> 00:58:12.930 Antonia Thompson: I said, we're gonna keep our fingers crossed, and that that only means we have to bring you back so you can talk about

00:58:13.260 --> 00:58:25.440 Antonia Thompson: Your new line as you expand because it sounds. It sounds amazing. And what's already out there is phenomenal. So I am very excited to see what is going to be new coming out from you. So as we wrap up.

00:58:25.470 --> 00:58:27.300 Antonia Thompson: Again, thank you. Thank you so much for

00:58:27.300 --> 00:58:33.210 Antonia Thompson: Joining us today. We're listening to Faye Harris. She is the founder of out of strip out of sight here so

00:58:33.240 --> 00:58:34.920 Antonia Thompson: Out of sight here calm.

00:58:34.950 --> 00:58:35.610 Antonia Thompson: Go check her

00:58:35.640 --> 00:58:38.520 Antonia Thompson: Out, check out her product by her product.

00:58:39.240 --> 00:58:39.720 Antonia Thompson: Yes.

00:58:39.960 --> 00:58:40.860 Antonia Thompson: And then I get your

00:58:41.880 --> 00:58:44.910 Fae Harris: Discount Oh absolutely, let us know.

00:58:46.860 --> 00:58:48.210 Antonia Thompson: Our discount, we get a discount

00:58:48.240 --> 00:58:50.400 Fae Harris: Code yet. Yeah.

00:58:51.480 --> 00:58:57.120 Fae Harris: Just for your listeners 20% off if you use the code.

00:58:58.260 --> 00:58:59.280 Fae Harris: Now you know

00:59:01.110 --> 00:59:01.410 Antonia Thompson: Now,

00:59:04.020 --> 00:59:04.620 There you go.

00:59:06.600 --> 00:59:08.760 Antonia Thompson: Put that on our website, along with

00:59:09.690 --> 00:59:11.280 Antonia Thompson: Our tape because people can always come back.

00:59:11.280 --> 00:59:18.840 Antonia Thompson: And listen to our show. And we are so appreciative. But we're we got you on the hook. But when those new products come out. We want to be the first ones.

00:59:18.870 --> 00:59:21.780 Antonia Thompson: We want to hear it first. And we want to test it.

00:59:21.810 --> 00:59:24.360 Antonia Thompson: Out for you first. So please, please keep in touch.

00:59:25.350 --> 00:59:29.520 Fae Harris: A Mozart. Certainly. Well, thank you so much for having me. I enjoyed our conversation.

00:59:30.060 --> 00:59:34.140 Antonia Thompson: Great, so stay happy and healthy and we will talk to you soon. We'll see everybody

00:59:34.380 --> 00:59:37.410 Antonia Thompson: Next week Thursday at 5pm and so now you know