Voices of Courage

Thursday, September 24, 2020

2020/09/24 - The Courage to Stay Positive in Troubled Times

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Stay Positive in Troubled Times

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by the K3 Sisters Band, three Dallas-born sisters who have exploded across TikTok and social media with their beautiful songwriting and lyrics and funny original videos, and Mary Ann Bohrer, a PR professional, communications specialist, intuition advocate, and author of the book The Gift Within Us, to discuss staying positive through troubled times and listening to our own inner voice so we can change our lives for the better.

Segment 1

Ken opens up by talking about his four guests. He has K3 Sisters Band as his first guests. Mary Ann Bohrer as his last. He transitions into a conversation about limitations. Ken says that, “none of us are here to stay limited.” 

Segment 2

Ken continues his conversation about limitations. He says that the reason why we limit our success is because we don’t find the courage to move past the limitations. He introduces his first three guests, the K3 Sisters Band. The band consists of Kelsey, Kirsten, & Kaylen. They talk about what they do to keep themselves busy during the pandemic. They work about 5-6 out of the week writing songs, creating content for TikTok, and so much more. 

Segment 3

Ken & the K3 Sisters Band continue their conversation. They share the inspiration behind their new single, “My Time.” It is really about exploring your creative endeavors. They talk about their idols. They really look up to John Garcia, Bob Dylan. Just to name a few. 

Segment 4

In this segment, Ken talks to the K3 Sisters Band some more. They individually talk about their core beliefs. Positivity, motivation, etc are the core beliefs that they discuss. The talk about confidence as well. Their new single “My Time” is on their website, You can find the K3 Sisters Band on TikTok, Instagram, & other social media platforms! 

Segment 5

Ken introduces his last guest, Mary Ann Bohrer. They chat about intuition. Tapping into intuition is getting to be less taboo & more common. You can practice learning your intuition by being around your family. She also talks about her catholic background, as well as her vision of heaven. You can get her book on Amazon or on her website,!