Voices of Courage

Thursday, August 27, 2020

2020/08/27 - The Courage to Live Win in a Wacky World

[NEW EPISODE] The Courage to Live Win in a Wacky World

This week on Voices of Courage, Ken D. Foster is joined by Denis Waitley, one of America’s most respected authors, keynote lecturers, and productivity consultants on high-performance human achievement, and Cyndi Dale, an internationally renowned speaker, healer, business consultant, and author of 27 books about energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality, to discuss planting seeds of greatness for ourselves and others and uncovering and transforming the subtle energies that are causing our greatest hardships.

Segment 1

Ken explains that in today’s episode, you will learn to empower yourself and take your business and family to the next level. He explains the three steps he follows: seek the truth, be courageous, and be relentless. Ken introduces Dennis Wheatley, a lecturer, life coach, and prolific author. Dennis says you should use fear as an alert mechanism, to clear your head instead of clouding it. Ken asks, how do you tune back into your own wisdom? Dennis says to remind yourself of the values you’ve held since childhood and chase your passion. What would you do with your life if money didn’t matter? Find a way to do that and shape your life around your passion. Plant seeds now that can grow later, possibly into a career. Don’t be afraid to use your evenings after work to follow your passions – don’t use your primetime after work to watch TV, but to work on the things you love. 

Segment 2

Ken asks, what can we learn from history that can be applied today? Dennis explains that the harder you work to make something of yourself, you end up having abundance. You have more than enough of everything and become complacent, neglecting to pass on responsibilities to children. You and your children may begin to feel entitled and do not work as hard, and then can lose all the progress you made in the past. Think of society as meritocracy – look to empower yourself with personal responsibility. 

Helping others can also increase your own happiness. Take responsibility for your choices and their outcomes, and understand your own freedom of choice. Make choices that will benefit yourself and others.

Segment 3

Ken asks Dennis to speak more on service. Dennis explains that taking personal responsibility for making another person’s life better, such as a child or aging parent, it will make your life better. Being a service leader instead of a status seeker will make you much happier – be careful who your role models are and make sure they serve others with value. Ken asks what to do the top people in all job fields have in common. Dennis explains that they have the courage to fail, and take meaningful risks in pursuit of a goal. Successful people are successful at simulation – imagine your own success. 

Segment 4

Ken introduces his next guest, Cindy Dale, an international speaker, renowned author, and energy healer. Ken asks Cindy how people get over the fear in their life. Cindy says that we must combat extremes with extremes – take on the lows in life with the best of your courage and relentlessness. You can destroy or create with energy – choose to destroy fear and engage in meaningful action. Fear is not inherently bad – figure out why you are afraid and how to solve the fear, or how to use the energy it creates to compel you. 

Trauma can create stress that lingers in your body. You must examine your fear and attempt to heal it to move on. Aside from your own trauma, we retain the memories of about 14 generations of our own family inside of our genes. These old memories can fuel fears that are not reasonable today. You can also absorb others' fear – for example, fear for your child at his first ballgame. Understand the fear is not yours and decide whether it is constructive for you and the other person to both experience.

Segment 5

Ken asks Cindy about her new book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress, and Chronic Illness. She explains that this book addresses the subtle realm of healing from trauma. Healing can lead to joy and new choices. There is a lot of science behind energy fields and their effect on your own health and others around you. 

Ken asks how do you tap into intuitive wisdom? Cindy says we all have it and should learn to use boundaries. Don’t push your intuition on others, but exercise it as you see fit to help others.