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Thursday, October 1, 2020

2020/10/01 - Debating The Debate

[NEW EPISODE] Debating The Debate

There is so much going on. We need to take a break. Tune in and listen as Antonia discuss the topic on everyone's lip's, the debate, with her friend, Melka Davis.

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Show Notes

Segment 1:

Antonia talks about Janet and her writing and tells the audience that she will be on the show next week. She hints that her friend Malka will be joining her in the second half of the show. She urges her audience to stay safe and have patience amidst the ongoing pandemic. Antonia also talks about mental health and seasonal depression. She then goes into depth about an article on “curing loneliness”. Antonia talks about her struggles with loneliness and the shifting social climate due to COVID. She also discusses new hobbies she’s picked up and how she’s used these hobbies to impact her community.


Segment 2:

Antonia talks about her son practicing the saxophone virtually and in-person. She then talks about the importance of unplugging and taking care of yourself. Next, she talks about how her Halloween will look this year. She recalls how her Halloween used to look as a young kid and when she was in college. She talks about a news segment she saw on shopping for the holidays and wonders how the holiday season will look this year.


Segment 3:  

Antonia urges her audience to register to vote. She also talks about the importance of reading ballot instructions correctly to avoid your ballot being thrown away. Melka, Antonia’s friend from college, joins the show. They begin talking about how much of a mess the Biden v Trump debate was. Antonia asks Melka if she could do a 90-minute debate with Trump and she immediately says nope. Melka hopes the American people see what happened that night and take action. Antonia talks about her fears of Trump’s skilled ability to persuade and the results of his bullying tactics. Antonia and Melka also talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and the importance of tough conversations.


Segment 4:  

Antonia urges her audience to register to vote. She also talks about the importance of reading ballot instructions correctly to avoid your ballot being thrown away. Melka, Antonia’s friend from college, joins the show. They begin talking about how much of a mess the Biden v Trump debate was. Antonia asks Melka if she could do a 90-minute debate with Trump and she immediately says nope. Malka hopes the American people see what happened that night and take action. Antonia talks about her fears of Trump’s skilled ability to persuade and the results of his bullying tactics. Antonia and Malka also talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and the importance of tough conversations.


00:00:41.790 --> 00:00:54.090 Antonia Thompson: Happy Thursday, EVERYONE, IT IS Antonia on. So now you know it is that time. It's Thursday at five o'clock. I'm happy that you could join us. If you are streaming with us on Facebook.

00:00:54.720 --> 00:01:05.040 Antonia Thompson: Or if you are listening to us at talk radio and YC, it has been a very interesting week since the last time I spoke to you. We've had a presidential debate.

00:01:06.180 --> 00:01:13.470 Antonia Thompson: That I think is on the top of everyone's mind definitely is online and I have a lot to share, but I'm going to wait till the second half of the show.

00:01:14.520 --> 00:01:22.080 Antonia Thompson: For my good friend of mine. Mark Ingram Davis is going to join me and we're just going to talk about the state of the world as we see it.

00:01:22.740 --> 00:01:35.130 Antonia Thompson: You might agree. You might not, but I will guarantee you, it'll be interesting because we we have heated debates, just when we talk about it. So I can imagine. I was going to talk to a good friend of mine today.

00:01:36.600 --> 00:01:46.650 Antonia Thompson: Janet because she is a she went to law school with me. And if you follow the show or have listened in on different times. I have some very talented.

00:01:47.940 --> 00:01:49.470 Antonia Thompson: Folks that went to law school with me.

00:01:50.610 --> 00:01:55.710 Antonia Thompson: And amazingly, practicing law and doing having a total second career.

00:01:56.730 --> 00:02:12.180 Antonia Thompson: So Janet is a administrative law judge and then she's also an accomplished author. She writes a lot about self improvement and I'm not gonna say something she talks a lot about mindfulness and she talks a lot about

00:02:13.470 --> 00:02:27.210 Antonia Thompson: How to transform our lives using storytelling and writing and clearly she's very, very creative. So I think it's even more than self improvement. I think she gives you pathways to success or just different ways to think about approaching life.

00:02:28.350 --> 00:02:42.390 Antonia Thompson: Which I just think it's so amazing. We will, you know, very young, trying to figure out a career paths in law school and then to see where we are all these years later, it's just, it's just really interesting to me. We did have a show. Poof.

00:02:43.980 --> 00:02:51.450 Antonia Thompson: Actually, when I first started doing the shows and the podcast have another colleague of ours in my class.

00:02:53.490 --> 00:03:06.480 Antonia Thompson: Who's going to be recording artist and is still just slaying it with her music and her performances all at the same time has been an IBM and as one of their top corporate counsel.

00:03:07.140 --> 00:03:18.150 Antonia Thompson: Attorneys Yolanda Ruben so we don't have to bring her back and catch up with what she's been up to. But her Janet and there's so many others that are just amazing. And I think even when I was looking at

00:03:19.110 --> 00:03:27.330 Antonia Thompson: Our law schools newsletter. I think we have on she needed to hear. Behind me every is is running for office out in Florida.

00:03:28.140 --> 00:03:36.690 Antonia Thompson: If you're out in Florida. Florida Marissa is running for asleep there. So it's just really cool. I love to see what people are doing with their lives.

00:03:37.560 --> 00:03:54.480 Antonia Thompson: As we go through this journey. So Janet couldn't be with us tonight, but she will be with us next Thursday. So I hope you will tune in again to hear about her work that she does, because it truly, truly, truly is amazing malka who's going to join us later went to my undergrad with me.

00:03:55.620 --> 00:04:01.260 Antonia Thompson: And we have just you know bonded as college friends do over time through marriages and kids.

00:04:02.730 --> 00:04:15.330 Antonia Thompson: So it's always funny, as you know, to catch up with an old friend, even if you hadn't spoken to them in a long time. All of a sudden you pick up the phone and you just you just start up where you left off. So I'm really excited to talk to her on the second part of the show.

00:04:16.470 --> 00:04:25.860 Antonia Thompson: I hope we are practicing our social distancing we're wearing a mask mistake six feet apart. We're doing all those good things we've been talking about school oh reopening

00:04:26.670 --> 00:04:34.530 Antonia Thompson: My area seems to be going well. I know we watched the news and other areas we've seen spikes. But I think that's part of what we

00:04:34.890 --> 00:04:48.000 Antonia Thompson: Anticipated right coming into the flu season. Again, go out and get your flu shot. For those of you who feel I've never gotten the flu shot. Don't want to get a flu shot. I'm thinking it's a contagious disease in community, you might want to go get that shot.

00:04:49.110 --> 00:04:57.150 Antonia Thompson: Because I don't know if this is true. I'm not an MD, but I'm thinking the flu someone becomes an underlining

00:04:59.820 --> 00:05:10.440 Antonia Thompson: Tick like just that box. If you take off like if you have high blood pressure. Other things that, you know, probably stay with you a lot more than the flu, but it does do something at the end to your

00:05:11.820 --> 00:05:15.930 Antonia Thompson: Your immune system. So that has to be

00:05:16.980 --> 00:05:20.520 Antonia Thompson: Somewhat tied to so just be safe. Go get your solution.

00:05:22.050 --> 00:05:28.470 Antonia Thompson: And some of you that are out there that still don't want to wear the mask. Guess what wear the mask and it keeps you warm.

00:05:28.740 --> 00:05:35.580 Antonia Thompson: I've noticed that it was a cold day, the other day that mass came in really handy to keep me nice and warm and friendly so

00:05:36.300 --> 00:05:41.130 Antonia Thompson: If anything weird for warmth, as we get into the cold season, um,

00:05:41.910 --> 00:05:57.150 Antonia Thompson: I do see that some of the cases are spiking in our school but again we anticipated that that was going to happen. There was no way that coven was going to be here and it wasn't gonna affect us. Now we're back in school, when we pivoted

00:05:58.920 --> 00:06:09.600 Antonia Thompson: We pivoted at a time when school is about to get out and we also shut down. So now we're seeing how it could affect our school. So we just go work at it just can be patient and

00:06:10.710 --> 00:06:16.410 Antonia Thompson: And just work. Work it all saying happy and healthy and if sadly

00:06:17.430 --> 00:06:18.450 Antonia Thompson: You could call me.

00:06:19.530 --> 00:06:25.920 Antonia Thompson: I hope you're saying safe, healthy, you're getting the medical attention that you need to have and you are getting through it.

00:06:27.390 --> 00:06:34.020 Antonia Thompson: Because it's not an easy thing. But I also think that sometimes we have the stereotype is is happening like oh you the Colbert

00:06:34.440 --> 00:06:40.320 Antonia Thompson: And listen, we don't need to do that. Right. You gotta, you got it. If there's no rhyme or reason as to why you got it.

00:06:40.800 --> 00:06:49.500 Antonia Thompson: Outside and we don't have a cure. And it's just a very contagious disease. So, same way with cold or anything else. So please do take care of yourself. Listen to what the

00:06:50.400 --> 00:06:56.940 Antonia Thompson: The medical professions are telling us to do. Don't wait to the last minute to get help, because the last minute might be too late.

00:06:57.570 --> 00:07:07.410 Antonia Thompson: And I don't want to see that happen to you. So, so keep yourself safe couple things that have also popped on my radar over the week and you know always cold it's number one.

00:07:08.370 --> 00:07:25.740 Antonia Thompson: Um, there's just this huge anxiety and loneliness and depression that is coming over our community again to be expected as we go into the winter. I don't know about you, but this time of the year when the days are getting shorter, you know, it's 530 and it's dark at night.

00:07:26.790 --> 00:07:42.450 Antonia Thompson: It's getting cold. You don't want to get up in the morning because you call a slight depression comes over you, this anxiety that pic on the dark days. Here comes the snowstorms not going to whether we have no power outages. We actually have a mild winter what we had last year.

00:07:44.580 --> 00:07:51.450 Antonia Thompson: So I started thinking a little bit about that. Like, how are people acid accessing help. So in their screen shows that we've done before about mental health.

00:07:51.960 --> 00:07:59.550 Antonia Thompson: Mental health and the importance of getting help. And if there's no other time right now is just a time to be really mindful of how you feel.

00:08:00.600 --> 00:08:03.870 Antonia Thompson: The date really got me wired. I mean, I couldn't sleep.

00:08:05.100 --> 00:08:10.020 Antonia Thompson: tried my best to stay off social media because that was just going to hit me up, but couldn't

00:08:11.490 --> 00:08:23.820 Antonia Thompson: But just the next day was just a deep sadness of wow, What are we in for and on both sides. It just wasn't trying to hold back to go back to tell mark against here.

00:08:24.750 --> 00:08:30.660 Antonia Thompson: I'm just a Saturday. So I started reading and you know I always feel like things happen for

00:08:31.200 --> 00:08:39.300 Antonia Thompson: A reason. So I was waiting for my son to to finish up with an appointment they had and I picked up. I didn't pick up I borrowed this this opens

00:08:39.720 --> 00:08:45.330 Antonia Thompson: Up for the waiting I saw that there were many of their I actually want to see the one I can't, I can't say like

00:08:46.320 --> 00:08:54.390 Antonia Thompson: I think this is from months ago. So it's the newest edition and I shouldn't be doing that. Um, and I just, it was just interesting because there was

00:08:55.230 --> 00:09:04.140 Antonia Thompson: On the top of it. Let me read it to you on the cover was probably hoping is that how do you figure that out right a cure for loneliness helping hope.

00:09:05.400 --> 00:09:16.080 Antonia Thompson: You say, I'll pay attention to these I don't read it, but I have the time and it was on my mind. I said, hey, what do I have to lose. So it's really interesting article because it just gave little snippets of what to look for.

00:09:17.490 --> 00:09:25.560 Antonia Thompson: What to look out for what to see it. Other people, what kind of things are changing within yourself that can maybe give you a sense that you are alone.

00:09:26.100 --> 00:09:33.420 Antonia Thompson: And maybe you should just look for different ways to cure. I don't know if you and I did it gave different ways of ideas that people can

00:09:34.110 --> 00:09:42.030 Antonia Thompson: Utilize to make themselves was lonely, if that's the way we want to phrase it. I really thought was cool because it was this myth.

00:09:42.510 --> 00:09:51.510 Antonia Thompson: And there was this, you know, take a little the testing count them out to see whether or not you truly only a little bit lonely or, you know, just get over yourself and

00:09:52.170 --> 00:09:57.750 Antonia Thompson: And so there were three big mess. And I totally can resonate with them. And I think this was just some

00:09:58.110 --> 00:10:05.460 Antonia Thompson: Really cool like myth. One is one is the loneliest number and we know that there are plenty of people like Donald Trump, probably the longest man and work.

00:10:05.820 --> 00:10:17.730 Antonia Thompson: Seems to have a lot of friends thinks he has a lot of friends and as always surrounded by a lot of people, but you might be really lonely and that might affect his judgment in his ability to be presidential.

00:10:18.720 --> 00:10:22.890 Antonia Thompson: Number two myth, all the people are alone is a lot of times we want to say that the elderly.

00:10:24.180 --> 00:10:37.110 Antonia Thompson: Are lonely, then maybe they retired. They've moved away from their family, they've lost their spouse their community of relatives and friends, perhaps have passed away.

00:10:38.580 --> 00:10:39.390 Antonia Thompson: So, that's enough.

00:10:40.530 --> 00:10:42.960 Antonia Thompson: Loneliness is too abstract to measure.

00:10:44.250 --> 00:10:45.360 Antonia Thompson: Behind that with

00:10:46.830 --> 00:10:54.210 Antonia Thompson: That you just can't qualify. So I think it was really cool and I sent you to take this test. So I took

00:10:55.380 --> 00:11:03.750 Antonia Thompson: This is gone. Right. I took the test and of course it was like I am I have very high levels of loneliness and I had to think about it like, wait a minute.

00:11:04.260 --> 00:11:17.760 Antonia Thompson: I know sometimes annoying sometimes this I am in a mood, but I had to go back and really read about it and it does. It didn't make sense to me as I as I read it, I think a lot of people feel the same way as I was talking to friends and it was

00:11:18.870 --> 00:11:31.140 Antonia Thompson: Really when we take in the social distancing, the inability to go out and have coffee with friends, kids, not being able to go to school and not be social.

00:11:31.800 --> 00:11:45.000 Antonia Thompson: On the shutdown of just being isolated in your home and weeks at a time, not having the ability to go to the grocery store and just do the normal things that she would do that wouldn't make it so obvious that you or give you that feeling that you love me.

00:11:46.290 --> 00:11:55.380 Antonia Thompson: But then when you do ask those questions of yourself. Like, how often do you feel star for company right when we're when we're isolated.

00:11:56.700 --> 00:11:59.940 Antonia Thompson: Do, sometimes you feel it's difficult to make friends.

00:12:01.110 --> 00:12:17.550 Antonia Thompson: Usually we would say no when I'm in social gatherings, or I go to different places and very friendly and outgoing, but things have changed, right. Sometimes we look at people like, do you have a mass on our or in this culture where we are in this presidential run and we're not as friendly.

00:12:19.080 --> 00:12:20.850 Antonia Thompson: So it just made me think about

00:12:21.900 --> 00:12:38.070 Antonia Thompson: And want to share with you to kind of think about that. Like take a, take a little test yourself and just do a mental check of how good are you how well, have you been feeling lately in this time of coven and this time of a presidential election. This time where our community is just

00:12:40.440 --> 00:12:48.810 Antonia Thompson: I don't want to say on up people, but our communities conflicted. We're in conflict. So we just got to think about some of those things.

00:12:50.100 --> 00:12:57.690 Antonia Thompson: So again, I don't really subscribe to a lot of magazines. But then I said to myself, Well, that could be part of the loneliness of feeling not attached

00:12:58.020 --> 00:13:04.050 Antonia Thompson: So maybe that's part of I did put on my list like to look at a couple of magazines that back in the day, I, I probably subscribe to

00:13:04.290 --> 00:13:12.990 Antonia Thompson: But I pretty much don't do as much. And part of that reason is we just got on the internet, right, just pick it up on our phone can read and then we can we can

00:13:13.590 --> 00:13:24.960 Antonia Thompson: Hear about that. So I did. I went out and I subscribed to magazines. One of them was Oprah. Another one was the Times hadn't read that a long time.

00:13:25.500 --> 00:13:42.600 Antonia Thompson: And just said, instead of me going to the phone, going to the computer. How about taking that time to just go back and read a magazine right took up meeting. I have a covert scarf. Maybe when I come back I'll show it to you. It's a very interesting scarf that I've had.

00:13:43.890 --> 00:13:52.440 Antonia Thompson: I started doing it. We started doing zoom right and we started to go into the code season, and I don't want to say this because I was bored during meetings, it

00:13:53.310 --> 00:14:02.850 Antonia Thompson: It was just taking time to meditate and be by myself and I will show it to you. It is kind of hysterical. I don't know when I ever where it's it's way too long.

00:14:04.140 --> 00:14:16.830 Antonia Thompson: But again, it's just a way to pass the time to meditate to become centered and to focus and I think I shared with you before I took up making mass for the need in the community.

00:14:17.430 --> 00:14:25.530 Antonia Thompson: When coven hit for hospitals and nursing homes and so forth. And that has been an ultimate joy I went from not sewing, you know, from back in my teenage years.

00:14:26.040 --> 00:14:33.570 Antonia Thompson: To all of a sudden just learnt reading reliving it and what a joy to just sit and make these math pack them up, have them delivered

00:14:33.840 --> 00:14:40.440 Antonia Thompson: To those in need was just was a joy, and that is something I do by myself. So it kind of is lonely, but it isn't because

00:14:40.890 --> 00:14:47.070 Antonia Thompson: It just makes me think about the goodness that I'm doing and other stuff. So kind of find those things that bring you joy.

00:14:47.340 --> 00:14:53.550 Antonia Thompson: That make you feel like you're being impactful and your community in your family, even if it's a little way they do. You don't think so.

00:14:54.420 --> 00:15:05.430 Antonia Thompson: Um, think about it. Um, because we do we have to keep ourselves happy and healthy and we have to go back to those old school ways before we have social media, the phones and every last little gadget that we have

00:15:06.030 --> 00:15:18.960 Antonia Thompson: To manage our lives and just go back to the to the simple simplicity of it all. We're gonna get ready to take a break and we will be back you're listening to Antonia on. So now you know

00:17:36.360 --> 00:17:40.050 Antonia Thompson: Welcome back, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know

00:17:41.400 --> 00:17:48.720 Antonia Thompson: You might be hearing some background music. I apologize. That is my son in his room, although I told them, and that's the beauty of doing the

00:17:49.410 --> 00:18:08.400 Antonia Thompson: Doing this from my home somewhat studio here is a. You might even hear the dogs because I see them sitting at my feet as much as I tried to shut the door and keep them out they've come to join me and now we can hear a little bit of of my son's music is he's trying to play.

00:18:09.480 --> 00:18:19.200 Antonia Thompson: The saxophone and you know if you have children, AND YOU LOVE THEM, YOU LOVE their passion and you love the things that they try to do. Sometimes I would

00:18:20.010 --> 00:18:28.710 Antonia Thompson: I'd be pleasantly surprised. I go to the school for one of the shows and I'd be like, he never practices at home. I've never seen him pick up that saxophone.

00:18:29.070 --> 00:18:41.850 Antonia Thompson: And then they get up there and they're phenomenal. They're wonderful and at times he's done a solo. And I'm like, looking around like feeling bad that I didn't get out my phone to stop video and videotaping it because I was like, I will see YOU GOING TO DO THAT HE NEVER practices.

00:18:43.170 --> 00:18:55.920 Antonia Thompson: So I've, I've come to the conclusion that they probably were Hurst one song or a couple of songs all the time and are very, very good at what they do and hence have this this polished piece.

00:18:56.880 --> 00:19:00.720 Antonia Thompson: So I do have to support him now. And then when he does busted out and tries to do it.

00:19:01.140 --> 00:19:13.440 Antonia Thompson: And it's interesting because everything's virtual so I'm like, How are we taking saxophone lessons over this group, but they utilize zoom and then on their hybrid days when they are in person.

00:19:14.280 --> 00:19:25.110 Antonia Thompson: They actually go out to the football field and sit out there and practice. So all good stuff. Again, creating something out of nothing. So I'm very I'm very proud of him.

00:19:26.220 --> 00:19:42.150 Antonia Thompson: And amazed that you can hear it if you can't hear it. So getting back to how do we care. Our loneliness anxiety in these times. And again, I will go back that to be if you watched it was not helpful at all. So we have to unplug

00:19:43.200 --> 00:19:55.890 Antonia Thompson: And in a couple of weeks. And, you know, even when we talked to Janet next week we'll talk about how do we unplug, how do we find the ways to center ourselves in a time when it is almost impossible and

00:19:57.000 --> 00:20:04.680 Antonia Thompson: We're going to talk. What I'm going to bring someone on the show to talk a little bit more about that and previously. We've had guests that have talked about yoga.

00:20:06.210 --> 00:20:09.900 Antonia Thompson: We've talked about maybe our diet. And, you know, becoming vegan or

00:20:10.380 --> 00:20:17.760 Antonia Thompson: Taking out certain things out of our diet that will change. I'm going to have Elizabeth in the way that our body reacts to certain things. So that's always something to dive into

00:20:18.210 --> 00:20:28.500 Antonia Thompson: And it's important because as you can, at a particular age, we do have to be very, very mindful of what we put in our bodies and listen to our bodies. Right.

00:20:29.370 --> 00:20:39.420 Antonia Thompson: So as we know winter's coming in my kids all older I love Halloween. And I think it's more from my childhood that my mother, my parents.

00:20:40.140 --> 00:20:48.540 Antonia Thompson: Weren't into really buying candy or could buy candy for us all the time. So, Holly was a time when I would stock up, I would go and I was able to stay out all night.

00:20:50.250 --> 00:20:57.570 Antonia Thompson: To trigger tree. So, my kids are older than not too much into it. My neighborhood is densely populated, so it's

00:20:58.620 --> 00:21:01.350 Antonia Thompson: Just not the safest place for kids to walk on the street.

00:21:01.650 --> 00:21:11.880 Antonia Thompson: So they don't. And normally what people do these days as they pick up their kid and they go to a different neighborhood and they go trick or treating here. So that's been the case for the last 15 years I think that I've lived in this area.

00:21:12.450 --> 00:21:19.650 Antonia Thompson: So I was very happy that my neighbors. Somebody neighbors who have since moved into the neighborhood who have young kids like hey, you know, we want to

00:21:20.640 --> 00:21:24.930 Antonia Thompson: We're gonna go trick or treating. And because it's cold, they would you be willing, you know, to put out some

00:21:25.530 --> 00:21:33.480 Antonia Thompson: I was like, absolutely. You don't have any time. So I put out a bucket of treats and nothing nothing literally counted them one year mark them to see if anyone

00:21:33.870 --> 00:21:50.370 Antonia Thompson: In took a bag that I nicely coordinated with the colors and made sure there was enough chocolate and kids. Oh my goodness, and no one came. So my kids were pleased because I may had about 50 bags of candy, they could go through and sadly I repeated. So I was very, very happy to say yes.

00:21:51.690 --> 00:22:01.380 Antonia Thompson: And I thought I was being mindful and just saying, Yes, I would love to make a little goodie bags. I'll put them out there. Some neighbors were like, yeah, you can come ring my bell, others were like

00:22:02.610 --> 00:22:20.550 Antonia Thompson: You know, big basket on the on the doorstep and I was just like kind of a hybrid. I was like, oh, I recently. See that people, you know, decorate their cars and I had this vision of smoke like when I lived in Brooklyn. It was such a big thing in the neighborhood to decorate for Halloween.

00:22:21.900 --> 00:22:40.650 Antonia Thompson: And my son looked at me. He's like, are you serious right now. Mike, who is going to do that with you. Why would you do that. That's not how kids Trick or treat these days, they want in and out and they just want the quality of the candy is, what are you talking about, right. But sure enough,

00:22:41.820 --> 00:22:50.580 Antonia Thompson: The email came back with the list the protocol. I guess of what Halloween is these days. And there was a list of the

00:22:52.170 --> 00:22:57.660 Antonia Thompson: Peanut free clear that was gonna I'm, you know, okay, I know not to serve peanuts.

00:22:59.130 --> 00:23:05.910 Antonia Thompson: They was the peanuts. There was a, what is it, oh my gosh, you know, you can't have flower. It's not vegan.

00:23:06.420 --> 00:23:18.060 Antonia Thompson: And gluten. I know you were saying gluten free, there was all these options of different types of candies. There was ingestion of the particular candy. There was a suggestion of doing the full candy bar.

00:23:18.780 --> 00:23:25.320 Antonia Thompson: Oh my goodness I in fact I like this kid was not fibbing Halloween has been taken to oh

00:23:25.980 --> 00:23:39.000 Antonia Thompson: Level and then there was a discussion of what is a scary outfit. What you should wear when you should not wear, and I think it was even something about the protection of dogs that might be coming with the kids, they might get

00:23:40.650 --> 00:23:42.960 Antonia Thompson: It just robbed me of my joy.

00:23:43.980 --> 00:23:54.030 Antonia Thompson: Of Halloween. It really did I think back in my generation, you were really just looking out for the little penny that was stuck in the apple or the poison of the fruit that

00:23:54.420 --> 00:24:02.310 Antonia Thompson: Automatically my mother just took out of the bag and threw it in the garbage like if it wasn't you know individually wrapped piece of candy. You weren't getting it these days is just

00:24:03.270 --> 00:24:11.940 Antonia Thompson: So much more and I just had no idea I had no idea. I didn't realize that it is a it's such a racket when you go to parties in these other places.

00:24:12.240 --> 00:24:20.910 Antonia Thompson: And, you know, consumer school. My kids when they were younger, you still have to go get them a costume to wear to school. Why am I spending $50 on a costume. I was a hobo for a good. Oh my goodness.

00:24:21.840 --> 00:24:28.950 Antonia Thompson: I think it was a horrible for 12 years I treated treated in college, people thought it was odd, but our freshmen do on a Boston College.

00:24:29.880 --> 00:24:43.290 Antonia Thompson: Was right along this this neighborhood in new Massachusetts okay candy. Absolutely. The, what was the easiest thing you got a pillowcase you put a little something on your face to make you kind of dirty. You want your dad.

00:24:43.800 --> 00:24:55.290 Antonia Thompson: Coca Cola. Oh yeah, that's awesome. So it was a swamp of US freshmen NBC that distilled it and neighbors. Did you know you want it to those neighborhoods and they knew that you were a student

00:24:56.970 --> 00:25:00.030 Antonia Thompson: And they also want you to like you're a little too old, but

00:25:01.440 --> 00:25:16.620 Antonia Thompson: I did stop going out. I did make my kids that they were infants. We did go to Walt Disney. We went to Walt Disney World for Holly they shut down the whole Park and you go trick or treating from ride to ride loved it.

00:25:17.880 --> 00:25:28.560 Antonia Thompson: It was just, Mike. My husband kept nodding his head. The whole time when my kids were like brats. I was like, take them away like you take them back to the hotel, because I work today.

00:25:29.790 --> 00:25:33.420 Antonia Thompson: So it always has been a really great holiday of mine, but it has

00:25:35.220 --> 00:25:48.570 Antonia Thompson: The narrative has changed as to what is acceptable for inappropriate Halloween celebration, so that all the flow. I will go out there, I will make my candy baskets. I will be coded safe and I will be

00:25:51.030 --> 00:25:55.770 Antonia Thompson: Giving see. I want to see you still say to your country. It's unclear to me.

00:25:57.060 --> 00:26:05.790 Antonia Thompson: But I do feel like a lot of the traditional the lot of things that we normally do is not going to happen because we are in this season that we're in.

00:26:07.140 --> 00:26:17.070 Antonia Thompson: I hope that changes and I kind of thought I was doing my little thing in enjoying this parade of Halloween, but um

00:26:18.120 --> 00:26:25.470 Antonia Thompson: It'll be interesting to see how the holidays, how we do the holidays. I did hear on the news that there was

00:26:28.110 --> 00:26:30.930 Antonia Thompson: People already shopping for for for Christmas.

00:26:32.130 --> 00:26:44.250 Antonia Thompson: Holiday season that season has always been creeping up and we've always seen the stores probably already have holiday cards and so forth. And so I think that

00:26:46.350 --> 00:26:53.670 Antonia Thompson: People aren't going to start. Do you have nothing. You have nothing better to do with a lockdown nothing better. You're working virtually from home.

00:26:54.480 --> 00:27:05.880 Antonia Thompson: To start chopping and I think the, you know, people going to get hip to it. You're going to start seeing a lot of things happening on social media not social media when you go to the internet for for

00:27:07.140 --> 00:27:13.560 Antonia Thompson: Different sales and why not take advantage of it. If you can get a bargain. Why not do that.

00:27:15.570 --> 00:27:24.030 Antonia Thompson: But I just, I just thought it was so funny how we come up with these different reasons to shop and spend money in for the holidays. I thought it was crazy.

00:27:25.350 --> 00:27:36.690 Antonia Thompson: But things are changing as much. We want them to stay the same, you know, apple picking pumpkin carving. Are people still doing that. Are they still afraid to go out

00:27:37.560 --> 00:27:46.440 Antonia Thompson: Venture to do those stuff, so we'll see. We'll see what the holidays whole and actually Thanksgiving. Are you still getting together. Are you still having that big meal.

00:27:47.550 --> 00:27:55.650 Antonia Thompson: With your family or your friends are new, you know, what are we can ask a covert test before you come over for the holiday. Some people

00:27:56.880 --> 00:28:05.160 Antonia Thompson: Some people might you have to think about that. If you have elderly folks, if you have people in your family, family with underlying health conditions.

00:28:06.300 --> 00:28:11.730 Antonia Thompson: You might have to nowadays I just, you know, go to CVS, you can do rapid test. It's a drive thru

00:28:12.780 --> 00:28:16.380 Antonia Thompson: You might have to ask people to do that people have to get uncomfortable.

00:28:17.850 --> 00:28:18.900 Antonia Thompson: With this

00:28:20.160 --> 00:28:27.780 Antonia Thompson: But you might have to just to be safe, right, just to be healthy. I know I just got an email from my son school

00:28:28.320 --> 00:28:37.290 Antonia Thompson: About how we're going to hear those travels for the holidays right there mandating that if you go on a flight. If you leave to go to one of these states that can't seem to get it together.

00:28:37.770 --> 00:28:50.070 Antonia Thompson: And wear a mask and stay six feet apart, you're gonna have to take a Copa test before you come back on that campus, you know, knock on wood, my son school has not had an outbreak yet.

00:28:51.330 --> 00:28:56.370 Antonia Thompson: Whether or not they're all walking around asymptomatic and just don't know it. I don't know.

00:28:57.900 --> 00:29:05.040 Antonia Thompson: So that's my change. And if you're traveling so you might be asked and don't get assaulted, if you're asked to take the test, take the test.

00:29:05.520 --> 00:29:19.710 Antonia Thompson: And let's see where you stand. I think, again, I'm not a doctor, but I think majority of us can be coded. If we take the precautions that we take the medications we can beat it. It's those that get

00:29:20.880 --> 00:29:32.910 Antonia Thompson: Better at certain brackets those underlying health concerns that you may have and other things. But you know, I can't say that because this perfectly healthy people, for whatever reason to come to this disease. So, but they are lifted up in prayer.

00:29:33.810 --> 00:29:40.110 Antonia Thompson: And we just hope that we just take those precautions. So we're going to get ready to take another break

00:29:40.950 --> 00:29:43.980 Antonia Thompson: You're listening to Antonia and so now you know

00:29:44.400 --> 00:29:54.180 Antonia Thompson: I always feel I think back in the studio. You could always we had a number that you could call in and I always want to say, oh, I'm watching call and I want to hear from you guys and there probably is a way I'm I just have to figure it out.

00:29:55.290 --> 00:30:10.110 Antonia Thompson: That you can do that. But I'm always interested in your feedback. So talk radio dot NYC or here on Facebook. Put your comments. We're going to take a quick break. We'll be right back. This is Antonia's. So now you know

00:32:38.520 --> 00:32:47.460 Antonia Thompson: Hello everyone it's Antonia I'm back. It's on. So now you know I'm sorry if that little hiccup had a little

00:32:48.270 --> 00:33:01.890 Antonia Thompson: Had to unmute myself. I think what's really interesting and I'm sure I'm sure there are means and you should, if you have comments you can always if you're on Facebook and you're watching us. You can definitely put comments there and I'll get them.

00:33:03.090 --> 00:33:10.290 Antonia Thompson: And if you're listening. I appreciate that you you're listening and we're going to figure out a way how I can also get in touch with you.

00:33:11.580 --> 00:33:22.440 Antonia Thompson: But I know that there are unmet needs. Right. That's how we say it out there about the common phrases that you're hearing and CO good season, especially on zoom

00:33:23.760 --> 00:33:32.760 Antonia Thompson: If I could get right, how many times. If you have ever been or that you're here. Okay, you're on mute. Right. Someone said you're on mute your mute and the person's just look in the camera like wait way. Can you hear me.

00:33:33.300 --> 00:33:39.600 Antonia Thompson: I think that would be so funny so funny. So if you're out there. And that's something that

00:33:40.680 --> 00:33:53.760 Antonia Thompson: You're into I want to know that I want to know like the top 10 comments that are said, either through zoom or in some of these platforms that we we sometimes meet on that is kind of kind of funny.

00:33:54.990 --> 00:34:07.710 Antonia Thompson: Because that does bring me joy. Right. As we were just talking about being lonely and anxious how those things are really, really funny, but I just don't follow Twitter, Instagram, a lot. I probably need to get a little hipper to social media.

00:34:09.000 --> 00:34:15.120 Antonia Thompson: Because when I do do it or my daughter shares it with me. It is very, very funny. It is very, very funny.

00:34:16.230 --> 00:34:19.590 Antonia Thompson: So like I said, hopefully, my friend, Malcolm was going to join us soon.

00:34:20.310 --> 00:34:29.070 Antonia Thompson: And we're going to catch up. But I always felt like if I was going to talk about this debate, I wanted to talk about it with her and this political climate.

00:34:29.490 --> 00:34:41.010 Antonia Thompson: But what I will say we are down to the wire. If you are out there, please, please make sure you are registered to vote. Please make sure you get other people to vote if you have

00:34:41.940 --> 00:34:49.890 Antonia Thompson: requested an absentee ballot, which I hope you did and you take advantage of that in the state that you're in. Make sure you fill it out appropriately.

00:34:50.310 --> 00:34:57.870 Antonia Thompson: Okay. DO NOT GET YOUR VOTE THIS discounted because you either, you know, didn't sign your name clearly

00:34:58.590 --> 00:35:11.520 Antonia Thompson: You instead of putting an x, you put a check make sure you're reading the directions right even if it take the time. There's no rush. I don't think they sit there and say, get out of there are even if it's an absentee ballot, you get all the time to sit there and double check.

00:35:13.380 --> 00:35:20.910 Antonia Thompson: Make sure if you're unclear. You need to call somebody because it will get thrown out. And I'm sure some of these polls, depending where they are.

00:35:21.990 --> 00:35:29.040 Antonia Thompson: there'll be people throwing things out for the for silly things but I say silly, but if they can you know justify it under the rules.

00:35:29.940 --> 00:35:46.080 Antonia Thompson: You know, don't write on there. You hate this or that. Now, just do what you gotta do, put the put the x on the spot sign it and make sure it gets back timely, if you're going to the polls. Make sure you're asking people, Do they need a ride.

00:35:47.520 --> 00:35:52.890 Antonia Thompson: But if you aren't going to the polls. Do not melt guns joining us

00:35:54.510 --> 00:36:07.110 Antonia Thompson: Don't wear any you know mega hats don't hear anything that's political in nature because you can't, I believe you can't get into the polls. If you're wearing any political gear. How are you Belka

00:36:07.230 --> 00:36:09.300 Melka Davis: Hello, how are you

00:36:09.360 --> 00:36:10.410 Antonia Thompson: I'm good, I'm good.

00:36:12.150 --> 00:36:29.550 Antonia Thompson: No good Ingram Davis is a friend of mine from college and I was I was telling my listeners earlier that you were going to join us. And I was, I was refraining from talking about the debate, but I think you only saw bits and pieces. You didn't see the whole debate.

00:36:29.760 --> 00:36:33.300 Melka Davis: I actually walked away. Let's be clear. Okay, so

00:36:33.330 --> 00:36:45.930 Antonia Thompson: I, I didn't watch the beginning I was staying away. I said let me go listen and I started to listen and it was just a shit show it was they were talking over each other.

00:36:46.560 --> 00:36:54.450 Antonia Thompson: The moderator. I sat there, like, what is he doing like he needed to have like something to throw at them. I think he probably wanted to

00:36:54.720 --> 00:37:15.780 Melka Davis: I almost feel as though it was set up this way so that the American people could actually see the mess that they have stirred. I mean, from both ends from the Republican and the Democratic side for them to actually see the kind of mess that we're in that we put ourselves into

00:37:16.950 --> 00:37:20.250 Antonia Thompson: Here, but do you feel that, because these are the two options, though.

00:37:20.880 --> 00:37:32.010 Antonia Thompson: Oh no part of it. I was trying to say to buy it in like, don't, don't go there. Don't give in. But he, but your Trump was such a pest that I felt

00:37:32.340 --> 00:37:46.290 Antonia Thompson: A lot of times, he had to go there and defend himself and he had to kind of lower his standard. Um, but I just kept saying, Oh, don't go there, don't answer, don't answer, but I just was so discuss that, as the President of the United States of America.

00:37:46.800 --> 00:38:00.810 Melka Davis: Yeah, it is. I was coached by, you know, the Obama team or parts of the Obama team that he has a lot of really great supporters like From Simone Sanders and some other really

00:38:02.130 --> 00:38:13.290 Melka Davis: Smart people that can give him counsel. So, and I know everyone's heard that Michelle says when they go low we go high. So why he didn't take that choose that method.

00:38:13.470 --> 00:38:14.730 Melka Davis: But could you, I couldn't

00:38:14.730 --> 00:38:15.030 Melka Davis: Say,

00:38:15.060 --> 00:38:15.840 Antonia Thompson: How would you

00:38:16.860 --> 00:38:20.790 Antonia Thompson: Do you think you could have sat there and done that, that whole 90 minutes with that clown.

00:38:22.140 --> 00:38:25.320 Melka Davis: Probably not. Probably not. I mean, he has

00:38:25.560 --> 00:38:29.100 Melka Davis: The ability to he has the ability to make people

00:38:31.110 --> 00:38:32.160 Melka Davis: Dig deep.

00:38:33.270 --> 00:38:46.200 Melka Davis: And yeah, if anything, you know, he is I actually when I hear President Trump's voice, and I don't even like to call him president I leave the room.

00:38:47.130 --> 00:39:00.990 Melka Davis: His just his voice alone is just irritating so I try my best to, you know, hope that there will be a better day and I'm hoping that the American people saw what happened.

00:39:02.250 --> 00:39:18.480 Melka Davis: A couple of days ago and really take action. I've seen so many campaigns on, you know, going out there to vote from mobile to Mailing to in person to volunteering. I just really hope that you know young people.

00:39:21.300 --> 00:39:25.320 Melka Davis: Push this this agenda forward so that we can really have a voice.

00:39:27.150 --> 00:39:40.440 Antonia Thompson: But it's still frightens me that they're especially to the, you know, there's a distinct group and this is really in your forte I but I feel like there's a specific targeted group that Trump is speaking to

00:39:40.950 --> 00:39:49.440 Antonia Thompson: He's acting towards. Mm hmm. Right. And what concerns me is that they are they are more apt to go vote.

00:39:50.250 --> 00:40:06.960 Antonia Thompson: Then the other side that knows that it's ridiculous that he is just not credible that he is not he should not be the leader of the free world here and then we need somebody more polished polished and educated. To do this, but I'm afraid that he's good at that Trump is good.

00:40:06.990 --> 00:40:18.120 Melka Davis: Yes, that's, that's how he was. That was a platform that he went on, he, you know, they all go for the racism, you know, that's what they go for. And he's really good at it. And, you know,

00:40:19.530 --> 00:40:25.230 Melka Davis: He's, he's proven that being a bully actually has results. Mm hmm.

00:40:25.800 --> 00:40:27.660 Antonia Thompson: That's right, he's the biggest bully mom.

00:40:27.810 --> 00:40:48.450 Melka Davis: Yeah, he's actually proven that it's it's embarrassing to kind of talk to young. I don't have young children, but to talk to young people and say, you know, it's not nice to do this, don't do things this way, your president does it and he is actually winning. So it's just a really

00:40:49.500 --> 00:40:51.240 Melka Davis: Interesting way to kind of

00:40:52.710 --> 00:41:00.780 Melka Davis: Second, and I don't want to say second guess but look at your morals and and see, you know, what you stand for.

00:41:01.380 --> 00:41:16.290 Melka Davis: I think this has been a really great way for people to to to look back at themselves and say I I choose not to live this way and I don't want my children living this way because I think we took it for granted before

00:41:17.460 --> 00:41:22.620 Melka Davis: I think we took it for granted. Before I don't think I ever really thought about it as much as

00:41:22.860 --> 00:41:27.420 Antonia Thompson: Granted, but I've seen at least in my, in my community.

00:41:30.240 --> 00:41:38.370 Antonia Thompson: People excuse my dogs. I'm no one's gonna go get that trust me. Um, I think that there are people who are now.

00:41:38.820 --> 00:41:46.710 Antonia Thompson: Maybe they feel entitled to speak out right about maybe they are very conservative. They had specific views, but like, for example,

00:41:47.490 --> 00:41:55.920 Antonia Thompson: All of a sudden, there's this contingent this very conservative group in my community at that my son school that is now like why do we need a di state.

00:41:56.670 --> 00:42:04.860 Antonia Thompson: What are we talking about changing our curriculum for my children. Like, why do we have these bathrooms and allow anyone to use. Why don't we

00:42:05.130 --> 00:42:13.710 Antonia Thompson: Like all of a sudden, this is coming out and I'm looking around, like what Wally what in 2020 you're worried about your, your eighth grader. I'm

00:42:14.100 --> 00:42:24.540 Antonia Thompson: Not being able to voice their opinion or just because someone said, oh, it just, to me, is shocking that there are so many people around us that actually

00:42:25.770 --> 00:42:36.210 Antonia Thompson: Have felt this way for a long time and I'm now able or or think that they're able to just come out and say it any other way. If someone's I guess what I'm saying is like when people say black lives matter.

00:42:36.870 --> 00:42:48.210 Antonia Thompson: So people just can't articulate the word Black Lives Matter, like you see is this visceral like all lives matter and they want to talk about it, but it's like no no right now.

00:42:48.660 --> 00:43:03.420 Antonia Thompson: We were talking about the black folks that you enslaved in this country and had laws that said that they were not human. We're talking about what this country has done black people and it's still like, oh,

00:43:04.980 --> 00:43:05.580 Antonia Thompson: Itself.

00:43:06.660 --> 00:43:14.400 Antonia Thompson: This is what the United States of America did it to do. You didn't do too. You did to black.

00:43:14.400 --> 00:43:15.870 Melka Davis: People right

00:43:16.770 --> 00:43:26.040 Antonia Thompson: Even if we were talking about you know about the haka it was specific it. This is what a country did to Jewish people didn't make it up.

00:43:27.360 --> 00:43:42.000 Antonia Thompson: We haven't gotten over it. Yeah, there's vestiges of what that did to us as a people, and you need to recognize it and I just I just, I mean, what do you think, what is the reason why people can't say black lives matter.

00:43:44.490 --> 00:43:45.750 Melka Davis: I think it's

00:43:46.860 --> 00:43:50.790 Melka Davis: I think there are a number of reasons. I think that people have

00:43:52.530 --> 00:44:01.500 Melka Davis: Kind of washed under the rug. What we've gone through for so many years. I think when they see you know celebrities and or people who

00:44:03.000 --> 00:44:14.040 Melka Davis: Are at a certain status or that we have as a people have, you know, made strides. Not as many as we probably could have it reparations, but

00:44:15.240 --> 00:44:19.020 Melka Davis: I think they see you know black people seem to be okay.

00:44:20.340 --> 00:44:32.370 Melka Davis: So they're like, I don't understand why we need to have this conversation. But there are a lot of underlying issues, ie crime police brutality.

00:44:33.570 --> 00:44:47.190 Melka Davis: socio economic factors that are washed under the rug that people don't see all the time, unless it's on CNN or unless someone you know is, is affected by it. And there's a riot that ensues. So

00:44:47.550 --> 00:44:58.620 Melka Davis: Until they actually can see the issues that black lives are going through, they're not going to be able to understand or even you know relate

00:44:59.040 --> 00:45:05.790 Melka Davis: So I think it's a good thing that all of these things are how it's not a good thing that people are being you know shot.

00:45:06.390 --> 00:45:20.490 Melka Davis: For no reason and being put in situations where we even have to do this, but if it has to come to the forefront. That's the only way education is the only way that people are going to know the awareness has to be brought to the forefront.

00:45:22.350 --> 00:45:24.000 Melka Davis: So be it, and I think

00:45:24.810 --> 00:45:42.630 Antonia Thompson: Where Trump passed that law mandate about basically doing that doing the I work in federal agencies and having those trainings those conversations, even to hear his answer to that question as to why would you pass a law that basically

00:45:43.440 --> 00:45:49.620 Antonia Thompson: Does not allow people to have, you know, free speech and his thing about well, all that stuff is so American

00:45:50.970 --> 00:45:52.050 Antonia Thompson: What does not America but

00:45:53.520 --> 00:45:56.070 Antonia Thompson: Um, it just seems so crazy.

00:45:56.190 --> 00:45:57.750 Melka Davis: I missed that one. Sorry.

00:45:58.830 --> 00:46:02.700 Melka Davis: I missed that one. That was a soundbite I must have missed

00:46:02.790 --> 00:46:14.280 Antonia Thompson: I mean, we gotta get we gotta get ready to take a break. But I just think what our president is good for is those one liners. Obviously there are people surrounding him that are are teaching him well.

00:46:14.850 --> 00:46:34.500 Antonia Thompson: How to avoid a deep conversation or educated response as opposed to the one liners zingers but that really speak to his face like we can get into. I know you've read about how he what he said to his what other boys and that comment. I didn't see that live, but I did you hear

00:46:34.680 --> 00:46:35.490 Melka Davis: What did he say

00:46:37.020 --> 00:46:37.680 Melka Davis: I tell you, I

00:46:37.950 --> 00:46:38.250 Melka Davis: I want

00:46:38.940 --> 00:46:39.240 Melka Davis: I want

00:46:40.080 --> 00:46:46.170 Antonia Thompson: The president United States works, but we're going to get ready to take a quick break right back. So you're listening to Antonio. So now you know

00:46:49.980 --> 00:46:50.910 Radio and my

00:46:52.860 --> 00:46:54.000 Education and

00:48:59.460 --> 00:49:15.150 Antonia Thompson: So you're back. It's in China. So now you know and I'm here with my friend malka Davis Ingram, and we're talking about the president debate that just happened. So I think during the debate, he was asked by Biden to denounce white supremacy.

00:49:16.170 --> 00:49:30.930 Antonia Thompson: And the proud boys is a group that is you know white supremacy that have dealt, you know, have been violent in the past, and so forth. And he wouldn't do it. And he basically said to them, to the proud boys to stand back and stand by.

00:49:31.980 --> 00:49:33.000 Melka Davis: Um,

00:49:33.240 --> 00:49:35.520 Antonia Thompson: So everyone was like

00:49:35.610 --> 00:49:37.800 Antonia Thompson: Why, why did he

00:49:38.130 --> 00:49:39.990 Melka Davis: Say, wow.

00:49:40.290 --> 00:49:44.220 Antonia Thompson: Directive to his people like it was, it was pretty bad.

00:49:44.280 --> 00:49:50.310 Melka Davis: It was well you know he's in hip hop terms. And I'm going to go to, you know, where I where I'm

00:49:51.570 --> 00:50:03.300 Melka Davis: That's my love, is he is a gangster. Okay. Donald Trump is a gangster. He says what he wants. And he says, what he means. And he's not scared.

00:50:04.770 --> 00:50:24.330 Melka Davis: And you know what, I think that is a cry for our black nationalists and our, you know, pro black organizers to stand up, stand up and be heard. Don't be scared Yeah but but it, but it has a lot

00:50:24.360 --> 00:50:26.520 Antonia Thompson: Of power, where he is. He's got to get it.

00:50:26.640 --> 00:50:27.810 Melka Davis: He does. He does.

00:50:28.230 --> 00:50:34.170 Melka Davis: He does, but I still don't think that that is an excuse for us to we cannot stand by and watch that.

00:50:35.430 --> 00:50:38.430 Melka Davis: You stand there and watch that I

00:50:38.820 --> 00:50:39.960 Melka Davis: cannot believe it.

00:50:40.320 --> 00:50:46.680 Antonia Thompson: No, no, you can't go back and watch you got to go back and watch it because like I said I got frustrated and I got off.

00:50:47.130 --> 00:50:58.320 Antonia Thompson: And then when I went back to watch social media and then people were just, you know, texting about it. I said, no, he did it. He would he would not have enough balls to do that he would not do that.

00:50:58.320 --> 00:50:59.910 Melka Davis: As he does and

00:51:00.870 --> 00:51:01.500 Melka Davis: He is it

00:51:01.590 --> 00:51:14.190 Antonia Thompson: Was like, oh my goodness, what are we in for and even when I read the executive order that he did that was basically saying that in federal any federal

00:51:14.700 --> 00:51:24.900 Antonia Thompson: Property or institution or company in bids that we do you cannot do diversity training. You cannot go in there and talk about any type of racism.

00:51:25.620 --> 00:51:34.410 Antonia Thompson: In this country, I said to people understand what this guy is doing. He is shutting down people's voices with one swell swoop have a pen.

00:51:34.950 --> 00:51:44.700 Antonia Thompson: And then when he good debate and talked about, like, no, it's not American. You're not going into these federal places and you know he said federal because he's the president and he can. You can do that on the federal side.

00:51:46.230 --> 00:51:59.220 Antonia Thompson: I was like people gotta wake up, people need to pay attention to this. People need to understand what he is carving away at that we cannot do this for another four years. People are scared about the Supreme Court and that nomination.

00:52:01.290 --> 00:52:01.650 Melka Davis: Me.

00:52:02.400 --> 00:52:10.410 Antonia Thompson: I mean, I just I just am so fearful of all of this. So all I can say is to everybody. Just keep out and get out and vote. Get out. Whoa.

00:52:10.620 --> 00:52:21.960 Melka Davis: No, absolutely. I what do you think about the I hope it's a minority of people who are just fed up with both parties and aren't voting at all.

00:52:23.220 --> 00:52:27.300 Antonia Thompson: And that's where the problem lies. And I think with Kamala Harris.

00:52:28.290 --> 00:52:38.880 Antonia Thompson: That adds an extra problem because even before when she was running the black community was not 100% supportive. I even had my issues with her. I still have my issues with her and invited to a certain point.

00:52:39.780 --> 00:52:54.300 Antonia Thompson: But we have to get over it like we have to get over it and hope that once these to get into power. They will do the right thing. They both have somewhat atone for the chaos that they have created in the black community through their legislation and their laws.

00:52:55.530 --> 00:53:09.180 Antonia Thompson: But I'm hoping that, like you said, People saw that in they watched it and they said, I have got to go vote that this clown out because it's only going to get worse.

00:53:09.720 --> 00:53:24.090 Melka Davis: Right, I think, I think the fear is how many of those people were proud boys and how many of those people were, you know, kind of more like you and me that actually have more of a

00:53:25.110 --> 00:53:46.080 Melka Davis: Sympathetic or empathetic mindset and knows that, you know, a vote will really make a major difference on the Democratic side versus Republican. How many people are kind of rally. How many of those people are, you know, wearing khakis and walking down in

00:53:46.620 --> 00:53:47.670 Melka Davis: Austin with

00:53:47.760 --> 00:53:58.080 Melka Davis: Yeah, you know, I mean, how many people are actually going to make that difference, I think, in the Obama during the Obama administration.

00:53:59.280 --> 00:54:03.150 Melka Davis: Actually, before he was elected, there was a whole different

00:54:04.170 --> 00:54:15.510 Melka Davis: Energy and a whole different group of people who looked at America in a different way. And somehow that has changed it's shifted

00:54:17.430 --> 00:54:35.460 Melka Davis: Those people are still around. I hope they're still around. I don't think everyone I know we all rotate around the sun, but we need to kind of find that medium where we still have hope. And I'm looking at your, your, I see that you have hope behind you.

00:54:35.730 --> 00:54:37.620 Melka Davis: I usually green screen.

00:54:38.100 --> 00:54:39.570 Melka Davis: You know, I love it, I love it.

00:54:39.630 --> 00:54:40.770 Antonia Thompson: Everyone, you know,

00:54:40.830 --> 00:54:42.240 Melka Davis: Because no i love it and I just

00:54:42.990 --> 00:54:45.930 Antonia Thompson: Want to know, where are all those people that voted for

00:54:46.200 --> 00:54:47.520 Melka Davis: For Obama. Yeah.

00:54:48.960 --> 00:55:00.240 Antonia Thompson: And I think part of it too and I listened to an interesting NPR article and it was talking about how social media, whether whatever platform you're using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,

00:55:01.410 --> 00:55:06.000 Antonia Thompson: I don't know, whoever Serena is he reading or, I don't know, whoever all those platforms.

00:55:06.210 --> 00:55:11.850 Antonia Thompson: That these people, these problems there the fringe. There are people that normally would not get the time of day.

00:55:12.300 --> 00:55:14.490 Antonia Thompson: For the fact that we have social media and

00:55:14.730 --> 00:55:15.570 Melka Davis: I'll be 10

00:55:16.350 --> 00:55:18.480 Antonia Thompson: Of them. I don't even think they own TVs there.

00:55:19.740 --> 00:55:24.540 Antonia Thompson: I don't even know if they read, I don't know, but I do know that they now can

00:55:25.920 --> 00:55:30.270 Antonia Thompson: You know, collective I get them off themselves all together and rallied up from Trump

00:55:30.300 --> 00:55:41.850 Antonia Thompson: From this platform that he has when he speaks at these rallies and stuff. So it is amazing to think about to think about who's going to come out who is really listening and understanding

00:55:41.880 --> 00:55:42.420 Melka Davis: Right.

00:55:42.630 --> 00:55:43.770 Antonia Thompson: What's at stake.

00:55:45.180 --> 00:55:47.670 Antonia Thompson: So now I am so happy that you're here.

00:55:47.880 --> 00:55:49.650 Melka Davis: And you'll have to come, having me.

00:55:50.010 --> 00:55:57.780 Antonia Thompson: I mean, I know. So you're gonna have to come back at the beginning so we can sit in and share it because I think a lot of good perspectives to

00:55:58.020 --> 00:55:58.710 Melka Davis: Do

00:55:59.220 --> 00:56:06.570 Melka Davis: I mean it's especially I know you've got a you've got a great voice and an amazing platform. And I'm going to be

00:56:07.920 --> 00:56:11.670 Melka Davis: Tuning in regularly and I can't wait to see what you've got. Next.

00:56:12.210 --> 00:56:18.690 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, well thank you and I, you know, well, let's make it a date will come back after the election where you're gonna be super happy.

00:56:20.220 --> 00:56:21.600 Melka Davis: We're gonna, we're moving

00:56:21.780 --> 00:56:23.130 Melka Davis: We're gonna move to Cape Verde.

00:56:24.120 --> 00:56:26.760 Antonia Thompson: I don't think I didn't get my dual citizenship, do not

00:56:28.170 --> 00:56:29.820 Antonia Thompson: Apply for my dual so

00:56:29.850 --> 00:56:32.790 Melka Davis: Good for you. You don't think I didn't I've

00:56:32.880 --> 00:56:40.080 Melka Davis: Had some options myself Ghana is on my list. I've got a couple of things. I think a lot of people have thought of that.

00:56:40.200 --> 00:56:42.540 Melka Davis: And not not jokingly, yes.

00:56:42.570 --> 00:56:53.880 Antonia Thompson: No, absolutely. And, you know, we saw when covert hit Africa was the first country to be like us now. Now, in fact, we're kicking you out. Now, like you all got 24 hours.

00:56:54.360 --> 00:56:55.290 Melka Davis: To get it.

00:56:55.620 --> 00:56:58.530 Melka Davis: Right, right, right, right.

00:56:59.130 --> 00:57:09.510 Antonia Thompson: This is America. And thank you so much. And definitely, we are going to get back together. But just to remind everybody stay safe, healthy social distance with a mask. Wash your hands.

00:57:09.930 --> 00:57:15.750 Antonia Thompson: And get out and vote get registered send it absentee ballot back, make sure it's filled out correctly.

00:57:15.930 --> 00:57:24.510 Antonia Thompson: Make sure your mother, your dad. They fill it out correctly. Sometimes they don't see, they don't understand that they can they can put a check and not an x, let them know that they have to do

00:57:24.810 --> 00:57:40.920 Antonia Thompson: it the right way and help them fill out those ballads. Um, so I will talk to you soon malka. And again, I appreciate you helping out with the show today and I will see everybody next Thursday at five o'clock on. So now you know. Bye now.

00:57:41.160 --> 00:57:42.030 Bye.