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Thursday, August 27, 2020

2020/08/27 - Schools Are Opening, or Are They?

[NEW EPISODE] Schools Are Opening, or Are They?

There is a lot of anxiety around school openings. Some are going all virtual, some are in person. Some are taking a hybrid approach. What will be the result of opening back up and how to best prepare for it? We look at these and other questions.

Listen to the show as we break it down and try to figure it all out.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Antonia signs onto her show and introduces this week’s guests. She tells her audience that a child healthcare worker, two students, and a research associate will join her this week to discuss how schools reopening are affecting them. Antonia introduces a child healthcare worker. The health worker expresses her concerns about the effectiveness of social distancing in a classroom setting with young children. Antonia also brings up the concern of the learning curve. The healthcare worker expands on this by talking about how the kids in her school were not assigned summer reading. The healthcare worker urges everyone to wear a mask and social distance yourselves from each other.


Segment 2

Antonia introduces two rising seniors, Emma and Sasha. Antonia asks them how they feel about returning to school. While both of the girls are excited, Sasha expresses concern. Sasha tells Antonia and Emma that traveling to and from school by train is her main concern. Antonia asks the girls how their schools will go about reopening. While Sasha remains “in the dark”, Emma tells the audience that she will have to go under a mandatory quarantine before classes even begin. Antonia and the girls also discuss the college process, hopes for their senior year, and how they spent their summer COVID style. Antonia ends the segment by wishing the girls the best of luck and advises them to adapt to the “new normal”. 


Segment 3

Antonia thanks the healthcare worker, Emma, and Sasha for their thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. She then introduces her final guest, Sharon. Sharon is not only a co-troop leader with Antonia for girl scouts. Antonia refers to Sharon’s other job as a “scientist” but Sharon playfully clarifies. Sharon is also a research associate who has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. Antonia begins by asking Sharon to explain how wearing a mask is effective in stopping the spread. Sharon brings a scientific perspective into the pandemic and explains the science behind the mask. Secondly, Antonia asks why it seems to be hard for people to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Sharon uses human psychology to answer this. Sharon also admits that scientists have difficulty communicating effectively sometimes. Before Sharon can expand on her point, Antonia cuts to a commercial break. 


Segment 4

Antonia lets Sharon continue her point about the lack of communication between scientists and society. Sharon tells the audience that coronavirus has been around for a while. COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus. She continues by saying that finding the source of COVID-19 has been difficult. Sharon says the variety of severity and symptoms with each case makes it difficult to find what started the spread. Antonia then asks how scientists from around the world can connect and determine a possible vaccine. Sharon says that scientists share tons of information. She even hints that China may have found the genetic code for COVID-19. Lastly, Sharon explains how washing your hands helps in stopping the spread and she urges everyone to wear a mask and socially distance. Before signing off, Antonia thanks her listeners for tuning in. She urges them to stay safe, especially with cold and flu season coming up. She sends prayers to the teachers and students returning to the classroom this fall.


00:00:27.870 --> 00:00:32.700 Antonia Thompson: Hello everyone. Happy Thursday, welcome to. So now you know I'm Antonia host

00:00:33.840 --> 00:00:34.860 Antonia Thompson: I hope everyone had a

00:00:34.860 --> 00:00:36.360 Antonia Thompson: Fantastic week

00:00:37.980 --> 00:00:49.530 Antonia Thompson: Been a little, you know, a lot of issues going on a lot of anxiety in our communities. So I hope everyone is being really safe, but I also hope that you're also being very active and being the change that you want to see.

00:00:50.310 --> 00:00:53.970 Antonia Thompson: Last week we talked a lot about that and things that were happening in Martha's Vineyard and

00:00:54.420 --> 00:01:04.080 Antonia Thompson: I hope you had a chance to listen to that podcast, I'm stepping up my game this week I'm actually going live in the community. I'm at the south end library in my

00:01:04.620 --> 00:01:13.290 Antonia Thompson: In Connecticut. I have some girl scouts with me today that are working on their, you know, the beginning of the school year, the beginning of Girl Scout season.

00:01:13.710 --> 00:01:24.120 Antonia Thompson: So they are mass. They are gloved they're far away from me. I've been doing my social distancing and my mass I should put it on my mic so I'm far away from them.

00:01:24.960 --> 00:01:29.910 Antonia Thompson: And they're doing a great job and they're working on vision boards of things that they want to work on for the year.

00:01:30.900 --> 00:01:40.950 Antonia Thompson: To make their school year, very successful. So today I have a couple of guests that are going to weigh in on the whole school reopening and how they feel about it. We have a couple of students.

00:01:41.310 --> 00:01:49.050 Antonia Thompson: And I actually have gotten some my mom's from my girl scout troop that are going to share their thoughts and opinion about it.

00:01:49.470 --> 00:01:58.440 Antonia Thompson: And I'm sure you have some because it's a tough decision to make. And a lot of districts and as you've seen in the news colleges have shut down kids have gotten all the way to campus.

00:01:58.740 --> 00:02:12.960 Antonia Thompson: All just to come all the way back some schools are requiring covert testing before you get there and then we'll be testing students when they're on campus. So it's a hard decision to make. And, but it's easy to judge and it's easy to say, hey,

00:02:14.040 --> 00:02:20.280 Antonia Thompson: Why even go back flu season is about to start the cold season is about to start. So what sense does it make

00:02:20.790 --> 00:02:27.300 Antonia Thompson: For us to open the doors and let the kids back in most Publix question say that there are public schools that have decided to go completely virtual

00:02:27.540 --> 00:02:38.820 Antonia Thompson: They've made this decision. Interestingly, in the last couple of weeks, and I think it's a combination of stuff. So we're going to listen to our guests about their thoughts and perspectives as to why

00:02:39.450 --> 00:02:45.900 Antonia Thompson: Some schools have just completely turned around and made it more virtual and there's also the safety of it right. This is a

00:02:46.410 --> 00:02:57.630 Antonia Thompson: Active and well no not discriminating disease in our community. And what does that mean for our teachers. What does that mean for our kids that are going every day with other kids and then coming back home.

00:02:58.830 --> 00:03:12.660 Antonia Thompson: So, you know, in the next two weeks, people will make decisions about it, whether they're going to send their kids or just keep them in home or maybe you don't even have that option. But I'm thinking majority of school districts, arguing that option.

00:03:13.920 --> 00:03:18.600 Antonia Thompson: But a lot of colleges are having their kids show up on campus.

00:03:19.650 --> 00:03:25.320 Antonia Thompson: And you've seen those images of the kids stuff all in that hallway and tightly packed.

00:03:26.070 --> 00:03:40.620 Antonia Thompson: And it's, it's a scary. It's a scary thought is a scary thought. But it's also new territory. We've never gone through this before, right, never gone through this covert season. We definitely done the flu, they'll kind of do that well. But even the flu has different strengths

00:03:42.750 --> 00:03:52.950 Antonia Thompson: You know that whole thing about whether I get a shot or not. It's like, yeah, dude. Go get the shot and go get the shot. We need everyone to be safe and healthy into this coming season.

00:03:54.540 --> 00:03:55.140 Antonia Thompson: So do I have

00:03:56.460 --> 00:04:01.080 Antonia Thompson: I have my teacher in the house that to share your perspective in your thoughts.

00:04:02.310 --> 00:04:04.260 Antonia Thompson: We're doing our socially distancing

00:04:05.520 --> 00:04:13.830 Antonia Thompson: So you get to see this online. So we're not because we're moving Michael be here you're going to introduce yourself to our audience and give me your perspective.

00:04:13.830 --> 00:04:15.180 Antonia Thompson: Because I am interested in why

00:04:31.980 --> 00:04:31.980 Antonia Thompson: Map.

00:04:33.750 --> 00:04:36.600 Antonia Thompson: And then every time I see the protest out. I do say

00:04:43.020 --> 00:04:44.640 Antonia Thompson: So what do you think about this.

00:04:44.670 --> 00:04:46.170 Antonia Thompson: Your frontline

00:04:46.590 --> 00:04:59.760 Antonia Thompson: Yeah you know i i worked for school based health center and have a large school district. And it's a pretty large school as well. It goes from pre K to eighth grade.

00:05:02.250 --> 00:05:06.450 Antonia Thompson: In for this school district there five days in person, every day.

00:05:07.680 --> 00:05:08.640 Antonia Thompson: I just

00:05:08.670 --> 00:05:10.200 Think there's no hybrid

00:05:11.490 --> 00:05:12.510 Antonia Thompson: A link from the high school

00:05:13.860 --> 00:05:27.810 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, so these are small kids and then i'm i'm actually the social worker in the health clinic. So I see a lot of kids with a lot of behaviors and things like that. So just on a day to day basis. Before cold lead

00:05:29.010 --> 00:05:30.600 Antonia Thompson: I just don't see how it will work.

00:05:30.780 --> 00:05:32.670 Guest 1: With mask and social distancing

00:05:32.670 --> 00:05:35.190 Antonia Thompson: And all that other stuff, managing behave

00:05:35.400 --> 00:05:36.900 Antonia Thompson: In my eyes under that kept

00:05:36.900 --> 00:05:38.700 Guest 1: Managing like behaviors and things like

00:05:38.700 --> 00:05:39.120 That

00:05:40.440 --> 00:05:43.380 Antonia Thompson: Let alone just children just it's just hard.

00:05:43.920 --> 00:05:45.930 Antonia Thompson: To social distance as a as an adult.

00:05:46.740 --> 00:05:48.810 Antonia Thompson: But behaviors or not so

00:05:50.070 --> 00:05:53.490 Antonia Thompson: If they're not, you know, trying to separate the kids. So they're not

00:05:54.660 --> 00:05:57.900 Antonia Thompson: there all the time like I was just listening to someone saying that their classroom.

00:05:57.900 --> 00:05:59.730 Antonia Thompson: Went down to just six kids at a time.

00:06:00.600 --> 00:06:01.860 Guest 1: I think what

00:06:02.130 --> 00:06:07.710 Antonia Thompson: This school district is doing is they're basing off with like surveys and things like that. So some of the people who

00:06:07.770 --> 00:06:09.900 Antonia Thompson: Are saying like that they are saying

00:06:09.900 --> 00:06:21.030 Antonia Thompson: Home and some who are sending their kids. But from what I've been watching on, you know, just following and things like that is a lot of people are not filling out those surveys. So I'm thinking

00:06:21.090 --> 00:06:23.790 Antonia Thompson: Okay, yeah, they think a certain amount of people will be home.

00:06:24.180 --> 00:06:26.490 Antonia Thompson: However, when the doors open this

00:06:26.550 --> 00:06:27.840 Antonia Thompson: May be a different story.

00:06:28.740 --> 00:06:34.560 Antonia Thompson: And then on a regular THOSE CLASSROOMS ARE BIG in general like at least 24 students to a class.

00:06:35.730 --> 00:06:41.430 Antonia Thompson: In the classrooms are not that big. So I don't even just separating the desk. I don't even see

00:06:41.430 --> 00:06:44.280 Guest 1: How that can really work right.

00:06:45.420 --> 00:06:48.690 Antonia Thompson: What about safety when. How do you feel as as staff.

00:06:49.770 --> 00:06:57.900 Antonia Thompson: For me, because I work, even though in the school. I work separate from the school. So where our clinic is housing the school. I have my office I

00:06:57.900 --> 00:06:59.640 Antonia Thompson: Have a window. I'm just going to shut the

00:06:59.970 --> 00:07:00.180 Antonia Thompson: Door.

00:07:01.050 --> 00:07:04.170 Antonia Thompson: And I know we actually have a big meeting next week about this on the

00:07:04.170 --> 00:07:05.220 Antonia Thompson: School based staff.

00:07:06.180 --> 00:07:07.440 Guest 1: On get up before anyone

00:07:07.770 --> 00:07:09.120 Antonia Thompson: Interested in a clinic, they have to

00:07:09.120 --> 00:07:11.700 Antonia Thompson: Do the temperature taken and things like that. Whereas, they're

00:07:11.850 --> 00:07:13.560 Guest 1: Just going into the school.

00:07:13.860 --> 00:07:15.330 Guest 1: You know, they're not checking the temperature

00:07:15.360 --> 00:07:16.980 Antonia Thompson: So at least we're safe in that

00:07:16.980 --> 00:07:26.100 Antonia Thompson: Aspect, you know, there's one person in the clinic at a time. You know, so I feel for the teachers. Honestly, I really, I really feel for the teachers because I don't

00:07:26.850 --> 00:07:32.190 Antonia Thompson: I don't think that all the students should be there all day, every day of the week, I'm

00:07:32.760 --> 00:07:42.870 Antonia Thompson: Surprised that it's five days that they're doing. I was very surprised. I was very surprised isn't just for those kids or is it the entire school. That's because you're in a big just hearing

00:07:43.230 --> 00:07:51.990 Antonia Thompson: Is very big, very big know it's I even called my school that I worked at yes every day, five days in person. So I'm like, wow, this

00:07:52.920 --> 00:08:07.950 Antonia Thompson: I give it to the end of September before they modify that will shut it down completely. Yeah. And I feel that it could well we know for colleges. That's kind of the issue, right, like let's get our tuition. Let's lock that in. Um, so I'm wondering if that's

00:08:09.060 --> 00:08:11.460 Antonia Thompson: What I feel for you I you know you gotta be

00:08:12.960 --> 00:08:23.100 Antonia Thompson: You gotta be safe in that situation. I mean, the good thing about my position in particular is I have worked from home this entire time. So it works for me if they were

00:08:24.000 --> 00:08:31.620 Antonia Thompson: okay with it because I can still work from home, but everybody obviously doesn't have that. So, but what was the transition for you when it went virtual

00:08:32.340 --> 00:08:40.470 Antonia Thompson: And I understand their folks on Facebook that don't see her, you know, because we're doing our social distancing and staying away from each other.

00:08:42.060 --> 00:08:48.150 Antonia Thompson: To how did that. How did you feel that work for virtual learning. Oh, me. What's your ratio. Yeah, to do it.

00:08:49.500 --> 00:08:56.100 Antonia Thompson: wasn't that bad because I already knew all of my clients my students, I knew the very well throughout the entire school year. So we switched

00:08:57.030 --> 00:09:08.730 Antonia Thompson: I mean just the adjustment as a whole. So just switching to sessions over video and number phone, some of them over phone and then the switch. In general, like with school and because everything was so abrupt

00:09:09.000 --> 00:09:18.600 Antonia Thompson: Right, so I think everyone has a hard time adjusting so become the summer, like I'm talking to kids today and all weekend. You're like, ready to go back to school, they

00:09:19.680 --> 00:09:28.680 Antonia Thompson: Feel that this still will be a learning curve getting back into, like, Oh, absolutely. Oh yeah, absolutely, because there's a lot of a lot of the kids that I need to talk to. Now that

00:09:28.920 --> 00:09:37.620 Antonia Thompson: Since the summer started a don't even pick up a book, they haven't done anything you know school hasn't sent them anything to do no reef summer reading or anything.

00:09:38.670 --> 00:09:41.940 Antonia Thompson: So I can just imagine what its gonna be like for school.

00:09:42.960 --> 00:09:49.590 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, I suppose. Ours yeah i think it's it's scary because like flu season and, you know, they're just a bunch of germs.

00:09:51.600 --> 00:10:00.060 Antonia Thompson: And I don't want to get too personal about it, but I always feel like the unit in has a lot to say about this too. So I would think that you guys have been a part of you. You

00:10:01.530 --> 00:10:06.570 Antonia Thompson: Know, because I'm separate from the school so school. Yeah, but I'm employed to another school

00:10:08.010 --> 00:10:21.630 Antonia Thompson: And I have to see a lot of districts looks like, oh yeah, we'll be there when the year where we're not doing that. So that'll be interesting to see the next week with our doors start opening up what that will look like. Not that if you will you be like, well, let me tell you.

00:10:24.060 --> 00:10:39.240 Antonia Thompson: I just think it's just a very interesting time. This is so new to everybody, but I just feel there's a lot you know districts around us, as of this week, we will see the word. Yeah, I know. Dan, Barry. I'm going to Article yesterday.

00:10:40.290 --> 00:10:49.890 Antonia Thompson: At what Trumbull I believe that they like didn't have enough teachers or something. That's right. And I think they're like retiring or just not quitting so

00:10:51.570 --> 00:11:00.750 Antonia Thompson: They didn't know they had their numbers when I go, I know that. Yeah, I think in stanbury the mayor put out they, you know, they had to shut

00:11:02.100 --> 00:11:05.520 Antonia Thompson: The whole tap on a DMP, and they're doing virtual now if they switched

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:19.680 Antonia Thompson: Definitely some scary stuff. And as I was explaining to girls. It's all about healthy doing your mask keeping six feet away and listening to teacher. I wish you luck with those kids and keep going.

00:11:21.240 --> 00:11:21.930 Antonia Thompson: And watching them.

00:11:23.820 --> 00:11:32.340 Antonia Thompson: But I do agree with you. I don't know. I just feel it already is happening here. I don't think it's gonna fall into the winter. I really don't.

00:11:34.260 --> 00:11:46.470 Antonia Thompson: Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts and being here today. I wish you guys both did you go start your soul journey. And although you end of the year together in virtual land. You'll all be back together again.

00:11:48.510 --> 00:11:55.200 Antonia Thompson: So I just hope that everybody gets ready for the season winter man just posted. We have a couple miles to really

00:11:57.060 --> 00:11:57.990 Antonia Thompson: Thank you guys so much.

00:11:59.550 --> 00:12:00.660 Antonia Thompson: Have a good one.

00:12:02.070 --> 00:12:10.080 Antonia Thompson: So, I love it. We get this insight. Because, and I think you will change depending where you are in different parts of the country.

00:12:11.310 --> 00:12:13.200 Antonia Thompson: How people with you about

00:12:14.580 --> 00:12:27.360 Antonia Thompson: So I also want to get some more perspective. And we have a couple of students that are with us. And I'm just going to quickly let them introduce themselves. And then we're going to go into a quick break.

00:12:28.410 --> 00:12:30.270 Antonia Thompson: So I am

00:12:33.720 --> 00:12:34.560 Antonia Thompson: Privacy and

00:12:35.040 --> 00:12:35.580 First name.

00:12:47.070 --> 00:12:53.880 Guest 1: Hello, my name is Emma, I'm about to senior I currently attend a boarding school

00:12:54.600 --> 00:12:56.490 Guest 2: And I'm really happy to be

00:12:56.490 --> 00:12:56.970 Here.

00:12:59.520 --> 00:13:04.470 Guest 2: Hi I'm Sasha. I'm also going to be a senior and I send the right

00:13:05.520 --> 00:13:07.230 Guest 2: And I'm also happy to be here. Thank you.

00:13:08.880 --> 00:13:13.770 Antonia Thompson: Thank you, girls, for joining. And as I said, I'm doing live so you guys see me on Facebook.

00:13:14.310 --> 00:13:17.610 Antonia Thompson: Just wipe down but I'm wiping it down again.

00:13:21.570 --> 00:13:22.980 Antonia Thompson: So girls.

00:13:23.190 --> 00:13:25.110 Antonia Thompson: Are we excited to go back to school.

00:13:25.140 --> 00:13:27.900 Antonia Thompson: Are you fed up with staying at home. Are you willing

00:13:27.900 --> 00:13:29.220 Antonia Thompson: To do some virtual learning

00:13:33.060 --> 00:13:40.860 Guest 1: I am ready. I'm very excited to go back to school. It's my senior year. It's something you know I've always looked forward to

00:13:41.280 --> 00:13:47.220 Guest 1: And I am planning on going back to school actually on Saturday, which is really exciting.

00:13:48.150 --> 00:14:01.800 Guest 1: Obviously my boarding school has a lot of protocols and precautions now. So my year will look extremely different from the past few years, but I am super excited to be back on campus because I haven't been there and in over six months.

00:14:03.630 --> 00:14:08.070 Antonia Thompson: And Sasha. What about you, what's your, what's your school's plan to get you back out there.

00:14:09.330 --> 00:14:25.080 Guest 2: I'm currently, we're going to implement a hybrid model. So one group will go for one week and then the next group will go the next weekend. It will alternate like that. I'm, I'm excited for my senior year in my classes, but I'm not feeling

00:14:25.680 --> 00:14:33.090 Guest 1: Confident Or great about actually going to school in person. Just because hearing about like all the other schools that have

00:14:33.120 --> 00:14:41.460 Guest 2: Opened and have had to close or have had a spike in cases and it's disconcerting. And I feel like as much as my school is

00:14:41.520 --> 00:14:48.900 Guest 2: Trying to implement certain protocols and methods to creating safe environment. I'm not that hopeful that we'll be able to stay open.

00:14:50.970 --> 00:14:55.770 Antonia Thompson: Well, we're gonna get ready to take a break, you're listening to Antonia and so now you know. And we're gonna come back and talk

00:14:55.770 --> 00:14:59.700 Antonia Thompson: To Emma and Sasha about their, their points of view.

00:15:00.510 --> 00:15:02.670 Antonia Thompson: Because I think it's really interesting that we actually talked

00:15:02.670 --> 00:15:06.360 Antonia Thompson: To the people that got to be there every single day and are going through it as opposed to folks.

00:15:06.360 --> 00:15:07.380 Antonia Thompson: Like me that just give

00:15:08.280 --> 00:15:09.930 Antonia Thompson: Give everyone our two cents about it.

00:15:10.170 --> 00:15:12.120 Antonia Thompson: So we will be right back. And you're listening to.

00:15:12.120 --> 00:15:12.780 Antonia Thompson: So now you know

00:17:28.980 --> 00:17:29.220 Guest 1: I

00:17:29.250 --> 00:17:32.370 Antonia Thompson: Thought I I think you guys should get hear me now I unmuted myself.

00:17:33.300 --> 00:17:34.800 Antonia Thompson: It's Antonia. So now you know

00:17:34.950 --> 00:17:35.640 Antonia Thompson: And we're

00:17:35.700 --> 00:17:37.740 Antonia Thompson: Live at the south end library.

00:17:38.430 --> 00:17:42.480 Antonia Thompson: Where I've been meeting with some girl scouts that are kicking off their year and then just

00:17:42.480 --> 00:17:43.560 Antonia Thompson: talking to folks.

00:17:43.680 --> 00:17:49.890 Antonia Thompson: About starting the New Year in school. So we have with us Mr and Sasha, who are two rising

00:17:49.890 --> 00:17:50.550 Antonia Thompson: Seniors

00:17:51.210 --> 00:17:55.170 Antonia Thompson: That are just giving their perspectives as they get ready to

00:17:55.680 --> 00:17:57.030 Antonia Thompson: start the new year.

00:17:57.450 --> 00:18:02.250 Antonia Thompson: So Emma You're, you seem excited. SASHA seems a little

00:18:02.970 --> 00:18:06.540 Antonia Thompson: Not so optimistic as to how how far but Sasha, you

00:18:07.200 --> 00:18:08.850 Antonia Thompson: How far away is your school

00:18:08.970 --> 00:18:10.980 Antonia Thompson: Like what, how do you, how do you get to and from

00:18:10.980 --> 00:18:11.250 School

00:18:12.960 --> 00:18:14.550 Guest 1: I take the train to school.

00:18:14.940 --> 00:18:22.620 Guest 2: Which is also kind of a concern for me, but I'm school is kind of a 20 minute right I think using the train. Yeah.

00:18:23.580 --> 00:18:28.290 Guest 2: So what do you feel and what do you feel is the biggest concern for you with the traveling on the train.

00:18:30.480 --> 00:18:31.680 Guest 1: I mean, I'm

00:18:31.890 --> 00:18:41.940 Guest 2: Sure. People will be wearing masks and taking the appropriate for cautious and protocol on whatever the metro North says, however, I feel like

00:18:42.420 --> 00:18:55.920 Guest 2: You can't like unless they're blocking officer and see if I'm going to be traveling every day, morning and then coming back from school. It's like I'm going to be around people. So it's like, how, how much can I

00:18:55.920 --> 00:18:59.670 Guest 1: Really protect myself if I do want to go to school. If I do have to go to school.

00:18:59.880 --> 00:19:02.040 Guest 2: Using public transportation

00:19:03.720 --> 00:19:13.230 Antonia Thompson: And then how do you feel. I mean, what we were your class sizes. I guess both. You guys can talk about that. Are we do you think the school is going to

00:19:13.980 --> 00:19:16.050 Antonia Thompson: Not have as many kids in the classroom.

00:19:19.080 --> 00:19:19.500 Guest 1: Um,

00:19:19.590 --> 00:19:37.200 Guest 2: I think my issue also with school is we're kind of in the dark. I know we're doing hybrid. I know we're doing certain groups, but like, I'm not sure how many kids are going to be in the class. And I think that's also something that's making me really nervous because I don't know.

00:19:37.500 --> 00:19:40.080 Guest 2: What exactly is going to go on and what to expect.

00:19:41.340 --> 00:19:42.660 Guest 1: What about you, Mr. Do you

00:19:42.660 --> 00:19:45.870 Antonia Thompson: Have any type of plan or has your school shared

00:19:45.900 --> 00:19:47.880 Antonia Thompson: Any information about what it will look

00:19:47.880 --> 00:19:49.620 Antonia Thompson: Like when you show up.

00:19:51.120 --> 00:20:01.080 Guest 1: Yes. So when I arrive on campus. I will be going through another coin team for two weeks where I'll pretty much be in my room and allowed outside

00:20:01.710 --> 00:20:06.480 Guest 1: And then for the first couple weeks of school will be online in our dorm room.

00:20:06.990 --> 00:20:17.160 Guest 1: And then after that we will be doing classes in person, but socially distant our class sizes are extremely small. I think the most in one of my classes is five people.

00:20:17.580 --> 00:20:30.330 Guest 1: And you the way our classes are is that we are in trimesters now and now they're I'm only taking two to three classes every trimester. So there are a lot smaller. And there were able to be socially distant

00:20:31.560 --> 00:20:36.630 Antonia Thompson: That sounds like that in school is very, you know, has a concrete plan. But then again, as you said, it is

00:20:36.660 --> 00:20:37.950 Antonia Thompson: Much smaller campus.

00:20:38.040 --> 00:20:39.120 Antonia Thompson: A small group of kids.

00:20:40.560 --> 00:20:44.040 Guest 1: That you have to manage. So I see that. That makes sense.

00:20:45.540 --> 00:20:46.920 Antonia Thompson: But how are you guys feeling

00:20:46.920 --> 00:20:47.250 Guest 2: Is

00:20:47.280 --> 00:20:50.190 Antonia Thompson: You know you've been such a rising seniors you're starting the whole college

00:20:50.190 --> 00:20:50.910 Guest 1: Process.

00:20:51.390 --> 00:20:52.860 Antonia Thompson: Can you share with us a little bit of

00:20:52.920 --> 00:20:54.270 Antonia Thompson: How you're feeling about that.

00:20:54.270 --> 00:20:57.690 Guest 2: Because I do believe like the normal tests that you guys would take

00:20:57.750 --> 00:21:00.840 Guest 1: A CTS a CTS have all those been canceled.

00:21:02.940 --> 00:21:23.910 Guest 1: Yes. So, for the most part, most of the agency and sa T test centers have canceled and that's why a lot of tests colleges have gone test optional for this upcoming class there. I know that at my school, personally, they are offering tests, but the tests are

00:21:23.910 --> 00:21:42.270 Guest 1: Only offered for girls with tons of my school so no outside visitors or anything like that. There is my roommate is actually taking an essay T, but she is taking it off campus so she won't be coming to campus and for another two weeks because she has to quarantine herself again.

00:21:43.470 --> 00:21:50.430 Guest 1: So yeah, most of the tests have been cancelled for the fall, but there are a couple still happening. What about you, Sasha, were you

00:21:50.430 --> 00:21:52.380 Antonia Thompson: Able to take the test before and

00:21:52.380 --> 00:21:53.160 Guest 1: All that shut down.

00:21:54.780 --> 00:21:56.670 Guest 1: I had originally scheduled a

00:21:56.670 --> 00:21:57.960 Guest 2: Test for

00:21:58.140 --> 00:22:02.130 Guest 1: I want to say, April, May, but those ended up getting canceled.

00:22:02.910 --> 00:22:10.320 Guest 2: So as of right now, I'm scheduled to take it in October. If everything goes fine then hopefully I can take it.

00:22:11.340 --> 00:22:22.740 Guest 2: But I mean, we'll just have to see. I know my school is offering a CT testing. But like I said, it's only for students who attend the high school, but yeah.

00:22:24.420 --> 00:22:25.020 Guest 1: Yeah.

00:22:25.320 --> 00:22:26.880 Antonia Thompson: I mean, I hear what you're saying, but then I

00:22:26.880 --> 00:22:28.110 Antonia Thompson: Kind of feel

00:22:28.140 --> 00:22:29.040 Antonia Thompson: For

00:22:29.130 --> 00:22:32.490 Antonia Thompson: All the other kids that schools can't do

00:22:32.490 --> 00:22:33.090 Antonia Thompson: That right

00:22:33.360 --> 00:22:35.850 Guest 1: I'm assuming the reason why your schools and making

00:22:35.850 --> 00:22:37.920 Guest 1: Exclusive to you guys in that

00:22:37.950 --> 00:22:38.730 Guest 1: AC t

00:22:39.120 --> 00:22:40.170 Antonia Thompson: You know they canceled them.

00:22:40.740 --> 00:22:42.630 Antonia Thompson: Because they have to control all these kids that are

00:22:42.630 --> 00:22:44.130 Antonia Thompson: Coming into the auditorium.

00:22:44.160 --> 00:22:45.420 Guest 1: To take the test.

00:22:45.720 --> 00:22:47.550 Antonia Thompson: Right, so you don't want to open up your school

00:22:47.550 --> 00:22:50.670 Guest 1: Have all these outside folks come take a test and then your

00:22:50.700 --> 00:22:51.750 Antonia Thompson: Buildings or coven

00:22:52.380 --> 00:22:53.400 Antonia Thompson: So that I mean it's

00:22:53.400 --> 00:22:59.940 Guest 1: Interesting because here you have two schools that allowing the test, but it's only for their students. What about all the other kids and other

00:23:00.300 --> 00:23:01.170 Antonia Thompson: Other schools.

00:23:02.700 --> 00:23:02.880 Guest 2: But

00:23:04.410 --> 00:23:07.200 Antonia Thompson: I mean, I guess you guys are like, Oh, well, I don't know.

00:23:07.590 --> 00:23:08.880 Guest 2: I don't know if you're like that, but

00:23:09.330 --> 00:23:11.310 Antonia Thompson: It does seem interesting and I guess that's

00:23:11.340 --> 00:23:12.360 Antonia Thompson: Part of the reason that

00:23:12.360 --> 00:23:14.220 Antonia Thompson: Some schools are going test optional.

00:23:15.030 --> 00:23:15.930 Antonia Thompson: Right, just kind of

00:23:15.960 --> 00:23:17.190 Even that playing field.

00:23:18.270 --> 00:23:19.920 Guest 2: Yeah, I would. Yeah.

00:23:20.850 --> 00:23:22.410 Guest 1: They're like, yeah.

00:23:22.440 --> 00:23:25.200 Antonia Thompson: Now that you put it that way. That make sense.

00:23:26.370 --> 00:23:27.000 Antonia Thompson: So,

00:23:27.660 --> 00:23:30.900 Antonia Thompson: What are your thoughts. You saw a lot of your friends who are year ahead.

00:23:30.900 --> 00:23:32.130 Antonia Thompson: Of you who are kind of

00:23:32.160 --> 00:23:34.110 Antonia Thompson: You know, these are words that I've

00:23:34.200 --> 00:23:35.730 Antonia Thompson: devastated because they couldn't

00:23:36.810 --> 00:23:39.630 Antonia Thompson: They couldn't graduate have the normal things that you would

00:23:39.630 --> 00:23:40.980 Antonia Thompson: Expect as a senior year.

00:23:41.280 --> 00:23:43.440 Guest 1: I was kind of wiped out for everybody.

00:23:43.530 --> 00:23:44.580 Guest 1: Last spring.

00:23:45.660 --> 00:23:49.170 Antonia Thompson: What are your thoughts like, what in this coven world and you know

00:23:49.200 --> 00:23:50.400 Antonia Thompson: Let's knock on wood, we get a

00:23:50.400 --> 00:23:54.720 Antonia Thompson: Vaccine. What are you anticipating a whole thing that you still will be able to do

00:23:55.050 --> 00:23:56.460 Antonia Thompson: At the, you know,

00:23:57.000 --> 00:23:57.750 Guest 1: A year from

00:23:58.050 --> 00:23:58.980 What we have last year.

00:24:00.750 --> 00:24:11.820 Guest 1: I think for me the biggest thing that I would want is just an in person graduation I know that's what my family and I really want. And that's our goal is

00:24:12.240 --> 00:24:13.980 Guest 2: Trying to get that graduation.

00:24:14.490 --> 00:24:32.070 Guest 1: Because that's kind of what you've been looking for since you were really young and seeing everyone graduate and seeing that taken away from such close friends. Last year was really hard and it wasn't even like we could do our own type of graduation, because we were all over the country.

00:24:33.300 --> 00:24:41.430 Guest 1: So just definitely graduation and also I my school. We have a lot of fun traditions and I'd really like to be able to do some type of

00:24:42.930 --> 00:24:44.160 Guest 1: Some type of

00:24:44.280 --> 00:24:53.460 Guest 1: tradition that maybe it's not the usual way but kind of a hybrid of that because that community at my school was a big thing. Yeah, a coven way exactly

00:24:54.570 --> 00:24:56.160 Guest 1: What, what about you, Sasha, what

00:24:56.160 --> 00:24:58.200 Antonia Thompson: Are you looking forward to in your senior year and Hall.

00:24:58.200 --> 00:24:59.670 Antonia Thompson: And hoping that it does not

00:24:59.820 --> 00:25:00.510 Take from you.

00:25:01.830 --> 00:25:07.170 Guest 1: Um, well, I don't agree with that. I really do want impressing graduation.

00:25:08.100 --> 00:25:11.520 Guest 2: I'm really hoping before spring all of this.

00:25:12.690 --> 00:25:21.180 Guest 2: Goes semi back to normal. And we kind of my school during the springtime, we do like internships through whatnot so

00:25:22.200 --> 00:25:25.770 Guest 2: I was looking forward to that. And I'm hoping you can still do some type of

00:25:26.850 --> 00:25:27.630 Guest 2: Version of those

00:25:30.330 --> 00:25:30.660 Guest 1: Wow.

00:25:31.080 --> 00:25:32.610 Antonia Thompson: I mean, I am hopeful, too.

00:25:32.610 --> 00:25:34.410 Antonia Thompson: Because I do feel

00:25:34.950 --> 00:25:35.640 Guest 1: I want to be honest.

00:25:35.850 --> 00:25:38.280 Antonia Thompson: At the end of the year, I kind of was like Okay, guys, you're going to

00:25:38.280 --> 00:25:38.880 Antonia Thompson: Miss these

00:25:38.970 --> 00:25:43.110 Guest 1: These traditional things the graduation, the prom, but there's

00:25:43.110 --> 00:25:44.580 Antonia Thompson: So much more to look forward

00:25:44.640 --> 00:25:44.940 Guest 2: To

00:25:45.360 --> 00:25:47.940 Guest 1: Like college and, you know,

00:25:48.000 --> 00:25:49.350 Antonia Thompson: Other big parties are you going

00:25:49.350 --> 00:25:51.360 Antonia Thompson: To but then after being locked

00:25:51.390 --> 00:25:52.530 Guest 2: Up since March.

00:25:52.890 --> 00:25:54.030 Guest 1: And Kofi season.

00:25:54.450 --> 00:25:57.630 Antonia Thompson: I am feel just as bad as everyone else.

00:25:57.870 --> 00:26:02.190 Antonia Thompson: And mixing the things that we just normally do. So now I kind

00:26:02.190 --> 00:26:07.950 Antonia Thompson: Of have a different perspective and just hoping that those things are there few

00:26:07.980 --> 00:26:08.550 Antonia Thompson: Into

00:26:08.580 --> 00:26:11.010 Guest 1: Those, those rite of passage is, I guess, as you would say

00:26:14.070 --> 00:26:17.460 Antonia Thompson: What did you guys do for, I guess, it also changed.

00:26:18.030 --> 00:26:20.700 Guest 1: The summer right you're working patterns and so forth.

00:26:22.530 --> 00:26:36.990 Guest 1: Yeah, my I usually in a camp counselor during the summer and we were planning to have camp until I think about two weeks. Right, we're going to start we cancel it, because the numbers were

00:26:37.740 --> 00:26:49.620 Guest 1: spiking. So the summer, I did a lot of volunteering there my middle school virtual volunteering which honestly was such a great experience. I got to meet so many different people.

00:26:50.640 --> 00:27:05.340 Guest 1: And do a fun trivia, and I learned a lot and I also did a presentation on a trip that I took in January. So even though it wasn't the most ideal summer I still got I think I got a lot out of it from who I got to talk to you over them.

00:27:06.570 --> 00:27:08.700 Antonia Thompson: What about you, Sasha, where were you up to this summer and

00:27:08.700 --> 00:27:09.570 Guest 2: cold season.

00:27:11.400 --> 00:27:14.520 Guest 2: Well, I had the great opportunity of having an

00:27:14.520 --> 00:27:19.020 Guest 1: Internship during all July, which was really fun. So I was

00:27:19.320 --> 00:27:34.410 Guest 2: Very Sydney and then I've been working on a lot of college prep stuff. So studying for the LSAT getting supplements done college essay and I feel like, ironically, even though being stuck inside

00:27:34.890 --> 00:27:43.140 Guest 2: Doesn't feel great at all for as long as we have been stuck inside all the time that I've had a few things that I want to do.

00:27:44.160 --> 00:27:49.560 Guest 2: And kind of tear and get ahead and things that normally I probably would have been fascinated on

00:27:50.100 --> 00:27:53.340 Guest 2: feels really great. Like I feel like I'm ahead of the game at this point.

00:27:54.450 --> 00:27:56.310 Guest 1: Well that's good because a lot of times you hear

00:27:56.310 --> 00:27:57.030 Seniors

00:27:58.200 --> 00:27:58.620 Antonia Thompson: You know,

00:27:58.650 --> 00:28:05.130 Antonia Thompson: Having you know their college essays are done. They're, they're not as prepared as you want them to be. So that is really

00:28:05.190 --> 00:28:05.610 Antonia Thompson: I'm

00:28:06.090 --> 00:28:07.020 Guest 1: I'm really excited.

00:28:07.110 --> 00:28:07.860 Antonia Thompson: To hear that

00:28:08.550 --> 00:28:09.030 Guest 1: And

00:28:09.270 --> 00:28:10.380 Guest 1: Did you guys miss

00:28:10.470 --> 00:28:12.120 Antonia Thompson: Or did you were you able to

00:28:12.570 --> 00:28:15.660 Antonia Thompson: visit some of the schools that you're interested in going and doing college tours and

00:28:15.660 --> 00:28:15.990 Stuff.

00:28:18.240 --> 00:28:31.410 Guest 1: I was not able to, but I guess one thing that I got out of being at home was that since everything was online. I got to do a lot of the virtual visits, which is really nice because

00:28:31.920 --> 00:28:46.200 Guest 1: I feel like when you are in person, you have to go to every campus every place that you want to apply to. So I guess having everything online and just being able to do it from home was really nice. But I do wish I was able to go visit a couple campuses.

00:28:47.310 --> 00:28:49.500 Antonia Thompson: And hopefully, once you get into all those

00:28:49.500 --> 00:28:52.500 Guest 1: Fantastic schools that you're going to apply to

00:28:52.920 --> 00:28:54.330 Antonia Thompson: I guess you can then on the other side.

00:28:55.140 --> 00:28:55.620 Guest 2: Go.

00:28:55.680 --> 00:28:57.030 Guest 1: Go visit those campuses.

00:28:57.330 --> 00:28:59.310 Antonia Thompson: What about you, so should we do able to

00:28:59.640 --> 00:29:00.420 Do some of that.

00:29:04.050 --> 00:29:04.560 Guest 1: I mean,

00:29:04.710 --> 00:29:12.750 Guest 2: I haven't been able to go on campus but like Emma says they've been offering a lot of virtual tours and I think the colleges have been doing

00:29:13.110 --> 00:29:29.280 Guest 2: A really good job looks like moving all the typical things you have to do on campus virtually. So there's been a lot of info sessions virtual interviews, a lot of other information that you can find at your convenience online and

00:29:29.640 --> 00:29:36.390 Guest 1: It's been, I've been using that. But I think it's been very helpful inclusive, not being able to go in person.

00:29:37.770 --> 00:29:38.700 Guest 2: I wish I could say

00:29:38.880 --> 00:29:42.510 Guest 1: Girls. This is a temporary thing. I just think this is the new world that work.

00:29:42.540 --> 00:29:43.620 Antonia Thompson: Is coven

00:29:44.160 --> 00:29:45.450 Guest 2: semi colon season for a

00:29:45.450 --> 00:29:48.750 Guest 1: Very long time, we are going to have him do the math.

00:29:49.410 --> 00:29:50.610 Guest 1: social distancing

00:29:50.640 --> 00:29:51.030 Antonia Thompson: And doing

00:29:51.060 --> 00:29:52.260 Antonia Thompson: A lot of virtual work.

00:29:52.560 --> 00:29:53.940 Antonia Thompson: So I appreciate the both of you.

00:29:53.940 --> 00:29:56.130 Guest 1: Taking your time out to come talk to me.

00:29:57.270 --> 00:30:02.670 Guest 1: Very excited and proud of you just let you know my listening audience that

00:30:02.940 --> 00:30:04.740 Antonia Thompson: These girls started my girl scout troop

00:30:04.950 --> 00:30:06.660 Antonia Thompson: As Daisy very young.

00:30:06.720 --> 00:30:11.700 Guest 1: And for them to stay with their Girl Scouts, all the way through graduates. I'm very

00:30:11.730 --> 00:30:13.560 Guest 1: Very proud of both of you. I wish you

00:30:14.070 --> 00:30:15.810 Antonia Thompson: So much luck as we start

00:30:16.290 --> 00:30:17.160 Guest 1: School season.

00:30:17.610 --> 00:30:20.760 Antonia Thompson: And hang in there. I hope it doesn't go completely virtual but

00:30:21.540 --> 00:30:23.400 Antonia Thompson: If it me if the payoff is going

00:30:23.400 --> 00:30:24.900 Antonia Thompson: Completely virtual right now.

00:30:25.080 --> 00:30:26.490 Guest 1: That you will enjoy

00:30:26.790 --> 00:30:27.870 Antonia Thompson: The senior traditions in

00:30:27.870 --> 00:30:29.100 Guest 2: Your graduation.

00:30:29.160 --> 00:30:30.510 Guest 1: I say, let's do it.

00:30:31.530 --> 00:30:32.070 Guest 1: So,

00:30:34.230 --> 00:30:35.700 Guest 1: Antonia and so now you know

00:30:36.270 --> 00:30:38.130 Guest 1: We will be right back after this quick break.

00:32:58.170 --> 00:33:08.550 Antonia Thompson: Welcome back to. So now you know with Antonia you know you guys I am pushing my boundaries, I decided to do a live show in the community today. So I'm sitting in the library.

00:33:09.330 --> 00:33:14.130 Antonia Thompson: I was talking to some folks that were hanging out. I mean libraries doing social distancing it's

00:33:14.760 --> 00:33:24.630 Antonia Thompson: It's really weird because all the furniture has been taken out and you can really go into bugs and stand so it's not your normal library. See, but to make it interesting and

00:33:25.140 --> 00:33:34.770 Antonia Thompson: Interestingly enough, there are people in there. So that is great because that is a resource that we needed. We needed open for for people. And then I appreciate everyone who participated

00:33:35.370 --> 00:33:43.140 Antonia Thompson: As you saw, we had our teacher that came in in social work and do some outreach to give her insight and then you just heard from

00:33:43.830 --> 00:33:47.880 Antonia Thompson: To rising season seniors about how they feel about school reopening

00:33:48.660 --> 00:34:02.010 Antonia Thompson: So now I'm just going to kind of switch gears and I am so lucky in the work that I do. And you know, I try to bring you guys guessed that and doing fun and interesting things and one of my troop leaders is actually a scientists

00:34:02.880 --> 00:34:12.360 Antonia Thompson: A little intimidating to me because we are like totally virtual the ends of the spectrum. So I want to introduce my colleague, my co troop leader.

00:34:12.930 --> 00:34:18.840 Antonia Thompson: Sharon and I'm going to let her explain to you and introduce herself to you.

00:34:19.170 --> 00:34:26.250 Antonia Thompson: And talk about the work that she does, because it's really, really interesting. Some things we can't talk about, but we we can definitely pick her.

00:34:26.580 --> 00:34:43.950 Antonia Thompson: Her brain and get some ideas about the very interesting work that she does. So Sharon, I'm going to ask you to come on in here and talk with our community. I think you have to unmute yourself, although I might have muted you. From here, but you just gotta unmute your, your phone.

00:34:49.020 --> 00:34:49.950 Antonia Thompson: You can't unmute

00:34:52.770 --> 00:34:53.250 Antonia Thompson: I'm sorry.

00:34:56.280 --> 00:35:02.550 Antonia Thompson: Um, it just wait. We're having some technical difficulty as we're doing it from the community, but you should just be able to unmute your phone.

00:35:11.460 --> 00:35:12.990 Antonia Thompson: Let's see what we're doing here.

00:35:14.250 --> 00:35:17.490 Antonia Thompson: All right. Sam on our end. Can we unmute

00:35:18.690 --> 00:35:19.320 Antonia Thompson: Sharon.

00:35:22.170 --> 00:35:36.840 Antonia Thompson: I can't hear you on this because it's muted. That's very interesting. It's the scientists in you. So we're doing. Like I said, we're doing our social distancing in the building and in the room. So she's actually calling in. Do you want to try to call in again.

00:35:39.990 --> 00:35:52.440 Antonia Thompson: So she's going to disconnect and try to call in again and I will say the wonderful thing about Zoom is that it is a great platform to get us together virtual because I have learned how to do webinars. I've learned how to do breakout rooms.

00:35:53.250 --> 00:36:06.810 Antonia Thompson: But there are some things that zoom. Does that I don't get. And this is one of them. Because if the her phone was telling her, I'm unmuted. I see she's muted. But at the end of the day, we can't hear her. Or maybe I'm

00:36:08.430 --> 00:36:14.760 Antonia Thompson: This phone numbers not here. If this is if she's calling me back in here. There's some foam thats hanging out.

00:36:15.990 --> 00:36:24.960 Antonia Thompson: Anyway, she is amazing because as a scientist. She has lots of interesting projects that she shares with the girls and talks about the work that she does.

00:36:26.040 --> 00:36:36.330 Antonia Thompson: Some of it. We sit there like, though, really, you're looking at that, but I'm also amazed because the end of it is she's finding solutions, right, she's finding cures. She's finding

00:36:37.260 --> 00:36:48.780 Antonia Thompson: Different things that we normally don't think about, we think that they just appear like oh this vaccines just here or this cure just happened, but it's no that's not how it is this somebody is putting the sweat.

00:36:50.010 --> 00:36:53.730 Antonia Thompson: Hours and the science behind all of it.

00:36:54.960 --> 00:36:59.250 Antonia Thompson: So as she starts to come back in. We're going to see if

00:37:01.560 --> 00:37:02.940 Antonia Thompson: Hi, Sharon. Can you hear me now.

00:37:04.110 --> 00:37:07.380 Guest 3: I can hear you. Can you hear me, I feel like that commercial. Can you hear me.

00:37:07.380 --> 00:37:09.480 Antonia Thompson: Now, can you hear me now. So thank you.

00:37:09.510 --> 00:37:15.000 Antonia Thompson: Know, so sorry about that. And it's you know folks are watching me on facebook man like

00:37:15.210 --> 00:37:22.860 Antonia Thompson: Who she talking to why she looking over there. But like I said, we're we're live at the library. And it's actually a big thunderstorm coming in.

00:37:23.940 --> 00:37:27.870 Antonia Thompson: So hopefully, we're not going to get wiped out like we did a couple of weeks ago in Connecticut, where the

00:37:28.530 --> 00:37:40.230 Antonia Thompson: Remnants of a hurricane knock this out. So Sharon, I was asking you to come, introduce yourself to our listening audience because I want to do you justice and telling everyone exactly what it is that you do.

00:37:41.400 --> 00:37:53.880 Guest 3: Oh well thank you so much. Um, so just to be very clear with everybody I research associate so I know Antonia was very kind, saying that I'm a scientist but

00:37:54.330 --> 00:38:04.710 Guest 3: We're actually seeing like you find people get a little tricky about it is your throw that term around without the PhD. So I just want to be clear about that. So yeah.

00:38:07.020 --> 00:38:07.440 Antonia Thompson: Yes.

00:38:07.500 --> 00:38:09.120 Antonia Thompson: Okay, so I will be mindful.

00:38:09.330 --> 00:38:15.600 Guest 3: Of those are no worries. I'm just thinking if any of my colleagues are out there listening to this, they're going to go. Oh really.

00:38:22.320 --> 00:38:32.160 Guest 3: Yeah. So yeah, I work I do bench work. So what that means is I'm in the laboratory. Now with all this code craziness going on and

00:38:32.700 --> 00:38:38.010 Guest 3: I'm sure, as you can imagine doing our science with social distancing has been a bit of a challenge.

00:38:38.580 --> 00:38:46.530 Guest 3: I don't think people realize that it's actually very collaborative. We work a lot together on projects and normally under normal conditions.

00:38:47.070 --> 00:38:55.440 Guest 3: It's not unusual to be working side by side with somebody, ensuring the equipment, a tool. So that's definitely presented a challenge to encode a ton.

00:38:57.150 --> 00:39:05.670 Antonia Thompson: So, what I find interesting is, you know, we were just trying to explain to these very young girls, the importance of the mask and the social distancing

00:39:06.030 --> 00:39:12.900 Antonia Thompson: And I'm always interested in the science behind that, because we do here, you know, in the TV and the media, why it is that we have to do that.

00:39:13.170 --> 00:39:19.620 Antonia Thompson: But explaining it to them becomes very difficult, right, we have to put in the context of, well, you know what it's like when you have a runny nose, you have a cold.

00:39:19.680 --> 00:39:20.130 Guest 3: Yeah.

00:39:20.220 --> 00:39:22.020 Guest 3: Want to spread germs and

00:39:22.080 --> 00:39:29.730 Antonia Thompson: What makes it different. What about it. Kobe makes it so different that it is such a contagious virus.

00:39:30.390 --> 00:39:43.470 Guest 3: Sure, sure. So cool, based on my understanding is that there's similarities in the virus to a normal cold virus. So that would make it more easy for us to catch it.

00:39:44.280 --> 00:39:58.560 Guest 3: But that being said, he definitely shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that it's just a cold or just a flu, because it can actually be very devastating to some people with you, I'm sure, as you see, like the death toll is going up, people are losing their lives and it's very scary.

00:39:59.580 --> 00:40:08.040 Guest 3: So yeah, wearing the mask will actually stop you from spreading droplets to other people. If you happen to be infected.

00:40:08.550 --> 00:40:16.020 Guest 3: And I don't like a lot of people they try to make this argument that you know when people are working with live viruses, they're working with

00:40:16.620 --> 00:40:27.120 Guest 3: You know, half your masks. And that's, that's true. But I think sometimes we forget that that life isn't just all or nothing. And there's many

00:40:27.630 --> 00:40:41.550 Guest 3: different shades of safety that you can have meaning yeah okay if you absolutely 110% don't want to get the virus. You can wear a bio containment suit but obviously we can't go through alive walking around in the bio human suit.

00:40:42.060 --> 00:40:49.080 Guest 3: And what we can do is we can wear like a surgical mask and what that'll do is it'll decrease the likelihood

00:40:49.530 --> 00:40:51.240 Guest 3: That when I talk or see

00:40:53.010 --> 00:41:09.720 Guest 3: Yeah, yeah. Like a little blue ones that you see people wandering around with these days. And that helps you keep your droplets to yourself. So if I have a mouse, can you have a mouse, the likelihood of one of us sharing our journey is decreasing quite a bit.

00:41:11.790 --> 00:41:13.680 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and I think what we would try to explain to the

00:41:13.680 --> 00:41:24.180 Antonia Thompson: Girls. And as we're talking about the schools reopening it in even some of the classrooms that I've seen, and even here in the library. You know, you're seeing the six feet markers, right, the

00:41:24.210 --> 00:41:25.320 Guest 3: X is where people. Yeah.

00:41:25.440 --> 00:41:26.850 Guest 3: And and when they could be

00:41:27.810 --> 00:41:36.990 Antonia Thompson: And you have to have your mask. And even today, I still going to the library, the sign is encouraging even the gloves and I'm assuming that's because people are touching books and stuff. Um,

00:41:37.020 --> 00:41:38.970 Guest 3: Yeah, so

00:41:39.090 --> 00:41:47.940 Antonia Thompson: And it's and I guess it sounds so simple, but when you see all these swarms of people and beaches, all these big parties all these

00:41:48.120 --> 00:41:48.780 Antonia Thompson: Always

00:41:48.810 --> 00:41:50.520 Congested with people.

00:41:51.570 --> 00:42:00.360 Antonia Thompson: And you just say it's so easy to get some space between the two of you or someone else but I don't know it's just so hard. Why is it hard for us to comply with them.

00:42:02.100 --> 00:42:14.940 Guest 3: I'm where I think that by nature. We're social creatures. Right. And I think that for those of us who who really back the science in really back how important social distancing is

00:42:15.450 --> 00:42:26.520 Guest 3: We have to offer acknowledge that it's hard. It's not easy. Like, I don't, I don't know about you, but I think common to a girl scout meeting has been one of them were social things I've done lately.

00:42:27.750 --> 00:42:42.270 Guest 3: Is my friends. Right, and I think we all this, our friends and I think that um that's hard. And if we don't talk about how hard it is, is going to be easy for people to just, you know, not comply with it.

00:42:43.920 --> 00:42:44.910 Guest 3: I think also

00:42:45.930 --> 00:42:52.620 Guest 3: I don't you know I don't like that science has gotten politicize with this every week. That makes me very sad.

00:42:54.750 --> 00:43:04.530 Guest 3: But I think we have to acknowledge that it's sort of turned into a political issue. So now it's no longer about like social distancing and wearing math because you believe in the science.

00:43:05.070 --> 00:43:13.440 Guest 3: Sometimes it's seen as as a statement of your politics and I don't know me personally, coming from a background of science. I think that just drives me crazy.

00:43:14.580 --> 00:43:15.300 Guest 3: Good Oliver.

00:43:15.900 --> 00:43:18.750 Antonia Thompson: These people like I don't want to measure mass

00:43:19.470 --> 00:43:20.280 Guest 3: And yeah.

00:43:21.090 --> 00:43:32.010 Antonia Thompson: When I hear you explain it. And you know i i you're speaking the truth of the power like you're there, you've got the microphone. You can see that it really is these

00:43:32.010 --> 00:43:33.690 Antonia Thompson: Droplets. It's the only way that you're

00:43:33.720 --> 00:43:41.940 Antonia Thompson: Possibly going to get it. And then we know you know put this little piece of fabric like protect yourself against you know

00:43:42.450 --> 00:43:55.290 Antonia Thompson: Spitting out to someone and someone back to you and people just refuse to do it, but at the same time as we were talking about this before we know when people sneeze next to us, or they have runny nose, girls were like you get away from me. Right.

00:43:55.320 --> 00:43:56.040 Guest 3: We don't want to do

00:43:56.760 --> 00:43:57.330 Antonia Thompson: And we talked

00:43:58.170 --> 00:44:01.380 Antonia Thompson: About germs going to court costs to your elbow.

00:44:02.190 --> 00:44:03.150 Guest 3: I just don't get

00:44:03.690 --> 00:44:04.230 Guest 3: Cold it

00:44:04.260 --> 00:44:08.940 Antonia Thompson: Is here. We know that it's here. We know that it's definitely and people still don't believe it.

00:44:09.930 --> 00:44:10.440 Yeah.

00:44:12.870 --> 00:44:14.160 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, don't believe you.

00:44:15.480 --> 00:44:24.210 Guest 3: Well you know this is true, this is true with the science. And I think that, you know, part of it comes from. I am. We have to own it to as scientists

00:44:24.810 --> 00:44:32.130 Guest 3: We don't always communicate in the best way. Like, for example, the news media was saying, hey, this is

00:44:32.580 --> 00:44:42.930 Guest 3: The coronavirus in what we know in the science world is that there's no the coronavirus. There's a lot of current viruses, the common cold is a type of coronavirus

00:44:43.620 --> 00:44:50.220 Guest 3: So what does that do when somebody goes into a store they pick up like a container of lifestyle and maybe the label that says, hey,

00:44:50.610 --> 00:45:00.960 Guest 3: This is effective against Toronto virus, then they think, Wait a second. This is this virus is a new it must have been around for a while and then people get wild ideas about

00:45:02.040 --> 00:45:20.790 Guest 3: I don't know, like, they must be immune because it's been always out there. Maybe it's not real. And the truth is, is that there's lots of these different types of viruses. It's a type of coronavirus so it's a type of virus that resembles a cold. This is why we can catch it so easily.

00:45:21.810 --> 00:45:28.380 Guest 3: If a type of virus that just happens to be pretty dangerous if you're susceptible

00:45:29.010 --> 00:45:29.220 So,

00:45:30.810 --> 00:45:31.260 Antonia Thompson: Sharon.

00:45:32.670 --> 00:45:33.840 Antonia Thompson: I want to talk to that little

00:45:33.840 --> 00:45:35.040 Guest 3: piece right there that you talked

00:45:35.040 --> 00:45:35.940 Guest 3: About how

00:45:35.970 --> 00:45:37.890 Antonia Thompson: Dangerous. It is so he wasn't sure.

00:45:38.040 --> 00:45:38.670 Antonia Thompson: You know,

00:45:38.730 --> 00:45:40.590 Antonia Thompson: And we'll be right back. We're talking

00:45:41.610 --> 00:45:41.850 Antonia Thompson: And

00:45:41.970 --> 00:45:43.860 Antonia Thompson: And learning all well

00:45:43.920 --> 00:45:47.310 Antonia Thompson: And this little mini lesson of what is comin. We'll be right back.

00:46:06.630 --> 00:46:08.610 Guest 3: Why do you want to come dire.

00:46:09.090 --> 00:46:09.810 Guest 3: About like what is the

00:46:17.490 --> 00:46:18.210 Guest 3: Listen.

00:46:18.300 --> 00:46:19.680 Guest 3: As I attempt to happy to do it.

00:47:41.820 --> 00:47:45.450 Antonia Thompson: Welcome back, you're listening to. So now you know

00:47:47.040 --> 00:47:54.840 Antonia Thompson: We are live in Stanford Connecticut at the Ferguson library in the south end and I'm just using their space.

00:47:56.310 --> 00:48:08.160 Antonia Thompson: I thought I'd be a little different today. So hopefully the sound is good and you're hearing everything. Clearly, we kind of had a little mix up here with our mics. But I like I said I'm working on it and trying to take this on the road.

00:48:09.420 --> 00:48:11.790 Antonia Thompson: So share it, as we were just talking about, even in our break

00:48:12.420 --> 00:48:21.240 Antonia Thompson: But sometimes you know what you're sharing is a lot more than what most folks know, I think we take it for granted that people actually get what Kovac is

00:48:21.600 --> 00:48:30.540 Antonia Thompson: And I remember like when it first came out, people were curious like oh two dogs get Colvin like is there a shot or vaccine that dogs have been getting that it's coven but I do

00:48:30.660 --> 00:48:32.340 Antonia Thompson: You know, now that you put it this way, that

00:48:32.700 --> 00:48:38.490 Antonia Thompson: coven has actually been around for a bit. Right. It's a. Is it a is it right to say it's a strain of coated

00:48:40.830 --> 00:48:49.440 Guest 3: Actually, we would say that coronavirus. This has been around for a bit. So yeah, see this is where it gets tricky and where the under the misunderstanding usually comes in.

00:48:49.950 --> 00:48:59.730 Guest 3: So code 19 when scientists are talking about that you're talking about like the novel coronavirus that appeared in 2019

00:49:00.330 --> 00:49:10.650 Guest 3: So they shorten that it's a coven 19 to describe this disease. Right. So, this, this, the strain of this disease are still researching like where did it come from.

00:49:11.070 --> 00:49:18.030 Guest 3: And there's theories out there. Do they come from up that did it come from an angle is it come from, like, a jump from one to the other.

00:49:19.230 --> 00:49:41.220 Guest 3: So they're still getting to the root of the genetic basis for that. Right. So it would be correct to say that there are different types of Corona viruses this strain this new strain of coronavirus discovered in 2019 is new to the human body, right, this is something we have not had before.

00:49:43.140 --> 00:49:52.920 Guest 3: So our bodies don't know how to fight it. Right. Some people happen to be lucky, lucky to have like the genetics that will keep them the correct antibodies to fight it.

00:49:53.400 --> 00:50:04.740 Guest 3: But we don't know. So whenever you're going out and you're not social distance. Hey, you're kind of playing the lottery, hoping that your genetics will have the ability to fight this

00:50:05.970 --> 00:50:06.360 Guest 3: So it's

00:50:07.380 --> 00:50:09.120 Guest 3: Like perfectly healthy people.

00:50:09.870 --> 00:50:14.790 Antonia Thompson: Young people that get the virus and it you know and pass away.

00:50:16.050 --> 00:50:18.690 Antonia Thompson: Yeah, and I think the way you were explaining it to me that it

00:50:19.380 --> 00:50:34.620 Antonia Thompson: The virus itself is, I don't know. You basically said there was something at the end of it that made people that that was making the people who have those underlining health conditions more susceptible to death or to be severely ill. Am I saying that right or am I

00:50:34.620 --> 00:50:39.330 Antonia Thompson: Missing. I know what it means layman's terms for me.

00:50:41.520 --> 00:50:51.000 Guest 3: Okay. And I was kind of cool because you know I just said, you know, in science we tend to not be great about communication. Right, so part of

00:50:51.570 --> 00:50:58.740 Guest 3: What's going on here is that we're still researching it, so some of this is still like a PR debate. Right. So there's still researching

00:50:59.160 --> 00:51:03.990 Guest 3: Where exactly is it attacking in the body will know that you need to know.

00:51:04.500 --> 00:51:11.310 Guest 3: You know where where it goes in the body with hundred receptor. It looks for but you also need to know, where are all those receptors in the human body.

00:51:11.970 --> 00:51:21.600 Guest 3: And we simply don't know the answer to that question yet. So I think we can tell by the different types of symptoms that people get

00:51:21.960 --> 00:51:33.540 Guest 3: That these receptors could be in different areas of the body, you know, some people lose their sense of smell. Some people have some really bad gastrointestinal issues, other people seem to have heart problems.

00:51:34.710 --> 00:51:46.320 Guest 3: But it seems to be not terribly consistent. So that tells us that, you know, different people in the population might vary with where they're carrying.

00:51:46.920 --> 00:51:56.040 Guest 3: These receptors in their body. So I think, like, I don't want to dive too much of snacks. I know that, you know, it's very confusing. A and B.

00:51:56.520 --> 00:52:12.810 Guest 3: We don't really know the answer yet. I don't want to miss speak and say, oh, yeah, sure. It's definitely attacking this spot because of this reason we need solid repetitive science that's peer reviewed before we say to everybody. This is for sure what's going on in the human body.

00:52:13.260 --> 00:52:15.570 Guest 3: Was the first we wrap this up.

00:52:15.960 --> 00:52:20.430 Antonia Thompson: And we were hearing. I think a couple weeks back that me. I don't know if it was Russia.

00:52:21.000 --> 00:52:28.890 Antonia Thompson: What country, you know, had promising data that was showing that they had a cure. How does, how does the world do, then I'm like, How to all the sciences around the world.

00:52:29.160 --> 00:52:37.440 Antonia Thompson: Figure out like this is the cutting edge Maxie. This is the, this is what's been, you know, for lack of better word has been vetted out

00:52:37.710 --> 00:52:39.150 Antonia Thompson: And we know that this

00:52:39.150 --> 00:52:47.520 Antonia Thompson: Works, I'm assuming, and I know like each country's standards are different but decide to share notes, is there like

00:52:47.580 --> 00:53:03.510 Guest 3: Yeah, actually, in terms of covert it's you know it's thought Dudley and it's a risk to every nation that yes a lot of scientists around the world have been sharing access to different information, and I believe

00:53:05.190 --> 00:53:14.280 Guest 3: You know, I don't want to misspeak here, but I do believe that a lot of countries got the genetic code for the Toronto virus that causes coven 19

00:53:14.820 --> 00:53:22.770 Guest 3: And I do believe we got that song. I think it was from China, because that's, you know, where it originated there the first, I think, to analyze it.

00:53:23.280 --> 00:53:30.750 Guest 3: So yeah, because that information was shared and it was shared with the international community. It really gave people a head start.

00:53:31.320 --> 00:53:42.510 Guest 3: Right. A jumpstart into trying to figure out how to approach developing a medicine. So that being said, you know, we really need to make sure that it's safe and effective.

00:53:42.990 --> 00:53:49.650 Guest 3: Before we get everybody you know out there and inoculate it and that of course is a bit of a challenge because you know

00:53:51.420 --> 00:54:09.240 Guest 3: Our economy is not doing so well. People need to get back to school. This is hard on a lot of people, so I don't you know I feel really bad for anybody who's got to be making that decision, right, like what how safe is safe and not in these types of time. So I think that

00:54:10.380 --> 00:54:17.640 Guest 3: From what I'm hearing it sounds like our FDA is being really good at holding the line with testing and I'm thankful for that. Yeah.

00:54:18.900 --> 00:54:23.580 Antonia Thompson: I mean, I, I just hope that everyone if they if there's anything that we take away from this

00:54:24.510 --> 00:54:31.440 Antonia Thompson: Is just to do just do that basic asked where the, where the mask and

00:54:31.770 --> 00:54:36.450 Antonia Thompson: Do the social distancing and even as we were talking to the, you know, our young adults here.

00:54:36.750 --> 00:54:44.400 Antonia Thompson: And talking to our younger girls sometimes just gonna have to make decision. Like you're just not going to that party, you're not going to that that cookout, you may not be able to go to your prom.

00:54:44.880 --> 00:54:52.620 Antonia Thompson: But there's a reason why that you're not doing that. And that's to say healthy and safe. So I would just hope that everyone at least you know

00:54:52.620 --> 00:54:53.550 Antonia Thompson: puts those masks.

00:54:53.580 --> 00:54:55.890 Antonia Thompson: On does a social distancing

00:54:57.390 --> 00:55:01.440 Antonia Thompson: And one thing to why is soap. The best way to get rid of it as far as

00:55:02.970 --> 00:55:07.260 Antonia Thompson: I mean we really, we have a couple more minutes. But if you can just quickly answer that for me to the girls.

00:55:07.530 --> 00:55:07.770 Antonia Thompson: You know,

00:55:07.830 --> 00:55:10.470 Antonia Thompson: Washington hands actually doesn't mean when I wash your hair.

00:55:10.740 --> 00:55:11.070 Yeah.

00:55:12.360 --> 00:55:17.850 Guest 3: Yeah. Always wash your hands. Wash your hands. Guys always wash your hands, even when it's not out there so

00:55:18.690 --> 00:55:33.180 Guest 3: Normal so normal soap is a detergent. The churches will break down a lot of different types of cell membranes. So you can neutralize the virus not, you know, not every virus. Every single one. But it's going to give you

00:55:34.890 --> 00:55:41.820 Guest 3: Yeah, much better chance of not getting infected. So yeah, that's you can do wear the mask. Wash your hands don't touch your face.

00:55:42.930 --> 00:56:02.670 Guest 3: That's yeah and social distance. When you can antibiotics. So they've got different chemicals in there that will just give them a bit of a leg up with attacking a bacterial or viral particles. If it's got anti-virals in there. Yeah, even if it doesn't regular regular soap will help

00:56:03.270 --> 00:56:08.580 Antonia Thompson: Okay guys, listen, this is basic stuff the mask sanitized

00:56:08.640 --> 00:56:08.880 Guest 3: And if

00:56:08.910 --> 00:56:11.160 Antonia Thompson: You don't have. I know it's sometimes it's hard to get those

00:56:11.160 --> 00:56:21.210 Antonia Thompson: sanitizing stuff, but it's out there. So in water, carrying with you bar soap and get it done. We're going into flu season we're going into cold season and

00:56:21.510 --> 00:56:36.570 Antonia Thompson: We just don't know what the winter is going to be is it milder. We're going to have storms. We just don't know. So make the right choice be responsible and just stay abreast of the news, whether you believe it or not just be a critical thinker and just, just don't just

00:56:37.080 --> 00:56:38.190 Antonia Thompson: Don't say you're not going

00:56:38.190 --> 00:56:38.550 Guest 3: To do it.

00:56:39.000 --> 00:56:45.030 Antonia Thompson: So you're listening to Tony and cents. So now you know and I hope to see you next week. I hope you have a blessed week you stay healthy.

00:56:45.720 --> 00:56:48.270 Antonia Thompson: A lot of the schools as we've been talking about is reopening

00:56:48.750 --> 00:56:56.670 Antonia Thompson: So I hope all of you and I call you our frontline workers those teachers and administrators and all those folks that make our, our schools function.

00:56:56.970 --> 00:57:07.650 Antonia Thompson: I am keeping you in prayer. And also, of course, our beloved children that are just trying to stay educated in this community. So again, I will see you next week.

00:57:08.070 --> 00:57:17.490 Antonia Thompson: And thank you, Sharon for taking the time to be here. Thank you for them to the Ferguson library for letting me set up shop and talk to random people that were walking. Bye.

00:57:17.880 --> 00:57:18.300 Bye.

00:57:19.980 --> 00:57:21.270 Antonia Thompson: We truly appreciate it.

00:57:21.540 --> 00:57:23.010 Antonia Thompson: And we will see you soon.

00:57:24.090 --> 00:57:24.390 Antonia Thompson: Thank you.

00:57:24.870 --> 00:57:27.120 Guest 3: Thank you. Yeah, thanks. Take care.