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Thursday, September 10, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/10 - Your Indelible Worth

Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/10 - Your Indelible Worth


2020/09/10 - Your Indelible Worth

[NEW EPISODE] Your Indelible Worth

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author, Clinical Counselor, Counseling Supervisor, and Spiritual & Life Coach, Janine Miller-DeLany.

Janine has been practicing as a Clinical Counselor, Counseling Supervisor, and Spiritual & Life Coach for the past 30 years. All the while, she has been coming into her own inner spiritual awakening. Janine has a passion for
integrating spiritual lessons and concepts with emotional healing journeys.

She has also been a student of A Course in Miracles for about 20 years. Janine has received undergraduate degrees in Religion/Philosophy, International Studies, and German and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling.

In January of 2019. Messages from Love Itself began coming to Janine as she was faced with and surrendered to various health issues and a victim state of mind. That began a new journey of awakening for Janine that led her to put the writings and lessons they contained in her
upcoming book, Your Indelible Worth.

Tune in for this special enlightening conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam discusses two new shows. Sam starts off with quotes of the day. Embody the very aspects you want to attract. Abraham's quote says we should embody qualities we want because momentum will naturally carry us through to that direction. Life is not a linear progression, yet if we can keep in mind what energies we want to feel and see around us, the momentum will carry us forward and help us. Sam welcomes guest Janine Miller-DeLany. She has a passion for integrating spiritual lessons and concepts with emotional healing journeys. Janine talks about her mystical experiences, but there is a certain degree of denial that we deal with so we do not accept the reality of what we are experiencing. As she became an adult, she was diagnosed with cancer right out of college. After the break, Sam will discuss with Janine why she decided to become a therapist.

Segment 2

Janine is working on releasing her book, Your Indelible Worth, soon. Janine decided to become a therapist because she enjoys the one-on-one interactions and likes helping people put the pieces of their life together. Her first counseling opportunity came with hospice work. Janine discusses working through her traumas and her own life stuff. Love itself speaks to her. She has had a handful of mystical experiences, some visions with a concrete voice speaking as a directive. A few her ego mind cannot get her to disregard it. When she sat with the willingness and openness to listen to that voice. In the beginning she felt that the voice was responding to the direct issues that were happening in her life. What has transpired over time is a feeling of knowing. Sam asks what message came through that made her realize she was willing to listen to the voice. 

Segment 3

Janine discusses her excitement about her upcoming book. She is trying to integrate and live out her lessons. She is worthy of the union, which is how she ended up with the title Indelible Worth. During the process, she realized she is worried about her union and peace. She does not need to be addicted to suffering. You cannot teach worthiness. We don’t realize that we are living in the fight or flight, and we need to just breathe. Come back to being present. When she trusts and surrenders, she is led to where she needs to go. is Janine’s new website. Once back from break, Sam and Janine will discuss more about the book

Segment 4

Janine talks about her introverted experiences. Janine discusses her difficulty with publishers and whether to self-publish or go with a large publisher. Janine’s next book will be about learning to accept and claim the life you live. We need to turn inward and forgive ourselves so we can forgive each other. Janine is more hopeful from a whole new perspective. 


00:00:37.980 --> 00:00:50.340 Sam Liebowitz: Afternoon, my conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I am very, very pleased that you're all here with me today.

00:00:50.670 --> 00:01:00.870 Sam Liebowitz: I've got a wonderful guest with us today, which we'll get to in just a moment. But first, actually, even before my quotes of the day. I have a couple of

00:01:00.870 --> 00:01:01.740 Announcements

00:01:02.940 --> 00:01:11.100 Sam Liebowitz: For those of you who are loyal listeners to the station. We have two new shows joining us in a couple of weeks.

00:01:11.730 --> 00:01:22.560 Sam Liebowitz: Starting on the 21st on Monday nights at seven o'clock we have Dr. George and Tao joining us for her show journey through to awareness.

00:01:23.430 --> 00:01:44.790 Sam Liebowitz: Dr. Tao is psycho analyst and she is going to be doing a show kind of around awareness and consciousness. So, of course, people who love my show will love her show as well and and then on the 22nd on Tuesday at five o'clock. We have another business show joining us. It's

00:01:46.140 --> 00:01:54.390 Sam Liebowitz: From Eric Sarver who is an employment law specialist and he's going to be joining us with his show employment law today.

00:01:54.780 --> 00:02:05.910 Sam Liebowitz: And he wanted to join us because he felt that with the pandemic and with the challenges we have today that bringing people back to work and with everything going on that.

00:02:06.180 --> 00:02:19.140 Sam Liebowitz: Businesses are facing new and unique challenges. And so he's going to be talking about those challenges and and helping to shed some light on things from a business and a legal perspective so

00:02:19.590 --> 00:02:29.760 Sam Liebowitz: We're very grateful for having a both of these professionals joining our family here at talk radio dot NYC. So I hope you look forward to them.

00:02:30.240 --> 00:02:42.510 Sam Liebowitz: If you have not yet, please make sure you go to talk radio dot NYC and sign up for our newsletter, so you can keep abreast of all of the latest announcements. So these are just the first two shows

00:02:42.990 --> 00:02:51.150 Sam Liebowitz: We have potentially two more shows. Joining us by the end of the month and also several more shows. Probably joining us by the end of October.

00:02:51.480 --> 00:02:58.590 Sam Liebowitz: We're on a very nice growth spurt right now and I hope you're staying with us for all of these updates and changes so

00:02:59.010 --> 00:03:09.570 Sam Liebowitz: First, let's get going with our quotes of the day from the universe and Abraham to kick us off. Let's see what the universe and Abraham have in store for us today. First from the universe.

00:03:11.010 --> 00:03:19.620 Sam Liebowitz: In both relationships and life trust begets trust generosity begets generosity.

00:03:20.970 --> 00:03:22.830 Sam Liebowitz: Love begets love

00:03:23.940 --> 00:03:32.130 Sam Liebowitz: Be the spark, especially when it's dark. How about how about the universe. We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe.

00:03:33.210 --> 00:03:35.790 Sam Liebowitz: I think reminding us how

00:03:37.050 --> 00:03:41.520 Sam Liebowitz: Varied very things that we look for in life.

00:03:42.900 --> 00:03:57.660 Sam Liebowitz: Are the very things we can embody to attract more of that into our life. If you want to see more trust in your life you want people to trust you more the more trustworthy.

00:03:58.650 --> 00:04:15.360 Sam Liebowitz: If you want to see people around you being more generous be more generous. If you want to feel more love in your life. You want to have more connection more closeness be close.

00:04:16.680 --> 00:04:36.810 Sam Liebowitz: Be be be connected love those around you, indeed, and this is something I've talked about several times before on the show. When we embody the very things we are looking for. That's what's going to attract those kinds of people. And I usually put it very simply. It goes like this.

00:04:38.100 --> 00:04:57.390 Sam Liebowitz: Who are you most attracted to. Are you attracted to people who are lively energetic fun uplifting empowering or are you attracted to people who are dull and boring and and depressed and and and disempowered. The answer of course is the first

00:04:58.620 --> 00:05:03.480 Sam Liebowitz: So if you're attracted to people who embody those kinds of qualities

00:05:04.740 --> 00:05:23.490 Sam Liebowitz: What makes you think they're not going to be attracted to those exact same qualities. So indeed, when we embody the very qualities we want to attract that is what will attract those kinds of people situations and circumstances in our lives.

00:05:24.570 --> 00:05:37.290 Sam Liebowitz: And it's not it's not rocket science. We just have to look at, you know, what do we like and just say, well, if I like that. But other people probably like that too.

00:05:38.010 --> 00:05:51.810 Sam Liebowitz: So if you like being around fun people put more fun into what you do if you like being around more people who are committed and and and who are looking to do the right things.

00:05:53.160 --> 00:05:55.380 Sam Liebowitz: Do the right things be more committed

00:05:57.420 --> 00:06:07.230 Sam Liebowitz: It's so simple, yet we make it so complicated. Sometimes embody the very aspects you want to attract

00:06:08.250 --> 00:06:20.670 Sam Liebowitz: And you will definitely attract more of that into your life. All right, great, great quote from Mike Dooley in the universe. We love her quotes think rather probably pretty appropriate for our guest today.

00:06:21.720 --> 00:06:24.360 Sam Liebowitz: Alright, let's see what Abraham has in store for us today.

00:06:25.950 --> 00:06:34.980 Sam Liebowitz: Abraham says momentum really is the most important aspect of deliberate creation that you could consciously contemplate

00:06:35.610 --> 00:06:54.450 Sam Liebowitz: Because what momentum says is, once you get going in that direction, it is more likely that you will continue in that direction. Abraham you see two very much aligned quotes. Again, I didn't cherry pick these, these are the actual quotes that came to my inbox this morning.

00:06:55.530 --> 00:07:01.860 Sam Liebowitz: And really it's once we get started. Once trust me gets trust in generosity begets generosity.

00:07:02.400 --> 00:07:08.310 Sam Liebowitz: Then we start moving in that direction. And then the momentum takes us even further in that direction.

00:07:08.730 --> 00:07:20.130 Sam Liebowitz: And that it's actually by leaning into and leaning towards how we want to feel what we want to embody being that very same

00:07:20.760 --> 00:07:36.810 Sam Liebowitz: Energy that we want to have around us, it will actually naturally propel us further along in that direction until something like really comes to to to either halt us or distract us or or knock us into another direction.

00:07:38.040 --> 00:07:55.830 Sam Liebowitz: So this is why it's so important to remember what are these qualities we want to embody because the more we embody them, the more we move in that direction, the easier it becomes. Because momentum will naturally carry us through to that further direction.

00:07:57.600 --> 00:08:09.420 Sam Liebowitz: So this is just something to keep in mind. Now our momentum will carry us through that does not mean that things will not happen occasionally that might knock us off track or might

00:08:10.320 --> 00:08:31.200 Sam Liebowitz: Interfere with that pattern that's okay. That's life. Life is not a linear progression. It is a chaotic mixes we've seen over these last few months, more than ever before. It is a chaotic mix of all kinds of things yet. If we can keep in mind, what are those qualities energies.

00:08:32.580 --> 00:08:46.140 Sam Liebowitz: Had a tudes that we want to feel and and see around us to remember to move towards it in that direction. Even if we've gotten interrupted. That's okay.

00:08:47.280 --> 00:08:57.030 Sam Liebowitz: The more we lean into it, the more we lean towards that the easier and easier it becomes the momentum. Momentum will continue to carry us forward.

00:08:57.360 --> 00:09:09.330 Sam Liebowitz: And that actually will help us that even when we do hit bumps along the road, you know, over time, and over practice and as we get more used to moving in that direction, then

00:09:09.810 --> 00:09:22.320 Sam Liebowitz: We will actually have an easier time to stay on track and be less likely to be pushed off track as time moves along so to wonderful incredible lovely

00:09:23.100 --> 00:09:33.480 Sam Liebowitz: Part of the day from my feeling in the universe and from Abraham, and I hope you enjoyed them. I certainly did. And now it is my pleasure to welcome to the show.

00:09:34.050 --> 00:09:40.980 Sam Liebowitz: Author clinical counselor counseling supervisor and spiritual life coach Janine Miller Delaney

00:09:41.370 --> 00:09:53.490 Sam Liebowitz: Janine has been practicing as a clinical counselor and counseling supervisor and spiritual life coach for more than 30 years, all the while she has been coming into her own inner spiritual awakening.

00:09:53.940 --> 00:10:05.100 Sam Liebowitz: Janine has had a passion for integrating spiritual lessons and concepts with emotional healing journeys. She has also been a student of A Course in Miracles for about 20 years

00:10:05.400 --> 00:10:14.640 Sam Liebowitz: Janine has received an undergraduate degrees in religion and philosophy International Studies and German and a Masters of Arts degree in counseling.

00:10:15.180 --> 00:10:27.960 Sam Liebowitz: In January of 2019 messages from love itself began coming to Janine, as she was faced with and surrender to various health issues and a victim state of mind. We've all been there.

00:10:28.500 --> 00:10:43.980 Sam Liebowitz: That began a new journey of awakening for Janine that led her to put the writings and lessons they contained in her up that are contained in her upcoming book your indelible worth. Welcome to the conscious consultant. Our Janine.

00:10:46.260 --> 00:10:49.410 janin: Hey, Sam. It's so wonderful to be here. Thank you.

00:10:50.070 --> 00:10:53.190 Sam Liebowitz: Well, it's wonderful to have you. It's wonderful to have you.

00:10:54.990 --> 00:11:16.590 Sam Liebowitz: So I'm just curious. I mean, it seems like you have been on a rather conscious path of most of your life was just something that just kind of came naturally to you, or was this something that, like, you know, you really like said, you know, rejected sort of the, the traditional

00:11:18.180 --> 00:11:21.660 Sam Liebowitz: Materialistic kind of point of view and said, No, I want to move in this direction instead

00:11:23.040 --> 00:11:29.190 janin: A good question. Well, I have to tell you this, this topic of momentum is perfect.

00:11:30.330 --> 00:11:30.720 Sam Liebowitz: It always

00:11:31.230 --> 00:11:32.520 janin: Means. Yes, yes.

00:11:34.680 --> 00:11:42.690 janin: You know, I have had a handful of I guess what. Some might call mystical experiences throughout my life.

00:11:44.370 --> 00:11:52.080 janin: But I would say that there's a certain degree of denial that so many of us are experiencing.

00:11:52.650 --> 00:12:04.260 janin: So even though they were profound and potentially life changing. I didn't fully let myself accept the reality of what I was experiencing and

00:12:04.890 --> 00:12:23.970 janin: So it actually wasn't until I hit kind of my own emotional life crisis, just back in 2018. I don't know if it was a life crisis, but I realized I'd certainly taken on a victim mentality that I returned back and it was actually Esther Hicks that inspired me.

00:12:24.420 --> 00:12:24.960 Sam Liebowitz: Ah,

00:12:25.350 --> 00:12:36.510 janin: And I learned that she had given herself permission to really sit and be open to receive what Abraham would say to her.

00:12:36.960 --> 00:12:52.470 janin: So I at that point made that conscious decision because I've had like I said some of those experiences were pretty darn profound for me and it dawned on me maybe love itself has more to say to me.

00:12:52.980 --> 00:12:59.880 janin: And I committed to really facing my own victim mentality and to bring it to

00:13:01.020 --> 00:13:10.740 janin: Self and and I sat with just an open willingness in daily meditation and said, I'm ready to hear, whatever you would have me here.

00:13:11.340 --> 00:13:18.600 janin: And that's what began to help me change the momentum that I had been picking up from that you know too much.

00:13:19.380 --> 00:13:29.820 janin: I had gotten too absorbed in the news and kind of let that bring me down. I YOU KNOW, I'VE BEEN COUNSELING FOR SO LONG. I was carrying the weight of all my clients issues.

00:13:30.210 --> 00:13:43.740 janin: So that was all that negative momentum that had picked up and I realized I am not the victim of this world. So it's time for me to hear what else you would have me here and i i have to say i was

00:13:45.840 --> 00:13:47.790 janin: Just absolutely stunned.

00:13:48.870 --> 00:14:01.680 janin: See this is this is the denial of what came and what flowed and I probably have spent a year and a half coming in and out of accepting the reality that this is so real.

00:14:02.850 --> 00:14:07.860 janin: In back into that denial of what I would say the ego messages in the voice of separation.

00:14:09.120 --> 00:14:20.010 Sam Liebowitz: So I'm just curious because you said you've had mystical experiences throughout your life. Do you remember like the first time you had it like how young WERE YOU OR HOW YOU KNOW WHAT WERE

00:14:20.520 --> 00:14:26.040 Sam Liebowitz: I'm just curious like the timeline, because it's something that's been going on throughout most of your life. Correct.

00:14:29.880 --> 00:14:43.200 janin: Well, I think as a child, I had a few moments, but they but I don't know that I let them, let myself absorb them. I think it was, as I became an adult early

00:14:43.740 --> 00:14:52.290 janin: Well, early 20s. My first bout I had cancer when I was just out of college. And I think that's one of the probably the most

00:14:53.040 --> 00:15:01.590 janin: Probably the first one that really struck me was just right as I was entering surgery. So yeah, it started there, but it

00:15:02.130 --> 00:15:15.060 janin: They over the years. And maybe it's because I've been doing so much of the work through a course in miracles of releasing my blocks and of course through therapy. You know, you go to countless trainings on how to get through your own stuff.

00:15:15.480 --> 00:15:24.570 janin: So perhaps it was that I released more and more blocks over time that the experiences became more vivid and more profound and more clear.

00:15:25.140 --> 00:15:31.710 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay, we're going to take a quick break when we come back, I just want to

00:15:32.310 --> 00:15:39.390 Sam Liebowitz: Ask you a couple of questions around like why you actually decided to become a counselor and the therapist and then let's get into

00:15:40.230 --> 00:15:50.280 Sam Liebowitz: Sort of your more recent experiences and what actually kind of came through. Once you were able to let the walls down so to speak and to really let the lessons in. Okay.

00:15:50.910 --> 00:15:51.210 janin: You're

00:15:51.900 --> 00:16:09.750 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC and all over Facebook Live, we will be right back after this

00:18:17.670 --> 00:18:36.330 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We're talking this hour with Janine Miller Delaney all about her journey and her new book your indelible worth about to come out right. It hasn't come out just yet, as it

00:18:36.570 --> 00:18:37.410 janin: Not just yet.

00:18:37.770 --> 00:18:50.670 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Um, so I wanted to ask you, like, what motivated you to become a therapist to become a counselor, all those years ago. What kind of pulled you onto that path.

00:18:51.990 --> 00:18:57.840 janin: It's kind of a funny path. Actually, I, I always knew that I wanted to be in the ministry.

00:18:59.460 --> 00:19:11.370 janin: And that didn't quite pan out in the way that I had expected because my partner at the time had grown up with a family in the ministry and was very terrified of marrying into

00:19:12.900 --> 00:19:30.000 janin: I think. And as it turns out, for me personally, I, I don't think that would have been the right path because I my spiritual beliefs don't necessarily fit quite into the holes that ministry opportunities often often need you to so

00:19:30.870 --> 00:19:37.740 janin: But I knew I wanted to help people. And I decided that my my counseling would be my way of helping people.

00:19:38.310 --> 00:19:49.980 janin: Learn how to let love into their lives. And so it really was, was a matter of, you know, how can I, where can I best help people. I'm also much more introverted and I really am.

00:19:50.400 --> 00:19:59.430 janin: There's a part of me that just loves the one on one relationships and putting the pieces together and helping people to find and remember who they are. Yeah.

00:19:59.820 --> 00:20:03.240 Sam Liebowitz: But my wife is like that. She's also a therapist to psychotherapy.

00:20:04.110 --> 00:20:12.780 Sam Liebowitz: But she doesn't do groups and she doesn't like the idea of doing groups. She's like, one on one. She works one on one with people and like, that's it. And she's really good at it.

00:20:13.860 --> 00:20:15.690 Sam Liebowitz: No interested in doing group so

00:20:15.810 --> 00:20:19.260 janin: Yes, yes we yeah we introverts thrive and the one on one.

00:20:19.530 --> 00:20:24.090 janin: Now, the funny part of it was you know I told you that I'd had cancer when I was in my early 20s.

00:20:24.600 --> 00:20:32.880 janin: So my first counseling opportunity actually came with hospice work. And I said, oh no, that is not the direction

00:20:34.110 --> 00:20:44.490 janin: Where I want to work with people that are surviving and thriving and ironically, paradoxically, perhaps that ended up being, you know, some of the most teachable moments and

00:20:44.850 --> 00:20:52.830 janin: You know, more, more powerful moments for me where I experienced, you know, just the presence of of love itself right there.

00:20:53.040 --> 00:20:54.870 janin: In those circumstances, so

00:20:56.670 --> 00:21:03.660 Sam Liebowitz: I'm curious, you say you've studied the Course of Miracles for about 20 years. How did you come across the Course in Miracles.

00:21:04.170 --> 00:21:16.260 janin: You know, my sister had introduced that I have two older sisters and an older brother and my sister had introduced that book to me probably 10 years before I actually tried to read it.

00:21:16.710 --> 00:21:17.640 janin: And I

00:21:18.030 --> 00:21:27.480 janin: Okay, well, there was there was a profound moment where I was dealing with the divorce from that first marriage and I was deeply

00:21:28.020 --> 00:21:41.970 janin: Of course, in the midst of grief and distress and I had taken a you know a long walk. And basically, a very tearful walk and I came and I sat under a tree and just let myself be still and I just sat there and breathed.

00:21:42.840 --> 00:21:51.030 janin: And that was one of those one of those moments where I just heard the still small voice say to me remember who you are.

00:21:51.690 --> 00:21:57.390 janin: Remember who you are and the messages often seem to come in threes. I heard that three times.

00:21:57.960 --> 00:22:09.330 janin: And then it was shortly thereafter. I kind of tucked it away again. I didn't really know what to do with that. But it was shortly thereafter that I came across the Course of Miracles.

00:22:10.470 --> 00:22:23.430 janin: Again, and read it more intentionally and it, you know, it just happened to show up at just the right time and, you know, in the beginning, it's, it's such a deep, profound book in the beginning.

00:22:23.970 --> 00:22:33.180 janin: Well, I'm still, you know, I often begin with, please help me get this, you know, I'm just going to read just a little at a time and just help me get this

00:22:34.050 --> 00:22:40.320 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, it's one of those teachings that like many deep spiritual teachings. It has

00:22:41.490 --> 00:22:53.880 Sam Liebowitz: So much in in so few words that it's really you can't rush through it or mean you can, but you won't really get it you won't get the messages the ideas and it's

00:22:54.750 --> 00:22:59.520 Sam Liebowitz: I've found that it's something that the more time you take with it.

00:22:59.970 --> 00:23:14.850 Sam Liebowitz: The quicker, you'll actually get to the point where you kind of get it. You like you get what it's talking about and then the reading further on, it becomes a little bit easier because you've kind of in trained to the concepts.

00:23:15.090 --> 00:23:24.720 janin: That's a good way to put that. Yes. When I first started, it was just a few pages at a time. Well, and it still kind of is because that's all you need to just really

00:23:26.340 --> 00:23:27.210 janin: To absorb it.

00:23:27.900 --> 00:23:39.210 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So, so you said that it's only been in the last couple of years that you've really seen your own

00:23:40.320 --> 00:23:48.720 Sam Liebowitz: Kind of a victim mentality and how you were surrendering your power to, you know, outside forces.

00:23:50.670 --> 00:24:03.450 Sam Liebowitz: Was there a particular incident or was there something that sort of catalyzed this for you, or was it more just a gradual build up over over the years that just finally, you got it.

00:24:06.120 --> 00:24:15.360 janin: No, I think for this one in particular, you know, I've always as a therapist worked hard to do my own stuff, you know, so, so it's a

00:24:15.960 --> 00:24:25.410 janin: There's a progressive you know just working through the layers of whatever unresolved trauma or or stressors or court toxic Core Messages maybe I've carried

00:24:26.010 --> 00:24:36.060 janin: But I think the one that really hit me in that moment was the threat of a return of cancer. And I think that combined with

00:24:36.540 --> 00:24:47.850 janin: The stress. I was already feeling between the grief and the weight of my clients and the news and honestly me spending way too much time in the news that which I can't control.

00:24:48.540 --> 00:24:50.190 janin: And wishing I could

00:24:51.030 --> 00:25:03.120 janin: You know, so, so I think it was the combination of those things that really you know but blended with that that that message that I've heard love the South. Speak to me.

00:25:03.960 --> 00:25:19.800 janin: And I think maybe there is something else. I meant to here to do with this. So, it was, it was kind of a really it was a good blend. At that point, and I was just open to saying, okay, something else really has to change. And maybe there's something else. I meant to hear

00:25:21.870 --> 00:25:29.580 Sam Liebowitz: And you say that love itself speaks to your spoke to you, what exactly do you mean by that.

00:25:31.590 --> 00:25:49.440 janin: So, well, I've told you that you know that I've had these these handful mystical experiences. Some of them resoundingly if you end up you know going to my website I explained, you know, one of probably the most one of one of the most vivid ones, but

00:25:50.610 --> 00:26:03.090 janin: It. So I've had times where it's been a vision that has occurred with with a very concrete voice speaking to me saying as like a directive and it's um

00:26:03.960 --> 00:26:27.930 janin: It's just indisputably for me. There's a few of those moments where are my ego mind can't even get me to disregard it. It's really you know that clearly not me. Now, when I sat it and I've taught meditation for years, but when I, when I sat now with a new intention to say okay so

00:26:28.980 --> 00:26:40.530 janin: I think maybe you have more to tell me, and I haven't been willing to listen. So when I sat with that simple willingness and then openness. What would you have me here. I'd have to say.

00:26:42.330 --> 00:26:53.700 janin: It, you do. I don't. Perhaps you know, for those of you that also meditate. There are moments where you really feel your vibration rise where you really feel as if you're in that place.

00:26:54.180 --> 00:27:02.130 janin: Where, Love has picked you up and you know divine love source your inner being I'm not, you know, we all have different words for that.

00:27:03.090 --> 00:27:03.420 Sam Liebowitz: But, um,

00:27:03.750 --> 00:27:19.920 janin: But yeah, you may come to that place where you feel for me. It kind of feels like you come to this clearing and all of a sudden you're you're in a different space and that presence is there. And so in the beginning. These words came

00:27:21.150 --> 00:27:27.660 janin: To me almost very audibly. Like I would grab a pen and just start writing and it always felt like

00:27:27.960 --> 00:27:40.110 janin: It was responding directly to whatever I was dealing with in that moment, I actually got to the point I was like telling a friend. I'm a little afraid to stop having issues because I'm afraid I'm going to stop hearing

00:27:41.250 --> 00:27:42.240 janin: These messages.

00:27:44.460 --> 00:27:46.440 janin: And but what's kind of trends.

00:27:49.020 --> 00:27:58.770 janin: Over time, is that, you know, there are time I've written so much. And it's kind of like the message you just start to get it.

00:27:59.130 --> 00:28:08.490 janin: And so it's turn to translate into like a knowing in some of those moments. And so it turns into it feels like they're more blocks of thought.

00:28:09.120 --> 00:28:22.320 janin: That calm and I'm translating more so it's it's kind of a, an interesting mix of variations of how I've experienced love itself sometimes very clear and vivid with visions and other times.

00:28:23.400 --> 00:28:27.750 janin: More as a knowing or a truth that's been revealed.

00:28:28.980 --> 00:28:36.240 janin: And sometimes, you know, just very audible statements and and kind of monologues. I guess would be the word

00:28:37.680 --> 00:28:41.910 Sam Liebowitz: So when this when you really started to listen with this willingness

00:28:43.170 --> 00:29:00.390 Sam Liebowitz: What kind of message came through that kind of excuse me that that kind of shook you or woke you up in a sense, like, what, what kind of came. What were you willing to hear all of a sudden that you realize you weren't willing to hear in the past.

00:29:02.220 --> 00:29:10.980 janin: Well, okay. So, so that one of the very first messages that came to me, I'll just read to you. Maybe just the first couple paragraphs, if that's okay.

00:29:10.980 --> 00:29:13.230 Sam Liebowitz: Just got a couple of minutes before our next break. Okay.

00:29:13.350 --> 00:29:23.610 janin: Oh, okay, sure, I'll, I'll go, I'll just read a little bit. But, you know, the first one was are very early on when you believe in your heart that you're apart from me.

00:29:24.090 --> 00:29:38.220 janin: When you fear yourself to be alone in a dangerous world. You cannot but be fearful what you have forgotten my beloved child is that you are never alone. I have never left your side, nor will I ever

00:29:39.300 --> 00:29:40.620 janin: So in the beginning.

00:29:41.760 --> 00:29:57.000 janin: Yeah, that's just the beginning of, you know, it goes on quite a ways, it would, it was really just helping me to get the point that you are not as alone as you think you you fear that you're living a life of separation and that's your problem.

00:29:59.820 --> 00:30:15.450 janin: And as a therapist. That's what I've come to recognize is that the initial wound for all of us is that belief that we're separate and alone and have to somehow earn our worth and prove ourselves and, you know, make it on our own. Right, so

00:30:16.110 --> 00:30:20.580 janin: It's one of those. Yeah, that that was the first message that came through.

00:30:22.770 --> 00:30:27.060 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Right. And it's kind of one of those concepts that

00:30:29.070 --> 00:30:41.250 Sam Liebowitz: As a friend of mine likes to say is very second way thinking it's very industrial age thinking that life is in the universe and is made up of these very discreet separate parts.

00:30:43.290 --> 00:30:55.650 Sam Liebowitz: And what we're learning now from, you know, sort of quantum mechanics and physics and science that kind of set it really just reinforces the same thing that mystics and

00:30:55.920 --> 00:31:09.120 Sam Liebowitz: And spiritual people have been saying for thousands of years is no we're not separate we're not discrete that energy flows from one place to another and we are actually much more connected and much more a part of

00:31:09.420 --> 00:31:25.770 Sam Liebowitz: The same hole then we perceive with our senses and so it sounds like that's kind of like the message you got is, is, you know, we're, we're, we're here and you're part of all of this, you're not separate indiscreet from all of this.

00:31:26.430 --> 00:31:28.140 janin: Right. You are not alone at all.

00:31:28.320 --> 00:31:39.540 janin: You think you're alone and and the iron need to me is, you know, I feel like I've had such a strong faith and such a sense that there's, you know, something else there with me.

00:31:39.870 --> 00:31:50.700 janin: But I've never until here recently accepted the reality of what that actually means as I go about living my life. I mean, accepting the reality of that truth is

00:31:51.390 --> 00:32:08.610 janin: Is different from you know just just talking about it or trying to believe in it. There's this it's feels like there's the spectrum of moving from denial to acceptance of the truth of how real this union. This one, this is my right.

00:32:08.640 --> 00:32:22.290 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, so let's take a quick break and when we come back, let's talk a little bit more about sort of the book why you decided to to put these writings into a book and what

00:32:23.400 --> 00:32:29.130 Sam Liebowitz: You feel, you know what other messages came through that you feel are significant that people need to hear today. Okay.

00:32:30.180 --> 00:32:30.570 janin: Sure.

00:32:30.990 --> 00:32:39.900 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we will be right back after this

00:34:56.580 --> 00:35:11.220 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC. And we're speaking this hour with Janine Miller Delaney

00:35:12.240 --> 00:35:23.250 Sam Liebowitz: So Janine. You, you, you, you got these messages like you, you were able to get past enough of your own blocks to listening. What, what

00:35:23.940 --> 00:35:39.390 Sam Liebowitz: Life source love, whatever you want to call it had to say to you so you began to hear these messages more clearly. Why did you decide to that maybe you should be putting them into a book and getting them out there.

00:35:40.380 --> 00:35:53.160 janin: Well, first of all, it's just very exciting. What, what's so exciting about all of it is that for me, it really supports and deepens, my understanding of the law of attraction.

00:35:54.390 --> 00:36:13.980 janin: So as incoming to an awareness of this Union this oneness. I've suddenly come upon the realization like Lao Tzu said, you know, when you realize there is nothing lacking the whole world belongs to you. So when you come into this

00:36:14.610 --> 00:36:20.760 janin: For me, you know, this awakening this awareness and in this Union with the unified field with, you know,

00:36:21.720 --> 00:36:31.560 janin: Love itself with source that's where we do get to create the life that we that we want to create and it is so much

00:36:32.130 --> 00:36:41.040 janin: more enjoyable and easier than we ever, you know, trained ourselves to believe, life does not need to be so hard and so I've really been

00:36:41.790 --> 00:36:51.780 janin: Practicing integrating all of these messages and lessons over this last, you know, year and a half, and it's just exciting to see

00:36:52.650 --> 00:36:59.970 janin: How the world how everything your life opens up when you realize there are not any limits, you, you, those were all self imposed.

00:37:00.540 --> 00:37:15.930 janin: What I what I've also noticed is that over the course of about a year. It seemed like the messages came in the form of, you know, chunks of lessons so like for one month I really was supposed to get this lesson.

00:37:17.280 --> 00:37:27.330 janin: And so I'm, again, still trying to integrate and live out all of these lessons. So of course we we learn what we teach

00:37:27.690 --> 00:37:36.450 janin: And plus, it's just so darn exciting. So I just really, that's where I want to be. It's what I want to be doing is helping other people who

00:37:37.140 --> 00:37:47.550 janin: are excited about this and want to understand this depth of connection and how it supports our ability to create the life that we came here to create

00:37:47.910 --> 00:38:00.750 janin: And how we are always being led and being shown and if we can just trust and surrender a little bit more, a little bit more will start to realize that it's all right there. And it really is.

00:38:02.040 --> 00:38:04.830 janin: I'm I'm pretty excited. Go ahead and

00:38:04.890 --> 00:38:20.400 Sam Liebowitz: I can tell. Yeah, you really are. I was just curious. So one of the first theme was was just about, you're not alone. We're not separate. What are some of the other like major themes that kind of came through during this time.

00:38:23.310 --> 00:38:26.850 janin: Well, one that is just really

00:38:28.020 --> 00:38:37.710 janin: Struck me pretty powerfully so often is just come here in this moment, and just breathe with me. I am right here.

00:38:38.220 --> 00:38:51.480 janin: I am right here within you, as close as your breath. Just breathe. Just let the thinking mind rest because I'm not in the thinking mind. I'm in the stillness. I am in that place where you let yourself just

00:38:52.890 --> 00:39:04.320 janin: Breathe with me and acknowledge that I'm here and acknowledge that you are worthy of this Union. And that's why I ended up with the title your indelible worth

00:39:04.680 --> 00:39:25.590 janin: Because in that process. I realized what I I realized my own indelible worth, I realized I am worthy of this Union I'm worthy of this joy. This piece. I don't need to be so addicted to the suffering into the struggling anymore and I really from a counseling perspective.

00:39:26.700 --> 00:39:29.400 janin: He you can't teach worthiness.

00:39:30.630 --> 00:39:49.530 janin: You need to allow people to come into that space where they realize where they remember who they really are and that divine love is right here within each of us loving us far beyond anything that we can comprehend beyond the value that we esteem for ourselves.

00:39:49.950 --> 00:40:01.710 janin: So much more so you know it's I after a while there. You know, when I kept hearing this chest. Breathe with me. It struck me to that, you know, just the breath.

00:40:02.310 --> 00:40:13.560 janin: Just coming into the breath unlocks the the fight, flight, or freeze response it unlocks the trauma response it unleashes the, you know,

00:40:14.010 --> 00:40:21.750 janin: The response that the Vegas nerve communicates up to the amygdala that says, hey, we're getting chased by a bear. We really panic.

00:40:22.560 --> 00:40:37.860 janin: And so many of us are living in that state of, you know, fight or freeze or flight, and we don't even realize it. So how significant it occurred to me, just to be hearing over and over. Just breathe, it's, it's a divine

00:40:38.670 --> 00:40:46.410 janin: antidote to all of our stress just come back to being present right here with me, I'm here.

00:40:47.460 --> 00:40:47.610 janin: And

00:40:48.180 --> 00:40:49.200 Sam Liebowitz: It helps a lot.

00:40:50.220 --> 00:41:02.580 Sam Liebowitz: And that's like what all of meditation about in a way it's paying attention to the breath because when we just breathe and pay attention to our breath. We're present, we don't have any other worries. We're not distracted.

00:41:03.060 --> 00:41:09.870 Sam Liebowitz: We're not dis associating present to our breath and, indeed, everything comes and goes with the breath.

00:41:10.290 --> 00:41:22.560 janin: Yes, yes. And we release the judgment, we release the expectations re release all the the stuff of the the mind that wants to keep us feeling separate

00:41:24.480 --> 00:41:25.140 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:41:25.500 --> 00:41:45.600 Sam Liebowitz: As these messages started coming through. Was it difficult to kind of integrate them into your daily life, or because of all the work that you've been doing over all the years were you sort of was the soil more fertile, so to speak, and knowing where the plants able to grow more quickly.

00:41:47.520 --> 00:41:58.650 janin: Well, I have to say because I decided, okay, this is this is time to start practicing what you're hearing and start trusting in the truth of this and the reality of this

00:41:59.130 --> 00:42:16.530 janin: So I've made a huge shift from a from the private practice, which I'm still doing a little bit, but to really investing in writing the book and taking my time to, you know, to reach out and to learn how to

00:42:17.130 --> 00:42:29.250 janin: Do you know websites and to create it's been it's been a large challenge to let go of the ego mind that says you should be working and producing and

00:42:29.820 --> 00:42:43.470 janin: earning an income and I've really surrendered all of it and and let love itself, show me that it's right there showing up for me. The Law of Attraction concepts. So I've really had to go back and forth between

00:42:44.220 --> 00:42:53.790 janin: You know, just practice what you preach practice what you're learning. It's scary when I don't when I'm not giving myself permission to generate the income. I used to generate

00:42:54.570 --> 00:42:58.530 janin: But I'm trusting that I will be supported and but what's beautiful is

00:42:58.620 --> 00:43:02.730 janin: I've been completely supported what's beautiful is money has shown up in

00:43:02.850 --> 00:43:09.300 janin: Unexpected random places and it's just been so fun to see how how supported I have pen.

00:43:09.720 --> 00:43:25.590 janin: And I get that message over and over. Quit trying to figure it out. Just trust, it's there and I will lead you in every single time that I do trust and surrender. I find that I am the doors open. I'm being led where I need to go. So it's

00:43:26.670 --> 00:43:36.990 janin: It's just, I've been trying to just practice what I've been learning. And that's really what this whole journey has been about how can I practice this, and then share it with those who are ready to hear

00:43:38.250 --> 00:43:48.030 Sam Liebowitz: What's been the most difficult part of practicing and applying all these things that have been coming through in today's environment.

00:43:52.380 --> 00:44:00.900 janin: Well honestly it's it's getting through the ego messages the small self, the worries about what other people will think you know the

00:44:02.880 --> 00:44:11.220 janin: So many people are not ready to hear that this love you know this presence. The concepts of the Law of Attraction are real they you know so many people

00:44:11.700 --> 00:44:28.650 janin: Really want to stay stuck. And in this push and pull fight you know that's going on even in our, you know, in our nation and and just think maybe just can't absorb these messages. So for me to learn how to not worry.

00:44:29.040 --> 00:44:38.310 janin: How to let go of that small self that says people should like me and approve of what I'm saying, or agree with me or I should, you know, help them get this or

00:44:39.120 --> 00:45:00.660 janin: Be happy with me, at least not be mad at me. So I mean just just learning how to get out of my small self and and you know trust that this is none of this is is as significant as we think it is in the grand scheme of of our Union with love with source.

00:45:01.470 --> 00:45:14.610 janin: Now, that's probably been my greatest challenge. Now with that said, also just it's been a huge learning curve to learn all the social media and the website development and

00:45:14.610 --> 00:45:15.300 Sam Liebowitz: technical stuff.

00:45:15.990 --> 00:45:20.940 janin: Knowledge II. Yes, but this morning 9am my new website launched

00:45:21.390 --> 00:45:24.840 janin: And I'm it's the hearts

00:45:25.770 --> 00:45:27.090 janin: And it hurts. Wait work.

00:45:27.360 --> 00:45:28.860 Sam Liebowitz: Org. Okay, wonderful.

00:45:29.520 --> 00:45:42.420 janin: And what I'm most thrilled about is that the process of that unfolding helped me to provide on their what's called the journeys page. And it's a meditative type

00:45:42.870 --> 00:45:53.580 janin: Experience that helps people to move into that place of feeling and accepting their worthiness to be at one with source.

00:45:54.270 --> 00:46:03.360 janin: And their worthiness to receive all that that entails you know I'm worthy of a life of joy. I'm worthy of a life of ease

00:46:03.810 --> 00:46:15.060 janin: I'm worthy of whatever my heart's greatest desire is so it's a it's a journey that helps you move into that space and really I just mirrored it off of what I felt.

00:46:15.600 --> 00:46:28.080 janin: Love itself had done for me. You just the process of how that happened for me. I, I was able to put into what I call the, the comma journey CEO MMA

00:46:29.760 --> 00:46:32.370 janin: So if you go to the site. You'll, you'll get to try that.

00:46:32.430 --> 00:46:33.420 Sam Liebowitz: And I've posted

00:46:35.010 --> 00:46:36.300 janin: A message that is

00:46:37.470 --> 00:46:38.040 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful.

00:46:38.100 --> 00:46:39.750 Sam Liebowitz: Wonderful. And I've posted it to the Facebook.

00:46:41.010 --> 00:46:54.420 Sam Liebowitz: anybody listening there, you can just click on the link and. And if you're not, it's WWW dot the hearts way part is plural or apostrophe s but no

00:46:54.750 --> 00:46:55.140 Sam Liebowitz: Okay.

00:46:55.230 --> 00:46:56.280 Sam Liebowitz: We're going to take our last

00:46:58.200 --> 00:47:08.910 Sam Liebowitz: We're going to take our last break of the show. When we come back, let's just talk a little bit more about the book. When can people expect it will you hope people can get from it and then maybe we'll do a little prognostication, okay.

00:47:11.520 --> 00:47:12.240 janin: Sounds good.

00:47:12.570 --> 00:47:27.600 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Wonderful. So everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC and we'll be right back after this

00:49:20.670 --> 00:49:30.090 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity, we've been speaking this hour with Janine Miller Delaney all about

00:49:31.020 --> 00:49:45.060 Sam Liebowitz: Hurt sort of spiritual experiences and the coming to what brought her to write the upcoming book your indelible worth so Janine. Do you have a sense of when the book will be out when it will be finished.

00:49:45.930 --> 00:49:50.820 janin: And when the book is is essentially finished in written form.

00:49:51.960 --> 00:49:58.500 janin: But not yet fully typed up. So here's the thing that I've learned in my process of

00:49:59.760 --> 00:50:04.350 janin: Learning how to get an agent is that this is a very slow process.

00:50:04.770 --> 00:50:11.250 janin: So I'm having to, you know, introverts are not really big with social media.

00:50:11.430 --> 00:50:13.860 janin: Yeah, so I am learning how to

00:50:13.890 --> 00:50:28.440 janin: Develop the social media platform so that the main publishers will want to publish my book. Now with that said, I am I'm tour. I'm a little torn at this point I'm starting to wonder. Maybe I should go with an independent publisher.

00:50:29.520 --> 00:50:41.340 janin: I'm not sure if I should wait for one of the bigger publishers. I've got some good potentials with agent. So I'm excited about that. But the whole thing is when you're seeking to publish and spirituality

00:50:43.080 --> 00:51:03.660 janin: Field, you really need to have a large social network following. So that's the process. But what's occurred to me is that I really just want to get these messages and the floss and out. So when people subscribed. I'm sending out messages of love, you know, on a regular basis.

00:51:04.950 --> 00:51:22.890 janin: Here as far as helping people to get those messages and trying to put them, you know, like on my site through the comma journeys and yeah contemplating doing an app, perhaps, so I'm open to feedback if anybody has suggestions about what they feel like would be the best way to

00:51:23.910 --> 00:51:24.150 Sam Liebowitz: Do

00:51:24.330 --> 00:51:26.400 janin: And moving. Okay. Yeah.

00:51:26.580 --> 00:51:36.030 Sam Liebowitz: Let's talk after the show. I got plenty of ideas for you because actually, and it's interesting hearing you because I'm about to publish my first book, which I'm self publishing

00:51:36.330 --> 00:51:46.560 Sam Liebowitz: You know through Amazon and and you know comes out November 17 remember listeners November 17 everyday awakening Sam Leibowitz pre order your book now.

00:51:47.550 --> 00:51:48.420 Sam Liebowitz: But I'm doing a whole

00:51:49.980 --> 00:52:05.100 Sam Liebowitz: But I've learned a lot in the process. And I know I understand the dealing with publishers and wanting to wanting you to have a platform and everything else. But the things that I'm learning is sometimes nowadays actually with

00:52:05.940 --> 00:52:17.280 Sam Liebowitz: Just the way publishers are it's sometimes not always but sometimes better to self published first let your, your, sort of initial book pick up

00:52:18.030 --> 00:52:31.260 Sam Liebowitz: Some steam and then when it comes time to publish your second book then publishers get much more interested. So sometimes you you do what you do first, and then it's more about what comes afterwards.

00:52:31.710 --> 00:52:36.660 Sam Liebowitz: Um, do you, I'm curious. So do you have more books after the end of your indelible worth or

00:52:36.900 --> 00:52:41.850 janin: I absolutely do the next one will be called claim claim.

00:52:42.480 --> 00:52:44.670 janin: Learning to accept and claim.

00:52:44.760 --> 00:52:47.070 janin: Life, you came to live. Yes.

00:52:47.220 --> 00:52:59.640 Sam Liebowitz: Right, okay. Wonderful. Wonderful. So, um, what do you hope. Once the book does come out and people start reading it and people are getting these these messages if they sign up on the website. Go to the hearts

00:53:00.360 --> 00:53:09.030 Sam Liebowitz: What do you hope people get from these messages. What do you hope it the exposure to this material will do for people

00:53:12.000 --> 00:53:19.920 janin: If I can just help people have a little more peace to start with that will be a really great place to be.

00:53:20.430 --> 00:53:23.460 janin: But I really believe that these messages are

00:53:23.460 --> 00:53:31.500 janin: Transformative and that they help us to unlock and shift the toxic messages that we carry and continue to repeat throughout our lives.

00:53:31.920 --> 00:53:41.880 janin: So really, my ultimate the ultimate is to if people are able to really stick with it and commit to giving themselves this time that they too will break free.

00:53:42.180 --> 00:54:00.330 janin: And get to this place of realizing there are no limits. There's no boxes I I get to create the life that I want and I am fully supported and get to experience how this how this really works out. So there's a good continuum, but certainly wouldn't hurt just to start with some more peace.

00:54:00.960 --> 00:54:05.340 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, absolutely. In today's world, we could all use a little more peace. Right.

00:54:06.540 --> 00:54:10.740 janin: Yeah. Yeah, but there's so much more on the other side as well.

00:54:11.010 --> 00:54:32.520 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah. Yes. Um, now since the lockdown happened in the pandemic and all the craziness that we're experiencing and just the last few months. Um, what do you see as sort of the, the spiritual lesson in all of this for people that you've seen through the messages that you've received

00:54:34.020 --> 00:54:39.960 janin: Well, I just a little while ago I noticed how interesting it was that my

00:54:40.980 --> 00:54:44.520 janin: My turning point came when I realized and

00:54:47.280 --> 00:54:53.220 janin: That was within the messages I got as well. You're making yourself sick.

00:54:54.630 --> 00:54:54.990 janin: And

00:54:55.020 --> 00:55:11.070 janin: So at some level we. It's a little while before this pandemic hit. I was really confronted with that reality that I was creating my own physical illness as well. Now,

00:55:12.840 --> 00:55:15.510 janin: I think it's really just just

00:55:17.070 --> 00:55:28.860 janin: A chance for us to come back and and find our piece again and realize that things are not always exactly as they seem. Our perception is creating

00:55:29.310 --> 00:55:43.620 janin: So much of our own experience and how we perceive you know when we stress on all the negative how you know what a strong effect it has on our immune system and and you know how it just trickles down into

00:55:44.550 --> 00:55:54.060 janin: To mental and physical problems. We can only turn back. Yeah, I think, I think one of the most powerful things we can do for us for each other.

00:55:54.360 --> 00:56:05.190 janin: Is to turn inward and forgive ourselves and let go of our own inner struggle and judgment, so that we can look more with love on each other and realize that we are

00:56:06.360 --> 00:56:12.450 janin: You know, as we began with you know so much more connected than we realize. Right.

00:56:12.690 --> 00:56:21.210 Sam Liebowitz: Right. Exactly. Exactly. And that, you know, during this time when let's say our ability to go

00:56:21.780 --> 00:56:36.780 Sam Liebowitz: Different places and go outward and like we used to that. This is really an opportunity for us to go more inward and that perhaps maybe this is an opportunity for the world that was in such a frenetic crazy pace.

00:56:37.770 --> 00:56:52.050 Sam Liebowitz: To slow down a little bit and to pay a little bit more attention to our breath and to see what's going on inside of us, instead of being so completely focused on what was going on outside of us.

00:56:52.530 --> 00:56:59.130 janin: Right and so wrapped up in our sense of powerlessness that we end up fighting more in creating more turmoil.

00:56:59.940 --> 00:57:09.690 Sam Liebowitz: Right, right. So we just got one minute left to the show. Just one last question. Are you less or more hopeful about the future. Now,

00:57:10.860 --> 00:57:12.330 janin: Oh, absolutely.

00:57:15.360 --> 00:57:17.130 janin: Well, I think that's a loaded question.

00:57:18.630 --> 00:57:28.950 janin: You know, I see, I see time so much differently than I ever did before. I'm more hopeful because I realized that what the pain that we

00:57:29.820 --> 00:57:49.860 janin: Think is here is really, you know, passing and and that we really are at home already with love itself. And we're all more safe more complete more whole than we ever realized or have let ourselves realize so 100% more hopeful from a whole new perspective.

00:57:51.570 --> 00:58:01.110 Sam Liebowitz: Okay. Beautiful. Beautiful. What a great note to end the show on. Thank you so much. Janine. I really appreciate your time taking the time out of your schedule to come on the show today.

00:58:02.100 --> 00:58:18.090 Sam Liebowitz: And and i really do look forward to seeing your book come out in a big way. And again, just to remind everybody to to learn more about Janine work and the book, please go to the hearts right, I got that right.

00:58:18.450 --> 00:58:20.550 janin: You got it right. Yes. No apostrophe.

00:58:21.270 --> 00:58:32.880 Sam Liebowitz: No apostrophe. Right. Right. Okay. Wonderful. Well, thank you. Janine. So, everybody. Thank you. Of course my loyal listeners for tuning in today. And thank you for joining us on today's show.

00:58:33.630 --> 00:58:43.080 Sam Liebowitz: Please, lots of new shows coming on board the station. These days, go to talk radio dot NYC to see our schedule and for upcoming shows

00:58:43.560 --> 00:59:01.650 Sam Liebowitz: And of course, stay tuned. Coming up next is can foster in your show voices of courage followed later today by Antonia with her show. So now you know at 5pm and Graham Dobbin and his show the mind behind leadership. Thank you all for tuning in. Take care. We will talk to you next week.

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