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Thursday, September 17, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/17 - Awaken Your Third Eye

Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/17 - Awaken Your Third Eye


2020/09/17 - Awaken Your Third Eye

[NEW EPISODE] Awaken Your Third Eye

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author and Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Susan Shumsky .

Dr. Susan Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher and founder of Divine Revelation®—a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For over two decades, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was guru of the Beatles. Dr. Shumsky served on Maharishi's personal staff for 6 years.

 Dr. Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the best-selling author of 17 books in English, published by Simon & Schuster, Random House Penguin, Red Wheel/Weiser, and Skyhorse, and 34 books published in foreign languages. She has won 31 prestigious book awards. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has taught thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition.

Her book titles include Miracle Prayer, Divine Revelation, Exploring Meditation, How to Hear the Voice of God, Ascension, Instant Healing, The Power of Auras, The Power of Chakras, Awaken Your Third Eye, Awaken Your Divine Intuition, Color Your Chakras, The Big Book of Chakras, Third Eye Meditations, Earth Energy Meditations, and Maharishi & Me.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam begins with quotes of the day. Sam discusses a book he is reading that is about reaching levels of success that are an upper limit of feeling good. When it gets to be feeling too much, we will do little things that will mess up what we are feeling at the time. It is about bringing ourselves to a place where we can allow ourselves to feel better more and more of the time. Sam welcomes his special guest Dr. Susan Shumsky. She is the founder of the Divine Revelation. Dr. Shumsky discusses how she got into the spiritual world. In the 60’s, she was very serious about obtaining an altered state of consciousness and reaching nirvana. Her first experience with meditation, she prayed and asked for a meditation, and she felt a rush of energy through her body. She felt like she was plugged into a cosmic world in a meditative way, but not only did she have her first meditation experience but her first kundalini experience. She learned about Transcendental Meditation during the Summer of Love. 

Segment 2

Dr. Shumsky discusses how she decided to write a book. She wrote a book that got published by Simon & Schuster. She is now on number 18 for her books. To become a teacher, Dr. Shumky talks about how she used to pretend to be a teacher as a child. She felt true happiness through meditation, and she wanted to go to India with Maharishi for a teacher training class. She had a psychotic break from a psychedelic drug, and had a healing experience with meditation. The Big Book of Chakras is filled with information about Chakras, but also extremely practical techniques that are based upon ancient yoga practices. Chakra means wheel, it is a wheel because it has a hub of pronic energy and spokes that radiate pronic energy. 

Segment 3

Sam and Dr. Shumsky talks about recording their meditations so they can play them back when they have a chance. Listening to your own voice can take you into a deep meditation. Dr. Shumsky gives meditation advice. Make sure you are comfortable, and deep breathing helps you get into a quiet and restful state. After taking a few deep breaths, breathe normally. Ask, and it shall be given to you. Call upon a divine being that you feel drawn to. Ask to be taken deeper, or whatever it is you want during that meditation. If you are asking specifically for results, you will find that you will get them. It could be for healing, guidance, what do I do next, any kind of thing. In today's world, when we are met with uncertainty and change it is helpful to ask for specific things. Meditation and intuition is vital right now. 

Segment 4

Dr. Susan Shumsky talks about her artistry and how she designed the art for her books. Sam asks what Dr. Shumsky’s life is about right now. SHe is working on a new book called Prosperity Meditations, and a book is coming out this year called Earth Energy Meditation. She is going to write a book about how India affected The Beatles. There is a polarity in the world, and Sam asks Dr. Shumsky about her opinions. She says the world has changed for the better, and the 20th century was a bloodbath because of the world wars. She says that there is less war because more people are taking up meditation and becoming more spiritual. 


00:00:42.960 --> 00:01:02.430 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you're all here with me today. We've got a wonderful show in store for you today. I've got

00:01:03.270 --> 00:01:16.710 Sam Liebowitz: An extraordinary guests that I'm really looking forward to bringing on. But of course, first we have, as always, our quotes of the day from the universe and from Abraham. So let's get started. I want to get through these quick so I can bring on my guest.

00:01:17.100 --> 00:01:32.670 Sam Liebowitz: First from the universe. There's always far more going on that you've yet to see even now. So if you should ever feel bored or lonely again look a little closer.

00:01:33.870 --> 00:01:46.320 Sam Liebowitz: Where's Waldo, the universe. We love our quotes and Mike Dooley in the universe. I think today having a little fun with us to to also remind us that

00:01:47.970 --> 00:01:57.510 Sam Liebowitz: You know, our senses and our perceptions only grasp such a little tiny fraction of the reality around us.

00:01:58.740 --> 00:02:20.580 Sam Liebowitz: And and we think we see all this stuff. We think we we understand what's going on. We think we have a good grasp of the reality around us. But the truth is we're only seeing such a tiny, small fraction. We're only absorbing consciously and I've heard it once said,

00:02:21.600 --> 00:02:25.620 Sam Liebowitz: That we experienced something like

00:02:26.730 --> 00:02:47.910 Sam Liebowitz: A billion bits of data every second, but our conscious minds can only take in 2000 bits of data. So it's not even 100 or a thousandth of a percent of everything that's going on around us consciously that is unconsciously we're picking up quite a lot more

00:02:49.230 --> 00:03:14.850 Sam Liebowitz: So when we think there's not much going on. Sometimes if we close our eyes and we just allow our breath to slow down a little bit and be a little bit more present, we can actually feel a lot more going on in the room around us inside of us.

00:03:17.190 --> 00:03:24.720 Sam Liebowitz: And sometimes you know our census full us. And so if we don't see something we don't think it's there.

00:03:27.000 --> 00:03:39.030 Sam Liebowitz: So it might be, you know, not a bad practice once in a while to put the senses aside for a moment and open up to what the body is really, really feeling

00:03:39.570 --> 00:03:56.820 Sam Liebowitz: And you just might find a surprise. You just might find that you actually can feel a lot more going on than what you thought. So interesting intriguing little quote from the universe. Let's see what Abraham has in store for us today.

00:03:58.140 --> 00:04:07.710 Sam Liebowitz: When you are in sync with who you really are. Your emotions range from satisfaction to passion and enthusiasm for life.

00:04:08.250 --> 00:04:27.990 Sam Liebowitz: You feel clarity and certainty and interest in life you feel fun your timing is good you feel vitality and then what comes to you. Feels good to you because Law of Attraction will not give you something that you have not practice Abraham

00:04:29.370 --> 00:04:33.150 Sam Liebowitz: Good quote from Abraham reminding us that

00:04:34.830 --> 00:04:46.230 Sam Liebowitz: Again, it's, it's when we're really connected to that that deeper part of ourselves as Abraham likes to say when we're

00:04:47.250 --> 00:05:00.300 Sam Liebowitz: Tuned in tapped into and turned on things just feel right. They feel good. We're in the flow were experiencing life in a more vital level.

00:05:02.490 --> 00:05:09.450 Sam Liebowitz: And those and then we're going to start attracting things that help us to feel that way, even more.

00:05:12.210 --> 00:05:26.220 Sam Liebowitz: However, the opposite is also true. The more we feel unhappy. The more we feel sad, the more we focus on those things that create that reaction within us.

00:05:27.690 --> 00:05:39.840 Sam Liebowitz: The more we practice that the more we're going to attract things to us that make us feel unhappy sad depressed, whatever you want to call those emotions those feelings.

00:05:42.330 --> 00:05:52.860 Sam Liebowitz: And so, look, we're human beings. We're not always going to feel elated joyful enthusiastic 100% of the time.

00:05:54.000 --> 00:06:01.920 Sam Liebowitz: Yet with practice like going to the gym and we create that muscle and we train our nervous system to hold that energy

00:06:03.210 --> 00:06:06.720 Sam Liebowitz: We can be more and more and more of the time.

00:06:08.760 --> 00:06:27.270 Sam Liebowitz: And of course, things happen, we lose people unexpected things happen. We get injured, you know, things happen. I'm still a big believer things happen for us not to us. So if we look for the gift in whatever it is I'm sure we can find one.

00:06:29.160 --> 00:06:31.950 Sam Liebowitz: But it's really ultimately about

00:06:33.180 --> 00:06:37.230 Sam Liebowitz: Training ourselves to feel good more of the time.

00:06:38.730 --> 00:06:41.910 Sam Liebowitz: And I'm actually reading a book right now.

00:06:43.020 --> 00:06:51.990 Sam Liebowitz: That the whole premise of the book is that we sort of reached these levels of success and our business or life, our relationships.

00:06:52.530 --> 00:07:11.310 Sam Liebowitz: That are upper limit of feeling good and and when it gets to be too much and we can't feel good, much more than we'll do little things that will mess up what we're talking mess up what we're doing mess up what what we're feeling at the time. And so it's all about

00:07:14.160 --> 00:07:22.860 Sam Liebowitz: Bringing ourselves to a place where we can allow ourselves to feel better, more and more and more of the time.

00:07:24.300 --> 00:07:33.240 Sam Liebowitz: All right, so two wonderful, amazing and very apropos quotes for the day. Again, you know, I don't cherry pick these these come to me.

00:07:34.230 --> 00:07:40.890 Sam Liebowitz: In my inbox this morning. And that's what I use. And so it is now my extreme pleasure.

00:07:41.340 --> 00:07:55.740 Sam Liebowitz: To welcome to the show. Dr. Susan Chomsky, who is a highly respected spiritual teacher and the founder of divine revelation, a unique field proven technology for contacting the divine presence.

00:07:56.490 --> 00:08:09.810 Sam Liebowitz: Hearing and testing the inner voice and receiving clear divine guidance for over two decades, her mentor was the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. And for those of you who don't remember. He was the guru of the Beatles for many years.

00:08:10.380 --> 00:08:15.240 Sam Liebowitz: And Dr. Chomsky served on maharishi's personal staff for six years.

00:08:15.600 --> 00:08:26.940 Sam Liebowitz: She has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective powerful positive ways she is the best selling author of 17 books in English.

00:08:27.150 --> 00:08:42.960 Sam Liebowitz: And 34 books published in foreign languages. She's won 31 prestigious Book Awards and a pioneer in the human potential field. She has taught thousands of people about Meditation, Prayer affirmations and intuition.

00:08:44.370 --> 00:08:49.440 Sam Liebowitz: Are booked some just some just some of her book titles include

00:08:50.430 --> 00:09:00.390 Sam Liebowitz: Divine revelation exploring meditation. How to hear the voice of God. Ascension instant healing awaken your third eye, the power of the chakras.

00:09:00.690 --> 00:09:15.090 Sam Liebowitz: awaken your divine intuition. The big book of shock rose. Third Eye meditations, which I really like em. The Maharishi and me and it is my pleasure to welcome her to the conscious consultant. Our. Welcome to the show. Dr. Chomsky

00:09:15.750 --> 00:09:18.210 Susan Shumsky: Hi Sam I'm thrilled to be here with you today.

00:09:19.980 --> 00:09:21.540 Sam Liebowitz: thrilled to have you here. I'm

00:09:22.650 --> 00:09:34.740 Sam Liebowitz: Trying to think if I've had any other guests on the show, who were mentored by the Maharishi. So it's really a pleasure to have you here. I'm, I'm curious.

00:09:36.720 --> 00:09:56.790 Sam Liebowitz: What drew you to sort of the spiritual life. I mean, you've been so immersed with it for so many years. Like, were you always somebody who, you know, was just naturally drawn to it to do have some experience. I'm always very curious what brings people to their sort of spiritual path.

00:09:57.510 --> 00:10:10.980 Susan Shumsky: Well, you know, it was the 60s. I was a hippie as the flower child. I'm assuming in the San Francisco Bay Area, and those of us who are flower children. It wasn't just all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

00:10:12.030 --> 00:10:26.070 Susan Shumsky: In fact, we were really serious about attaining what we call altered states of consciousness and we wanted to reach nirvana and our Gurus at that time were Timothy Leary

00:10:26.610 --> 00:10:29.370 Susan Shumsky: And Richard Alpert who later became ROM das

00:10:29.700 --> 00:10:35.430 Susan Shumsky: They wrote a book called the psychedelic experience. It was based upon the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

00:10:36.450 --> 00:10:44.460 Susan Shumsky: And so we were following them and following their precepts turn on tune in and drop out.

00:10:44.910 --> 00:10:53.370 Susan Shumsky: And you know, I was reading the Buddhist scriptures, I was reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Parma Hansa Yogananda

00:10:53.820 --> 00:11:12.360 Susan Shumsky: I was reading the way of Zen and other works by Alan Watts and an Alan Watts books. He said that you have to find a meditation guide well in 1966 in Berkeley, California. You didn't exactly go to the telephone directory and look in the Yellow Pages for

00:11:12.810 --> 00:11:14.250 Susan Shumsky: Meditation guide.

00:11:14.580 --> 00:11:24.510 Susan Shumsky: Or anything remotely similar to that. So I asked her friend. Well, how do I get this meditation guide. And he said, well, have you ever tried to meditate on your own.

00:11:25.740 --> 00:11:34.050 Susan Shumsky: I said, Okay, I'll give it a shot. So I laid down on my bed. That's how clueless. I was Sam I didn't even know that you're supposed to sit up when you meditate.

00:11:34.380 --> 00:11:43.860 Susan Shumsky: I lay in my bed and sort of prayed for asked for a meditation and immediately I was propelled into this ecstatic state.

00:11:44.220 --> 00:11:50.580 Susan Shumsky: I could feel this cord or rush of energy rushing from the tips of my toes all the way to the top of my head.

00:11:51.060 --> 00:12:00.870 Susan Shumsky: And I felt like I was plugged into this cosmic electric socket, but in a most ecstatic way and I figured, well I guess this is meditation.

00:12:01.350 --> 00:12:18.600 Susan Shumsky: Little did I know that I had not only had my first meditation experience but also kundalini awakening all at the same time without any stimulants or drugs or anything. And very soon after that a friend took me to the transcendental meditation center.

00:12:19.440 --> 00:12:23.490 Susan Shumsky: And as soon as I saw the picture of Maharishi on the wall.

00:12:24.180 --> 00:12:29.520 Susan Shumsky: I could feel this incredible energy that was just flowing from his eyes. In fact,

00:12:30.240 --> 00:12:41.520 Susan Shumsky: From this photo. And I just knew at that point. This is where I'm going to learn real meditation, which is what I wanted. You know, I wanted to learn how to really meditate.

00:12:41.970 --> 00:12:59.940 Susan Shumsky: So I did and I took nine months before there was a teacher who actually showed up in Berkeley, but finally during the summer of love august of 1967 I learned this method called Transcendental Meditation, otherwise known as TM

00:13:00.360 --> 00:13:12.750 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, yeah. It's so funny to hear, hear you, you know, recount your experiences because I was a child of the 70s, so I'm a little bit younger than you but I always felt like I was born 10 years too late.

00:13:12.750 --> 00:13:17.280 Sam Liebowitz: Because you know i in high school I had long hair, you know, I was

00:13:17.580 --> 00:13:27.180 Sam Liebowitz: Hanging out with people and and and you know, but nowadays. It feels like we're coming around full circle cause in the 60s. The the

00:13:28.350 --> 00:13:48.450 Sam Liebowitz: The, the culture of using substances was really about using substances to expand your consciousness. Right. And that's why, at the time, like the psychedelics were so pervasive and so popular because it was about expanding your consciousness and and now I look around and I see

00:13:49.530 --> 00:13:58.350 Sam Liebowitz: You know how suicide and and I asked her being used to, again, expand people's consciousness to help with healing and and how

00:13:59.160 --> 00:14:20.250 Sam Liebowitz: You know, MDMA now is getting classified as something to help depression, anxiety and how we're coming back to this idea of, you know, finding emotional and mental healing. They don't talk that much about the spiritual side of the healing, but it's really a spiritual healing.

00:14:21.750 --> 00:14:32.280 Sam Liebowitz: To to help people to feel more whole and to feel better and it to me, you know, having been kind of, you know, just after that crest of that wave of the 60s.

00:14:32.640 --> 00:14:41.070 Sam Liebowitz: Being old enough to know announcing things come back around. I really do feel like, Where were the cycle is sort of coming back around to where we were then

00:14:42.240 --> 00:14:45.270 Susan Shumsky: Absolutely. Yeah, I would agree with everything you just said yes.

00:14:46.170 --> 00:15:04.650 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Wonderful. Wonderful. All right. I see we got some my loyal listener Patty listening on the Facebook Live thank you Patty, for all the love and Matt is asking us, you know, when you're talking about talking about meditation in other forms of spiritual concepts.

00:15:06.210 --> 00:15:15.480 Sam Liebowitz: And and and what I would like to. And we're going to take a quick break. Dr. Chomsky, but when we come back I really want to focus on sort of these

00:15:16.950 --> 00:15:24.630 Sam Liebowitz: Spiritual concepts these spiritual things that we know talking about, you know, our or our shockers

00:15:25.380 --> 00:15:43.830 Sam Liebowitz: Product healing and these things. But really, how can we use them today with all of the craziness going on with all of the the change that we're in the midst of how do we use these things to help us to have a more fulfilling and more empowered life. Okay.

00:15:45.210 --> 00:15:46.020 Susan Shumsky: Absolutely.

00:15:46.680 --> 00:16:03.270 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern right here on talk radio dot NYC and over Facebook Live. So stay tuned. We'll be right back after this

00:18:11.250 --> 00:18:31.590 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're speaking today with Dr. Susan Chimpsky all about meditation and sort of all these spiritual not just practices but spiritual principles and how we can really apply them today in our lives.

00:18:32.610 --> 00:18:39.450 Sam Liebowitz: Dr. Chomsky, you've been around this stuff for years. I mean, you've written so many amazing, wonderful books.

00:18:41.100 --> 00:18:42.390 Sam Liebowitz: I'm curious.

00:18:43.470 --> 00:18:58.290 Sam Liebowitz: Over the years, like, first what brought you to become an author and really share all this stuff with people and then and then sort of how it has this sort of developed into something that really supports you in your life.

00:18:59.790 --> 00:19:11.610 Susan Shumsky: Well, I became an author, simply because I was teaching a specific method of meditation that I learned not from Maharishi I learned actually from a new thought teacher

00:19:12.690 --> 00:19:23.850 Susan Shumsky: Peter Meyer lived in San Diego, and I really loved this new practice, it was different than transcendental meditation I had wonderful experiences, by the way, with TM

00:19:24.690 --> 00:19:34.980 Susan Shumsky: And incredible experiences when I was in maharishi's ashram for so long, but this other method I really liked better. So I started teaching it and traveling around the country.

00:19:35.430 --> 00:19:41.970 Susan Shumsky: And it wasn't long before I realized I have to have a book. If I'm going to have any credibility. Here I've got to write a book.

00:19:42.480 --> 00:19:53.790 Susan Shumsky: So I went ahead and wrote one wrote wrote one. And amazingly, it was published by Simon and Schuster, that's a kind of a miracle story that happened first time unknown spiritual author

00:19:54.180 --> 00:20:11.820 Susan Shumsky: Who knows nothing about writing who went to art school wrote a book and got it published by Simon and Schuster, the biggest publisher in the world at that time. So that was how I originally became an author and the publishers that I

00:20:13.320 --> 00:20:13.740 Susan Shumsky: Who

00:20:14.970 --> 00:20:24.750 Susan Shumsky: Asked me to go ahead and publish my books, they wanted me to write more books. So I ended up writing now I'm on number 18

00:20:27.870 --> 00:20:35.820 Sam Liebowitz: I'm just coming out with my first book in November. I just written my first book and it. I love it. I like caught the bug now so

00:20:37.680 --> 00:20:38.550 Susan Shumsky: Right, yeah.

00:20:39.900 --> 00:20:40.260 Susan Shumsky: Fun.

00:20:41.220 --> 00:20:54.240 Sam Liebowitz: And so now you as you mentioned you you have your own bull you've learned that this other form of meditation and you started going out. What, what, what kind of motivated you to become a teacher.

00:20:56.010 --> 00:21:00.180 Susan Shumsky: You know, I think when I was a child, I used to play it being a teacher.

00:21:02.580 --> 00:21:15.120 Susan Shumsky: I remember the headboard on my bed. That would be my blackboard and I would pretend I was teaching a class. So yeah, I think I've always been in that kind of mindset of wanting to be a teacher, but

00:21:16.950 --> 00:21:25.650 Susan Shumsky: Certainly, I wanted to be an artist, first of all, and I went to art school and all that. But then, then when I got involved with spirituality

00:21:26.340 --> 00:21:41.820 Susan Shumsky: And especially when I learned meditation. I was so impressed by the results such amazing results that transformed my life so dramatically and so quickly that I wanted to become a teacher of meditation.

00:21:43.500 --> 00:21:43.680 Susan Shumsky: To

00:21:43.710 --> 00:21:53.250 Sam Liebowitz: Talk about that for a minute of just what were some of the benefits that you got from meditation. Like what, like, like the really big, big ones that that probably changed your life.

00:21:54.660 --> 00:22:00.660 Susan Shumsky: Well, the reality is that LSD with LSD. I had a psychotic episode.

00:22:01.080 --> 00:22:03.840 Susan Shumsky: It was horrendous experience for me.

00:22:04.260 --> 00:22:10.770 Susan Shumsky: I never came down from the drug. I was having continual flashbacks for months afterwards.

00:22:11.280 --> 00:22:12.450 Susan Shumsky: It was terrifying.

00:22:12.870 --> 00:22:18.210 Susan Shumsky: I was in a horrific state and meditation completely cured me of that I

00:22:18.750 --> 00:22:20.790 Susan Shumsky: Became healthy and happy and

00:22:21.150 --> 00:22:26.640 Susan Shumsky: For the first time in my life I experienced happiness. I'd really never experienced that before.

00:22:27.420 --> 00:22:30.780 Susan Shumsky: And so meditation was so dramatic for me that

00:22:31.200 --> 00:22:39.420 Susan Shumsky: I immediately wanted to go and study with Maharishi and India. He was teaching teacher training courses in Rishikesh India.

00:22:40.020 --> 00:22:53.940 Susan Shumsky: So I applied for several courses but they kept rejecting me because they said I was a bit too young. You had to be 24 years old and be a college graduate. So, but finally Maharishi allowed some of the other younger

00:22:55.200 --> 00:23:11.490 Susan Shumsky: Younger kids to go. I was in 1970 so I went there at that time in Rishikesh India and I was there for six months with Maharishi three months of the teacher training classes and another three months just hanging out with him and a handful of other people.

00:23:12.540 --> 00:23:31.770 Sam Liebowitz: Wow. Wow. So that's really something that you know psychotic break from from a psychedelic drug is no a casual challenge and to say that like you've actually healed yourself because of meditation through that is really a remarkable thing. Um,

00:23:32.790 --> 00:23:39.780 Sam Liebowitz: I would like to talk a little bit about the shockers I use them a lot of my work on transformational work that I do with people.

00:23:40.170 --> 00:23:56.550 Sam Liebowitz: Um, you, you talk about 14 shockers as opposed to seven chakras. Most people know the seven chakras, the root sacred solar plexus heart throat third eye and crown chakra. What are the 14 shockers. What are the other seven shockers

00:23:56.880 --> 00:24:02.790 Susan Shumsky: Well, when I, when I first wrote this book called The Big Book of chakras and Chakra Healing

00:24:03.780 --> 00:24:14.580 Susan Shumsky: When I was asked to write a book about the chakras by my publisher. I went back to the ancient scriptures to find the most authentic information that I can find about that topic.

00:24:15.150 --> 00:24:30.780 Susan Shumsky: And what I found was unbelievable. When I went back to these original scriptures, I found out the most amazing esoteric information about the chakras about as above, so below and how our

00:24:31.560 --> 00:24:42.090 Susan Shumsky: How our internal system, our own subtle body reflects the body of the universe. So it was incredible and

00:24:42.660 --> 00:24:51.720 Susan Shumsky: In those ancient scriptures, I found that they that they talked about 14 chakras. There's the seven major ones that you just mentioned.

00:24:52.110 --> 00:25:06.240 Susan Shumsky: And then there's also a hybrid chakra, which is near the heart chakra. There's Talia chakra, which is in the back of your throat. In the uvula area and then there's the Manas chakra and the center of your head and the

00:25:07.380 --> 00:25:28.590 Susan Shumsky: The into chakra nearby there and then the Nirvana chakra, which is the top of your skull and then the guru chakra above your head and then above Schoolhouse Rock, which is the crown chakra. There is a Bindi point. So these other chakras, I found out about and wrote about them in the book.

00:25:29.610 --> 00:25:38.400 Sam Liebowitz: Oh wow, okay. Yeah, because you know a lot of people talk about this every major ones, but they don't talk too much about these other in the minor shockers jockeys

00:25:39.420 --> 00:25:43.860 Sam Liebowitz: So let me ask you, like this knowledge. And this is something that I've

00:25:44.250 --> 00:25:53.850 Sam Liebowitz: Over the years, I mean, back when I first got put on my spiritual path. You know, I was learning, just for the sake of learning. I just, I loved. I want to absorb everything I could

00:25:54.270 --> 00:26:06.510 Sam Liebowitz: But as I've gotten older, I really becoming like more practical, in a way, it's like okay this knowledge is great, but how do I apply it. What does it do for me. How can I use it to help me have a better life.

00:26:06.810 --> 00:26:17.820 Sam Liebowitz: So, so that's my question to you is this knowledge. I'm just, just about the chakras themselves like how does this esoteric knowledge help you in having a better life.

00:26:19.320 --> 00:26:19.680 Susan Shumsky: Well,

00:26:20.700 --> 00:26:37.050 Susan Shumsky: Great question. The reality is this book that I wrote the big book of chakras and Chakra Healing is not only filled with information about the chakras amazing esoteric information, but also extremely practical

00:26:38.790 --> 00:26:52.230 Susan Shumsky: Practices techniques that are based upon ancient yogic traditional practices such as the been does the mood Roz probably Yama

00:26:53.670 --> 00:26:58.020 Susan Shumsky: Banderas means muscular locks blue dress means gestures.

00:26:59.160 --> 00:27:03.990 Susan Shumsky: Probably Yama means breathing exercises. The reality is that

00:27:05.160 --> 00:27:15.900 Susan Shumsky: Our life is based upon Prasanna pronto meaning life force energy in China. They call it Chi and in Japan, they call it keep

00:27:16.920 --> 00:27:20.910 Susan Shumsky: So that life force energy is what gives you motion and gives you heat

00:27:22.110 --> 00:27:42.390 Susan Shumsky: And most importantly, it is life itself. So if you have more chronic energy flowing through your subtle body, you're going to be more successful more charismatic happier. You're going to be more more attractive people will want to be around you. So that's very practical.

00:27:43.890 --> 00:27:58.110 Susan Shumsky: Priests Prasanna flowing through your subtle body, you're going to have a better life. So product is in air. It's in the air atmosphere is in the sunlight. It's in water.

00:27:59.070 --> 00:28:10.020 Susan Shumsky: And it's in food. So by doing probably Yama, meaning the breathing exercise you have more Prasanna flowing through your subtle body.

00:28:10.650 --> 00:28:19.350 Susan Shumsky: When you go out into the sun and imbibe the sunshine. The rays of the sun, you have more prominent. When you swim or bathed in water.

00:28:19.830 --> 00:28:39.330 Susan Shumsky: more prominent. And when you chew your food until it becomes liquid masticated until it becomes like what, then you have greater product. So these are some of the ways that you're going to get more product flowing through your subtle body. And what does that have to do with chakras well

00:28:40.710 --> 00:28:49.230 Susan Shumsky: We have all these various sheets. Not only do we have this physical sheath that we live in. But we have subtle, subtle bodies as well.

00:28:49.590 --> 00:29:01.710 Susan Shumsky: And one of those bodies is your vital energy body, otherwise known as the product Maya kosher so that subtle body has prawn of flowing through it is made of Prasanna

00:29:02.430 --> 00:29:13.170 Susan Shumsky: And it is said in the ancient scriptures of India that one product is in the body that is what is defined as life and when pronto leaves the body that is what is defined as death.

00:29:14.340 --> 00:29:30.180 Susan Shumsky: Oh, greater a life of flowing through your subtle body is going to enhance your life. Now these this subtle energy flows through specific pathways are conduits, they're called the Nadi in India.

00:29:30.480 --> 00:29:32.490 Susan Shumsky: And in China. They're called meridian.

00:29:32.700 --> 00:29:49.800 Susan Shumsky: I think people are more familiar with that term meridian the naughty. But in any case, there are these naughty that flow through your subtle body when many of these naughty intersect into a plexus. That's called chakra and chuck it means wheel.

00:29:50.760 --> 00:29:59.310 Susan Shumsky: It's a wheel, because it has a hub of chronic energy and it has spokes of product energy radiating product energy

00:30:00.000 --> 00:30:03.390 Susan Shumsky: And the chakra are actually regulating

00:30:03.840 --> 00:30:27.630 Susan Shumsky: They are the intelligence behind the body. They are regulating these various parts of your internal system. For example, the navel chakra that's in the area of the Naval Air is the solar plexus ruled by the sun and that particular chakra is involved with digests with food with

00:30:28.530 --> 00:30:37.530 Susan Shumsky: Or the stomach is in that area. You say, right, so each one of those chakras, each one of the 14 chakras that I mentioned.

00:30:39.420 --> 00:30:50.250 Susan Shumsky: Has a function very practical function. And so if your chakras are healthy, if they're open if they have a lot of chronic energy flowing through them, then you're going to be very healthy.

00:30:51.660 --> 00:31:01.770 Sam Liebowitz: So, so just on a just, just to kind of summarize what you've been saying is that sort of the spiritual practices in this spiritual understanding and knowledge.

00:31:02.130 --> 00:31:13.410 Sam Liebowitz: It's really all about the energy in our lives and that when we understand how the energy flows, how to cultivate more energy, how to how to live.

00:31:13.830 --> 00:31:26.790 Sam Liebowitz: In a way that that supports it, that then we have more vitality more energy, we can do more. We feel better that it has all of these very practical benefits from them so that

00:31:27.030 --> 00:31:35.520 Sam Liebowitz: This knowledge is not just studying some ancient knowledge that has no relevance to today, it actually is extremely relevant to our day to day life.

00:31:36.540 --> 00:31:49.500 Susan Shumsky: It is. And in fact, meditation is the most profound way to develop products to have greater chronic energy and more subtle chronic energy flowing through the subtlest

00:31:50.700 --> 00:31:53.490 Susan Shumsky: Tubes, shall we say, are conduits of energy.

00:31:54.150 --> 00:32:06.480 Susan Shumsky: So meditation takes you into a state where your breath becomes what they call a suspension of breath, but breath never really is suspended isn't like you're not breathing. It's just that the breath becomes it perceptible

00:32:06.930 --> 00:32:22.890 Susan Shumsky: And during deep meditation. When the breath is imperceptible that is when Chrono starts to flow through the subtlest pathways. One of the subtlest pathways being Kundalini beings. So Shona naughty through which Kundalini flows.

00:32:23.940 --> 00:32:36.180 Sam Liebowitz: Gotcha. Okay, it's time for us to take another quick break when we come back and maybe you can describe a little bit of some of these meditation practices for our audience of of what they can do.

00:32:36.780 --> 00:32:46.770 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe if they're starting out, or maybe they have a little bit of a practice, but they're developing their practice, maybe some advice or some guidance as to how they can develop the meditation practice. Okay.

00:32:47.670 --> 00:32:48.870 Susan Shumsky: Absolutely, yes.

00:32:49.050 --> 00:32:58.020 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after this

00:35:14.280 --> 00:35:21.780 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I'm so glad that you're all still with us.

00:35:22.290 --> 00:35:32.580 Sam Liebowitz: William I see William on the Facebook Live loyal listener. Thank you for tuning in this week and I hope you you all have been enjoying our conversation so far with Dr. Susan Chomsky

00:35:33.180 --> 00:35:43.260 Sam Liebowitz: Author of The bazillion books. So the big book of shocker is and Ascension all the amazing, wonderful spiritual books, um,

00:35:43.920 --> 00:35:46.890 Sam Liebowitz: So Susan and before the break, I asked if maybe you can

00:35:47.490 --> 00:36:02.430 Sam Liebowitz: Give us some guidance or some recommendations around what people can do who are maybe just starting their meditation practice or maybe they have a basic meditation practice and they want to deepen it a little bit. What kinds of advice would you have for people

00:36:04.890 --> 00:36:05.220 Sam Liebowitz: Oops.

00:36:05.970 --> 00:36:06.270 Yeah.

00:36:08.160 --> 00:36:08.760 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, go ahead.

00:36:09.000 --> 00:36:09.510 Called

00:36:10.740 --> 00:36:12.330 Susan Shumsky: Third Eye meditations.

00:36:12.510 --> 00:36:27.480 Susan Shumsky: Yes, this particular book, even if you know nothing about meditation you can meditate, by doing a practice that I called guided meditations and guided meditation is simply

00:36:29.040 --> 00:36:37.920 Susan Shumsky: I call it the do nothing program do nothing. Nothing less than nothing less. You do, the better experience, you're going to have so

00:36:39.030 --> 00:37:02.880 Susan Shumsky: Really guided meditation is you are being guided step by step through the process. All you have to do is follow the instructions. So, this particular book is filled. Third Eye meditations is filled with meditative practices affirmations mantras just different practices that you can do.

00:37:04.590 --> 00:37:05.130 Susan Shumsky: To

00:37:06.540 --> 00:37:16.530 Susan Shumsky: Enhance your experience of life in very in many different levels. And what I do recommend is that when you

00:37:17.520 --> 00:37:25.470 Susan Shumsky: Read this book. You can either just read it, which will that that will take you into meditation or even better is to

00:37:26.100 --> 00:37:42.570 Susan Shumsky: Use a device such as your computer or your phone and read the meditation onto your device and then get comfortable cushy really comfortable and then close your eyes and then just start playing back.

00:37:43.140 --> 00:37:43.710 Sam Liebowitz: And I love

00:37:43.890 --> 00:37:50.280 Sam Liebowitz: Vacation. I love that idea when I when I got the book and I apologize. I haven't in the office and I haven't done it yet, but

00:37:50.580 --> 00:37:59.250 Sam Liebowitz: I looked at. And I was like, oh, this is a great idea. Let me record the meditations. I mean, some people don't like their own voice, but it's actually a good practice.

00:37:59.640 --> 00:38:11.610 Sam Liebowitz: To to record your voice and listen to it, but I can like, you know, speak all these meditations into Mike women recorded, then I have the recording and then I can play it back anytime I have a chance

00:38:11.880 --> 00:38:24.300 Susan Shumsky: Yeah, so that's a great way for you to meditate using your own voice, listening to your own voice, taking you into deep meditation. And it's a total no brainer.

00:38:24.870 --> 00:38:27.000 Susan Shumsky: Yeah, I will give you some other

00:38:27.000 --> 00:38:32.400 Susan Shumsky: tips about meditation. If you want to get started meditating on your own without using guided meditation.

00:38:32.910 --> 00:38:39.630 Susan Shumsky: What I recommend is that you first of all be comfortable comfort is the most important thing about meditation.

00:38:40.110 --> 00:38:47.160 Susan Shumsky: A sitting in lotus position in the center of the floor with no back support. It's not exactly comfortable for most people.

00:38:47.490 --> 00:39:00.090 Susan Shumsky: Right, I really recommend that you have back support and that you really feel comfortable with pillows and just just be in a comfortable position because discomfort does not enhance meditation.

00:39:00.720 --> 00:39:03.180 Sam Liebowitz: Right, exactly. It takes you out of it. Right.

00:39:03.450 --> 00:39:12.480 Susan Shumsky: Exactly, so be comfortable. First of all, and then the next thing is to close your eyes and keep your eyes closed because

00:39:13.650 --> 00:39:14.550 Susan Shumsky: Rather than

00:39:15.660 --> 00:39:22.440 Susan Shumsky: Being in an outward direction. The outer senses, I noticed earlier you were talking about the census.

00:39:23.580 --> 00:39:37.500 Susan Shumsky: The Otter senses will take you the opposite direction. And when you want to go. You want to go into the inner senses, which are deep within so just closing your eyes helps you to take 180 degree turn within

00:39:38.700 --> 00:39:49.830 Susan Shumsky: And then start just to take some deep breaths deep breathing definitely helps you to get into a quiet and restful state and I'll demonstrate a deep breath. Here it is.

00:39:57.150 --> 00:40:00.690 Susan Shumsky: That would be a deep breath. Now I'll demonstrate what's not a deep breath.

00:40:02.610 --> 00:40:03.600 Susan Shumsky: That's not a deep breath.

00:40:03.960 --> 00:40:14.520 Susan Shumsky: So take at least three deep breaths and have the intention that every time you take a deep breath, you're going to relax more and more

00:40:15.300 --> 00:40:27.240 Susan Shumsky: So as you breathe out as you exhale, just pretend as as though you're letting go of every problem every concern is just like disappearing.

00:40:28.110 --> 00:40:38.790 Susan Shumsky: You can visualize it, giving it over to God. You can visualize it going into the earth. All your negative vibrations and everything. So just take a few deep breaths.

00:40:40.080 --> 00:40:43.860 Susan Shumsky: And then breathe normally, you know, and ask

00:40:45.510 --> 00:40:51.210 Susan Shumsky: Everything that I teach is based upon one principle and that is ask and it shall be given unto you.

00:40:51.780 --> 00:41:05.100 Susan Shumsky: So ask to be taken deeper actually call upon a divine being that you feel comfortable with, whether that's a deity and Angel and archangel your own higher self, whatever you want to call upon

00:41:06.150 --> 00:41:20.550 Susan Shumsky: A SAINT a profit a deity call upon by name and asked to be taken deeper ask for whatever it is you want during that meditation. If it's piece of its love if it's healing its wholeness.

00:41:20.940 --> 00:41:30.450 Susan Shumsky: If its inner strength, whatever you want, ask for it and then take some more deep breaths. You know, maybe take another three deep breaths, or so.

00:41:31.050 --> 00:41:48.540 Susan Shumsky: And get into a quiet state into a restful state and that will help you to go deep into meditation and you can always ask for whatever you want, during the meditation. Most people are very passive when they meditate.

00:41:48.810 --> 00:41:52.740 Susan Shumsky: Beginning to this relaxed state and then they wonder why nothing's happening.

00:41:53.190 --> 00:41:56.160 Susan Shumsky: That's because they haven't asked for it.

00:41:57.390 --> 00:42:04.170 Susan Shumsky: Intending and asked for verbally say it verbally, not just thinking, if you just remain

00:42:05.760 --> 00:42:26.820 Susan Shumsky: In your head. Sometimes you drift off and you're not really a present suddenly is like, okay, what what's happening and why am I not getting anywhere, you know, but if you are asking specifically for specific results you'll find that you'll get them.

00:42:27.270 --> 00:42:36.090 Sam Liebowitz: Right. And it could be for healing, it could be for guidance, it could be for, you know, what do I do next. It could be

00:42:37.350 --> 00:42:43.740 Sam Liebowitz: You know, any, any kind of thing. Just, just whatever it is that you're seeking to ask for

00:42:44.490 --> 00:42:54.450 Susan Shumsky: Yeah, it's a good I did ask for specific questions such as What is wise for me to do about the problem I'm having it work with my boss.

00:42:55.140 --> 00:42:58.950 Susan Shumsky: What is highest wisdom for me to do about the fact that my children are

00:42:59.070 --> 00:43:15.540 Susan Shumsky: Taking drugs, you know, very practical questions will start a dialogue with your higher self, and then you'll begin to get very practical answers to your questions. You'll be start to be led by spirit if you're willing to follow the advice that you get

00:43:16.200 --> 00:43:16.650 Susan Shumsky: Then

00:43:17.280 --> 00:43:20.310 Susan Shumsky: You'll find that your life will start to be filled with miracles.

00:43:21.420 --> 00:43:28.500 Sam Liebowitz: And I really do feel that now more than ever, given what's going on in the world.

00:43:28.710 --> 00:43:40.890 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, although things are opening. I'm in New York City. And we've been under lockdown for a while, but things are opening back up. You know, people are coming out more. But we're still working remotely. We're still not socializing. The way we

00:43:41.310 --> 00:43:46.110 Sam Liebowitz: Did in the past and a friend of mine who actually practices TM every day, she

00:43:46.680 --> 00:43:56.370 Sam Liebowitz: Had said to me, we got together and chatted and caught up after not seeing each other for a long time and she said you know Sam for people like you and me. If we can't go outside. We can go inside.

00:43:56.730 --> 00:44:06.450 Sam Liebowitz: But for a lot of people that that's not always so easy. So it's a good practice to be comfortable going inside

00:44:06.840 --> 00:44:16.980 Sam Liebowitz: And feeling what's kind of inside and look for guidance ask, you know, for, for what it is that we want that you're saying like very specifically

00:44:17.250 --> 00:44:31.470 Sam Liebowitz: And that can really serve us, especially in today's world, when we're met with so much uncertainty and so much change and so much you know just unknown for what tomorrow is going to bring

00:44:32.580 --> 00:44:34.800 Susan Shumsky: Exactly. Now more than ever.

00:44:35.880 --> 00:44:43.980 Susan Shumsky: Meditation and especially intuition is vital because we you know we don't even know what's

00:44:45.780 --> 00:44:53.310 Susan Shumsky: How we clean to get our next meal. Many of us. We don't know if we'll still have a job. We don't know if we're

00:44:54.060 --> 00:45:08.460 Susan Shumsky: How will get a job. There's so many problems that we're facing right now and we can't rely upon these outer institutions to take care of us. We have to become

00:45:09.030 --> 00:45:17.250 Susan Shumsky: self sufficient. We have to find resources within and how we do that is through practice of meditation and intuition.

00:45:18.240 --> 00:45:30.330 Susan Shumsky: You know, asking very practical questions like, is it wise for me to go to the supermarket today. I mean, that can either mean health or non health, going to the supermarket as a specific time

00:45:31.050 --> 00:45:31.950 Susan Shumsky: I know that

00:45:32.400 --> 00:45:45.330 Susan Shumsky: Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but it's absolutely true in this climate, you know, we don't know if we're going to catch coven by going to the grocery store. So we can ask, we can ask for guidance to

00:45:46.380 --> 00:46:05.250 Susan Shumsky: A higher power that has more intelligence than we do was much smarter than we are. So if we ask our higher self for guidance. Then we'll be safe will be taken care of. And by the way, miracles will take place in our life on a daily basis.

00:46:05.490 --> 00:46:21.330 Sam Liebowitz: Exactly, exactly. Wonderful. Wonderful. Okay. Dr. Chomsky, it's, it's time for our last break when we come back I actually, I'm curious, just for personally, I want to ask you about your book on ascension and and sort of what that's all about. If that's okay.

00:46:24.240 --> 00:46:39.240 Sam Liebowitz: And then, yeah, we'll let people know how to find about your work and what you're doing today and where they can find out all about you. Okay, so everybody please stay tuned. I see Margot thank you for joining us on the Facebook Live. Hi. Thank you.

00:46:40.740 --> 00:46:46.920 Sam Liebowitz: Will be please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We'll be right back after this

00:48:40.290 --> 00:48:57.540 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity been speaking this hour with Dr. Susan Chomsky, author of the book The Third Eye meditation. Let me get these right third eye meditations, the big book a shocker is

00:48:58.560 --> 00:49:07.680 Sam Liebowitz: THE POWER OF THE Chakras awakening your third eye off. She's got so many amazing books and I actually want to ask you about one I don't know when you wrote it on ascension.

00:49:07.950 --> 00:49:17.550 Sam Liebowitz: So it's just curious about that because I used to study with a spiritual Ascension teacher and show always have my ears open when I hear the word

00:49:19.440 --> 00:49:26.670 Susan Shumsky: Ascension. I love that book. I'm an artist. So I did some beautiful illustrations for that book.

00:49:27.120 --> 00:49:27.870 Susan Shumsky: Pictures of

00:49:27.990 --> 00:49:43.350 Susan Shumsky: Various Ascended Masters Ascended Beings. The book is filled with stories actually of immortal beings beings of Light Beings who attained a light body and

00:49:43.830 --> 00:50:09.870 Susan Shumsky: Attain immortal life. But the book is not just about the usual suspects, like Saint Germain and Babaji and Jesus and Mother Mary is about Ascended Beings throughout the world in all different cultures. So it's fascinating beings that I personally have met in India and even in America.

00:50:11.400 --> 00:50:19.260 Susan Shumsky: Beings who have followed the Buddhist path and just from all over the world, you're going to find

00:50:20.280 --> 00:50:41.130 Susan Shumsky: Amazing Stories about Ascended Beings, but also in the book, there are practices to help you to transform your own body into a light body to become ascended yourself to become an Ascended Master yourself. So there's various practices meditations affirmations and so on.

00:50:41.610 --> 00:50:44.610 Susan Shumsky: To help you with your own Ascension practice.

00:50:45.330 --> 00:50:57.540 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, and it's kind of interesting how we sometimes have this notion that oh, if you're talking about Ascended Beings, the role of like one type one religion 111 background, but actually their

00:50:57.810 --> 00:51:06.810 Sam Liebowitz: Their varied and there is many different Ascended Beings, as there are belief systems and philosophies practices, aren't there.

00:51:07.560 --> 00:51:12.630 Susan Shumsky: Yes, there are. You'll find them in the Bible. You'll also find them in

00:51:14.310 --> 00:51:20.220 Susan Shumsky: Throughout the world I'm parked a dash in India, meaning

00:51:22.260 --> 00:51:36.630 Susan Shumsky: Meaning taking an immortal body going into another body all these different practices are mentioned in the, in the book, and many different interesting practices are taught in the book.

00:51:37.560 --> 00:51:44.130 Sam Liebowitz: Oh, cool. Alright, so let's talk about what you're doing today you you've been doing this work for for decades.

00:51:45.390 --> 00:51:50.010 Sam Liebowitz: Where, where are things now for you. What is your life about now.

00:51:51.390 --> 00:52:01.380 Susan Shumsky: My life is pretty much as it has been writing a lot of books right now I'm working on a book called prosperity meditations.

00:52:02.070 --> 00:52:15.630 Susan Shumsky: At the end of this year, a book is going to come out that I've already written called Earth energy meditations. These are both got these are both guided meditation books, similar to the book. Third Eye meditations.

00:52:16.350 --> 00:52:26.400 Susan Shumsky: And then next year. I have another book coming out that I haven't started to write yet, but it's due next year and it's called how India influenced the Beatles.

00:52:27.120 --> 00:52:30.510 Susan Shumsky: And the reason why I wrote that book is because

00:52:30.720 --> 00:52:37.440 Susan Shumsky: I had written my memoir called Maharishi and me seeking enlightenment, with the Beatles guru.

00:52:38.250 --> 00:52:57.390 Susan Shumsky: I didn't get really all that much chance in that book to talk about the Beatles and their journey with Maharishi and also how they were influenced by India, not only by Maharishi but by Indian music and all of that. So I'm excited to start writing that book, which will be coming out.

00:52:58.620 --> 00:52:59.820 Susan Shumsky: In the next year, I think.

00:53:00.570 --> 00:53:03.900 Sam Liebowitz: And and their collaborations with Ravi Shankar and people like that.

00:53:03.960 --> 00:53:21.930 Susan Shumsky: Yeah, yeah, I'll be talking about everything that they did that was involving India or involving the wisdom of the East, shall we say, which very much influenced the Beatles on their music much more than people realize.

00:53:22.110 --> 00:53:29.340 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And it's in some ways. I'm glad that you're doing that because

00:53:30.510 --> 00:53:40.800 Sam Liebowitz: People also don't always realize a lot of people do. But some people don't realize about how influential. The Beatles were to all the music that came after the Beatles so

00:53:40.980 --> 00:53:47.070 Sam Liebowitz: It really is sort of that ripple effect of what influenced them influenced many, many other people

00:53:48.120 --> 00:53:49.950 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, we only have a couple of minutes left.

00:53:51.150 --> 00:54:04.230 Sam Liebowitz: How do people find out more about you. I know they can probably find all your books on Amazon. But do you have, I'm assuming you're still teaching or you have some kind of online courses or something for people to look at

00:54:05.310 --> 00:54:16.920 Susan Shumsky: Well, my website is Dr. Susan dot o RG Dr. Susan dot o RG that is a huge website, you can find tons of interviews and better videos so much information.

00:54:17.940 --> 00:54:34.170 Susan Shumsky: Dr. Susan dot o RG and then I have another website which is divine travels com that's de VI VI N. E. T. R. A. V. E. L. S. That's plural on the travels divine travels com

00:54:35.280 --> 00:54:48.990 Susan Shumsky: That is about my amazing tours to sacred destinations and also holistic seminars at sea. I do produce conferences at sea, with very famous spiritual teachers and so on.

00:54:49.590 --> 00:54:52.890 Susan Shumsky: So check that out. We have three coming up next year in

00:54:52.890 --> 00:54:58.710 Susan Shumsky: 2021 I wanted to Haiti wanted Greek Isles and one to Alaska.

00:54:59.190 --> 00:55:02.610 Susan Shumsky: So check it out and divine

00:55:03.810 --> 00:55:07.020 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, so

00:55:08.220 --> 00:55:18.960 Sam Liebowitz: We just have a couple of minutes left. I'd love to know from either your own guidance or from more you feel from people, you know, in meditation.

00:55:19.650 --> 00:55:30.390 Sam Liebowitz: Of where the world is going. I think a lot of people feel very unnerved because there's so much contrast. There's so much of this this polarity.

00:55:30.690 --> 00:55:45.090 Sam Liebowitz: On the one hand, it feels like things are moving in a positive direction, but on another hand, it feels like things are getting worse. And so I'm just curious of your perspective on that and and and where do you feel things are going from here.

00:55:46.020 --> 00:55:54.930 Susan Shumsky: Because of the fact that I've been around for 72 years, I have to say that the world has changed tremendously for the better.

00:55:56.280 --> 00:55:57.180 Susan Shumsky: This time

00:55:57.960 --> 00:56:10.140 Susan Shumsky: And how I know that is a 20th century was a bloodbath. We had 41 million people who were killed in World War One, we had 70 million people who were killed in World War Two.

00:56:11.310 --> 00:56:19.320 Susan Shumsky: The whole center was basically a bloodbath of not only those wars, but more wars yet. Now, you know,

00:56:20.340 --> 00:56:33.870 Susan Shumsky: Korean War and all that. So now what we have is relative peace on earth. I mean, really, there's no real actual war like there has been in past centuries.

00:56:34.860 --> 00:56:55.020 Susan Shumsky: And why is that I believe it's because so many people have taken up practices of Meditation, Prayer so many people have found ways to become calmer to become a more spiritual and that's true throughout the world, especially in America.

00:56:55.560 --> 00:57:09.930 Susan Shumsky: Yeah, the world is really a different place than it used to be, people are really interested in meditation and developing their spiritual self. So I believe that that's the reason why the world has changed so much.

00:57:10.350 --> 00:57:12.720 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. You know, it's interesting when

00:57:13.920 --> 00:57:21.480 Sam Liebowitz: When I have someone come on the show, who does have a broader perspective of things. It's really interesting to see that.

00:57:22.200 --> 00:57:30.900 Sam Liebowitz: You know, when we look at just, you know, the microcosm of like today compared to like two years ago. You may think, oh my god, things are so awful.

00:57:31.170 --> 00:57:43.080 Sam Liebowitz: But when you look at it in the broader strokes of what's been going on for the last hundred years 200 300 500 years we're actually more humane more civilized

00:57:43.890 --> 00:57:47.610 Sam Liebowitz: more peaceful than we've ever been before. And then actually

00:57:48.090 --> 00:57:55.080 Sam Liebowitz: You know sometimes we get caught up in the media and the frenzy of all the fear and the and the division.

00:57:55.320 --> 00:58:08.100 Sam Liebowitz: But the truth is, things are actually better than they've ever been. And that's a great reminder for people to really look at a broader perspective and not necessarily as such a tight limited perspective of the world.

00:58:08.670 --> 00:58:11.250 Sam Liebowitz: Absolutely. For sure. Well,

00:58:11.880 --> 00:58:19.590 Sam Liebowitz: Dr. Susan some ski. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on my show today. I truly appreciate you and your work.

00:58:19.890 --> 00:58:29.160 Sam Liebowitz: And I would love for you to come back next year and maybe when you your new book comes out or something comes on, please feel free to reach out, I'd be thrilled to have you back on again.

00:58:30.180 --> 00:58:33.540 Susan Shumsky: I look forward to it. Sam, I've enjoyed speaking with you so much.

00:58:34.500 --> 00:58:46.440 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, thank you so much. Thank you so much. And thank you, my loyal listeners for tuning in, week after week, and I just want to remind everybody, my book everyday awakening. Here's a proof copy it's coming out.

00:58:47.700 --> 00:58:53.520 Sam Liebowitz: And there was a little glitch on Amazon. So it's like if you ordered the paperback instead of the Kindle, you might have already gotten it.

00:58:54.150 --> 00:59:12.300 Sam Liebowitz: But it's not supposed to officially launch until November 17 but you can find it on Amazon now so please take a look for it. So thank you all for tuning in. Stay tuned. Coming up next, right after my show. It's can foster and you show voices of courage, followed by Antonia and her show

00:59:13.620 --> 00:59:23.310 Sam Liebowitz: So now you know with Graham dominant his show the mind behind leadership tonight at seven. Thank you all. Take care. We will talk to you next week.

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