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Thursday, September 3, 2020
Facebook Live Video from 2020/09/03 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs


2020/09/03 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs

[NEW EPISODE] Releasing Limiting Beliefs

This week, it's just you and Sam as he dives into the topic of Releasing Limiting Beliefs.

We all have them. Those sneaky little beliefs that keep us from greater wellness, greater happiness, and greater prosperity.. Yes they are so ubiquitous and so ingrained, we rarely even notice them.

This week I will take you through how to spot them, how to deal with them, and how to move past them so you can feel better, live better, and be better in your life! 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam reads off his quotes of the day. Sam discusses his wife’s current condition and the challenges you face watching someone struggle. He talks about accepting and living into your vulnerability and fear in your life. We can align ourselves up with more peace, joy and prosperity. When we focus on things that lift us up in our lives, we feel healthier. It is not always about what is happening in front of us, but what is happening inside of us.

Segment 2

The topic this week is Releasing Limiting Beliefs. Everyone has an upper limit of how comfortable we are feeling good. It is not specific to one specific part of life it is about life in general. As children, we don’t necessarily have this but as we age we develop a fear of feeling good. There is a mental program that something bad always has to follow something good, and we can’t feel good forever. Why not? Why can’t we feel good in our relationships, career, health, and friendships. It is important to pay attention to where we stop ourselves from feeling good. Sam does not believe you need to know the “why” to our limiting beliefs. This doesn’t mean we ignore trauma that is causing limiting beliefs, but it is about helping the body to re-regulate itself and let it go. People lose their magic when they reach their upper limit. All limiting beliefs in one way or another come back to how good we allow ourselves to feel about ourselves. 

Segment 3

Sam discusses his book “Everyday Awakening.” Everything that stops us from moving forward in our life are things that make us feel better. It feels good to have the strength to help people who need it. Any time we come upon a limit and stop ourselves from growing and expanding, it is because we have reached our capacity for feeling good. The people who have more wonderful stuff in their lives appear to be feeling good for more time. If you feel joyful and happy, good things will come. How do we release our limiting beliefs? We have to practice feeling good throughout our lives. It comes down to one thing, self care. Self care is not sitting around on the couch and doing nothing. Self care is doing the things that are in our best interests. It is a physical act of saying we love and care about ourselves. Our limiting beliefs will start to dissolve when we practice allowing ourselves to feel good. 

Segment 4

Our limiting beliefs are really just our capacity for how good we can feel in our lives. When we can increase our capacity to just feel good, we can move past our limiting beliefs. Self care is important. We can’t fool our mind into loving ourselves. We have to actively take care of ourselves in order to truly believe that we love ourselves. Our nervous system was made to survive, and the challenge is overcoming that innate behavior. We can show our nervous system it is OK to feel good, that there is no danger. It is OK to take baby steps and only do one thing at a time to show that you love yourself. Start with what you know you can do. The homework assignment for this week is to notice the length of time you can feel good. When you start to reach that upper limit, figure out what you can do to push it a little bit more.


00:00:42.930 --> 00:01:00.510 Sam Liebowitz: Good afternoon, and make conscious co creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and I am very, very pleased that you were all here with me today. This is

00:01:01.530 --> 00:01:10.950 Sam Liebowitz: Was in for those of you who saw the talk radio newsletter and I had had a an author and listed, who is supposed to come on the show, but

00:01:11.250 --> 00:01:23.880 Sam Liebowitz: Unfortunately, you know, we had planned this out a long time ago and he couldn't make it this week. So what does that mean that means you get me for the whole hour and I know

00:01:24.750 --> 00:01:39.840 Sam Liebowitz: You like these kinds of shows have gotten so much feedback from everybody about how much you enjoy when it's just me and you. So it's your treat this week we're doing it which actually you know when when I think about it.

00:01:41.010 --> 00:01:50.190 Sam Liebowitz: I actually snuck in kind of last week's show which was a very special show. And if you haven't heard it or seen it, you definitely want to check out

00:01:51.000 --> 00:02:05.610 Sam Liebowitz: Our moment of choice, which is the show I did last week with such amazing, amazing GUESTS JOHN Perkins Lynne McTaggart doctors Deseret and JJ her attack. They're all

00:02:07.110 --> 00:02:21.480 Sam Liebowitz: Very popular authors and teachers and and have a really to me like the leading edge of thought leadership in the transformational space. And it was such an honor to have them all on along with

00:02:22.020 --> 00:02:38.280 Sam Liebowitz: Deborah mole Tao, who is one of the editors of the book, our moment of choice and please check it out. You can get it on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and actually, if you go to our moment of choice calm you actually if you buy the book you'll get a bunch of free

00:02:40.980 --> 00:02:42.990 Sam Liebowitz: extra stuff that they're giving out with it.

00:02:44.160 --> 00:02:45.780 Sam Liebowitz: So if you

00:02:46.800 --> 00:02:57.210 Sam Liebowitz: didn't listen to the show. Go to talk radio. Excuse me. Oh, if you didn't listen to the show last week, please go to talk radio dot NYC.

00:02:57.540 --> 00:03:04.890 Sam Liebowitz: And go to shows and the conscious consultant hour and you'll see it listed there. Actually, you'll probably see it on the homepage. But depends when you're listening to this.

00:03:05.610 --> 00:03:15.240 Sam Liebowitz: But definitely check it out. It was a wonderful, wonderful show and I was thrilled to have such luminaries on the show with me and we'll see maybe develop into something more.

00:03:16.410 --> 00:03:28.560 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, so let's get started today with our quotes of the day from Mike Dooley in the universe and from Abraham to kick us off. Let's see what the universe has in store for us today.

00:03:29.070 --> 00:03:48.060 Sam Liebowitz: First from the universe score your fears are aiming your confidence is rising and proof that I exist can now be felt in your touched by loved ones found in your smile by friends and seen in your continents by strangers.

00:03:48.630 --> 00:04:06.120 Sam Liebowitz: Everything for you will now begin getting easier happier and disappear, giving new meaning to the adage be the ball, the universe. We love our quotes from Mike Dooley in the universe. I think today.

00:04:08.370 --> 00:04:10.230 Sam Liebowitz: reminding us that

00:04:11.700 --> 00:04:14.220 Sam Liebowitz: Every day is an opportunity

00:04:15.300 --> 00:04:17.010 Sam Liebowitz: For us to

00:04:19.200 --> 00:04:30.090 Sam Liebowitz: Be more confident that there is something more to this world than just what we can see, smell, taste, and touch.

00:04:32.040 --> 00:04:34.860 Sam Liebowitz: And the evidence for that.

00:04:36.090 --> 00:04:38.640 Sam Liebowitz: Is what we feel inside

00:04:40.830 --> 00:04:42.780 Sam Liebowitz: When we're with somebody, we'd love

00:04:44.910 --> 00:04:48.360 Sam Liebowitz: When we connect with a friend, whether it's in person or virtually

00:04:51.120 --> 00:04:59.970 Sam Liebowitz: And how should we come upon a stranger, and we just notice them look at them smile at them.

00:05:01.290 --> 00:05:02.640 Sam Liebowitz: Socially distance, of course.

00:05:05.850 --> 00:05:12.330 Sam Liebowitz: Act, there's a certain energy, there's a certain something that we feel inside

00:05:15.540 --> 00:05:18.120 Sam Liebowitz: That lifts us up that lifts them up.

00:05:19.320 --> 00:05:34.200 Sam Liebowitz: There's a certain connection that's being made that we feel that it's not just about our physical senses. That's not something we can quantify. You can qualify

00:05:35.640 --> 00:05:41.340 Sam Liebowitz: It's something beyond our perception. It's something be on the physical matter.

00:05:43.980 --> 00:05:45.810 Sam Liebowitz: And that's something really

00:05:47.070 --> 00:05:56.580 Sam Liebowitz: Is a little breadcrumb. It's a little indication. It's a little something to show us that there's more to life.

00:05:57.870 --> 00:05:59.790 Sam Liebowitz: Than what we touch.

00:06:02.700 --> 00:06:13.380 Sam Liebowitz: And so the more we get to see just these little indications and they can be very subtle. So we really have to pay attention, but when we do pay attention.

00:06:14.640 --> 00:06:16.830 Sam Liebowitz: They give us that confidence.

00:06:17.910 --> 00:06:20.970 Sam Liebowitz: That there's something a little bit more to all of this.

00:06:22.830 --> 00:06:23.250 Sam Liebowitz: And

00:06:24.420 --> 00:06:36.960 Sam Liebowitz: Many of you know that I always say the quotes are so appropriate especially when I'm bringing on a guest for what the topic happens to be that day. And because there's no guest today.

00:06:38.520 --> 00:06:45.000 Sam Liebowitz: I actually know that these quotes are for me. And the reason why I know this is because a very

00:06:46.020 --> 00:06:52.320 Sam Liebowitz: close friend of mine and my wife's is in the hospital right now. And she has lung cancer and she's dying.

00:06:54.420 --> 00:07:01.710 Sam Liebowitz: And it's not easy. My wife I unfortunately haven't had time to go there. I'll go there either later today or tomorrow.

00:07:03.690 --> 00:07:06.900 Sam Liebowitz: But she's in a lot of discomfort.

00:07:09.000 --> 00:07:14.220 Sam Liebowitz: And my wife said she overheard, one of the nurses saying that she's not dying well

00:07:15.660 --> 00:07:22.860 Sam Liebowitz: And when you're faced with seeing somebody suffer and struggle like that it's not always easy.

00:07:24.600 --> 00:07:29.040 Sam Liebowitz: And so this quote in particular I know is, is for me.

00:07:30.990 --> 00:07:31.560 Sam Liebowitz: So,

00:07:32.880 --> 00:07:45.690 Sam Liebowitz: Let's look for those little breadcrumbs, those little indication is that life is more than just what we perceive. Okay. And I think this is something these days.

00:07:48.750 --> 00:07:50.580 Sam Liebowitz: Are helpful for everybody.

00:07:53.040 --> 00:08:07.230 Sam Liebowitz: Especially in the current environment. There's so many people out there, experiencing loss finding some bit of comfort is is is always so helpful. Okay, so that was from the universe. Let's see what Abraham has for us today.

00:08:08.400 --> 00:08:18.390 Sam Liebowitz: It does not matter whether you're living in a country where there are some frequent terrorist attacks or in a country where there are random acts of violence.

00:08:19.020 --> 00:08:30.780 Sam Liebowitz: It does not matter what the culture is, it is only the feeling of vulnerability that ever put you into a vibrational harmony with that which you fear.

00:08:31.680 --> 00:08:44.010 Sam Liebowitz: When you realize that by working to achieve your feeling of well being. It is then impossible for you to ever rendezvous with anything other than well being.

00:08:44.640 --> 00:08:57.360 Sam Liebowitz: That is the only place that freedom will ever be Abraham very interesting quote I don't think I've ever seen this one before. And what Abraham is saying here.

00:08:58.920 --> 00:09:01.950 Sam Liebowitz: Is, you know, it's not really about the environment.

00:09:04.050 --> 00:09:06.660 Sam Liebowitz: It's not really about

00:09:08.520 --> 00:09:20.430 Sam Liebowitz: You know, our circumstances. It's really about where are we, leaning towards where are we moving towards

00:09:22.800 --> 00:09:25.470 Sam Liebowitz: What is it that we're looking to experience.

00:09:28.500 --> 00:09:29.250 Sam Liebowitz: And that

00:09:31.020 --> 00:09:36.030 Sam Liebowitz: The more we can realize and again this relates back to the first quote, so, so much. Well,

00:09:37.440 --> 00:09:39.960 Sam Liebowitz: That as we realize, more and more

00:09:41.760 --> 00:09:43.890 Sam Liebowitz: That we are spirits in a physical body.

00:09:45.000 --> 00:09:47.790 Sam Liebowitz: And that even in this physical body. We are spirits.

00:09:49.050 --> 00:09:54.090 Sam Liebowitz: That part of our experiences this physical experience because we're so much more. And so much greater

00:09:56.280 --> 00:09:58.830 Sam Liebowitz: And the more we will remember that.

00:10:00.420 --> 00:10:04.380 Sam Liebowitz: The more we move away from fear and vulnerability

00:10:06.240 --> 00:10:20.430 Sam Liebowitz: Now this is not to say that we don't feel pain. This is not to say that we don't struggle. Of course we do. We're human beings, we feel pain. We struggle and we suffer. It's part of life.

00:10:22.530 --> 00:10:31.500 Sam Liebowitz: Yet, the more we can really integrate into our daily operating system.

00:10:32.970 --> 00:10:39.180 Sam Liebowitz: That what we truly are deep inside, not even so deep inside, but what we truly are.

00:10:40.290 --> 00:10:43.590 Sam Liebowitz: Is so much more than just this physical body.

00:10:46.920 --> 00:10:47.940 Sam Liebowitz: Fat then

00:10:49.590 --> 00:10:53.820 Sam Liebowitz: We can perhaps let go of this feeling of vulnerability

00:10:54.840 --> 00:10:57.660 Sam Liebowitz: That we're vulnerable to

00:10:59.760 --> 00:11:07.320 Sam Liebowitz: Situations around us. We're vulnerable to our environment we're vulnerable to disease. We're vulnerable to all these things.

00:11:09.960 --> 00:11:11.880 Sam Liebowitz: Because it's only in

00:11:13.740 --> 00:11:28.500 Sam Liebowitz: Accepting and living into that vulnerability living into that fear that we really open ourselves up to it and we match up with the fear and then we feel it more. And then we we

00:11:30.120 --> 00:11:32.670 Sam Liebowitz: Are more susceptible to those things that happen.

00:11:34.770 --> 00:11:41.460 Sam Liebowitz: Yet if we line ourselves up with the fact that we are eternal beings.

00:11:42.540 --> 00:11:46.470 Sam Liebowitz: And part of that eternal. This is having this physical experience.

00:11:47.940 --> 00:11:52.650 Sam Liebowitz: And that our souls are actually not vulnerable at all.

00:11:54.810 --> 00:12:02.880 Sam Liebowitz: But then we sort of can move past. These are external circumstances.

00:12:04.470 --> 00:12:12.630 Sam Liebowitz: Whether we're living in a country that's torn by civil war and bloodshed terrorism pandemics.

00:12:14.520 --> 00:12:16.140 Sam Liebowitz: That there's so much more

00:12:18.450 --> 00:12:28.380 Sam Liebowitz: And that it's really all about our alignment are lining up our heart, mind, body, spirit, our energy

00:12:31.320 --> 00:12:44.880 Sam Liebowitz: With the fact that we are spiritual beings and that we are profoundly capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and that we can

00:12:47.370 --> 00:12:53.100 Sam Liebowitz: Perhaps not create is not the right word, but we can line ourselves up with

00:12:54.300 --> 00:12:57.990 Sam Liebowitz: More peace, more joy more prosperity.

00:12:59.970 --> 00:13:01.860 Sam Liebowitz: More love in our lives.

00:13:03.210 --> 00:13:03.870 Sam Liebowitz: And that

00:13:05.430 --> 00:13:07.230 Sam Liebowitz: It's really about

00:13:09.210 --> 00:13:11.160 Sam Liebowitz: Where are we giving our energy to

00:13:12.510 --> 00:13:30.660 Sam Liebowitz: What are we connecting to are we connecting to fear, are we connecting to anger, are we connecting to betrayal, or are we connecting to the beauty of the world to nature to our hearts.

00:13:32.550 --> 00:13:35.910 Sam Liebowitz: All that is to love to connection.

00:13:37.020 --> 00:13:38.190 Sam Liebowitz: To community.

00:13:42.120 --> 00:13:59.280 Sam Liebowitz: And when we focus upon those things that really light us up in our lives that help us to feel supported that lift us up more we line up with those things, the more freedom we feel

00:14:00.390 --> 00:14:05.640 Sam Liebowitz: The more well being, we feel the more health we experience.

00:14:09.090 --> 00:14:12.390 Sam Liebowitz: And the less likely we are

00:14:13.860 --> 00:14:18.000 Sam Liebowitz: Even if we're in a place where there's a lot of violence around us.

00:14:19.080 --> 00:14:22.680 Sam Liebowitz: We can find a way to avoid it.

00:14:24.090 --> 00:14:31.620 Sam Liebowitz: But an old teacher of mine used to say there are no safe places in the world, there are only safe people

00:14:33.570 --> 00:14:45.540 Sam Liebowitz: And I really believe that's true because no matter where you are, there's always the possibility of something going wrong of something happening that

00:14:47.730 --> 00:14:48.840 Sam Liebowitz: hurts us

00:14:50.400 --> 00:14:56.010 Sam Liebowitz: And it could be right outside your home. It could be in your home. It could be while you're traveling can be anywhere.

00:15:00.060 --> 00:15:03.210 Sam Liebowitz: And if we're lined up with

00:15:05.370 --> 00:15:22.320 Sam Liebowitz: Being joyful being connected being loving I truly, truly believe we're less likely to actually encounter. Those things are energy just does not resonate and does not attract and does not get pulled together with those things.

00:15:24.810 --> 00:15:31.590 Sam Liebowitz: And if something does happen, because there are no absolutes that I have seen in this world.

00:15:33.060 --> 00:15:46.410 Sam Liebowitz: So we can be the most joyful happy tapped into an in aligned person does that mean we won't experience loss. Of course not. Does that mean you know we won't feel pain. Of course not.

00:15:50.370 --> 00:15:59.040 Sam Liebowitz: Yet what I have seen over and over again from people who are aligned in that way that when some big challenge. Some when some big thing happens to them.

00:16:00.450 --> 00:16:10.110 Sam Liebowitz: Somehow they get through it and then on the other side are such gifts are such experiences are just things that they never imagined.

00:16:11.940 --> 00:16:16.440 Sam Liebowitz: And it can be from some of the worst experiences to some of the best experiences.

00:16:18.390 --> 00:16:20.190 Sam Liebowitz: So it's not always about

00:16:22.410 --> 00:16:32.250 Sam Liebowitz: You what what's happening right in front of us. It's about what's happening inside of us yet what happens inside of us.

00:16:33.600 --> 00:16:42.060 Sam Liebowitz: Definitely has an effect on what happens outside of us, so two wonderful, amazing.

00:16:43.440 --> 00:16:54.780 Sam Liebowitz: very apropos for me quotes from the universe and from Abraham today. I hope you enjoyed them will of course have more next week as we always do. And these are the ones that I did pick out

00:16:55.350 --> 00:17:04.800 Sam Liebowitz: That did come into the my inbox this morning. So when we come back from this break we're going to get into our topic of the day, which is all about.

00:17:05.940 --> 00:17:15.780 Sam Liebowitz: limiting beliefs, recognizing them working around them and releasing them getting past them.

00:17:16.890 --> 00:17:23.100 Sam Liebowitz: And I'll explain why I chose this topic today when we come back and

00:17:23.640 --> 00:17:33.120 Sam Liebowitz: And I absolutely you know I'm on the Facebook Live if you're listening. If you have questions around this comments. I see. Patty loyalists there Patty, thank you so much.

00:17:33.810 --> 00:17:48.180 Sam Liebowitz: For your comments and thank you for your well wishes and I will be paying attention to the Facebook Live all throughout the show. So please ask me questions, talk to me. Let me know what you would like to know. So we're going to take this quick break.

00:17:49.230 --> 00:17:57.000 Sam Liebowitz: And we will be right. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we will be right back after these messages.

00:20:04.710 --> 00:20:24.090 Sam Liebowitz: Welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity we do this live every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm eastern time right here on talk radio dot NYC on facebook live on the different pages that I run the conscious consultant talk radio in YC inspired thoughts.

00:20:25.560 --> 00:20:31.200 Sam Liebowitz: All over the place and I try and spread it out to to touch as many people's lives and

00:20:32.070 --> 00:20:45.120 Sam Liebowitz: I know when it's just me. I know it's a little bit more obvious. So I just want to just give you a little behind the scenes peek about why it looks like I'm looking off to the side and looking down to stuff throughout the show because

00:20:46.350 --> 00:20:53.850 Sam Liebowitz: Since I'm doing this at home. I am engineering my own show, and I have two monitors. I have my laptop and the monitor on the side.

00:20:54.780 --> 00:21:02.070 Sam Liebowitz: And so I'm playing the music. I have to delete the files after they play. I have to, you know, click on different things so

00:21:02.580 --> 00:21:12.030 Sam Liebowitz: I looks like I'm being distracted. I'm doing different stuff and I am because I'm actually very much multitasking. Because when I'm doing this on my own.

00:21:12.540 --> 00:21:27.300 Sam Liebowitz: In my own home. I don't have anybody else to do this for me. And once we do, you know, once the pandemic is over and things are safe and we're back in studio. I'll have an engineer coming in and it'll be a lot more

00:21:28.860 --> 00:21:35.370 Sam Liebowitz: I'll be a lot more there and you'll see me. Okay, so our topic today is

00:21:36.420 --> 00:21:44.580 Sam Liebowitz: Releasing our limiting beliefs and why did I decide to choose this topic today and my inspiration for this comes from a book.

00:21:45.060 --> 00:21:56.460 Sam Liebowitz: And I have a wonderful, wonderful business coach by the name of Monique block CEO who I've had on the show. Earlier this year I had her back on and shortly after the lockdown. I think in April, I had her on

00:21:57.090 --> 00:22:02.520 Sam Liebowitz: And she's a wonderful, wonderful business coach and I love her dearly. She's based out of Germany.

00:22:02.970 --> 00:22:12.690 Sam Liebowitz: And she sent me a present of a book and it was this one. The big leap by gay. Hendricks, and I've just started reading it. I just got through the first chapter.

00:22:13.200 --> 00:22:16.140 Sam Liebowitz: But I was quite fascinated with His premise.

00:22:16.740 --> 00:22:27.480 Sam Liebowitz: And I really thought I would share that and I haven't gotten through the whole thing. So I don't know his whole process. I don't know everything about it but just from what I've read so far. And what I've got about it.

00:22:28.170 --> 00:22:37.200 Sam Liebowitz: I thought it was quite interesting because it's just a way I haven't thought about how to recognize when we're limiting ourselves.

00:22:41.430 --> 00:22:44.760 Sam Liebowitz: And so one of the things that

00:22:45.840 --> 00:22:56.490 Sam Liebowitz: Basically starts off with is talking about how when, um, he, he was like feeling really good things were going really well.

00:22:57.330 --> 00:23:06.360 Sam Liebowitz: And and he was just sitting back he, you know, relaxing that really focusing on anything and his mind started to focus on all this negative stuff and

00:23:06.720 --> 00:23:15.840 Sam Liebowitz: All these things and he started having this kind of downward spiral. And he's like, what is going on things. So like so good, why should it be focused on all this negative stuff.

00:23:17.670 --> 00:23:37.230 Sam Liebowitz: And basically what his premises of the book. I'm not going to go to all the details, is that we have an upper limit everyone, everyone no matter what stage of life, where we are, except for maybe the most enlightened spiritual gurus out there. We all have an upper limit.

00:23:39.270 --> 00:23:41.940 Sam Liebowitz: Of how comfortable, we are feeling good.

00:23:43.560 --> 00:23:49.740 Sam Liebowitz: And it's like, and it's and it's not specific to any one aspect of life. It's about life in general.

00:23:51.390 --> 00:24:04.080 Sam Liebowitz: It's how much can we feel good about being a healthy right it's like we we exercise, we eat healthy meals. And we're doing that for a couple of weeks. A couple of months, however long it is.

00:24:04.680 --> 00:24:10.980 Sam Liebowitz: And then we binge for a week or two, we eat out a lot and we eat unhealthy food and we're doing all this stuff.

00:24:11.730 --> 00:24:22.890 Sam Liebowitz: Or maybe we have a wonderful relationship with our partner and things are going really well. And then we start doing stupid things and causing arguments and fighting with each other.

00:24:23.880 --> 00:24:37.050 Sam Liebowitz: Or maybe it's our business. Maybe our business is growing and we're making more money than we ever have before. Then suddenly we find ourselves sabotaging ourselves doing some making some poor decisions and then suddenly we're losing money.

00:24:39.180 --> 00:24:51.000 Sam Liebowitz: And so I thought this was really fascinating. And I understand it from the experiences that I have in the demonic work that I do that really your

00:24:52.800 --> 00:25:00.330 Sam Liebowitz: You know as children, we don't necessarily have this but but as we become adults, somehow we get this

00:25:02.190 --> 00:25:08.580 Sam Liebowitz: Fear of feeling good. We get this block to feeling good all the time.

00:25:10.980 --> 00:25:20.850 Sam Liebowitz: You know, is sort of like when people say oh FEELING REAL GOOD FOR A WHILE. Watch out some things coming. It's an immediate like mental programming.

00:25:21.240 --> 00:25:33.540 Sam Liebowitz: That something bad always has to follow something good, or that we can't feel good forever, that we can feel good, you know, all the time within all aspects of our life.

00:25:34.950 --> 00:25:54.000 Sam Liebowitz: And so my question would be why not, why can't we feel good in our relationships in our business in our careers in our health in our, in our connection to our community in our friendships. Why do we have a problem. Feeling good all the time.

00:25:56.400 --> 00:25:59.400 Sam Liebowitz: I don't necessarily have an answer to that.

00:26:00.990 --> 00:26:04.290 Sam Liebowitz: But it's just interesting to pay attention.

00:26:05.730 --> 00:26:07.650 Sam Liebowitz: To when and where

00:26:08.670 --> 00:26:10.860 Sam Liebowitz: We stop ourselves from feeling good.

00:26:13.200 --> 00:26:16.200 Sam Liebowitz: So if you feel good for a day.

00:26:18.060 --> 00:26:32.550 Sam Liebowitz: What happens the next day or if you've been feeling good all week long. What happens the next week or if let's say it's been a month or two months and you've just been feeling amazing, something happened to knock you off from that.

00:26:33.870 --> 00:26:45.090 Sam Liebowitz: Book. I mean, once you pointed this out. I thought about my own life. Absolutely. And it's not for me. It's not my mind racing and focusing on this negative stuff, necessarily.

00:26:45.930 --> 00:27:01.740 Sam Liebowitz: But then there's just something gets highlighted in my life. That doesn't make me feel good. And then I I feel down and and I'm upset and suddenly I'm not feeling as good as I was just earlier that day.

00:27:02.940 --> 00:27:08.010 Sam Liebowitz: Now, how long does I left, I don't know. I mean, it, it's, it varies

00:27:09.330 --> 00:27:10.710 Sam Liebowitz: But I know that

00:27:12.660 --> 00:27:24.750 Sam Liebowitz: I've had those experiences, especially when have been in ceremony, a feeling just amazing and wonderful like all night long, being in a shamanic ceremony.

00:27:26.040 --> 00:27:31.380 Sam Liebowitz: I remember saying to my mentor. Once I forgot how good this makes me feel. And he was like, yeah, I wonder why that is.

00:27:32.820 --> 00:27:38.340 Sam Liebowitz: Hey, how much do we forget the things that make us feel good.

00:27:39.510 --> 00:27:40.800 Sam Liebowitz: How much do we

00:27:43.020 --> 00:27:50.070 Sam Liebowitz: Put aside. It's almost as if our brain is like built and in a way it is. And I'll talk about that, probably in the next segment.

00:27:51.930 --> 00:27:58.320 Sam Liebowitz: How much it is are being built to, like, just remember the pain and the negative stuff and not the good stuff.

00:27:59.970 --> 00:28:07.950 Sam Liebowitz: So it's a really interesting thing. So how do we unwrap not unravel. But how do we reveal our limiting beliefs.

00:28:09.660 --> 00:28:15.990 Sam Liebowitz: Look at where do we stop ourselves from feeling good about something.

00:28:17.850 --> 00:28:20.730 Sam Liebowitz: In business in relationship in any aspect in life.

00:28:22.320 --> 00:28:33.780 Sam Liebowitz: Think about a time in in your life where you felt really really good about something for an extended period of time. What stopped it. What cut it off what disrupted it what changed it.

00:28:35.670 --> 00:28:55.140 Sam Liebowitz: And just the fact that it got disrupted that got you know broken like that. That right there is an indication that there's some limiting belief around that I can't feel this good for this long more than this amount of time my capacity for feeling good is only that much.

00:28:56.160 --> 00:29:01.170 Sam Liebowitz: And it doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't matter what aspect of life that's around

00:29:02.790 --> 00:29:11.460 Sam Liebowitz: On Georgia on the Facebook Live says Hi Sam, do you think it is important to find the why behind a limiting belief before releasing it

00:29:12.630 --> 00:29:21.600 Sam Liebowitz: Interesting question. Georgia and to be honest, I actually, I used to think you really needed to know the wise.

00:29:22.680 --> 00:29:24.660 Sam Liebowitz: I really don't believe that anymore.

00:29:26.520 --> 00:29:28.350 Sam Liebowitz: Now this is not to say

00:29:29.910 --> 00:29:39.990 Sam Liebowitz: That we can ignore our body and our nervous system, which means if there's some trauma, if there's some thing in the past. That's kind of trapped in our nervous system.

00:29:40.410 --> 00:29:50.790 Sam Liebowitz: And and causing a limiting belief and it's in there that we don't have to do something to unravel that absolutely but now and again

00:29:51.270 --> 00:30:04.650 Sam Liebowitz: I know this because my wife is a psycho therapist. There are many forms of therapy. Now they're very body centered therapies like somatic experiencing em, Dr. Well, you don't have to go into the history and you don't have to go into

00:30:05.040 --> 00:30:18.240 Sam Liebowitz: Everything that's underneath it and dig up, you know, the wise underneath. It's about just helping the body to reregulate itself into release it and let it go. So you do have to deal with.

00:30:19.500 --> 00:30:29.580 Sam Liebowitz: However, these things, whatever kind of embedded sort of into our nervous system, but I don't think we necessarily have to know the actual why

00:30:31.560 --> 00:30:40.410 Sam Liebowitz: That we can reprogram and rewire ourselves without having to necessarily know the why.

00:30:42.630 --> 00:30:46.740 Sam Liebowitz: And yes, Patty says, you know, people lose their magic.

00:30:47.850 --> 00:30:50.640 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, like when we reach that upper limit.

00:30:51.690 --> 00:30:55.230 Sam Liebowitz: We lose our magic of what was pulling us forward of what was

00:30:56.430 --> 00:30:59.610 Sam Liebowitz: Helping us to to really feel amazing.

00:31:00.900 --> 00:31:13.140 Sam Liebowitz: Alright, it's time for us to take another break. Please, please stay with us. I'm getting to the really, really good stuff. But I want you in the meantime to think about when have you been feeling really could

00:31:13.620 --> 00:31:29.850 Sam Liebowitz: And then it just it very abruptly cut off or stop and if it's, if you can maybe describe it in some short ways and posted in the Facebook live in the comments section, we'll talk about that a little bit more in the next segment, we will talk about. Okay.

00:31:31.050 --> 00:31:40.410 Sam Liebowitz: I'm recognizing, I have a limit to how much I can feel good. Now what do I do, how do I move past that limiting belief.

00:31:41.490 --> 00:31:44.220 Sam Liebowitz: And so I really want to be clear about this before we go to break,

00:31:45.090 --> 00:31:56.580 Sam Liebowitz: All limiting beliefs in one way or another comeback to how good we can feel about ourselves. I'll talk about that a little bit more after the break.

00:31:57.330 --> 00:32:05.640 Sam Liebowitz: But I want you to really think about that in your own life. How good do you allow yourself to feel about yourself.

00:32:06.480 --> 00:32:10.380 Sam Liebowitz: And I'll explain why I believe all of our limiting beliefs, come back to that.

00:32:10.830 --> 00:32:23.910 Sam Liebowitz: Okay, so everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern right here and talk radio dot NYC. And we're going to be right back after this

00:34:40.980 --> 00:34:49.440 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I'm really happy that you're all here with me today.

00:34:49.770 --> 00:34:58.710 Sam Liebowitz: I really appreciate you being on this shows is a special show. And before I continue, I just wanted to let everybody know and I'm going to be talking about it much more

00:34:58.980 --> 00:35:06.390 Sam Liebowitz: You're going to be hearing about it a lot over the next couple of months, but I finished my first first book everyday awakening.

00:35:06.990 --> 00:35:12.150 Sam Liebowitz: And it's actually available for pre order already on Amazon. So if you

00:35:12.750 --> 00:35:23.370 Sam Liebowitz: Would like to check it out. Just go. Go to Amazon do a search for everyday awakening Sam Leibowitz and it'll come up. It's on pre order on both kindle and paperback.

00:35:23.940 --> 00:35:38.940 Sam Liebowitz: Already a couple of people. And I'm so honored that people have already started ordering it it doesn't come out until November 17 and I'll explain why in future episodes. Why that date was chosen, but it was chosen for a very specific reason.

00:35:40.110 --> 00:35:46.200 Sam Liebowitz: But I would love your support. I would love if you could share it. You don't have to buy it. But, share it with your friends.

00:35:46.980 --> 00:36:07.110 Sam Liebowitz: It's, it's my first book, and I feel really, really good about it. I've gotten some amazing, amazing feedback on it from some people I truly respect some very successful people so I kind of feel like, Wow, they think it's good. Wow. I got something here. Okay, so we're talking about

00:36:08.460 --> 00:36:20.700 Sam Liebowitz: Our limiting beliefs and I mentioned before we went to break how I believe that all of our limiting beliefs come down to how good we can feel in our life.

00:36:22.410 --> 00:36:33.510 Sam Liebowitz: And the reason why I say that all of our limiting beliefs come down to how good we can feel about our lives.

00:36:34.680 --> 00:36:36.330 Sam Liebowitz: Is because everything

00:36:37.410 --> 00:36:39.870 Sam Liebowitz: That stops us

00:36:41.100 --> 00:36:50.940 Sam Liebowitz: From moving forward from having a better relationship from having more money from having a better career better business from having better physical health.

00:36:51.990 --> 00:37:01.740 Sam Liebowitz: Those things are all things that would make us feel better make us feel good, aren't they, they're things that that light us up.

00:37:02.160 --> 00:37:11.340 Sam Liebowitz: Right. How do you feel when you've lost a couple of pounds or you've put on some muscle and you've exercised when you've taken better care of yourself.

00:37:11.940 --> 00:37:27.660 Sam Liebowitz: How good does that make you feel or how good do you feel when you've really connected with another human being and you have a really supportive fulfilling connected relationship. How does that feel

00:37:29.340 --> 00:37:31.170 Sam Liebowitz: Or, you know, while we're making

00:37:32.280 --> 00:37:37.890 Sam Liebowitz: More money than we've ever had before. We have more resources that we can use for different things.

00:37:38.130 --> 00:37:48.300 Sam Liebowitz: And it doesn't all have to be about buying more stuff for ourselves. It could be about having the money to donate to a cause we believe in order to help out somebody we know is having a hard time

00:37:50.160 --> 00:37:57.930 Sam Liebowitz: Money is not all about treating ourselves to trinkets and gadgets and bigger homes and bigger cars and bigger this and bigger that

00:37:58.740 --> 00:38:11.130 Sam Liebowitz: It's it's a resource. It's a tool like anything else. So we can use it for any kinds of things. So we can use to help other people. How good does it feel to help other people to be in that position of strength.

00:38:11.670 --> 00:38:29.940 Sam Liebowitz: So that we have the resources to support other people to support other causes that we believe in to help you know people in underdeveloped countries around the world who don't even have access to clean water, right, that feels amazing.

00:38:32.220 --> 00:38:33.840 Sam Liebowitz: So any time.

00:38:34.860 --> 00:38:35.580 Sam Liebowitz: And and

00:38:36.630 --> 00:38:42.300 Sam Liebowitz: I may be wrong about this, but I believe this is what guy. Hendricks is trying to say in his book.

00:38:43.800 --> 00:38:45.900 Sam Liebowitz: But I think anytime

00:38:48.750 --> 00:39:05.640 Sam Liebowitz: We come upon some limit and we say, and we when we stop ourselves from growing expanding doing more attracting more stuff, but having better relationships more community more for whatever it is anytime we stop ourselves.

00:39:07.620 --> 00:39:11.640 Sam Liebowitz: It's because we've reached our capacity for feeling good.

00:39:15.420 --> 00:39:20.730 Sam Liebowitz: Because at least what I have seen and you tell me if this is not what you've seen

00:39:22.710 --> 00:39:27.900 Sam Liebowitz: The people who have more wonderful stuff in their lives.

00:39:29.040 --> 00:39:33.870 Sam Liebowitz: Appear to be more comfortable feeling good more of the time.

00:39:35.250 --> 00:39:36.570 Sam Liebowitz: They're not just

00:39:40.260 --> 00:39:44.640 Sam Liebowitz: Feeling like, Oh, I can feel good for a night. I can feel good for a week.

00:39:45.690 --> 00:39:55.140 Sam Liebowitz: But if you can feel good for a month, two months a year like just feeling good to be alive being joyful and happy.

00:39:56.910 --> 00:40:03.540 Sam Liebowitz: more great stuff comes to us. I mean, the people who I see who

00:40:05.040 --> 00:40:16.980 Sam Liebowitz: Get past their comfort zone and get past their limits and keep moving forward and bring more amazing stuff into their lives. They're people who are really comfortable feeling good about stuff.

00:40:18.600 --> 00:40:22.740 Sam Liebowitz: And they feel good when they do move past those limiting beliefs.

00:40:24.510 --> 00:40:29.760 Sam Liebowitz: At least that's what I've seen, and that's why I really believe the more we can

00:40:31.260 --> 00:40:34.590 Sam Liebowitz: increase our capacity to feel good.

00:40:35.820 --> 00:40:40.380 Sam Liebowitz: For more, we will naturally move past those limiting beliefs.

00:40:42.060 --> 00:40:45.390 Sam Liebowitz: I can't do this. I can't do that. It's too hard. It's too. This

00:40:46.800 --> 00:40:49.140 Sam Liebowitz: Doesn't matter. None of that matters.

00:40:51.690 --> 00:40:54.780 Sam Liebowitz: So what's the secret. How do we

00:40:56.790 --> 00:41:08.640 Sam Liebowitz: Release those limiting beliefs. We have to practice feeling good through more of our life, we have to practice letting ourselves just feel amazing.

00:41:09.660 --> 00:41:13.980 Sam Liebowitz: So how do we do that, how do we increase our capacity to feel good.

00:41:16.530 --> 00:41:35.310 Sam Liebowitz: And it's really ultimately there are many different techniques. But it all comes down to one thing, just one thing. If we really excel at this one thing we will always continually increase our capacity to feel good.

00:41:36.570 --> 00:41:43.950 Sam Liebowitz: And that one thing is self care that one thing that's so important.

00:41:45.480 --> 00:41:55.350 Sam Liebowitz: That now I hear in the general conversation more and more, but we've never part of the conversation from most of my life only in the last

00:41:55.740 --> 00:42:06.090 Sam Liebowitz: Five, six years. So I start seeing self care being talked about much more so but self care is so important. Now what do I mean by self care.

00:42:06.690 --> 00:42:23.040 Sam Liebowitz: Self care is not sitting around on the couch not going out and doing anything that's not self care self care is not eating our emotions and drowning our sorrows and ice cream and chocolate and sweets. That's that self care.

00:42:24.540 --> 00:42:41.010 Sam Liebowitz: Self care is really doing the things that are in our own best interest. It is a physical act of saying we love ourselves we care about ourselves.

00:42:41.610 --> 00:42:58.710 Sam Liebowitz: And the more we take care of ourselves, we take care of our health, we take care of our relationships we take care of our business or our careers, the more we take care of our financial life the more we take care of all of these different aspects of ourselves.

00:42:59.760 --> 00:43:10.950 Sam Liebowitz: The more we are showing ourselves that we love ourselves and the more we love ourselves. The more we increase our capacity to feel good.

00:43:12.990 --> 00:43:14.220 Sam Liebowitz: So think about it.

00:43:15.240 --> 00:43:20.310 Sam Liebowitz: When was the last time you did something really, really good for yourself.

00:43:21.450 --> 00:43:22.890 Sam Liebowitz: And how that felt

00:43:26.310 --> 00:43:43.590 Sam Liebowitz: Right, just just just pop it into the comments section of the Facebook life. What kinds of things have you done that felt really good that were true acts of self care. I'll just give you one example for myself. You know, before this lockdown before this pandemic hit

00:43:45.510 --> 00:43:54.360 Sam Liebowitz: Um, I actually hit started going to the gym regularly and the gym. I have no excuse not to go to the gym. It's in the basement of my building.

00:43:55.380 --> 00:44:07.290 Sam Liebowitz: But before the pandemic and I have been going last spring I think I started going consistently and I was doing like three days a week, like, half hour to 40 minutes each time doesn't have to be alive.

00:44:08.400 --> 00:44:17.160 Sam Liebowitz: And it felt good. I didn't necessarily see a lot of change. And then I stopped doing I got sick. I was traveling and came up with all kinds of excuses and I just

00:44:17.640 --> 00:44:33.300 Sam Liebowitz: Broke that consistency, probably the end of August, beginning of September last year and just with everything going on through the end of the year. I just never got back and got back sporadically once or twice, not really live. And then after the new year.

00:44:34.680 --> 00:44:47.910 Sam Liebowitz: And then after I had a conference, I was working at but after that I got back, and I started going back to the gym and I started giving up a little bit earlier and I started doing it consistently four days a week, again, to half hour.

00:44:49.680 --> 00:45:08.220 Sam Liebowitz: But in doing that, four days a week for out a month and a half a little bit more than a month and a half, maybe close to two months. I actually began to see more progress like that extra one day really made a big difference. And it felt so good it felt amazing to do it.

00:45:09.390 --> 00:45:21.000 Sam Liebowitz: And then the lockdown head and that went out the window and I'm and I haven't gotten back to that consistency yet. But what I have been doing is just walking, you know, every night, every other night, you go for a walk in Central Park.

00:45:23.340 --> 00:45:27.750 Sam Liebowitz: But it was the act of self care and it felt so good.

00:45:29.400 --> 00:45:39.450 Sam Liebowitz: So when we make that effort. When we we we push ourselves to do the things that are really good for us.

00:45:39.930 --> 00:45:51.840 Sam Liebowitz: And it might not be about exercising for you. Maybe it's about having a difficult conversation because there's something on your mind that you really need to express to a relative a partner, a business associate

00:45:53.820 --> 00:46:00.300 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe it's about just taking a day off from work when you've been working for, for, you know, months at a time.

00:46:01.980 --> 00:46:09.180 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe it's about getting a massage or or or going to nature or whatever it happens to be.

00:46:10.530 --> 00:46:25.710 Sam Liebowitz: Whatever it is that you can do. That's an act of self care. The more we do it, the more consistent, we are with it and the more different ways we find

00:46:26.790 --> 00:46:40.650 Sam Liebowitz: To practice self care, the more we're saying to the universe. I love myself I care about myself. I'm open to receiving more good stuff. I'm open to feeling better.

00:46:42.930 --> 00:46:52.050 Sam Liebowitz: And that is how we increase our capacity to feel good and by increasing our capacity to feel good.

00:46:53.610 --> 00:46:56.580 Sam Liebowitz: Our limiting beliefs start to dissolve.

00:46:58.830 --> 00:47:06.300 Sam Liebowitz: All right, it's time for me to take the last break of the show. I can't believe this even, even when they do it by myself. The T shirts go by so quickly.

00:47:06.660 --> 00:47:12.600 Sam Liebowitz: All right, so when we come back, I mean, I would love to hear from from some of you listening on the Facebook Live

00:47:13.500 --> 00:47:21.630 Sam Liebowitz: What are your acts of self care. What is this practice of self care. What does it do for you and what have you seen

00:47:22.080 --> 00:47:39.930 Sam Liebowitz: As you do or don't practice self care how it translates into what's going on in your life at the time. Okay, last break we'll be back in just a minute. Everybody please stay tuned. You're listening to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity and we'll be right back after this

00:49:33.360 --> 00:49:45.420 Sam Liebowitz: And welcome back to the conscious consultant. Our awakening humanity. I truly appreciate you all staying with me and being with us. FOR THIS HOUR, AND THE SPECIAL SHOW talking about

00:49:46.380 --> 00:50:10.110 Sam Liebowitz: Releasing limiting beliefs. And so, as I've been saying I truly believe that our limiting beliefs are really just our capacity for how good we can feel in our lives and that when we can increase our capacity to just feel good.

00:50:12.360 --> 00:50:16.680 Sam Liebowitz: That actually we can move past our limiting beliefs, because ultimately

00:50:17.820 --> 00:50:25.530 Sam Liebowitz: What our limiting beliefs are limiting beliefs are things that keep us from the things that help us to feel good.

00:50:28.470 --> 00:50:43.980 Sam Liebowitz: And as we increase our capacity to hold that feeling of well being, to feel better in our lives. We actually are increasing our ability to do more of the things that help us to feel great.

00:50:47.490 --> 00:50:51.300 Sam Liebowitz: So how do we feel better, as I mentioned, self care.

00:50:52.530 --> 00:50:59.760 Sam Liebowitz: Why self care is so important. We can say the words I love you. I love you. I love you to ourselves, all we want

00:51:01.260 --> 00:51:13.170 Sam Liebowitz: But we can't fool our mind. We can't fool our nervous system. It takes physical action. It takes making the act of taking care of ourselves.

00:51:13.560 --> 00:51:25.470 Sam Liebowitz: That's what our nervous system needs to believe that we really do love ourselves and the more we love ourselves. The more we allow ourselves to feel good.

00:51:26.010 --> 00:51:41.520 Sam Liebowitz: Now why is it that our brains are like so quick to focus on the negative and grab these things. It's survival. It's an ancient operating system that goes back to when we were nomadic

00:51:42.840 --> 00:52:04.470 Sam Liebowitz: You know tribes living on the savanna and the jungles, you know, hunting for our food and any time there was something out of place that was potential danger. It could be a tiger behind the rock ready to eat us, you know, who knows. There were all kinds of dangers and our brains got wired.

00:52:06.180 --> 00:52:11.490 Sam Liebowitz: To see danger to see the negative quote unquote side of things.

00:52:12.810 --> 00:52:26.850 Sam Liebowitz: Because that's what it took to survive to keep us safe at all. Our, our nervous system was made for was to survive because we needed to survive. So we can procreate. So we could survive as a species.

00:52:28.860 --> 00:52:38.100 Sam Liebowitz: And the challenge is, we've been out of the jungles. For centuries, but we still act like everything is a life or death situation and it's not

00:52:40.800 --> 00:52:53.550 Sam Liebowitz: So do we evolve our nervous system to evolve our minds to evolve past this constant looking for all the negative all the danger all the challenge problems out there.

00:52:55.410 --> 00:52:57.270 Sam Liebowitz: It takes really

00:52:58.710 --> 00:53:04.590 Sam Liebowitz: An effort to focus on what is it that makes us feel good. What is it that

00:53:05.820 --> 00:53:21.870 Sam Liebowitz: You know increases our capacity and shows our nervous system we're okay. It's okay to feel good. There's no danger here we can increase the amount of time we can continue to feel good continuously to greater and greater lengths.

00:53:22.590 --> 00:53:31.530 Sam Liebowitz: Let's see, Patty says on the Facebook Live when we feel good about ourselves, it comes across to others and they are more open to us. Absolutely.

00:53:32.430 --> 00:53:42.300 Sam Liebowitz: I mean just just I always use the example when people talk about, oh, I want to attract you know somebody who who is truly

00:53:42.750 --> 00:53:48.510 Sam Liebowitz: Open and loving and energetic and all these things. And I'm like, Yeah, but, but what kinds of people.

00:53:49.140 --> 00:54:01.230 Sam Liebowitz: Attract us and that's energetic fun loving people. Well, what kind of people are they going to be attracted to. They're not going to be attracted to people who aren't fun loving energetic happy people there of course they're going to be

00:54:02.490 --> 00:54:16.290 Sam Liebowitz: Attracted the exact same kind of people. So that's the kind of people we want to have in our lives. The more we love ourselves. The more we exude this feeling of I feel good in my skin.

00:54:17.040 --> 00:54:27.330 Sam Liebowitz: And I would love for you to join me on this journey. That's what's going to bring other people who also feel good in their own skin to us.

00:54:29.400 --> 00:54:40.080 Sam Liebowitz: So just think about. And again, the limiting belief that that yeah, we can only attract a certain kind of person, like if we've always attracted losers. We're only going to attract losers. No.

00:54:41.760 --> 00:54:42.240 Sam Liebowitz: No.

00:54:44.040 --> 00:54:58.200 Sam Liebowitz: The better we treat ourselves. The more we feel good about ourselves. The more we will attract people who will treat us well. But it starts with us. First, nobody will treat us any better than we treat ourselves.

00:54:59.520 --> 00:55:04.980 Sam Liebowitz: And by taking that action by taking that step.

00:55:06.480 --> 00:55:20.070 Sam Liebowitz: To move forward and and say I love you and it's okay to feel good. I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to do the things I need to do. That's true self care true self care.

00:55:22.110 --> 00:55:24.450 Sam Liebowitz: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually,

00:55:26.940 --> 00:55:27.870 Sam Liebowitz: Financially

00:55:29.430 --> 00:55:29.850 Sam Liebowitz: Right.

00:55:31.020 --> 00:55:38.130 Sam Liebowitz: And this is amazing. And you may say, Sam, but i i don't know i have a hard time doing that. That's okay.

00:55:38.850 --> 00:55:53.340 Sam Liebowitz: Baby steps. What's one thing you can do to take better care of yourself to show yourself that you care about yourself that will help you to feel better to just cultivate that feeling of

00:55:55.260 --> 00:55:57.510 Sam Liebowitz: Joy In Our bodies.

00:56:02.190 --> 00:56:10.740 Sam Liebowitz: Just start there, start with what you know you can do start with, you know, one small step.

00:56:12.270 --> 00:56:22.950 Sam Liebowitz: If, if it's not, you know, I'm not saying you need to go vegan and eat all Whole Foods and all natural light that but but maybe you just start

00:56:23.760 --> 00:56:32.100 Sam Liebowitz: decreasing the amount of sugar in your diet. Maybe you just start increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

00:56:33.000 --> 00:56:40.440 Sam Liebowitz: You know, maybe you're not going to go to the gym for an hour every day, but maybe you can just start walking a little bit more, maybe it's just

00:56:40.860 --> 00:56:53.310 Sam Liebowitz: You know what one form of physical activity that you enjoy doing that you can just do a little bit more do it a little more consistently baby steps big believer in baby steps.

00:56:54.570 --> 00:57:01.710 Sam Liebowitz: You know, sometimes you can do a shock to the system and say, nope, that's it. I'm cutting out alcohol from my diet are cutting out red meat.

00:57:02.940 --> 00:57:06.750 Sam Liebowitz: And if that works for you, great. And if that helps you to feel good about yourself. Great.

00:57:10.650 --> 00:57:15.180 Sam Liebowitz: But in my experience, I found that baby steps actually last longer.

00:57:16.770 --> 00:57:21.120 Sam Liebowitz: So your homework assignment for this week. If you would like to

00:57:22.440 --> 00:57:27.630 Sam Liebowitz: Do it. It is notice what's the length of time, you can feel good.

00:57:29.250 --> 00:57:37.380 Sam Liebowitz: And when you start reaching that upper limit is it a day, two days three days, four days, five days, six days, seven days a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month.

00:57:38.880 --> 00:57:52.980 Sam Liebowitz: Whatever that upper limit is for continuously feeling good when you start reaching that upper limits, just look back and try and figure out what is that timeframe. What can you do to push it, just a little bit.

00:57:54.180 --> 00:58:03.900 Sam Liebowitz: If it's a week, make it eight days nine days, what can you do when you get towards the end to just push it a little bit more. Okay.

00:58:05.070 --> 00:58:16.920 Sam Liebowitz: That's all the time we have for this week. George or Patty, thank you for engaging and being on the Facebook Live. I appreciate you. I appreciate all of my loyal listeners. I hope you've enjoyed this show.

00:58:17.700 --> 00:58:24.570 Sam Liebowitz: I hope you've gotten something out of it. If you have if there's something you feel worthwhile, please share it with your friends.

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00:58:31.830 --> 00:58:37.170 Sam Liebowitz: Please let other people know about it. If you feel there's some value here, and there's something good and

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