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Thursday, September 10, 2020

2020/09/10- To ReOpen Or Not To ReOpen?

[NEW EPISODE] To ReOpen Or Not To ReOpen?

This week Antonia asks questions of our community, family and friends to help keep us all connected.

Join her as she tries to quench your thirst for curiosity with real, balanced and thoughtful discussions from everyday people.

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Show Notes

Segment 1: 

Antonia greets her audience and emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask. She talks about the different approaches schools are taking as the new school year starts. She hints that one of her guests is a doctor who will give her perspective on the pandemic and her thoughts on the possible vaccine coming out.  Antonia also addresses college campuses and socialization, her opinions on the possible vaccine, and “the power of community” in order to get through the pandemic.


Segment 2: 

Antonia introduces her first guest, David Edmonds. David is an old friend of Antonia’s whom she met during Law School. Antonia and David talk about the reopening process in Providence, how schools will be reopening. Antonia wonders if there will ever be a time where everyone feels 100% safe. They also discuss what can be done for special needs students during the pandemic how school districts are reopening with limited resources. 

Segment 3: 

Antonia reintroduces David and she talks about an article in which her city tested sewer water in order to measure COVID outbreak. Antonia introduces her second guest, Dr. Vanessa Brown. Antonia gives a quick background on Vanessa highlighting her transition from the medical field to law. David talks about some articles he read. A 26 year old woman had a double lung transplant and another still has no sense of taste or smell. Antonia asks Vanessa to give her perspective on the pandemic as an ER doctor. Vanessa says in order for people to trust medical leadership, it is important to educate rather than shock.


Segment 4: 

Antonia, David, and Vanessa continue their conversation discussing the barriers with the possible vaccine coming out. Vanessa believes it is important to be as transparent as possible with the public in order to establish trust. With this in mind, Vanessa and Antonia are optimistic. David can’t understand why someone wouldn’t take the vaccine if it comes out. The three then discuss how the pandemic has affected the African-American community and their predictions on how long schools will remain open. Antonia closes the show by urging her audience to follow safety procedures and encourages everyone to stay safe.


00:00:30.720 --> 00:00:39.030 Antonia: Good afternoon, everyone. Happy Thursday. It is Antonia and you are listening. So now you know I hope everyone had a very blessed week

00:00:39.570 --> 00:00:47.850 Antonia: Of course, we're still doing the same old thing that we're doing. Last week I know it's getting boring. But you know what I'm going to say, which should be wearing our mass and keeping six feet apart.

00:00:49.260 --> 00:00:50.700 Antonia: We talked a lot about this.

00:00:51.750 --> 00:00:57.030 Antonia: In the last couple of weeks. Right. So everything that's about the reopening school finally here in my town.

00:00:58.620 --> 00:01:00.150 Antonia: Started so

00:01:01.380 --> 00:01:05.700 Antonia: I'm happy about it. I think my son's happy to be back at school. I'm happy to move came

00:01:07.800 --> 00:01:11.130 Antonia: Out of the house. But it's this hybrid thing. So he's two days, berries, two days home.

00:01:12.090 --> 00:01:18.630 Antonia: So it is what it is. But at the end of the day, we all just have to be really safe and get those masks and

00:01:19.140 --> 00:01:26.760 Antonia: I don't know if I'd share this with you before, but I started when coven started, I started making mass to donate to different organizations in town.

00:01:27.600 --> 00:01:42.450 Antonia: homeless shelters and and other places to give everyone that opportunity to be safe. And so I've kind of gotten better at it. I've looked at a lot of YouTube videos, figure out the best way to do it. I'm not sure if I figured out the best coverage.

00:01:44.520 --> 00:01:52.980 Antonia: But it's nice to do right I make them I come to my friends, I give them to people don't have them. I was on a mission for a while to give every person in the that I saw on the street.

00:01:53.730 --> 00:02:02.580 Antonia: That didn't have one to give them one of course you know that went over some people like yeah I think I need a mask. It's like, yeah, you do.

00:02:03.420 --> 00:02:15.300 Antonia: And it doesn't help that recently we just learned information that our president knew of the risks that was upon us and didn't help us get prepared.

00:02:15.870 --> 00:02:24.090 Antonia: As he should have as the leader of our country, but I'm not going to go into that right it is what it is we're just going to deal with the reality of what we're dealing with now.

00:02:25.350 --> 00:02:34.080 Antonia: So that was so it's been fun. But a lot of us, and maybe you've been doing this to our hedging our bets as to how long this actually

00:02:34.560 --> 00:02:50.100 Antonia: Is going to last like winter our kids going to be back at home with us and hopefully not another shut down. Hopefully not a another shutdown. So I'm hoping that during some point today, I will have some folks stopping by to talk to us.

00:02:53.130 --> 00:02:58.470 Antonia: You know about this. And one of my friends is a doctor. So I'm hoping

00:03:00.120 --> 00:03:01.050 Antonia: That they come on

00:03:02.280 --> 00:03:08.310 Antonia: Because it's a really different interesting perspectives of how people feel about this. I'm not sure how you feel.

00:03:09.360 --> 00:03:12.660 Antonia: About it as I hit do this. It's starting to rain.

00:03:15.450 --> 00:03:22.050 Antonia: I don't know if he will push you can hear that because you're either watching me on Facebook, but you can't see the window or maybe your local

00:03:22.470 --> 00:03:32.340 Antonia: And you can have it raining in your area here, I get very nervous. With the brain because about a month ago, it rained and we didn't have internet and electricity for about four days.

00:03:33.000 --> 00:03:39.240 Antonia: So now it's a trigger heavy time it starts raining. I'm just like looking for flickering lights and so forth. Because, um,

00:03:39.930 --> 00:03:48.540 Antonia: It's tough, especially in coven season and you're already stuck in the house. And then that you just appreciate that electricity in the Wi Fi.

00:03:49.500 --> 00:03:57.030 Antonia: So going back to our reopening phase. I hope that in your community, your schools have reopened somewhat right you're either on a hybrid

00:03:57.360 --> 00:04:12.450 Antonia: Kids are going to days in staying at home. I think a lot of elementary schools, the younger kids have been going full time, it seems that more schools are doing the hybrid with their older kids. I don't know if I buy that, you know, the thought that younger kids.

00:04:14.550 --> 00:04:20.220 Antonia: Don't get as sick, but we know that that's not true. I just feel for the teachers because

00:04:20.700 --> 00:04:31.860 Antonia: I can't even get my teenager on a good day to brush his teeth. So I can't imagine five year olds six years old 10 year old keeping their mask on. I just can't see it. I was

00:04:32.850 --> 00:04:45.060 Antonia: I was in a school, a couple of days ago and a high school and as soon as the kids came out of the classroom, the first thing they did that mask was just hanging off their chins. And you could just see the teachers face, like, are you serious right now.

00:04:46.290 --> 00:04:49.860 Antonia: So I can't imagine what it's like for the young kids.

00:04:51.570 --> 00:04:58.710 Antonia: But they got it you know we got to keep the education process going. We have to keep them engaged. We have to keep you know keep them moving forward.

00:04:59.730 --> 00:05:11.370 Antonia: I think last spring, when all of us would just turned into virtual worlds. It was very difficult to figure out what that space was getting our kids logged on getting them used to that this, this right here. If you're on Facebook.

00:05:13.050 --> 00:05:20.700 Antonia: And that's hard to ask a young kid any kid even adults right to sit here and stare at a screen and actually be engaged with the person on the other side.

00:05:22.350 --> 00:05:23.940 Antonia: You know college you might like it.

00:05:24.990 --> 00:05:34.200 Antonia: College campuses you you might enjoy that not having to get dressed, not having to roll out of your dorm room. But I think what we're seeing on the college campuses, is how do you control the partying.

00:05:35.010 --> 00:05:45.270 Antonia: The socialization and I get it, I get it. What freshmen, I have some friends that sent their son to University of Miami their daughter, I think, is a junior

00:05:46.050 --> 00:05:55.590 Antonia: And within a week of them dropping them off, they were right back there because I could have had coven, you know, most likely sissy took him to a party. He was hanging out.

00:05:56.760 --> 00:06:00.480 Antonia: And that freshman dorm was Kofi so they were right back down there with them.

00:06:01.800 --> 00:06:12.960 Antonia: And so I get that like going to college and asking a kid a young adult to sit still is hard to do some of the schools are doing it better than others, but I think once you get to those sororities and fraternities

00:06:13.320 --> 00:06:25.500 Antonia: I don't know if, for some odd reason I thought that those houses were governed by the school like they could just shut it down, but it's not their off campus housing. I guess that you just got a bunch of kids living in a home.

00:06:26.580 --> 00:06:32.760 Antonia: So I don't know. I don't know what we're going to do. I just keep hoping and praying that we just don't have the type of shut down that we had

00:06:33.360 --> 00:06:46.980 Antonia: In spring. I know I just feel for New York City. I don't know if we they can take it again. I don't know what the rebounds gonna look like for now I do know when I look around here in the suburbs of New York City and

00:06:48.750 --> 00:06:55.050 Antonia: You know, if you're in this area, you know that there's the metro North train certain areas that

00:06:56.100 --> 00:07:05.010 Antonia: People leave the city to come live and you could kind of see the cove. Just follow the train up through Connecticut. But that's also housing. A lot of people leaving the

00:07:05.520 --> 00:07:19.140 Antonia: City looking to the suburbs. So Westchester County, New York. And I think that would probably be the same. And a lot of big cities that they're seeing that that exodus of folks going out to the suburbs to different places.

00:07:21.060 --> 00:07:27.060 Antonia: So it's a scary time. It's a scary time but my thing is you know everyone's just has to stay in their own path stay in their only

00:07:27.420 --> 00:07:38.640 Antonia: And just do the best you can to keep you and your family safe. And in doing that, we all just do that. We eventually will make other people safe right i always fear for the and it's

00:07:39.930 --> 00:07:43.890 Antonia: Just say there was a very experienced all the neighbors neighbor. I was talking to the other day.

00:07:44.940 --> 00:07:57.030 Antonia: And he's in his 70s, and he's like, oh, all the sun Rass I'm all you know it's uncalled for them, making it up. So in fact, my head, I'm like I talked about George Floyd, because I don't think we made that up. I think that was like a real event that happened.

00:07:58.530 --> 00:08:07.590 Antonia: And as I'm looking at what I'm saying, you know, you look great. You got to stay healthy. You're in that group of folks that we really need to care about, you know,

00:08:08.580 --> 00:08:16.290 Antonia: He's still have this sense of like this isn't real. This isn't you know it was real and that he wanted to be safe when he went out and want to stay away from people

00:08:16.830 --> 00:08:23.880 Antonia: But it wasn't real. And that he thought everybody needs to take precautions, or that what was going on in the community was just

00:08:24.300 --> 00:08:35.340 Antonia: So every time I have those conversations I have to say back in my head. Hmm, I'm going to, I'm going to continue to stay in my lane to keep him safe. But I always have to wonder about is he keeping me see.

00:08:36.510 --> 00:08:40.080 Antonia: So just do what you gotta do, get your mask.

00:08:42.000 --> 00:08:48.390 Antonia: And say six feet apart. That's my new motto. And I until I know I heard a lot about this cure.

00:08:49.410 --> 00:08:52.770 Antonia: That we might have some vaccine. Are you going to take it.

00:08:54.300 --> 00:09:08.040 Antonia: And the vaccine comes out. Are you just going to get on up there and take it. I think there's going to be a little reluctance. I think so. I think what you're gonna have the camp of people who were just like, you know what, I never got I never wore a mask never washed my hands.

00:09:09.360 --> 00:09:17.430 Antonia: That's nice, all the time, never got it. So, therefore, I don't need it built be the camp of, well, I never vaccine before, so why should I do it now.

00:09:18.510 --> 00:09:23.550 Antonia: Um, and then you'll have a cautious people that will like you don't want to see how it works out over there.

00:09:24.870 --> 00:09:34.080 Antonia: Before I actually take it and that to me seems like even if there is a vaccine. They'll probably somebody delay of everybody just running out and getting it right.

00:09:36.300 --> 00:09:38.430 Antonia: But with that, I kind of say

00:09:39.750 --> 00:09:43.860 Antonia: Well, that's what it is because we've lived with the flu. For how many years has the flu going around.

00:09:44.400 --> 00:09:50.280 Antonia: And we know that there are people who get it there who who get the vaccine wherever it's flu season they get their shots.

00:09:50.850 --> 00:10:04.230 Antonia: And then we also know that we have people who are like, you know what I don't get the flu shot because I get the flu. When I get the flu shot right so we're going to have that right, I got coven because I took coven vaccine. We're going to have that nonsense. And it's like, Okay.

00:10:05.370 --> 00:10:13.530 Antonia: So it does going to have different camps. But the difference is going to be that there is an option. There is a choice that people can make right

00:10:13.950 --> 00:10:16.680 Antonia: And then we as a community just have to live with the consequence.

00:10:17.160 --> 00:10:26.400 Antonia: We have to deal, you know, the flu is probably very contagious and you know how many times when people sneeze. You're like, oh, okay. Could you cover your mouth and then you get sick.

00:10:27.030 --> 00:10:35.850 Antonia: But it's a consequence of going to school, go to the grocery store, going on a bus that eventually you might catch a cold that you're going to get sick, but the

00:10:36.840 --> 00:10:44.160 Antonia: The flip side of it is you know there's a flu shot that you could take this preventative medicine that when you get sick that you can take all the cold medicine and stuff.

00:10:44.520 --> 00:10:50.910 Antonia: There's ways that we can manage it. But this disease. We just don't know. Right. How do you, how do we manage it if you if you

00:10:51.360 --> 00:10:59.400 Antonia: Get the vaccine but yet you still get cold and this just this and you know people die by the flu. Right. We've all seen those statistics that there are plenty of people

00:11:00.390 --> 00:11:14.070 Antonia: Who, who passed from the flu. So eventually it's going to be the same with coven but I just feel like there has to be this social compact that we have in our community that we have to care about each other, till we find answers to this.

00:11:15.150 --> 00:11:29.400 Antonia: And right now we're just figuring it out right just hit us in spring, now we're getting into the winter. We don't know what the weather has in store for us. So I am very optimistic that I think it's like I said, if everyone stays in their lanes and and

00:11:31.980 --> 00:11:39.060 Antonia: Do what you have to do to take care of yourself and your family and eventually that will my dog might be trying to come in here.

00:11:40.680 --> 00:11:54.030 Antonia: And let's hopefully will spread to everybody else. But I love that the kids back to school. I do. I think it brought me joy, just to see like the pitches on the news. People just kids happy and smiling and just having that love love to learn, right.

00:11:55.380 --> 00:11:56.490 Antonia: We'll see how long it lasts.

00:11:58.260 --> 00:12:03.210 Antonia: till they're all back home, but I almost feel like that's where they need to be right now.

00:12:03.750 --> 00:12:13.320 Antonia: That's where they need to be. Right now we just have to make sure that they are ready to access the education when they're at home. And that means that we have to make sure that

00:12:14.040 --> 00:12:19.260 Antonia: Kids have what they need in their homes. Do they have Wi Fi. Do they have a Chromebook. Do you have a computer.

00:12:19.710 --> 00:12:33.090 Antonia: Do they have ways that they can engage with their educational process instead of ending up with a whole generation of children that aren't educated right that are kind of want to say that they they were left behind.

00:12:34.350 --> 00:12:45.600 Antonia: But this is a fast moving train right getting them getting you up and out of the schools, getting you at home. So let's just hope for the best. I know teachers are working hard, hard to make this work.

00:12:46.980 --> 00:13:03.570 Antonia: But I know in our local town if you follow the board events. It's been a, it's been a fight a lot of parents are unhappy. But I don't think you can make everybody happy in this process of finding solutions to how to schools reopen, but you know what we did it. We made it.

00:13:04.860 --> 00:13:14.640 Antonia: And I think majority of them are open. So it's a good thing. So we're going to get ready to take a break, you're listening to Antonia on. So now you know and we'll just figure out where

00:13:15.270 --> 00:13:21.240 Antonia: Some of our guests can come and talk with us and just get some different opinions and how people feel about this process.

00:13:21.690 --> 00:13:33.360 Antonia: And then of course we know we have an election around the corner. So I hope you registered to vote or you sent in your absentee ballot, so that your voice can be heard and we will be back. He wasn't too Antonia and so now you know

00:15:40.350 --> 00:15:56.970 Antonia: So welcome back. You listening to Antonia and so now you know we were just talking a little bit about the whole school reopening I hope in your community, your kids, if you have kids of that age group that they're they're back in school and some of your schedule is getting back to normal.

00:15:58.230 --> 00:16:06.870 Antonia: And then if you have kids that away for college and you're like finally have a an empty house. I hope they stay there hope they stay there and they stay healthy.

00:16:07.590 --> 00:16:24.120 Antonia: And then, I hope, as some of our communities, go back further into the reopening phase and you have to go back to work or back into the office, a couple of days a week. I'm just hoping that you you stay safe right same safe and healthy. And so I think hopefully later on if

00:16:25.440 --> 00:16:42.720 Antonia: My doctor Vanessa comes on, we're going to talk a little bit about what do we need to do. What is the pre preventative health stuff that we should be doing right now as we go into flu season and cold season and cold season right that's now. Now we're going to have to start to label everything

00:16:44.520 --> 00:16:49.170 Antonia: And you know, I think as we go into this season. And we know we're coming up on the anniversary of 911

00:16:50.730 --> 00:16:57.240 Antonia: That's going to look like a different celebration than than what we normally do and what we see in downtown Manhattan.

00:16:58.350 --> 00:17:02.940 Antonia: So it's definitely changing the way that we do things, but

00:17:04.050 --> 00:17:11.460 Antonia: I think everyone is pivoting right everyone is making the best of it. So I like I said before the call.

00:17:12.180 --> 00:17:20.280 Antonia: I'm optimistic. I think we can get through it, but we have to get through it as a community, and I'm just hoping and praying that as we get into the election season.

00:17:21.060 --> 00:17:30.570 Antonia: That we we notice a lot of unrest that's going on in that unrest that's going on our community, but hopefully that will have some some answers to that. Right.

00:17:33.840 --> 00:17:34.620 Antonia: Because I think

00:17:35.790 --> 00:17:42.450 Antonia: I think as you listened. They don't think was last week we talked to have a nice last week. But before that, when we talking about the

00:17:43.560 --> 00:17:51.150 Antonia: Work that has been doing out on the vineyard in protest. In fact, that's not a half their stand against racism was made.

00:17:51.600 --> 00:18:08.130 Antonia: While it was an artist on the island, who created that. And they would say, selling it as part of like a fundraiser for them. So I know going forward. And we talked about how there was the kneeling every day at 1030 to celebrate the lives of those that were lost because of police brutality.

00:18:09.300 --> 00:18:15.090 Antonia: There was this stand against racism and then I want to show you another poster. Hold on, I want to take my head with me.

00:18:22.500 --> 00:18:25.770 Antonia: There was another post that I really liked only you and I can end racism.

00:18:28.890 --> 00:18:30.870 Antonia: And I know you guys lost me.

00:18:30.870 --> 00:18:32.700 Antonia: For a second, um,

00:18:34.080 --> 00:18:39.240 Antonia: So here I think this might be my, my, David, can you guys hear me okay I think you can. I just

00:18:39.570 --> 00:18:40.800 David: I can hear you fine.

00:18:40.980 --> 00:18:43.740 Antonia: Oh hey, David. How are you, I was just, I'm

00:18:44.100 --> 00:18:53.850 Antonia: Showing some posters in my, my little office here and then I knocked out my headphone. So I don't think anyone could hear me. How are you doing, Mr admins.

00:18:54.390 --> 00:18:59.100 David: I am well I'm you know existing here in Providence, Rhode Island.

00:18:59.700 --> 00:19:15.420 Antonia: Yeah, so I just want to say to everyone that is listening to us, David is a very dear and old friend of mine and I always love to talk to him about, you know, the things that are happening in the community, because he always has some very insightful things to share. So, Dave.

00:19:16.050 --> 00:19:23.640 Antonia: My show and my my work that I've been doing is called. So now you know and I just literally talk to friends and family that are doing

00:19:23.970 --> 00:19:38.700 Antonia: cool and fun and different things, or friends that I just like, Hey, let's have a conversation about some hot topics. So that's why I reached out to you. And I said, Who better to talk about the reopening and coven season, then Dave Edmunds who

00:19:38.880 --> 00:19:42.930 Antonia: And the path that I know David and this is so funny. David, as I thought about it.

00:19:42.960 --> 00:19:43.890 Antonia: As I thought about you.

00:19:44.100 --> 00:19:47.850 Antonia: I was trying to remember because I usually share with listeners how I know the

00:19:47.850 --> 00:19:50.250 Antonia: Person that I'm talking to and

00:19:50.610 --> 00:19:51.990 Antonia: I just assumed. Okay.

00:19:52.050 --> 00:19:54.330 Antonia: We went to undergrad and law school together.

00:19:54.900 --> 00:20:08.700 David: But I know we went through. So we overlap actually be overlap. So when I am old, you're young. I missed. So when I graduated law school, you were I graduated in

00:20:08.790 --> 00:20:11.820 David: May. Okay, you are coming in in September. Right.

00:20:13.980 --> 00:20:15.960 Antonia: There, together with Eric and fairy.

00:20:16.890 --> 00:20:20.880 David: They were there to like organizations we met through

00:20:22.020 --> 00:20:28.230 David: Black Law. Students Association and then and we so we met be mapped to the Alumni Association.

00:20:28.590 --> 00:20:33.270 Antonia: See, that's a true testament to our relationship that I just thought we we were in school together.

00:20:34.200 --> 00:20:35.610 Antonia: But I do think now that I think about it.

00:20:35.610 --> 00:20:38.040 Antonia: Right, because we were both practicing in Massachusetts.

00:20:38.130 --> 00:20:40.320 Antonia: Right exactly together and

00:20:40.710 --> 00:20:42.450 Antonia: And get to know each other a lot better.

00:20:43.200 --> 00:20:51.930 David: I'm always trying to get a fellow New Englanders to go to, you know, to apply to BC, but also to the University of Virginia. Yeah.

00:20:52.530 --> 00:20:54.090 Antonia: Virginia. Virginia

00:20:58.620 --> 00:20:59.280 Antonia: Virginia

00:20:59.550 --> 00:21:14.610 Antonia: Yeah, might be, it might be a stretch. So I am so glad to hear your voice and it's, you know, I grew up, David. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, as he said, so I'm like, oh, this is even better because now you can give me my back home perspective so

00:21:14.760 --> 00:21:17.160 Antonia: Always the reopening how's it going in Rhode Island.

00:21:18.120 --> 00:21:19.590 Antonia: Rhode Island was wanted to stay to the

00:21:19.590 --> 00:21:20.850 Antonia: Beginning you guys were like

00:21:20.850 --> 00:21:22.830 Antonia: Shutting down from people

00:21:26.100 --> 00:21:31.860 David: Finding people so Rhode Island is very odd. So people we have

00:21:32.970 --> 00:21:43.560 David: My sense is that we are doing well and I hear that from other people apparently in in other state newspapers, I have friends across the country so

00:21:44.130 --> 00:21:54.810 David: Some guy in Michigan called and said, Dave, I hear you're doing really well. And I think Rhode Island is doing well, but not well enough for Massachusetts

00:21:55.200 --> 00:22:11.670 David: So we are actually barred. No, seriously, I can go, I can cross over to your home. I can cross over into your state of see conch and shop, but then I can spend it like so. Literally, I was not allowed to come to Martha's Vineyard

00:22:13.980 --> 00:22:25.830 Antonia: Because I whenever I looked at what even when the travel ban came in from Massachusetts. And they, you know, the governor was asking people to register. I just thought a lot of the states that were on the northeast or good like New York

00:22:25.860 --> 00:22:26.790 David: Every is he

00:22:28.320 --> 00:22:37.110 David: Made that list. Wow. Rhode Island was the only state in New England that was barred because at some point in early August we had

00:22:38.580 --> 00:22:45.240 David: Gone above. So, Massachusetts, bless them is has done really well. And they're keeping their numbers really low.

00:22:45.510 --> 00:22:57.960 David: But it wasn't low enough for Rhode Island Rhode Island had just like somehow. It was like 5% and so we were six but New New York and Connecticut. So yes, you can come but Massachusetts said no.

00:22:59.520 --> 00:23:03.600 Antonia: So were you guys able to be open on time. Like, are your schools, what's the status.

00:23:03.600 --> 00:23:13.350 David: Of the schools, our schools are opening. I think next week or so. That's a big controversy. I went to a high school and just in the local newspaper

00:23:14.160 --> 00:23:24.690 David: A teacher from, you know, as an inner city public school classical high school said that she just literally a teacher wrote into the newspaper and editorial and said,

00:23:25.110 --> 00:23:41.700 David: I have been to my school. It is not queen, the embassy role. The whole Emperor's New Clothes that there's not queen. The there's no ventilation and so everyone's telling the principles are the governor that everything is fine. And it's not

00:23:42.570 --> 00:23:42.990 You know what

00:23:44.160 --> 00:23:44.520 David: Yeah.

00:23:44.790 --> 00:23:47.820 David: We had that same conversation here, the Board of

00:23:47.820 --> 00:23:48.240 Ed.

00:23:50.130 --> 00:23:54.450 Antonia: Had an emergency meeting on Friday night. We have three high schools in town.

00:23:54.960 --> 00:24:12.810 Antonia: And the third high school. It was the same situation. Teachers started just reaching out to the Board of that and saying the schools dirty the ventilation, we don't have our pp E. It's not the schedule and they ended up delaying the opening of that school till today right today's Thursday.

00:24:13.830 --> 00:24:14.550 David: Um,

00:24:14.820 --> 00:24:25.530 Antonia: And I was just saying before you got on. I don't know if it can ever be 100% everyone feels safe, like I just, I don't think we will get

00:24:25.530 --> 00:24:26.610 Antonia: To that place.

00:24:27.180 --> 00:24:28.080 Antonia: So I can hear it.

00:24:28.110 --> 00:24:30.150 David: Right, so feel for teachers.

00:24:31.710 --> 00:24:36.450 David: Yeah I you know I'm I'm sort of ambivalent about the whole thing, I think,

00:24:38.280 --> 00:24:47.670 David: Nothing i'm saying is going to be earth shattering. I just think I'm sort of repeating what other people have already said that this whole virus is sort of

00:24:48.990 --> 00:25:01.080 David: It's really highlighting it's underscoring what what everyone already knew that. There's discrepancies that you know people who are more affluent have laptops, they have you know home network and

00:25:01.620 --> 00:25:10.500 David: So I know a lot of school systems have gotten laptops or some sort of notebook for you know underprivileged students, but they still don't have internet access at home.

00:25:11.670 --> 00:25:19.380 David: So shelter in place right I die. Right, exactly. So I don't. So these are problems.

00:25:20.940 --> 00:25:30.780 David: It's unfortunate but that's that's it is you know I hate it sounds so um it's just it is what it is we can give every, you know, this is

00:25:31.680 --> 00:25:39.960 David: Something, some people are going to have internet access. And some people are not going to, they can maybe, you know, sit outside of a public library or other public space but

00:25:40.260 --> 00:25:48.870 David: At night, they're not going to be able to do that. So if that's just it's unfortunate but it's it's reality. And I think that it goes right to your

00:25:48.870 --> 00:26:02.430 Antonia: Point that this this coven has exposed us right, it has definitely showed the haves and the have nots and have showed how wide that gap is right, because even like

00:26:02.520 --> 00:26:04.890 Antonia: The old and what you're talking about. I was just having a

00:26:04.890 --> 00:26:12.420 Antonia: Conversation. Okay, let's say we look at our schools and we look at kids with special ed are there are their educational

00:26:12.750 --> 00:26:27.060 Antonia: Plans going to be taken care of. What if you have a child on the spectrum and that child needs like is non verbal and needs to be in a building with people, do they not have virtual. I mean, it's just it just a lot of issues that opened up because of this.

00:26:27.240 --> 00:26:27.780 David: A lot of new

00:26:29.730 --> 00:26:30.510 David: All the time.

00:26:31.920 --> 00:26:33.090 David: Right. But, you know,

00:26:33.150 --> 00:26:43.650 David: So there is a lot. The federal government gives a lot of money for special ed. I'm not a special ed teacher. I know the people who teach special ed and bear really dedicated

00:26:43.980 --> 00:26:56.850 David: But, you know, if you're if now there's a virus and now your kid has to be home. What can be done. I mean, there's at that point to school. Kevin stepped in. I don't see how it could maybe there's

00:26:58.710 --> 00:27:00.090 David: That's the legal argument that's

00:27:00.090 --> 00:27:06.900 Antonia: Going to go forward is that you know where you have a school district that's offering you a hybrid and a distant learning

00:27:07.800 --> 00:27:12.870 Antonia: If you want your child to IEP and we're probably David I we might be talking a little bit. Oh.

00:27:13.380 --> 00:27:26.100 Antonia: If you want your trials educational plan to be in place, you're going to have to send them to the building because that's where the teachers are. That is where the school can provide the most amount of help if you decide to be a

00:27:26.760 --> 00:27:27.810 Antonia: Learner. Well, that's different.

00:27:27.810 --> 00:27:30.900 Antonia: Because teachers can't go to the house. They can't they can't engage

00:27:31.230 --> 00:27:32.370 Antonia: Here and go wow

00:27:32.670 --> 00:27:33.450 David: Exactly.

00:27:33.720 --> 00:27:36.480 Antonia: So, some parents are sad about that they're being

00:27:36.480 --> 00:27:38.850 Antonia: Forced to send their kids to the building but just

00:27:38.850 --> 00:27:43.710 Antonia: What you said you have a lot of districts that are strapped for money, a lot of districts that

00:27:44.730 --> 00:27:55.740 Antonia: Are strapped for help and there is going to be a breaking point through this whole coven thing where some people are going to be service some arts. Some kids might be left behind.

00:27:56.760 --> 00:28:00.030 Antonia: It's just a really scary time

00:28:00.150 --> 00:28:04.530 David: You write scary, but I also think that people. Um,

00:28:05.700 --> 00:28:25.260 David: If I were, if I were having this conversation with a lawyer who dealt with special ed. I'm sure they would come after me, but I just think it is. Look at this is unfortunate, it's no one can plan or has planned for a virus that would have everyone at home. And so I feel for parent who has

00:28:26.340 --> 00:28:34.620 David: A child on the spectrum. And it's difficult for you. Now you're stuck at home with her child and you are not a teacher, but um

00:28:35.040 --> 00:28:48.990 David: But you know we we don't. We only have so many teachers and the teachers can't go to every single, like you said, they cannot go to every single school every single child. I mean, it's not it's not possible. So you're going to have to deal with that. I know that sounds harsh and

00:28:49.410 --> 00:28:49.890 David: I don't want it.

00:28:50.910 --> 00:29:02.790 David: Right, so I don't want to come across as someone who's insensitive but if you this is not going to last forever. Hopefully, and then you'll want to pick up right this is this is the reality now.

00:29:03.480 --> 00:29:07.110 Antonia: So we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be right back with Dave and I

00:29:07.170 --> 00:29:11.280 Antonia: Just hang tight you're listening to Antonia and so now you know we'll be right back. David

00:29:12.210 --> 00:29:12.600 Okay.

00:31:29.790 --> 00:31:40.290 Antonia: So you're back with Antonia on. So now you know I am here today with my good friend David and we're just talking about

00:31:41.910 --> 00:31:48.300 Antonia: The whole reopening of schools and states and, you know, David. I didn't realize

00:31:49.320 --> 00:31:52.140 Antonia: What Island was on the bad list. As I was saying, when

00:31:52.230 --> 00:31:53.850 Antonia: You talked about going to the cape.

00:31:54.810 --> 00:31:58.830 Antonia: For the summer and I was happy that I didn't have to do anything. It's like, oh, I'm not on the naughty list.

00:32:00.360 --> 00:32:00.570 David: But

00:32:02.070 --> 00:32:03.000 David: Just a

00:32:03.090 --> 00:32:05.280 Antonia: We just got as of last week, which I

00:32:05.280 --> 00:32:12.090 Antonia: Didn't realize they were doing this you might have known this that some of the city's the way that they're they're predicting an

00:32:12.960 --> 00:32:22.710 Antonia: uptick in covert cases is looking at the sewer water. So when they were looking at the sewer water here in our town. They really they could tell that within the next week.

00:32:23.730 --> 00:32:26.190 Antonia: Our numbers of spike, and I guess that doesn't

00:32:26.250 --> 00:32:27.870 Antonia: Really matter. Yes.

00:32:27.900 --> 00:32:30.330 Antonia: I did, I did not know that. But then as I researched it

00:32:30.780 --> 00:32:35.160 Antonia: That is one of the ways that they can tell it that makes sense, right, I mean it sounds gross but

00:32:35.190 --> 00:32:36.120 Antonia: If people are

00:32:36.180 --> 00:32:39.420 Antonia: You know, letting it out really your dad is

00:32:39.420 --> 00:32:42.300 David: Fascinating. I had not heard that. Wow, that is

00:32:42.540 --> 00:32:43.890 David: Very, very interesting.

00:32:43.920 --> 00:32:47.520 Antonia: He did a whole robo call and he got a call. You got a text.

00:32:47.940 --> 00:32:53.910 Antonia: Of please wear your gear, don't go out, if you have to, because the levels that they were seeing

00:32:55.110 --> 00:32:57.330 Antonia: There's gonna be there's gonna be an uptick coming up.

00:32:58.500 --> 00:33:01.890 David: So what I think is very interesting. And I'm, I, um,

00:33:03.960 --> 00:33:18.360 David: So my heart really goes out to young people, because I remember being like in 12th grade. I remember going to college. My heart really goes out to people in their early 20s. And I think that

00:33:19.230 --> 00:33:37.920 David: It's unfortunate that this is happening to them because I right, you're going to, let's say to you were a freshman, you're going, or you're returning to college as a sophomore. And now you you can't or you're going to be distant learning. I mean, it's crazy. And so, but by the same token,

00:33:39.660 --> 00:33:40.680 David: I think that

00:33:43.380 --> 00:33:57.750 David: So here's. I think this is in general I so you know i think that everybody. There's a whole idea of a Commonwealth. So, you know, Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth Massachusetts and as a whole idea of

00:33:58.200 --> 00:34:07.560 David: Everyone has to act in unison in times of for the for the general good and in America Great minds think alike.

00:34:08.250 --> 00:34:17.370 David: Right, so, you know, I think, unfortunately, the United States has gotten gotten away from that that we need to act in it together.

00:34:18.360 --> 00:34:29.190 David: And so we can, you know, talk about this all day but now is the time for if we had leadership for someone to say, okay, you know, I understand. I was 21 once

00:34:29.550 --> 00:34:35.790 David: I want to go to a party. I want to drink with my friends, I want to, I want to see the people I haven't seen since March.

00:34:36.360 --> 00:34:44.670 David: Um, but we can't do that. Well, we'd be happy to have a small sacrifice now so that eventually we can all get back together.

00:34:45.240 --> 00:34:55.620 David: And so that's what needs to be told to young people. So all that said, I know there was a spike in Greenwich, and just today here in Rhode Island be heard.

00:34:56.070 --> 00:35:02.610 David: That there is a spike in an affluent community outside of Boston called Dedham. And they are spiking

00:35:03.120 --> 00:35:14.970 David: And there's no reason. So think about these are all educated, highly educated community. I mean, all the parents probably work in Boston, or in the office parks in the suburbs and it's spiking. They're probably

00:35:15.510 --> 00:35:21.960 David: Because the kids are going. So now we see it's all young people teens and 20s and it's it's unfortunate.

00:35:22.980 --> 00:35:24.960 Antonia: A lot of it is Vanessa.

00:35:25.050 --> 00:35:35.790 Antonia: I have my friend just another friend. Oh, I might have just lost her. I know she is like commuting but she'll come back. That's my friend Dr. Vanessa brown

00:35:36.870 --> 00:35:47.670 Antonia: And David you'll present Vanessa's interesting because she went to med school. She's up. She was a doctor. She was practicing and at the same time she was an emergency room doctor and went back and got her

00:35:47.670 --> 00:35:48.180 David: JD

00:35:48.360 --> 00:35:49.290 Antonia: She went back to law school.

00:35:49.320 --> 00:35:50.610 Antonia: Wow. Yes.

00:35:50.670 --> 00:35:53.010 Antonia: Oh my recently graduated

00:35:54.450 --> 00:36:04.770 Antonia: Probably two years ago now she has an MD and JD. She's not practicing medicine anymore. She's focusing a little bit on the law which both of us would say go back to practicing medicine, but

00:36:05.220 --> 00:36:09.930 Antonia: So I hope she comes, she comes back in because I also would love to hear her perspective as being an ER doctor

00:36:11.100 --> 00:36:12.840 Antonia: Of the feet. Yeah, I would love we

00:36:12.840 --> 00:36:14.100 David: Need. Yeah.

00:36:14.130 --> 00:36:20.880 David: We got a whole show about her like how what prompted her to go to. That's the first thing. I know, right. We have to check her out and

00:36:20.880 --> 00:36:25.560 Antonia: Say, why did that happen. But I think, to your point, and I was just talking about that.

00:36:26.610 --> 00:36:34.890 Antonia: I think a lot of people are walking around asymptomatic. Like they just don't know that they have it and it is that it incubates in

00:36:34.950 --> 00:36:37.080 David: Young adults without symptoms.

00:36:37.350 --> 00:36:46.530 Antonia: Then that's even more dangerous, right, because then you are going to see these optics of this this virus spreading so quickly because people just don't know.

00:36:48.300 --> 00:36:54.150 David: So here's the deal. I'm right, there's that. And also, um, you know,

00:36:55.980 --> 00:37:06.390 David: So I there was an article in the New York Times early in the summer, maybe late spring and for some reason it was this one article that really frightened to make some woman.

00:37:06.930 --> 00:37:15.270 David: Who was like 26 in New York City had a double lung transplant. I had never even heard of such a thing.

00:37:15.750 --> 00:37:27.150 David: And I was eating breakfast and reading the paper. I was like a lung transplant. Like, for some reason, that really freaked me out like you hear of heart transplants you shrug your shoulders, but a double

00:37:27.540 --> 00:37:40.290 David: lung transplant. I mean, and she was only 26 so everyone's like, oh, you're young. You'll survive. And I'm like, guess what, maybe not, because now she you know has her not even her own monks.

00:37:41.310 --> 00:37:57.630 David: And she's like, everything right and and then there was an article just in the past three days where someone wrote it was, it was really this. She might have been a nurse and she wrote said that she had had what's called on

00:37:58.710 --> 00:38:13.590 David: A long termer or a football long hauler and she has still does not have her sense of taste or smell like that we really, I mean a lot of consequences. There

00:38:13.680 --> 00:38:25.620 Antonia: I think there's a lot of work or articles that you can read about that, that a lot of people, even when they make it through code when they get through all of that there is lasting effects like lasting.

00:38:25.620 --> 00:38:31.890 David: lasting effects. Right. So here's the deal like you are obviously highly educated and you read

00:38:32.070 --> 00:38:46.140 David: So you know VSS. I think there needs to be. Well, I think there needs to be, I don't know who but like maybe the American Medical Association could do could put out a commercial and say, like, on TV on NBC or Fox or some and say,

00:38:46.620 --> 00:39:04.770 David: Look here are. Here's what happens if you get Cogan one you could die or two. You could have a lung transplant or you could lose your sense of taste or smell in definitely and I know if maybe people knew this, they would think otherwise. I think I see

00:39:04.920 --> 00:39:09.510 Antonia: Vanessa. Hi, Venice. I think she just came on with us, are you here with us.

00:39:09.780 --> 00:39:14.070 David: We had that advertisement maybe people would, you know, I don't know. People should know

00:39:14.670 --> 00:39:27.420 David: You know, it shouldn't smoke and I still smoke. But I think at least the information is out there. Maybe they put that out there. If they had those you know commercials running in Alabama and Florida, people would not be running around out mass. Well, listen.

00:39:27.600 --> 00:39:32.490 Antonia: From what you just said we needed in Rhode Island Rhode Island needs to follow the posters, they need

00:39:32.520 --> 00:39:33.600 Antonia: To listen to the

00:39:33.900 --> 00:39:34.860 Antonia: To the doctors why

00:39:35.280 --> 00:39:37.650 David: Are you here with us. Yeah.

00:39:38.010 --> 00:39:39.960 Antonia: Hey, how are you. Thank you.

00:39:41.370 --> 00:39:45.150 Antonia: Thank you for joining us. I was sharing with some of our listeners that though and

00:39:45.630 --> 00:39:56.340 Antonia: You know my show is called. So now you know. And I always try to bring friends and family and people that are doing some really cool stuff. So I was sharing with everybody that I wanted to get your perspective, my friend David is also on the

00:39:56.340 --> 00:39:57.450 Antonia: Call where we both

00:39:57.870 --> 00:40:00.090 Antonia: Are attorneys and I was saying to David at one

00:40:00.090 --> 00:40:02.520 Antonia: Point, you know you are practicing medicine decided to

00:40:02.520 --> 00:40:03.840 Antonia: Go to law school while

00:40:03.840 --> 00:40:05.010 Vanessa: practicing medicine.

00:40:06.570 --> 00:40:12.180 Antonia: We both was saying to each other. Why, but that's okay, but I really wanted to get your perspective.

00:40:12.330 --> 00:40:17.610 Antonia: David, I've just been talking about what school reopening the challenges that that brings and then I

00:40:17.610 --> 00:40:20.220 Antonia: Think you heard David saying a little bit that we have all these up.

00:40:20.970 --> 00:40:25.110 Antonia: These numbers that are increasing with either asymptomatic, folks, or just the

00:40:25.110 --> 00:40:26.340 Antonia: Disease is just spreading a lot

00:40:26.340 --> 00:40:35.490 Antonia: Faster. So I'd love to hear your perspective as a, you know, physician in the emergency room that has seen all kinds of things that come in and then

00:40:35.520 --> 00:40:37.140 Antonia: How we're dealing with

00:40:37.620 --> 00:40:44.280 Antonia: This virus and then David was just bringing up a point about community education, like, Are we doing enough to educate the

00:40:44.580 --> 00:40:46.680 Antonia: community about the long lasting.

00:40:46.680 --> 00:40:49.830 Antonia: Effects of covert I know I just said a mouthful, but I'm so glad that you're here.

00:40:51.930 --> 00:40:53.370 Vanessa: So I know can I

00:40:53.400 --> 00:40:54.720 David: Jump in. So here's my

00:40:55.860 --> 00:40:56.250 Antonia: David

00:40:57.660 --> 00:41:05.010 David: Right. But I want to ask her what she thinks up like if we would it be helpful to have a commercial and said, look at you could lose your sense of taste.

00:41:06.330 --> 00:41:16.560 Vanessa: Yeah, I think it's a balance, though, right, just like diabetes, you can lose your limb, right, like the end stage of diabetes, you could have a heart attack, you could lose a limb. You could have a stroke.

00:41:17.880 --> 00:41:24.930 Vanessa: But, you know, most people if they take their medicine and they watch their diet and they exercise their diabetes can be managed.

00:41:25.260 --> 00:41:39.030 Vanessa: And so it's a balance as to how much you want to go with like a heavy hammer and say, these are all the bad things versus like you can manage this. This is doable, don't be overwhelmed by all the bad things that can happen.

00:41:41.070 --> 00:41:45.030 Vanessa: I think some of the the at least the data that

00:41:46.260 --> 00:41:58.320 Vanessa: I'm familiar with it turns out people don't necessarily change their behavior when you like sort of remember we tried to scare people straight like you know we bring kids to jail, like to try to scare them.

00:41:58.920 --> 00:42:03.600 Vanessa: Off and when people are scared they dig in and hold on to their beliefs even tighter.

00:42:04.200 --> 00:42:18.600 Vanessa: So I think it's you know it's it's hard, right. Like, you definitely are going to help a lot of the population by education. We always believe like education is good in health care, but to try to like shock people into good behavior. I think in the long term.

00:42:19.710 --> 00:42:30.390 Vanessa: Has questionable results. I think here in Connecticut were super lucky right we have resources we have lots of universities. So we have lots of education.

00:42:31.920 --> 00:42:42.750 Vanessa: I think one of the things that struck me most recently, I have one child and independent school and one child in a public school. And when I walked my daughter to her public school like

00:42:43.890 --> 00:42:51.150 Vanessa: It was overwhelming the amount of love and caring right like everybody came with their math parents were walking their kids in with math.

00:42:51.720 --> 00:43:03.360 Vanessa: And it's really. It was just amazing how much right people had obviously listened to, like you said, David that education and are trying to do everything that they can to make

00:43:03.780 --> 00:43:17.340 Vanessa: Not only Stanford, but their children safe, like, you know what I mean, like, That's amazing that you could get that many people to follow directions to go every other day, like we're doing a Stanford and to pay attention. Like, that's an amazing community effort.

00:43:18.690 --> 00:43:20.880 Antonia: But I do like that like

00:43:20.910 --> 00:43:23.610 Antonia: You would talk David like don't drink and drive like those kinds of

00:43:23.610 --> 00:43:25.530 Vanessa: Campaigns, yep.

00:43:27.600 --> 00:43:28.230 Vanessa: So I just

00:43:28.500 --> 00:43:40.290 David: Right. So I think in this when you were walking your child to school. That's what Antonia and I were talking about earlier, that it's a community effort, you know, there was a guy on TV.

00:43:41.430 --> 00:43:49.380 David: Who said yes, wearing a mask is a pain in the neck, but it's at the most. It's a minor inconvenience.

00:43:49.800 --> 00:44:02.700 David: And so everybody but you know we hate it but you know you, but you don't have to wear when you walk into the store, and then it's what you want to get back into your car, you pull it off. And so, that's okay, but we're doing it for

00:44:02.730 --> 00:44:17.820 David: The common good and I think everyone in your community. That's what needs to be emphasized like yes we can get through this it we can act as a community. And I think that's what's missing in our leadership. I mean, obviously.

00:44:18.090 --> 00:44:23.040 Antonia: I want you to to hang tight because we're not done with this conversation and get ready to take one more break

00:44:23.040 --> 00:44:25.530 Antonia: So you're listening to Antonia and so now you know

00:44:25.740 --> 00:44:27.540 Antonia: And we'll be right back. David and Vanessa.

00:45:35.970 --> 00:45:37.560 David: That's the conscious consultant our

00:46:16.260 --> 00:46:18.270 David: So we're back. It's Antonia on so now you

00:46:18.270 --> 00:46:20.970 Antonia: Know, and we're just talking about coven and the

00:46:20.970 --> 00:46:32.490 Antonia: reopening of our, our schools that have been happening over the last week and we have a good friend of mine, Dave. Edmunds from where I grew up, down in Rhode Island, and then I have a good buddy. Dr. Vanessa Brown, who

00:46:33.630 --> 00:46:36.330 Antonia: Practice here in Connecticut.

00:46:36.360 --> 00:46:38.070 Antonia: An emergency room doctor and

00:46:38.070 --> 00:46:40.410 Antonia: Is now working more with the JD I'm

00:46:40.740 --> 00:46:50.730 Antonia: As an attorney, so I'm excited to have both of you here, and I want to get your both perspectives of and we talked a little bit about this like there is this

00:46:51.540 --> 00:47:00.330 Antonia: Might be a vaccine coming up are coming out soon. And so, Vanessa, from the medical side how. So do you think people would be willing to

00:47:00.330 --> 00:47:01.620 Vanessa: Take that vaccine because

00:47:01.950 --> 00:47:05.130 Antonia: We talked about people who don't want a flu shot people who take and say,

00:47:05.130 --> 00:47:06.930 Antonia: Oh, I took the flu shot and then I got the flu.

00:47:06.930 --> 00:47:11.700 Antonia: Shot. What do you anticipate will be some of the barriers for people to go get that vaccine.

00:47:13.470 --> 00:47:20.070 Vanessa: I think the barriers, just like David had mentioned earlier is education right

00:47:21.840 --> 00:47:37.860 Vanessa: But I think there's always like a part of the population who are sort of eager beavers right like so there there are vaccination trials ongoing there are people volunteering to be part of those vaccination trials.

00:47:39.900 --> 00:47:45.630 Vanessa: But then I think there's other part of, you know, other folks who sort of want to wait and see.

00:47:46.830 --> 00:47:47.340 Vanessa: You know,

00:47:48.360 --> 00:47:57.000 Vanessa: We, we have, you know, the flu vaccine that you know every year. It's hard to convince people to go ahead and take that so

00:47:58.950 --> 00:48:16.290 Vanessa: If you would suspect those same people may be hesitant to take a new vaccine that doesn't have, you know, the track record as like the mumps and measles rubella like the things were kind of more familiar with tetanus.

00:48:19.500 --> 00:48:26.160 Vanessa: And I think, I think the best thing we could do is be as transparent as possible and

00:48:27.330 --> 00:48:45.990 Vanessa: Speak to people in terms that they can understand about how the vaccine was made, how it was tested and just be like I said as honest and transparent and I think that's going to maximize the number of people willing to take the vaccine.

00:48:47.250 --> 00:48:51.060 Antonia: What do you think, David, are you running out to get it or what, what would be your hesitation.

00:48:53.970 --> 00:49:00.450 David: So I, I love talking to doctors because I think it's always very interesting and how

00:49:02.100 --> 00:49:10.260 David: They're so even keeled like you just hear it in your friends voice like she was like, Oh, here's what's going to happen. Some people will take. And I'm like, why would you not take it.

00:49:10.770 --> 00:49:19.350 David: Divided like we just before she got on the phone. We were talking about someone in New York City at 25th had a double lung transplant.

00:49:19.620 --> 00:49:28.860 David: And you're talking about some people don't want to, or or and other people are losing their sense of taste and smell in definitely like the long haulers

00:49:29.160 --> 00:49:35.280 David: There was an article I think just the New York Times couple days ago, this woman said, I saw, I still don't have a sense of taste or smell.

00:49:35.700 --> 00:49:45.960 David: I can imagine that that would really be awful. I mean, that'd be almost that's really terrible. So you're telling me that he given that you don't want to take up the vaccination like really

00:49:46.920 --> 00:49:48.600 David: There's a lot of distrust in

00:49:48.600 --> 00:49:54.720 Antonia: The in the medical I want, I guess. I don't know if it's the right way to say that there's a lot of trust or distrust of medical

00:49:55.020 --> 00:49:56.940 David: Or science, but I like

00:49:57.480 --> 00:49:59.310 Antonia: Going on. What about its

00:49:59.370 --> 00:50:00.420 Antonia: Its leadership.

00:50:00.990 --> 00:50:02.550 Antonia: It's, it's how it comes out.

00:50:02.550 --> 00:50:08.550 David: Right, well, everything is intersecting so i i think that there is been

00:50:10.470 --> 00:50:17.190 David: There for quite for a while there has been a resistance for people to take any sort of

00:50:17.580 --> 00:50:26.460 David: People like are you know are studying. They go online and they find out some nonsense. That's not scientifically proven

00:50:26.850 --> 00:50:36.810 David: That vaccines are bad. And so they're not having they're not giving the children vaccines and which is so that's been going on for a while and it's very interesting to

00:50:37.560 --> 00:50:55.140 David: The demographic that the people who are not vaccinating their children for things that you, that we would take for granted. So that's sort of interest that's coming into it. That's intersecting with now just deadly pandemic. And so, yes, there will be

00:50:55.140 --> 00:51:01.560 David: People, right. So, there will be people are not going to take it because they were the anti vaccine people all along.

00:51:02.610 --> 00:51:06.840 David: So, so how do you think our black our community as African Americans.

00:51:06.870 --> 00:51:16.320 Antonia: How, what do you sense are how willingness our community will be to go do get the vaccine right away, as opposed to waiting

00:51:19.980 --> 00:51:31.230 Vanessa: Mean I think that's an excellent question. I think I've been really impressed with the mobilization of the black and brown communities around code and the

00:51:32.190 --> 00:51:48.270 Vanessa: Critical Thinking and decision making that folks that I know are making with respect to whether or not they're going to keep their kids home if they have an option of homeschooling versus hybrid versus 100% interest in or, you know, virtual

00:51:50.640 --> 00:51:56.160 Vanessa: I think, you know, with our history with the medical profession, I think.

00:51:58.650 --> 00:52:06.600 Vanessa: It's going to be a challenge, right, because we have health disparities for a reason. And so you would think that

00:52:07.650 --> 00:52:17.070 Vanessa: If we had done as a country, sort of, right by the black community with regard to education for diabetes and hypertension and obesity.

00:52:17.520 --> 00:52:25.710 Vanessa: All these things that sort of plague our community. If we had responded, sort of, quote unquote correctly to those things, I think,

00:52:26.070 --> 00:52:34.050 Vanessa: There would be a lot more sort of trust in Western medicine and trust for a new vaccine and trust for which way to go with coven

00:52:34.440 --> 00:52:42.570 Vanessa: But I think that there were a lot of disparities before covert hit at that coven just exacerbated

00:52:43.110 --> 00:52:51.090 Vanessa: And so there were things that really needed to be addressed fire to cove ID. And I don't know that code is going to make them.

00:52:51.450 --> 00:53:05.520 Vanessa: Addressed more so. And, and I think people know that. And so I think those prior issues have to be addressed before we can expect people to sort of move forward and, you know, you know, take everything

00:53:08.790 --> 00:53:11.610 Vanessa: Just add somebody word at this point.

00:53:12.330 --> 00:53:14.190 Vanessa: I, I, I totally

00:53:14.610 --> 00:53:19.440 Antonia: agree with that. But then I also have. I also think about you know where we are being

00:53:20.070 --> 00:53:21.360 Antonia: Affected by this more

00:53:21.360 --> 00:53:23.370 Antonia: So right, our numbers as far as

00:53:23.700 --> 00:53:24.930 Antonia: The numbers of black folks that

00:53:24.930 --> 00:53:37.380 Antonia: Are passing away from this is so high that it's almost like I feel like time is ticking. Like if a vaccine comes out and we're looking at the death rate and especially if we we have a second round of this

00:53:39.090 --> 00:53:41.760 Antonia: That do we have enough time to educate our community to

00:53:41.820 --> 00:53:43.290 Vanessa: To to build the trust.

00:53:43.590 --> 00:53:50.160 Antonia: To take this vaccine, whereas our numbers are just going to keep going higher and higher because that the underlining

00:53:51.510 --> 00:53:57.030 Antonia: The underlining illnesses that our community is played by that you talked about that's going to take some time to fix that heart.

00:53:57.060 --> 00:53:57.600 Vanessa: Right.

00:53:58.320 --> 00:53:59.640 Antonia: To that to that inequity.

00:54:01.230 --> 00:54:02.250 Vanessa: So, um,

00:54:02.790 --> 00:54:13.290 Antonia: I want to take. What do you guys think, what do you think as far as schools. I know a lot of universities, you've seen there have been shutting down Vanessa, do you have a sense of how long you think our public schools will be open.

00:54:16.440 --> 00:54:30.990 Vanessa: I think I mean I think it's tough to tell only because I think in Connecticut, and especially like here in Fairfield County. We're so lucky. And I think we're different in some respects from other communities because we have

00:54:32.490 --> 00:54:41.190 Vanessa: Right, we, we were hit card early. So we believe that covert is real. And so we're willing to take the precautions.

00:54:42.570 --> 00:54:50.760 Vanessa: Necessary. And so with that, we've kept our overall levels of covert fairly low so

00:54:52.050 --> 00:55:10.320 Vanessa: And we've got a lot of smart people, problem solving at sort of like a high level, right. So, all those things for us, you know, preps us up for success. I think, more so than how they're doing in other states like you think of Louisiana, like you said, Alabama, Florida.

00:55:12.120 --> 00:55:17.400 Vanessa: We've just had great leadership and great community effort and so

00:55:19.380 --> 00:55:29.850 Vanessa: I'm optimistic, you know i i like i said i have a kid in public school and I predicted an independent school and both schools have different plans.

00:55:30.390 --> 00:55:39.930 Vanessa: But like I said, there's a lot of right answers. And I think they both got right answers. And I'm willing to keep my kids in school, as long as it's safe.

00:55:41.010 --> 00:55:47.010 Antonia: David, I mean, we both kind of come from party schools, what do you, what do you think about UVA undergrad.

00:55:47.460 --> 00:55:51.540 Antonia: How long do you think the Scott the colonies able to keep this at bay.

00:55:52.830 --> 00:55:53.700 Antonia: So,

00:55:54.420 --> 00:56:01.290 David: So generally, I so I think generally I'm a positive person, but I think also practically

00:56:02.220 --> 00:56:09.420 David: When this when the virus first head in early spring, we were told that there would be a second wave

00:56:09.960 --> 00:56:16.590 David: And so we've seen that actually now in Spain. So both Spain and Italy. They were hit hard

00:56:17.010 --> 00:56:28.980 David: Then they, they, you know, had really draconian. They were like, You cannot even leave your apartment. And so the numbers went way down and now in September, they're picking back up so

00:56:29.520 --> 00:56:34.530 David: So those countries after really cutting it down. They are now experiencing their second wave

00:56:35.010 --> 00:56:42.450 David: The United States with has been left successful. And so we haven't even finished our first wave. And so to me it's just inevitable that

00:56:42.840 --> 00:56:51.870 David: That eventually everyone's gonna have to come home from college like like in North Carolina Chapel Hill be when they came back to school. A week later, they closed.

00:56:52.980 --> 00:56:54.660 Antonia: So we are all going to keep

00:56:54.660 --> 00:56:59.940 Antonia: Praying and hoping good positive thoughts, and I thank you David and Vanessa. So

00:56:59.940 --> 00:57:01.860 Antonia: Much for joining us today and give us the

00:57:02.160 --> 00:57:08.640 Antonia: Giving the insight, because I think sometimes we just have to bring it down just have these very simple conversations with our friends and family.

00:57:08.970 --> 00:57:17.010 Antonia: And stay in our lane to protect each other. And like we said before having that social compact in our community that if I take care of myself. I'm also taking

00:57:17.010 --> 00:57:17.880 Vanessa: Care of my neighbor.

00:57:18.060 --> 00:57:19.110 Antonia: So, as I say, every

00:57:19.110 --> 00:57:21.810 Antonia: Week. Everybody wear your mask, keep those six feet.

00:57:22.140 --> 00:57:22.680 David: Away.

00:57:23.070 --> 00:57:27.180 Antonia: Take your precautions, as David said, you know, be that walking commercial

00:57:27.660 --> 00:57:29.700 Antonia: Through town and as Vanessa and

00:57:29.730 --> 00:57:34.650 Antonia: educating people on ways that they can do preventative things to keep themselves happy.

00:57:34.680 --> 00:57:35.580 Antonia: And healthy

00:57:35.850 --> 00:57:40.680 Antonia: And we will take it one day at a time. So again, thank you, the both of you for joining our show.

00:57:41.100 --> 00:57:42.150 Antonia: It's the interview.

00:57:42.180 --> 00:57:43.170 Antonia: So now you know

00:57:43.620 --> 00:57:44.580 Vanessa: Awesome. Yeah.

00:57:44.820 --> 00:57:48.660 Antonia: We'll definitely have to get back together again and I will see everybody

00:57:48.660 --> 00:57:50.790 Antonia: Next week, Thursday, at five o'clock for so

00:57:50.790 --> 00:57:53.670 Antonia: Now, you know, you can always visit talk radio dot NYC to

00:57:53.670 --> 00:57:55.200 Antonia: Catch the whole show or some other

00:57:55.500 --> 00:58:01.380 Antonia: Previous shows. And again, six feet away, wear that mask.

00:58:02.790 --> 00:58:05.160 David: Thank you, Antonio, good night you guys so much.

00:58:05.370 --> 00:58:07.140 Vanessa: For joining us tonight night.