Voices of Courage

Thursday, September 10, 2020

2020/09/10 - The Courage to Express Your Brilliance and Change the World

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Express Your Brilliance and Change the World

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Piera Van de Wiel, a singer-songwriter and actor passionate about social impact and storytelling, J.T. Madicus, a novelist, filmmaker, and medical activist who advocates for modern solutions to the problems facing our world, and Laureen Asseo, the 29-year-old CEO/Founder of the United States’ largest organic meal delivery company, Fresh n’ Lean, to discuss tapping into our inner brilliance in order to be a changemaker and make a difference in the world.

Segment 1

In this segment, Ken opens up with what topics will be discussed on today’s episode. He briefly introduces his three guests: Piera Van de Wiel, J.T. Madicus, & Laureen Asseo. All of the guests have done service for humanity.  

Segment 2

Ken’s first guest, Piera Van de Wiel comes onto the show. Piera talks about her single, “Used,” and how she released it around mental health awareness month. She also talks about how she makes music to spread awareness about domestic abuse. She wrote a song called, “Come Back Home,” after Hurricane Dorian hit.

Segment 3

Ken’s next guest, J.T. Madicus comes on. J.T. explains how he got into writing medical novels. He originally sold pharmaceuticals drugs but decided to move away from the career. He gives tips on how to treat patients. It all starts by finding the diagnosis. Once you find the diagnosis, then you can begin the treatment.


Segment 4

In this segment, J.T. & Ken continue their conversation on mental health and the medical field. J.T. talks about how he tries to make it easier for medical students to learn. Since it’s just an exam and long lectures for most of them. He tries to make the atmosphere fun & comfortable for his students. The conversation transitions to the topic about J.T.’s new movie. His film will come later this year. To get J.T.’s novel, head over to! 

Segment 5

In this last segment, Ken introduces his last guest, Laureen Asseo. She discusses how she started her business. She started her business at 18, inspired by her dad who had health problems. Ken asked her what message she would give to the world. She says, “We’re stronger together.” If you would like to order meals from Laureen’s company.