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Thursday, October 8, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/10/08 - Credibility Nation


2020/10/08 - Credibility Nation

[NEW EPISODE] Credibility Nation

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Entrepreneur , Credibility Expert, Speaker and International Bestselling Author, Mitchell Levy.


Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is a TEDx speaker and international bestselling author of over 60 books. After interviewing 500 thought leaders on credibility he was compelled to start Credibility Nation, a credibility movement, write a book, create courses, and update the definition of credibility in the dictionary.

He's an accomplished Entrepreneur who has created twenty businesses in Silicon Valley including four publishing companies that have published over 850 books. He's provided strategic consulting to hundreds of companies and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ-listed company.


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam begins with his quotes of the day. He welcomes his guest, Mitchell Levy. Mitchell and Sam discuss his quotes of the day and how they align with what is going on in their lives right now.  

Segment 2

Sam and Mitchell discuss how they met, at EBC retreat. Sam asks why Mitchell is so interested in credibility. When he was running his book publishing company, he had published over 800 books and he realized he was serving the wrong audience. In 2018 he built a writing school. He started interviewing 500 people, and when he ended the interviews he realized it wasn’t about someone telling him who he is, but the opportunity to recognize that credibility is not a word but the way you are. Credibility is how you show up. If you want a better life, you live life with ease, and to do that you live life with credibility. There is a close relationship between authenticity and credibility, you can't have one or the other. Authenticity is one of the ten components of credibility. Another component is being known. We have been taught wrong our entire lives to live in the industrial age.  

Segment 3

Sam discusses his book. Mitchell discusses how to do a self-assessment. He says his wife keeps him in credibility nation. He has been receiving “the presents” for the last 5-15 years. When he hit interview 475, he realized the person who is going to help elevate consciousness is him. So he has a summit, which is  the start of a movement. It is two days that focus on what the results of the 500 interviews were. After that there are speakers who each have 20 minutes. Whoever you are, he wants to be able to be at the stage where he tells someone he loves them. If you know someone's intent then you can say that honestly. In two days, the number is going to be as powerful as you want it to be.  

Segment 4

Sam asks about the top misconceptions about credibility. There are three things we do that hurt our credibility: lack of clarity, lack of integrity, and poor communication. The world has a microphone and a camera now, and if you aren’t clear there is someone else around the corner with a different approach who, if they are clear, will get the message across. When you start a convo with I or We, people think you are a salesperson. They will stop listening. Poor asynchronous communication. How you communicate with who you are allows people to decide whether they want to get to know you. Integrity is important. Show up and let people know if you cannot show up. 


00:00:36.720 --> 00:00:50.040 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased. You're all here with me today.

00:00:50.730 --> 00:01:04.980 Sam Liebowitz: It's another making week another kind of interesting week. And for those of you. Excuse me, who are subscribed to the talk radio newsletter.

00:01:05.670 --> 00:01:09.570 Sam Liebowitz: We do have a little switch up this week, my original gas was not able to make it.

00:01:10.320 --> 00:01:17.280 Sam Liebowitz: So I actually have somebody different. But if you're subscribed to my conscious consultant newsletter, you already knew that. So,

00:01:17.550 --> 00:01:35.520 Sam Liebowitz: I will introduce him in a moment. I'm very excited about him coming on the show today. But first, of course, we have, as always, our quotes from the universe and from Abraham to kick off our show. So let's see what the universe and Abraham have in store for us today. First from the universe.

00:01:36.780 --> 00:01:58.470 Sam Liebowitz: Show me. Someone who keeps getting in your way. And I'll show you. Someone who keeps making excuses, tricky, tricky, tricky. The universe we love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe. I think the universe here is trying to remind me personally.

00:02:00.330 --> 00:02:03.840 Sam Liebowitz: That when we put the

00:02:05.040 --> 00:02:15.750 Sam Liebowitz: onus on somebody else in our lives when we make it that somebody else is causing us trouble is getting in the way, is making it difficult for us.

00:02:17.040 --> 00:02:17.610 Sam Liebowitz: That

00:02:19.380 --> 00:02:22.050 Sam Liebowitz: We're actually just making excuses.

00:02:23.280 --> 00:02:44.400 Sam Liebowitz: For not focusing on what we really want and that there are always difficult people throughout our lives. There are always challenges, whether it's people's situations, all kinds of things that just occur and so

00:02:45.510 --> 00:02:59.370 Sam Liebowitz: What we want is to make sure that we are not letting somebody else's actions dictate our responses. We do not want to let somebody else's

00:03:00.930 --> 00:03:09.570 Sam Liebowitz: How shall we say somebody else's influence on our world overcome our own influence on our world.

00:03:10.590 --> 00:03:24.840 Sam Liebowitz: So whenever we see ourselves saying, hey, you know, it's all because this person did that or that person did this. That's a sign that's definitely a sign that we should be

00:03:26.100 --> 00:03:38.040 Sam Liebowitz: Looking at ourselves and not someone else good quote from the universe today. All right, let's see what Abraham has in store for us.

00:03:40.590 --> 00:03:43.410 Sam Liebowitz: Alright. Awesome. So from Abraham

00:03:44.700 --> 00:04:02.580 Sam Liebowitz: Be glad you don't have instant manifestation this buffer of time is really your friend. It's your opportunity to observe and to ponder and to visualize and to remember it's your opportunity to take an emotional journey.

00:04:03.960 --> 00:04:16.290 Sam Liebowitz: That might be different from what you're actually observing Abraham, huh, good one from Abraham, and this is something I know a lot of people get caught up in

00:04:17.790 --> 00:04:39.750 Sam Liebowitz: Because sometimes we feel that, you know, luck day I made my intention. Why is it not happening. You know, we're a little bit impatient with the universe that we feel things should come like this it should happen right away. Well, that's not life. That's not the way things work.

00:04:40.950 --> 00:04:45.150 Sam Liebowitz: And one of the reasons why is

00:04:46.680 --> 00:05:00.300 Sam Liebowitz: That we need that opportunity that buffer of time. Number one, to make sure that it's something we really do want to manifest. And number two, it's giving us that opportunity that

00:05:01.410 --> 00:05:20.520 Sam Liebowitz: Chance to really visualize to really meditate on it to two as as Abraham says here to take an emotional journey that might be different from what we're observing so that may be were observing things aren't coming to us.

00:05:21.960 --> 00:05:46.320 Sam Liebowitz: And we can check in, in our bodies and see how does that feel, are we experiencing lack. Are we experiencing self criticism, what is going on inside of us. And that is goal that is so rich that emotional journey tells us so much about our internal workings and where are we focusing

00:05:47.820 --> 00:05:48.810 Sam Liebowitz: So by

00:05:50.190 --> 00:06:03.930 Sam Liebowitz: Not having things instantly manifest. It's really giving us an opportunity to be present to what's going on inside of us and to shifting and adjusting accordingly.

00:06:04.980 --> 00:06:07.170 Sam Liebowitz: And this way it makes us

00:06:08.310 --> 00:06:13.950 Sam Liebowitz: Be able to take such a richer journey than if things just happened right away.

00:06:15.690 --> 00:06:36.030 Sam Liebowitz: And so I think, you know, Abraham here is trying to remind us that it's okay not to have things manifest instantaneously. And indeed, you know, one of the things, Abraham says that a lot of people miss is that when we make the

00:06:37.980 --> 00:06:41.340 Sam Liebowitz: The opportunity to feel good about

00:06:42.780 --> 00:06:53.310 Sam Liebowitz: Just thinking about this thing, bringing it into our lives that it when that is almost more important than the actual thing showing up.

00:06:53.670 --> 00:07:03.930 Sam Liebowitz: In it's all about taking that emotional journey that vibrational journey that that energetic journey to help us to really be more

00:07:04.260 --> 00:07:19.890 Sam Liebowitz: in alignment with who and what we are to be tuned into that internal life force that flows through us and just connect to that, regardless of what the external circumstances are. And again, this relates very much to the first quote

00:07:21.150 --> 00:07:30.480 Sam Liebowitz: About not letting other people interfere with our experience, it's, it's the internal work that we do. And it's our internal world.

00:07:31.050 --> 00:07:45.270 Sam Liebowitz: Is so important and and really has such an impact on how we show up in the world and how we show up in the world completely changes what manifests before us.

00:07:46.500 --> 00:07:47.040 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:07:48.330 --> 00:07:57.540 Sam Liebowitz: A wonderful quote from Abraham a great quote, quote from the universe, I think, very apropos for my guest today.

00:07:58.410 --> 00:08:19.050 Sam Liebowitz: And I do see you William on the Facebook Live. Thank you for tuning in today. Great to see you and today we have something a little different for you. It is my pleasure now to welcome to the show entrepreneur credibility expert speaker and international best selling author Mitchell levy

00:08:20.700 --> 00:08:34.110 Sam Liebowitz: levy a global black global credibility expert Mitchell levy is a TEDx fellow TEDx speaker and an international best selling author of over 60 books. Wait a minute, 60 books Mitchell.

00:08:36.030 --> 00:08:45.180 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, I should I shouldn't get the number i think i think this one back there is 65 I'm hoping it's not 6665 I

00:08:45.420 --> 00:08:46.080 Mitchell Levy: Have to say, oh, it's

00:08:47.340 --> 00:08:56.430 Sam Liebowitz: Amazing. So after interviewing 500 thought leaders on credibility, he, he was compelled to start credibility nation.

00:08:56.700 --> 00:09:05.250 Sam Liebowitz: A credibility movement, write a book, create courses and update the definition of credibility in the dictionary. He's an accomplished.

00:09:05.550 --> 00:09:20.280 Sam Liebowitz: entrepreneur who has created 20 businesses in Silicon Valley, including for publishing companies that have published over 850 books. Wow, I didn't realize that you still have a publishing company or sorry,

00:09:21.060 --> 00:09:30.750 Mitchell Levy: Yes, I love this bio because it's causing you to have aha moments. Yeah. We yes I still have actually it's four different publishing companies and that's helping to fund the movement.

00:09:30.990 --> 00:09:44.370 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Wonderful. Wonderful. He's, he's provided strategic consulting to hundreds of companies and has been chairman of the board of a NASDAQ listed company. Welcome to the conscious consultant. Our Mitchell. It's a pleasure to have you today.

00:09:45.030 --> 00:09:59.250 Mitchell Levy: I'm actually, I have to say the pleasure truly is mine because the universe conspired for you to give those two quotes at the absolute right time for me to hear them.

00:09:59.760 --> 00:10:00.270 Sam Liebowitz: And my

00:10:00.300 --> 00:10:12.360 Mitchell Levy: personal interpretation of them has significantly affected. So we've got over 700 people lined up for our summit, the VIP is today the summit's tomorrow.

00:10:13.320 --> 00:10:32.640 Mitchell Levy: I'm not one of those guys that script out. So in the first hour so it's 8am Pacific so 11 Eastern in that first hour. I've got 20 minutes that are showing the evolution of of the movement and I've got 40 minutes to talk about what I learned from interviewing 500 people

00:10:33.060 --> 00:10:38.940 Mitchell Levy: Um, and, and I have to tell you so. So we're going to what what was fascinating exam is

00:10:39.960 --> 00:10:44.970 Mitchell Levy: I've taken the spin. I've always sort of taken a spin like what I think is the right thing.

00:10:45.300 --> 00:10:52.110 Mitchell Levy: And what I've done with this movement so far is I've taken the spin because those people around me who are influencing me are sort of

00:10:52.380 --> 00:11:01.260 Mitchell Levy: Take the spin that people could actually use it to make money because if they make money. They're going to want to use it more. And what what I've always been fighting

00:11:01.680 --> 00:11:19.230 Mitchell Levy: Is this is more than just to make money thing so it's it's the I'm that balance between heart and coming out with a heart centered movement and business as a business centered movement like I'm doing something that I haven't seen done before.

00:11:19.710 --> 00:11:20.700 Mitchell Levy: And so

00:11:20.820 --> 00:11:27.030 Mitchell Levy: Here's what you said to me, and it was echoed because I was with one of my friends last night and I he goes

00:11:27.510 --> 00:11:34.620 Mitchell Levy: He was Mitchell, I was reading all your marketing material and I'm going, I'm in. I'm in, because it's you, but he runs a company in the

00:11:35.010 --> 00:11:47.730 Mitchell Levy: multi million actually multi 10s of millions and he goes, I'm coming. He guys but I read your stuff and because of what you read. I had our time sharing it because it was so business focused

00:11:48.330 --> 00:11:54.630 Mitchell Levy: At and and before I did that, I told him what what I was really thinking what I'm really doing because

00:11:55.230 --> 00:12:12.570 Mitchell Levy: But if you told me what you if you had said in your stuff what you're doing, I'd be all in. And so, so, so this interview is going to be different because he he hit me on the head last night and you just echoed such a beautiful sentiment. So thank you.

00:12:13.380 --> 00:12:23.400 Sam Liebowitz: You're most welcome. And it's so funny because you know the quotes I don't cherry pick them. They are the quotes that hit my inbox. In the morning of my show.

00:12:23.700 --> 00:12:39.240 Sam Liebowitz: And the quotes are always in all of my guests. Say it that the quotes are always so apropos for who the guest is and and what the topic is for that day so it does not surprise me at all that these quotes are perfect for you. Mitchell.

00:12:39.900 --> 00:13:00.180 Sam Liebowitz: Because they just, they always are. And that's the beauty to me of the non randomness of the universe, you know, we tend to think things are very random but they actually are perfectly aligned. We just usually don't have the perspective to see that perfect alignment. So

00:13:00.180 --> 00:13:00.840 Sam Liebowitz: That's right.

00:13:00.930 --> 00:13:13.110 Mitchell Levy: I was just going to add on that. That's the I'm going to say instead of saying perspective, but that is absolutely right. Sam, it is you're not ready to receive the present that comes your way.

00:13:13.650 --> 00:13:14.280 Sam Liebowitz: Um,

00:13:14.340 --> 00:13:23.790 Mitchell Levy: Because we get presence, all the time. We get presence, all the time. Extra. Matter of fact, one of the components of credibility. There are 10 components that defined credibility.

00:13:24.240 --> 00:13:36.240 Mitchell Levy: The, the 10th component is your ability to be coached, no matter how smart, no matter how good, no matter how high of a achieved that you've made, you could always learn from somebody somewhere.

00:13:36.570 --> 00:13:49.260 Mitchell Levy: I you need to be ready for the presence that come your way and and so perspective is fine word I just use, you know, I just use the word okay we're my presence and

00:13:49.860 --> 00:13:51.000 Mitchell Levy: I expect them.

00:13:51.330 --> 00:14:00.870 Mitchell Levy: I just sort of make sure I hear them. And I go, oh, right, and sometimes so small and sometimes are huge that this morning was a huge one. It was

00:14:01.530 --> 00:14:12.270 Mitchell Levy: I woke up this morning thinking about my conversation from last night and you just you took the hammer and you sledge hammer it down and you've just kept going. Boom. Boom.

00:14:12.450 --> 00:14:13.950 Sam Liebowitz: Boom. Okay.

00:14:14.010 --> 00:14:14.730 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, right.

00:14:15.240 --> 00:14:24.060 Sam Liebowitz: I said, awesome. Yeah, I like to say we, I guess if using the term presence. It's about being present to our presence.

00:14:26.220 --> 00:14:26.490 Mitchell Levy: Yeah.

00:14:26.970 --> 00:14:35.610 Sam Liebowitz: We're gonna take a quick break. But when we come back I want to talk about what got you so interested in credibility. Like what, like

00:14:36.300 --> 00:14:46.710 Sam Liebowitz: inspired you to become so focused on credibility, given your background, all this amazing stuff that you've done, what, what was it about credibility in this day and age.

00:14:46.950 --> 00:15:01.950 Sam Liebowitz: That that got you to focus on that and then we'll talk about, you know, maybe some common myths and misconceptions around credibility and then what people can do to actually, you know, uh, cultivate credibility in their life. Okay. Mitchell.

00:15:02.430 --> 00:15:10.920 Sam Liebowitz: Perfect. Awesome. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday.

00:15:11.160 --> 00:15:29.280 Sam Liebowitz: 12 noon eastern to 1pm right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and we will be right back after this. We're listening to talk radio NYC at www talk radio dot NYC now broadcasting 24 hours a day.

00:17:33.540 --> 00:17:51.660 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. My guest this hour is credibility expert Mitchell levy and fellow EDC member, you know, I have to mention that, you know, I met Mitchell. How long ago was it three years ago, four years ago.

00:17:51.960 --> 00:17:57.900 Mitchell Levy: You know it was that it was on IT WAS IN LONG BEACH WHEN WE HAD THAT WE CAN retreat.

00:17:58.110 --> 00:17:59.610 Sam Liebowitz: Now in Oceanside oh

00:18:00.150 --> 00:18:01.650 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, that's where we first met each other.

00:18:01.710 --> 00:18:03.150 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, yeah. That was a great

00:18:03.210 --> 00:18:05.640 Mitchell Levy: Take this. I think this three years ago.

00:18:05.760 --> 00:18:07.290 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, about a

00:18:07.800 --> 00:18:09.180 Sam Liebowitz: little over three years ago. Yeah.

00:18:09.720 --> 00:18:18.000 Mitchell Levy: It still looks like a snap of a finger, but the human that you are now the human that I am now man, we've gone through lots of transformation.

00:18:18.210 --> 00:18:25.590 Sam Liebowitz: Oh my god, these last three years have been incredible, incredible so so Mitchell, um,

00:18:27.630 --> 00:18:47.700 Sam Liebowitz: Let me just ask you, I'm very curious about what sort of inspired you and what sort of pulled you into this realm of really focusing on credibility because you know so much you've done so much. What is it about credibility that really captured your, your heart and your soul in your imagination.

00:18:48.600 --> 00:18:59.370 Mitchell Levy: By the way, that's thank you and and do you want like the five or 10 minutes story or the 30 to 62nd story, which was

00:19:00.660 --> 00:19:02.370 Sam Liebowitz: About like the two minutes story.

00:19:03.840 --> 00:19:04.830 Mitchell Levy: You think I set that up.

00:19:08.160 --> 00:19:09.480 Mitchell Levy: You know it.

00:19:10.830 --> 00:19:15.810 Mitchell Levy: As you mentioned, I've done a lot of really fun things, and I've lived a really good life so far.

00:19:16.440 --> 00:19:26.280 Mitchell Levy: And when I was running my book publishing company which I started in 2005 between 2005 and 2017 I published over 800 books. And what I realized

00:19:26.910 --> 00:19:35.370 Mitchell Levy: Is I was serving our audience the audience. I was serving with people who would write their own books because if you write your own book. The problem was,

00:19:35.790 --> 00:19:41.880 Mitchell Levy: Most of those people didn't know how to spell the word marketing, they kind of thought that the content in the book would sell itself.

00:19:42.450 --> 00:20:03.000 Mitchell Levy: And so in 2018 I built a writing school and and I do a done for you book publishing i mean it's it's super beautiful because it's four months after restart 10 hours of the authors time we have ghostwritten publish distributed made them an Amazon best selling author. OK, so

00:20:04.560 --> 00:20:14.010 Mitchell Levy: The title that I wanted to call myself once I transition my company should have been and and I, it turned out to be a different one than a title I am calling myself.

00:20:14.310 --> 00:20:18.780 Mitchell Levy: Beforehand, I call myself a thought leader architect, because I was so heavy in the thought leadership.

00:20:19.410 --> 00:20:33.240 Mitchell Levy: I still think that's a super cold title, nobody knew what it meant. I got zero I got three recommendations in three years. I mean just people didn't know what it meant when I started calling myself the AHA guy. Oh, I got three recommendations in one week. Okay.

00:20:34.080 --> 00:20:44.700 Mitchell Levy: But what happened when I started the done for you, publishing. I went to a friend who does branding and we ultimately settled on the title global credibility expert.

00:20:45.270 --> 00:21:01.470 Mitchell Levy: I'm so given this stuff that that in the past. I felt really comfortable with that Sam, what happened is two months after that I woke up one morning and and what was in my head was Napoleon Hill 500 millionaires thinking grow rich

00:21:01.860 --> 00:21:07.440 Mitchell Levy: Right Mitchell levy 500 thought leaders on credibility and I had no idea what's next.

00:21:08.130 --> 00:21:15.870 Mitchell Levy: And so what what happened and I, and this is the two minute story. So I'll do it super quick. I'll do this in 30 seconds.

00:21:16.890 --> 00:21:28.080 Mitchell Levy: I started the 500 interviews with the intent of somebody looking at me and saying, yes, you're the global credibility expert or you're a global credible expert.

00:21:28.950 --> 00:21:48.660 Mitchell Levy: I ended the interviews, somewhere around interview for 75 with the fact that it is not about someone telling me who I am. I know who I am, I am in flow. Now what I ended up with is the opportunity to recognize that credibility is not a word. It is a way you are.

00:21:49.320 --> 00:21:53.040 Mitchell Levy: And it's the way you are not just in business, but the way you are.

00:21:53.190 --> 00:22:01.980 Mitchell Levy: In your personal life, and there is no set code was was the president we get from code is a recognition that there is no distinction between work and play.

00:22:02.520 --> 00:22:14.310 Mitchell Levy: Right between what you do at home to make money or out of the job to make money and what you do at home with your family, they are the same thing. Yep, credibility is how you show up.

00:22:14.730 --> 00:22:16.890 Mitchell Levy: Right, and that's what I ended up with

00:22:17.100 --> 00:22:20.010 Sam Liebowitz: You know, one of the things that I've heard is

00:22:21.720 --> 00:22:42.660 Sam Liebowitz: Different kinds of diseases, you know, have different sort of energetic causes and when somebody is showing up extremely differently in one aspect of life like in business versus at home that those kinds of people. It is not uncommon for them to end up with pancreatic issues.

00:22:43.890 --> 00:22:44.640 Sam Liebowitz: And and

00:22:44.820 --> 00:23:01.260 Sam Liebowitz: And then so it is something that even when we, you're absolutely right, like how we are is how we are all the time. We can force a change, but that forcing that difference takes a big toll on our entire being

00:23:02.130 --> 00:23:17.370 Mitchell Levy: Did you you you are like you're giving me aha moments that are beyond belief. So let's take the word disease. Now let's do it the way you said it. Let's put it into words. If you're going to dis

00:23:18.480 --> 00:23:29.430 Mitchell Levy: Ease. You're going to cause yourself problems, you want to live a better life you live life with ease. How do you live life with ease. You live life credibly

00:23:29.850 --> 00:23:36.510 Mitchell Levy: And there are 10 components of that credibility and I could tell you about three of them. And it's just because it's easy to think that way.

00:23:37.080 --> 00:23:48.330 Mitchell Levy: And if you live life with ease. You don't have to dis yourself. You don't have to hurt yourself no matter who you are, whether it's, you know, you wake up in the morning and you've got a day off with your family.

00:23:48.870 --> 00:23:58.260 Mitchell Levy: Do you spend it with your family, or do you not like your family anymore. So, something happened, right, or do you spend it with friends. Do you, do you have friends right do

00:23:58.350 --> 00:24:14.910 Mitchell Levy: Right. It's just if you could just live life where you're in that same you in that shows up at every place you show up business will be great because you become a magnet for to attract people to you and also personal life will be life but will be great for the same reason.

00:24:15.390 --> 00:24:16.050 Sam Liebowitz: Exactly.

00:24:16.170 --> 00:24:18.270 Mitchell Levy: Thank you. This disease. Thank you.

00:24:18.450 --> 00:24:19.170 Mitchell Levy: That's so

00:24:19.740 --> 00:24:35.040 Sam Liebowitz: That's why I always say, so it sounds like there's a very close relationship between authenticity and credibility that it's almost like if you if you're not authentic. You can't have credibility.

00:24:36.120 --> 00:24:45.390 Mitchell Levy: So it's so funny. So the short answer is yes. Authenticity is one of the 10 components of credibility and it's so funny because I

00:24:47.220 --> 00:24:59.190 Mitchell Levy: I now so inundated with this. I have to step back every now and then it say oh yeah the the entire the word of credibility needs to be completely redefined in the dictionary, because it's

00:24:59.850 --> 00:25:10.440 Mitchell Levy: It's more of a verb, it's it's it's it's it's it's how you acted to you are I had somebody at an event when I was talking, they go oh credibility school. How come you go with authenticity.

00:25:11.070 --> 00:25:18.180 Mitchell Levy: Like oh, and it's just so interesting. When people hear that because it's just a piece of it. So, so let me give you the right now the

00:25:18.840 --> 00:25:33.240 Mitchell Levy: Definition of credibility in the dictionary is is is simply the demonstration of trustworthiness. So right now the, the world has given credibility and trust in the same thing. I mean, that's what the dictionary says that

00:25:33.270 --> 00:25:47.100 Mitchell Levy: Not that that's the right thing, but I'm going to say that's the wrong thing. So I have redefined the word trust to at least have one more component so authenticity is is a is a computer beautiful component of

00:25:47.580 --> 00:25:56.130 Mitchell Levy: Of what you're doing and how you show up. It's part of its part of trust. So, so I did a TED talk in 2018

00:25:56.730 --> 00:26:07.290 Mitchell Levy: And what I defined as trust were three things. And I was only 75% so I'm going to add to that I defined trust as demonstrating authenticity integrity vulnerability

00:26:08.100 --> 00:26:18.390 Mitchell Levy: Okay. And at the time I thought that's it, that's good, what I missed. And this was this was what came out of the interviews I need to add to the word trust coach ability

00:26:19.230 --> 00:26:24.420 Mitchell Levy: Which is sort of what you did at the beginning of the show. It wasn't even you, you got a download

00:26:24.450 --> 00:26:38.010 Mitchell Levy: From Abraham you played it, and I'm like, Oh my God, and then you use the word disease, I have to tell you for those people that come to the summit tomorrow, they're going to see the effects of those two things. Those presence.

00:26:38.460 --> 00:26:44.790 Mitchell Levy: Presence with a tea. I'm not good at that those two presence, you gave me they're going to see that tomorrow.

00:26:45.450 --> 00:26:45.930 So,

00:26:48.570 --> 00:26:51.060 Sam Liebowitz: I'm just the conduit. The universe is the one who gave you the

00:26:51.300 --> 00:26:54.960 Mitchell Levy: Press. Well, thank you, Mr conduit so

00:26:56.220 --> 00:27:05.250 Mitchell Levy: The and that's one piece of it. The other two we've heard this before. I'm going to tell you what it now means we've always heard we do business with those that we know like and trust.

00:27:06.300 --> 00:27:20.280 Mitchell Levy: That is the definition, the updated definition of credibility is being known being likable and being trustworthy. They're just talking about being trustworthy, it's compact comprised of four components.

00:27:20.880 --> 00:27:21.180 Sam Liebowitz: Right.

00:27:21.210 --> 00:27:23.850 Mitchell Levy: Talk about being known for a second. Mm hmm.

00:27:24.930 --> 00:27:35.130 Mitchell Levy: Sam, it's not that I know you right when people say, hey, I need to get known I need to go on social media. I need to scream from the rooftops. That is not the right way to do things.

00:27:35.670 --> 00:27:45.480 Mitchell Levy: Being known is the fact that I understand. And there's also four components of being known I understand you have a desire to serve others I your servant leader.

00:27:46.230 --> 00:27:57.210 Mitchell Levy: I understand your intent, your commitment and I also use the word integrity again integrity is important enough that it's in both the pillars of be known in the pillars of trustworthy.

00:27:57.960 --> 00:28:07.170 Mitchell Levy: So if you're thinking about the 10 things you need to do integrity is 20% everything else has a single component. So be known is

00:28:08.190 --> 00:28:17.250 Mitchell Levy: If, if I know somebody I really understand them, their desire to serve their intent. Their, their commitment their integrity. What happens is

00:28:17.880 --> 00:28:29.220 Mitchell Levy: If they tell me. Hey, listen, Sam, when you and I were planning this you go Mitchell, I don't know, I might be able to have you on this week the guests may or may not make it

00:28:30.000 --> 00:28:46.590 Mitchell Levy: Since I knew you you I realized, because by the way people do that sometimes. And they're just fumbling around trying to make me feel good. Right. And I knew, you're like oh yeah of course right and and because the summit's tomorrow. The person is going to go away. I just do that because

00:28:47.880 --> 00:28:48.990 Mitchell Levy: Because tomorrow, more people

00:28:49.410 --> 00:28:51.060 Sam Liebowitz: To take some wildfires.

00:28:52.290 --> 00:29:01.410 Sam Liebowitz: So that the audience is clear what it happened was is I had someone I had booked a long time ago in this spot. I'm right now I'm booked out until March, you know,

00:29:01.890 --> 00:29:07.530 Sam Liebowitz: Soon as I respond to a few more emails. I'll be booked out till June, like in no time with guests.

00:29:08.340 --> 00:29:13.920 Sam Liebowitz: And so when I followed up. And this particular person was an author who I got through a PR agency.

00:29:14.340 --> 00:29:24.060 Sam Liebowitz: And so I checked in with them and said, Hey, you know, last week and said, hey, is everything good and so the PR person got back to me and said, Well, you know, Joey. She's in

00:29:24.420 --> 00:29:40.740 Sam Liebowitz: The Napa area. And there are all kinds of wildfires there. And so they weren't sure. And then they got back to me and said, yeah, I think she'll make it she's leaving or home. She's going somewhere else. So she should be able to do it. And then they got back to me. And so that's when

00:29:41.760 --> 00:29:48.720 Sam Liebowitz: Me and Mitchell connected. And I said, you know, it sounds like they might not make it, but they might make it. I don't really know.

00:29:49.050 --> 00:30:02.580 Sam Liebowitz: And then finally, after the news, after we did the newsletter, then they got back to me and said, oh, it turns out she's not going to be able to make it so I was like, perfect. Okay. Mitchell universe worked for you. It just, it only took a wildfire. But the universe where

00:30:03.540 --> 00:30:14.640 Mitchell Levy: And I'm in. I'm in Northern California. So we occasionally get to smell the fires from from that era. What, what I'll say, though, is because I knew you. I knew you weren't playing around.

00:30:14.790 --> 00:30:24.900 Mitchell Levy: Right, right. I just felt I hey if it's going to be, it's going to be. It doesn't matter. Whatever happens, is going to be the right thing to happen and that is the be known.

00:30:25.590 --> 00:30:38.520 Mitchell Levy: If you're not yourself like we've been taught to have a face at work, a face with your family have face with your friends, you know and and honestly that's stupid. Sorry, I can't come up with a better word. It just

00:30:38.880 --> 00:30:43.830 Mitchell Levy: We've been taught wrong our entire lives, we've been taught to live in the industrial age.

00:30:44.130 --> 00:30:54.780 Mitchell Levy: And we still are in the industrial age, just to be clear, we have all this beautiful technology that takes the bullshit, we learned in the industrial age and actually makes it go faster.

00:30:55.260 --> 00:31:01.110 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, we're going to be transitioning into something new and I could, we could talk about that later. And what's interesting is

00:31:02.430 --> 00:31:07.680 Mitchell Levy: If you're yourself if you're credible and living credible you're living with ease. If you're living with these

00:31:07.890 --> 00:31:17.940 Mitchell Levy: People get to know you and people get to know you, people get to like you, and they get to like you. They get to trust you. That pillar, they get to trust you. They appreciate you. THEY GET TO APPRECIATE YOU THAT THEY GET TO LOVE YOU.

00:31:19.410 --> 00:31:29.340 Mitchell Levy: And Sam imagine doing that in a half hour so of the 500 people I interviewed. It was probably it's probably about five so it wasn't a lot

00:31:29.820 --> 00:31:35.520 Mitchell Levy: But there were there were a handful of people that we saw each other so deeply in the interview.

00:31:35.940 --> 00:31:49.440 Mitchell Levy: It was so clear what our be known was what our intent was what we were doing. It was so powerful. The transformation that happened because one of the things I do as part of my the 500 interviews is I give clarity.

00:31:50.040 --> 00:32:00.720 Mitchell Levy: I can allow somebody to fine tune their message and I do it in four to five minutes, and when they get clarity it like it's this blossom of, oh my god, my life has changed.

00:32:01.200 --> 00:32:13.830 Mitchell Levy: And it's not because of me. I'm just a conduit to help take their messages and put it into wonderful words and when they get that clarity. It's so beautiful, so I had somewhere around five people first time meeting them.

00:32:14.310 --> 00:32:18.630 Mitchell Levy: Interacting for an hour at the end of the conversation we said he loved we loved each other.

00:32:18.930 --> 00:32:22.020 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, isn't it. Isn't that a beautiful

00:32:22.230 --> 00:32:30.660 Mitchell Levy: Is not a wishy washy thing. Honestly guys it's I'm like oh my god I want more, you know, how do I get more of that.

00:32:31.290 --> 00:32:32.130 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, awesome.

00:32:32.220 --> 00:32:36.660 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Awesome. So, all right, let's hold it there for the moment we got to take a break.

00:32:37.200 --> 00:32:46.260 Sam Liebowitz: When we come back, I would love to kind of dig into a little bit more of what do people get wrong about credibility. Like, what are the

00:32:46.590 --> 00:32:57.390 Sam Liebowitz: The, the, the common misconceptions around credibility so we can maybe give our audience a little bit more clarity about what is and what isn't credibility. Okay.

00:32:57.750 --> 00:32:59.790 Mitchell Levy: Sounds great love it. Thank you.

00:33:01.410 --> 00:33:12.930 Sam Liebowitz: hi to everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live

00:33:13.230 --> 00:33:22.620 Sam Liebowitz: And you can, by the way, you can find the station's Facebook slash talk radio NYC and we'll be right back after this

00:33:24.180 --> 00:33:26.580 Sam Liebowitz: You're listening to talk radio

00:35:56.280 --> 00:35:57.420 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back.

00:36:02.670 --> 00:36:06.600 Sam Liebowitz: Yo, so funny. I was in a networking thing yesterday and

00:36:08.040 --> 00:36:19.860 Sam Liebowitz: I was speaking and the, the music wasn't coming through, because my audio setup was was from the night before when I was streaming a show and someone said, yeah, it's Sam the radio guy who doesn't know how to get his mic on.

00:36:21.390 --> 00:36:21.990 Sam Liebowitz: I just had

00:36:22.560 --> 00:36:24.600 Sam Liebowitz: I just had to like, oh my god.

00:36:25.620 --> 00:36:32.850 Sam Liebowitz: I'm so Mitchell, I wanted to let you know I'm not sure if you knew this, and that a bunch of people know. But one of the reasons I was. I didn't

00:36:33.270 --> 00:36:38.790 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, I knew you did kind of something and publish an image that so much is because I'm coming out with my first book really soon.

00:36:39.120 --> 00:36:44.400 Sam Liebowitz: And my audience knows if you guys haven't heard everyday awakening. It's coming up. And those of you

00:36:45.270 --> 00:36:52.980 Sam Liebowitz: Notice, like I sold. I haven't done the full official announcement. We haven't gotten the marketing stuff together yet. We're getting it together next week or two.

00:36:53.280 --> 00:37:02.340 Sam Liebowitz: And then we're going to do a big push and landing page giveaways all kinds of great stuff for it. Um, but like already like over 20 people have ordered the book.

00:37:02.820 --> 00:37:07.080 Sam Liebowitz: And I only know I know like two of my friends who got maybe three people I know.

00:37:07.290 --> 00:37:17.460 Sam Liebowitz: Who ordered it that I've met but like through all these other people. I'm like who are these people. I wonder who like already ordered it because I haven't really, other than mentioning it on the show. I haven't gotten it and

00:37:19.290 --> 00:37:29.340 Sam Liebowitz: And just so people know I like I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon about it but Amazon isn't letting you leave the review because the official publication date is November 17

00:37:29.700 --> 00:37:45.540 Sam Liebowitz: So, um, but, and some people got the books are ready, which was a mistake. So I talked with with Ingram, and getting that all fixed, but we definitely should talk later about it since you have all that amazing publishing experience inside your head.

00:37:46.140 --> 00:37:46.650 Mitchell Levy: Happy to.

00:37:47.100 --> 00:37:49.890 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. But let's get back to credibility. Alright.

00:37:49.920 --> 00:37:51.330 Mitchell Levy: Probably after my salad, Sam.

00:37:51.390 --> 00:37:52.620 Mitchell Levy: Just to be clear up

00:37:52.710 --> 00:37:54.150 Mitchell Levy: Next two days.

00:37:54.420 --> 00:37:59.970 Mitchell Levy: I'm like I'm my energy is going this over 700 people who are coming to this on it.

00:38:00.030 --> 00:38:10.500 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely one. Once you talk about the summit a little bit, we'll give them the audience or information, how to get through it a little bit later, but wanted to talk about the summit for a second. What is it, what's it about why are people interested in this summit.

00:38:11.640 --> 00:38:14.550 Mitchell Levy: So let's do the big picture first because it makes more sense.

00:38:15.510 --> 00:38:27.210 Mitchell Levy: If, if you've been able to find whether or not you're credible or not and and and now there's two components. So it's easy. You can do a self. The hard part, I'm self assessments is with integrity and intent.

00:38:27.750 --> 00:38:33.990 Mitchell Levy: So sometimes you might need to do a 360 to see that. But you do a self assessment, you know, if you're credible, not if you're not credible.

00:38:34.950 --> 00:38:42.660 Mitchell Levy: I say you're dubious dubious about the story a bad word. And I personally step into dubious nation every now and then.

00:38:43.230 --> 00:38:48.330 Mitchell Levy: And I have accountability partners, one is my wife who keeps me in credibility nation.

00:38:48.840 --> 00:38:57.900 Mitchell Levy: And so if you think about the world that we live in today. And you think about the population of and let's say it's a by modal world.

00:38:58.200 --> 00:39:04.470 Mitchell Levy: Those people in dubious nation versus those people in credibility nation dubious nation is winning 1000 times over.

00:39:04.980 --> 00:39:23.040 Mitchell Levy: I am not happy with the progression of the world in my lifetime. I am not happy with the state of the world that I'm leaving at the moment for my 22 year old son, if he gets married, and as kids for for my grandchildren and for their kids. We are on a spiral.

00:39:23.640 --> 00:39:33.930 Mitchell Levy: in a negative direction in terms of who we are and how we present ourselves and and the integrity, we have the authenticity. We have and our desire to serve others and

00:39:34.560 --> 00:39:47.850 Mitchell Levy: I had been receiving the presence, I believe, for the last maybe 510 maybe 1520 years and I've ignored that until I hit interview for 75

00:39:48.600 --> 00:39:58.380 Mitchell Levy: And 475 I realized that the person who is going to help bring the world to a better place. The person who's going to help elevate

00:39:58.920 --> 00:40:10.500 Mitchell Levy: Our consciousness in a way that we live and act and integrate credibly that person's me and I was reluctant to say yes. And that's me. So I have a son, it

00:40:11.070 --> 00:40:22.860 Mitchell Levy: It's the start of a movement. It's the start of you'll be able to say 510 20 years from now, I was at the beginning. And so what we're doing. It's two days.

00:40:23.460 --> 00:40:32.280 Mitchell Levy: And the two days is focused on a in the morning where where I'm going to be talking about what were the results of interviewing 500 people. So it's an hour.

00:40:33.240 --> 00:40:45.540 Mitchell Levy: My, my team put 20 minutes of video that I got 40 minutes. And once again, what I was going to say I'm reminding everyone what I was gonna say tomorrow. It's now changed based on based on your upload. So thank you.

00:40:46.530 --> 00:40:47.490 Mitchell Levy: Right after that.

00:40:47.550 --> 00:40:56.370 Mitchell Levy: We commissioned a firm to do a survey, just to the United States. I want to do global next time we commissioned a firm. The United States of what what is the state of credibility so

00:40:56.640 --> 00:41:06.720 Mitchell Levy: The, the firm who did that is going to be presenting their results after that I've got 25 other speakers, in addition to me, and we have 20 minutes each.

00:41:07.320 --> 00:41:16.500 Mitchell Levy: And so it's not, you can't get bored by, by the way. No, it's really boring and most of the people won't sell although there's obviously that's it's it's in our nature, many times.

00:41:17.250 --> 00:41:27.990 Mitchell Levy: But what you're going to hear our people talking about the reinforcement of credibility, you're going to be talking about being known being likable being trustworthy. Those are the half day segments.

00:41:28.560 --> 00:41:39.270 Mitchell Levy: And it is everyone who signs up gets a free PDF copy of my book credibility nation, and it is transformational from the perspective of wanting to

00:41:39.840 --> 00:41:51.150 Mitchell Levy: If you could truly live a life of credibility. You're living a life where people see you people get to know you. They get to interact with you. They get to, to, to like you trust you respect you and love you.

00:41:51.930 --> 00:42:06.240 Mitchell Levy: And I just want in. I want to be able, in my business relationships, whether they're male or female, or what have you, whoever you are. I want to be at the stage where I could say I love you and and and you say the same thing. And there's no

00:42:06.780 --> 00:42:15.990 Mitchell Levy: There's no funny stuff there. There's no intent those words don't mean what you know that whatever movement. This is not meant to be bad in any way and

00:42:16.440 --> 00:42:24.900 Mitchell Levy: Right. And if you know some of these intent. You know that, right. If you don't have somebody intent. That's where, you know, many, many movements that that people get

00:42:25.380 --> 00:42:31.200 Mitchell Levy: Upset about so two days. Starting tomorrow I will make sure we put the link in there.

00:42:31.920 --> 00:42:41.490 Mitchell Levy: So that people can see it and it's but if you just type in credibility nation, you'll get to the website, you'll be able to see the summit credibility nation summit, you'll be able to get there.

00:42:41.820 --> 00:42:52.260 Mitchell Levy: I will put I will put in our chat. So if you want to put it on the live stream. I'll put the URL. While we're talking and all I can say is

00:42:53.130 --> 00:43:06.870 Mitchell Levy: If you got if you got a feeling for if you heard me and and you and your and you have that empathetic focus of you and you sort of said Mitchell really get an aha moment he really did I got more than one

00:43:07.830 --> 00:43:23.010 Mitchell Levy: What I'm going to say is in two days. The numbers are going to be 10 or 20 it's going to be. It'll be as powerful as you want to. If you're there and want to absorb and receive. So a good example.

00:43:24.420 --> 00:43:30.240 Mitchell Levy: I in the likeability pillar, which is Saturday morning. It depends if you're in the

00:43:31.620 --> 00:43:38.310 Mitchell Levy: You're on the West Coast, it's, it's an eight to 12 if you're on the East Coast, you know, it's 1111 to three.

00:43:39.570 --> 00:43:40.710 Mitchell Levy: Zero. Yeah, okay.

00:43:41.430 --> 00:43:42.840 Mitchell Levy: Sorry brain words. Okay.

00:43:43.140 --> 00:43:43.620 So,

00:43:44.670 --> 00:43:49.290 Mitchell Levy: We're talking about in the speakers. There are reinforcing the pillar of likeability

00:43:49.800 --> 00:44:01.080 Mitchell Levy: And and I'm going to talk about the definition and why, by the way, my favorite word. So not only am I updating the dictionary definition for credibility. I'm I've invented new words like

00:44:01.440 --> 00:44:11.250 Mitchell Levy: Credit dust and credit crud, we can come back to that. And so you're going to hear speakers who are reinforcing so I'll just tell you about two of them.

00:44:12.060 --> 00:44:24.120 Mitchell Levy: So, so one of the speakers native enjoy. She also, I was just at her summit. She is like when I think about her I smile every time I think about her or or if I'm interacting with her.

00:44:24.720 --> 00:44:35.730 Mitchell Levy: And we're going to be talking about how likeability helps you attract anybody to a summit and this is 20 minutes and she's going to talk and that one's going to be interactive and live

00:44:36.780 --> 00:44:40.140 Mitchell Levy: The other person. I talked to a guy by name or Ramon ray

00:44:40.620 --> 00:44:42.600 Sam Liebowitz: I've know Ramon, I know Ramon

00:44:42.990 --> 00:44:53.340 Mitchell Levy: So I've known Ramon for at least 15 years and and so we recorded. He had a conflict. So we recorded his interview yesterday and

00:44:54.360 --> 00:45:03.210 Mitchell Levy: He basically like because we had this beautiful trust to each other, we went live and he just let me, let me ask questions and

00:45:03.840 --> 00:45:17.130 Mitchell Levy: What is so beautiful. When you watch that interview is the first thing I said to remote. Is it Ramon listen when I think of you I smile, even when you tell me know when I asked you something. I still smile while you likable.

00:45:18.060 --> 00:45:31.710 Mitchell Levy: And to listen to Ramon talk about because he he's such a huge servant leader. He does not want to talk about himself, so he gave me. And by the way, if you come to the summit, you

00:45:32.460 --> 00:45:48.090 Mitchell Levy: The opportunity to see inside his head to see inside the thinking process. It was he's never done an interview like this before. Yeah. And I could only say it's beautiful, it's magical and that's what that's what that's what the sun. It's about is, is to allow

00:45:49.230 --> 00:46:00.960 Mitchell Levy: Allow you to get that insight into how living credibly is going to be helpful for you whether or not it's you're using it to drive more business or using it to drive more

00:46:02.880 --> 00:46:05.310 Mitchell Levy: Ease versus disease.

00:46:07.470 --> 00:46:20.310 Sam Liebowitz: Beautiful, beautiful and Ramon is amazing. He's such a high energy person. He has his whole smart hustle business and incredible stuff. He's wonderful. I highly recommend it. I mean,

00:46:21.180 --> 00:46:32.160 Sam Liebowitz: You know, I can't believe he's just one of the 25 speakers, I would go just for if you guys can make it go just for Ramon. He's amazing. All right, we got to take our last break. And so when we come back.

00:46:33.480 --> 00:46:42.810 Sam Liebowitz: We didn't get chance to talk about like the myths, or the what what do people get wrong about credibility and we'll talk about that credit, credit and credit, whatever.

00:46:43.380 --> 00:46:43.920 Great, that's

00:46:45.210 --> 00:46:45.540 Sam Liebowitz: Beautiful.

00:46:45.750 --> 00:46:51.960 Sam Liebowitz: All right, everybody, you're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity will be right back after this

00:46:53.130 --> 00:46:56.520 Mitchell Levy: You're listening to talk radio NYC.

00:49:12.540 --> 00:49:15.390 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back. Is my mic working. I'm working on. Okay, good.

00:49:16.410 --> 00:49:31.290 Sam Liebowitz: You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we've been speaking this hour with credibility expert Mitchell levy all about credibility his upcoming summit is amazing career.

00:49:32.970 --> 00:49:38.070 Sam Liebowitz: And by the way, I just want to give a shout out to William on the Facebook Live loyal listener, as always.

00:49:39.990 --> 00:49:41.070 Sam Liebowitz: He said,

00:49:42.300 --> 00:49:50.520 Sam Liebowitz: He asked his daughter why people like him and his daughter told his wife that everyone likes him because it's in his eyes very nice world.

00:49:51.750 --> 00:49:52.590 Mitchell Levy: Class beautiful

00:49:52.950 --> 00:49:55.830 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Um,

00:49:57.120 --> 00:50:01.950 Sam Liebowitz: So, so much of what I and and I know you have to run, real quick, at the end because you got another

00:50:03.000 --> 00:50:12.780 Sam Liebowitz: Interview right after this one. So, just real quick what are, what are like some of the top misconceptions, people have about credibility and and what can we do to turn those around.

00:50:13.620 --> 00:50:23.220 Mitchell Levy: So there are three things that we do that continually hurt our credibility. I was saying out loud that I'll follow through with them, lack of clarity.

00:50:24.000 --> 00:50:27.360 Mitchell Levy: Or asynchronous focus and lack of integrity.

00:50:28.260 --> 00:50:36.180 Mitchell Levy: So, lack of clarity. We had been taught as part of the industrial age we we've been taught that a thought leader is somebody who stands on top of the mountain.

00:50:36.360 --> 00:50:47.760 Mitchell Levy: And they speak and everyone listens and so we're going to give that thought leader as much time as possible. Guess what, that's not true anymore. Yeah, there you got a microphone. You got a camera. The world.

00:50:48.480 --> 00:50:54.600 Mitchell Levy: Has a microphone and a camera and if you are not clear with clarity on who you are and who you serve. And how do you serve.

00:50:54.900 --> 00:51:04.530 Mitchell Levy: If you're not clear on that. There is somebody else around the corner with a different business model, a different approach. And if they are clear, they will get the business so clarity.

00:51:04.950 --> 00:51:15.510 Mitchell Levy: I have to tell you in the interviews by first question is, what is your see pop. What is your customer pointed paint. So one of the words I I came up with just an acronym see pop

00:51:16.290 --> 00:51:31.080 Mitchell Levy: What I have to tell you, Sam. When somebody signs up for an interview we send an email. So there's I'm using all this technology and sending email. Here's a 30 minute video to prepare. I always found it funny that it send a 13 minute video to prepare for a six minute interview.

00:51:33.300 --> 00:51:46.410 Mitchell Levy: I have to tell you, even those people who watch the 30 minute watch past shows 98% of the people who came on my show needed coaching to help them with the first question 98%

00:51:47.460 --> 00:51:58.410 Mitchell Levy: And and I'm just going to say it's because we've not been taught many people have been ingrained their value proposition, the value proposition starts with a word I or we

00:51:58.920 --> 00:51:59.310 Mitchell Levy: And

00:51:59.340 --> 00:52:03.750 Mitchell Levy: There's a part of the population. When you start with either way you sound like a salesperson and

00:52:03.990 --> 00:52:13.050 Mitchell Levy: What they do, mentally, you know, if you go online, you see these ad blockers, you have, you know, people have ad blockers. You don't see ads anymore. I personally I don't see ads. I just don't. I mean, my I

00:52:13.350 --> 00:52:21.090 Mitchell Levy: turned my brain to turn them up. Well, when you start a conversation with IR we and people don't know you. They think you're a salesperson. They're going to turn off the next 30 seconds.

00:52:21.360 --> 00:52:28.320 Mitchell Levy: So the value proposition is not the first words that come out of your mouth when people talk to you. It's your see pop and the customer reporting pain.

00:52:28.650 --> 00:52:40.980 Mitchell Levy: Is one to 10 words it is 123 seconds. It is shareable memorable and begs the question, tell me more. So mine humans that want to be seen as credible.

00:52:41.670 --> 00:52:51.630 Mitchell Levy: Others that I heard profitability is not a bad one scalability beautiful one global supply chain panic, one of my favorites right so

00:52:52.020 --> 00:53:06.600 Mitchell Levy: Anyhow, eight in the book, we now have a course on how to create your see pump and that's part of your journey credibility nation. We have courses to help you become credible. Sorry. That's one is the lack of clarity. The second

00:53:07.320 --> 00:53:30.240 Mitchell Levy: Poor asynchronous communication. The world talks today is online, offline. But when I started recognizing because when we first started writing it up. Where do you clump in a zoom interface like if you're talking to somebody, director of direct resume technically that's online. Mm hmm. But

00:53:31.350 --> 00:53:39.810 Mitchell Levy: When is it online. Is it offline. Is it, where do you put it, because when people say online. Sometimes what they really mean this in person.

00:53:41.190 --> 00:53:42.330 Mitchell Levy: Right, but I think

00:53:42.390 --> 00:53:52.230 Mitchell Levy: A zoom conversation is as powerful as an in person conversation. You just don't get the hug. So here's the thing with more and more competitors out there.

00:53:52.890 --> 00:54:04.710 Mitchell Levy: You've heard many people say hey listen as soon as I get in front of a prospect. I can close I'm they love me, they like me. Maybe it's that my eyes. Let me see my soul. Right, so

00:54:06.540 --> 00:54:13.980 Mitchell Levy: What happens is, you don't necessarily get the chance for that synchronous communication until you get the sink. First, so

00:54:14.310 --> 00:54:22.350 Mitchell Levy: your LinkedIn profile your websites, your Facebook pages, your communication, how you communicate, who you are, how you communicate your credibility.

00:54:22.620 --> 00:54:27.900 Mitchell Levy: Well, allow people to decide whether or not they even want to get in that synchronous conversation with you first.

00:54:28.380 --> 00:54:41.970 Mitchell Levy: And 80% of the people I interviewed with that green room conversation. The interview itself and and the testimonial. I got the end was so beautiful 80% of the people are you interviewed with had crappy

00:54:43.080 --> 00:54:45.780 Mitchell Levy: LinkedIn profiles and websites compared to who they are as humans.

00:54:46.860 --> 00:54:48.270 Mitchell Levy: Alright, and we'll do the last one.

00:54:49.440 --> 00:55:06.060 Mitchell Levy: I don't understand when people have no integrity. I can't. I had, and you probably, I don't know if this has happened to you with your show. I've had 2% of the people who are scheduled to interview not show up and not tell me why 2%

00:55:07.170 --> 00:55:17.550 Mitchell Levy: Like I like really i mean i don't i don't know i mean not only not show up. But when I say particularly Cobra time. Are you okay, is everything. Fine. I mean, I've had some

00:55:17.970 --> 00:55:29.880 Mitchell Levy: I know this sounds crass I have beautiful excuses. Like if somebody says, I brought my daughter or my wife to the hospital. Oh my god. I mean, that's not a beautiful excuse but right it's better than the dog ate my paper.

00:55:30.270 --> 00:55:31.530 Mitchell Levy: I had a friend, Sam.

00:55:32.640 --> 00:55:32.850 Mitchell Levy: Now,

00:55:32.880 --> 00:55:42.660 Mitchell Levy: Doing interview days when I was doing 10 hours of back to back interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, what would happen is 10 hours, no 10 interviews. So

00:55:43.410 --> 00:56:01.890 Mitchell Levy: Half that five hours, back to back, interviews, and when I was doing that. I wouldn't look at my computer. I didn't see anything. I didn't see messages. I had a friend of mine, send me an email and hour before his show and say, Mitchell, I decided to take my girlfriend a lunch. Let's reschedule.

00:56:03.090 --> 00:56:12.720 Sam Liebowitz: Like see people don't do that people don't do that with my show, because they have to wait so long to get on that if they mess it they're not back on.

00:56:12.810 --> 00:56:14.010 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, like next year.

00:56:14.100 --> 00:56:18.750 Mitchell Levy: Well, we're currently rescheduling so so I now have a, what I'm doing is

00:56:19.410 --> 00:56:22.230 Sam Liebowitz: Just to let you know we're getting close to the top of the hour so

00:56:22.230 --> 00:56:33.810 Mitchell Levy: Yeah, so let's let's wrap up. Yeah, yeah. For me, where people were scheduling in April, May and and and then I have a paid version if you want to get there quicker. So here's what I'm going to say

00:56:35.160 --> 00:56:41.790 Mitchell Levy: If you could become the type of human that no matter where you are and how you show up people to know you.

00:56:42.120 --> 00:56:52.470 Mitchell Levy: And if you can have the clarity of purpose with your, with your customer pointed pain. It's not like you're selling pain. It's just simply that you've demonstrated that you know who your audiences.

00:56:53.010 --> 00:56:57.660 Mitchell Levy: And what you do to help support that audience. And when you do that you become a magnet.

00:56:58.110 --> 00:57:10.920 Mitchell Levy: You become a magnet for people to want to be with you because when they look into your eyes. They see and know who you are and if you do it with a smile and you do it with showing respect and sharing your credit dust.

00:57:11.190 --> 00:57:14.190 Mitchell Levy: Which is that sparkle that happens when you share other people's stuff.

00:57:14.820 --> 00:57:24.960 Mitchell Levy: They get to like you, and they get to like you, and then you follow through and you do the right stuff all the time with integrity and authenticity and vulnerability and your coach ability they get to trust you.

00:57:25.470 --> 00:57:34.260 Mitchell Levy: When people know like and trust you and you're credible, they actually love you and they want to do business with you and you're the magnet for people to come to you. That's what credibility is

00:57:34.620 --> 00:57:39.540 Mitchell Levy: Take a look at the book were running an Amazon campaign. We were number one in business leadership.

00:57:40.050 --> 00:57:57.870 Mitchell Levy: It's incredibly nation, go to the Kindle version. It's free today and then sign up for the summit, it's AHAVA pub. A H A dot p you be slash si N dash summit, so I had a pub slash si N dash summit.

00:57:58.650 --> 00:58:10.470 Mitchell Levy: It's free to come to the event. If you want to do VIP it's 97 you get all the recordings hang out with the VIP people. And what I'm going to say is, you could say, once again, this is the start, do it because it's for you.

00:58:11.550 --> 00:58:22.170 Mitchell Levy: And then you're going to be able to say years from now. The you were at that starting place. There are 717 people already registered. Let's get that number up to 1000 yeah

00:58:22.350 --> 00:58:25.830 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely. So listen, if you people have

00:58:26.850 --> 00:58:43.560 Sam Liebowitz: You know my loyal listeners, William. Thank you so much. He loved the show today to share it let people know, help us get the word out there. Aha dot pub slash cn dash summit, I'm assuming Mitchell, people want to get in touch with you. Is that how they find you as well.

00:58:43.800 --> 00:58:45.630 Mitchell Levy: You know the well for the next two days.

00:58:45.660 --> 00:58:57.330 Mitchell Levy: Click next two days you'll see me there Mitchell levy 360 dot com so my name Mitchell levy 360 dot com you can book time on my calendar check connected me on social media and see what's going on.

00:58:57.540 --> 00:59:09.510 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. Wonderful. All right. I know you gotta run to another interview. Thank you so much. Mitchell. It's been a pleasure having you on the show. We'll have to have you back on. Maybe next year sometime and talk about where all this craziness has led you okay

00:59:09.510 --> 00:59:16.230 Mitchell Levy: With I'd love to salmon and normally you don't like to talk and go, but I have another live. I gotta jump on. So thank you.

00:59:17.550 --> 00:59:26.190 Sam Liebowitz: You run. Thank you so much. And thank you, my loyal listeners for staying with us tonight, like the sparkle interesting worthiness equals

00:59:27.810 --> 00:59:28.980 Sam Liebowitz: Credibility. Wonderful.

00:59:29.430 --> 00:59:39.660 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you all. Take care. You've been listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I have more great guests coming up next week and we will talk to you next week, take care.

00:59:39.930 --> 00:59:41.010 Mitchell Levy: Thank you, my friend. Bye.

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