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Thursday, October 8, 2020

2020/10/08 - Mindfulness Matters - Getting Ready for the Season

[NEW EPISODE] Mindfulness Matters - Getting Ready for the Season

There is so much going on. We need to take a break.

Tune in and listen as creative writer and author Janet James Mahon talks about her books, life philosophy and path to wellness.

Tune in for this wonderful conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1: 

Antonia introduces her guest, Janet Autherine James. .Janet is an accomplished author and judge. Janet and Antonia reminisce about how they met and what their law school friends are up to. Antonia asks Janet if being an author was a part of her plan while in law school. Janet expands on her reasons for pursuing law. Janet talks about her journey as an immigrant from Jamaica and the importance to “make something” of herself for her family. Janet talks about the importance of “women telling their own stories”. Antonia introduces the next topic she and Janet will discuss, the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.


Segment 2: 

Antonia displays and plugs Janet’s website. Janet’s website highlights the path to a positive mindset. Antonia asks Janet what advice she can give listeners to step out of their comfort zone. Janet talks about the importance of living in the now and how her family influenced her. Janet tells the audience to “put value to what they do”. Antonia and Janet talk about the anxiety of taking the steps to follow your dreams. Janet suggests making a “to-do list” of no more than three tasks to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed. 


Segment 3: 

Janet talks about the inspiration behind her writing. She says most of it comes from “bursts of inspiration”. Janet’s writing consists of the negative and positive moments of her life and she believes “everything happens for a reason”. She expands on her writing process which consists of traveling. Janet goes to coffee shops and the beach to write. She says “ I do my best work at the beach”. Antonia and Janet address the “I’m too old” excuse for wanting a career change. Janet says, “you don’t have to follow the script”. 


Segment 4: 

Antonia displays Janet’s website while Janet talks about her new book, “The Heart and Soul of a Black Woman”. Janet’s new book covers the love, struggles, and resilience of black women. Janet says she would love if every woman of color had this book.  Antonia asks how Janet’s spirituality plays into her writing. Janet plugs her facebook group, “Self Care Sister”. This is a group of women who share their stories, support each other, and inspire young women. In order to navigate these hard times, Janet says to  “focus on your joy”. Janet also talks about the importance of “guarding your spirit” by disconnecting from the news and social media. 


00:00:33.360 --> 00:00:43.770 Antonia Thompson: Hello everyone it's Thursday, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know I'm so happy you could join me this week. I hope everything has been going well for you.

00:00:44.130 --> 00:00:53.520 Antonia Thompson: We had another debate so hope you're in good spirits. It was a whole different experience than it was last week. So there was a lot to discuss

00:00:54.240 --> 00:01:08.430 Antonia Thompson: And keep you engaged, but at least it was not as depressing as before, right. So, as always, I hope you have been practicing your social distancing. You're saying six feet away. You're wearing your mask and you are washing your hands.

00:01:09.510 --> 00:01:11.100 Antonia Thompson: All the time.

00:01:12.330 --> 00:01:28.440 Antonia Thompson: And you know, I thought every week that I remind you about that. I'm happy that it's kind of makes me do the same thing. And so I knock on wood, have been healthy covert free you see everybody can get it. You saw the president United States and all of his entourage.

00:01:29.790 --> 00:01:42.150 Antonia Thompson: Got, got it. So don't think it can happen to you if you happen to anyone, any of us. So please, please, please follow those simple simple rules. We have a great show. Today I have a good friend of mine, Janet, or three, who's here.

00:01:43.260 --> 00:01:47.490 Let's get Janet in here because we have a lot to talk to her about today.

00:01:49.080 --> 00:01:56.310 Antonia Thompson: Hello, Miss Janet. How are you, welcome to some now you know it has been a while since we have touched base.

00:01:57.780 --> 00:02:01.560 Antonia Thompson: I feel it is a zoom thing, I believe you on mute, my friend.

00:02:05.010 --> 00:02:07.890 Antonia Thompson: How are you, like, wait a second, let me let me

00:02:09.000 --> 00:02:11.790 Janet Autherine: Let me get my video straight here. Okay.

00:02:11.850 --> 00:02:20.130 Antonia Thompson: No worries. I was just starting the show and welcome million all of our listeners that are out there. They're either watching us on stream on

00:02:21.510 --> 00:02:30.210 Antonia Thompson: Facebook or they're watching us here. They're watching us on Facebook. Now, or they're listening to us talk radio dot NYC. So how are you, my friend.

00:02:31.080 --> 00:02:35.520 Janet Autherine: Oh, good, good. It's so good to see you. You look absolutely gorgeous.

00:02:35.760 --> 00:02:45.300 Antonia Thompson: And right back at you back at you, and you know, just to share with you my my premise of the show is so now you know. And it really is.

00:02:45.630 --> 00:02:55.290 Antonia Thompson: Me talking to friends and family and anyone that I meet that is doing something really cool and interesting and sharing that with other people. And so there have been a couple of

00:02:56.490 --> 00:03:05.580 Antonia Thompson: Our classmates and everyone should know Janet and I met and went to law school together. And it's been, you know, we're very experienced it was a while ago.

00:03:06.780 --> 00:03:19.560 Antonia Thompson: And what I had shared with my listeners, is that, you know, we all went to law school with the ideas and hopes of staying within law and I've kind of changed that path. But as you know, Yolanda yoni was on

00:03:20.100 --> 00:03:31.020 Antonia Thompson: A while ago, we talked about, you know, she is a practicing attorney has the singing career. And then there's you who also is an administrative judge now and is a, you know, an accomplished author

00:03:31.560 --> 00:03:39.720 Antonia Thompson: So it's not that I'm slacking, it's just that I am surrounded with some amazing, amazing law students that have gone on to do some phenomenal work.

00:03:40.200 --> 00:03:42.510 Janet Autherine: We won't. We won't tell your audience that it was

00:03:43.590 --> 00:03:44.220 Antonia Thompson: Was a

00:03:45.060 --> 00:03:46.560 Janet Autherine: 25 years ago.

00:03:46.890 --> 00:03:50.220 Antonia Thompson: Yes. Yeah. And sometimes I yes I ignore that.

00:03:51.600 --> 00:03:58.050 Janet Autherine: I'd like to say that we're experienced when I saw the the advertisement came a coma.

00:03:59.220 --> 00:04:13.050 Janet Autherine: For the reunion. I was like, Oh my God, it can't be that long. How did this happen. Yes. Yeah. Um, I think we've most of us have done really well for ourselves. And, you know,

00:04:13.650 --> 00:04:19.050 Janet Autherine: Oh, absolutely. I know BC, was it was a pretty good experience. So I think it prepared as well for life.

00:04:20.160 --> 00:04:23.130 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and I think even when we talk about, you know, I just mentioned.

00:04:24.270 --> 00:04:31.860 Antonia Thompson: YOLANDA i know i don't know i believe Neri right she was a year behind us and she's now running for office in Florida.

00:04:33.930 --> 00:04:36.030 Antonia Thompson: Let's just recently read about that.

00:04:37.650 --> 00:04:38.520 Janet Autherine: Pam.

00:04:38.850 --> 00:04:39.360 Antonia Thompson: Pam.

00:04:39.420 --> 00:04:41.520 Antonia Thompson: Running for office. Yes, yes.

00:04:41.940 --> 00:04:43.200 Janet Autherine: Yeah, Pam.

00:04:44.580 --> 00:04:51.930 Janet Autherine: Key, but I think I'm not sure if her last name is the same. It could be different because it was paying Keith and I think it is different because yeah

00:04:52.200 --> 00:05:02.550 Janet Autherine: Because I'm sitting, my God. I mean, she's always been, you know, so amazing bills. I'm so happy to see, are you know going into politics. Yeah. And she was, she was always a politician.

00:05:04.680 --> 00:05:11.580 Antonia Thompson: So I'm excited to have you on the show, you know, in the last couple of weeks, probably months since coven hit. We have really been talking about mindfulness and

00:05:11.910 --> 00:05:24.780 Antonia Thompson: Finding really good space for us to breathe and relax and take in all the chaos that's been happening in the world. And as I follow you on LinkedIn and everywhere. I just said, You know, I can't. I have to get you on the show to talk about your phenomenal work.

00:05:25.950 --> 00:05:40.080 Antonia Thompson: That you do. And as much as we talk about you know how we met in law school and we spent three years together. When did this idea of this type of work. Were you thinking about that back in law school did you always want to publish a book.

00:05:41.580 --> 00:05:50.040 Janet Autherine: No, I wasn't thinking about that at the time, you know, when I went to law school. It was a shock to a lot of people because I'd always been so quiet.

00:05:50.880 --> 00:06:01.110 Janet Autherine: So I thought, Oh my God, what are you going to do in the law and a lot of people don't realize that it's not just about litigation. There's so much more that you can do.

00:06:01.590 --> 00:06:12.870 Janet Autherine: So at the time. I thought that I wanted to resolve disputes so myself working for a big labor union or some organization where I could negotiated mediate

00:06:13.590 --> 00:06:28.860 Janet Autherine: And do things like that. So I've always wanted to be on the quieter side of the law. Right. But of course, that didn't really happen. I ended up working for the federal government doing a variety of other things, including tax law. So, um,

00:06:30.510 --> 00:06:41.370 Janet Autherine: I may have been in my mid 30s when I started kind of tapping into my creative side and, you know, of course, legal writing is still there, because I'm still practicing

00:06:41.880 --> 00:06:57.840 Janet Autherine: And that kind of tap into my creative side. And I'm not sure why that happened. Maybe it's just, you know, a factor of age, you know, I was a mom, I now have three boys and I felt that I could kind of black relax into myself.

00:06:59.100 --> 00:07:06.570 Janet Autherine: As a, you know, you know, I grew up in Jamaica and when you're an immigrant, did you come to the United States. Your goal is just

00:07:06.990 --> 00:07:15.540 Janet Autherine: To make something of yourself. Right. So it's about, you know, finding that great job. You know, you're going to be a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer.

00:07:15.900 --> 00:07:23.040 Janet Autherine: Or a teacher or a nurse or something where you're going to make some money. So you can take care of your family and maybe send something back home.

00:07:23.610 --> 00:07:33.480 Janet Autherine: And so I never really got a chance to really tap into my creative side and never grew up thinking that, oh my god, I can be a musician or I can be an artist.

00:07:35.550 --> 00:07:41.160 Janet Autherine: Or I could be a writer because those professions weren't really thought of as being

00:07:42.300 --> 00:07:43.440 Janet Autherine: You know, kind of lucrative

00:07:44.580 --> 00:07:55.140 Janet Autherine: So once I settled down I tapped into my love for writing, you know, I wasn't much of a talker, but I was always the writer and all my teachers would say

00:07:56.580 --> 00:08:06.900 Janet Autherine: Well, you know, she doesn't say much she's a really good student. And she's always writing. So really I just kind of fell back into that and and

00:08:07.320 --> 00:08:24.810 Janet Autherine: I started writing poetry. I'm an emotional writer. So if I'm saying I can write really good poetry, you know, if I'm really angry, I can write really good poetry, whatever it is that I'm going through i right so I started writing and before you knew it.

00:08:25.830 --> 00:08:31.350 Janet Autherine: I had like so many poems that I said, You know what, I can write a poetry book.

00:08:34.590 --> 00:08:38.820 Janet Autherine: And I jumped the gun a little bit because that was my second book.

00:08:39.990 --> 00:08:53.190 Janet Autherine: I first book was grown into greatness with God and seven paths to greatness for our sons and daughters, and that was inspired by my boys my boys are now 1511 and 15 and 13

00:08:54.240 --> 00:08:58.170 Janet Autherine: And when I was in Jamaica. I grew up in the church. So I wanted to

00:08:59.700 --> 00:09:07.980 Janet Autherine: I didn't want that experience, and experience in Jamaica to kind of get lost and with the American life that we're living

00:09:08.520 --> 00:09:19.440 Janet Autherine: So I wanted to transfer my experience to book form so that they'll always have something to read. So that was my first book, and then after that I got to the poetry in the mindfulness

00:09:20.700 --> 00:09:27.090 Antonia Thompson: And then you have a focus on women. When did that or. Has that always been in the back of your mind as far as uplifting women.

00:09:28.170 --> 00:09:44.460 Janet Autherine: And creating a grid space for them for clarity and mindfulness and transformation. Yeah, you know, um, when I wrote my first poetry book wild hard peaceful. So I called it the love story of women through poetry.

00:09:45.930 --> 00:09:54.690 Janet Autherine: And because I felt that I was writing things that women talked about with their girlfriends, but they're close girlfriends.

00:09:55.140 --> 00:10:06.540 Janet Autherine: But never set out allowed you know things about you know love and the wars and abandonment and rejection and disappointments and we would talk about those issues just through our closest girlfriends.

00:10:07.170 --> 00:10:15.870 Janet Autherine: And I found that that was writing about that a lot. And when people were reading my book. They were like, oh my god, it's like you're in my house. It's like you'd my mind.

00:10:18.330 --> 00:10:18.810 Janet Autherine: So,

00:10:19.860 --> 00:10:34.050 Janet Autherine: So that's how I started telling the stories of women through poetry and then I just realized that, you know, our story. We're all unique and and we all say that, but sometimes we don't really believe it. We're all unique though.

00:10:35.250 --> 00:10:44.850 Janet Autherine: And we're all in a different journey but our stories are rarely told you know it's almost like you have to be rich and famous.

00:10:45.360 --> 00:11:01.980 Janet Autherine: To tell your story, or for someone to want to write your story. I think that we have to write our own stories and right. So I've always and especially women, women shy away from bragging about anything or seemingly brag or anything.

00:11:03.120 --> 00:11:15.450 Janet Autherine: About our, our heart. We don't want to talk about our accomplishments, you know we're supposed to be nice and modest all the time. So a lot of times we're doing fantastic things in our communities.

00:11:15.870 --> 00:11:27.240 Janet Autherine: And that's never told. So I just wanted to tap into that and and you know make sure that I tell my own story, but also interview women and try to get some of their stories down

00:11:27.630 --> 00:11:35.670 Janet Autherine: So whatever path and they're on. Hopefully there's story will be encouraging for the younger women for the next generation.

00:11:36.750 --> 00:11:43.110 Antonia Thompson: Now do you think back, because it is it is two different styles of writing right when we're legally writing

00:11:43.380 --> 00:11:44.400 Janet Autherine: And the work that you do.

00:11:44.400 --> 00:11:47.820 Antonia Thompson: Sometimes sit there because you're an administrative judge now right

00:11:47.970 --> 00:11:48.900 Janet Autherine: Yes, yes I am.

00:11:49.440 --> 00:11:55.920 Antonia Thompson: Do you sometimes sit there like, I don't know why I'm doing. It's like, do you see somehow they marry each other, do they complement each other in any way.

00:11:57.540 --> 00:12:01.650 Janet Autherine: I think, you know, they're very different

00:12:03.960 --> 00:12:05.520 Janet Autherine: They're very different

00:12:06.930 --> 00:12:12.840 Janet Autherine: And when I was, you know, legal writing just trains your mind in a very analytical way.

00:12:13.890 --> 00:12:22.140 Janet Autherine: And that's how I've been writing for years. So, but I was I was almost shocked when the creative writing came about.

00:12:22.740 --> 00:12:32.850 Janet Autherine: It's like, oh my god, you know, the first couple of poems I wrote, I thought, oh, you know, it's kind of like a fluke, you know, maybe I was just really upset that day and everything for it out.

00:12:33.450 --> 00:12:44.250 Janet Autherine: So I was kind of shocked by it and it just kept writing and writing and writing lesson. Oh my god, I really have a creative side. And it took me a while to really own that you know

00:12:44.640 --> 00:12:45.060 Antonia Thompson: I would say

00:12:45.510 --> 00:12:48.210 Janet Autherine: I mean, I suppose, you know, law school.

00:12:48.210 --> 00:12:48.780 Writing

00:12:49.890 --> 00:12:50.880 Antonia Thompson: Me, I think.

00:12:51.930 --> 00:12:52.320 Janet Autherine: At

00:12:52.350 --> 00:12:59.190 Antonia Thompson: LR W. Yeah, I just, it just was not. It was just a very bad experience for me.

00:13:00.450 --> 00:13:00.990 Janet Autherine: Through

00:13:01.020 --> 00:13:09.690 Antonia Thompson: through law school, but I think that's just part of the training of getting a JD right that is you kind of just gotta, you just gotta kind of go go through that.

00:13:10.320 --> 00:13:18.900 Antonia Thompson: But I think it's interesting that you say you found your passion later because even as I started doing you know the podcast and I've always liked talk radio and just started doing it.

00:13:19.560 --> 00:13:29.700 Antonia Thompson: I sometimes feel we look at younger women just to say, you know, find try to find that passion and it's their feet it instead of waiting, because I feel like, you know, you wait to get married, you have kids.

00:13:30.090 --> 00:13:38.940 Antonia Thompson: You know, you do all that. And then all of a sudden you have you if you're lucky, I do think if you're lucky to have that aha moment to say, you know what, there is a creative part to me.

00:13:39.540 --> 00:13:49.200 Antonia Thompson: This writing and going and and I find a lot of my friends in our age are starting to do that. They are publishing the books, they are doing things that they might not necessarily have done before.

00:13:50.220 --> 00:13:51.870 Janet Autherine: Yeah and you know it's

00:13:52.890 --> 00:13:58.470 Janet Autherine: At some point you come into your own and and hit the 50 mark.

00:14:03.660 --> 00:14:12.510 Janet Autherine: You know, you stay if not now, then when you know, and of course would cope with. We all know that, you know, life is short and nothing is promised.

00:14:12.870 --> 00:14:21.300 Janet Autherine: So, whatever you want to do it your way your life in your career or whatever dreams you have this really is the time to do it and

00:14:21.720 --> 00:14:37.110 Janet Autherine: You know this year event this year a status anything is that nothing is promised you, you know you hug. We want to hug you say I love you too. You want to say I love you too. You just live your life you own your life you live it boldly

00:14:38.190 --> 00:14:43.470 Janet Autherine: You know, whatever your dreams are you pursue them because the time is now.

00:14:43.950 --> 00:14:49.140 Antonia Thompson: So we have to get ready to take a break. And I think that's a really good segue to the second piece that I want to get your

00:14:49.470 --> 00:15:00.780 Antonia Thompson: Insight on because you know I think even before coven especially like if you went to a funeral, there was always that saying of, you know, make the best of the moments love the person while they're here, you know, give them the flowers, while they're here.

00:15:01.020 --> 00:15:17.340 Antonia Thompson: Instead of later. But I do think it is a a mental block for us to take those next steps. And maybe, you know, walk out of our, our, our comfort zone. But I do think there's something that covert has has taught us is that

00:15:17.820 --> 00:15:24.630 Antonia Thompson: stuff can happen and happen quickly and shut it down. Right. And I think as we will all in the lockdown. We realize

00:15:25.170 --> 00:15:31.290 Antonia Thompson: You know, you thought about it. Is this my career. Is this what I was meant to be. And to me, I feel it's just a very spiritual journey.

00:15:31.620 --> 00:15:37.620 Antonia Thompson: Of really having the time and energy to put towards. Is this my path. Is this how I'm supposed to be.

00:15:38.400 --> 00:15:48.630 Antonia Thompson: Showing up and like you said, Now is the time you have the time one if you're fortunate enough into what are the next steps and we come back from our break. Let's talk a little bit about

00:15:49.170 --> 00:16:00.930 Antonia Thompson: Through the work that you've done, what suggestions ideas do you give to people to get out of that mindset that you actually can do it. So you're listening. Sure. I'm telling you. So now you know we're here with Janet and we will be right back after this break

00:18:15.000 --> 00:18:29.280 Antonia Thompson: Hi, we're back. It's Antonio you're listening to. So now you know we are here with Janet Janet get, I want to ask the last name right, cuz I'll say Jana, James, Janet, or three. Right. Is that correct or you're on mute.

00:18:33.330 --> 00:18:35.520 Janet Autherine: Yeah, well, you know, also rien.

00:18:35.970 --> 00:18:36.330 Janet Autherine: Which is

00:18:36.510 --> 00:18:40.470 Janet Autherine: Life into a lot of people but authoring is actually my middle name.

00:18:42.270 --> 00:18:57.990 Janet Autherine: So I think has so not to confuse the people I'm on the legal side when I write that I just use my, my first, my first name and my middle name. Okay, so I use. I use Janet authoring

00:19:00.750 --> 00:19:07.380 Janet Autherine: But of course it's you know it's Janet authoring James I still use James to from back in law school.

00:19:09.000 --> 00:19:15.120 Janet Autherine: Or, you know, and I was married for 13 years and I've been divorced now for about five years.

00:19:16.950 --> 00:19:17.430 Janet Autherine: Yeah.

00:19:17.520 --> 00:19:21.240 Antonia Thompson: I have a bomb and I can you see I put some for those of you that are

00:19:21.780 --> 00:19:31.530 Antonia Thompson: following us on Facebook. I do put up Janet's website. And if you're listening to us her website is Janet authoring a U th er I any calm.

00:19:31.980 --> 00:19:36.180 Antonia Thompson: And I just want to share this with everyone to see where they can go to get some of this information.

00:19:36.630 --> 00:19:45.060 Antonia Thompson: And just as I was asking you about the next steps. I mean, I was looking at your website and there's just so much information good information there.

00:19:45.270 --> 00:19:49.890 Antonia Thompson: On top of all the books that you've written that that people can go visit the website and purchase the books.

00:19:50.430 --> 00:20:04.830 Antonia Thompson: And so as we talked about people making that next step right just stepping out of that comfort zone. What are some of the ideas that you give to those that you mentor or when you when you're speaking about just going for it.

00:20:06.240 --> 00:20:24.090 Janet Autherine: Yeah, I mean I think before we went to the break, we were we were talking about, you were talking about funerals and how we went to, you know, we go to funerals and you know we learn a certain lesson and we kind of walk away and nothing really changes and, you know,

00:20:25.590 --> 00:20:35.040 Janet Autherine: For my Caribbean experience I have a large family and a lot of times when we get together, we end up getting together for funerals.

00:20:36.480 --> 00:20:49.440 Janet Autherine: And that struck me pretty early in life. And I would say, you know what, if you can take a week off your funeral. You can take a week off just to visit someone

00:20:50.070 --> 00:20:59.460 Janet Autherine: You know, if you can buy a plane ticket to fly to Jamaica, or wherever else you can afford that $400 you can afford to see them when they were alive and when they are well and they're healthy.

00:21:00.450 --> 00:21:18.210 Janet Autherine: So that's always something that's, you know, kind of, you know, stuck with me. Make sure you give people their flowers, the roses whatever when they're alive or not when they have passed so that just leads to how I feel about the importance of life and the importance of our journey.

00:21:19.590 --> 00:21:33.810 Janet Autherine: So as far as I'm following your path. You know, I tell the young women that I mentor to think about, think about the things that you were really good at, when you were really young.

00:21:34.380 --> 00:21:47.670 Janet Autherine: You know, for me, that was the writing and other although I didn't really value it much then and it was also listening. I was really quiet, but I was also a really good listener. Right.

00:21:48.210 --> 00:21:56.130 Janet Autherine: So to sort of go back to your early days that and think about what you were good at doing and value, put some value to it.

00:21:56.640 --> 00:22:04.710 Janet Autherine: Because, I mean, I could say for the longest time I said, you know, listening, like everybody listens. You know, so I wouldn't put a value on that right

00:22:05.400 --> 00:22:19.620 Janet Autherine: But, but really write it down. Don't you know don't downplay put some value on it, right, because what that did is that the listening skills fed into my work as an attorney.

00:22:20.520 --> 00:22:41.970 Janet Autherine: And because I found that I could listen to people and take really really difficult problems and break them down into simpler problems and then help people solve them. Right. So that was how listen. Listening played a part in my journey. And also, you know, ask your friends.

00:22:43.020 --> 00:22:45.210 Janet Autherine: You know, what do you think I'm good at.

00:22:46.230 --> 00:22:48.450 Janet Autherine: None of your super judgmental friends.

00:22:53.760 --> 00:23:07.320 Janet Autherine: Or family members and definitely say hey you know what do you think I'm good at and what do your friends come to you for, for me, my friends came to me for advice, a heck of a lot

00:23:08.490 --> 00:23:23.640 Janet Autherine: Um, so I said okay so that's it you know that's that's a skill that may be one of ours, and you kind of blend it all together. So that's really kind of the base of kind of finding out who you are, what you're really good at and then

00:23:25.110 --> 00:23:39.300 Janet Autherine: Think, do I have a passion for it because frankly you can be good at something and not want to do that for a living, you know, do I want to do it for a living, or do I just want to love it and do it in my spirit time and let it be my creative outlet

00:23:40.320 --> 00:23:44.160 Janet Autherine: And so, you know, some of us, we need to have that day job.

00:23:45.930 --> 00:23:51.600 Janet Autherine: To pay the bills because the thing that we think that we love the thing that we're passionate about isn't going to cut it.

00:23:52.260 --> 00:23:57.870 Janet Autherine: But that doesn't mean you don't have to do it, but you can do it on the side, it can be your side hustle. It can be your passion. Right.

00:23:58.530 --> 00:24:16.740 Janet Autherine: So just sort of sort yourself out in that way and and let that feed into your purpose just decide, is this going to be my purpose and how do I want to use my skills and talent. Once you find it and you know for a lot of us it's charity work.

00:24:17.940 --> 00:24:34.530 Janet Autherine: I love working with children. I love giving advice to younger women because as I said, on my website. I didn't have a lot of mentors. Growing up, I didn't have a lot of them in college and law school when I came out, I was just sort of bouncing around and finding my way

00:24:35.700 --> 00:24:47.640 Janet Autherine: And so I've been trying to use that to help younger women. So, you know, find your purpose and then figure out how you want to use it. How do you want to walk into your purpose, like you said earlier, how do you want to show up.

00:24:48.990 --> 00:24:49.320 Janet Autherine: Right.

00:24:49.710 --> 00:24:57.090 Antonia Thompson: And when you talk to people is that the consensus of the the stumbling block that they have is figuring out that purpose.

00:24:58.050 --> 00:25:08.910 Antonia Thompson: Or those are the next step is that what what I mean in my, in my I'm putting a label that it's the fear, anxiety of that next step, but are you finding, especially with the younger generation because I always think

00:25:09.600 --> 00:25:14.790 Antonia Thompson: I just think they're obviously they're different from us, but they are go getters, they can I look in

00:25:15.480 --> 00:25:20.280 Antonia Thompson: My teens and, you know, I remember I fell at a teen I was, I was kind of serious and

00:25:20.610 --> 00:25:31.650 Antonia Thompson: I think say it's similar to you, you know, your, your, your parents immigrated here and there is that they have tunnel vision about what you should be doing. And now in my kids seem to have options. I'm looking at them like, what are you, what are you doing, like, no.

00:25:32.910 --> 00:25:39.570 Antonia Thompson: You need to be doing this but i i kind of envy, I envy that idea, because I do see them being able

00:25:40.290 --> 00:25:49.620 Antonia Thompson: To look back at their childhood and and really know what they were good at, like, I feel like when you were saying that question to me. I was kind of think about, Okay, well, let me think about those years what wasn't good at. I'm like,

00:25:50.040 --> 00:26:02.070 Antonia Thompson: I don't know, I always have to clean the house. I always have, you know, I, I had to be at home at a certain time, you know, I, that's a really good, interesting question, but do you do feel that that is the biggest problem when people ask you about next.

00:26:02.460 --> 00:26:18.930 Janet Autherine: I think in the age of technology. I find that a lot of the younger generation they have so many options that they tend to be bored. And so something a stumbling block for them is to find something that they're excited about.

00:26:21.090 --> 00:26:22.770 Antonia Thompson: That that would make sense because

00:26:22.770 --> 00:26:34.470 Janet Autherine: Yeah so elation. You know, it's like I can do 10 things. But what should I focus on you know what's going to get me excited, what's going to drive me which what's going to get me away from

00:26:34.980 --> 00:26:54.360 Janet Autherine: You know the Texan and YouTube and Instagram and Tick tock. And yeah, so that's that's definitely a challenge for them and and really talking about you know you're 20 something year olds. If you're talking about women in their, you know, their 30s.

00:26:55.620 --> 00:27:03.990 Janet Autherine: Sometimes early 40s, then that's a different conversation, but because what usually happens is that they're either OVERWHELMED. MY LIFE.

00:27:04.590 --> 00:27:12.780 Janet Autherine: More they're they're stuck. And so you get to a certain point where you spend so much time moving up the ladder.

00:27:13.170 --> 00:27:24.660 Janet Autherine: doing all the right things, you know, you got the degree you know you found the husband you got married, you got the kids and then you find that you living this like check the box lifestyle.

00:27:25.320 --> 00:27:31.890 Janet Autherine: And you doing the same thing over and over and over. You know, like a different version of it for like 1015 years

00:27:32.850 --> 00:27:45.090 Janet Autherine: And so at some point you you figure, you know, what's my purpose I get up every day. I put nine things on my to do list and I you know I get a high from checking something off.

00:27:46.410 --> 00:28:05.370 Janet Autherine: But it may be, you don't mean and listen. So what's really important to me and you know for those women, it's just a matter of, you know, prioritizing figuring out, I tell I tell people to not if they can not have more than three things on your list for the day.

00:28:06.960 --> 00:28:18.330 Janet Autherine: So, so you really don't get overwhelmed. I mean, really, you, you shouldn't have more than three things that are that important right that's what that's what I think.

00:28:18.990 --> 00:28:25.920 Janet Autherine: You know, I could do that, anything else. So anything else is a bonus or distraction. Yeah.

00:28:26.910 --> 00:28:37.080 Janet Autherine: So three things allow you to leave room for surprises for life to surprise you. So you don't feel like you're on autopilot all the time.

00:28:37.800 --> 00:28:41.190 Janet Autherine: Three things allow room for abundance. Right.

00:28:41.730 --> 00:28:56.130 Janet Autherine: So you can do the three things that you absolutely have to do and then you can fill in the things that you want to do, whether it's I want to do a little bit of writing. I want to spend extra time with my child because I haven't done that, you know, I want to go for a nice walk

00:28:57.510 --> 00:29:09.660 Janet Autherine: It just leaves room for self care for taking care of yourself or pursuing your passion or whatever it is that you want to do without feeling buried all the time because a lot of us just feel BURIED, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE HAVE CHILDREN.

00:29:10.650 --> 00:29:17.820 Antonia Thompson: I I'm kind of laughing to myself, because as you said that I realized that if I kept it to three things.

00:29:18.300 --> 00:29:24.300 Antonia Thompson: I would, I would not be managing other people's lives right I my kids would have to be a lot more self sufficient than they are.

00:29:24.690 --> 00:29:33.420 Antonia Thompson: My husband would have to be a lot more self sufficient than he is right. I love the idea. I love the idea because I'm like you know what you didn't make the top three today.

00:29:35.190 --> 00:29:43.770 Antonia Thompson: You're gonna have to go figure out and that. And I think that's part of us as moms. I just think that as mothers, we, we tend to think that we have to

00:29:44.100 --> 00:29:54.720 Antonia Thompson: Always be there for our kids always get them to where they need to be so that that's a really that is a really, really good tip you know my my my kids recently learned how to make pizza.

00:29:55.890 --> 00:29:56.310 Janet Autherine: And

00:29:56.340 --> 00:29:58.350 Antonia Thompson: Well guess what, my son only eat pizza.

00:29:59.370 --> 00:30:11.160 Janet Autherine: Yes, yes I was constantly buying pizza and they learn how to make pizza. It's the best thing ever because it's simple. You know dough toppings, pop it in the oven.

00:30:11.190 --> 00:30:15.600 Antonia Thompson: What do we have in a little bit of oil, a little bit of seasoning. Perfect.

00:30:15.900 --> 00:30:21.480 Janet Autherine: And now one thing is off my list. Yeah. Yeah. No.

00:30:21.570 --> 00:30:23.940 Antonia Thompson: Listen, I bow down. It's like they

00:30:24.120 --> 00:30:26.070 Janet Autherine: did not make pizza. So

00:30:27.330 --> 00:30:30.780 Janet Autherine: Our lives a lot more than we think we think we can

00:30:31.890 --> 00:30:41.250 Antonia Thompson: So we can get ready to take a break. This is Antonia we're listening with Janet author, the author and we will be right back, you're listening to. So now you know

00:30:46.920 --> 00:30:47.400 And my

00:33:08.010 --> 00:33:11.460 Antonia Thompson: Welcome back, you're listening to Antonia from. So now you know

00:33:12.810 --> 00:33:18.000 Antonia Thompson: What's fading. I know it's like zoom in and actually his court open. Are you guys

00:33:19.170 --> 00:33:26.040 Antonia Thompson: Are is your courtroom zoom or people actually in the courtroom. I was just listening to music and

00:33:26.040 --> 00:33:26.910 Janet Autherine: Jamming over here.

00:33:26.940 --> 00:33:28.260 Antonia Thompson: Not sure why I love my little

00:33:29.580 --> 00:33:40.020 Janet Autherine: I love the music and yes yes we are hope we're open and we have been since, well, okay.

00:33:40.980 --> 00:33:51.240 Janet Autherine: Open virtually. We do have a few people who are actually in the office sort of running things in the background, but it's it's a really, really basic crew.

00:33:51.810 --> 00:34:07.980 Janet Autherine: Most of the staff are working from home. Most of the judges are doing hearings by telephone, and some are doing it by video we're getting to the point where all of us will be doing it via video. Um, but yeah. Yeah, it's, it's, we've all adjusted and it's business as usual again.

00:34:09.240 --> 00:34:17.700 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, zoom, I think, has transformed a lot of people's lives. So as I play with virtual backgrounds and stuff. I noticed, like all of a sudden, I was being swallowed by my my sunflowers.

00:34:17.940 --> 00:34:30.240 Antonia Thompson: But we came back I wanted to put this up because one thing that I love about the work that you do and. And again, just let people know. I don't think you and I have seen each other since law school.

00:34:31.980 --> 00:34:37.830 Antonia Thompson: I don't think I don't, I don't know if we had a BC event because that's probably the only place of

00:34:37.830 --> 00:34:38.490 Bacon.

00:34:41.070 --> 00:34:42.180 Antonia Thompson: I would have seen you.

00:34:42.480 --> 00:34:46.140 Janet Autherine: Did you make it to that little reunion, we had in DC. Yes.

00:34:46.200 --> 00:34:47.490 Antonia Thompson: We did see each other. We did.

00:34:49.080 --> 00:34:49.440 Antonia Thompson: Right.

00:34:50.460 --> 00:34:50.820 Antonia Thompson: Okay.

00:34:51.690 --> 00:34:53.580 Antonia Thompson: But you know what, that's still was a long time ago.

00:34:54.000 --> 00:34:54.300 Antonia Thompson: I was

00:34:54.420 --> 00:34:56.280 Antonia Thompson: So what I love, though in

00:34:57.360 --> 00:35:06.000 Antonia Thompson: Seeing you on social media and following you, is that i i do think I found a point where I like loved monitors, like I see this where hope goes out the window peace quietly.

00:35:06.540 --> 00:35:12.840 Antonia Thompson: Interest at the door and I save them and I make a collection of them. That's why I was able to put this up here.

00:35:13.200 --> 00:35:18.030 Antonia Thompson: And I just love because I do think that there are times in our lives that things happen for a reason.

00:35:18.420 --> 00:35:25.050 Antonia Thompson: And sometimes it literally can be you're just looking at your phone. You go through social media, all of a sudden something like this pops out at you.

00:35:25.530 --> 00:35:30.870 Antonia Thompson: Right. So talk a little bit about your inspiration and how do these

00:35:31.710 --> 00:35:41.850 Antonia Thompson: Words come to you from others. Do you sometimes see through your writing that you're able to all of a sudden, look at your writing and say wow this is like really deep and powerful. This is something that needs to be shared.

00:35:43.170 --> 00:35:44.580 Janet Autherine: You know, most of it.

00:35:45.690 --> 00:35:54.150 Janet Autherine: I guess sometimes, unfortunately, sometimes. Fortunately, it's just one burst of inspiration that they get and sometimes

00:35:54.960 --> 00:36:03.120 Janet Autherine: There are things going on in my life where, for instance, the one that you put up you know when hope was that the window.

00:36:04.050 --> 00:36:19.620 Janet Autherine: He's walk, he walks in the door and that one was really inspired by someone in my life that I lost and not not to that to someone to that was very close to who walked out the door.

00:36:20.820 --> 00:36:31.200 Janet Autherine: And from that, I just got an inspiration to write, you know, when hope the hope of that relationship goes out the door peace walks in.

00:36:31.530 --> 00:36:39.990 Janet Autherine: Because even though that hope was lost. I was in a place where I was very peaceful, you know, there was no worry there was no stress off a sudden that had my piece back

00:36:41.460 --> 00:36:47.460 Janet Autherine: So usually the things that I right or based on the experiences that I'm having

00:36:47.970 --> 00:37:00.990 Janet Autherine: And whether they're negative or positive I try to find something in it that I can share, especially if they're negative because I think, like you said, things happen to us for a reason. So I always say, you know, why is this happening.

00:37:01.860 --> 00:37:07.800 Janet Autherine: What good can I get from it. How can I use it to help someone else.

00:37:08.940 --> 00:37:13.410 Janet Autherine: Um yeah and and that is the fuel for a lot of my writing.

00:37:14.130 --> 00:37:26.190 Antonia Thompson: Do you have a go to place like do you go away to different, I don't know, writing camps. Do you travel, like, where's your go to place where you feel you go and it's your it's your moment to just reconnect.

00:37:27.360 --> 00:37:38.730 Janet Autherine: Well, I guess two places when I can travel. I am like, I love coffee shops, love, love, love coffee shops and I haven't been doing that a lot because because of koeppen

00:37:39.450 --> 00:37:49.200 Janet Autherine: But I used to find. I mean, I know we're almost every coffee shop is in Orlando area really really cool cool quite ones.

00:37:50.010 --> 00:38:00.480 Janet Autherine: And I go in, I get my my writing pad. I have my books I sit in the corner and I can sit there for three hours and just hang out and right and that's where I get my inspiration now.

00:38:00.900 --> 00:38:09.090 Janet Autherine: And I do that whenever I travel whenever I go somewhere, you know, I go on TripAdvisor I Google and I said, you know, what's the best coffee shop.

00:38:09.690 --> 00:38:17.100 Janet Autherine: In whether it's Jacksonville or Boston or DC and that's probably one of the first places that I'm going to go. So I love that.

00:38:17.460 --> 00:38:27.150 Janet Autherine: I don't write very, very well at home because as you know mom of three boys and there's always food to make is always laundry to get done. There's always something to organize

00:38:27.600 --> 00:38:44.370 Janet Autherine: So that doesn't work very well for me when I can travel on my boys are, what your dad two weekends, a month. So I go to one of the beaches usually my sweet spot is clear what a beach, which I love. Actually, one of the best beaches.

00:38:45.960 --> 00:38:53.610 Janet Autherine: In the world is clear. What are the two more. I'm partial to the Jamaica beaches are going to be in the US there. What is absolutely fantastic.

00:38:54.210 --> 00:39:07.950 Janet Autherine: And I just tried to the beach. It's about an hour and a half from my at my house and I say they were all day going to get a beach chair and an umbrella and I sit and I do my writing. I do my best work at the beach. Wow.

00:39:08.910 --> 00:39:15.420 Janet Autherine: I was pitching for days at the beach. I always tell my husband. When I retired I just want to be foot

00:39:15.450 --> 00:39:19.140 Antonia Thompson: I just want to be able to walk out the front door and go right to the beach, although I don't know if I'll be writing

00:39:21.180 --> 00:39:21.660 Antonia Thompson: Writing

00:39:22.410 --> 00:39:25.560 Janet Autherine: What, what, what is your passion. What are you going to do, I

00:39:25.590 --> 00:39:27.990 Antonia Thompson: Think it's this, it's just talking. It's gabbing

00:39:30.270 --> 00:39:30.780 Antonia Thompson: Before

00:39:31.830 --> 00:39:40.020 Antonia Thompson: You know, I still have some of the work that I do that's tied to the law because I do think there's a lot of it that I love doing. And actually, I will admit the last couple of years.

00:39:40.620 --> 00:39:46.290 Antonia Thompson: I have been missing the litigation and missing the courtroom. You know, like 10 years as a public defender and doing

00:39:46.620 --> 00:39:55.200 Antonia Thompson: You know trial work, working with kids and families. I mean, I really did enjoy it just you know reminiscing you talked about seeing problems and

00:39:55.770 --> 00:40:04.380 Antonia Thompson: And breaking them down into simple so I do miss that. And I think a lot of times when I think about the equation. What I like what do I want to do what I'm passionate about.

00:40:05.760 --> 00:40:13.890 Antonia Thompson: I just end up with a lot of options. And it's like, well, which which path. But then I also think women of our age.

00:40:14.430 --> 00:40:20.310 Antonia Thompson: As we get to that. The problem is, well, am I too old. Right. And have I been up to.

00:40:20.700 --> 00:40:31.740 Antonia Thompson: Where I haven't been in the legal profession per se and practicing. Have I missed out because I haven't been doing it for seven years. Like how do I go out and reinvent myself to start interviewing for those positions so

00:40:32.010 --> 00:40:48.990 Antonia Thompson: Do you have any insight for the women that are either looking for a career change that are confident least enough to do the career change to do something different or maybe go back and do something that you did previously. Is it is it ever too late. And you know, when I lived in DC, I

00:40:50.040 --> 00:41:05.910 Used to go to, you know, this is a very, you know, social very network and kind of city nice to go to all of these Bar Association meetings. And I remember I went to one and I met this fantastic lady and her words.

00:41:07.410 --> 00:41:18.450 Have stayed with me. You know, it's been probably about 15 years now. But the interesting thing about her is that she had about three full blown careers.

00:41:19.020 --> 00:41:29.730 You know she was a teacher you know 15 years and he decided to become a nurse and she was a nurse for another 10 years and then she decided to go to law school.

00:41:31.380 --> 00:41:36.900 Janet Autherine: To become a lawyer. And she said, You know what, you can you can get off the path.

00:41:37.890 --> 00:41:48.420 Janet Autherine: You don't have to follow the script. You don't have to do the same thing that you've been doing for the last 10 years you can get up and you can do something else with your life and that's okay.

00:41:49.410 --> 00:41:59.640 Janet Autherine: So she's been. I don't even remember her name, but she's been an inspiration to me for years, but I think it's too late to, you know, to follow whatever dream you have

00:42:00.270 --> 00:42:16.470 Janet Autherine: And what's been challenging for me is, you know, you know, I spent I guess 25 plus years now just pursuing the law and got to a place where. Okay, I think I'm okay. I'm cool. I know what I'm doing.

00:42:18.870 --> 00:42:27.060 Janet Autherine: It's almost easy for me. I feel like I'm the top of my profession, the top of my game the hard part. And I've always been a perfectionist.

00:42:27.540 --> 00:42:36.990 Janet Autherine: So the hard part for me was to start doing the writing. You know, I started the publishing company because I wanted to publish my own books and

00:42:37.410 --> 00:42:49.620 Janet Autherine: So starting, you know, the writing where I have to write books. I have to market books. I have to go out and I have to have a little stand and I have to sell books.

00:42:50.310 --> 00:43:02.880 Janet Autherine: And that whole journey has been really challenging because when you've been good at a certain thing for a long time. It's really hard to start from scratch again.

00:43:03.390 --> 00:43:20.130 Janet Autherine: When you're when you're a little bit older, it's not impossible. So I'm just sharing the story to say, yeah, yeah, you can you can do it. I'm learning so many things I'm learning the entire publishing business, the entire publishing world, meeting new people. It's scary. It's exciting.

00:43:21.900 --> 00:43:22.290 Janet Autherine: Yeah.

00:43:22.590 --> 00:43:23.940 Antonia Thompson: Okay. My day job.

00:43:24.330 --> 00:43:36.270 Janet Autherine: Yes, yes. Because the thing is, I love my day job. I feel like have the best of both worlds. Because, you know, with a day job, you know, I'm helping people. I'm using my listening skills.

00:43:36.840 --> 00:43:45.120 Janet Autherine: I'm using my negotiation skills. I feel like every day that I go to work I'm doing something to help someone in the community and I need that.

00:43:46.020 --> 00:44:01.230 Janet Autherine: I need to get up feeling like I'm going to be of service to someone. Today Apple. So I'm using that. But I also I'm fortunate enough to be able to tap into my creative side and do the writing to somebody. I'm in a really good place now but

00:44:01.920 --> 00:44:21.030 Janet Autherine: You know, listen, you know, if you're on a path and you want to do something else. Get off the path, right. I think it now and I'm not even sure, um, because people say, you know, your destinies your destiny and doesn't matter what road you take you're eventually going to get there.

00:44:23.430 --> 00:44:34.470 Janet Autherine: So I don't know. Some people believe that, and it may be true, I always leave my brain open for you know for different ways of thinking. So, you know, don't be afraid to

00:44:34.980 --> 00:44:39.870 Antonia Thompson: Break and then I'm gonna, I want to come back and pick up on it because that's, that's an interesting thought.

00:44:41.190 --> 00:44:48.840 Antonia Thompson: Maybe I'm just stuck in a perpetual rotary. I don't know. So this is Antonia and so now you know and we will be right back with Janet

00:44:53.310 --> 00:44:54.030 NYC.

00:47:05.040 --> 00:47:10.500 Antonia Thompson: You're listening to Antonia and so now you know sometimes I hear my music come in and

00:47:10.530 --> 00:47:10.860 Janet Autherine: Out and

00:47:11.400 --> 00:47:14.400 Antonia Thompson: So if my timings off today you all, forgive me.

00:47:15.720 --> 00:47:31.140 Antonia Thompson: We're getting into the last segment of the show. Janice. I just wanted to share your information again with those that are watching and listening. You need to visit Janet Janet or 13 calm and just talk to me about your books and you just came up recently came out with

00:47:32.190 --> 00:47:36.510 Antonia Thompson: The heart and soul of a woman was that recently that this is your last book that you've published

00:47:37.020 --> 00:47:47.400 Janet Autherine: Yeah, my last book is it's the heart and soul of black woman. And, um, I, I started writing and

00:47:48.660 --> 00:47:49.860 Janet Autherine: You know, I started writing

00:47:50.970 --> 00:48:08.010 Janet Autherine: A second poetry book maybe about a year ago and I have a lot of material. But you know what, everything that was going on with up. I'm a mom of three boys. Okay, so three African American boys and

00:48:08.010 --> 00:48:09.540 Antonia Thompson: Bless you, with three boys.

00:48:10.380 --> 00:48:34.350 Janet Autherine: Thank you. Thank you. Um, but with everything going on with George Floyd and you know all of you know our black men who've been killed and in a lot of my friends just being sad and depressed and being scared for their sons, and we've been and, you know, kind of barely functioning.

00:48:35.490 --> 00:48:38.910 Janet Autherine: I wanted to, you know, do something for us.

00:48:40.260 --> 00:48:50.790 Janet Autherine: For the sisters really to tell to tell our stories and because I think a lot of times we're seen as strong and resilient all the time.

00:48:51.150 --> 00:48:55.380 Janet Autherine: You have to be the strong one. You have to be the resilient one you're supposed to bounce back

00:48:55.980 --> 00:49:05.250 Janet Autherine: And we can throw whatever problem we have in your lap, and you'll be okay. And we really never get a chance to to explore all of our humanity.

00:49:05.820 --> 00:49:16.080 Janet Autherine: You know, we can be strongly can be resilient, but can also be sad can be depressed. We may need medication. We can be vulnerable. You know, we don't get a chance to be vulnerable.

00:49:16.800 --> 00:49:34.290 Janet Autherine: So the poems and the heart and soul of black woman, you know, cover a variety of things that covers you know our love lives dealing with rejection abandonment raising black sons raising, you know, children on the autism spectrum or children with special needs, and

00:49:35.820 --> 00:49:42.360 Janet Autherine: You know, community service, you know, getting involved in politics and how that affects us

00:49:43.530 --> 00:50:00.570 Janet Autherine: So it covers a variety of things. So I'm really, really proud of this book and you know this is a book that I would love, you know, for every black woman or every woman of color, you know, to read. I feel like it's a love offering to us. Oh, great. So we have to visit.

00:50:00.930 --> 00:50:01.890 Antonia Thompson: Your web page.

00:50:02.970 --> 00:50:03.900 Antonia Thompson: Copy of this

00:50:04.920 --> 00:50:10.860 Antonia Thompson: So I was going to ask you. I mean, you just said, You're very proud of all these. So out of all of your books. Is this a favorite

00:50:12.060 --> 00:50:32.010 Janet Autherine: And the one that's I love this one. The one that tells my story is called Island mindfulness, how to use the transformational power of mindfulness create an abundant life and and it's close to my heart because it chronicled my entire journey from Jamaica.

00:50:33.360 --> 00:50:42.870 Janet Autherine: You know, to move to the US to all the struggles that I went through it covered my ancestors in Jamaica and how close I was to them. A lot of them have passed away now.

00:50:43.260 --> 00:50:49.080 Janet Autherine: You know, it went through, you know, my marriage have been kids divorce and, you know, you know,

00:50:49.650 --> 00:51:08.730 Janet Autherine: Picking, picking self care and travel so it covers my entire journey and how I was able to create a work life balance and and mindfulness. Mindfulness and how mindfulness helped me kind of balance everything that happens in my life.

00:51:09.720 --> 00:51:20.490 Antonia Thompson: Do you still feel that there is a spiritual foundation. There are you still, you know, how much does the your spirituality still play into some of your writing.

00:51:21.420 --> 00:51:32.760 Janet Autherine: On it. It was a big part of my first book going into greatness with God and and that was a good thing because, you know, I've been in church since

00:51:33.420 --> 00:51:43.290 Janet Autherine: Since I i can since I knew before I knew my name that was interesting and I grew up seven day adventist and what that means is that your church, about four or five times per week.

00:51:44.130 --> 00:51:55.380 Janet Autherine: So, so it's always been a huge part of my journey at this point in my life. I am a Christian, but I'm really more about love and service and

00:51:55.890 --> 00:52:05.370 Janet Autherine: And how we can you know help people along their journey, how we can serve others that we can give back to the community. So that's a spiritual journey that I am um

00:52:06.120 --> 00:52:15.900 Janet Autherine: But, yeah, yeah. It runs through almost everything that I do service runs through almost everything that I do. I think that's what I've gotten the most

00:52:16.350 --> 00:52:27.750 Janet Autherine: For my Christian upbringing, is to always be helpful to always be kind to always find a way to give back. Right. So, and as far as giving back there.

00:52:28.920 --> 00:52:36.600 Janet Autherine: There are two things that love to mention there may be someone in your audience who would love to mentor young women.

00:52:37.620 --> 00:52:45.960 Janet Autherine: So I have this group on Facebook. It's called self care sisters self care sisters. So, look it up self care sisters

00:52:46.470 --> 00:52:55.170 Janet Autherine: And it shows a group of women who are interested in self care, you're interested in finding their purpose during interested in telling your stories.

00:52:55.590 --> 00:53:03.510 Janet Autherine: And they were interested in sharing your journeys with the younger generation. So we all get together and help and support each other.

00:53:03.960 --> 00:53:10.980 Janet Autherine: So if anyone would love to be a part of that. I would love to have you. And also, women, leaving footprints in the stand.

00:53:11.580 --> 00:53:29.340 Janet Autherine: And that's my written version of what you do, how you tell the stories, but your interview I do it through writing. So, and I love to feature women, especially women, or the top of their games, right. So if you would love to be interviewed, I would love to interview you.

00:53:31.200 --> 00:53:36.600 Janet Autherine: might tell your story feature you let everyone know how absolutely fabulous you are

00:53:36.960 --> 00:53:45.960 Antonia Thompson: Yeah. One great thing that I could say about covidien it has created so many different platforms for people to get their voices out there. Right. I think

00:53:46.260 --> 00:53:53.310 Antonia Thompson: You see a lot of the protesting and so forth. You just see people that normally might not be on social media actually being on social media.

00:53:53.610 --> 00:54:02.340 Antonia Thompson: And just like you're doing you're bringing people together for this common cause that perhaps we might not have done before, but because we're so needy in our community.

00:54:02.730 --> 00:54:09.090 Antonia Thompson: People are looking for that. So I just think it's just wonderful. The all the different ways and the more ways that we can create

00:54:10.440 --> 00:54:19.530 Antonia Thompson: Platforms for people to be heard. So as we finish up Jana. I just wanted to leave some last steps, you know, we have this election coming up. There's a lot of anxiety in the community.

00:54:19.770 --> 00:54:34.950 Antonia Thompson: About what our future is going to look like we have coven alive and well, starting in with our flu season. What are just some really quick tips that you could just give to us and the listeners to just make, how do we become centered and just find some peace and all this chaos.

00:54:36.240 --> 00:54:45.930 Janet Autherine: Yeah. You know, I think this is a time to to know what's important to you on, you know, whether it's service or friendship.

00:54:47.610 --> 00:54:49.200 Because, you know, if we leave

00:54:50.250 --> 00:54:58.440 Janet Autherine: I always say you hang out with your good friends because anytime you're interacting with anyone. It's almost like a life and death decision.

00:54:58.980 --> 00:55:07.230 Janet Autherine: So it narrows your life in a way, but also makes you focus on what's important to you and who is important to you.

00:55:08.070 --> 00:55:18.030 Janet Autherine: Your family, your close friends and any good that you can do in the community. So I say focus on the things that are really important to you focus on the things that bring you joy.

00:55:18.600 --> 00:55:29.970 Janet Autherine: And that you know that makes you get up in the morning and say hey you know this is going to be my purpose today or this is going to be my path today and I'm going to be happy. Walking in that path.

00:55:30.990 --> 00:55:40.560 Janet Autherine: Because, you know, life is so uncertain, you know, we don't know tomorrow is promised. And so this is a time just to lean in lean into you.

00:55:41.070 --> 00:55:50.730 Janet Autherine: And whoever you are, embrace all that you are and and then see once you do that, and once you feel feel centered

00:55:51.630 --> 00:56:10.650 Janet Autherine: Then see how you can kind of spread that centeredness or that joy out to the community and help others because there's so many of us who need help, even those of us who seem to be strong with seem to be doing well. They always say check on your strong friends check on your strong friends.

00:56:12.480 --> 00:56:19.230 Janet Autherine: And make sure they're doing okay. And because it's a struggle for for a lot of us. Yeah, absolutely.

00:56:19.500 --> 00:56:27.810 Antonia Thompson: And I, and I think it's also important just to recognize the toxic toxic up the top sickness have some friendships and some relationships.

00:56:28.230 --> 00:56:30.630 Janet Autherine: And I also feel like people right it

00:56:30.690 --> 00:56:40.530 Antonia Thompson: Don't be afraid to let that go, because sometimes it is that toxic relationship, whether you believe it to be toxic that kind of get in our way right

00:56:41.490 --> 00:56:49.410 Janet Autherine: Let go of the toxic people let go of the breaking news cycle. I had to give up. I watched the debate last night.

00:56:50.850 --> 00:57:01.830 Janet Autherine: But I had to give up for the most part, watching TV, and I now read by news I get up. I'm not first thing the morning because for a single morning. You want to center yourself. You want to meditate.

00:57:02.340 --> 00:57:16.890 Janet Autherine: You want to think of your three things. And then you want to move your life, but I read the news downside of watching it, because a constant breaking news cycle was bringing me down on ya know, so a lot of us, you have to get away from that.

00:57:18.630 --> 00:57:23.100 Janet Autherine: Have to fiercely guarded. Our, our spirits yeah I

00:57:23.310 --> 00:57:26.430 Antonia Thompson: I completely, completely 100% agree with that.

00:57:26.970 --> 00:57:38.580 Antonia Thompson: Thank you so much. Janet for coming on the show. You definitely have to come back I want everyone to visit her website look into her books, we will make sure that it's up on Facebook and on my page.

00:57:38.970 --> 00:57:48.360 Antonia Thompson: And I will follow up to get that more information about the mentoring program, so we can get that out and share it with people. It's been too long, my friend, and I'm so happy to see you. I'm

00:57:48.420 --> 00:57:57.240 Antonia Thompson: glad I'm healthy and happy. I might reach out, you know, keep this conversation going, but I just love the work that you're doing. It's really inspiration.

00:57:58.230 --> 00:58:09.120 Antonia Thompson: And you are, you know, sometimes you wonder if you're being impactful. But you are because all these years that have been going by, I have been following and listening and finally said, You know what, I got to get her on my show.

00:58:09.360 --> 00:58:10.410 Antonia Thompson: So I'm so happy.

00:58:11.040 --> 00:58:18.240 Antonia Thompson: That you're here. I'm happy that everyone joined us today, we will be back next week, next Thursday. Five o'clock. And so now you know and

00:58:18.480 --> 00:58:29.490 Antonia Thompson: I always have my rules when I leave you know social distancing wash those hands. Make sure you wear your mask right everyone's goal is to say happy and healthy and if by chance you do get sick.

00:58:29.850 --> 00:58:34.620 Antonia Thompson: And you are covered. There is no stigma attached to that. Just take care of yourself hunker down

00:58:34.890 --> 00:58:46.650 Antonia Thompson: Do a doctor tells you to do, and we'll keep praying for you that you know you come out the other end and you come back and join us. So I'll see everyone back next week. Thursday at five o'clock on. So now you know. Thank you, Janet.

00:58:46.950 --> 00:58:48.300 Janet Autherine: Thanks for having me.

00:58:48.390 --> 00:58:49.740 Antonia Thompson: No worries. Thank you.