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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/24 - Eat to Lead

Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/24 - Eat to Lead


2020/09/24 - Eat to Lead

[NEW EPISODE] Eat to Lead

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author and Coach, Luci Gabel.

Luci Gabel is a Leadership Optimal Performance coach and Author of the new book, Eat to Lead. She has over 20 years of advanced academic and professional experience in both leadership and human health.

She has a wide spectrum of leadership experience: she’s held leadership roles under the US Department of Defense and for private companies, and she's been an entrepreneur and start-up founder. She also has advanced degrees in business, as well as physiology and nutrition.

Today she works with individuals and companies to help people embody the qualities of the kind of leaders that we need now: people with the energy, stamina and ability to motivate and inspire others to reach their highest potential, and make the world a better place.

Tune in for this special enlightening conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam reads his quote of the day. How you eat is relevant in everyone's lives, and we can see it and feel it. Sam asks what got her into exercise and health. Luci says that a lot of people think she was grown up knowing how to be healthy, and have a family full of athletes and healthy people. She actually grew up very modest means, and she just ate to get the calories in. She learned about food through magazines as a young teen. When she got older, she went into pre-medicine in college, and learned about epigenetics and was extremely interesting. She decided she wanted to go into prevention, and prolonging your lives and health with prevention. She started leadership after she started working for the DOD. 

Segment 2

Luci talks about how she got her job at the DOD. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to officially do, go into the science or the business side. She decided to do both the science and business side and get two masters degrees at once. It took 3 ½ years. After the degrees, she moved to California with her husband. She decided she wanted to help people live the healthy lifestyle. 

Segment 3

For 3 years she ran an online course about nutrition and having a balanced life. She decided she wanted to write it down, because a lot of people are having similar problems. Sam notices it looks like a management book, and asks who it is written for. It is written for people who want to be high performers in life. The leadership skills are good for everyone, especially when we are trying to make a change in our lives or help other people around us. It isn’t about how much we are eating, it is what we are putting into our bodies. Research on the gut microbiome shows that what we eat affects our hormones and our brains. It also affects how we feel. She does not promote supplementation. First we need to have a good foundation of the food we are eating, because most of the time we do not need the supplements. When we eat healthier with more nutrients, there becomes less room for junk food. She wrote the book to be interactive and every chapter builds on the last chapter. 

Segment 4

Sam asks what her intention with that they will absorb from the book. She wants people to eat healthy and enjoy food at the same time. Once they find that, they will find the stream of energy that will last from the morning to the evening. People have started reading it, and people are getting very excited about the book. It is coming across the way she intended it to. The biggest barrier for people to overcome with food with diets in general (her book is not a diet book), people have to change their whole lifestyle. It requires a huge shift that doesn't last because we always want to go to what we are used to and what we are comfortable with. 


00:00:32.130 --> 00:00:41.040 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity.

00:00:41.430 --> 00:00:51.690 Sam Liebowitz: I'm very, very pleased that you are all here with me today. We've got a very fun show in store for you. I got a very good guest. I'm excited to have her on today.

00:00:52.170 --> 00:01:05.370 Sam Liebowitz: But of course, first we have, as always, our quotes of the day from the universe and from Abraham to kick us off. Let's see what the universe and Abraham have in store for us today.

00:01:07.050 --> 00:01:09.120 Sam Liebowitz: First from the universe.

00:01:10.440 --> 00:01:16.800 Sam Liebowitz: Have I ever told you about the law of relevance. It goes like this.

00:01:18.090 --> 00:01:28.800 Sam Liebowitz: No matter how sacred or tired or ill, you are, no matter how lost or confused or desperate you become, no matter how lonely, depressed or cranky. You feel

00:01:29.340 --> 00:01:43.650 Sam Liebowitz: If you just do what you can with what you have from right where you are. It will always be enough pretty good odds, huh, your legal Beagle and the universe.

00:01:44.310 --> 00:01:56.100 Sam Liebowitz: We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe showing us that, you know, we can have some fun. And in the process, he trying to remind us that

00:01:58.140 --> 00:02:06.750 Sam Liebowitz: It doesn't really matter. Well, not that it doesn't matter. But the important part is not the state that we're in, necessarily.

00:02:09.000 --> 00:02:12.990 Sam Liebowitz: But it's that if we do what we can.

00:02:14.760 --> 00:02:30.240 Sam Liebowitz: In other words, maybe, you know, we're, we're not able to, let's say, take care of somebody else. The way we feel we should, or maybe we're not taking care of ourselves. The way we feel we should, but it's the most we can do at the moment.

00:02:31.650 --> 00:02:37.260 Sam Liebowitz: Or when we're trying to be a little more positive or a little more

00:02:38.460 --> 00:02:52.050 Sam Liebowitz: feeling safe or a little more hopeful, but it doesn't quite feel like we're being hopeful enough. It's always enough because where we are in the moment, regardless of

00:02:53.520 --> 00:02:54.180 Sam Liebowitz: How

00:02:57.510 --> 00:03:02.430 Sam Liebowitz: What I want to say, regardless of how little it may feel to us.

00:03:03.810 --> 00:03:07.350 Sam Liebowitz: As long as it's what we can deal with at the moment.

00:03:08.640 --> 00:03:11.160 Sam Liebowitz: That's all the universe expects from us.

00:03:12.180 --> 00:03:24.300 Sam Liebowitz: It's doing our best with what we have in the moment and it doesn't mean we have to be perfect. It doesn't mean that we have to you know get everything right all the time.

00:03:24.810 --> 00:03:35.730 Sam Liebowitz: It doesn't mean that you know we're, we're always going to be on top of our game. Hey, we're human beings, we do the best we can with what we have.

00:03:37.080 --> 00:03:46.200 Sam Liebowitz: And that is enough. It is always enough. The universe is not expecting anything more from us than that.

00:03:47.340 --> 00:03:49.770 Sam Liebowitz: And I think the reason why

00:03:51.120 --> 00:03:55.650 Sam Liebowitz: Now this is not to say that we can't do a little bit more. This is not to say that we can strive

00:03:56.040 --> 00:04:10.530 Sam Liebowitz: To be more hopeful that we can strive to be better that we can strive to, you know, as we increase our awareness and we're more aware of things that we could do it doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive to do better.

00:04:12.840 --> 00:04:30.150 Sam Liebowitz: But what it means is we can stop beating ourselves up for, like, oh, shoulda coulda woulda all if I had only done this. I've only done that or or I really should have done it. No, there's no should there's no words it look if you could have done better. We would have done better.

00:04:31.470 --> 00:04:41.550 Sam Liebowitz: If, if we were capable, whether it was emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, to do more to be better, we would have

00:04:44.070 --> 00:04:46.680 Sam Liebowitz: And the really important lesson about that is

00:04:49.110 --> 00:04:51.090 Sam Liebowitz: It's not just about us.

00:04:52.890 --> 00:04:59.880 Sam Liebowitz: Anybody else if they could have done better. They would have we're all trying to do the best that we can.

00:05:01.590 --> 00:05:07.170 Sam Liebowitz: Now from someone else's perspective, it might not seem like we're doing the best we can.

00:05:08.160 --> 00:05:22.560 Sam Liebowitz: But they're not in our bodies. They're not in our hearts. They're not in our minds. They're not in our souls. Nobody can really judge and sometimes we can't even judge ourselves for how much we could do or should do or would have done.

00:05:24.150 --> 00:05:30.360 Sam Liebowitz: Because we're all a product of so many experiences so many

00:05:32.430 --> 00:05:39.480 Sam Liebowitz: Relationships so many interactions and as so many thoughts so many emotions.

00:05:40.890 --> 00:05:45.360 Sam Liebowitz: That we are so complex and so intricate

00:05:48.060 --> 00:05:49.440 Sam Liebowitz: That we really

00:05:50.640 --> 00:05:58.260 Sam Liebowitz: don't fully understand everything that goes into what causes us to make a decision. What causes us to be a certain way.

00:06:00.900 --> 00:06:03.420 Sam Liebowitz: Excuse me. What causes us to sneeze.

00:06:04.740 --> 00:06:17.550 Sam Liebowitz: So hey, I think it's time for us all to like just cut ourselves some slack. Okay, pretty good odds. Huh. Yep. That's what the universe says, so I'll go with the universe. Alright, let's see what Abraham has in store for us today.

00:06:18.990 --> 00:06:28.830 Sam Liebowitz: Have you heard of buyer's remorse sure you all have sure you've all experienced it. It really could be more accurately called desires remorse.

00:06:29.400 --> 00:06:41.790 Sam Liebowitz: Desires remorse is having a desire but not maintaining the vibrational frequency of it you are letting the reality that you are observing control your vibrational atmosphere.

00:06:42.240 --> 00:07:02.400 Sam Liebowitz: And therefore you are not staying up to speed with your own desire your desire isn't wrong. You didn't make a mistake. You just didn't stay up to speed with your desire Abraham. Hmm. So this is a good one. I don't think I've had this quote on before from Abraham

00:07:05.040 --> 00:07:12.930 Sam Liebowitz: And I believe what Abraham is saying here is that, you know, let's just take a typical

00:07:14.070 --> 00:07:25.650 Sam Liebowitz: Situation where you get buyer's remorse right you you buy a nice dress for yourself a new set of clothes, a car of refrigerator, you know, whatever it is you buy some you make some purchase.

00:07:26.970 --> 00:07:29.970 Sam Liebowitz: And you enjoy it for all of about

00:07:30.990 --> 00:07:38.610 Sam Liebowitz: 30 minutes and then all of a sudden it's like oh it maybe it's too short. It's too tall. It makes too much noise, it's not the right color.

00:07:38.940 --> 00:07:54.210 Sam Liebowitz: And all of a sudden you start second guessing yourself and all of a sudden you start seeing all the little imperfections. And so what Abraham is saying here is that you desired this thing. There was something about it that made you say, Yeah, that's what I want.

00:07:55.590 --> 00:07:57.360 Sam Liebowitz: And then once you had it.

00:07:58.500 --> 00:08:11.100 Sam Liebowitz: We didn't really take the time to stay in alignment with that desire of wanting to have it, because now it's in front of us. So now all of a sudden we start feeling all these little feelings of

00:08:11.460 --> 00:08:22.350 Sam Liebowitz: You know why it's not perfect. Why it's not really the thing we want you know it's not, you know, looking as good as we wanted or expected and all of a sudden there's like

00:08:22.740 --> 00:08:31.380 Sam Liebowitz: You know, all of these, these feelings and thoughts coming in about why it's not the ultimate perfect thing that it was, you know, just an hour ago.

00:08:33.630 --> 00:08:44.520 Sam Liebowitz: And so the way Abraham, I believe, once it kind of in here or implied is here is Abraham's basically saying, hey, if you want to avoid that.

00:08:45.000 --> 00:08:55.740 Sam Liebowitz: It's about staying in alignment with that desire that feeling of why you got it in the first place. What was it about

00:08:56.190 --> 00:09:11.250 Sam Liebowitz: That new partner that you really liked what was it about that new situation, the new job. The new town you move to, you know, whatever it is. What was it about it that made you really say.

00:09:11.850 --> 00:09:17.610 Sam Liebowitz: This feels really good to me. This is where I want to go. This is what I want to do. This is what I want to buy

00:09:20.520 --> 00:09:29.130 Sam Liebowitz: And I believe what Abraham is saying is that the longer we can stay in alignment with that original desire that we had

00:09:31.050 --> 00:09:32.550 Sam Liebowitz: Before we

00:09:34.260 --> 00:09:45.510 Sam Liebowitz: Actually had it in our possession. The longest thing that we stay in that feeling. And that as Abraham calls it vibrational atmosphere.

00:09:46.770 --> 00:10:01.380 Sam Liebowitz: That then that buyer's remorse doesn't have to creep in. We don't have to start second guessing ourselves. We don't have to start saying, Oh, this isn't really what I want. Oh, it's not the, you know, all of that nonsense.

00:10:02.880 --> 00:10:12.060 Sam Liebowitz: We can just look at it, observe it, remember what it was like when we were desiring it and keep that desire alive.

00:10:13.740 --> 00:10:25.860 Sam Liebowitz: And this is true. Uh, yeah, I don't care if it's house, a car, a person, a school, you got into a new new location you move to whatever it is.

00:10:27.570 --> 00:10:37.020 Sam Liebowitz: Now this is not to say that maybe there might not creeping some thoughts about, oh, where I used to be who I used to have what I used to have that was nice to great appreciate them both.

00:10:37.830 --> 00:10:45.840 Sam Liebowitz: There's nothing that brings us more into vibrational harmony with who and what we really are then gratitude.

00:10:47.400 --> 00:10:55.380 Sam Liebowitz: So if you've got something new that replaced something old appreciate them both that old things served you well for so long.

00:10:56.430 --> 00:11:02.670 Sam Liebowitz: And even if it only served you well for a short period of time, appreciate how it served you during that time.

00:11:04.260 --> 00:11:10.410 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome. Wonderful. So to kind of interesting kind of different

00:11:11.520 --> 00:11:23.790 Sam Liebowitz: Thoughts of the day from the universe in from Abraham. I hope you enjoyed them. I know I did. I see Sinise loyal listeners tonight on the Facebook Live. Thank you. Cynthia. Welcome to the show. I'm glad you enjoyed the quotes

00:11:24.840 --> 00:11:29.490 Sam Liebowitz: And now it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Lucy Gable

00:11:30.150 --> 00:11:40.470 Sam Liebowitz: Lucy has over 20 years of advanced economic academic, excuse me, and professional experience in both leadership and human health. She's held leadership roles at the Department of Defense.

00:11:40.830 --> 00:11:50.640 Sam Liebowitz: And for private companies and has been an entrepreneur and a startup founder. She holds a master's degree in business administration from Johns Hopkins University. Hey, you know, it's good school

00:11:50.940 --> 00:11:57.840 Sam Liebowitz: And a masters in exercise physiology, with an emphasis on genetics. Ooh, interesting from the University of Maryland.

00:11:58.110 --> 00:12:06.030 Sam Liebowitz: For years of studying nutrition and dietetic the University of Maryland and a bachelor's degree in physical and psychological health

00:12:06.330 --> 00:12:26.160 Sam Liebowitz: She specializes in teaching leaders, how to be impactful balanced and most importantly to model effective behavior for those they lead UCS Lucy's unique approach to food and lifestyle has generated boosts and energy and vitality. She and her clients never thought possible.

00:12:27.630 --> 00:12:31.830 Sam Liebowitz: In her new book, which I have right here, eat to lead. Whoo.

00:12:33.330 --> 00:12:36.210 Sam Liebowitz: Man, this virtual background makes it difficult sometimes

00:12:38.040 --> 00:12:45.990 Sam Liebowitz: Lucy shares her secrets to unlocking the power of food, improving your leadership abilities and changing how you look, think and feel

00:12:46.470 --> 00:12:49.110 Sam Liebowitz: And as little as six weeks. You can be eating smarter.

00:12:49.380 --> 00:13:02.640 Sam Liebowitz: And experiencing how food can help start your day strong having long lasting energy make better decisions. Stay focused and sustain good mood and it is my pleasure to welcome Lucy to the conscious consultant our welcome Lucy. How are you today.

00:13:04.140 --> 00:13:06.570 Luci Gabel: Hi I'm great thanks Sam. Thanks for having me.

00:13:07.350 --> 00:13:16.830 Sam Liebowitz: My pleasure. My pleasure. It's been a while. You know, I don't usually delve too much into like that quote unquote health aspects of stuff because I

00:13:17.280 --> 00:13:20.760 Sam Liebowitz: Am actually looking to try and get a show on the network that really talks about health

00:13:21.390 --> 00:13:34.080 Sam Liebowitz: Just because I've so many people coming to me I like to stick to more on the spiritual and the consciousness side of things, but I do think we do need to be conscious of what we put in our bodies because the old expression goes you know it's

00:13:34.890 --> 00:13:43.230 Sam Liebowitz: Our bodies are temples right and and how we take care of our temples really reflects how well we're able to show up in life, doesn't it.

00:13:44.190 --> 00:13:44.910 Absolutely.

00:13:46.170 --> 00:13:53.820 Luci Gabel: It's relevant in everyone's life every day. And we can see it and feel it. If we pay attention to it.

00:13:55.170 --> 00:14:06.960 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely, absolutely. No, I'm just curious. You've, you've kind of been into health and exercise and all this stuff for like a long, long time. Was this something that was

00:14:07.560 --> 00:14:20.340 Sam Liebowitz: Kind of part of your life growing up was it something that like your parents kind of that this value of health with something imbued with you when you were very young, or was it something developed when you got a little bit older.

00:14:21.930 --> 00:14:34.200 Luci Gabel: Great that you asked, because a lot of people think that it must have been that it must have been the first thing I must have grown up knowing how to take care of myself and an optimal way, you know, or had a family, full of people are

00:14:34.710 --> 00:14:35.340 Athletes

00:14:37.020 --> 00:14:37.290 Sam Liebowitz: Right.

00:14:37.800 --> 00:14:47.040 Luci Gabel: Talked around the table, about how food affects our mind, you know, but that's not at all what happened. I grew up very modest means my dad was a

00:14:47.670 --> 00:15:01.680 Luci Gabel: Psychology in getting his doctorate in psychology. For a really long part of my childhood. And so we lived basically trying to eat as much as we could to be satisfied, you know,

00:15:02.130 --> 00:15:03.660 Luci Gabel: Get the calories that we needed

00:15:04.230 --> 00:15:23.910 Luci Gabel: And then as a team. I read magazines, as a young team that's what basically I learned about food from and I finally really dove in later in life after I had. Well, I had gone to My first degree was pre medicine so

00:15:24.270 --> 00:15:25.830 Luci Gabel: I started learning about medicine.

00:15:26.520 --> 00:15:34.320 Luci Gabel: But I also learned about the amazing abilities of the human body and how it takes care of itself. When we give it the right stuff.

00:15:34.650 --> 00:15:47.550 Luci Gabel: And at that time, genetics for genetics was just being started to be studied and learning about how we can affect our genes express themselves, you know, it's called epigenetics now.

00:15:47.850 --> 00:15:50.370 Luci Gabel: But that was pretty fascinating to me.

00:15:50.670 --> 00:15:54.420 Luci Gabel: And I decided I wanted to go into something else besides

00:15:55.530 --> 00:15:58.080 Luci Gabel: Treating the problem. Prevention is a big

00:15:58.080 --> 00:15:58.350 Sam Liebowitz: Deal.

00:15:59.130 --> 00:16:00.630 Sam Liebowitz: We can I say

00:16:00.690 --> 00:16:07.080 Luci Gabel: We can prolong our lives prolong our health on our happiness, you know, with just basic taking good care.

00:16:08.100 --> 00:16:20.460 Luci Gabel: Yeah, and and the leadership part though comes into play as well because I started leadership really early on, very soon after graduating college. I got a great opportunity to work for the Department of Defense.

00:16:22.080 --> 00:16:23.970 Luci Gabel: Yeah, I want to ask you.

00:16:24.000 --> 00:16:26.610 Luci Gabel: More about working with the god yeah okay

00:16:26.640 --> 00:16:29.100 Sam Liebowitz: I want to take a quick break. We got our first break of the show.

00:16:29.190 --> 00:16:29.490 Right.

00:16:30.810 --> 00:16:43.860 Sam Liebowitz: No, no, no, no problem. And then when we come back I want to, I want to dive into kind of the do D stuff and kind of how that leadership side of things got developed and then what will really dig into to the, you know, your main body of work. Okay.

00:16:44.430 --> 00:16:45.000 Luci Gabel: Sure. Thank you.

00:16:45.360 --> 00:16:52.140 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome, awesome. I see a high Shama is also on the on the Facebook Live. Thank you. Hi, and welcome to the show.

00:16:52.800 --> 00:17:07.020 Sam Liebowitz: So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live and we will be right back after this

00:19:13.980 --> 00:19:27.060 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I'm very pleased. You're all here with me today. Please stay with us. We've got a great show. We're talking with Lucy Gable all about

00:19:27.960 --> 00:19:36.750 Sam Liebowitz: Health leadership and sort of the impact of taking care of ourselves has when we're working with other people.

00:19:37.740 --> 00:19:51.330 Sam Liebowitz: So Lucy, we started talking about the opportunity to work at the Department of Defense. Now you were an East Coast girl right you you you grew up in these coasts, how did you find yourself working at the Department of Defense.

00:19:51.990 --> 00:19:54.000 Luci Gabel: Yes, New York. As a matter of fact, Sam.

00:19:55.050 --> 00:20:06.300 Luci Gabel: Yeah well that's a bit of a another story. But I had someone who knew somebody, I'll say it like that and they thought I was perfect for the job.

00:20:07.320 --> 00:20:11.670 Luci Gabel: Funny thing was I was actually on vacation in Korea. It was a two week vacation.

00:20:13.020 --> 00:20:21.720 Luci Gabel: A bunch of my friends had been teaching English in Asia, and I thought it could be a cool thing. I went over with that kind of on my mind and then

00:20:22.440 --> 00:20:33.060 Luci Gabel: Someone who I a very good friend of mine knew that there was this job opening at the Department of Defense. They were starting this big project opening a health club spa for

00:20:33.810 --> 00:20:46.470 Luci Gabel: For the military and their families and diplomats and basically everybody that came from the US to that part of Korea, so that they could have some rest and relaxation and they needed someone to had that up.

00:20:47.310 --> 00:20:47.700 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:20:48.360 --> 00:20:51.720 Luci Gabel: I interviewed and I got the job. Basically on the last day of my vacation.

00:20:52.290 --> 00:20:56.100 Sam Liebowitz: Wow. Well, the last day of my vacation. I got the job.

00:20:56.310 --> 00:21:02.550 Luci Gabel: And within two days. Someone else knew somebody who needed a roommate so

00:21:03.420 --> 00:21:06.000 Luci Gabel: I got a job. I got a place to live and

00:21:07.620 --> 00:21:10.410 Sam Liebowitz: Talk about like the universe lining up for you.

00:21:10.920 --> 00:21:14.430 Luci Gabel: Oh my gosh, yeah. Now that you say that yes that's what happened.

00:21:15.030 --> 00:21:16.680 Sam Liebowitz: And how long did you stay in Korea.

00:21:17.670 --> 00:21:19.350 Luci Gabel: Two and a half years. Wow.

00:21:20.460 --> 00:21:28.920 Sam Liebowitz: Just that alone. I mean, it's such a fascinating experience and and then you, I'm assuming, then you came back. So then

00:21:30.600 --> 00:21:39.390 Sam Liebowitz: How did that kind of cultivate this feeling of not this feeling, but have that cultivate your dive into the leadership aspect of things.

00:21:40.260 --> 00:21:53.550 Luci Gabel: Yes. Well, I came in as an assistant manager or assistant director, basically, to the person who was heading up the whole project and he left in six months. By that time, I knew I could already do his

00:21:53.550 --> 00:21:53.850 Luci Gabel: Job.

00:21:54.480 --> 00:21:55.860 Sam Liebowitz: So I said, I'll do it.

00:21:56.700 --> 00:22:09.060 Luci Gabel: So I became the director and I proceeded to grow this project and see it to its first profitable year and work with a whole lot of people learned a lot about the military as well as the Department of Defense.

00:22:09.390 --> 00:22:11.430 Luci Gabel: It was a challenging and rewarding.

00:22:13.980 --> 00:22:26.400 Sam Liebowitz: Okay. And so then you came back to the States after those two and a half years. So then what happened when you came back. How did you find your way into your and this was before you had you graduate degrees or after

00:22:27.060 --> 00:22:28.020 Luci Gabel: This was before.

00:22:28.320 --> 00:22:28.740 Oh, yeah.

00:22:29.760 --> 00:22:32.430 Luci Gabel: So I was still deciding what I wanted to do.

00:22:33.930 --> 00:22:49.350 Luci Gabel: And then I I did go through a few other positions in the private sector management leadership positions there, but the whole time I was also involved in health because during college I had gotten my certifications no exercise instructor

00:22:49.470 --> 00:22:50.550 Luci Gabel: Personal Trainer.

00:22:50.820 --> 00:23:03.000 Luci Gabel: And I love that. So I was always working with people on the side throughout. From then on, and so I wasn't sure what to do, do I want to do you know go straight into the science, you know, physician physical

00:23:03.540 --> 00:23:10.110 Luci Gabel: Or do I want to go into the business. So when I finally arrived, which was I went to Hawaii. Next, and then I

00:23:10.590 --> 00:23:12.540 Luci Gabel: finally arrived back on the east coast.

00:23:14.490 --> 00:23:17.130 Sam Liebowitz: You you like to go to all the good places don't. Yeah.

00:23:17.670 --> 00:23:19.260 Luci Gabel: I mean hey, what's life about right.

00:23:19.530 --> 00:23:21.060 Sam Liebowitz: Right, absolutely. I'm willing

00:23:22.170 --> 00:23:23.430 Luci Gabel: To take that and run with it.

00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:26.520 Luci Gabel: though. Yeah, I got to the east coast and I got

00:23:26.790 --> 00:23:36.090 Luci Gabel: I applied, I decided I guess we'll say to let the universe decide for me. What should I do so I applied to both Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland, College Park.

00:23:36.630 --> 00:23:38.460 Luci Gabel: One for science and one for business.

00:23:38.940 --> 00:23:39.900 Luci Gabel: I got in trouble.

00:23:41.670 --> 00:23:43.500 Luci Gabel: And so I just decided I doable.

00:23:45.510 --> 00:23:51.240 Luci Gabel: People have a job when they get their master's degree. So I just decided I would get my master's degree while I got my master's degree.

00:23:52.410 --> 00:23:54.510 Luci Gabel: And it worked. It worked well. Yeah.

00:23:54.570 --> 00:23:56.940 Sam Liebowitz: Well, how long did that take to get two masters degrees.

00:23:57.810 --> 00:23:59.070 Luci Gabel: Three and a half years.

00:23:59.250 --> 00:24:02.790 Sam Liebowitz: Wow, that must have been a really intense three and a half years.

00:24:03.420 --> 00:24:11.400 Luci Gabel: It was. But, you know, it was fun, because the our brains like to have different things going on right we can get bored if we just have one thing

00:24:11.520 --> 00:24:19.230 Luci Gabel: Going on at a time, and it can get stale. So I found that switching off from, you know, science and the body.

00:24:19.440 --> 00:24:25.440 Luci Gabel: To leadership and management and business was actually really refreshing.

00:24:25.980 --> 00:24:31.470 Sam Liebowitz: I see. So kind of kept you fresh because you're focusing on kind of two different aspects of things.

00:24:31.830 --> 00:24:48.240 Sam Liebowitz: So it's like one day you're focusing on organic chemistry and molecules and stuff. And then the next day you're focusing on, you know, how do I motivate teams so that contrast kind of help to keep you sharp and on top of things.

00:24:48.870 --> 00:24:49.890 Luci Gabel: Exactly, yeah.

00:24:50.130 --> 00:24:57.870 Luci Gabel: I think we when we remember this, by the way, it helps us to be crown bigger in our life and better. Yeah.

00:24:58.890 --> 00:25:08.850 Sam Liebowitz: I'm very much like that. I usually am doing multiple things at the same time, it drives my wife crazy because she always is like, she's a real Taurus. She's like, just do one thing, focus on one thing.

00:25:10.890 --> 00:25:12.630 Sam Liebowitz: Which does have its benefits, but

00:25:13.650 --> 00:25:15.810 Sam Liebowitz: I don't think I can ever do just one thing.

00:25:17.040 --> 00:25:28.050 Sam Liebowitz: So, so what happened after you got to your degrees like how did you do start working. And I mean, did you start right away, working for yourself or after you got your masters, you started working for other people. What did you do

00:25:28.890 --> 00:25:32.010 Luci Gabel: I guess that's another story of the Universe working and I

00:25:32.970 --> 00:25:33.780 Luci Gabel: Had a friend.

00:25:34.680 --> 00:25:35.520 Luci Gabel: Who knew somebody

00:25:37.170 --> 00:25:44.610 Luci Gabel: I do, I guess, cuz I've traveled so much and good friend that knew somebody who that was starting a health club spa was a new concept in Washington, DC.

00:25:45.000 --> 00:25:52.230 Luci Gabel: And that's where I was at the time, and they were looking for someone a partner and someone that would adventure that would basically help them to get

00:25:52.980 --> 00:26:12.990 Luci Gabel: The place started but also bring all the people in and train them and set the standards and so they interviewed me. I wasn't, I hadn't graduated yet it was the year of graduation. They interviewed me right before that. And it clicked. So I had a had a job not really a job. I had a startup.

00:26:13.710 --> 00:26:15.150 Luci Gabel: Partnership and founder ship.

00:26:15.600 --> 00:26:16.980 Luci Gabel: Right when I got out of grad school.

00:26:17.070 --> 00:26:22.770 Sam Liebowitz: Wow. Wow. Okay, so now let's take things forward.

00:26:24.780 --> 00:26:27.870 Sam Liebowitz: To you now in in California. Correct.

00:26:28.590 --> 00:26:29.520 Luci Gabel: Yes, I'm in LA.

00:26:29.760 --> 00:26:33.990 Sam Liebowitz: And LA. So how long, how did you come come from the East Coast to the West Coast.

00:26:35.040 --> 00:26:36.210 Sam Liebowitz: Let me guess. You have a friend.

00:26:36.930 --> 00:26:37.170 Yeah.

00:26:39.930 --> 00:26:43.110 Luci Gabel: Well, that now, I'll say that time I had a boyfriend.

00:26:44.610 --> 00:26:45.540 Luci Gabel: And I was

00:26:45.900 --> 00:26:56.970 Luci Gabel: running my own business. I had already left the the partnership and starting another venture on my own and my then boyfriend. By the way, I had always wanted to live in LA.

00:26:57.540 --> 00:27:07.560 Luci Gabel: I always want to experience Southern California, and he happened to get a job offer there so we both decided we would we would head over. So here we are now he's now my husband.

00:27:08.700 --> 00:27:09.690 Sam Liebowitz: Congratulations. Yeah.

00:27:10.050 --> 00:27:25.230 Luci Gabel: Yeah. And my job. By the way, not my job, my business at that time was already going online. So I already had clients that were working with me like zoom wasn't there at the time, but you know there was Google Plus. And there were there were other ways we were working online so

00:27:26.580 --> 00:27:43.410 Luci Gabel: So I just decided I would try to split the coast and have my business. The on both coasts and I did for a while, actually had some some trainers and some other professionals working for my company at the time and I ran it that way. Oh.

00:27:43.470 --> 00:27:50.160 Sam Liebowitz: Cool, cool. Okay, so let's let's kind of come up. Well, we just have like a couple of minutes before the break.

00:27:51.570 --> 00:27:57.540 Sam Liebowitz: So all this time while you were doing your own business and focusing. What kind of

00:27:58.140 --> 00:28:07.740 Sam Liebowitz: brought this concept together for you of health and leadership. I mean, I see you have backgrounds in both you've studied both but but what kind of

00:28:08.520 --> 00:28:19.860 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know if there was one thing or not, or maybe it was just a gradual thing, but just made it click that, like, hey, this is important in in bringing these two things together is important. And there's real value here.

00:28:20.670 --> 00:28:37.500 Luci Gabel: Yeah, because I was experimenting on it with myself and with my clients after grad school, I was using that information and I saw in my own life. And I also saw in clients like you know how we have these energy highs and lows through the day.

00:28:37.770 --> 00:28:40.470 Luci Gabel: And you hear about it all the time. If you haven't experienced yourself.

00:28:40.500 --> 00:28:49.170 Luci Gabel: There's a lot of people walking around tired walking around with brain fog, you know, and there. And I was thinking, you know, from everything I know.

00:28:49.830 --> 00:28:56.550 Luci Gabel: We shouldn't be able to not be in that space. And so I put all of my knowledge together. I

00:28:56.940 --> 00:29:05.190 Luci Gabel: Worked on it with myself through it through my next positions. I was experimenting. I was helping my clients to do that as well. And I came up with.

00:29:05.880 --> 00:29:23.310 Luci Gabel: A good way for people to find out how to work through the nuances of how nutrition works in our lives and helps our mind to be constantly sharp and I decided, You know, I need to help other people with this and many more people with this. And so I wrote the book.

00:29:23.820 --> 00:29:42.360 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful, wonderful, great, which is perfect segue. We go to take a break and when we come back, let's start diving into each lead and talk about sort of why a book and and and what and what's your inspiration for it. And what's your intention behind the book. Okay. Lucy.

00:29:43.410 --> 00:29:56.160 Sam Liebowitz: Awesome. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern Time. Oh, and uh hello to Sherwin on the Facebook Live, I see you there and

00:29:56.820 --> 00:30:01.620 Sam Liebowitz: We're talking this hour with Lucy Gable author of the new book, eat to lead.

00:30:01.680 --> 00:30:03.630 Sam Liebowitz: And we will be right back after this

00:32:20.520 --> 00:32:29.100 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're talking this hour with Lucy Gable author of the book.

00:32:31.230 --> 00:32:32.070 Sam Liebowitz: He to lead.

00:32:33.600 --> 00:32:46.440 Sam Liebowitz: And the subtitle is gain a high performance edge with healthy food habits. So Lucy. What inspired you to finally get your ideas down in a book format.

00:32:48.720 --> 00:32:56.550 Luci Gabel: Haha, I had been running a class on it. I had been for about six years. I ran an online course.

00:32:56.730 --> 00:32:57.600 Sam Liebowitz: Based on

00:32:57.720 --> 00:33:14.310 Luci Gabel: Nutrition and bout having a balanced life and I thought it would be cool to have this written down because first of all there are a lot of things that people that a lot of the same people. Let me go backwards. There are a lot of things that people are having the same problem with

00:33:15.180 --> 00:33:18.570 Luci Gabel: And I get the same questions over and over, but also there are a lot of

00:33:19.410 --> 00:33:29.160 Luci Gabel: Things about nutrition that really deserve a more in depth conversation that sometimes you have time to talk with people about, but most of the time, you don't

00:33:29.820 --> 00:33:34.860 Luci Gabel: So it needs to be written down and I initially thought, this will be just for the course.

00:33:35.310 --> 00:33:37.080 Luci Gabel: And then as I got into it. I thought, oh,

00:33:37.500 --> 00:33:39.540 Luci Gabel: This has to be for more than just the course.

00:33:40.980 --> 00:33:49.200 Sam Liebowitz: And and I'm curious who this book is written for because when I look at the the chapter titles. It looks more like a management book than a health book.

00:33:49.470 --> 00:33:56.670 Sam Liebowitz: decision making skills and starting off strong goals are the most important thing, having integrity and starting your day to win.

00:33:56.970 --> 00:34:08.760 Sam Liebowitz: Leading the leading edge of success balancing your energy through they will that can be kind of help. But, but it's just, it's very interesting leadership conversations and the big fat fads, so too. Who is this book written for

00:34:10.410 --> 00:34:13.800 Luci Gabel: It's really written for people who want to be high performers in life.

00:34:15.270 --> 00:34:23.670 Luci Gabel: But it's also, of course, it has a leadership slant. So we can be leaders, as you know, in many ways, and many places so

00:34:23.730 --> 00:34:27.480 Luci Gabel: It doesn't have to be a job that we're in our position that we're given.

00:34:27.900 --> 00:34:36.630 Luci Gabel: We, we can be leaders in our family and social groups, you know, we can be leaders, off and on. Sometimes we are sometimes they're not. But there is a way to be a leader.

00:34:37.320 --> 00:34:50.190 Luci Gabel: That works best, and works best for the people that you're leading at the time and and it also works best for yourself when you're leading yourself to make changes so that those leadership skills are good for everyone.

00:34:50.760 --> 00:34:53.970 Luci Gabel: For all of us to know a little more about to practice a little bit

00:34:54.660 --> 00:35:03.780 Luci Gabel: To get better at it just helps everyone, especially when we're trying to make a change in our lives, our own life or in helping other people around us.

00:35:06.480 --> 00:35:16.380 Sam Liebowitz: So let me. I don't want to get the you know too far into the book because I want people to go out and buy the book buy the book. It's on Amazon. It's all over the place. Um, but

00:35:17.220 --> 00:35:25.140 Sam Liebowitz: In today's environment where people are a little bit more sedentary, we're not necessarily getting out quite as much as we used to be.

00:35:26.100 --> 00:35:40.500 Sam Liebowitz: You know, we're dealing with this pandemic. What do you feel are like maybe the top three things that that are important today that maybe people aren't necessarily that conscious about when it comes to health and leadership.

00:35:41.700 --> 00:35:43.380 Luci Gabel: Okay, well,

00:35:44.460 --> 00:35:47.700 Luci Gabel: We may know it, but we may not have it at the top of our brains.

00:35:47.760 --> 00:36:07.290 Luci Gabel: Right, so food affects our thinking it affects it affects our, of course, our physical energy, but the energy that our brain has and what so it's not just how much we're eating, it's what we're putting in that affects how clearly we think it also affects our moods.

00:36:07.890 --> 00:36:10.800 Luci Gabel: So research on the gut microbiome is showing

00:36:10.920 --> 00:36:26.100 Luci Gabel: More and more that what we eat affects our hormones and affects our brain as well. So we really have to. It's worth paying attention to what we eat and how it's making us feel and how we feel.

00:36:26.730 --> 00:36:35.640 Luci Gabel: Affects how we perform. So whether it's at work or when we're talking with other people. Right. Everybody can probably think back to a time that they were

00:36:36.180 --> 00:36:51.450 Luci Gabel: Not feeling so great. And it was kind of hard to be there for someone else or even be your best self or someone else and you can also probably think back to a time when you were feeling great. And therefore, you helped others to feel great.

00:36:51.480 --> 00:36:53.610 Luci Gabel: Or maybe you've got energy from other people.

00:36:53.820 --> 00:36:58.320 Luci Gabel: That you weren't even expecting, and it was just them reacting to your great energy right

00:36:58.770 --> 00:37:02.850 Luci Gabel: So food really does have a lot to do with that.

00:37:03.060 --> 00:37:07.110 Luci Gabel: because food is our fuel food in our air literally right

00:37:07.590 --> 00:37:14.400 Sam Liebowitz: I'm curious. Do you believe in supplementation. Are you one of those people believes, like, No, you should just be properly.

00:37:14.820 --> 00:37:24.900 Luci Gabel: Hmm, I don't promote supplementation because I feel that first we have to have a good foundation of the foods were eating.

00:37:25.260 --> 00:37:38.640 Luci Gabel: Right. And then if you need it, which most of the time we don't for really getting all the foods that we need and all the great nutrients that we need from food. Then go ahead. But as you know,

00:37:39.150 --> 00:37:40.470 Luci Gabel: Nutrients are packaged in the

00:37:40.470 --> 00:37:43.740 Luci Gabel: perfect way for our body to absorb in food.

00:37:44.040 --> 00:37:47.370 Luci Gabel: So we really want to be getting most of our nutrients from

00:37:47.760 --> 00:37:48.420 From real food.

00:37:49.830 --> 00:38:04.410 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, I agree with that. I've personally, I'm a long time supplement taker and and it. I've been doing it since I was probably in my 30s, I would guess maybe maybe my late 20s.

00:38:05.550 --> 00:38:19.080 Sam Liebowitz: And I did it. And I remember. Initially, I met this couple and they were, how old were they, they were like 70 and they looked like they were 50 to me.

00:38:20.070 --> 00:38:30.450 Sam Liebowitz: And I was like, What's your secret, and they go, Well, you know the basics. But then we've also been taking vitamins, our whole life. I'm like, really. And then I you know I learned a bit about the

00:38:32.700 --> 00:38:40.770 Sam Liebowitz: The nutritional value of food and how sometimes the the top soil is depleted and you're not necessarily getting all the

00:38:41.250 --> 00:38:48.210 Sam Liebowitz: The new you're not getting let's say the nutritional value of a cucumber today is not necessarily a nutritional value of a cucumber.

00:38:48.630 --> 00:39:05.460 Sam Liebowitz: 20 years ago 30 years ago. So I always just felt that, like, to me, the supplements or my health insurance, in a way, because I don't know. Sometimes, well, am I really eating enough of this or that. Am I getting enough micronutrients. Am I getting enough like

00:39:05.490 --> 00:39:07.110 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe I am eating enough

00:39:07.440 --> 00:39:13.740 Sam Liebowitz: protein and calcium, but maybe I'm not getting enough vitamin K or vitamin D, or one of those things. So

00:39:14.070 --> 00:39:25.020 Sam Liebowitz: To me, I always just like, let me just take a multivitamin. I get a little bit of everything. What my body doesn't need it'll let go of him. Am I missing something. I mean, is that not a good attitude to have

00:39:26.190 --> 00:39:36.060 Luci Gabel: Well, I'd say sure you know multivitamin. That's probably where I would go to does the blanket something in case you're missing anything. You know, because

00:39:37.080 --> 00:39:41.910 Luci Gabel: Honestly, when you're reading the book you'll find there are a lot of things we need to be eating.

00:39:42.450 --> 00:39:46.110 Luci Gabel: And what most people find is that, you know, after they start eating all the

00:39:46.320 --> 00:39:55.740 Luci Gabel: Great foods that we need to have every day in order to supply our bodies with the optimal nutrition. There's not really any room for junk.

00:39:57.450 --> 00:40:06.240 Luci Gabel: So there are two ways that healthy eating works. One is amping up the nutrients and the other one is dropping down the junk food.

00:40:06.360 --> 00:40:19.890 Luci Gabel: I mean junk food plays a huge part in making our bodies work, not so well. So, and doing that, just doing that can get a little boring for people. That's why people go on and off diets, etc.

00:40:19.890 --> 00:40:22.440 Luci Gabel: Because it's not fun, quote, unquote.

00:40:23.760 --> 00:40:35.820 Luci Gabel: But if we know about nutrients and about how food works in our body, which is what I really strive to explain here. And this book is the foundations of how food works in our body.

00:40:36.240 --> 00:40:43.290 Luci Gabel: Then we know why we're making the choices we're making and we can experiment with that too because to food is a tool.

00:40:43.860 --> 00:40:46.800 Luci Gabel: For us to use for our energy and for our health, obviously.

00:40:48.330 --> 00:41:00.960 Luci Gabel: And it's hard to use a tool that you don't really know much about or you don't know all the angles about how it works. What good things that can do, you know. So that's really what I'm also working to give people here in this book.

00:41:00.960 --> 00:41:12.660 Sam Liebowitz: Lines. Do you have heard, I know you know a little bit. I run a wellness center and a little bit about nutrition. Do you deal in the book about this idea of low glycemic versus high glycemic

00:41:14.100 --> 00:41:17.100 Luci Gabel: I don't directly talk about it.

00:41:17.400 --> 00:41:19.020 Luci Gabel: Because, again, I think.

00:41:19.110 --> 00:41:29.310 Luci Gabel: Once people understand. Once we understand the foundations of how food works in the body. Then we understand all the rest of those little points, those are little points.

00:41:30.360 --> 00:41:35.220 Luci Gabel: That after you've got the whole foundation of knowledge, then you can figure out the rest.

00:41:35.340 --> 00:41:37.140 Sam Liebowitz: Right, right, right. Yeah.

00:41:37.380 --> 00:41:37.800 Luci Gabel: I think

00:41:38.100 --> 00:41:40.740 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, go ahead. I was just gonna ask if you gave us a

00:41:40.740 --> 00:41:55.230 Sam Liebowitz: Broad brushstroke of like what is healthy eating for like a person in a day. Like, what should I be making sure to include in my diet, what should I always make sure to have a little bit of what should I make sure not to have too much of

00:41:55.830 --> 00:41:56.340 Hmm.

00:41:57.630 --> 00:42:01.230 Luci Gabel: And that's the perfect question that you need to read the book for

00:42:03.000 --> 00:42:07.380 Sam Liebowitz: Very good, very good. And I think you might appreciate this. I wrote the book.

00:42:07.650 --> 00:42:09.720 Luci Gabel: Like a movie actually

00:42:10.170 --> 00:42:25.440 Luci Gabel: And it's also interactive. So I have questions in the book. And there's a little bit of a journal in the back that you can take notes on what you're noticing without food is working with your body and every chapter kind of builds on the last chapter, so

00:42:25.920 --> 00:42:26.880 Luci Gabel: It unfolds.

00:42:27.000 --> 00:42:33.870 Luci Gabel: in a specific order so that the understanding and knowledge and your own mind and your own experience grows

00:42:34.230 --> 00:42:35.460 Luci Gabel: In a good way, in a

00:42:35.730 --> 00:42:36.330 Luci Gabel: Solid way.

00:42:37.380 --> 00:42:43.500 Sam Liebowitz: Right, right, right, right. Gotcha, gotcha. Yeah, of course. So everybody. You have to go out and get the book. If you want to know the answers to this.

00:42:43.920 --> 00:42:49.290 Sam Liebowitz: I have to ask one last question before we go to break, because my wife asked me to ask you this question.

00:42:50.250 --> 00:43:02.850 Sam Liebowitz: Because she comes from an Asian culture. She's Chinese. So in the Chinese culture. They actually don't believe in eating raw food like everything is cooked and she eats a ton of vegetables, you know, they eat a little bit of everything. But a ton of vegetables.

00:43:04.530 --> 00:43:18.870 Sam Liebowitz: How is your feeling about and it because I've met people who are like way into raw food and they want like 90% or 70% raw vs cooked food. Um, is there anything around that that you feel is important to let people know about

00:43:19.920 --> 00:43:24.570 Luci Gabel: Yeah, there's a lot. I can give you a quick answer now and if you want to go deeper. Later, we can

00:43:24.870 --> 00:43:37.110 Luci Gabel: Show. But basically, the research that has been done on food being cooked shows that you really have to cook a food down in order to lose any significant vitamins and minerals

00:43:37.410 --> 00:43:38.040 Sam Liebowitz: I mean,

00:43:38.580 --> 00:43:43.860 Luci Gabel: So the most important thing about cooking, though, is that it has a taste that you enjoy so that you will

00:43:43.860 --> 00:43:44.730 Luci Gabel: Eat food.

00:43:45.480 --> 00:43:50.100 Luci Gabel: And we know that certain vegetables. After they cook too much don't taste good. They don't have a good

00:43:50.250 --> 00:43:56.400 Luci Gabel: Feeling in the mouth. You know, so that's important overcooking is bad. A little cooking. Not bad.

00:43:57.000 --> 00:44:02.550 Sam Liebowitz: Gotcha, gotcha. But cooking. Okay, versus having to eat salads, all the time. Yeah.

00:44:03.750 --> 00:44:09.660 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you. Lucy. I just, you know, she asked me, I'm like, if I don't ask that question. I'm in big trouble. So

00:44:12.510 --> 00:44:13.140 Thank you, your wife.

00:44:15.840 --> 00:44:17.550 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, so we're going to take our last

00:44:18.060 --> 00:44:29.910 Sam Liebowitz: Break of the show. And when we come back, um, let's just talk a little bit more about like what you hope people gain out of the book and maybe what kind of reactions, you've already gotten from people like what kinds of

00:44:30.750 --> 00:44:37.770 Sam Liebowitz: Responses or what sort of people have told you about, like after they've gone through the book, like what kinds of changes they made or what have you. Okay. Lucy.

00:44:38.460 --> 00:44:39.030 Luci Gabel: Alright, thanks.

00:44:39.690 --> 00:44:44.700 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. And of course, anybody on the Facebook Live. If you have questions like, type it into the comments section.

00:44:45.060 --> 00:44:50.190 Sam Liebowitz: Of the video and ask your questions. Now, this is your last chance. And then I'll get to them, I promise. Oh.

00:44:50.460 --> 00:45:03.810 Sam Liebowitz: I'll read them and we'll get that them. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're talking this hour with Lucy Gable author of the book, eat to lead available everywhere, and we will be right back after this

00:46:58.410 --> 00:47:08.160 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity, we've been speaking this hour with Lucy Gable author of the, I guess.

00:47:09.180 --> 00:47:12.090 Sam Liebowitz: Should I say Lucy. Is it the upcoming book or is it out already.

00:47:13.830 --> 00:47:16.410 Luci Gabel: Amazon is releasing it October 1

00:47:16.620 --> 00:47:18.510 Sam Liebowitz: October 1 so almost out

00:47:19.770 --> 00:47:25.980 Sam Liebowitz: And and you have a special announcement for our audience for our loyal fans have been listening and don't you

00:47:26.010 --> 00:47:35.040 Luci Gabel: Yes, yes I do. So even though it's coming out on October 1 so if you order it today. Let's say Amazon will send it will put it in the mail on October 1

00:47:35.550 --> 00:47:44.520 Luci Gabel: But if you order the paperback on Amazon. Now, which is the only thing you can get it right now as a paperback, then you head over to eat to lead calm.

00:47:45.300 --> 00:47:54.120 Luci Gabel: And you can register with your Amazon receipt. I'll give you the eBook, you can start reading right away, it's also like a two for one

00:47:54.510 --> 00:48:02.880 Luci Gabel: And I'm also giving more perks. So I'm giving a bonus website with some of my favorite recipes. I'm not a chef.

00:48:03.300 --> 00:48:16.410 Luci Gabel: I cook healthy delicious food, though. And so you don't have to be a chef, you know, to make great food and I'm also. I also have a community of support there so it can be more of an interactive thing rather than just solo

00:48:16.920 --> 00:48:23.340 Sam Liebowitz: Myself. Wonderful. Excellent. Excellent. So, um, and where do they go, what's the website.

00:48:24.180 --> 00:48:26.250 Luci Gabel: Eat to lead calm.

00:48:26.760 --> 00:48:31.470 Sam Liebowitz: You to lead calm. You guys got it right there. I'll put it into the Facebook Live as well.

00:48:33.510 --> 00:48:35.670 Luci Gabel: If you've got to do it before October 1

00:48:36.480 --> 00:48:39.750 Luci Gabel: Right up to like, midnight on October 1

00:48:39.780 --> 00:48:44.010 Luci Gabel: The ones that book is out on amazon my doors are closed for that special

00:48:45.420 --> 00:49:00.960 Sam Liebowitz: Okay. Um, so what do you hope people really get out of the book, like when someone picks it up and reads it. Um, what do you hope. What's your intention behind like what they're going to absorb from the book.

00:49:02.010 --> 00:49:02.970 Luci Gabel: I love that question.

00:49:04.410 --> 00:49:06.690 Luci Gabel: Several things, of course, um,

00:49:07.110 --> 00:49:14.730 Luci Gabel: I want people to not to find that they can enjoy food and they can eat healthy, at the same time.

00:49:15.750 --> 00:49:23.640 Luci Gabel: And when they find that they're going to find that stream of energy that they can have, they can make that stream of energy.

00:49:23.910 --> 00:49:35.940 Luci Gabel: Last from the morning, all the way into the evening and they can also have it improve how they interact with others and how they perform, you know, in their work.

00:49:36.870 --> 00:49:51.030 Luci Gabel: So they can perform really well. High Performance all day and then have energy to be with their families in the evening with their children and be social. That is possible. And if we all have that. What a beautiful world.

00:49:51.360 --> 00:49:52.740 Luci Gabel: Yeah, can have right

00:49:53.100 --> 00:49:53.520 Right.

00:49:55.230 --> 00:50:06.570 Sam Liebowitz: And and I also wanted to ask, you know, you've shared the book with a few close people, what, what kinds of reactions have you've gotten so far. What do people been like telling you about the book.

00:50:08.070 --> 00:50:20.220 Luci Gabel: So far, well, because I i sent. I had a pre launch and some people, a lot of people actually 150 books went out before the book was actually on Amazon.

00:50:21.000 --> 00:50:31.830 Luci Gabel: So people have started reading it, but they're not too far along. Probably in around chapter three and I'm getting that they're really excited. I mean, I, I'm gonna have to toot my own horn here but

00:50:32.400 --> 00:50:39.000 Luci Gabel: They think it's really great they're enjoying it and and it is coming across exactly the way I'm intending it to so

00:50:41.760 --> 00:50:49.950 Sam Liebowitz: What do you find, you know, when people, you know, pick up the book and they're learning they reading about different habits and how they can

00:50:50.640 --> 00:50:58.290 Sam Liebowitz: You know, improve things. What do you find tends to be the biggest barrier to overcome or the biggest resistance, people have

00:50:58.560 --> 00:51:14.580 Sam Liebowitz: To making these changes. This is something my wife has said this many times that like food is such a basic habit for us. You know what, we're brought up with how we are learned to eat as kids is so ingrained in us. What, what, what's the most difficult thing for people to overcome.

00:51:15.240 --> 00:51:16.020 I'm

00:51:17.520 --> 00:51:24.930 Luci Gabel: In my with my book I don't know yet, but I will say that with diets. In general, the My book is not a diet book, by the way.

00:51:25.920 --> 00:51:39.630 Luci Gabel: To know so with diets in general, it's just, you know, people have to change their whole lifestyle, let alone all their food choices and may or may not fit their food preferences may may or may not fit their

00:51:40.140 --> 00:51:49.020 Luci Gabel: Microbiome needs or their physical needs long term. So it requires a huge shift and that may be what you're talking about that.

00:51:49.680 --> 00:51:53.910 Luci Gabel: It takes us from where we were to something completely different. And it doesn't never last because of that.

00:51:54.840 --> 00:52:01.470 Luci Gabel: We always want to go back to what we're used to what's comfortable. So that's another piece of eat to lead is

00:52:01.950 --> 00:52:12.840 Luci Gabel: I worked with so many people I've seen so many people go on and off so many diets. I've been through reading and researching and studying all the diets as well. And really,

00:52:13.620 --> 00:52:25.200 Luci Gabel: We need to start where we are and take a small step from there and then get used to that. Feel how that feels. Make some changes accordingly and then take our next step.

00:52:25.800 --> 00:52:40.620 Luci Gabel: That's what I help people with doing and easily understand a certain area of food do a few experiments in your life. See how it works, pick the best thing, stick with that move on to the next step. And as we know, that's how changes work everywhere in life.

00:52:40.680 --> 00:52:55.470 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Right. Yeah, yeah, baby steps big believer in baby steps because because when you take a baby step and you're solid within then you move on. Even if you slip back a little bit. It's only going to be a little bit. It's not you're going to slip back all the way

00:52:56.550 --> 00:52:56.850 Yeah.

00:52:58.080 --> 00:53:10.230 Luci Gabel: And when you so you're not too far. When you take your first step you not too far from where you were before. So it's not too challenging. It's not too weird. It's not too uncomfortable is actually kind of comfortable

00:53:10.710 --> 00:53:11.610 Sam Liebowitz: Right, right.

00:53:12.870 --> 00:53:19.590 Sam Liebowitz: Um, and so what's next for you, like after this book launches and you're out there.

00:53:20.040 --> 00:53:32.430 Sam Liebowitz: Um, do you have another book in the works or are you just thinking about you know how to really, you know, make the most out of getting this book in people's hands. What, what's, what's in the future for Lucy Gable

00:53:33.420 --> 00:53:46.860 Luci Gabel: Well, I really want to enjoy talking about the book I'm promoting it. This is fun for me and getting out there and helping other people with the product of my two and a half years of hard work.

00:53:47.790 --> 00:53:57.120 Luci Gabel: So I'm looking forward to that and looking forward to doing more interviews talking on stage and eventually, not too long from now of course is coming out.

00:53:57.990 --> 00:53:59.400 Luci Gabel: About food and leadership.

00:54:01.470 --> 00:54:11.970 Luci Gabel: Could just how we discussed how it works today they work together and I yeah so coaching and coaching people individually, but more in groups right now.

00:54:12.090 --> 00:54:28.320 Luci Gabel: And working with some corporations as well on the leadership piece, but also on the life balance peace. Because right now, as you are well aware, now's the time in life that we are many of us are thinking, how am I balancing my life.

00:54:29.130 --> 00:54:29.550 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah.

00:54:29.910 --> 00:54:34.770 Luci Gabel: How can I make that better, what is life really all about and what am I spending most of my time on

00:54:36.300 --> 00:54:44.280 Luci Gabel: And we also need good leaders in the world today. We need people who understand that balance and promote it and we can have that

00:54:45.390 --> 00:54:53.670 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. Wonderful. So Lucy if people want to find you get in touch with you. What's the best place for them to do, how can they get ahold of you.

00:54:54.810 --> 00:55:03.150 Luci Gabel: The best way is just head over to eat to lead calm and there's a way to contact me there and find out more about me as well. Right.

00:55:03.210 --> 00:55:09.300 Sam Liebowitz: Right. And as you mentioned, like you work with people in groups and virtually so it doesn't matter where your people are

00:55:10.410 --> 00:55:16.260 Sam Liebowitz: Doesn't matter, you know, kind of the situation, you can work with them wherever they are. Right. Yes. Yeah.

00:55:16.320 --> 00:55:18.990 Luci Gabel: I'm looking forward to that. I've been meeting people from all over the world.

00:55:19.320 --> 00:55:22.320 Luci Gabel: Since we all got on zoom in the last

00:55:22.680 --> 00:55:23.400 Luci Gabel: Several months.

00:55:24.540 --> 00:55:36.450 Luci Gabel: That's when perk or benefit. I'll say what's been going on today, everyone's getting more into technology and virtual and it's opened up a lot of doors in some aspects. If we look at it that way.

00:55:36.840 --> 00:55:44.820 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It's a great tool to use to empower ourselves to really be able to reach people

00:55:45.600 --> 00:56:03.030 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah so Lucy. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show today. It's been a pleasure having you again. Her book is eat to lead available on Amazon, go to it and then go put your receipt in over on Italy calm and get those wonderful bonuses, get the ebook

00:56:05.010 --> 00:56:09.930 Sam Liebowitz: Lucy. I wish you all the best with your book. Thank you for coming on. Really appreciate it.

00:56:10.170 --> 00:56:12.210 Luci Gabel: Thanks Sam was great being here. Yeah.

00:56:12.960 --> 00:56:19.110 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. And, of course, to all my loyal listeners. Thank you for joining us on the show today. See, we've had a lot of

00:56:19.560 --> 00:56:26.340 Sam Liebowitz: People on the Facebook Live. A lot of people sharing and liking and commenting on the video. Thank you all so much.

00:56:26.610 --> 00:56:37.320 Sam Liebowitz: And just a little reminder for those of you who might have forgotten. I have my own book coming out. So don't forget coming out in November 17 everyday awakening available. You'll find it listed on Amazon.

00:56:38.130 --> 00:56:47.190 Sam Liebowitz: Both in Kindle and paperback version and you're going to be hearing more and more about that, over time, but I just, just in case you forgot, just in case you forgot. I'm going to let you know.

00:56:47.790 --> 00:56:55.980 Sam Liebowitz: So thank you, everybody. Please stay tuned. Coming up next, immediately following us. And, of course, is can foster and his show voices of courage.

00:56:56.580 --> 00:57:08.190 Sam Liebowitz: followed later this afternoon with Antonia and her show. So now you know at 5pm as well as Graham dominant his show the mind behind leadership at 7pm this evening.

00:57:08.760 --> 00:57:18.600 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you all for tuning in, appreciate you all go out, have a great day, a great rest of the weekend weekend and we will talk to you next week.

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