The Conscious Consultant Hour

Thursday, October 1, 2020
The Conscious Consultant Hour

😎Letting Go of Our Attachments This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it's just Sam and you as he discusses about how to move forward in our lives with greater ease. We live in a time that is more unpredictable than ever before. Everything from how we work to how we meet people has changed dramatically and quickly. How long this situation will last and what things will look like when this is all over is anyone's guess.  So how do we move forward without anxiety and fear?  It all comes down to letting go of our attachments to what we have, and being present to what is. Join Sam as he takes you through the process and practice of using non-attachment as a way of life.

Posted by Inspired Thoughts on Thursday, October 1, 2020

2020/10/01 - Letting Go of Our Attachments

[NEW EPISODE] Letting Go of Our Attachments

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it's just Sam and you as he discusses about how to move forward in our lives with greater ease.

We live in a time that is more unpredictable than ever before. Everything from how we work to how we meet people has changed dramatically and quickly. How long this situation will last and what things will look like when this is all over is anyone's guess.

So how do we move forward without anxiety and fear?

It all comes down to letting go of our attachments to what we have, and being present to what is. Join Sam as he takes you through the process and practice of using non-attachment as a way of life.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam discusses new shows on the station. Sam starts with his quotes of the day. Sam discusses holograms and holography. He started learning about holograms at 17-18 years old as a physics major. With a hologram there is an aspect that a smaller piece is a part of a larger whole. With holograms, they shatter but each small piece is a replica of the whole thing. It is a radical concept, and there are those who believe that is how the universe is put together. Many spiritual teachers say that when we realize, and become enlightened to the Universe, we are not separate and distinct from anything else. When we remember, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Sam discusses his feelings on reincarnation and parallel universes. There is another side of us that is far greater than our physical body. 

Segment 2

Sam was thinking about what helped him navigate these unpredictable times. When the lockdown order came, the station had to go virtual. Everyone is facing unpredictability because of the Coronavirus. He realized that one of the ways he has been able to “ride the wave” of uncertainty is not being attached to how things were and his idea on how to do things. Don’t be attached to the way things are and do not deny the reality of what is happening. Suffering comes from our not accepting the truth of what the situation is and not seeing things clearly. It is easy to move forward, more effortlessly, when you don’t have attachments. Say to yourself “this is what I have to deal with” and you can deal with life changes easier. During the coronavirus, this is what a lot of people had to do.

Segment 3

Sam discusses how he came to the idea for this week's episode. He had a surprise recently in his training to be a facilitator. He has been wanting to graduate from his training to work with people and he started rushing it. His mentor has been telling him he is not ready, and he found it very difficult. Since the lockdown everything became virtual. He couldn’t take all of the zoom work, and he decided to contact his mentor. It was too much technology. He dropped his attachment to his mentor. The moment he dropped his attachment to becoming a facilitator, he gained access and he was allowed to begin working. Once he dropped his attachment the Universe said he was ready. You should identify what you are attached to. What in your life if it disappeared tomorrow would cause you the most anxiety and stress. Whatever that thing is that is what we are most attached to. How do we truly detach?  

Segment 4

Sam tells someone else's story about attachment: Every night before they went to bed they released and let go of everything they had. They gave it back to the spirit. By cultivating this practice over time. It helps us to be more grateful for what we have. Sam recommends you try it for yourself, tonight before you go to bed. Take a moment to be grateful for what you haven and what life has brought you. Wake up and in the morning see what you still have, and feel gratitude that it is still in your life. He sees a trend of people transitioning very quickly, and it makes him think. He believes that you choose when you go, and these people are choosing their way to go. Sam discusses his passion for contributing to the world, and how he feels like he is just getting started. He is a late bloomer, and doesn’t think it is a bad thing. When you are a late bloomer, it takes a while to get to certain points but once you get there it is more impactful. 


00:00:31.980 --> 00:00:47.370 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, and my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you are all here with me today.

00:00:48.450 --> 00:00:59.160 Sam Liebowitz: It's one of those shows. Yes, it is. It's one of those shows where it's just you and me know guest today. So we're going to have some fun.

00:01:00.540 --> 00:01:05.250 Sam Liebowitz: And I got a great topic, one which I have a lot of

00:01:06.270 --> 00:01:09.810 Sam Liebowitz: Well, I got some good personal stories around this particular topic.

00:01:11.160 --> 00:01:13.950 Sam Liebowitz: So I'm glad you are with me.

00:01:15.060 --> 00:01:18.570 Sam Liebowitz: And I just also just want to mention how

00:01:19.920 --> 00:01:36.780 Sam Liebowitz: If anyone's been paying attention to the station and the newsletter and the commercial breaks and we have a whole bunch of new shows on the network starting last week, starting last week this week was the second week of a lot of these shows, so

00:01:38.280 --> 00:01:47.370 Sam Liebowitz: We've got a couple of new business shows on always Friday on Fridays at 11 we've got a

00:01:49.500 --> 00:02:00.750 Sam Liebowitz: Employment Law today on Tuesdays before Jeff show. And then we have Dr. George and dad was a psycho therapist journey through to awareness on Monday evenings.

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00:02:40.590 --> 00:02:49.530 Sam Liebowitz: Listening in last week. But that's all taken care of things are super smooth this week. So I really appreciate it if you guys could give us some love.

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00:02:57.960 --> 00:03:14.100 Sam Liebowitz: We've, we've lost some be perfectly, you know, transparent and honest with everyone that we've lost some listenership over the recent months because of some of the technical issues that we've had since we went all virtual and since

00:03:14.760 --> 00:03:27.870 Sam Liebowitz: The lockdown. And so it would really mean a lot to me if you our loyal listeners could help spread the word help us build back up our audience and help us to

00:03:29.100 --> 00:03:34.530 Sam Liebowitz: You know, let more people know about the great content that we create here on the station so

00:03:35.370 --> 00:03:45.000 Sam Liebowitz: And for those watching on Facebook Live. Hey, well you may see you there. I'm having a little fun with my virtual background today. So I hope you like this one. Okay, so, uh,

00:03:45.930 --> 00:03:56.880 Sam Liebowitz: Let's get started with our quotes of the day from the universe and from Abraham. Let's see what the universe and Abraham have in store for us today.

00:03:57.210 --> 00:04:07.680 Sam Liebowitz: And you know, it's just me and you. So these are going to be like really good because they're probably all about me. If I have any clue. Okay, so first from the universe. So I was thinking

00:04:08.760 --> 00:04:18.870 Sam Liebowitz: I know you know that there's the you that you know you are adventurous good looking and fun to be around. Well, how'd you like it.

00:04:19.740 --> 00:04:32.700 Sam Liebowitz: And I know that there's another part of you in the unseen who you've kind of temporarily forgotten who completes you loves you and knows what's really going on.

00:04:33.840 --> 00:04:38.040 Sam Liebowitz: Well, how would you like it if I remove the veils just for a second.

00:04:38.580 --> 00:04:54.030 Sam Liebowitz: Gave you a glimpse of who that special divine otherworldly essence is so that you may have at least begin to comprehend how extraordinary sublime and divine, you really are.

00:04:54.840 --> 00:05:05.790 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, it's me. Yours Truly the entire lipping universe. Ah, how we love our quotes and Mike Dooley in the universe.

00:05:06.300 --> 00:05:20.190 Sam Liebowitz: By the way, in case anyone hasn't noticed but Mike Dooley recently came out with a book of like his 600 notes from the universe just came out so highly recommend it. Go check it out to youtube com

00:05:21.990 --> 00:05:24.780 Sam Liebowitz: So what is this quote all about

00:05:27.060 --> 00:05:42.960 Sam Liebowitz: So we know there's kind of like this us that we experience here in time and space. That's the US that you know we're kind of used to in this physical world. And then there's that part of us that

00:05:44.190 --> 00:05:56.400 Sam Liebowitz: So much beyond that, you know, in the universe's term that we've temporarily forgotten that completes us that loves us and knows what's really going on.

00:05:56.970 --> 00:06:07.170 Sam Liebowitz: This is kind of playing a little game. So let me pull back the veil and what's behind that veil. Boom. It's the entire universe. And this is really, I think,

00:06:09.450 --> 00:06:20.610 Sam Liebowitz: Kind of Mike Julie's put it playing a little nod to this idea in this theory of the holographic universe. The idea that

00:06:23.670 --> 00:06:32.700 Sam Liebowitz: Within everything within the universe. There's some aspect of everything else in the universe. And for those of you who

00:06:33.360 --> 00:06:47.100 Sam Liebowitz: Are not that familiar with holograms and holography. This is something I learned about when I was in college, actually my first year in college, I was a physics major and I was working part time at the physics lab.

00:06:47.520 --> 00:06:55.050 Sam Liebowitz: And so I actually got to create a hologram. So I learned all about holograms. When I was like 1718 years old. It was really cool.

00:06:55.590 --> 00:06:58.980 Sam Liebowitz: But the basic concept behind a hologram.

00:06:59.490 --> 00:07:12.150 Sam Liebowitz: And. And if you look at a hologram. If you look at a credit card and you look at the back of the front of your credit card. There's usually a little picture of some kind of hologram there where you turn it and you kind of see this little picture at different angles.

00:07:14.940 --> 00:07:20.190 Sam Liebowitz: The, the, they're made from this holographic plate this print

00:07:21.210 --> 00:07:28.830 Sam Liebowitz: And what's really interesting about holograms is if you took this holographic plate.

00:07:29.460 --> 00:07:43.440 Sam Liebowitz: And you dropped it by accident and it shattered and they're really fixed so they don't really shatter. But if they shattered than into like dozens and dozens and dozens of pieces and you picked up one little piece and you looked at it.

00:07:44.820 --> 00:07:48.960 Sam Liebowitz: What you would find in that piece. Can anybody guess, you know,

00:07:50.040 --> 00:08:04.890 Sam Liebowitz: It's not just the little piece of that picture what you actually see in it is you see the entire picture. It's just smaller and maybe at a odd angle might be a little bit fuzzier because a slightly less data.

00:08:06.300 --> 00:08:14.730 Sam Liebowitz: But this idea of a hologram is that within each and every piece there is an aspect of everything else of the greater whole.

00:08:17.580 --> 00:08:23.310 Sam Liebowitz: And this is a very kind of radical concept in a way

00:08:24.360 --> 00:08:26.130 Sam Liebowitz: Because if you think about it.

00:08:27.930 --> 00:08:48.510 Sam Liebowitz: If we have a glass picture and we drop it and it breaks it doesn't shatter into 100 little glass pictures right it breaks apart into different pieces. So this idea of a hologram that shatters but then in each pieces, the whole thing. It's kind of like

00:08:50.370 --> 00:08:56.310 Sam Liebowitz: You know, you break apart anything and within it, there's the whole thing right then and there.

00:08:58.470 --> 00:09:08.400 Sam Liebowitz: And I really want you to kind of contemplate this and think about it. It's a very radical concept and there are those that believe it's

00:09:10.320 --> 00:09:14.760 Sam Liebowitz: It's the way the universe is put together. And that's what Mike Dooley is playing off of in this quote

00:09:16.560 --> 00:09:23.130 Sam Liebowitz: Within us within each of us, all of us, everyone and everything.

00:09:24.390 --> 00:09:41.190 Sam Liebowitz: From the tiniest infinitesimally small cell of some one celled organism to the big vast humongous galaxies in this universe that we can't even fathom how huge they are

00:09:43.080 --> 00:09:46.740 Sam Liebowitz: There is an aspect of everything else in this universe.

00:09:48.720 --> 00:09:52.260 Sam Liebowitz: And that's a pretty mind blowing concept.

00:09:53.430 --> 00:09:55.110 Sam Liebowitz: And what that means is

00:09:56.220 --> 00:10:05.580 Sam Liebowitz: Not only are we never alone, but we are so much more than we ever gave ourselves credit for

00:10:06.240 --> 00:10:25.560 Sam Liebowitz: That we are so much greater. We are so much bigger. We are so much more powerful as individuals that you literally have that the energy and the force and the, the magnitude of the whole universe within you.

00:10:28.350 --> 00:10:33.540 Sam Liebowitz: And indeed what many spiritual teachers say is, we've just forgotten that.

00:10:34.710 --> 00:10:36.930 Sam Liebowitz: And that when we wake up.

00:10:38.010 --> 00:10:50.970 Sam Liebowitz: We realize when we become enlightened when we become attuned to the universe and we realize we're not separate and distinct from everything else.

00:10:51.630 --> 00:11:03.510 Sam Liebowitz: We are not victims, we are dancers in this amazing play and we're just forgot who and what we are and when we remember. Oh my god.

00:11:03.870 --> 00:11:21.600 Sam Liebowitz: When we really remember. And I don't mean intellectually figure it out. But when we get it in the cells in our body. And we've our nervous system aligns with us. There is absolutely nothing. We cannot accomplish

00:11:23.160 --> 00:11:41.760 Sam Liebowitz: And so my, my hope and my intention and my prayer for everyone listening to this broadcast is that one day you have an opportunity to experience that for yourself and that you wake up and you know how powerful you really are.

00:11:43.050 --> 00:11:49.890 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome, great freakin note from the universe. All right, let's see what Abraham has in store for us today.

00:11:50.640 --> 00:12:01.680 Sam Liebowitz: From Abraham as you identify the thing that you want and you achieve vibrational harmony with it by law of attraction you summon the energy through you.

00:12:02.040 --> 00:12:21.780 Sam Liebowitz: And that is what life is when someone stops desiring life force no longer flows through them and they reemerge into the non physical where you have all kinds of goals and attend and intentions Abraham. Hmm. So

00:12:23.850 --> 00:12:31.380 Sam Liebowitz: A different kind of, quote, but very much in alignment with the first quote because what Abraham is talking about here.

00:12:32.100 --> 00:12:43.410 Sam Liebowitz: Is, you know, you hear people talk about Law of Attraction all the time. I think most of the time. People don't know what the hell they're talking about, um, but what he Abraham is saying here.

00:12:44.670 --> 00:12:45.480 Sam Liebowitz: Is that

00:12:46.500 --> 00:12:48.600 Sam Liebowitz: Our life force our, our

00:12:50.250 --> 00:12:55.680 Sam Liebowitz: Energetic presence and being that we truly are deep inside

00:12:59.190 --> 00:13:04.920 Sam Liebowitz: Is what we align through our desires and our focus and our attention.

00:13:06.690 --> 00:13:16.800 Sam Liebowitz: And that the point in which we decide and I'm a big believer that we decide when we leave this world and I'll tell you why. A little bit later.

00:13:19.230 --> 00:13:38.610 Sam Liebowitz: That really what we're doing is we're just giving up our desire for anything in life that we pretty much say we're done with it. There's nothing more for me to learn in this life. There's nothing more for me to accomplish. There's nothing more I want to do here. So I'm done. So I'm leaving.

00:13:40.710 --> 00:13:42.930 Sam Liebowitz: Now, for some people.

00:13:44.760 --> 00:13:59.250 Sam Liebowitz: That can be an agonizing process because maybe there's still something for them to learn. So the way they transition might be painful for other people. It can be quick, like that.

00:14:00.630 --> 00:14:05.130 Sam Liebowitz: And for other people. It can be just a shock or surprise they didn't know what was coming.

00:14:07.590 --> 00:14:08.940 Sam Liebowitz: Everyone, it's different.

00:14:10.980 --> 00:14:21.120 Sam Liebowitz: And while I do have my own preferences for how I would like to transition at the end of my life, which is going to be a long, long, long way away.

00:14:23.160 --> 00:14:30.630 Sam Liebowitz: I very much would like to transition very consciously and leave my body consciously not unconsciously.

00:14:35.160 --> 00:14:41.850 Sam Liebowitz: It does not mean that there is a better and worse way to transition. They were all transitions. It's all a part of life.

00:14:43.050 --> 00:14:49.830 Sam Liebowitz: And beings and creatures and all kinds of things transition all kinds of different ways.

00:14:53.160 --> 00:15:05.100 Sam Liebowitz: And really all we're doing is going back to where we came from. We were non physical before we came into this life we will go back to being non physical after this life.

00:15:06.120 --> 00:15:12.210 Sam Liebowitz: And this life is just a little tiny blip of our overall existence.

00:15:13.260 --> 00:15:29.730 Sam Liebowitz: Now, I don't know what you believe and and I'm not here to change your mind about what you believe in. What if what you believe, works for you all the more power to you. It's great for myself, personally.

00:15:31.770 --> 00:15:53.730 Sam Liebowitz: You know a lot because of just some of the things I've experienced in my life and and and the things I've been fortunate enough to be exposed to an open to and actually physically experienced. I'm a big believer that we are eternal spirits having a physical temporary experience.

00:15:54.870 --> 00:16:07.230 Sam Liebowitz: And that we we've had, we were non physical before we're going to be non physical after I also have a strong leaning towards

00:16:08.460 --> 00:16:20.130 Sam Liebowitz: Past and future lives and multiple lives, possibly even Parallel Lives, just the physics of things tend to speak to that.

00:16:21.270 --> 00:16:29.610 Sam Liebowitz: And I've personally had the fortune to have been hypnotically regressed when I was in college. And I remembered past lives and

00:16:30.030 --> 00:16:40.920 Sam Liebowitz: My body even have physical reactions to it. And one day I'll I mean I've mentioned it in the past and shows, but one day when they do a show specifically around that topic of reincarnation. I'll talk about it.

00:16:41.910 --> 00:16:48.090 Sam Liebowitz: And by the way, if you did not catch my interview with Dr. Raymond moody, who wrote the book life after life.

00:16:48.510 --> 00:16:55.380 Sam Liebowitz: Go into the archives and find it if you go to Apple podcasts search for the conscious consultant hour and look for Dr. Raymond moody.

00:16:55.680 --> 00:17:03.480 Sam Liebowitz: I interviewed him last year to 2019 I interviewed him and and one of his co authors, great, great interview so check that one out.

00:17:04.440 --> 00:17:20.070 Sam Liebowitz: But I've just had enough experiences that I cannot. I just cannot believe that this is our one life and that's it. And we're just physical beings, and there's nothing more to it and

00:17:20.580 --> 00:17:29.790 Sam Liebowitz: All that none all that beliefs, you may believe it if it works for you, great, more power to you. These are the beliefs that I have

00:17:30.360 --> 00:17:44.040 Sam Liebowitz: Today right now. Who knows 10 years from now. Maybe I'll learn something else I'll experience something else. And I'll change my mind. But for now, that's what works for me. And what these quotes are all around is reminding us

00:17:45.630 --> 00:18:02.760 Sam Liebowitz: Of that other side of us that's far greater than us just this physical body and these are wonderful, great quotes for the topic we're diving into today and I'm way over a little bit over which is all about.

00:18:03.840 --> 00:18:20.160 Sam Liebowitz: Releasing our attachments to what we to life. We're releasing our attachments to everything in life as a way of getting through, and a way of thriving in this crazy world.

00:18:21.510 --> 00:18:33.630 Sam Liebowitz: And and i want to talk all about it. It's amazing topic and it's something that I've recently experienced the power of letting go of our attachments and what that

00:18:35.010 --> 00:18:36.210 Sam Liebowitz: Can do for us. So

00:18:37.470 --> 00:18:48.390 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you all for tuning in. And I see you there on the Facebook life you love. The space paragraphs those actually are sacred geometries behind me. So I just thought I'd have some fun tonight.

00:18:48.990 --> 00:18:57.630 Sam Liebowitz: Anyway, so it's just me and you. I want your questions. I see my loyal listeners William and sanai on I hope more people are listening in.

00:18:58.530 --> 00:19:15.060 Sam Liebowitz: Just type your questions or comments into the comments section of the video shoot me an email. Sam at the conscious consultant calm and I will answer your questions. I'll respond to everything it's me and you today no guests.

00:19:16.170 --> 00:19:22.440 Sam Liebowitz: Many people tell me these are this their favorite kinds of shows. So I hope you will engage with me.

00:19:23.070 --> 00:19:33.720 Sam Liebowitz: And enjoy me. And so you're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern Time.

00:19:33.930 --> 00:19:50.550 Sam Liebowitz: Right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook on talk radio NYC on the conscious consultant Facebook page on inspired thoughts Facebook page, all this great stuff. We're going to take this quick break and we'll be right back after this

00:22:05.160 --> 00:22:18.480 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I really want to thank you all for tuning in today and being here with us. I really do appreciate how

00:22:19.050 --> 00:22:27.210 Sam Liebowitz: My loyal listeners keep coming back, week after week. And if you're listening in today. And you're enjoying what I'm talking about. If you're enjoying

00:22:28.590 --> 00:22:29.820 Sam Liebowitz: You know the topics.

00:22:30.840 --> 00:22:46.650 Sam Liebowitz: First of all, I would love if people would let me know what kinds of topics you'd like me to cover in the future because I'm here to serve you. Right. I want this to really be a show that that as you listen to it. And as you

00:22:47.940 --> 00:23:00.030 Sam Liebowitz: Connect with the messages and stuff that really serves you with something that you feel like you learn things that you can apply in your day to day life and make you feel more empowered and stronger.

00:23:01.470 --> 00:23:05.910 Sam Liebowitz: And just in case I forgot to mention when I talked about

00:23:07.440 --> 00:23:20.250 Sam Liebowitz: How we are so much more powerful than we know it's part of my new book, which is coming out in November 17 called everyday awakening, you are more powerful than, you know, and you can pre order it right now on Amazon now.

00:23:22.140 --> 00:23:31.890 Sam Liebowitz: If you wait a little bit. And what I would prefer you do is find that don't order it just yet because I'm getting together some great

00:23:32.490 --> 00:23:40.860 Sam Liebowitz: giveaways that some of the people who gave me some wonderful testimonials for the book. They're giving me some giveaways to offer to you.

00:23:41.190 --> 00:23:49.830 Sam Liebowitz: So if you wait. I don't have that page up yet. I'm getting my marketing material together within the next two to three weeks I'll have it all together. We want to do a big push

00:23:50.820 --> 00:23:57.330 Sam Liebowitz: Towards the end of October, beginning of November, and I would love your help you. I'm going to talk about this much more, but just

00:23:57.930 --> 00:24:12.540 Sam Liebowitz: Don't order it yet. Wait, because I'm going to have a special page for you to go to where after you order it, you can put in. And if you order the Kindle version. I'm selling it for just 99 cents. Up until the day after launch day after launch it goes up to 999 but

00:24:14.670 --> 00:24:24.930 Sam Liebowitz: You're going to be able to, once you order it put in your name, your receipt and you're going to get a whole bunch of very valuable freebies that I think will will you'll love so

00:24:26.490 --> 00:24:29.430 Sam Liebowitz: Ah, let's get into today's topic non attachment

00:24:30.840 --> 00:24:44.250 Sam Liebowitz: Why did I decide to do a show today a non attachment. Well, I'm not very attached to the topic, but, uh huh. I did it because of my own personal experiences. Recently, which I'll talk about

00:24:45.930 --> 00:24:51.300 Sam Liebowitz: And I also chose this topic because I was trying to come up with what

00:24:52.770 --> 00:25:16.290 Sam Liebowitz: would really help people in this world that we live in today where things are so uncertain, things are so tenuous day to day, we don't really know what's going to happen. And I don't care where you are in the world, you could be in in Europe, India, China, all over the US South America.

00:25:17.790 --> 00:25:18.840 Sam Liebowitz: Everywhere.

00:25:19.950 --> 00:25:23.040 Sam Liebowitz: We're all facing and not just

00:25:24.120 --> 00:25:36.180 Sam Liebowitz: You know, regular people even the people who run the countries don't really know what next week, next month, next year, what's coming.

00:25:38.640 --> 00:25:41.130 Sam Liebowitz: And so as I was thinking about

00:25:42.180 --> 00:25:49.950 Sam Liebowitz: What what really I find helped me in navigating this whole time.

00:25:53.130 --> 00:25:56.490 Sam Liebowitz: And because of some recent things, and I'll get to that a little later in the show.

00:25:58.440 --> 00:25:59.850 Sam Liebowitz: I realized that

00:26:00.900 --> 00:26:09.270 Sam Liebowitz: One of the ways in which I've been able to really ride this wave, so to speak of this uncertainty.

00:26:10.740 --> 00:26:14.850 Sam Liebowitz: Is by not really being attached to

00:26:15.900 --> 00:26:18.300 Sam Liebowitz: How things were

00:26:19.680 --> 00:26:21.960 Sam Liebowitz: My idea of how to do things.

00:26:24.270 --> 00:26:26.040 Sam Liebowitz: And what I'm actually doing.

00:26:28.050 --> 00:26:31.560 Sam Liebowitz: And the way this, this came about for me.

00:26:33.000 --> 00:26:33.720 Sam Liebowitz: And I'll just start

00:26:35.070 --> 00:26:39.900 Sam Liebowitz: Start with the the radio station talk radio in YC

00:26:41.160 --> 00:26:43.650 Sam Liebowitz: Now, I've been running it for over 10 years

00:26:45.600 --> 00:26:58.020 Sam Liebowitz: And for almost 10 years we always did everything in studio. Now, in September, we recently moved signed a new lease on on West 38 street Manhattan.

00:26:58.620 --> 00:27:11.520 Sam Liebowitz: For for new office space and my hosts were always local people who would come into the studio and we record in studio and the reason why I've stuck with it for so long that way.

00:27:13.140 --> 00:27:22.740 Sam Liebowitz: Is because we're a small station. We're not a big station. We don't have huge budgets, so I was really looking to distinguish ourselves by the

00:27:23.220 --> 00:27:30.930 Sam Liebowitz: Audio Quality by the quality of sound, which, by the way, I'm using a different microphone last week and this week I know last week. It was a little bit hot so

00:27:31.200 --> 00:27:40.560 Sam Liebowitz: Let me know how I sound. This week, compared to prior weeks and if it's too loud too soft, you know, let me know these things, it's good to know. I'll hear it in the recording. But if you can tell me live, that would be great.

00:27:42.750 --> 00:27:54.300 Sam Liebowitz: So I, we were doing everything in studio. But then when the lockdown order came. I was like, okay, we can't do it in studio anymore. We've got to go virtual

00:27:55.560 --> 00:28:04.980 Sam Liebowitz: Now I had just integrated zoom into our system for me to be able to bring on guests who were at a distance onto the Facebook Live videos.

00:28:06.240 --> 00:28:13.470 Sam Liebowitz: And I was relatively impressed with the audio quality on zoom and in one particular interview I did with this woman.

00:28:14.280 --> 00:28:18.240 Sam Liebowitz: wonderful woman Rubina chowdhry who is a healer.

00:28:18.960 --> 00:28:30.810 Sam Liebowitz: And she was back home when she when it was time for her to come on my show. She was back home visiting her family in Bangladesh and I got her on zoom and she sounded like she was next door. I couldn't believe how good the quality was

00:28:31.350 --> 00:28:44.580 Sam Liebowitz: So I said, Okay, we've got to go virtual that everybody's going up on zoom and so literally over a weekend I spent. I remember was a Friday I spent my last show

00:28:45.870 --> 00:28:47.580 Sam Liebowitz: On Friday afternoon.

00:28:49.110 --> 00:29:05.520 Sam Liebowitz: You know, recorded it played it posted it grabbed a bunch of stuff from the office came home set everything up at home spent Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, figuring out, you know, how do I stream things from home. How do I do things differently.

00:29:08.220 --> 00:29:10.410 Sam Liebowitz: And and what did I have to do.

00:29:11.490 --> 00:29:15.480 Sam Liebowitz: To get everything working properly and

00:29:16.680 --> 00:29:35.400 Sam Liebowitz: It took a while. And I had to do some searching and I did do some research but Tuesday night with Jeff show we started up and we were fine. We were working without a problem. Well, not necessarily without a problem completely, but we were up and running the station still was was working

00:29:36.510 --> 00:29:40.050 Sam Liebowitz: Now that was a big change for me because for years.

00:29:41.910 --> 00:29:50.460 Sam Liebowitz: For years, we'd been always in studio and I was so stuck on this notion that it had to be

00:29:53.220 --> 00:29:55.860 Sam Liebowitz: In studio professional equipment all this stuff.

00:30:00.330 --> 00:30:10.050 Sam Liebowitz: And how was I able to do that. How was I able to make this shift from being in person and not doing anything virtual to doing everything virtual

00:30:12.000 --> 00:30:24.660 Sam Liebowitz: And it was really because of two practices that I've been cultivating over the years and one is just not being attached to the way things are. And the other thing is not

00:30:26.970 --> 00:30:30.180 Sam Liebowitz: denying what the truth and reality is

00:30:31.200 --> 00:30:37.230 Sam Liebowitz: I just, there's this Buddhist precept about how suffering comes from

00:30:38.520 --> 00:30:46.800 Sam Liebowitz: Our not accepting or not realizing the truth of what the situation is of not seeing things clearly.

00:30:49.230 --> 00:30:59.730 Sam Liebowitz: And it's not always easy, because sometimes the way things are is not what we want. It's not the way we believe things should be. And it's difficult to accept that this is the way things are.

00:31:01.260 --> 00:31:02.100 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:31:03.450 --> 00:31:19.170 Sam Liebowitz: But by accepting that this is the new reality, this is what we had to deal with and not judging it not make it wrong not not denying it, but just saying, Okay, this is what I have to deal with. So this is what I'm

00:31:20.010 --> 00:31:35.190 Sam Liebowitz: Need to do some for it and not being attached to the way things are. I was able to pivot relatively easily without missing a step, you know, doing what I need to do, but not making it wrong or bad, but just, okay, this is a thing.

00:31:37.170 --> 00:31:41.910 Sam Liebowitz: And that's really what a lot of people have had to do in their businesses.

00:31:42.420 --> 00:31:48.510 Sam Liebowitz: Either and how their business operates what their business provides or the career. I mean, how many people

00:31:48.870 --> 00:32:05.400 Sam Liebowitz: Went from overnight went from going in commuting to the office to working at home to working remotely to not even living in the city anymore. I can't believe like how many people I'm hearing either have a summer place upstate in there, they've pretty much moved their full time.

00:32:06.510 --> 00:32:16.290 Sam Liebowitz: Or or people left their apartment and just found a place outside, whether it's more space. We've all had to adapt like that.

00:32:19.080 --> 00:32:29.490 Sam Liebowitz: And so by letting go of our attachments of the way things have always been. It just makes it so much easier. It just allows us to just

00:32:30.510 --> 00:32:39.090 Sam Liebowitz: More effortlessly not completely effortlessly, but with more effortless Ness move forward and deal with what we have to deal with.

00:32:40.170 --> 00:32:42.480 Sam Liebowitz: All right, time for me to take another break

00:32:44.010 --> 00:32:49.410 Sam Liebowitz: And when we come back, I'm going to tell you the story about what's happened recently to me.

00:32:50.100 --> 00:32:58.800 Sam Liebowitz: That really was the instigator for this particular episode and why I chose this at this particular time. So,

00:32:59.340 --> 00:33:09.000 Sam Liebowitz: Stick around. Please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern right here on talk radio dot NYC.

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00:33:31.740 --> 00:33:42.240 Sam Liebowitz: Subscribe to us on the podcast that helps so more people can find us share us like us love us. I love you all. Williams tonight. I see your comments about I'm sounding good thank you.

00:33:42.750 --> 00:33:53.400 Sam Liebowitz: Glad to hear it, trying to keep an eye on the audio levels, it's not always easy. We'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Stay with me. I got another story to tell, you're gonna like this one. So don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

00:36:19.980 --> 00:36:28.500 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. Thank you for staying with me. I hope you've been enjoying the show so far.

00:36:29.550 --> 00:36:31.500 Sam Liebowitz: Oh. Also, before I forget.

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00:37:52.860 --> 00:37:54.660 Sam Liebowitz: And let me know.

00:37:55.710 --> 00:38:06.240 Sam Liebowitz: What you like what you don't like what you'd like more of what you'd like less of so that I can reformulated and rework it for something that truly serves you.

00:38:07.620 --> 00:38:14.700 Sam Liebowitz: So we've been talking about non attachment talking about what does it really

00:38:15.810 --> 00:38:25.590 Sam Liebowitz: Take to not only survive but thrive in a world where we never really know what tomorrow is going to bring

00:38:28.980 --> 00:38:29.580 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:38:30.870 --> 00:38:35.700 Sam Liebowitz: The reason why I decided to choose this topic today to talk about

00:38:36.990 --> 00:38:50.100 Sam Liebowitz: It is because recently. I got a real surprise and as many of you know I've talked about the the shamanistic work that I've been doing for the last six and a half years and training to be a facilitator in this work.

00:38:53.700 --> 00:38:54.240 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:38:55.500 --> 00:39:16.710 Sam Liebowitz: I i've been so wanting to graduate and start working with people and really do this work with others and and to the point that I was rushing in and got involved with somebody who turned out to be not what I thought they were and and caused a big, big mess.

00:39:18.960 --> 00:39:29.370 Sam Liebowitz: And it's been really difficult for me because my mentor has been the whole, you know, telling me I'm not ready. You got to show up more. I got to do this got to do that.

00:39:30.090 --> 00:39:44.070 Sam Liebowitz: And it was very difficult for me for the longest time, and since the pandemic since the lockdown. But the, the way that we've started doing this work is virtually through zoom. You know, like everything else.

00:39:45.450 --> 00:39:49.020 Sam Liebowitz: And I've participated and have assisted in some of these

00:39:50.040 --> 00:39:51.330 Sam Liebowitz: Zoom sessions.

00:39:52.440 --> 00:39:53.280 Sam Liebowitz: And and

00:39:54.630 --> 00:40:07.380 Sam Liebowitz: As some of you know I'm on zoom all week long. All of our radio shows are on zoom now on doing all these one on one meetings networking events all these things I'm doing on zoom. So

00:40:08.430 --> 00:40:22.680 Sam Liebowitz: Doing then ceremony on the weekend over zoom it just, I mean, I see people getting value from it, but for me it just wasn't what I wanted from the work. And so I after about sitting with it for about a month.

00:40:23.730 --> 00:40:26.940 Sam Liebowitz: After I made the decision I contacted my mentor and I said, look,

00:40:29.070 --> 00:40:31.710 Sam Liebowitz: I know this is the way we're working now but

00:40:32.760 --> 00:40:40.230 Sam Liebowitz: One of the things I always love about doing the ceremonial work was turning off the phone turning off the technology and just being really present with people.

00:40:40.860 --> 00:40:52.530 Sam Liebowitz: And this zoom stuff. I'm doing it all the time. It doesn't really sit well with me and I really don't think this is something I want to participate in, you know, as assisting as as facilitating

00:40:53.610 --> 00:41:01.470 Sam Liebowitz: And I was very nervous. It took me about a month to work up the courage to actually say it to him because I knew he might be upset or whatever.

00:41:02.010 --> 00:41:11.610 Sam Liebowitz: And so he was very Curt with me and he said, Well, you know, we're not going to be doing anything live for a long time ago. Yeah, I know. Look, it's been three and a half years I've been in training. What's another couple of years.

00:41:12.810 --> 00:41:19.380 Sam Liebowitz: And I really did it from a place of non attachment. I really just dropped my attachment to becoming a facilitator.

00:41:21.210 --> 00:41:30.870 Sam Liebowitz: And then I was attending participating in in a sort of a training session with him and the other trainees.

00:41:31.350 --> 00:41:36.810 Sam Liebowitz: And he checks in with me and he's like, How's things going. And I'm like, things are going great. I finished the manuscript to my book. It's coming out in

00:41:37.140 --> 00:41:47.190 Sam Liebowitz: November the radio station, more people are coming on board. I'm really busy. It's things are really amazing. And he goes, well to add two more abundance for you. He goes, I was

00:41:47.730 --> 00:41:54.870 Sam Liebowitz: Been planning for the last month to tell you that I was going to graduate you and then I got your phone call and he said the timing of it was just too.

00:41:55.590 --> 00:42:05.820 Sam Liebowitz: Bizarre so I just had to sit with it but i just i didn't let you know that I'm giving you access and you can start working with them, like, oh my god. And I was like, I sat with it for like a month. He was sitting with it for like a month.

00:42:06.630 --> 00:42:18.600 Sam Liebowitz: And then I realized that it wasn't until I really dropped my attachment to becoming a facilitator, that the universe said okay, now you're ready. And yes, you can be a facilitator.

00:42:19.650 --> 00:42:24.930 Sam Liebowitz: And this, you know, for me, was such a big deal because I've been. I've been.

00:42:25.590 --> 00:42:40.170 Sam Liebowitz: Working at it so long I've been putting so much time and money and effort and energy into doing it and to becoming a facilitator that for me to say, you know what, if it's going to take a couple of years it takes a couple of years it will happen when it happens.

00:42:41.670 --> 00:42:43.740 Sam Liebowitz: You know, I can control it.

00:42:45.240 --> 00:42:50.250 Sam Liebowitz: And and so I really truly believe that the moment I dropped my attachment

00:42:51.450 --> 00:42:57.270 Sam Liebowitz: To becoming a facilitator. That was when spirit decided, okay, now you're ready.

00:43:00.000 --> 00:43:06.120 Sam Liebowitz: And so it was because of that because this is such a big deal for me personally.

00:43:08.730 --> 00:43:09.630 Sam Liebowitz: That

00:43:12.720 --> 00:43:28.380 Sam Liebowitz: It really just now. It's such a big lesson for me that I really want to share this lesson with other people and share this lesson in a very profound way to help others to perhaps

00:43:29.910 --> 00:43:43.440 Sam Liebowitz: Have the same thing. So, so my question to you is, what do you want to see happen. What are you attached to happening, what are you attached to doing what are you, how are you attached to being

00:43:44.970 --> 00:43:49.350 Sam Liebowitz: That maybe if we can let go of that attachment

00:43:52.650 --> 00:44:01.770 Sam Liebowitz: You can actually get there. Now one of the tricky things about this is you can't say, oh, well, I'm going to be not attached so then it's going to come to me.

00:44:02.280 --> 00:44:16.440 Sam Liebowitz: Because then you're not really being non attached. What you're really doing is trying to bypass sort of the process of truly dropping it and truly not being attached, for the sake of achieving the thing

00:44:18.420 --> 00:44:28.770 Sam Liebowitz: So it's really about not being attached, regardless of whether the thing comes through an app, because that's really the essence the spirit of non attachment

00:44:29.970 --> 00:44:32.520 Sam Liebowitz: Is saying, hey, whatever. It's been a calm is going to come

00:44:38.130 --> 00:44:48.960 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, I see. William on the Facebook Live says a group. I was with was total zoom and I had to separate but now they have reached out to me. Also, you see. You just never know.

00:44:51.270 --> 00:44:58.860 Sam Liebowitz: And so I would just ask for the listeners and people on Facebook Live. I just want you to step back for a moment.

00:45:00.000 --> 00:45:07.920 Sam Liebowitz: And and and take a quick assessment of what in your life. Do you find yourself very attached to

00:45:08.940 --> 00:45:15.180 Sam Liebowitz: Whether it's your work, your home, your relationships politics.

00:45:16.200 --> 00:45:25.200 Sam Liebowitz: Economics whenever just let's try and identify like what, in your life, this is a good way to kind of figure out what you're attached to

00:45:26.010 --> 00:45:39.990 Sam Liebowitz: What, in your life if you disappeared tomorrow if it disappeared tomorrow, you are still alive and you're still healthy if it disappeared tomorrow. What would cause you the most anxiety. The most stress, the most difficulty.

00:45:41.580 --> 00:45:46.500 Sam Liebowitz: whatever that thing is. That's what we're most attached to

00:45:48.420 --> 00:46:01.860 Sam Liebowitz: So how do we truly detach to it. Well, that's what I'm going to tell you about when we come back from this break. I have a little process. It's a very simple thing. It's, um, I heard a long time ago.

00:46:02.550 --> 00:46:06.990 Sam Liebowitz: And I will share it with you because I think it will help

00:46:07.770 --> 00:46:25.080 Sam Liebowitz: And I would love for once I do share this process with you for you to try it over the next week or two and then let me know, email me comment on my future shows and let me know how did this process work or not work for you. And what did you discover

00:46:26.190 --> 00:46:28.230 Sam Liebowitz: In working with this idea of

00:46:29.640 --> 00:46:39.450 Sam Liebowitz: Moving towards non attachment. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after this

00:48:59.850 --> 00:49:18.000 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I'm very pleased you have all stuck around with me for the show today, we've been speaking about non attachment and the importance of

00:49:19.560 --> 00:49:26.970 Sam Liebowitz: Not being attached to what it is we want we desire, how we work all that great stuff.

00:49:28.710 --> 00:49:36.510 Sam Liebowitz: So I wanted to share with you sort of this and it's a very simple easy process, but one that

00:49:37.860 --> 00:49:41.850 Sam Liebowitz: I think can help us and serve us in

00:49:42.990 --> 00:49:46.590 Sam Liebowitz: Becoming less attached to the things we have

00:49:48.150 --> 00:49:58.770 Sam Liebowitz: And so, a long time ago, wish I could remember who was but there was this very famous motivational speaker businessman achieved a lot of success in their life.

00:50:00.660 --> 00:50:10.710 Sam Liebowitz: And I found it fascinating that what they said was the way they were able to not be so attached to their wealth and not make their money such a big deal in their life.

00:50:13.530 --> 00:50:16.500 Sam Liebowitz: Is that every night before they went to bed.

00:50:17.640 --> 00:50:28.470 Sam Liebowitz: They pretty much gave up everything they had, you know, in their turn to God. I'll say to spirit to life to the universe, whatever term you like to use.

00:50:29.520 --> 00:50:40.800 Sam Liebowitz: That they pretty much released and let go of everything they had, for they went to bed at night and said, You know what, this is yours. This isn't mine gave it back to the spirit.

00:50:42.450 --> 00:50:44.970 Sam Liebowitz: And he said, then in the morning when I woke up.

00:50:45.990 --> 00:50:54.990 Sam Liebowitz: Whatever I still had it was the life spirit, giving it back to me. And so I had it for one more day

00:50:57.840 --> 00:51:14.880 Sam Liebowitz: And by cultivating this practice over time of just every night, giving up everything you have your, your relationships or your, your home, your finances, your business, your career, whatever you have every night we keep it up to spirit.

00:51:16.380 --> 00:51:20.520 Sam Liebowitz: And the next day when you wake up and you still have it. It's a gift.

00:51:21.870 --> 00:51:25.440 Sam Liebowitz: It does a few different things at the same time.

00:51:26.940 --> 00:51:27.660 Sam Liebowitz: First

00:51:28.920 --> 00:51:33.600 Sam Liebowitz: It helps us to be more grateful for what it is that we have in life.

00:51:34.710 --> 00:51:44.190 Sam Liebowitz: And that in that process of just cultivating gratitude, as many of you know that is such a powerful practice that we can have

00:51:45.300 --> 00:51:46.320 Sam Liebowitz: And then second,

00:51:48.270 --> 00:51:59.730 Sam Liebowitz: As we get used to giving up everything we have at night and just letting go of all of our attachments and just saying it's not mine. It's not mine. I give it up to spirit.

00:52:01.800 --> 00:52:04.200 Sam Liebowitz: Then every day as

00:52:05.220 --> 00:52:10.530 Sam Liebowitz: We come back to it. Then if something leaves, if something changes.

00:52:11.700 --> 00:52:16.320 Sam Liebowitz: Well, we've been cultivating not having it around.

00:52:17.670 --> 00:52:22.290 Sam Liebowitz: Anyway, because we gave it up at night we let go of it we dropped it.

00:52:25.380 --> 00:52:29.550 Sam Liebowitz: And so I would love for you to just try this for yourself.

00:52:32.220 --> 00:52:51.210 Sam Liebowitz: Tonight for you go to bed, just take a moment, be grateful for what you have grateful for what life has brought to you what spirit has given you and say I give everything back to you spirit I give everything that I have back to you.

00:52:52.920 --> 00:52:56.190 Sam Liebowitz: And then the next morning when you wake up tomorrow morning.

00:52:57.420 --> 00:53:02.070 Sam Liebowitz: See what you still have see what Spirit gave back to you what it kept for you.

00:53:03.510 --> 00:53:06.330 Sam Liebowitz: And feel gratitude that it's still in your life.

00:53:08.580 --> 00:53:11.220 Sam Liebowitz: And maybe something didn't stick around.

00:53:15.210 --> 00:53:18.810 Sam Liebowitz: And by letting go of it the night before.

00:53:20.370 --> 00:53:25.080 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe the fact that it's not around might not be as big a deal for you anymore.

00:53:27.360 --> 00:53:42.360 Sam Liebowitz: I said earlier in the show when I started off talking about the quotes of the day about how I believe we all actually choose when and how we die, their transition. And when I say transition graduate, whatever.

00:53:44.550 --> 00:53:48.120 Sam Liebowitz: I'm also a big believer in that we choose our parents we choose when we're born

00:53:49.590 --> 00:54:00.870 Sam Liebowitz: And the reason why I say this is because I've had a couple of people in my life, not super, super close to me, but kind of close to my wife.

00:54:02.370 --> 00:54:11.580 Sam Liebowitz: Who we found out you know we're sick and within a week later, they were gone. They had left they transitioned very, very quickly.

00:54:13.650 --> 00:54:21.000 Sam Liebowitz: And I'm hearing the same thing from other people I know and it was not from coven it's not from the flu is from other things.

00:54:24.480 --> 00:54:30.270 Sam Liebowitz: And so because I kind of see this trend of people transitioning very, very quickly.

00:54:32.550 --> 00:54:34.740 Sam Liebowitz: It really makes me wondering thing.

00:54:36.600 --> 00:54:38.700 Sam Liebowitz: To these people did they just decide

00:54:39.780 --> 00:54:49.290 Sam Liebowitz: I'm. That's it. I'm done with this life. I have no more desires. I have nothing else I want to retrieve nothing else I want to learn. I'm just done and that's their way to go.

00:54:50.670 --> 00:55:02.400 Sam Liebowitz: You know, for some people it could be a heart attack for other people that you know some fast acting disease. For some people it could be a car accident or some people who could just be, you know, don't know

00:55:04.110 --> 00:55:08.010 Sam Liebowitz: You know, it could be some, you know, as they say, quote unquote, old age.

00:55:10.860 --> 00:55:14.310 Sam Liebowitz: And sometimes people just pass and we don't know how or why

00:55:18.960 --> 00:55:20.040 Sam Liebowitz: Now I

00:55:21.540 --> 00:55:29.460 Sam Liebowitz: I guess I have a lot of desires. So I kind of feel like I'm going to be around for a long time because

00:55:31.560 --> 00:55:40.170 Sam Liebowitz: I feel like I'm a late bloomer that I'm just beginning to come into my own I'm 58 going on.

00:55:42.300 --> 00:55:46.230 Sam Liebowitz: There's so much more that I want to

00:55:48.090 --> 00:55:54.990 Sam Liebowitz: Experience in life. There's so many more people I want to touch their lives. There's so much more. I want to contribute to this world.

00:55:56.550 --> 00:56:02.550 Sam Liebowitz: I just feel like I'm getting started. I just feel like I'm 2030 years old, just figuring it out.

00:56:03.930 --> 00:56:07.560 Sam Liebowitz: So I'd like a decent amount of time to get there.

00:56:09.540 --> 00:56:10.560 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:56:12.300 --> 00:56:34.890 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, Patty says don't grow up. No, I have absolutely no intention of growing up. Well, let me let me change that maybe that growing up growing old. I will always be young at heart. I love to play. I love to tease. I love to have fun. I do like to be have a child like view of things.

00:56:36.450 --> 00:56:42.960 Sam Liebowitz: And William says me to say I'm also a late bloomer. Yeah, this is a decent amount of us, and I don't think that's a bad thing.

00:56:46.800 --> 00:56:51.780 Sam Liebowitz: Because sometimes when we're late bloomers. It takes us a little bit longer to

00:56:53.070 --> 00:57:04.590 Sam Liebowitz: Get to certain points. But then when we get there. It's like, whoa, we really show up in a much more empowered much more fulfilling much more impactful way.

00:57:06.780 --> 00:57:11.700 Sam Liebowitz: So I know like I could not be doing what I'm doing today.

00:57:14.010 --> 00:57:25.920 Sam Liebowitz: Without having had the experiences that I've had. And without things working out the way they did and William says, I always say, I wish I was conscious earlier.

00:57:26.790 --> 00:57:39.600 Sam Liebowitz: I agree with you, William, I wish I was more conscious earlier, yet I know it's all perfect and I'm a big believer that if we could do better if we could have been more conscious, we would have been more conscious so

00:57:40.620 --> 00:57:52.110 Sam Liebowitz: I'm doing my best not to judge myself for life, not, not to second guess myself for life and just say, well, there was a reason why

00:57:53.190 --> 00:57:57.270 Sam Liebowitz: I did not get to where I am today sooner.

00:57:58.380 --> 00:58:17.220 Sam Liebowitz: So then, let me not judge it. Let me not make it wrong or bad. Let me just work with it the way it is and move forward from here and and just make the most of it, make the best of it that I can right here, right now, today.

00:58:20.100 --> 00:58:24.870 Sam Liebowitz: So that's it for this week. I hope you enjoyed this show.

00:58:25.890 --> 00:58:32.820 Sam Liebowitz: I appreciate all the comments on Facebook. Thank you. I'm glad you agree, and I will have

00:58:33.240 --> 00:58:43.650 Sam Liebowitz: A guest with me next week. Well, I think I know I will. One way or another, because even if they, the person who I think of was supposed to be there. Can't make it if somebody else who who's waiting in the wings and

00:58:44.820 --> 00:58:53.820 Sam Liebowitz: Please stay tuned. Coming up next, it's can foster show voices of courage followed later this afternoon at 5pm by Antonio's show. So now you know

00:58:54.060 --> 00:59:05.370 Sam Liebowitz: And then Graham Dobbin show the mind behind leadership at 7pm tonight. Happy October. Everyone happy full moon big energy today. Full Moon great day day to

00:59:05.850 --> 00:59:17.040 Sam Liebowitz: Put your intentions out there and and and and and really put it forward please again share the podcast share the show the video, whatever.

00:59:17.370 --> 00:59:25.890 Sam Liebowitz: The book again it will be coming out in November 17 is the launch day everyday awakening. So maybe that second week in November, I want

00:59:26.400 --> 00:59:43.170 Sam Liebowitz: If you can share it, get it, you know, I'll let you all know when I have the sales page up and you'll get all the freebies, and everything else. So thank you all for tuning in. I appreciate. I love you all. I love the support I i really wholeheartedly appreciate you being with me as I

00:59:44.280 --> 00:59:52.320 Sam Liebowitz: Am as vulnerable as I can be. And share with you my life. Take care. We will talk to you next week.